49ers sign RB Alfonso Smith

The 49ers announced Tuesday morning that they have signed running back Alfonso Smith.

Smith ran a 4.38 40 yard dash at his Pro Day in 2010. But he gained just 156 yards on 48 carries during his four year stint with the Cardinals.

Who has a better chance to make the 53-man roster, Smith or Jewel Hampton?

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    1. Exactly Hammer.
      If the 49ers were really interested in signing a longer-term RB there are still a few out there with a better resume than Smith.

      If Smith wants to make this team it may have to be on ST’s because it won’t come as a RB.

  1. I think it was a good idea to sign another RB to keep the work load steady,

    But it seems that Jewel Hampton is flying under the radar. This will be his 3rd year under this System & I think he’s really going to make some strides & get noticed this TC. He’s got that Low To The Ground body type, and is a powerful runner. I’ll be rooting for him this summer.

    1. Hamp can contribute on coverage teams and KOR too. He can catch. Unless LMJ is 95-100% by last week,of Camp, they might put LMJ on PUP and let Hamp be a backup through week 6. After that, maybe some team makes an offer. I do think LMJ is better.

    2. When did Jewel Hampton become a good NFL player? I must have missed it somewhere along the way. I’m glad there is so much faith in a PS player, but must admit I have not seen any indication he’s going to be a productive player for this team.

      1. Did you miss it Rocket??? It was really quick so that’s understandable….it happened almost instantaneously as LMJ’s elbow was dislocating. If you blinked you missed it.

  2. Gotta be Jewel, but if Jewel gets injured it may bet a bit more interesting. I really hope Latt gets back soon. I would love to see him in a preseason game.

  3. Who has the better chance? Is it the guy who knows the offense and made the roster last year? Or is it the scrub that only was signed because of a recent injury?

    Tough question.

    1. Leo – between 10:30 like always. Except you know who is being televised by ESPN today . . .

  4. Hampton easily has the better chance, but even he might not make it past the final cut if Lattimore is cleared to play.

    1. Ah yes Kory Sheets….

      Also why not give Scott McKillop a call for our ILB opening?

    2. Let’s not forget Thomas Clayton who led the team in rushing in two straight pre-seasons and hung-out on the PS for a couple of years before getting injured.

      Jewel Hampton’ road to the NFL reminds me of Thomas Clayton’ odyssey except for a few wrinkles.

    1. @Ghost,

      And you would be wrong about Lattimore,

      Both Matty’s have already said that Lattimore will be ready to participate in his 1st TC practice within a week.

    2. Ghost,
      I would love the team to give Lattimore one more red-shirt year to allow for him to completely heal.

  5. It’s time for Niners to stop pampering Lattimore. Dude needs to take some hits man….Give him some carries and see if the will power is there…..No more waiting and hoping, enough of this “physical/mental” talk………..Sink or swim Marcus.

    1. Crab 15

      I hear you, we’re all looking forward to Lattimore finally getting some work but if the Coaches feel he’s not ready just yet who are we to question that?

      1. Latt has been through hell but it’s time for Niners to give him a little push.
        Like when your kid is whining about the swimming pool is too cold to go in. That tippy toe crap makes it harder so I just shove the kid in. He thanks me later.

        1. Crab15,
          Wat-up bro!
          Latt will be treated differently than any other RB on the roster. The fact the Org even drafted Marcus says a lot about their ability to see a player with an unequaled abundance of will-power and heart. Latt will be brought along slowly and carefully because the team wants to make sure it does all it can to make Latt a success story in the NFL.
          Harbaugh recently had this to say concerning ML’ situation.

          “There’s nothing that changes because another player on the team got injured,” 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said of Lattimore. “That’s irrelevant to his situation.”

          Latt will not be rushed into action because of injuries to other RB’s.
          As I said earlier, I would love to see Latt receive one more red-shirt year but that’s just me.
          One thing is certain, Marcus’ every step (in TC) will be closely monitored to see where’s he’s at in his recovery.

    2. Crab,

      They are taking their time for a reason. That wasn’t a run of the mill knee injury this kid suffered. It was career ending for a lot of people, but he’s worked his way back and I’m guessing the team just wants to give him the best chance physically and mentally to make this team. All indications are he’s not that far away from being activated so we’ll likely see him soon.

      1. Back in February (nearly 6 months ago) Latt said he was nearly 100%.
        “The left knee feels like nothing ever happened and the right knee feels great.” Latt said.

        I get it if his hamstring is still iffy but his knees should be fine. It must be mental. That’s when someone needs to fuel his fire.
        I hope he is activated soon. I’m pulling for him like no other.

        1. And you have suffered through what, aside from stepping on a bee when you were 10? You’re a doctor? A PT? Or maybe some fat guy sitting at a computer passing grand judgements about stuff you know squat about?

          One more year either way makes no difference except ending the guy’s career. Sink or swim my ass…

        2. I think you’re complaining about the wrong person. I think Lattimore wants to go. He bounced back immediately after his first injury. I think the staff is holding him back.

          1. I think the point is that recovery isn’t about a steady gradient of improvement; rather it can be a stair step line with improvements and plateaus, or a wavy line that includes some regressions ( 3 steps forward, 1 step back). His kee felt fine in Feb. he didn’t trust it in OTAs & he was held out of Minies. The body decides. The body talks to the player both with pain, stiffness from inflammation, and there’s a reason when a player doesn’t trust the injured part yet.

            1. He’s a commodity that can not be counted on, but a bonus if he ever pans out. That’s how I viewed his selection from day one…..

            2. Has Lattimore made any statements about how he feels or is this just team staff making the statements. I haven’t read anything about Lattimore saying he was sore or didn’t trust his body.

    1. Do you mean other than they are in camp and looking good, but Culliver has a date with the man this week?

        1. Hmmmm..too young to get vets day off.
          Film study?

        2. Well I know it was mentioned that Brock rolled an ankle on Sunday but it didn’t sound serious. Cully also had a very light practice, but I believe Grant said he seemed fine. I hope no re-injuries for him.

          1. Yeah, Fangio mentioned that they were nursing leg injuries. Same with Ray McDonald.

        3. Thanks. Given the difference between training camp and regular season intensity, it’s strange how many injuries occur early in training camp.

  6. Will this be the first in a string of FA signings from ARI to get the lowdown on what they’re up to?
    I mean, we pretty much know by now what the Seahawks got cookin’.

    If only the Rams had anyone besides Quinn that was worth a d*mn…

  7. Cam Inman @CamInman
    I had Kaepernick 7 of 10 in 11-v-11 drills; tight coverage had him keep a couple, get would-be sack by Aldon. Gabbert distant but solid #2

  8. Wouldn’t want to cut players like TJE, Skov, Okoye based on their ability to tackle air. Training camp needs plenty of running backs so defenses (and the O-line) get practice reps.

    With only Hyde and Hampton available for practices and preseason games, the 49ers risk losing one of them, or wearing Hyde down by the end of the season. This is where Smith comes on.

    Hampton has the far better chance of making the squad. If Alfonso Smith makes the 53, it means AZ has some pretty horrible coaching or personnel managers.

    1. Brodie-
      Agree on all your points; Smith is here as a punching bag, but it’s an opportunity for him to audition for the League.
      Your mention of TJE brought to mind DL depth. Reading the tea leaves of Harb’s and Vic’s comments I’m assuming that until Ian Williams returns that TJE is the #2 NG. I keep reading that Dial is getting most work at LDE. Tony may be the most versatile DL and he’d be hard to cut.

    2. When was the last time AZ produced a good RB? Their O-line sucks. This kid could be better than his production indicates. But, he’ll have a tough time making the team … unless something unforeseen or unfortunate happens.

    1. I heard Cook was secretly using stick-em, and the ball accidentally stuck to the back of his helmet.

      Seriously, good for Cook. Hope he makes a habit out of it.

  9. I see Smith as a good p/u…he’s experienced, is still relatively young. He’s got good hands and is a core ST player. I would’t dismiss him as just camp fodder…not with Hunter out for the season and 2 rookies behind Gore.

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