49ers-Steelers report card

San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle DeForest Buckner (99) celebrates after recovering a fumble against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the second half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-20 on Sunday. Here are the 49ers grades:

QUARTERBACK: A. Garoppolo was clutch. He wasn’t always sharp — he sailed a pass over the middle and got intercepted by Minkah Fitzpatrick. And he wasn’t always careful — he fired a deep throw directly to cornerback Joe Haden and almost got intercepted again, but wide receiver Deebo Samuel broke up the pass and almost made a miraculous catch. But, with five minutes left in the game, the 49ers trailing by three points, Garoppolo threw a beautiful five-yard touchdown pass to Dante Pettis, who was double covered. Amazing throw. The Steelers dared Garoppolo to beat them, and he did. He put the league on notice.

RUNNING BACKS: C. Jeff Wilson Jr., the 49ers designated red-zone running back, scored two rushing touchdowns in the red zone for the second game in a row. He’s an asset. Matt Breida averaged 4.9 yards per carry, but bobbled a pass and tipped it to the Steelers for an interception. Raheem Mostert averaged a whopping 6.6 yards per carry, but fumbled twice and the Steelers recovered one of them.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C-plus. None were dominant. Deebo Samuel led this group with just 44 receiving yards. But, Dante Pettis was clutch. He caught the game-winning touchdown pass between two defenders and finished the game with 20 receiving yards.

TIGHT ENDS: B. George Kittle led the 49ers offense in receiving yards (57) and was their best blocker in the run game. Ho hum. What else is new?

OFFENSIVE LINE: C-minus. They didn’t have left tackle Joe Staley, and still gave up only one sack. Impressive. But, Garoppolo got hit eight times, center Weston Richburg fumbled the snap twice and rookie left tackle Justin Skule committed three big penalties in the fourth quarter.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A-plus. Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph made his first career start, and the 49ers defensive linemen overwhelmed him all game, even when they didn’t hit him. Rudolph looked like a deer in headlights. DeForest Buckner and Dee Ford each sacked him once. And in the fourth quarter, Arik Armstead stripped the ball from James Conner to set up the 49ers’ game-winning touchdown.

LINEBACKERS: A-plus. They were a big reason the Steelers rushed for only 81 yards. Kwon Alexander recorded seven tackles and one for loss.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: B-plus. Free safety Tarvarius Moore missed a tackle and gave up a 76-yard touchdown catch to Juju Smith-Schuster. Other than that mistake, the 49ers defensive backs mostly played well. Rudolph rarely threw at Richard Sherman or Ahkello Witherspoon — they seemed to intimidate the young quarterback. So, he threw at nickel back K’Waun Williams, and Williams intercepted him. Early in the fourth quarter, Witherspoon injured his foot defending a punt and left the game. His replacement, Jason Verrett, committed a 32-yard pass-interference penalty, gave up a 39-yard touchdon catch and got benched. The 49ers need Witherspoon. He will have an MRI during the Bye week.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B. Robbie Gould made one field goal — a modest 24-yarder. And Mitch Wishnowsky averaged a respectable 43.3 net yards per punt.

COACHES: A. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh was in the zone. His defense was so good, the Steelers offense played not to lose. Didn’t attack. Tried not to turn the ball over, and still turned it over twice. Kyle Shanahan didn’t have the offense ready to play — it committed four turnovers in their first five possessions. And he got cute in the red zone when he called a jet sweep, and the snap hit the wide receiver running the jet sweep, and the ball hit the ground and the Steelers recovered. That mistake could have cost the 49ers the game. But, almost every time the 49ers needed a touchdown drive in the second half, Shanahan delivered. When it was time to win, he didn’t get cute. He stuck with his base offense, the stuff that has worked all season, and beat the Steelers. What a start to the season. Shanahan is one of the hottest coaches in the NFL.

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    1. OK, fair enough. Good job with your grades Grant, with one exception – I’d knock Kyle Shanahan down to a C+.

      Guys, I want to apologize for flying off the rails on Grant’s live game blog. I take back the utter outrage I expressed in frustration on the previous thread. My frustration stems from what I see as a continued lack of focus and discipline during the first halves of both the Bengals game, and this one. Two turnovers in the first half of week 1 was bad enough, but I found four first half turnovers during today’s game to be utterly unacceptable, and something that simply has to be addressed by Kyle, and cleaned up during this bye week. I’m obviously happy to see this team start 3-0, and it’s apparent that the moves the 49ers made during the offseason are paying off in a big way through the opening weeks of the season. This is a talented football team. All of the pieces on the defensive side seem to fit together very nicely. Having the ability to close out games by applying consistent pressure on the opposing QB’s without having to leave themselves exposed on the backend of the defense, has been the most important factor, and the single biggest improvement since Kyle took over as HC. Jimmy has shown a remarkable amount of grit and toughness despite being less only one year removed from his serious knee injury.

      Just know that my frustration comes from a good place guys, and I’m a Forty Niner Faithful for life! I think the thing that is bothering me the most is that I can see the kind of potential this talented roster possesses, but I know that this potential will continue to go unrealized if they can’t start playing with the kind of focus and disciplined required at the NFL level. And that all starts with the head coach, who, BTW, I have a lot of respect for. However, I do know that there is a direct correlation between redzone penalties and turnover differential, when it comes to winning or losing. I’m really hoping that, despite the fact that the 49ers beat a vulnerable, undermanned team today, despite an unimaginable number of offensive miscues, that this 49ers’ team understands that this was a game they were supposed to win, yet they nearly lost it due almost entirely to their poor focus, and lack of discipline in the first half. Their schedule only get’s tougher moving forward, and the good news is that they can fix this. But they need to understand that their chances of making the playoffs will go unrealized if they don’t start getting their act together, and stop committing unforced errors, specifically redzone penalties, and the kind of careless turnovers like the ones we saw today.

      There is no question in my mind that this team can be a contender, but only if they can find that focus, and start treating each and every play as if each is, or can be, the difference between winning and losing, because more often than not, it will be the difference.

      That said …. 3-0 baby, Go NINERS!

      1. It is OK. Us grizzled faithful have been so used to mediocrity, losing does not consume us.
        I am glad you are an impassioned fan, and want the team to always be like in the Bengals game.
        I will respectfully disagree with your C+ grade. There are very few teams that could come back from 5 turnovers. It took solid, competent coaching. I would give the Coaching an A-, but a B+ may be more apt.
        Keep your posts coming. I am liking your writing more and more.
        GO NINERS !!!!! UNDEFEATED!!!!!!

            1. As you do not know me, you have zero basis for this claim.

              Those of us who have been on this board for well over a decade know plenty about you, we were here before you and have seen you ruin many a discussion, especially given your preference to inundate this board with post after post of incoherent and nonsensical ramblings.

              You are the fan who would prefer this team be bad, so you have something to complain about, than see it actually win. You want this as it makes you feel you have a purpose.

              Faithful, you are not.

      1. If they beat the Browns, go 4-0 since I don’t know when, then you would think they’re in the run for a wildcard maybe?..But then the teams get a lot harder and if they just win 3 of the last 12, 7 wins, that’s better then last year but still disappointing w/that great 4-0 start. Hope they go 6-6 or better and a chance for a wildcard/div playoff spot!

    2. The game should not have been as close as it was. Jimmy G is not being overpraised for what was not an especially impressive performance. He seemed erratic. We also need to fix the bad OL. Rams will walk all over us. Wes. looked very bad. Condo looked bad. We don’t have a compelling WR other then Kiddle. Trouble lies ahead.

      1. Skule was eaten up in the last quarter. He is mediocre in the run offense but way below acceptable in pass protection. Trent is needed. Staley is closing out his career this year or next. We also could have used Minkah. Moore just isn’t progressing although he might be a bubble backup player.

    3. ­­­­W­­­­e­­­­ h­­­­a­­­­v­­­­e u­­­­s­­­­e­­­­d N­­­­F­­­­L­­­­T­­­­V­­­­N­­­­O­­­­W . ­­­­C­­­­O­­­­M f­­­­o­­­­r­­­­ ­­­­3 y­­­­e­­­­a­­­­r­­­­s n­­­­o­­­­w. ­­­­W­­­­e­­­­ ­­­­l­­­­o­­­­v­­­­e ­­­­­­­­t­­­­h­­­­e s­­­­e­­­­r­­­­v­­­­i­­­­c­­­­e, ­­­­nf­­­­l­­­­t­­­­­­­­v­­­­n­­­­o­­­­w m­­­­a­­­­k­­­­e­­­­s ­­­­i­­­­t e­­­­a­­­­s­­­­y­­­­ ­­­­t­­­­o­­­­ w­­­­a­­­­t­­­­c­­­­h T­­­­V ­­­­a­­­­n­­­­y­­­­ ­­­­w­­­­h­­­­e­­­­r­­­­e­­­­. ­­­­W­­­­e­­­­ ­­­­a­­­­r­­­­e­­­­ ­­­­a­­­­b­­­­l­­­­e­­­­ ­­­­t­­­­o­­­­ ­­­­w­­­­a­­­­t­­­­c­­­­h­­­­ ­­­­n­­­­f­­­­l­­­­t­­­­v­­­­n­­­­o­­­­w­­­­ ­­­­a­­­­t­­­­ ­­­­h­­­­o­­­­m­­­­e, ­­­­w­­­­o­­­­r­­­­k­­­­ ­­­­a­­­­n­­­­d­­­­ ­­­­w­­­­h­­­­e­­­­n­­­­ ­­­­w­­­­e­­­­ ­­­­g­­­­o­­­­ ­­­­c­­­­a­­­­m­­­­p­­­­i­­­­n­­­­g­­­­.­­­­ ­­­­L­­­­o­­­­v­­­­e­­­­ ­­­­I­­­­T­­­­!

  1. Would only disagree on WR’s. They were better than a C+. Kyle J with one of the great catches of the season. Key catches by Bourne, Samuels, Kittle, Goodwin and the game winner by Pettis in traffic..

    1. Except Kyle Juszczyk isn’t a WR don, hes a fullback, so I tend to agree with Grant’s C+ grade for the WR’s. It was sure good to see Pettis come up big at the end of the game though, maybe Kyle’s tough love is having the desired effect on the kid. Let’s hope Hurd can bring a different element to the receiving corp, and that Deebo continues to develop, while Pettis continues to show a sense of urgency like we saw at the end of the game today.

  2. Huge win, no matter how they achieved it. One way you can tell Garappolo is a keeper: his game-winning pass to Pettis was absolutely decisive. He anticipated a window, and Pettis went to the ball. That’s quick processing, and a good sign of things to come. Nice win, guys!

  3. What a game! Definitely frustrating to watch, I turned it off several times only to turn it back on again and see we made some plays to take back the lead.

    I know Skule had 2 holding calls, other than that how did he look? I didn’t notice him, it seemed like pressure cam from the opposite side surprisingly.

  4. I don’t think JG deserves an A for that performance, as he was at least partly culpable for four of the five turnovers (including the one off James – he’s the one dictating the snap). But he definitely delivered when it mattered and stood up well against a lot of pass rush pressure throughout the game.

    1. All great points. JG made a poor decision on the INT, the fumble off James was horrible execution, not sure what happened on the handoff that was fumbled.

      In the end, JG absorbed the punishment and delivered when necessary.

      1. There was no handoff on that play. Jimmy never got to touch that ball because it hit James before it reached Jimmy. It was a timing mistake. James timing was off. He was either too early or too late. I don’t think it was a direct snap to James because he did not seem to be ready for the ball. This fumble was not on Jimmy. However, he did not deserve an A because he made a lot of other mistakes. Grant, you are setting the bar too low for Jimmy this season. Perhaps you are compensating for your ealier criticism of him.

  5. Fair grades. I think a little high for Jimmy G.

    Deebo showed his potential by going up for that catch and taking it away from the defender. He will make that catch as he grows into the position.

    Saleh should have committed a safety over the top when Verrett came in; everyone knew they would throw at him. The safety was fooled by Rudolph’s pump fake to the left, but the safety has to know that is coming. Other than that, Saleh called a great game. Defensive line was solid.

    Offensive execution is still not there. The play calling is stellar. The talent level is there. But execution, like with the jet sweep, the bobbled pitch to RM, and a couple of other plays, like the shovel passes, still needs work. It’s so great to see this offense drive down the field and score TDs in the fourth quarter though. Something we all miss these last few years.

    Good letters Grant.

    1. Crappy performance. Too many unforced errors. Seattle and LA will destroy the 49ers if they play like that again.

      We got lucky.

      1. Gotta disagree with you on the Cleveland tradition. The Browns tradition ended when Art Modell moved them to Baltimore and since then the new franchise has had two winning seasons and one playoff appearance since their revival in 1999 and their uniforms are pretty much like the quality of their play. Interestingly there is another franchise which began at the same time as the original Browns in the All America Conference and whose current owners reside in Ohio and took over the team around the same time as the Browns revival and who have managed to produce similar dismal results for their “traditional” franchise. But like the Browns, that’s about to change.

        1. They are a new franchise that inherited the old. I think the Browns have embraced the hiatus. I didn’t like it but I think they are ok with it. I also think the team has a curse it has yet to shake off.

          1. Btw, whine, wouldn’t the same argument apply to the SC 49ers??

            I certainly look forward to the day they move back but it doesn’t vacate their history. Model lost rights over the Cleveland legacy. That was the deal. Cleveland preserved it.

      2. The Browns uniforms are brown(h)/white(a) unis, white numbers, orange or white pants, and the orange helmet/white facemask. No naval ship shadowing (they did have drop shadows in the 40s), no junior high school “Cleveland” written across the chest and “Browns” down the leg, no black, no orange on the uni except the arm stripe, etc.

        What they have now is trash and has zero connection to their traditional look, and those great teams of the 80s and 50s/60s.

        The team is actually changing their uni’s after this year, they hate them so much they petitioned the league to allow them to wear their ColorRush unis’ more than the allowed 3 games.

        1. My recollection is that the Browns under Paul Brown were the first NFL team to wear their road uniforms at home (which meant both home and away). While I’m sure there were exceptions, I can only recall a very few times ever seeing them in their home uniforms with the brown jerseys and brown socks – It was all white with the orange helmets (and no logo). I guess today’s look could be called going from one extreme to the other. The Cowboys during Tom Landry’s reign also made it a practice to wear their white away uniforms leading some NFL opponents to opt to wear their away uniforms at home in order to jinx the Cowboys by making them wear their home uniforms on the road.

    1. No! Because it was a bad decision. If Pettis does not step in front of the corner, it’s an interception and they lose the game. It was a really good play by Pettis on a pass that should not have been made. Jimmy is certainly getting a lot of love from Grant and the fans. He did make enough plays to get the win, but he did not deserve an A. That leaves nowhere to go when he has a better game which is certainly capable of.

      Also, I felt that some of you were too down on Pettis for not giving enough effort during practice and preseason. I think he is concerned about getting injured but would give his all when it actually counted. Which is sort of smart?

      1. Nonsense. Sometimes in football you need to throw into a window and trust your guy will make a play. Mullens doesn’t have that mindset, which is why the Niners need Jimmy to be what they hope he is to be in contention for titles. Mullens will get better with time, but you don’t win games by just making safe throws.

    2. ruben49 says:
      September 22, 2019 at 7:55 pm
      Mullens could not/would not make that throw.

      And you know this how? You seem thirsty to be right about something.
      On any play that QB could be leading this team. To discredit him on very little playing time is asinine.

  6. Total trap game that they fell face first right into but managed to pull them selves out of. Ridiculous gut check the 49ers just passed.

    This defense is looking better than the Harbaugh defense from any season he was here. The pressure our front 4 brings is intense. Got another young QB for them to sink their teeth into against the Browns on Monday night.

    Feels good to be a 49ers fan!

    1. Settle down. Not as good as the harbaugh defense yet, not close. At one point they had 6 all pros. Think about that for a second.

      1. The Harbaugh defense was good but nothing compared to the 1984 team. All four of the secondary made the Pro Bowl along with five defensive linemen who were All-Pro at one time during their career and 2 Pro Bowl linebackers. They finished 18-1.

        1. True! People seem to forget how good the Niner defense was back then. It was the defense that was the difference in respect to their success. Montana was a part of it, but he is given entirely too much credit for their SB runs. Their offense was always good even before Montana took over. Their defense went to another level one the acquired Dean and Renolds through free agency and drafted that great DB group. For example, Montana threw 3 interceptions in that “Catch” NFC championship game against Dallas, but the still won.

  7. A very fair assessment, Grant. Great write up.

    After rewatching the touchdown pass to Pettis, I have to admit, my initial take was wrong. I thought JG got lucky after staring down Pettis and throwing into triple coverage. Actually, he does scan his reads, or is perhaps subtly looking off the defender, it’s just hard to tell. It was a ballsy throw that showed trust in Pettis. I also think the deep pass to Deebo was actually a great pass and also showed JG’s trust in Deebo to make the play. I think he’s developing some great chemistry with his receivers and the best is yet to come. I really like how he’s spreading the ball around, getting everyone involved. I can’t wait to see what KS draws up for Trent Taylor and Jalen Hurd once they’re back in the lineup!

  8. Maybe the A is high for garaps but at the same time Grant appears to reward qbs that play to win and not those are too safe or plays to not lose. If any one watched Grants periscope he was right on how their would be struggles, my own counter points were, he did not count on the Niners getting any breaks, rawness of the steeler qb, and the effect of being at home. But give Grant credit, Steelers did everything to win and it was a struggle!

  9. Forgive me for tiptoeing on hallowed ground, but the last time I remember the team overcoming this many turnovers, and have our Italian-American QB throw the winning 5 yard TD with about a minute left, then the DL sealing the game after that with a sack was…well…you know.

      1. SY, the stakes obviously weren’t as high, and no legendary status is attached to this Niners team (yet), but the game flow, and especially denouement, was eerily similar.

        1. Perhaps but the teams aren’t comparable. That was my point.

          Look, this was an important win for the franchise (no matter how it came). As I repeatedly stated last year, bad teams find a way to lose and good teams find a way to win. Bad teams make excuses and good teams find luck. This was a very ugly win. And they proved that people should take notice.

          My chums who watch 49er games with me were decrying that the team doesn’t get respect and they are 2-0. I told them that the team needs to prove it before they get it (that’s why we aren’t featured in NFL game gear commercials either). In the 80s and early 90s everyone talked about the 49ers.

          1. In the 80s and early 90s everyone talked about the 49ers

            That team that everyone talked about had to come out of somewhere. And no one was talking about that ‘81 team 3 games into the season, a team that had won a total of 10 games the previous 3 seasons (also sound familiar? 😏😎 ).

            1. Like I said, very different circumstances. If the Steelers were the same as the ones the 81 team faced, we likely would have lost. And the 81 team would have smoked this Steelers team.

              You yourself said this team couldn’t win on the West coast. Without their starting QB and a rookie. This 49ers team should have destroyed the Steelers. Instead they got out with a close win. A good win but not the stuff of legend.

  10. It is hard to give a QB an A, that threw 2 interceptions. I would give him an A-.
    One player that really shined for me was Juice. He played lights out.

      1. Actually, Seb is correct up to a point. It wasn’t the picks (at least one wasn’t JGs fault, Breida bobbled the ball, And the other was a poor decision — at least one fumble, maybe 2 were JGs fault) that we’re problems but the fumbles. But he did redeem himself late. B would have been a good grade.

        And Juice and Kittle were the stars in my opinion too. Said as much in the thread.

        1. Nah. Considering the pressure jaws faced all game long, he delivered when the team absolutely needed it. And that was the difference in the game. Grant is right on here.

          1. Still, his QB rating wasn’t very good. JG had tremendous pressure throughout the game and he delivered a heck a throw late to win the game, but he still had mental errors that could have cost the game with a team that was moderately able to take advantage. That, to me, is a B.

            1. His rating was depressed by those two picks credited against him. Those weren’t the most accurate of throws, but what do they say about a pass where the receiver gets his hands on it?

              1. Like I said earlier, the fumbles are also a problem. They didn’t affect is QBR. They were in his preview. One of the INTs was a poor decision. The other was not his fault at all. On both, I felt the receiver could have done more.

                I credit JG with 2 TOs. You take your pick but he definitely was responsible for 2, perhaps 3. That is not an A outing. Especially when he only throws 1 TD.

            2. East, I gave JG an A-, because he did recover from all the turnovers, and led this team to victory. In many previous games, the Niners would have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
              I think B+ could also be a fair grade.

              1. Look, I’m as happy as anyone that the Niners won (a home opener, against a storied franchise, whose backs were against the wall, and has a very good defense- Minkah was a great pick up for them, btw).

                I think for the most part the game was won by the defense. JG was solid when he needed to be, but did not have a great game. A “B” in my view is a solid score. Above average. Very good. Which is the most I would give JG.

                The only players on offense that had great games were Juice (unexpected) and Kittle (who had the usual – and a great tackle to save a pick six by Fitzpatrick). Everyone else was average to below average, except JG who took hits and delivered when necessary.

    1. “One player that really shined for me was Juice. He played lights out.”

      During the game,I couldn’t help remebering Tom Rathman.

  11. I haven’t seen a 49er pass rush this good other than when Fred Dean was hot. 49ers D has always been bend but don’t break all the way. This D gets off the field. They are exciting especially if the offense can get its act together. When Hurd come back that may help until we get a legit top WR.

  12. Grant was mostly right on his don’t watch periscope, What he missed was the moxie or make up of this team’s chemistry, they will just find a way to win. This was evident in the TB game, they just found a way to win by believing in themselves.
    The only think this team knows is that they are guaranteed to win 3 games so far this season per Kittle.
    Jack Hammer ‘s prediction on 11 wins looks good. A lot better than your 6 wins.
    I’ll will worry about playoffs after the 16th game.
    Hope Witherspoon is back for Clev.

  13. Some people say that one of the marks of a good team is they figure out a way to win when they are not at their best. The Steelers have endured the l. Bell and A. Brown circus’s. This team has had internal turmoil for the better part of two years. Then, they lost their starting QB last week so they started a QB with basically no NFL experience. Pittsburg had NOTHING to lose except the game. The 49ers turned the ball over like 5 times and had issues with the C-QB exchange. Yet, when it was crunch time, they pulled it together and did what they had to do to win the ball game. The defense did what it needed to do until the offense could do what it had to do. If this season turns out as successful as we all hope, this game will be looked at as one that we learned a lot about the players and the coaches.

  14. Young team, still learning how to win, there is going to be growing pains. With this defense if the offense ever gets out of its own way consistently there is no telling how far this team could go.

  15. You do realize those two picks weren’t jimmys fault right? Breida dropped the pass and got intercepted. And the one to pettis he didn’t even try to fight for it. Pettis got it deflected and another pick. Can these please just stop with the BS and get jimmy a number one receiver? The o line is going to get jimmy killed as well. And also what I seen is going to be a trend: throw deep on us.

    1. A QB is blamed for a pick, even if it is not his fault.
      On the first one, he could have thrown a more catchable ball, it was not perfectly placed.
      On the second one, he forced it into coverage.
      JG also fumbled a snap, and the timing was off on James’s fly sweep, so it hit him in the facemask.
      Considering that the Steelers led the league in sacks, I thought the protection was OK. It was impressive to see raw rookie Skule do so well, until he was flagged a couple times.
      Teams will not have time to throw deep, because the pass rush is so ferocious. The Niners just need to get their FS to take better angles.

      1. The receivers are also blamed because you’re suppose to catch passes that you touch.

        The fumbled snap was the only thing you could blame on jimmy.

        The jet sweep call shouldn’t have been called in the first place being that close to the endzone. Any play like that that has a high margin of error shouldn’t have been considered there.

        No the protection was not ok being that jimmy had instant pressure in his face at every snap or he was getting slammed. He interior line was already suspect and not surprisingly mcglinchy was the one who was giving up the pressures. He’s the one who got jimmy hurt last year in the first place by allowing pressure. Mcglinchy sucks at pass pro.

        And yes teams will have time to throw because Ben wasn’t even playing in the game. While it was a good win the teams we beat are a combined what 1-8? Not much to get excited about. We faced trash Winston. Dalton without aj green and mason Rudolph who made his first start today. Defense has hardly been tested up to this point.

        1. In the NFL stats, JG has 2 interceptions. Sure, it bounced off Breida’s hands, but it still counts against JG, no matter what. JG could have thrown a ball that was more catchable, and hit him in stride.
          I agree about the jet sweep. they should have given the ball to Wilson up the gut.
          I will concede that the O line protection could improve. Losing Staley was huge. However, before this game, JG has been relatively untouched.
          Sure, the Niners have beat up on some struggling teams, but KS is not giving back any of those wins. I am so proud of the Niner defense. Forced to defend from within FG range, they gave up only 6 points. The Niners beat teams they were supposed to beat. If they can stop shooting themselves in the foot, they can become relevant again.

        2. While it was a good win the teams we beat are a combined what 1-8? Not much to get excited about

          No? Last couple of years Niners would have been in that 1-8 group.

          What it means is that they are beating the teams they are supposed to beat, when it comes to the higher echelon teams we’ll just have to see. And who in the NFC is looking unbeatable at this point in the season? I’m not seeing any, I think the conference could really be up for grabs this year.

          1. Also, had the 49ers lost each of the first three games, the 49ers’ opponents would be 4-4 collectively.

            It’s like when you hear stats like “of teams starting 0-2, only 17% make the playoffs”. Of course, the geniuses pointing this out never mention that teams that start out 0-2 mostly suck in the first place, so why shouldn’t they start 0-2? The odd good team that starts 0-2 is in a hole, but may be able to dig themselves out. Hence the 17% playoff number (or whatever the percentage is).

      2. The ball did hit Pettis in the hands on the INT. I thought it was pretty well placed. In the NFL, if you don’t throw into coverage you will rarely complete a pass. I thought the defender made a great play by hitting Pettis’ arms just as the ball arrived. After that the ball just happened to bounce the defense’s way.

        1. Looking at it again, it should have been thrown lower, so Pettis could have shielded the ball away from the defender.
          I sure liked his TD pass. Pettis fought for the ball.

      3. The Niners just need to get their FS to take better angles. yes or get a REAL FSafety….and another CB Verrett is fkn terrible. Yes JimmyP has problems …. he is not a sound QB yes has a lot to prove

        1. Not realistic ones…

          To say your team is better than it is just wishing. To support them even while they suck and hope they win (even when you know they will likely lose) is what fans do.

          I show up and cheer for my team, but when others asked for my view I give it to them.

          Today, I told my friends we were fortunate that Pittsburgh didn’t score a touchdown on those turnovers. Would have been a very different game. This isn’t because I hate or dislike the Niners but because another opponent may have made it a miserable afternoon. I also said, “a win is a win”.

            1. Fine…I’m sure they are on the cusp of a SB run!

              Every fan wants to recapture the glory of yesterday, including myself, except this team is different and the eras are different.

              Last time they started 3-0 was 1998. What did the Niners do that year? That was the year Young was forced into retirement. There are eery similarities too: Opening game close, then a blow out. No one makes comparisons to the years the 49ers came up short.

              We only make comparisons to years the Niners were successful, which is not realistic.

              1. You need a 49ers history lesson.

                Young’s injury occurred in 1999.

                The 1998 team finished 12-4, beat GB on The Catch II and then lost to Atlanta in the Divisional round.

              2. No one makes comparisons to the years the 49ers came up short.

                Sure, root for the team to come up empty at the end of the year? WTF kind of fan does that? A “realistic” one maybe? Why bother being a fan in the first place?

              3. It’s not realistic to think that this team will be like the 81 team. That’s all I’m saying.

                You want them to go to a SB. I want them to go to a SB. All the fans here want that. Same for the other 32 teams. Every fan wants their team to win.

              4. I’m not saying they are getting into the SB and are going to pound the Pats or Chiefs (though anything is possible, no?), but I think, for the first time in years, the division, and conference is wide open. I haven’t seen a single NFC team that looks unbeatable. No juggernaut Saints, Vikings or Seahawks, clink is no longer the field of death. Packers haven’t impressed. Cowpokes and Rams are 3-0, but put them to the sour “who have they beaten?” test. We’ll know more in a few weeks whether I’m delusional or realistic.

              5. Where did I say the 49ers are “on the cusp of a SB run”?

                What I am saying, is that few (if any) were predicting a SB win for the 49ers, at this point, in that season. There were plenty of naysayers claiming the 49ers’ success after three games was a mirage, etc.

                The truth is, none of us know what this season holds. If you want to think the 49ers aren’t very good, go ahead. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic and look forward to a possible spot in the playoffs and then, who knows?

  16. On his postgame report, Grant made his mea culpas. He admitted he was wrong about the Steeler game, the Ravens beating the Chiefs, and now has admitted he is wrong about his 6 win prediction.
    I will now say that JG is undoubtedly the best QB, because he showed that he has recovered from his ACL. He took many hits, but still played well. He may have thrown 2 more picks, but he led the Niners to victory. I wondered before if JG had fully recovered from ACL surgery, yet he showed that he is able to withstand hits and sacks. There was even a violent hit that knocked his helmet askew.
    I would not give the Coaches an A. Sure, they overcame adversity, and did not get flustered, but they need to prepare the players better. Ball security should be highly stressed in their upcoming meetings. They also wasted time outs like a drunken sailor. After one time out, JG threw an interception. After another time out, there was a fumbled snap. Wasting those time outs was counter productive. I would give the coaching an A-.

      1. Maybe with the coaches acting like drunken sailors, the players decided to play like drunken sailors. In the Bengals game, they called a time out. Next play, an interception. This game, after wasting 2 time outs, they threw a pick and fumbled the ball.
        Maybe they should realize that wasting time outs and getting out of rhythm is counter productive.

        1. Sebs, time outs are meant for using them when you need them-who is to say they didn’t need them? None of us are in the huddle………… You don’t win anything by having more time outs than the other team at the end of the game.

    1. JimmyP the best?? HMM well he sure was on his back a lot…..team still looks confused on offense a lot….a lot of it is JimmyP …. he is still a new QB to the league

  17. We did not give up !!!

    1. Our front 7 is the top 10 if not top 5. No sacks for Bosa, but he was in the thick of things all afternoon. Welcome back Ford. Kwon – bad ass. Buckner – All Pro.
    2. Verret not ready to come back just yet.
    3. The obvious – we must clean up turnovers. Sign up Mostert for ball protection drills. Work on C/ QB exchange. No cute plays in the redzone.
    4. Pettis made a huge catch but I think he is the 5th best receiver. Deebo , Goodwin and Richie in the slot should be starters. Work Jalen Hurd in when he returns.
    5. We hung in and won a game we were supposed to win. Let’s get healthy and beat the Browns.

    6. Oh and 3 Strange Days is 3-0 assuming David Montgomery doesn’t throw up 38 points tomorrow.

    1. No respect yet. Maybe annihilating the Browns on Monday night (like last year’s game against the Raiders) will bring it back?

      Browns are even more undisciplined than us and lead the league in Penalties. Kyle should have a good game plan for Myles Garrett.

      1. If this team embarrasses the Rams and beats the Seahawks then they will get respect. Until then, we can beast teams but won’t get the respect every 49ers fan thinks they deserve. One has to earn the title before it is handed to you.

        Let me put it to you this way, NO won a lot of games before they were given respect. Atlanta and Carolina both get very little (deservedly so, btw). Teams that get more respect than they deserve (Philly – who had to win a SB before anyone took it hem seriously).

        Look at the Bills. They are 3-0 and no one really takes them seriously. Or Detroit. Dallas they do, NE they do, Rams, Seahawks as well. There is a reason.

        Suppose the Raiders were 3-0 right now, would anyone take them seriously?

          1. Because no one expects the Bills to be there. There were pundits that said this would be a playoff team. It is currently meeting the low threshold. When the team makes an impressive win against an opponent that they should have lost to, the talking heads will notice.

  18. A few things…
    The Fact That it was a fake jet sweep and not a designed direct snap to the running back makes me a bit more relaxed with the final turnover play call. Still someone screwed up royally in that case… be it the Richburg, Jimmy or James.

    Jimmy was good but I couldn’t give him an A. He played very well given the amount of pressure he faced. He was more responsible for the low number of sacks than the Oline, who seemed to be olay blocking most of the day in pass pro.
    I’m not blaming him that much for all the turnovers but I think he’s likely partially responsible for 2 of them and I can’t give any qb an A grade who coughs up the ball more than once.

      1. I was listening to John Chapman’s podcast after the game.
        He stated that they showed that the fumble exchange between Jimmy and the center was on Richburg. The two int’s were not great throws but they did hit he wr’s in the hands. ( I gave him a pass on the Breida pick because while it was not a good pass it was not a dangerous one. I also fault him the for the Pettis Pick for the opposite reason even though it was a better pass placement wise it was a more dangerous pass.)
        That said he faulted Jimmy for the fumble on the fake jet sweep because he needs to call for the snap sooner, when the man in motion reaches the tackle ( he called for it when the man in motion was over the guard ).

        That said he fought through it, and played well when he had too.

        Kyle the HC did not have a great game as his team appeared nervous and not ready for the play. Kyle the OC, called a great game. They moved the ball well and scored in the red zone. If his players didn’t constantly cough up the ball for no reason, this game would have been a laugher.

        1. Yeah, he’s not to blame for Breida’s INT but he certainly is for the second (very bad judgement). The fumbles, he had control of when the ball is snapped and wasn’t ready for the two but may have been responsible for one vs. two.

          1. The 2nd INT wasn’t that bad either – yes, risky pass and because of that it is on JG, but it hit Pettis. Ideally the ball is located a little closer to Pettis so he doesn’t need to reach out in traffic, but Pettis has to at least knock that ball down.

            1. Pettis could (should) have caught it , but the pass was a very risky throw. That is why it is a poor decision. He wasn’t set and reeling.

              A few plays later under similar circumstances he threw the ball away. He learned. No biggie, but it was still a poor decision.

        1. Okay, and if not for the Niners they’d be 4-5 and we’d be talking about what a tough schedule we had to start with. These kinds of stats are meaningless this early in the season. Seattle beat the same teams up till last week and had a much thinner margin of victory. Do you think they’re complaining about being 2-1?

          1. No they aren’t, but no one is complaining here. Perspective isn’t the same as complaining.

            The 49ers have won 3 games. Haven’t don’t that in a long, long time. Something to celebrate, yes.

            To say this team is super bowl bound or even post season bound is still premature.

            It is because as you noted, this early in the season these statistics are largely meaningless. But they are meaningless both ways.

            1. Who gives a rip? Seriously? This isn’t like they’re out of it and getting wins at the end of a lost season.

              They are winning the games they should win, and when the schedule toughens up later in the year they’ll have a cushion to fall back on.

              1. Some “fans” just can’t be happy, they have to complain. I wish they would just enjoy the moment, it may not last for a variety of reasons.

  19. I dont think we are pretenders…..

    Defense is consistent…..team culture is at its best…..HC is on point…

    They better extend Armstead now asap….and get to Buckner next…..then Blair….

    Breida and Mostert are great back up RBs…..they will easily fumble or get hurt….

    Kshanny is in beast mode with the offensive strategy……we might lose a game or two for trying to be too cute…

    Saleh has improved but needs more innovation….he relys on the bend don’t break philosophy…..playing man on that juju TD was unnecessary…..we shld be playing more 2 deep safeties – the lb’ s are doing a gud job against the run…i rarely see the safeties in tackles…

    Offensive line is good…..their play is directly linked Kshanny play calling…….looks like we have a reliable back up LT ….if he stays consistent Skule will take over from Staley in 2yrs

    Kshanny….needs to stick with a starting wr….i have a feeling Kshanny wants Hurd to be his number 1….

    JimmyG is the real deal…..not a single doubt.

    Thank God the QB sneak is back in 49er football

    Not sure how i feel about Wilson Jr racking up tds …..great to see Kshanny make it more of a team game ….but c’mon at this rate Wilson might end up with 30tds end of season…..

    Next we rest…and get ready to dismantle the browns on MNF…..show the world we are contenders…..

  20. Give him whatever grade you want, Garoppolo had a rough start, but did a really good job of standing in the pocket and delivering some strikes with guys right in his face.

    Have a feeling the division will be decided in week 16 against LA.

    1. @Jack…

      We have a good defense….the speed and pressure by the DL has been consistent in 3 straight games…

      What in your opinion takes the Defense to Great?

      Guess DB would be the easy position to upgrade but is it necessary……

            1. Gotta agree with Jack on this one. He is not worth two first round picks.
              And the money.
              Especially when we have Buckner and maybe Armstead to resign.

              1. The more they wait and he becomes a distraction,the price goes down.
                He’s worth a 1st no doubt. We have the salary cap space to fit him and those other guys you mentioned. And looking ahead, we have to draft a corner next year anyways.
                Point is this is a top 5 defense winning games nonetheless.
                You get a guy like him, and he puts you maybe in the best defense in the league category.

              2. Their cap space next year is limited, about $27 mil overall with about $10 going to draft picks. Signing Ramsey takes up the rest. Giving up their 1st next year means they have no picks in rounds 1 or 2. A rookie brought in to backup Sherman and Witherspoon will cost about 1/4 or 1/3 that of Ramsey.

                It’s better to play the long game here.

              3. Well if they don’t have a 1st or 2’nd you don’t 10 million to sign your draft picks. That number now becomes 5 maybe.
                With the amount of cap space being able to be differed or restructured, and going up, creatively you can sign all your picks and guys you need to extend.
                The days of teams in salary cap hell are over.
                Ramsey is worth the price and the headache. He will come into a great team culture and probably will work with the team if it means winning.

              4. Trading a first for Ramsey would be a no brainer but the Jags aren’t trading him for that. As far as the cap goes, they can transfer unused cap from this year to next year and the cap will go up again as well. They have to resign Buckner to a big deal but they aren’t going to have Armstead or Thomas for the long term who are taking up a big amount of cap room. You can find ways to sign big time players and they could for Ramsey but I don’t see it happening. Some team will give up a lot more him in trade or the Jags will just refuse to trade him outright.

              5. OC,

                That is with the cap increase and rollover included.


                They only have 43 players under contract so that needs to be figured in, and the $10 mil number already accounted for there being no 2nd rounder.

                “The days of teams in salary cap hell are over.”

                Unless the team makes moves like this. Deferring salaries is what caused their cap issues of the early 2000’s.

              6. No one is giving up 2, 1st round picks for him. Especially with a new contract that he is asking.
                A 1st is a fair deal.

                Deferring salaries and restructuring contracts is way easier than it use to be as signing bonus and guaranteed money basically allows teams tremendous amount of flexibility.
                Besides we have the best guy in the NFL working our cap.
                As for the roster, even if we have only 43 players under contract, there will be many that won’t be back.
                This team has shown it’s ready to win now and a corner like Ramsey fills a need now and in the next few years when our best corner will be moving on.
                It’s worth the investment and easily fits financially in our cap structure.
                Now does the team want to part with the picks and the attitude he brings?

              7. “As for the roster, even if we have only 43 players under contract, there will be many that won’t be back.”

                And for every additional cut that’s another player you’re adding. The cap numbers don’t work for the direction of this team.

                You’re basically wanting them to steal from Peter to pay Paul. That’s not how they do business.

              8. Jack every year there is roster turnover. With that you lose bad contracts and you gain flexibility.

                The cap numbers do work for this team. We just identified the number and with the cap going up every year, structuring and differing money, Ramsey is a piece that works.

                This team is different from years past. The plan is working interms of building it through the draft and supplementing via free agency or trade.
                Now Ramsey fills a big need and his money and price can work.

                You are making it sound like the Niners have zero cap space, zero draft pick capital and talent at the position waiting in the wings to take over.
                Sherm is done 2-3 years. Mosley, DJ Reid, Moore are not ready to be every day starters.
                This is a move the 49ers should jump all over!

              9. “You are making it sound like the Niners have zero cap space,”

                They’re going to use their cap to keep the guys they’ve invested in. That’s the best move.

                “zero draft pick capital”

                They don’t have a 2nd, so trading the 1st would be a bad idea.

                “and talent at the position waiting in the wings to take over.”

                This is a talented roster. That’s why I had them as a 9 win team last year and have them as an 11 win team this year.

                Every time a big name guy is available there’s a group of folks that think the 49ers need to make a move. They don’t see the talent that’s already in place.

                Folks were stoked about the Verrett signing. How’d that work yesterday? With the game on the line they benched him for Moseley and it worked.

                For a guy that keeps talking about others needing to eat crow you don’t seem to have quite the faith you preach about.

              10. “For a guy that keeps talking about others needing to eat crow you don’t seem to have quite the faith you preach about“
                You know what I’ve learnt about you. When you are wrong and don’t like to hear what you want, you get agitated easily. Some thing you should work on.

                Ok. For draft capital, you always want to have your early round picks. Giving up a 2nd for Ford and a 1st for Ramsey is a no brainer. No one in the draft next year is as good as those guys and both guys are just entering their prime of their careers.
                When you look at the roster it’s young and there are guys coming up to extend, but again there are plenty of guys you can restructure, differ, and manage with the cap going up and the current salary cap number.

                There is talent on this roster but not in the secondary. And no one with the skill set of Jalen Ramsey.
                He’s better than Richard Sherman.

                It seems to a lot of doubters like you that need to understand the concept of brick by brick. They’ve done that through the draft. You know the process that you said was taking too long?
                Now that they’ve built through the draft they can supplement via trade or free agency.

                You keep telling me the Niners can’t or should not do this deal but your points are irrelevant as to why not.
                Hers why:
                1. Any first round pick next year won’t be as good as Ramsey.
                And we need a corner.

                2. Jimmie Wards 9 million, and McKinnon’s money, give that to Ramsey.

                3. Mosley as your starting corner? Please. Who else can take over on this roster for Sherm in the best few years?

              11. Thank you for the psychoanalysis, but you’re wrong.

                “1. Any first round pick next year won’t be as good as Ramsey.
                And we need a corner.”

                True, but if they were to use their 1st on a corner he’d likely need to beat out Sherman or Witherspoon to start, and if he does that he’d be about $10 mill less than Ramsey.

                “2. Jimmie Wards 9 million, and McKinnon’s money, give that to Ramsey.”

                Ward’s contract is only $4.5 mill and he’s not on the books for next year. McKinnons contract carries $4 mill in dead cap. These 2 moves save a total of $4.8 mill.

                3. Mosley as your starting corner? Please. Who else can take over on this roster for Sherm in the best few years?

                You know Moseley won’t continue to improve? We’ll see. My comment to OC was about how they handle things if Witherspoon misses time this year.

                You keep bringing up brick by brick. Moseley is one of those bricks for this year. Trust in the roster they built. It’s pretty good.

              12. If the Niners draft a corner next year in the 1st round he will have the opportunity to beat out Sherm and Spoon. That’s a good thing.
                But it’s also a very unknown that he will be able to. If he can’t, he plays situationally. Not a good thing.
                Ramsey, however, becomes your instant lock down corner for the next 5-8 years. He’s proven. Costs you more, but fully guaranteed.

                As for the money, even if Wards contract isn’t on the books, it’s money you can allocate to Ramsey. And with that, there are probably others. Point is you can work Ramsey into their cap.
                You are basically saying they have no money to spend. They do and Praage has demonstrated that he can work miracles with the cap.

                “You keep bringing up brick by brick. Moseley is one of those bricks for this year. Trust in the roster they built. It’s pretty good.

                That’s so ironic you say that because in the summer you said Lynch could not draft and now the roster is “pretty good”. Funny how that works hey Jack.
                Mosley might get better but would you rather play LA in the NFC championship game with him or Ramsey?

              13. “You are basically saying they have no money to spend.”

                No that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying they should allocate their cap resources to keep the guys already on their roster. Guys like Buckner, Kittle, Breida. Armstead, and Witherspoon.

                By the time they get to LA for the championship game Witherspoon will be healthy.

              14. And they will allocate resources to sign those guys.
                Not all of them are 20-25 million dollar players.

                A guy like Ramsey is a guy who will solidify your secondary. He takes over for Sherm in a couple years being the leader and is a key piece in what might be a playoff year and more in the next few years.

                Corners, pass rushers, and offensive tackles you break the bank for. But as the Niners have demonstrated, they have a good handle on their plan.
                Brick by Brick baby!

              15. It’s not a matter what the team decides. It’s you pointing out that they should not because of their cap situation and roster which I’ve identified as being more than capable.
                The only reason the Niners probably won’t make that trade is because of the 2 first round picks JKV wants. Other than that, it’s a deal that makes sense in every which way for them.

              16. “The only reason the Niners probably won’t make that trade is because of the 2 first round picks JKV wants.”

                No kidding. That’s one of the reasons I’ve stated all along.

            2. No,what you have stated all along was the Niners don’t need his talent, don’t have the salary cap space or the reason to trade a 1st.

              No player is worth 2, 1st round picks. That price will come down.

              1. Whatever you say….

                “Jack Hammer says:
                September 17, 2019 at 10:54 am
                You pass on Ramsey for the same reason you pass on guys like Williams or Gordon.

                There are core guys coming due that are more important, and quite frankly the upside of the player being acquired isn’t much higher or a wash compared to who they’d be replacing.”

              2. This is the correct one about the picks necessary…..

                “Jack Hammer says:
                September 23, 2019 at 9:22 am
                He looks great as a Jaguar. No need to give up the picks Jacksonville wants or the cash he wants.”

              3. Well, if I’m wrong so is this. “The only reason the Niners probably won’t make that trade is because of the 2 first round picks JKV wants.” Since I basically said the same thing at 9:22 this morning.😂😂😂

                And whether you agree or not, the only way I’m wrong is if they do the deal.

                So we’ll see brotha.

              4. Wrong again. JKV doesn’t want to trade him cause they know his talent is too hard to find.
                That’s why their price is what it is.
                But if they back off that and ask for a 1st, the Niners have every means possible to make that deal.

                The reason you are wrong is cause you said the Niners don’t have the means to do it which is so far from the truth.

              5. I never said they don’t have the means to do it. I was explaining why they wouldn’t.

                It’s simple. They don’t want to give up the picks and they want to use the bulk of their cap space on their own stars.

                Holy smokes. Talk about going in circles. Whew!!

                “Jack Hammer says:
                September 23, 2019 at 9:22 am
                He looks great as a Jaguar. No need to give up the picks Jacksonville wants or the cash he wants.”

              6. You want the Niners to use their cap space for their own. They have the money to spend on him and their own.

                Any 1st round pick they take won’t be better than Ramsey.

                There is no current prospect or player on their roster ready to take over like Ramsey can or would.

                All 3 points you argued against. Thats why you are wrong.

              7. It doesn’t matter what Lynch does.
                The point is you debated all the reasons why the 49ers should not or can’t trade for Ramsey. And in all points you are wrong.

                What Lynch does is irrelevant because we have no idea what the parameters are in the deal.

                Sorry bud, you are incorrect on this one.

              8. Oh I see. Now it’s why Lynch won’t do it versus why it’s not right for the organization. There is no difference. The points stay the same.

              9. It always was.

                And like I said. We will see what Lynch does.

                Looking forward to catching up at the Browns game.

              10. You never once brought up Lynch, and how that relates to the team is the exact same.
                The points you argued are the same for the team and Lynch and once again, they are all wrong.
                The team, Lynch and even the water boys employed by the Niners have every reason to make the deal work with the Jags as long as it’s not 2 first round picks.
                All your argumentative points are wrong.

                As for the Browns game, changed our plans. SF is a dump now.
                Going to NO. But if your ever up in Alberta, Canada, give me a holler. I can make you look wrong just about anywhere!

  21. For those of you who choose to minimize the 49ers 3-0 start and not revel in even a bit of optimism, here’s something to consider:

    Teams with an -3 TO differential in a given game, lose that game 88% of the time, yet the 49ers overcame their mistakes to win. This is indicative of good things to come. 11-5 or 12-4, barring major injury.

  22. These are the games Jimmy G needs for his development as a NFL QB — just his 13th game. Sherman was right when he said that this game helped this young team grow up.
    Meanwhile, Kyle Juszczyk is an OW or what ?!

  23. I’m guessing the young Buck Skule committed those holding penalties late in the game because of a little fatigue. He was pretty solid early. Don’t think he’s in game shape just yet.

    Disagree with the INT. I didn’t see the ball being floated, watching the game again and in person I saw a defender strapped to Pettis’ back and a ripped ball that should have been caught. The “almost INT” wa simply Jimmy throwing the ball up for his receiver to get
    He said himself he does that for his receiver to fight for the ball.
    I’d bet he thought Deebo could win that battle and was right, to bad he couldn’t bring it in.

    Personally I’m still not fully sold on this team.
    This should have been a blowout.
    And we can never watch a game without three major problems rearing their ugly heads again and again.
    Penalties in the red zone
    And turnovers.
    With that said this could and should have been a blowout going the other way.
    Showed heart to stick in there and get the win.
    But these mental mistakes are a serious problem. 3 years and nothing has really changed in this area. That’s gotta stop for this team to be considered a legit threat for a super bowl or even a deep playoff run.
    Overall I’d give the team a C+.
    And only because the defense kept them in the game and the O scored when they had too.
    I will give Shanahan this…. they had four issues coming into the season. The fourth being the red zone scoring. That’s improved. It’s nice not seeing Gould a lot in the red zone scoring for the team.
    Gritty and ugly win. Every good team has them and this young team needs those kind of wins to put under their belt.

  24. It feels like some of us on this blog feel guilty about yesterday’s win–9ers should’a lost, no? Let’s just give the win to the Steelers–if only that could be done. Perhaps the league could establish a Game Outcome Justice crew. If the crew–present at every game–determines that a team didn’t deserve to win (whatever that means), the win is awarded to the team that should’a won. Bingo. All is right.

    A win is a win. Take it and move on. Work to improve on-field execution/decision making and player health. MNF in two weeks.

    1. Frm , a team that can only convert that many gifts into 6 measly points deserves nothing. The Steelers will end up in the division cellar this year. Yeah yeah I know this bolsters Sours cliche”who have the Niners beaten?” I guess they will just have to pretend themselves into the playoffs.

      1. Yup. The league draws up the schedule–not the 9ers. Each of the other 31 teams assemble their squads as they see fit to play their type of ball–again, the 9ers have no say. The 9ers line up and play no matter what team is put before them. Horribly ugly win or a spectacular 77 – zip blowout, wins–sans style points–are tallied and the season moves on. Take wins when you get ’em.

        Learn from poor prep and execution. Work to get healthy. And play.

        1. The game against the Steelers should serve as a warning to the rest of the NFL. The 49ers destroyed the Steelers in every way except TO differential and score. If not for two long passes for TDs, the Steelers gained only 1.2 yards per play. Pretty much everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, and yet the 49ers still prevailed.

          1. Ex, what’s getting me are these observations that “…the Niners better not expect to win against good teams while giving up the ball this many times….” like this is a normal and regular thing. I ask, how often have you seen the team do this? More than once a season? Decade? Generation?

            1. Last season they had a 5 turnover and 4 turnover game in the month of October.

              Both at home. Must be something about Levi’s. Maybe they’re too tight.

            2. Exactly, Rib.

              If they do make a habit out of 4 and 5 TO games, then they’ll be in trouble. I just don’t believe they will. Even if the 49ers only go 7-6 the rest of the way, they’ll be 10-6. After their 3-0 start, 9-7 has to be the new floor, with 12-4 being their new ceiling.

    2. After the last 5-6 years I’ll take any win this team gets… Winning these types of games will only make them tougher and tougher they’ll be when they don’t make the mistakes they made yesterday. When this team isn’t beating themselves watch out.

  25. This game just proved how ridiculous those who had Pittsburgh winning are, including Grant. Despite 5 turnovers the Niners won because they are a vastly superior team which should have been abundantly clear.

    1. I disagree. The Steelers absolutely should have won a game in which they had a +3 TO margin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super proud of this team this year. They believe, and continue to believe, even when backed up against a wall. We ARE a vastly superior team. But, unforced errors nearly cost us a game against a team with exactly ONE proven offensive weapon. It should have been a total blowout. Hats off to the Defensive, especially that nasty Gold Rush D-line rotation. and the heat seeking missile that is KWON, oh, and I see you Arik Armistead!! CLUTCH AF!

      Also proud of Jimmy. He kept the offensive personnel in a positive state of mind. It wasn’t pretty at times. But hats off to Jimmy, Kyle and the rest of the offense for not finger-pointing and folding up after adversity. ARETE!!

      Keep believing. These guys have an opportunity to be Special.
      GO NINERS!

      1. Cohn is wrong about pretty much everything he writes and says so it’s not surprising he’s eating so much crow today and saying how wrong he was. Also not surprising are all the miserable people who continue to find reasons to be depressed with a 3-0 team. Each football game is it’s own entity and go many different ways. It doesn’t really matter how you win as long as you win. There are going to be ugly games in a season for pretty much every team. The Niners had a terrible run of turnovers yesterday with sloppy play, but won anyway. That’s because they were the superior team by quite a margin on both sides of the ball which is the lesson many are missing today while wallowing in their depression over the lack of style points. The offense turned the ball over 5 times and yet they still moved the ball up and down the field on a pretty good defense. That came a week after surgically destroying the Bengals. Meanwhile the Bengals have been very competitive with the two other teams they have played on the road including a division rival of ours. This 49er team hasn’t even scratched the surface of what they can be a few weeks from now and they are winning anyway. Cohn will never get it because he’s a prisoner of the moment and can’t get past hot takes, but fans of this team should start getting very excited. They have talent on both sides of the ball and will only get better as the season wears on.

    2. More like it showed that people thinking this Steelers team was still good were off base. The 49ers nearly lost it even though they are the better team, so anyone saying the Steelers would win were pretty close to being right.

    1. No, the coaches wasted time outs like a drunken sailor, not the players.
      Guess you want the Niner Coaches to get drunk, and debrief players.

    2. I’m wondering why the NFL keeps hiring guys from the merchant marines that have clear trouble handling their alcohol around time pieces.

      I know Einstein talked about the elasticity of space time but had no idea that seamen were responsible for such accurate time records.

      Live and learn, I guess…

      1. Seamen are responsible for a lot of things–both good and baaaaaaad. History is shaped to a great extent by drunken seamen.

  26. Grant,
    As to K.S. “getting cute in the redzone” he didn’t call a jet sweep in the redzone, he called a fake jet sweep in the RZ. Just bad timing on the fake. It was supposed to be a hand off up the gut with the fake used to pull the D away from the middle.

      1. Yeah.. but at the same time there is no excuse for getting that timing wrong either. That was an execution issue, not a play calling issue.

      2. Disagree. So much of what we do is misdirection and dictating defensive matchups and framework. We run that stuff nonstop. We should be able to execute it no matter where on the field. By your rational 60- plus percent of our offensive shifts and misdirection are “unnecessary” risks, plus we’ve all given Shanahan crap for changing to conservative play calling in the red zone when what we do works between the 20’s. Don’t go conservative Kyle, you lost a super bowl doing that crap. You’re not gonna win Cohns praise no matter what. I will admit you are improving Cohn, but still just a role player.

    1. I’m with OC on this one.
      At first I wasn’t because I thought they were trying a direct handoff, but they were not.

      This is a pretty base play… you put the man in motion to keep the end from crashing down or racing upfield after the qb. I actually agree with Jack in preferring to having put Jimmy under center in that situation.

      Jimmy screwed up, he needs to call for the hike much sooner.
      That said, you have to trust your qb not to screw up these type of basic plays.

  27. A vastly superior team does not commit 5 turnovers. This game had its Keystone Kops moments.
    The Niners need to stop shooting themselves in the foot.
    The Niners should have dominated. The Steelers lost their Pro bowl QB, RB and WR. Instead, the Niners almost gave away the game. Sure, it is nice to beat up on poor teams, but the second half of the season is going to be a lot tougher.
    Those homers who think the Niners are above reproach, and should not be criticized, did not watch the same game as I did. I will provide constructive criticisms, because I want this team to improve. 5 turnovers was embarrassing. Wasting time outs so they can get in the perfect play, then having perfectly dreadful results, is all on the coaching.
    I do not care if the pundits are not giving the Niners any cred. They do not deserve it. I do not think the Niners need to feign weakness. Going 3-0 against 1-8 teams is nothing to crow about.
    Thankfully, the Niners have 2 weeks to heal up and get better. I hope they make some sober assessments, and shrewd adjustments. I especially hope the coaching will improve. They did not have the team playing focused, disciplined and in control.
    Still, I am happy that the Niners are 3-0. It sure is a heck of a lot better than 0-3. Now, the Niners may even be thinking of competing for the NFC Western division championship. However, they will be stomped by the Rams or Seahawks, if they give up another 5 turnovers. The fact that the Niners won, despite giving up the ball 5 times, is nothing short of a miracle. Ball security in the Red Zone was pathetic.
    It is interesting to watch them play like they did against the Bengals, then see them play like they did with the Steelers. It is like a tale of 2 teams. Next game, I wonder which team will show up.

    1. You don’t know that they wasted timeouts-u were not in the huddle.
      They moved the ball fairly easily on a pretty good D, despite their sloppiness-sign of a good team.

      Your latent hatred and bitterness for our 9ers is pouring out like the sap from a Maine elm tree–but it doesn’t matter-the glass is half full.
      “They did not have the team playing focused, disciplined and in control.” True, their young team was a bit sloppy, no doubt. But Walsh had the 9ers in no way prepared for the Cowboys in the ’81 Championship……..We need to talk long and in-depth about that, Sebs…..
      Whats more your man Bosa was in the backfield much of the day…………your right, he should have had, what, 2 sacks?
      Were hitting some pot-holes, many of our own making-as a young team is want to do-but the future looks bright–and aint nuthin Sebs can do about it!

    1. Same here….

      What a good weekend for the Fam….1st my 6 yr old’s flag team won a close one….my son got a 50 yd TD run…..then my 9 yr old’s team got their 1st win on a 32-0 blowout, with the help of my son’s 12 tackles at DE….kid was a monster

      Good good weekend. God is good.

    2. You’re so right, This victory gives us a LOT to build upon. This team showed so much resilience. NOBODY is happy with the miscues but look at how the whole team responded. Just think of what a juggernaut this can be if they clean up the mental errors….. So proud of these guys, finding a way to win instead of finding ways to lose!

  28. Something to consider as we celebrate. The OL better improve protection because of JG gets hit like he did this past weekend, he is unlikely to finish the year intact.

    1. I too am worried about that Cleveland front. But the Steelers led the league in 2017 and 2018 in sacks. Not quite as prolific through the first 3 games of 2019, but still a very good front. Jimmy got hit a lot, but I’m now not expecting the Browns game to be worse in terms of pass rush against our offense.

  29. Just a great win, now we can enjoy our 3-0 record, heal up thanks to this early bye week, and I expect a victory against Cleveland in monday night 2 weeks from now, Looking forward to that!

    go niners!!!

    1. Coach… WE WERE LOUD!
      If all the other faithful who I have to say stuck out the sun for the most part
      Didn’t like the cocky Pitt fans high fiving after every turnover.
      The overcast helped a bit, excite for the poor folks who don’t know what that overcast does for the sun to blister your skin. Saw a couple of newbies wearing nothing but sunglasses. Lol

  30. Okay, all the experts have been mistaken, the team is for real. When your worst problem (aside from Witherspoon) is what to do with Coleman when he returns, things are good. They can’t mess with the Running Back Group they have now, it is ideal for this team/scheme.

    GO NINERS !!!

    1. This backfield as it is currently constructed is the most complimentary of each other as any in the league. Barring any injuries, McKinnon should be released next year with a settlement, and Coleman kept inactive. The rotation has been fantastic, but the ball security has to be reemphasized….

      1. Niners running backs are as best as we have ever seen but, Ball security for a HB is never “secure”, James Connor fumbled for example to help us win thank god for that, Frank Gore fumbled plenty of times, Carlos Hyde as well, Kevan Barlow, Maurice Hicks, Garrison Hearst I dont even know which 49er HB to point out, but my point is fumble for a halfback is and always will be an issue, hopefully it never affects us on a key situation , again thanks Connor for that fumble.

        Go niners

        1. Frank Gore is 4th all time, and only 351 yards behind Barry Sanders.
          FYI, In his 15th season, he has fumbled only 46 times, so he averages a little over 3 per season. Frank Gore does not fumble plenty of times.
          I sure wish the Niners could have traded for him.

      2. Coleman is better than most Niner fans think. He will be productive upon his return. Spreading around the carries will spread around the wear and tear during the season and into the fourth quarter of games.

  31. Feels pretty similar to the end of the Tampa game. A win is a win. Should have been a blowout but at least they didn’t lose. Defense looked good at times. Offense was pretty sloppy. This game should have been over by half time.

    Still waiting to see them play a team with a good QB.

    1. Agree. Great that they’re beating lesser teams now, but ready to see the D tested by a good QB. First good (not great) QB is Goff in week 6, then Seattle in week 10. Not sure if Newton will play week 8.

  32. This from Grant…

    Grant Cohn

    Do you ever feel you’re talking to the burner account of someone important on the 49ers?

    1. I’d say he was the best offensive player yesterday. But Buckner and Armstead were all over the place. And the few times the Steelers threw at Sherman, he shut it down.

  33. Snap count on defense from NN article:

    Defensive line – DeForest Buckner 47

    Arik Armstead 41

    Nick Bosa 39

    D.J. Jones 25

    Ronald Blair 21

    Dee Ford 16

    Sheldon Day 12

    Solomon Thomas 11

    Linebacker – Fred Warner 53

    Kwon Alexander 52

    Dre Greenlaw 10

    Defensive back – Tarvarius Moore 53

    Jaquiski Tartt 53

    Richard Sherman 53

    K’Waun Williams 43

    Ahkello Witherspoon 43

    Emmanuel Moseley 7

    Jason Verrett 4

    Solomon only had 11 snaps. I have to agree with Posey, that the team doesn’t trust Thomas. Thomas still has time to turn this around; but for now, if we can keep Armstead for a reasonable cap hit, then I think we should.


    1. Thomas is a rotational guy, and yesterday there were a lot of quick possessions. With only 53 snaps that number sounds about right. Shoot, Ford got only 5 more.

      1. Yeah, but Ford has the tendonitis issue. Find me one analyst, Jack, besides yourself, who thinks that 11 snaps for the 3rd pick in a draft, in his 3rd year, is something to feel good about. Wasn’t one of the big hopes this year to reduce the number of snaps for Buckner – that doesn’t seem to be happening.

        1. He’s a rotational player and is doing a fine job of that.

          “Wasn’t one of the big hopes this year to reduce the number of snaps for Buckner”

          I don’t know, was it? If so it’s working. Buckner played 79.4% of snaps last year and was just over 61% headed into yesterday. He played only 47 snaps yesterday.

          1. Correct. I think Buckner’s snap-count is being carefully monitored now that the Niners have play-off aspirations and proven D-Line depth. Thomas and Day have been solid in their rotational role in the interior.

          2. Buckner played 89% of the snaps last week. I didn’t realize your standards were so low. If the 3rd pick of the draft turns out to be a rotational player and you’re fine with that, then have it.

            1. There is value in Solly being a rotational player. Not the player we hoped he would be, but it’s not like he’ll be costing a lot either. Sometimes you have to forget where a guy was drafted, and look at what they give you.

          3. Also through the first three games, according to the information I found online, Buckner has play 75.7% of the snaps. I don’t see that as a significant reduction.

            1. Cubus,
              What matters is the actual number of snaps. Buckner could well play far fewer snaps than he played last year and still end up with higher percentage of the total snaps if the Niners D can get off the field repeatedly with three-and-outs.
              Also, if it makes you feel better, just consider that Kittle was the Round 1 pick and Thomas was the 5th round pick :)

              1. Mood:

                I agree with you 19 out of 20 times. This is the one outlier. It would make me feel better if we had picked a player in round 1 who was a starter and picked George Kittle :). Having said that, Solly has the year to turn it around. If he does, I’ll be the first to congratulate him. I have no desire to be “right” at the expense of a young man’s career.

            2. “If the 3rd pick of the draft turns out to be a rotational player and you’re fine with that, then have it.”

              It is what it is. He’s contributing and better than the other young DL on the team.

              “according to the information I found online, Buckner has play 75.7% of the snaps.”

              Yes, it makes sense that his percentage would jump up since he played 47 of 53 snaps. Still, 47 is low and in line with his totals from week 1 and 2.

              His current average would put him at 779 snaps this year compared to 852 last year.

            3. “If the 3rd pick of the draft turns out to be a rotational player and you’re fine with that, then have it.”

              It’s comments like this that really irk me re Thomas. Of course that isn’t what you want from the 3rd overall pick. But you are also basing everything off where he was drafted. Not on what he actually provides. And as a result what he does bring gets belittled and you have people making claims like Street and Taylor are better than him which is rubbish.

              He’s a decent rotational player. That’s a valuable piece of the 53. Where he was drafted is immaterial so long as the team isn’t forcing him into a role ahead of a better player due to his draft status. They aren’t.

              As an aside, the other day we talked about cap savings if they release Thomas next year. After some more thought I have a suspicion it might actually be $0 due to offset language. I think they only get a cap saving if they trade him. But not 100% on that.

              1. You can be “irked” all you want, but this is Solly’s third year and we should be happy that he is a rotational player? Should we feel the same way about McGlinchey this time next year? If this is the kind of performance that we should be willing to accept, then how is it possible to build a good team through the draft?

                “He’s a decent rotational player. ”
                Day is a decent and at least as good rotational player and we got him for a whole lot less capital outlay. Rotational defensive line players are not that hard to find.

                The whole point is that this team had many needs and winding up with a “rotational player” with the 3rd pick of the draft is, in my book, hardly a satisfactory outcome.

                Like I said, he can still turn it around, but to not be disappointed about the outcome of the 3rd pick in the draft is baffling to me.

              2. Cubus, you are the only one arguing whether Thomas was a good pick at #3 overall. Neither Jack or I have said anything to the effect he has lived up to that draft slot. No, it was not a good pick. Yes, they need to be getting better value from their high draft picks. No, I’m not happy that a 3rd overall pick is just a rotational player, but it is what it is.

                But that doesn’t mean Thomas isn’t worth keeping around. That is what I mean about divorcing draft status with what he is. He’s now on the team, and all that matters is whether he can help the team win. I agree that consistently drafting players high that don’t meet those expectations makes it difficult to become a good team, but if you cut players solely based on whether they have met or exceeded their draft status you also won’t get very far and will be getting rid of some decent players.

                If the team can replace Thomas with an equal player without any impact on their cap then sure, do it. But as we have discussed, getting rid of Thomas isn’t cheap. Since he actually does provide a useful role on the team, even if he is overpaid, I see no reason to get rid of him unless they can do so and replace him with someone as good or better while saving some money. I don’t think that will be easy given how the rookie deals are structured.

                On your point re Armstead earlier though, I agree, if he continues to play well this year the 49ers should definitely try and keep him next year. Though I wouldn’t get into a bidding war for him.

              3. Fair enough, Scooter. I’m disappointed, but if there is no savings in cutting Thomas, then I fully agree with you, there is no point in doing so.

                The last thing I’ll say on this is look at what happened with both Seattle and KC when they hit it big with the selections of Wilson(yes, I know Wilson was a 3rd round pick) and Mahomes. They have multiple years of having great teams, because an important position is being paid a very low rate. This allows the team to have many talented players under the salary cap. As soon as they have to be paid, then the quality of the team generally drops (Seattle, for example; most likely KC in the future when Mahomes hits the $40 million per year on average mark). With a first round pick, you want to have stellar play as soon as possible because the relatively low cost allows the team to retain or obtain high-priced, talented veterans.

                If Solly had turned out to be the “edge rusher” that Lynch had hoped (yes, I realize that was not necessarily a fair expectation), there probably wouldn’t have been a need to bring in Dee Ford. Instead, we could have used that $16 or so million to put together a package to bring in a top player at another position (possibly OBJ).

              4. No argument from me cubus. If they had drafted Mahomes instead of Thomas the team would be in a much different place. The same analysis can be done for every player, and you’ll find that very few players end up being the “best” pick a team could have made, after the fact.

                But can’t change history. Once a player gets drafted it just comes down to whether or not they help the team. Thomas the player is helping the team, and Thomas the draft mistake has been rectified, albeit at a pretty high cost.

              5. By inverse, one can say that Baalke picked lots of decent rotational players too. It was a recipe for disaster!

                Fortunately this group has had good success with some picks (Kittle, Warner, and I think Samuel will be among those). They have also done well with a few 1st (McG, and Bosa looks to be what people expected).

  34. Grant,

    Giving JG an A shows great insight, and a masterful use of poetic license. Same with Coach Shanahan. Some of the Faithful seem to forget that Joe Montana actually did have a few INT’s “back in the day” (and even fumbled once or twice).

    I am thrilled with where the team is at today! Many, if not all of the “pieces are in place”. Watching the Rams last night I think the 49ers are roughly equivalent in terms of talent. What they have that we don’t… can’t, have yet is the habit of winning. That should and will happen unless the injury fairies continue to have their way with the Niners.

    Winning a game like yesterday was great experience for them. Obviously the turnovers suck and they need to keep working to address that. But FIVE is an anomaly and they do seem to be making progress minimizing them.

    • Making the Playoffs is by no means an unrealistic goal.
    • Thinking “Super Bowl” at this point is a bit presumptuous, but not completely delusional.

    Nothing to do the current players and coaches. But I think it is DISGRACEFUL that Ownership gives any play whatsoever to terell owens. I don’t understand how/why he got enough votes for the Hall of Fame? Certainly he was talented. Beyond that, it’s ALL negative.
    • Self-centred
    • A locker room cancer
    • Lousy employee
    • Egoist with an inferiority complex
    • The consummate “ME” guy
    • Represents all that is wrong with modern athletes (I feel the same about the Giants/Bonds BTW).

    Sorry, I just don’t get it.

  35. Fred Dean was NOT signed as a free agent, he was acquired in a mid-season trade with the Chargers. That was one of the best trades the Niners ever made.

    1. David Neumann @PFF_David

      Jimmy G finding his rhythm after a rough opener. Over the last 2 games:
      – 87.3 pass grade (2nd behind Brady)
      – 2nd highest % of positively-graded throws
      – 4th lowest % of negatively-graded throws
      – 3rd most accurate based on ball location#49ers

      1. I never would have thought that Jimmy had the second highest pass grade. I’m going to have to look at how PFF defines “pass grade”.

  36. Heads up to Dante Pettis, who has had a year to forget so far, even that game he had done really nothing, but came up big, hopefully this will boost his confidence he made a great play coming back for the ball

    Go niners!

      1. Niners are apparently looking for snapping consistency and haven’t found it yet. Maiocco reported that Condo looked very rusty in practice.

    1. All I have heard is that he has a mild foot strain and was willing to get back into the game. He expects to be back for the MNF.

          1. One of the reasons I like this blog. Where else in the NFL blogdom can one find colorful references to drunken sailors?

            1. Where are all these drunken sailors coming from? Are there any active Naval facilities left within miles of Levi’s? I used to play in a band that had the weekend gig at the Treasure Island enlisted club and there were plenty of drunken sailors (and Marines) there, believe me. And no time outs when those two drunken groups got into it. But this was back in the 70s. And now, Treasure Island, gone. Mare Island, gone. Moffett Field, gone….

              1. Closest naval station of importance is NAS Lemoore, the Navy’s master jet air station on the west coast. There might still be something out around Concord, but it’s not of much importance.

              2. Thanks cubus. Lemoore, about halfway between SF and LA. I wonder if the drinkers there favor Niners or Rams? Or even Chargers?

              3. Of course, there are the ubiquitous non-military sailors–container ships, etc. SF bay Area and the Port of Stockton.


              4. For the venue, covers natch. Drunken sailors would be a tough crowd for originals. Classic rock (though not known as classic then) – Free Bird, Smoke on the Water, Ramblin’ Man, Jessica, Do You Feel Like We Do… that kind of stuff.

  37. sebnynah says:
    September 23, 2019 at 8:06 am
    A vastly superior team does not commit 5 turnovers. This game had its Keystone Kops moments.
    The Niners need to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

    REPLY: Get over yourself– lost/negative/ Raider fan. Find your way back to your Raider portal. Quit ripping my 49ers you bellicose, bombastic, buffoon.

    Also, stop making gun references on our site. Last year; every time a mass shooting occurred you broke out your arsenal anecdotes–not so funny to those who lost family in such a maelstrom!

    And Sebraidah, your knack for using such references seems to occur on an anniversary date of these events. Very strange?

    1. A ‘good chance’ 49ers Tevin Coleman and Jalen Hurd return for Browns game, says Kyle Shanahan
      By David Bonilla
      11 mins ago • —

    2. Here we go again.
      For the record. I mentioned the Niners shooting themselves in the foot, and TrollD went crazy. He started talking about breaking into gun safes, and creating nightmares. TrollD is the gun nut, while I am the one who is advocating for a well regulated Second Amendment. I want thorough background checks, military armament to be stored in armories, gun magazine restrictions, and ammunition reform. I want all gun profits to be used to pay for the medical care of gun victims. I want gun massacre victims and families to have proper recourse and proper just, restitution.
      TrollD was the one who joked about guns, on the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting.
      It is abhorrent behavior to include guns in football terms? Guess they will outlaw shotgun snaps and pistol formations. War references are now verboten? Guess no QB will have a cannon for an arm, and aerial attacks will be illegal. Heaven forbid if there is a long bomb thrown in a game. Of course the game is won in the trenches, but not anymore.
      Get real, and get over yourself. You use the same terminology. Of course I said that statement on the anniversary of a mass shooting. They are year round, almost 24/7.
      The Niners just won a huge game, and TrollD wants to troll away. How pathetic. Then he parrots my words, when he just accused me of copying him.
      TrollD, go back to your NRA site, and leave us die hard faithful Niner fans in peace.

  38. I like that PI set up by Dante Pettis on 3rd and 11, with 2:03 left in the 4th that gave the Niners the ball on the one.

    The very next play Pettis scored the winning TD…

    Guess we’ll see who goes to the practice squad when Hurd and Coleman come back afte the break

      1. Of course the 49ers will fill that roster spot with another long snapper.

        The 49ers are expected to sign 34 year old long snapper Garrison Sanborn, in the coming days. The Florida State product is a veteran long snapper who has logged 159 NFL games throughout his career. The veteran Sanborn, who was signed by the Buffalo Bills back in 2009 as a free agent, played for the Bills from 2009-2016. He spent his last 2 seasons playing with the Buccaneers from 2017-2018.

        Of course, this is yet another temporary move. The 49ers regular long snapper – Kyle Nelson, out of New Mexico State, is scheduled to return to the Niners lineup when they face-off against the Carolina Panthers, at home, on 10/27, after serving out a 10 game suspension. In case anyone has forgotten, Kyle Nelson has been consistently good, ever since he became the 49ers long term starter back in 2014.

    1. Guess we’ll see who goes to the practice squad when Hurd and Coleman come back after the break

      I’m confused by your post Tom. Why would someone need to go to the practice squad when Hurd and Coleman come back after the break? Both Jalen Hurd and Tevin Coleman were kept on the 53 man roster, Tom, so why would there be a need to free up a roster spot for their return?

      1. And, BTW Tom, it was actually a Defensive Holding call, not PI, which set up the Niners with 1st & Goal from the 9 yard line. After Jeff Wilson ripped it up the gut for a 4 yard gain, it was then 2nd & Goal from the 5. That’s when Jimmy G. found Dante Pettis coming back to the goal line, and then, well, Jimmy G. did what Jimmy G. does, threading the needle to Dante Pettis, who actually attacked the football for a change, snatching it in-between 2 defenders, and as they say ….. the rest is history ….. and 19-0 is alive and kicking!

        Go NINERS!

  39. Just looking at the schedule….man it gets absolutely BRUTAL in Nov and Dec.

    By no means am I losing hope, but it is still pretty realistic we go 8-8 and miss playoffs even with these 3 wins.

    1. IDK Leo. I wouldn’t say BRUTAL. Packers, Ravens and Rams will be tough no doubt. Not sure how the Saints with Brees just back will be. We have the Rams at home. Two games with SEA, the way that team is playing could easily be a split. Maybe .500 ball over those two months, the team has to take care of business up to then.

    2. By no means am I losing hope, but it is still pretty realistic we go 8-8 and miss playoffs even with these 3 wins.

      It’s also pretty realistic that the 49ers finish 10-6 or better, and make the playoffs, after these 3 wins. In fact, Tood Gurley looks like he’s taken a step back this season, due to a chronically arthritic knee condition, and the Rams look more vulnarable now, than they did at this point last season. Therefore, it’s also pretty realistic that the 49ers could overtake them, and the Seahawks this season, while taking home the NFC West crown in the process.

    3. Leo,

      That’s why these wins are so important. Get a bunch of wins early. Split with LA and Seattle. Handle business against Arizona. Take care of teams like Carolina and Atlanta. There is a clear path to 11 wins.

      Jack Hammer says:
      April 18, 2019 at 12:03 pm
      ✅Wk 1 @ #Bucs (W) 1:25 start time makes them think it’s not an East Coast game
      ✅Wk 2 @ #Bengals (W)
      ✅Wk 3 vs #Steelers (W)
      Wk 4 bye
      Wk 5 vs #Browns (MNF) (W)
      Wk 6 @ #LARams (L)
      Wk 7 @Wash (L)
      Wk 8 vs #Panthers (W)
      Wk 9 @ #AZ (W)
      Wk 10 vs #Seahawks (W)
      Wk 11 vs #AZ (W)
      Wk 12 vs #Packers (W)
      Wk 13 @ #Ravens (L)
      Wk14 @ #Saints (L)
      Wk15 vs #Falcons (W)
      Wk16 vs Rams (W)
      Wk17 @ Sea (L)

          1. Prime, Jack comments on my posts, and I just calmly and civilly made my opinion known in reaction to his prediction.
            Please go crawl back under your rock, and let posters engage in polite conversation.

    1. The one I can’t forget was 1981. Late season and a mediocre Browns team comes into our house and beats us 15-12. Actually we beat ourselves. Joe M had 2 picks and Ray Wershing was our entire offense. Ended up 13-3 though and won our first Super Bowl so only a temporary setback. I was at both games but liked the one you posted more.

    2. Wasn’t at the ’87 game, but watched it on my brother-in-law’s brand new, massive (at the time) Mitsubishi large screen projection TV. Beer and ribs were everywhere.

  40. Grant, seems you’re coming to it but at this point in the season it sure seems like Mr. York hired the right HC and GM, and they have brought in and properly trained the right players.


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