49ers sign wide receiver Marquise Goodwin to 3-year contract extension

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin (11) celebrates after making a catch against the Tennessee Titans during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

First, they locked up Jimmy Garoppolo. Now, they’ve locked up his favorite target.

On Thursday, the San Francisco 49ers signed wide receiver Marquise Goodwin to a three-year, $20.3 million contract extension through 2021. The deal includes $10 million guaranteed.

“From the minute Marquise joined our team, he has shown us everything we want to see in a 49er,” general manager John Lynch said in a written statement.

“He leads by example with a tremendous work ethic, a trait that helped him expand his repertoire as a football player and post his most successful season as a pro last year. Marquise earned this extension by coming in every day focused on doing his job and, as a result, he made himself and his teammates better.”

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  1. Goodwin has been better than advertised, and seemed to develop a rapport with Jimmy. I’m excited to see more, and if Garcon is healthy, it’s no wonder the Rams went out and got Peters and Talib….

    1. Razor
      * How about Penn State TE Mike Gesicki at pick #70: Combine results!
      * 6′ 6″ x 252, 4.54 x 40, 41.5″ Vt., 10.9′ BJ, a 4.10 x 20, 6.76 three cone and 22 BP Reps!
      * He gives the 9ers a big body RZ threat and JG a security blanket.

        1. Razor
          It wouldn’t shock me if he went that early. But prior to the combine he was project in the 3rd round and it would refute the argument that combine results don’t change where players are drafted.

          1. Razor
            Your opinion of Marcus Davenport as a 1st round pick. Has it changed since the Senior bowl and now his Combine results, including how he handled the press?

            1. Sure has. He’s too raw for mine. I wouldn’t touch Davenport until the 2nd round, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see someone in the 20’s grab him….

          2. @Geep

            It’s not that combine results don’t effect where a player get’d drafted.

            It’s that combine results don’t change MOST team’s evaluations of players. They tend to reinforce scout’s opinions or red flag players (like Orlando Brown). However all it takes is for one team to be swayed by combine results for a player to be picked ahead of his consensus projection. The most famous case I can think of was Mike Mamula back in the 90’s.

            1. allforfunnplay:
              * “It’s not that combine results don’t effect where a player get’d drafted.”
              * Except that’s the argument that’s been made on on this blog by more than one individual.
              * Not to single out Rocket, but here is an example:
              Doesn’t matter. The combine is about the interviews. The underwear Olympics will have no bearing on where these guys get drafted.
              The rise and fall is based on people on draft web sites and fans such as yourself, putting too much emphasis on the result of the combine. The combine drills are more important to the media and fans than the teams. “Nobody bases their decision on what a guy did in shorts in Indy. It’s game film, interviews and background checks. The only thing anyone takes out of the combine workouts is whether the drills correspond with what they see on film.”

    2. To me it seems like they had an opportunity to upgrade the CB positions and save money. They are a legitimate Super Bowl Contneder with those CB’s and they are well positioned to extend Donald and Gurley.

  2. Good deal. Goodwin deserves a raise. He produced and his contract doesn’t break the bank, so it’s a win for the team. A good win.

  3. Grant, I highly recommend you editing out your, Goodwin being a “third banana” reference. It will not go well for you man. You never want to associate a black player with a banana or a certain creature that’s known to eat them. Seriously.

    1. Bruce — Haven’t you ever heard of the term ” top banana”? or ” playing second” banana. I suppose to people who are verbally impaired it might be taken in another way. That other way is really a stretch. Some of us have had enough of people who are constantly tying to create linguistic issues out of nothing. You must either carry a lot of guilt or are tying to create guilt.

      1. It doesn’t bother me a bit, but to the recent racial sensitivity going on in the news I’d hate for Mr. Cohn to end up on the wrong side of the news tomorrow. That’s all. Insult me all you want but not everyone sees the world thru your eyes.

      2. I could care less about the use of a common phrase.
        I also could care less about referring to a player as an animal… ie he is built like a silverback gorilla, he has wings like a raptor, he runs like a rhino, is impossible to stop when he gets a full head of steam.
        Context is important and must be taken into account. In fact it could be argued that it says more about those that immediately judge such statements as racist, in that their mind automatically associates an animal with a certain race, rather than that person as an individual.

  4. To begin with Monkeys, chimps , apes etc do not even eat banana’s in the wild. It’s a totally fabricated connection. Second it is sort of partronizing to expect any minority to automatically be offended by any indirect connection to anything that has ever been associated with a racial slur. The majority wouldn’t even consider any connection. Except perhaps those that have an agenda to promote.

    The world would be less bigoted if they did see things through my eyes because I treat everyone equal and also hold everyone to the same standards. There comes a point when the continual focus on racial differences makes things worse. Try seeing everyone as equal and you will be less focused on the unimportant things that make us different.

  5. I can’t say this is a bad signing because the 49ers are flush with cap space but it’s seems like they are sort of overpaying him. Management and the fan base seem to have this nostalgic feeling based on how he performed last year after everything he went through. But I mean we sucked last year and Goodwin only had to outperform rookies and Aldrick Robinson to become the default go to guy.

    What I’m really trying to say is that I want the 49ers to draft Ridley.

    1. James Foster
      * Ridley’s a good receiver, but he skipped the Senior Bowl and his combine results didn’t impress, so what does he bring to the 9ers they don’t already have in Goodwin?
      * Why should the 9ers spend a 1st Rd pick on Ridley, when they could get Equanimeous St. Brown or D.J. Chark in later rounds and use their first and 2nd round picks on an edge rusher, LB or CB (positions of need)?

      1. Ridley has a way higher ceiling than Goodwin. Goodwin had one solid season basically by default to injuries and lack of talent on the roster as well as being on a bad team.

        Ridley can be a 80 grab 1000 yard guy every year. And WR is definitely a position of need for us. St. Brown and Clark are more of fliers in my opinion, where Ridley is more a sure thing.

        As far as the other needs, LB is a spot you can find talent later in the draft (Telvin Smith, Bowman, Kwon Alexander) . CB will be addressed in free agency and with Colbert and Tartt likely being our safeties Ward has the ability to play CB as well if needed. I would agree that pass rusher is a need. I’m on the Shaq Barrett bandwagon I think he would be a perfect fit as a LEO.

        1. James foster
          * “Ridley has a way higher ceiling than Goodwin” And the proof of that is …WHAT? your conjecture?
          * “Goodwin had one solid season basically by default to injuries and lack of talent on the roster as well as being on a bad team.” So in your opinion, Jimmy Garoppolo was part of a “bad 49er team”?
          * “Ridley CAN BE a 80 grab 1000 yard guy every year.” And he also MAY BE be a bust! The difference between Ridley and Goodwin is , we KNOW what he and Garoppolo CAN DO! Ridley has yet to prove he can play in the NFL and his combine 40 results, plus his 189 pounds raise some red flags.
          * IMO, the 9ers also have a greater need at CB and edge, than drafting a WR in the first round.

          1. True true true.

            I just think Ridley has the potential to be our #1 guy in a year or two. Wide Receiver will be a huge need in a year or two. The offense we run is creative and guys are often times open.

            We both could argue our points. I’m not too worried about CB because we can fill it in free agency. How would you feel about Ward and Akhello as our starters?

            1. James Foster
              * Denzel Ward is a top DB and may be the first CB drafted, but I don’t think at 5′ 10′
              X 190 he fits the type of CB the 9ers will draft.
              * The following are common scouting report comments:
              * Frame is somewhat slight and he feels small in coverage at times
              * Lacks play strength to jam and disrupt
              * Appears to avoid route contact so he doesn’t upset coverage balance
              * Physical receivers can body him around at the top of the route
              * I agree, the 9ers should sign a F/A CB…..and a couple of F/A OG’s

    2. He is being paid like a lower level starting wide-out… how is that overpaying a potential 1000 yard receiver?

      1. And he is a speed receiver who has also learned to run other routes. Those are the hardest to come by. You do not want those type of receivers to him free agency in a bidding war. Someone would have thrown big money at him and then the team might have been without one. The lack of a speed receiver is why Baalke took a gamble of Jenkins. Drafting one comes with risks.

        1. That’s true but he has had trouble staying healthy. Also with Garcon back and the development of Taylor and Ridley once he draft (haha) I don’t see him ever being a 1000 yard receiver.

          1. James Foster
            LOL: I thought you were asking about Denzel Ward, not Jimmy Ward. My answer would be the same. He doesn’t fit the type of CB the 9ers want and as OREGONINER says, he’s Injury prone! I would add, is he worth $8.5 mil. on IR?

  6. Nice Signing.
    More interesting Notes to fuel the Harold Landry debate.
    According to Bucky Brooks Harold Landry is the best pass rusher in the draft, as stated in his KNBR interview.
    On the LockedonNFL draft, former scout Jon Ledyard said has Landry going in the top 15 stating there was a much bigger drop between Landry and the next best Edge rusher than there is between Chubb and Landry.

    1. I agree with Brooks. With Kiffin on board, I truly believe Landry could be a three down edge defender, and double digit pass rusher. He was a top 10 pick going into the 2017 season, and you can nitpick on him for different reasons, but there’s no denying he’s the most explosive quarterback hunter in the draft….

      1. The more tape I watch of Landry the better I believe his fit on this team will be.

        His speed and bend should force qb’s to step up in the pocket. That alone would be a huge plus for this defense as Buckner, Armstead, and Thomas should start to cash in on some of their interior pressures.
        Even if Landry only gets 7 sacks or so, if he consistently forces qb’s to step up, I could easily see Buckner getting 8 or 9 sacks rather than 3 to 6.

        1. Fit and need shouldn’t influence the draft board. Needs enter the equation only after the true ranking of the draft pool.

          1. @Grant

            Fit and need shouldn’t influence the draft board. Needs enter the equation only after the true ranking of the draft pool.

            I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Fit and need should definitely influence a draft board. Just as transcendent/scheme diverse skill should also be on the draft board. On one hand/extreme the Niners aren’t going to select one of the top QBs (should one fall to them); trading out of the spot makes more sense. On the other hand they should be open to selecting a shutdown cover corner that isn’t necessarily 6’2″ 210 lbs. On the other hand in terms of scheme should the best phone booth power blocking Guard (who’s poor agility would cause him to trip bending over to tie his shoes) fall to them (say in the 2nd or 3rd round) they probably shouldn’t draft him because altering of the scheme for one power blocker wouldn’t be optimal because it effects the rest of the O-linemen.

          2. It seems you are talking out of both sides of your mouth?

            The niners dont like smaller corners, they must be at least 6ft.
            The niners Linebackers are always at 228 lbs.

            In both cases, better players could be had if they threw out the measurables, but if those traits fit the system better then they will be moved up the board accordingly. In reality it will work as a tie breaker for closely ranked players, which is normal.

            1. If you allow a need to trump talent in your ranking of players, it skews the integrity of your draft process because you’re violating the “science” of the evaluation process.

              1. @Grant

                Are you saying simply the ranking of players or draft decisions? Not necessarily the same thing. Again if the best QB for some bizarre reason falls to the Niners and he ranks on the draft board ahead of everyone else, the best thing to do is to trade out of the spot, pick up some picks and draft another player a little later at a position of need (or at least a position that isn’t locked down).

                My point being that being dogmatic about drafting by BPA or Need isn’t really a good idea.

              2. I dont quite follow the argument here. Every teams draft board will be different and that will be subjective to a teams need.
                For example when viewing the nfl.com prospect ratings, in multiple cases players have the same grade. This will likely be the case on SF’s board as well.
                In this case the team will have to take into account other things like team need or the strength of position in the draft.
                Subject to these changes a teams board could change as the picks come in.

          3. There’s times where Landry uses his long levers to win inside, or through his opponent as part of a counter off his speed rush. He just needs to develop it more. He’s just got a sick first step, uncanny low pad level, the way he’s able to maintain his speed up and around the arc with out slowing down. Let Kiffin mold him into a well rounded, 3 down defender with a quiver of pass rushing moves….

      2. @razor

        what is it about young Kiffin that gives you confidence that he can develop a young pass rusher for the NFL?

        Why do you believe Landry can be a 3 down defender? His scouting reports indicate he’s kind of weak in the upper body and may have some issues in run defense. And it seems like Saleh prefers bigger bodied defenders (even at the mythical LEO position) in his base defense.

        1. I don’t know, when I hear the words, “pass rush specialist“, it gets my attention, and by extension, excited. I don’t expect Landry to be a 3 down defender right away, instead he’d begin as a freshman pass rush specialist, with one job. Go get the quarterback. Force the quarterback to step up into our 3t monsters. Year two is where I’d expect Landry to exhibit a noticeable gain in strength through a NFL program, and where he’d develop into that role. This guy looks to me like he could be a 10 sack a year edge disrupter. I liked him in 2016, and he was ranked top ten. He struggled with 5 sacks in 8 games this year, so people tend to discount him. He’s just as explosive, and bendy as he was in 2016 where he had 16.5 sacks….

          1. I didn’t see anything in Kiffin’s bio that indicated any special pass rushing coaching specialty. I guess the Niners see something there but from the outside looking in, I don’t see it.

            The interesting question is how valuable do we believe pass rush specialists are? Meaning would you draft a 10+ sack guy who only played in passing situations at #9? It would be tempting.

            In Landry’s case, I’m not sure he could become a full time End that could play in the base scheme. Height and weight seems more like a SAM backer but he plays as a hand in the dirt End. Physically right now he isn’t considered strong or stout enough to play the run effectively.

            1. Affap,
              First of all, he would be a two down player in the beginning. Sub-packages are on the field roughly two thirds of the time. And since teams normally sub defenders to keep them fresh, this is even less of a negative. Thus, even as a 2 down player, if he consistently pressures the quarterback, he’s worthy of a top 10 pick.
              Second, he wasn’t as terrible against the run as others are making him out to be. Dwight Freeny, Jason Taylor, and Charles Haley were far worse prospects against the run and I would happily draft them in the top 10.

              1. Yea, I think sometimes we get caught up in the minutiae and over think thiings. Landry is simply the most explosive edge rusher in the draft. He rushes with speed around the arc like a human limbo machine. I don’t care where you draft him, but I feel he’s worthy of a top ten selection….

              2. @ shoup
                1st. I never said anything about a “two down player” I said what if the Niners took a pass rush specialist at #9. Yes, yes…subpackages = 2/3 of snaps…etc…The really important question is in regards to defensively philosophy, scheme and to what degree and importance a position has in terms of weather or not it’s a high leverage situation based on the scheme and philosophy. Or in other words some teams emphsize stopping the run more than others in order to give their pass rushers an advantage by placing them into obvious passing situations as well as some teams play their base package more often even against teams that play 11 personnel (3 WRs).

                2nd. Being terrible against the run and being a hall of fame pass rusher is the point of my original question. Is it worth it to risk that potential on a #10 pick. And for the record Haley was pretty good in base run defense.

              3. “The really important question is in regards to defensively philosophy, scheme and to what degree and importance a position has in terms of weather or not it’s a high leverage situation based on the scheme and philosophy. ”
                Every defense values the ability to get after the quarterback. And while some dont seem to care that the team will be in its nickle or dime subpackages more than its base defense. Those packages must be able to get after the QB to have any success. The niners inability to do is a major reason they were ranked 30th in third down defense. Thus Allowing opponents to stay on the field and score more points. And as Grant would say, that’s a bad thing.

  7. hmm… the rams are making a statement…….that is going to be one tough defense to throw on….

    I still think we should have got Peters…..all the rams did was give up 3 draft picks for 2 All-Pro corners……lynch what are you doing?….

          1. BT
            Richard Sherman is coming off surgery on a torn left achilles and also minor surgery to clean up his right achilles. He also turns 30 Y/O on March 30th.

    1. Absolutely. Sign him to a 2-year deal. The man returns home to Compton to talk to students in his high school on the importance of studying calculus! But I think he may be headed east to play with “you mad, bro?”

    2. T Johnson is already a 49er. So these questions on other CB’s are useless.
      No way they leave free agency without Johnson or Butler. My hunch is Johnson.
      He can give more input on the rams. And might be cheaper.

  8. With regards to the FA market for CBs, MDS at PFT makes what I think is a good point. With the Rams taking two of the FA CBs off the market, that makes Trumaine Johnson’s value only increase because there will be more teams chasing fewer available talented CBs, particularly Johnson. I wonder how much the new regime will be willing to pay? There are a lot of teams out there with money to spend.


    1. Prediction: Cleveland Browns throw $14-15 million/year at Johnson, and Johnson signs with the Browns. I would be happy with that, since my interest in Trumaine Johnson on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, is the same as the number of Pro Bowls Johnson has been to.

        1. oh come on, don’t count out Norton and Carroll’s willingness to spend all their draft capital on a defense rebuild — oh wait, they need an Oline too, just like us…

      1. No, PM is getting kicked upstairs. He is expanding to other ventures, and they are not going to let him dictate anal lytic play calling or game management like he did in previous years. He knows his place, and while Lynch is praising him, Lynch also is showing everyone that PM is just doing his bidding, and is just a numbers cruncher and asset to help Lynch.
        I notice that recently, PM did not write a team friendly contract for JG and actually wrote a contract that made JG the highest paid QB in the league, so it was fair to both sides. Glad he is sticking to contracts, and his expertise in juggling the salary cap means that they are letting PM contribute in areas he is good at.
        In retrospect, I realize that PM was leaking because Baalke told him to, so I now place most of the blame for the leaks on Baalke, and am glad he was fired. Thanks for giving me another opportunity to rip Baalke, who inherited a SB quality team, and only succeeded to dismantle it, and make a once proud franchise into a 2 win laughingstock. Thank goodness that they finally have a football maven as the GM. JL seems to have quickly turned things around, and he has started to develop a winning culture again.

  9. Question for all,
    Since the bears only transition tagged Fuller, why not still go after him? They could easily front load his contract and, almost making him unsignable to the Bears, while keeping their options open in the future.
    The question is, do you believe Fuller is worth that kind of cash? Keep in mind they will owe the bears nothing with only a transition tag. But they may not have as much for other FA targets?

          1. No; Trumaine Johnson overrated in terms of what he wants money-wise. He wants to be paid like a clear No. 1 corner, when I think difference between him and, say, Rashaan Melvin, is not worth an extra $7 million a year.

          2. I think he is. I would be OK with Fuller as a plan B. Talib would have worked assuming we would have drafted a CB high or somewhat high in the next two years. Another plus for Johnson is that he went up against McVay’s offense and the Rams’ WRs last year.

    1. This one is a head scratcher to me. Given the dearth of available edge rushers and the fact that he had the most sacks on the team last year, I’m wondering how they plan to fill his position in addition to the additional edge rushers that are needed on the team.

      1. Lynch on Dumervil:

        “…..Although Elvis isn’t in our current plans, we would never close the door on a potential return in the future. As a long-time friend, I wish him and his family well.”

        Since they were able to get him in June of last year, maybe they want to see if they can bring him back at a lower salary. I think he was only due around $5 million anyway, so it’s probably more likely that they are moving on.

  10. Would be interested in knowing what the 49ers plans are for Blair.
    He has shown some flashes but seems to be relegated to a second and third option.

    Regarding the draft, Lynch made the moves necessary last year to garner the players on his wishlist. My sense is that he will do the same this year.

    1. Blair is an interior pass rusher. Between Buckner, Thomas, Armstead and him the niners have a slew of options to fill this roll. If I was Blair I would not resign with the team. I would try to sign a 1 year prove it deal on a team lacking interior pass rushers. The hope being a short term loss would pay off bigger in the long run.

  11. Ian Rapoport

    Verified account

    23m23 minutes ago
    Sources: The #Browns are expected to trade for #Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry.

    1. This is reminiscent of the Deion signing for me:
      I loved to hate Deion in Atlanta.
      I cheered him through SF’s last SB.
      I loved to hate him again when he went to Dallas.
      Now Sherman? Worlds collide!
      And what of the Seahawks fans? They’ll get some heartburn if he signs in SF!

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