49ers-Seahawks Week 17 film review

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Ziggy Ansah, left, grabs the jersey of San Francisco 49ers running back Tevin Coleman, right, during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in Seattle. The 49ers won 26-21. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Check out my YouTube breakdown of the coaches film from the 49ers’ 26-21 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

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  1. I do not expect the Seahawks to win. Travel, fatigue, emotional drain, and playing for a head coach that chokes.

    Mr. Clean, aka. Saleh might be believing all the hype surrounding him, because this isn’t the first time he’s gotten too cute.

    The Seahawks offensive line got away with several holds the entire game that were never called.

    E-Man’s recovery speed in full effect on that play. Remember Grant’s assessment of Metcalf’s first step?

    They never call that if the wr initiates contact.

    You need a mixer, especially if you’re gonna sing.

  2. Thanks Grant …always appreciate your candor and oh PS don’t use the word “lucky” on your breakdowns, HOMERS on this blog in particular will shower you with insults LOL….hahahaha….. thanks man great job as always

    1. Dude. It’s not about you and your luck fetish, you’ve been denigrating and pissing and moaning ever since you found your way to this blog. Since Grant is the most comically hypercritical writer covering the team it’s not surprising he draws in your ilk.

      And BTW the rubber hit the #1 seed in the conference. Take that road back to the negative rock you live under.

  3. 4th and 1 from your own 30 with a 5 point and you think the Niners should go for it?
    I’m not necessarily disagreeing, but if you have so little faith in Saleh then he should be fired. He still has a D featuring Bosa, Armstead, Buckner, Warner and Sherman… and still the argument is that no matter where the Seattle gets the ball the defense will not be able to stop them from scoring a touchdown.

    1. If a team like the Browns is dumb enough to hire him away good riddance…. Saleh’s defense ranked 25th in ’17, 28th last year and has been giving up an average of ~27 ppg as of late… And yet he still has the talent you mentioned. Nice guy and all but overrated.

    2. Yea, I like going for it on 4th down as much as the next buy but not there. You have a championship defense that relishes every opportunity to shine. Let them polish away at that point. Saleh has to be more decisive, and not wait for the head coach to substitute for you….

    3. Wait. I didn’t watch Grant’s class show and tell. Did he really fault Shannie for not going for it on that 4th down? OMG.

  4. Curious.

    If Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander had’t been injured, and had been taking plenty of snaps every game, would ‘we’ still be calling for Saleh’s firing?

    Gosh, in looking at the final regular season stats, the 9ers rank rather high–like really high.

    Let’s see… First seed in the NFC, 13 and 3 record, highly ranked defense–in spite of key injuries on the defense… Yeah, let’s fire that jerk Saleh.

    1. Nobody is calling to sack Saleh anymore, but if he has to wait for the head coach to sub one of his players that’s costing the team the game, how in the hell is he being considered as head coaching material? He’s an overrated up and comer whose replacement is likely already on the staff….

      1. Probably difficult to find an official record of head coaches calling for in-game substitutions–offensive-minded HC calling for a defensive substitution, or a defensive-minded HC calling for an offensive substitution….but I bet it’s happened countless times over the last several decades–and not just on loser teams, or only involving moron coaches.

        How the hell is he being considered as HC material? Gee, I dunno… I guess most GMs and owners across the league simply aren’t paying attention.

          1. Rooney Rule…as it applies to HCs calling for in-game substitutions? I’m not following–gonna be a long night tonight…

            1. As to why he is being considered as a HC.
              Sadly, the number of minority coaches is not great, so he should get interview requests.

              1. Why ‘sadly?’

                The rest of the world has moved on past your reverse discriminatory comments and policies.

                The NFL is a business and as any business owners will attest, you will hire the best employee, regardless of skin color. Somehow you’re still stuck on the 60s counting racism by headcount.

                Should the NBA be mandated to have a roster with at least 7 white players?

                Should hockey rosters be forced to contain at least 50% black players?

                Where are you going with this?

                Stick to soil science.

      2. I agree. I don’t want him to be sacked. I just think he is young and inexperienced and this team needs him to grow up (as a coach quickly).

      3. You never know he might be a great head coach not all great offense ocoordinators or defense of coordinators Make great head coaches But he might have the right stuff to be head coach I don’t know this Or anybody else

  5. What a great 2019 draft:

    Rd 1, Pick 2 (2) Bosa, Nick DE
    Rd 2, Pick 4 (36) Samuel, Deebo WR
    Rd 3, Pick 3 (67) Hurd, Jalen WR
    Rd 4, Pick 8 (110) Wishnowsky, Mitch P
    Rd 5, Pick 10 (148) Greenlaw, Dre LB
    Rd 6, Pick 3 (176) Smith, Kaden TE
    Rd 6, Pick 10 (183) Skule, Justin OT
    Rd 6, Pick 26 (198) Harris, Tim CB

    Only one complete bust, the first #6, Kaden Smith.
    Incomplete on Jalen Hurd and Tim Harris, both injured in preseason. They have a chance to contribute next season. A few more drafts like this and we may have a real team.

    1. Not sure how you call Kaden Smith a bust. 49ers tried to sneak him through on waivers and get him on the practice squad but the Giants scooped him up

  6. On the 4th and 1 at the 30, after Mostert’s reception, I think the scoreboard guys had it wrong. Look where the ball is placed before the snap – that’s on the 29. First down marker at the 31. That is much closer to a 4th and 2 than a 4th and 1. Would you still go for it on 4th and 2?

    On that play in the 3rd qtr 3rd and 5 where you show the pass rush out of gas, one thing I noticed on that play, and a key difference between Buckner and Justin Smith, is Buckner did Bosa no favours by actually swatting the OG back into Bosa’s path. Smith would have been all about driving that OG back so the OG can’t disengage to take Bosa and the OT doesn’t have a path back to Bosa, while Buckner is trying to split the gap and make the play himself. On that stunt, that shouldn’t be Buckner’s role.

    WRT the Warner non-PI, the main differences between that and the Kittle play earlier is (a) Kittle’s contact was brief and all about halting Wagner’s feet to gain separation while Hollister went through Warner, literally pushing him back through contact (the angle you showed doesn’t do it justice, Hollister pushed back at least a yard) and (b) due to the difference in contact Wagner’s holding was limited to grabbing Kittle’s arm (and yes, he did grab Kittle) while Warner being taken off his spot ends up draped over him. Both were good no calls imo.

    1. On the 4th and 1 or 2 play. Did you know that the Ravens went for two fourth downs on their final drive and got both of them? Lamar is great but he’s also 1st or 2nd year player.
      Belichick went for a fourth and 1 on his own 29 against the Niners once too.
      The Seahawks were having a hard time stopping the Niners too. Maybe they run the Kittle play from the Saints game.
      Either way — this whole season is all about learning to win more then just winning. The team had a rollercoaster season but they played all the way through all the games and not many teams can say that. It’s a whole new era now!

      1. According to espn they went for it once on the final drive from their own 44 with 4:39 seconds left while still holding 2 timeouts.

        Which is a pretty big difference from going for it from your own 30 yard line with 2:39 left.

        In Baltimore’s case they had a very high probability of getting the ball back with a reasonable amount of time and SF would still need to drive around 20 yards to get in FG range (given the conditions) for the go ahead score. While if SF gave the ball up at the 30, Seattle would have already been in scoring range with the benefit of being able to run clock ie ( their whole playbook would be open to them )

  7. Regarding the diminishing pass rush against RW, yes the defense got tired. Seattle actually had more time of possession because of the their long second half drives. However, the defensive lineman stayed in their lanes so that RW would have to work to scramble and to limit the huge gashes that he is capable of. I thought, that for the most part, the defensive line played a very disciplined game against RW.

    Loved the middle blitzes against them on their last drive.

    1. It also looked like they were doing more of a mush rush than actually rushing the passer at the end.
      It didn’t look like anyone was actually trying to get to the qb but rather to contain him on the examples shown.

  8. Who cares what ethnicity Saleh is, hes obviously not white so yes the Rooney rule would apply to him. But I think that’s a slap in the face considering he had top def when semi healthy…..in other words hes only being considered because hes a minority. That’s horse sht.
    Btw it’s common to try to contain scrambling qb, instead of rushing upfield and riskn Russell taking off like he did earlier in year to get in fg range. The football iq on this blog is meh…..

    1. Is Saleh just a product of more talent on the defensive roster?
      For 2 years he could not stop anyone. Wasn’t able to adjust at halftime or when injuries occurred. Then the organization added some much needed talent and depth and he is getting all this praise and accolades.
      Now every coach is better with better talent but the measure of a really good coach is being good with no talent.
      Saleh has only shown to be good with better talent.

    2. Not really.
      In general It’s hard for DC’s to get looks at head coaching gigs. Fangio didn’t get looked at for a very long time even when he was fielding top defenses.

      Saleh has only had only had one successful year as a DC and is getting HC interviews. One could argue he has a disadvantage getting a coaching gig in the NFL but an advantage getting an interview. Both could be equally true…, and if he takes advantage of it and gets a HC job more power to him. The Rooney Rule only gets him an interview.

  9. Yea…go for it at your own 30 yard line and give a HOF QB the ball…at home only needing 30 yards to take the lead… Don’t……..scratch that…QUIT your day job dude…You make zero sense trying to play a youtube/periscope HC…

  10. When they DO see them in two weeks.
    It won’t even be close!
    Perfect analogy with the Ali-Frasier trilogy.
    We all saw what happened in Manila.
    Same will happen for Seattle.
    Blowout city.
    And Seattle will start building to stop SF for once!

  11. I totally disagree with Grant. When backed up at the 30 yard line, the punt is the right move.
    I may want them to be bold, but it was more like a yard and a half, and the risk /reward calculations are not favorable, if it gives them a short 30 yard field, if it is not made. Go bold and go for it, when past the 50 yard line, preferably the 40. Inside the 10, go for 4th and short , because even if it fails, it gives the opposition a 90+ yard field to drive. Getting 7 is much better than a field goal. It is worth the risk.
    Some say to go for it every time, but I also believe in field position strategies and goals.

  12. Grant, one request: could you please change your mouse pointer? The small white arrow is hard to pick out, very often. Lots of options like a red laser dot style. Thanks in advance…

  13. In regards to the “non call”, I think Mike P. explained it best in saying he thought it was clearly a missed PI call. However, he stated that’s not was the replay rule was put in place to get rid of. It was put in place to resolve the egregious non call and this didn’t rise to that level.

    In this case, the receiver ran into Warner, initiating contact, in an attempt to push him off and gain separation. Warner then did grab him and yes he interfered with the receiver but there are a few things that must be considered when considering how bad it was. 1. The defender has a right to their space and much more important when the ball is in the air the defender has an equal right to the ball. The second part is important because Warner was clearly looking back at the ball, so he wasn’t simply tackling a receiver as some would try to have you believe (ala the Saints rams game).

    This type of contact is actually fairly commonplace and gets called about as often as not, so its really the moment and stage that makes this appear much worse than it was.

    1. The “non PI call” is a perfect example of a “manufactured” controversy. In the immediate recap of the game, the announcer (I forget who) made it a point to focus on the “non call.” They showed an edited clip which began after Hollister made the first contact with Warner, while strongly suggesting ref malfeasance. It wasn’t a major event but was highlighted to generate controversy. Very dishonest reporting and all too common in today’s news media.

      1. I completely agree.
        These type of calls are missed every game and while we magnify it in bigger moments no one can tell what the butterfly effect of missed call in a seemingly less important play would be. That’s why I hate whining about missed calls unless their are a multitude of them.

    1. I sense the 9ers are honing an edge for the playoffs–they won’t be bashful. The stage is not too big. They’ll bring it.

  14. If I understand correctly, the 49ers will play the lowest remaining seed after this weekend’s games. So, if the Viking win, we play the Vikings. If the Vikings lose, we play the winner of the Seahawks-Eagles game. Is that correct?

  15. Saleh should stay away from the Cleveland Browns. That is a lose-lose situation. The team is OK, but the owner is the main problem. Saleh would also be going against the Ravens and Steelers twice a year. Ravens have the best record, and the Steelers lost their QB, but came back strong. They are a perennial playoff team with 6 rings. The Bengals have the first pick, so they will be getting their franchise QB. Their second pick is almost as good as another first round pick, so they should do well in the draft. The Bengals almost beat the Seahawks this season, losing only by a missed field goal.
    I am surmising that the Jags may want to shake things up, and Saleh used to coach there. That would be the best landing spot. If not there, the Giants may be another superior option.

  16. I see Grant just compared Deebo to Percy Harvin on Twitter.

    I like this comparison and it is one I have thought about previously. The main differences are that Harvin was a slightly more dynamic and elusive runner with ball in hand, while Deebo is a better route runner. In fact that last part isn’t close – Deebo isn’t a great route runner but he is light years ahead of where Harvin ever was. Harvin could never get himself open running a real route unless he beat a guy with pure speed. He was all about being schemed open, mostly on short stuff to just get the ball in his hands. Deebo can at least run a route and beat a guy down the field.

    1. Tbh, while Harvin came into the NFL only a decade ago, he really would have been better coming in now. In the late 2000s the NFL still saw receiving RBs as 3rd down backs only. These days he would have likely stayed at RB and been a dual threat RB like CMC. In many ways Harvin was a bit of a trail blazer for that type of player.

        1. He was injured a lot, and also suffered migraines from what I recall. But he was a dynamic playmaker with ball in hand. Not the same type of runner as Deebo Samuel though – Harvin was very fast and elusive; while Deebo has some speed and elusivenss to him he is also a powerful and punishing runner.

          Harvin was also overrated imo. Because he was such a good runner with ball in hand people talked him up as a great player. But he forced his coaches to scheme ways to get him the ball in space because he was not able to do it himself. Not what you want in your superstar WR. The Vikings did a pretty good job of getting him in space and showcasing his skills with ball in hand. They made him the focal point of their passing game and devised ways to get the ball in his hand quickly with screens, etc. Having peak Peterson getting lots of attention helped.

          I was genuinely happy when the Seahawks traded a bucket load of picks for him because I was confident the Seahawks wouldn’t know how to use him and the 49ers D would make him a non-factor. As it turns out he barely played for them and they got rid of him quick in his second year as he was both ineffective and a problem.

  17. Mitchell in, Exum out and Tartt is back! Now if Ford is built tough, we should be ready to roll over whomever ends up in our way….

    1. Really good video. So much for JG being a 1 read QB! Great break down of the concepts, reads and what JG is doing to beat defenses.

  18. In Grant’s film reviews, he needs to have all his plays sequentially ordered, instead of scrolling and clicking. Then, have his snippage detailing where players routes go, drawn out ahead of time, to e inserted at the right moment. Then, as the plays scroll through with snips drawn ahead of time to detail routes and strategies, he can talk about the play instead of wasting time dealing with the process and technical issues.
    I still like his analysis while showing the end zone view, because one sees what the QB and ball carrier sees. It also shows the holes and weaknesses in the line, and how effective the blocking was.
    It sure is nice to have this bye. This kinda reminds me of the Glory Years. The Niners took care of business, so they are poised for greatness. I like what Donte Whitner said about championship teams.
    While I prefer the Vikings, and even the Eagles, to be their first opponent, Having the Seahawks once again may not be a huge problem. It will not be in the Clink, and the Seahawks will probably incur more attrition against the Eagles. The Niners can use this past game to study how to counter Seattle, and the Niners have 2 weeks to plan and prepare.
    If the Niners stop using Coleman as the featured back, and make a shrewd adjustment replacing Witherspoon with Moseley, it should be an easier win. Witherspoon still does not turn his head to track the ball, and I think his ankle still is not 100%. Use Coleman more in the passing game, and as a change of pace back. Mostert has earned the right to be the first string RB.
    Grant still is mastering the system. He will get better, with more experience. He just needs some production assistance, like from a tech head. Still, the content is what makes it a must see. Others do analysis, but Grant shows not only the highlights, he shows the lowlights, too. We learn more from mistakes than from success.

    1. We learn more from mistakes than from success.

      Funny to see that coming from you.
      GC prides himself on all the new subscribers he got and ignores the ones that left because of you…..
      It also appears that your post is a response to my post from yesterday that mysteriously got deleted.
      Maybe Lazy Grant does not like to be evaluated, but has no problem critiquing players, coaches, staff or management of the 49ers.

  19. Greenlaw deserves credit for making a great tackle, however the Seattle OC didn’t understand how the defense responds to the look they got.
    Greenlaw was able to make this play because the route Lockett ran. Had Lockett ran a curl Greenlaw would have had coverage responsibility. Instead Lockett runs past him and is picked up by the safety freeing Greenlaw up to make this tackle. Great route read by Greenlaw. Even better reaction. The team learned not to go low like they did on Julio Jones. Credit coaching. Game over with a legal high hit.

  20. So it’s that time of the year. After at least 4 minutes of exhaustive research it’s time for the inaugural Regular Season Inside the 49ers Blog Awards. Highlights and quotes from each award:

    Best Draft Take – Razoreater: “Nick Bosa is the best player in the draft. If the 49ers are lucky enough to draft him he will immediately raise the level of the defense.”

    Worst Draft Take – Houston 9er: “Nick Bosa’s injury history concerns me. And I hate the fact he quit on his team at Ohio State. Don’t draft him.”

    Grant’s Best Blog Post: https://49ers.pressdemocrat.com/49ers-48-saints-46-grades/

    Grants Worst Blog Post: https://49ers.pressdemocrat.com/mike-silver-says-the-49ers-could-bench-garoppolo-earlier-than-some-people-might-imagine-if-he-struggles/

    Most Sanctimonious & Self Congratulatory Poster -Jack Hammer: “I don’t always post but when I do I make sure I never post my own opinion. I like to criticize other opinions in the most elitist and d-bag way possible. When I occasionally do compliment other posters, I usually try to find a way to turn it into a compliment about me.”

    Most Concerning Poster – Sebnyah: “Does anyone really believe there is a ‘Catfish’ or is it unanimous that the guy has multiple personalities?”

    Most Annoying Poster who is Invited to Leave as early as possible – montyderhak: “Has there been a more negative person in the 4.5 bn year history of the earth?”

    Lifetime Achievement Award – OldCoach: “Always respected, rarely controversial.”

    Best Technology Improvements: “It’s a tie. HotMic and Weekly Fim Review.”

    And finally for the coveted Best Poster of the Year Award brought to you by our title sponsor Hot Mic, here is Grant Cohn: “This award was never in doubt. By unanimous vote (1), the poster of the year is Houston 9er. His wit, charm, and football knowledge far surpasses any other poster and most NFL coaches. I usually wait to here his opinion before posting my own opinions. Houston 9er is the Bill Walsh of this blog. Congratulations. Now my hot wife just walked in so Igottago.”

    1. That was kind of fun, Houston49er. You overplayed your hand in the spitball war with “Hamma”, but over-the-top seems to be the order of bidnez ‘round these parts.

      1. Interesting. The Hamma take was unnecessarily overly benign in my opinion. Glad you think Best Poster Award was correctly voted and presented.

    2. Most Concerning Poster – Sebnyah: “Does anyone really believe there is a ‘Catfish’ or is it unanimous that the guy has multiple personalities?”

      Based on paragraph construction, sentence grammar, comma usage, word usage, and overall tone of the writing, I suspect that the number of “Sebs” currently posting is at least three different individuals, and that perhaps a majority of the more recent “Seb” posts are not made by the original. A week or so ago, I started wondering if any of the more recent posts were from the original, so I went to pre-2019 season blog posts and compared current posts to those. I now believe that some recent posts likely are from Seb himself; however, paragraph length has increased even in those (the original Seb frequently employed paragraphs of one or two sentences containing superficial comments, but all the current “Sebs” typically employ longer paragraphs now), and the number of shorter, responsive posts to other posters has dropped dramatically from what it was before the catfish situation began. So, I am not certain that Seb is even still posting here, although I think some of the more recent posts are him.

      1. JP, sounds like the judicial business is running slow right about now. Your credibility is impeccable, and your analysis seems spot on to me.

        1. Hi Razor,

          Sometimes, I get caught up in little mysteries like this and end up devoting more time to them than I probably should. I can be kind of a research/analysis nerd in that way. ;-)

          As part of my research, I came across a reply I had made to you in which I wrote that I was “hopefully optimistic” about the 49ers this season. Turns out I was selling them short. This has been a great season, and even the losses were thrilling. I am looking forward to the playoffs.

        1. I have it on good hands you have trimmed a nice runway configuration on your bush.

          Captain Seb, permission to land my rocket 🚀 approaching your runway six-niner!

    3. Houston,
      Thanks for the kind words. As to being rarely controversial. When the team you root for goes 13-3 there is not much controversy. Grant does his best to drum some up but what the hell was there to complain about this yr. Hopefully the 9ers win out and the next thing we have to complain about is free agency or the draft.

    4. Houston, I’m glad my “Lamar Jackson is what we thought he was (and not in a complimentary way)” posting early this season went unnoticed. It ranks among the more boneheaded award-worthy ones.

      1. Oh, it was noticed. MANY of your posts were considered for Worst Post of the Year. In fact, MOST of your posts were considered for the award. But the Academy (me) decided the Worst post should be 49er centric and since Bosa has been so impactful we (I) decided to roast someone (me) who posted something bad about Bosa. You and OneNiner tied for worst political opinions of the year but that was dropped in editing.

        I’m kidding, of course.

        1. You and OneNiner tied for worst political opinions of the year but that was dropped in editing.

          In that category, it’s hard to top the god, family and country types we’ve seen fellating DJT here, who is literally the Antichrist. Or the Arthur Laffer/supply side economic loons. (They know who they are. How’s that Federal deficit working out?). But hey your nominees, your awards. Glad you did decide to keep it football oriented.

      1. This award show was focused on the 2019 Regular Season. I believe Darren3000 departed years ago. But he is definitely in the running for the HOF.

  21. End of the year time to evaluate Grant and his oeuvre.
    Grant has been expanding his scope of work from first being just a beat-writer to now a commentator to an analyst. It’s a mixed bag of result with on the one hand Lazy Grant and Sloppy Grant and on the other hand Effective Grant and Grand Grant

    Let’s start with what he is getting paid for: Writing a column.
    GC sticks to the journalistic maxim; Say what you are going to say and then say it. His style is very open and easy to understand, His writing is crisp and clear. He makes his analysis logical, does his homework and it’s easy to see his point. This is Grand Grant at his best.
    Grade: A

    His Blog, that is tied to his column gives 49er fans a place to exchange ideas, vent, praise or just read about the 49ers, with one caveat;
    There are no rules. Most blogs have rules because well, there are people who get out of hand, dominate, are offensive etc.
    Lazy Grant has allowed his blog to get out of control and be dominated by one particular poster who always needs to have the last word. Despite numerous calls over the years to curtail this poster, Lazy Grant only counted his clicks and his payroll.The blog has had some very savvy and insightful posts over the years and does still serve it’s purpose as a way to ask GC questions about the team. Even though he answers sporadically and randomly, it ‘s a resource for the fanbase and a tool for GC to promote himself. An effective Grant could use his feedback as a resource to grow himself.

    GC started with periscope as a way to give more info than he could put into an article. It also is a lazy way out of writing down a column, which takes longer and has to be more thought out. Since it is somewhat interactive, it was fun in the beginning but it also was getting longer and longer and there is only so much time one can spend listening. If you take away the info he’s trying to convey, you end up with something that is technically and visually a disaster. They look amateurish because of awkward camera angles, busy clothing, distracting background and Sloppy Grant’s attitude of ‘I don’t care’, The sound is abysmal at times as if it’s coming from an abyss…
    GC likes to hear himself talk, and speeds up the verbal diarhea when he feels he’s on a roll. It becomes tedious to take out an hour of your time to watch this and sort through it to find out what he’s trying to convey.
    Grade; D

    MNF/TNF/SNF; This is the most puzzling thing I’ve not had the pleasure of watching.
    Two guys sitting in what looks like a dorm room, talking about the game that’s on their TV. Their comments are NOT synced with the live game nor do they give play by play commentary. It;’s a confusing mess. One of them giggles alot and the other is trying to keep a conversation going. I believe he has different guests at times. Stopped watching.

    His analysis video has evolved and GC has developed his understanding of the game, game plan and formations. Once again very informative if you have the time. But if you take away his analysis part you end up with a too long video with technical difficulties, tape rewinds, miscues etc. Lazy Grant is telling us what he did wrong and then make you watch him correct it. Since GC likes to hear himself talk it would be better if it was rehearsed, scripted as a voice over in an edited 10-15 min coherent video with NO mistakes.
    This is a VIDEO, so Sloppy Grant needs to make it VISUALLY appealing. I don’t need to see his face in the upper corner to know that he’s talking….. There are some great examples out there on how to do visually and orally entertaining!
    Grade; D-

    Cohn Zohn is the latest addition to GC’s repertoire. All that is said above applies here too.Two guys that talk, but for some weird reason they look down into a computer screen and barely relate to each other while they talk to each other. If you want us to hear what you say, first of all get some clip on mics since neither one of you has mic training and every time you move we lose sound!
    The podcast version makes more sense but I don’t need to know that Lowell lives in a house that still has transoms, unfortunately that is what you made the center piece of your video….
    As a podcast; B+
    As a video; D- (if you turn off the sound, it’s an F-)

    Sometimes GC is in radioshows Since GC likes to hear himself talk and because others control the format it actually works. They ask the Q and GC delivers even if it is things he already wrote in his column. Even though this is Effective Grant and I gave him a grade, it doesn’t count in the overall score, since it is not something he produces.
    Grade; B+

    Overall grade;
    GC has split himself up in different directions without making clear where he wants to go with all of this. It appears that he likes to get out of writing and tries to make a name for himself being a presenter/ analyst.
    Unfortunately if you take away his writing, his oeuvre qualifies for a solid F due to his amateurish, unedited videos that show Lazy Grant unprepared. Sloppy Grant leaves it to the viewer to sit through an hour long video to find the good parts while suffering the frequent mishaps. If he were to focus on presenting a concise and cohesive analysis, he could find himself among the best. If Sloppy Grant were to listen to advice and improve his videos by editing and content control, he could grow into a respected source.
    Regrettably Lazy Grant follows the old man’s maxim; “Don’t listen to others, do your own thing”. Lazy Grant only counts the pats on his back, which he interrupts as approval of what he’s doing rather than encouragement for a young beat writer.
    As it stands now Lazy Grant does not take a shine to unsolicited advice and likes to sing to his own tune, which stands in the way of growing into a full grown or full blown ersatz analyst.
    Just listening to people who tell you,’You’re doing a great job’ makes you Lazy Grant.
    Making much needed improvements would make you Grand, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Overall grade; C

    1. “He (grant) makes his analysis logical, does his homework”

      Really? ??? I come across a lot of errors and mistakes. More importantly there are errors of omission. In other words , data and film are provided to support a conclusion (usually incorrect ) and other data points are left out which would paint a more complete and accurate picture.

      1. RT, this is about his writing and HIS opinion, which he makes clear and supports with HIS facts.
        That doesn’t mean that he is right all the time, but it is HIS opinion.

        1. Yes, but opinions drawn from inaccurate or incomplete data is irresponsible. I do understand that their is a business/entertainment component. Bad Jimmy, Bosa tired , Shanahan in over his head etc , stir the pot and account for more comments and clicks. On the bright side there are several extremely knowledgeable posters who share interesting thoughts and information. And on the even brighter side, Niners are poised to win the Super Bowl.

    2. You can sync hot mic to the broadcast. Tried it a couple times, but if I wanna listen to random guys share their thoughts while watching a game on TV I’ll just go to the sports bar.

      Not meant as a shot. Just my preference.

      1. I’m with you on this.
        Also, I know Grant works hard to understand the game and knows SF better than many of the national announcers but they have more training and resources available to them and that is synched with what is being shown on tv. So it is tough for me to watch HM.

        1. Shoup, I too think GC works hard on getting better at understanding the game.
          My biggest peeve is that he doesn’t work on his presentation, which is real easy to do especially when you get a lot of free advice. He must have at least one buddy from college who can educate him on video know how. It doesn’t take much and doesn’t cost much either!
          I recommended that he get a clip on mic (lavalier microphone) when he started to do his periscope, instead he is still fumbling with sound and bought the wrong kind of mic, one that gives you great sound if you don’t move your head.

  22. 49ers kicker Robbie Gould named NFC Special Teams Player of the Month for December
    By David Bonilla
    1 hr ago • 1

    Reply: Wishnowski won NFL Special Teams Player of the Week earlier this year.
    He was the placeholder for Gould in December. Go Niners !

  23. The Last OGasawara says:
    December 31, 2019 at 12:21 pm
    Not far fetched considering he (Seb) once revealed his true identity and immediately went into hiding. He then returned and blamed the whole thing on his wife Christine when it was obvious she had nothing to do with it. How chivalrous of him!

    Kendall says:
    December 31, 2019 at 12:24 pm
    I think the Iliad was a quick read compared to your posts.(After another windbag post of Seb’s)

    Sebastotroll says:
    December 30, 2019 at 10:54 pm
    The entire planet is smarter than you. That includes the now extinct dodo bird.

    TomD says:
    December 31, 2019 at 10:30 am
    I would like to submit the under valued garden snail in the IQ test vs. Seb….

    The elongated periscope eyes appreciate the total garden, whereas Seb fixates only on the maryjane

    Seb, I predicted a 49er victory. Had it not been for that personal foul call on their center and a few others it would have been a blowout.

    You piggybacked my prediction, but during the week lamented our losses in Seattle

  24. I am happy to see my Niners signed Earl Mitchell.
    Clearly while some of you would not recognize Bill Walsh if he hit you in the face, Shanahan and Lynch understand that Earl Mitchell would be a perfect fit given the invaluable intel he could provide from his stint with the Seahawks prior to retirement.

    1. ‘My’ Niners? A dead giveaway.
      Earl Mitchell is a welcome addition, but there was a reason why he retired, so I am not going to expect much from him. If he can anchor the middle, I will be happy.
      Mitchell’s intel is dated, but Richard Sherman helped build that LOB, so he knows the Pete Carroll defense intimately.

    1. Prime,

      49ers Sherman getting older. I think they draft DB–CJ Henderson, 1st Rd., and negotiate with Ward.

      Harris and Moore will have another TC, so if Ward’s asking price skyrockets, Niner’s let him walk.

      You know @arikarmstead and @DeForestBuckner have to be pretty happy right now 🌹
      5:44 PM – 1 Jan 2020

      54m54 minutes ago
      Replying to @jenniferleechan @arikarmstead @DeForestBuckner
      Rooted for Oregon just for them.

    2. To me he is very highly underrated in this secondary. His coverage of tight ends has been excellent this year and he’s made some key third and fourth down pass deflections.

      1. History of injuries may have the 49ers thinking twice about a bidding war, though.

        At the same time, 49ers need a reliable bookend opposite Bosa, so they could go that direction.

    3. Ward is in his 6th season with the Niners under the fourth coaching staff, all of whom wanted him as a DB. Barring Ward breaking all his bones simultaneously, he’s a lock to be on the Niners 10-year wall, IMO.

    4. I expect they will. Good player, coaches like him, he likes playing for the 49ers. Unless he is asking for a huge contract I think he stays.

      Only thing that makes me think he might leave is if Saleh gets a HC gig somewhere and wants to bring him along.

  25. Houston, you see all the catfish doxxing burner accounts, so you know I am not responsible for their content.I am not a masochist, so I would never attack and bully myself in such a mean and obnoxious way.
    I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who seems to bring out the worst in some posters. Yes, there are no rules, so some think that doxxing, hurling expletives, vicious insults, and bullying is a blood sport to them. Thankfully, it says a lot more about them, than it does about me.
    I am just chronicling this season, and am happy to discuss a team I love with many intelligent and thoughtful posters. I put up with my detractors because they just expose their own faults and lack of character, for all to see.
    I have presented my ideas on how they can improve, and have seen them go from a 4-12 team to the top seed in the NFC. My missives about considering time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half, must have sunk in to their psyche, because, unlike last season, and many past seasons, KS has shown he can wisely use his time outs, and it has helped him win.
    Sure, I will take your jibes at me, because I respect your football knowledge. However, please do not be fooled by the myriad catfish burner accounts. Just realize that I am so important to them, they must obsess and be dominated by my ideas. They have memorized what I have written, and can flawlessly parrot what I have written, so I am living in their heads.
    TrollD reposts verbatim, and Cassie has scoured the archives in almost a manic desperate effort to discredit me. I am glad I am making them waste their time. Their life must suack so bad, and they are so miserable, the only way they can justify their existence or feel better about themselves is by attacking me.
    Do I go around attacking and belittling posters? No, I am civil and respectful. However, if I push back at all, then they whine and cry about how mean I am, when all I am doing is returning fire.
    I am glad that most posters see that I am generally harmless, and just want to talk about a team I love, and have followed closely since the ’70’s. I am happy to have them scroll past, and have usually left most posters alone, unless specifically mentioned, like you have with me.
    Even Prime has learned his lesson, and tries hard to ignore me.Sure he cannot help himself, but now, I just need to mention how he bloviated about wanting to play in the Clink twice, making it twice as hard to win, thus exposing his backward thinking.
    I hope to see more of your posts, I really value your insights, but do not expect me to ignore the snark, especially if specifically directed at me.
    Some may slam Grant for his writing and opinions, but I find him refreshing, poignant, insightful, real, and he calls it as he sees it. Is he wrong at times? Sure, but we all are human. He, at least, can admit his mistakes, and move on, unlike some of the peanut gallery.

    1. It’s all in good fun my man. If you don’t like what I write, then fire back. I don’t mind in the least. In fact, disagreement is expected and encouraged. Although, you can be tiresome and strange at times, we are all bound by the same passion for the 49ers so I count you as a 49er Faithful right along with me.

      1. One area this comment section could improve as a new year’s resolution is to have more lighthearted and humorous takes — no reason that that the lives of robot moron Faithful cannot be more fun!

    2. Seb asks:

      Do I go around attacking and belittling posters?

      YES, YES and YES!
      The fact that you have NO clue about your behavior and don’t own it is the sole reason you get so much flak.
      For some one at a retirement age, you might want to do some introspection and ask yourself; why is it that I’m the only one who is constantly ridiculed and imitated?
      People left this blog because of you, you think it was because you’re the beacon of nice and reason?

      1. Detractor- ‘You are an Idiot, maroon, $%*^&*$#@^, blankety blank liar’.
        Seb- Takes one to know one.
        Detractor- ‘Whine, whimper, cry. Oh you are being a blankety blank meanie!!!!! I must bully and insult Seb even more! I am going to try to look smart by spewing snark and insults on catfish burner accounts! If I can ridicule Seb enough, I might drive him away, like I do with other posters who are sick of the strife!!! I am NOT obsessing about Seb!’

    3. “Even Prime has learned his lesson, and tries hard to ignore me. Sure he cannot help himself, but now, I just need to mention how he bloviated about wanting to play in the Clink twice, making it twice as hard to win, thus exposing his backward thinking”

      Sebnnoying, I told you they would go up to Seattle and win and I believe they would again if they had to. You just hate the fact I was right.

      1. No, you were resigned to the Niners losing, so they would have to go twice to the Clink.
        I wanted the Niners to win, so they would have an easier time winning, not making it twice as hard to win.
        By winning that last game, they do not have to go anywhere to win the NFC. The Niners also have a bye to rest and heal more.
        Guess you are unclear on the concept.

        1. “No, you were resigned to the Niners losing, so they would have to go twice to the Clink.”

          That’s not true.
          Prime clearly stated he would prefer the home path but thought they could win anywhere.

          1. His bombast and bravado clearly stated that he would like to go twice to the Clink. He expected that the Niners could win, but in order for that to happen, he assumed the Niners would lose that first meeting.
            This is why I have been stating that he wants to make it twice as hard to win. I was the one who wanted the easier route to the SB.

        1. High School Janitor here, Razor. I am definitely qualified to give you the answer you are seeking.

          A torn pectoral is entirely dependent on the significance of the tear as well as the healing ability of the individual involved.

          To put it in perspective, I might be able to down 8 beers before I start to get wobbly. You might feel the same way after a glass of milk. You get the idea.

          Glad I could be of service.

        2. It is curious, I’ll give you that.

          I think I would ease him in, playing him on passing downs for the most part to avoid the heavy contact in his first week back ( he would still play 2/3rds of the downs).

          I just hope he can hold up.

  26. Posters have left because of me? They sound like little boys who take their ball away, so others cannot play with it.
    Thankfully, other posters do not need that ball, they have others, and this blog has continued on just fine without them.
    Others, have passed on, like MW. He and I disagreed at times, but I always respected him, and miss his posts. It was a classy thing for his son(?) to inform us of his passing on. I thought he brought a lot to this site.
    We need new blood, so I hope new readers and bandwagon fans can post their feelings and opinions here. Just as long as they do not accuse me of being a Raider fan. That is a vicious slur.
    I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, and am jumping for joy, now that the Niners are relevant again. I hunger for that 6th ring.

    1. SSEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebbbBBBBBBB-RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYDDDUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Seb muses; They sound like little boys who take their ball away, so others cannot play with it.

    WOW, you just personified yourself better than anyone has before!
    You sure are a victim
    of your own imagination….

  28. Kwon Alexander back at practice today.

    Hurt himself only 4 days after JJ Watt. Watt trying to return on Saturday. Alexander might be back for the NFCCG if they make it through. Just another benefit of the bye week.

    1. It’s great for depth but at this point Greenlaw has stepped in alongside Warner and provided much needed sound tackling.

      Alexander was great but he missed quite a few tackles leading to chunk plays.

      I think we’re seeing that if this defense stays stout it’s tough for anyone to score on them often enough to win games. The defensive star in terms of how few 20+ yard plays they’ve given up this year is astounding to me.

      Still, his sideline to sideline speed can’t be coached.

      1. Alexander does miss tackles but he was their best linebacker in coverage by far and a large portion of those chunk plays you are talking about, were passes to TE’s and RB’s. He was a big reason SF got off the field on 3rd down.
        Also, while not a completely fair comparison it should be noted that before he went down only one team had reached 20 points in a game against SF, while after he went down only 1 team didn’t reach 20 points against SF.

          1. I would go with Eman at this point.

            I don’t think Witherspoon sucks or anything, he’s always right there, but is constantly a beat slow. And that beat could cost them a game.

      1. I was thinking along the same lines, but keeping him at WILL in base and subbing out for Greenlaw in nickel.

        As Bosa said, one of the main things he brings is intensity to the locker room. He can do that on limited snaps.

    2. Matt Maiocco

      This is the second and final return-to-play designation for the #49ers this season. Kwon Alexander, and nobody else, can come back from IR. Kentavius Street came back earlier in the season.

    3. I can’t imagine to many players now a days with the heart and desire Kwon has for this game. A lot of players seek to fold it in and think of their financial futures rather than playing the sport they’re blessed to play.
      This guy loves this game, and THATS the kind of guy you want in your team.
      He might have just sold himself a jersey to this fan.

  29. Seb says:
    January 2, 2020 at 10:09 am

    Some may slam Grant for his writing and opinions, but I find him refreshing, poignant, insightful, real, and on point…..

    Reply: Seb, the Brown noser:

    Brown-nosers Are Not Your Friend: Five Ways To Identify Those Prone to Kissing Up

    Excessively Agreeable. This is the foundation of brown-nosing. Everything they say is over-the-top nice. They always agree with you and support you, even when you don’t want/need it.

    Needlessly Talkative. Brown-nosers are constantly trying to get attention. Incessant, loud talking is one way to ensure that others identify their importance and keep the focus on them.


    1. “Poignant”?! If I were forced to think of adjectives starting with the letter “p” that describes Grant’s tone, “poignant” would come well after petulant, prevaricative, predictable, prescriptive, pretentious, petty, pugnacious, and plaintive …… just kiddin’ :-)

  30. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but I was rudely treated by Seb in my first encounter.

    All I did was post Garoppolo’s stats, implying that on a limited sample size, he could compare with other great 49er QB’s.

    Seb went manic, posting Colin Kaepernick stats.

    For one who claims victim and never attacks, only responds, I find dubious.

    This is my 2nd month on this site, so I invite other posters with similar experiences.

    Can someone give a brief summary of who this Seb is so I can avoid his conversation hijacking in the future?

    1. I am a simple man, who’s a diehard fan. I always try to see and say the best of people.
      My kind words have helped many on this blog to overcome anxiety about upcoming games.
      My prediction for the next game is 24-23

      1. The Last OGasawara said you threw your wife under the bus.
        You are hardly a charter member of the ‘family values’ org., and a kind person would not act in this manner.

        The Last OGasawara says:
        December 31, 2019 at 12:21 pm
        Not far fetched considering he (Seb) once revealed his true identity and immediately went into hiding. He then returned and blamed the whole thing on his wife Christine when it was obvious she had nothing to do with it. How chivalrous of him!

        1. My beloved wife was only trying to help me. Alas she posted my real name which is now well known.
          We were threatened by a nasty poster who endangered me, my family and the neighborhood.
          I stood up and protected my wife!

          1. Did that poster borrow your sparking weed eater that set the neighbor’s property ablaze?
            That seems to have caused more neighborhood endangerment???

    2. Can someone give a brief summary of who this Seb is

      This is pretty much him in a Sebshell:

      A grandiose sense of self-importance
      A preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
      A belief that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by or should associate with similar high-status people and organizations
      A need for excessive admiration.
      A sense of entitlement or unreasonable expectation of special treatment or extreme loyalty
      A tendency to use others for their own needs or wants
      A lack of empathy, or unwillingness/inability to recognize and honor the needs and feelings of others
      Proneness to envy or having a belief that they are envied by others
      A sense of arrogance shown in behaviors and/or attitudes


  31. I am losing patience with this Seb crap when we are the number one seed going into the playoffs. We have better things to talk about. Go Niners!!

    OK, I too will enter the Seb morass. I have heard it discussed numerous times that there are catfish accounts parroting Seb, I have heard that Seb has multiple personalities and posts on many of them, I have even heard that he is a chicken farmer in Sebastopol that drives his riding lawnmower around town. I do not know if any of this or all of this is true. What I have not heard, but wonder about, is it possible that Seb is Grant’s pseudonym, that Seb is Grant’s alter ego and has been created to generate hits?

    What think you?

    The question that is truly important is what team to you want to see come to San Francisco for the divisional round? I want the Seahawks at home. Lets truly establish the correct pecking order in the West.

    1. Never thought of that, Leo. If so, Grant is a genius.

      As Dee Phiant posted, to date, Seb is the only one with the power to have other posters banned.

    2. Chickens, Seahawks, and pecking orders…

      I’ll tell ya, I wouldn’t want to be a chicken on Sebbie’s property when he’s on his mower…. Yikes!

      1. You all mock me for chickens yet have zero poultry knowledge.
        You also have zero knowledge of what my family (especially my father Frank) contributed to this field of science.
        “ When you eat your Thanksgiving turkey, think of my father- he pioneered research on artificial insemination in turkeys. He also developed methods for freezing turkey semen..”

    3. What I have not heard, but wonder about, is it possible that Seb is Grant’s pseudonym, that Seb is Grant’s alter ego and has been created to generate hits?

      What think you?

      Nah, unlikely. I think PD would fire him in a second if they got wind of any such shenanigans on his part. The funny thing is, with his access to the email addresses and IP addresses behind the postings, he knows the real seb vs the copycat posts. Yet lets it fester. I guess he has better things to do, but a teenaged intern could be put to use in cleaning up things. This has got to be worst moderated blog in the entire blogosphere.

    4. Leo, I too, am wondering why they fixate on me, instead of concentrating on the playoffs.
      The Niners are 13-3, and they act so immature, spewing invective, thinking that by bullying and making fun of a poster, it makes them look smart and mature. I did not ban anyone. They banned themselves.
      The Niners are poised for greatness, and they just cannot get me out of their head.
      No, I am not a creation of Grant. I am a landscape contractor, who lives in Sebastopol, who had season tickets for the Glory Years, and yearn for more rings. I may have praised Grant, but I have also critiqued his periscopes and breakdowns. I have also posted as sebnynah while Grant is talking on his periscopes, so it is impossible for Grant to be me, since he is talking, and not typing.
      How can the Niners best use this bye to help them prepare for their next opponent? The Niners should not only script the first 24 plays, they should have plays designated ahead of time, depending on down and distance. They should have a one yard play, a 2 yard play, and a 3 yard play. They should be able to rush up to the line and fire off the play, hopefully catching the defense off guard. Ideally, by varying the snap count, the Niners can draw the defense offsides, for a free play. That play should automatically morph into a long strike down field.
      When confronted with a second and short, do not dial up a run into the teeth of the defense. Fake like that is the play, then attack down field.
      KS should send in 2 plays, then let JG be the field general, and choose one. This way, the defense will have a harder time stealing signals.
      I like those counters, misdirections, fly sweeps and reverses. I also like controlled roll outs. KS should copy what some other team’s run, that are effective. He also needs to devise some plays that are totally unexpected, like a flea flicker or long screen.
      The Niners will greatly benefit from this bye, especially if it will allow some injured Niners to heal more and return. I am kinda resigned to seeing the Seahawks again, because the Eagles are almost more injured than the Seahawks. I also think the Seahawk defense is better than the Eagle defense. Hopefully, they will beat up each other, and the winner will limp into Levis, exhausted, allowing the fresh Niners to easily defeat them.
      The Niners need to make some sober assessments, and timely adjustments. Coleman should not get the initial carries. He just is too tentative running. Utilize him in the passing game, as a blocker, as a change of pace back and with screens. Mostert deserves to be the starter. Last game, Coleman ran for 2.2 yards per carry. Mostert ran for 5.7 yards per carry, and scored 2 TDs.
      Wtherspoon just re-injured his ankle. He does not turn his head and track the ball, giving up easy catches. Moseley may be inexperienced, but his recovery speed has allowed him to knock passes down. Witherspoon gave up 2 TDs, Moseley defended a pass in the end zone.
      I hope they utilize Solomon Thomas correctly. Instead of him at end on third downs, put him inside, and let him use his explosive speed to attack gaps, to collapse the pocket.

  32. Pete Carroll spoke with League officials again on Wed:

    “It appears a number of people are still not over the Seattle Seahawks’ final offensive possession against the San Francisco 49ers last week, one of them being (unsurprisingly) Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

    Carroll, who spoke with the league office about the no-call, told reporters Wednesday he thinks the NFL “wishes” pass interference had been called on the field.”

    This certainly does not seem to mesh with what Riveron said in his explanation, which sounded pretty resolute in declaring there was no pass interference on the play, regardless of if a flag had originally been thrown on the field. In fact, it almost sounds like the league office could have overturned a potential pass interference call by the crew at the game.

    TomD’s Reply: Ok, Pete, we’ll put it to rest if you face Dee Ford for the 1st time—Him and Tartt will take the field this time around.

    Richard Sherman had this to say: “So now you want to allow the WR to initiate contact,” “Push off from the defender and get the P.I. Yea that sounds about right.”


    1. Someone should tell cheating Pete, beat Philly, and then you can have some redemption the following Saturday against the 49ers. In the meantime, STFU!

      1. That’s why they’re I know they’re gonna lose to the Eagles. They don’t have their minds right. Should be onto the Eagles. Instead, they’re still blaming the officials for the biggest managerial brain fart of the season….

        1. I think they will lose as well but another crack at Seattle would be fine with me. We know how to beat them now. And seeing Pete have to explain another loss to the 49ers would be music to my ears.

    1. 3.27 if you count the weeks spent by Chase McLaughlin as PK.
      Greenlaw edges out Devin Bush. Devin White taken at #5 does not make the list.

  33. So sorry to hear about Sam Wyche. I always enjoyed him on T.V. and he was a very good coach.
    Great to see PFF select 3 49er rookies for the all rookie team.

    Health of the team will be a huge factor in how will the Niners do in post season, so I hope these two weeks off can really help.

    Happy New Year to all the 49er fans and to Grant too.

  34. Thanks to my boy Jimmie Ward, the 49ers allowed a league low of just 34 pass plays of 20 yards or more. Re-sign the eraser!

    On a different note, here’s the robe that Sanders gifted to the other receivers with monograms of their names
    Maybe SRPD should give one to the moderator of their blog with the most hits?

  35. Do not use this to bet. I haven’t done any review on this. Just my opinions.

    Bills over Texans. Bill O’Brien is wasting the primes of one of the best QBs and WR tandems in the NFL. He is the new Jeff Fisher of NFL coaches.

    Titans over Patriots. Tannehill is playing well enough. AJ Brown is an absolute beast. Derrick Henry is having a career year. And Brady has no help at skill positions.

    Saints over Vikings. Thielen, Diggs, and Zimmer will be arrested on the sideline for plotting Kirk Cousin’s demise.

    Eagles over Seahawks. Too much travel – too many injuries for the Seahawks. Seahawks may be the worst 12-4 team in the history of the NFL. Really aren’t very good except they have Russell Wilson. They are just one of those teams that always plays the 49ers tough. With other teams, they are easily handled.

    1. I agree with Bills. I thought they’d of won the match up in the regular season. Patriots are just too depleted and benefited once again from one of the softest sos in the league.
      I truly hope Minnesota can pull off a miracle. I doubt it, so my next hope is they wear down NO.
      I don’t think the eagles beat Seattle. Seattle is a better road team this year and they have championships caliber players. Let them come to SF and lose again.

  36. I read this morning Kwam Alexander is looking to come back next week. He was quoted referring to JJ Watt and his return.
    However, I am not enamored with the idea of a return any sooner than the divisional championship game. Maybe I am undervaluing him.
    He is a great leader on the defense. However, the LB position isn’t suffering as much as the pass rush with the absence of Dee Ford and the opportunity to rotate and rest players.
    Am I missing his contributions or the need to bring him back so soon? I think SF matches up well without him against Seattle.

    1. If it’s Seattle then I completely agree… let Kwan rest.
      Where I really think he becomes important is in the eventual NO game as he has been very good in pass D.

      1. Should… disagree.
        One week won’t make a difference with this injury. If it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen.
        In fact I’d like to see him game ready for the NFC title game.
        Get some plays under his belt before trying to stop a dangerous offense

  37. In an alternate universe, the 2019 Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West division title on Sunday night when they gave the ball to power back Marshawn Lynch on the shadow of the goal line — instead of, as they did in this one, taking a 5-yard delay-of-game penalty and failing to punch it in from 5 yards out.

    Instead of a 29-26 win, the Seahawks suffered a 26-21 defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers. Of course, that’s the way of things in the NFL: A team that’s leading by as many 7 points is still just one play1 away from trailing.

    So what if we could wave a magic wand and visit that reality? What would the NFL’s 2019 season have looked like if every game that finished within one score finished with the opposite result?

    That was the question posed by Football Outsiders contributor Bryan Knowles after Week 16, and his answer — an alternate-universe season table…?

    Reply: Reading this with a morning cup of Joe makes me want fax this to Pete Carroll and the Seahawks front office with a nice warm glass of SHUT-
    THE HELL UP, Seahags.


  38. The Niners do not know who their next opponent will be, but they should just be concentrating on preparing their team better. They should focus on playing focused, disciplined and in control. They should anticipate adversity, and have contingency plans to counter it.
    The Niner coaches should work hard to prepare the team enough so they reduce the unforced errors. Last game, Pete Carroll made a grievous error, with that delay of game penalty. It cost him 5 yards, and he made only 4 yards and 35 inches back. That error cost him the game.
    KS has grown and matured as a Head Coach. Going from 4-12 to 13-3, is nothing short of a miracle. KS has reduced his mistakes in game and clock management, and he has his team playing as a cohesive unit. John Lynch also deserves praise for assembling a talented team. He also assembled a talented team with depth, so they have the replacements playing at a high level.
    Saleh has improved, too. However, he had help, with Kocurek and Woods. Woods with his DC experience, has been instrumental in making the Niner pass defense number one in the rankings. Kocurek, with Bosa and Ford has re-energized the pass rush. If the Niners win the SB, I fully expect Saleh to leave for a HC job.
    JG should work on being balanced. He should hand off for runs and pass the ball an equal amount of times, so the defense must defend against both. If the Niners become one dimensional, they may lose. JG should not worry about the score. He should just concentrate on scoring TDs, every opportunity he has. If he scores enough TDs, the score will take care of itself.
    With this extra week to heal up and get rest, I expect the Niners to be able to dominate their opposition. Against an injured and beat up Seahawk or Eagle team, I think the Niners can score 35 points. Considering the defense gives up only 19.4 points per game, that is a recipe for success.

    1. How does someone who never played football tell one of the best coaches, coordinators and QB in the league what to do?

        1. Actually, as a fan and poster on this site, I can use basic football knowledge, and common sense, and realize that by running the ball, there is a good chance to stay within field goal range.
          KS did not do that, and they had a holding call, and a sack, to put them out of field goal range, in the SB.
          KS also did not run the ball, in OT against the Seahawks. It would have kept the clock running, and guaranteed a tie.
          Imagine. winning a SB or preventing a loss, were the results of KS’s coaching, and he is responsible for the outcome. I am just sitting here, saying there might be a better way.
          Even KS has admitted he should have won 3 more games, so he knows he needs to improve. He is not above reproach, and infallible.
          Thankfully, KS has considered time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. In the Rams game, KS’s wise use of his time outs, helped control the clock and win the game.
          At least I am not bloviating about wanting to make it twice as hard to win.

          1. I told you the Niners could go up to Seattle and win and probably could do it again if they had to.
            Winning is hard. Century Link Field once, twice three times it don’t matter fool!

  39. 49ers will game plan for all scenarios this week as KS spends time watching Eagles, ‘Hawks, and Vike videos.

    He will develop gameplans for all 3 teams and install the appropriate GP next week….This is get ready week.

  40. Kittle unanimous all-pro. Sherman and Buck make second team!
    Congrats! Sherman keeps proving his detractors wrong and made an extra $2 Million.

  41. Can you imagine how much better the 49ers would be if they selected Jamal Adams or Christian McCaffery instead of Solomon Thomas?

    Or Budda Baker or Zach Cunningham instead of Reuben Foster?

    Man, missing on those 2 picks was tough.

    1. Thomas has yet to make a name for himself, but if this year taught us anything; it’s that you can never have enough quality depth in the defensive trench….

        1. What if better picks kept them from picking Bosa? Hard enough to predict the future, and now we have to predict alternate realities.

  42. Niners’ All-Pro TE had the highest grade from the much-maligned PFF
    He also led all skill players in receiving yards per pass route run, and all TEs in yards after the catch and missed tackles forced.

    Finally, the Niners run game with and without Furious George:
    Two games without Kittle: 2.6 yards per carry
    13 games with Kittle: 4.8 yards per carry

      1. Personality with grit and humility. Just gotta help him look out for himself, and keep him healthy. He will be the heart of the offense, while Deebo will be the soul….

            1. For the 108 snaps that Ford, Bosa and Alexander were on the field together, opposing QB’s were only able to post a QBR of 3.

              When Tartt was in the lineup the result was a passer rating of 71.5 and QBR of 16.8. With Harris it rose to a passer rating of 100.5 and QBR of 74.4. Yikes! 11 TD’s against 11 INT’s with Tartt in. 11 TD’s against 1 INT with Harris in. Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!

  43. Fans heading to Lincoln Financial Field for the Wild-Card game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks will need to bundle up on Sunday. The National Weather Service is calling for falling temperatures and a steady wind.

    Game time is 7:45 EST, however rain is forecasted late night/

    NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

    1. Wonder if Mother Nature is getting even with Pete Carroll for constantly badgering the reffing in WK 17 this entire week; possibly trying to set the stage for unfair calls against the 49ers in a rematch.

      20 MPH winds are generally considered bad enough to affect the passing game.
      NTB is calling for 13+ MPH winds currently….Stay tuned.

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