49ers – Seahawks live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers week 4 game against their NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks. I will provide updates and analysis throughout the game.

11:39 49ers inactives: RB Elijah Mitchell, CB K’Waun Williams, CB Josh Norman, OL Aaron Banks, DL Zach Kerr

Rookie cornerback Ambry Thomas will be active for the first time since week one against Detroit.

11:47 Seahawks inactives:  WR Dee Eskridge, LB Benson Mayowa, CB John Reid, T Brandon Shell, T Jamarco Jones, DE L.J. Collier

12:41 The  offensive and defensive lines need to step for the 49ers to have a chance today.

1:04 49ers win the toss and defer to the second half. Seattle will be on offense to start the game.

1:07 Defense forces a quick three and out. Wilson incomplete to Metcalf on 3rd down. Dontae Johnson is the starting Nickelback.

1:14 49ers offense goes right down the field for an 8 play, 71 yard touchdown drive. Jimmy Garoppolo was 6-6 for 70 yards on the drive including the 21-yard touchdown to Ross Dwelley.  49ers 7 Seahawks 0

1:18 Robbie Gould injured his groin during warmups and is questionable to return. 

1:20 Dee Ford sacks Russell Wilson on 3rd and 7 to force another Seattle 3 and out. What a start for the 49ers defense. 

1:26 Garoppolo intercepted by Quandre Diggs. Looked to his right, came back middle to George Kittle and didn’t see the safety. 

1:29 The 49ers defense holds Seattle for another 3 and out after the interception. Nick Bosa ends the possession with the second sack of Russell Wilson in the first quarter. 

1:36 How’s this for a turnaround? The 49ers defense does not allow a first down in the opening quarter and they have outgained Seattle 167 to -3. 49ers 7 Seahawks 0

1:40 Seattle stops San Francisco at the 24 yard line and Mitch Wishnowsky pulls the 41-yard field goal attempt. Not having Robbie Gould bites the 49ers.

1:46 Another 3 and out forced by San Francisco. This time it is Javon Kinlaw and Dee Ford that sack Wilson on third down. 

1:55 49ers offense moves the ball out to the 41, but Garoppolo throws incomplete to Aiyuk on third down to end the drive. San Francisco is dominating this game, but have allowed Seattle to stay in the game. Not good. 

2:00 Fifth straight Seattle three and out to start the game. Emmanuel Moseley with the pass breakup on third down.

2:05 After a nice run by Trey Sermon to open the drive, Seattle stops him for loss of one on the next play and on third down Garoppolo’s pass to Kittle is knocked away. The 49ers need to keep running the ball to the left. They’ve had a lot of success with that today. 

2:14 After being completely dominated in the first half Seattle drives 80 yards on 8 plays to tie the game. San Francisco had chances to blow this game open and couldn’t do it. Now it’s a ball game. 49ers 7 Seahawks 7

2:21 49ers pick up a first down, then Trent Sherfield has a pass go through his hands and Kyle Juszczyk can only get eight yards on 3rd and 10. 

Jake Brendel replaced Alex Mack during that last possession. Mack is in the locker room after having his right arm/hand looked at on the sideline. 

2:24 49ers completely dominate the first half but go in tied at 7. 

2:25 Second quarter yards: 49ers 52 Seattle 81. 

2:27 Jimmy Garoppolo has gone 8-17, 95 yards and an interception after starting 6-6, 70 yards and a touchdown on the opening drive.

2:41 Trey Lance replaces Garoppolo to start the second half. The 49ers announce Garoppolo has a calf injury. Offense runs the ball 4 times and punts. 

Also, Alex Mack is questionable to return with a hand injury.

2:46 After Russell Wilson scrambles for 12 yards on first down, the 49ers defense is able to hold. Emmanuel Moseley knocked the ball out of Metcalf’s hands on a deep ball along the right sideline on third down to force the punt. 

2:56 Trey Lance misses George Kittle with an easy throw on first down and then overthrows Deebo Samuel on third down. What a start. 

3:01 Seattle drives the ball down for a touchdown. Arik Armstead gives up contain on Russell Wilson and Javon Kinlaw can’t chase the quarterback down as he runs it in from 16 yards out. Seahawks 14 49ers 7

.3:06 Trenton Cannon fumbles the kickoff return. Seattle ball on the 49ers 14 yard line. This game is over if Seattle scores a touchdown. 

3:08 Ball game. Russell Wilson escapes a sack and find Freddie Swain in the right corner of the endzone to give Seattle a 21-7 lead. 

3:15 Trey Lance hits Deebo Samuel for a 76-yard touchdown, his second in the NFL. The 49ers lined up to go for two, but jumped offside so Kyle Shanahan chose to try the FG and Wishnowsky missed for the second time in the game. Seahawks 21 49ers 13

3:18 Left tackle Trent Williams has been taken to the 49ers locker room on a cart. 

3:29 Seattle drives 81 yards on 10 plays, finished off on a 14-yard Alex Collins run. The big plays on that drive were Dee Ford lining up offsides on 3rd and 6 to negate an incompletion and Dre Kikpatrick getting called for a 23 yard pass interference. 

3:36 Three and out for the 49ers offense. The insertion of Trey Lance at quarterback haven’t done much to help the offense.

3:50 On 4th and 2 Kyle Shanahan calls a sweep to Deebo Samuel that gains only one. It feels like he gave up on this game when Seattle went up 21-7.

4:09 Great garbage time drive by the 49ers offense ends with Lance hitting Deebo Samuel for an 8-yard touchdown pass. Lance then runs it in for the 2-point conversion. Seattle 28 49ers 21. Onside kick coming up. 

4:12 Seahawks recover. That’s the game. 49ers lose 28-21 and fall to last place in the NFC West. 

Be back in a little bit with the game report. 

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  1. Big game for Jimmy G.

    Would love to see him come out and have a fantastic game to reset himself this season.

    On the other side of the ball… just hope the likes of Dre Kirkpatrick, Buster Skrine and Dontae Johnson can make keep plays in front of them and make some tackles because it’s going to be a long day for the secondary if things unwind quickly.

    Jack, do you think the 49ers will consider moving Ward to the slot corner position and bring in Hufanga to play free safety? This might not be the week to do it with Seattle’s receivers able to take the top off the defense, but we’re seriously undermanned at corner as well.

  2. It is greatest day for footballs. Chilling it out in Mira Lardo, FL. We must play with consistency for entire game. It is imperative we contain the Russell Wilson and not allow him to scrambles for big gains. Go for the gold and everything.

  3. If for a moment I can channel my inner Grant Cohn (and probably Seb) on advice given to Shanahan last week:

    Get Juszcyck involved in passing game: ✅

    Get Dwelley involved in passing game: ✅

    Good job on Shanny listening to my advice. /s


  4. Nuisance, you seem like you have been here for awhile – perhaps previously under different identity ? Pretty weird.

  5. Actually , it was against the Cards on a thursday night game that kittle injured his ankle. The “feels great baby ” game.

  6. Hawks sure aren’t playing like a team with their backs against the wall. They’ll have something before this game is out. Niners, pedal to the metal, don’t let up.

  7. I am at a loss for words how the defensive backfield, gutted with injuries, is managing to cover these big play Seattle receivers for 4, 5 seconds. Wow.

  8. Look for Seattle to try and break one deep here to Metcalf/Lockett.

    They need a momentum chunk play pretty badly.

    They should just launch one.

  9. San Francisco Giants up 9-1 on the Friars on the last game of the season. The division crown and best record in baseball for the taking!

  10. If you’re tied going to the half 7-7, do you still have a big advantage in the game based on time of possession equity?

    We’ll likely have the ball two straight possessions now if we can get a longer drive going.

  11. Seahawks @ 49ERS 1st half QB Passer Rating:

    Wilson 125.4
    Garoppolo 79.1

    I can hardly watch Jimmy stumble through games anymore, but the level of Garoppolo denial on this blog is simply off the charts! If he isn’t hanging his receivers out to dry (Kittle), he’s tapping his feet like a tap-dancer, and throwing the ball up for grabs in the center of the field. For me, the 49ers offense is almost unwatchable, thanks in large part to their $26M “Quarterback”!

          1. Good for you Dave.

            Then I would think you of all people should know that Jimmy doesn’t have what it takes!

            I mean, the 49ers poor defense today is playing their hearts out, Seattle is only in this game because of the 49ers failure at QB this off-season

            But Trey Lance is finally getting some playing time, and all I say is …. IT’S ABOUT FRICKEN TIME!

            Go Niners!

              1. 1st pass at Kittles feet. 2nd through the hands of the hags DB. Only place to go but up I suppose.

  12. Eman is our best CB. Metcalf is soft. I had a chance to draft Metcalf in the 4th round of my fantasy league and correctly opted for Kupp instead. LOL

  13. Have faith Shanny will have some creative plays designed next drive to get Lance going.

    On another note how in the world are we down on the scoreboard?

    Good grief!

  14. I saw this game coming a mile away!

    On the bright side ….. The SF GIANTS are the 2021 NL West CHAMPIONS!

  15. Jimmy’s time is over – GB drafts Love – AR plays like a MVP …….SF drafts Trey – JG plays like a backup QB

    The more time Jimmy spends with the offense the worse he gets

    1. Because Kyle is obviously guilty of malpractice as a HC. If I were HC, Dee would already have been warned that if he lines up offsides again, he’s getting benched. Apparently Kyle has better things to do than discipline his players!

      FYI ….. NFL teams are almost always products of their Head Coach.

      Kyle’s in his 5th season in charge of this team, any mistakes they make now, are a direct reflection of the Head Coach.

      1. But you guys can go ahead and keep deflecting all you want, but don’t blame me ….. I’ve been sounding the alarm for going on 2 full seasons!

        It’s like watching the Keystone Cops! What a JOKE!

        I’ll say it one more time …. Kyle is a great play caller / play designer … he’s not a great Head Coach!

      2. yea no more excuses for Kshan – it’s like he expect his player to play without trying to inspire them

        The Kshan doghouse is overrated – using fear is outdated

    1. To me they look like an injured team. Lost their starting GB and their field goal kicker and injury was the reason cannon was on the field.

      1. Injuries were a pass last year, Not THIS YEAR. The players drafted are what they are. They drafted delicate women.

  16. Why the hell is Kyle calling downfield passes when nothing is available and Lance needs to get in a rhythm?

    With these 3 and outs the defense will be gassed yet again late.

  17. this b.s – rookie Deommodore Lenoir was playing at a high level on the Corners – instead they move him to NCB where they know he struggles.

    you mean we couldn’t draft or settle on a KR /PR before the season started?

    Trey Sermon is a BUST – he was with the1s all training camp –

      1. He is not good with the one-cut RB scheme – he is slow to the first level – he has that dancing mentality – unlike Mostert with the cut and go…

    1. How is Sermon a bust? He looks terrific out of shotgun, like I told you guys. The kid averaged 4.7 YPC today, and nearly rushed for 100 yards. It’s not Sermon’s fault that Kyle has mismanaged him, just like he’s mismanaged a lot of others, like the QB position.

      By the way, I told you guys that Trey Lance runs like a jacked gazelle! OK, maybe a big cat.

      But holy cow is he fun to watch!

  18. AZ taking it to the Rams. Who was that guy used to be on this board, assured us Murray was going to be a bust? Coffee something or other.

  19. Love how McGlinchey (McBusty, according to Mr. Cohn) is once again playing the part of a human turnstyle on virtually every passing down.

  20. Did McBusty get called for a hold finally?

    He’s been holding on every passing down but the ref’s been letting it go.

  21. Trey is the QB going forward – trade or cut Jimmy now – save the team money

    We can run with Trey – lets run

      1. ok have him as backup – we have already seen his ceiling – and he will never play better than that NO’s game –

        I am done with no open WR – play dead

        -Most teams in the league when no WR open – QB run – at least 75% of the time when QB scrambles its a positive. – freaking Tom Brady runs when he has to.

        With QB run the RB lanes will open…….

        Let Trey start now – let get this thing rolling – Jimmy is done – I know enough of Jimmy to know if he will never be better than what we have seen.

        (FYI – I was in camp let Alex play not Kap) – this is different Jimmy will never play better – too soft to be a 49er….f this

    1. Too late Oneniner! Kyle blew that plan. He just completely blew it!

      Imagine if Kyle had embraced this kid when Trey was on the verge of running away with the job in training camp … because Trey was running away with it, before Kyle basically shut it down. Now it’s going to take a while to get the Trey Lance offense up and running at full speed.

      I mean, if you guys can’t see the unreal talent, and unbelievable potential this kid has, I don’t know what to tell you. Instead we squandered the start of the season, PLUS wasted $25+ Million on Garoppolo, that we could have carried over into next season.

      They needed to trade Jimmy before the start of the season, and signed a seasoned veteran to back Trey up. Instead, Kyle completely derailed the team!

      I still haven’t had one true 49ERS fan tell me how, if you don’t trust Trey lance, why is he the primary backup to the most injury prone QB in the league? I just don’t get it!

      Jed needs to inform Kyle that he’s no longer in charge of player personnel!

      1. I still haven’t had one true 49ERS fan tell me how, if you don’t trust Trey lance, why is he the primary backup to the most injury prone QB in the league? I just don’t get it!

        Because Trey is a helluva improvement over the previous backup QBs this team has had in past years. What’s so hard to get?

        1. Then PLAY HIM, Rib!

          The thing is, a smart coach is going to structure an offense around a player like that. It’s a different system. It’s really, really hard to run two different systems, like we saw today.

          Eventually Trey is going to be able to run anything, but while he’s a young, developing player, you design a system that makes it easier on him, and takes advantage of his incredible skill set!

          Why is that so hard for people to understand?

          I mean, you see how this kid moves, right? You see the arm strength, right? And you saw how quickly he started to settle in, once he got into the flow, right? He’s already a far superior QB than Jimmy!

          They would have been far better off cutting (or maybe trading) Jimmy and his $25+M salary, making Trey the starter, and signing a QB with a similar skill set to Trey’s, in order to back him up. They would be in a much better place right now!!!! Much better!!!

          1. Then PLAY HIM, Rib!

            Because throwing a rookie QB into the wolves of the NFL is a recipe for a disastrous season. Yeah, he’s an athletic guy with loads of potential. But one that honestly hasn’t played much football. If athletic skill sets made good QBs, Colin Kaepernick would be a hall of famer.

            He did get into the flow. In semi garbage time. He did get that PT and I can’t wait to see what he can do as a starter with a game plan based around him. That might be as soon as next week. If Jimmy can’t go, Trey is the next man up, let’s go Trey!

            1. That’s not fair Rib. Go back and look at my posts on this blog from a few years ago. I was one of Kyle’s biggest supporters! But now I have a completely different opinion of him, because I’ve seen his issues first hand. And it’s NOT personal!

              FYI – RG3 went to the Pro Bowl as a rookie, under Kyle Shanahan, and took Washington to the playoffs! Or did you even know that, Rib?

              Of course, lucky for RG3, playing him as a rookie was never up to Kyle.

              1. And Kyle just basically insinuated that Trey Lance was part of the problem today!

                Can you believe that, Rib?

                Something is seriously wrong with Kyle Shanahan, at this point! What an arrogant pri_k!

              2. Under the bus???? Dude, you are losing it. “Some good, some bad”. That was a dead accurate assessment. You seem to think poor Trey is some sort of fragile flower? WTF?

            2. Nah – it was not garbage time – seafcks were playing tough

              at the end of the day – I just want another option from doing nothing when a play breaks down – enough of waiting to give Kshan credit after game – lets give credit to a 49er QB while watching the game.

              This is freaking frustrating – How the fck are we 2-2 ?

              How can Rodger and Wilson play better than you (Jimmy) in your house – where is the fight? – you have homefield and the better team – what else do you need?

    1. If not for that stupid double muff this could have turned out differently. I suppose some of the posters here will blame that on Shannie.

      1. Ribico, you aren’t looking at the big picture.

        Do you know anything about Trenton Cannon, the football player? I don’t. But I do know that there was probably a good reason why he wasn’t on an active roster when we claimed him!

        When you put yourself in a position where you have to count on these kinds of borderline, fringe talents, you’re asking for trouble, don’t you think?

          1. Oh, so there’s no reason Cannon was waved by Baltimore? Is that what you are saying, Rib?

            Kyle is responsible for the roster, but we can’t hold him accountable, right?

              1. Rib, the 49ers developed Mostert.

                He was claimed in 2016, but he wasn’t counted on in any kind of significant way, or in any meaningful game until 2018. The 49ers didn’t claim him and immediately have him returning meaningful kicks. They developed him, and made sure he gained their trust. Big difference.

      2. While Shanahan is not to be blamed for the fumble entirely, he is the reason why we are 2-2 instead of 4-0! This team doesn’t know how to win or play situational football. I don’t have to go back to last week on Jimmy’s lack of winding down the clock (also Shanahan’s lack of winding it down) it is well documented. Today with a little over 7 min left, Trent Williams got hurt which caused a time out and stoppage in play. Instead of getting a play in and being ready at the line of scrimmage, when play resumed, they huddled up and wasted another 15 or so seconds to do what they should have done during the injury time out. The fumble is on Shanahan some what because of a lack of practice with these situations. If he was trained, he should have stayed down and secured the ball. I have given Shanahan a pass the last couple of years, but now I have realized that I was drinking the cool-aid all along.

        1. Nobody cares wether you give Shanahan a pass or not. This a very talented team that was put together by Shanahan and Lynch. However, when you have injuries and talented players make mistakes you will loose games. How does wasting (in your opinion) 15 seconds make Shanahan a bad coach and responsible for the loss? Did he cause the turnovers? Did he cause the injuries? Blaming the coach and the quarterback are the lazy way of analyzing a teams performance.

  22. And maybe the worst part of today …. Kyle just threw the rookie QB under the bus during the postgame presser. WOW! Unfrickenbelievable!

    If Jed isn’t careful, Kyle’s going to ruin Trey Lance!

    1. The biggest bunch of BS I’ve ever seen posted on this site. “Some good, some bad” is your idea of throwing under the bus? Treys not going to able to handle that???? He’s a pro, of course he can. Ruin him…. Fing ridiculous.

      1. Kyle is to blame for the bad, so he should make that clear! Kyle’s in charge of developing this kid, and he’s blowing it so far! Trey’s development should have been the number one priority, but Kyle turned Lance into a footnote about halfway through training camp, even though Jimmy Garoppolo is the most injury prone QB in the league!

        Instead of tailoring an offense around Lance, Kyle went away from that idea, and now he’s screwed!

  23. 3 games in a row now the Niners ONLY scored 7 pts in the 1st half! I dont know which is more frustrating, score the only TD less than 20 seca left or only scored a TD while dominating in the half. Ugghh!

  24. If all you have left for time in the game is 7 minutes, and you need 2 touchdowns, even a less than average coach would be trying to save time like using the hurry up (Which Shanahan didn’t do) Abandon the run (Kyle ran up the middle several times LOL) Doesn’t the hurry up save the time normally spent in the huddle? LOL. While they were looking at Trent Williams injury, Shanahan should have had a play already ready to go. Why would you huddle up after a time out (injury time out, but a time our none the less) when you could get your play called while the clock is stopped and save some time for yourself. Look you can get on your knees and bow to Kyle if you want to, but there is no reason not to save whatever time you can save when you need 2 possessions. Case in point, that extra time (if he had his offense move with urgency) could be the difference between kicking deep and trying to get a stop on defense, or the very low percentage onside kick which you saw and witnessed what happened LOL. We got the ball with over 7 minutes left, and when we scored there was only 1 minute left. Again you can kiss up to Kyle all you want and make excuses why this team is losing, but Kyle stands to blame for much of the inept things going on. Bill B. in NE teams won a lot not because they had THE MOST TALENTED players as you say, but mainly because he paid attention to detail and held his players accountable. Football is mainly played from between the ears not the biceps. Yes Shanahan and Lynch put this team together, they put together a bunch of feeble often injured women. Do you think Montana, Young, or Brady would go to their coach in a big game and take themselves out? Don’t answer that it is rhetorical. Besides who cares what you think anyway!

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