49ers sign replacement for injured Robbie Gould

San Francisco 49ers Robbie Gould (9) warms up during an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, October 3, 2021, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Scot Tucker)

The San Francisco 49ers today announced they have signed K Joey Slye to a one-year deal. In order to make room on the roster, the team placed K Robbie Gould on the Injured Reserve List. Gould suffered a strained groin during warmups prior to Sunday’s game against Seattle. Punter Mitch Wishnowsky would be pressed into action and miss a 41-yard attempt in the second quarter.

Slye (5-11, 213) originally entered the NFL after signing with the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent on May 6, 2019. Following his release from the Giants on July 27, 2019, he went on to sign with the Carolina Panthers on August 1, 2019. Throughout his three-year career with the Panthers (2019-20) and Houston Texans (2021), he has made 58 of 73 career field goal attempts (79.5-percent) and 71 of 79 extra point attempts (89.9-percent).

In 2021, Slye appeared in three games for the Texans after being elevated from the team’s practice squad where he made four of five field goal attempts and seven of eight extra point attempts. He was released by Houston on September 30, 2021.

A 25-year-old native of Stafford, VA, Slye attended Virginia Tech (2014-17) where he appeared in 51 games and connected on 78 of 107 field goal attempts and 169 of 172 extra point attempts.

The team also signed LB Tyrell Adams, TE Jordan Matthews and WR Connor Wedington to the team’s practice squad and released LB Curtis Bolton, RB Kerryon Johnson and RB Chris Thompson from the practice squad.

The release of Johnson and Thompson is a sign that rookie running back Elijah Mitchell may be able to return on Sunday. Mitchell has missed the last two games after suffering a shoulder injury in a week two victory over Philadelphia.

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    1. Hey Dee, to answer your question on the last thread, I don’t think Trey is developing by running the scout team, and standing on the sideline on game day. Each situation is different, and there are times when I think it does make sense for a QB to sit for a year, but in this case, being that Trey was brought in to replace an extremely injury prone, and very average starting QB, I think you have to maximize his development, which means he needs to play, and he needs to play in an offense that is specifically designed to take advantage of his skill set. And then you can slowly expand the play book as he gains experience.

      When Trey came into the game on Sunday, it seemed pretty obvious to me that he was very unsure where to go with the football. He didn’t seem to have a feel for where any of his receivers were, including his check downs. These are all things that the first string offense work on during the week, in preparation for the coming game, so of course Trey is going to look a bit lost out there, especially considering his relative lack of experience in Kyle’s scheme. But, if he were working on these things during the week, he’d be far better prepared come game day.

      Also, Trey is trying to prove to his coach and his teammates that he belongs on the field on every play, and he really needs to get past this early stage of development because he’s thinking way too much, and not trusting his natural ability.

      The good news is that some young QB’s allow early mistakes to snowball on them, but Trey doesn’t. He seems to work through his early struggles and gets better as he settles in and the game progresses, and that is something that I am very encouraged by.

      1. If there is one thing we’ve learned about Jimmy Garoppolo is that he needs absolutely everything to work in his favor in order to succeed, and in the NFL, that’s a tough thing to count on.

        It sure doesn’t look like everything is working in Jimmy’s favor in 2021, that’s for sure! So it’s past time that they bite the bullet, and rip off the band-aid, because the sooner they can Trey Lance up to speed, the sooner they can get back to competing for Super Bowls!

      2. How could he be unsure of where to throw the ball? Did he not know the play he called? Had he not studied the game plan. Your comment makes no sense.

        1. Jerry, actually Trey is NOT getting much work with the weekly game plans. This is important even for veterans like Jimmy, but instead, Trey is actually running the scout team during the week, while Nate Sudfeld is working behind Jimmy. Usually it’s the 3rd string QB who takes the roll of the scout team QB, but Kyle has Trey in the roll right now, which helps the defense, because he can better simulate what they expect to see from mobile QB’s like Hurts, Wilson and Murray, but it doesn’t do much in the way of preparing Trey for the weekly game plan.

          Of course Trey knows the verbage and the playbook, but he doesn’t know it as “second nature”. That’s something that only comes over time via repetition. There’s a reason why teams spend the week of practice installing the weekly game plan, because the repetition is the key. In theory, the more often you practice a certain play, the better you get at executing that play, right?

          Also, there is an issue of building chemistry with his receivers and believe it or not, it even helps to practice handing the ball off to his RB’s, especially at the mesh point on zone-read plays. All receivers don’t run routes in identical fashion either. Some guys are faster, some are slower, some take longer strides, some get quicker releases, some get in and out of their breaks quicker than others, etc. Trey isn’t really getting much of an opportunity to build chemistry with his starting receivers either. For instance, he seems to really trust Trent Sherfield, and that’s because of the chemistry they have built.

          Now, its not just one thing … it’s a combination of all these things, combined with Trey’s inexperience, that all add up to make things difficult. Even the seasoned veteran QB Matt Ryan has said that it took him a full year before he felt comfortable in Kyle’s offense – with all of the different route combinations, and what not, and Ryan was also the first string QB every week in practice, so he benefitted from the repetition, week in and week out. There is a lot more going into quarterbacking then meets the eye. The fact that Trey”s not working with the game plan during the week, or his top receivers, it’s really an extra tough thing to do to ask him to come in cold on game day, and backup Jimmy.

          1. Here is another example:

            When Jimmy was named the starting QB for the 49ers in 2017, Kyle simplified his playbook. He basically cut the field in half so that Jimmy only needed to read where his receivers were on half the field.

            Sure, Jimmy improvised, and made a lot of ‘off-script” plays at the end of that season, but Jimmy had been an NFL QB for 3 and 1/2 years, at that point. Trey Lance is in his first year as an NFL QB and has all of 17 college games worth of experience reading coverages.

            If Kyle wants Trey to succeed right now, he needs to simplify his offense like he did for Jimmy, and give trey some easy reads. And Kyle needs to allow Trey to practice with the first string offense on a weekly basis.

            1. Look at how different Justin Fields looked this week, compared to last week. Night and day! Why is that? Matt Nagy simplified his game plan and gave Fields some easier reads, AND Fields was getting starter reps to work on the game plan all week long.

              And come 2022, Justin Fields is going to be way ahead of Trey Lance, if Lance isn’t playing much this season, and is mostly relegated to the scout team during the week.

              I guarantee you guys that much!

              1. I guarantee you guys that much!

                I guarantee that if you were the HC we would be 16-0 already, today!

  1. Weddington can return kick-offs and punts. Athletic player who had some success from the slot at Stanford.

  2. We need good place kicker. I hope Slye will be very good , the very consistent and the reliable. On side note, I don’t like the Urban Myer. He showed most disrespect for the wife and the womans. I only will like the respectful man who has integrity and the strong moral compass.

  3. Gilmore out of New England… Man, love him or hate him, Belichick runs a tight ship and will move on from anyone before it’s too late. Hurd will be cut by Belichick long time ago!

  4. Robbie Gould is not as good as he once was. He’s a once great kicker who now relies on reputation as opposed to current abilities. He’s the Le’Veon Bell of NFL kickers. 49ers should move on from him after this year. Maybe a good tryout for this kid they just signed.

    1. Availability is paramount for a kicker, and Gould certainly hasn’t earned the respect of late. Especially considering what they’re paying him. He doesn’t even handle kick offs.

  5. I was listening to 95.7 this morning and they did an in depth / devastating analysis of kickers versus their salaries. In short, outside of Ravens’ Tucker every kicker is replaceable and not worth more than 1.5 – 2 million. In order to justify a salary of 3M + , the kicker must consistently hit 70% of kicks from 50+ yards. Needless to say Gould falls far short of this metric. Furthermore his general consistency is average at best. Yet at a guaranteed salary of 16 Million over 3 years, he is one of the highest paid kickers.

    I would like to officially recommend that we replace Lynch and Paraag with the 95.7 The Game analyst team.

  6. @49 lame a$$ reasons

    stop defending your bf. I am hoping Trey develops but last week he played like he didn’t belong out there. If not for Deebo Trey would have looked pedestrian. Keep it real! Go 49ers!

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