49ers @ Seahawks live blog: Third quarter

SEATTLE, Wa. — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 15 game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:01 Paul Richardson takes a knee in the end zone.

3:02 Frank Gore is out with a concussion. Chris Borland and Garrett Celek are questionable with ankle injuries.

3:03 Borland is back.

3:05 Now he’s out again.

3:05 Ricardo Lockette is flagged for an illegal shift on third-and-1. Dontae Johnson breaks up a deep pass intended for Luke Willson on third-and-6. Aldon Smith had a free shot on the quarterback and missed.

3:06 The Seahawks’ down the punt at the Niners’ 4-yard line.

3:07 Seahawks’ left tackle Russell Okung is questionable with a chest injury.

3:17 The Internet is down in the press box. I will update this as soon as they fix the Internet.

3:23 I’m back.

3:26 Marshawn Lynch walks through the middle of the 49ers’ defense for a 4-yard TD run. 10-7 Seahawks. Robert Turbin gained 8 yards up the middle the previous play. 10 plays, 7 runs, 3 passes, 60 yards.

3:29 The Seahawks tackle Ellington at the Niners’ 18 on the kick return.

3:32 This drive is a defining moment in the Niners’ season.

3:33 Carlos Hyde gets tackled for no gain on first down. He limps off the field.

3:35 Jordan Hill sacks Kaepernick for a loss of 8 on third-and-10 from the Niners’ 18. Kaepernick missed a wide open Boldin the play before. Kaepernick threw the ball over his head.

3:36 Bryan Walters returns the punt 19 yards to the Niners’ 44. Michael Wilhoite is down.

3:41 Russell Wilson gains 19 yards on a read-option run, and the third quarter ends. Perrish Cox followed his receiver down the field and never saw Wilson running right to him.

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  1. Wilson is very powerful from the hips on down – that lower body strength means you gotta hit him square, which is tough with his ability to move as well. Aldon has missed on a couple of easy ones. c’mon Niner coaches, you gotta teach these guys

  2. Backed up again. Continue to run but throw in a roll out or play action. A play action bomb would be ideal here. You know Seattle will be expecting a run on first down

    1. It’s too long of a motion to pump fake. I’m sure he feels like he doesn’t have enough time in the pocket for that. He thinks he doesn’t, we know he doesnt. I just wish he would start throwing the damn ball away.

  3. Hyde looks good enough to me that the RB position isn’t one of tremendous need in the offseason. Obviously, at some point, we’d like to pick up a good complimentary speed guy.

    1. Did you see the commentators. Kap called the right protection but Miller didn’t keep Wagner out long enough and Kap didn’t get the ball out fast enough.

  4. Why does #7 not read the blitz and throw the slant pass that he always almost gets intercepted? Throw the slant and stop taking all these damn sacks #7!

  5. #7 really really sucks……there was a player he could have thrown the ball to on that play…….why can’t he just stand in and take it like a man….

    1. We lost Boreland, Seattle went right to the run. His replacement is invisible. We need something from the offense.
      We just have too many damn injuries. Just too many. We are deep for sure bot no team in the NFL can go three deep at linebacker and get the job done.

  6. If you want to tackle these guys you need to mean it, and you need to wrap up. Poor tackling form cost them on that drive.

  7. That was terrible. They just ran it down like nothing. If we can’t get something going here. I feel we will lose this one. We need #7 to make the correct throws and hyde to beast it up.

  8. Last 2 plays encapsulate the end of the Harbaugh era. Now Seattle takes it and runs it down the Niners throat. Next year.

    1. It’s called slow getting the play call in, it’s 3rd and long, and they know when the ball will be snapped. Just pin their ears back and fly up field.

    1. Hochuli just created a new rule. “Helmet to the chest.” Not crown of the helmet. Just helmet period. What a jackarse.

  9. Offense needs to help the d. F the refs. I’m tired of one sided calls up in Seattle.

    What’s up with Montana wearing blue?

  10. Reid–as Grant correctly pointed out earlier in the blog–has not played well this year. Despite the gift from Wilson at the end of the half.

  11. Brilliant call. Hey, it worked on the last 4th and 1, why not try it again. Who cares if the entire D knows it’s coming.

  12. I asked the question all year who has Kaepernick made better? Jack Hammer replied Bruce Miller. Well Jack, today that was true. Unfortunately full backs don’t make much of a difference in winning games.

    1. Wow, Kap is just game-stupid. Throwing out of bounds on 4th down? At least throw it up and hope for a P.I., some luck, or…something! But throwing out of bounds ensures you will get NOTHING. Smh.

  13. Greg Roman has TO GOOOOO!!!!! And JH if it comes to it my son high school played better than this let J Gruden come and do this!!!!!!

    1. Greg Roman has TO GOOOOO!!!!! And JH if it comes to it my son high school played better than this let J Gruden come and do this!!!!!!

  14. I love the NINERS but some changes need to be done and the refs just not helping they are just f&@$- wanting the game to be over

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