49ers sign slot receiver Jeremy Kerley to 3-year deal

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they’ve re-signed their best receiver from 2016 — Jeremy Kerley. The deal is worth $10.5 million, according to Adam Schefter.

Kerley is only 27-years old and he made a career-high 64 catches last season. He is a quality player and he’s getting better. This is a good signing.

Here is statement from 49ers GM John Lynch: “We are very excited to be able to keep a player and teammate like Jeremy in red and gold. As we evaluated the roster, his production on the field really impressed us and we believe he is a great fit for our scheme. As we learned more and more about him, it became obvious his teammates have a great deal of respect for Jeremy as well. He is a true pro who is an asset to this team on offense, special teams and in the locker room.”

Lynch mentioned Kerley fits Kyle Shanahan’s offensive scheme, and that’s true. Kerley is a slot receiver who is similar athletically to the receiver Shanahan used in the slot last season with the Falcons — Justin Hardy. Check out the comparison:

Kerley: 5’9″, 188 lbs., 4.56 40-yard dash, 3.99 20-yard shuttle, 6.70 3-cone drill, 37.5-inch vertical leap.

Hardy: 5’10”, 192 lbs., 4.56 40-yard dash, 4.21 20-yard shuttle, 6.63 3-cone drill, 36.5-inch vertical leap.

Kerley will be the 49ers’ starting slot receiver next season while Torrey Smith will be the starting split end. Who do you think will be the starting flanker? That player most likely isn’t yet on the 49ers roster.


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  1. I like the signing. Garcon will be the #1 WR if we get Cousins. If not, Alshon Jeffrey will be the man.

    1. Ashon Jeffrey is a #2 at best. His numbers diminished the moment he didn’t have Marshall.

      1. He only played half a season in 2015, yet had 54 catches and over 800 yards with 4 TDs. Not bad for a guy who’s stats diminished without Marshall.

      2. I disagree. He is #1ish, but still a #1. Is there any better WR available this year?

          1. Staying healthy and fighting for the ball have been two drawbacks to Jeffrey. Jay Cutler is a much better QB than anything the team has on its roster right now, which isn’t saying much.
            Jeffrey would be a mistake signing as the team is more than a 1ish receiver away from winning 10 games. The team can draft instead of mortgaging what Jeffrey wants.

            1. We have to upgrade the WR position whether we’re close to contending or not. Right now we have a decent slot WR in Kerley and a guy that can get neutralized with S help in T Smith.

              That alone is a recipe for disaster for our offense and our next QB in particular. A drafted QB could be unfairly labeled as a bust. Cousins or Garoppolo could be unfairly seen as “not worth the money.

              Torrey needs to face single coverage to be successful. Jeffrey or Garcon in Shanahan’s offense would provide that single coverage for him. With the top off the D, the slot opens, screens open, and other short to intermediate routes open up.

              All that with one signing. The draft is unreliable. No way we take a WR at 2. Taking a second tier WR at 34 would be a gamble.

              I don’t get why you think Jeffrey doesn’t fight for the ball. Jeffrey is considered a red zone beast by many because he fights for the ball. That part of your analysis is simply not true.

              1. Jeffreys had 2 TDs in 2016. He is a failed drug test away from a 10 game ban.
                2 tds and a 10 game ban is a real reason to go with Garcon.
                Cutler is better than anything the team has fielded in 3 years. The team as of today has Kaepernick on its roster. New season doesnt start till March 9th so all QBs are on the roster as of today.

              2. The fact that Jeffrey is likely to get 14 mil shows what teams think about him. With Shanahan, Jeffrey would get a lot of targets all over the field and especially in the red zone.

                Cutler? You mean the guy the Bears are trying to trade for a 6th round pick? Cutler has always been overrated. Even today he is being overrated when people say he’d be a decent stop-gap.

            2. “Jay Cutler is a much better QB than anything the team has on its roster right now, which isn’t saying much”

              Especially when you consider there isn’t a single QB currently on the roster right now.

              1. I just spit cheerios every where laughing! Thank you Jack Hammer! Good to start the morning with a hearty laugh!

      3. It’s about games and targets, not Marshall:

        2013: 16 games, 150 targets, 89 receptions
        2014: 16 games, 145 targets, 85 receptions
        2015: 09 games, 93 targets, 53 receptions
        2016: 12 games, 95 targets, 52 receptions

        If you’re not playing, you’re not getting targeted. If you’re not getting targeted, you’re making receptions. If you’re not making receptions, SOME DUDE ON THE INTERNET JUMPS TO CONCLUSIONS.

        See how that works?

        1. Not playing due to a suspension for a failed drug test is more of a red flag than anything else. Do you commit to a possible 10 game ban for those numbers?

  2. Corey Davis if the 49ers trade back from 2. Maybe sign Pierre Garcon. Smelter is my dark horse to to make the team. Look fast in final game of the season.

    1. B2W

      I’m with you on Smelter, and I do believe he’ll be recovered this season…either him or Mike Williams, and draft one for depth…we also have Rod Streater on the roster…

  3. Cordarrelle Patterson, Kendall Wright, Kenny Britt or Kenny Stills, along with a drafted WR.

    Still like Cooper Kupp, but Zay Jones, Amara Darboh, Chris Godwin, Josh Malone or Chad Hansen may be good candidates.

  4. As I have noted previously, it is silly to compare two players based soled on hand size, leaping ability and shuttle run etc. Having said that, a good slot receiver is a useful tool in any NFL offense. Welker perfected the art. Now every team seems to have one – Cobb, edelman, tavon austin , jarvis landry etc

    Anyways, Kerly showed some good catching and rac ability last year. He will improve our offense. just need someone to throw him the ball and that someone better not be cutler.

  5. John Embree looking for more of a Y at TE, and interested in catching away from body combined with work ethic….

  6. C. Patterson has given ample proof to the NFL that he is not a wide receiver. He’s a fine athlete, fast, and a really good kick returner, but not a reliable WR. He’s a #5/6 receiver who has reached his ceiling and isn’t getting younger. Not on my list.

    1. CP is a first round draft choice who has been a 2 time pro bowler.

      Granted, he has had a down period, but he has also shined.

      He is also only 25.

      1. As a kick returner he got honored. He’s a 1st round bust as a WR. How hard did the Vikes try to retain him?
        This is not news.

        1. He fits my criteria for Lynch to target. He should target a player who has underperformed, so he will not be too expensive.

          Maybe a change of scenery is all that is needed to shine. Bad blood with the old team may have hampered his production. he would be happy in a new place with a new QB throwing to him.

          Kendall Wright is another player who may benefit from going to a new team. The loss of Kenny Britt would weaken the Rams if the Niners could sign him.

          1. I agree but the best signing would be garçon then we could draft Jonathan Allen and get young Qb with second round pick. We should also trade for mc Arron or sign Glenn on.

        2. “…..should target a player who has underperformed…”
          Yeah, that’s exactly what a 2-14 team needs, underperforming rejects from other teams. A guy who couldn’t learn Norv Turner’s system is going to pull a 180 and grasp Shanny’s WCO?
          You’re daft

  7. Good signing. Grant, I thought you said they should look at someone else to play the slot?

    Brandon Marshall would be a good short term signing. Regardless, based on rumours it appears WR is an area they intend to address through FA. So one of Marshall, Jeffery, Garcon or Pryor is my guess.

    1. I think I recall that from Grant as well.

      I’ll disagree on Brandon Marshall. He said he wants to go to a contender. I don’t think he would sign in SF. Even the most optimistic among us……….
      ; >)

    2. I didn’t say they should sign someone else. I just doubted that they would sign him.

      1. How’d you like the way I nailed the Foster medical red flag, and Williams declining to run the 40 prediction?

          1. I’d say getting kicked out from a medical evaluation is a huge red flag, but I’m from Indiana where we see things a little differently;>)

      2. I thought the reason you gave for not resigning Kerley was others would better fit Shanahan’s system?

  8. This is another move that shows they have their head on straight. I am very happy with this signing. Btw, how’s this for a nickname for the FO: The Lynch Mob.

            1. I’d like it more if it wasn’t already occupied by Aaron Lynch’s twitter account.
              Somewhat confusing if we have two Lynch Mobs, but the FO is more deserving of the name, IMO.

              1. Didn’t know that about Aaron Lynch. Thanks. But IMO it’s only appropriate for him when he’s more of a mob and less a slob.

      1. Well, it didn’t expect that reaction, but I like guys who don’t hold back, so thanks.

        1. When taken just as simplistic word play it seems harmless, but the actual behavior of lynch mobs represent us at our worst ugliness. While I trust your benign intent, it could be seen either way.

    1. George, it is kinda cute, but the connotation is not too upstanding or lawful.

      How about Lynchpin ? He is Kinda vital to the organization.

    1. George

      Good call…with his height and overall size and speed, I would think that Eric Rogers would be a wideout or flanker….we’ll see!

  9. Just playing madden 2017 with my son and the scroll under says Adam schefter is reporting the cowboys, redskins are working on a tide that sends room to Washington and cousins to Santa Clara. I would still prefer jimmy g and hope we do not have to give to much for him. What do you all think?

    1. I’d rather have Garoppolo. But, Shanny prefers Cousins. Shanny knows better than me.

      1. I am with you a 100 percent#80 , you can not fault the head man but if we give up a lot Jimmy G. Is younger. Time will tell. I still want a about and a stud with#2 pick.

    2. I think if we get Cousins by merely exchanging first round picks, we just hit the lotto!

          1. Ha! Mid and I have been having a fun conversation around this. Seems you and I are of a similar mind razor.

              1. Funny stuff. The other day someone accused Oregon of being Prime.
                TomD fingered me as Seb’s advocate and protector. I’m thinking Seb pretty much choked if he saw that line.
                Can’t tell the players without a Program.

              2. Heh. Yesterday, Jack accused me of being 23Jordan.

              3. Mid I hope not. I actually like your posts. 23clown makes Seb look like an angel!

              4. I never accused you of being Jordo. It was the writer from the webzone article you linked that I was referring to.

              5. It is because you are a man for all seasons! You are all things to all posters!

          2. That’s what I surmise too; no more than a 4th and it might be next year. Reid is definitely trade material in respect of what the Brain-trust wants to do.

    3. Depends somewhat on Cousins’ salary demands and Shanny’s appraisal.
      I’m still confused about JJ being involved, but I guess getting Romo is the only way Allen let’s Cousins go this year.

      1. And why would the cowboys want to help their dreaded rival good point brotha tuna maybe they feel room is washed up!

        1. On that, maybe Jerrah feels like getting something for Romo is better than getting nothing. But yeah, the divisional rival thing is curious. I recall John Robinson saying one of the biggest mistakes he ever made was trading Wendell Tyler inside his division to Walsh.

          1. Remember the Redskins getting a division rival quarterback by the name of McNabb? Romo is a stiff wind away from snapping his spine like a twig….

      2. Bro Tuna

        I’m hoping the Redskins re-sign him ….Glennon or Hoyer, and some ‘Young Blood’ to develop (Trubisky and Kelly or Webb)

        1. Me too. I do not like cousins in big moments. Just don’t think he’s the qb to win you a suoerbowl. And if he’s not he’s a waste of 5-6 more years. At least with Garapolo it’s not set in stone whether he’s a big game qb or not. I don’t want to be Washington West!

  10. Zay Jones really helped himself today. There were questions regarding his athletic ability, but he nailed every test. To go with excellent hands and good route running, I would be surprised if many teams had him outside their top 4 WRs after today.

    1. I’d say he solidified himself near the top of the second round. Godwin is another WR that helped himself, along with Samuel’s 4.3 40.

      1. What I like most about Jones is he didn’t just nail the speed and explosiveness tests. He also nailed the agility tests. Complete athlete, with good size, plus a good football player.

        Samuel was only ok in the agility tests. For a guy that will likely play a lot of slot, would have liked to see him test better there. I would prefer Switzer as a slot WR. McCaffrey only did one of the agility tests and he did much better than Samuel in it. Given he is a more polished receiver I would also prefer him in that role to Samuel.

        1. Actually, Samuel didn’t do the same agility test as Caff. Even so, Caff did well in the one he did, Samuel not so much.

  11. It’s a good deal for what Kerley is and gives them at least two NFL quality receivers on the roster.

    1. Carl Lawson with 35. He’s a strong dude.

      Mathis only 24. So much for the hype!

      1. If Lawson is sitting there at the top of the 2nd, the 49ers have to take him.

        1. Still can’t believe he isn’t considered a lock for the first round.

          As for taking him at 34 if he’s there, guess it depends on what they do with their first pick. Would love to get Lawson though.

            1. If they keep Reid and/ or Bethea, I doubt it. Though I think he would be an excellent pick.

  12. Injuries scare me with Lawson

    Maybe next year but this year I want no guys with current or past ACL issues. Let’s have a Trent free year!

    1. I agree but Lawson showed he could stay on the field this year, and quite frankly, you could make the argument he’s the 2nd best edge rusher after Garrett….

    2. The important thing is he showed this year the knee injury isn’t an issue for him.

      1. “The important thing is he showed this year the knee injury isn’t an issue for him.”

        That’s how I feel about Ross.

      2. Carl Lawson looks to be a “sound” football player with active hands and plays well against the run, but watching him reminds me of Ahmad Brooks; physical EDGE player that can get 6 sacks a season but won’t be a double digit performer consistently.

        I wonder if we’d be rewarded if we went with a player like Mathis, who has a very high ceiling. He may not be as pro-ready, but he has a decent pass rush arsenal and can add to it with more experience (if he stays healthy) and strength (24 reps on the bench press).

        1. Watching Lawson I don’t know how one thinks he’s a guy that will only be a 6 or so sacks a year guy if he stays healthy. To go with his 9.5 sacks this year he also had a lot of pressures and near sacks, and created sacks for other guys. He’s highly disruptive.

          1. Well if we draft him I hope you’re right. I’m not knocking his talent, I’m just advocating for Mathis instead.

            What is it that you like in Lawson other than the traits that I listed above i.e. Active hands and strong physique like Ahmad Brooks?

            1. Great first step and quickness to blow past the OT, ability to convert speed to power. He’s just very disruptive.

  13. Just watching some of the QB highlights from today. Watson and Trubisky both looked good, but the guy that most impressed me (and the NFL Network guys) was Brad Kaaya. He looked good. If only he could play games without a pass rush…

      1. According to CBS Sports, Davis Webb’s stock is rising. I think he’ll make a better NFL QB than Peterman, Kaaya, and Mahomes. Don’t be surprised if the 49ers draft Webb in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  14. Anybody see Allen only put up 21 on the bench press?

    1. The more I hear the more I’d rather the team stay away from Allen, in particular with a top 10 pick. There’s too many squint-eyed questions.

    2. 21 is OK. It’s a little less than expected but not a deal breaker.
      At his position I care most about his vehicle. It’s a better measure of how explosive he is and translates better to the field.

  15. Soloman Thomas helped his stock today bench pressing 30 times. And I love this quote.

    Solomon Thomas: “I try to ‘put the fear of God’ into opponents.”

    1. Right on. Sounds like the dude plays with great confidence and authority.

              1. After he’s drafted, the D.C. Sez

                King Solomon’s Mine!

                Yeah, like I could resist that one….

          1. If they like him, they should just take him at #2. Assuming they still have the 2nd pick come draft day.

        1. I had him in Grants poll. Just who the Niners really need, and will not find in free agency. If a player can rush the passer, he will never get to be a free agent because the team will lock him up.

          However, there are also cases like Hightower, where the Pats are willing to let him go so they will not hurt their salary cap structure. They also are thinking about the compensatory pick, too. It is no coincidence that all the best FA candidates were off limits. with franchise tags. Most of the rest had at least one flaw.

          I like Thomas because in that Bowl game, he looked unstoppable, and seemed to live in their back field.

          Razor really extolled his performance.

          I think the Niners do not have to draft Reuben Foster because there will be good ILB candidates later. His expulsion may also have been a red flag. Lynch is looking for high character guys.

          Heck, right now, I am tantalized by Ross, and his potential, but really, the Niners should trade back with Cleveland that has two second round picks.

          At 12, the Niners may have Solomon Thomas fall in their lap, or Cook, Ross, Bolles or even Mccaffrey. Those are offensive players, but they are also possible game changers. With 3 second round picks, the Niners could easily restock the defense with quality players. The 33rd and 34th picks are essentially late first round picks.

          Cleveland could draft Garrett AND Trubisky, and the Niners would still have the 12th pick and 2 additional second round picks with a 2018 second round pick to even the draft value.

          Instead of the 2nd and 34th pick, the Niners could get the 12th. 33rd, 34th, and 52nd.

          And still get Solomon Thomas because one draft guru just stated that 5 DBs may be chosen in the first 10 picks.

          King Solomon might have the Midas touch. ;p

    2. Look for the 49ers to trade back either with the Bears, Jets, Bills, or Browns.

      A trade with the Bears could land Solomon and an additional draft pick. A trade with NYJ could land them Reuben Foster. If they trade with the Bills or Browns, look for them to take either Corey Davis, Derek Barnett, or Taco Charlton. All these teams need a QB and might make a deal with the 49ers for #2. Trading back makes the most sense if the option is available.

  16. Seb and his hero Kap, have never marched in a protest, or protested anything humanitarian unless a signed check was involved statiing: “For Services Rendered.”

    Talk about sell-outs. It takes one to know one, and Seb knows them all.

    Now, Kap’s political stances are affecting the combine, via, extra questions.

    mike freeman‏Verified account

     Follow

     More

    Agent says he believes more political questions at combine because “teams are trying to gauge if they would have a Kaepernick situation.”

    Will Michael Rowell Justin Rock Nat Love Miles Life K Matthew Dames Stewart

    1. Throughout my life, protesting to help the public good was an honor, and something I never expected to be paid for.

      It’s disheartening to know we share this website with sell-outs, only helping the handicapped, elderly housed in abusive, elder care homes, or many other societal ills in need of a protest, only if a pay check is involved….Sebastopol is ashamed, I’m sure.

    2. TrollD, I have to respond because you are impugning my integrity.

      I have protested many times. I have been tear gassed in Berkeley. I have been put in jail for blockading the federal building because of US Military Aid to El Salvador. I have protested against the illegal Contra War.

      However, If some TrollD wishes to attack me viciously, and impugns my integrity, I will defend myself, and set the record straight.

      I have attended rallies at Livermore. We protested against nuclear weapons. I have seen Dolores Huerta but also Cesar Chavez and Russel Means speak their powerful messages.

      I have never been paid a dime for protesting. I protest because I CARE. Protesting is a means to a more just end, so I am proud of my stands, and the declaration that we can build a more just and perfect union, with liberty and justice for all. Claiming that I would not protest if I was not paid to do so is calumny, and you are the one who should be ashamed. I would expect an apology, but know you do not have the character to do so.

      I have been willing to go to jail for my principles, so I take no back seat to anyone who advocates for justice, but thinks he is superior because he has done more, when in actuality he has done less, because he never claims to have been thrown in jail for protesting.

      TrollD, you are the cretin who attacked me by insinuating that I wanted to break into my parent’s gun safe and create nightmares. Actually, my parents never owned a gun in their lives, so the Gun safe thought was just a twisted way of thinking about your own past and were just an extension of your own sick fantasies.

      If you keep bringing up my name, or even be cute about insinuating my name with capital letters or inference, I will repeatedly keep bringing up something YOU WROTE. I guess I am getting sick of your screeds and just will fight fire with fire.

      TrollD, you are the fool on the hill. I said it against you first, so you are just parroting what I said. Your total lack of football sense is exemplified with your plan to trade Kaep for Tebow, even with a million picks.

      1. “….I have to respond….”
        Actually, you don’t.
        It’s your right to respond, but when you think about it, you didn’t have to, and you surely won’t change his mind.
        My only point.

        1. Sorry, but you must admit I have been trying my best to ignore him. Guess that is not working.

          Thought that Grant would rein him in, but I also guess he likes blog hits.

          1. “Thought that Grant would rein him in, but I also guess he likes blog hits.”

            Talk about a complete lack of self awareness.

  17. It’s really quite amusing in a hollow-eyed way, but sometimes this blog should be called “The Yammering.”

    1. Agreed.

      Especially if you got to enjoy the Seb “Kap” Analysis experience thru the years.

  18. Let’s assume the Browns go with a different prospect and the 49ers stay at the second pick. Would you prefer Garrett or Thomas with the second pick?

      1. Thomas. Like his motor and his play. Plus, you can’t go wrong with someone who has been compared to Watt and Donald.

        1. Can’t go wrong with someone that has been compared to Julius Peppers either :-)

          I like them both a lot. But Garrett is such an incredible athlete to go with great size. Safer pick of the two, with at least as good upside. If the Browns make the mistake of passing on Garrett, the 49ers shouldn’t follow suit.

          1. Scooter – Totally agree. Garrett is a rare talent. Chase Goodbread tweet some bench press results:
            Myles Garrett: 33
            Solomon Thomas: 30
            Jonathan Allen: 21
            Chris Wormley: 23
            Carl Lawson: 35

            Yet Garrett is the lighter, faster of the bunch. He’s a monster.

          2. The Browns going QB with the first pick could provide the 49ers with the rare opportunity to grab an elite edge rusher + starting QB in the same draft. Best way to jump start a rebuild.

            Browns going QB would suppress the market a bit for Garropolo and Cousins. Also remove a team from competition for a day two or three rookie quarterback.

            Edge rusher is a cornerstone player. I’d jump on that pick.

            Will the Browns go QB at one? I still think its lying season rumors bolstered by the fact that the QBs were bound to workout and interview better than the awful press they’ve been getting.

            1. It IS a quarterback driven league, but the passing game has gotten so important, the DBs are rising in importance, too.

              Last year showed that QBs went one two with Goff and Wentz, but Dak Prescott went day 3 and proved to be the best QB in that draft class.

              If Garrett does come available, the Niners should stay put and grab him number 2 because he may prove to be a game changer.

    1. I would have to align with Garrett as the selection, he is that valuable.

    2. Wouldn’t hesitate to choose Garrett. It would be Garrett vs trade back offer… at or above chart. Take me more than a 2nd rounder to move out of the pick at all.

      For example: I’d want 2+143 for the Jets 6+39+2018 first rounder. That’s what elite edge rushers cost.

      If the jets were hesitant about giving up a first first I’d consider 2+161 for the Jets 6+39+70+2018 2nd+2019 2nd.

    3. Garrett. Garrett was very productive in college and has all the tools to succeed in the NFL. Of course, it doesn’t mean he will succeed. Sometimes even the best, tooliest college players just fail to transition.

      But he’s the closest thing to a ‘sure thing’ in this year’s NFL draft.

      1. Moses – i think you just added a new metric – tooliest. Gotta add it to the list of measurements!

        1. Agree, more concise than ” a lot of tools in his toolbox”. But the English language being what it is, it could have multiple possible meanings:
          – a talented athlete, artist, performer
          – certain blog commenters
          – certain politicians

  19. Rotoworld — Looks like Dalvin Cook might have blown himself out of at least the first round . .

    Florida State RB Dalvin Cook tested as ninth-percentile SPARQ athlete at the NFL Combine. Tennessee RB Alvin Kamara had the highest SPARQ score of any back in Indy, hitting the 79th percentile. Cook was at the opposite end of the spectrum, struggling in the three-cone drill (7.27), 20-yard shuttle (4.53), vertical (30.5″), and broad jump (9’8″). He did run a solid forty (4.49). Still, it was a concerning weekend for a back considered a potential first-round pick. According to 3 Sigma Athlete’s Zach Whitman, no running back who tested as a sub-10th-percentile SPARQ athlete has been drafted in the first round in the last 17 years.
    Source: 3sigmaathlete.com

    1. If Cook somehow falls to the second round, then the 49ers shouldn’t hesitate in taking him.

    2. I’ve not watched extensive tape, but what I’ve seen has looked good to me. This report is surprising. I’m conflicted by it. It will require folks to go back and take more looks at game tape, but my bias is productivity talks.

    3. Ouch. Will Razor still be singing Dalvin Cook’s praises as a good option for the 49ers in round 1?

      I still think Cook’s going to be a good NFL running back, but he’s dropped down my board, for sure! It’s hard to argue those are first round numbers.

      1. Like BT said. Cook has enough game tape to negate any bad Combine numbers. Top 15 for sure.

        CBS sports has him rated number 5 on their draft board.

      2. A refrain often heard over the years of following drafts, is believe the game tape. If you’ve done your homework, the Combine can help but not hurt a prospect.
        Conversely, Pollian has said Combine is a test. Not who is best, tallest, fastest, but are they in the acceptable range, or below the red line? If they’re below the red line in more than one aspect for their position, you need to relook and dig deeper. This report might set him off.
        With Cook I think I see a full service back, but I loved me some Trent Richardson coming up, sooooo-ooOOOHhhooooooh…..

        1. I have heard that the Combine is like the final exam. Sometimes one can sleep through it and fail, but it is cumulative so a poor mark is not fatal.

          I also heard that it is a craps shoot. Sometimes you can make your point, other times you roll snake eyes.

    4. I don’t know if there was something up with him, but those are bad marks he put up at the combine. If I’m a GM I am definitely going back and watching the game tape to check.

      When you combine that with character and shoulder issues/ question marks I think I pass on him at this stage.

      1. I will also say it makes you appreciate all the more the vision, patience and power he uses to be considered so highly despite not having great agility and acceleration.

      2. SF is picking so high that they can afford to pass on him and still land a AAA guy.

        1. Exactly. There is no need to make a questionable bet with a top ten pick. And there’s no guarantee the 49ers still have a top ten pick when the time comes.

      3. I’m an FSU fan and I have seen pretty much every one of his games. He’s special. He runs with authority, is patient, has great decision-making skills and has a phenomenal burst. Once he gets to the second level, he’s usually gone. He seems to have a knack getting open as a receiver when called for. He’s a willing blocker and has wound up scoring many TD’s when the QB needed a safety valve. If an offensive scheme can figure out how to get him isolated, he will be outstanding. I see him as a great fit for Shanahan’s system. One of the underrated things that he does is get his team out of 1st and 2nd and long situations. He’ll catch a screen or quick pass and then burst upfield. Instead of 2nd and 23, it is now 3rd and 8 or better. I wouldn’t pick him with the #2 overall because we have too many other needs. At #34, I’d definitely have to consider it. He’s a homerun hitter and can score any time he touches the ball. I’m guessing that if he’s not picked on day 1, someone will try to trade and move up to #33 so they can get him.

    5. If a team had him rated as a 1st round prospect but passes on him due to combine tests they are nuts.

    6. SPARQ (eye-roll time).

      So, Gore’s SPARQ was 108.1. In the 2014 draft (I don’t have the RB SPARQ scores for 2005) there were over 50 running backs with better SPARQ scores. I imagine every draft has been pretty much like that. Year-after-year-after-year of scores of RBs with better SPARQ scores.

      And Marshawn Lynch and Jamal Charles and quite a few other top NFL backs are in similar boats. Year-after-year SPARQ prove that there tons of better prospects… And yet…

      Unfortunately SPARQ, while interesting from a Madden point-of-view doesn’t seem to capture toughness, balance, patience or vision. Which are, in my book, far more important and can’t be determined while wearing shorts and going up against cones and stop-watches.

  20. “He’s super fast w/routes, hands & ball skills. Get ready to see some rankings change”

    “Media (like myself) invited inside to watch QB workouts are not allowed to tweet until after they end. Now that it has… wow #DeshaunWatson”

    “4.42/4.44 for Chris Godwin. Really like him as a Rd 2 receiver the more I watch his tape. Can attack the ball.”


      1. He’s an extremely rare talent. Some had him clocked at 4.16. He can beat you with speed or make a defender miss. He also has good hands and body control. He has the highest ceiling in the class.

  21. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet

    Ian Rapoport Retweeted Josh Katzenstein

    No. 32, yes, but would involve a swap of picks. Not a true first rounder (yet)

    Josh Katzenstein‏Verified account @jkatzenstein

    The Patriots offered a package with the No. 32 pick for Brandin Cooks, but the Saints are aiming higher, per sources

    1. The Pats would have him for 2017 and 2018 (5th year option). Players in the middle of their contracts are worth more. Pats can already start working on extension if they want.

  22. “At 5’10”, 188 pounds, Washington WR John Ross isn’t the big, modern-day WR1 the NFL covets. But neither is Antonio Brown at 5’10”, 186 pounds and he’s the highest paid WR in the game. Brown uses his exceptional speed and quickness to get separation.”

    “If he’s not the best route-runner in the NFL, he’s definitely one of the best. Being similar in stature and a great route-runner himself, Ross also uses his speed and quickness to get separation. As a matter of fact, Ross has superior speed and quickness to that of Brown.”

    “But that’s not what he’s all about as he has shown the ability to go up and get one in traffic. Ross has a return background too, making him very dangerous with the ball in his hands after the catch. His combination of traits will make him a WR1 in the NFL!”


  23. Jay Gruden just signed two year extension. Hooray for him. DC could use all the stability it can get.

  24. Its “Great, my pick 34 draft crush killed it at the combine… Dang, my draft crush won’t be falling to pick 34 after that great combine” week.

    1. Who’s that Brodie, Reddick? I think he could still be there in round 2 because he’s going to need to learn a new position, right? I’m sure you know he played DE/OLB for the Owls, and he’s certainly better suited to play as a 4-3 WiILL or 3-4 ILB in the NFL. He’s not big enough to play as an edge rusher/defender in the Pros.

      I think he’s a perfect fit for the 49ers new defense, and fills a huge need, but he’s not ready to start right away, IMO.

        1. Yes, but what about Bowman? Are you thinking what I am thinking? Bowman is a HUGE question mark at this point?

            1. True.

              Technically, the two off-ball linebackers in the Pete-Carroll defense are the SAM and MIKE (think K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner). The Will and SS line up on the ball (think Bruce Irvin and Kam Chancellor).

          1. Bowman may not be ready to play at the start of next season, and who knows how he’ll play when he comes back. Yes, he’s a huge question mark.

            1. Sad …. but true. I am hoping for the best from Bow, but I have my doubts. If anyone can come back strong it’s Bowman, but let’s face it, he’s not the same player he was prior to his devastating knee injury, and when you add onto to that an blown Achilles on the same leg and, well …. we’ll see.

              It is the same leg, correct? Left leg?

              1. I don’t know, maybe it’s better if it’s the same leg and not his good right leg? At least he still has 1 good leg.

              2. Unfortunately, you need 2 good legs to dominate the middle of the defense. Man it bums me out!

  25. This draft class just keeps giving. Outstanding speed for many receivers. There were a bunch of 300 lb guys running 5.10. Bolles may be a top 15 pick. Lamp, too. Several running backs could be first rounders, and even in the fifth or sixth round, there may be quality RBs.

    OJ Howard impressed by running 4.51 in his 40, He is 6′ 5″ and weighs 251 lbs. Engram ran a 4.42, which is blazing for a TE, and Kittle ran a 4.52, and is considered one of the best blockers.

    Trubisky threw well, Mahomes, not so well.

    With 53 juniors coming out, and at least 50 quality seniors. there could be 100 high quality players available, or at least 3 rounds.

    Niners should trade back to get as many second rounders as possible, and bundle players and picks to move up into the third round. If they can mine the sweet part of the draft, they could build a good foundation for the future.

    1. Seb: What makes you think Mahomes didn’t throw well? He clearly had a strong arm, and every analyst I’ve seen raved about his arm during the skills portion. Did someone else say something?

      1. Some one else said he was inaccurate, and skipped a few balls.

        Did not watch, and just went with what he said. You may be right, others said he made all the different kinds of throws.

        1. Think I heard it on KNBR. He said Watson was the clear winner with Trubisky a close second.

      2. Mahomes was exactly who I thought he was. His inconsistency showed up, as predicted, in the passing drills. He threw some nice balls, and was inaccurate with others. He rarely made 2 nice throws in a row.

        NFL Lance Zierlien has this to say about Mahomes: Operates from a narrow base and allows his upper body and arm to race ahead of his feet. Has a dip and wind-up in his standard release. Explosive delivery and follow-through causes some throws to sail. Needs better touch on intermediate and deep balls. Carries ball a little low in the pocket.

        Mahomes does has some qualities that intrigue: A very strong arm, and a gunslingers mentality. He’s got some sneaky athleticism as well. But his accuracy is so inconsistent, thanks to his inability to duplicate his throwing motion from one play to the next, has a lot of scouts concerned.

        He’s a low floor-high ceiling prospect who could take a couple years to straighten out, IMO!

  26. Two quick questions:

    1. Is there any hope for Eric Rogers in Shanahan’s system?

    2. Where do you think Kapernick will be playing next year, if anywhere?

    1. Dunno about Rogers, He shined against CFL players, but against NFL DBs, who knows.

      Kaep may go to Denver or the Cards. Both have good Ds, good WRs, good RBs but lack the QB to get them over the hump.

      Another possible landing spot would be the Rams. Sean McVay is young and bold. He may jettison Goff, or at least sit him down. Rams have a stout defense and Gurley as the RB. If they can retain their WRs, they would only lack a QB, and Kaep, going to LA, would sell tickets, especially against the NFC West.

      1. Doesn’t matter who the WR’s are or how talented. Kaep can’t hit his receivers beyond the ten yard line with any consistency. He’s one of the league’s least accurate passers, especially under pressure or trying to move the sticks on third down. Let us hope he ends up in the NFL West so the 49ers can exploit their former albatross and celebrate two W’s in the plus column..

        1. Besides Seb, the Seahawks fans were the most disappointed by Kaepernick quitting. For them it was almost guaranteed two easy wins a year.

          8 games — 3TD, 7 INT 63.7 QB rating. Of course they’re unhappy.

          Especially as the only two wins we had against the Seahawks (with Kaepernick) were held to a total of 23 points and we just don’t have that elite defense anymore.

  27. Told you they were resigning him. Glad grant is wrong most of the time. :-)
    Well deserved he balled last season under the circumstances he was facing.

  28. If the Browns take a QB we should take Garrett, otherwise the pick should be Williams who would be our #1 WR and Redzone threat or Lattimore who would be our #1 CB and Shutdowncorner and both big impact players just like Garrett.

    1. If the Browns take Tubrisky at #1 (I hope they do, but they won’t), we should take Garrett. Otherwise we should trade down. Ideally for picks in future drafts.

      1. I think the needs are DL, LB, OL, WR. I like Tubrisky even though I hate the Heels but think that we dont have the personnel to allow him to shine and develop. Better to build inside out.

          1. I do. We can pick up a couple of decent journeymen and trade for a decent QB. Drafting a young QB will be a mistake. We need to build the interior first bandit otherwise we will have a bunch of injured and rattled qbs.

    1. Saw where NFL.com compared him to Justin Smith. That’s some pretty good company.

      He’s excelled at every level along the way so he’s definitely no “one hit wonder”.

      1. I compared him to The Cowboy after his performance against North Carolina in their Bowl Game. I think it’s a valid comparison….

          1. They stumbled on Razor’s quote while checking in with all us geniuses on the blog for our pearls of wisdom.

      2. Lived in Australia for 5 years. Probably Scooter_McG’s neighbor, and didn’t even know it!;>)

  29. Herd a rumor cowboys trading Romo to browns with 4th Rd pick for 49ers 3rd Rd pick 49ers get kirk cousins. Redskins get Jimmy garapolo and conditional 2018 from 49ers for kirk cousins and a 5th Rd pick. Browns get Tony Romo cowboys 4th Rd pick redskins 5th Rd pick for there 2nd Rd pick. Patriots get browns 2rd pick for garapolo.

    1. Don’t hold your breath ted. These kind of complicated deals rarely ever pan out. And this one would be as complicated as they get.

    1. “Would be a major shock to see Browns go QB at No. 1” – Schefter

      I’m not pining for Garrett (though I think he’d be a great pick). Its the trade back bait he represents.

  30. I don’t know about all these trade scenarios, but if we could get Cousins for roughly swapping 1st round picks I’d do that in a second. We have the cap room that even signing cousins to $20mil per would leave us at $$70-80 mil under the cap. Further we could draft a young QB too and get a Drew Breeze type QB by the #s that knows the system. No problem.

  31. Waldorf: “I have protested many times. I have been tear gassed in Berkeley. I have been put in jail for blockading the federal building because of US Military Aid to El Salvador. I have protested against the illegal Contra War.”

    “I have attended rallies at Livermore. We protested against nuclear weapons. I have seen Dolores Huerta but also Cesar Chavez and Russel Means speak their powerful messages.”

    Jees Wally, you forgot to mention that you also fought against “Apartheid” in South Africa, helped bring down the Berlin Wall, walked the ‘trail of tears’, the “March on Washington, the “Peoples Climate March, the “Women’s March”, and the anti-Vietnam War protest in Washington DC., along with the Anti-Nuclear March in NYC’s Central Park and the “Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. It’s a wonder you had time to make it to all the Niner games throughout the, as you call them, “Glory Years”.

    Of course, then you woke up.

    1. To the harsh biting reality that Kaperjinx was a postscript in the dustbin of 49er history.

    1. I would love to see that pick! Slated to go in the top ten, maybe even top 5 . . .

    2. Yes, very much so. I heard the NFL guys compare him to Michael Bennett, even though others above are saying it was Justin Smith. Great comparisons either way. Seems like top ten for sure and I saw two scrolling mocks on NFL Network that had him at pick 4 in one and pick 5 in the other.

    3. He’s going to be a great Pro, but where does he fit with the 49ers? That’s a great question Bandit!

      I honestly don’t know. Maybe he bulks up like Justin Smith did because 273 lbs is too light to play on the interior.

        1. Wouldn’t that be Buckner? With Armstead at LDE and perhaps Lynch or Brooks at RDE?

          1. And we already have Blair, 6’3″ 271 lbs. Solomon Thomas (6’3″ 273 lbs) may be better than Blair, but it’s still a redundant pick.

            1. Not really seeing how you can call an upgrade a redundant pick.

              1. Redundant if what we have is more than adequate and another position is in real need of that upgrade. If we select Thomas (and I do like him), who will be the starting base four and who will be the personnel in when they go to subpackages?

              2. The starting base four would be Buckner, Thomas, Mitchell, and Lynch.

              3. OK, maybe redundant is the wrong word, but you understand the point We also have Q. Dial to consider.

                I like Thomas a ton, but you have to admit, he’s a little bit of a tweener, and we already have one of those that shows a lot of promise in Blair.

              4. Armstead plays where then, MidWest?

                I’d rather have a healthy Armstead on base downs than Thomas. Again, Thomas weighs 273 lbs. Who has a 273 lbs guy aligned on the outside shoulder of a 305 lbs OG? Aaron Donald was considered a little small to play 3T coming out (although he’s clearly NOT) and he was 285 lbs, and is now over 290 lbs.

              5. I know Armstead was hurt, but in TC and preseason, Joe Staley in particular was raving about how he really saw a sophmore jump in Armstead. Doesn’t that count for something?

              6. You are making my case for Thomas by describing Donald then and now 49ereasons. Armstead had an okay rookie season, but he was a liability against the run.

              7. Not really Cubus. While Armstead definitely fits the physical aspect, he is by no means fast.

              8. I would have Thomas playing the Leo in base. You can have all three of Buckner, Armstead and Thomas on the field, whether it be base or nickel. Thomas gives you that flexibility.

              9. Let’s put it this way, I’m not drafting a woefully undersized 3T with the 2nd pick in the draft, if I’m the GM.

                But that’s my humble opinion MidWest.

                The beauty of Buckner and Armstead is, their versatility leaves them on the filed most of the time, in the 49ers new defensive scheme. So the 49ers should be able to be creative and keep opposing DC’s guessing.

              10. I disagree.

                Armstead’s struggles VS the run last season can be attributed to an ailing shoulder, which really ability to stack and shed defenders.

                And if you think a 273 lbs DL is likely to be more effective against the run, well ….. good luck with that.

              11. Good point Scooter.

                Thomas is two inches taller than Donald and only weighs 12 pounds less than when Donald entered the league, so I am failing to grasp how Thomas is undersized.

              12. Armstead’s struggles VS the run last season can be attributed to an ailing shoulder, which really ability to stack and shed defenders.

                What was the excuse in 2015?

            2. Again, yes, the 49ers can probably find a way to use Thomas, but with other options available, I’m passing on him at #2.

              But that’s me, and it doesn’t mean you are necessarily wrong MidWest ….. necessarily, lol.

              1. Thomas is the best option if the 49ers cannot trade down, draft Garrett, or draft a SS due to Reid still being on the team.

              2. I don’t get that line of thinking 49. Thomas gives them a Michael Bennett type chess piece. But a better athlete than Bennett. Why wouldn’t you want that in a system we know suits Bennett?

              3. Scooter:

                If Thomas is really a Michael Bennett piece, then sure. What do we do with Lynch? He’s now a backup?

              4. And, by the way, Armstead was primarily used on dime and goal line situations as a rookie. PFF gave him an overall Grade of 78.1, which is fantastic.

                Here is their summary:: When Armstead played with the third-string in preseason, it highlighted that maybe he was a bigger project than anticipated. But strangely, as the 49ers year imploded, he’s gotten more playing time, and has put those physical tools to good use. San Francisco fans can live with their first-rounder blossoming into a bright spot in an otherwise lost season.

                Also, it’s worth mentioning that Armstead’s run defense was considered a strength coming out, while he was considered limited when it came to pass rush.

              5. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Armstead’s run defense was considered a strength coming out, while he was considered limited when it came to pass rush.

                And we all found out that it was vise versa.

              6. Michael Bennett is primarily used as an edge defenders, with most of his time lining up around the tackle across all of those various technique spots.

                We already have Armstead for that. Unless you’re ready to sit 1 first rounder in place of another.

              7. Like I said twice already, it’s not that Thomas can’t play, or that he can’t be a force on our defense, but we already already pretty well set on the DL, save for maybe one more run stuffer.

                I’m not drafting a DL in the first round three straight years, especially with Armstead and Buckner already in place, and another smallish 3T, Ronald Blair, who’s the same size, as well. Not with all of our other needs.

              8. MWD, you fail to grasp why 15 lbs makes a difference in the interior?

                Study physics bro. It’s not the be all-end all of football, but 15 lbs absolutely makes a difference on the interior.

              9. Thomas can line up as the strongside DE in the over front, or as the weakside DE in the under front. He brings that ability. Buckner and Armstead do not. You can play all three guys on the DL at the same time. Or you can sub guys in and out. Not sure what there isn’t to like.

              10. Thomas’ length is his only potential weakness. His speed and power are well suited for a edge guy that lines up wide. He is also a beast against the run.

                He is versatile. We shouldn’t be thinking that our linemen will be locked into only one position. It’s been said that Buckner and Armstead could play outside. And Mitchell could be used as a 3t at times although most of his time will be at 1t.

                Thomas, Buckner, and Armstead could and would play at the same time. Although addressing other areas on the D would make sense. That is why I wanted Foster. But then Foster acted like an idiot. I now want Adams, while hoping we can trade Reid.

    4. He’d be a good pickup. Had a 35 inch vert. Not the nutso vert Garrett had, but still one of the better ones given his size.

  32. Too early for #2 I’m guessing. Too late if we end up swapping with Washington too.

    1. King Solomon is the pick at 2 unless they trade Reid, in which case it will be Adams.

      1. I’d agree with that statement, Razor.

        Maybe trade back into 1st to draft Reddick.

        Solomon/Adams and Reddick would be an amazing start to the draft.

        1. Chris Mac – Yes. Reddick is interesting. We’ve all heard about the hybrid linebacker/safety. Well Reddick could hybrid linebacker/edge.

          How’s this for obvious passing downs… Armstead and Buckner kick inside. Thomas and Reddick rush from outside.

          Reddick also has the speed to stay on the field in passing downs.
          6-1, 237 lbs, 4.52 forty, 36.5 vert, 11-1 brd.

          1. Sounds like a much improved defense that would take the league by storm ;)

            My question is; How far would we have to trade up to draft Reddick now that he had a great combine performance?

            1. That’s the sticky part. By chart…

              34+143 gets pick 31
              34+109 gets pick 28
              34+66 gets pick 21

              The chart was developed before the 5th year option for first round players. Might have to throw in pick 161 to sweeten the pot for the 28-32 range.

              1. Charts’ kind of over-rated. I wouldn’t use it to judge a trade or make a trade. Early picks, based on that chart, are over-valued. Later picks are undervalued. The basic formula for understanding who won any trade is:

                Net CAV = CAVx – eCAVa – eCAVb – eCAVc …

                Most trade ups end up with a negative CAV because the eCAV of the players (draft choices) traded away is greater than the CAV earned by the player you traded up to draft.

                So looking at the results in a meta analysis you can see that trading down makes sense and trading up doesn’t. Trading up-and-down (essentially in circles) like Baalke did was meaningless and used to drive me bonkers.

                It doesn’t mean you won’t win. Each trade is unique. But to make a poker analogy, it’s like drawing to an inside straight and you’re much more likely to end up with RGIII or some other lemon than you are Jerry Rice.

      2. Good breakdown. I have concerns about Allen’s shoulder arthritis and position redundancy. Thomas could be the one.

      3. Hey, that’s what I said yesterday! Stealing my material razor, people will start thinking we are double posting! :-P

        1. Made sense to me. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I research, pick brains and arrive at a decision. King Solomon and Allen were neck and neck, but with the medical concerns, King Solomon moves in front. I had Adams as the top safety from day one. I don’t see this changing unless they do something drastic with a trade involving that 2nd pick….

          1. Yeah, its not been a good combine for Allen. I was never as in love with him as a prospect as some, as I didn’t believe he was a great athlete which has been shown to be true. But he should still be a top 5 pick. He has excellent technique and is still a good athlete.

  33. So I only had the opportunity to see Garrett play in a couple of games at the end of the season. I was not impressed, but am told he was playing hurt. The combine clearly shows that he is an athletic freak and probably didn’t have much problem overpowering college level players. But at the NFL level he needs to have a motor…… something I didn’t see at all in those few games I was able to watch. Anybody know what his motor (i.e. drive) is to get to the QB? Does he seem like the kind of guy that will be easily frustrated once he goes up against more immovable objects like NFL offensive lineman?

    1. Shanahan recently said “I see better than I hear.” He’s a film study guy. He could very well use Garrett as trade bait in the 2% chance the Browns go quarterback.

    2. “Was not a Browns executive. But Garrett almost certainly will be a Brown”

      “I asked a respected front office executive how Myles Garrett looked in combine drills. Answer: ‘Like a job saver”

      I take Michael Silver’s word over the other media pundits when it comes to the Browns.

  34. Cleveland’s dilemma is interesting. If they don’t go QB @#1, there are four potential teams that could want one before Browns chance at #12: Niners, Bears, Jets, & Bills.
    It could be that none of those four pull the trigger on a QB, but how many of the prospects look like an answer to the Browns and will any still be left at 12?
    I think the answer is at least a couple, but are they the ones Cleveland wants?
    I assume Browns are tempted.

    1. A little speculating… If the 49ers managed to obtain Garoppolo, would that force the Browns to choose Trubisky at pick 1?

      That said, I chance the Browns take anyone besides Garrett at pick 1 is miniscule. Less that 2%.

  35. Anyone still want to try and tell me Allen can play edge in the NFL and be a success after his combine results? As I said, not fast or explosive enough for the edge. He is an interior DL. Thomas on the other hand has elite athleticism and can play right across the line. I like him a lot at #2, playing DE in base and anywhere on the line in sub packages.

    Carl Lawson was also quite impressive in the speed, explosiveness and agility tests for a guy as jacked up as he is. But the real winner of the combine, aside from Thomas, was Jordan Willis. Holy dooley, what an impressive display from a guy most had labelled as an average athlete. Knocked every test out of the park. He was a guy I had suggested previously in the 3rd. Doubt he lasts that long now.

    TJ Watt also made himself a bit of money with his strong showing, as did Reddick.

    1. I had Willis well before everyone else did. He is highly underrated and could be the draft steal this year.

        1. Yep. I was talking about him prior to his bowl game, and a little before that even.

          1. Razor and I were discussing him as an under the radar guy during the college season. Unless maybe it was actually you and I discussing him…? Can’t recall, but I definitely have had him on my radar for a long time.

            1. I live in Kansas, so I have known about him for a while now due to the K State fans talking about him.

            2. We were discussing Willis, and MWD entered the conversation. Not that it matters. He’s no longer under the radar. I don’t have a problem acknowledging both of you guys as some of the top football minds in here, and a pay grade above my own;>)

              1. I thought that was the case. Yep, no longer under the radar! And don’t sell yourself short, I really enjoy our draft discussions during the season.

              2. I don’t have a problem acknowledging both of you guys as some of the top football minds in here, and a pay grade above my own;>)

                Same here Razor.

      1. Jordan Willis 10 Yard – 1.54
        Irvin – 1.54
        Mingo – 1.55
        Clowney – 1.56
        Ansah – 1.56

    2. What’s with all the self congratulating going on around here lately? Can we stop with the “I knew about this guy first” stuff please? Reading scouting reports online doesn’t mean you knew anything first or discovered somebody. That’s not just directed at you either Mid:)

            1. Heh heh. I was going to play a card like that, but then I figured H T Waits could top anything I’d have. As in maybe he got Knute Rockne his first job.

        1. Well that emoticon turned out different than what I have. Let’s go with ?.

      1. Glad you are back Rocket, I was getting worried you had not checked in the last couple of days! You are usually on top of things so I will ask you and others who will be the starting quarterback on week 1 when all the dust settles, you get a bonus if you can name also the starting qb in week 17!

        1. Thanks Reb. Just had to spend time with humans for a couple of days at a Wedding instead of doing important things like watching football players run around in Indy ;)

          My guess right now is that Brian Hoyer will be the starting QB for this team at the beginning of the season. In week 17, I will say Nathan Peterman who will be drafted with the comp pick in the 4th round. How’s that for speculation?

          1. Very nice if you are right, you get some type of prize!, I still like Keizer or Webb myself but they could easily be busts!

            1. No sure things in this QB class, but the main reason I went with Peterman is because I think some of the higher graded guys will go in the first and Peterman fits Shanahan’s system pretty well. At worst he will be a good long term backup imo. Ultimately I see Cousins being the starter here in 2018 which is why they probably won’t take a QB early.

      2. “What’s with all the self congratulating going on around here”

        And all this over guys running around in shorts and t shirts no less.

  36. “Tony Pauline reports that a number of NFL teams consider Oklahoma WR Dede Westbrook to be “undraftable” for a variety of reasons. Sources tell Pauline that Westbrook’s interviews with teams have been “horrible” with him appearing to be “guarded” and “seemed untruthful.“

    “Pauline gets the impression that Westbrook will still be drafted, but it’s at least a possibility that he drops to the “very late rounds.”


    1. His comments during his press interviews did not help either.

  37. Interesting.

    The posters who want Trubisky ‘all’ have chosen anything but the QB position if Cleveland takes him before the 49ers.

    This flies in the face of a number (2) QB being available in the top 15 ?

    1. And if another, top 15 QB is available, Shanahan’s job (at 7mil/yr.) is to determine whether the disparity between those top two is so close, that he would trade down to acquire more picks after resolving the QB an WR issue during free agency….
      John Lynch did say: “pay attention next week,” 49er fans.

    2. I only wanted Trubisky if we traded down. Not at #2. In fact, unless Cleveland goes ****-for-brains, there’s nobody I want at #2. This draft is Myles Garrett then is extremely broad, but not elite/top heavy.

      For example, I was listening to ESPN this morning and they were talking about where Mixon might be drafted. They were saying it’s tough because the draft is so deep in RBs that there are 15 RBs rated Round 1-through-3, never mind Mixon.

      And that’s the draft at RB. TE is similar. Lots of very good TEs in this draft. Might be one of the best TE drafts in decades, if not ever. And the same goes for corners and edge rushers.

      OTOH, QBs are not elite though a few of them have high ceilings, OTs are poor and the o-line is weak over-all.

  38. I admit to having a hard time with selecting a DL or safety with the number 2 pick. Not that I don’t think that Thomas or Adams/Hooker are worthy picks, but because the team has invested so heavily in these positions in the last three drafts.

    1. I’m with you on that. It just seems crazy to get any DLine unless he’s going to be an elite pass-rusher from the Elephant position. And safety… No, that’s an area where we need nothing right now.

    2. Cubus,

      According to CBS Sportsline, one more dominant defender would make the 49ers a possible playoff team, reminiscent of Niner teams past with a DL consisting of:

      DE–Charles Haley( all Pro); DE–Dwaine Board DT–Larry Roberts; DT–Gary ‘Big Hands (all pro)Johnson’; NT–Manu Tuiososopo (All Pro; NT–Louie Kelcher (all pro

  39. *This 1984 team, but for a phantom flag thrown, for an Eric Wright PI on 4th down, gave the Steelers a new set of downs from the 1 yd line.

    In the next day’s Chron., a photographer was in the corner, took a famous picture of wright above Pitt’s receiver separtated by one foot, as both were diving in a horizontal position, and Wright swatted the ball away–game over, right ?…This cost the 49ers a 16-0 season, which I still awarded them.

    Anyways this squad, also featured the only defensive backfield ever to be all voted into the ProBowl Game: Ronnie Lott, Carlton Williams (the Hammer who knocked Lynn Swann and John Stallworth out of the game that Niners went on to win, In Pitt , over Terry Bradshaw), Eric Wright and Dwight Hicks.

    All Pro LB, Jack (Hacksaw ) Reynolds and Keena Turner were on the squad.

    1. That Pittsburgh (Steel Curtain)/ 49er contest was one of the most vicious, hard-hitting games I’ve ever seen.

      That the 49ers came out on top in front of the fan frenzied, ‘Terrible Towel’, waivers was a testament that team billed as one of the NFL’s “best.”

  40. I’m just catching up on the combine action now, but nothing overly surprising from what was expected so far. I’m a little disappointed in Allen’s bench numbers but I never saw him get handled one on one too often so his football strength is obviously better than the reps say it is. Dalvin Cook was probably the most surprising with his poor results but the game film says he is a top 15 pick, so we’ll see how much relevance teams actually give to the underwear Olympics where he is concerned.

    1. Tom Brady can’t run either, however he can execute all the throws and read defenses.

      Just thinking, all things being equal, if there’s not much separation in the QB position, maybe the 49ers trade down, acquiring more picks, then draft Webb.

      1. I am partial to a running QB in the WCO, because there’s always that point in the 4th QTR when a defense has everything covered and a Joe Montana, Steve Young or Jeff Garcia could run for a fresh set of downs

        1. tumd

          Oh Damn !…He just opted out two days ago and was last seen at the greyhound depot buying a one-way to New York….

              1. I do love your’s and Seb’s analyzation abilities. Enlighten us posters as you both did …..ALLLLLL SUMMER LLLLONG .

              2. I don’t believe that ‘Chip’ would even walk into the same stadium as Kap…that was a Baalke deal to play him ahead of Gabbert….

  41. Damn Peppers looked good. I’m not sure he may not be the pick even at #2.

    Man with boys-reminds me of P Willis–immediate impact player

    1. I agree.

      There’s a reason Harbaugh / Fanio always had hard hitters at safety.

      Still remember that hit on the Saints player on the 4 yd line that made him fumble in the playoffs.

      Also, there was that hit vs. Seattle in Seattle forcing them to fumble and would have given the 49ers that playoff win, then go on to the SuperBowl.

      But a Phantom flag said the hit was out of the strike zone, when replays showed it was not.

      Yeah, Peppers is a worthy 1st Rounder if coach Harb’s says so.

  42. “WalterFootball.com first reported that Davis wouldn’t workout at the combine, and injuries will keep him from running at his pro day as well. Those are lost opportunities for Davis, as a number of teams have told WalterFootball.com that Williams and Ross had been graded higher entering the combine.”

    “In surveying six teams, four of them had a late first-round/early second-round grade on Davis, while two teams thought he could go in the top 20. Every team likes Davis as a player and off the field, but some teams just feel that his talent level is indicative of a late first- or second-round pick.”


    1. # 80,

      Thx. for the post. I’ve been looking for his combine results–you saved me some time.

    2. Its so easy to fall in love with his play footage. If he falls to 20s I’d consider trading 34 up.

    1. I’d love if Kelly were here in a learning role for 3-4 years. Definitely an UFA if he makes it there or in the 6-7th round. With his off field & the difficulty of our new system to learn.
      PFF College Football ✔@PFF_College
      When given more than 2.5 seconds to throw, no returning college QB rated higher than @OleMissFB’s Chad Kelly.
      3:30 PM – 26 Jul 2016

      1. I think Shanny loves him as a player at the quarterback position. Obviously his talent, but his demeanor. He’s an aggressive Alpha dog, the complete opposite of a guy like Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit. The question becomes, does he love him enough to look past his transgressions?

        1. One of the podcasts said he had a learning disability as well. Don’t know if true or not, but with Shannys system it even took a vet like Ryan 1 year to learn the system. Smarts is very important-that’s why Johnny Football didn’t work in his system.

          1. Right, right. Hadn’t heard anything about any learning disability. Yea, that’s why I knew right away Kaepernick wouldn’t be back. There’s no way he could have learned it, besides the fact he’s not what Shanny looks for at the position….

        2. Kelly is a dumbass. I don’t see why Shanahan would love him, but if he’s on the board late on day 3 he would be worth the gamble to see if they could get him to grow up.

  43. 49er Beat Writer, Chris Biderman:

    “The 49ers are becoming more image conscious. Trent Baalke used to tell us he hated to talk to the media, and was aloof.”

    Now, with Lynch and Shanahan, that image has changed.

    49ers Webzone No Huddle
    03-04-2017 – Chris Biderman of Ninerswire.com joins Al and Zain to talk free agency

  44. # 80,


    I liked this crazy question, and good answer–on this answer alone this guy makes my squad, I don’t care what his measureables are:

    First up, the most commonly asked strange question seemed to be, “Would you rather be a dog or a cat?”

    BYU running back Jamaal Williams had my favorite answer:

    “Of course you want to be a dog, so you’ve got some feistiness in you. I’d like to hear what people would say if they’re a cat, but I’m not sure what a compliment would be for a cat. If you’re a cat and you get blown up on a play, do you get back up and you’ve got eight lives now?”

    1. Thanks TomD. It’s good to laugh while we’re all crunching numbers from the Combine.

    2. I wouldn’t give up a 1st for Garoppolo never mind a 1st and a second. Just like the reasoning some are giving for not trading for Cousins, same thing exists with Garoppolo. Everyone knows he’s going to be an UFA next season so why give up more than you are comfortable with now?

  45. Rotoworld:

    The Boston Herald reports the Patriots have yet to receive a trade offer for Jimmy Garoppolo “anywhere close” to New England’s asking price.
    And the Patriots “won’t unload Garoppolo unless a team meets their price,” the Herald’s Jeff Howe confirmed. Howe recently suggested New England’s price tag is “at least” one first-round pick in addition to a second-rounder. For the past five days, NFL teams’ primary focus has been scouting at the Combine. They will reconvene at their team headquarters this week. The legal tampering window opens on Tuesday, and free agency starts on Thursday afternoon.

    1. I’m not surprised. The Pats can ask for a 1st, but they’re not getting it. They never were going to get that.

    2. The Patriots are dreaming if they think they will get a 1st and a 2nd. Maybe the Browns are dumb enough to do it but no way should the 49ers.
      He’s a UFA next year. I’m thinking a 2nd and a 3rd max.

    3. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Cleveland, because they have two 1st round picks, gave up pick #12 for Jimmy G.

      1. I’d wait for free agency, but I can see how it would be tempting to trade #12 for Garoppolo.

        It would nail down two cornerstone positions QB and Edge. Takes a year off the rebuild time. Basically duplicate what the Raiders with Mack and Carr.

        I floated the idea above of the Niners trading for Garoppolo. If the Browns were fence sitting between Garrett and Turbiski, it might force their hand, dropping Garrett to pick 2.

        But I think its unlikely. The Browns would still take Garrett. He’s that good.

      1. Naw, like Scooter was saying, he can play strong or weak based on the front. He also has the ability to play the “Leo” in their base. He’s got that versatility. I would add that Armstead did undergo shoulder surgery, and so even if he is 100% healed and healthy by training camp, he’ll still need to work his way back to where he was pre-injury….

        1. That’s what training camp is for, working your way back into game shape. As long as Armstead is healed up ahead of camp, which is expected.

          The 49ers aren’t drafting a DL in the first round 3 straight years, when it’s already a strength.

          Aint gona happen. Even Bucky Brooks said the idea is a little “rich”.

          1. Well, I think the quickest way for a team to be competitive again is through a strong defense. As long as Thomas can play the Leo and Elephant positions, I see no problem with selecting him. ShanaLynch can then spend a few years getting a strong offense built, which generally seems to be a more difficult task.

            1. “I think the quickest way for a team to be competitive again is through a strong defense.”

              Yep. Carried the 2011 team to the best record in the conference.

        2. Fine with me, however I’m digging Peppers after today. We could use that kind of swag & leadership. Especially if we could trade Eric Reid.

          1. Have been thinking Peppers would be an intriguing pick going back to the season. He could be a terrific fit at SS playing down in the box.

          2. Adams is dripping with leadership and “swag”. If they trade Reid, Adams is the one for mine….

            1. They’ll both be up tomorrow -side by side Adams& Peppers. Either way I think this is definitely one group Lynch can evaluate almost on his own:

              Adams–Bottom Line(Mayock):
              Interchangeable safety with a sheriff’s mentality. Adams is a physical tone-setter who should thrive near the line of scrimmage or in a robber role. Should be a commanding presence in the locker room early on and his do-as-I-do play demeanor could be the catalyst for turning a struggling defense around quickly.
              Peppers–Bottom Line(Mayock):
              The ultimate Swiss Army Knife on the collegiate level, and will likely play a hybrid role on the next level that allows him to blitz, cover and chase, Peppers’ draft value will be helped by his return ability and that is a role he should maintain throughout the earlier stages of his career. While Peppers doesn’t have the production teams expect from first-round defenders, he should benefit from a role that is more clearly defined on the next level.

            2. Peppers is the guy you take if you look at athletic upside, Adams if you value current ability.

              Peppers could be pretty special if he learns to read the game a little better. Not that he’s bad at that right now, just not great.

              1. To be fair, Peppers hasn’t spent significant time developing at one position….

  46. Great Blue North Draft Report

    1- Cleveland Browns: MITCH TRUBISKY – JR – QB – NORTH CAROLINA
    2- San Francisco 49ers: MYLES GARRETT – JR – DE/OLB – TEXAS A&M

    The Huddle Report:

    ROUND 1
    1 BROWNS RB Leonard Fournette LSU
    2 49ERS ER Myles Garrett Texas A&M

    Draft Breakdown:
    Myles Garrett – EDGE – Texas A&M
    Latest Video Show Pick Analysis

    2 Malik Hooker – S – Ohio State

    1. From the article:

      “When it was noted last week that the 49ers could sign Cousins in 2018 without the draft-pick compensation, Shanahan smiled and said, “That’s a very good point.”

      1. That’s where the 49ers have leverage, and can scoff if the Redskins are trying to recoup their RGMe draft capital through a trade…..

    1. Guess they didn’t check or care to check on Eli Harrolds weight gain…. Washington is prime for being traded with on this Cousins deal. Cousins holds all the cards and Washington is going to end up with nothing next year if they can’t reach a long term deal. Probably have to wait till Romo is available or traded though

    1. There’s going to be a slew of talent at the top of the 2nd round. Players like Reddick(LB), Jones(WR), Willis(Edge), Lawson(Edge), Charles Harris(Edge), Ju Ju(WR), Emgram(TE), Lamp(OG/OT) and the list goes on and on. Come hell or high water, the 49ers will come away with excellent value, and perhaps a more realistic opportunity for a trade down offer….

      1. I’d consider a small trade-up to secure Reddick

        Chart… 34+109 gets pick 28, 34+143 gets 31. Chart was made before the 5th year option. May have to sweeten the pot with pick 161.

          1. For a trade? I don’t really know. I think they’d love Reddick or McCaffrey.

            I occasionally glace at the NFL multi-mock page to get a feel for where people are going. I’m loving the talent mocked 25 to 32.


            The more I look at mocks, the more I hope some team trades up with the 49ers. I’d take 50% chart or better to stay in the top 6.
            2 for Jets 6+39

            We could wind up with 3 first round picks.

            6 – Thomas
            (39+66) 22 – Draft Crush Faller
            (34+109) – Draft Crush Faller

            1. You said you were considering a trade up for Reddick, and I asked if you thought the need for that move is being driven by your anticipation of the Patriots taking him at 32….

              1. Ahhh, OK. I don’t have a feel for what the Pats draft plans are. I just think some team might jump on Reddick in the late first after the good combine numbers.

                6-1, 237, 4.52 forty, 24 bench, 36.5 vert, 11-1 brd

                If Reddicks falls within reasonable trade-up distance, strike. The 5th year option helps mitigate the modest trade up cost.

              2. Yea, I think he’s right on the cusp of that late first, top of the second….

          2. Reddick has versatility. A hybrid linebacker/edge rusher.

            Pair with Adams and you have a run stuffing tandem that can cover TE’s / RBs. Major 2nd level speed.

            Pair with Thomas, offenses have no idea where the pass rush is coming from.

            If we come away from the first two rounds with Thomas and Reddick our defense will look alot different.

  47. “I know I’m getting after the ball when I can,” Garrett said. “Sometimes I’m not 100 percent running out there but I’m going to get after the passer or trying to run down the running back. Just trying to do what I can to make a play. Nobody is 100 percent every play, you know, eight, nine plays down the drive. Sometimes you do look back at it and say, ‘Dang, I could have gave more effort there or I loafed it a little.’ But you work on those things.”


    Not a good quote, even if it is accurate with some players. Garrett did seem to disappear at times last year.

    1. This is exactly what I was talking about in my post earlier this morning (10:19 AM)!

        1. Thanks, just remember this one and forget all the times I’ve been wrong :)

          Even if he’s available at #2, I’m not sure I’d take him. I’d like somebody who is going to give Lynch a run for his money and make Lynch work harder. Lynch is already a loafer and I wouldn’t want to sign another loafer even if it is Myles Garrett.

  48. Rotoworld:

    MMQB’s Robert Klemko would “be genuinely shocked” if the 49ers selected a quarterback in the first round.
    San Francisco does not currently have a quarterback under contract, so it is not surprising they have been linked to signal callers with the second overall pick. None of the top prospects are worth that early of a pick, however, and Klemko does not believe Kyle Shanahan wants to begin his head coaching career with a “daisy-fresh rookie at quarterback.” If this report is accurate, the 49ers will likely look to add a veteran in free agency and a developmental prospect later in the draft. Texas Tech’s Pat Mahomes could fit that bill.

      1. For now I agree with you but I’m loathe to make any predictions until I see what the team does in FA. With Baalke it was easier to anticipate what he might do, but with the new team and especially since there should be much more emphasis on offense, it’s much harder, at least for me it is.

        I’m not very familiar with Peterman but liked what I saw yesterday. His accuracy looked very good, but I didn’t see much zip on the ball. But since he played in a pro-style offense that’s certainly a plus.

      2. Peterman nailed all the pro style drills yesterday.. he’ll probably be there in the 4th or 5th though. If they did draft a QB in the 1st -I could see them doing something like they did last year when they traded thier early second & moved back into the late 1st round to gain that extra year on the rookie contract.

          1. Speaking of the Broncos. If they do get Romo I wonder what the price would be for Siemian??
            Also how much will Glennon cost as a free agent–$14 mil per?

              1. They would only give Glennon that kind of money to be their QB of the future, as opposed to a stop-gap. This interest in Glennon could mean that the Cousins deal is dead.

              2. What??? Don’t the Bears realize that lightning-in-a-bottle Kaeperzing is available? Are they crazy or demented or what? Don’t they realize that a former spectacular SB QB is now a FA and waiting to take them to the Promised Land? Hah, no wonder the Bears are always sucking hind wind . . .

  49. “Not his ideal spot. He told the NFLN guys that his best position would be the one Michael Bennett plays — which is DE, but on strong side.” – Barrows

    1. Yep, DEFENSIVE END, strong side, not DT! And Armstead is already penciled in at that spot.

      So, in other words, bench Armstead ….. NOT!

      1. Sorry, I mean Buckner. Like I said, you can’t play Buckner, Armstead and Solomon in the same base 4-3, someone would need to sit out when the team is in base.

        1. So essentially your using 3 first round picks as 2 starters and one reserve lineman, when the team is in base, and probably most sub packages.

          Why does that make sense?

          1. Why are we talking about 4-3 all the time? Currently teams are in sub packages more often than their base defense.
            So the lineup would be lynch, defo, Armstead, and Thomas.

        2. No no no. In the 4-3 over Armstead will be the weakside DE, playing as a 5T. Thomas would be the Leo/ strongside DE, next to Buckner.

          In a 4-3 under Thomas can play weakside DE.

        3. So, to clear it up, Solomon Thomas says he belongs at Strong Side DE, here is what we have or could have.

          STRONGE SIDE DE: Buckner belongs here ALL DAY LONG (Michael Bennett for Seahawks, and Solomon Thomas’ personally stated position fit)

          LDT (1T): Earl Mitchell, Quinton Dial (maybe Dorsey)

          RDT (3T): Arik Armstead belongs here ALL DAY LONG!

          So somehow, one of the big 3 first round picks will either need to sit out, a lot, or be traded, if we go with Thomas.

          RDE (LEO): Aaron Lynch/Ahmad Brooks; Ronald Blair/Tank Carradine or draft a dynamic pass rusher like Myles Garrett

          LOLB (SAM):Eli Harold; Ahmad Brooks

          MLB (MIKE): Navarro Bowman, perhaps Haasan Reddick

          WLB (WILL): Ray-Ray Armstrong, Gerald Hodges

          LCB: Rashard Robinson

          RCB: Tramaine Brock

          SLOT/CB: Will Redmond, Jimmie Ward

          FS: Jimmie Ward, (Eric Reid if he isn’t traded) perhaps K’Waun Williams

          SS: Jaquiski Tartt, Antoine Bathea and perhaps my draft crush Jamal Adams

          1. No. No. No.

            You are showing the under front only, and in that front you have Buckner and Armstead the wrong way around, in my opinion. Buckner is much better suited to the 3T role, and Armstead the 5T strongside DE. In this front Thomas would play the role you have Lynch listed as.

            In the over front, which as Grant has outlined and others discussed has been a staple of the Jags and Seahawks D for a few years as much as the under front has been, Thomas would play SS DE, with Armstead the weakside DE. If they draft Thomas, this will likely be their main front. Even if they don’t draft Thomas, this will still likely be their main front as it best suits the personnel with Lynch in there instead of Thomas.


            1. Scooter, either way, Armstead or Buckner, would need to sit, unless you play Thomas primarily at a position he himself, says isn’t his bet fit, and that’s the LEO.

              Thomas says he a strong side DE. .

              1. Where is the reasoning behind drafting another DT? 3 years in a row and your gonna address the same position when there are better players we could take and more important positions that need to be addressed.
                This isn’t a best player available draft as it should not involving taking a DT, CB or Safety.
                If the player isn’t there you need, trade down.

          2. Strong Side Defensive End;

            DeForest Buckner would be a monster in this role. The Seahawks now play Michael Bennett there, and he is a disruptive penetrator in the C gap as a 5T. Quinton Dial makes sense as depth here, but he’d be a far less dynamic presence. His ability to two-gap would provide gap integrity (all gaps accounted for) without safety help.

            Solomon Thomas might be a decent LEO, but he’s telling everyone at the combine he wants to play Strong Side DE. Therefore, you play him out of position on base downs, or sit him, or Buckner. .

              1. You guys know way more about the intricacies of the roles of D-linemen.

                The delima is the draft is strong in positions the 49ers have staffed. I’m fine with Thomas whether there’s position redundancy or not.

                Thomas can kill quarterbacks. Position redundancy yes or no… but pass rush certainly isn’t function redundancy.

                Thomas, Buckner. Armstead will give the 49ers three versatile players that can give defenses fits. And depth matters (see Niner defense in 84 Super Bowl vs Falcons defense in 17 Super Bowl).

                Also, teams play so little in base. Hows this for a pass down front 4…
                Thomas, Buckner, Armstead, Lynch (or draft pick)?

              2. Ha ha this was a fun read. I can just imagine Scooter throwing his hands up and cursing at his computer.

                49reasons, just look at it as adding a pass rusher. Don’t overthink where they would play him play to play.

            1. Of course you can move guys around, but the point is, are you going to play Armstead, Buckner and Thomas together? Not unless you play Thomas at LEO, because you aren’t playing Armstead or Buckner at that spot.

              My point is, your not going to play Thomas at 1T or 3T, and both Buckner and Armstead can handle the 5T, which is where Thomas wants to play, and should play!.

              1. In the under front! Which if they drafted Thomas they probably wouldn’t use as their stock D! It would most likely be an over front, like the Jags have been using! If I use enough “!” will you get it?!!

                In an over front the DL would look like this:

                – RDE (5T): Armstead.
                – RDT (1T): Mitchell.
                – LDT (3T): Buckner.
                – LDE (6/7T): Thomas.

              2. One of those guys has to come out and you would have to rotate for playing time. That’s means your last 3 1st round draft choices are situational players?
                That’s ridiculous!

              3. Scooter – Armstead, Mitchell, Buckner, Thomas = squished quarterbacks.

                Mongo like squished quarterbacks.

              4. Lynch is a nice pickup for a 5th rounder. But he’s not good enough to spook me away from drafting a 4-3 DE.

                A line consisting of Armstead, Mitchell, Buckner, Thomas works for me. Don’t care where you put them. Could it be matchup specific where they line up game to game?

                Everyone here is way ahead of me where terminology goes. Would
                Mitchel – NT
                Thomas DE
                Buckner DE/DT
                Armstead DE/DT


              5. Leo is not Thomas’s best position if you’re paying attention to what he’s telling everyone at the combine.

                “Not his ideal spot. He told the NFLN guys that his best position would be the one Michael Bennett plays — which is DE, but on strong side.” – Barrows

              6. And we have 2 guys, Armstead and Buckner who can play the Strong Side DE spot (where Solomon says his natural position would be), and DT-3T,

              7. Arghhhh! FFS!

                49, the LDE in the over front is the SS DE. Where Thomas says he is best suited. Armstead would play the weakside in base.

              8. Yes, but Michael Bennett plays the weak side DE in Seattle’s defense. He’s the 4-tech. Cliff Avril is the 6-tech.

              9. The Better Rivals guys did a drunk Mike Williams youtube breakdown last night. This thread could rival that in entertainment value.

              10. “Yes, but Michael Bennett plays the weak side DE in Seattle’s defense. He’s the 4-tech. Cliff Avril is the 6-tech.”

                I haven’t watched a lot of the Seahawks recently, so not sure exactly how much they used him where.

                The Jags used Fowler quite a bit as the SS DE, next to Odrick/ Alualu/ Jackson. That’s where I imagine Thomas would primarily play if the 49ers took him. Next to either Buckner or Armstead, whichever they prefer at LDT.

              11. If there’s Armstead-Buckner role redundancy, wasn’t the switch to a 4-3 (over or under) the primary cause? So the “damage” (hey, it might work great) is already done. One of them will be playing out of their usual base role.

                Which makes me fine with Thomas.

                Here is an over front. If we take Thomas, anyone want to take a crack at where the 49ers would line up?


              12. Brodie, that’s actually a bit different to how the Jags mostly lined up when in over fronts. The Jags 5T (or 4T) was actually on the side the diagram has the Leo (RDE), and the LDE was actually more a 6T/7T (Fowler).

                And they would then drop a LB down next to the RDE, pretty much on the line.

                Of course, they also mixed it up, but when in base 4-3 over fronts this appears to be the alignment they used fairly commonly in the quick review of two games I did.

              13. Scooter – Thanks!

                Basically, Thomas playing the Fowler role outside the TE. I think I get it.

                The roles of Buckner and Armstead are interesting. I think on passing downs kick both inside. As far as the run, its a delima. Armstead has the bulk and ability to push an O-lineman straight back. But his ball location and vision isn’t as good as Buckners. I’d be tempted to give Armstead the a aggressive 3-tech assignment because Buckner reads the offense so much better.

                But who knows. I’m sure they will experiment with that in camp no matter who’s taken at 2.

              14. “Bennett again flashes a nice blend of power and quickness that give offensive players a hard time. I was surprised he wasn’t used more as an inside rusher, I was also surprised how successful he was as a pass rusher at the 5 tech.

    1. Yep. That sloop has sailed with a fare-thee-well and won’t be coming back except in another uniform.

  50. Dante Fowler combine #s: 6’3″; 261 lbs; 33.75″ arms; 19 reps; 4.6s 40; 32.5″ vert; 112″ broad; 7.4s 3-cone; 4.32s 20 yard shuttle.

    Solomon Thomas combine #s: 6’3″; 273 lbs; 33″ arms; 30 reps; 4.69s 40; 35″ vert; 126″ broad; 6.95s 3-cone; 4.28s 20 yard shuttle.

    I see no reason Thomas shouldn’t be considered suited to playing the same role the Jags used Fowler in.

    1. With those Vert and Broad jump numbers he appears to be much more explosive than I thought.
      I didn’t care much about Allen’s bench press numbers but as the day wore I became much more concerned about his overall performance. Solomon Thomas may well have moved ahead of him especially when considering the shoulder issues.

    1. Only the Browns would let Garrett slip through their hands when none of the qbs have a true 1st round grade. If Mitchell goes there we will be sitting in the cat bird seat because everyone will be calling us for that pick.

        1. Just like when Brooks Conrad helped the SF Giants win their 1st WS with his errors in the divisional round in 2010

      1. Want a feel for what the Browns want? Michael Silver is the go to guy. He basically says there’s no way Garrett falls past the Browns. Its Garrett at 1.

      2. That’s exactly what we want. Trubisky to fall to us cause he’s the best QB in the draft.

        He won’t start next year, but he will for the next ten years after that.

    1. Never good to miss out on a player, but the bright side is one less team in the market for a QB.

      $12m per year would be disincentive for the Bears to draft QB in rounds one or two. Also take Bears out of the Garoppolo or other FA sweepstakes.

      Don’t know anything about Glennon. If he’s half decent his signing provides the Bears with draft freedom to get some stud players at 3 and 36.

      1. He’s decent, but considering the Bears have Loggains as their OC and Rogone as their QB coach, I don’t like his chances….

    1. It sucks to have to have the second pick in the draft.
      But it’s high end shopping. There are a lot of guys that could help.

      1. BrothaTuna – Yes. Another consolation prize for valuing so many players evenly… you get to pick the healthiest ones with the best scheme/need fit.

        If our eyeballs were all glued to Allen or Foster, it would be a sad combine week. But with so many to choose from, we can really explore the finer details of who would work out best.

    2. Thanks for the Hooker link. My three favorites (after Foster’s meltdown and Allen’s shoulder concerns) are Thomas, Adams, and Hooker in any particular order. The frustration is these positions are already staffed.

      I wrote last week the 2 pick could hinge on how the 49ers scout their own secondary.

      – Love Ward at corer? Hooker.
      – Prefer Ward at free safety? Lattimore or Thomas.
      – Not thrilled about Tartt or Reid? Adams.
      – Secondary talent acceptable for the time being? Thomas

      On the most recent Matt and Mindi Maiocco says 49ers are hopeful about Reid and Tartt.


  51. “Hooker has taken part in the team interviews and medical checks only at the combine. He said he also tried to limit just how much the teams’ medical staffs examined his legs during the battery of tests.”

    “I was told not to let anybody pull or tug at my leg just because the surgery was recent — six weeks out and a few days — they more so looking at my upper body.”


    These doctors know what they’re doing. They’re not going to risk their reputation by hurting a top prospect. They also have Hooker’s medical history. So they would know when he had the surgery.

    Not a red flag, but it is a flag.

  52. If Glennon goes to Chicago then Cutler will probably be released. That will make Grant excited.

      1. He just put himself in the 1st round conversation, similar to the way Byron Jones did.

  53. What is your take on the WR situation? I know we signed Carter who seems like camp fodder, and resigned Kerley who proved to be a good pick up. Who else you think is retained? Doesn’t look like Patton will be back, which is fine. Will Rogers be able to step up after injury? I had high hopes for him! And Burbidge started to look good toward the end of the year. I know Smith will return. It does anyone have opinions on the rest of the group?

    Also, do you think Ponder may be retained?

    1. What is your take on the WR situation? Not impressed and neither is Shanny
      Who else you think is retained? Helter Smelter/Burbidge
      Will Rogers be able to step up after injury? Doubt it
      Also, do you think Ponder may be retained? Nope-total makeover is what I expect

      Two wide outs that should be there at the top of the 2nd, Zay Jones/Ju Ju

      1. Tend to agree with you Razor that a full makeover is likely in order though I think some will carry over.

        Would like a solid D addressed as this is the way to respectability and I think the team can pick up some decent WRs if they use FA money wisely.

        So, if they go with a young QB in the draft is it likely to be a developmental one?

        Don’t think they will go after Cousins unless the price is right. And it looks like negotions are tough (Washington can win with McCoy lol).

        1. So, if they go with a young QB in the draft is it likely to be a developmental one?

          Depends on how to draft cards fall.

          1. I think Shanny will wait on a quarterback and target Kaaya, Peterman or Kelly.

            1. What I mean is that a guy most expect to be a developmental project or a backup could wind up being a Day One starter.

    2. The 49ers need to find a true #1 WR in free agency or the draft.
      Bringing Streator back would be ideal, but I am guessing he will want to go somewhere that he has a better chance at being starter. Burbridge looked okay, but I do not think he will fit the new offense.
      Rogers is currently a wildcard.
      I doubt Ponder returns.

    3. EastCoast9er

      I think that Ellington and Patton get released or traded…glad to see Kerley retained to work with Smith and hopefully someone like FA Marshall (good size, will fight for recptions), and would like to see Streater extended and I look to Smelter to be our #1 or #2….Rogers deserves a chance as does Burbridge and Carter…OTA’s and TC will look crowded what with draftees and all…just my opinion…

  54. Rotoworld:

    “According to MMQB’s Albert Breer, the Redskins believe they can win with Colt McCoy as their starting quarterback.
    Per Breer, the feeling in D.C. is they want to resolve the Kirk Cousins situation now, whether it’s sign him long term or trade him so they don’t have to go through this whole ordeal again next offseason. McCoy is entering his age-31 season and has been with coach Jay Gruden in Washington all three years. He has attempted 139 passes since 2014, completing 98 (70.5 percent) for 1,185 yards (8.5 YPA) and a 5:3 TD:INT mark. He’s also been one of the best preseason passers in that time. As a 16-game starter, McCoy likely offers a 7-9 or 8-8 ceiling. “

    1. Oh, sure. Right after Romo says he’s not going to Washington, all of a sudden they can win with Colt McCoy. OK.
      Can’t get much truthiness out of D.C.

      1. Actually, I had seen a similar report before the Romo goes to Washington nonsense came about.

  55. Rotoworld:

    “ESPN’s Jenna Laine reports “there’s interest” in free agent Mike Glennon from the 49ers.
    This is the first time we’ve seen Glennon linked to the Niners. He’s mostly been connected to the Bears and Jets over the past week to 10 days. If signed as a starter, which we fully expect, Glennon is looking to command $13-15 million per year, which sounds high but would put him in the bottom 10-12 among starting quarterbacks. Glennon isn’t much more than a game manager.”

      1. Possible, but in my view this constitutes high-stakes draw poker with the Redskins. You want to be reasonable in your Cousins trade requirements, or no? We can wait until he hits FA next year and in the meantime . . .

        1. Yea, I see the Redskins blinking first. I think the 49ers have all the leverage.

            1. Andes 49er

              So what ? I’m not alone on here thinking that Glennon is a better QB than Cousins, and he’s only 25 years old…so he has less snaps (games), which means less hits and less mileage. The only thing that makes Cousins more valuable IMO, is his familiarity with Shannahan’s system. Give Glennon credit for a brain…Alex Smith had to learn 6 different systems in 6 seasons. So, we’ve got some cap space…let’s not throw it around like a sailor…Cousins would be too expensive for what we want him for…a bridge QB….

              1. I’m not alone on here thinking that Glennon is a better QB than Cousins,

                Really? If you aren’t you should be.

                I’ve given up trying to figure out why some on here are so against the acquisition of a top ten QB who our HC loves, but at least understand the reality of the situation. If Cousins is brought in it’s not to be a bridge QB. He will be the long term QB of this team.

        2. It almost seemed like KS was hinting at this. This may have been negotiation strategy in front of the press too but either way, I think he is letting everyone know he won’t blow the bank to get him. And that is reassuring.

          1. Rocket

            I haven’t heard that KS “loves” Cousins…the ‘skins’ have the franchise tag on him…he has said publicly that he doesn’t want to be in DC, and that ‘it’s all about the money’ (hopes to be franchised again next year)…Do you (or anyone else) want to give away two 1st rounders for a mid-range QB whose loyalty is to his bank ? Remember, we’re not going to the SB in ’17, so let’s save some of that cash and drafts for the next year.

            1. Oregoniner, turn up your hearing aid:

              Full Shanny on Captain Kirk:“He’s a guy that has the potential to be a Pro Bowl quarterback, year-in-year out.”

              “I think he’s a guy that can take your team and win a Super Bowl. And that’s the biggest compliment I can give somebody.”

              “Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback, he will be a top 10 quarterback in this league no doubt about it.”

              1. Raz

                Don’t worry about my hearing aid…I actually hear quite well. The hard part is the ‘selective listening’. Wonderful quotes you offer…but from whom to whom ? ‘might be from Cousins to his cousins….I quit listening to you when giving nicknames became more important than talking football

            2. Oregon,

              Every report out there says Shanny wants Cousins. No one is saying they should trade two firsts for him so I have no idea where you are getting that from.

              Cousins hasn’t said anything and if there is a problem in DC, it’s because they haven’t shown enough faith in him to offer a long term deal worthy of the performance he’s put in on the field.

              Cousins is a high character guy who would solve the QB problem for the next 5-7 years minimum. Contrast that with continuing to twist in the wind trying to hit on a draft pick and I don’t see the problem.

              The cap is not going to be an issue at any point in the near or distant future. There is no need to be concerned with bringing in high priced vets when there aren’t any young players on the roster worthy of giving it to for 2 to 3 years at least. By the time they build a young core worthy of extending with large contracts, the guaranteed money for the FA signings will have already been paid. Now is when they should be spending a lot of money.

              1. What is the league penalty for a team signing another team’s exclusive franchise tag player ?

              2. They aren’t going to do that and no one here is suggesting they do. They will either trade something less for him or will wait and sign him as a FA next year.

  56. Lattimore just solidified himself as a top 10 pick with that 4.36.

    1. I know he only played one year for OSU, but I was just thinking about selecting him with the 2nd pick especially when considering selecting Hooker as the 2nd pick:

      If Hooker is selected then Ward is CB with Robinson/Brock.
      If Lattimore is selected at CB then Ward is FS

      If Adams is selected, then Ward is FS? Brock and Robinson at CB? Eric Reid odd man out?

      It’s not apparent to me which is the better option.

    2. I hate drafting players with only a year of experience that high. I’m just glad we have 10 draft picks, because this is the draft where you want to have several. So much depth at corner/safety, edge, tight end and running back….

      1. Same, but Lynch and Shanahan might be thinking the exact opposite.

      2. I can see it two ways. Hooker only has one year starting FS, but he displayed the great ball hawking instincts with 7 ints, 3 for TDs.

  57. Tomorrow legal tampering begins. Teams can sign free agents starting 1pm Wednesday.

    I’d like to pre-congratulate Lynch for “winning” free agency by not blowing huge money on older 3rd contract splash signings.

    That said my favorite is Kevin Zeitler. He’s rumored to fetch Kelechi Osemele money. Five years $58.5 million. Do we want to pay that for a guard?

    What do you guys think of Dont’a Hightower?

    1. I don’t think we invest the type of money it will take to land Hightower at that position. My only concern with Zeitler, is he a fit in a ZBS? With Brown and to a certain extent Garnett, he may have no choice but to adjust schematically. Just can’t plug all the holes on this sinking offensive Chip;>)

      1. He’s described as “quick enough to play in the ZBS”, but I don’t know if he’s an ideal fit. If not, don’t spend big on him.

        I was him as replacing Beadles.

    2. Hightower is the kind of FA they should be looking to sign. Still young, going into second contract and fills a big need.

      With all the money available under the cap for so many teams, the contract amounts are going to be huge no matter who the Niners sign. Better just to concentrate on adding good young foundational players that can be a part of the core for the next few years.

      1. Hightower would also fill a glaring roster hole. Best to go into the draft with few of those as possible.

  58. Rotoworld

    The 49ers will not tender restricted free agents RB DuJuan Harris and DB Marcus Cromartie.
    They’ll be unrestricted free agents when the new league year begins on March 9. The cost to tender them would have been just below $2 million. It’s possible Harris and Cromartie could return to San Francisco closer to the NFL minimum.

    1. cubus

      Thanks for the post…I think that both DuJuan Harris and Marcus Cromartie are quality ballplayers, and would be pleased to see them re-sign at a lower price….who knows…perhaps Torrey Smith also….

  59. Mid/Razor/Brodie:

    Can you guys see my red avatar? I still can’t, even though I logged into gravatar.com and deleted the red avatar it showed and replaced it with the same red avatar. Maybe I should try something different, but just curious if you guys can see it. Thanks.

  60. Mike Tyson ran a 4.53. There’s are box safety. The face mask will keep him from biting anyone’s ear off.

  61. Rotoworld:

    “Appearing on 106.7 The Fan in D.C., the Washington Post’s Mike Jones referred to NFL Network’s “report” of a three-way trade involving Kirk Cousins, Tony Romo, and the 49ers as “fake.”
    Jones seems to believe Redskins president Bruce Allen used NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport as a mouthpiece to spread the rumor as a misinformation tactic with the Redskins embroiled in front-office drama. Ultimately, the Redskins decided giving Jay Gruden a two-year extension would be better P.R. “Bruce was like, alright we gotta do something because my fake Ian Rapoport Redskins three-way trade thing didn’t work to change the story.” Jones suggested the Redskins are now seen as so dysfunctional NFL agents are wary of their players signing with Washington because they’re unaware of who’s in charge. GM Scot McCloughan did not attend the Combine and is expected to be let go after April’s draft. “

    1. Not surprised about the truth behind the rumored trade.

      1. Equally fake is the 2 for 17 swap rumor started by a quip on a “Move the Sticks” podcast. Suddenly that became the benchmark trade compensation.

        No wonder Cousins hasn’t signed his franchise tag. If the Redskins change their minds (as they seem to do frequently) he could be a free agent any time.

    2. Cousins is probably hoping the Redskins find another option in FA and rescind the tag. What a gong show. I’m glad we can make fun of another franchise other than our own for a change.

  62. Don’t discount the Romo to ‘Skins deal. Nothing anybody affiliated with teams says publicly at this point is the truth. It is all deception. It’s high stakes poker. One thing for sure. Gruden is not going to be content with McCoy as his starting QB. Not a chance. No surprise Glennon’s name and the Niners are appearing together. I think he’s drooling with the anticipation of being tutored by and playing for KS, as is the case indubitably concerning any marketable QB in the league. Sign Hightower if possible.

    1. “The new defense is designed to accentuate the strengths the safeties without asking them to do too much, which should enable Tartt to play to his strengths.”

      I hope that’s the case. Hate to think of Tartt as (another) wasted draft pick. He made splash plays as a rookie. Hoping he can develop in the new system.

        1. Me too. Also have to take any praise of 49er depth or the rookie quarterback class as spin.

  63. Oh by the way, don’t listen or believe to anything Greg Cosell has to say about QB’s, especially when concerning my beloved Kraep. Cosell is nothing but a “hack”.

    Sincerely, Waldorf aka MBH from Sebpotstoseed.

    1. Yeah, I don’t understand the Glennon hype. TB drafting Winston says a lot. I hope this is just talk for leverage in a Cousins deal.

      Signing Glennon to a 14 mil deal means he wouldn’t just be stop-gap.


      “Move over, Brock Osweiler. Mike Glennon is about to get a lot more fool’s gold in NFL free agency than you did.”

      “You’ll recall that before Winston’s first overall selection in the 2015 draft, Glennon struggled to stay on the field ahead of Josh McCown.”

      “The bottom line is that going forward, Glennon is a similiar unknown quantity to Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky and DeShone Kizer — except for the fact he’ll already need to learn a second NFL system. Paying a lot more for someone a few years older with limited upside doesn’t add up.”

    2. I tend to agree with that estimate. Based on his experience and body of work, I don’t see Glennon worth any more than 10 mill a year, max. As for the former pretender ‘playing at QB’ here, no more than 7 or 8 . . .

    3. Wilson,

      Backups are getting 7 mill+ now. It’s the market inflation and nowhere does that apply more than the QB position. Glennon is going to be signed by a team that will give him a chance as it’s starter. Osweiler was given 18 mill a year by Houston with even less of a resume than Glennon has. He’ll get close to that. Just watch.

      1. Thanks Rocket, I know the market is inflating but I would argue Osweiler had a better resume than Glennon and he got way overpaid. I think Glennon is a back up at best. He’ll be overpaid if he gets $14-15 as a starter.

        1. Wilson,

          I disagree. Glennon has 19 starts. He has a 2-1 TD to Int. ration at 30-15 and a completion percentage of 59.4%, and that was all with a bad team.

          In contrast, last year at this time Osweiler had 8 starts, 11 TD to 6 int., and a 61.3 completion percentage on a very good team.

          Glennon will be viewed more favorably than Osweiler was on the open market imo. He may not get the 18mill Osweiler received because teams saw how much that backfired for Houston, but he’ll get 15-16 most likely.

          1. Rocket, their the same guy. 11-6 TD to INT is just the short version of 30-15. Neither of them is worth $14mil. I thought BO was over inflated when he was on the trade market. I think the same thing about Glennon. I think its silly to pay a back up starter money. If Glennon was good they wouldn’t have drafted Winston.

            1. I think Glennon is better than Osweiler, but that really isn’t the point here. This is about what QB’s make under the current salary cap threshold and Glennon is going to get more than you think. He was offered more than 7mill by TB to stay on as the backup.

              1. I think you’re missing what I am saying. He’ll get $14-15 mil, I just don’t think he’s a starter and shouldn’t get paid that much.

              2. Ok. I just saw where you said 7-9 was more appropriate and responded in kind. I don’t disagree with you that he is not worth what he will ultimately get just saying that is the reality of the QB numbers in the NFL.

          2. You’re correct on Glennon’s longer resume. Glennon has more starts than I realized on a bad team. Insert Grant and Jack’s garbage time argument here that inflates numbers because you play from behind. I don’t always buy it. You still have to complete the passes. Either way Glennon has more to show but I don’t think he’s a a starter but the NFL is so QB needy he’ll get a chance.

            1. He actually had a decent rookie year when he had to start for most of the season. The following season he was only given 6 starts and that’s pretty much been it. I think he has the potential to be an average starter which is more than some teams have right now and why he will likely receive big money in a few days.

  64. The DBs showing why they are considered a top group. Some great athletes there.

  65. Question – If teams could trade cap space for draft picks, what would the valuation be like?

    Yearly cap – $167,000,000
    Sum of seven round chart value for 8-8 team – 1,743

    You could go on something linear, like…
    30% of annual cap is $50.1m
    30% average draft picks is 523 chart. Pick 38

    So would you trade $50m cap space for pick 38?

    But I’m sure its not that linear or simple. There are too many variables. The chart is also dated (though I still reference it because alot of teams continue to use it for trade parameters.)

    So if a team offered a pick for $50m of the 49ers $90m cap space, what pick would you ask for? I’d want a mid first rounder at least. Something well above pick 38.

    1. That would actually decrease the likelihood of trades happening.

      1. I think if the league allowed cap space to be traded for picks, it would create chaos. But very entertaining chaos.

        The reason I posed the question is how a sign-n-trade might be valued compared to a straight trade.

        Player A: B- player. Three years left on a cheap contract Straight trade.
        Player B: B- player. Expensive contract. Scheduled to be a free agent in a year. Sign-n-trade.

        What’s the difference in trade compensation? Look how cheap we got Boldin. We had the cap space. The Raven’s didn’t.

  66. You better build that wall, or there will be nothing but football, I mean soccer, on TV.

  67. If Allen falls, you’ve still got:

    Evan Ingram, who ran a 4.42

    Once in a generation RB, Fournette’s available at # 2, as is, LSU Safety, Jamal Adams.

    And, if Cleveland decides on Trubisky, we get Myles Garrett.

    Numerous game changing players are available at # 2.

    And, as was mentioned, a trade down is also a possibility.

  68. James Jones — With the 2017 NFL Draft fast approaching I took it upon myself to conduct a seven-round mock draft as I see it transpiring for the San Francisco 49ers.

    This was conducted using the tool on http://www.firstpick.com and includes trades as they were presented to me on the site.

    I feel it noteworthy to mention that I have been using this site for the past three-years and this mock was the highest score I have received based on their points system.

    Also it was completed after trading the 49ers #2 overall pick to the Carolina Panthers for their first, second, and third round selections.

    First Round: #8 overall (CAR) – Reuben Foster- ILB – Alabama – This pick was a no-brainer for me. Foster has been my first draft choice for some time now, even if the Niners were to stand pat at the second overall pick.

    Second Round: #34 overall – Charles Harris – DE – Missouri
    Second Round: #40 overall (CAR) – Christian McCaffrey – RB – Stanford –
    Third Round: #66 overall – Bucky Hodges – TE – Virginia Tech
    Third Round: : #72 overall (CAR) – Amara Darboh – WR – MIchigan
    Fourth Round: #109 overall – Damontae Kazee – CB – San Diego State –
    Fourth Round: #143 overall (Comp) – Danny Isidora – G – Miami –
    Fifth Round: #146 overall – Conor McDermott – OT – UCLA
    Fifth Round # 161 overall (WASH) – Charles Walker – DT – Oklahoma –
    Sixth Round: #186 overall – Chad Kelly – QB – Ole Miss
    Sixth Round: #202 overall (DEN) – Deveon Smith – RB
    Seventh Round: #219 overall – Tashawn Bower – DE – LSU

    1. Just curious Tom- who do you see throwing the ball to McCaffrey and Darboh?

      1. Cousins will take a king’s ransom. It will be Glennon, Hoyer or Schaub at stop-gap, QB, and the 49ers will trade down to acquire more picks, then draft a few more QB’s.

  69. As for the so called “fake” story put out by the ‘Skins according to Mike Jones, the key phrase in that article is Jone’s “seems to believe”. It’s just another opinion. Nobody outside the organizations really knows what’s going on. It’s all speculation, though it’s good to see that maybe Washington has taken over the throne from the Niners as being the most dysfunctional team in the league. The Niners helped remove themselves from that distinction dramatically by giving Kraep notice that he would be cut if he didn’t opt out. Just his removal alone has brought back integrity to the organization. I hear Kraep left his meeting with Lynch and Shanahan with his tail between his legs. LOL! Sorry, I can’t get enough of the Colon Kraeperstink story. ;)

    1. Juanhunglo,

      Trying to avoid that topic.

      You may have noticed Seb and his several identities ganged up on me above, asking Grant to ban me again.

      He stated, “I would expect an apology from you, but know you don’t have the character.”

      No, Seb, it’s you who lacks character for your non-apology to the posters of this site, Prime and myself for your multi-year long Kap novelesque we were subjected to.

      I apologize for the remark, Seb, that you broke into your parents gun safe, but not w/o some background.

      First, it was Cassie, who mocked your severe overuse of the phrase: “he shot himself in the foot,” during the season.
      Other posters joined this feeding frenzy, but it was you , who failed to adjust your defense, instead, doubling down on the gun references, like: ‘shotgun,’ ‘pistol,’ etc., etc.

      I suggested that some childhood trauma may have perpetuated the overusage of the phrase, not unlike the butt-hurt phrase you and your alterego, Razor (aka–fraudeater) use, mostlikely stemming from a time you broke into your parents gun safe, accidentally shooting yourself in the foot.

      Now that I’ve offered my apology, I would expect you to do the same for Prime, myself and the other bloggers her.

  70. I like your draft Tommy but my only difference would be a QB with one of the second round picks, possibly Patrick Mahomes. Nice job though.

  71. I think one of the FA or traded QB’s will be throwing the ball to whoever is lined up, whether it’s Shaub, Hoyer, Cutler, Glennon, Cousins, Pryor etc. That’s a foregone conclusion. They’ll draft two QB’s also and sign a Ponder like QB as a fourth for insurance.

    1. Yes, it’s the most likely scenario. Being a time-saver, because Hoyer or Schaub know the syst., Shanahan would be free to concentrate on the team, leaving his QB coach to orchestrate the reps.

  72. Yea, I understand Tom on the whole Seb aka MBH’s Kraeperstink converstation. I did weeks ago second a motion by Andes I believe (I could be wrong on that so sorry in advance to Andes if I’m wrong) to stop all talk about Kraep talk on this blog in the hopes that it would stop Sebby’s incessant rants about Kraep, but it didn’t last. Your psycho analysis of him is point on. My only addition would be it is all magnified by heavy usage of the herb. Don’t ever expect an apology from the little man. It’s not in his psychological makeup. He will go down with the USS Kraeperstink like a good captain would.

    1. Seb’s psychological profile leans more toward the paranoid Cptn. Bligh (Mutiny on the Bounty–See the one with Clark Gable for the best Blye psycho analysis) or Cptn. Queeg (Humprey Bogart rolling steel marbles around in his hand on the witness stand, eyes darting sideways after every question by the defense)

    2. He says he makes his own wine.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘herb’ was growing in the orchard, camouflaged by the grapevines.

    1. Makes sense at the right price. He’d be a huge upgrade over Patton.

  73. Another pesky question for my good blogmates – If your pick #34 draft crush is dropping to the late 20s, you would package 34+109 to move up and secure the pick?

    Haason Reddick or Christian McCaffrey or… ?

    I think both are worth the value of 34+109.

    1. I don’t really see the need due to depth of this draft. I think you can be assured of a terrific player at 34. This is a draft where the more picks you have, the better in my opinion….

      1. Unless there is somebody that you feel is a top 15 player who is dropping (Ruben Foster perhaps?) I agree with Razor that you stay where you are and take a good player at 34. Might even be able to trade it for an extra 3rd and a pick in 2018 depending on who is there.

        1. Might even be able to trade it for an extra 3rd and a pick in 2018 depending on who is there.


  74. Looks like the Niners are still in the running for Tubisky at # 2 if the Browns sign Taylor.

    2017 NFL free agency: Browns primed to land Tyrod Taylor, Bears eye Glennon

    Chicago likes Mike Glennon if landing Jimmy Garoppolo proves too costly
    Jason La Canfora mugshot
    by Jason La Canfora

     @JasonLaCanfora

    Mar 05, 2017 • 1 min read

    1. I’m surprised. I assumed his productivity drop was because of poor quarterbacking and offensive scheme.

      1. He was a one trick pony. The 9 route and that’s about it. He was also soft, would not go over the middle and looked like he didn’t want to get his jersey dirty.
        I like what this regime is doing, cleaning out the “independent contractors”.
        Guys who are all about them instead of the team!

          1. We had too many of those last year. I’m expecting Brooks to be next and maybe T.Brock as well.

            1. Brock isn’t getting paid and exorbitant amount of money and wasn’t that bad last year imo. No reason to release him unless you feel one of the younger players is clearly better and will relegate him to the bench. Same thing with Brooks. Unless you have a better option, there really isn’t much of a reason to cut him. They aren’t hurting for Cap room and still need players.

              1. I’m not sure it’s just about money, Rocket. Team is only saving $4.7 million by cutting T. Smith.

      2. Jeff Deeney – “Torrey Smith averaged 2.2 deep targets/game (20+ yards) during his four seasons in Baltimore. Averaged just 0.9 deep targets with 49ers.”

        1. Because the QB at the time could not get past the first read!
          But Smith could not run any other routes because he played scared.

      3. To be candid, I’ve been wondering about Smith. For his price they can acquire a better receiver in FA and then nab one of the burners in the draft — Ross, Henderson. Smith is fast, yes, but he makes too many drops and is more suited for a deep vertical scheme, not the hybrid WCO. Other thoughts?

    2. What this means is they are likely going hard after FA options. Jeffrey and Britt have been mentioned but maybe they get in on the Jackson bidding? Garcon has also been mentioned as a candidate. They might build the entire receiving core from scratch before TC.

      1. By “hard” do you mean willing to pay big bucks. I’m beginning to fear that that’s what is going to happen.

        1. Cubus,

          Yes. I wouldn’t fear it too much though. With all the cap room they have and the lack of young prospects coming up through the system that will require substantial commitments, they have a big safety net even if some of the FA’s don’t work out.

      2. The 49ers are clearing the decks with someone(s) in mind. Legal tampering starts tomorrow. Agents and players will start spilling the beans about contract agreements. Its going to be fun!

    1. Exciting. Looks like a whole new deck of cards being dealt out — by people who know what their doing (for a change)!

  75. Maiocco says 49ers tried to trade Torrey, but his salary was too high to complete the deal.

    I’m off computer for a few hours. Will check in later.

  76. Definitely need a fearless receiver that will catch the ball no matter the hit. Haven’t had one since Boldin. We don’t even have a TE that is fearless, which sucks because the seam route is my favorite….

  77. Smith signed a five-year, $40 million contract with the 49ers in 2015. That deal included an $8 million signing bonus and $22 million guaranteed. His cap hit for 2017 was set to be $9.475 million.

    1. Adios. That deal and the KaperDud contract was some serious money down the drain, in retrospect, but at least now the books are clean and starting Brand New . . .

  78. Kevin Jones‏Verified account @Mr_KevinJones · 34m34 minutes ago

    49ers are losing strongest locker room leader in Torrey Smith. He had nothing to work with at QB the last few years. Speed was a concern tho

    Stuart Wexler‏ @jomolungma · 28m28 minutes ago

    @Mr_KevinJones @49ersHub This is a void Bowman and Reid will easily fill

    PISTShak‏ @shakkhan79 · 33m33 minutes ago

    @Mr_KevinJones he also dropped a ton of passes and was avg at best at route running. #49ers

    · 4m4 minutes ago

    Agreed, but it’s time to implement a new locker room culture as the team gets ready to bring in new talent by the truck loads

    Robert‏ @Bobbyg916 · 8m8 minutes ago

    @Mr_KevinJones let’s not forget all the drops. 49ers will go big on defense !

    v3stige‏ @xv3stigex · 29m29 minutes ago

     he’s a great guy, just limited as a player. Needs to find a team that both has a QB and takes shots down the field.

  79. Nice guy. Great interview. Did great on KNBR. Not so great, at least anymore, on the field. RIP T. Smith. All due respect.

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