49ers-Seahawks live blog

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson warms up before an NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 15 game against the Seattle Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:35 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  1. SS Jaquiski Tartt.
  2. NCB K’Waun Williams.
  3. RB Alfred Morris.
  4. DT Sheldon Day.
  5. OT Shon Coleman.
  6. S Tyree Robinson.
  7. OL Erik Magnuson.

12:36 Here are the Seahawks inactives:

  1. RB Rashaad Penny.
  2. SS Maurice Alexander.
  3. CB Kalan Reed.
  4. LB K.J. Wright.
  5. C Joey Hunt.
  6. OG D.J. Fluker.
  7. DT Nazair Jones.

1:03 The Seahawks win the toss and defer. The 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.

1:08 Garrett Celek commits a holding penalty during the opening kickoff, and the 49ers start from their eight yard-line. On third and 2, Nick Mullens overthrows a deep pass to George Kittle, and the 49ers go three and out. The Seahawks will start from their 42 after the punt.

1:18 On third and 1 from the 49ers 16, rookie nickelback D.J. Reed fails to set the edge and gives up a 10-yard run to Chris Carson. Ahkello Witherspoon injures his right knee during the play. His return his questionable.

1:19 On third and goal from the five, Tarvarius Moore gives up a touchdown catch to Doug Baldwin. The Seahawks lead 6-0 after Sebastian Janikowski misses the extra point.

1:22 Richie James returns the kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown. That’s the big play the 49ers needed. They lead 7-6.

1:29 On third and 7 from the 49ers 43, Wilson throws a check down pass to Mike Davis, and Elijah Lee tackles him immediately after a gain of just four. The Seahawks punt the ball 38 yards to the 49ers one-yard line.

1:36 On second and three from the 49ers 46, runs for 15 yards then fumbles, and the Seahawks recover. That’s Wilson’s third fumble of the past three games. The Seahawks have the ball at their 28.

1:44 Wilson throws out of bounds on third and 10 from the 49ers 43. The Seahawks down the punt at the 49ers 2-yard line.

1:55 On first and 10 from the 41, Mullens throws a touchdown pass to Garrett Celek. Seahawks strong safety Bradley McDougald slipped trying to make the tackle. The 49ers lead 14-6.

2:05 On third and 5 from the 49ers 35, Wilson scrambles out of the pocket to his right and throws downfield to Doug Baldwin. Free safety Antone Exum Jr. tries to crush Baldwin as the ball arrives, but misses and hits Sherman instead. Embarrassing play by Exum. The Seahawks trail 14-13 with 5:19 left until halftime.

2:18 On third and 4 from the Seahawks 9, Tre Flowers breaks up a short pass over the middle intended for Kendrick Bourne. Kyle Shanahan loves to get cute and throw to Bourne in the red zone.

2:19 Robbie Gould kicks 28-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 17-13.

2:20 Seven different 49ers receivers caught a pass in the first half. Looks like Shanahan read my pointer about establishing other receivers.

2:25 The Seahawks punt the ball 52 yards to the 49ers 20. There are two seconds left in the half. The 49ers take a knee.

2:32 Poor clock management at the end of the half by Shanahan. It was third and 13 with 40 seconds left, and the 49ers had two timeouts. They could have used one. Instead, Shanahan let the Seahawks run the clock down to nine seconds.

2:44 On third and 1 from the Seahawks 34, Wilson rolls out, fumbles and recovers the ball for an eight-yard loss. The Seahawks go three and out. Mark Nzeocha forced the fumble.

2:50 On second and 10 from the 49ers 40, Laken Tomlinosn commits a false start. That’s his fourth penalty of the past three games. On third and 13, Mullens completes a three-yard pass to Kyle Juszczyk. Bradley Pinion’s punt bounces into the end zone.

2:56 On second and nine from the Seahawks 35, the Seahawks use an empty backfield — no extra blockers — and DeForest Buckner sacks him for an eight-yard loss. The Seahawks punt two plays later.

3:08 The Seahawks essentially give the 49ers a free drive by committing three 15-yard penalties. But, on first and 10 from the Seahawks 15, Jeff Wilson Jr. runs up the middle for seven, gets up, flips the ball to a Seahawks defender and gets a 15-yard penalty for taunting. The 49ers are 0 for 2 in the red zone. They lead 20-13 after a 33-yard field goal by Gould.

3:17 On first and goal from the 10, the Seahawks run the option, and Wilson pitches to Tyler Locket, who runs for nine yards. The Seahawks will face second and goal from the 1 when the fourth quarter starts.

3:22 The Seahawks run three times in a row. On fourth and goal from the 1, Carson gets hit in the backfield, but still powers ahead for the touchdown. The Seahawks tie the game at 20.

3:23 It’s raining hard.

3:33 On third and 7 from the Seahawks 28, Shanahan calls a run for Matt Breida, who gains just one yard. Next play, Gould makes a 45-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 23-20.

3:43 On third and 6 from the 49ers 27, Buckner sacks Wilson for a three yard loss. Next play, Janikowski makes 48-yard field goal and ties the game at 23 with 5:21 left. Both teams have three timeouts.

3:49 On third and 10, Mullens throws a perfect pass downfield to Kendrick Bourne while getting blasted, but Bourne drops the ball. The go three and out. Mullens took two huge hits during that series. The 49ers pass protection broke down when the team needed it.

3:53 On third and 10, Wilson throws an incomplete pass to Baldwin, and the Seahawks go three and out. Great game. There’s 2:37 left, and the 49ers have the ball at their 20.

4:01 Mullens gets sacked twice during this series. Laken Tomlinson and Weston Richburg were partially responsible for both of them. Those two have been brutal the past two drives.

4:02 The Seahawks will start from their 26 with 1:38 left. They have two timeouts.

4:06 On first and 10 from the Seahawks 43, left guard Ethan Pocic commits a holding penalty. That’s the Achilles heel for a run-first team — penalties by the offensive line.

4:07 Mullens take a knee. Overtime.

4:10 The Seahawks win the toss and choose to receive.

4:15 On third and 4 from the 49ers 20, Wilson completes a 32-yard pass to running back J.D. McKissic. But, the catch doesn’t count, because left guard Ethan Pocic committed a hold. The Seahawks offensive line has committed four penalties the past four drives. The 49ers have the ball at their 38.

4:22 Gould makes a 36-yard field goal and the 49ers win 26-23. Stay tuned for my postgame Periscope, game story and grades.

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    1. That’s right, Cassie, for Seattle, and it’s time for another 49er injury as can’t cover Witherspoon is about to join Jimmy Ward on IR.

  1. How come if the 49ers have a 1:05 game, we don’t get the 1:25 Pitt/NE game, like when the 49ers have a 1:25 game, how come we don’t get a 10am game? I’m so sick of 10am Raiders, 1:05 49ers, no real good NFL game at all.

    1. That would be the Raiders, Allie. BTW, here’s what I want:
      SEll the team
      Fire Saleh
      Fire Kyle
      Get rid of the GM.
      Looks like Channel 5 has the Raider blues on right now.

  2. Raiders lost today, so it’s the 49ers turn to lose today. I’m going with Seattle by 17. By the way, Cassie, teach your porker how to fly and play with My Little Pony. Cassie, all your pathetic team has to do is win. I know about last week, but can they do 2 in a row like the GS Warriors? I don’t think so.

    1. BS officiating, missed the block in the back. Hey, you want to watch the 49ers kick themselves, be my guest. NFL sucks in general and so does GRANT COHN that can’t ask real questions like why the F don’t you sell the team JEd York? Maybe that’s why his brother died. It’s a sign to sell off the team, Jed! F you all 49er fans, hope your CHristamas is miserable.

        1. Can you 49er fans quit impersonating other people just because you don’t like this Darren’s opinion about the team? Too bad this Grant Cohn can’t run a forum and allows you fans to bully Darren around.

            1. And he only showed up early for this game because he expects the 49ers to get rolled so that he can have more to gripe about. lol.

          1. whodey, when you start pulling for injuries to players, that goes way beyond an “opinion about the team”. Suppose a poster on a Saints blog was clamoring for a season ending injury to Brees? Hoping that Kamara blows out his knees? Get my drift? Now get out of here.

  3. Where was the flag on the block in the back? No wonder I can’t watch 49er games. everytime I watch the 49ers, they try so hard to win and that makes me want to throw my TV set out the window. I’ll go watch House on H and I right now.

  4. “Looks like Shanahan read my pointer about establishing other receivers.”

    Grant, what makes me wonder about you is that you may not be joking here.

    1. Haha, I read that and thought Grant was taking a page out of Seb’s play book claiming the coaches we’re so devoid of ideas they were perusing blogs and forums for ideas.

  5. Actually, I am glad KS did not spend any time outs at the end of the half. If he had used them, and it helped the Seahawks to score, KS would be excoriated.
    KS preserved his 4 point lead, which is wise.

  6. Closer time Seb. The game will be decided on who has more closers. Not who poached a coach. Not who poached info, and all that mythical nonsense. Talent. The PLAYERS who make the plays when the game is on the line. Players that execute and don’t stifle the team with penalties, fumbles and dropped passes. Players that come through in the clutch during crunch time. Closers. That’s what Kyle is talking about. Nobody can argue that his team is not playing hard and to win, like they have all season, even being under talented. The argument that they are tanking, elegantly or otherwise, is obtuse. :)

        1. You “predict” the same score every week. Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while. You claim to have vast knowledge of a game you know nothing about.

          1. I said the Niners should invite the blitz, and take advantage of the area the blitzer left.
            Since they did that, I feel perfectly comfortable crowing about that.
            I also mentioned that the Niners should be balanced.
            You, on the other hand, did not even try to surmise how the Niners could scheme to win, because you have zero football acumen. Keep trying, though. Some day, you will say something smart.

    1. Juan, I saw KS call a good game. Saleh put players in positions to succeed.
      Guess what? You assert the Seahawks have superior talent, but the Niners won. Coaching counts.
      Put that in your pipe and smoke it. ! ;p

  7. Love my Buckner…smart, great character player. He went to Obama’s elite prep school in Hawaii. Wonderful family behind him.

  8. When your QB gets creamed throwing you the ball you should make every effort to catch it. Bourne is questionable as a receiver.

  9. Well, this is why they are a bad football team. Drops when the balls hits a receiver in the hands and terrible pass blocking with the game on the line.

    1. Someone suggested he is playing hurt. If that is true then he should get another chance. I believe the coaches will know and make proper decision in that case.

  10. This is the game I have been waiting for for 2 years! Congrats and kudos to Kyle and the team.

    The second half was a bit more sketchy in play calling as well as key offensive errors. Saleh and his units played very well.

    All in all improvements and I am impressed. Didn’t think they had it in them.

  11. Now they will have to put Darren 5000 on suicide watch because the Niners won. Of course he took off once they took the lead.

  12. Well…. time to start looking into other options than Bosa for the first pick. Worthless win IMO. But at least it was the craphawks

    1. Absolutely, the 49ers played spoilers to a nemesis and played as well as any game in the Shanalynch era!

      No two ways about it. They earned this win

        1. It hurts draft status but it may be a blessing in disguise.

          You know I have been as critical of this regime as any, but this is a statement game, a game in which the tide turns! Very important win!

      1. Means we have some nice young players to look forward to come August.
        Let’s get our EDGE and top flight big bodied WR and blow up the competition next year.

      2. Means everything for the younger players developing and for the true fans finally getting a chance to see us beat Seattle.

  13. What a game! Great play from Mullens, Pettis, Breida, Bucknor and Elijah Lee. Shanahan and Saleh coached their butts off too.

    Nice to see them sticking with Wilson even after some boneheaded mistakes. Tight-ends deserve an A grade!

    1. Indubitably.
      Seahawks almost had a 24-23 victory, but Seb hit the upright.
      And I could not be happier. I am jumping for joy. ;p

    1. It’s all about what you do after making your mistakes. Remember, a guy named Joe threw 3 picks (one in the end zone), before playing catch with a guy named Dwight.

  14. quite a game…gotta admit, i figured the game was lost a couple of times, but its SOOOOO nice to finally see the Niners beat the Seahawks.

      1. I can beat that. I was a two way player, OT and DE, on my middle school flag team ;). About the same physical stats as Allie’s back then.

  15. Great win.

    The debate around who to draft in round 1 just got more interesting. Bosa is almost certainly off the table now.

      1. I guarantee there will be no debate for the 49ers leadership regarding QB. But consider me a Mullens believer. He’ll be a nice insurance policy if JG doesn’t work out, or gets injured again.

        1. Exactly. But I hope Jimmy G feels Mullens breathing down his neck. Competition is good at every position. Also, assuming they keep Mullens (which I strongly want them to), I won’t feel like the season is over if Jimmy goes down again.

            1. If Mullens is good enough to warrant a first round pick offer from another team, the Niners should carefully consider that possibility.

          1. That’s where the controversy lies. They will most likely keep 3 QBs on the roster. Didn’t mean the controversy would be internal, I meant on the fan world.

  16. OK Seb you can’t brag about the score when you’ve put up the same score for years. Come on! Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. :p

        1. Knew you did not have enough class to acknowledge I had enough acumen to predict this game, by missing the exact score by only 2 points.
          I was one of the few to predict that the Niners would win.

            1. Yup, you were way off, and way off all the year.
              You have no class to diss some one who missed the exact score by only 2 points.
              Grow up and stop whining, Binky Boy.

          1. Seb you gloat when they win and when they lose. You said they would win. You’ve said that pretty much every game this season! How many losses is that exactly?

            lol You are incredible! The temerity to claim acumen after so many strike outs!

            But hey you need to feed your narcissism. You were close! Wow! Great guesswork! Get a cookie!

    1. Allen if you want lower risk, Polite if you want high upside. Personally I prefer Polite, but would be happy with either.

        1. I hope it’s better than Bosa’s. Bosa may be the best edge prospect but he isn’t making his hay with his burst and first step.

          1. Bosa has no weaknesses. His calling card is hand technique and arsenal of moves, but his get off is top notch. I’d compare him to Demarcus Lawrence of the Cowboys….

            1. We has no glaring weakness but his get off while good is not elite.
              His brother’s get off wasn’t great either in fact it was disappointing to many. (Nick is lighter and faster) however, he wins with other traits…. Hand usage, bend and speed to power and inside moves all of which serve to make his outside speed seem like it’s greater than it is… Because linemen don’t know what to expect.

    1. This game was also very important in terms of the Coach of the Year.

      Carroll was in the running, but with Nagy clinching NFC North for the Bears, and Carroll losing to the lowly 9ers, he’s gotta miss out! :)

  17. This was a great victory over a daunting opponent.
    Can’t wait until we see Grant’s grades.
    I hope he gives the coaching an A.

  18. Yeah .. Seb …
    Grant’s grades should be good all around this time … cuz
    this was the best TEAM win .. all season….

    I wonder how the Smurf feels …. losing to a 3rd string QB …???

    ( GAWD … that thought just tickles me for some reason !! )

  19. In the not so good news territory, the 49ers have now dropped to the fourth pick and currently have three teams ahead of them who stand a good chance of taking an edge rusher.

  20. Man maybe I’m crazy but I think Mullens might be better than Gorropolo..Might..but the fact that the thought is even popping into my head is pretty crazy

    1. Jimmy is physically superior to BDN. What’s inside and what’s upstairs between the two is yet to be determined. Bodes extremely well for next years training camp….

    2. BT, Mullens just cemented his worth as a starting QB. Niners can now trade away a QB for a boatload of picks.
      That is a good dilemma to have.
      Still think JG is the starter.

      1. Boatload of picks Sebbie? Really? Someone as astute as you should know better. If CJB remains on the bench the rest of this season, the 9ers would be lucky to get a 7th for him–likely a conditional 7th. If Mullens finishes the year as the starter and wins out (tall order), the 9ers could possibly get a 5th. He’d need another year under his belt and several more wins to be worth more.

        Boatload? Please enumerate.

        1. Goff and Wentz garnered 5 and 6 picks. Something less, because Mullens was not highly touted.
          However, Mullens has shown his worth on the field, while the others had not thrown a pass in the NFL.
          Not multiple first round picks, but a first, second and a 2020 second round pick could be possible.
          If Brady goes down due to injury, the Pats may offer a couple firsts for JG.
          Washington could offer a 4th or 5th round pick for Bobby Beathard’s grandson.

            1. This season has amply demonstrated the need of having a decent QB, so their value have increased.
              There are at least 6 teams who will be looking for a QB.

          1. Talk about over reaction and exaggeration.
            I think this win has more to do with Shanny,the play calling, Breida and the pass game.
            Mullen’s would not return a boat load of picks.
            Seb is an idiot! Doesn’t know anything.

              1. Still obsessing about status?
                Glad I called this win while many were expecting a Seahawk blow out.
                Missing the exact score by only 2 points means that you may call me an idiot, but you just look like one for dissing my prediction.

              2. You didn’t get it right and still self praise yourself.
                Your status just took a hit.

                And the narcissistic moron you are thinks you are the only one who predicted a win?

                You are a complete idiot!
                sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

          2. You are high…CJ maybe a 7th, maybe….Mullens if he plays great the next 2 games, guessing maybe a 2nd to 4th rd pick. Hope he stays, always good to have a good top notch backup qb.

            1. The challenge will be that if they are traded for even two 7th rounders he will claim victory! He will claim we mocked a sound strategy to try to get multiple picks for one player.

              It’s what he’s done with the trade down scenario in the draft.

            2. Consider the Goff trade. 6 picks, including a couple firsts. I do not think Mullens will garner more than 1 first, but another team may give up several later round picks, and even 2020 picks.
              If Brady goes down due to injury, the Niners may get an offer of a couple first round picks for JG, so the Niners would be doing their due diligence to consider all options.
              The Niners are rebuilding, so they need to lock up as many players under rookie contracts as possible. They still are a 4 win team, so Mullens may be a luxury, when so many other positions need upgrading.
              CJB for a 7th? maybe, but one should not start negotiations at the low end, they should start high, and settle for less, if needed, to make the deal.

              1. Can you not see the difference in the scenario you constructed and what actually happens or are you that divorced from reality?

                One is a scenario built around the draft, where players are evaluated based on what they did in college, their physical attributes, their expected/perceived impact, team need and NFL readiness!

                The other is trading players based on what their track record in NFL and current value is.

                These are apples and oranges comparisons you are making, but that subtlety is lost on you, probably from all those years of frying your brain! It has made you permanently obtuse!

                This is your brain on drugs kids. Don’t do drugs!

                You’re a walking warning to the youth of America of the ravages of a drug addled brain.

  21. Gotta say that on the superlatives:

    Mullens- poise, courage and execution. Key demonstration was that botche snap in the sweep. I thought initially it was just a weird trick play, Mullens made it look effortless. Then on another play, he was being sacked and flicked the ball to the receiver turning a negative play into a positive.

    Buckner- he’s been a beast vs. Seattle!18 total tackles, 6 tackles for loss, 5 quarterback hits, 4 sacks over two games! I hope he makes the Pro Bowl.

    Elijah Lee – played very well! Led team in tackles behind Buckner.

    Warner also played well as did the rest of the D!

    Kittle – created lots of opportunities.

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