49ers @ Seahawks live blog: Second quarter

SEATTLE, Wa. — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 15 game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

2:02 The 49ers have been extremely successful running the read-option and the counter run to the left today. Greg Roman must keep calling those plays until the Seahawks adjust.

2:05 Frank Gore gains 5 yards up the middle on a first-down power run, and he gains 4 yards up the middle on a second-down draw. Third-and-1.

2:07 Gore runs up the middle and gets stopped for no gain. Fourth-and-1. They’re going for it.

2:10 Roman calls a power run to the left, Gore scores and it’s 7-3 Niners.

2:14 L.J. McCray tackles Paul Richardson at the Seahawks’ 11 on the kick return.

2:15 Jermaine Kearse beats Perrish Cox deep for a 47-yard catch on the first play of the drive.

2:21 Dan Skuta sacks Wilson on third-and-17 from the 49ers’ 37, and Seattle will punt.

2:21 Ellington makes a fair catch at the Niners’ 12, but Dontae Johnson is flagged for holding. First-and-10 from the 6. Niners’ special teams making too many stupid mistakes.

2:25 Brandon Lloyd beats Richard Sherman on a crossing route for 12 yards on third-and-8 from the 8.

2:28 Kaepernick checks down to Bruce Miller on second-and-8 from the Seahawks’ 44. Gain of 22. See, check downs can be explosive plays.

2:28 Frank Gore is down near the Niners’ sideline. Seems to have injured his shoulder throwing a block.

2:30 Next play, Kaepernick gets sacked for a two-yard loss. Next play, Kaepernick calls timeout to avoid a delay penalty.

2:31 Next play, Kaepernick loses a yard on a read-option play. Third-and-13.

2:32 Jordan Hill sacks Kaepernick for a 10-yard loss on third down, knocking the Niners out of field goal range. Three negative plays in a row after Gore leaves the game.

2:33 Garrett Celek has an ankle injury and his return is questionable.

2:35 Fair catch at the Seahawks’ 14 with 1:53 left in the half.

2:40 Gore is being evaluated for a head injury.

2:41 Robert Turbin beats Chris Borland to the outside for a 15-yard run.

2:42 Next play, Ray McDonald sacks Wilson for a 9-yard loss, followed by a false start. Second-and-24 from the Seahawks 36 with 29 seconds left.

2:43 Wilson buys time behind the line of scrimmage and hits Doug Baldwin deep down the left sideline for a 35-yard gain with 19 seconds left. Baldwin beat Antoine Bethea.

2:47 Wilson forces a pass over the middle and throws right to Eric Reid, who runs around until the clock expires. Halftime. The Seahawks were in field goal range.

2:48 Borland was down after the play. He’s slowly walking the locker room.

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  1. Hyde is the better runner against Seattle because he isn’t patient. He doesn’t wait for blocks and Seattle is getting immediate penettation. Hope they stick with Hyde against this aggressive defense.

    1. Funny, I think one of the things he’s done well so far today is be a little more patient (not much, just a little) and make the correct cut.

      1. I agree Hyde has been a sliver more patient but still very fast through the whole unlike Gore (the future HOF) who ppatientlywaits for blocksk to set up down field

  2. Was that an adjustment of depth by Gore there, to shorten the distance and make it harder for the unblocked guy to get across?

  3. TD Gore.

    Keys to the game on offense… avoid negative yardage plays and TOs.
    Keys to the game on defense… make tackles, don’t give up big plays, keep your heads.

    1. They kept Hyde into block. Our calls take too long to shift the play to something different. I am hopeful since we are playing with some heart and execution. I thought we were going to get anihilated.

    2. Our offensive line is just not nimble enough to get out for screens. They aren’t even in our playbook and seattle knows that. We haven’t had a successful screen play all year. Not even wide receiver screens.

  4. Gore gets knocked out and the entire offense just goes in the tank?!

    Why is Kaep not calming them in the huddle? Why is Harbaugh not espousing composure? A little composure is all that’s been needed since 2011.

      1. He had plenty of time to hit Boldin before the pressure got to him, that sack hadn nothing to do with the oline and everything to do with Kaepernick not pulling the trigger or seeing the wide open receiver.

          1. He’s had some plays that weren’t good (who doesn’t?), but he’s been much better today overall.

            All for naught if he doesn’t lead the team to the win though.

  5. The line didnt provide a lot of protection but one thing Kaep needs to work on not pulling the ball down to his waist whenever he feels pressure. This doesn’t allow him to stand in the pocket and throw the ball as other qbs can.

        1. Thought he said Gore but I wasn’t paying attention. Borland has shoulder issues. Moody would come in or Skuta, maybe Brooks if Boland can’t go.

      1. He’s made some glaring mental errors in coverage that led to TDs against the Cards and the Saints. Because those errors were so glaring, I think people just assume he’s been pretty bad this year. But he’s looked decent to me, especially the second half of the season.

        According to PFF he’s doing significantly better than the other safeties taken early in the 2013 draft (Vaccaro, Elam, Cyprien), the only one with a positive overall grade.

          1. As Wilson said, irrelevant. The team needed a starting safety in 2013, they got a pretty good one that made the Pro Bowl as a rookie and despite a slow start to this year has played decent, and gotten better as the year went on.

            People forget he’s only a second year player. He’s still learning. And this year he’s been one of the leaders of the secondary with a lot of the vet DBs leaving at the end of the last season.

        1. I agree. How’s he rated compared to Goldson or Whitner? He’s the staring FS on the 3rd ranked D, he can’t be too bad.

        2. Scooter they should have been playing Kaep like this all along. I think to try and make these kids conform is ridiculous. Use their talents.

  6. Now this is what I call a football game. I don’t know what that was on Thanksgiving. I think I was the only one on here who said you would be playing in desperation mode and “anything” could happen. I do think we might barely win. But this will go down to the wire.

  7. Great game so far fellas/Mary!! I’m at a sports bar in San Diego called Whisky Girl! It’s my wife’s birthday…she has her #7 jersey on….I bought it 2 yrs ago :-)……We are out numbered here by frickin Seahawk punks….I wanna thump these weasels.

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