49ers sign RB Tevin Coleman for two years, $10 million

Atlanta Falcons running back Tevin Coleman (26) runs around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Jason Behnken)

The 49ers just signed ANOTHER running back.

They gave Tevin Coleman a two-year, $10 million deal, according to ESPN. Coleman, 25, played the first two seasons of his career for Kyle Shanahan on the Atlanta Falcons. Last season, under Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, Coleman started 14 games, rushed for 800 yards and four touchdowns and averaged 4.8 yards per carry.

The 49ers have invested heavily in their backfield. They have Coleman, who makes $5 million per season on average. They have Matt Breida, a bargain who makes just $556,667 per season on average. He gained 5.3 yards per carry last season, and might be the 49ers’ best running back. They also have Kyle Juzczyk, who makes $5.25 million per season on average. And they have Jerick McKinnon, who makes $7.5 million per season on average.

So many running backs. Still no starting-caliber wide receiver on the 49ers.

Do you like the Coleman signing? Do you think he will start next season. Do you think all of these running backs will make the 53-man roster? And what do you think this signing means for McKinnon in particular? He tore his ACL before last season and may not be diminished when he returns. Do you think the 49ers will cut him?

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  1. I don’t understand this move. Why?

    Still no safety. Still no decent WR. But two kickers and another running back. For what purpose?

    1. Well, either Lynch and Shanahan are certifiable idiots, or they see value in the acquisition. Of course, they don’t have perfect vision like we fans have.

      Coleman is familiar with the 9er’s offensive scheme, his a bit larger than the current array of backs, and he has produced on the field. He might make things a bit more interesting in the red zone. Not like the 9ers signed him for $80 mil.

      1. True, but if there was a position that felt it was secure on the Niners, it was RB (and QB, obviously). Mostert, Brieda, Jet and now Coleman.

        I like Coleman. I think he’s better than Jet. But it’s just strange to me to see them go after him given the lack of pressing need.

      2. Shanahan’s Offense predicates on a trio of players as its base core to function respectively:
        Pro Bowl Quality QB, RB, TE

        Think of where its had the most sucess as a base 3 unit core:
        Steve Young, Ricky Waters, Brent Jones
        John Elway, Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe

        In Atlanta he had QB, WR, Split Running Back Committee . I think he either learned to make due with the RB by Committee — or has the wrinkles to Shanahan 2.0’s slated here. **Yeah I do realize there’s a lot vested in the backfield at this time, but how many of these guys make it out of camp AND we all know they know something we don’t.

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  2. Jimmie Ward back to the 49ers. He’ll be the starting FS I suspect, with a high draft pick and Colbert competing with him.

      1. 1 year, $5M for Ward.

        I agree with you that it will be that #36 pick used on a FS – whether it is at #36 or through a trade up. Though if they trade back from #2 that may change.

  3. See Coleman’s combine notes…

    “His violent running style is a joy to watch, but might have to be tempered to extend his career. He is a “race car in the red” on just about every snap and refuses to give in, which leads to many big runs. Zone, gap, power … it doesn’t really matter because Coleman can fit all schemes. Has the burst and top-end speed to be a game-changing running back for a team looking for a workhorse.”

    “Half of his 28 career rushing touchdowns were of 43-plus yards, including eight of 64-plus yards.”

  4. Lousy take. This gives us another starting caliber RB in the event that McKinnon doesn’t recover well and Breida misses half of every game like usual. He’s a significant upgrade over Jeff Wilson and Alfred Morris and knows Shanahan’s system.

    1. Bingo.

      And could be a sign that the Niners may know more about the recovery prospects of some of their current RBs than do the fans (and the journalists, of course).

    2. Furthermore, he is 6’1”, 210, with good receiving skills. If Coach Shanahan wants to run sets with multiple RBs on field, he can split Coleman out wide or in the slot as a receiver.

  5. With the injuries to this group last year, I don’t blame them.
    I’m guessing he’s the key to the redzone issues.

  6. I like it ! can’t have too many backs, we have the money and he might be the best one!
    Now go get T. Williams and/or Tate at WR
    Go Niners!

    1. Not really sure how you reached that conclusion. Coleman is a big back that can help the team in the red zone and help take the pressure off McKinnon and Brieda of having to carry the load.

    2. do you watch the games dude!? MB is a stud……but he cant stay healthy! he missed a bunch of games….and in many games….he only could handle 5-10 touches!

      for the record- JM missed all year….
      MB was hurt all year…..
      AM was fat and slow and had a costly fumble right out of the gate that more or less cost us the game….
      and RM broke his arm!!!

      we have a good backfield….but the guys count be counted on to stay healthy!!!
      we get some depth and you guys complain…….
      you complain if we don’t have depth and someone gets hurt…..
      complain if we sing someone whos been hurt b4……
      complain if we don’t sing someone who broke the same leg twice in 3 years……(ET)
      complain we don’t have a pass rush…….
      complain when we get the most productive pass rusher last year…..
      geez !!

      1. Well said J. Tired of all The whiners! I for one am thrilled that we’re filling holes, stocking depth where we need it and adding competition at key positions.

        With a solid draft next month (that not even Grant could screw up) our D should put fear into the NFC West finesse offenses proving that a Ford is better than a Ram, and every Ros-en has its thorn, and that a squirrel named Wilson can’t see the De-Forest through the trees!

        On Offense we will unleash Jimmy and the Jet, and will Skittle Skattle over the middle with some Juice, and won’t even stop long enough for the opposing Defenses to Pettis!

        Wake up Niner Whiners, Time to stop complaining about our team, get behind our boys and start talking smack about our opponents! What did the SheHawks do to get better this off season? What have the Red Birds done? How will the Lambs be able to sustain when the leagues figured them out?Meanwhile Lynchahan are trying to get us back to prominence and take this Damn NFC West title back home we’re it belongs! Go Niners!

        1. Rams made it to the SB, the Seahawks did a masterful full rebuild and made it to the playoffs and the Card may get Kyler Murray, who looks mobile, elusive and deadly accurate.
          I hunger for a 6th Lombardi, but so far, the Niners have not impressed me this Free Agency.
          Hard to talk smack to these teams when the Niner went 4-12. Just keeping it real.

  7. Great move to get a dynamic back with familiarity in the system and one that’s healthy coming into the offseason program. Pats have shown that the multiple back system is important in todays NFL.

  8. L. Bell 49ers rumors……..

    49ers were in contact with Dee Ford’s agent to work out the details on his five-year contract. It just so happens that Ford’s agent is also Le’Veon Bell’s agent……

  9. I don’t like it but I have to guess this move was made because they do not trust McKinnon to be what they hoped he would be upon his return.
    The reality is Kyle and John have massively over spent on this position group between McKinnon, Juice and Coleman.
    Also,I’m guessing McKinnon is gone before next season at the latest.

  10. Cool, I like Coleman , and they needed the depth with McKinnon and Breida being smaller backs…….. sign Verrett too- with a “prove it” deal….. coaches have always liked Ward, and I am curious to see how the secondary all shakes out.
    Now, they are well positioned for the draft (I assume they take Bosa) and WR moves up the priority list.

  11. Joe Williams replacement. Hey, just kidding. On a happy note – Looks like we’re not going to be able to talk about not spending the cap. ✔👏

  12. It took 5 RB’s to make it through the season last year, I think Shanahan is building a stable of similar backs to avoid the crunch we saw towards the end of last season. Despite paying a lot for McKinnon we can afford all these guys (and Mostert) next season.

    I’m imagining a 30%-30%-30%-10% split of the backfield touches when healthy. The 10% coming from Juszczyk, Mostert and our WR’s.

    The 49ers have a really dynamic backfield, and all the backs are interchangeable, it should be pretty fun to watch!

    Just wait until we trade down and take a #2 TE with out 1st round pick….BOOM!

  13. It makes good sense. Breida seems to never finish a game and perhaps the Org is a little concerned about McKinnon.
    Mostert and Wilson might be on cutting block.

    Coleman also makes sense because he is familiar with Shanahan’ running schemes.
    I’m giving all the 49ers moves a cautious C- for now. A strong draft can get them to a B and hopefully an A.

  14. Well I was close Jimmie got 5 million and I said 11 million but its close. You already know what you are getting with Jimmie a few games then IR. You mean to tell me their wasnt any other safety that you could sign.

    The new RB, at least he knows the system and probably is their best current RB.

    1. Eric Berry would be a good fit…..I wanted ET as bad as anyone….but I can understand about not wanting to break the bank with his injury history.
      everyone is forgetting about the guy we drafted last year and tried to move to cb, cuz hes tall, fast and over 200lbs, think his name is Tavarous Moore ( I know I hacked it)……runs a 4.32, with pissed off the FO cuz they knew they would have to draft him higher. id be shocked if hes not starting at FS or CB…..
      I’m sure drafting a kid is in the discussion….
      for as bad as everyone thinks the S position is…….we got some good young guys there…..problem is- staying healthy….guys need reps to develop….when its musical chairs at both spots…..cant develop chemistry.
      lack of a pass rush also a factor!

      also, I think wr is a position that will be filled in draft!
      first 3 pick… edge rusher, wr, FS

  15. Shanny and Lynch (sounds like hosts of a sports talk show) have made it clear this is a long term rebuild. Don’t think 49ers can get everything they need in 2-3 years.

    Ownership seems content on passing on big name/big$$$ free agents they can’t get a team friendly contract with. If they can get 2-3 really good starters out of this draft, to go with their new free agents, team should be in good shape after next year’s free agent/draft additions. I can forego one more season outside playoffs to complete the overhaul/rebuild.

  16. Let’s see. Foster mistake—sign Alexander. Thomas mistake—trade for Dee Ford. McKinnon mistake—sign Tevin Coleman. Okay, they’re back at sea level now. Good job John.

  17. Coleman is a good signing. Currently the 49ers have a starter coming off an ACL, a pretty good backup, and a special teamer who can give you a few snaps at RB. I don’t think the 49ers have a franchise back but Coleman gives them a pretty good stable of backs. The other benefit is he knows Shanahan’s offense so he’s ahead of the game. Coleman has more experience in Shanahan’s offense than McKinnon and Breida. Good signing.

  18. Verret to Niners! I wanted the Niners to grab him out of tcu comming our. He has his injurie troubles but if he can stay healthy I love this pick up. He is a great small CB

      1. Haven’t seen anything. Here’s what the SF Examiner has to say about Verrett’s injury history:

        “The visit to the 49ers reportedly also includes a very-important physical. In 2014, he tore his labrum in three places, tore his rotator cuff and injured his hamstring. In 2015, he played 14 games and was named as a Pro Bowl replacement for Darrelle Revis; despite missing two games with a foot injury, he made 47 combined tackles and picked off three passes. In 2016, he partially tore his ACL, played through it, and then fully tore it, limiting him to four games. In 2017, he injured his knee and played in just one game, and in July of 2018, he tire his ACL on the first day of training camp.”

        While he is very good, it would be a complete flyer to sign him. If we can get a reasonable 1-year deal, it might be worth it.

  19. Just in from Ian Adam Scheftoport –

    “John Lynch did not outright deny the rumor of a red Trade button under his desk. When pressed, the Trade button forces other teams to trade up to pick 2 for close to chart value.

    For example: If John Lynch wants to force the Raiders to trade picks 4+24+106 for pick 2, all he has to do is press the red Trade button. He doesn’t even have to call John Gruden. In addition, Lynch can also force the NYG to trade 6+17+108 for pick 2.

    In the event John Lynch chooses a player at pick 2 many say could have been had later… say, around pick 6-10, he did so out of malicious intent towards the 49ers fan base. Or perhaps he simply forgot about the red Trade button. ”

    The tweets are flying. I’ll keep pasting them as they happen. Stay strong!

  20. It seems like something has to give with this plethora of D lineman that we have, especially if they select a DT or DE (Williams or Bosa). While I would prefer Armstead to Thomas, jettisoning Armstead results in over $9 million in cap savings, so that’s the route I would go.

    But there have been rumors of using one of the towers at nose tackle (Buckner or Armstead). Is that a realistic option? These guys seem to be far from the prototypical nose tackle.

    1. Definitely an option because they used one or both at the position last year, and they were successful if I’m not mistaken.

      My Lastest TDN Draft Machine *no trades available:

      2. Quinnen Williams, IDL Alabama (Cards took Bosa Constrictor)

      36. Deionte Thompson, FS Alabama (CGJ/Adderley both gone)

      67. Jaylon Ferguson, EDGE LA Tech(Best left)

      104. Andy Isabella, WR UMass(Mclaurin gone)

      176. Foster Moreau, TE LSU(Nice value)

      212. Jake Bailey, P Stanford(Had to do it)

      1. Thanks for the 7 round mock. I’m guessing the 49ers wishes are failing a modest trade-back from pick 2, Williams will be the choice.

  21. I’m changing my mind on drafting Allen 2nd. IDE draft q Williams and bosa before Allen. Williams, Ford, Buckner is an amazing front slide armstead and dump Thomas somewhere for anything

  22. Love the signing, takes some pressure off JG and creates ultra competitive backfield. With touches at a premium, expect 110% from those guys. Building a ground and pound squad, I’m down with it.
    No free agent wr plz, I like our group…..who sits if we sign a #1. With Kittles and deep bkfield, I think top wr not necessary. Take a look at Ne…..apply that money to def. Still need db’s, olbs, and og. Jet and Lynch say he’s(jet) on schedule, this is simply about insane depth at a position where you can nvr have enough.
    I like Bosa, but trading bk to 3 and taking Allen is my preference. Bosa will fetch a pretty penny, over hyped imo.

  23. Hey Grant I saw you on nfl network ask Jon Gruden a question about Cooper going deep it seems like you aggravated Gruden lol

  24. Reading that Ford will be the LEO for the 49ers. If true, that actually might eliminate Bosa as an option with the second pick and increases the likelihood that Allen could be the pick since the team would still need someone for the SAM.

    1. I like Allen better anyhow, but it’s also interesting to wonder if Q Williams would be in play next to buck. That has Dana Stubblefield and Bryant Young written all over it. I would also consider trading back and getting my boy Greedy and another edge guy.

    2. Doubt it Mid. No way they spend a high pick on a SAM (or “Otto”) for the base D. And the “Leo” pass rusher in nickel is the premier pass rusher – usually the RDE. The other DE is usually a bit stouter against the run. I think grabbing Ford actually decreases the likelihood of Allen.

      1. True, but did you think the team would sign another RB? While it may seem unlikely, I do not think we can rule Allen entirely out.

        1. Nope, and I didn’t say it would. Just that I think it decreases the likelihood, not increases it like you said.

    3. Originally I thought Ford would play a sam backer and move to DE in subpackages but after researching the LEO further I found a lot of my opinions were erroneously based.
      1. The Leo does not need to be particularly stout in the run game, I previously thought he did.
      – As a weak side defender, whether he is standing or in a down stance he is lined up very wide. He basically just has to occupy the OT and string out plays going to the edge on running plays. Due to the alignment of the other Dlinemen its virtually impossible to account for both linebackers flowing to the ball on the backside runs. This could help to explain why none of seattle’s leo’s have been particularly big.
      2. Seattle often uses 2 LEO’s in passing downs where it appears like a 5-2 at the outside, but upon the snap morphs into a 4-2-5. The benefit here is that while neither LEO would be great in coverage, they are more than capable of dropping into a zone and the qb does not know which one will do so, if they both will, or if they both will come after him.
      This problem is 4-2-5 defenses are now seeing as much time as base defenses… so if that is the way the NFL is going would you rather pair a hybrid DE/OLB or a Hybrid DT/DE with Dee Ford? It’s an interesting question the team will have to answer.

    1. Berry has played in just three games over the past two seasons.

      Can you imagine Grant’s take were this signing to occur?

      1. Oh geez yes. If it were any other player Grant would have an aneurysm–Berry…turned 30 last December, three games across two seasons, injuries.

  25. Well, this free agency period has been interesting. Dee Ford was the saving grace for an otherwise lackluster new crops Niner players. Many may question his run defense. But they got him for a 2020 a second round pick, so that made the deal a big winner.
    I am happy. They have been spending the salary cap. Too bad they have missed out on many good players, but they needed to have won more games to have attracted them.
    Ward is good fallback option, and he is relatively inexpensive. Coleman was a KS pickup, just like Kwon was a Parrag analytics signing. If they signVerret, that would make the It the pi jury trifecta.
    Still hope the extend Buckner, but now, they really need to hit a home in in the draft. With the Ford signing, the Niners should trade back, hopefully wi h the Raiders.,then possibly with the Giants.

    1. Seb, I don’t think they missed out on the big guys as you say. It’s all about money, and none of the big guys were going to take a paraage contract. I’m willing to bet if the niners offered Thomas that money, he would have jumped at the chance to play Seattle twice. I think a lot of fans don’t realize when it comes to football players, SCHEME is the one thing that is contingent. How many big name guys leave their scheme and just disappear? I think AB will regret choosing the raiders because his qb won’t force feed him the ball, even though he should. There aren’t any othe playmakers there. The niners get an A plus because they brought in scheme fits for paraage contracts. Meaning they can get from under them with little dead money. How many big name free agents out there, that got overpaid is actually going to help their team cap if they fail to produce or fit the new scheme?

      1. Steele, where did ET sign? He went to a playoff team. He wants a ring, and the Ravens gave him the best chance to get one, along with enough money to make him happy. Sounds like you just admitted paraag has way too much power, and the Niners are being cheap. They are content to lose out on talent to pad the bottom line.
        Personally, I am glad AB went to the Raiders, because when they struggle next season, the locker room drama will be very entertaining.
        I sure wish the Niners had signed Tyrell Williams. The Niners should have emphasized that TW would have become the number one receiver, while AB would demand the ball on the Raiders.
        How many big name FAs out there, will fail to produce? Not many, because they are big name FAs. You are just assuming they will fail, while non-big name FAs have a very good chance to fail. That is why they are not big name FAs.

        1. Thomas went to the team that was willing to pay him $13.5 million a year, which was something the 49ers were not willing to do.

  26. I was getting a bit annoyed with the comments that the Niners’ acquisitions are based on “knee-jerks” instead of strategy; but this just proves the point.

    Draft talent and buy to fill needs. Why get another running back? The answer seems to be that the coach is so impressed with his system that he goes after players that “know it” more than talent. Coleman is talented, but the Niners already have running backs. Get a scary red-zone receiver, please!

    1. On the other hand, it appears that the defensive scheme is evolving into……? (I hope it’s not a horse designed by a committee)

  27. its ok to get guys who know your system but so far it seems like it has failed in SF, Hoyer and Pierre, Smith on defense . So in year 3 they FT the kicker for over 5 million which probably is fair since he scored most of the points, signed ILB Kwon to 52.5 million, traded second round pick and signed LB Dee to 87.5 million, signed Ward for 5 million because he’s the best option in a deep safety FA class, RB Coleman for 10 million and extended the long snapper for 4 years who’s suspended again, and resigned G Person.

    I look at the roster as of today 19.5-JG, 17.5-Dee, 11.5-Kwon, 9.8-Sherman, 9-Arik, 7.6-Thomas, Richburg-7.8, Marsh-5, Jerrick 5.5 are just a few cap numbers. Richburg almost 8 million and not even a top center. I just don’t see any talent here sorry. Sherman played ok, Dee is a good pass rusher and Dfrost is top 5 DL, Joe is still top ten LT but after that theirs nothing. The verdict is still out on JG but at least he’s not the highest paid QB anymore. Yes FA just started and the draft hasn’t happen yet but look for example at what the Browns are doing, once a team 0-16 are making moves and has good talent across the board now in the last 2 years and its due to they hired a well known GM.

    1. You raise good points, but the thing we will never know is why the big impact players won’t sign here. There’s never more than a few words like, “We gave it our best shot to sign (this star or that), who just signed with [fill in the blank]”. Which is soon followed up with “But HEY!, we did just sign So and so (who no one else apparently wanted much). True genius? Or just incompetence? That’s OK for all you younger guys here because you have time to learn the answer. The small group of septuagenarians here (Rocket took a poll the other day and nobody owned up) will be at the Super Bowl In The Sky by the time the answer comes out. I guess you could say I’m dying to find out if the answer is genius or incompetence. (No pun intended, or is it pun intended? I forget)

  28. I think Lynch has his hands tied in some ways by Shanny, hence all the system players brought in or signed. That’s my take. I think Shanny will be onto his next job once all the so called “system” players are out of the league.

    BTW, I know Baalke gets a bad rap, and decidedly so, but he always seemed to have 9-10 picks in every draft, because he was stocking the cupboards with each draft. This is the first time in a while where the Niners have only the requisite amount of picks.

      1. 2016 Draft

        1 7 DeForest Buckner DE Oregon
        1 28 Joshua Garnett G Stanford
        3 68 Will Redmond CB Mississippi State
        4 133 Rashard Robinson CB LSU
        5 142 Ronald Blair DE Appalachian State
        5 145 John Theus T Georgia
        5 174 Fahn Cooper T Mississippi
        6 207 Jeff Driskel QB Louisiana Tech
        6 211 Kelvin Taylor RB Florida
        6 213 Aaron Burbridge WR Michigan State
        7 249 Prince Charles Iworah CB Western Kentucky

        2015 Draft

        1 17 Arik Armstead DE Oregon
        2 46 Jaquiski Tartt SAF Samford
        3 79 Eli Harold LB Virginia
        4 117 Blake Bell TE Oklahoma
        4 126 Mike Davis RB South Carolina
        4 132 DeAndre Smelter WR Georgia Tech
        5 165 Bradley Pinion P Clemson
        6 190 Ian Silberman T Boston College
        7 244 Trent Brown T Florida
        7 254 Rory Anderson TE South Carolina

        2014 Draft

        1 30 Jimmie Ward SS Northern Illinois
        2 57 Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State
        3 70 Marcus Martin C USC
        3 77 Chris Borland ILB Wisconsin
        3 100 Brandon Thomas G Clemson
        4 106 Bruce Ellington WR South Carolina
        4 129 Dontae Johnson CB North Carolina State
        5 150 Aaron Lynch DE South Florida
        5 170 Keith Reaser DB Florida Atlantic
        6 180 Kenneth Acker DB Southern Methodist
        7 243 Kaleb Ramsey DT Boston College
        7 245 Trey Millard FB Oklahoma

        Let’s take a look at those three drafts.

        Five 5th Round picks
        Five 3rd Round picks
        Six 4th Round picks

        That’s 16 mid round picks in three drafts.

        Now the players that were drafted are another topic of conversation, but that’s not what I was referring to.
        I was talking about quantity.

        It’s ok to be snarky when you don’t have facts. You know who else does that? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes.

        1. Yeah, that 214 draft had Keith Reaser. He is the MVP!!!!!……………………Of the AAF.
          Maybe you should go back to the 2012 draft.

            1. Ward is the remaining player from that draft class 5 years ago? Less quantity with little quality.
              Borland was a hoot.

    1. Well, what about the ’85 9ers? Only 6 picks in 12 ‘requisite’ rounds. In ’92 they had 9 picks in 12 rounds.

      1. 85 Niners? I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about Baalke. Was he the GM with the 85′ Niners? I must have missed that part.

  29. Whine, I think Lynch is green. Shanny is green. But their green doesn’t = sustainability. This team essentially became an expansion team once Jed signed Shanny and Lynch, not just from a talent standpoint, but from the top down. Kyle is learning, Lynch is learning and it may take another 2-3 seasons quite frankly of learning the ropes. I don’t think a seasoned GM takes Foster that early, if at all. Lynch will never make that mistake again, but it was costly and now Alexander becomes the new Foster.

    This is year three in the five-year-deal and if everything goes right and they keep learning, they could flirt with 8-8 or even 9-7 which would be a step up. Year four is the litmus. If they can’t get it done by then, Shanny or Lynch will be gone and my guess is the latter.

    1. I don’t think a seasoned GM takes Foster that early, if at all.

      Is now a bad time to tell you that the Saints were trying to trade back into the first round for Foster?

      1. 28 other GMs didn’t make that call. They got Kamara as a result. Sometimes its’s a blessing to walk around dog doo versus stepping in it.

    1. Yeah, I saw how someone posted here recently that they didn’t like the cynical comments. I think it was mostly directed to Grant whose comments some of us really enjoy. It’s the thing I find funny about the net. I’ve been a 49er fan since 1957. Was a season ticket holder from 1970 through mid ’90s and personally know a large number of 49er fans (like face to face know). Yet there seems to be an aversion to cynicism here that I’ll never understand. The reason for this is out of all of those fans that I actually know (face to face), I’ve never met one who is not extremely cynical when it comes to the team. For me the term cynical 49er fan is redundant. Must be I just don’t understand this whole social media thing. If there is one thing that I do know for absolutely certain it’s that rooting and hoping and Kumbaya about them getting better does absolutely no good. You think the Cardinals fans don’t root and hope with the best of them? Look up the last time they won the NFL Championship. You might be able to fill one bus with the number of fans who were alive then.

      1. reply to whine country.ihad season tickets at Kezar kept them when the team moved to candlestick and suffered through the dick nolan joe thomas years.celebrated the walsh years suffered the baalke years so if i want to be optimistic and not cynical so be it

  30. “the k says:
    March 14, 2019 at 8:42 am
    after reading the comments over the last few days i now know why people call us the fortywhiners.”

    Make sure you get all your shots, your kids vaccinated, use Round Up as aftershave, love your daughters mustache when she comes home from college and take that chip when they tell you too and love it. Conformity be thy name.

  31. Nah, no Darren here, but I’m hip to his act. He’s a contrarian Luciferian masquerading as a misanthropic revelator. I’ll give praise where praise is due.

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