49ers, Seahawks have short wait for rematch

San Francisco 49ers running back Jeff Wilson is tackled by Seattle Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, left, as he rushes during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

SANTA CLARA — The Seahawks beat the 49ers by 27 points in Seattle just 12 days ago. They will play each other again this Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.

What has changed?

Since their last meeting, the 49ers have defeated a playoff-contending team for the first time this season. That’s one change. They beat the Denver Broncos 20-14 last Sunday.

The Seahawks also defeated a playoff-contending team rcently. They beat the Minnesota Vikings 21-7 last Monday night, and have won four games in a row and eight of their past 11. Their offense ranks first in rushing yards, and their defense ranks sixth in fewest points allowed.

“Nothing is different,” 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said. “There are no secrets. We both know each other’s scheme, so both teams know what to expect. I think that makes it a little bit more fun.”

In other words, the 49ers and Seahawks have books on each other, and the books are current. The latest editions.

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  1. I like our chances…..excited to see Marcell Harris on the field…..he is our starting SS going forward…….i predict he gets 10 tackles against the seabugs

    1. I don’t want to burst your bubble of optimism, but Goodwin and Pettis were limited in practice on Thursday. It usually is not a good sign when a player is a late addition to the injury list and limited as well.

  2. Niners need to put up a banner in the locker room- BEAT THE STREAK.
    Then the Niners need to beat them to the punch.
    Tim Ryan want the Niners to get physical, and run the ball.
    I hope they bludgeon the Seahawks.

  3. Big test for Mullens going up against Pete Carroll for the second time, same with Pettis. If Mullens struggles, he’ll be perceived as a backup QB that had success but got figured out when there was more film. If he plays well Sunday, he’s legit IMO.

    1. I doubt if it’s all that black and white. The key is incremental improvement in handling the rush that he faced in the first half of the earlier Seahawks game (Carroll eased up on the pressure in the second half after taking a good lead). I expect to see some delayed and/or disguised blitzes early in the game to make Mullens uncomfortable and am eager to see how he handles it.

  4. Noice. The Niners have made adjustments.
    They pulled James and let Taylor take the punts.
    They sat Mitchell and let DJ Jones play. They let Lee play over Smith.
    They started 2 rookies in the defensive back field, and I hope they start 3 rookies.
    They put Garcon on IR and have started Pettis.
    They restricted Nzeocha, and let Pita play some snaps.
    They elevated Jullian Taylor and gave him some snaps.
    Garnett even got to play.
    I hope they continue to make timely adjustments.

  5. Don’t think the Niners have enough to pull this one out. 27-20 Seahawks.

    The hawks won’t let Kittle run free.

    Mullens will have to work harder.

    Turnovers will still be key.

    1. Kittle’s biggest impediment currently is the absence of a go-to receiver. A coach like Bellichick (who routinely double covers the #1 pass catcher on third downs and double covers the top two pass catchers in red zone) would render Kittle ineffective. If Pettis emerges as a consistent threat and needs to be double covered, Kittle will just kill it. With a 40″ vertical, he will be the next TE monster in the footsteps of the The Gronk. Also, the kid has a awesome happy-go-lucky personality — love his after-game interviews.

  6. The Seahawks are better than the 49ers. They can play 10 games this year and the Seahawks will be better in all 10 games. The only difference is the 49ers will be at home and the home team usually gets home cooking from NFL officials. After the officiating debacle in KC last night it’s impossible to predict which team will have an advantage from the officials. Seahawks aren’t 27 points better than the 49ers when playing in CA – so given home field advantage and perhaps an officiating advantage I’ll go 24-14 Seahawks.

  7. Any given Sunday. The Seahawks are not invincible. They have lost 5 games, once to the Broncos, who the Niners just defeated.
    The Niners could have made up that 27 point difference by scoring from the one, not fumbling near the goal line, and avoiding the pick six. The Seahawk/ Viking game was a close contest with a 3 point difference going into the 4th quarter.
    Sure, some will say that the Seahawks are more talented, but they are also a very young team, with a lot of defensive turnover. However, with better coaching, the Niners do have a chance to win. Last season, the Niners had a nine game losing streak, but once JG started, they went on a 5 game win streak, with essentially the same players other than the QB. This season, Mullens is making Kittle look all pro, and the defense finally set the edge.
    Some will say that good coaching will overcome talent. Unfortunately, the Seahawks also have good coaching, so they will be twice as hard to defeat. Therefor, KS and the Niners may beat the Seahawks, only by being more opportunistic than the Seahawks. When preparation meets opportunity, luck may happen.
    The Niners need to control what they can control, and stop making the unforced errors. If they can avoid defeating themselves, they have a chance to win.
    Hopefully, the Seahawks will take the Niners lightly, so the Niners need to be focused, prepared and hugely motivated to end their losing streak against the Seahawks.
    Niners, 24-23.

  8. Grant – the real story to write is how did the Seahawks rebuild their defense so dang fast? we still stink and they’ve retooled overnight into another top D with all young draft picks. These guys aren’t going away anytime soon. I was looking forward to their demise.

    1. In 2017, the Seahawks snookered the Niners by trading back and allowing the Niners to eagerly draft Foster, who has disappeared like a puff of smoke. With that 4th round pick, they selected Tedric Thompson, who is now their starting FS. They also traded back and got Delano Hill in the third. They accumulated 4 picks in the third round and selected Shaquill Griffin, Hill, Nazair Jones DT, and Amara Darboh WR.
      In 2018, the Seahawks traded back several times, and accumulated picks. However, they surprised me by their determination that there was quality even into the 5th round. I had thought that the sweet spot of the draft, where they could still obtain starters was usually in the late third or early 4th rounds. They accumulated 4- Fifth round picks, and selected Shaquem Griffin and Tre Flowers on defense.
      It is interesting to note that they drafted Rashaad Penny in the first round this season, but he is backup to Chris Carson, who they drafted with pick number 249 in the 7th round, in the 2017 draft.
      Schneider is a shrewd judge of talent. I may intensely dislike the Seahawks, but I have to give them some grudging praise when they do well.

        1. Naw, when Pete Carroll does exactly what I advocate, and trades back multiple times to accumulate picks and lock up players under rookie contracts, I feel as though he read my posts, and acted accordingly. Guess he will accept good ideas, no matter where they come from, just as long as they are good ideas, and will help him win. He used my strategy to rebuild his defense.
          How can I rip them when they follow my advice? Sure wish the Niners would get smart, too.

          1. Funny, I seem to recall you praising Lynch way back when. Guess you changed your tune except it’s the same old song!

            And you are full of puffery then…

            Last post proves it.

            1. Well, JL did do 8 out of 10 things I advocated, so I thought he hit a grand slam, but with the swing and miss on joe Williams, the benching of CJB, and the disappearance of Foster, the 2017 draft is not looking very good. Thomas is looking better, but that may be because they are finally playing him in the right position, and utilizing him correctly.
              However, they did draft Kittle, so it was a smashing success in the later rounds. They got Taylor, Pita and Colbert, who all are solid picks.
              This last draft, they did not select Harold Landry, so I am not thrilled with their choices. They traded up for Pettis, when they should have been patient, and still could have gotten him because there were so many other WRs to choose from. They should have been patient, and saved that later draft pick, and selected a pass rusher with that pick.
              The 2 things they did not do in 2017, were- avoiding the red flagged players and making the unforced errors. In 2018, they still made an unforced error, but also drafted an ACL player. At least they avoided the red flagged players in 2018.

  9. If 49er’s hold on to the ball and keep penalties to less than 5 and can score in the 4th qtr.
    SF 21
    SeaHags 12

    If not then we lose.

  10. Look, the Seahawks are for real and they’re on a roll. They might have what it takes to go all the way as a wild card, like the 2007 Giants. Beating Denver was a fluke. Zero points in the second half. I like Mullens but he’s no playmaker, and that’s what we’ll need because it’s doubtful Seattle will let Kittle get that open or that Pettis and Goodwin will show up. How much we score will depend on when garbage time begins. I’ve eaten my words before, but I’ll say 40-20 Seattle.

  11. Jon Ledyard just did a scouting report on Charles Omenihu over on Draft Network. He came away very impressed. Based on the write up and the clips he posted on Twitter, looks like the type of player that they hoped Thomas would be. Could be a guy the 49ers show interest in.

    1. If we could get him in the 3rd round, but I doubt we use a 2nd round pick on another 3t. Especially if they keep Armstead, plus Taylor/Streets thrown into the mix. He does have something they don’t though, and that’s oily hips….

      1. I think he would predominantly be an edge with some capacity to slide into DT in passing situations, though still would mostly play DE in nickel. I could see the team liking him as he isn’t a liability against the run – can be a true 3 down edge defender. If they miss out on Bosa and decide to go a different direction with their first pick, he might be a guy they look at in the 2nd.

        This draft really is loaded with good edge guys. I hope they make the most of it and grab two.

        1. Missing out on Bosa would sting. The next group after him, Ferrell, Polite, Sweat, Allen, Burns all come with their own question marks, by and large, hand to hand combat….

              1. I think Allen will be good not great in combine testing. Probably have a very good 10 yard split through.

                Polite I think will blow up the combine. Just my opinion, but he looks such a coordinated athlete on film. Fast, explosive and agile. His burst and change of direction is really impressive, as is the timing, speed and balance on his spin move.

              2. Still like Ferrell myself though Allen does seem somewhat intriguing. Polite is still very raw.

                Allen with Buckner might make an interesting pair.

              3. Ferrell wasn’t as good this year as in 2017. He’s not very flexible and he is inconsistent. I think he’s good, but there are better edge prospects available.

              4. Scooter, I firmly believe Polite is the next best option after Bosa. Polite is a much better fit at Leo than Allen imo….

            1. Scooter_McG and Razoreater

              I agree with your choices although I like Allen the most…at least one of those guy better be wearing Red and Gold next season….

  12. Yeah, I have to say that Seattle will continue their dominance over us.
    I believe that the seahags defense will come in wanting to put an end to the old title “legion of boom” once and for all.

    Seattle’ D has been on the rise of late and making a statement in the face of Sherman would be the icing for them.
    Seahags 37
    49ers 21

  13. I hope that Ledyard goes off the beaten path to find the diamond in rough type players.

    I felt that the 49ers did a good job in this department with players like Matt Breida and Nick Mullens.
    These type of players are out there just waiting and hoping to be discovered.

  14. This is the time Lynch should be signing more players from teams practice squads…..start dumping 3rd string players that won’t make the team next year

  15. Grant
    What is the contract status of an undrafted player, read Mullins, in his second year? Do the Niners have any control over him?

    1. 2018 Salary Cap Charge: $395,294
      % of 2018 Team Cap: 0.17%
      2018 Cash Payout: $395,294
      % of 2018 Team Cash Spending: 0.20%
      2018 Cash to Cap Ratio: 1.00
      Total Contract Value: $1,050,000
      Annual Contract Value: $525,000
      Position Ranking: 39/39 at QB
      Fully Guaranteed Money: $0
      Age: 23Height: 6′ 1″Weight: 187College: Southern Miss
      Accrued Seasons: 0
      Entry: 2017 Undrafted Free Agent (49ers)
      Year Signed: 2018
      Contract Type: SFA
      Free Agency: 2020 (ERFA)

      Nick Mullens signed a two year contract with the 49ers on September 26, 2018. Mullens had been on the 49ers practice squad.

    2. « Do the Niners have any control over him? »

      Yeah. He’s under contract through 2019 after which he becomes and exclusive rights free agent which means he can’t negotiate with another team if the 49ers choose to tender him.

  16. I am wondering if the rain may become a factor this Sunday.
    Wonder how Mullens will do with a wet ball. They should be letting him experiment with various styles of gloves, to see how he does, and which ones he prefers.

        1. You’re copping out Sebbie… As you’ve implied, Nick has zero experience playing in the rain with a wet football. Zero. None.

          What better way to prepare–along the lines you’ve suggested–than to: 1) practice handing a football in the shower, with and without gloves; and 2) leverage that training with darts and wrist flciking–in the shower.

          Did Montana ever play with a glove on his throwing hand?

          1. Well, at least one could try to wash off the stench of Baalke while in the shower.
            Maybe they should go out to a practice field, and spray water from a hose at Mullens, to simulate throwing in the rain. Of course, that would imply thorough preparations and forward thinking coaching, so I do not know if the coaching is there, yet.
            I agree, throwing darts is a good way to improve accuracy, but Mullens does have accuracy, so that is not something that needs major improvement.
            No, Joe did not play in the present era, where the glove technology has really improved. Most QBs nowadays, are taking advantage of the improved grip gloves gives to wet footballs.

  17. Staley has confirmed he will play on in 2019. With that locked in there is no way I would draft an OT high this year instead of fixing key areas of immediate need. Can find his replacement in 2020.

      1. That’d be too much money tied to the two most expensive positions in football. Bad idea. Why, in a year where there are so many good prospects in the draft, would you choose to splash the cash on two big names in FA over drafting at least one?

        If they do get one good DE in FA I can see an argument for using the 1st round pick on something else. But OT still isn’t top of the list. Staley and McG are fine. WR, CB and FS should all come before OT in terms of need. Perhaps LB too. And if taking BPA then Q Williams >>> J Williams.

        1. Why, in a year where there are so many good prospects in the draft, would you choose to splash the cash on two big names in FA over drafting at least one?

          Because we have zero pass rush and 60 million in cap space to help solidify a severe weakness in our defense.
          Taking the best offensive tackle in the draft is never a bad idea when in a couple years we lose Staley to retirement.
          Then we can use the draft to upgrade other parts of the team.

          This team is at a point where it cannot guess anymore at the draft. It’s needs sure as sh$t players. No tweeners, no projects, no medical concerns.
          That’s why this is the year to spend big in free agency and solidify the pass rush and give Jimmy G a wall in front of him.
          Then go out and get a WR and a corner and a LB in rounds 2-5.

          1. I disagree with this approach, as it is unlikely the best edge guys will hit FA (and if they did the amount of money you’d need to commit to the position to get two of them would be nuts). Realistically you’ll have ageing guys like Graham or injury prone guys like Ansah as the best options, then a next tier of guys like Preston Smith that are coming into their prime but not really top end pass rushers.

            Spend big on one edge guy in FA, get the other starter in the draft. The draft is where you find the top tier guys.

            1. My scenario and the players I’ve targeted gets us in the playoffs next year.
              Your approach gets us there in 2 more years and now you are leaving your franchise QB vulnerable after Staley retires or even next year.
              If Bosa is not there for the Niners then there is question marks a plenty if you take or are forced to take another edge rusher.
              The tackle Williams is a sure bet if Bosa is gone.

              Graham and Dee Ford will cost a lot of money but that’s the price you pay when your defense cannot generate sacks.
              Both the Eagles and Chiefs have a lot of money tied up and are vulnerable to letting those guys walk.

              1. I highly doubt Ford is available in FA. Or Clowney. Probably not Clark either. If one of them is, then sure, the 49ers should go very hard after them.

                Graham, Flowers, Ansah and Smith are probably going to be the top edge guys available.

                Getting one of those four plus a top edge guy in the draft will work out just fine. There is no need to tie up a significant portion of the cap on two high priced DEs when the draft has so many good ones available. In fact, its pretty irresponsible long term to do so. Use that money elsewhere to improve other areas, such as FS or CB. They can get Staley’s replacement the year after.

              2. You have to think that Reed, Moore, Harris and Tartt and Colbert are your safeties.
                I think corner is a need but my point is are we trusting that if Bosa is not there for the Niners that we get an edge rusher in the draft that is going to get 10 plus sacks?
                I say spend a good portion of that 60 million on proven pass rushers and draft the rest. Only if Bosa is not there when the 49ers pick.
                I like taking OT in the first round because most of them are can’t miss.

              3. Well, its not exactly true about OTs being mostly can’t miss, there have been plenty of bad ones taken in the 1st round too. End of the day, you don’t usually find great edge or OTs available in FA. You usually need to draft them. I doubt the 49ers will be able to get two great edge guys in FA this year, though they have a good chance of getting one good one. And the draft has a lot of really good looking edge prospects. The idea of not wanting to take a risk on the draft is silly – there is always risk involved. Even your boy Jonah Williams is a risk. When there is a talented crop of edge guys available in the draft you grab one… or more.

              4. This draft and offseason can’t have any risk associated with it all for this regime.
                As ridiculous as that sounds it cannot be further from the truth.
                After Bosa the edge rushers in this draft are deep but none of them are a sure thing.
                My plan would be to address the edge rush position in free agency because those guys are proven then if Bosa is not there take the tackle Williams or the corner from LSU Williams.
                Then inthe later rounds you can take a little more risk.
                If Bosa is not there who would you take?

              5. Yeah, as I said, nothing such as no risk. If you put all your eggs in the FA basket you run the risk of blowing all your cap space overpaying some good but not great talent that are often short term fixes. Given this team probably is still 2 years away from competing for a SB, not sure that’s a good idea.

                The draft is also a risk, obviously. But even Bosa is a risk. You keep mentioning Jonah or Greedy is options to avoid risk, but obviously they are also a risk, just at different positions.

                If they miss out on Bosa I would be trying very hard to trade down. Failing that, I would take BPA, which would probably be Quinnen Williams. Yeah, it would suck taking another DT, but he looks like the best player in the draft to me.

                Jonah Williams looks a fine prospect, but he isn’t without his flaws. He looks a bit undersized and he can struggle with speed rushes. He’s actually a bit like a smaller McGlinchey. I would put him in a similar tier as Josh Allen and Jachai Polite.

            2. Id like them to pick up a FA rusher and draft 2 rushers. This would help solidify that position rapidly, and the defense needs it.

              I am also with Scooter regarding needs at WR, CB and S. However, I do think that a Tackle may be necessary as well. I don’t know if Staley will wear out sooner rather than later, best to be prepared.

              Unfortunately, we don’t have picks for all those guys so I would imagine that FA will have to address some of that too.

  18. Statistically speaking, in offensive yards and defensive yards, the Niners are higher ranked than the Seahawks.
    The Niners do have a chance. However, if one looks at points scored and points scored against, the Seahawks are dominant. The Seahawks may give up a lot of yards, but their defense tightens up in the red zone.
    Therefor, maybe the best chance for the Niners to win, is scoring from outside of the red zone. ;p
    One stat that is very telling, is that the differential between take aways and give aways is -21, dead last in the league. Niners need to hold up the ball carrier, and rip at the ball. Getting an interception would be nice, too. The pass rushers like Buckner and Armstead should get in front of Wilson, and try to tip the ball. They are tall, and Wilson is diminutive, so they should wave a hand to disrupt his line of sight.

  19. Lot’s of early wagering on the Niners at +6 1/2. Oddsmakers have adjusted to +3 1/2. O/U at 44 1/2. Rain and wind forecast for the game. Tough one to get a handle on, but I always bet on the Niner game among my other wagers, so here goes. I think, unlike the blowout in Seattle, this will be an ugly, low scoring defensive battle. That doesn’t bode well for the Niners, as their defense isn’t the same caliber as the ‘Hawks, though they’ve played better as of late and will be a big factor in the close game. Lack of a dominant, consistant pass rush will continue to haunt the team, as will lack of creating opponent turnovers. Wilson will do his Fran Tarkenton on steroids impression as usual. I think the original line was right on the money. Take the ‘Hawks -3 1/2 and the under (44 1/2).

    SEA 23 SF 16

    PS I know Seb, that’s my brain’s bet. My heart says SF 19 SEA 17 ;-)

  20. Well Seb, if it’s any consolation, my heart has done quite well this season, though my brain is leading in actual money earned! My brains biggest “wrong call” was taking Atlanta over @ Cleveland and knocking myself out of the suicide league I was in. Being down to the final 6, it cost me a good chance at 9100 bucks. In hindsight it was a rather vacuous choice, that I didn’t think through entirely. For the season, starting with 10k in my wife authorized (She is the boss after all) wagering account, it stands at 13,430. Not exactly awe inspiring, but at least I’m in the black. Again, wife rules (Hey, that’s why I’ve been married 40 years!) dictate no more than 500 per week in bets, so I usually bet five different games, though lately, against my usually good judgement, I’ve wagered on O/U’s, which is usually a foolhardy play and a bookies best friend. That has proven correct in my case, as almost all have been a losing venture. Go Heart!! :)

    PS All winning proceeds from my account must go to the family, or house! Another wife rule! ;p

    1. I lost my survivor by taking AZ over Oakland (had a lot of injuries that week, I believe) ……. can’t understand how there aren’t more calls for Wilks to go after one year as Rosen and the Cardinals were/are horrible- I think the GB win gave him a cushion, but I doubt he survives after next season.

  21. What do you suppose Kyle Shanahan means when he says he wants closers?

    Is that an indirect swipe at the coaching staff for not being able to hold on to a lead?

    Is it directed at players who fail to execute properly, especially with the game on the line?

    Is it a desire for people not to make mistakes in the Red Zone?

    What do you all suppose it means and are the right personnel in place to fulfill that wish?

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