49ers sign QB Christian Ponder

SANTA CLARA — The San Francisco 49ers just announced they’ve signed veteran quarterback Christian Ponder to a one-year deal. He will replace veteran quarterback Thad Lewis who tore his ACL during Sunday’s preseason game.

PonderĀ (28) has started 36 games in the NFL, but only one since 2013. Last season heĀ didn’t play at all.

Do you like this signing? Do you think Ponder will make this team? Why or why not?

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  1. If there was ever a place that held even a snowball’s chance for a QB like Ponder, it is this place.

  2. Great signing. You can never have too many overdrafted QBs from 2011. They should try and lure Locker out of retirement too.

  3. I try really hard to focus on the team when the season starts , half of these guys will not be on the rooster on opening day and this is the start of the rebuilding process… but really Ponder!

    Oh, how I despise the Yorks!

  4. I do like the signing and believe he will not make the team because he was brought in as a extra camp arm but do get to learn the system in case some one is injured.

  5. Extract from 2011 Walter NFL draft report. C. Ponder…

    Short- to intermediate-area accuracy and touch
    Good mechanics and footwork
    Mobile with scrambling ability
    Experience under center in pro-style offense
    Three-year starter
    Very intelligent (completed MBA)
    High character leader – team captain

    1. Grant

      From what Cassie Baalke reports, yeah…hell yes he’ll make it…of course the ‘dark cloud group ‘ will want to hold out for Joe Capp…Hey guys, we’re lucky that someone like him was available. You can suck eggs with your ‘camp arm’ he’s seasoned, and not brittle with a good arm and accuracy….I really like the signing….GO NINERS !

    1. That would be odd.
      The fans might as well chant: “No more passes! No more passes! No more passes!”

  6. Let’s give the guy a chance. Heck, when he did play, at least he was able to get the ball to the receiver’s. Just might be able to move the ball forward for us, unlike the two underachievers we have now.

  7. Ok, so what happens when he gets out there and looks better than our current QBs? It’s not like they are lighting the world on fire! Ponder that my friends!

    1. As a resPonder to your Ponderous statement. If Ponder becomes the starter, they will be Pondering who to pick with the first pick of the draft

  8. I wanted the Niners to draft Braxton Miller or Cardale Jones, because they have skillsets that Chip could use.

    Maybe Blake Bell should start taking snaps.

  9. If CK is unable to play this season Ponder will be the 49ers #2 QB. Meaning if Gabbert gets hurt Ponder will end up being the 9ers #1 QB at some point this season. If CK gets healthy Ponder will be cut and Driskell will be the #3 QB. Ponder is very smart and is one of a few QB’s who could pick up Kelly’s system this late. There is absolutely no way Driskel can be the #2 he was terrible sunday night.

    1. I think CK read Grant’s prediction that the 49ers will start Gabbert pretty much no matter what happens in TC and CK will “win” the job back in game 5. Kap is just pacing himself to be ready at that time.

  10. Just my opinion here, but if Kelly can find success with Nick Foles and Sam Bradford, shouldn’t he be able to make Gabbert or Ponder successful also? I think Ponder stays just because of the Kaep injury. The team will carry 3 qbs this season. They will stash someone on IR and when a player who is stashed is designated to return, that is when Ponder will be released.

  11. Still think Siemian may start for the Broncos. Sanchez may be practice warrior, but when the game starts, all I can think of is another Butt fumble……

    If PL starts, it will be a sign of desperation, but then again, with Vonn Miller, maybe they will not ask the QB to do much.

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