49ers sign Brandon Lloyd

The 49ers just announced they have signed 32-year-old wide receiver Brandon Lloyd to a one-year deal. Lloyd was out of the NFL last season.

Do you think Brandon Lloyd will make the 49ers’ final roster? Do you think this moves indicates the 49ers will NOT draft a WR with their first pick, and instead will draft a pass rusher or a cornerbck? Why or why not?

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  1. Yes. Lloyd will likely end up as the #3 with Patton and a rookie competing for the final active spot on game day.

    Have thought all along that they would go CB in round 1, so this doesn’t change my thinking.

    1. Lloyd at #3?

      The guy didn’t even play last year & he’s 33. This signing doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

      He will NOT be a #3 & will have a hard time even making the Team because of Patton & the 49ers need of getting their #1 WR of the future. And that’s because it’s very unlikely the 49ers will be able to re-sign Crabtree after this season.

      1. We’ll see. Lloyd didn’t sit out last season because no one wanted to sign him, and at 33 he will still be two years younger than Randy Moss when he came to the 49ers after spending a year away from the game.

        Not sure why he wouldn’t make the team unless he just proves that he doesn’t have it any longer. Having him on the team doesn’t mean the 49ers won’t be able to go after the guy they see being their #1 WR of the future. The WR group will likely consist of Crabtree, Boldin, Lloyd, Patton, Rookie, and Osgood.

    2. Gosh, but what a life Grant Cohn has. More than 3 days and no update in
      this blog of his. Must be nice, Grant. How do you do you it? Most of us
      can’t just take 3 days off repeatedly.

  2. Eh… at this point he seems like nothing more than Camp Fodder. We should have a better idea after the draft.

  3. Signing Lloyd will have about as much of an impact on their draft plans as signing Cook did, not a lot. Actually I take that back, I think it might make them more likely to trade up because while Lloyd’s contract will probably make him financially easy to cut he is still a veteran who has had success in the NFL and will make it harder for later-round rookies to make the team. Don’t think they go pass rusher in the first two rounds still, they did draft Lemonier who played well last year in the third and Carradine in the second.

  4. I’m neither impressed nor amused by Duck. He’ll likely finish ahead of Baldwin on the depth chart.
    I don’t think this will change their draft plans very much. Baalke usually makes FA moves for immediate needs and draft for future, although he has gone for need in Round#1.

  5. I think they cut Baldwin and keep Lloyd as vet insurance to run with Crab,Boldin,Patton, Draft Pick as our main group.

    This doesn’t effect whether they go WR first or not, if they were they still are.

    1. We need to see the contract to gauge their commitment level to him but my guess before that is that he’s only active for the first 6-8 games of the season. Once they’re comfortable with whomever they draft in the second round they’ll start putting him(Lloyd) in street clothes on game day.

  6. Scooter asked me, fact or fiction on whether or not they’d sign him. It appears I answered correctly. He doesn’t play special teams, so he’ll have to be pretty impressive in camp to win a roster spot. I’m leaning towards an Asomugha Part Deux, starring Mr. Lloyd….

    1. We’ll see. He is primarily an outside receiver which will allow Boldin and Crabs to work inside creating mismatches.

  7. I say unless there is an injury to a starter [Crabtree] he will not be on the final roster.

  8. Actually this move does affect which position that they focus on first. It’s a plan B move. If they cannot get the WR that they want early, then they will go CB. In the event that this happens, Brandon Lloyd comes into play. Then they will draft more of a project WR.

    I like the Lloyd move. They should have done it last year though. The blog know it alls shot it down though when I mentioned it.

    1. Obviously it was’nt just the blog know it alls the the other 31 teams in the league did’nt think much of him either.

      1. Many teams, including the 49ers tried to sign Lloyd last year. He turned them down, not the other way around.

        1. The fact that Lloyd sat out last season is a little disconcerting to me. Does anyone know exactly why Lloyd chose to sit out?
          It’s hard for me to reconcile how any player could turn down an opportunity to play for a SB contending team.

          I’m somewhat cautious over players who decide to sit out for any extended period of time (unless for personal/family emergency) then want to come back.
          But if Brandon can earn a spot on the roster and contribute then it will go down as a good signing.

          I suppose Lloyd could spell Boldin and Crabtree or be available in case of an injury. Lloyd could also occasionally stretch the field with his quickness out of breaks but I don’t see him having much success against the likes of the Seattle DB’s.
          We still need a WR who threatens the deep-end.

            1. Thanks CB.
              I believe he’s also a hip-hop artist. Not sure how much success he has found on that front but I remember him throwing down some rhymes during his first stint here.

              I still have some qualms about players making a comeback after sitting out for any period of time, but hopefully Lloyd proves me wrong by providing some well needed production at the 3 WR spot.

    2. Of course you like it. He is a cancer. Been one every where he is played. Just like you on this blog.

  9. This confirms the notion that the niners aren’t going after a WR with their first pick. Anyone with half a brain knew that already but now it’s for sure. CB it is.

    1. I’m not sure it confirms anything other than Baalke’s desire to have flexibility with the first pick.

    2. Yeah, cuz nothing says “draft changer” quite like a 32 year old punk ass wide out. They will go wr first since it is a larger need. Book it

  10. Wonderful. This is exactly what we’ve been waiting for. Baalke is showing his prowess for evaluating WR talent.

  11. I think if Lloyd looks anything like he did against us in December 2012 (i.e. 190 yards on 10 catches), this is an excellent bargain deal.

    Another possible reason Baalke wants this guy? As a Patriot, Lloyd played in Seattle in week 6, 2012. Against Sherman, Browner, Thomas and Chancellor, he caught 6 passes for 80 yards. The 49ers can definitely use stats like that from a third WR against the Hawks and other division foes.

    1. That was an elite secondary vs Tom Brady, Kap isn’t at Brady’s level so we’ll see how effective Lloyd can be and how much Kap has grown.

      1. The Patriots have the best December since 2001. They have gone 45-6 during that span. One of those 6 losses came by way of Colin Kaepernick who outdueled Brady throwing for 4TD’s and 1 int. That season Kaep played in the superbowl while Brady sat at home and watched.
        The following year the Kaep led Niners won 13 of their last 15 games and came within one pass of returning to the superbowl. The Brady led Patriots on the other hand won 11 of their last 15 and once again sat home and watched the Kaep led Niners play in the NFC Championship game.
        See it’s all in how you portray it DC.

        1. Not saying Kap is a bad quarterback, I’m just saying he’s not at Brady’s level. I simply think as a team we are more talented than the Patriots…period. At this point in their careers you insert Brady into our team and I think Brady would outduel Kap. My only point is Brady has always worked with lesser talent around him and has made other players better than they are. Kap looks great in your example, but Kap is simply on a better team. Concerning Brandon Lloyd, I think his numbers were simply better because of Brady and am curious how good he will be without him. This was not to bring up a discussion about whether Kap is better than Brady….more so will Brandon Lloyd be able to put up those numbers without Brady quarterbacking him.

          1. Well, Lloyd had his best season as a pro in Denver with Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow as QB’s. I wouldn’t consider either of them as QB’s that make the players around them better.

            1. I don’t understand how that comes into play when we are discussing Brandon Lloyd right here and now…..years later from the seasons your talking about. The guy was out of football last year. And I think its up for debate whether he has anything left. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this is a bad signing at all. Brandon has always been a solid receiver, the question is will we still see him as productive as he was in the past. You cant tell me age doesn’t catch up to you in the NFL.

  12. I’m not sure if this “good news” but it certainly isn’t “bad news” so I’ll take it right about now!

    As long as he can still run and get open, then he’ll be good to have in camp and possibly the regular season. We don’t need him to be a premiere receiver, as long as he catches that balls that come his way, then good.

    As for how this effects our draft strategy…I really don’t know if it does. I think it depends more on how the board falls…who falls and who doesn’t, and who gets picked early…that will determine whether or not we take a WR in the 1st round or wait until the 2nd. I think we’re still going WR in the first round.

  13. This move could turn out to be the best of the offseason for the 49ers if Lloyd has anything left in the tank.

    1. I agree, Jack. PFF also apparently gave Lloyd a +3.9 grade in run blocking for the 2012 season. Given Lloyd’s recent performances against SF in 2012, and SEA’s secondary in 2012, you can see why Baalke wants this guy.

    2. I’m with you Jack. I like the move. Someone made mention that we’ve had injury issues the past few years with our WR corp, so this is definitely a smart and likely cheap move. I don’t see him getting much target his way unless boldin or crabs go down, unless Harbs was truthful about implementing more 3 wr sets.

          1. Yes, you tried to tell me what you read from Matt Maiocco. I’m basing this off connecting various pieces on my own.

            1. Ha! You should not assume that you are the only person able to “connect various pieces” on your own. Talk about delusional. Yea, I talked to Maiocco and gathered detailed information and used my football common sense. I understood the transition that had to come and was on the way. You kill me dude…

              1. I’m curious – are you talking about a wholesale change in philosophy to using 3 WRs most of the time, or a smaller increase in 3 WR sets, maybe up to around 35% – 40% of the time?

                It would be quite a shift to start using 3 WR sets most of the time. Increasing to around 35% to 40% would be a pretty big change in itself, but I’m not sure a guy like Lloyd would be happy seeing the field less than half the snaps a game.

              2. Yes, and you chatted with yourself because you’re a legend in your own football mind. Remember the word Dahl when you want to come back down to earth….

              3. Scooter, I believe we discussed this before and arrived at about 35% consensus on the increase….

              4. Is 35% of snaps going to keep Lloyd happy? I think if they are serious about having Lloyd on the team as a contributor, he’ll want to play more than that. I guess they could also do a rotation thing like what they did with Crabs, Moss and Manningham.

              5. True Scooter, no WR would be happy with that, but its not like he’s some high priced FA signing, I’m sure the contract close to the vet minimum, but I could be wrong.

                But the point is he knows what he signed on for I’m sure.

  14. Every year since Harbaugh took over we have had issues with the health of our WR corp. I do not think this changes the 49ers draft plan at all. If anything this allows them to take best player available in there top three needs. They no longer need to reach for someone and hope its not too much of a stretch. So long as our scouting is spot on, we’ll be ok come draft day.

  15. Why go for 32 yr. old legs when there are so many high quality young receivers coming out in this draft? Vernon Davis is the one getting up in years. If I would sign a FA, which I wouldn’t with so many draft picks, I’d at least get some competition going on at WR. I think they ‘fell in love’ with one game against the 49ers, like they did with Boldin. I think ones roster needs more objective thinking to make important choices like this.

    1. Stop regurgitating what the beat writers are feeding you. The reason is deeper than that.

      1. Jack:

        Yeah, but you have to admit he has a point. The Boldin signing was a huge mistake.

        Wait a minute … what?

        1. Yeah, Boldin stood out because he catches short routes nicely, but does he stand out because others couldn’t do it near as good?

      2. Deep, like if we get enough receivers in, the competition will figure what we need to know??

      3. Jack why did the Patriots release Lloyd 363 days into a 3 year contract after having the second best season of his career coupled with the fact that the Patriots had just lost their TE tandem and needed reliable WR’s?

        1. Depends on what report you want to believe Coffee. Lloyd was due a roster bonus of $3mil which played a role when he refused to rework the deal.

          According to reports, the Patriots were one of the teams who approached Lloyd later in the offseason but he turned them all down.

          There was also a report later from SB Nation stating that Lloyd was not well received in the locker room.

          Whatever the reason, the 49ers were willing to bring him in last year and finally made it happen this year. Now we’ll see how it plays out.

          1. There was also a report later from SB Nation stating that Lloyd was not well received in the locker room.

            That seems to be a reoccurring reason at each of his stops.

    2. Why go for 32 yr. old legs when there are so many high quality young receivers coming out in this draft?

      Because your odds of finding good players goes up with the more you add. Lloyd is a no risk signing that could pay off the same way adding Boldin did a year ago. It doesn’t mean they can’t add somebody in the draft as well and they most likely will.

      1. Exactly. It also provides more leeway come the draft if the WRs they like are off the board.

  16. I don’t think Lloyd will make the final roster. His signing will not affect big way whether the 49ers draft a WR with their first pick.

    I do think low risk, one year signings like Wright, Cook and Lloyd provide training camp competition, and a little (just a little) flexibility in the draft.

    In the event of a BPA bargain falling to 30, the added CB/WR depth gives the 49ers a little more flexibility to pass on the less talented “need” player.

    1. The 49ers don’t like paying top dollar, so will end up waiting in the 2nd round for a WR because there will be plenty to choose from then. A 6’5″ Benjamin would do.

  17. After the last week, I’m just pleased to have 49er news that does not involve anyone getting arrested/investigated/etc.

  18. I think he makes the roster and contributes. They need a CB, a pass rusher and a LB. After that is a great under-the-radar QB…

  19. I just took a quick look at the All-22 film of Lloyd’s game (as a Patriot) against the Seahawks. Lloyd was giving Sherman and Browner fits with his release off the line and short area jab steps On two particular plays, Browner tried to press Lloyd. Lloyd was so quick, he ran right around each jam and caught the pass for 20 yards and 13 yards respectively.

    Another two plays, each against Sherman, Sherman played off coverage and Lloyd had him completely confused. One of the plays he sold the deep route and caught a comebacker for 23 yards. On the second play, he beat Sherman deep, but failed to get both feet in bounds.

    It’s one game, but if Lloyd still has the short area quickness skills he showed in this game film, our passing offense just got a little better.

  20. One also must consider how much this signing and the timing of it, had to do with the recent bad publicity of the 49ers three amigos gracing the front pages of sports blogs/television/radio news programs…..

  21. I very much doubt the 49ers will count on Lloyd to be a contributor this year – he’s an Asomugha hit and hope. The Lloyd signing means they now have veteran insurance at every position heading into the draft (yes, even at CB where they are returning 5 CBs that have played D for the 49ers in the past 2 years, + another CB that has started 4 years for the Vikings).

    The 49ers always use the draft as a source to fill future needs – even last year with Reid they had a contingency in place in case he couldn’t take the starting role day 1. I think this lessens the likelihood of taking a WR in the first round, but doesn’t remove it entirely. I would still be very surprised if they do not take a WR at some point in the first 3 rounds.

    If anything, this signing increases the likelihood of the 49ers going a different direction entirely than WR or CB in the first round.

    1. Any contingency plan that relies on Dahl or Cook, is one that has a very high probability rate of failure. I agree with your Asomugha analogy, and the draft philosophy. Right now, I like Attaochu to be the guy at 30….

      1. The 49ers have more than just Cook. They have Brock, Culliver, Wright, Cox and Morris returning as well. That is six guys already battling it out for the #1, #2 and #3 CB spot. Yes, it is a position that can be upgraded, no doubt, and the depth beyond 2014 is poor, but I think people saying that CB is a must in round 1 are off base as well. Its in play, as are a number of positions, including WR and OLB/DE.

        Any of the top pass rushers that are projected to be available around #30 are now going to start being mocked to the 49ers. CfC was ahead of the curve in this regard with Trent Murphy. Pass rush OLB in round 1 is definitely a possibility.

        1. Trent Murphy? You don’t seriously believe they are interested in Trent Murphy do you?

          1. The dude looked like Division II against the better athletes at the Senior Bowl….

              1. Ha! I’m just not as high on Murphy as you are. Mid to late second. I see Mayock has him ranked as an OLB at 4th best so…..

          2. No razor he is dead serious about Murphy. He won’t let it go. Although if Murphy is there in the fourth rnd I would take a fyler on him. In this draft he has no business going before that.. I don’t see Murphy beating out skuta for playing time.. He does not translate to a 3-4 outside linebacker.

            1. “He does not translate to a 3-4 outside linebacker.”

              Funniest statement I’ve read in a long time. He played as an OLB in Stanford’s 3-4.

          3. No, I’m not that high on Murphy either razor. Murphy is CfC’s guy. But he was ahead of the curve mocking an OLB to the 49ers in round 1 months ago.

        2. Scooter,

          I’m not all that high on Murphy but your point is sound. I think all options are open for the first round pick which is the position a team wants to be in.

  22. I don’t forsee Lloyd doing much, should he make the 53 ..
    why ? .. he’s never actually worked with Kaep before ..
    At least QP has been working with him this offseason, so I suspect
    he’ll appear on Kaeps radar a lot more this season…

    Most likely Bruce Miller will catch more than Lloyd will..

    Affecting the draft ? … I doubt it .. still think the Niners
    will take a CB in rd 1 .. and WR in rd 2.. after that ? .. it’s anyone’s guess

  23. I don’t like this move, never was a BL fan for the simple reason he takes plays off. Now he is older so not the type of player we need when the position requires speed and tenacity.

    As for the draft I highly doubt how this impacts their decision when he might not even make the team.

    1. Maybe the Old 49ers thought the same by letting him go, and the New 49ers haven’t caught on yet!?..;)

    1. Good article Jack.

      I’m not sure why there is so much resistance to signing Lloyd but there shouldn’t be. He knows how to get open, and gives them somebody who can allow Boldin to go inside as you mentioned, which is where he had a lot of success in Baltimore.

      If his play has dropped and he’s not worth keeping around, they cut him. No big deal. Risk vs reward is excellent here.

      1. Rocket,

        I think the resistance is due to the fans longing for a WR that can blow the top off a defense. I think when the average fan sees this signing they just think “great another possession receiver”. But I really like Jack’s analysis here. I know someone mentioned this move allows Crabs and Boldin to work the middle. And if we do draft that speedster (big or small) it will allow us to rotate personnel and give us more flexibility in the passing game, while also allowing them to develop for a year.

        I also like the fact that Lloyd is insurance for the nearly inevitable Crabtree injury that comes nearly every year.

        Its exciting to think we could be starting the year with Crabs/Boldin/ Lloyd/ Patton/ Rookie….instead of Boldin/KW/Moore/Baldwin… the difference is extraordinary

    2. Nice read Jack.

      I agree, if Lloyd has something left in the tank this could be the best move of the off-season by Baalke.

      Of course, if Asomugha had anything left in the tank last year, and Moss the year before, etc… It is a low-risk flyer with big potential benefits. Just what Baalke likes to do.

      1. Thanks guys.


        If Lloyd can give them the type of receiving production that Moss did in 2012 I think it is a win for the organization. The 35 catches for 15.6 yards that Moss put up is the best of any #3 wr since Harbaugh took over.

        1. True, that would be a pretty good return for the #3 WR. And if he doesn’t have much left no biggy either. I’ve no problem with the signing – I think it is a good, low-risk kicking of the tyres deal. I don’t think it obviates the need to draft a WR either though.

    3. Very nice article, Jack. I think too many 49ers fan remember “the duck” and are focusing on that, not what Lloyd brings to the team if he can be even close to what he was in 2012.

      1. Thanks JPN. I think it is similar to Alex Smith. It’s hard to separate the good and bad sometimes.

      2. “The Duck” is simply how he came about the nickname “ducky” I didn’t think people condemned him for it, it’s funny to watch is all for me.

    4. Good read there Hammer, but I’m not as optimistic about Lloyd having what it takes to sustain a spot on this roster. You’re right about Lattimore, but again, let’s see if he can withstand the attrition in camp….

  24. I am not questioning the signing of Lloyd, I believe he will contribute to the offense. The guy is a savvy WR.

    I question the timing of the signing. If we are baffled by this signing, imagine what other NFL teams are thinking right about now? They, like many people in here, were thinking that the Niners were going to go after a WR with their first selection…now they have to re-assess their draft board as well–and are probably thinking that the Niners will certainly come up and jump ahead of them to take a top 10 player. One of those teams will have to settle for the second best player in their list…

    1. No one should be baffled by the signing. They tried to get him in last year, and it was rumored to be happening by Maiocco last week.

  25. I think Lloyd will make the final roster. He is the guy that can help create a mismatch. We needed a 3rd outside receiverto free up boldin and or crab. As well as vernon. We will not draft a wr in Rd1. I still bbelieve we go after the best pass rusher available, but thats only me. If not him, the best Cb aavailable. But you never know, balkee and harbaugh have probably targeted who they want. Wich brings to question, why waste money on “”camp fodder” ie lloyd, when we could do it cheaper with a guy like chad hall again. Point being, we have a plan, wr is not it in round 1, and unless baldwin shines in camp and preseason, he will no longer be a niner and lloyd and rd2-3 wr fights for the 3rd wr. Oh n patton as well

    1. This signing is akin to signing Randy Moss in 2012. The 49ers still drafted AJ Jenkins in the 1st round. Signing Lloyd does not rule them out for drafting a WR in the 1st round.

      The reason for signing Lloyd and not a guy like Chad Hall is simple – if Lloyd still has something to give they could be getting a really good player on the cheap. This is a look-see deal, something Baalke has done a lot of in recent years.

    1. Scooter,
      I would be happy with any these WR’s and better yet, perhaps any combination of two.

      I really like PR. He’s DeSean Jackson 2.0 and although small in stature, he plays much bigger.
      MB was lost in Clemson’ offense because of Sammy Watkins. But I believe that Bryant has the size and speed to become a successful pro in a couple of years. Latimore’ college numbers speak for themselves. But I see Latimore more as a possession type rather than a downfield threat.
      But again, these are quality WR’s.

    2. Scooter, Crab, Claude and myself had a bit of funny this morning at his(Richardson’s) expense.

      Crab15 April 15, 2014 at 9:21 am
      Same 40 time, same height and same arm length as A.J. Jenkins. Sounds like a real winner to me.

      Coffee’s for Closers April 15, 2014 at 9:37 am
      Hopefully we’ll draft him so we can watch him get tackled by a stiff breeze.

      claude balls April 15, 2014 at 9:43 am
      Well, he would be the speedy deep threat WR that many commenters think will solve all of the 49ers offensive woes.

      Coffee’s for Closers April 15, 2014 at 9:49 am
      How’s he going to make it off the line when he isn’t even strong enough to break the resistance of the grass he’s standing in.

      Not to mention his 7.09 3 cone drill, if he had to change direction the DL would catch up to him before he made it out of his break.

      1. Heh, nice one, I must have missed it earlier on today.

        I’m not overly enamoured with Richardson but he could fit a role, and can have value for a team as a #2 or #3 WR. He’s a pretty decent vertical threat (at least he was in college). Getting off press coverage will be one of the bigger hurdles he has to overcome – if he can’t do that he’ll be in trouble.

      2. C4C,
        Interesting exchange between you guys. But what I’ve seen in Richardson (who is actually smaller than A.J.) is something that has not been mentioned enough: Heart

        Richardson (or any small WR) is not being asked to carry the load in our offense. A.J. was put on a fast-trac to succeed after Crabtree went down and he was not ready for it both physically and mentally.

        If PR could provide a little bit of what T.Y. Hilton can provide for the Colts he could be a real find for us.

  26. I’m not a fan of this signing. Lloyd is too much into himself to really even be a good fit. I see this as a move to put the heat on Baldwin and nothing more. And it definitely doesn’t do anything to alter Baalke’s plans for the upcoming draft.

    1. Not to compare their career accomplishments, but Rice had a little of the “me” factor as well.
      Maybe some here were to young to remember but Jerry put up a little stink at one time because he felt he should have received more tv endorsements.

      1. I must resist that comparison. JR’s few diva moments came well after he’d established himself as a star in the league and a leader of the team. His ego was never a “Me” issue the way Lloyd’s was. No one questioned Jerry’s commitment to work or winning or team. Maybe BL has grown up and gotten past that, but his departure from NE left some questions in my mind.
        Neither Trent nor Harbaugh would want to bring in an attitude problem, so we’ll see. Perhaps he’ll prove my reservations unwarranted.

        1. Here’s a positive spin on the signing from ProFootballTalk, of all places, that mmight make you feel a little better:


          Florio raises one point that I had not considered.

          … [Lloyd’s] willingness to join the effort prior to the launch of the offseason program suggests that he’s serious about playing and conscientious about learning the offense and becoming a contributor.

          See? It’s all good.

    2. They signed Lloyd because they likely have zero confidence in Baldwin. Unless Lloyd has completely lost his skills I think he makes the team, and would be a good safety net in case of injury.

      This won’t affect the draft I agree. They will take one early in my opinion and might even take two before it’s over. They can have Crabs possible replacement sit on the bench for a year which is a good thing.

  27. The most used descriptions that I recall being used for Lloyd were ‘acrobatic’, ‘timing’ and ‘outjumps’. I always enjoyed watching him play…he never seemed to have a problem getting separation, and made spectacular receptions. The hell with the rest of it…these aren’t boy scouts

  28. After reading Kawakami it looks like A. Smith is a goner. I’ll have to put out a new Mock with an OLB going in the 1st Rd. Grant will your latest mock reflect that change also?

    1. One of the things I like MOST about our front office is that we rarely, if ever, let someone go for nothing. How we pilfered two 2nd-round picks for Alex Smith, who was an unrestricted free agent just the season before, is astounding.

      If we do part with Aldon, we’ll mostly likely get compensated with something in this year’s draft and a conditional pick in next year’s draft.

      As for how this affects our OLB spot… There’s a good chance Brooks, Lemonier, and Skuta will get the majority of the snaps even if we do draft someone. And if those guys aren’t giving us production, we can still reassign Tank to the outside rather than having him back up Cowboy at 3-4 DE.

    2. If TK has the FO mood right, it does look like a long shot Aldon would play for the 49ers again; shocking to contemplate.I don’t think it obviates an OLB in the 1st Round though. The comment about incidents that didn’t make headlines was unsettling.
      While TK seems to have a lively, snappy, occasionally contentious relationship with Coach, he seems to cultivate other team contacts that share things on background that give him some insights on team thinking.

    3. We also can’t afford to cut Aldon because teams like the Hawks, Saints, Pats, Broncos COULD squeeze one good year out of him. Much better to trade him to an indirect opponent after this airport incident dies down (which should happen pretty quickly).

      Also, if we’re not planning on giving Aldon big money in a re-signing… that would be another good reason to trade him sooner than later.

      1. I do’nt think another team wil ltouch him untill his league suspensions and legal situation are finalized. I do’nt see that wrapping up untill sept or oct. So that takes care of this years draft, again depending on his sentence [if he receieves one] and another longer stay in rehab, he probably wo’nt be available untill late 2014. I do’nt see anyone trading for him in what would be a rent a trade. Also Carridine is a DE\DT in no way is he an OLB and the 9ers have made it clear they have never seen him as one.

        1. Agree on both the trade and Tank.

          Why would a team trade for Aldon is he’s going to be suspended? Crazy Al Davis, the king of trading for one year rentals, is no longer with us.

          Tank could play situational edge pass rusher, but no way OLB. I doubt Tomsula is saying “Tank buddy, I want you to drop that 20 lbs you killed yourself putting on the last 11 months.”

          Corey Lemonier is a solid pickup for the third round. I like him, I liked the draft pick. He has the ability to be a complete OLB that stops the run, drops into coverage once in a while, and speed rush of the edge. But he’s no Aldon. (Few if any are) Aldon is a Hall of Fame talent. Athletically unique. This is a huge loss for the 49ers.

          The thing about Lemonier.. if his speed rush gets picked up, he’s essentially out of the play. Skuta may have been a better overall pass rusher last year.

          1. Brodie Skuta was a great pass rusher last and he was injured for most of the season. Do you think Skuta and Lemonier could be a 2 headed starting OLB or do you think they might draft someone in Rd 1 or 2?

            1. old coach I have not researched pass rushers in the draft at all. Not even viewed combine weight ins or college highlights. Will do that later today when I’m on faster internet.

              So funny… a month ago I was mainly viewing receiver footage. Then corner backs too. Now OLBs. Sure, I looked at Mack and Barr in case some unlikely BPA situation arose. I don’t know anything about Lawrence.

              My hunch is the 49ers trade up for a high level QB killer if one falls to within range, or grab an athletic but raw OLB day 3.

              1. I think the 49ers could trade Aldon this off-season and there would be takers. Pass rush talent like that doesn’t grow on trees.

                Demarcus Lawrence (who they have coming in for a visit) is a long shot to be drafted by the 49ers at the moment. He’s was suspended multiple times by Boise State for undisclosed team rule violations.

                The guys to look at might include Dee Ford, Jeremiah Attaochu, Trent Murphy, Marcus Smith, and maybe even Kareem Martin.

  29. Here’s a trade idea for you. Aldon for Dion Jordan. I know the press has been down on Jordan’s rookie year. But what I saw in limited snaps was a difference maker. Obviously the Dolphins are looking to deal him, as he’s not quite thick enough to play 4-3 DE.

    Is Aldon better than Jordan at this stage? Absolutely. But Aldon’s also going to cost about $8 million a year more than Jordan after this season, while Jordan would be under rookie wage scale to us for 4 more years.

    Could be a win-win for both clubs.

    1. Sully i still do’nt think any team is going to trade for Smith untill the dust settles around him IE. league suspensions\another stay in rehab\aprison time.

      1. Well, I wouldn’t ditch Aldon without compensation. Charles Haley and Jared Allen eventually matured enough to stay out of trouble. So I’d rather roll the dice on the latter play.

  30. Before the airport incident, my rough odds of (long term) FA retentions were something like like this…
    80% Kaepernick
    90% Aldon through 2015
    60% Aldon after 2015
    25% Crabtree
    45% Iupati stays
    60% Boone stays

    A silver lining to this catastrophe is now the 49ers might be able to retain one or two players they might have otherwise cut.

    1. Brodie way to stay positive. Also i think the 9ers might be better off holding on to Smith through 2014 then letting him go as a FA. I believe the supplemental pick they would get might be better than what they would get in a trade.

    2. I could be mistaken, but if the 49ers cut Aldon now his 2014 salary is still against the cap whether they pay him or not. (anyone know for sure?)

      Also, if the 49ers suspend him for all of 2014, then lets him go FA (instead of exercising the 5th year option) does that mean a compensatory pick?

      It might be worth the 3-4th round compensatory pick to make him ride the pine for a year instead of cutting him outright.

      1. I think they would get a 3rd Rd pick and i a 3rd might be better than they would get in a trade.

        1. I’m hoping the 2015 fifth year option does not affect the FA compensatory.

          Its possible Aldon, Crabtree and Iupati could be gone on other teams in 2015. The 49ers might have a record number mid round compensatory picks for the 2016 draft.

      2. That is correct Brodie.

        It sounds like there may be a suspension upcoming from the league and if that is the case the 49ers would not be able to suspend him until after that suspension is complete.

        Really good point on the compensatory pick.

  31. Jeremiah Attaochus’ 1.55 10-yard split would have ranked him tops among all linebackers at the combine. He had a school record 31.5 sacks, and brings a nasty attitude to the party. This kid has a high ceiling, and with Levitt and Tomsula coaching him, he could be a star….

        1. He could be this year’s Bruce Irvin. Should be there in the 2nd round according to people “in the know”, but wouldn’t shock if some team “reaches” for the athletic talent.

        2. Should be able to. I haven’t seen him rated higher than a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

          1. I’ve seen one draft with him in the first round, and he has definitely solidified himself into the top of the second round….

  32. According to ProFootballTalk, the NFL schedule will be released on Tuesday (April 22)……….
    Something to look forward to.

  33. Man this last month has really fired some folks up. Here is my take. First, what Culliver did is on another level from the other stuff. Culliver could have severely injured someone during his hit and run. That he ran from the scene speaks volumes about his character as well. Definitely criminal. To violently confront someone with brass knuckles is further proof of this. To me he should be cut instantly.
    In regards to Aldon, I think we wait. The drinking is a disease. The poor guy is going to have to battle this disease his entire life. What he did at the security point IMO is more dumb than criminal. My buddy made a crack like that at an airport when he was 23 and was held for 48 hours while the rest of us went to Vegas. It was dumb, it is a learning experience with no criminal intent. Dumb.
    In regards to the Kaep it’s died down every since more facts have presented themselves. Funny how TMZ turned a “suspicious incident” into ” sexual assault allegations”. Now we learn that the girl wouldn’t leave the apartment and that Lockette called the police twice for help.
    What I am getting at is, other than the Culliver incident, the other stuff will die down and go away. We don’t want to lose Aldon. Without great or even good CB’s, we need a pass rush. Remember the 2012 season. Our defense yielded 13.3 points per game with a healthy Justin Smith and Aldon Smith. When they were injured that number ballooned up to 27.4

    1. Bay,

      Your take at the end is a stereotypical fan response.

      The reason many are so fired up regarding Smith is that it is just another item to add onto an already long rap sheet.

      And the stuff around Smith won’t die down. He has a court date on the 29th that will draw added attention now in addition to the decision to pick up the 5th year option.

      One quick question, what year did the incident with your friend take place?

      1. Must have been 1992…. And yes we all laughed at how stupid he was. Young and stupid.

    2. Agree with your take on Aldon, the “bomb threat” is hardly a “final straw” type of incident and doesn’t fit his pattern of behavior at all. It was definitely more dumb than criminal, I sincerely doubt that his intention when saying it was to incite or provoke. The way the conversation went down it is almost certain he was joking. If the 49ers wanted to release him after the DUIs and weapons charges then that would be understandable but after this? Just silly.

      1. Tkam i do’nt think the 9ers are thinking of getting rid of Smith because of the TSA incident. I believe it has everything to do with him drinking again. They paid him during his 5 weeks in rehab and he took it soooooooo seriously that he is drinking again 6 months later

        1. Except there is no proof that he was drinking again, just speculation/hearsay. The police did not believe he was intoxicated.

          1. It was also a police person who said that he “appeared” to have been drinking. I believe there’s a difference between drinking and being intoxicated.

            We’ll have a much better idea on how the organzation feels by May 3.

              1. “He was not what we considered to be intoxicated,” LAX Police Sgt. Karla Ortiz told CSNBayArea.com, “but he appeared as if he had been drinking earlier in the day.”

              1. Claude, it means conflicting reports. And there is no mention of who the witnesses were in the sfgate article. TSA agents, possibly? Flight attendents? Can police officers be considered witnesses? I think so.

                And what does “appeared to be drinking earlier in the day” actually mean? Red eyes with a dishelveled appearance? The faint smell of soured liquor breath from an all-nighter or an early morning wake-me-up drink?

    3. Bay,
      I don’t want to lose Aldon either. But at this point in his life he doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks.

      Aldon’ greatest enemy is himself and if he can’t get control of his adverse behavior he will ultimately terminate himself from the game.

      I like Aldon the football player but Aldon the public citizen is drowning out the former (imo). This guy has 3 major incidences in about 3 years and each one of these have the potential of getting him suspended.
      Sure I have my favorites (players) on the 49ers but ultimately, I follow the brand and the game.
      I want to see Aldon get his head right, but if doesn’t care to do that than it’s time to move on.

  34. I think that both Culliver and Aldon will come through this ‘storm’, and that each might miss a game or two, but nothing permanent (trade, released). These are a couple of kids out of the woods with more dollars than sense, and are having difficulty adjusting to ‘stardom’. Do you really think that Aldon needs ‘knucks’ for anyone? They need chaperones, and they will become model citizens. ….so much for my 2 cents…

    1. I think I’d rather see these players get professional counseling than paid 24/7 babysitters.

    2. Bayarea and Oregoniner we all have different opinions on how these guys should be dealt with but the only opinion that counts is that of the 9er FO. If Kawakami and Miaocco have any insight into the innerworkings of the 49ers it sounds like Aldon Smith is a goner whether anyone likes it or not.

      1. Say what I think will happen, some people think I’m saying what I want to happen.

        Say what I want to happen, some people think I’m saying what I think will happen.

        This happens alot, especially in draft scenarios where I’m trying to guess who the 49ers will draft, not saying who I would want drafted.

        Unless Kawakami is way off base, its sounding like Aldon’s a gone. Just trying to figure out the best way to soften the blow.

  35. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 39s
    Former Titans RB Chris Johnson reached agreement with Jets on a two-year deal, per league sources.

    1. It finally opened, thanks Claude. This backs up jacks claim that he is overrated. My opinion there is not 5 corners I would rather have. He is a play maker that is only 24 years old, which is scary for us. I believe an elite talent at corner.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Keith McGill and SJB drafted earlier than many are mocking them to be. There is a bit of a love-fest for big CBs at the moment.

      I think both those guys will ultimately disappoint whoever drafts them though. SJB less so than McGill – I think in the right situation he could be a solid CB.

  36. Barrows reporting that Niners are shopping LMJ.

    I was thinking last night, why not Aldon, #30, and a 2015 second to the Raiders for #5 and #36. Then draft Watkins and look for Fuller, Verrett, or Dee Ford with that next pick. Might have to trade up a bit to get them.

  37. Barrows also wrote an article on the interesting notion that with Bowman injured and Aldon acting stupid that the Niners D might be better suited to a 4-3 defense.

  38. My take:
    Aldon stays. We release him, Seattle or St. Louis will pick him up, we don’t need that in our lives. If we trade him, we should get 1st and 2nd round picks for him. He’s top notch talent. Anything else will be uncivilized. Lol.
    Last but not least just as Marcelius Wiley said, someone will get Aldon and he’ll be their little project. He also used one of the rams former OL as a prime example. I think it was Orlando Pace. Went to jail for manslaughter. Got himself together and played ten more years in the NFL. Releasing and/or trading Aldon while he’s this good will be dumb. Let the legal system run it’s course, he has yet to be convicted of anything. Let the commissioner suspend him. It voids his contract. He sits out at the most a year, gets help, focus, etc. Come back and we sign him to a contract where he has to prove himself. Anyone who signs him will pay little to nothing because he’s on his last few legs. I would really hate to let him go, he gets help, turns his life around, and flourishes.

  39. I don’t see Aldon leaving either. What he did was embarrassing for the FO, but I can’t see a scenario happening, cut or trade, where they let another team, specifically Seattle, who would jump at the chance, grab Aldon in his early prime. It would be the definition of cutting off their nose to spite their face.

    1. Exactly. He’s going to get suspended by the NFL. We don’t know how long. He will get probation for all of his legal troubles. So essentially he’ll be force to stay out of trouble to avoid jail. Hopefully he does bc he’ll be in the clear with the NFL. The suspension will make him realize what he had and it could be taken away at any time.

      1. He had it taken away from him for 6 weeks last season. Another 6-8 weeks is all of a sudden get him to fix up his act?

        Give me a break.

        1. Nope but with probation and jail time hanging over your head yes. He won’t get jail time. He’s an athlete with money. He’s going to buy his way out if the troubles. The 6 wks he missed last season wasn’t him really getting help. It was more about him trying to avoid the commissioners wrath.

          1. If by chance Aldon receives suspension time are the 49ers on the hook to continue to pay him while he’s out?
            They continued to pay him last season during his rehab but that was by choice.

            I want Aldon to find a way to exorcise his problems and have a long and successful career wearing the Red&Gold but at some point he also needs to feel the sting (consequences) of his mishaps.

            Also, if Terrell Brown lost monies last season for not attending OTA’ (although it was written in his contract), Aldon’ latest incident should warrant some sort of financial penalty.
            Perhaps teams need to structure a player’s contract with stipulations that require them to pay a financial restitution for any indiscretions.
            I certainly hope the Org withholds any earnings due Aldon if he has to sit out.

            1. Check out MM’s work on this subject. He outlines how if the Niners cut Aldon they have to pay his entire guaranteed salary. If they do not cut Aldon and he is suspended by the league, the suspension would be without pay so they would not be on the hook for that portion of his base salary.

              Your comments on “financial penalties” for “indescretions” seem curious to me. Aldon’s “indescretions” to this point have cost him dearly in potential earnings. What will be interesting and instructive is what the league is going to do to Irsay. We all know what would happen to someone who isn’t a silver spoon billionaire and got pulled over with 29K in cash and illegal prescription drugs. Mandatory jail time for trafficking. Forget about the woman who “overdosed” and was found dead in one of his houses. How much of the Colt’s revenue sharing money from last season should Irsay have to pay in financial restitution?

              1. Sacto,
                Thanks for the info regarding Aldon’ contract. It makes no business sense to cut Aldon if his contract calls for guaranteed monies. At this point it looks as if the team will have to keep Aldon even if he misses any time and look at their options after the season.

                As for Irsay; he is a poor excuse of an owner. He should be heavily fined for his stupidity as well. Hopefully the league takes a good swipe at his pocket book and suspends him like they would players.
                Sorry, but I have a hard time showing pity for rich people who show little respect for the law.

              2. If the 49ers trade him they are off the hook for his guaranteed salary (only his pro-rated signing bonus would count against the cap).

          1. Lol. Yeah I read over it and thought the same. There’s no taking it back once you hit post.

  40. if Brandon Lloyd makes the Niners’ roster, then either Baalke or Quinton Patton didn’t do their job.

    when he played for us, he made a few nice acrobatic catches near the sidelines, but he had zero heart compared to the average NFL wide receiver.

  41. I think he will make the roster..putting off of young prospects and practice squadders..once again a vet hindering development takin a roster spot

  42. I just read an article that stated if Harbaugh gets a long term contract, more than likely the niners will eventually get rid of Baalke. They say ultimately the blame of many of our draft bust and off season troublemakers are Baalke’s choices. Anyone have any insight to this?

    1. IMO every team will eventually get rid of of every HC and GM, right? This sounds like someone drumming up some intrigue about a team that’s had some negative news. Last month it was Harbaugh wearing thin on everybody in HQ and locker room; one foot out the door, eh? Not. Trade to Miami? Not.
      The GM gets credit and blame for every player no matter what. Most of this drama seems overstated by the media.

  43. M. Barrows is reporting that the 9ers are shopping LMJ as a way to move up in the draft.

    1. I wonder who is the “league source” that Barrows cites in his article. Trading LMJ doesn’t make sense. He proved to be solid in special teams and, if he gets an expanded role on offense, can be a real difference maker.

      1. He hasn’t earned his way into game reps. If they like Lattimore, LMJ drops to 4thRB. Reminds somewhat of AJJ.
        Of course at the Combine Baalke specifically said, “We’re not trading LaMichael.” That increases the odds significantly that he does.But what’s the trade value? 4th?

        1. Brotha i would say his value is that of a 4th or 5th rd pick. If they package him with a 3rd they might be able to move into the 2nd rd for a 3rd 2nd rd pick.

          1. I’d guess it would have to be someone enamored with his college tape.
            Min/Cinci/Cleve/Jax? KC could utilize him but they need more choices, not fewer.

          2. Makes sense. The 49ers could package LMJ +77 to move up. I think LMJ+77 would fetch a higher 3rd. If Baalke got a 2nd out of it I’d be really happy.

      2. Perhaps the team doesn’t like LMJ’s attitude and his demand for a more expanded role on offense.

    2. Isn’t this just a new spin on an old story? I thought there were reports a month or two ago that James was on the block.

          1. Jack:

            I believe so, but this report seems more definite.

            My comment was on the similarity of your first sentence to LMJ’s tweet that read “When old news becomes new news.”

  44. RotoWorld mentioning that Detroit may be looking to move up to the top of the draft, trying to get Houston & St. Louis to bid to move back. Watkins lust supposed, if believable.

  45. If they are trying to trade LMJ, that’s GOOD news!
    It means that the TANK is rolling next season!!!

  46. Before Culliver ‘s arrest I had hoped

    Day one – Baalke trades into the mid first for a top WR, leaving the team with 4 day two picks and massive maneuverability.
    Day two – Baalke cleans up on WRs, a CB and BPA.
    Day three – NFI projects and backup QB.

    Before Aldon’s arrest I had hoped

    Day one – Baalke trades up into the mid first for CB, still leaving the team with 4 day two picks.
    Day two – Baalke cleans up on WRs, BPA.
    Day three – NFI projects and backup QB

    After Aldon’s arrest its a mess.

    Baalke could trade 30+129+LMJ to secure Ford or Ealy in the mid-late 20s.
    He might have to trade back into the first to nail down a much needed CB, leaving the 49ers with only 2 day two picks in what’s considered a historically deep draft. What a shame.

  47. Dee,
    I don’t think I’m alone in wondering what you mean? What’s a LMJ trade got to do with Carradine getting on the field?

    1. I’d be fine with the 49ers taking Attaochu at #30. He’s still raw, but he’s a natural speed rusher with that great acceleration and ability to dip and bend around the corner.

      You can see where scouting reports are coming from regarding his hand usage not being great, and not being much of a power rusher (though I don’t think this is a strength issue but more a hand usage and technique issue). But that is something he can be taught – that’s the thing about him, he’s only going to get better. He also can take too long diagnosing a play, but then he’s at his best just pinning his ears back which is what he’d be asked to do primarily anyway.

      1. Yea, I envision him being used primarily the way they used Aldon in his rookie year. He started playing the game in high school, so lots of room for growth with the proper coaching. You touched on what I like in a pass rusher that Attaochu possesses. Natural ability to dip and bend with that acceleration around the bend….

      2. I’d be fine with the 49ers taking Attaochu at #30.

        They don’t have to, at least not according to this draft I just ran at first-pick.com:

        Round 1 Pick 30: Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech (A-)
        Round 2 Pick 24: Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss (B+)
        Round 2 Pick 29: Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech (A-)
        Round 3 Pick 9 (BUF): Weston Richburg, C, Colorado State (A)
        Round 3 Pick 30: DaQuan Jones, DT, Penn State (A-)
        Round 3 Pick 36 (COMP): Joel Bitonio, OT, Nevada (B+)
        Round 4 Pick 29: Ahmad Dixon, SS, Baylor (A)
        Round 7 Pick 27: De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon (A)
        Round 7 Pick 28: Marcel Jensen, TE, Fresno State (B+)
        Round 7 Pick 30: Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech (C+)

        1. Yeah, that’s funny, we appear to have had similar ideas!

          Round 1 Pick 30: Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech (A-)
          Round 2 Pick 29: Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech (A-)
          Round 3 Pick 1 (HOU): Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson (A-)
          Round 3 Pick 13: Martavis Bryant, WR, Clemson (A-)
          Round 3 Pick 25 (S.D.): DaQuan Jones, DT, Penn State (A)
          Round 3 Pick 36 (COMP): Jordan Tripp, OLB, Montana (C)
          Round 4 Pick 21 (G.B.): Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice (C-)
          Round 4 Pick 29: Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana (D)
          Round 5 Pick 30: Storm Johnson, RB, UCF (B+)
          Round 7 Pick 27: Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech (C+)
          Round 7 Pick 28: Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma (C+)

          Of course, getting Latimer and Gaines in the 4th round is pretty unlikely, but if they did that would be some great value (much better value than the grades first-pick suggest).

          1. Scooter:

            I see you made more trades than I did. While it is still almost impossible to trade up, I also didn’t receive any good offers to trade back.

            I think I like your selection of Tripp better than my selection of Bitonio. I regret not doing anything to address ILB.

            1. Tripp wasn’t the guy I wanted – I wanted to get Yawin Smallwood, but he was taken a couple of picks beforehand. D’oh!

              I went in with a great plan of taking OLB in round 1 and Easley in round 2. That went all to heck when Easley was picked at #24! And then with Fuller available at #30 I couldn’t pass him up (Beckham made it to #28 – I was sorely tempted to trade up and get him…).

              If I had a do-over I’d probably take Cody Latimer at #77 instead of Martavis Bryant (regardless of whether fist-pick rates him or not) and then a small slot guy later on that can handle kick and punt return duties.

              1. I like the Tripp pick. Seems like a player that could play multiple LB roles. Versatile. Hard-working.

              2. I think Tripp would be strictly an ILB for the 49ers. I like him, but I prefer Smallwood – he’s a smart and instinctive player.

        2. I like Dixon in the 4th. He’d provide some depth at SS, but I also envision him as someone that could fill some of the ILB gap.

  48. I think both Cully and Aldon will still be 49ers this season. thy both may miss games but I think they’ll both be starting again.

  49. Good to see the 49ers were at Dominique Easley’s workout today. If it weren’t for injury he’d be a first round lock. As it is he’ll probably go in the second. Apparently the workout was very impressive – and just five months after he blew out his ACL. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 49ers pull the trigger on him if he makes it to #56.

      1. Nope – same principle as Tank last year. He is further along than Tank was though, so he would have a shot at being able to play when comes of PUP, but its tough as a rookie to miss camp and then be expected to come in half way through the season.

        According to Easley he’ll be ready by OTAs, but if the 49ers drafted him I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take the whole slow down approach with him, let the knee come completely right.

        1. The difference for me between Tank and Easley is that I really liked Tank’s tape. Easley’s not so much.

          1. Any reason you don’t like Easley’s tape?

            There isn’t a more explosive and disruptive DL in the draft for mine. His quickness of the snap is top notch – he fires off the snap and gets almost instant penetration, and he keeps moving his legs and churning forward once he gets penetration to put pressure on the QB. He may not have had the stats of some other guys, but the players around him benefited big time from the pressure he brought.

            He also does a great job staying low to generate leverage and anchor, and has pretty decent hand usage (though he can improve in this regard). He’s also a high motor and high emotion player. The only real knock I have on him (other than injury history) is that sometimes he is so aggressive he lets himself get taken out of play rather than maintaining gap integrity.

            He’s my favourite DL in the draft, and by some way. If his injury history drops him to #56 the 49ers should jump all over him.

      1. Then how is it that he is drawing so much interest that he cannot meet with all of the teams that are drawing interest?

        Or could it be that you are “wrong”. Buahahahaha.

  50. It appears a number of people on this site think the Niner’s should change their approach to the top part of the draft because of Aldon’s problems. I think that is a mistake.
    For the first 3-4 picks the Niners should select the BPA from their list of needs. That list would include WR,CB,Safety,pass rusher (you can never have enough) and defense linemen(ditto).
    If Attaochu is the best available player for picks 30-61 or so then take him. If not, then reaching because of perceived need is a mistake and rarely works out.

    1. Of course they should. But with the issues surrounding Aldon I don’t think there is much doubt that the importance of getting another quality OLB through the draft has increased. I’d be very surprised if the 49ers don’t take an OLB/DE hybrid with one of their first three picks. But then I thought they’d look to get another OLB/DE in the first three picks prior to Aldon getting detained at LAX.

      Previously I thought they’d look to move up in round 1 for a WR or CB and get an OLB in round 2 or 3. But with the increase in importance to get an OLB I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay pat at #30 and take best WR, CB or OLB available, and then move around in rounds 2 and 3 to get guys in the other two positions + OL and DL.

      Attaochu is an interesting prospect and wouldn’t shock if he went late first round/ early second.

      1. I like the idea of staying pat at thirty, and holding onto your draft capital. OLB/DE Hybrid is a high value position, which is always in need. Wouldn’t shock me either Scooter….

  51. Even if Aldon doesn’t play next year, I still think CB and WR are bigger needs. Skuta/Lemonier played well last year filling in for him on early downs and you could always play Carradine on the outside when we go to Nickel. Not a big enough need to spend a high pick on.

  52. Here’s Mock Draft 4.0:

    49ers trade 30th pick to the Jaguars for the 39th, 105th, and 179th pick.

    CB Jason Verrett
    49ers trade 56th pick to the Vikings for the 72nd pick and a 4th round pick in 2014.
    DE/OLB Marcus Smith

    WR Cody Latimer
    WR Jordan Matthews
    CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste
    DT/DE Dominic Easley

    49ers trade the 105th pick to the Cowboys for the 158th pick and a 4th round pick in 2014.
    DE Josh Mauro

    RB Storm Johnson
    QB David Fales

    OG Brandon Thomas

    OT Cornelius Lucas
    WR John Brown
    ILB/OLB Yavin Smallwood

    UDFA signings
    WR Jalen Saunders
    WR Quincy Enunwa
    OG Spencer Long
    SS Hakeem Smith
    DE Ben Gardner
    CB Aaron Colvin

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