Why 49ers shouldn’t draft LSU’s Leonard Fournette


Of all the things the 49ers could do with their first-round pick, drafting LSU running back Leonard Fournette would be the worst.

He shouldn’t even be in the discussion.

But he may be in it, according to draft insider Tony Pauline. “Sources with knowledge of the situation tell me the San Francisco 49ers are very high on Fournette and are seriously considering using the second pick of the draft to acquire him. The new front office wants a bigger back to run the offense and they’re ready to give up on Carlos Hyde, who has had his struggles staying healthy since being drafted by the franchise in 2014.”

I buy that the 49ers want to replace Hyde — he’s a disappointment. But I don’t buy that they want to replace him with Fournette. I hope they don’t want to.

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  1. I agree with your main point in this article Grant. It’s a good read. The only point I will make is that L Fournette is much better then D Henry coming out. He is a monster. He is better then Zeke as a runner in my opinion. With that said they are looking to trade down in the worst way.

    1. I understand all of the hype with Fournette; however, I watched the two games vs. Bama. Despite stats vs. all other opponents, I did not see a lot of greatness in that game. If Bama can design a game plan to stuff him, how is Fournette going to do vs. Seattle twice a year with their 8-in-the-box concepts. I am not say he is not a first-round pick, but not a #2 for a the Niners when the Niners have so many other blatantly obvious needs, and a trade down at least once in the first round can bring a 3 or 4 for 1 deal.

      Alabama’s defense stuffed the nation’s most talented rusher for the second year in a row Saturday en route to a 10-0 win over the rival Tigers in Baton Rouge.

      Leonard Fournette rushed for just 35 yards on 17 carries in a physical, defensive game that went to the fourth quarter scoreless. The Tigers star junior, who ran for a school record 284 yards against Ole Miss in LSU’s last game, found the holes to be much less inviting against the Crimson Tide. It was the first time this season Fournette was held under 100 yards, and the second year in a row that he’s been stopped cold in the Alabama series. He ran for just 31 yards on 19 carries in a loss to Alabama last year that all but ended his hopes of winning the Heisman Trophy. His best game to date against Alabama came as a freshman in 2014 (21 carries, 79 yards).

  2. why not? trubisky who has only one year experience on a draft where the consensus is that no qb is worth a first rounder? certain plays he looks like marshawn lynch who catches . it will make this offense go, he starts improvement and drafts a qb next year. the bill wash philosophy of drafting for defense coaching for offense is the general rule, but he also traded up and got a slow wr named Jerry Rice. only ol drafted was harris barton. He also made his first draft choice a rb ( who didn’t work out i believe) so there are exceptions to the rule . is he worth the 2nd pick, probably not, but if no one else will trade up what are you going to do? get a lb why can’t even get along with a nurse? how about safety’s in the draft full of safties. no more broken down nobody ala Baalke, Fournette will be a piece of the foundation , then draft d the rest of the way. go 49er! go Warriors!

  3. “above all else, a linebacker”

    Grant: Have you changed your first round pick? Your statement means select the LB before the CB.

    1. If the Niners trade down and pick up another 2nd round pick, they can draft Kizer and my draft crush — Zach Cunningham.

      1. Agreed. Getting the extra 2nd rounder would be huge, as it would allow them to effectively waste (in my opinion) a pick on Kizer but still add a couple of top end players.

        1. Scooter:

          You’ve mentioned now in several ways that Kizer at 34 is a “wasted” pick. Am I correct in assuming that you have resigned yourself to accepting that the team will pick Kizer at #34 (if he is still there) but don’t want them to pick Kizer. Why do you think they will pick Kizer?

          1. I am of the opinion that Kizer has a number of traits which will appeal to Shanahan (good arm, good size, charismatic, good presence in the pocket, has experience running pro style concepts, still very young), so if he is there at #34 I expect they will take him. Basically, they still need a QB of the future and Kizer has as much upside as anyone in this draft at the position.

            But personally I don’t think he is worth the pick as I think his poor footwork and lack of accuracy will be a problem, and I don’t think his decision making is that good.

            1. Kizer is the Anti-Montana. Literally. Big. Strong arm. Tall. Falls apart under pressure. Clunky.

              As for “Upside,” that’s buying Florida Swamp land. Yeah, sometimes you win that gamble. Mostly though you have alligators and poisonous snakes.

              1. Moses, so in other words you’re saying that Kizer is the latest incarnation of Jim Druckenmiller?

              2. Yet Joe and Kaep are the only 2 SB QBs to run for at least 50 yards, and pass for over 300 yards.

                That sounds similar to me.

              3. Yeah even with the receivers blanketed, Joe would use his legs to convert third downs, frustrating them to no end, and helping the Niners win.

              4. Nah…you see Joe won 4 super bowls, threw no ints, and is the greatest qb to ever live…

                Kaep, not. Lets see if cop-socks ever plays again.

      2. If the 49ers were targeting Cunningham at 34, it makes total sense to float Kizer rumors. A team in the late first might trade back into the 2nd instead of taking Cunningham.

        1. I’m with Grant on Cunningham. I really like him. But I don’t think he will last until the 2nd round. Or at least he shouldn’t. He’s a 1st round talent. In fact I believe he should be a top 20 player, and I think he will make a better middle LB than Foster as he is excellent at taking lineman on and still making a play due to his length and great striking ability. Foster should be a WILL in a traditional 4-3 imo.

            1. As a middle linebacker I completely agree. Foster will be very good if he is allowed to play as a WILL though. Cunningham would be a great fit for the 49ers.

              1. Foster can play Mike too.


                Do you think the Steelers will give Ben a TE. He denied pushing for it, but every QB wants a good TE.

              2. Foster is good when lineman are kept off him. He will excel in some schemes, but if his DL don’t do the job I think Foster will struggle in the middle.

                The Steelers will draft either a pass rusher or DB in the first round, and the other in the 2nd. Those are the positions they have been scouting most heavily in terms of top talent. And the Steelers don’t usually do much to hide their intent.

              3. I personally think the view that Foster is a poor block shedder is overblown. He didn’t have to do it much, but he is adequate and could improve over time.

                I think this is a fair evaluation of Foster and Cunningham because it confirms my research bias.


                “In addition to his speed and quickness, Foster plays the game with strong instincts and block-shedding ability, two necessary components of a productive run-stuffer at the next level.”

              4. Honestly, after watching some Jarrad Davis 2015 tape, I am not even sure Foster is a better prospect than Davis. I don’t mean that to suggest Foster isn’t a good prospect, but Davis is really underrated. And Davis would be a much better fit at Mike than Foster would be for mine.

              5. I like Davis and Cunningham as well. But all things equal (healthy), I would take Foster. Foster is a guy that would give OCs nightmares.

                Cunningham is more of a gang tackler, he gives up extra yards after contact.

                I don’t like Davis in coverage and he needs to improve his techniques. In particular, he plays too high when taking on blocks. The problems I have with Davis are fixable. I don’t think Cunningham will ever be an elite run stuffer.

                Assuming the three all hit their ceiling, Foster is my guy all the way.

              6. They’re both good in the box, but Cunningham will be much better at covering displaced tight ends than Foster.

              7. I would say better instead of much better. Foster is good in coverage and excellent against the run. Cunningham is excellent against the pass and good-ish against the run.

              8. Foster would bump him as he came off the line of scrimmage and make him pay if he does catch it. Gronk would then be out for the season again.

                It may not be PC to say, but Foster can take people out of the game. I remember Lott setting the tone against the Bengals in the SB and Whitner setting the tone against the Saints.

              9. I like me some Jarrad Davis ….. a lot!

                That said, in terms of talent, RUEBEN FOSTER is “best in class” at ILB and one of the safest draft prospects in this entire draft thanks to a combination of physical, mental and instinctive traits.

                PFF: “Foster is a complete prospect, and should be considered among the elite players in this draft class. He graded well in all three phases of defense, most notably posting the highest overall and run-defense grades among FBS LBs, as well as the eighth-highest pass-coverage grade among LBs with at least 300 coverage snaps played. His athleticism is evident in all phases, as he has the quickness and change of direction needed to be an effective pass-rusher (he posted 22 total pressures in 2016 on just 93 rushes).”

                Two things stand out the most to me when evaluating Foster.

                1) Foster officially measured 6′ and weighed in at 229 lbs at the combine, but the LB I’ve evaluated on tape, plays like a ferocious 6’1″ 245 pounder (Patrick Willis’ measurements)! Foster might be the most explosive defender in this draft class. He’s an intimidating hitter with sideline-to-sideline speed.

                2) He’s the rare LB who combines elite physical traits with the kind of instincts that allow him the advantageous ability to react just a little bit quicker than everyone else on the field.

                Remember this kid everyone thought was probably too short and slow to stand out as a ILB in the NFL ……. Chris Borland? The kid nick named T-Rex, thanks to his ridiculously short Tyrannosaurus Rex arms? The kid with “average explosion, tackle strength and pop on contact”, who would be “consistently exposed in space” due to his “physical limitations”?

                I love to hearken back to Borland when I am evaluating ILB’s because he’s the poster child for making the case that, reacting instinctively, is the most important trait an ILB can have. So, when you combine instincts with the prototypical physical attributes Foster possesses, along with his aggressive, bone-shattering mentality, you end up with a player many scouts are comparing to #52, PATRICK WILLIS!

            2. Foster is a lot like Patrick Willis. Or a fast Ray Lewis. My issue is that the Alabama ensemble is so broad that it tends to raise weak players.

              I think most of us figured that out with Mike Rumph and Ken Dorsey back when Miami was pushing out all those great players. With the downside that not all of them were actually ‘great.’

              Though at least with Dorsey, we only wasted time as he was just a 7th rounder and they’re, basically, throw-away players you sift year-after-year to find the one gem…

              1. I think people fell in love with Rumph’s size. Dorsey was drafted in the 7th so can we really call him a bust? Rumph was a bust, but what about some of the other Canes drafted that year?

                Ed Reed, Jeremy Shockey, Bryant McKinnie, Phillip Buchannon, and Clinton Portis. Every player should evaluated individually. Miami was getting most of the best recruits fom the state of Florida back then. Bama gets top recruits every year. People shouldn’t write off prospects because they came from a stacked team.

            3. I would not draft Foster. Not for performance reasons but because I think he’s a head case waiting to break bad. Horrific childhood including getting shot by father, alongside mother. No wonder he goes off on people. I think you have to consider what happens once he is no longer cloistered with his teammates in Tuscaloosa.

              1. gw2,

                That is legit concern, as is Foster’s shoulder. I think that is why people are doing mental gymnastics to say that others are better. Foster has the best tape.

            4. For those who think that Reuben Foster is not the best LB in this year’s draft are either biased or smokin crack.

              Cunningham will be an average/slightly above average NFL LB. Foster – on the other hand – will be a perennial all pro and possibly rookie of the year.

          1. Agree on Cunningham and he’s one of my favorite players in the draft. While I think he’s going to go in the first, there is a possibility he could fall to the second if teams trade back up into the first to take QB’s who have fallen.

      3. The most dominant player on film by position is clearly Rueben Foster. When drafting at the second position you must choose the most likely player to be a pro bowler at the NFL level especially when you have a dire need for that particular position.

  4. Totally agree. Its lying season. All jolly fun.

    Fournette’s not the one at pick 2.
    The Browns will draft Garrett or trade him for a huge pick haul.

    The Kizer at 34 scenario makes far more sense. but it also makes sense for the 49ers to spook teams into trading back into the late first for a quarterback. Increases the chance of a targeted LB/TE/CB/FS/Edge/WR falling to 34.

      1. Really they’re not…This notion that Kyle has to build his team the way other coaches have is silly…This will be HIS first pick and it makes sense if he wants to build around a supreme talent like Fournette. You could also argue that Fournette is the 2nd most talented player in the entire draft after Garrett… Shouldn’t the team be thinking of taking the BPA?! Nevermind that right? Grant knows best…lol

        1. Except Cook is a probably better back for the NFL game. He’s got the attributes good NFL backs have (balance, ability to make people miss, adjust in the second level to extend runs, excellent vision (especially outside the tackles) etc.). His big flaw is that he’s a bit of a fumbler.

          Fournette. He’s just another over-hyped Power Back who lacks wiggle and vision. He benefits from what I call ‘Dinosaur Thinking.” When people evaluate running backs they keep thinking like it’s the 1950s/60s with that silly power-back mind-set. Well, the Days of Jim Brown being a 235lb Running Back running over 250lb linemen and 225lb linebackers are over.

          Yet NFL executives keep trying to do it…

          And he’s no Bo Jackson which is one of the comps I saw. Holy ****, but he’s no Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson shouldn’t even be brought up when talking about Fournette as he’s not even in the same zip code as Bo Jackson.

          He’s more like Herschel Walker. Straight-line power back fast enough to do well in college and will likely have a decent NFL career in the 4.2 YPC range. Hardly special. Hardly a guy you want to drop your #2 pick on.

      2. Athletically similar yes, Fournette is the natural born runner.

        And i don’t mean to sound cheesy, :) although I obviously do sound cheesy

        1. Fournette averaged 6.2 yards per carry in college. Henry averaged 6.0. Fournette scored 40 rushing touchdowns. Henry scored 42.

          1. Henry played on superior teams. Good RB, don’t get me wrong. Fournette is funner to watch for sure, thanks to many more individual eye-popping plays.

            1. For the most part, Henry is a downhill back who makes one cut, and then takes off.

              The slightly smaller Fournette adds elusiveness to the toolbox. “A THUNDEROUS running back, who looks to lay the wood though he is blessed with the natural elusiveness of a much smaller runner”

              “I think Derrick is more of a straight-line guy,” said Spears, now retired from the NFL and a broadcaster on the SEC Network’s SEC Nation. “I haven’t seen that wiggle yet that you love from a back, but what he does is effective in this offense. I think, look, not just because it’s LSU, you’ll get this consistently from a lot of people, Derrick Henry is obviously a great running back, but Leonard Fournette is the best college football player in the country. Henry was the bell cow for a SUPERIOR TEAM, but that doesn’t make him a superior player.”

              “The obvious part of Fournette’s game that stands out is the combination of size, speed and power, but he’s always had that,” Palazzolo told Saturday Down South. “Leonard took his game to a whole new level as a sophomore with newfound wiggle and his ability to create yards in tight spaces. That was one of the most impressive improvements of any player in the nation. I also love how he’s able to string multiple moves together. He can force a missed tackle, then quickly regain balance and make another move while maintaining elite balance”

              Leonard Fournette has the look of a generational talent, and that’s always an exciting proposition!

              1. This kinda reminds me of your missives about Conner Cook. ;p

                Fournett has good size and speed. He reminds me of Terrell Davis, who could hit that second gear.

                Elliot reminds me of Garrison Hearst. Very well balanced.

                Yes, Fournett may be better than Henry, but he is not on the level of AP or Bo.

              2. Seb, you keep misrepresenting my evaluation of Conner Cook. Never did I say Cook was a “generational talent”, nor did I even advocate for Cook as a 1st round pick.

                While evaluating the 2016 QB draft class, I felt like Cook should be considered as one of the top prospects, and I stand by that. He’ll be a back up for the Raiders as long as Carr stays healthy, but it’s way too soon to draw any kind of definitive conclusions about Cook’s NFL future.

                In fact, my biggest gripe with the way Cook was being evaluated, was the false narrative that he was a selfish player who might not be able to establish himself as a leader on the field or in the locker room. I felt he was being unfairly represented at the time, and I think it’s clear after his rookie season that these reports were wildly overblown!

              3. Fournette impresses the heck out of me. Size, speed, elusiveness, very athletic. If the Niners were more solid defensively, Fournette would work with their #2. But their defensive 7 are non competitive. They are going nowhere until that is addressed. They have to take a pass pressure run stuffer.. Jonathan Allen is my choice unless Garrett is still there. And they need LB’s. With NaVorro attempting a comeback off yet another major injury they really don’t have anyone you can bank on..

            1. Not even close. You’re talking about an over-hyped running back who lacks wiggle and vision.

              He’s not AP. He’s not Bo Jackson. He’s a slightly slower version of Herschel Walker (Walker had near Olympic speed). He’ll likely have some decent 4.2 YPC career and never really live up to his lofty pre-draft hype.

            2. RAW,

              I think you are overrating Fournette. He’s an excellent size speed player, but he’s north and south and struggles at times when he has to move laterally. That’s why I don’t like him as a fit for the outside zone. He is very good but he’s not AP.

        2. Considering his biggest flaws are lack of wiggle and poor field vision I’m not sure why you think he’s a ‘natural born runner.’ He’s a power-back with some speed. So everyone has lost their ****ing minds on a guy who doesn’t fit our offense or the Modern NFL even as the odd idiotic college head coach comes in and tries to play 1950s, 1960 or 1970s football…

          1. When I watch Fournette’s game film, what stand out the most to me is his rare ability to maintain balance through contact. He’s a very big, physical RB to start with, but it’s his uncanny (and elite) ability to square his shoulders and run THROUGH contact while maintaining balance, combined with 2nd level breakaway burst, that really separates Fournette from most RB’s.

            Of course, Fournette is not simply a big, power back! He’s a big, power RB with excellent vision and exceptional burst, who can maintain his balance through contact, either running through defenders, or breaking tackles and bouncing off defenders.

            Fournette is also a man’s man. He’s an alpha male football player who likes to establish his physical dominance in the first 10 minutes of the game, and not let up until defenders cry monkey’s uncle, which is the point where defenders have lost their will to put their body in harms way and tackle the punishing RB.

            Anthony Rizzuti: “Fournette’s acceleration maybe his best feature. It’s incredibly impressive for a back at any type of size. His breakaway speed was a nightmare for opposing secondaries and makes him a certifiable home run threat every time he touches the ball! When you possess the combination of speed and power Fournette does, which not many do, taking him down is an absolute chore. During his coming out party in 2015, he forced a nation-high 85 missed tackles as a runner, nine more than Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry on 96 less attempts (hope you’re reading this Grant). Basically ….. if you can’t tackle him, catch him if you can.”

            For those fans who get extra satisfaction watching a their team take a lead into the 4th QTR and finish the game by running the football down their opponents throat, Leonard Fournette is your man!

            I like CBS’s Dane Brugler’s take a lot: Leonard Fournette is the most physical finisher after contact I’ve scouted at the RB position, delivering punishment with an impressive combination of violence, power and determination. Lowers his pads and looks like a hammer in search of a nail. Runs with OUTSTANDING BALANCE to keep or regain his momentum while putting tire tracks on defenders. Consistently picks up yardage after contact. Controlled, athletic movements in the backfield with the cut-and-accelerate skills few players his size possess. Follows his blocks and hits the hole with conviction. Has second level speed to pull away from defenders in pursuit. Tough competitor, takes abuse and continues to do his job. Solid receiving option with strong hands to finish catches in traffic — also has experience tracking the ball downfield on wheel routes.

            And then there is Optimum Scouting – SI’s take: Fournette is a remarkable talent. If he can land with a team that can harness his upside, Fournette could QUICKLY become the MOST TALENTED running back in the NFL.

            The two words I’ve highlighted above speak volumes!

            I’ll finish this post with a quote from Fansided’s Shawn Spencer: “Regardless of where he ends up, Leonard Fournette is going to be creating havoc in the NFL for a long time. He’s the best offensive prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft and will be an absolute steal if he slides out of the top five.”

      3. Totally agree with your article Grant. A RB at #2 would be extremely unwise in my opinion. But if the 49ers were able to trade down and get Fournette plus another 2nd rounder I wouldn’t be too upset. Fournette is definitely a special talent. I get the comparison with Henry because they are both big and around the same speed (4.5ish) but that is where the comparison ends. Fournette is a much better back than Derrick Henry and I don’t think it’s close. If Fournette stays healthy he’s an All Pro RB in the NFL.

  5. The fly in the ointment is that everyone is familiar with the running back rules of Shanny. A much more believable rumor would be Trubiscuit, and how Shanny is drooling to get his hands on him. That might get the attention of the Browns and/or Jets….

    1. Cook except for the legal issues. He’s a much better back for Shanahan’s offense. And for the modern NFL. I look at him as Frank Gore with speed.

        1. JOE MIXON would be the 2nd RB off the board if he wasn’t caught on video delivering a knock out punch to the head of a women.

          This is especially true when you consider this:

          One NFL scout told Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller that teams should consider drafting Oklahoma’s JOE MIXON before considering DALVIN COOK. “The pattern of bad decisions are alarming, really,” a scout told Miller. “With my job on the line, I trust Mixon a lot more than Dalvin Cook.”

          Questions about DALVIN COOK’S character aren’t the only thing causing pause for NFL brass. Cook’s NFL combine was forgettable to say the least. However, Cook’s issues with ball security (12 fumbles), as well as a substantial history of injuries are even more alarming.

          Cook has dealt with nagging hamstring problems, but that pales in comparison to problems he’s had with both shoulders. Cook has had THREE surgeries to correct problems with both shoulders. Cook underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum on the back side of his right shoulder in 2016, and the front side of his right shoulder, 2 years prior (March 2014) to this, as well as surgery on the front side of his left shoulder while in high school.

          However, when I finished evaluating both RB’s, I came away feeling like Mixon was also the more talented between the 2. In fact, if it weren’t for his violent assault caught on tape, Mixon would likely be drafted at least 10 spots ahead of Cook, IMO.

          1. He had 43 yards in a game in which we fell behind fast and had to air it out. Kaepernick threw 46 times for 335 yards.

          1. It’s been a rough year or so, but the boys are doing good. They have me constantly on the run between little league, golf lessons and art classes. It’s crazy but a lot of fun at the same time. Thanks for asking.

            Hope everything is good for you and yours.

            1. Sorry the year has been rough. Glad your boys are busy. I always thought it was hard to learn a baseball swing and a golf swing at the same time. I always fired my hips too soon on the golf swing.

              1. Have to agree on the baseball and golf swing. But I remember when I was taking golf lessons about ten years ago, my coach had a former college pitcher as a student. He told me that the problem with the pitcher was that he hit the ball too far. IIRC something like 175 yards with a nine iron! Problem was that with about 40 to 50 yards between each iron, he had major problems on the course when the distance was between irons.

              2. Yeah, the two swings are so much different that it can be a challenge. Making it even tougher is the fact that they love to play street hockey too.

                The good part right now is they are active and not afraid to try new things. The 8 year old is very athletic and i can see potential for him with baseball. He only will listen to dad so much though so I think I’m going to hook him up with a coach to work with him after the season is over.

                Thanks for putting some good work together. It’s definitely helping to at least keep up with what’s going on.

  6. Hyde is a bit of an enigma, at least to me. I had him written off as the kind of guy who packs it in at first sign of adversity, basically packs bags, goes an IR, see ya. But last season right that point , when Kelly and team really in full blaze tire fire, he came back and looked he ran with some emotion. That surprised me. It makes me want to see him in what looks like a more purpose driven environment with KS and JL. Plus please do not burn a high pick on a running back of all positions.

  7. In an apparently minority opinion, I like Hyde. I don’t like his availability record, but I do like his Uber-effort. Yes, he needs an alternate. But I’m good with the guy.

    1. BT, I agree. Niners were 4th in rushing last year.

      If anything, they should trade back and select Chrisitan McCaffrey, because he will help in the passing game, and would be a good change of pace back to use in tandem with Hyde.

      Hyde in that Jets game showed me he has burst through the hole.

      First pick should be a stud pass rusher, or that center field Safety. Maybe even an ILB.

      My newest mock will have the Niners trading back with Jax, who really covet Fournett.

      1. The guy who would really help in the passing game is Ross. Probably the most potent offensive player in the draft. You can depend on drafting a good RB in the mid rounds. You can’t say that about WRs.

        1. My only dissension is his size, and there are fast receivers like Zay Jones, Chris Godwin and JuJu Smith Schuster who may be available later.

      2. Oh Seb!
        Not said in any meanness or snarkiness, but dude, you gotta pick one! Geez hahahaha. There’s 12 chocolates in the box, but you can only have one Thurs 4/27.
        C’mon, man.

        1. I think I caught you in a 4:20 Moment;
          ‘yeah this, or maybe this or that sure yeah. What? Oh, heck ya, could,be that too……what you got? Cookies…?’

          1. BT, 4-20 comes around once a year, but 4:20 happens twice a day. ;p

            I plan on a mock with 2 trade backs, but with reasonable compensation, so all teams benefit.

            1. Heh. It’s Lynchahan’s call. No idea what they’ll do.
              I plan on a Mexican themed grilled supper around the 1st Round.
              Salmon or Halibut Friday
              Kona Coast Sat @ Twisted2 (Duchess needs a break’from draft)

              1. Razor posted an article that had Lynch’s formula to build a SB team like the Bucs. He mentioned getting a stud pass rusher, stout LB and fearsome safety.

                I was just following his advice, but do not know which player he will choose first.

    2. Hyde’s issue seems to be staying healthy, not staying motivated. he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that needs to be sent messages through a GM presser. Maybe Lynch’s faint praise was just that… praise.

    3. BT,

      I agree with you. Hyde has had trouble staying healthy for a full season, but last season especially, he showed he can pick up yards after contact and get the most out of what he has available. He averaged 4.6 ypc last season behind a poor run blocking unit. He will be better in Shanahan’s system imo.

      1. Rocket

        I believe that I am agreeing with you in that Hyde seemed to be ‘trying’ too hard to carry the team which led to his injuries….I believe that Shannahan will bring him into the fold and make him a true pro….

  8. Am I the only one here that thinks Cook is a better player then Fornette. He seems like a bigger, McFadden.

    Cooks is more versatile too.

    Anyway this is all smoke and mirrors.

    1. I think D’Onta Foreman may be available later due to a slight stress fracture in his foot, but his tape shows elusiveness and toughness.

      Posters also previously mentioned Jeremy McNichols as a good mid round candidate.

      1. Forman looks like a baller. I’m concerned about heavy running back not named Bettis.

        But in all reality RB should be last on the list, unless they got some sweet deal trading back and getting more draft picks then they expected…and even then value needs to be there

    2. No. I think Cook is not only a better fit for Shanahan’s offense, but for the NFL.

      Fournette is a power-back with speed. A fast Eddie George. A somewhat slower Herschel Walker. He has their flaws — poor vision, lack of wiggle. Both those backs had NFL careers. But for all the props they got, they weren’t really big-time difference makers even though they had good careers.

      Cook is, basically, a young Frank Gore with speed. He’s got the same positives coming out of FSU. He’s got the same fumbling issue. He’s not quite developed to a full pro-skill-set (needs a few years of coaching like Frank Gore in things like ball security and blitz pick-up).

      The only problem with Cook is that he’s an idiot off the field. You’re really taking a risk by drafting him.

      1. Yup. All the physical talent can’t make up for a pea brain. It’s not to hard to figure who the physical talents are, but who’s going to land in jail, who’s going to sit out games in the commissioner’s penalty box, and who’s going to have a good long NFL career? That’s what you have to figure out.

        We don’t need to draft a team of boy scouts, but we need talented players who can stay on the field, who can play here a long time, and who can be leaders on the field and in the locker room.

  9. Grant, why would the 9ers consider any QBs in the first 3rds. This is a roster depleted of talented going into an early to mid round heavily talented draft with no special QBs. Doesn’t it make sense to restock as many positions as possible, let Hoyer be the bridge and look at the 18 QB draft and FA class with more elite options? Why even waste a pick on a QB with so many other needs?

  10. Hahaha ! Knew who wrote the article the second I seen the Caption. Grant I’m curious what your football career included. Answer us this also, how often honestly now, are you actually right ?

  11. Scott
    If you’ve actually been scoring, Grant’s been doing better. It’s my impression lately, that he’s getting better background info; a superior development for beat writers, which is part of his job description. In fairness, as a Blogger, it’s also his job to be provocateur. You clicked….right? Me2.
    : -)

    1. I agree he has been more positive thing and understand under Baalke it was very hard to be positive, but pessimists drive me nut’s. I am always ready to be positive about the Niner’s having been a fan long before Grant was born and reading about them for decades. Definitely better then Lou who even when they were tearing it up slammed every move. Don’t be Dad Grant is my advise !

  12. New mock with 2 trade backs, and one trade up.

    Niners will trade back with Jax because they covet Fournett.

    Jax will trade their first and third picks to the Niners, along with a 2018 second round pick, for the Niners’ number 2 pick. Numbers 4 and 68.

    Niners will then trade the number 4 pick to Cleveland so they can draft Trubisky. Bears will concentrate on fixing their secondary so they will probably take Adams. Cleveland will give up their pick numbers 12, 52 and 65 for pick number 4. They may overpay a bit, but they get their QB, and still have their 33rd pick.

    The Niners will then offer a 4th, 5th and 6th round pick to the Saints for their third round pick. Saints will do that because they have no 4th or 5th round picks. Niners sweeten the deal by offering Burbridge and Reaser.

    Saints will offer pick number 76 for the Niner pick numbers 143, 161 and 202, and will include Burbridge and Reaser, a 5 for 1 trade.

    The Niners end up with pick numbers 12, 34, 52, 65, 66, 68, 76, 109, 146, 198 and 219, along with a 2018 second round pick from Jax.

    Using the CBS draft board and trying to pick within 5 of the ranking, the Niners could select-

    12- Haason Reddick OLB
    34- Kevin King CB
    52- Raekwon McMillen ILB
    65- Josh Jones SS
    66- Zay Jones WR
    68- Derek Rivers DE
    76- Montravius Adams DT
    109- Brad Kaaya QB
    146- D’onta Foreman RB
    198- Stevie Tu’ikolovatu NT
    219- Aviante Collins OG

    1. Seb,
      Nice. Our defense would get a positive shot in the arm with the picks you have.
      You have just enough on offense to make things interesting as well.
      Kaaya could be a steal if he can recapture his early success in college. Never knew until watching the Jon Gruden QB show that Kaaya’ mom was the actress who played Felicia in the Ice-Cube movie “Friday.”

    2. I’ve been reading where the Patriots are coveting Tu’ikolovatu as a day 3 pick. I seriously doubt that he lasts that long. Neither will Foreman, but I like the way you’re thinking!

  13. Worst article ever. Fournette is the real deal and must be drafted at 2 if Garrett is not there. Anyone who has Kizer as his draft crush has issues. That guy has bust written across his forehead. Going back to Fournette, in my opinion he is the #2 player behind Garrett. If you want a max impact game-changer from the get go, Fournette is your guy.

    1. Fournette is Herschel Walker. Not quite as fast. Same pre-draft hype. Likely to have the same ‘ho-hum’ middle-of-the-pack career.

    2. With the defense giving up 200 yards to third string RBs, it would not matter if Jim Brown was running the ball.

      Gotta fix the defense, first.

      1. Hmm. Bama has the closest thing to a NFL defense and Fournette struggled against them. So the question is will he simply be a bust or a monumental flop?

          1. Fournette needs to go to a team with a strong line. OCs can’t find other ways to get production from him like Cook or Caff.

              1. Elliot is a really good back. Fournette is better. Stronger and just as fast. Elliot is better catching passes but Fournette is a better runner.

            1. But a running back’s success is also significantly dependent upon the OLine. How do your parse their contribution out of the comparison’s between RBs who played on different college teams?

              1. That Dallas O line even made a 4th round QB into an all pro.

                Baalke sure blew it. He let Joe Looney go, who filled in admirably for the Cowboys.

                Imagine if the Niners had fired Baalke sooner, and kept Looney. The Niners may have had better play from their QB, instead of having him suffer so many injuries, he needed 3 surgeries.

              2. Speaking of O lines, I wonder if KS will keep Trent Brown. At 360 lbs, he may not fit his ideal size for a RT.

            2. Elliott has a lot more lateral elusiveness than Fournette, the stuff you mentioned in the article. Quicker acceleration as well.
              While on that subject and just to quibble, and going from an old guy’s memory, I don’t remember Bo doing spin moves or jump cuts when I was watching him play in the NFL. It is an accurate depiction of Sanders and Allen, but not Bo. He pressed the point of attack, then picked a crease and either burst through or wiggled through with power. If the second level didn’t get him he was gone.

      2. LSU has had a terrible supporting cast around Fournette. Name me an O lineman worth a damn since Fournette has been there. Collins his first year but that is all.

        1. Les Stiles routinely (as in pretty much every year) had Top-10 recruiting classes. He great players everywhere.

          The problem is Les Stiles tried to run the old-fashioned power-running offense, specifically suited to Fournette’s running style, at LSU. And it didn’t pan out. Unlike the offense they ran around Beckham Jr & Landry.

          Now compare his lack of impact to backs considered ‘great’ backs that went to good (or even mediocre) programs. (As opposed to elite programs that are so deep it’s nearly impossible to make a difference at that level; teams like Alabama & Ohio State.)

          When Herschel Walker went to Georgia, the four years prior they were 30-15-1 under Vince Dooley. In the four years he was there they were 43-4-1 with a National Championship (under Vince Dooley). After he left, the Bulldogs were 31-12-3 under Vince Dooley. Clearly Walker made a heck of an impact. And the TV shows were constantly drooling all over him seeing how he elevated the Georgia program from ‘good’ to a National Championship contending every year.

          You can see the difference other ‘generational talents’ (at least in college football) running backs can make. Marshall Faulk did the same for San Diego State, taking them from garbage to respectable. Barry Sanders did it for Oklahoma State. Eric Dickerson took SMU to back-to-back national championships and made them a power after five-straight losing seasons.

          Fournette… Crickets chirping. He’s a fast power-back. But there’s no evidence he ever made a difference (as one might expect a generational back should) in a successful, but not elite program.

    3. If the Niners had the defensive personnel of a few years ago when Willis was there and Bowman was healthy and Justin Smith was still around, then take the RB as icing on the cake; however, when your defense virtually is devoid of a real starting inside backer and you need a quality corner, you cannot take the RB. When the second halves of your games turn into a passing circus because you are too far behind to run the ball, what good is the RB? Better shore up the defense with a draft that brings some starters. Trading back from #2 should get you at least 3 picks this year and another 1 in 2018. Niners need multiple starters and quality back-ups, and drafting Fournette does not bring that.

  14. I figured I’d show my face just to support my avatar. Hide is a beast!! Just give him an O line and he’ll be fine.

    1. Hey Old Timer!
      Yeah, lots of criticism for Carlos around here. I attribute it partially to the Gawdawfull bad taste in our mouths from the last few years of futility.

    2. Hyde has no moves. If he doesn’t have a huge lane in front of him or a clear cut back lane he goes on first contact. There’s nothing special about him and then you factor in the injuries.

      1. I disagree with your assessment on Hyde Coffee. Overall I think he has an excellent skill set. His issue is well documented which is his injury history. He has nothing around him to help take the load off. Constantly running into a wall. Even with that he flashes his ability to break tackles on a consistent basis. Until this line improves dramitcally in opening up lanes you wont be able to see what he is truly capable of. At least that’s how I see it. His time is now though to show he can be a lead back.

        1. Raw, I agree. Hyde in that 2015 Vikings game reversed field and out ran the defense.

          Too bad he also pointed at a defender and got an unsportsman like penalty, but he learned from that.

  15. Here’s my 2017 Draft Team

    QB: Pat Mahommes
    RB: Joe Mixon
    H-Back: Christian McCaffrey
    WRX: Zay Jones
    WRZ: Corey Davis
    WRS: John Ross
    TE: O.J. Howard
    LOT: Ryan Ramcyzk
    ROT: Cam Robinson
    LOG: Dion Dawkins
    ROG: Dan Feeney
    C: Forrest Lamp

    BaseLDE: Taco Charlton
    BRDE: Myles Garrett
    B3T: Jonathan Allen
    B1T: Caleb Brantley

    SubLDE: Jordan Willis
    SDT: Solomon Thomas
    SDT: Jonathan Allen
    SRDE: Myles Garrett

    MLB: Reuben Foster
    BSLB: Jarrad Davis
    BWLB: Duke Riley

    SS: Jamaal Adamas
    FS: Malik Hooker

    NCB: Tre’Davious White
    LCB: Kevin King
    RCB: Gareon Conley

    Who cares about kickers. I’ve probably left something out too.

  16. Gruden thinks Mahommes is the top QB prospect in the draft. Way too much interest in this kid for his only strength being arm strength. Stop hating and appreciate what a special player this kid might be.

      1. I loved Connor Cook. As a 4th rounder. Outside chance to develop. Taken in round where 80% of the players selected fail anyway… Hardly a big loss of draft capital and, who knows, maybe he’ll learn to play…

    1. I don’t think Gruden has great insight into young QB’s but I agree with here and too many are comparing Mahomes to lesser passing talents like Kap and RG -3. It’s a bad comparison. He is a much more accomplished passer than the so called play ground QB’s before him. All he needs is structure in the system he plays in and a chance to watch and learn and he could be very good.

      1. Sorry to differ, and I will not get into a big discussion about Kaep and Mahomes, but actually, RGIII is very accurate, and the only thing holding him back is the fact that he is playing on one leg.

        Yes. Mahomes has good tape, but if he went to a situation like the Niners, he would probably struggle. If he had the Aaron Rodgers treatment, and was allowed to sit, study and work out, he may succeed. If he came to the Texans, he may do well, but if he went to the Jets, he would flame out.

      2. I mock Gruden all the time. You get any college QB who made one check-down read or managed, by hook-or-crook, to drop a tight pass in a small window and Gruden creams his britches.

        He is, literally, the last talking head I will ever listen to when it comes to QBs. The guy raves just about everyone. It’s ridiculous.

    2. Well, I am pretty sure it’s Mahomes, with one “m”, CfC.

      And I am also pretty sure I’ve never heard scouts and talent evaluators use the word “if” as often as I do when I hear or read Mahomes’ projections as an NFL prospect!

      IF he can fix his footwork ……..
      IF he can duplicate his throwing motion ……..
      IF he can learn to make better decisions ……..
      IF he didn’t make as many “head scratching” throws …….
      IF his accuracy matched his arm strength …….
      IF he didn’t come out of an Air-Raid system ……..
      IF he doesn’t have to start right away ……..
      IF he is drafted by a HC who has had success developing QB’s ……..

      IF, IF, IF, IF, IF ……………………………

      1. And I’ll add 2 more:

        IF …… Mahomes throwing motion, footwork and decision making could be rebuilt from the ground up ……. then maybe, just maybe he can be developed into an NFL starter IF he get’s drafted by the right team.

  17. Not shockingly you’re missing the point. It’s another name added to the list of voices that think the kid is more then just an arm.

    1. Coffee has nailed his assessment of Mahomes. He has been on this kid for the last couple years. Love this kids tape. Someone will get a good one.

      1. Of course you like back yard type QB’s. Razzle dazzle and wing it right? Like the guy we just sent packing cause he was a one trick pony?
        I believe this organization is done with QB’s with limitations.

          1. sebnynah
            February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
            Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

          2. To bridge the gap with someone who know Shanahan’s ways and means.

            Kap is still unemployed-but thats because “they” all hate him. There’s no other reason in the past 3 than that.

            1. The league is always willing to give substance abusers, domestic violence abusers the benefit of the doubt. A political stand is not a deal breaker. If you can play, that’s the bottom line.. Kaep has shown little indication he can sit in the pocket, read and throw with accuracy.. That and Kaep’s delusional view he is a $10 million dollar starter in the NFL.

        1. So lets go get Trubisky right? LMAO…. How about Conner Cook last year. Keep your wonderful predictions coming Prime. Its nice coming on this site to get a good laugh. Lol

            1. Buckner last year in Rnd 1. This year if they stay at 2 I got them taking S Thomas. If they move down to 8 I got R Foster…

  18. Just thought I would post this regarding 5th year options since I learned something and others might be interested.

    “Fifth-year options are guaranteed for injuries, meaning that if Watkins suffered an injury in 2017 so serious that he couldn’t play at all in 2018, the Bills would still be on the hook for Watkins’ 2018 salary of $13 million. If the Bills don’t pick up Watkins’ option and he gets hurt this season, they don’t owe him a penny in 2018.”


  19. Mahomes will get a GM fired for taking him, or for not taking him.

    If Mahomes develops pocket footwork and cleans up his other glaring technique issues he could be a star. If not, he’ll flop.

    I see his quick release and how the ball naturally jumps from his hand no matter what the throwing angle, and I think he has great potential.

    I see his worse than terrible drop back at his pro day and think he’s hopeless.

    He’s the binary star-or-flop prospect of this draft. Could Shanahan get his footwork up to speed in two years?

    1. Brodie, That’s with most QBs entering the league. If he finds a good situation and finds someone who can develop a young QB he will be successful. If the Niners traded down he could be a guy they target. He has first pick overall arm talent. There is no denying that. I would take him 15 or latter in rnd 1. He has a lot of growing up to do. But man does he have talent…..

      1. Yes, but more so with Mahomes. He has the highest ceiling, but also a bigger chance of busting because we have no idea if he will develop pocket footwork. .

        I think a team gambles on him in the first. I have no idea if it will pay off. I’d seriously consider him at 34.

        This is a year deep in TE, CB, Edge, Safety. 34 has alot of value this year. A quarterback at 34 signifies the Niners are (probably) giving up on a 2018 first round rookie QB or Cousins.

        1. I agree 100 percent with that #34 pick. For example if they take Kizer that is who they view as there Franchise QB going forward. If they pass on a QB until rnd 4 or latter that means they are focused on Cousins or the 2018 class. Cant wait to find out either way.

  20. What’s amazed me is how many fans think Lynch should draft Fournette…at #2! If they’d look at Shanahan’s history as an OC, he’s never had a RB like him. It’s because he prefers slashers and guys who have excellent hands, to wit the guys he had in Atlanta. No defense really had an answer for Freeman & Coleman. He wants to create a similar skillset with the Niners. Hyde’s part of it, so are Hightower & Harris, but the latter two are only on one 1-yr contracts. There are a ton of excellent all-around RB’s in this draft…the best I’ve seen in years. Among my favorites are McCaffrey, McNichols, Hill, Hunt, Aaron Jones & others. Fournette makes a lot of sense for Carolina…because he could take some pressure off Cam. He makes no sense for the Niners.

    1. I agree with what your saying. I don’t think the Niners have any interest in Fournette. There trying to get a team to panic and move up. In such a deep draft there is no need for a team with so many needs to draft a RB in rnd 1. I was just saying that Lenard will be an absolute monster. Good points Frank.

    2. Right. Of the top-three running backs, he’s the least Shanahan. He’s a straight-line power-runner. He’s great for obsolete coaches that want to run college power-running offenses.

      Now if he hired Jeff Fisher or Marty Schottenheimer, I could see us taking Fournette. But we’re not doing the old ‘power-running’ offense.

  21. With all the praise about Ward’s versatility, will the Niners extended him or exercised the 5th year option?

    Maybe Niners want to wait and see how the draft shakes out. Or how his body holds up. Or how he looks at SHS.

    I’m guessing they use the 5th year option. If they extend Ward, they make him bet on himself by structuring the contract high in base salary keyed to roster bonuses.

  22. hyde not a disappointment just not that back that can carry team all by himself. really no running back is and if so very temporary….. its his contract year and him and ole boy from lsu would make a great tandem. but yeah hyde is a very good back just need more help, I believe.

  23. For something different I thought I would go through a list of guys I really like in this draft, that for one reason or another are underrated in some circles.

    – Carl Lawson: Highly disruptive edge player that wins with quickness, power and hand usage. If it wasn’t for his injury history he would be much more highly regarded.
    – Joe Mathis: Light bulb really came on last year. Not the best athlete, but I love a DL that will spend all game whipping the guy across from him. Mathis is also strong against both run and pass, and is a savvy guy in coverage.
    – Christian McCaffrey: This is a bit of a cheat in that some people have suggested he could be a top 10 pick, but I am going to include him anyway as a guy who’s impact in the NFL gets a little underrated. Even if Caff doesn’t end up a good RB, and personally I think he will, his receiving skills will be a nightmare to defend.
    – Brad Kaaya: People love to focus on what he doesn’t do well. But what he does well will be enough to ensure Kaaya has a long career as a backup QB at worst in my opinion, with starter potential. In this draft, that should make him one of the more attractive QB options, but nobody wants a backup so they will roll the dice on guys with more upside. I also like seeing college QBs that start and succeed as freshman, especially QBs that are doing it with their brain not their feet. Tough to do.
    – Zach Cunningham: I agree with Grant on Cunningham. No other LB in this draft is as adept at taking on and keeping lineman off him to make a play. His arm length and strong punch are real assets. And he also provides good football IQ against both run and pass. Put him on a team that has disciplined edge defenders against the run and watch Cunningham rack up the tackles.

    1. I completely agree on Lawson. I had him at #34 in my last mock. With his injuries and a deep edge class I think there is a real chance he falls to the 2nd.

      Mathis looks good. Good job finding that gem, I believe you were the first one to mention him.

      Some of my draft crushes are John Ross, Njoku, TJ Watt, and Josh Reynolds

          1. That looks like a slippery slope there, Grant. Past performances by other players is an odd test to project Lawson.
            How many defensive players from New Mexico are good in the NFL? I can only think of one ever, but Urlacher was quite good. Should the Bears have passed,on him?
            I recall when Hyde was coming out you dismissed Buckeye running backs as a group. While I get that you remain unimpressed by Hyde, Mr. Elliott has established himself.
            “Brand Name” comparisons of colleges are sketchy imo.
            Is Sonoma State an OL powerhouse? Larry Allen.
            ; -)

    2. Agree with you on the defensive guys, not so much on the offensive side of the ball, but you already knew that! Especially on McCaffrey. I see him as a very limited player who should concentrate on one skill (receiving) and give up RB where he is likely to have Avery short career. But that is my $0.02 or in your neck of the woods two bits. Agree that Kaaya is a backup though at best.

    3. I had mocked Lawson with an additional second round pick after moving back, but once Brock was cut, I have put Kevin King at 34. Guess Obi will go sooner, so I have selected King or Budda Baker with the second.

      1. Seb the only thing you should mock is your tail between your legs!
        You came on here all macho and bravado, talking smack about Kaepernick. Well now who has the last laugh?

        1. No, Prime, like RAW says, I laugh at you all the time.

          Big boys move on, whiny brats cant let go. I have moved on, and wish him well where ever he lands. You keep up your screeds, but they ring hollow and show what a poor sportsman you are.

          Being negative and engaging in Schadenfreude defines you.

          1. You’ve moved on cause all your screeds amounted to nothing. You lost and can’t even admit it.

            February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
            KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

            He who laughs last, laughs loudest.

          2. That is false, seb-skov. No way have you moved on. You constantly refer to ol windup.

            Dont know anything fruede, but I know Kap is unemployed!
            And to that I say to you, “Arbighten mach dos laben suez”!!!!!

      2. I have also mocked McCaffrey and Kaaya.

        I hope there is a run on QBs, and McCaffrey falls to the second round.

        I like how Kaaya has more than 13 games to look at, and he ran a pro set, so he may be the best Pro ready QB in the draft.

    4. I agree with you, Scooter, on Caff. Let’s look at some historic Fast Midgets:
      -Darren Sproules was a 4th Rounder but has been a major impact player for the three teams he’s been with. A fine OW, and surprisingly durable at 5’6″ 190 and entering his 12th season.
      -Terry Metcalf, 5-10’185. He was a game changer for Coryell as RB, receiver out of backfield and in returns. Struck fear in the hearts of defenders and ST Coaches.
      -James Brooks 5-10’180 24th Overall and played 11 years in NFL. He ran the ball inside, and in some formations lined up as the Up fullback in an I and would lead block for Chuck Muncie, and was lightning as a receiver.
      -Darrin Nelson (Stanford), 5-9 180-188, 7th Overall. Played 10 years.
      -Remember Joe Morris and Dave Meggett for the G-Men?
      -Charlie Garner?
      Just for perspective.
      (And NO! I have NOT forgotten about Dexter!)

      1. But you did cause Dexter to come up in my mind.

        Christian McCaffery entertained me at Stanford, especially when they ran inside and Christian would plant the linebacker waiting in the hole. The smarter the coaching staff, the more Christian will produce.

        His father was “let go” by “our” 49ers. Now that was a smart move.

    5. Thanks Scooter,I find myself rather neutral with this years crop of QB’s .I can however see your points with Kaaya.As to the other prospects I can say I would be happy to have any or all of them as 49ers.For my two cents the following are some of my favorites:(1) Jamal Adams S who has the talent and leadership traits that are the bedrock of good teams; (2)Evan Engram TE/WR who I think will be a matchup nightmare at either of the above positions and would be dynamite with our team;(3)Quincy Wilson CB another quality player who has the internal qualities to build a strong culture foundation in a team;(4)I would be remiss not to mention one Christian McCaffrey who I think is a multitalented Dynamo on O and would be a special weapon in Coach Shannahan’s system.

      1. Yeah, Wilson is another guy I think is being underrated in some circles. CBS has a 3rd round grade on him, for instance. Much too low. People are focusing too heavily on his 40 time compared to other guys.

        Adams is definitely a favourite of my mine, but then he is a legit top 5 prospect so didn’t have him as underrated :-)

    6. I don’t question McCaffrey’s potential in the NFL in terms of play making ability I just wonder how many 16 game seasons he has in him. I’d feel safest taking him in the latter third of the first round.

      1. Hard to say, but I also think he is unfairly dinged for his size. He’s not a midget. Plenty big enough for the role he will likely play.

      2. Cfc. Im not the McCaffrey fan others are, but never got the argument regarding him getting dinged up. He has always been able to stay on the field and this can’t be said for Fournette nor was it said for Hyde. Sometimes being bigger means you’re just a bigger target. There have been plenty of smaller backs that produced at a high level. Sanders, Gore, Mccoy, and many more have been able to survive in the NFL by not taking the punishment their bigger counterparts have.

  24. So who are the top 5 players and in what order?

    1) Myles Garrett – clearly far and away the top of the class
    2) Marshon Lattimore – although I am very concerned about the hamstring issues I still think you can’t pass on his talent
    3) Jamal Adams – very talented player
    4) Leonard Fournette – great back but as good as Bo?
    5) Rueben Foster – I think he’s the top LB

    I don’t think that the QBs merit top ten nor do I think everyone’s draft crushes of Thomas and Ross are top 10 talents. Top 20 yes but not top ten.

    1. I’m going on talent and position value. I’m not factoring health or 49ers need+fit.

      1) Garrett
      2) Hooker
      3) Allen
      4) Adams
      5) Thomas, Foster, Lattimore, Barnett

      Need, scheme fit and health have scrambled my board.

      I don’t have Hooker at 2. I’m liking Thomas at 2 because I’m sick if fragile players and the 49ers already have two players pegged for box safety. I’ve been changing my draft crush every 30 minutes. That’s why me (and many of us) hope for a trade back.

      1. What I like…

        Garrett – Prototype Edge Rusher. Speed, power, length, agility.

        Hooker – Once in a blue moon SHS with good size, great closing speed, ball skills. His “weakness” at tackling angles is about right some someone of his experience. Speaking of experience, having “only” one year starter is a big plus, not a minis. if he has incredible instincts now, imagine how good they will be in a year or two.

        SHS is a position of high importance in this defense because it enables an extra box player. That’s Huge!

        Allen – Production. Attitude. Leadership. Don’t over-think this pick.

        Adams – If the 49ers have need at box safety, he’d be my pick at 2. And he’s not just a box safety. Fast. Smart. Incredible leadership qualities. Can change a locker room.

        Thomas – Love him. Would be a perfect bookend paired with a smaller speed rusher on other end of D-line. Good hand technique (an under-appreciated skill not all players develop.) Don’t see him as a “tweener” at all. He’s a base down 4-3 DE. Kicks to 3-tech in passing situations. Only issue is Buckner and Armstead rush best at 3-tech too.

        Foster – Productive Tasmanian devil. That “3-down” LB the whole dang league is looking for.

        Lattimore – Admit I have not watched lots of footage. But ability to switch from backpedal and still accelerate is rare. Good tackler too.

        Barnett – Productive edge rusher. Don’t over-think him. He kills quarterbacks.

    2. I thought that this draft was supposed to have one (Garrett) “can’t miss” with 19 other guys at the next level in the top twenty if you forget the urge to take QBs.

      1. That’s pretty much true.
        Garrett is tier 1 then there is tier 2 with the likes of Adams, Hooker, and Fournette, then IMHO tier 3 with Thomas, Allen, Foster, and Davis.

  25. “Reach” Challenge – Other than Garrett, name one player that won’t be called a “reach” at pick 2.

    1. Jamal Adams. He’s the safest pick. Put him in day 1 and he redefines our D. No weaknesses in his game. Great leader with no injury concerns.

      1. Love Adams. If Lynch has one of Tartt or Reid on trading block, it could work. Or if Adams has the closing speed for SHS, perhaps moving to box safety later in his career.

    2. There really isn’t one despite the depth of the defensive playmakers in the the draft, and I would go as far to say there is no clear top pick either. Each prospect has a red flag of some kind which devalues him.

          1. Not really.

            Jamal Adams 6′ 214 LBs
            Ed Reed 5’11” 205 LBs
            Troy Polamalu 5′ 10 207 LBs
            Ronnie Lott 6′ 203 LBs

          2. Adam’s “size” is a red flag …… say what?

            6 foot, 215 lbs is perfect for his position. Adams is one of the safest picks in this draft class, certainly in the top 10.

            1. It’s because they think he’ll have to be in the box or even convert to linebacker/robber (like they tried with Tartt) as he’s not a good center-fielder/cover guy.

              Kam Chancellor is now considered the ‘prototype’ NFL ‘in the box’ Strong Safety – 6′ 3″, 235lbs.

              So, yeah, he’s small for that.

              1. It’s not like Adams is 5’7″ 175 LBs. Adams’ physicality jumps out whenever you watch him play. He will be fine at the next level.

                Not a good cover guy? He had 4 INTs the year before last when he spent less time in the box. He can cover TEs and slot WRs.

                Convert to LB? Are you sure you’re not thinking of Peppers?

              2. Give me a break MosesZD, Nice try! Chancellor is the exception to the rule. Do your homework bro! Adams is BIGGER than the average size of the leagues top rated Strong Safeties!

                Top rated NFL Strong Safeties:

                Donte Whitner – Browns: 5’10”, 208 lbs
                Calvin Pryor- Jets: 5’11”, 208 lbs
                Da’Norris Searcy- Titans: 5’11” 207 lbs
                T.J. Ward- Broncos: 5″10″, 200 lbs
                Morgan Burnett- Packers: 6’1″, 209 lbs
                Patrick Chung- Pats: 5’11” 212 lbs
                Tony Jefferson- Cards: 5’11”, 211 lbs
                Reshad Jones- Dolphins: 6’1″, 213lbs
                Kenny Vaccaro- Saints: 6’0″, 212 lbs
                Eric Berry- Chiefs: 6’0″, 212 lbs

                Jamal Adams: 6’0″ 215 lbs

                Above Top NFL Strong Safety average size: 5’11.5″ 209 lbs

              3. Good grief. You guys are getting up in arms over one word. Sheesh! ?
                I was asked what red flag Adams has, and I answered truthfully. His height is considered to be below the prototypical height for a strong safety. Does this mean he will be a bust at DB? Of course not.

              4. Those numbers are a fairly moot point 49ereasons, especially considering the fact that Whitner is no longer with the Browns.

              5. Bob Sanders (Colts) was one of my favorites players. I liked his fierce and fearless style of play. But at 5’8″ and about 206lbs, his body was able to sustain the hard blows he often delivered.
                Kam Chancellor is a rare find, and if there is a player that comes close to his likeness we should draft him with our first pick – but there aren’t.
                The kid Obi seems to have measurables close to KC but he is not the tackler who steals your soul like Kam.

            2. You can see the numbers in black and white Midwest (and Moses). IN FACT, Adams size is prototypical for the leagues best “in the box” Safeties, and if anything, as my list proves, he’s actually bigger than the average top SS’s in the league.

              And no, my point about Whitner (aka Hitner), who was one of the best, and certainly one of the the hardest hitting “enforcers” at Strong Safety in the entire NFL during his stint with the Niners, is in no way “moot!”

              1. Your comment is coming across as fan-boy cherry-picking rather than substance 49ereasons. It is also not something worth getting agitated about. As I said, it is not an indicator of how Adams will play at the NFL level.

            3. Point taken, Mid, but your use of ‘red flag’ may have contributed. To me that term suggests not taking a guy, be it medical, off field or whatever type of red flag.

              1. And even then, I don’t know who is suggesting it is a minor concern other than Mid! First I had heard anyone suggest his size was a potential problem. My understanding is he is pretty much the size teams are after for the position.

              2. Thanks for helping to clarify Scooter.

                6 feet, give or take an inch, and 215 lbs, give or take 5 lbs, is right on target in terms of size for what teams are currently looking for in an in-the-box Safety. That makes Adams just the right size. And the fact that Adams is a hard hitting 215 lbs, is even better. There is simply no team in the NFL who would consider Jamal Adams’ size a “red flag”, and that’s the point.

                Sure, an extra inch in height could be helpful in theory, but plenty of the top in the box safeties are 6 feet tall, or even shorter, so it’s simply not an issue whatsoever. And it is absolutely, unequivocally not a “red flag, which means MidWestDynasty and MosesZD are either confused, misinformed, or both.

        1. Does Adams anticipate or react to the ball in the air? I don’t know the answer but to be that good he better be a QB mind reader.

          1. Yes he does.


            “Adams is just as instinctive in coverage. His easy athleticism allows him to drop down and play nickel corner, covering slot receivers while keeping his eyes on the quarterback. Adams shows excellent route anticipation, breaking on underneath routes before some of the receivers he’s tasked with covering.”

            “Quarterbacks rarely challenge him but Adams gets involved in plays anyway by dropping his primary coverage responsibilities once the pass is thrown in a mad (but controlled) dash toward the ball.”

      1. This is why the staff that the 49ers has assembled must develop every pick.
        This is why I have full confidence in Shanahan to develop the QB they chose.

    1. True, and I could see picking him up but I think the talk of picking up is a ruse. I don’t think the 9ers want the pick. They want to move down a botany pick up additional picks. The drop from one to two is substantial. I think that they take Garett if he falls to them and they take a player if forced, but they are shopping that pick fiercely!!

  26. Generation= once every 33 years as defined by the ancient Greeks.

    Generational football player, as defined by the NFL Draft Trade Chart, is multiple–meaning more than usual for a player slotted there.

    Shanahan/Lynch have already received trade up offers…I believe a sign and trade could be accomplished.

    This would allow the Niners to trade back for more picks….Stay tuned.

    1. My scenario has the 49ers trading back with the team interested in Fournette.

      With there first pick they take a pass rusher–A Solomon Thomas, DeMarcus Walker, r Derek Barnett type or go with a safety–LSU’s Jamaal Adams.

      Gathering extra picks, they use their 2nd rounder on Forrest Lamp.

      1. Baalke has left the 49ers, taking everything, including the doorknobs when he exited the building.

        In Rebuild mode, a foundation w/o Baalke’s O-Linemen is where you start if you’re even considering an outside zone running scheme.

  27. Miami Dolphins 2017 NFL Draft Scout:

    Western Kentucky never has had a player drafted before the third round, but Forrest Lamp is likely to change that later this month.

    The expectation is that he will be a first-round pick, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility he could be the first offensive lineman taken in the 2017 draft.

    Lamp said during the NFL scouting combine some teams told him they would use at tackle, where he played at WKU, others told him he’d play guard and some even told him he might end up at center.


  28. The San Francisco 49ers had a private workout with Lamar center Bret Treadway following his pro day, per NFL Draft Diamonds.

  29. Treadway, who is considered to be one of the most athletic interior lineman available in the draft, started all four years of his Lamar career.

    NFL Draft Diamonds asked Treadway who he compares himself to. “Travis Kelce, because we have the same body frame,” he answered. “We rely on our quickness and footwork to get the job done rather than power from size.”

    Lance Zierlein of NFL Media, who compares Treadway to J.C. Tretter, had the following to say in his scouting report:

    “Has Day 2 (Rounds 2-3) talent and plays with a level of consistency and tenacity that offensive line coaches dream about.

  30. The San Francisco 49ers are among the teams who are showing interest in Virginia Tech QB Jerod Evans, per Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle

    1. I’ll scan some breakdowns later. Nice touch and fade passes. Deep outs are missing. Patterns that need velocity. Not saying he lacks power, its just not displayed in this set of highlights.

      1. Evans is a project but as a late round pickup he could be worth some development-in the bit of film I saw looks to have a big arm ,leads the receiver well …interesting.

        1. I don’t think he has a long wind up. Looked about average to me. Didn’t see him take any snaps under center, but that’s not unusual these days.

          Hadn’t seen him before, reminded me at times of R. Wilson.

          1. He has it when his upper body mechanics are off, that probably didn’t show up in the highlight reel. I saw several VT games this year and he is an inconsistent passer. But the fact that he already knows how to throw properly is intriguing. Could be a nice pick.

  31. Is Thomas one of College Footballs top Linemen ?

    CBS Sports thinks so, ranking Solomon Thomas the second overall prospect in this year’s NFL Draft. But he’s not overly fast — a 4.69 40-yard-dash time at the NFL Scouting Combine. So speed would be another problem on an already slow 49ers D-line.

  32. Clearly you haven’t seen Founette play much to say he has average speed. Henry can be a good runner in the league but was more of a product of the system in college. Fournette was all LSU had so it was easy for a defense like bama to stop him. Fournette will be a franchise changing talent for some team and the Niner would be smart to pick him at no. 2

    1. Fournette is once a generation.
      He’s incredible.
      I fervently disagree with this article.
      Get him then trade up for Foster in the teens.

    2. For a running back 4.51 is not special speed at all. Not in the NFL. There were 12-backs at the combine that were at his speed (or faster.) +/- .02.

      The guy isn’t Bo Jackson. He’s no Eric Dickerson. He’s not even Ezekiel Elliot who is faster and has better vision, wiggle and skills.

      He’s a fast Eddie George. He’s a slow Herschel Walker. The power-back, no-moves paradigm works well in college, but poorly in the NFL. And that’s no matter how many times coaches, like Jeff Fischer, try to reinvent the 1950s.

      1. You are wrong about the size of the NFL “in the box” Strong Safeties MosesZD!

        Top rated NFL Strong Safeties:

        Donte Whitner – Browns: 5’10”, 208 lbs
        Calvin Pryor- Jets: 5’11”, 208 lbs
        Da’Norris Searcy- Titans: 5’11” 207 lbs
        T.J. Ward- Broncos: 5″10″, 200 lbs
        Morgan Burnett- Packers: 6’1″, 209 lbs
        Patrick Chung- Pats: 5’11” 212 lbs
        Tony Jefferson- Cards: 5’11”, 211 lbs
        Reshad Jones- Dolphins: 6’1″, 213lbs
        Kenny Vaccaro- Saints: 6’0″, 212 lbs
        Eric Berry- Chiefs: 6’0″, 212 lbs

        Top NFL SS average size: 5’11.5″ 209 lbs

        Jamal Adams: 6’0″ 215 lbs = Bigger than the average size for the top NFL “in the box” SS’s!

        As for LEONARD FOURNETTE, his speed (his 4.51 40 was the fastest time for a 240 lbs RB recorded at the combine in over a decade) is matched by his ability to accelarte past 2nd level defenders. At 240 lbs, Fournette reaches elite status with his ability to square his shoulders at the point of attack, and run right through would be tacklers, and/or bouncing off defenders, while stringing moves together while simultaneously using his 2nd level burst and acceleration to break away from linebackers and DB’s at the back end of opposing defenses.

        NFL Twitter acct: NFL Research ✔ @NFLResearch
        Based on the combine, Leonard Fournette has:
        – Same weight as Clay Matthews
        – Same burst as Percy Harvin
        – Same speed as Jordy Nelson

        Yes, Fournette is special!

        Grant has used Derek Henry as a comparison to Fournette. However, Henry is a one cut and go, straight line runner who lacks Fournette’s vision or patience, and doesn’t do nearly as good of a job of squaring his shoulders before taking on defenders. Henry also lacks the wiggle, or instant break away acceleration that Fournette possesses.

        Their are plenty of other impressive RB’s in this draft class, but none of them come close to reaching what many scouts believe if Fournette’s ceiling at the NFL level.

        Some people who think DALVIN COOK could be in the conversation as this draft class’s top RB, but I highly dissagree. While I do think Cook has potential to be an exceptional NFL RB, I don’t think his potential comes anywhere close to Leonard Fournette’s. Cook would be the first to admit that he was hurt by his combine performance. At the combine, Cook’s numbers in the broad jump, three-cone, and shuttle drill were less than impressive for a 209 lbs RB. While on the filed at FS, Cook also had issues with injuries & ball security, as well as serious character concerns. In fact, some NFL teams are scared to death about Cook’s ability to keep himself out of trouble in the NFL.

        Joe Mixon is hands down this years 2nd best RB prospect in terms of talent, but he too has red flags when it comes to corrector!

        McCaffrey is as versatile as any offensive weapon in this draft class, but I have serious questions about his ability to excel at the NFL level as either a RB or receiver, because he probably can’t hold up running in between the tackles, and he has physical limitation as a WR. I think he’s a luxury pick because he’s primarily a Slot Reciever/Kick Return Specialist who can probably handle no more than 5-8 carries a game out of the backfield.

        1. I don’t think you understand the word “Prototype.” QBs have a “Prototype” size. It’s 6′ 4″ Not all QBs are 6′ 4.”

          So you kind of wasted your time looking all that crap up. Kam Chancellor is the new flavor in ‘prototype in the box SS.’ When NFL fashions change, the size might go up, it might go down. I don’t know. But it’s been that way in the Copy Cat NFL since I started following the 49ers as a child back in 1966.

          And just because something is prototype, doesn’t mean it’s THE LAW. It’s just something teams use to evaluate a player’s potential. Like Russell Wilson who, but for being 5″-6″ ‘too short,’ was a Round 1 QB based on talent and production in college. He dropped to the 3rd round even though he was, after Luck, based on skills, production and talent, a far better talent than many who were drafted well ahead of him.

          1. Actually MosesZD, I think YOU have a misunderstanding of the word “Prototype”. Prototypical is defined as denoting “the first, original, or typical form of something”. When refering to football players, it’s almsot exclusively used to describe “the typical size, build, and athleticism” of a player at his prospective position.

            In fact, I don’t know any credible person who uses the word prototype to describe a player who is much larger than what scouts refer to as the optimum size for the position, especially considering that almost every single top player at that prospective position is much smaller.

            Kam Chancelor is not prototypical size because he is, by far, bigger than almost every other player who excels at the Strong Safety position in the NFL. Therefore ….. follow me closely MosesZD …… Kam Chancelor is NOT considered the prototypical size for the position. In fact, if most players his size struggle at the strong safety position because their bulk makes them slower, less agile, and not as effective at lateral movement and changing direction.

            Prototypical size for a QB is in the 6’3″ – 6’4″ 220 – 235 lbs range. This, in no way, means that a QB must fit this description to play well in the NFL.

            So to refer to Jamal Adams size as a “red flag” is a ludicrous statement IMO, because the FACT is Jamal’s size if very typical of almost all of the top players at his projected position.


              1. When scouts refer to Jamal Adams as “good sized” for an in the box safety, which they almost all do, they are doing this for a reason.

                Link me one, just one credible scouting report that says Adams’ (6’0″ 215 lbs) size raises red flags. Just one MosesZD! Of course, when all of the top Strong Safeties in the league are at, or around that exact same size, it’s a stretch to question Jamal Adams size when it comes to the position.

              2. And, by the way, I NEVER SUGGESTED IT’S THE LAW, that a player must fit a certain prototype to succeed. What I said is that it’s wrong to refer to someone size as a red flag, when he’s the same size or bigger than almost every top player at his prospective position.

                Russell Wilson is another guy who is an exception to the rule. so is Drew Brees. However nobody is going to raise “red flags” when it comes to the prototypical size of DeShone Kizer, are they? Of course Kizer may never be a starter in the NFL, despite his size.

                My gosh, even Mitch Trubisky avoided “red flags” for his size, even though his size (especially hand size) is what is considered borderline for a prototypical NFL QB.

      1. When you say low ability, you referring to those who make predictions, but they never seem to pan out.

        However, my ability coincides with correctly picking 3 players from my last mock last season, so maybe you are referring to those with high ability, who downplay their acumen. To wit- ‘The miscalculation of the highly competent stems from an error about others.’ ;p

        This is the draft. Even the paid prognosticators can be wildly inaccurate. Even great picks can turn out to be busts. Many drafts cannot be evaluated until 3 or 4 years later.

        Sure, it is an exercise in futility, because even if many will predict many things, a team will make a trade and change the draft order, and all the previous prognostication will need to be adjusted.

        It is idle speculation during the off season, and every poster can play GM. The good thing is that there is an archive, so past Mocks can be graded. Some wonder why I do so many mocks. I do them to crunch the numbers, and some players tend to get picked over and over because they are the best player who will also fill a need, who is available at that number.

        1. Those players who get multiple picks will be included in on my final mock.

          I hope the Niners can avoid the grave errors.

          I hope Lynch channels ‘Trader Bill’ Walsh.

          I hope Adam Peters makes shrewd assessments.

          I hope Lynch goes bold.

          1. He is also obsessed with statistical analytics. Brings it up often in discussing prospects to pass on versus to take. Very Baalkian!

      2. The nature of the affliction prevents recognition by the afflicted, furthering the behavior. eg: the rambling response and missed self-diagnosis.
        This is a terminal condition in the sense of Humpty-Dumptyism.

          1. Oh Sisyphus! How Baalkanian of you to return to full force. Isn’t it wonder out that of all posters you were first to think that the diagnosis didn’t apply to you? I wonder why?

              1. We set oírme watches by your predictability. Another mock, justification on your football acumen, your incredible language skills (followed by feats of verbiage – some questionable – but who’s quibbling), mock, screed , Baalke put down, Kap justification, NEW wrinkle a criticism of Kyle Shanahan for not doing what you want, was, repeat, etc….

                Oh and when cornered a claim the t you are simply just like everyone else and not to take it so seriously and everyone should relax.

              2. East, this IS a blog site, not the draft war room.

                I certainly do not claim to be associated with the Niners, and only claim to be a die hard faithful fan, despite what your pushback implies.

                I also have an opinion, and choose not to kiss arse, unlike some of what the other posters do.

                I have been duped by the FO presenting HCs like Tomsula and Chip, and plan to be skeptical about a rookie HC who collapsed in the SB.

                I also see posters dump on Kaep while KS and JL sign very limited QBs like Hoyer and Barkley.

                Hyde and Bowman mentioned that Kaep remains unsigned, while teams have signed QB that are far inferior to Kaep. I will believe them over the peanut gallery, any day.

                If you claim that Hoyer is far superior to Kaep, I will question your football knowledge, too.

              3. You never willingly cede ground Seb. Always fighting even in defeat such is your Sisyphean quest constantly pushing that stone as if it means something. You are a hero in your own epic tale thinking you influence posters and front office types with your postings when you are only fighting giants in your imagination. But keep at Quixote!

              4. Seb who are you kidding. The only true reason you are skeptical of Shanahan is cause he didn’t want to hook his trailer to your boy, the limited QB.
                The sourness always surfaces.

                The last laugh is mine!

              5. Sisyphus does gain the enmity of the Gods, but he did cheat death into chaining himself with chains meant for Sisyphus..Then nobody could die.

                Still do not think you can project Baalke upon me. I will tell you if you are wrong to your face. I do not need to leak smears and stab someone in the back.

                Yes, Baalke has a big ego, but so do you. Maybe you are more like Baalke because it seems you are towing the company line.

              6. Prime, you are partly correct. I am laughing at you all the time. Kaep will do well no matter where he lands, despite your screeds. I am just resigned to not seeing him do it as a Niner. Then KS will look even more foolish to have thrown away his best chance to win. Championing Hoyer just proves your lack of football knowledge, and if you think a flash in the pan QB like Trubisky would come save the day, I will just point out his last bowl game.

                However, I am not satisfied about the present QB situation, and am wondering if they will be content to lose by not even trying to get the best QB possible. I suppose they are going to be patient, and not worry about losing their jobs, and sucking for the chance to get an elite QB next Draft makes sense if they are building for the future.

                Guess you did not watch the last SB, when the Falcons had a massive collapse. KS was the architect, and doubled down by defending his actions.

              7. Seb a couple weeks ago you declared who would have the last laugh as to wether the 49ers would keep or dismiss Kap. You thought it was still an option.
                Now your playing the Shanny messed up card. How convenient.
                Well looks like I am having the last laugh!

                March 24, 2017 at 5:34 pm
                His new QB is Hoyer? Why did they pay him second string money?
                Barkley was so limited, he could not supplant Cutler.
                Wonder who will have the last laugh…….

              8. Still fully unaware of what the Sisyphus myth implies. Not surprised at all. You think it makes you a hero. Still chasing giants where there are windmills while you are a sad man wh has lost his mind.

                In my town we had a guy who thought he was a bus everyone knew he was mad, there was not enough money to put him in an insane asylum because the family was poor and it was a 3rd world country. He would make stops around town and was harmless. Everyone ignored him, but no one paid to get on this bus….

          2. Poor ol Seb…….

            You can take the man out of Berzerkely, but you cant take Berzerkely out of the man………….

      3. htwaits

        What as great study…! As to how it’s interpretted here…I fear it will fall on deaf ears…again…thanks

        1. In response to HT’s contribution: Thank you HT for calling out attention to the Emperors who are dancing naked.

        1. You peoples are too easy, and make me ashamed to think you call yourselves Niner fans.

          Real Niner fans are gritty and determined, and do not fly off the handle over a simple post.

      1. Happy Easter. Some of my best memories were sitting among friends, sipping a cup of joe, and watching the kids pour out of the house to search for Easter eggs in the meadow.

  33. Happy Easter! I remember taking flour, and making giant rabbit prints through the house to where the baskets were for the kids;>)

    1. Funny; you made it so easy. My memories were of me and my brother in law hiding eggs in the yard after drinking some wine. In the morning we generally had no clue where they were or how many we put out.

  34. Happy Easter to all of you. Enjoy your day and most important your families. What happened to Todd Heap’s daughter is another example of just how precious but also fragile life is. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Heap family in this time of unimaginable heartbreak. RIP.

      1. My bad, I was thinking about Konrad Reuland and his donation to Rod Carew.

        I truly am sorry for the tragic loss. So young….

  35. Mock 5.0 No trade back.
    1. #2 Solomon Thomas, Edge, Stanford
    2. #34 Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut
    3. #66 Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech
    4. #109 Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson
    4. # 143 Howard Wilson, CB, Houston
    5. #146 Kareem Hunt, RB, Toledo
    5. #161 Hardy Nickerson Jr, OLB, Illinois
    6. #186 Vince Biegel, Edge, Wisconsin
    6. #202 Chad Williams, WR, Grambling St.
    7. #219 Javarius Leamon, OT, South Carolina St.

    1. Newest mock to compare with Juan, with no trade backs.

      2- King Solomon Thomas DE
      34- Jarrad Davis ILB
      66- Zay Jones WR
      109- Justin Evans SS
      143- D’Onta Foreman RB
      146- Shaquill Griffen CB
      161- Tanoh Kpassagnon DE
      198- Stevie Tu’ikolovatu NT
      202- Joshua Dobbs QB
      219- Aviante Collins OG

    2. It’s an excellent mock Juan, but only because you have several players falling to spots that are extremely unlikely. Mahomes is being talked about as a first rounder, not a third rounder. Hunt is being talked about in the 3rd-4th round, not the fifth.

  36. Mock 6.0 No trade back.

    Round 1 thru 7…………Anybody available on the draft board. There, that was easy. I got them all right! ;))

  37. Yea MW, a little sarcasm on this Easter Sunday. I’m warming up for my wife’s family who are coming to my property today for a rainy Easter egg hunt and dinner! 22 wonderful folks. Well, at least the kids and grand kids! Also mock 6.0 is for all the prognosticators who put forth more mocks than there are birds on this planet and then in the end claim they picked’em!! I know it’s all in good fun and not really that important in the big scheme of things. I think I’ll stick with my mock 5.0. Ok, that’s it, I proclaim that my final, final mock! Have a great day everyone!

    1. Pointed out in the article a growing trend among the top prospects. Let your tape and pro days speak for themselves and not put yourself at any further risk of injury. If you’re trying to build your draft value then you’ll take on the extra risk.

    2. I don’t blame him. You blow an ACL or Achilles and it’ll cost you more millions than refusing to mess around for some club.

      Take Sydney Jones. He was getting a lot of ‘mid-to-low Round 1’ talk. The Packers and Eagles fans were praying he’d drop to them.

      Then he blew his Achilles last month at his Pro Day. He was a lock-down CB at Washington. Great ball skills. Didn’t allow a TD all year. Not perfect, as he’s a little thinner than the 195-to-200lb range teams like nowdays. But, still, a great prospect.

      Now when do you draft him? Round 3 like Redmond? Round 4 or Round 5 because Achilles are harder to come back from than ACLs.

  38. Hoping the team doesn’t spend any pick higher then #161 on a QB. If Dobbs’s recently inflated value is BS then he would be perfect there. Otherwise I’d wait until #198 or possibly later and take a flyer on Jerod Evans.

    1. CFC – A minute before I clicked on this page, I intended to post something about having chocolate for breakfast.

      They need to give the scientist that invented a rabbit that laid chocolate eggs a big raise.

  39. Hmmm, the latest bleacher report Mock has 4 DBs going in the first 11 picks and 9 DBs in the first round. That will probably be a record.

    There were also only 2 OL in the first round, which shows how weak that position is in this draft class.

  40. Happy Easter all! Hope all of you are with friends and loved ones! As we all prepare for “draftmes” I have been enjoying all of your mocks, I am not sure which of Serbs to score as I count 184, but hey, the more lotto tickets you buy the better the odds increase. I think I am going to mock once and live and die with that!

    1. Happy Easter Reb, Just look at my last mock before the draft.

      Since Lynch admits to looking at all options, I plan on giving him a few more trade back mocks, just to show him what is possible, even if improbable.

        1. Well since you insist.

          Lynch thought that he could just cut players, but when they signed with a division rival, maybe he has been having second thoughts. Trading away players does 2 things. One, they get something for a player, instead of nothing, and two, they get to place the player hopefully out of the division so they will not spill their guts providing good intel.

          The quickness to which those players signed is proof to me that they still had some value.

          Luckily, Lynch traded with the Ravens, who showed him how the Ravens got something, even if it is moving up 12 places in the draft. The Ravens also got to place Zuttah in the NFC, far away from the AFC East. Hopefully Lynch has learned from this off season, and will not repeat the same mistakes.

          Lynch has never been a GM, and does not have any experience in the FO, so he needs to learn fast. So far, he had done a good job signing so many FAs, although I wish he had been able to land a couple of the biggest names. Too bad he is disadvantaged by the terrible rep the Niners have. Oh, how I long for the Glory Years when former All Pro players would take less just to come to the Niners and get a ring.

          So far, Lynch has done a good job with the draft prep, and I sure hope he emulates ‘Trader Bill’.

          All they need to do is hit a couple home runs, and if he plays his cards right to leverage that number 2 pick to garner several second round picks, he might hit a grand slam.

          Preening? That is a Baalke move. Too bad during the 13 game losing streak, it became more like a dead man walking.

          1. Seb makes good, well reasoned points.

            Lynch knows very little with respect to NFL talent and has no one around him to bounce ideas off of………..

            Except, he does! Quite lame, Seb…..a human peacock……….

            1. At times…not always…Seb behaves like a 6 year old sitting in the back seat, refusing to put his seat belt on, throwing his animal crackers all over.

              1. His bud is either waayyy better than the rest of ours’……..
                ……or way worse. He appears to be posting from a seperate reality.

          2. Mighty Quinn……..

            Given this is a whole new coaching staff, and a team that is going to change drastically in the next 24 months, —-just what type of worthy “intelligence” can they get?
            Should they keep the Deadwood for fear of giving up secrets which have no meat to them?

            Your just pissed at Lynchahan because they sent you guy packing. And if and when Kap does get picked up………what’s he going to know and tell about the 9ers new schemes? You could put it in a thimble.

            1. Landry knew far, far more….infinitely more…….about Lombardi way back when–and still got his butt kicked.

            2. Hmmm, the Seahawks signed Wilhoite, just like Moody, Garrison Smith, Tukuafu, Michael Robinson and many others. In fact, it has been a yearly occurrence.

              Even with the newness of the coaching, He can give good intel on the remaining players, and can describe the locker dynamics. Discounting such intel was the former Niner way with Baalke. With Lynch signing Coyle and Smith, maybe he is learning quick.

              1. And yet all that great intel got them what? The same amount of wins as the Cardinals who didn’t do that, so how did the Cardinals accomplish this Herculean task? Your logic needs rework. The fact is the Seahawks have been superior to the 49ers in just about every way (especially in the QB dept) for some time. Intel had not mattered despite your fevered reports.

              2. In 2014, the Niners traded Parys Haralson to the Saints and let Ricky Jean Francois sign with the Colts. Niners lost both of those games.
                Both those players spilled their guts about the Niners.

                Niners have not beat the Seahawks for awhile, and the intel from those players sure did not hurt the Seahawks.

                Cardinals picked up Iupati, so your fallacious assertion that former players would never turn on their old team is quaint, but delusional.

              3. And maybe you threw a few bits of info out there, put a slant on them, and drew the conclusion that you are right.

                Yet, Kap is still unemployed…………………..I wonder how those cop-socks and glorification of Castro are looking now.

              4. You really are predictable…

                What was the Niners record in 2014 again? What was Indianapolis! And we played the colts in preseason that year beating I 2014. While NO was not better than ours it wasn’t that much worse and it was a win for the Niners in OT 27-24.

                You might mean 2013 though but this mattered little as the record was 12-4 for the team and I doubt they mattered in terms of intel. Like always your info is half baked.

              5. East you are correct. My bad. 2013.

                Still, it was a loss to the Colts 7-27, they lost to the Saints 20-23, and it cost them home field advantage, so the Niners had to play in Seattle instead of at home.

                Seahawks were 13-3 and the Niners were 12-4.
                Home field advantage is not something to take lightly, especially for a NFCC Game.

    1. Think the Bears will do a “Nervous Nelly” trade-up from 3 to 2 to secure their quarterback?

      I’d take 2 for the Bears 3+67, or 2+66 for the Bears 3+36. I’d jump at 2+109 for the Bears 3+36.

    2. However true it is or isn’t, and regardless of any motivation by the Bears to blow smoke, this does look like good advertising for our Mr. Lynch’s interests.

      1. I’m encouraged by the quarterback chatter. Maybe one of the teams below will make a move

        Bears 3 – Unproven QB
        Jets 6 – Needs New QB
        Chargers 7 – Older QB
        Saints 11 – Older QB
        Browns 12 – Needs New QB
        Cards 13 – Older QB
        Skins 17 – QB facing $34m 2018 franchise tag
        Texans 25 – Needs New QB

        And the more quarterbacks taken in the first round, the more likely there will be a “faller” BPA at 34 (or reasonable trade-up distance)

        1. Dont forget KC, where there have been rumblings about moving on from AS.

          Jags are not totally sold on Bortles. Rams have a new young HC, so he might upgrade from Goff. Giants and Eli may move on. Big Ben of the Steelers may retire.

          Too bad this QB class is so weak.

              1. Two years isn’t a big commitment and Watson would need two years to develop. They could also trade Taylor next year.

        2. Pretty good list. I have some minor differences:

          Bears: The Bears like Glennon. They tried to trade for him last year. Or maybe it was the year before. Talks fell through though.

          Chargers, Saints & Cardinals: My guess is that none of them are going Round 1 and hoping to strike gold with a developmental prospect. But it’s not like a Round 1 QB isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

          Texans: Tough spot. Nobody at 25 will likely be ready to take them anywhere. But what choice do they have? Cutler? RGIII? Ol’ Windup? They’re a real tough call right now.

    1. Yes it is. As has been mentioned previously he isn’t best suited to Shanahan’s system, so the talk of the 49ers being interested in him doesn’t ring true.

      1. That’s been my point. But beyond that, I don’t care for his kind of back. The power running back ‘tough between the tackles’ is BS. When you break them down statistically, they’re not any better (and often worse) than your average running back.

        The reason is kind of simple and obvious — teams know where they’re going to run and only have to defend about 1/3rd the LOS. So when you’re defending against a Wheatley, Bettis or George, you can be pretty close to absolutely sure that he’s running within the tackle-box. So stack it up, pinch the ends and it’s like a Rugby scrum and, boom, he’s stopped. Which is why, despite all the worship of the ‘power back’ you get things like this:

        Eddie George 3.6 YPC. Whoopee.
        Jerome Bettis 3.9 YPC. Whoopee.
        Tyrone Wheatley 3.9 YPC. Whoopee.

        And not one of them had any special stats running in tough-yardage situations. DESPITE the fans and announcers and coaches making that claim. In fact, when I did the grunt work all those years ago, Charlie Garner (all 190lbs of him) and Tiki Barber (200lbs) were both better between the tackles than those three power backs.

        And that was because defenses couldn’t ignore 2/3rds of the LOS and had to play side-line to side-line instead. So they had running room inside. Whereas those three didn’t.

        What drives me nuts is that it’s so fundamentally obvious if you LOOK. But nobody looks. You just get old coaches with entrenched, unexplored beliefs repeating them generation after generation.

        1. Yep, and once the draft is over, the QB situation will be more solidified, and i expect several teams to have new QBs

          1. Interesting to note when some posters are so hell bent on trying to diss some one, they mess up.

            Your snark would be more pointed if you did not fumble the punch line.

    1. Honestly… There are a lot of guys like that. It’s starts in pee-wee and just gets worse over the years. But it’s one of those things you can neither prove or disprove unless someone entirely flagrant like Brian Bosworth or Johnny Manziel.

    1. Cassie, the draft is upon us. Many teams will either score a TD, or fumble.

      Wonder who the Niners will choose to sign as UDFAs. I expect a couple O linemen, WRs and a TE.

  41. When it comes to SebbieAnnConway’s prognostications as to the Draft, don’t forget to factor in his veracity in prophesying The Very Yuge And Magnificent Glorious Return Of The Jedi Master $torm-Inducing Kap.
    Impressive. Genius, in fact.
    Anybody notice that during the era of the $torm we had a devastating 5-year drought?
    Climaticly as well as ‘Frantizely?’

      1. I sure did not predict a bunch of wins once Bowman went down and Baalke made sure they played his favorite; Bellore. When the defense started to let third string RB amass 200 yard games, I sure was not predicting victories.

        In fact, I was saying that the front office was content to lose because they wanted to be rewarded with the first pick of the draft. Baalke sat on his hands and did nothing. I wanted him to poach players from playoff bound team’s practice squads, but he only chose cut FAs, even with 45 mil in cap space.

        Kaep did start, and I saw some one with a burning desire to win even with a poor supporting cast. He came close in the Miami game, and he succeeded to will his team to victory against the Rams. Faulting him solely for those losses is like putting on blinders.

        1. “I saw someone with a burning desire”……….

          Big deal. everybody wants to win. He has a pre-existing obligation to try his best to win. So would you. Big deal.

    1. 5 year drought? No, he stormed into the league and led the Niners to the SB, and came one pass away from returning in the first 2 years.

      Sure, it has been a downward trend, but Baalke gutted the team and the Niners were bereft of talent, especially on defense.

      Now we have a genius HC who thinks he can win without an OC, even though the guy who beat him, Bill Bellichick, is smart enough to know the need for, and the wisdom to sign and delegate authority to an OC.

      That same OC was wise enough to see the Niners, and the dysfunctional ownership, and decline to even interview for the job.

      For certain, it does not take a genius to understand that the Niners may really want to become relevant, but dreams are not reality until they fundamentally change.

      Please, leave the word creation to the pros.

      ‘ Frantizely’ ? You are trying too hard.

      1. Nope, he’s unemployed. That thar’s existential. That thar’s empirical fact. That thar’s ‘money’ talkin’. That thar’s you wrong;
        Way to go Humpty Dumpty.

          1. If they want to win you said and predicted they would make the playoffs. It was not contingent on who else was there but rather on Kaps availability. Just like now. You don’t sheathe your most potent weapon you always say! And yet he was unable to get any additional wins.

            Your excuse making…predictable.

      2. So you’re saying he’s Rex Grossman? Because Sexy Rexy lead the Bears to the Super Bowl!

        In short, it’s a stupid an argument as you make. You look like a fool when you say it. And plenty of bad QBs managed to actually ‘win’ the Super Bowl they ‘took their team too.’ So stop with the “I’m a complete tool” argument. It’s a childish argument.

        And considering that the 49ers passing offense was #23 in 2012, with Smith leading the NFL in passing efficiency before he got hurt that year it’s even more a dubious claim. He didn’t even start half the year.

        And unlike Smith, he didn’t have Kyle Williams fumble the ball away twice and Crabtree & Williams dropping 7 of 10 catchable balls thrown to them, essentially giving the game to the Giants through their incompetence.

      3. Couple corrections… Baalke was overall a failure but he did not gut the team. Willis, Smith, Davis, and Borland all retired. Aldon couldn’t stay clean and then both NT’s got injured.
        You can fault him for not picking up players to fill in the holes but he didnt fire or release these players.

      4. If your good at it, arguably the best in the league at it, why would you want an OC? Walsh didn’t have one for years. Nobody knew he would be a legend until the end of his coaching tenure.

        Still bitter about Lynchahan dumping your guy………so blatant and obvious.

  42. Seb let it go dude…
    Hes gone are you a Niner fan or a Kap fan?
    Hes not coming back the team is moving forward..Its a new era in the Bay Area no need for arguing about a Qb no longer on the roster…..relax

    1. Why should I let it go if they keep bringing his name up? I had moved on, and have been mocking QBs in the draft, and have mentioned many times that I expect him to play elsewhere.

      I have said all along that I am a die hard faithful Niner fan. Some day, Kaep’s career will be over, but I will root for the Niners til my dying breath.

      I just want them to win so badly, I want them to utilize every weapon that could help them win. Declaring that Hoyer is a quality QB is fallacious and they even admit it by paying him backup money.

      Now we have KS admit he does not even want to try to use Kaep because it would be too difficult for him, and does not care if Kaep goes to a division rival like Bethea did.

      Sure, I know his return is very doubtful, but if he did return, it would upset his detractors to no end, so I hold out that hope just to needle them. It sure would be a kick in their teeth. I also think that Lynch is a smart man, and he will decide to leave no stone unturned in his quest to find a way to win. Lynch left open the door for him to return, so if Kaep is blackballed by the other teams, he may be forced to return, because there is no alternative.

      1. You needle no one but yourself. You think you are a mighty warrior and a champion of some virtue Quixote but you are nothing but a sad man moving a stone up a hill only to have to roll it back up the hill incessantly. Thinking this a major accomplishment is what makes it truly pathetic.

        Your sad theories (Lynch left the door open) are only viable in your fantasy land. His number has been given away. Do you suppose Lynch is unaware? Sad ….

        1. The perfect avatar for Seb would be ” a noisy bi-plane going down in a flaming tailspin,” day after droning day, week after boring week, ad infinitum . .. .

        1. Lynch has stated that he has left the door open for his return, and he could have stated many times that the Niners could have closed the door, but have refrained from doing so.

          Personally, I think Kaep has chosen to leave because of the former FO, and that he may have signed elsewhere, but would return if the situation unfolds where the other teams blackball him. He wants to play, so if the Niners are his only option, he will return. Lynch will not be forced to take him back, but will just decide that he gives the Niners their best chance to win.

          I will say this again. Relying on Hoyer, Barkley or an untested rookie as the starting QB is tantamount to tanking for a high draft pick.

          I have been following the Blog site of the Texans, and they are lamenting the play of their QBs, Savage included. Some are even advocating for Kaep or Cutler, because they are as sick of losing as I am.

          1. And your saying that Kap could learn a system like Shanahan’s, a relatively complex system, much more so than what Kap has been asked to learn and use in the past, and do it better THIS YEAR than Hoyer and Barkley–who are already quite familiar with it?????????

            Seb, you are not a 9er fan–you are a Kap fan.

  43. Using a Ram’s win to show “desire to win” is like watching the San Jose Giants and convincing yourself you are sitting behind the dugout at AT&T. Little hint, that guy sitting next to you is the maintenance guy at a Mini-Golf, even though he looks just like Larry Baer.

    1. I like the San Jose Giants. I even follow their blog. The vast majority of them will never have any sort of significance in MLB baseball, with only a handful even having decent careers.

      But every now and then a Tim Lincecum or Madison Bumgarner shows on the Rocket Express to the Majors you see true brilliance for a few games.

  44. MMQB: March, 2016

    At face value, the idea of acquiring Griffin or Kaepernick seems enticing. Both are young, big-name quarterbacks with prior NFL success. But experienced quarterbacks don’t become available unless they’re flawed. And given these flaws, I believe it’s likely they’ll be out of the league before either wins another 10 games.

    Kaepernick has won 1.
    Griffin has won 1.

    At this point one must wonder if they will win a combined 10…

    Anyway, it’s a good, if old, article on Kaepernick and RGIII. And, pretty much, spot on regarding the both of them.


    1. Old news, and written before the 2016 season. He claims that Kaep would not be the starting QB, but history has shown that Gabbert was benched, and Kaep did regain his starting job. To Top it off, while the rest of the team imploded, Kaep actually had decent stats with a 90.7 QBR.

      He mentioned that they would shelve Kaep and make him sit, but Kaep worked out that new contract which allowed him to leave. The writer could not anticipated his protests, or the blackball backlash, but based on his play, Kaep did enough to warrant getting a starting job, especially with the drek starters other teams have signed.

      This is a league of attrition, and when some starting QB goes down, Kaep will be seen as the top choice of the FAs, but I assume a team will finally sign him after the draft, especially if that team misses out on getting the QB they covet.

      Old outdated articles may confirm your biases, but they are irrelevant and wrong.

        1. Wrong. He predicted Kaep would not regain his starting job, and predicted the Niners would sit him down for 2017, obviously assuming Baalke would still be GM.

          He sure did not give a clue about any protests, and fer suure did not mention any backlash or blackballing.

      1. Wrong again, Seb.

        “Old outdated articles………….” are not irrelevant and wrong if they are based on the truth. What that guy wrote about Kap is still true.
        And, as it was for the followers of Jim Jones, so it is with you and Kap–the truth is painful.

    1. I hadn’t heard about the Jets. But I had read, during the past week, that both the 49ers and Bears want out of the top of the draft in the worst way.

      1. I have heard about the Jets for a long time, and even Tennessee has expressed interest in moving down to garner more draft picks.

        Why do they want to move back? Because the high first round picks have value, and if a team wants to rebuild, locking up as many players under rookie contract is a good strategic move.

        Do not anticipate any trade moves before the draft starts, because if the Browns pass on Garrett, all bets are off.

  45. The 49ers worked out G Jessamen Dunker from Tenn St. I had them taking him in the 5th Rd in my Mock. Maybe I will get one right this year…

    1. I hope you get at least 3, then I will call you a draft Maven.

      Now that Baalke is gone, the Niners will stop trying to be cute, and just select the BPA.

        1. BT, did I mention myself?

          Just had to get another dig at Baalke, because he decimated the roster with his illogical, risky and poor choices.

  46. Good article Moses. Describes pretty much everything we have discussed about CK on this site for seemingly ages! Film doesn’t lie. I’m sure it took about 5 minutes of film analysis for JL and KS to make a decision on him, as is the case for most GM’s and coaching staffs. His flaws are significant and indisputable. Does that mean he won’t eventually sign for back up money to a desperate team? No. It could happen. Unfortunately for him, he compounded his situation even more negatively by his sideline protests. Contrary to some who believe this has no impact on decision making, I believe it is the “straw that breaks the camels back” when teams are looking at him and weighing his talent and worth vs the negative impact he will bring to the public relations side of the equation. To me, he is no where near good enough for teams to have to deal with that debacle that would occur. I think he’s done. All kidding aside, he should look to the CFL if he really wants to continue a football career.

    1. I expect there will be at least one QB desperate team who’ll roll the dice on Cutler, Kaepernick, Fitzpatrick or Griffin as a starter. And of the four, I expect Cutler to have the best chance of getting a starter’s role.

      But I don’t think any of them are going to be in the NFL much longer. There just comes a time when the Vince Young’s and Jeff George’s of the NFL wear out their welcome for one reason or another.

      1. Fitz is wildly inaccurate. RGIII is playing on one leg. Cutler is old and is a cancer in the locker room, Coach killer, and has terrible posture on the side lines, like he does not even want to be there.

        Kaep is finally healthy, is in the prime of his playing years, and has shown basic competency, with flashes of his old self.

        Texans may be the best landing spot, but the Cards or Broncos may be in the mix.

  47. Boasting, it’s all about you, Seb.

    I Seem to recall your Kap and Jarry Hayne cheerleading which included your blowhard voluminous posts regarding their ‘specialness’. It’s ‘indubitably dubious’ your draft talent will come within a country mile of the 49ers big board on 4/28, 4/29, 4/30, free agency.


    April 16, 2017 at 9:58 am

    Considering you are taking the name of the former fired GM, you have little to boast about.

    1. By the way, Seb. last I checked both your ‘special players’ are unemployed.

      Please refrain from stocking the Niners roster with your ‘special players’ this year.

      I hear checkers is popular this season, why not give it a try?

      1. And, Seb, since it’s obvious you think Shanahan is a dultz for choosing Hoyer, not Kap as his CEO of the offense, you’re certainly not enjoying yourself.

        Why subject yourself to to a miserable season with what you call subpar quarterbacking and move back your Raiders ?

        1. TrollD, you were the one rooting for the Raiders, and you were the one crowing about the Niner losses.

          You are the closet Raider fan, and your hate for the Niners is palpable.

          1. hahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Back to your “hate” thing again! Someday, Seb, your going to let me pay you all the money I owe you for first class entertainment……..

  48. Not defending Baalke–simply stating that your QB acumen and Baake’s are in a similar vein.

    Please don’t choose one for us this season. Saddle your Raiders with your loser picks.

    1. TrollD, now you are predicting Kaep goes to the Raiders?

      Sure sounds like you are the closet Raider fan.

      I am predicting Kaep goes to the Texans, Cards or Broncos, but would not be surprised if he returns to the Niners.

  49. And Seb,

    Jason La Canfora reports that Kap might join your Raiders:

    I know you’re secretly rooting to join the ‘outlaw Raiders’. Not signing someone who doesn’t stand for the American flag is right up your alley. (ie, unable to find a different form of protest w/o dising our protectors).

    Here’s the one NFL team that should take a chance on Colin Kaepernick

    The outlaw Raiders would be wise to keep Kap in the Bay — and get Marshawn


    When Kap does join them, I know you will be right behind him.

  50. How might this all play out?

    Some posters are claiming that since Barkley took number 7, Kaep will definitely not return. I just see that as a case where if Kaep does come back, he will supplant Barkley and Barkley will be let go, with Kaep regaining his old number.

    With all the retired numbers, some players will get duplicate numbers, with a 90 man roster. It may seem like a definitive sign that Kaep will not come back, but Barkley is on thin ice, especially if the Niners draft Webb who also wore number 7.

    1. How will this play out.

      Shanahan has already plowed that field. Remember Shany stated: Changing our offense (for Kap) was not the direction we wanted to go.

      1. Seb,

        As a football insider, by your last comment I can see you’re a novice.

        (Not being sarcastic here, just trying to educate you on what happens 99% of the time when a new coach is brought in.

        First, he’s usually brought aboard to change a losing environment.
        Second, as the most prominent player on any NFL team, the QB–fair or unfair, gets the lion’s share of the blame.

        So a coach, trying to instill a winning attitude before the upcoming season, rids himself of this association.

        Also, Shanahan along a new offense he developed, so he knows which parts mesh with this particular engine, so to speak. In Shanahan’s own words again:

        SF GATE:

        Kyle Shanahan on why he didn’t want Colin Kaepernick

        By Vic Tafur

        Updated 5:36 pm, Wednesday, March 29, 2017

        “I think Colin has a certain skill set that you can put a specific offense to it that he can be very successful in. “When we first looked at it … that wasn’t necessarily the direction I wanted to go. The type of offense I wanted to run was somewhat different and that’s why we went that type of direction.”

        So there it is, cut and dried Seb, in the coaches own words.


        1. TrollD, KS just admitted Kaep can be very successful, but he declared that he could not be bothered changing his own style, even though he used it, and lost in spectacular fashion in the SB.

          Sounds like the emperor is wearing no clothes, but is parading around as if he is. Personally, I do not see them, even if you are kissing his arse.

            1. Only bullies would tape a ‘Kick me’ sign to an unfortunate victim, but I am too wary of being stabbed in the back to let one of you get behind me…..

            1. Cassie, your daddy probably need help with the bait shop.

              Guess you did not watch the last SB. The Falcons were so traumatized, the Niners gave KS an extra day to process his grief.

              If KS had won the last SB, I would say that he should do whatever he wants. Since he lost in such spectacular fashion, maybe he needs to get some good advice.

              The first thing he should do is realize he is no longer an OC. He is a HC. He should look at Bill Bellichick and see that even BB has an OC, and that OC helped win a SB.

          1. lol. You’re putting words in his mouth. He said could be successful in what we all know is a very limited, and functionally obsolete, offensive scheme designed for one-read QB who’ll run at the first sign of things not being instantly open.

            And, by 2014, he wasn’t successful anyway. That’s why he finished the second half of the 2014 season with a 56.6% completion rate, 7 TDs in 8 games and a QB rating of 76.6 and the 49ers went from 7-4 and in the play-off hunt to 8-8 behind the #25 offense.

            It’s only in Kelly’s system can he have anything approaching statistical success (pretty much due to his 1.2% INT rate). But, even then, the offense was 27th in scoring AND Gabbert lead the offense to more PPG even if he was a turn-over/bad decision machine.

            So when Gabbert is causing a team to score more points… Well… That’s a pretty strong indictment. And your ‘star’ QB can’t get an offense out of the bottom-sixth of the NFL… Just how good could he be?

            I mean, even Steve DeBerg got the 49ers to 16th in PPG back in 1979. And he was a terrible QB.

            1. Moses, I see you want to join the party.

              Let me be very clear, Kaep, when given a good supporting cast, can be a playoff QB.

              Last season, even Joe Montana would not have won with that Niner defense.

              Yes, Deberg did put up good numbers in the Walsh system, but there was a good reason why Montana supplanted him.

              Touting Gabbert is not a wise move. In the end, he was benched and they even let Ponder take his place.

              1. Well it’s 1,2,3 what’s Seb fightin’ for
                Don’t ask me i don’t give a dam, next stop is Raider Land
                And its 5,6,7 (insert lyrics here)

              2. When D’s don’t know him very well…….in the meantime, he makes nobody better by being on the field.

          2. And you would have us believe that, with respect to the SB loss, the players and the head coach, the defense that gave up all those 2nd half points………..have nothing to do with it?

            Your funny………and bitter at Shanny, all at the same time.

    2. Starting QB’s wins and losses:

      Kap, Wins–28, Losses–30

      Brian Hoyer, Wins—16, Losses—16.

      By record, looks as if Shanahan chose a winner, not a loser, in Kap’s record.

      1. TrollD, Kaep has a 4-2 road playoff record. Hoyer is 0-1, and lost by throwing the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers.

        Calling Hoyer a winner? LOLOLOLOL

        1. We will see who the winner is after the draft, Seb.

          For now, lets just agree, given the ball on the one yard line vs. with (3) attempts, Kap failed, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

          If Hoyer had the same opportunity with Randy Moss, Anquon Bolin, Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker (now a 1,000 yd receiving TE with the Titans) Crabtree, Tedd Ginn Jr., soon to be Hall of Famer Frank Gore, Hoyer would have found a way to score….

          You can’t find a worse analogy, Seb. And for the record. If Kap had a full season, instead of Alex Smith winning half the games that season, more film would have been available, so teams would have found his weakness from the pocket and they would never have made it to the playoffs.

          1. TrollD, you seem to be doubling down. Hoyer never ever in a million years, would have engineered a 22 point comeback to get within FIVE yards of winning it all, much less even make it to a SB, especially after being down 17 points in the NFCC Game.

            That last sequence was maddeningly frustrating. I was screaming for them to just hand off the ball to Gore and let him win the SB. Then JH himself called a Time out just before Kaep strolled into the end zone. Additionally, the refs swallowed their whistles and missed a call when the defender led with the crown of his helmet and ear holed Crabtree, then missed the blatant holding in the end zone 10 yards past the line of scrimmage.

            Wild speculation that Kaep would have been figured out could be countered with the fact that with more snaps, Kaep would have been more in sync with his receivers, and Randy Moss would have jumped and tried to catch the ball, instead of giving up and letting the defender play the ball instead of reacting to the receiver.

            1. Excuses are for losers–you and Kap.

              Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

              You and Kap should take a page out of Jeff Garcia’s 4,000 yard season to see a real QB.

          1. Doofus was fortunate to have Ray Lewis and the Raven defense. Ray Lewis threatened to eviscerate Doofus if the threw the ball.

            1. He had Ray Lewis, like Kap had Staley, Iupati, Goodson (ProBowl Center)
              Anthony Davis , Alex Boone, Crabs, Boldin, Tedd Ginn Jr., Randy Moss, Hall of famer Frank Gore, Delanie Walker.

            2. Didn’t you say that if Kap had a good supporting cast he can win? Why shouldn’t Dilfer be afforded the same thing?

              Can’t turn Lead into Gold, Sebs……but you keep trying, dont you?

              Your funnny…………

          2. Thx. for the memories, Cass.

            Fastball in Seb’s Kitchen, Cassie just struck you out, Seb. Pick up your broken bat—don’t cry, whine or sniffle.

  51. 49ers will meet with Toledo RB Kareem Hunt this week

    April 17, 2017 at 9:44 AM • 0 comments

    By David Bonilla

    Michael Rothstein of ESPN reports that the 49ers have a meeting scheduled for this week with the running back.

    125 player overall. He rushed for 1,475 yards last season with 10 touchdowns along with 41 receptions for 403 yards.”

    Kareem Hunt || 2016 Toledo Highlights

    1. Juanhunglo–agreed,

      Sure hope the 49ers can manage that trade down they said some teams were interested in.

      A mid round talent this year, including that RB of yours–nice mock

  52. Seb,

    All posters know your modus operandi is the lame excuse comeback, so I saved this last Shanahan quote about your hero, Kap:

    “If your quarterback can’t execute it and go through it, it doesn’t always matter what the O-line or the receivers are doing,” Shanahan said. “With Brian, you have a very smart guy who works at it, will hang in the pocket and is fearless, will keep his eyes down the field and deliver the ball to the right spots. It gives people a chance to be successful.”

    Seb, guess what: ‘Ol Windup’, Kap can’t execute Shanahan’s system. Coach just said so.


    1. Yup, and with a turnstile O line, he will get bludgeoned. With slow receivers who are blanketed by the DBs, he will have no where to throw the ball, and Hoyer just does not have the speed or is elusive enough to avoid getting so injured, he may require 3 surgeries, just like Kaep did.

      Keep tooting the Hoyer Horn, it will just expose your total lack of football knowledge.

      1. Spoken like a “die hard Niners fan” hey Sebnnoying? Already dissing the new regime and now the QB.

        All because you cant handle the fact old wind up gone bye bye. Not even a job offer.

        The last laugh is mine!

        1. Prime, I want the Niners to win. Hiring an OC would be a good start.

          Defend Hoyer all you want. Personally, I want a QB to not turn the ball over 5 times in a playoff game.

          the last laugh may come after next season. I fully expect Kaep to play some where, and if he leads his new team to the playoffs due to having a stout defense and a good supporting cast, KS and JL will look foolish to not have even tried to retain him.

            1. Saw. if you recall what the Cards were saying after the game, they knew where the ball was going before the snap.

              If you watched the replays, Devey and Pears let the pass rushers run right by them like they were statues.

              It sure did not help to have a DJ talking about throwing at 85% and claiming the out pass was a sure safety throw.

          1. I’m still laughing at the promise of a storm coming, that KS would unleash Kap. Instead they gave Hoyer his number. No respect! And your boy earned all that is happening to him.
            As for being a die hard, yeah ok! A die hard Kap fan maybe.

          2. Seb says “the last laugh may come after next season”

            Now pal, the laughing is happening as we speak. You keep deferring though. Its your go to move. Coward, just admit you were wrong! Never mind, I like ridiculing you!

              1. Nothing brings a better chuckle then hearing plead you for Kaepernick. Its like a comical Romeo and Juliet.

                This is all a result of you running your mouth and never being man enough to admit you were wrong.


    2. Wont matter. Cue the excuse-a-meter:

      Baalke stab in the back!
      Defense lost the games!
      O-line couldn’t protect worth a darn!
      Kap won playoff games!
      You don’t sheathe your best weapon!
      QBR of 90.7!
      Can run for 99 yards by stepping on the half yard line and taking off(forget for a moment he has never done this)!
      He’s an Abrams Tank!
      He has won more on the road playoff games than Young or Montana!
      He took them to the SB (forget that they were close the year before and a favorite that year already without this new QB)
      Shanahan is a new coach and is obviously way over his head since he doesn’t want an OC and he doesn’t want Kap!
      The door is open!
      Etc., etc, etc, the stone keeps rolling along….

      1. ‘Listen To The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain’…Storm coming…

        Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
        Telling Seb just what a tool he’s been
        He wishes it would go and let him cry in vain
        And let him be alone again

        The only QB he cared about has gone away
        Looking for a brand new start
        But little does he know that when Kaep left that day
        Along with him he took Seb’s heart

        1. Some one’s got it in for me, they’re planting stories in the press.

          Whoever it it is I wish they would cut it out, but when they will I can only guess.

          People see me all the time and they just cant remember how to act,

          Their minds are filled with wrong ideas, false images and distorted facts.

          Even you, yesterday you had to ask me where it was at,

          I couldn’t believe after all these years, you didn’t knew me better than that.

          Sweet lady

          Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth,

          Blowing down the backroads headin’ south.

          Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth,

          You’re an idiot, babe.

          It’s a wonder you still know how to breathe.


  53. Seb spewing expletives, foaming at the mouth over Kap…..TomD wins again.


    April 17, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Personally, I do not see them, even if you are kissing his arse.

      1. Oh Seb………if you just had someone from Hollywood to help you along, and took your act on the road, you would make tens of millions……..a head-liner everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. You had me choking on my pancakes this morning! Then Cassie’s latest might have been her best effort…….too, too funny.

    1. East, maybe if you and others just concentrated on the upcoming draft, I would not have to respond, but it seems like you want me to keep defending Kaep, even though I sure would rather post another mock.

      Talk about who they should draft with their first pick. Heck, even speculate on the QBs. Make your own mock. I would be happy to critique it.

      Like clockwork, the screeds keep coming, and now you are whining about it.

  54. http://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2017/04/17/report-49ers-eager-to-trade-back-from-pick-no-2-in-nfl-draft/

    “Cleveland at 12, if the Browns take (Myles) Garrett number one (most likely scenario) and want to use their treasure trove of picks (12, 33, 52, 65, 108 this year, with a first- and three second-round picks next year) to move up from 12 to, say, 2, to ensure getting the quarterback they want. Spitballing only: But Cleveland from 12 to two makes a lot of sense. This would allow the Niners to still get a good player at 12 (Solomon Thomas? Christian McCaffrey? Mike Williams?), as well as Cleveland’s one next year and at least one other prominent pick”

    1. Chris Biderman is not the sharpest tool in the shed (he suggested Mahomes at number 12), but a trade back with Cleveland makes sense. At #12, you can have Derek Barnett or Reuben Foster – both sure fire starters in year 1.

      1. There could be a lot of good options at 12. Davis, Ross, maybe Conley and I’m probably forgetting some. I agree on Foster and think he is the Niners real target. No team is going to trade up for him, so when the Niners said they loved him it was sincere.

  55. There once was a poster named, Seb,
    whose boasts about Kap would ebb,

    When challenged by Prime, Seb called it a crime,
    ’til Cassie rescued with rhyme.

    One day, sawbrodie proclaimed:
    Seb, your record’s Kap-stuck in a groove,

    To this, Seb, of course had to prove,
    that he’s not stuck, it’s everyone else in the muck.

    “From my window at the aslylum, I repeat phylum
    Kapricorn with complete ease, my astrologer’s disease.

  56. Among other things, I’m interested in seeing how cohesive and effective the full coaching staff will be…stellar, adequate, farcical? There’ve been few posts which question Shanahan’s sanity and moxie. And it’s been asserted that Lynch is a near-total noob who needs schooling. Anyway, I’m thinking the roster and the coaching staff will be less likely to fly apart this year.

        1. Moses, after Tomsula, Chip and Baalke, maybe I have a reason to be skeptical. I hope Lynch can turn it around, but I sense some hubris.

          Jed and Wormtongue are still in house.

          1. I have yet to see even one semi-credible report of York or Marathe interfering with the football operations beyond York’s right to hire & fire coaches & GMs. Something he did with McCloughan who drank himself out of a job and then Baalke who failed himself out of a job.

            So that’s a non-starter with me.

      1. As noted above, SebRaider, you’re rooting them to lose, calling the 49ers QB, Hoyer a loser.

        I posted their records. Hoyer has the beats Kap in that department where you and Kap are losers—-for the record.

        1. TrollD, you are the closet Raider fan, and seemed to exult when the Niners lost. I may have gritted my teeth, but hoped they would win, while every one else were predicting losses by double digits.

          Glad you are responding to my TrollD appellation, it is so appropriate.

    1. Yeah, but Cassie……..

      Dont forget-its easy to call names…….thats a Kap-fan ploy……but to back it up with facts, where the the premises directly follow the conclusions-thats another thing.
      They’ll have some fits and starts along the way, but this has to be the most effective coaching staff they’ve had in a decade.
      Only one who’s pissed is Seb, and you said it all in your latest poetry. A broken heart will make a person say foolish things……………

    1. DeAndrade — #354 in CBS’s comprehensive prospect ranking.
      Odom — #568 in CBS’s comprehensive prospect ranking.

      Be still my freaking heart.

  57. A recent CBS Sports mock NFL Draft has the San Francisco 49ers trading down from No. 2 overall and selecting Alabama offensive tackle Cam Robinson with their first pick.

    Here’s the scenario — the San Francisco 49ers trade the No. 2 overall pick to the Cleveland Browns and get pick Nos. 12, 33, 108 and two second-round picks in 2018.

    And with pick No. 12, the Niners pick up Alabama offensive tackle Cam Robinson.

    That’s the suggestion made by CBS Sports’ R.J. White, who thinks San Francisco’s offensive line will be general manager John Lynch’s first priority in the 2017 NFL Draft.

  58. Don’t know about everyone else, but I’ll be soooo glad when the draft’s here….and we can talk about something other than Sebernoxious and Crappernick……B O R I N G!!!!!

      1. Let’s grab Justin Vogel in the 6th round. He’s tall and runs a 4.7 40. Before anyone goes ballistic, I’m being silly.

        1. The 9ers could ‘go bold’ and have Vogel run for 1st downs…being sure to fall down before getting hit.

  59. https://dsportsnews.com/10-most-overrated-nfl-draft-prospects/

    “The 6’1″, 206-pound Hooker returned three of those interceptions for touchdowns last season and broke up four passes. He also missed 17 tackles, however, and the concern is that he’s soft against the run.”

    “Howard’s yards per reception dipped from 15.8 in 2015 to 13.2 in 2016. He caught just seven touchdown passes in four years and was under-utilized in Alabama’s offense. Scouts are going to want to know why he wasn’t used more.”

    “Williams isn’t especially fast, he’s prone to drops and he isn’t the best route runner.”

    1. Bull****. I’m not a fan of all our signings. But the proof of the pudding is do they perform to some type of NFL production standard?

      When it comes to Jingles, he’s not a blocking fullback. My understanding (right or wrong) is that he’s more of a pass-catching fullback/H-Back in this system not a ‘blocking fullback.’

      And if he performs like a quality pass-catching fullback/H-Back, then he’s being fairly compensated as average veteran TEs (closest to what he’ll be doing for the 49ers) make $5 million and over. And average quality second stringers make around $3 million a year.

      For example, take Jared Cook. He’s a TE closest to Jingles in salary and he’s averaging $5.5 million/tear over his contract. He’s averaged 35 receptions the past two years. Jingles is averaging $5.25 million/year. He’s averaged 39 receptions the past two years. In short, Jingles has been somewhat more productive.

      Yet one’s a so-so TE and nobody is complaining. The other is probably the premier pass-catching fullback in the NFL, yet it’s the end of the world.

      No thought, or perhaps no real thought I should say, went into that article. It was just a ‘find something to complain about without thinking about it’ article. Something press does because they’re lazy, stupid and cliche’ bound and lack any sort of imagination to things outside their narrow-minded cliche’ box.

        1. Yep, we all have been right and wrong and we’ll hit and miss this year too. We’re bound to agree and disagree with everyone else’s evaluations. It’s all part of the fun. Draftmas is almost upon us!

              1. Donny Wynn was his drummer. Then he went to Brooks & Dunn where he became my client. I used to kid Donny that he’d gotten fat and couldn’t fit into his little black dress anymore.

            1. Au contraire, I have admitted to being wrong many times, but somehow posters forget and think I never admit my mistakes, then they ignore the facts when I am right.

              1. So admit that you were wrong that KS was going to keep Kap? Let’s hear it.

                February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
                KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

                February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
                Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

      1. They’re all getting it wrong. All the d@mn time. Round 1, your best chance to get a great player:

        1/3rd go to one or more pro-bowls.
        1/3rd are starters but never make a pro-bowl.
        1/3rd are failures, some dramatically so.

        Bill Walsh in Round 1:

        Earl Cooper — Failure
        Jim Stuckey — Marginal but not a bust.
        Ronnie Lott — HOF, one of the NFL’s greatest DBs at three positions (CB, FS, SS)
        Bubba Paris — (traded down yet still got his Round 1 target) Mediocre
        Todd Shell — Injury plagued, ultimately a failure.
        Derrick Crawford — Failure (USFL Draft)
        Jerry Rice — Greatest player ever.
        Terrance Flagler — Horrible Failure. His worst Round 1 player.
        Harris Barton — Really good player, some pro-bowls.

        So out of his 9 Round 1 (including Paris taken at 29th) selectees, he had 3 failures. Three marginal. Three great. Just like the rest of the NFL.

    1. All the respect in the world for Brandt but I believe most people are just humoring him at this point.

  60. This is one (of many) reasons why I’m so hard on the press. After spending the past couple of years on the Bash Baalke for Team ACL Bandwagon, Niner Noise put this on the front page:

    The 49ers Should Select Cornerback Sidney Jones in the NFL Draft


    For those who haven’t followed Jones, he’s probably the Deion Sanders of the draft. He has good stats, but not great ones. And that’s because teams rarely, like with Deion Sanders, threw in his direction as a Junior last year because, as a Sophomore, he taught them not to…

    Anyway, he blew his Achilles during his pro day. Yet here we are… After years of Bash Baalke because some 60%-to-90% failure rate (by draft selection order) prospect didn’t make an impact we have a journalist suggesting we do exactly what he spent the last two years complaining about.

    It’s Solid Gold Hypocrisy. Also par for the media course in which everything you do is wrong (if it doesn’t work) even though it’s the same things they were saying you should do…

    As for me, I’d take him in the 4th round. I’d risk a pick with an 70%+ failure rate to swing at the fences for a Deion Sanders level cover-corner. Otherwise it’ll be almost certainly be some mediocrity that will never get better than ‘marginal starter’ like Isaac Sopoaga.

  61. Uh oh.


    “Foster was in Indianapolis for the medical re-check, and according to ESPN’s NFL Insiders program, his rotator cuff hasn’t healed to the level medical officials would like.”

    “If the shoulder doesn’t sufficiently heal, he might need a second surgery.”

    He’s off my list. I wouldn’t take him early in the 1st and we can’t afford to take a chance on him at #34.

      1. That’s why you have the checks, rechecks, and private meetings. I chose not to write off Foster because he was said to be ready for training camp. That changed today with new information.

  62. I’m currently working of my final 2017 49ers mock draft. Here is a sneak preview which includes my first 2 picks (not including any possible trade scenarios):

    #2) JAMAL ADAMS, SS/FS, The Tigers (6’0”-2015 lbs): Assuming Cleveland pulls the trigger on Myles Garrett, my pick at this spot, without hesitation, is my favorite defensive player in this draft – LSU’s dynamic team leader / Safety Jamal Adams. If there is one player who best fits the profile Kyle Shanahan & John Lynch are looking for to begin the monumental task of rebuilding this roster with championship talent, Adams is the guy. He’s got a prototypical build for a tone-setting Strong Safety, but he’s versatile enough to play either safety position. In terms of talent, his game film speaks for itself. Adams is a physical tone-setter with a sheriff’s mentality, who has the ability to be a game-changer near the line of scrimmage, and his enthusiasm is not only infectious, he holds teammates accountable with a do-as-I-do, lead by example attitude on the field as well as in the locker room. His such an incredible leader, his impact would be the catalyst for turning a struggling defense around in a hurry. People who have been involved in, or around LSU’s football program the longest, think Adams has been head a shoulders the best leader LSU has ever recruited. And keep in mind that Kyle has stated that one of his earliest priorities is to find an enforcer at SS, and it’s my opinion that, outside of a world class pass rusher, Jamal Adams would have the biggest impact for Robert Saleh’s 49ers defense.


    #34) DeSHONE KIZER, QB, The Fighting Irish (6’4.5” – 238 lbs): Assuming the 49ers aren’t 100% certain they can find a way to acquire Kurt Cousins, DeShone Kizer has too much potential to pass on at #34, if the 49ers are lucky enough to find Kizer still on the board in early round 2. There is no question that Kizer needs to be coached up to correct his footwork, which I find to be the only real flaw in his game. Physically, he’s as gifted as any QB in the NFL, with the size and athleticism to match the cannon he has for an arm. By all accounts, according to people who have personal connections to Notre Dame QB, he’s a fantastic kid, humble and approachable, With the drive and determination to do whatever it takes to succeed at the next level. His work ethic is impressive, eager to learn, and willing to work his butt off to fix the deficiencies (accuracy in particular), which may have allowed him to fall into round 2, and right into the lap of the 49ers at #34. I’d be willing to bet that he will end up being the best NFL quarterback drafted since 2016, with the possible exception of the kid Dallas drafted out of Mississippi State! DeShone Kizer gives Head Coach Kyle Shanahan the good fortune to land a franchise QB, whom he can begin to develop as his future starter right out of the gate, helping him lead the 49ers to their 6th world championship, as soon as 2019!


    Next up, the 49ers find another potential star at #66! Stay tuned!

  63. 49ers have signed Gilliam to a 1 year offer, as a tendered RFA Seahawks have right to match the offer to keep him.

    Gilliam has stunk for the Seahawks in many ways, but he has also been a pleasant surprise in others in that he was an UDFA and TE convert that has worked his way up and started a decent number of games. He’s a good athlete with starting experience, so I can see why the 49ers would be interested.

    1. If the 49ers sign Gilliam they will have the following players on OL:
      – Staley
      – Beadles
      – Zuttah
      – Garnett
      – Brown
      – Kilgore
      – Gilliam

      All of these guys have starting experience. I think we can rule out taking an OL early.

  64. In non-49ers news, I am happy to see Kawann Short got paid well. He was one of my draft crushes in 2013. Thought he was underrated then and he has developed into an excellent player that is very disruptive.

  65. At least that bet is more interesting than talking about a crappy, one read QB who couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat! Sorry Seb, but it’s true. I do understand your position though as the Captain of the USS Kaepernick and your undying commitment to going down with the ship. There is something to be said for steadfast allegiance even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary and you definitely have that covered. They say drowning is actually a peaceful way to check out. I wish you Godspeed! ;))

    1. There you go again. I have been happy posting various mocks and discussing team needs, but somehow, you all keep hatin’.

      I have said many times that I think he will go to another team, but somehow, posters are adamant that I must plead and whine about him.

      I just bring up the possibility of his returning just to needle his detractors, and they fall for it, hook line and sinker, getting all lathered up and going on full attack mode.

      I just wish they would grow up.

      1. Yeah Seb, it’s a real b—- around here, isn’t it? Starting to remind you of NN?
        Look, you blockhead, you are not required to respond to anything anybody posts about CK or anything else, and you consistently embarrass yourself when you do.
        You think you’re the Town Mayor of the blog, when in fact you are the Village Idiot.
        10/40 bye

        1. BT, you seem in fine form this evening, but when some one brings up Kaep, I feel perfectly justified to respond. What they need to do is refrain from ever mentioning him, and I will keep focusing on the draft.

          But like moths to a flame, they keep up their screeds. They cant help themselves. Then they get all bent out of shape if I respond, and it just gives me great satisfaction to see them go unhinged.

          Someday, they will learn their lesson.

  66. I actually have stayed away from the ongoing, long settled debate on CK Seb, and was actually complimenting you on your steadfast defense, even if non existent of facts in most minds. He is insignificant in the future of our team and therefore should not even be discussed as far as I’m concerned. I think you actually are the one that falls for the hook line and sinker to be honest. If you would just ignore the fire, it will eventually fizzle out. Words of wisdom Seb from an old timer. Have a good night.

    1. Juan, I must compliment you for keeping the dialogue respectful and civil. You know me, I have stated many times that I think he is going to play elsewhere, but just bring up the open door comment just to needle them, and they are the ones who get in a tizzy, not me. Sure, I do tend to repeat things, but the zeal in which they attack is amusing, and says a lot more about them than it does about me.

      Actually, it does not matter what I do, they will find some way to attack. First, they accuse me of being the biggest fan, then attack if I say one negative word about the coaches. So predictable.

      Believe me, this is not my first rodeo, and I have seen it all. I have East so well programmed, he writes my posts for me. One troll is so desperate, he considers kissing arse to be an expletive.

      In the end, things will sort out, the draft will happen and we will be able to critique the draft and the decisions made. Then on to OTAs, training camp, preseason, and finally the games that count.

      1. He’s done but you keep snivelling about him. Trying to defend your undue loyalty to the guy.
        He’s gone. Shut up already.

        1. Prime, remember, you were the one who admitted that Kaep took the league by storm.

          I just think he will do it again.

          You must be getting nervous, the longer he stays unsigned, the more he might have to return to the Niners.

          However, they are paying Hoyer backup money, and they gave Barkley number 7, so if Kaep returns, they will probably drop Barkley. With Kaep, Hoyer and a rookie like Webb or Kaaya, the Niner QB situation will be set.

          Remember Lynch said that Kaep almost signed, but the deal did not go through? Maybe Lynch promised Kaep he would match any offer, and since they have 70 mil in cap space, they easily could afford him.

          Lynch is said to control the 90 man roster, so if he thinks Kaep is the QB that gives them the best chance to win, he will sign him. KS may control the 53, but if it came to a competition between Kaep and the other QBs, Kaep will win the starting job so KS will have to include him on the 53.

          1. Still running your mouth and sniveling over a player the league wants no part of, especially the 49ers.
            So in that same breath, prepare to be ridiculed further.

            The last laugh just wont end until you man up.

  67. Lol Brotha! I almost choked on my nice piece of left over Easter pie reading that! We see it in every walk of life where people paint themselves into a corner defending the indefensible. There is no escape from that corner without immense humility, a quality obviously lacking in this situation. Hence the corner gets smaller and smaller and smaller and the justifications get more and more groundless.

  68. http://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2017/04/18/nfl-draft-solomon-thomas-stanford-cardinal-position-defensive-end-tackle

    “If he could only play 100 NFL snaps, and how he performed on those 100 snaps determined the size of his next contract, where would he choose to line up?”

    “I’d probably split it up,” he says after careful consideration. “40 snaps as a three-technique (defensive tackle), 40 as a “wide-5” (base defensive end) and 20 as a wide-9 (edge rusher).”

    “Privately, their coaches say that he’s best applied inside. Publicly, they affirmed this by aligning him at defensive tackle on (by Thomas’ estimate) 85% of their plays.”

    “The Michael Bennett scenario is Thomas’s most likely role in the NFL. But Bennett and Thomas, stylistically, are different. Bennett is 6′ 4″ and has 33.6-inch arms. Thomas is 6′ 3″ with 33-inch arms. On paper, that seems negligible. But when you look at their film, Bennett is much lankier and better suited for space. Thomas is more disruptive in tight spots.”

  69. Back to the draft. New mock, with 3 trade backs.

    Niners trade back with the Jaguars, who want Fournett. They offer pick numbers 4, 35 and 68, and the Niners offer the number 2. It balances out perfectly on the TVC, but the Niners sweeten the deal by adding Reaser and Bell.

    Niners trade back with the Browns who did not want to give up a first and their 2 seconds. By waiting to trade up to pick number 4, the Browns offer pick numbers 12, 52 and 65. Niners throw in pick numbers 143 and 202 to balance out the TVC, and it becomes a 3 for 3 deal. Browns get Trubisky because with Glennon, the Bears go defense and select a safety, and the Jags picked Fournett.

    Niners then trade back with Baltimore. Ravens will want to leapfrog Arizona and Philly who have also been mocked taking receivers. Niners trade pick number 12 for pick numbers 16 and 78. It balances out perfectly with the TVC, but the Niners sweeten the deal by adding Burbridge and Mike Davis

    With those 3 trades, the Niners end up with pick numbers 16, 34, 35, 52, 65, 66, 68, 78, 109, 146, 161, 198 and 219. They trade away Reaser, Bell, Burbridge and Davis. By moving back 14 places, they end up with 13 picks.

    Using the CBS draft board and trying to select within 5 of the ranking, the Niners select-

    16- Haason Reddick OLB
    34- Jarrad Davis ILB
    35- Carl Lawson DE
    52- Fabian Moreau CB
    65- Zay Jones WR
    66- Chris Wormley DT
    68- Roderick Johnson OT
    78- Davis Webb QB
    109- George Kittle TE
    146- Jeremy McNichols RB
    161- Ben Braden OG
    198- Stevie Tu’ilokovatu DT
    219- Josh Harvey Clemons SS

    First 4 picks on defense. 7 defenders, 6 on offense 12 different positions.

    1. Using the Draftek board-

      16- Haason Reddick OLB
      34- Taco Charlton EDGE
      35- Montravius Adams DT
      52- Raekwon McMillen ILB
      65- Chris Godwin WR
      66- Derek Rivers EDGE
      68-Gerald Everett TE
      78- Davis Webb QB
      109- Danny Isadora OG
      146- D’Onta Foreman RB
      161- Conor McDermott OT
      198- Brendan Langley CB
      219- David Jones S

      1. Have you used all the players available yet? How long would your mocks stretch if they were laid end to end? No wonder you get it “right” you post so many of them!!

        1. East, I am just throwing out different trade scenarios, and the draft boards differ so much, I thought to show how many permutations could be done.

          Hope Lynch is considering ALL options.

  70. #80 mock 6.0. All of my picks have met or will meet with the Niners.

    Rd. 1 Jamal Adams SS – Cant miss pick and a leader.
    Rd. 2 Jordan Willis DE – Relentless edge rusher and solid against the run.
    Rd. 3 Ahkello Witherspoon CB – Good in coverage and getting better. 6’3″ and ran a 4.45 40.
    Rd. 4 Joe Mathis On ball LB – Can shed blocks with a variety of moves and can set the edge.
    Rd. 4 Brian Hill HB – Dual threat, rushed for 3491 YDs in last two seasons.
    Rd. 5 Jerod Evans QB – Good touch and placement on short and intermediate passes. Big QB that can run.
    Rd. 5 Rodney Adams WR – Return man with good height and speed.
    Rd. 6 Elijah Lee ILB/OLB – Good range and potential in the 6th round.
    Rd. 6 Corey Levin OG – Athletic zone blocker.
    Rd. 7 Derrick Griffin TE – 49ers take a chance on the 6’6” former basketball player.

    1. I like your mock because the first 4 players chosen are defenders, and all your players are healthy with no ACL problems.

      While i like your choice of Jerod Evans, I wonder if he will be a good fit with KS’s scheme, since he is similar to Kaep, being a dual threat QB.

    2. #80,
      I have the 9ers drafting Adams in my no trade mock and Willis also but I have them taking Willis in the 3rd.

  71. Seattle did not match 49ers offer for Garry Gilliam. Matt Maiocco says he will compete with Trent Brown at right tackle.

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