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  1. Did you hear the roar of the crowd when Jimmy ran onto the field? The woman were swooning in the heat, and Goatrappolo gave them more than his million dollar, “I got you babe”, smile to cheer about; as he stood tall in the pocket, Bradyesche, looked down field, rolled out and delivered a striker to Murphy for a TD! Couldn’t have scripted it any better. I will welcome Jimmy and his 49ers to Chicago, as I believe he will get all the first team reps, and start the Shanny era of offense against the Bears. If he can lead them to a win next Sunday, and string together a few more; I can’t think of a better way to springboard into next year….

    1. No one cares what you think Razor,cause you’re always wrong yet you still sit up on your throne like you’re all knowledgeable ..and consistently come up wrong ,yet the same ol arrogant attitude..Give it a rest you clown

    2. When Ted Robinson went something like “And he rolls to his left,… and throws the ball…”, his voice sounded suddenly like that of Vin Scully describing the Catch. In that fraction of a second, I was confident that it would be a TD. I take on these hallucinations as a good omen about the future. I’m ready for Garapallooza to begin…

      1. Wow! I hope all your talk is hyperbole! It’s a little premature to say this guy is anything but hopefully a good QB. Behind this offensive line he is likely to be one thing though…injured!

          1. You aren’t the only one Mood. Women swooning? Wow! That’s a slight exaggeration! One would have thought that JG won the game with some of the commentary! He mad two good throws in garbage time to a team that was not giving it their all in defending. Looked good for what 3-4 plays but c’mon!!

            1. He just looks the part. Like I said, he shows he has the tools and he showed that in the limited time.
              Sometimes you just know and the 49ers clearly feel the same way having given up a value asset to get him.

              1. Losing isn’t fun, but choosing an emotional outlet for your disappointment is subjective, is it not?

  2. Grant you really seem to enjoy swimming in the pool of 49 er what it is… Shannahan has no chance to rebuild this team..Bill Walsh couldn’t..Baalke and York put this team in such a hole it will take years at least 5 to even field a respectable team

    1. Nope. The Niners are not that far off. There are many rebuilds that happen quickly, especially after shrewd FA signings, and good luck in the draft. JG gives them a franchise QB, so they do not have to spend draft capital for a big name QB. They can concentrate on drafting an O lineman, MLB, WR and CB.
      Sure it took a year to get rid of the stench of Baalke, but they could be back into the win column in 2 years.

  3. Hey Grant how is that cereal box journalism degree working out? Why don’t you report how horrible SHANAHAN is! Some genius that guy is…..getting guys killed on every play. Some master of play calling….below should help ya. BTW everyone said JIMMY G maybe they meant JIMMY “T” at least he won 5 games his first year!

    Carlos Hyde was targeted 14 times in the passing game, but managed just seven receptions for 21 yards. He logged 47 yards on 16 carries, with 39 coming on the opening drive of the third quarter that resulted in Robbie Gould’s second field goal.

    1. You are the one that sounds like a bowel movement. Why don’t you go someplace that appreciates that. Tired of the idiots.

        1. Granted, it was a couple plays, but it looked like GQ Jimmy looked more comfortable, and was faster at processing, moving and throwing. CJ looks like he’s in slow motion in comparison….

          1. Yes, he reminded me of Tom Brady except that he can run better. Given that he sat behind Brady for four years, it isn’t surprising.

          2. I am not touting CJ over JG in fact I am like most in here would like to see JG play. Its going to happen soon enough, maybe this week but I doubt it.

          3. Great assessment Razor..your football iq is pure genius..that is if you were coaching a 7 year old pee wee team…skol.. Saloqueen….haha..Razor you clown

            1. Weasel..your imbecilic rants are emblematic of a deeper, more insidious problem, rooted in a dark narcissistic desire for attention…haha..Weasel bio-diesel.

              1. Razor you’re act is exposed..Type with big words and try to sound intelligent ,yet same ol result…skol..always wrong ..bwahaha..I know tons of guys like you at a big game then get up in the air and look like a monkey fuxxing a football!Skol

                Biggest clown on this blog..Keep trying to act like you know something and then coming up wroooong…bwahaha

              2. Weasel, your act is overexposed…your butt cheeks move but nobody hears what you say. Same ol routine..always right..bwahaaha..I’ve ignored tons of guys like you through life..they speak loudly and carry a small stick! FU

    1. UC,
      I don’t believe CJ had a bad game. In fact, he made some nice throws downfield. My hope is that Shanahan isn’t swayed by the fans to start Garoppolo.
      Shanahan should not be in a hurry to put him on the field.

  4. Looks like Eric Reid and Ruben Foster are pissed because they believe the fans were cheering that CJB exited the game. It sounds like they think that the fans were cheering as CJB laid on the ground.

    I didn’t see or hear that at all. What I heard were fans cheering for their injured QB as he stood up and was able to leave the field under his own power (what fans don’t do that?). However, there was also subsequent cheering for the excitement of having Jimmy enter the game (maybe that wasn’t good timing, but I don’t believe at all that it was malicious towards CJB).

    1. Yea, I didn’t hear it that way. Their cheer erupted as Beathard got to his feet, but a greater cheer filled the stadium as GQ Jimmy ran out onto the field….

    2. Agreed cubus. I like that the players stand up for CJ, but in this instance I think they read the situation wrong. At least I hope they did. I don’t think any fan cheered when CJ got hurt. Like you, I think it was cheering to see him getting up, and then to see JG coming in.

    3. Imagine that …Eric Reid complaining about something that doesn’t really exist?How ironic..
      Grant do you think Saleh can become a successful coordinator in this league?

    4. They should’ve been cheering that POS Eric Reid off the field……stupid kneeler. BTW got news for you so called NINER FANS…..ERIC REID will be gone next year. We don’t need the distraction or the horrible plays he makes. Got lucky on the INT.

  5. I love coming into these groups and trolling the morons who think they are FOOTBALL WISE! I’m betting 90% of these guys in here are sitting at a computer wearing tightie whities! You fools keep thinking CJ is the guy to start, that just shows how freaking dumb you are. Shanahan is NO GENIUS! Jimmy T is a walking genius at least he won 5 games. Basically the 49ers are the second coming of the Cleveland Clowns as long as Shanahan “Mr. Dink and Dunk” is the head coach. He’s lost out there. Oh…….yeah lets keep CARLOS “HIDE” ! Get a style you losers!

  6. Ever listened to talk radio and heard the idiots on there? Sounds like 90% of you clowns in here! Niners are stuck in this habitual decline until SHANAHAN realizes that he needs to put the ball down the field…..PERIOD! Notice how other teams toss it into the end zone knowing that only good happens in this league……it’s called PI. When was the last time we did that?

    Here’s a stat for you losers.

    Carlos Hyde was targeted 14 times in the passing game, but managed just seven receptions for 21 yards. He logged 47 yards on 16 carries, with 39 coming on the opening drive of the third quarter that resulted in Robbie Gould’s second field goal.

    1. >>Ever listened to talk radio and heard the idiots on there?

      Whats wrong? Couldn’t you get on-air and decided to idiot on over here instead?

  7. I knowAgree with Grant .. Garrapolo will come in and look good then be shell shocked after three can’t evaluate any QB behind this Trainwreck and anything that happens this year won’t matter as there will be a huge roster turnover again next year..Would love to build the line and for once in the last 15 years see the 49ers actually draft offensive playmakers instead of tweener potential players ..That way of thinking has been going on since Donahue and Baalke and Lynch continue the tradition….Why is it so hard for professional football people to see the NFL promotes offense and you have to score points to win?

    Right now S Thomas doesn’t even look like a good 3rd round pick let alone a 3rd overall..Foster must be fighting nagging injuries cause he’s nowhere near the player he was at the beggining of this year..Eli Harold should be selling hot dogs in the stands..(prime has been known to eat them in one bite covered in mayonnaise)Beathard was over drafted…Kittle looked promising but has disappeared..Witherspoon looks like a good pick..

  8. Grant, I thought the look on John Lynch’s face at the end of the game, when Garoppolo came in and made a couple fantastic plays, was worth 1,000 words. It was so glaringly obvious that this was not the way he, or Kyle had hoped this would play out.

    I am so pissed off about so many different things related to this team right now, but the way these guys have handled the Garoppolo situation from day one, has me pissed off to no end. What the hell kind of game are these guys playing? They’re like a couple of kids playing with matches. They should have just made it clear from the moment that they acquired Jimmy, that he wasn’t going to play until a) they get him signed to an extension, or b) until he’s playing under the franchise tag designation.

    Now they almost have to play him behind this pathetic offensive line, whether he’s ready or not. And if he suffers a serious injury, even though this season has already been decided, and Jimmy’s long term future with this team is unclear, then they deserve the kind of of beat down they will get from fans, the press, and certainly knowledgeable people within NFL circles.

    If I weren’t such a hardcore NIner fan, I’d be tempted to hope this whole trade blows up in their faces. Garoppolo gets seriously injured behind this joke of an offensive line, and then the 49ers are forced to draft a QB anyways, because at that point Jimmy’s future with the team is entirely up in the air, and they sure as sh_t can’t go into their second year of the rebuilding process with the quarterback position up in the air, or CJ Beathard, who everyone knows isn’t destined to be the 49ers starting quarterback of the future.

    Maybe it will turn out OK, and Jimmy will survive behind this pathetic line during the rest of this long lost season. I sure hope it does! But now they have needlessly rolled the dice, and it could backfire in spectacular fashion, costing them not only their jobs, but a large portion of the fan base! And for what? A worse draft pick and an extra win or two added onto a 1-9 record?

    1. Are all you so called fans as dumb as 49reasons? ANY TIME, ANY GAME someone can get hurt! YOU PLAY THE MAN! That’s how you find out if he has the BALLS to play QB! If you play to keep someone upright you will more than likely get him killed! PLAY FOOTBALL BIOTCHES!

      1. We may be dumb but no one on this blog is as dumb as Razoreator..He hasn’t been right about one thing in the last 5 years..literally..
        You know the saying even a blind squirrel finds a nut?That doesn’t apply to Razoreator..He couldn’t find his axxhole if he was squatting on a mirror

        1. Haha..Thanks Diesel I just spit my beer all over my computer…!Yes Razor is kinda arrogant for being wrong all the time but man!

            1. should stop dude you’re getting owned and your not very funny..I never comment on here but that was funny I don’t care who you are…

              1. You’re easily amused, and ownership is a dog whistle term you noodle boys like to use to signal your racist homophobia. I take great offense to it….

              2. I would, but I don’t ask myself dumb questions like you do, or even talk to myself for that matter. Roflmao.

              3. No, cocaine don’t lie. The blog is filled with liars, punks with canadian keyboards, and deviants from dank basements….

        2. Get lost, troll. Razor is one of the more astute posters on this site. He is also friendly and engaging to the regular posters, but does not suffer fools gladly.
          We may not agree on everything, but he has more football acumen in his fingernail clippings than you do in your whole body.
          It is a typical troll tactic to dish and run, and being an expert on insults, I just consider you a lightweight, who cannot even troll properly.

            1. Prime, glad you are now acknowledging that Razor and I are 2 different posters, but that is an old troll trick to assume such.
              Maybe you should look at your own behavior, and see how many think your blustering bombast and intolerant hate defines you as belligerent blowhard.
              I may be controversial, but at least I SAY something. All you do is hurl insults and pejoratives. Then when you try to sound informed, you expose your breathtaking lack of football knowledge.
              I also fully admit I like to needle you, because you rise to the bait and lead with your chin. You are so simple, I kinda pity you, so I take it easy on you. Many other posters have wised up, and learned their lesson, but like a moth to a flame, you cannot help yourself.

      2. Except there’s a big difference between getting hurt when the games actually matter, and getting hurt when you aren’t even under contract for the future, MORON!

        Why don’t coaches play their starting QB’s for 4 quarters of every preseason game idiot? They would certainly be more prepared for the season opener, jackass!

        If you’re such a smart guy, why is your screen name shanahan blows my tiny pen_s while I wear his pearl necklace?

          1. Thanks Razor pure genius…That was hilarious,your are so witty…

            I could just imagine sitting next to you on a plane or at a bar.You must be the dumbest most ignorant monkey this world has seen..Listening to youre advice about football or comedy is about as likely to be successful as Ray Charles playing darts or Andre the Giant playing pick up sticks with his butt cheeks!

        1. 49reasons…..what a FTARD you are. Oh, so we give a guy 25Million on the franchise and don’t kick the tires? SMART! It’s FOOTBALL BIOTCH you play the guy! He could blow a knee in practice just ask WATSON! My goodness you guys are some of the most STUPIDEST fans I’ve come across. We aren’t talking about preseason you FTARD! He plays this WEEK PERIOD! I’ll be sure to mention to you FTARD’s too!

    2. And yah, I was embarrassed when the fans cheered for Jimmy’s debut while CJB was picking himself off the turf for the one thousandth time in last 5 games, while giving fans his heart and soul.

      1. Heart and SOUL! LOL! The guy is terrible. He runs like he has tow 50lb weights on his legs, He can’t pull the trigger, HE’s ALEX SMITH NO. 2, check down Charlie!

    3. > They should have just made it clear from the moment that they acquired Jimmy, that
      > he wasn’t going to play until a) they get him signed to an extension, or b) until he’s playing
      > under the franchise tag designation.

      To whom did they need to make it clear? IMO, only to the ownership, which I bet they did. Is it this FO’s fault about the state of the O line? How do fans expect a brand new FO to fix the O line when the half the teams can’t do so with their FO’s working at it for years? It’s bad luck that both Brown and Staley were hurt. But it happens all the time. Raiders and Cowboys had the two best-rated O lines in preseason before injuries struck and made their offenses far less effective.

      > But now they have needlessly rolled the dice in spectacular fashion, and it could cost them
      > not only their jobs, but a large portion of the fan base!
      IMO, half or more of the fan base wants to see if JG can make it work behind this porous O line.

      1. It’s about handling fans expectations Mood. That’s a General Manager’s job. There’s a reason they are careful what they say and how they say it. You heard the fans tonight and how the players felt about the fans reaction. How’s the mood in the locker room tonight? As bad as it’s been in a while! Fans came off as totally disrespectful to CJB, and if I’m on the roster, I’m thinking twice about laying it all on the line for the fans next home game.

        As a fan, I’m embarrassed, and will not be buying tickets to see any more home game this season.

        1. REUBEN FOSTER: “When Jimmy goes out there, you cheer, and give him the pep talk, but let him know that you’re all behind him,” Foster said via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. “Let us know that you’re behind our quarterback too, C.J., because that’s the one who’s been hurting, fighting for us, fighting for the Niners organization. You don’t want to do nobody bad. It’s all about respect and, our fans, I was disappointed in them when they were cheering. Our fans are better than that.”

          JOE STALEY: “I don’t think it was malicious by our fans and they were cheering his injury,” Staley said via Branch. “I think they just got excited, but, at the same time, you can’t do that. That kind of is a bad look.”

          ERIC REID: That pisses me off. I’m disappointed in our fans. I understand the excitement about Jimmy, he’s a great player. But that’s not right. People don’t understand what we go through as football players, and what our bodies go through. And he’s laying down on the ground and people are cheering. That’s messed up.”

          Way to keep the possitive vibes riolling ShanaLynch! I guess that’s what you get with a rookie HC and a rookie GM!

          I’m done for the night. Peace out!

          1. Again, I’m not sure what is your point. The fans are rightfully disappointed by the play of the entire team (QB and all) all season and they want to see what JG can do. The players are right to be upset at the sophomoric behavior of the fans. Once Niners start winning, and I am confident they will next season, all this nonsense will be forgotten.

            1. I don’t think the cheering was malicious at all. When he went down he sat back up so you knew CJB was ok.

              Maybe Eric Reid and Foster should realize that when you cheer for a one win team, you are looking for any glimmer of hope. It’s been a long 4 years since we’ve had anything to cheer about and now Jimmy gives us fans a little hope.
              I don’t think any truthful 49ers fan doesn’t appreciate what CJB has brought to the team. It’s just that Jimmy G brings something potentially better.

    4. “They should have just made it clear from the moment that they acquired Jimmy, that he wasn’t going to play until a) they get him signed to an extension, or b) until he’s playing under the franchise tag designation.”

      They really shouldn’t have done that, and glad they didn’t. Why would JG be happy about leaving a franchise headed for the playoffs to join a cellar dweller franchise that has no interest in playing him this year, when he is off contract next year anyway? Best way to get your shiny new toy offside from the get go. He wants to play. He wants a chance. And the 49ers want a franchise QB. So get him ready to play and get him out there.

      If he gets hurt, that sucks. That’s also football. Should they also take Buckner, Foster and every other player they expect to be key players moving forward off the field too? Shelve them for next year? Of course not. Injuries can happen. But this team more than anything needs to get its young players game experience.

      1. Scooter everyone learns things in different ways and at a different pace.
        Obviously Shanny doesn’t feel like Jimmy has full command of the offense prior to today.
        Maybe he will next week or the week after.
        If it’s not about this then do you really think they are saving him? That makes no sense and I can’t see it being anything other then readiness.

        1. I agree it is likely KS’s perception of JG’s readiness that led him to keeping CJ in there. At least I hope that’s what it was… at least in terms of hoping KS isn’t making decisions like this based on other concerns such as believing CJ “deserved” another start, or fear of getting JG injured. Of course not great that he thought JG wasn’t ready to start though.

          1. Shanny is very regimented in what he wants from his QB. Clear example is that he ditched Hoyer, his guy after 6 games for a rookie and then after the trade, release him.
            They didn’t have to release him, but they did because CJB was clearly Shannys idea of what he wants more than what Hoyer displayed. That’s harsh!
            I guess until Jimmy shows Shanny what he wants, this waiting to see Jimmy play continues.

    5. I saw that look too and it was a look of “Oh…..what do we do now!” He clearly didn’t think things would go this way, but anyone with a pulse knew that Beathard can only take so many hits!

      1. At least we only have to put up with them for a couple of hours, then they slither away only to return again this time next week.

      2. So probably the un moldy ones down by the ocean..Cause whatever Razor says no matter how fancy he puts it,is always the complete opposite!Bwahah..
        What a tool
        Packers playing a nice game against Pittsburg.Nothing the 49ers do this year on offense can be evaluated as long as Kilgore and company are starting

  9. The thing about Beathard taking all those hits is that he isn’t quick enough in his reads.
    That’s natural for a rookie so we can’t blame the oline on all of it.
    With Jimmy he will be able to make those linemen back off for a pause because of his quick release and ability or extend plays as he is a lot faster.

    1. I’ve been saying that for weeks regarding Beathard. I really like the kid, but he’s a rookie and he’s going to be a beat or two late (that’s just the way it is). Cousins has been playing with a makeshift line most of the season and back at the beginning of November played a game with three offensive lineman that were signed the week before. He took a few hits but played well and they won.

      The truth is that we will probably never have a great OL for a complete season given that injuries happen. So the QB has to have command of the field and be able to get the ball out quickly or throw it away and live to fight another day. Even Brady takes hits but he also tries to minimize the possibility of those hits by giving up on plays when appropriate and moving on to the next one. I’m hoping Jimmy learned that as well.

      1. How many times has Beathard seen a defense like Seattle? You can watch all the film you want and it will never add up to playing against it.
        That’s also a cause for his slow developing decision making. He needs more time learning the game. This experience is great for him but now watching might help in his development.

        With Jimmy, he’s had 4 years worth of film study and learning from one of the best. You could tell he has command as a QB.
        Now it’s his time to put that into practice by playing.

        This is the next logical step in both QB’s development. Jimmy play, CJB watch and learn.

      2. It seems to me that it’s only a matter of time that these numerous hits have begun to take a toll on CJ’s playing habits and his confidence. As a rookie QB, he’s still adjusting to NFL speed and cannot process post-snap stuff that the D’s throw at him. Fangio will be ready for him next week. I have no doubt that JG will be able to deal with pressure better than CJ. The latter needs to now go back to the bench and learn the game behind JG. I hope JG continues to make progress and STY can out together a simple enough gameplan that JG can implement in Chicago.

  10. in your best imitation of the “Captain” character from “Cool Hand Luke”- (Strother Martin)

    “what we have here is a T.H.U.D.” (Terminal Hyper-Underestimation of Deficiencies)

  11. I think Beathard has done well for a rookie playing on a horrible team..He’s shown toughness and good decision making..He has impressed me..JG is better but you can’t play the what if game…it’s football everyone gets hurt gotta put him in there and see what you’ve got as it’s obvious his footwork and decision making is light years ahead of CJ..I’m still impressed for what CJ has done and feel great of him as a back up QB going into next year..I won’t make any judgement of Garrapolo this year with this o line and no playmakers..Better start looking at the draft fellas..oline and wide receivers ..The 6’5 kid from Florida State would be a good start

  12. Well CJ lost a lot of trade value today, which was predictable. He played well against Washington because the Skins didn’t prepare for him. He was pretty good again NY, but NY sucks and they didn’t play hard. No way we can flip him now. The only reason to have started CJ today was if JG truly wasn’t ready, which I think was the case, at least in KS’ mind.

    JG went off script and threw a dart for a TD. KS should now realize that even though JG only knows a certain amount of plays, he can still improvise.

    JG scrambled and looked to throw like Wilson. When CJ scrambles, he looks to run and gets crunched. CJ holds on to the ball too long and gets crunched. CJ processes his reads slowly and gets crunched. JG processes quickly and has a quick release. He will take less hits.

    1. CJB will be ready to flip in 2 more years. The 49ers need to continue to work and develop him so that he can be a capable back up.

      My theory is you should draft a QB every 2nd year anyways to develop.

      This team showed today that it is still a ways away. You look at all our skilled positions. Today we had zero big play capability at the WR and RB positions.
      We had zero quality coverage in the secondary and on the edge.

      Beating a dead horse but here it is.
      Areas of need:
      2. Edge rusher

      1. You’re an idiot with strong fingers keyboard tough guy..Niners needs
        2…Two gaurds
        3…Big wide receiver
        4..pass rusher
        Colbert goes to starting free safety..Ward to corner opposite Witherspoon..Tartt starting strong safety..Eric Reid head editor of black panther weekly and Kapernicks head shoe shiner..Saloman Thomas head Martini mixer on a private island with Razor Beater on inclusive “men only” island with internet tough guy Prime as “body gaurd”..Armstead is the dock boy to tie up the boats ..
        Starting lbs are Ruben and Malcom..Corners are Witherspoon and Ward..Safeties are Tartt and Colbert…
        Meanwhile Armstead is listening to Razor Beater about sailing while the boat sails in the wrong direction..Fights break out everywhere because Prime is security but doesn’t do anything unless he’s behind a computer screen..Eric Reid and Seb just sit around on the beach drinking cocktails in the sun complaining about how horrible the island is

  13. Razor your embarrassing yourself get off your high horse bud.I agree you never seem to be right about anything your responses are lame,yet you continue to spew out this all knowledgeable attitude..Get lost fool

      1. Here Razor I’ll play your game..He who talks like confucius but is never right is just confused monkey acting like confucius..Combined with no wit and not being funny at all the soul is just a jack ass with no purpose and should refrain from posting on internet blog

  14. Razor walk away dude.. Seriously..For your own sake you’re embarrassing yourself ,Diesel has you on the ropes and you’re reaching..Do yourself a favor

  15. Anyways..Looking forward to the Garrapolo era and hopefully two or three wins.Quick release and decision making should be the difference all though I’m proud of how CJ has handled himself in these horrible situations

    1. Talib had better be handed a harsher suspension than Crabtree. There was no reason for him to have yanked off Crabtree’s jewelry yet again.

  16. Doesn’t it seem like the 49ers defense has a hard time responding after the offense does something good?

    For example, the offense has a good drive to open the second half and cuts the lead to 1. Ok now it’s a ballgame. Let’s get a stop and get them back on the field.

    Instead they lay an egg and Seattle goes right down the field and extends their lead to 8.

    It seems like this defense plays really good when the opponent is kinda just playing with them, but when it’s time to get serious they break on the regular.

    1. Yeah Jack..Caught your question on periscope..Seems like the defense makes stops when they don’t have to..They play great offense stinks ,then offense responds makes it a game and R Wilson goes right down the field..Like they cant play when it counts..

  17. Is today a full moon? What is wrong with everyone? Post win downer? I know that the game was pretty much over about midway through the 3rd quarter but chill!

    Soon enough we will see what JG is made of, hopefully he has absorbed the winning mentality and the capacity to execute from his tutelage in Clam Chowder land.

    I like Beathard. Think he’s had a tough start to his career but has carried himself with toughness, dignity and class. Is the the QB we need, not sure. He has his moments. My gut tells me probably no but it doesn’t mean I stop rooting for the guy.

    It was interesting to see the team dynamics after throwing a TD for JG. Didn’t see too many players congratulating him. Don’t know what it means – maybe solidarity with CJB. Either way it was curious.

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