49ers say Solomon Thomas weighs 280 pounds

San Francisco 49ers defensive linemen Arik Armstead, left, DeForest Buckner (99), Solomon Thomas (94) and D.J. Jones (93) stand with assistant coach Chris Kiffin, right, during a practice at the team’s NFL football training facility in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday, May 30, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

The 49ers updated their player listing for defensive end Solomon Thomas this morning. It now says he weighs 280 pounds. Wednesday, it said he weighed 256 pounds. Last season, it said he weighed 273 pounds.

How big does Thomas look to you? To me, he seems smaller than 280 pounds. He seems about the same size as Jeremiah Attaochu, who weighs 252 pounds. I don’t have a picture of Attaochu from OTAs, but I’ll take one next week and we can compare him to Thomas.

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  1. To me, he doesn’t look that much different than last year to be honest. Judging by his photo, I’d guess in the 270’s, but I could see 280 as well.

    Other reporters yesterday were also saying he doesn’t look that much different physically than last year.

    Just take the L on this one Grant. I don’t think you would be saying he looked like he was in the 250’s without seeing his weight “listed” at 256 first. #FakeNews

      1. When are you ever going to grow up and stop your desperate need for attention? You’re not a bad writer when you try to be yourself and not your dad. Trying to be controversial is really childish.

            1. Grant secretly went to sauna that Thomas was sitting in and made a mark at the waterline. He then returned after foster had left and put enough pork chops into the water to bring the water line up to the mark he had made. He then removed the pork chops and weighed them. They ended up weighing 260 pound there for proving that he is lighter than last season. He originally used sand and measured the amount of water displacement buthe could never get all the sand out of the sauna using a measuring spoon. So he ended up having to use pork chops instead.

              1. Hot water and pork chops….a little more work and you’re on your way to Chili Verde…

      2. Grant, unless you can get Attaochu, Harold, & Thomas photographed standing next to each other from EXACTLY the same angle, depth of field, light source, etc, while wearing exactly the same clothing, don’t bother using photo’s to compare them … it’s a fools errand.

        My brother-in-law is a professional photographer, and he can explain to you better than I, how deceiving a person’s weight can be using photographs, with or without a point of reference.

        If he’s not 280, he’s probably close. I can see a reason for Saleh’s to undercut Thomas’ weight, by why would they claim he’s much heavier than he is? Sometimes you need to take a step back and think it through. Just like I mentioned the other day … “the forest for the trees” Grant.

      3. Your the worst , sorriest excuse for a reporter I’ve ever seen. Always looking for something negative to say. Digging for dirt that doesn’t exist. Your straight garbage. Go report on the raiders instead. I loathe reading anything with your name attached to it. Worthies drivel is all you know how to write. Take a leap off the golden gate and see if your one of the lucky ones! You might suck even worse then your dad which would be an accomplishment. Because he’s absolutely terrible. Good job👍

      4. That trainer/coach in the foreground looks like a healthy 250 himself… Solomon is bigger, pure muscle, and further back in the frame. I’d say 275 if I’m a betting man. Pat Willis was 250+ for parts of his career, and was shorter and leaner than Thomas.

      5. He does look like he’s in his 250’s, you’re right. Plus it said he was 256 the other day and they now change it??, he’s no 280.

      6. Matt Barrows answered the stupid rumor Grant started:

        Benson Collins‏ @Benson_Collins_Is the report that Solomon is 20lbs lighter true or is that just a mistake?

        ANSW: Solomon Thomas was listed at 256 pounds last year — the 49ers often grab a player’s weight from his college bio — but said at the end of the season he was around 275 and didn’t think he would alter his weight. As far as the eyeball test, he doesn’t seem different than a year ago. We’ll have to ask him. It would have been inappropriate yesterday when he was talking about the loss of his sister.

        This is as bad as Lynch’s ‘Alex Smith has small hands’ when they were the largest hands of any QB drafted that year and perfectly average for an NFL QB.

  2. Ha! Why in the Sam hell would they lie about his weight? Doesn’t make any damn sense. Guido, I don’t think we’re in college anymore!

      1. Remember, the coaches say they want their Sam and Leo players to be interchangeable. I think it’s just a way to have new looks and be less predictable.

        For example, Leo probably pass rushes 75% of the time. 25% of time he’ll drop into a flat zone and the Sam will rush passer instead of dropping.

        I don’t think they’ll be asking him to drop very much. It’s just a change-up they’ll use here and there. No big deal

        Also, when Solly does drop, they’re probably talking about Base Downs. Not obvious passing situations.

        1. I wonder if that interchangeability aspect between the SAM and LEO positions in the base defense is part of the reason why Saleh tends to drop his NT into zone coverage in the base defense?

          The SAM and LEO positions are pretty much Edge gap players (Strong D and Weak C gaps). The LEO has a more aggressive penetrating tactic where as the SAM plays with more containment. But it’s not that much different. If you eliminate much of the need for the SAM to drop into coverage and turn him into an edge rusher, then his position is even more similar to the LEO’s position. Of course if you rush the SAM you need to drop another guy into coverage if you don’t want to create any holes in the coverage (like a blitz does). I guess the NT makes sense from the standpoint that you’re losing the least amount of pass rush by dropping him.

          Most fans hate this fire zone drop tactic. Maybe it would have worked better if Harold had been a better pass rusher? (or the LEO had been a better pass rusher).

        1. Yup.


          “For the most part, defensive linemen dropping into coverage can serve two purpose. One, when they’re trying to bring an overload to one side to overload a protection. And then the second part is when you’re trying to rush three, and just kind of plug the middle of the field to eliminate any crossers or any low holes, because in our natural three-deep defense, there’s a void in the middle. And to be able to plug that part of the field on occasion. So that’s basically what the main purposes are.”

            1. All good in moderate use. We could see less of it when Foster and Warner are on the field.

              Side note. I used to occasionally send a DE to the flat in Madden to take away screen passes and contain the QB. I got quite a few hate messages for that. I learned that putting a lineman in coverage was frowned on in the Madden world.

      2. Your soooooo smart and talented! You would be coach of the year for sure! A perennial super bowl winning coach most definitely!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Your an egotistical idiot who doesn’t know a DAMN THING

      1. I think he looks about the same as he did around this time last year, give or take 5 pounds. What did he weigh at OTA’s last year?

          1. He could add weight and have his mass remain the same if he exchanged muscle for fat. Muscle weighs more than fat.

            Just put meat into a jar the same size of a can of Crisco and remove the same number of spoonfuls from each can and then weigh them both.

  3. He probably isn’t 280 right now either. Don’t believe the numbers they post on the website. They are just a guide at best.

    Saying he was 256lbs based on the website figure was a clear mistake. Time to move on. His weight is a non issue, as I suspected based on the photos I have seen of him. Looks pretty much the same as last year.

      1. No idea. But basing your analysis on that figure without checking it with someone that has knowledge of the situation was jumping the gun.

          1. Exactly – the PR staff wouldn’t know. Those numbers listed on the website come from the PR staff. As I said, they are a guide at best.

            I don’t know about looking slimmer. He was pretty trim last year too. Doesn’t carry much fat on his body. His lower body is quite stocky though, and his upper body is big.

            1. Standing next to Attaochu, they looked about the same size, give or take 10 pounds. I’ll take pictures next week.

      1. He looks like he added 5 pounds of muscle to me as well.

        QUESTION: When Saleh said “who knows there might be a star in the bunch. I have a feeling there might be” when talking about edge rushers, was he just being his usual positive self, or does he actually think someone has that potential? I just can’t see it.

        BARROWS ANSW: I don’t know whether Robert Saleh had anyone in mind when he spoke about his pass rushers on Wednesday. It’s clear from talking to Chris Kiffin that the 49ers will build their pass rush around DeForest Buckner. A way-too-basic way of looking at it is that the two edge rushers (which very well may end up being Cassius Marsh and Jeremiah Attaochu) will be charged with beating opponents to the outside so that the quarterbacks steps into the jaws the rush coming from Buckner and Solomon Thomas. As Kiffin noted, that principle worked well on the 1990s-era Buccaneers teams that had no stars at defensive end but had very good tackles.

        That was exactly my thought process wrt Landry. Little did we know he had a medical red flag for his back, and the 49ers would decide to roll the dice this year on Marsh/Attaochu/Harold/Pita….

  4. I hope that Grant was not in the midst of writing a series of articles excoriating Shanaleh for forcing Thomas to lose weight….
    Seems to me that Thomas may have exchanged some fat for muscles…

    1. Where else can we come for this type of edgy scoop. The rest of the Bay Area sportswriters are content with getting a mere clarification. Frankly, Grant should be too and if he was the one that brought up the issue and the 49ers corrected it, then take the win and move on. Continuing to push this looks silly and like someone who doesn’t know how to pick their battles.

  5. Take every player currently under contract and weigh them tomorrow morning. Then, let’s compare that measurement with their published weights. Publish both lists Saturday morning. How many weights would be different? How many would be out by at least 5%? 10%?

  6. The problem with what grant said was the conclusion he made off the assumption. The 49ers are playing him out of position. Talk about lazy reporting. This takes the cake. not only does he get the weight wrong, he gets it wrong all the way around. It must be really lonely for grant at 49er practices because he cant be comparing notes with other journalist because he has been labeled as Mr click bait and rightfully so.

  7. “No. He’ll (Thomas) be fine once training camp comes. Their weights, they’re football players, so their weights always fluctuate. I’m not worried about his weight.”- 49ers DC Robert Saleh

      1. you’re missing the point. the DC says he’s not worried about his weight….which means all this speculation about Thomas’s weight is pointless.

        1. Grant is the dude in 7th grade history who sits one seat behind you and one row to the right–always nitpicking, always needling, always deflecting–in part to be the acknowledged wise guy.

  8. Sometimes–not all the time–this board oozes the demeanor and drama of junior high. Here we have the school’s big tuna (not you brotha…), Grant, fueling an animated kerfuffle over a player’s weight. Wish it was 5th period PE about now…dodgeball! Zack Efron could play Grant…

    1. Cassie, if big tuna were the issue, scales would definitely be involved. I’ve never seen a fishing tournament decided by “that one looks heavier”.

  9. If i recall Grant was right about somebody (i think it was Aaron Lynch) coming in overweight last year and was the only one to notice at first… not saying he is right this time though.

    I appreciate that grant isn’t afraid to tell us negative things about the team. Nothing in life is perfect, and there are enough other writers that only paint a rosey picture… especially in ota. Remeber everytime somebody makes a play in practice, that means somebody else got burnt, yet reporting is always 90% positive, when logically (and probably over simplified) every play has a winner and looser.

    Keep it real Grant

  10. https://www.ninersnation.com/2018/5/31/17413140/pita-taumoepenu-weight-49ers-sam-leo-depth-chart

    “This opens the door for all the edge rushers, but given the work they’ve done with Pita, he seems to have a big opportunity in front of him. Saleh said Pita has adjustments to make on the mental side of playing SAM, but, “Pita does everything 110 miles per hour, so I don’t think it will take him very long to figure it all out.”

    “Eli Harold is entering the final season of his contract, and the team did not pick up Elvis Dumervil’s option. They added Jeremiah Attaochu, but otherwise did not do much to boost the pass rush. This represents a big opportunity for Pita T.”

  11. In the photo above, he’s next to Buckner who is taller. But Thomas is a lot thicker, especially in the legs. As an ex trainer used to being around many body compositions in the gym, I’d say he’s a lot closer to 280 than 250. Assuming that’s armstead on buckets right. He looks a lot bigger than last year!

  12. Thanks for the drama, Grant. The offseason was too boring.

    Incidentally, why do you think Attaochu weighs 252? Because that’s what he’s listed at on the Niners’ website? Didn’t we just establish that those numbers aren’t accurate? Attaochu weighed 252 at the 2014 Combine (http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/jeremiah-attaochu?id=2543717). It’s pretty unlikely his weight hasn’t changed at all in four years in the NFL.

      1. Yes, and it would be surprising if he still weighs 252. My point was that we can’t rely on the given numbers, not that Attaochu and Thomas are the same size, or that either of them is 280. Thomas looks pretty similar to how he looked last year. He may not be 280, but he certainly looks bigger than 256.

        You’re making this out to be some sort of conspiracy theory. The team just doesn’t care all that much about the weights it lists on the website. They also list Thomas at 6’2″. If you want to be alarmed about something, it should be that he’s shrunk an inch. At this rate, if he plays ten years, they’ll have to convert him to RB.

  13. Is Solly standing next to DJ Jones (#93) in the pic? Jones is 300+ pounds. Solly looks like a leaner version of DJ. 280 seems accurate.

        1. Yep, that’s a key point to note. Different people carry their weight differently.

          WRT to Solly and Attaochu, both guys are kind of stocky through the legs and trunk, but Solly looks bigger than Attaochu across the chest and arms. He is also a little taller. So it wouldn’t surprise me at all that he weighs 15-20 lbs more.

      1. Thomas is thicker than Armstead. His legs are noticeably bigger, his midsection appears to be, and their arms look to be pretty close. But who really cares? Thomas hasn’t dropped 20 pounds, and unless and until the team doesn’t shift him inside on passing downs, there’s no reason to overreact about his size or usage.

        I agree that putting him at Leo is a questionable call. I’d much rather see him at big end on early downs and inside on passing downs. But if he’s primarily rushing the passer from the inside, I don’t have a huge problem with the experiment at this point.

  14. Grant. More videos my friend. You could do a post draft analysis, or even several. It’s really fun and you know even the ingrates love it!

  15. Hope that any extra weight is muscle.
    Added muscle on his core and arms will help him if he gets tied up by O-lineman.

    His penchant for rushing at the O-lineman’s chest has been counter-productive. Adding muscle to compliment his speed should work to his benefit.
    I’m predicting 8-10 sacks in a breakout season for Solomon.

  16. From Matt Barrows today if anyone is interested.
    Benson Collins‏ @Benson_Collins_Is the report that Solomon is 20lbs lighter true or is that just a mistake?

    ANSW: Solomon Thomas was listed at 256 pounds last year — the 49ers often grab a player’s weight from his college bio — but said at the end of the season he was around 275 and didn’t think he would alter his weight. As far as the eyeball test, he doesn’t seem different than a year ago. We’ll have to ask him. It would have been inappropriate yesterday when he was talking about the loss of his sister.

  17. I was eye rolling yesterday at all the fussing over ST’s purported weight. Much ado about nothing confirmed.
    To see a whole new bit on it today brought on some Geraldine(Flip Wilson) head shaking.
    Someone posted ‘it’s pointless.’
    It worse.
    It’s…………….(wait for it)………

      1. Such are the existential questions we face in the dog days of late spring….
        Pound-for-pound, Grant is the most resourceful beat writer at creating topics out of thin air…

          1. Seething, roiling passionate journalistic passion probing “weighty” questions in sports journalism??

        1. I told my wife I want the Aretha Franklin version of that one at my funeral.
          (I’m not sure she heard me, we had some Joe Satriani on the box)

  18. Haha-Grant you still won’t give up, still trying to prove that you are right. Like I said ask the damn player. End of story. It doesn’t F’n matter that what he appears to be. Especially when you compare him next to behemoths like Arik and DeForrest, they will make everyone like small.

  19. As to Thomas taking some drops……it’s May!
    It doesn’t mean it’s a planned staple of the D scheme. It’s May, they take a look so they know their options later.
    If Thomas is going to play Leo in Base, they don’t want to be too predictable in how they play Base; what they can do out of it. Versatility, the inter-change ability of Sam/Leo and Mike/Will makes it easier to hide intent of the defensive call.

  20. I think he looks around 275, but you gotta be careful with these things. The other day I told my girlfriend that she looked around 155 and I ended up sleeping on the couch.

    1. Hammer if I had said something like that to my wife I would have wound up in intensive care. Consider yourself lucky.

        1. Hah! My wife and I were being introduced to a couple and the chat uncovered that both my wife and the fellow are long ago alums of San Diego State. Innocently and in a friendly way he asked “Really? When did your Class graduate?”
          With a big smile his wife interrupted “He’s being silly. He withdraws that question.”
          She had a grip on his arm that made his eyes go wide.

          1. My wife jokingly always tells me that a woman has three ages:

            1) the age that she is
            2) the age that she looks
            3) the age that she tells you she is

        1. That was one of my favorite Geico commercials. Mary Todd Lincoln asking her husband, “honest Abe”, if she looks fat in this dress. LOL.

    2. Blaine Woodson is listed at 280, and he looks at least 15 pounds heavier than Thomas. I’ll take a picture of them side by side during minicamp.

  21. Grant, at least get your facts right before you make any statements. Our perception of how much someone weighs based on a photograph is not important. 49ers are Communicating he weighs 280lb so just take it for what it is.

    Just looking at a picture is not an accurate assessment of how much someone weighs since you have to consider BMI, bone density , lean muscle mass, hydration and fat. Someone with higher bone density and lean body mass can easily weigh more and appear smaller in stature. Can we actually talk about football!

  22. Re Solomon Thomas’ weight – who cares? Either he will make plays in 2018 and be great, or he won’t. So what if SF 49er mgmt ultimately made a draft mistake (Thomas doesn’t contribute)….. Sunk cost….. Move on….. What’s the point over crowing you would have picked someone else in the draft a couple years ago? Is this a 49er blog or a how great/clairvoyant is Grant blog?

    We know you didn’t like the Thomas, Garnett, and Armstead draft picks…. as well as all but 1-2 of their 2018 draft picks. Please move on to something else already

  23. Grant, easy way to settle this once and for all:

    1. Take a scale to the Niners dressing room;
    2. Put in on the floor in front of one of the urinals;
    3. Stand nearby and greet each of the players as he comes to take a leak;
    4. When it’s ST’s turn, make sure he stands on the scale while he does his thing;
    5. Saunter over and sneak a peek (at the scale). Maybe take a photo and post it in your next blog.

    That should just about do it…

  24. Another unforced error. Niners just need to be open, truthful and honest, and listing ST at 256 just raised eyebrows.
    Glad they corrected their mistake. Tempest in a teapot. No big deal now that they have listed his true weight.
    Weight issues have been relevant in the past discussions. Aaron Lynch came in overweight, and Grant was right to point that out. Now, AL is out of the league. Tank had his weight fluctuate because the coaches wanted him to lose or gain weight. They did not know how to properly utilize Tank so he had the best chance to succeed, and now he is gone.
    The Niners mentioned that Garnett has lost pounds, but Grant pointed out that he was still being driven back into the pocket. Maybe in his case, the added weight could help him anchor his position.
    Weights fluctuate. In the combine, they bulk up to their playing weight. Then in their Pro day, they lose weight so they can run a faster forty. Even practicing can cause weight fluctuations. Copious sweat loss can drop 5 lbs easily. Niners used to gauge their player’s urine output to monitor hydration rates. Do not think they are doing that any more.
    As some others have pointed out before me, muscle is more dense than fat. Some players may have slimmed down, but if they gained muscle mass, they may weigh more. Rookies typically have more fat. They work out very hard to become stronger, since their NFL job depends on being able to counter other players who also have been working out. Typically, but not all the time, players gain several pounds over their rookie weights.
    Grant should have a simple solution. He should walk up to Thomas and ask him how much he weighs. He should ask why the Niners listed him at 256. Then he should let Thomas talk about his sister, and ask how one could prevent similar tragedies. Maybe she just needed some one to listen to her. Maybe she needed a change of scenery, and a fresh new start. We will never know, but maybe it could help some one else with similar problems.

  25. My theory: Niners see the success of the Warriors small lineup and thought they’d give it a try. Grant, please report on how JG is doing with the no look pass.

  26. Basketball players are always listed as taller than than they are. Except I’ve read that KD never wanted to be listed at 7 feet (which he no doubt is) because that would peg him as a 5, the position where he didn’t want to play.

  27. Unless you weighed him on your own scale, how do you know how much Jeremiah Attaochu weighs? You need to be anchored to an empirical benchmark somewhere in your analysis or else you’re just chasing a ghost, and sports orgs are notorious for publishing erroneous data about their players. The more pressing question about Solomon Thomas is, will he ever perform at a level commensurate with his high draft status?

  28. This thread would make sense if Grant just posted the over/under number for Thomas and everyone made bets. Winners split the pot. As it is, thanks for the useless noise guys.

  29. lol, media has always been those who never played a sport, just nerds who’s only sport was running from the ‘jocks’ that would kick their a$$ everyday.

      1. ….that would be play QB for the 9ers in an exhibition game in 2018, not teletransport back to 1968.

        1. no, no, no….let’s transport Grant back to Lions ’63 TC so we can watch Alex Karras and Wayne Walker “B-slap” him on he sidelines…
          Plimpton was at the Lions TC in ’63– not ’68…
          Hence the book title: “Paper Lions”…

  30. Grant…

    It was nice to read that Celek caught 3 touchdown passes…I didn’t see anything written about some of the other TEs. How about Ross Dwelley, Cole Wick, and Hikutini….anything newsworthy…?

  31. oops…should have watched the you tube clip…sorry ’bout that
    still– he was on the Lions at TC is ’63…

  32. Yawn! Who cares! What matters is his play on the field.

    Aside from that, I feel for the young man and his family. I know the effects of suicide can be devastating! When I first heard of her death I suspected that mental illness which is so insidious and destructive. He and the entire family remain in my prayers.

  33. That makes a lot more sense.
    He’s already about as built up as he can be and had very little fat. If he lost 20 lbs he’d likely have lost a lot of muscle mass.
    The other thing is water weight can fluctuate a lot. I weigh 200 lbs and regular go up or down 3 to 4 lbs and I’ve lost 6 lbs in one training session.

  34. That Grant took ran with Solomon being 20 lbs lighter this year, based primarily off of the 49ers website, without bothering to verify it with anyone within the organization, is straight out of the twilight zone! For me, this is more of a random roll-my-eyes, Grant Cohn looking for an angle (that doesn’t exist) kind of deal.

    What bothers me a lot more is that Grant would list Joshua Garnett on the not-so-good list for getting beat during drills (#5 – Defensive tackles continuously pushed Garnett into the backfield during one-on-one pass-rush drills. He could not hold ground. That’s not good for a guard), yet give response to poison pen on the exact same page:

    May 31, 2018 at 8:29 am – poison pen: What Grant isn’t telling everyone is that Thomas has been outstanding in the pass-rush drills. If you only read here, you’d think Thomas is failing and Grant has a handle on it. You’d be wrong.

    Reply – Grant Cohn: All the defensive linemen perform well in the pass-rush drills. The defensive players have the advantage.

    SMH! Nothing bothers me more than Grant blatantly talking out of both sides of his mouth, expecting to have his cake and eat it to. This is what can only be called biased reporting, and that’s a shame. Having an opinion is one thing but, consistently hedging your bets while trying to have it both ways, is a bit shameful. And that’s too bad because, on the occasions when Grant does operate without an agenda, he’s a pretty darn good at what he does, both insightful and entertaining.

  35. I realize that many on the board don’t like it when things move into non football territory but I feel it’s important to draw attention to this story because we’ve been discussing the protests on here lately in one form or another. Whether you believe the Anthem protests are offensive or not, there is a valid reason why the players are doing it and more attention needs to be directed at why they are doing it instead of how they are doing it. This is just the latest example of how little regard some police officers and regular citizens have for people of color.


    Instead of wrapping ourselves in the flag and shouting how great the country is, how about we start to recognize those are empty and meaningless words for a large percentage of the citizens in this country and do something about it?

    1. I hear you rocket.

      The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
      – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    2. I get it, I do. There are problems in this country. I refuse to believe that it is totally race driven. When looking at the statistics, you see white people getting killed more often by police officers. The media presents their obvious bias and rarely focuses on those cases, but instead decides to focus on those victims of color. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist, what I’m saying is it’s not so simple.

      I agree there is a problem, and improvements can be made in the way officers handle certain situations. But it helps no one when the media continues to blatantly present their biased agenda and feed the division in this country.

      Regardless this is a tragic story and at the end of the day a life was lost and a family was affected. May God bless them and give them strength.

      1. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/colin-kaepernick-police-killings-black-americans_us_599c4099e4b04c532f447939

        “African-Americans make up roughly 13 percent of the country’s population ― meaning they are far more likely to die at the hands of police than white Americans, even though more white people are killed by law enforcement overall.”

        “Black Americans are twice as likely as white Americans to be unarmed when police kill them, according to a study released in February.”

        1. #80,

          Thanks for that. This is part of the problem in getting the majority to understand how dire it is for people of color when it comes to interactions with the police. The fact a high number of Caucasians are also dying at the hands of the police should also set off an alarm that there are major problems within police forces and the training isn’t up to standard…which is exactly what Kap was saying from the start.

          1. Yup. It’s our problem too.

            “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

            – Martin Luther King Jr.

    3. Rocket there is no doubt there is a problem in America. Most of us knew of the problem prior to kneeling. Solomon Thomas is raising issue with suicide, fortunately he is doing it a different way. I pay attention to Solomon’s cause, I don’t pay attention to the kneelers cause. The fans can live without football but can football live without the fans. You are a good man Rocket but I think you and others are wrong in support of the kneelers. Find another way.

      “The NFL has never grasped the reality of the damage the National Anthem protests have had on had on the league, and its recent cockamamie attempt to fix the problem will not bring back fans or television viewers. This is confirmed by the fact that the NFL never been less popular in recent times: just 35% say they have a favorable view of the NFL, according to a survey released yesterday, down from 57% last August. Any business can increase revenue while its brand is being diminished. Indeed, in the non-sports world companies often knowingly (blindly?) sacrifice their brand for short term profits. Happens every day. Then the brand and business collapse.”


      1. Maybe a better avenue of approach might be to take a knee on Maxine Waters’, and Rahm Emanuel’s yard.

      2. UC,

        I don’t support the kneeling; I support the message. I understand the method of protest is offensive to many but I’m not getting caught up in that because it takes away from what is most important. The players have clearly said over and over that they are not disrespecting the military. It has nothing to do with the military and yet that seems to be where many choose to draw the line. I get that you and many others don’t appreciate the visual of someone kneeling during the anthem, but if they have also told you what it means and why they are doing it, why focus on the act instead of the message? It’s unfortunate we are so divided as a country. It makes everything that much harder to talk about and find solutions for. I appreciate the response and I respect you a great deal for it along with everything you and all the vets have done for this country.

      3. I too know more and more people who are turned off the NFL. it might surprise those wrapping themselves in the flag, the reason is not the anthem kneeling. It is the whole CTE issue and the league’s dishonesty in addressing it. Long after Trump and those in his lockstep exit the scene, the league will still have former players who’ve lost their cognition. That will kill football.

        Unsurprisingly that is not once mentioned in your Forbes link, UC. Weren’t you the one decrying biased journalism?

        1. Another thing that is killing football are the parents who will not allow their children to be maimed and injured, with long term consequences. Fewer players are willing to sacrifice their body, because they see what happens.
          CTE, the denial, fraudulent studies, cover up and lack of responsible action, are just showing how cavalier and callous the NFL ownership has become.
          Conversely, the pushback against some ‘SOB’ just exercising his right to silently, respectfully, and nonviolently protest against injustices, has made me refuse to buy a ticket or purchase merchandise.
          Therefor, the blackballing of Kaep is helping kill football, because many on the other side think it is unfair and persecutorial.

          1. True, Seb. The upshot is that the reasons behind the leagues depressed popularity go far beyond the narrative the right wing is pushing.

  36. I haven’t heard that if the Niners got all their draft picks signed. Anyone that can elaborate would be good.

  37. last year he was listed at 256 on broadcasts, but was always 273 on nfl.com draft pages – that is the true measurement as it is done at the Combine – did just see 256 listed on 2014 Stanford freshman year bio however

      1. I’d like to see him seize his opportunity, and carve out a nice little niche role for himself this year.

      2. We’ll see. The way I see it, there’s likely ONE (1) WR slot up for grabs.

        – Garcon
        – Goodwin
        – Bourne
        – Pettis
        – Taylor

        That’s 5, all likely locks unless something unexpected happens (knock on wood).

        Then we have James (2018 – 7th round pick), Robinson – the veteran, Burbridge – who has value on special teams, Dunbar – who’s probably the biggest receiver currently on the roster, McCafferey, and a potential free agent, or waiver claim down the line.

    1. In my not-very-informed speculation I had Boldin on the outs before this news. It will hurt his odds with SF and with signing elsewhere. He’s Cava (a bubble guy).

      1. WR:
        >Can udfa Dunbar take 2017udfa Bourne’s job as backup Z? Incumbent has an advantage.
        >Presuming 2nd Rounder Pettis is safe
        > Can James’ speed, youth, and ST value help him take Robinson’s spot?
        > Low volume rumor mill has Dez>SF buzz maintaining its legs, but I dunno, I’m guessing no fire despite the smoke.
        And yeah, let’s see in pads……

    2. Hmm….the chance of Victor Bolden landing on the practice squad is more now. After the final 53 cuts, less likely that teams will sign him.

      If there are no other injuries to WRs, I say cut him and get him on the practice squad.

  38. http://www.businessinsider.com/richard-sherman-things-you-never-knew-2014-1

    He finished second in his high school class with 4.1 GPA.
    He has a ‘near-photographic memory,’ according to SI. He memorized his 18-character, randomly generated Wi-Fi password.
    He’s obsessed with watching tape. He has notes on every NFL receiver on his iPad, and watches film in bed.
    In high school, he made USC coach Pete Carroll wait 2.5 hours to meet with him because he didn’t want to leave class early.
    He once saw a homeless man under a bridge near the Seahawks facility, so he went to McDonald’s and bought him food.

  39. You can’t know a person’s weight just by the way they “look”.

    Didn’t we go through this stupidity already with A-a-ron Lynch?

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