49ers sign LB Korey Toomer

Los Angeles Chargers linebacker Korey Toomer (56) walks across the field before an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

The 49ers just announced they signed linebacker Korey Toomer to a one-year contract.

Here’s a statement from GM John Lynch about the transaction: “We’re excited to add a talented player like Korey to our defensive unit. Korey is a good fit for the ‘stack linebacker’ position in our scheme and he provides our team another good football player with plenty of NFL experience in similar systems.”

Toomer, 29, started eight games at outside linebacker last season for the Los Angeles Chargers, whose defensive coordinator is Gus Bradley. Bradley mentored 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh when those two worked together on the Seattle Seahawks from 2011 to 2013, and on the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2014 to 2016. They run the same defensive scheme and share the same defensive philosophy.

If Toomer makes the 49ers final roster, he will be Malcolm Smith’s backup at outside linebacker. But, I’m not sure Toomer will make it. He’s a limited player on the downside of his career. The 49ers need to draft a young, talented linebacker they can groom for the future.

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        1. I wouldn’t call Toomer an Outside Linebacker.

          “We’re excited to add a talented player like Korey to our defensive unit,” said 49ers General Manager John Lynch. “Korey is a good fit for the ‘stack linebacker’ position in our scheme and he provides our team another good football player with plenty of NFL experience in similar systems.”

          You generally “stack” the linebackers when you put 8 defenders in the box, with all 3 linebackers capable of charging a gap in an Under front backed by cover 3, or an Over front backed by cover 4.

          Toomer can play WILL or MIKE depending on the front (and Special Teams), filling up the back end of the roster.

  1. He posted the NFL’s highest PFF grade for an inside linebacker Week 16 against the Jets at 91.0, and was the only linebacker on Los Angeles’ roster with a PFF grade above 80 in 2017….

    1. Obviously a spoiled brat who didn’t pay his dues for what he now does. Another ENTITLED you know what!! Thanks Dad

    2. You are absolutely correct. He needs the attention he gets. He is the outsider of the 9er press corp I’m sure.

    3. That’s because he’s the petulant child of Lowell Cohn. Nepotism. The PD is just too lazy to find an objective and more creative person for this blog.

            1. Lot of us were here long before Grant showed up. It has been down hill since. And “since” is seven years and counting…

  2. Jon Ledyard

    Verified account

    2m2 minutes ago
    More Jon Ledyard Retweeted Juan Carlos Chávez
    He’s at 24 for me right now, obviously I don’t think he’s better than Smith or even Evans (22), but I do like him a lot and believe he’s an ascending player. Can the NFL continue his development?Jon Ledyard added,
    Juan Carlos Chávez

    Replying to @LedyardNFLDraft
    Common bro, where’s Tremaine Edmunds? He’s better than Roquan and you put Smith no. 2. LOL

    1. 1.Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame
      2. Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
      Best fit is WILL, Still can play Mike. Not the second best player in the draft.
      3. Derrius Guice, RB, LSU
      Barkley will be better unless he goes to Cleveland.
      4. Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
      Best QB of the class.
      10. Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Alabama
      Could play single high right away.
      17. Derwin James, S, Florida State
      Better than Fitzpatrick.

      No Edmunds?


      Key-and-Diagnose Ability

      “Tremaine Edmunds: When I first punched on Edmunds tape, I was extremely disappointed with him in this area.”

      “Fast forward to the end of the season, and he was a totally different football player against Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh and Virginia.”

      “He played so much more aggressively and he trusted his keys rather than looking lost at the second level. He isn’t all the way there mentally, but the second half of Edmunds season showed me he has the ability to get to that next level.”

      1. Three RBs in the his top 8 prospects… and I can’t really say I disagree. Obviously won’t all be drafted that high. But it is a really good RB class.

        *Whoops, was meant to be in response to razor, not #80!

    2. It’s very interesting. No way Guise is better than Barkley if this is Ledyard’ pecking order.
      If I recall Ledyard had DeShawn Watson going to us at #2 last year.
      Ledyard needs to come on here and defend himself, lol – actually seriously!
      Also, he didn’t give any new revelation on Landry – he’s a one dimensional pass rusher (although he may be the best at it I admit) that needs to work on other areas of his game, as has been noted here of late.

      1. Not suggesting this means Ledyard’s rankings are correct or better than any others, but I do find this ranking fits a lot closer with my line of thinking. I don’t agree with all of his list, but a lot of it I do. I agree with Guice being ahead of Barkley. I also agree with his comments on Michel and Barkley – in fact I like Michel as a runner over Barkley too. Though all three are great prospects in their own right.

        1. Guice is a very good runner, but Barkley is a great runner.
          At this point, Guice is a better blocker in protecting the QB, but Barkley runs circles around him in other areas such as breaking tackles, speed, catching, reading the field (vision) once he gets to the second level and he finishes his runs with a forward lean when tackled.
          Both these guys will be stars in the NFL
          This is one we’ll need to check back on come December.

          1. Barkley certainly runs in circles alright, whereas Guice hits the crease with authority and does not go down easily. He fights for every yard, whereas Barkley goes down too easily for a man his size….

        2. Ranking players is like a pendulum that swings from side to side.
          Ledyard (for example) gives Landry a high rank while Charley Casserly has Landry sliding down to the 2nd rd.
          Not saying this is actually going to happen re Landry, but just giving an example of the many rankings that are afloat leading up to the draft.
          Maybe Landry is somewhere in the middle.

          1. Honestly, I question the NFL football acumen of anyone who thinks Guice is a better NFL prospect than Barkley.

            Guice is a nice prospect, but guys like Guice come around all the time. You can usually find a Darius Guice caliber RB in just about every draft class.

            Saquon Barkley is truly a rare talent. You just don’t see RB’s like Barkley, who fit any and every scheme, and combine the rarest of athleticism in a 233 lbs body, with elite vision, elite pass blocking, and elite pass catching ability, but once in a generation. Barkley will redefine the NFL RB position in the coming years, if he stays healthy.

              1. Sorry, I’m not gonna stoop to your level and pretend I have a greater football acumen than Scot.

              2. LOL okay.

                Well, if you are having chest pains Razor, and you go see 100 qualified doctors, 99 of whom tell you your arteries are blocked, and 1 doctor with an obvious conflict of interest tells you he disagrees with the other 99%, who are you going to believe?

              3. You’re assuming Scot is the only GM or evaluator that sees it that way, and he’s not. We happen to prefer Emmitt Smith over Barry Sanders. Don’t take it so personally, after all, it’s just business….

              4. OK Razor, apparently you aren’t willing to stoop to the acumen level of just about every other credible NFL scout, NFL executive, or former NFL running back either then. I guess you’re simply smarter than the 99% of talent evaluators whom make a good living wage evaluating NFL prospects? Got it.

              5. And I am not taking it personally. I just know this drill. Buck the trend and cross your fingers that you get lucky with your assessment. Because there is nothing on film that suggests Guice is a better running back prospect than Barkley, and that’s the reason he’s the consensus top prospect. He’s not the consensus top prospect because he got lucky playing behind a great OL. In fact, Penn State’s OL was horrendous in the first half of last season.

                But let me clue you in on something your missing. Saquon Barkley is a much, much better receiver than Guice. And in today’s NFL, that skill separates Barkley from the field. And as much as I do like Guice, and I do, he’s much more likely to deal with injuries given his running style. He was banged up all the time in college, because he’s not very elusive, and like Fournette, he relies almost entirely on his relentless power and burst as a violent runner. He thinks he weighs 230 lbs like Fournette, when in reality, Guice goes 212 lbs, soaking wet (Barkley is 233 lbs of solid muscle). He may make a splash early in his career, but mark my words, he’s going to get beat up in the NFL.

              6. Like I said, I’m not trying to downgrade Guice. He’s a fine prospect. He’ll probably be a fine pro. It sounds like you like Guice better than Michel? I’ll buy that. I mean, there is no question in my mind that this class of RB’s looks special as an overall group, and Guice is one of the top guys. In fact, as a pure runner, Guice has the goods.

                Part of the process is projecting a players ability at the next level. How does his skill set translate to the NFL? LSU runs a very simple system, so he’s got a higher learning curve at the next level. He certainly had outstanding production as an SEC runner, and that’s huge, but I can name a number of things that make Barkley a special NFL draft prospect, qualities that project favorably to the next level and separate him as a pro prospect. What about Guice separates him from any number of NFL RB’s? He’s certainly got the talent to be a starting NFL RB, I don’t question that. But what’s so special about Guice?

                OK, he’s fast, but not off the charts fast. He ran a 4.49 40, a little slower than expected, which points to a guy who probably plays a little faster than he tests. But he doesn’t exactly have the kind of break away speed to outrun defenders at the second level, does he? He’s certainly explosive, but a 31.5″ vertical certainly doesn’t scream next generation type of explosiveness and burst, in fact, that’s a very average number for a guy his size isn’t it? I won’t even get into the measurables, because it’s not even close, and Guice bailed on most of the other combine events, so it’s harder to gauge his lateral agility and ability to change direction quickly, other than his film. He has nice vision. He runs hard, very hard, angry in fact. He’s a decisive runner. He’s fairly elusive. Again, I see that ability on film, but nothing that really jumps out and screams “special”. Have you even seen Guice’s pro day numbers? I heard he looked good as a receiver. He doesn’t have stones for hands, in fact, he looks pretty natural as a receiver, but he caught 14 passes over his first 23 games at LSU.

                “While Guice has some elusiveness and long speed, much of his success comes from his furious running style and ability to create yardage after contact.” OK, that’s great, but at 212 lbs, how does that translate to the NFL, where guys are bigger, stronger, faster, and pack a much bigger wallop? Who’s likely to be more durable, a 233 lbs RB built like a brick house, who can cut on a dime and then simply out-accelerate every defender on the field (Barkley), or a strong 212 lbs RB with less agility, who cannot outrun a lot of NFL DB’s (Guice)?

                Again, Guice is a fantastic RB prospect. There is a lot to like about his projection at the next level. But, due to his running style/size, durability has to be a concern moving forward. It’s an entirely different ballgame running with a relentless, violent style at 212 lbs in the NFL, as opposed to college, even in the SEC. Carlos Hyde is a runner who has this problem and he’s much bigger than Guice.

                If Frankenstein built a RB, he’d be Saquon Barkley. He’s simply superior to Guice physically, and in just about every quality that makes for a great NFL RB. Guice is fantastic and he’ll be a great pro if he can stay healthy. Barkley is an entirely different monster altogether. He truly is a once in a generation talent.

            1. Whether Barkley, or any RB for that matter, is worthy of a top 5 selection is certainly a debate worth having.

              However, debating who the top prospect at the RB position in this 2018 class … well, that’s not really up for debate. Barkley is the overwhelming consensus top RB prospect in this class for a reason. In fact, he is the consensus best prospect in this entire class, regardless of position.
              And the reason Barkley is the consensus top prospect, once you remove the value of the position from the equation, is that Barkley ranks as elite in every single category for which one measures an NFL prospect. And, as far as scouts are concerned, he’s the only player in this class who scores a perfect 10 in every possible metric for which one can measure a college prospect who, in this case, happens to be a RB.

              Anyone who pretends otherwise is simply looking to be controversial, and looking for attention, IMO. In other words, calling Guice a better NFL RB prospect than Barkley is simply fake news, based on nothing more than hyperbole, based on something other than sound, level headed, non biased evaluation. And any GM , scout and/or talent elevator who is paid to make sound decisions for the prospective employers, and chooses to draft Guice, or any other RB prospect ahead of Barkley, may as well turn in their resignation ASAP, because they will almost certainly look the fool in rather short order, when Barkley leads the NFL in all-purpose yards from scrimmage before he turns 23 years of age.

              1. Well there you go Razor, great example. Scot McClaughan is your guy.

                A functioning alcoholic who has been reduced to a consulting job for the worst franchise in the entire world of professional sports – the Cleveland Browns, and, based on draft position, a guy who has every reason to throw up smoke screens ahead of the 2018 draft.

                BRAVO for making my point!

  3. 29 is the downside of his career?
    He should have a good 3-4 years left, which is a long time in the NFL.
    It is a good signing as a backup.

  4. “Korey is a good fit for the ‘stack linebacker’ position in our scheme”. Forgive the Aussie, but someone please clarify what is meant by stack LB? Is that just saying his fit is at either of the LB spots that plays behind the DL in this scheme (i.e. MIKE and WILL)?

    1. Yeah. I think so. Off ball LBs filling gaps. I imagine our box S would fill the third gap in our D instead of the SAM. Toomer will be MIKE/WILL, I’m guessing.

      I’ll have to update my vocabulary. Stack LB sounds a lot better than MIKE/WILL.

      1. Yeah, I think his role will be more than just the WILL as Grant said. I think he will effectively compete with Coyle (plus potential draft pick) to play MIKE if Foster is suspended. But also back up Malcolm Smith.

        1. Stacked behind the 3 Tech is what I think it means, whereas Mike aligns over open B Gap in an Under Front. My interpretation, open to discussion.

          1. Is it anything like a STACK defensive set?
            This is where the defense is comprised of a 3-3-5 set.
            3 man D line, 3 man lb, and 5 man secondary.
            The LB’s have the freedom to shoot over left or right of the A gap. Believe this set is primarily to stop the against the run.
            But not sure this is what Lynch was referring to.
            I defer to Hammer and CFC on this one.

    2. “Stack” is different in Saleh’s Seattle style scheme.


      “The objective in this scheme is to load the box, and to move defenders up towards the LOS to own the edge. The same goes for the 4-3 Over, which traditionally includes a three-LB stack.”

      “In this scheme, instead of the normal three-LB stack, the SAM moves up to the LOS, like in the 4-3 Under, and the SS moves up to the LB-level.”

      Can’t post multiple links, so google “49ers film room: Simplifying Robert Saleh’s 4-3 base … – Niner Noise” if you want the source of this info.

      “The SAM doesn’t stack, but the SS does.”

      “To fill the void left by the SAM linebacker, the defense stacks the strong safety beside the two remaining linebackers.”

        1. You’re welcome. Your question led to a better understanding of the scheme. So thank you for getting me to learn more about our D.

  5. Still warming up to the number font change but overall the new Titans jerseys aren’t bad. Not quite the big change they made it sound like it was going to be but that’s probably better.

  6. Here is my first and only predictions for the first round.

    1.  Browns trade pick to Bills, take QB Josh Allen
    2.  Giants:  OG Quenton Nelson
    3.  Jets:  QB Sam Darnold
    4.  Browns:  CB Denzel Ward
    5.  Broncos:  RB Saquon Barkley
    6.  Colts trade pick to Cowboys:  SS Derwin James
    7.  Buccaneers:  LB Tremaine Edwards
    8.  Bears:  DT Vita Vea
    9.  49ers trade pick to Redskins:  DB Minkah Fitzpatrick
    10.  Raiders:  LB Roquan Smith
    11.  Dolphins:  WR Calvin Ridley
    12.  Browns:  QB Baker Mayfield
    13.  49ers trade pick to Panthers:  DE Marcus Davenport
    14.  Packers:  OT Mike McGlinchey
    15.  Cardinals:  QB Josh Rosen
    16.  Ravens:  C Billy Price
    17.  Chargers:  DT Harrison Philips
    18.  Seahawks:  CB Carlton Davis
    19.  Colts:  DE Harold Landry
    20.  Lions:  RB Ronald Jones
    21.  Bengals:  OG Connor Williams
    22.  Browns:  CB Josh Jackson (acquired in trade with Bills)
    23.  Patriots:  WR Courtland Sutton
    24.  49ers:  OG Will Hernandez
    25.  Titans:  WR Christian Kirk
    26.  Falcons:  TE Hayden Hurst
    27.  Saints:  OG Isaiah Wynn
    28.  Steelers:  ILB Leighton Vander Esch
    29.  Jaguars:  WR James Washington
    30.  Vikings trade pick to Colts:  RB Sony Michel
    31.  Patriots:  CB Mike Hughes
    32.  Eagles:  WR D.J. Chark

    And here is my third 49ers mock draft.

    49ers trade 9th pick to Redskins for 13th and 205th picks
    49ers trade 13th pick to Panthers for 24th and 152nd picks

    PICK 24 :  OG Will Hernandez

    PICK 59:  OT Austin Corbett

    PICK 70:  DE Jeff Holland
    PICK 74:  WR Daurice Fountain

    PICK 124:  OLB Shaquem Griffin

    PICK 134:  WR Byron Pringle
    PICK 152:  DT Nathan Shepard

    PICK 170:  ILB Azeem Victor

    PICK 197:  S Troy Apke
    PICK 205:  CB Jaylen Dunlap
    PICK 214:  RB D’Ernest Johnson


    CB Quenton Meeks
    WR Robert Foster
    DE Kylie Fitts
    OT Bentley Spain
    WR/TE Marquez Valdes-Scantling
    LB Peter Kalambayi

    1. So the Niners drop all the way from pick 9 in the first round to 24 in the first round for an extra 5th and an extra 6th round pick?

      There are no words, honestly.
      Maybe pitchforks and torches.

      1. Most likely, the 49ers will be able to gain more compensation if they did make such trade downs; however, the Harvard draft value chart I used did not allow for decent compensation.

        1. I don’t know which chart more accurately reflects the talent curve. When I track trades most teams still demand compensation close to the Jimmy Johnson chart. That’s why I use it.

          The former Browns management tried to use the Harvard chart trading up, and the Jimmy Johnson chart trading back. Naturally they did alot more trading back.

          Being a horrible team in a hot quarterback market can make any GM look like a trade guru.

        2. Though I use the standard chart in my imaginary mocks, its not a hard rule. It boils down to how much you like the player.

          The chart was made a long time ago. The quarterback often market can turn all charts into fiction. I heard a GM say most teams customize their own charts year to year. Some teams account for the 5th year option.

          I never understood the the inflated value between picks 20 and 21. Maybe Johnson was playing a practical joke.

    2. Thanks for putting the work in. I hope to throw something up before draft day. I need to study the players more.

      What happened to Bradley Chubb? Is he injured?

    3. I really think you are overvaluing Derwin James. The man is good but not better than Minkah. And no way does a team jump from 19-6 just to draft him. Good work, but I think that’s the biggest reach.

      1. Fitzpatrick seems like a jack of all trades, master of none type of player. Meanwhile, James is expected to be a great SS.

      2. The other week Dane Brugler’s Cowboys “Draft Show” podcast was all hot and heavy trading up to pick 9 for a few key players they covet. They were fine offering 19+2nd+4th for the Niners 9.

        Jones could care less about what the Cowboys insider podcast wants, but I could easily see a trade up to 9 happening. Not a shocker.

    4. You better ask Grant if those picks are ok, he’ll throw a tantrum and spew negativity if the Niners don’t draft his selections and then pick them to go 3-13.

    5. The Bills would have to use an enormous amount of draft capital to get to #1 or #2. Basically, both their first rounders this year, next years first rounder, and some later round picks. This is important in the context of the Jets/Indy trade. The Jets would have offered the same very lucrative trade to the Giants or more to have the 2nd pick as it’s more likely they get their man. The Giants would say no to that trade for 2 reasons, they think they could get more than the 3000+ points the Jets gave Indy, or they want to draft a franchise QB. I think it’s the latter. That means QBs go 1,2,3 and Clev gets Barkley.

      Buffalo ensures they get B Mayfield by jumping over Miami and Oakland on a draft day trade. The niners would get the 12 pick, and a 3rd and 4th rounder, which would compensate them slightly more than the Trade Value Chart (12, 96 & 121).

      1 Clev Darnold
      2 Giants Rosen
      3 Jets Allen
      4 Clev Barkely
      5 Den Q Nelson
      6 Indy Chubb
      7 TB D James
      8 Chi T Edmunds
      9 Buf (Trade) Baker Mayfield
      10 Oak Minkah F
      11 Miami Vita Vea
      12 SF Davenport

        1. Yeah, I debated whether to put him or Minkah at 10, but when you look at probowl CBs these days, almost all are 6ft or taller.

        1. It’s really not possible, MWD. I have my doubts he makes it out of the 2nd round, long with their safety, Reid.

    6. Good of you to put in the work. My concern is that Meeks is going to go by the 4th round, and Hernandez and Corbett are redundant picks (Corbett is really a guard or center, doesn’t have the arms or stature to be a tackle in the NFL).

      I see you have an emphasis on our Offensive Line with the first two picks; I guess you are assuming Brown or Staley will be gone next year, and that Cooper and Tomlinson are not worthy of starting (I agree on the latter point).

      1. Shanahan said last week he plans on likely having Cooper as well as Laken Tomlinson open OTAs as the starters, while 2016 first-round draft pick Joshua Garnett competing with Cooper and Tomlinson for a spot….

        1. I know, but I think they are average to below average starters. I would say there are probably five guards in the draft that I think would do better than Cooper or Tomlinson (Nelson, Price, Wynn, Corbett, and Braden Smith).

      2. I think an OT will need to be taken at some point in the draft. Staley could retire at any time, and Brown needs to prove that he can maintain the weight needs to play in Shanahan’s offense.

    1. First, it is the 24th pick. Second, you don’t know how to read period; I have the team trading down twice, aand I used the Harvard draft value chart.

  7. Not to be an ass cuz that’s a lot of work and research but you would have to redo that whole first round. Chubb is one of the 3 best players in the draft and you forgot him. A mock draft without Chubb in the first round, or top 5 for that matter is not credible. It’s already inaccurate.
    Also with all this amazing talent this year if we trade down to take a G that will be extremely disappointing

    1. I already planned to redo it, but I will probably have to wait until the weekend to do so.

      I disagree on your take with trading down and then drafting a guard. If the team is able to get quality compensation, then trading down makes sense. I am also not opposed to the team taking an OG in the first round because it breeds more competition and increases the likelihood that Garoppolo will have better protection.

  8. “Downside” of his career”? Come on, Grant. You must be looking in the mirror and describing your own career, if that’s what you call it. Lowell taught you well. Your name should be changed to “Negative Nellie”.

  9. Like Johnson, I think RJ2 is flying under the radar a bit as well. USC RB @rojo posted a 4.48 40-yard dash in front of NFL scouts.

    1. I’m not writing off Denzel Ward.. He’s a hair under 5’11”, but has longer than average arms. Skill+need+position importance is hard to pass up.

  10. From what I’ve read seems like a really good signing. ILB seems like a position we are constantly tapping into our depth throughout the season. Its a tough position that takes/gives a lot of hits, much like a RB. So definitely good to build up the depth now rather than look for it mid-season.

    I still wonder how Malcom Smith will look in this defense, I’m really interested to see that.

    1. 80,
      I agree, it’s a flavor of the day type impasse.
      We have a great need at EDGE, but I believe that Thomas, Armstead and Blair will be expected to make some noise there. If we draft EDGE, I can see a number of prospects such as Landry, Davenport, Carter, Armstrong and Key who could be impact players for us.

      CB/Safety, we have a glut at the moment. There may be a possibility of re-signing Eric Reid if he’s still available as well.

      LB, Foster has put us in a bad position. He can’t be counted on even after he gets suspended by the NFL.
      So a need for a LB is obvious. Roquan, Edmunds, Nwosu, LVE, Evans, Jefferson.

      There are some very good players to we could choose from if we stay a 9, or we trade out and pick later.
      The mystery of what we do in the draft sure adds to the excitement.

  11. https://www.ndtscouting.com/ledyard-key-names-i-dont-have-a-first-round-grade-on-and-why/

    “The pre-draft process has been a revealing one for Davenport, and not in a good way despite what big media and even his draft position may tell you. Presented as one of the top prospects at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Davenport had arguably the most disappointing week of any player there, consistently getting pushed around in the run game and failing to get home in three days of 1v1 drills, despite the advantages slanted to the defensive player.”

    “Davenport went to the Combine and tested very average in the most important drills for his position group, including the 3-cone, short shuttle and vertical jump.”

    “I’d be fine with Davenport on day two as a developmental player who is pretty strong against the run and has some upside as a rusher, but the top 10-20 talk surrounding him is out of control.”

    1. Another example of Ledyard saying something I agree with. His first round graded prospects and discussion on the big names he left out has a lot of similarities with how I see things. Again, not saying this means Ledyard is any more right than anyone else, but it is nice to see there is someone that does this for a living that feels the way I do on a lot of prospects.

        1. He is one of many guys I now follow. The guys over at NDT Scouting in general are pretty good, and give a nice diverse mix of viewpoints.

          Btw, did you listen to the latest Better Rivals podcast? They are firmly in the Landry at #9 camp. But were also very high on Derwin James. Think it is something you might enjoy listening to.

          1. I agree with them whole hartedly on Landry but I’m still not sold on James. I’ll need to go back and rewatch his coverage on tape to see if he truly is an eraser or not. ( I don’t care as much about his blitzing skills as he wont be asked to do that very often in a game, its a nice bonus but not a deciding factor for me.) However, if he is truly an Eraser there, then he would need to be considered, however, in order to select him I would need to believe Tartt could be able to man the single high safety, so that I could move Ward to corner.

    2. Yeah I can’t argue much with the players he rates as first rounders, but Darnold belongs on the list imo. I don’t think Sweat and Reid are first round caliber, but I can understand why somebody would look at the upside in that regard.

      1. The good thing with Ledyard is he is very up front about what he looks for at each position, and once you know that it is easy to see why he rates players the way he does. I find that a lot of the traits he looks for are similar to what I like for most positions.

        1. Scooter.

          Absolutely. I definitely agree with most of his assessments and even the ones I don’t as I said, I can see why he feels that way.

      2. Sweat gets bumped up most likely because of his insane combine. His production wasn’t great but the question there is how much of that is due to injury

        1. Shoup,

          Yeah the athleticism is off the charts, but I don’t see it on the field. Maybe the injuries played a bigger part than I’m aware of.

        2. A large part of the lack of production comes down to how he was used. He was played more like a 3-4 DE most of the time. The fact he held up well as a run defender at his size is impressive. When he was played wider he flashed some excellent pass rush traits, just not consistently. I think Ledyard has him too high, but not by a lot.

    3. I must admit I haven’t been following what people here who like Davenport are saying about him. When I look at his height, weight, and 3-cone, I see a DE in our defense, not a Leo. Also, I’ve read that he plays with an elevated pad level. Anyone care to comment?

      1. He mostly played out of a two point stance, so his pad level was high before the snap, and then during many plays. We need a LEO that can play with a hand on the ground and get outside pressure. I don’t see that with Davenport.

        He would have to change a lot of his game for us. It didn’t go well for him at the Combine WRT pad level when he played in the 3 point stance.


        “The only time Davenport was asked to work out of a three-point stance was at the combine, and here it is clear to see how he is too quick to straighten up coming out of his stance:”

        He seems like a bad fit, with a lower ceiling than Landry. Of all the players that have been mocked to us, Davenport is the only one I’m totally against drafting.

        1. 80,
          It’s nice to get an evaluation from different sources.
          Greg Cossell who has a long career in these matters noted the same thing by “theriotreport” regarding Davenport’ 3point stance. But he also gives Davenport high marks as a player with great strength, athletic ability, great wing-span and power at point of attack.

          Cossell goes on to say (WGR 550 Sports Radio, John Murphy show) that with Davenport, it’s going to depend what a team is looking for come the draft.
          Overall, Cossell gives MD a high endorsement.
          Btw, he gives Landry good rating but has concerns about his size.

          1. “Davenport, it’s going to depend what a team is looking for come the draft.”

            Yep. I don’t think we will be looking for a Davenport type. However, he does enough things well that Zgonina had to see him. Probably wanting to see how much of a project he would be.

            Re Landry. I posted this link in the previous thread.


            I quoted the connection between Landry and the Lions DC to show a possible trade partner. But other things caught my eye.

            “That’s when he committed to the weight room,” Sochovka remembers. “During the summertime, we would work out in the morning as a team. Then he would come back around four o’clock and he would do another workout, mostly lifting. He was always there.”

            This allayed my concerns about his work ethic and coachability. This and the signing of Toomer has changed my preference at #9 from

            1. Edmunds
            2. Landry


            1. Edmunds
            1A. Landry

            I’m torn.

            1. 80,
              Very nice write-up on Landry. I especially like his attitude on being the best and working hard to attain that goal.
              The comparison to Von Miller might be a little premature, but I definitely see the physical comparisons when looking at measurements.
              I have said all along that I would be happy if we go with Landry.
              I would prefer Edmunds or Roquan but having a strong EDGE would be a welcomed necessity around these parts.

              If Lynch can pull off a Draftmas miracle like last year we may get our EDGE and LB in the 1st rd. Then again, Lynch may have Shanny in his ear and go with a WR. (???)

              1. I think the report about us liking Sutton is true. Like Guice, no one is trading up to #9 for him. No need for faux interest.

                A mid round option I like is Dante Pettis. Injuries are a concern and rightfully so, but he looks like a guy that Shanny would like. He gets separation, has good footwork, good route runner with sharp cuts.

  12. At least one, if not two, wins against the Rams. That’s what sets the FO’s agenda. Question is, do you draft to address their strengths, or do you draft to attack their weaknesses.

    If the former, it has to be an OT/OG, Edge and CB, in that order.

    If the latter, and I personally think their weakness is a) Goff’s abilities; and b) run defense/LBs, then it has to Edge, OG, and believe it or not, TE (someone that can keep their safeties and LBs from moving up in the box.

    1. Razor,
      I admit this looks like a formidable front-line. With Armstead taking over the outside (Thomas played it last year), do you think Solo can handle the inside with his size?
      He had trouble on the outside last year because he was getting swallowed up by O-lineman when he would try to bull-rush through them instead of using technique to go around or inside of them.

      Going to be interesting how he fares playing against the big-uglies on the inside with less room to operate. Hopefully he can shoot the gaps using his speed.

      1. Looking forward to seeing his body. Remember how Armstead looked after a year in the strength program? We’ll see what he can do come game day….

        1. I don’t expect the body transformation to be as significant as Thomas already had a pretty jacked up body. I am looking forward to seeing how his hand usage and pass rush plan has improved.

    2. LEO
      Armstead (Base, could be traded)
      Landry (Sub)

      Buckner (is awesome)
      DJ Jones

      DJ Jones

      Big End

  13. https://www.fanragsports.com/nfl-draft/edge-rushers-set-to-fly-off-the-board-early-in-2018-nfl-draft/

    “If you are an NFL team in need of an edge pass rusher in the 2018 NFL Draft, you better take one early or you could end up disappointed.”

    “The cream of the crop is obviously N.C. State’s Bradley Chubb and Boston College’s Harold Landry, both top 10 prospects on my board.”

    “Sweat is another prospect that I would deem first round worthy, despite the fact that the Seminoles played him as a 3/4i technique far too often.”

    “The most common name is Marcus Davenport, but the UTSA prospect had middling production against lesser competition and struggled at the Senior Bowl.”

    “Sam Hubbard is a fantastic run defender, but doesn’t look like the type of athlete on tape to make a big splash at the next level.”

    1. The edge guys and RBs are positions I strongly agree with Ledyard on. I have been saying for a while this edge class doesn’t excite me much at all. Chubb is the best all round guy, and Landry the best pure rusher (which is what I think the 49ers need most of all), but after that I am not overly impressed. I know Ledyard has Sweat as a first round guy, but I see him more as a second rounder. Like Chubb, he is something of an all rounder. And Turay who he lists as a hidden gem for mine is the 3rd best pass rush prospect (ahead of Sweat for me as a pass rusher). If you are after an Ngakoue from this draft (i.e. guy that comes in and provides a good pass rush presence as a mid round pick) then Turay is the guy. But his shoulder injuries are a real concern. And he hasn’t had the same level of production Ngakoue had in college (partly because of those injuries).

      Other than that, there are guys that look like they could be decent complementary pieces for a D, but nothing that makes me think they will be dominant pass rush threats.

    2. 80,
      “The most common name is Marcus Davenport, but the UTSA prospect had middling production against lesser competition and struggled at the Senior Bowl.”

      The playing against lesser competition re Davenport seems to be common thread and when viewed through the lens of his division there’s no denying this. But when he played against some of the best O-lineman during the Senior game itself, the established himself as a possible 10-20 pick in the 1st rd.
      I believe that teams are going to view his physical measurements the way Basketball teams see a 7 foot player and come away thinking that you can’t teach size. The team that drafts Davenport will look at his size and strength likely look past the weaker or lesser competition of his college days a see a person that can be developed to become a monster in a couple of years.
      It will be interesting to see what his game looks like in a couple of years from now.

  14. Really doesn’t matter to me how we get to the QB. Davenport is more polished than Laundry.
    Take a look at Laundry taking on tackles who cut off his speed rush and he has no answer when someone’s in front of him.
    Davenport doesn’t care whose in front of him as his footage from the senior bowl showed in taking on some of the countries good tackles.
    Teams making a huuuuge mistake passing on this guy.

    Senior Bowl 2018: Marcus Davenport shines, Josh Allen stands out on Thursday
    Everything you need to know about the Senior Bowl practice sessions in Mobile on Thursday
    Via CBS Sportsline

    1. Name: Marcus Davenport
      Position: DE
      Ht.-Wt.: 6-6, 264
      School: Texas-San Antonio

      Key stat: Increased his sack and tackle for loss totals each of four years at UTSA, capping his career with 8 ½ sacks among 17 ½ total tackles for loss in 2017.

      Notable: Answered some questions about the level of competition he faced in college, and how he’ll fare against tougher foes in the pros, with a solid week at the Senior Bowl against major-college prospects.

      Read more: http://www.packers.com/news-and-events/article-daily-news-story/article-1/Prospect-Primer-DE-Marcus-Davenport-Texas-San-Antonio/52a67155-2abf-4726-bc29-431919950bdc#ixzz5BvwsbzWR

      TomD’s Take: Plenty of Cap space. The more dynamic players such as Vita Vea, Derwin James, Edmunds or Roquan Smith will be there and the 49ers could choose the BPA in either of them, waiting until 2019 to sign a FA pass rusher.

      1. Some outlets have Davenport’ height measuring anywhere from 6’7 to 6’5. Seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding this guy even when it comes to his size.

  15. ESPN analyst projects 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo to pass for over 4,500 yards in 2018
    49ers Webzone
    6 hours ago • 2 comments

  16. Less worried about mock drafts that will never come true…..and more concerned about what the Rams are doing….

    1. Yes, I agree in the short term Oneniner, but remember, the Ram’s had to suffer through a futile 10-plus year run, and extorted an enormous draft haul through trading away the rights to draft RG3, so they have been stockpiling high draft picks for what seems like an eternity. They are at least 1 year ahead of the 49ers in terms of building out their roster, and are also benefiting from Goff’s relatively inexpensive contract. However, beyond this season, I like the 49ers chances. While the Ram’s certainly have a Super Bowl window wide open this season for sure, I expect the 49ers will surpass the Rams once Goff’s payday comes around, or maybe even a year sooner, as in 2019 and beyond. Mostly because, Jimmy G is superior to Goff, IMO, and it’s a QB driven league, plus I give Shanahan a slight edge as a HC over his pupil. And even though the Ram’s new stadium looks really sweet, they have to share it with another team, which kind of takes the shine out of their new digs.

      1. “Jimmy G is superior to Goff”
        “I give Shanahan a slight edge as a HC over his pupil.”

        True. And the combination of Buckner, Landry, and Thomas could be superior to Donald and Suh.

        1. Hey #80, sounds like we are, once again, on the same page. Landry would give them something they don’t have, but desperately need, IMO. And boy, if they could trade back a few spots and still land Landry, I’m popping the champagne, because he’s an ideal fit and high quality edge rushers who fit out wide at the LEO, are kind of hard to find!

          Apparently the 49ers have a private meeting set up with Arden Key. While I do like Key’s value as a 2nd round pick, he’s much more of a boom or bust player, and that makes me nervous. I think Landry is a much lower risk prospect, with similar upside.

          And don’t sleep on big Earl.

          1. I love me some Edmunds, but Landry would have a huge impact. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had 10+ sacks as a rookie. I would expect 10 sacks from Buckner with Landry playing beside him.

            Despite all the crap I give Thomas, he is a quality Big End. Looking forward to seeing if he can get more inside pressure this year.

            I’m not scared of the Rams. As you mentioned, we have the better HC/QB combination. We can beat anybody. Super Bowl champions is our ceiling. A wild card berth is our floor.

            We’re a legitimate playoff contender in year 2 of a rebuild. Lynch and Shanny are doing a great job. Sure they got lucky with Garoppolo, but Belichick’s respect for Lynch/Shanny is why we got him.

            Can you imagine if we kept Chip for a second year? 2016 was the low point of my fanhood.

          2. 49,
            You bring up an interesting point in saying that Jimmy G is superior than Geoff.
            This leads me to believe that the 49er Org would want to do everything within their power to protect their prized franchise QB.

            If Q.Nelson drops close to the #9 pick, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Lynch and Shanny make a trade to acquire him.

            Lynch could get his EDGE in the 2nd rd with a few players to choose from. Priority for this draft may come down to protecting Jimmy G, especially given the fact that at the moment CJ B is our backup.
            Many variables could be in store 20 days from now.

            1. Yes AES, I forgot to mention interior OL as a position that they still need to solidify. I’d be all over Nelson at #9, but I’d be shocked if get’s past the Bears, and I’m not sure I’m trading up 2 spots for him. But would trading up to … say #7 for him be the worst move in the world? Probably not.

              1. Today is the first day I’m feeling like we are getting close enough to the draft that I am getting excited. GO NINERS!

  17. Ditto #80. I’ve never been so bored with a 49ers offense in all of my years. Halfway through Chip’s one and done year in Santa Clara, I was literally yelling “not this damn play again” at my TV screen. The league had already caught up to Chip’s woefully predictable zone-read, read-option, or whatever you want to call his gimmicky scheme. Just as soon as the league’s rules committee decided that the QB was considered a “runner” while running that scheme, and not afforded the same protections as a pocket passer, that was the end of that scheme as a base offense in the NFL, and Chip simply couldn’t adjust. I still like the idea of sprinkling in some of that stuff, but not as the base scheme.

    I do like the Ram’s chances this season, even though these “dream teams” don’t usually pan out. I do like their HC, Todd Gurley, and their defense. But they did lose a few good players this year as well, and a few of the moves they’ve made could end up being short term deals, 1 or 2 year rentals. I like that they are going for it now, while Goff is on his first contract, but no, I’m not afraid of the Rams over the next handful of seasons, and even this season, the Niners could knock them off. After all, even if the Rams take the division, the Niners could still get into the postseason and knock them off, “on any given Sunday”, as the saying goes. And like I said, there is no doubt in my mind the Niners have the superior QB, and are building a Shanny-West Coast 2.0 Offense around him, and a young, talented defense running a fantastic defensive scheme, IMO.

    And yah, Belichik’s respect for the 49ers HC and GM absolutely paid huge dividends, as landing Garappolo was the defining coup-de-gra move for the 49ers new regime, and really accelerated the rebuild beyond what I thought was possible. Not having to draft a QB is such a relief, but they still need to keep hitting in the draft, to solidify a few more positions, specifically Edge, CB, a big bodied redzone receiver, and depth at ILB and TE. I like Edmunds also, but I’m not 100% on board with him at #9. I think Roquan might be the better choice at #9, or an ILB like Leonard on day 2. Of course, if Barkley somehow falls to #9, I’m sprinting to the podium if I’m ShanaLynch, lol.

    1. I don’t think I’m hyping the Rams beyond a reasonable level. They were a pretty good team last year, and they have a solid foundation, a great DL, RB, and enough weapons on offense to keep pace with any team. I think highly of their HC/OC, and DC. They look good on paper in 2018, but we’ve seen supposed “dream teams” fail spectacularly more often than they are successful. Nothing is a sure thing in the NFL, and the Rams have been arguably the luckiest team over the last 2 season when it comes to injuries, so the odds are catching up to them on that front. And things could unravel rather quickly for them beyond this season. The NFC West will likely come down to the Rams & Niners. I see the Rams as a SB contender this season, so I’d give the Rams the edge this season. Realistically, I think the 49ers are one year away from being a serious SB contender. However, if they have a spectacular 2018 draft, and most of their young players develop on schedule, they could be a scary team as soon as this season, but I think the Rams are probably a year ahead of the 49ers in terms of building out their roster. It’s still a QB driven league though, and I’d take Garoppolo over Goff on any given Sunday. I am confident in my belief that the 49ers will surge ahead of the Rams in 2019 and beyond, but they could also realistically knock the Rams off this year, if everything goes as planned.

      1. Well said 49. For the 49ers to be a contender this year and beyond, the young players will need to have a monumental jump in their development. Guys like Witherspoon, Thomas, Tartt and returning vets Buckner, Armstead and hopefully Foster. Whatever their production last year, it needs to double, and those guys need to take the next step to not just contribute, but be game changers.

        On offense, Jimmy G is everything and more we could have asked for. He’s made average players, productive. Now we need to add some big play capability. Maybe that’s McKinnon and Garçon and Bourne. I’m most curious to see what this offense looks like next year with a full training camp and everyone healthy.

        My prediction is I have no idea if this team is ready to contend for a division tittle or a wild card.
        This division is in transition and with that, I would not count anyone out as they all have very good defenses and 3 of 4 top level QB’s.

        Things are always different when the pressure to win begins week one. Yes the 49ers won their last six games but there was no pressure on them. That has changed now.

  18. The Cooks trade was interesting, not just in the acquisition, but in the 1st round shuffle. Can’t get rich second guessing B.B., but I don’t see him trading up very far for a QB.
    Buffalo could still try to move up to 2 or 4, and that will shake things up if it happens. Not sure Giants or Browns would play that game. I wouldn’t if I were the Giants, I might if I were the Browns.
    I do not see the Niners moving up from 9. The extra 3rd could be a contributing player as opposed to trade bait to move back into the 1st or higher in the 2nd.
    I’m not sure who would be their trade partner to move back; Fins? Bolts? Cards? Seems like that’s a draft day deal depending upon who is available.
    Lynch will take the calls, but SF may very well pick as allotted.
    2.5 week’s ‘til Draftmas. I’ve been summoned for Jury Duty that week, so this is the only time I like the evening format.

  19. Charles Casserly has picked the 49ers 1st Rd pick in the draft correctly the last 5 years in a row….His 2018 49er 1st Rd pick is:

    Charley Casserly debuted his latest mock draft (version 2.0) live on NFL Network on Friday. His selection for the San Francisco 49ers, who own the ninth-overall pick, remained the same as version 1.0 of his mock draft. Once again, Casserly has the 49ers looking to improve their pass rush with the addition of defensive end Marcus Davenport of Texas-San Antonio.

    TomD has the 49ers trading down and settling on pass rusher Davenport also. The fact that Casserly came out with his pick after TomD I consider an honor, since he was the GM and Architiect of those Redskin playoff and Superbowl teams….Go Charley !


    1. Casserly’s hair and over the top delivery trap fans into a false sense of “what could this guy possibly know?”

      It’s easy to forget he still has alot of connections in the football world.

      1. Right whats the ‘LEO’ role that we expect Irvin to play?
        A Leo is basically a defensive end that stands up and plays more like an OLB in a 3-4 defense. He will primarily be a pass rusher, but he can also play some pass coverage.

        Gus Braadley’s 4-3 Leo (“The Seahawks defense is certainly unusual in its front seven, no doubt about that one. Is it “a 4-3 defense with 3-4 elements”)

        These are Davenports strengths and using Bradley’s 4-3 D, will find a way to coach him up.
        Our defensive linemen play primarily one-gap, with only Red Bryant two-gapping every down, while Mebane and Branch play one-gap in “base” but frequently switch up so either one (but mostly Mebane) plays two gaps, depending on down and distance. This gap variation is just the start of it. The Seahawks very frequently switch personnel, lineups and gap assignments, even if they do primarily stay in a 4-3.”


        1. So how did two Monte Kiffin understudies end up running an even front defense with odd front principles? It goes back to Carroll’s time in the 90s on George Seifert’s 49ers staff. As Carroll explained to Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times:

          “We mixed the concepts of one-gap football and two-gap football in a very unique way in San Francisco,” Carroll said. “And we played great defense. To me, that was the ultimate package, and we’ve been able to get back to it now. It’s taken us three years, really, to get to the point where we can incorporate the ideas. So, we’re doing all of the things that we liked there.

          TomD’s Take: Nice, finally our defense has come full circle, back to where it was invented !

            1. Meant to put my Zgonina comment below my 2:53 comment.

              I’ve always favored the 4-3 too. And the WCO. Both of us have always been pro Shanahan, even when some were praising Chip Kelly and Josh McDaniels.

              1. Good observation. I think that was his entire workout on the field. I remember reading that Zgonina took over. Not sure if he lifted or ran beforehand.

        2. There are situations where the LEO lines up in a two point stance, even more so at SAM. But both would have their hand on the ground for the majority of the game in Saleh’s scheme. Saleh’s scheme is similar to Seifert’s, but it isn’t a carbon copy.

          Of course it would be better if Davenport could do both (joker ability), but I haven’t seen him win out of the three point stance enough to project that. It seems like Casserly agrees with my assessment that he would be an OLB.

  20. So the Niners quest to avoid locker room cancers moves on. They are doing everything they can to avoid signing a cancer, but the never the less had to still settle for a Toomer.

  21. I don’t really care about the LEO. It’s basically only a first down defensive position. 2nd and 3rd down normally require a DE, as the team is in a sub package… this isn’t the 90’s anymore. There wasn’t a team in the NFL that ran more they passed last season. Additionally, we might need to start taking a closer look at the yards per carry average… Teams with the worst yards per carry average included Jacksonville, NE, Pittsburgh, L.A. rams, KC, N.O. (all bottom 10 in the NFL)… some of this may be due to the amount of 3rd and long give up runs, but the point is the NFL is swinging more and more towards the passing game. And defenses have been adjusting accordingly… but we fans are often to slow to recognize these trends.

    1. Shoup-
      Saleh has said that in an Under or Over alignment that Leo should be your best pass rusher. Why then take your best rusher off the field in Nickle or Dime? Leo becomes one edge rusher, Thomas kicks inside to 3T, the next best edge rusher (DE? Sam?) is opposite. The right guy at Leo should be a three down guy who only rotates out to stay fresh.

      1. Tuna,
        That’s how it should work ideally but that’s not what often happens. When people talk about a Leo, they are talking about a player that must be able to play in space. The problem is the best edge rushers, often are not so good at this.
        Because of this and the fact that Leo’s are only on the field for first down my argument is that the teams paramount concern should be addressing the edge rushing role first.
        If you get someone that is very good at both roles great, if not, the emphasis should be on the edge rusher/De role.

        1. Shoup: I think part of the issue is there might not be a clear definition of “Leo”. Your definition seems to be a player on base downs only. In his series on draftees, Matt Barrows defines the Leo as the team’s best pass rusher. He also seems to use the term Leo and Elephant interchangeably, which surprises me because I thought “Elephant” was another term for big end.

          I was under the impression that you could have one guy be a Leo in base (possibly Armstead) and another guy for passing downs (Marsh, Attachou, etc.). I thought I knew what the “Leo” position is, but I’m not sure anymore.

          1. Shoup/cubus,
            Carroll uses the term “hybrid” when describing the LEO position.
            Bruce Irving played the hybrid position when he played in Seattle and he was perfect for it due to his speed and overall physical athleticism.
            Saleh is a disciple of Gus Bradley’s defensive scheme and it wouldn’t surprise me if the 49ers draft a player similar to Irving’ measurables.
            Landry, Edmunds, Davenport, Carter, Turey and D. Armstrong are some player that could possibly fill this position.

            1. I’m pretty sure Avril was the “Leo” with the Seahawks. See the article below. Also, the article states that the term “Elephant” was used when Carroll was with the 49ers and with the Seahawks it was changed to Leo (so that answers a question for me).

              The Seahawks use a smaller defensive end who is primarily a pass rusher, a position the Seahawks call LEO. (The term, by the way, doesn’t really mean anything. When Carroll worked for the 49ers they had a similar position called Elephant and Carroll later changed it to LEO.)

              Avril, meanwhile, is the LEO, lining up outside McDaniel on the weak side.


              1. This is what Saleh said as quoted in a NN article:

                “I’ll name some names that have been LEOs in the past, even if they haven’t been attached to this system. People who have been attached to this system, you’re looking at [former Seattle Seahawks DE] Chris Clemons, [Seattle Seahawks DE] Cliff Avril, [Jacksonville Jaguars DE] Yannick Ngakoue, [Jacksonville Jaguars DE] Dante Fowler, [Atlanta Falcons LB] Vic Beasley. People outside of the system, you’d look at [Denver Broncos LB] Von Miller, [Oakland Raiders DE] Khalil Mack. Back in his heyday, [former 49ers LB] Charles Haley would have been a guy that would have been a LEO.”


              2. Cubus/ AES,
                From what I have read your both somewhat right. Cliff Avril not Bruce Irving was the Leo. But in nickle situations, Bruce Irving would replace Avril and would line up as an end. That’s why I don’t really see it as a true Hybrid Role… as I see the real hybrid role (in seattle) being the big end. Who moves from DE to DT… ideally the Leo would move from olb to DE but as stated above but that often doesn’t happen. And as the DE is on the field far more often, I prefer focusing on this aspect.

    1. That sounds like Maiocco is basing his statement on things he is hearing, rather than his personal opinion. Have to say this is not surprising to me at all if true.

      1. That’s how I read it. Wait until the national media gets the memo, Landry will start moving up draft boards just like you predicted.

  22. I’d be happy with Landry, too. Whether it’s him or “Hitzpatrick,” we’d still be getting a dynamic talent.

    1. Thanks Cubus, that was a fun watch. Makes me more excited to see Jimmy this season. Seems like a very coachable guy.

    1. #80
      * Agreed, Pettis checks a lot of boxes, too bad his ankle injury kept him from taking part in the combine and UW’s
      pro day.
      * I also like day 3 WR’s Daurice Fountain, N. Iowa and Marquez Valdes-Scalding, S. Fl. Scalding could be an undrafted F/A.

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