49ers to start Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback Sunday


This is the beginning of the Jimmy Garoppolo Era for the 49ers.

On Tuesday, head coach Kyle Shanahan told his quarterbacks that Garoppolo will start this Sunday when the 49ers play the Chicago Bears.

Garoppolo, 26, will replace former starting quarterback C.J. Beathard, who suffered a left knee contusion and hip strain Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. Beathard may not be healthy enough to play this week. Shanahan will give an update on Beathard’s status today.

Garoppolo made his debut with the 49ers last Sunday after Beathard got injured. Garoppolo entered the game with 1:07 left in the fourth quarter and threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Louis Murphy as time expired.

The 49ers traded for Garoppolo on Oct. 30 — the day before the NFL’s trade deadline. In the deal, the 49ers sent their second-round draft pick in 2018 to the New England Patriots.

For the next four weeks, the 49ers kept Garoppolo on the bench. Shanahan said the former Patriots QB didn’t know the 49ers’ system well enough.

“Is Jimmy going to be the best he can? To me, that’s impossible,” Shanahan said last Wednesday. “He just hasn’t been here long enough. I don’t think we’re going to see Jimmy’s best football, to be fair to him, until next year.”

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  1. Who is going to back up Gar if he is injured? I suppose it will be CJ but if he is still injured then….Do they think CJ will be recovered enough by Sunday to do backup chores?
    Is this a permanent change for the remainder of the season?

          1. Don’t need to, would audible out of that call every single time (and by the way, your man-crush can’t do that either).

            Remind me the last time Tom Brady ran for more than 3 yards…Peyton…Montana…Marino…Brees?

            No one needs a sprinter lining up under center (something I can do and your love-child can’t).

            That statement pretty much sums up how little you know of the game and why you are nothing but an annoying gnat buzzing the ears of this message board.

            1. Kaep is being blackballed, but you hate him so much you think players like Hoyer, Osweiler, Cutler, Fitzpatrick, Peterman, Savage and others are good enough to keep blackballing him. Too bad it just shows your emotions cloud your judgement, and confirms your lack of football acumen.
              You claim to be an NFL quality QB? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

              1. He’s not blackballed, he just has an outdated skillset without an ability to adapt. He’s not a pocket passer who can play from under center, so the number of teams he can play on is limited to half a dozen. He’s old and developmental, no one is going to spend time working with a 30 year old on fundamentals. He values himself outside reality, we know this because of his refusal to go to Denver last year. He does bring unwanted media attention and will be that annoying backup qb on every bad team (the only teams who would truly take a chance with him) that would be a distraction to the starter, the local media, the fans, and the coach at every press event.

                Fact is the guy is just not worth it. But hey, so are 100+ ex-QBs who could be a 2nd or 3rd string guy if just given the chance. You don’t think David Carr could hold a clipboard as good as any of the others in the league…he could easily be standing on the sideline watching Tom Brady play, never once needed, and a lot more talented than 90% of the backups in the league…is he being blackballed? Was he blackballed the year he didn’t get signed? No, thats life.

                A wise man once said…”NFL stands for Not For Long”.

              2. Kaep is being blackballed, because the Twitler in Chief is threatening the NFL with mean tweets, and since the owners are such gutless wonders, they are rolling over and lifting their leg like a dog.
                Quit denying reality. I hope he wins his grievance.
                Denver tried to lowball Kaep, then decided to go with Siemian, Osweiler and Lynch this season. Elway would rather lose with them instead of winning with Kaep, so I am glad they are out of the playoffs, again.

              3. Kaep is a one trick pony and he is of no use to anyone right now. They have schemed him out of existence. No blackball, just no ball at all.

              4. Mavin, no, Kaep is a dual threat QB, and Russell Wilson is showing how valuable a mobile, elusive QB can be. They scheme against EVERY QB, and it is the job of the coaches to counter those schemes. Giving up and allowing them to be shaped is the result of unimaginative and un-innovative coaching, and 1-10 records are the result.
                They tried to protect CJB in the pocket, and he was bludgeoned and injured.

              5. You mean like RGIII who has shown himself to be better? Who carried Washington on his back to the playoffs, something Kaepernick could never come close to doing? Or have you forgotten 2014, 2015 & 2016?

                Or how Tyrod Taylor (92.1 career QB rating, 91.7 this year) lost his job for someone who managed to throw 5 INTs in his first 10 NFL passes? Lost it because he leaves too much on the field when he runs around and acts the fool. And Taylor has a winning record as a starter: 20-18.

                Or Cam Newton, the best of the running QBs with his pathetic 81.1 QB rating and 85.6 lifetime mediocrity? At least he still has a job even if, as a QB, he’s mostly been below average for his career. And to put that QB rating in perspective (and how the worthless press makes and breaks perceptions) Alex Smith who had one of the worst possible starts to his career you’ve ever seen has a better life-time QB rating than Newton.

                Nobody cares. He’s just not that good.

              6. Kap……………blahblahblah……………………he runs fast……………..blahblah……………Shanahan AND his father know nothing……………blahblah……………..your no good.

                Freekin Seb, why do you play this silly arse game? And then I have to remind myself
                ~because its sport for you. Always bringing up your false idol, then denying it.

              7. I thought I heard it all with Trump being blamed for the idiot in North Korea, but blaming him for kaep being “blackballed” is by far the best I’ve heard yet. Congrats Seb. You’ve went full Libtard!

              8. Moses, more wandering. Kaep, with the proper support, stormed into the SB after only 10 games.
                This season, we have seen Dak falter because he does not have the proper support. Even Alex has stumbled because the loss of Eric Berry has finally caught up to them. Wentz and Goff are doing well with better O lines, and in the case of Goff, no Fisher.
                We have also seen how poor QB play has doomed certain teams. Giants, Niners, Browns, Indy, Denver, Miami, TB, Buffalo and even the Texans have struggled with mediocre QBs. Kaep would have been an upgrade for every one of those QBs on those teams. However, they would rather lose without Kaep than win with him. Posters who claim Kaep is inferior to those QBs just confirm their bias and lack of common sense.

            2. Joe Montana and Kaep are the only 2 QBs who have run for over 50 yards and passed for over 300 yards in a SB. Kaep is in good company, and just shows that he is talented enough to equal a Hall of Famer.
              Kaep also ran for 181 yards in a playoff game, something no other QB has ever done.

              1. JH called a time out just before Kaep strolled into the end zone, so blame him.
                I blame the refs for swallowing their whistles. The Ravens DB led with his helmet and ear holed Crabtree, then the next play, grabbed him in the end zone when he was past 5 yards.
                Kaep may have lost, but at least he got there, and was one pass from returning. I guess you like the Niners this season without Kaep, with their single victory.

              2. Seb with that stupid name, you can make all the excuses you want, the truth is Kap is an after thought when it comes to the 49ers, and he will be known as the the 1st 49ers QB to lose in the SB.
                You lost pal. No storm! Time to move forward with Jimmy G!

                As Rick Flair would say, WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              3. No, Prime. With CJB injured, they need a healthy backup. Guess you think Mullens is more talented than Kaep, but Mullens weighs only 187 lbs. He will get crushed.
                Kaep, on the other hand, is 6′ 4″. 230 lbs, and has shown he can take a hit many times. He was sacked 120 times before he became so injured, he needed 3 surgeries. However, he came back last season, and had a 90.7 QBR, and managed to last all season healthy and productive.

              4. Sebnynah you seem to forget history. Kap could not even muster a vanilla, watered down playbook by Geep Chryst. What is he gonna do with Shanahans complex system? It would take him 1 month just to get through the table of contents.

                Sorry pal, no storm! You lost!
                Time to move on to Jimmy G!

              5. One, I am jumping for joy that JG is now the starter. He is another mobile QB, and he learned from the best.
                Still, considering the Niner’s luck. JG may end up like Deondre Francois in his first game. I would hate to have that happen, but with this turnstile O line, it is entirely possible.
                No matter what, CJB will be limited due to his injury, so they need a backup QB. There is a reason why Mullens was an UDFA, and he proved that during the preseason.
                Kaep is the best available FA QB. He would be good insurance against injury, and considering the attrition rate in the NFL, he may be needed.

              6. Seb,you continue to pom pom Kap, what do you expect?
                You lost, no storm, its Jimmy G time and Kap thinks he is a starter so why would he come here wanting to be a back up?
                DONT ANWSER THAT, cause I dont care what you have to say about Kap. He will never be a 49er and that makes my day!

                Its Jimmy G time, you lost!


                For the blog, anyone else see that 30 for 30 documentary on Ric Flair? Unreal, watch it!

              7. Prime, Kaep may be resigned to accepting a backup role, even though he is way better than half the QBs in the league.
                Trubisky? Hope the Niners sack him 6 times.
                Glennon, McCown, Savage, Osweiler, Fitzpatrick, Bortles, Cutler, Moore, Siemian, Peterman, Kizer, Hundley and others have not helped their teams win.
                Still think the Niners should bubble wrap JG, because he showed me that he is the real deal in those 67 seconds, so I do not think they need to expose him to possible injury, thus possibly losing 2 first round picks. Then Kaep could start.
                Dont answer? But, but, you have now given me the opportunity to post another 10 point plan. ;p

              8. Seb with your ridiculous name, I hope the 49ers sack Trubisky 12 times and Thomas gets 8 of those!
                I’m a 49ers fan who cherrs for people on the team, not ones that are not!

                Keep hoping for Kap loser, it will never happen!

                You lost! No storm!


              9. Kaep may be resigned to accepting a backup role

                Unless he is as delusional as you, he should be resigned to no role whatsoever.

                If a guy who can take the ball and sprint the length of the field is what you want, just use Goodwin as a wildcat QB. Or have him run the wishbone, ala Bill Walsh.

              10. oneniner says:
                November 29, 2017 at 10:53 am
                are you seriously still thinking kap will be a 49er?

                you need to let go……get on the jimmy train…..

                Haaaaaaaaa! This guy telling someone else to “let go” of a qb.
                To this day he still is the number one fanboy of pick six Alex Smith!
                Pot meet kettle!
                Reading these two is like watching identicals having a slap fight.

              11. Ninermd, thanks for calling me a libter, now I know where you are coming from.
                I will proudly assert my liberal tendencies, because I am for LIBERTY and justice for all. Your hero tried to honor the Navajo code talkers in front of a portrait of Jackson who ordered the Trail of Tears. Truth be known, the treatment the Native Americans received from the early colonists and white Americans, was nothing less than genocide. Then Trumpty Dumpty decided to cast a vicious slur, demeaning the Office of the Presidency, and dishonoring all attendees. Of course, he calls Black players who protest non violently, vile expletives, so there is no low he can exceed.
                Demean my football knowledge all you want. I look at your posts and see nothing burgers.
                Now you dare compare Nick Mullens to Joe Montana. That really shows your vacuous mindset. I do not laugh at your posts, I spit on them. Bring it on.

          2. sebnynah says:
            November 29, 2017 at 9:04 am
            Can you put your foot on the half yard line, then sprint up field untouched for a TD?
            Didn’t think so.

            I could definitely get under center and totally miss a receiver not covered on the one yard line.

            1. “I could definitely get under center and totally miss a receiver not covered on the one yard line.”

              As much as I want to remain removed from this conflict, I had to bust out laughing at that one…

  2. Mullens needs a spot, I’m volunteering Paulsen’s roster spot to the cause…
    and if you think this is overreaction on my part– re-view the SEA, DAL, & PHI games vis-a-vis our OL….

    1. 0010 – Bond, James “Garoppolo” Bond – as in Double 0-10. Suave, Silky Smooth, Deadly, and oh so Debonair!

      He’s the most interesting man in the world. He doesn’t always drink, but when he does, he drinks Martini’s, shaken, not stirred!

  3. I feel like I do right before I board my favorite roller coaster. Hope the ride is just as thrilling. Lead us out of this pit of misery…Jimmy! Jimmy!

      1. In the Big Valley picture, Barkley is not a priority without an adequate interior offensive line. Best case scenario is a modest trade down, and targeting Quenton Nelson. This will provide protection for your investment in GQ Jimmy, while at the same time countering the Rams force in the middle, as well as the Seahawks….

  4. Question… Grant, how are those pack, and raider teams doing? Remember, they are the blue print on how to build teams. Lol, especially the Packers, who I told u was a 1 trick pony. No Aaron,no good. But this is how the pack has wasted his career. Literally, that team blows, without him. But hey they have the guys who built that team, they reaped what they sowed.

  5. KS is correct, we most likely won’t see the best of JG this year. That’s not an issue though. He was brought in to be the QB next year. It’s learning time right now. Let the real lessons begin.

  6. Working on the things to do list.
    …..fire Kelly and bring in the hot OC and his staff……done
    ….release, trade or wave about half the roster…..done
    …..so they can
    ….bring in player’s that know the system….done
    …..draft players u can build around. ….done
    …..get extra picks in next year’s draft……done
    ……get the qb position solved…..done??
    …..use the end of the season to evaluate current roster….working on it
    …..coach an all star game to see talent…..probably
    …..prepare for free agency and the draft….working on it
    more to come

  7. JG will be ready, because they will let him use a wrist band. All that terminology can be assigned a number, and JG can translate that number into a play.
    KS should also script the first 25 plays, and script plays dependent on down and distance.
    I hope to see some of the Patriots offense reflected in JG’s play, because it is crisp, efficient and deadly effective.
    Niners need to devise strategies that will prevent the pass rush from betting to JG. At times, instead of keeping in the RB to block, they should swing him out in the flat to give JG a quick and sure safety valve.

    1. ‘KS should also script the first 25 plays, and script plays dependent on down and distance.’
      Translation. KS should do what he already says he does.
      And please Don’t claim he listened to your ideas on this, since he already said that this is what he does.

      1. Yes, Bill Walsh started to script plays, and it is standard practice in a WCO, and today throughout the league.
        Scripting plays just means that JG does not need to know the entire playbook backwards and forwards, he just needs to progress through the list.
        I would like to see the Niners take a deep shot down field, when confronted with a second down and short, like second and 2 yards. That would mean varying from the script, but even if it fails, it still would only be third and short.
        If JG manages to use a hard count, and gets a defender to jump offsides, the play should morph into a long strike down field, and not the original play, because it is a free play.

        1. “Yes, Bill Walsh started to script plays, and it is standard practice in a WCO, and today throughout the league.”
          So why state he should do what he has already said he does?

          “Scripting plays just means that JG does not need to know the entire playbook backwards and forwards, he just needs to progress through the list.”

          He doesn’t need to and he wont know it fully. They will run a simplified offense.
          But, he still needs to understand the plays that are being called as well as not mix them up.
          The problem is Jimmy comes from a completely different school of play calling.
          Basically in one school, numbers = routes and words = protections; while in the other words = routes, and numbers = protections.
          Jimmy has had thousands of reps in the other system, so it would be very easy for him to get confused in the chaos of action even while everyone else is on the same page. Or accidentally miscall a play after he visualizes the play that was called for him.

          1. JG is smarter than you think, and having that wrist band will help. KS does not want his QB to use a wrist band, and have every play in his head, but it is just prudent to let JG use it because it will help him get to the correct call.
            Yes, it is different, but JG showed me that he can think quickly on his feet. He ran plays crisply quickly and efficiently, even though he was out of time outs and had only seconds to process information.
            Yes, it will be simplified, but hopefully it will not be too predictable.

  8. One way the Niners can improve the O line is replacing Laken Tomlinson. He was beaten like a drum.
    They should either try Beadles, or promote Andrew Lauderdale or Pace Murphy from the practice squad.

    1. All the options the Niners have for the OL are simply inadequate. We may as well argue whether my car that will never run again is better than your car that will never run again.

      1. Actually, even though the interior of the line is bad, the tackles have graded out well.
        Sounds like you want to junk your car, but many clunkers have been restored to working condition with good mechanics. Hope the coaches are proficient.

  9. Well… good luck Jimmy. I know I’ve been dead against you starting this season, but seems KS wants to roll the dice, and I don’t really blame him. Everyone (including me) wants to see what you’ve got. I just hope you can stay in one piece out there. It would be such a shame to see that puuurty face all bashed up and covered in dirt!!

    1. I, too have brought up the possibility of injury, but JG is smart, and knows how to get rid of the ball before the pass rusher can get to him. Having that quick release will help, and having T Brown will help.
      This will be a stern test for the coaching, and there are many ways JG can get the ball into the hands of his playmakers. I would like to see passes to the flat so Hyde can get the ball in space so he can make plays. They should put a man in motion and do fly sweeps. Reverses and double reverses, along with fake reverses give JG many options.
      Ultimately, the best play JG should run, is lining up Hyde deep in the I, and either go right or left. Hyde would build up a head of steam before he hits the line of scrimmage, and he can choose the weakness in the defense to attack.

      1. JG is smart, and knows how to get rid of the ball before the pass rusher can get to him

        People keep saying that, but how much difference does it really make? A fraction of a second? Even the best QBs get hit sometimes.

        Folks on here were saying one of the reason Beathard got hit so much is that he holds the ball too long. Yet his average throwing time is quicker than many top QBs including Brady, Rodgers, Wilson, Ryan…

        The problem is going to be the O line, which put simply is awful. I agree with your comment about Trent Brown and I think that is going to make much more of a difference than Jimmy having a marginally quicker release.

        1. In the Patriots system, Brady does not get sacked much, because he has learned how to release the ball, even throwing it at the feet of a covered receiver, to avoid the sack.
          JG has learned from 2 future hall of famers.
          I agree, the O line does not help, but maybe the coaches can properly scheme to protect him.

  10. If the niners go the OL route with their top pick, two edge rushers they could go after are
    Ziggy Ansah or DeMarcus Lawrence (likely to be franchised).

    I hope they also pick up someone like Justin Pugh.
    This would help them a lot if they draft a young olineman asit would enable them to put someone next to the rook that could show him the ropes with the added benefit that he is also young enough to build around.

    1. Niners may target many good free agents, but last season, they did not spend the money to get them. Niners must spend all of their salary cap, or they will be confronted with another 1 or 2 win season.

  11. Garoppolo should have most if not all of Shanny’s scripted plays ingrained in his memory by Sunday. Shanny’s script will probably last into the 2nd quarter. Whether or not all 11 execute those plays is anybody’s guess.

    Jimmy has shown that he can excel at calling his own plays in the huddle and making his own adjustments pre-snap, think Peyton Manning. JG did this Sunday on the TD pass. He also did well at this at Eastern Illinois, where they didn’t even have a playbook.

    This could be a perfect marriage if KS is willing to let JG call his own plays at times. Shanny and Jimmy need to get used to each other, and that can only come with Jimmy starting, as he will get first team reps and KS will craft a gameplan based on his strengths. As they figure each out, KS will be able to install more of his offense and JG can earn more trust with his off the script stuff.

  12. Let’s all just hope that the Niners’ shiny but fragile Christmas ornament doesn’t get crushed because of the OL, most of whom should not be starting in the NFL (and a couple of whom shouldn’t even be on an NFL roster). They’re gambling they won’t lose the two first round picks they’d almost certainly get from a QB-needy team (oh, hello, Cleveland, Denver, Miami, New York, Jacksonville) during the offseason. If they could manage that plus all the picks they’ll get for their first, we could be talking Super Bowl, maybe even dynasty, in about 3 years.

  13. Well, it looks like it’s not posting links at the moment…

    If you read Eric Branch’s article at The Gate he says that the last time a TD was scored versus Seattle in the regular season was in 2010 with Josh Morgan doing the honors!

    I had no idea it had been so long. Sad on one hand but glad that streak is over. Does it mean that Emmanuel Garoppolo is the real deal? Who knows…and with our fan base he is likely to be crucified sooner rather than later.

    And yes, I know his name is Jimmy…

    1. East, please pay attention. Last season, Shaun Draughn scored 2 TDs, to give the Niners a 14-3 lead. Too bad the defense could not hold that lead.
      At 5:42 in the 4th quarter, Kaep threw a TD pass to Celek. The date was Jan 1, 2017.
      Branch needs pruning.

  14. So do to this move , we win 1,2 or 3 games? I still hope to have draft leverage but I am with the ones that say losing sucks and we need to get rid of that mentality. I am also thinking C.J. Beathard over time can be Kirk cousins! Does that mean jimmy G can become Drew Brees like? Am I whistling in the dark? I love Joe Staley and his toughness however, 12 or 14 years are a lot, I believe this off season needs to be addressed, those that want a stud center, I can not argue with.

    Hope Garnett can transition his body and one of the guards spot could be improved, Corey Davis and mike Williams have come along slowly this year as rookie receivers so maybe free agency is the way to go there. Fun to se this team approve, so next year what is a respectable record, 7 and 9?

  15. I think it would be awesome if Garoppolo held a press conference referring to himself in the third person throughout the interview.

    Jimmy is ready for this challenge.
    Jimmy appreciates the coaches trust in me.
    Jimmy’s coming for you Chicago.
    Jimmy holds grudges.

      1. Ha ha, that was a good one! We need some like these:
        “Jimmy and interceptions do not go together”
        “Bad O line? No problem. Jimmy has some new evasive moves”!

  16. Reposting since previous post is once again awaiting moderation.

    I’m posting this article not for the text but for an embedded Twitter video that shows a 360 view of Jimmy G’s TD pass. To me this was not a gimme TD by Seattle. JG had to get it over one guy’s outstretched arm and then drop it into Murphy while two Seattle defenders are bearing down on him. Nice throw and catch.

    Scroll down a bit to get to the video (it’s not the one at the top of the web page).


  17. Matt Ryan said he wasn’t comfortable in KS’s O until he had 2 camps and 1 full season under his belt. Its crazy to think that JG will master it any sooner. I hope they trade back to approx #10 draft Nelson move Garnett to center (evidently they have spent the last 3 months “reshaping” his body) and sign a FA guard to rebuild the O line. Then with the extra picks they already have and the extra picks they will receive for trading back they will draft a WR to go with Garcon, Goodwin and Taylor. Draft a pass rusher and a CB in the first 3 rounds if they don’t sign a quality player at one of those positions in free agency.

    1. This idea of “reshaping” the body makes me wonder. How well has that worked with Tank and Arik (I realize those two are DL)? Maybe it’s easier with OL; I don’t know.

        1. Your guess is as good as mine. I’m kind of thinking chiseling his body more, but to be honest, I don’t know why I have that idea.

    2. In Free Agency, sign Jensen, C, Ravens, Allen Robinson, WR, Jags, and Ziggy Ansah, DE, Lions. With a modest trade down, secure Nelson, and use draft capital obtained to move from the bottom of the 2nd into the bottom of the first round, and secure Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado.

      Our OL:

      1. I think the team will go Garnett at LG and Fusco at RG. Top pick will be traded and they will go after a CB, LT, WR, or LOLB.

          1. I agree with Scooter. If they were to go that route, it would be incredibly risky, and in my view, a mistake. It’ll be interesting to see how they feel after a year long evaluation going into free agency and the draft next year….

          2. A risk the team might have to take due to other weaknesses on the roster, including: the to find the eventual replacement for Staley, someone to play opposite of Witherspoon, a #1 WR for Garappolo, and a LOLB.

            1. Can’t find the link now, but I read where some national writer thinks the 49ers will look to replace Staley with their top draft pick (I think he proposed trading back first).

              1. I have no problem with going that route, with the idea that Staley would stay at LT for a couple more years while his eventual replacement plays next to him at LG.

    3. Sorry to disagree, but they should just let Garnett play LG in place of Tomlinson.
      Then they should trade back to garner more picks and select Billy Price at center.
      Derrick Deese says that moving O linemen into unfamiliar positions is a recipe for disaster. Garnett has never been a center before. He was the Outland trophy winner at LG. The Niners, in their infinite wisdom, forced Garnett to play RG, so he struggled last season.

      1. seb,
        I heard the same Deese interview I believe he was referring to the 9ers moving Brown from RT to LT in a one week period or possibly it was Magnuson from G to T in a one week period. He wasn’t talking about a position change using a whole off season and training camp to make the change. Cross went from G to C and was all pro at both. Sapolu did the same, Keith Fahnhorst moved from TE to T very successfully. I believe Garnett could make the transition very easily. Mobility is more important at G than its is at C although still important at both positions.

        1. OC, yes, those players moved positions, but they were talented enough to win Super Bowls.
          Sadly, the present Niner O linemen are acting like turnstiles.
          I remember them trying to move Ian Silberman to center, and he only succeeded to snap the ball over the QB’s head.
          I just think that Garnett, with more training and sculpting his body, will excel at LG, his natural position.

    4. OC – Garnett = Randy Cross v2.0. First thing Monte Clark did when they got him is lock him in the weight room. Had some good years at center too.

    1. Add a big bodied WR, lock down corner and edge rusher and I think we can make the playoffs. That might be too much to ask but those are so needed.

      I cannot wait to see the game this weekend and see what a difference Jimmy G can make.

        1. I’m ok with that. Play a good road game and play the field position battle.
          Make Trubisky put together long drives and take Howard out of the game.
          I want to still see Jimmy attack downfield but also let Hyde control the game and control the clock.

    2. Oneniner

      Before we get to the playoffs, take another look at this years IR….We need some quality backups also…’not sure if ‘Big Joe’ can handle another full season….

  18. Besides Jimmy, I’m excited to see McNicholes too. I liked him coming out of Boise St, and they just activated him to take Mosert’s spot….

    1. FWIW, also, Tim Barnes re-signed to take Erik Magnuson’s spot.

      “Barnes, 29, a guard and center, spent the 49ers the offseason with the 49ers before he was released on Sept. 1. After entering the NFL as an undrafted free agent with the Ravens in 2011, Barnes made 36 starts with Rams from 2012-16. He started all 32 games at center in his final two seasons.”

  19. Per Chris Biderman,

    “Kyle Shanahan says RT Trent Brown will not practice today. His status for Sunday is TBD. He indicated Zane Beadles is getting consideration at RT”

    1. That was after he determined the team had quit on Shanahan because ‘they wouldn’t play hurt.’ Of course, they have been playing hurt. There are no Training Room Warriors on this team.

    2. Of course he wanted to see Jimmy play. But the risk outweighed the desire to play him. That’s why Beathard started last week.

          1. “Shanahan wanted to slow play it.”

            Slow play it? So like starting later this season? Doesn’t that negate your first sentence?

              1. According to you, Shanahan “mishandled” the situation because he didn’t add a third QB to the roster. And KS didn’t want to play Garoppolo this year.

                Shanahan on Garoppolo.

                “I’ve wanted to get a chance to see Jimmy play.”

                Shanahan wanted to see Jimmy play this year. Garoppolo not playing this year was a possibility, not a plan.

              2. Isn’t Garoppolo starting enough proof that they weren’t going to bubble wrap him? Isn’t only carrying two QBs enough proof that they felt comfortable with Garoppolo coming in if CJ got injured?

              3. First of all, he didn’t say when eventually is. Second, he didn’t say he wanted Garoppolo to start.

              4. I know he wanted to sit him for the season. But he allowed circumstances to make the decision for him.

              5. “First of all, he didn’t say when eventually is. Second, he didn’t say he wanted Garoppolo to start.”

                First. It’s a forgone conclusion that JG would play next year. So why would he say he wanted to see JG play next year, when that was already going to happen?

                Second. Are you backing off of you original claim?

                “From talking to people in the organization, I got a strong indication Shanahan didn’t want to play Garoppolo this season.”

                So, it was KS didn’t want to play JG this season. Now it’s KS didn’t want to start JG, but may have wanted to give him some playing time? Which is it?

                Or did you just lie about having sources?

              6. It’s not a foregone conclusion Garoppolo will play next year. He has to sign the franchise tag. Or he could get traded.

                Shanahan didn’t want to play Garoppolo this season, but didn’t take the necessary steps to ensure he wouldn’t play. I’ve made that very clear.

              7. “I know he wanted to sit him for the season. But he allowed circumstances to make the decision for him.”

                Where’s your proof? Why don’t you ask him that very question? Why doesn’t he promote and start Mullens? Why doesn’t he sign and start Barkley? Why didn’t he have Garoppolo hand off or take a knee?

              8. I have asked him those questions. He said he needed players at other positions because there have been so many injuries.

                I told you what my sources told me. You think I’m lying. I don’t care if you believe me.

              9. “It’s not a foregone conclusion Garoppolo will play next year.”

                If it’s not a forgone conclusion, then he was definitely talking about seeing him this year.

                “Shanahan didn’t want to play Garoppolo this season, but didn’t take the necessary steps to ensure he wouldn’t play. I’ve made that very clear.”

                Based on your sources. I don’t believe you or your imaginary sources, because you’re a known liar. I’ve made that very clear.

              10. During the Giants game. Back in September, I disagreed with your strategy of going deep against Seattle. When Goodwin scored against NY, you said take note #80, as if I was against going deep in every situation and against every team. That was never my position. In fact, I wasn’t even against going deep against Seattle once or twice.


                #80 says:
                September 19, 2017 at 4:36 pm
                Once or twice is fine although you run the risk of giving up a pick 6. Grant was suggesting that we should go deep early and often since we can’t sustain long drives.”

                Here are the similarities.
                I disagreed with your Seattle strategy.
                KS disagreed with your third QB strategy.

                You say I have a particular view that I never had, and use that lie to say that I was wrong and you were right.
                You say KS had a particular plan that he never confirmed, so you can say KS was wrong and you were right.

                I have to hear it from KS.

              11. I didn’t suggest the Niners should go deep early and often against the Seahawks. I wrote they should find some free downs, like first-and-five or second-and-short, to take shots. I don’t think we disagreed.

              12. “I have asked him those questions.”

                Yeah, a lot of people asked about Garoppolo playing. You didn’t mention the most important part of one of his answers.


                “We planned and hoped he could go. We evaluated how he was on Friday. If we didn’t feel he was comfortable with the playbook and the set plan that he had, then we would have activated [QB] Nick [Mullens], our third guy, our practice squad guy.

              13. “I don’t think we disagreed.”

                Then why did you say take note #80 after the Goodwin TD? I was never against going deep.

  20. I just checked the Sunday weather in Chicago. Mostly sunny, High 51 Low 46. Can’t ask for anything better for Chicago in December.

            1. Mood: Shouldn’t that be il Polo era (I didn’t capitalize “il” because the “i” and “l” would look like the same if I did).

    1. When I read that I took it that the he was getting ready to make the move to the ‘G’ man whether CJ was injured or not. Anyone else read it like that.

      1. One of my impressions was that Shanahan was “torn” between wanting to see Jimmy in action and wanting to give more game reps to CJ to keep evaluating his progress. Maybe the unfortunate injury to CJ was somewhat of a relief in that he no longer had to agonize over the decision.

        Regardless, great to hear that Jimmy is excited about the opportunity.

        1. Yes, torn. As in weighing the risk versus reward.

          Shanahan never made a decision. Beathard’s injury dictated the decision.

      2. I read it like that too UC. I think Garoppolo would have started against Seattle if CJ hadn’t played well and won against NY. It was a very emotional game because it was their first win and the Goodwin tragedy.

    1. *Sure, the sexier pick would be someone like Penn State running back Saquon Barkley. Or an elite EDGE like NC State’s Bradley Chubb.

      But Nelson is the smarter pick.

      Interior O-line play has been the biggest culprit, namely left guard Laken Tomlinson.
      Garnett could return, but no one knows how the 49ers’ current regime views him in the long-term scheme of things. And with fellow guard Brandon Fusco scheduled to hit free agency, it’s clear the Niners need an influx in talent.

      At 6-foot-5 and 330 pounds, Nelson is about as close a plug-and-play lineman there is in this upcoming draft. Combine that with the issues San Francisco has along its own offensive line, making this move should be tops on general manager John Lynch’s to-do list.

      Nelson’s heavy hands make it difficult for the defender to disengage and help him control the action. This is also a nasty player who plays to the whistle and wants to deliver punishment. …

      1. I know it is not the favorite idea for the fan base, but the team needs to pass on Nelson and focus on other areas. Grab an OG later.

        1. I agree. Get a FA Guard. Trade back and get Billy Price (C).
          Then a 6’5″ 225 WR who is fast and can jump, like Arden Tate. Equanimeous St Brown would get my vote just for his name.
          Resign Hyde and sign Frank Gore, With Williams and Breida, that would set the RB squad.
          Then they should look at corners. Tavarus McFadden and Carlton Davis are good prospects.

      2. The only problem is that Barkley is a generational talent. Scouts have him better than Fournette and Elliot.
        I agree that the pressing need is oline but if you are sitting at #2 and no one wants to dance, you might have to take the best player available.

      1. Nelson did not impress me particularly last Saturday against Stanford’s weakened D line (except for Phillips 66, Stanford O linemen are mediocre and they lost a starter during game). They managed only 154 rushing yards and 3.5 yards per carry … against a Cardinal defense that was allowing 4.7 yards per carry entering the game.

        I’d take a promising edge rusher any day over a guard with great measurables in first round. I am confident Shanalynch will not select Nelson if Chubb is available whenever Niners make their first round pick.

        Anyway, I expect Niners to plug their holes in FA (especially on OL, considering how unprepared recent rookie O linemen have turned out for NFL play) and then go all BPA on edge rusher, OL and CB in the early rounds.

        1. Yeah, I’m not basing this on having really watched him play. Atm it is just on what I have read. If he is as good as they say he is, take him. If he isn’t the prospect the talking heads have made him out to be, take someone else.

          1. Quenton Nelson was graded out by Pro Football Focus as the nation’s best offensive lineman, and fifth-year senior left tackle Mike McGlinchey was graded as the country’s third best offensive lineman and second best offensive tackle.

            Nelson was the only Power Five offensive lineman in the country to be named to the Pro Football Focus weekly all-national team three times, which is given to the players who grade out the highest at their respective positions. McGlinchey was named to the all-national team two times.

            Nelson earned the first, third and eight best overall grades of the season by any guard for his performances against North Carolina State, USC and Georgia, respectively. McGlinchey earned the fourth and eighth best single-game grades by an offensive tackle for his performance against USC and Stanford.

            Nelson and McGlinchey were the only offensive linemen in the country to grade out with multiple top-10 single-game performances.

        2. Normally, I would agree with you Mood. I think it’s better to get experienced OL in FA. However, in this case I think Nelson is an exception. Still, if Chubb is the guy, I won’t be upset (assuming they made some major upgrades to the OL during FA).

          1. Last years draft was poor for OL, while this years has some elite level talent. I think it was by design they decided to address other positions of need last draft, with the idea of filling the holes along the offensive line in the upcoming draft….

        3. Yes, the Niners need to spend cap money on O linemen. Do not think they will get Jensen because the Raven will be eliminating players, getting more cap room.
          Niners should still get the best O lineman in the first round. I am looking at Orlando Brown, who is another Trent Brown. If they went need, Billy Price at center may be a good choice.

  21. The amount of time Jimmy has been with the 49ers has come up several times with regards to how ready he should be to play. But Shanahan said something today in his presser that I didn’t realize, but upon reflection, makes sense. He really hasn’t had that many opportunities to “rep” the KS offense on the field (in the classroom – yes, but not on the field).

    Question: It just so happens that Jimmy’s been here for about the length of time that a training camp and preseason would last. Do you feel that these six weeks or probably four or five weeks that he’s been here have gone according to plan as if he would come at the start of the season to learn the offense?

    KS Answer: “No, not at all. It’s completely night and day different. It’s not college. You don’t have 100 people out there where you have two fields and can get everybody equal reps. You have to do scout team. Jimmy has been running cards and doing physical work of other people’s plays trying to give looks for our defense. He gets reps for us throughout this month, but you’re not putting him through a ton of reps because you’re trying to get the starting quarterback ready. Also, at this point in the year, you have to be very careful with how you use your receivers, the extra reps that you have. Every team in the NFL is beat up a little bit right now. You can’t just up your reps to get someone ready. That’s stuff that you do in OTAs and training camp. That’s why you go every day in training camp. One training camp practice, for the ones, twos and threes, there’s more reps for twos and threes in one training camp practice than there is in two weeks in a regular season.”

  22. http://www.thenewstribune.com/sports/article187235373.html

    “Trubisky also found himself under pressure behind a shaky line even though the Eagles didn’t blitz much. But he reverted to some of his college habits when it came to his footwork.”

    “He got caught bouncing a little bit,” Loggains said. “You know it was a tendency he had in college and we talked to him a lot about keeping his shoulders and head still. And he did get hoppy a little bit, and there were some throws that were errant because of that and something we’re going to keep working and grinding on that way.”

    Saleh needs to blitz the crap out of this guy.

    1. From what I’ve watched they haven’t let him throw very often. They would rather punt then attack on 3rd and long and rely a lot on their running game and defense.
      The best way to attack him is to change coverages on him and confuse him into audibles that are incorrect.

        1. I’m curious to see if Fangio blitzes Jimmy G. I know they will want to stop Hyde but how does Shanny attack them in the passing game? Short intermediate routes or home runs?
          Gonna be a good match up.

    2. I agree, and they should send blitzes from many positions and all directions.
      Send Reid off the edge on his blind side. Send Foster on a delayed blitz up the middle. Get to him early to disrupt his timing. Put 8 in the box and dare him to pass, with max pressure.

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