49ers sign Mario Manningham, or Ham On Rye

The Niners just signed wide receiver Mario Manningham to a two-year deal, according to Mike Florio.

Just a few hours ago it looked like Manningham would sign with the Rams, but the Niners seem to have made a competitive offer for him, and Manningham seems to not be stupid.

Manningham is a good replacement for Joshua Morgan at flanker. He was the No. 3 receiver for the Giants last season, but he has the talent to be a No. 2 if Randy Moss is too old to start. Either way, the Niners have definitely upgraded their receiving corps.

With this signing, Trent Baalke probably will look to draft a guard with his first round pick. Right guard is the only hole left on the roster.

Manningham is a good signing, but the Niners want more. They want the hamless one. They want Manning, hold the ham, as in just plain Manning.

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