49ers safety Jimmie Ward in limbo after career year

The 49ers could lose their free safety during free agency.

Starter Jimmie Ward will be an unrestricted free agent on March 18 and the 49ers may not re-sign him, even though he played well in 2019. Ward became a key member of a great defense, which the 49ers would love to keep together, but they have only $13 million in cap space. Meaning they may not have the funds to re-sign everyone.

“Year one, we brought 14 free agents up here,” general manager John Lynch said. “Those days aren’t happening anymore. We can’t go to the grocery store and say, ‘I’ll have that, I’ll have that, I’ll have that.’ It is more like, ‘I’ll have that, but I might have to put that back.’ There are trade-offs. It’s tightening up. It’s important that we really take a pragmatic approach. We’d love to keep everybody, but that’s probably not likely. It just doesn’t happen in this league.”

And Ward is expendable, because his backup, Tarvarius Moore, is good and makes roughly $800,000 per season. Ward most likely will sign a two-year deal worth roughly $8 million per season with another team — he increased his value in 2019 when he earned $4.5 million. It doesn’t make sense for the 49ers to nearly double Ward’s salary when they already have Moore. Tough business.

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  1. I hope we can keep him, but we can live without him if he signs somewhere else. Armstead is the one going to get a mega deal some place else.

    Shades of olivier vernon

  2. Ward never became the playmaker I envisioned him to be in the NFL. I’m happy for him turning a corner in his career, but I don’t envision him being here at $8 million a year. They love him, but I don’t think they love him that much Moore….

  3. Yes, Ward proved his critics wrong! He’s a good Safety, but wasn’t given the opportunity to play the position he is good at.
    Unfortunately, he’s a victim of the salary cap. I wish him well wherever he goes, but Tarvarius Moore is the future.

    1. cubus
      * NFL 49er 2020 Cap Space (Top 51): = $19,299,819 per Spotrac…….

      * NFL tells teams to expect 2020 salary cap to be $196.8 million to $201.2 million.
      The final salary cap figure for next season, derived as a percentage of the league’s revenue, will be set after further deliberation with the NFL Players Association.

      As far as I know, the final team salary cap $$ number has not yet been decided?

  4. Ward can play at a salary that keeps the team together or he can go to a team like the one he was on for the first four years.
    He isn’t irreplaceable or even on a level comparable to losing Alexander or Ford. The team won without him. The beginning of every season Players miss tackles. Moore is the future.
    The team restructured Alexander’s contract. The restructured their center as we. They carried over 39 million from 2019. They have more than 13 million in cap space. Maybe a quick reference to a 49er insider is due to correct your information ;)

    1. They didn’t carry over $39 million from last year. Not even close. But yes, they have more than $13 million available. It is a little over $19 million according to overthecap.

        1. Its not the cap hit but the cap saving that matters. I don’t think they dave much of anything cutting Pettis. He’ll be with the team in camp unless they trade him.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Coleman gets cut also.

        2. Team would only pick up roughly 400k in cap if they cut Pettis. If they do part ways it would be more likely for a low value pick. Next year they can save roughly 1.3M by cutting him.

          1. That’s correct, they only save a little less than $400K by releasing Pettis this year, which is fairly insignificant even in terms of filling out that back-end of the depth chart. He might be a tradeable asset though.

            1. For Pettis, I guess he gets to show the Niners how much he truly loves football this offseason.
              He has been asked to get stronger and more durable.
              If he can turn the corner then we don’t really need to draft WR first day. We can target the secondary, pass rush or o-line.
              I really hope he turns it around because cutting him does nothing for us depth wise and salary cap wise.

    2. Ward can play at a salary that keeps the team together or he can go to a team like the one he was on for the first four years

      That has to be a real dilemma for Ward. On one hand he has received money that he didn’t (or couldn’t) earn for much of his time with the Niners, but after a very good season is probably looking at his only opportunity to get a big payday. That is not going to happen with the 49ers.

      I can remember when Ricky Watters left SF for bigger money, but years later said that was a mistake. Wished he’d stayed with the Niners.

  5. It was good to see Ward finally get an extended opportunity at his best position and show what he can do. But yeah, I would say that was his last season as a 49er. I wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing back a guy with his injury history at the dollars he’ll likely be after.

    1. Scooter, have you checked out Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah? I think C. J. Henderson, CB, Florida will be the 2nd CB to come off the board.

      1. Not yet – I haven’t spent a lot of time on the CBs yet. Started with the WRs.

        I watched a bit of Tee Higgins last night. Colour me impressed. I would happily take him at #31 if they don’t trade back (and he is still available).

          1. Raz,
            I agree on Higgins. If the team can work out a deal to put them in the 15-25 draft range, Higgins would be nice. I also like Laviska Shenault (I’m sure I jacked up his name) as a large physical target at WR. I would consider Delpit if he’s still on the table as well.

            With not much to work with in this draft the 49ers have to treat this draft with urgency. The good thing going into this draft is the team has done very well in building a solid talent pool, but there is still room for improvement.

        1. Scooter,
          I’m with you on Higgins, and I don’t think it’s entirely unrealistic that he’s there at 31.
          Last year Deebo, AJ Brown, and DK all survived the 1st round. Plus Harry was the 32 pick.
          You’d have to assume Jeudy, Lamb and Ruggs go ahead of Higgins. So given the depth at WR in the draft, and the fact that other teams will have higher value on other positions I think he can last until 31.
          Buffalo and Oakland desperately need a Difference maker at WR. Other teams need one, but I can see them trying to land one later.
          If Higgins is there at 31 I pull the trigger.

    1. Prime,
      I’d love Brady to come home, but what would to cost be?
      At Brady’ age one would think that he would lower his asking price for the opportunity to play for the team he grew up with.

      But the thing with Brady is that I’m sure that because of his great competitive nature, he would come in believing that he could bring the 49ers a Superbowl win. And I think he still has the ability to do that.
      With that line of thought, that could very well mean that he won’t come in as an old 2nd string mentor to Jimmy and Nick.
      My sense is that he stays in NE.

  6. I don’t think the 49ers have the bucks to retain/extend Buckner, Kittle, Armstead and Ward. I’ll be happy if we can hang onto Buckner and Kittle with new contracts.

    Best case scenario:
    – Kittle and Buckner get new long term deals
    – Lynch places a non-exclusive franchise tag on Armstead, then shop him for a pick the way KC did with Dee Ford. I don’t think this is likely, but I’d be tickled if it Lynch could pull it off. Better if a blue chip player fell within striking distance of trading 31+Armstead up.

    1. Losing Armstead will immediately make us weaker. How much weaker probably depends on if Thomas can figure it out. Best case scenario would be to trade Thomas and sign Armstead….

      1. Would you sign Armstead to a long term deal? If so, what price are you willing to go up to?

        I’m a bit undecided when it comes to what I think the 49ers should do with him. Yes, he was very good this past season. But how much of that came down to him being freed up a lot by other guys? I don’t think he is a dominant player in his own right, I think he is a guy that is good that can be very good if placed in favourable positions regularly. To me that is a replaceable skill – not easily replaceable mind you, but still, can be done. When you are tight against the cap I think it is a skill you let go and look to replace more cheaply if he is asking for more than about $11-12M a season, which is what many of the very good DT/ DEs are making.

        I think the 49ers can pretty easily free up to around $25M in cap space with a few simple roster moves. Maybe up to $30M if they get busy and creative with restructuring deals. It is probably enough to sign Armstead and a few other starters/ role guys, plus draft picks. But I would start getting nervous about the cap situation in future years.

        1. It’s a conundrum. Players like Armstead don’t grow on trees. Barring a team offering at least a 3rd this year for him, I’d let him walk and sign Blair. Let him, Thomas, Taylor, a cheap vet and a draft pick fight it out for Arik’s snaps….

          1. Isn’t their a good chance that, if Armstead walks, the team will get a 3rd round compensatory pick (especially since Lynch has already made it clear that the team will not be signing many free agents)? Of course, it’s not guaranteed and it would be a 2021 pick, if I understand the process correctly.

            1. That’s how I understand it, Cubus. The Patriots have been doing it for quite some time now. It’s about time we did as well, unless we can get a 3rd for him this year from some team.

        2. Glad to read someone else sees him for who he is.

          I’ll be disappointed if they sign him to a lucrative long term deal. He’s very replaceable. Money much better served elsewhere on this team.

    2. The thing is there super bowl window is open now and they can retain Armstead this year by tagging him. Maybe work out an extension for Kittle with the money you save cutting Gould, Goodwin, McKinnon. Then next year figure what your going to do with Buckner and Armstead. They most likely will not retain Thomas and Ford heading into 2021

      1. Cutting Gould this year makes no sense. It’d be dumber than dumb. 2021 is the year they can part ways without incurring a significant cap hit.

        1. So if they cut him now he won’t free up 4 million? At least it opens up cap space for extensions. Or we can trade him. 4 million for a kicker is a lot. I understand he is good as they come and when it comes down to the wire we don’t want McClaughlin kicking for us.

  7. Like what JL said, the salary cap will dictate that in order to sign some players, others will have to be let go. In order to sign Buckner and Kittle, Armstead may not fit under the salary cap, and he will receive good offers from other teams.
    Ward may not fit under the cap, so he may be allowed to walk, and will have lots of suitors. Maybe with Ward leaving, Richard Sherman could move to Safety, in order to extend his career. Maybe move Tarvarius Moore, with his 4.32 speed, to cornerback.
    The Niners should tag Armstead, and send him out of the NFC. I would say the Broncos, but they may have cap issues if they manage to re-sign some of their players who are FAs. The Dolphins may be the best option, because they have 3 first round picks, 2 second round picks, and 14 total picks, with a ton of cap space.
    Maybe the Niners could bundle Arik Armstead and Dee Ford, for a first round pick. Maybe their 26th pick and a second round pick. Maybe the Niners would settle for both of the Dolphins second round picks.
    The Niners would save a ton of cap space, and would be able to re-sign Buckner and Kittle to new long term contracts. They also may have enough room to sign some elite Free Agents, that could be the last piece to the puzzle, on their Quest for Six.
    The good thing about being relevant again, is that Free agents want to come to a SB contender. Yannick Ngakoue or Carl Nassib may be options. I have wanted Shaq Barrett for years, even when he was on the Broncos. Byron Jones CB, and Anthony Harris S, could be good upgrades. The Niners may need to trade away or waive other players, which will be a painful process.

  8. A lot of things to cover here, but I will start with Jimmie Ward. When he came back to the starting lineup after the third week, this defense went from a very good defense to a really awesome defense. Moore is a crazy great athlete with all the potential in the world. But he was pulled from the starting lineup not only because Ward was back, but because he CONISTENTLY took bad angles, was not a sure tackler, and need more work on one-on-one coverage. Now, he most definitely can and will improve in all these areas, but right now, he is not ready. In the defense that we run, Ward is the perfect safety. He is a sure tackler, takes good angles, and can cover. In fact, in the Super Bowl, Andy Reid and Mahomes targeted Moore when he was at safety and Salah moved Ward to the slot. The pre-game decision to do that was one that I did not agree with. I posted in this blog before the game that I thought DJ Reed would have played the 4th db in this game. In all situations, Ward should have been in as a safety, not a slot corner. So does Ward come back. If at all possible, yes.
    As far as Armstead, we have Jullian Taylor, Kentavius Street and DJ Jones all coming off of the IR and maybe re-signing Blair and Shelton Da., So with some health, the d-line rotation will be fine. Armstead should be let go as an UFA or tagged and traded like Ford if they can.
    As far as the cap room, Goodwin and Coleman releases will give us about $8.5 million. McKinnon can save us $4 million. Re-working some of the higher cap hit contracts will get us another $10-$15 million. These moves, along with the reported $19 million puts us at about $40 million. That is not as unlimited as it has been in the past, put we can work with it.

    1. That’s where I am at as well. Depending on his salary.
      – sign and trade Armstead
      – swap late round picks and Solomon Thomas to lose that salary
      – cut Goodwin, Nzeocha, McKinnon and Coleman.
      Those moves should free up a ton of cap space.

        1. I cut Coleman because it would save 4.9 Million in cap space… he’s overpaid for his role.

          Brieda I would likely keep because I think you could negotiate a a better contract for him… around 2 million per season, maybe a little less. Even if you think Coleman is better than Brieda (which I don’t) is he 2 million per season better? I certainly don’t think so.

          Dave Lombardi seems to think SF and Armstead will work out a deal eventually and SF will likely try to workout a deal with Buckner that will allow them to have more cap space this season.

  9. Yesterday 49Reasons, Scooter and Razor were having a discussion in regards the Jalen Raeger.

    I looked at some wr’s that SF might be able to obtain in a trade down, that would fill the speed/shifty receiver role and came away super impressed the KJ Hamler. I’ve just started watching his tape but he was running away from OSU and MI players with ease and appears very slippery in his route running. I feel like he could replace Sanders at a more disireable price tag. Has anyone else watched him? Any concerns regarding him other than his size?

    1. He shook off Okudah and left Wade in Frozen II against Ohio St. before he got hurt, and that’s the concern with Hamler. Can he take the physicality of the NFL at his size? Needs to work on his route running and hands. He’s another wr I’m looking forward to seeing at the combine….

    2. Shoup
      Yes, I’ve watched some video on Penn St. WR KJ Hamler and agree with what you said. He’s on my list of players I want to watch at the combine.
      My biggest concern with him is size, strength and can he block on running plays? I believe he’s only played one year of college ball and from what I’ve seen, he’ll be a slot receiver? What’s your opinion?A fansided scouting report: https://nflmocks.com/2020/01/10/2020-nfl-draft-scouting-report-hamler/

    3. Hey Shoup, just watched a bit of Hamler. Have to say I wasn’t overly impressed. He is very quick, and has good long speed (though I think his acceleration is better than his long speed). He can also have some really good reps where he gets on the DBs toes and makes some sharp cuts at full speed to create separation. But overall he didn’t seem to be a great route runner – didn’t consistently do much to sell fakes or get the DB turned and he often rounded his routes, which let the DB stick with him more often than he should. And he is a small guy that plays small – aside from the occasional moment, he generally didn’t like traffic, had inconsistent hands, didn’t attack the ball, let himself get bullied in routes and at the catch point, and didn’t take much to get him on the ground. Also got a lot of free releases – not sure how he would handle more contact off the LOS.

  10. Just finished watching some film of Michael Pittman Jr. I really like Higgins and think he would be an excellent pick for the 49ers, but he likely doesn’t last to #31. But a guy I think they can trade back for and get round 2/ early round 3 is Pittman, and I really like what I saw. He’s a big guy with great hands, but like Higgins he is more than just a big WR. He moves well for his size. Not a blazer, but I think he runs faster than many expect. And he seems to have good agility for his size too.

    1. Scooter
      Pittman didn’t help himself at the Senior Bowl. His projected 40 time is 4.55s. The combine should answer questions about him.?
      * Question: What do you think is the 9er Top position need for 2020 season?

      1. I have sen mixed reports.

        I doubt he works out muxh at the combine after injuring his foot at the Senior Bowl.

        My guess though is he would surprise a few people and run pretty close to 4.5 flat. Which would be god at his size.

        1. I should add that while I see CB as a need, I suspect the team doesn’t see it as a big need. I also think, as it stands right now, the one position that would make the biggest impact on this team if they get a good one is WR.

          1. There were 5 wr’s taken in the 1st round of the vaunted 2014 draft class, with the 5th one coming off the board (Kelvin Benjamin) late. I expect the same outcome in this draft with the first 5 as follows:


            I would put Reagor at the top of the next tier of wr’s to come off the board in round 2….

            1. Atm that is how most people seem to see it in terms of top 5. I really can’t get on board with Shenault, though partly that is in terms of team fit – we already have Deebo who does a lot of the same things, but is better at getting open down field. Shenault needs to go to an offense that will scheme him opportunities. 49ers need a WR that can create opportunities down the field through route running.

      1. Not what I saw. He isn’t going to smoke you downfield but he seemed to be pretty good at getting open from what I saw. Surprisingly good feet and agility.

        1. Yeah Scooter, I was a bit over the top in my criticism.
          He is pretty savy against zone has excellent hands. He could be productive player at the next level as a posession/redzone receiver but I believe this team really needs players that can excel against man coverage. As those were the teams that really gave them fits.

          That could also be because the offensive line was not very good in pass protection, so receivers didn’t have much time to get open.
          – ranked 26th in the NFL in team pass block win rate (next gen stats)

          1. The thing about Pittman that surprised me when I watched him was how good his feet were. He actually is a pretty good option at all three levels, against man or zone, because he releases well, gets on the CB faster than you think he should, and is able to make cuts better than you think he should. His ability to uncover was much better than I had originally anticipated. He is more than just a big WR with strong hands.

            I really like him. And I think he is kind of getting lost in the WR shuffle atm. Would love to be able to move back and get him and one of the CBs in round 2 (I still really like Bryce Hall’s game as a great fit for this D, and he is also looking like a guy that can be had deep into round 2 due to not playing much last season).

    2. Scooter,
      I just finished a locked on 49ers podcast w/ Eric Crocker and I found it interesting. He seems to have similar assessments to yours… ( guess I’ll have to go back and watch some more tape of Pittman (shame….shame… shame)

      His top 5 wide receivers were
      1. Judy 2. Ruggs 3. Lamb 4. Higgins 5. Aiyuk

      He also commented on some others…
      Raeger – He said he didn’t seem all that sudden or fast on tape.
      Pittman – He thought he was twitchier than many think ( he said the same thing about Higgins)
      Shenault – Not as good of a wr as Jalen Hurd was coming out of college.

      I don’t completely agree with him… but I also think Shenault is being overrated as a wr the more I watch of him.

      1. I’ll have to give it a listen, Crock is one of the guys whose opinions I usually take on board, especially in regards to DBs and WRs. Glad to hear he seems to have similar thoughts to me on this!

        Tbh, I haven’t listened to a 49ers related podcast since the Super Bowl. 😂 I needed a break.

      2. Regarding Shenault, completely agree he is being overrated as a WR. He’s like a big Percy Harvin. He needs to go to the right team that will build an offense around getting him the ball in space. In the right situation he can be very good, but if you are drafting him to be a traditional WR he is a bad fit.

  11. IMO you have to look at the entire body of work when signing a FA. Ward and Armstead both had career years in contract years. I’m always leery of those guys. If I have to make a choice, I’m signing Armstead and letting Ward walk. I recall when Armstead was drafted, many of the experts thought it may take Armstead some time to develop because he played too high. Seems like Armstead has found his groove in the NFL so chance of future success is pretty good. Ward’s injury history is still a major concern to me. So easy to get injured again. Instead of a coming out party, last year may have just been an anomaly in Ward’s career. Plus I always go back to something I heard Ozzie Newsome say. He said, it’s a lot easier to find talented guys on the outer parts of the game. Much more difficult to find talented big men. So take the cannoli and leave the gun.

    1. Houston,
      Your concerns are certainly valid especially regarding Wards injury history. I don’t think he was made it through a complete season yet. That is certainly a concern.

  12. Not sure any team so willing to pay him a ton of money. He does have a long list of injuries.

    I think he is willing to stay with this team and take a bit less. Tartt and him have a good relationship and why go to a loss team for 1-2 million more when your on the cusp of winning a super bowl.

  13. I wish to propose 3 trades.
    First, they should franchise tag Arik Armstead and bundle him with Tevin Coleman. They should garner second(39) and 5th(162) round picks from the Dolphins.
    Second, they should trade back from 31 with Tampa Bay. One pundit thinks they will move back up to the first round to get a QB. The Niners will move back 14 spots, and get their second(45) and third(76) round picks.
    Third, the Niners should bundle 3 players, or 3 other players the Broncos covet. I propose the Niners trade Solomon Thomas, Ahkello Witherspoon and Dante Pettis for their 3rd(95), 4th(134) and 5th(178) round picks. The Niners would recoup the 3rd and 4th round picks they traded to the Broncos for the Emmanuel Sanders trade.
    After all those trades are done, the Niners would lose their first round pick, along with Arik Armstead, Tevin Coleman, Solomon Thomas, Ahkello Witherspoon and Dante Pettis. They would end up with pick numbers 39, 45, 76, 95, 134, 156, 162,176, 178, 210, 217 and 245. 12 picks in all. They would end up with 2 second round picks, 2 third round picks, a 4th round pick and 4 fifth round picks. Those 4 fifth round picks could then be bundled to move up, if the Niners covet a player and want to select him earlier.
    Franchise tagging Armstead would cost 16 mil, so they would save that amount if they trade him away. They could save about 18 mil in cap space if they trade away those other 4.
    If they waived Jerick McKinnon and Marquise Goodwin, they could save an additional 13 mil. All told, they would possibly increase their cap space to 60 mil. That is plenty enough to re-sign Buckner and Kittle to long term contracts, with space over to possibly sign a couple elite Free Agents. Those 12 picks would lock up 12 players under rookie contracts, and help build for the future.
    Looking at the Draftek Big Board, Jalen Raegor WR is at 35, Lloyd Cushenberry OC is at 36, Neville Gallimore NT is at 37, Bryce Hall CB is at 38 and Mekhi Becton OT is at 39.
    John Simpson OG is at 42, Josh Jones OT is at 44, Justin Jefferson WR is at 45, Shane Lemieux OG is at 46 and Terrell Lewis DE is at 47. There are many talented players still at 39 and 45.
    At 76, there is Cesar Ruiz OC and Rashard Lawrence NT is at 79.

    1. Reading on NN, teams may not want to move back into the first round, because the new CBA may give first round players a 5th year option of franchise tag money.
      Therefor, the TB trade may not be feasible, so that pundit is way off, thinking that the Bucs would move up to grab a QB.

      1. I wish to point out that P Holloway on NN wrote an article about Peter King, and his analysis of the rival Seahawk’s draft strategy. Schneider turned one later first round pick into 6 draft picks by trading back multiple times. 6 for one should be impressive, but it must go over your head.
        The only thing idiotic about my proposal is assuming you would be able to comprehend what I wrote. Trading back is an effective strategy to gain draft picks. Replenishing picks in the second, third and 4th rounds, should be a reasonable goal to strive for.
        Trading away players and getting something for them, instead of cutting them and getting nothing, sure sounds reasonable to me. The Niners could also direct where they want the player to go. I proposed trading players out of the conference.
        The Chiefs tagged Dee Ford and traded him away. The Niners could employ that same strategy with Arik Armstead. Trading away players may be beneficial for those players, who may thrive in a different system. Armstead fills a big need for the Dolphins, and they have 3 first round picks and 2 second round picks.
        Guess you are content for the Niners to have the 31st pick, then no picks until the 156th pick. I am not. With shrewd and clever maneuvering, the Niners could select from what one poster deemed, the sweet spot of the draft; the third round.
        Prime, you are not fooling anyone. Using a burner account just means you are desperate, and afraid of being banned. Moron? Takes one to know one.

        1. You wish it were just me but fact is a lot of people think you are stupid.
          You think I need an alias to tell how stupid you sound?
          STFU and leave me out of your paranoia. Best thing for you is don’t mention me again.

          1. Remember the catfish burner accounts? They tried to sound like me.
            This one sounded just like you. It hit the trifecta- Moron, idiot and an expletive.

              1. Good ol’ Prime.
                Since the Niners lost, you definitely do need a shrink- for your pointy head.
                Get that swelling down…..

        2. I’m not Prime and he’s far from the only one who thinks you are a moron on here. You waste time and space with your endless multiplayer trades that will never happen and observations about football that align with a 5 year old discovering the game for the first time. You are thick headed enough to believe you are making good points while we sit and suffer through your simpleton stupidity. You are the worst contributor to a football forum I’ve ever read. STFU already.

          1. Yup, you were so smart, you called Emmanuel Sanders pass on a flea flicker for a TD.
            Oh wait, you did not ever think it was possible, I was the one who said that before the game.
            If you knew anything about 49er history, you would know that I am merely trying to emulate Bill Walsh and his 1986 draft. He built a juggernaut with that strategy. So essentially, you are dissing Bill Walsh. Good show.
            Try to impress me with your football knowledge. So far, it seems non existent. You are another one who probably want the Niners to have twice as hard a time to win, since you seem to parrot the bloviator.

            1. What the hell are you moaning about now? I’ve hardly ever posted here and certainly haven’t directed anything your way before now. You are proposing teams give the Niners good picks for players that haven’t performed or are at the bottom of the roster. Teams don’t do those trades because they aren’t stupid enough to give up good picks for players a team doesn’t want. You are literally the only one on here who doesn’t seem to understand that because you continue to throw this garbage out there. Trading down is not some new concept you discovered. It’s been happening for a long time now actually. Trading down when you have one pick in the first four rounds is not a bold move; it’s about the only thing you should be focused on unless a top 5 talent somehow falls to the bottom of the round. You are mentally slow. It’s the only explanation for the repetitive mindless junk you write every freaking day.

              1. Thank you the Truth. It’s time someone else truly told the blog idiot that well, he is an idiot and the “ worst contributor to a football forum ”
                His contributions amount to someone who has never played or watched the game of football.

                Seb you are mentally slow. You know why? Too much laughing lettuce moron.
                The neurons in your brain are shorting out you FI!

              2. What the heck are you attacking me for? I am not Trump.
                I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, but you want to come here and spew expletives, name call and hurl insults.
                I have not proposed trading away players who are at the bottom of the roster. Armstead is a starter. Thomas played 22 snaps in the SB, and was a fixture in the rotation all season. Witherspoon started for most of the season. Person is the starting RG. Tevin Coleman started in the SB. Pettis may not be a starter, but he also scored 7 TDs these past 2 seasons, and had 9 punt returns for TDs while in college. Those players have value; they are not garbage.
                The Dolphins have 3 first round picks, and the largest amount of cap space in the league. They desperately need defensive line help, and also a RB. They would welcome Armstead and Coleman because they would be huge upgrades.
                The Broncos have 3 D linemen leaving as FAs. Solomon Thomas may fit well like Justin Smith did in a Fangio defense. They are losing their starting CB, because he is a FA over 30, and will cost too much. Witherspoon would be a good prospective replacement. They also need O line help, and Person could help solidify their line. The Broncos are mocked to select a WR, so Pettis may also fill a need.
                I present these mocks and scenarios, because John Lynch said he would consider every mock. It is just due diligence on his part. In fact, JL did 8 out of 10 things I advocated for just before his first draft. The only ones he had not done, was avoiding the ACL players, and not avoid making the unforced errors, like drafting red flagged players. He traded back, traded up for a player they coveted, and even obtained second and third round picks for the next draft.
                Yes, the trade back strategy is not new. I gain my inspiration from Bill Walsh, and his 1986 draft. You just admitted that it is about the only thing to do when they have one pick in the first 155 picks, so why are you dissing me when you, yourself, think it is a good idea? Maybe it is because I am the one presenting those ideas, that you argue against yourself. Maybe you should just agree with me, instead of being obdurate and unpleasant. Better yet, just scroll past, and save yourself some grief. Others have done that, and we get along just fine.
                With Prime, I feel as though I am in a battle of wits against an unarmed foe. Like a moth to a flame, he just cannot help himself. When ever he tries to say that I know so little about football, I should remain silent, I just remember he was the one who bet 200 bucks that the Niners would draft Trubisky, then welched on his bet. He now thinks it is a good idea to play twice in the Clink. He thinks I am mentally slow, but he is the one who wants to make it twice as hard to win. You should wise up, and realize that hurling expletives and insults says a lot more about you, than it does about me. Mentally slow people think your way. Mentally tough people consider the source, and do not let it affect them.
                Until the draft, I plan on presenting a weekly mock. Believe it or not, they are very easy to make. I just use the top draft prospects big board, and try to pick within 5 of each ranking. Later, after the Combine, I plan on using some apps that run through a 7 round draft with the computer selecting players for the other teams.
                Yes, I tend to repeat things, because they seem to be slow learners. I have repeated ad infinitum the fact that the Niners should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. Too bad this last SB, KS saved them, then let the clock run out, so those time outs were useless, and wasted. JL sure thought they were precious, and should have been wisely used.
                I have consistently mentioned that KS should hire an OC. Maybe if he had hired an OC, that OC could have helped with the clock and game management. All I know is that KS did not think he needed an OC, and he lost this last SB. Maybe he should have gotten a clue. The year before, Sean McVay also declared he did not need an OC, and lost his SB, because he was also out coached by a savvy veteran coach, who was smart enough to hire an OC. Sean McVay finally wised up, and has hired an OC for this 2020 season. I wonder if KS has learned his lesson, or will he again be a victim of his own hubris. Nobody has presented a logical argument why an OC would hurt the team. I can counter by saying the lack of an OC, may have resulted in them losing this last SB. That really hurt the team, and all of us long suffering fans.

  14. I have been a big Ronald Blair fan since we drafted him. I predicted in the preseason that he was going to have a breakout year and if he hadn’t blown his knee out he was on the way. That being said I read quite a few posters saying the team should let Armstead go and just resign Blair. As much as I like Blair how good can he be next year coming off of a mid season ACL tear? He will not be a replacement for Armstead. He is a DE Armstead is a Tackle. If anyone is going to replace Armstead it will be Jones. I was very impressed with his play this year. The only question about Jones is can he be a three down player? I just hope Paraag can pull off his magic and sign Kittle, Buckner and Armstead. I do believe it is possible.

    1. OC, I agree. Counting on ACL players the next year should not be their best strategy.
      That said, I wonder if Julian Taylor may finally get his chance to play. Street will be 2 years from his ACL tear.
      I will disagree with your opinion about Armstead. He may be franchise tagged and traded away, so they can afford both Buckner and Kittle. They also should tap into the Free Agent market, to fill some needs.

  15. A few things to be considered in Salary Cap considerations…

    1. Working an extension with Bucker could save SF cap room right away… this could be crucial because of the second point.
    2. Kittle likely will likely hold out if his deal is not redone this offseason and he will cost more than 10 million per year, I’m guessing around 12 million.
    3. Armstead’s salary demands should be based upon him as DT… regardless of him playing on the outside. According to Matt Barrows, nearly every sack he had came from the inside (9 or 10 out of 10.5) and if they deside not to resign him they should tag and trade him.
    4. SF should be able to create a lot more cap space by simply restructuring a few deals (cough, cough, Jimmy).

    1. Jimmy has the same agent as Brady. Throughout his career, Brady instructed Yee to be extremely friendly to the Patriots cap hit in order to afford players that extended their Super Bowl window. One has to hope that Jimmy too prioritizes winning over handcuffing the teams options with his cap hit….

    2. Interesting about Armstead and where his sacks came from. I asked that question about a week ago, and from my spotty memory I had thought he got a decent share of sacks from the edge. But obviously not. To me this really reinforces that he is a replaceable skill set. He’s a DT in pass situations, DE against the run. Given the likely cost, I would let him test FA and get a fat contract elsewhere. I’d say tag and trade him, but that will be a lot harder than people think, and likely not for a big return, and while he is on the books his high cap hit will preclude signing other FAs.

      1. I’m getting a deja vu feeling about the first round of this draft. Similar to the year before we drafted Ward to fill the void left by Goldson. I could see them maybe looking at the FS position to give Moore some competition, assuming the top wr’s and cb’s are off the board…..

        1. Knowing Lynch and how much he values the safety position, I could see them making a splash and maybe trading for Jamal Adams.

      2. Scooter,

        I think what you’re referring to is that the majority of his snaps came from the DE spot. His is a tough case because he’s a tweener. Would be nice if the 49ers could label him as a DT for the franchise designation but that likely won’t be the case.

        1. Yeah, I know he played a lot of DE, but I also thought he had gotten a reasonable share of his sacks from there as well. At a guess I would have said roughly half. Turns out I was way off. I just seem to recall him making a fair few good plays from DE, but maybe that was more stops in the run game and some pressures.

          1. To be fair… I thought that the statement was strange as well.
            Then I found a highlight reel of his best plays this season… I counted 8 sacks from the inside and 2 from the edge. (I’m not sure which play the 0.5 sack came on)… In the post season he had one sack from DE and one as a DT.

            Regardless 10 sacks is 10 sacks. I would be willing to pay him close to 12 (maybe higher if it is more incentive based) mil per season depending if a deal could be made Defo and Kittle. If he wants more, of SF can’t get a deal done with them then I don’t think you can commit that much cash to him.

  16. Ward and Tartt are routinely undervalued by the fans and some of the “experts”.

    Before he left for the Browns, Joe Woods told Robert Mays of The Ringer that he believes Ward is one of the few players in the league who could be a Pro Bowler at any position in the secondary.

    This was the first year when Ward was generally healthy and played his chosen position, and he excelled. Next off-season is going to be one of transition since Tartt’s and Sherm’s contracts will be ending. Ward may not be a ballhawk and a top 5 FS, but Niners cannot afford to pay one considering their investment in the D Line.

    Re Armstead, I am not sure I understand why Niners would want to lock up an interior pass rusher at $15M+ per year for the long haul. Arik is very good but a non-exclusive franchise tag makes more sense to me. That way, the Niners make one last run at the SuperBowl with this intact D line and the same DBs. Buckner-Armstead reminds me of the Young-Stubblefield scenario too often.

    Niners have to be careful about the cap situation going forward. They probably don’t want to be in the Rams situation of paying half a dozen players 70-80% of the cap:

    1. Great point Mood. We always talk about the players but maybe this is the offseason where Praage gets to show the NFL that he is the salary cap guru everyone says he is.

        1. Nowadays,restructuring and deferring bonus money can help you keep your roster in tact.
          The problem is you can’t spend more than 30% of your salary cap on free agents. This is where the Patriots model is so effective. Draft and develop the same type of player with the same skill set at the same position.
          This is why I don’t think Moore steps into Jimmie Wards position.

    2. This makes a lot of sense because our window is now. There is a lot of talk about Armstead being signed long term but a tag makes a lot of sense.

    3. Ward is one of those players who is undervalued but his contribution is very high. All players and coaches have consistently spoken highly about him.

      He made terrific plays throughout the season, played smart and made some very good plays in the SB as well.

      He is also injured a lot unfortunately and that and his escalated cost may prove that the team separates from him.

  17. What would you be willing to give up in trade to acquire Darius Slay.

    In a perfect world they would take #31 and Witherspoon. Realistically we’d likely have to give up #31 and our 2021 1st. If we have a similar season this year it really would be more like giving up two second round picks. He’s worth two late first round picks. Would that even be enough?

    I doubt they end up trading him but you never know.

    1. Realistically your high as a Kite if you believe Slay is worth anything close to that. There is no way you give up a first rnd pick in any draft for a guy who is 29 years old and wants a hefty contract extension. Maybe Witherspoon and a 2021 3rd rnd pick would be easier to swallow. Maybe! He was terrible last year for the Lions. There going to trade him but it won’t be to SF. They have several extensions to take care of this off season. A more realistic option would be a Josh Norman who can be had for a lot cheaper. He is was also atrocious last year but your hoping by bringing him to a cover 3 Zone defense he can play better. That is the kind of signing they will look to make. Maybe not him specifically but something similar.

          1. Logic can be dizzying for those that prior to last season talked about how bad the Niners were going to be and how specifically bad John Lynch is as a GM. Executive of the year is a blow for his logic he tried to use before the season. LOL good times.

  18. In the words from The Monty Python Show:
    “And now for something completely different…….”

    Some guy brings a hand painted sign to the Sacramento version of Antiques Roadshow that advertises tickets for sale to the San Francisco Forty Niners for $3.75.
    Three seventy five.

    As you were; smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.

        1. You guys are going to get somebody who’s “filled with tolerance” (and I don’t mean Sebs) going berzerk with your free thought……………..don’y worry, Bernie will take care of that.

          1. Apolitical, these guys are the same “free thinkers” that cry “no mixing politics and sports!!!!!” when the political thoughts don’t mesh with their own.

            You may not remember, Razor, our resident free thinker, left this blog, and apparently sports fandom as well, for an extended period at the height of the Kaepernick flap. What got you back in the fold, Razor?

            And btw, your sideways swipe at Bernie shows you to be oh so apolitical, doesn’t it??

      1. RaZor, I didn’t know you held Michael Milken and Rod Blagojevich in such high regard. Are you holding out for that Bernie Madoff pardon also?

        So you think the NFL is going to give Eddie a green light to reenter the fold now? Trump cultists probably think so.

        1. And Bernard Kerik, he who kept a govt funded Ground Zero “command center” for his lovebird trysts. Classy guy. Something your GOAT, and I don’t mean Eddie, definitely relates to.

          1. People say Trump is a Putin puppet, a Manchurian candidate, but Trump is so stupid that his subconscious has probably forgotten the trigger phrase.

            His core demographic? Possibly men whose holiday destinations would significantly overlap with a list of missing women.

            He’s sort of like a pumpkin having a nervous breakdown. He’s like a sort of corrupt tele-evangelist that Columbo would have as a baddie or something.

  19. If the 49ers determine that Brunskill can assume Person’s duties, and I think they will, they can then clear $2.5 million off the cap books by releasing him….

    1. Razor
      Lets say your right, and I think you are, who’s the 9er swing tackle in 2020? Do they resign OT Shon Coleman,
      go with Justin Skule, draft an OT, or sign another free agent?

      1. I think the 49ers believe Shon Coleman is a starting OT, so I think they’ll resign him. Coleman vs. Skule vs. OT/OG draft pick for a battle royale….

  20. All this talk about whether Armstead should stay or go, I have a feeling they resign Blair for cheaper and get Bosa next year.
    Resign Blair, Sanders, Bourne. Extend Buckner and Kittle.
    This is my bold offseason prediction.

    1. I think you’re right – I think they will let Armstead go and re-sign Blair. I also think they will add a vet DT/ DE type in FA to replace Armstead, but at a lower cost.

      I would love them to add Joey next offseason, but I suspect it is a pipe dream. Even if the 49ers have the cap space, the chances of the Chargers not tagging him have to be miniscule. And I doubt the 49ers trade for him.

      1. Scooter…. they might. But if he makes a big enough stink they just might want him gone. Maybe throw in a dui or something like that Bosa. 🤣🤣

      2. Scooter / Razor
        If Armstead agreed to a $14 Mil P/Y base contract, with $2 mil P/Y in Bonus money, would you sign him to a 2 year contract with 3 one year options?
        If not, would you sign free agent DT/DE Leonard Williams to a 2 year, $10 mil P/Y contract plus $1 mil in Bonus money?

        1. $16M per year is far too much for my liking. The $ you propose for Williams is about where I would cap re-signing Armstead, and even then… But I doubt either guy accepts that.

          I think the team is better off replacing him with a guy that is a bit older, rather than another guy entering his prime that can command top dollar. There will be a few options. Derek Wolfe, Gerald McCoy, Shelby Harris would all be guys I looked at, and maybe even Suh, Brockers or Michael Bennett.

          1. Let Armstead sign with another team, and platoon his snaps with Thomas/Blair/Taylor, and maybe take a look see at what you could get Quinton Jefferson or A’Shawn Robinson for as well….

  21. The pardon is good…but meaningless ED is in the NFL hall of fame……… I doubt most even remember or care about what he is getting pardon for…..

    A monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will eventually come up with the works of Shakespeare, so all Donald Trump really needs to be considered one of the great US presidents is an infinite amount of time and a monkey that can type.


      (just messin with those who have Trump derangement syndrome)

    1. It’s a waste of time. Unless you’re propped up on a mainstream channel. They will not give him his props.
      Results are what matters, and when it hurts feelings, subject will go to fake news and identity politics.
      It’s a waste of time with these SJW’

      1. “Results are what matters”

        Exactly! And it is funny to watch this guy thump his chest over results that trail behind his predecessor.

        1. JP….. let me guess it’s Obama’s economy. 🤣🤣🤣
          I would gladly debate all of these things on another forum.
          This is football.
          And I just don’t like arguing feelings over facts.
          You’d think Americans would be happy the country is doing well.
          I guess their color of party isnwhat matters more. Oh well.

          1. dumbzz why not look at the numbers….I understand you didn’t finish school but at least look at the numbers before showing your illiterate ignorance

            I keep reminding you stop pretending you are a Caucasian……

            1. cmon dude…ninermd is a moron 4 life…he his a follower……a lost cause….

              One thing that unites all Trump followers is the fear of a black and brown America…….guess what ninermd think he is……

            2. Look above at the idiot who can’t stop whining that started this crap.
              And onelame,,, bruh… Save your white guilt. You are as white as they come, and here you are speaking for us, and voting for the party that enslaved minorities and still do.
              This clown went to a JR college claims to have a degree and is saying Nancy Pilosi deserves some credit.
              You’re the real racist. What is acting white anyways? That’s something a racist would say. Tfooh


              1. md.
                Trump will be out of the WH no doubt.
                In 2024!
                As I hear this set of Dems and Socialist candidates all I can say is that Trump has no one in this party that can beat him.

                When their platform seems to stand solely on taking Trump down, one has to wonder if they actually have an true and viable plan for America.
                The Dems are virtually giving Trump 4 more years with all their bickering and crackling.

          2. md, I’m pretty sure you know how to use a search engine. Right? Go look up Dow Jones industrial average chart for the last 10 years. Care to point out where exactly Trump “turned things around”?

            Oh, the stock market not the economy, you say? (Ok, I’ll remember that when a cultist crows about how well my 401K is doing under Trump. . Use that same search engine (you are getting good at this!) and look up “jobs added Obama vs Trump”. An honest site will tell you Trump average monthly gain 182,000 jobs. Average monthly gain Obama last 3 years, 224,000. Greatest job creator of all time, that Trump. Right?

            America was going to drown in debt during the profligate Democratic spending of the Obama years? Right? Compared to Trumps trillion dollar deficits, those days look like penny pinching, don’t they? (cue Houston to come in here with his tax cuts pay for themselves spiel)

            What were you saying about Americans being happy when the country is doing good? You were just delighted during the Obama years, weren’t you?

            1. Remember that ninermd has been brainwashed by Trump’s appeals to his race-based anxieties and promises to restore his eroding status…….

              1. One, I’m just giving the guy (md) the benefit of the doubt. To tell us how how happy he was when America was doing great after the Obama administration pulled the country out of the worst economic mess since the Great Depression.

                But maybe instead, he’ll tell us what color his party is.

              2. cmon – ninermd has been working the same minimum wage since he dropped out of school…….according to ninermd he blames the black and brown people for his shortcomings..

                .,..I am not making this up…..I know the guy……I know him so well he will respond with (“you were banned from the site”)…….this is a big deal in ninermd’s life….

            2. Rib…..
              how come nobody can talk about the businesses that left under Obama due to high regulations and are now coming back?

              Why is black employment the highest it’s been since The racist FDR was in office?
              Business and home ownership?
              You’re telling me the slowest growth rate in history under Obama was a win? It was so bad there was no way but to go up after that idiot Bush.
              There isn’t a legit business insider giving Obama any credit for this boom. Again it doesn’t happen 4 years later under a new admin. Unless the fundamental values were the same. The last two were completely different.
              This is trumps economy. There is no doubt about this, you can do some more research and figure this out.
              It’s not rocket science.
              And I’ll give you a cheers for debating in a civil manner, and not like the white racist here who (as you can see) only brings up race.
              Couldn’t put a thought together a thought unless cnn or occupy democrats gives it to him.
              Ooohhh white guilt, it must suck.
              But anywho…. back to the economy.
              Obama was one of the worst presidents in history with the economy, he started his “shovel ready” movement?
              Part time work and higher taxes for that work.
              Ran big companies out of the country.
              Highest debt than all other presidents combined.
              What did he do for black folks? Latinos? In fact what has the Democratic Party done for us?
              Seriously. What?
              More “free” stuff?
              I’ll give Warren one thing, she said the democrats roll in every 4 years and pander to minorities and do nothing. She should know, she’s done it. But at least she was honest.
              Now again I’m NO republican.
              I have my beefs with their followers all the time too.
              But I just can’t back a party that has a long history of racism and destroying black and Latino and some white communities by keeping them poor and dependent.
              One more question. What has the left done to help this country grow since trump has been in office?
              They came together on prison reform? That’s it.
              Nothing. This is not what they are “elected” to do.
              So I’m closing I want to thank you again for being a gentleman in your opposing views, and say once again.
              This is not Obama’s economy.
              That’s just the facts.
              And trump has done more for us (I’m assuming you’re a minority also) than any president has done in a long time. And that’s with nothing but resistance.
              You can easily find how he’s helped.
              And IMO it’s sad that it has to be by race for more or less help. But sadly that’s where this country is still.

              One last thing, I learned a long time ago to listen and research opposing views. You will learn some things your “side” won’t tell you. All it takes is an open mind.
              I’m sure onelame is chomping at the bit to whine about racism and hatred while crawling in his white skin, and White privilege he hates sooo much. 🤫

              1. md, a bunch of ranting with nothing to back it up but unhinged opinions and festering resentment. Every one of the BS points you pulled straight from your @ss can be refuted (example: “What has the left done to help this country grow since trump has been in office?” Ask McConnell why all those HR passed bills sit on his desk, he refusing to even bringing them up for a vote? You can debate the merits of them, but to shut them down completely? That is some heavy duty Politburo type BS). but I have better uses of my time. You being a 9/11 denier, really excludes you from rational political debate in the first place.

          3. You’d think Americans would be happy the country is doing well.

            They would if the country were actually doing well for them ninermd. Problem is for most workers the country isn’t doing well with 50% making $30 000.00 or less, not being able to afford proper health care and facing bankruptcy if the slightest unplanned emergency arises. Trump keeps touting the economy and unemployment rate and yet both are still a major problem with no end in sight. It’s great that the unemployment rate has gone down but if the jobs don’t pay a living wage it means little. The economy isn’t even at the production level of some of the Obama years but hey the stock market is doing great because the rich are using their tax cuts on by backs of their own stocks. So many in this country really don’t have a clue what is being done to them because they have been blinded by lies and propaganda for so long.

      2. Very true, ninermd! I wasnt even a Trump fan but “the left” pushed me to him. If they could take off their Lib goggles for 5 minutes, the world would look very different.

        1. “the left pushed you to him”……lol…..what a moron…….so you are a sheep……blah blah….

          the fact that you will admit a group pushed you to betray your country says more about how not smart you are……..

          You like trump because he appeals to your race-based anxieties……..you don’t fool no one

          1. Oneniner, you really sound unhinged…typical leftist burnout. Wish I had a buck for every one of you mushbrains I’ve come across growing up in Cali. I’d be a billionaire.

          2. ninersallday…
            That’s what happens when you don’t have the mental capacity to think for yourself or put together a thought of your own.
            You’re absolutely right. He is unhinged. And he’s tough on the internet and behind 50 100 pound antifa members screaming anti fascists while trying to shut down free speech. Go figure. Lol

        2. Most of the world is progressive which is what many on the left are moving toward in the USA. Voting Republican or middle of the road Democrat changes nothing. Nothing has changed under the Trump administration other than the usual Tax cut for Corporate wealth and Billionaires that don’t want to pay their share of taxes, and new trade agreements that aren’t that different from the old ones and still allow American companies to move their jobs out of the country. A very high percentage of Republicans who vote along party lines have no idea that the party they vote for is making them poorer and reducing social programs they rely on or are just more fixated on keeping the brown people out. Trump is a clown in a sideshow that some may find entertaining but his policies have done nothing for the middle class and below and he’s made this country a joke on the world stage at his expense.

          1. Yeah truth…. those deals he’s done are crappy, China was thriving under Obama. Now they’re losing money daily under our sanctions, Canada and Mexico are ready to make a deal,
            And who in the world cares about the national stage?
            Germany, England, and others don’t matter. Their countries are a joke.
            This country wasn’t started to be popular, it just happened because of how much of an apple it’s been to the eyes of the world in other countries.
            Cnn telling you were a joke?
            You could t be more wrong.
            The days of this global unity to become something like Europe are done.
            This country is back to being the leader, not bowing to Muslim Kings, selling off uranium to a long time rival and not selling off our farms to China.
            You think maybe that’s why they’re not happy?
            I don’t know where you get your info from, but reading your opinion and having someone with a brainstorm of a 3 year old like onelame agreeing, I can only guess.

            Hasn’t helped the middle class?
            Ha! That’s a joke.
            Helped the rich elite?
            Could have sworn he has called out Apple, and threatened others with higher trade taxes if they left.
            Here’s a fact you social justice warriors don’t seem to comprehend.
            The 1 percent pay more than half of the taxes combined in this country.
            Simpletons like you buy into this SJW mentality that the ruck must be taxed more and more.
            Guess what geniuses. Obama and the left claim they do that, guess what happened… they left and raised prices.
            I’ll bet you scream for higher minimum wages too. Guess what again.. they will raise the prices again and kill who? The middle class.
            It’s simple. You tax the wealthy more and more and they leave or they crush the middle class.
            It’s history and it’s never worked for long here.
            So stop being haters because someone has a better life than you, get up and get your own.
            You want to go to school? I shouldn’t pay for it. You want higher wages? Don’t flip burgers.
            You want higher taxes for “free” stuff?
            Throw in extra on your own taxes.
            It’s not the rich and trump killing the middle class, it’s whiny college students taking on loans, lazy fat Americans on welfare because they don’t want to work, and higher taxation to pay for this garbage.
            It’s a capitalist country and that’s who it’s the most successful in history, and you can’t have your socialism without capitalism, who will be paying for this free stuff? And how?
            I wonder if any of you actually pay bills and have lived on your own at any point in your lives. You two are misinformed. And you two will joy change the fabric of this country into how great you THINK Europe and other countries are.
            Here’s a thought. Move there and find out for yourselves.

            1. This was a great example of the meanderings of someone brain washed by old propaganda that keeps telling us we are the greatest country in the world. The problem isn’t low paying jobs because the companies keep taking more profit instead of increasing wages, it’s just that people are lazy and want everything free. That is the classic American love it or leave it Bull sh*t that is slowly but surely fading away as young people in this country learn how much better citizens of other countries have it compared to them in so many ways. Profit over people doesn’t fly anymore. It’s hilarious that you’ve bought the threat that companies will leave if they have to pay more tax. Where are they going to go? Who is allowing them to move jobs to other countries? Where are they going to find another consumer base that buys as much as this one? China is losing money under Trumps sanctions? So are American farmers who lost some of their largest buyers. Seriously it’s like you’ve been hypnotized by propaganda for so long you have no common sense. This line was truly awesome:

              The 1 percent pay more than half of the taxes combined in this country.

              Seriously buddy if you’re going to write a long rant like this do some research first so you don’t look like a rambling moron. The top 1 percent pay not quite 40 percent of Federal Income tax, but that is only half of the taxes collected by the federal government. Read this and learn something because you are severely misinformed:


              Also you might want to think about why it is that the top 1 percent pay more. Couldn’t be that the top 1 percent control 70% of the wealth could it? Unless you are one of the top 1 percent you are getting screwed by the top 1 percent.

              I have a good life. Good job, pay my bills and have some left over to take vacations twice a year. That doesn’t mean I can’t see the problems arising for the young people of this country who are entering the work force with 6 figures of College, debt, fewer jobs in the industries they’ve trained for and rising costs for everything including medical coverage that doesn’t look after everything they need. This is a great country in a lot of ways but it’s stuck in old ways of thinking. Other countries around the world have figured out how to do a few things better than us and give priority to their citizens over the profits of Corporations. Gradually we are seeing that thought process build in the US and it’s coming fast.

              Last thing I’ll say is if you are a minority as this oneniner says, you need to educate yourself because the stuff you spewed out here is truly ignorant.

              1. Truth, the one, and maybe only, thing you need to know about md. He is a virulent 9/11 denier. That gives a window into the rest of his mindset.

  22. I am happy for Eddie. I thought he was entrapped, and other owners had done worse things and still kept their teams.
    I wonder if this now means that Eddie will take a more active role helping the Niners, or maybe he is hoping to buy into another team.

    1. Seb,
      I would be careful what your happy about because all Trumps pardon of Eddie D is doing is setting up his pardons for Flynn and Stone. I’m not sure how you can defend one and criticize the others. imho

      1. I know. This pardon will probably be set up as a quid pro quo. Maybe the Orange Glow wants to control an NFL team.
        Maybe the Niners found out that he deliberately leaned on the league to deny Pelosi any victory, and this was his way to keep them quiet. I remember in the Patriot-Falcons game, he left his SB party at halftime, then all of a sudden, the Pats started getting good calls. He might have been helping his good pal Kraft.
        It is a foregone conclusion that he will pardon Flynn and Stone, to keep them quiet. Another breath taking abuse of power, essentially pardoning himself.
        Please notice that I did not mention him in my previous post, because I did not want to go political, but it is all about him.

        1. Scump is playing politics and is using Eddie de B to help him win Ohio.
          Ohio is a swing state and Eddie despite his criminal past is popular.
          It’s interesting to see that Scump likes people who commit fraud,,,,

          1. Though DeBartolo previously donated to lawmakers from both parties, data from the Center for Responsive Politics shows that he has donated the maximum amount only to Republicans since the rise of Trump.

            Though it does not appear that DeBartolo contributed to Trump, he did co-host a pre-inauguration party in January 2017 honoring longtime former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen and former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, among others.


            Eddie, successful player that he always was, knows an easy mark when he sees it. Probably a little flattery “you are the greatest President of all time” accompanied the grease.

    2. I wonder if this now means that Eddie will take a more active role helping the Niners, or maybe he is hoping to buy into another team.

      I’m pretty sure the League would have something to say about that.

  23. Seb says:
    February 18, 2020 at 8:10 am
    Reading on NN, teams may not want to move back into the first round, because the new CBA may give first round players a 5th year option of franchise tag money.
    Therefor, the TB trade may not be feasible, so that pundit is way off, thinking that the Bucs would move up to grab a QB.

    REPLY: Using an adverb (Therefor) where you really need a conjunctive adverb….Really Seb….The standards are slipping on this site.

    1. Seahawks may provide a roadmap for 49ers to gain more draft picks
      By David Bonilla

      San Francisco does not own a Day 2 draft pick. The team is currently set to select No. 31 . Peter King shares how Seattle’s 2019 draft could provide a roadmap for the 49ers to fill that Day 2 void.

      The first trade involved relinquishing the No. 21 overall pick to the Green Bay Packers for the No. 30, 114, and 118 picks. The Seahawks then traded that No. 30 pick, which is pretty close to where the 49ers sit now, to the New York Giants for the No. 37, 132, and 142 picks.

      A third trade sent that No. 37 pick to the Carolina Panthers for the No. 47 and 77 picks. The Seahawks finally made their first selection at the No. 47 spot, and then made several other trades with their new arsenal of picks to further move around the draft order.

      In the end, after busy days of negotiations, the Seahawks turned their initial No. 21 overall pick into picks No. 47, 64, 120, 132, 142, and 204. That’s a first-rounder in exchange for two second-rounders, two fourth-rounders, one fifth-rounder, and one sixth-rounder to add to their draft picks.

      Via 49er Webzone

      1. In the general observation category.

        “JG missed some throws in the S-U-P-E-R B-O-W-L!”

        49ers are lucky to have even been in a game of this magnitude with a QB owning this stat line: Only 1.5 years worth of starts…Give him a brea

        It took Joe Montana his first 3 years (winning it in his 3rd year) to make it to a Superbowl!***

        Count yourself lucky Niner fans.

  24. Going back to if Armstead is worth the roughly 12-16 mil he seems in line for this offseason.

    If you take Armsteads ratio’s over his career for tackles, qb hits and sacks you get 49 tackles, 15 qb hits, and 6 sacks per season based on him averaging the same 776 snaps he played this year. The snap total was a career high, so it makes sense that his numbers across the board jumped.

    Now let’s compare his projections to those of a guy the 49ers are already paying more than 14 mil to, Deforest Buckner.

    If we take Buckner’s career ratios in the same categories and he plays the same 776 snaps as Armstead his totals come out to 58 tackles, 16 qb hits and 6 sacks.

    1. You know, if Armstead was good with getting $14 million/season, it’s a no-brainer: you re-sign him.

      The reality is he is most likely going to get around $18 million/season, which is where you have the debate.

        1. Buckner is about to get $18-$20 million/year, which is why Armstead at $14 million is a bargain (though one can argue about spending that much for 2 players playing in the same positional grouping).

          That’s why I’m saying Armstead is going to get more than $14 million from someone.

    2. Yeah, but which of those two players got the bulk of the offenses attention? Armstead’s numbers got a bit inflated by seeing a lot of 1-on-1s. In 2018 when the 49ers only really had Buck and Armstead, Armstead got more attention and did not produce at the same level.

      1. “Armstead got more attention and did not produce at the same level.”

        The tandem of Buckner and Armstead basically produced at the same level in 2019 as they did in 2018, tallying 17.5 sacks compared to 15.5 the year prior.

        The other argument against Armstead is that he’s only had one big year. That’s true. It’s the same for Buckner as well with his career year being 2018, when he played about 200 more snaps than Armstead.

        If you look at their sacks per snap played their numbers are nearly identical.

        1. Well they are pretty much the same player in size and position so if you can only keep one you should probably go with the guy who doesn’t have an injury history.

        2. Buckner has consistently generated pressures for 3 seasons. All while being a focus of offenses.

          Armstead was good in 2018 when he was pretty much the 2nd guy offenses tried to take away, and very good in 2019 when he got a lot more 1-on-1 matchups. He’s a good player. But Buck has been steadily producing for 3 seasons despite constant attention. When it comes to which guy is better, in my book it is clearly Buck. I don’t think he is an elite player, but he is very good and not a guy you let leave. He’ll get his big contract and it will be in line with what he brings to the team. Armstead is likely going to get overpaid by someone hoping he plays like Buck or Calais Campbell, when he isn’t at that level.

            1. Yeah, his teammates know how important he is to the team. I struggle to think of him as an elite level player as he doesn’t make quite as many plays as some of the elite guys (Donald, Jones, Cox), but he really isn’t far behind.

          1. Over the course of their careers their pressure rates per snap are almost equal as well.

            The only difference between Armstead in years 1-3 and in 4-5 is the number of snaps. He’s played almost 400 more snaps in the last 2 years than the first 3 so his numbers look better.

              1. Doesn’t really matter to the discussion. If you can get Armstead to stay for an average of 14-16 it’s going to make the team better. That’s really what both of these guys are truly worth. I think that breaking them up inside could have the same impact as when the team split up Young and Stubblefield.

              2. Of course it matters to the discussion. One guy is far more impactful than the other in regards to what the offense does to stop them. Buck commands a lot of attention and still produces. Armstead produces when given more favourable matchups.

                Having Armstead is better than not having him. He’s good. But the salary cap is what it is, can’t pay/ keep everyone. With that in mind, Armstead is not worth as much as Buck.

                Stubblefield is a great example. He was excellent when he had other guys around him taking up attention. Not so much when he was the focal point of attention. BY was always great, no matter how much attention he got. Very similar with Armstead and Buck.

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