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  1. Don’t have the bandwidth for periscope here at the hospital, but I’ll follow the blog best I can. Attaching PT for Achilles, Haglunds repair with Niners on the big TV. I’m counting that as a good day.

    Trent Brown out lowers expectations, but I hope to see 49etrs flying to the ball on D. Curious to see how Foster deals with Wilson’s running.

      1. Thanks. Surgeon used a new “speed bridge” technique on the Achilles. Should shorten recovery time. Hoping for walking boot in two weeks.

  2. I disagree with Grant. Forcing him to deliver the ball from the pocket, and he will carve up the secondary.
    The Niners should send a DB on blitzes from either side, and then do delayed blitzes with Foster up the middle.

  3. Who thinks Shanahan is a genius? That’s what I though NO ONE! Maybe Grant Cohn does being a hack reporter. Hey Grant why don’t you write an article DEMANDING JIMMY G! Does anyone believe that Bethard is an answer? Stadium half full, team in shambles, injuries are piling up due to a coach who can’t coach. Defense once again on the field far to long. Basically Shanahan IS JUST ANOTHER STUPID COACH!

  4. Hey, Grant so did you get you degree from some box of cereal? How about writing about how this team has totally been mismanaged by Shanahan. What GENIUS? I’d rather have JIMMY T back at least he won more games. DINK DUNK, DINK DUNK, DINK DUNK…. No JIMMY G…..DINK DUNK, DINK DUNK! Tell the story Grant!

  5. Hey Grant…….Why is Carlos Hyde a 49er? What value is he to this team. Matt Brieda was far superior when he was in there. That also goes to Shanahan and NOT BEING a GENIUS! This team is maybe if we get lucky 4 years away from anything.

  6. Guys Niners need to cut bait with.

    Eli Harold
    Carlos Hyde
    Aaron Lynch
    Pick any hack offensive linemen
    Eric Reid

    Then if that doesn’t work SHANAHAN!

  7. Hey…..lets start CJ BETHARD he has the hot hand….. YEAH that’s the ticket. Shanahan will find away to f this all up. CJ is Mr. DINK AND DUNK! Legs bound with 50lb weights attached. Our beloved press will once again cow down to the 49ers and say this was supposed to happen this year! BS! Look at the RAMS! Now we have to deal with them in the future and they have the TRUE GENIUS as coach!

  8. Tell me why Carlos Hyde should be on this team? Come on GRANT!

    Carlos Hyde was targeted 14 times in the passing game, but managed just seven receptions for 21 yards. He logged 47 yards on 16 carries, with 39 coming on the opening drive of the third quarter that resulted in Robbie Gould’s second field goal.

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