49ers sign WR DeAndre Carter

The 49ers just announced they have signed 23-year-old wide receiver DeAndre Carter to a two-year contract.

Carter (5-8, 190 lbs.) was an undrafted free agent in 2015 who has played for three teams’ squads — the Baltimore Ravens, the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots.

When the 49ers announced this signing, I thought, “I bet this little guy runs a 4.4 40-yard dash.” Turns out he does.  He ran a 4.44 at Sacramento State’s Pro Day two years ago.

Kyle Shanahan likes fast little receivers, such as Taylor Gabriel and Aldrick Robinson. Carter is similar to those two.  Here are Carter’s college highlights:

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  1. Ellington just got extremely nervous. Should be a nice little competition between Carter, Ellington and Kerley….

      1. Grant, looked like kerley did very well despite everything. Do you think this new regime is wanting a new direction or kerley wanting a fresh new location?

      1. I’d have expected Ellington to have better SAQ than he has displayed considering his excellent straight-line speed. But those two things may be a little different

  2. “Kyle Shanahan likes fast little receivers, such as Taylor Gabriel and Aldrick Robinson.”

    Hmm, Kyle could have a draft crush on John Ross. Trade back and take him somewhere between the 10th and 20th pick?

    1. Whoa there little buddy. Let’s see what docs say about the dudes knees when they examine them thoroughly at the combine….

      1. If you’re talking about his knee, I think it will be fine. They’ll ask about it for sure, but he came back faster and stronger without any complications.

        I expect him to run as fast or faster than usual at the Combine. His goal is to run a 4.19

          1. How’s about a certain Mr Ryan Switzer 5’9″ in the fifth round, official 40 4.40 ,although Wikipedia says he has been timed at a 4.33 !Good hands and motor a Mighty Might to watch.

          2. You’re still worried about the first injury? He is fully healed from both. He will be evaluated medically and in drills. Teams will see his straight-line speed and how he explodes off the line, they will see his crisp routes. It wouldn’t surprise if he breaks the top 10 on draft night.

          3. Razor: John Ross who made the Stanford secondary look as if it were running through maple syrup last week has come a long way in the past two years. The Washington wide receiver has added 17 pounds to his 5-foot-11 frame, which means at 190 pounds he is no longer as vulnerable to a strong wind or a strong safety. This past March, Ross ran a hand-timed 4.25 40-yard dash. Not bad for a guy that’s had surgery on both knees! * John Ross to have shoulder surgery after Combine… http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/02/11/first-round-prospect-john-ross-to-have-shoulder-surgery-after-combine/

            1. Good post GEEP. It’s not like Ross is still coming off of the injury. He is fully healed and had his best season after the last injury.

              One more thing about Ross. He has shown a lot of dedication in coming back from those injuries. He didn’t sulk, he put in work.

            2. Fine and dandy, Geep. I’m just pointing out that his medicals will be a point of emphasis having had two serious knee surgeries….

  3. I don’t see anything special here to concern Ellington or Kerly if he is retained… This is just a camp body.

  4. Jayson BraddockVerified account‏@JaysonBraddock 19m19 minutes ago
    Jayson Braddock Retweeted Ryan Crossingham
    Kizer #1
    Watson #2

    1. Those oracular shadows grow longer by the day, almost as if there’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in the making, wails of CK lamentation not withstanding . . .

    2. Pick 66+2018 Conditional 4th round pick should be enough to secure Cousins.

      Cousins has the right to refuse a sign-n-trade to any team that will pay less than the 49ers for his new contract. By my estimation, that’s 31 teams.

      It doesn’t matter what the other teams are offering Washington in pick trades. Cousins has 100% control. All the 49ers have to do is offer a security deposit that exceeds the value of the 3rd round compensatory pick.

      Snyder should count himself lucky he’s getting pick 66. Should be a pretty good player there.

      1. That would be great for us. And it is definitely possible for the reason you mentioned. Washington knows he would leave if he hit FA and they would get nothing.

        1. Then the Redskins have two choices

          – Franchise Tag $24m guaranteed money. No new draft picks. Cousins is FA after season.
          – Release Cousins. Get 2018 compensatory pick (pick range 97-102)

          Cousins has 100% control over where he plays already. It will be the 49ers or Redskins.

          Its not what Snyder wants. He blew it by not extending Cousins when he had the chance. He had extended Cousins a few years ago, he could get some great 2016 picks in a trade. But he didn’t. Cousins won. Snyder lost.

          The only way its another team is if that team offers a bigger contract. If that’s the case, it means the 49ers didn’t value him as much as rumored.

            1. That’s good news for the 49ers. They get Cousins in 2018 to throw passes to the great talent the 49ers got with picks 2, 34, 66.

        2. Beggars can’t be choosers. Its Cousins that will to the agreeing. He has 100% control in where he plays. Redskins are screwed.

        3. The Redskins three choices seems to be…

          A) Trade Cousins to the 49ers. Probably pick 66+2018 conditional

          B) Let Cousins go FA now. Get 2018 compensatory pick (pick range 97-102)

          C) Franchise Tag $24m guaranteed money. No new draft picks. Cousins is FA after season.

          1. D) Tag him, keep him this year, and if he plays well again re-sign him. If he struggles, let him test FA and get a 3rd round comp pick for him the year after if someone is willing to overpay for him.

            1. “D) Tag him, keep him this year, and if he plays well again re-sign him”

              Scooter – For the Redskins to “re-sign” him for 2018, they will have to give Cousins guaranteed money equal or greater than he can get in 2018 free agency.

              That’s $24m + guaranteed pay in 2018 equal or greater than any other teams will offer. Wow.

              And if they try to franchise tag him for a 3rd time, that’s $24M+40% more.

              1. It doesn’t need to be greater than what he can get in FA in 2018. Long term security now is worth taking a little less.

          2. You seem to be assuming the Redskins are completely out of play for his long term services. He wants to get paid. He doesn’t seem to really care by who. But he must know his best chances of living up to any contract lies in familiarity. If he plays well again this year, after losing his OC (though its Gruden’s offense, so not much will change) and probably a couple of his main targets, the Redskins aren’t likely to let him walk without trying pretty hard to re-sign him.

            Personally I think the most likely scenario is he remains in Washington long term. Either getting a long term deal this offseason or next.

              1. How confident can you possibly be – its all an unknown. But when was the last time a team that really wanted to keep their starting QB wasn’t able to re-sign him?

            1. Signing him to a long term contract is an option for DC. I think its their best option. Also their cheapest option. Its what I would recommend they do.

              Cousins recently said there will be no hometown discount. If the Redskins offer is less than what Cousins can get in free agency, he will say no.

              Which returns to my point yesterday. Cousins is in control. Its effectively already free agency.

              And if the Redskins tag him, Cousins will be ecstatic. $24m to add to the whopping guaranteed pay he will get in 2018 free agency.

    3. Cousins not gonna get over 20 mil a year from no one. That is why Washington is not quick to place the franchise tag on him. Lynch will not overpay for him and he will not give up picks and overpay for him.

  5. Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon isn’t welcome at the combine but will be welcomed with open arms at the Sooners’ pro day March 8, according to the school.

    Reuben Foster won’t perform at the combine due to shoulder surgery, but that hasn’t hurt his stock with NFL franchises. One team scout I spoke with this week said they ranked Foster as the No. 3 player in the entire 2017 draft class

    LSU safety Jamal Adams, my No. 5 overall player in this class, told me Thursday he plans to compete in every drill at the combine. Adams isn’t hiding from scouts and has a chance to walk away as a big winner of the entire event.


    1. Foster is another player the 49ers should have interest in whose medical evaluations at the combine will be heavily scrutinized. I didn’t know you knew Adams, #80. Next time you talk to him, let him know he was my guy when everyone was spicy on Peppers…;>)

  6. Seb’s # 2 pick for 49ers based on:


    February 14, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    I like breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.

    2. seb, Feb 23, 2017 at 9:11 am

    GnomoD, Butt hurt much?

    3. Seb’s go to line: “he shot himself in the foot.

    4. Seb, when losing an argument: “This isn’t my first rodeo.

    Psychoanalyzing the qualities Seb looks for in a draft pick:

    Bottom line: The player is butt hurt because it’s not his 1st rodeo. Riding horses alot does tend to hurt the buttocks, and while hurt,,losing track of your gun is easy, so the player accidentally shoots himself shoots himself in the foot and looses his gun when the startled hors bucks him off. To replace his lost gun, Seb breaks into a gun safe for him.

    Conclusion: The player Seb is looking for is a Pac-Man Jones twin.

    All remember Pac-Man brought a brief case full of money into a gentleman’s club and walked onto the stage, opened it up, and threw large denomination bills into the air. This caused a melee, women dancers, bikers–a rough crowd–started fighting and shooting over the money.

    Thanks, Seb, but no thanks.

  7. Compensatory pick — The 49ers were awarded an extra pick at the end of the fourth round as compensation for losing guard Alex Boone in fre agency last year. The 49ers will have 10 picks total in the upcoming draft.

    CBS Sportsline

  8. sebnynah
    February 3, 2017 at 3:39 pm
    Naw, just Grant trolling me. Still think Kaep will be a 49er, despite the hate.

    Prime Time
    February 3, 2017 at 3:51 pm
    Seb no one is trolling you. You are the jester on here. Keep up the desperate pleas for Kap. It defines you!

    Seb = The Fool on the Hill, By the Beatles, performed by Sergio Mendes Band:


  9. NFL NetworkVerified account‏@nflnetwork 2m2 minutes ago
    NEWS ALERT: 49ers sign DT Earl Mitchell on 4-year deal worth $16M w/ $5.5M in year one | via @MikeGarafolo

      1. Just as importantly, they’re getting it. The signs point to cut players and free agents wanting/willing to play for this team despite the past few years.

          1. Yeah, I’m not expecting any of these guys to give us discounts, but still there was some concern after Kelly was let go that no FAs would want to join the 49ers.

  10. Hmm, guess both Dorsey and Kerley may sign elsewhere.

    Not too worried about Ellington, just hope he can stay healthy.

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