49ers stick together – and win

After that embarrassing loss to Miami, the Sunday night game with the Rams could have shown that the team was fracturing. Instead, they came together. (Christopher Chung/ The Press Democrat)


You can drop passes. You can fumble. You can blow a coverage or miss a tackle. Those can be fixed.

But if a team loses its chemistry –  its cohesion –  it is cooked.

And let’s don’t pretend the 49ers weren’t headed that direction coming into Sunday night’s game with the Rams. 

They had a losing record, a series of why-us? injuries and were coming off a defeat that even the players called embarrassing. Sports pundits were trying to troll up a quarterback controversy and 49ers’ icon Joe Staley was second-guessing the team on Twitter –  during the game.

And the upcoming Sunday night game was on national TV. Everybody would be watching.

So it wouldn’t have been a surprise if everybody turned a little testy. Maybe Kyle Shanahan would snap at a media question about his play-calling. Or if Jimmy Garoppolo, after a series of questions about his future with the team, would give curt, one-word answers.

And most of all, perhaps players would start looking out for themselves and making selfish decisions. It can tear a team apart.

By all accounts, that didn’t happen. The team that took the field Sunday night against the Rams had a snap and energy that wasn’t there a week ago in the flop vs. the Fish.

I still think the playoffs are a long shot. There are tough games ahead, and a 2-3 start is a big hole out of which to climb.

But I’d watch this team. The one that flew around defensively, dialed up some clever offensive wrinkles and beat the Rams 24-16.

Regardless of how this season turns out, this was a moment. As Shanahan said after the game, he was watching his players carefully during the week.

“When you get embarrassed like that you learn a lot about your team,” he said. “I was very impressed with the character of our team, the way they carried themselves.”

Again, that’s not really a coachable skill. Attitude comes from setting an example and hoping others follow it.

So last week Shanahan was as affable as one can be after a beatdown. Garoppolo was pleasant and unruffled. George Kittle made jokes. After the game, Arik Armstead (wearing a “VOTE” T-shirt) put it well.

“We were angry,” he said after the game. “Not at what people were saying. That was fair.”

I also think they were more confident that they had their best players on the field and ready to contribute. Deebo Samuel was back at full speed and made an immediate impact. Jason Verrett, new at cornerback, had everyone Googling his career history. And Garoppolo was back under center, hardly limping on his sore ankle.

Here’s my latest theory on Garoppolo. Feel free to say I am full of seaweed.

I think the players like him. I think they wish him the best and hope he’s successful. And I think they believe he gives them the best chance to win.

First, he’s clearly their best quarterback. It was interesting that Shanahan made C.J. Beathard inactive for the game. He  benched the guy he put in when he benched Garoppolo. Anyhow, this game made it clear, until further notice, Garoppolo is the quarterback. It is his job.

And by the way, as this game also showed, Jimmy G not only has the job, he can do the job.

At lot was made of how many of his passes were to receivers behind the line of scrimmage. For a while he had negative yardage on passes based on how far they traveled through the air. And no, that’s not the toughest throw in the game. But you’ve seen QBs sail a pass like that over a receiver’s head. Or throw it behind him.

And, by the way, he also makes some impressive throws. The fourth-and-two pass to Kittle was vintage. Garoppolo got it off quick in the face of all-out pressure and was ducking away from a shot by a blitzer as the ball hit Kittle’s hands. Fourth down, blitz, medium-long throw over the middle . . . a lot of things could have gone wrong there. Instead, Kittle took it for a touchdown.

“I didn’t see it,” Garoppolo said. “But I understand it was a pretty sweet play.”

So yeah, he misses targets sometimes, and we wish his long-ball accuracy was better. But quarterbacks are a rare breed. Ask Kirk Cousins, who signed that enormous contract with the Vikings, how he is enjoying his time in Minnesota.

I also think the 49ers like Garoppolo as a person. That’s he’s genuinely a no-drama, down-to-earth guy. When you make more money than anyone else, those are good traits to have. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Kittle, the team’s comic-in-residence, as a sidekick. If you’re hanging out with George, you are definitely at the cool kids table.

And maybe I’m making too much of this, but I also thought there was a revealing moment in Garoppolo’s virtual presser last week. A reporter (not me) started to ask a question. He or she (the transcript doesn’t say) gets halfway through and then has second thoughts. Finally, they ask if the game is a “must-win” situation.

“Sheesh,” they say, “just another awful media question.”

To which Garoppolo said, “I thought it was a good question, just for the record.”

I liked that. He took a moment to say, “Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. Hang in there.”

The kind of thing the 49ers might have been saying to each other last week. A few words of encouragement and a reminder to stick with it.

Because, as Garoppolo said after the game, “The NFL is hard. Not every week is going to be fun.”

Editor’s note: I will be on vacation next week so no “Inside.”

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  1. Jimmy Garoppolo is still an unknown commodity. I don’t know if Shanny is sold on him, but he’s far from a finished product yet. Still plenty of room to grow. Stay tuned….

    1. If it hasn’t happened yet it’s not likely to happen. He’s a decent starter, not a star. Every time I see a play where Russell Wilson make a perfect throw I’m like wow 🤩. He then makes a perfect throw on 4th and Goal on the last play of the game and I think “what if?”

      I get Wilson is a generational talent and future Hall of Famer, but Jimmy is nowhere near elite, and won’t be if he isn’t by now.

      The truly elite always show flashes of greatness. We haven’t seen that from Jimmy.

    2. Also, Jimmy is a KNOWN commodity. We can pretty much gauge what his ceiling will likely be by now. We’ve seen enough to know where he struggles, how he gets/doesn’t get better on his weaknesses, and whether he has/doesn’t have instincts or pocket presence.

      Sure Jimmy can grow to be more well rounded, but the term solid comes to mind, not great. We know his ceiling and it’s not very high from where he is now.

        1. I definitely see flashes of brilliance. He has the quick release and can sling it in tight windows.
          Still lots of ceiling left in his game. Niners need to keep building around him, not give up on him just yet.
          Shanny said today that he feels like this is really their second year together.

          Of all the teams around the league that have to make decisions on or unsure if their QB “is the guy” (Dak, Goff, Wentz, Bridgewater, Carr, Drew Lock, Lamar Jackson, Mayfield, Minshew)
          I’d say Jimmy G has the best upside and best coach to get him there.

  2. “Editor’s note: I will be on vacation next week so no “Inside.” ”
    Vacation from what? Are you telling me you get paid to write half a page per week. Geez.

    1. Yet no one pays you for your stupid unsolicited political commentary. Go figure! Better yet, go on vacation! 🤷🏽‍♂️

    2. Bruce,
      CW is semi retired, his contract was for one column a week in the Sunday paper. They expanded his contract to include one blog post a week.

  3. Fellow PD Enthusiasts- I have a question for you.
    Do you wear pants during the pandemic? Let me qualify this question by stating I am residing in my own home.
    If your children (or their spouses) are around, should you feel obligated to put some on?
    I realize I’m pontificating on a non-sequitur, but the situation has come up in our household and the family has managed to make a mountain of a mole hill. ;p

    1. My apologies for this catfish.
      To get back to what CW wrote, no he is not full of seaweed. I like JG so much, I have not advocated for Kaep to return to this team. I still think he is being blackballed, and deserves to have a chance to play. Considering that Hoyer, Gabbert, Dalton and Flacco are playing, Kaep is way superior to them.
      JG has the intangibles, that makes him a leader. He was throwing darts, and the receivers should have caught at least 5 more passes. He is accurate, makes good decisions when given time, is deceptive, and has a quick release. KS deserves praise for letting JG play to his strengths.

        1. I do not subscribe to your hetero adult smut.
          I will still be here November 4th, likely in jubilation.
          I could ban Prime, but I choose not to. The Press Democrat is like a second family to me.
          Alas, I am a follower of Shinto and it would be beneath me to have him silenced for good.

          1. I have no power to ban anyone. Prime just is his own crude, profane, insulting, obnoxious self, kinda like his hero.
            Like I said before, Prime asked when Kaep will play again, and I wrote November 4th, since his main blackballer may no longer have power to threaten the NFL. That sounds logical and reasonable.
            Of course, teams will have to want him, but since they are playing drek QBs like Hoyer, Gabbert, Dalton, Driskel and Flacco, many teams are content to lose without Kaep, instead of wanting to win with Kaep.
            The Jets seem to be Tanking for Trevor. Darnold surely is not the answer. Likewise, Jones and Haskins. The present poor QB play just proves that the NFL is giving itself a black eye, blackballing a SB QB.
            Kaep has been proven to be right. There really is no reason to blackball him, except for unreasoned hate, which has gripped the US. Many now realize that protesting for social justice is not disrespecting the flag.
            Yes, Prime is fixated on November 4th, and wants to crow about Kaep still not being able to play. I may be wrong, but it will not upset me if if I am. It will not be the first time I am wrong, and it will not be the last time I am wrong. I am also correct about many other things. I correctly predicted that the best way to help JG, is not to have the RB stay in to block, but to swing out the RB to give JG a quick safety valve. Last game was very satisfying to me.
            Maybe some have not read my past posts, but I said that they should put a man in motion. Why? because JG can read the defense’s reaction, and it sounds like he read Ramsey like a book. It also puts a player running at full speed at the snap of the ball, It also gives the Niners multiple options, like those very effective fly sweeps. Putting a man in motion can also over load a side so there are more blockers to that side. It could also make it easier for the WR to avoid the check at the line of scrimmage, and allow the Niner offense to flood a zone, so JG just needs to throw to the open option.
            I predicted that the opposition will stack the box, so putting a man in motion will allow the Niners to better attack the edges.
            I predicted a 24- 23, 49er victory. I was spot on with the Niner score, and am glad KS went bold, and did not settle for field goals. That last Niner score was a field goal, but it put them up 2 scores, so that was a wise thing to do. I kinda questioned the wisdom of JG lowering his shoulder to get enough yardage to make the field goal less than 50 yards, but I admire his guts and moxie.
            It was also very satisfying to see McVay standing helplessly on the side line, incapable of stopping the clock, because he wasted his time outs like a drunken sailor.
            So no, I did not bet Prime an avatar change, because he would just welch on his bet. A storm is coming. Kaep took the league by storm as Prime admits, so I just think he can do it again. Bellichick is putting his faith in Cam, another mobile dual threat QB, but I think Kaep is more accurate than Cam.

            1. “Yes, Prime is fixated on November 4th, and wants to crow about Kaep still not being able to play. I may be wrong, but it will not upset me if if I am. It will not be the first time I am wrong, and it will not be the last time I am wrong”

              The daily gloating and satisfaction will not come from you being wrong Nov.4th, but that I will have proven you wrong and that I was right all along regarding Kaepernick.
              That’s how this all started and you like to use things from the past that I said. Well now your medicine will taste even sweeter!

              1. Yup, you seem to be constantly wrong. You thought the Rams would beat the Niners.
                Since you hate second guessers and people who can be wrong, you really must hate yourself.

              2. Where did I say the Rams would win?

                It doesn’t matter. All I need is Nov.4th to come so I can stick some crow in your fat mouth once and for all!

              3. PT- ‘If the Rams lay a 40 burger on national TV against the Niners Sunday Night, Is Saleh the sacrificial lamb?’.
                You are trying too hard.

              4. If. You missed that part because your so high you can’t comprehend single words or meanings.
                Nov.4th son. Better lose some weight cause I’m gonna stuff you with crow!

              5. I asked a question. No insinuation.
                But don’t worry. Nov.4th, we will know who was right and who was wrong all along.

        1. My God more injuries. I swear in my almost 60 years of watching the NFL I have never seen anything like the last 5 years for the 9ers especially this season. Now if we play poorly on Sun mostly if not totally because of health we will have to listen to all of the chicken littles blaming KS, JG and or Saleh. Do me a favor give it a rest, Walsh, Montana and Seifert. couldn’t win with this roster. Wait till next year and hope for health.

  4. My God more injuries. I swear in my almost 60 years of watching the NFL I have never seen anything like the last 5 years for the 9ers especially this season. Now if we play poorly on Sun mostly if not totally because of health we will have to listen to all of the chicken littles blaming KS, JG and or Saleh. Do me a favor give it a rest, Walsh, Montana and Seifert. couldn’t win with this roster. Wait till next year and hope for health.

    1. Yeah there is a point where next man up no longer applies, this is especially true when those injuries are focused in a few positional groups rather than spread across the board.
      The worst part is at this point I think this team could handle even losing the likes of Kittle better than it can handle losing Mostert. The running game with and without him are vastly different. (Disclaimer, this hinges on how well Hasty does going forward.)

      1. I knew it was a mistake to get rid of Breida and said so after he was traded or was it let go. I can honestly say that during the Rams game, I was worried that Mostert was going to get hurt. I don’t think he is cut out for a heavy workload.

        But since it’s very doubtful the team will make the playoffs, we’ll get the chance to see if Hasty is a good, durable back.

          1. Maybe. But Breida was able to make explosive plays just like Mostert – so opposing defenses I think would have to treat them pretty much the same. Hasty looked pretty good and I hope he does well. Hard to say from just watching one game, but he seems to me like he might be a durable back. Of course, I thought the same thing about Wilson. Anybody can get hurt.

          2. Based on this sample size?
            If we’re going on that, in Breida’s worst season in SF he averaged more ypc than Hasty has to date.

            Sorry, I think Breida would be the second best running back in this offense. He’s a plus in the pass game and running game and offers the same explosiveness that Mostert does.
            He had a stretch of fumbles, but so did Mostert at one point but I don’t believe that it is something he couldn’t overcome.

            1. Look at how they run and their lower bodies. Breida can’t even leapfrog Gaskins. I think people are enamored with Breida’s speed and forget he’s just an average running back, if that. He’s gotten 18 carries for 72 yards. C’mon, Shoup!

              1. They run completely different offense… so him not leapfrogging Gaskins in that scheme doesn’t mean much. Mostert couldn’t get on he field at rb anywhere else but is great in this scheme. Breida was very good in this scheme as well, averaging 4.99 yards per carry in SF’s offense.

                Also, while he is only averaging 4 yards per carry in Miami, it must be noted that he went to the team that was the worst rushing team in the NFL last year… only averaging 3.3 ypc. Hell, SF more than doubled their rushing total in 2019.

              2. “Gaskins is the better running back. That’s why he’s rb1.”

                Ahhh you mean like Coleman was last year?
                Even if he is better in that system, it doesn’t change what Breida was in this system.

              3. Shoup, watch Gaskins run. He runs harder, lower and is just the better running back. Breida is more track star than running back.

              4. “Shoup, watch Gaskins run. He runs harder, lower and is just the better running back. Breida is more track star than running back.”

                And that is still not relevant to the the discussion of what Breida was/is in this offense.

                The argument is that Breida was close to a 5 yard per carry rb with + receiving skills in this offense; and that he would offer the team more than Hasty would. Or, that he offers more value than McKivitz would this year.
                No one has been brought up Gaskins in their argument but you.

              5. Breida doesn’t run with balance, and he had a few flashes in Shanny’s offense. Hasty made him obsolete. It was the right decision….

              6. Breida doesn’t run with balance, and he had a few flashes in Shanny’s offense.

                That’s just wrong.

                Players that don’t have good balance don’t average more than 5 yards per carry in this (or any) offense. Which he did in 2018 and 2019.
                I get it, if you don’t like him because he developed a fumbling issue or because he had issues staying healthy, but the idea that he was a bad running back in this offense is 2+2 =3 false.

              7. Matt Barrows
                George Kittle on rookie RB JaMycal Hasty: “He reminded me of Matt Breida’s first camp — he made a play every day.”

              8. I guess Kittle must think he sucks like you do. Comparing him to Breida??? Couldnt get much more damning. :D

        1. As much as I have loved the comeback story for McKinnon, it is a stark difference in explosiveness between he and Mostert and the offense is nowhere near as dangerous with McKinnon as a result.

          Breida OTOH provided a level of explosiveness that was closer to what Mostert provides. If it wasn’t for his fumbilitis he would still be a 49er and a perfect fill in for Mostert right now.

          Hasty has looked decent, but much like McKinnon I think he is not going to provide the same level of threat. Which puts more responsibility on the passing game and WR runs for explosive plays.

          1. It may seem like I’m being Hasty, but he should be the main back over McKinnon. I’d make McKinnon the 3rd down back. Not to mention Shanny still has Samuel and Aiyuk for long hand offs to supplement the running game. Mostert’s best trait beyond speed is his ability to cut without slowing down. His hips get narrow and he’s able to tilt one way or the other. Hasty is the closest to the Mostert species of any running back on the team….

            1. That we agree on.
              I hated the signing of McKinnon when he was first signed because he was never a good runner, and they paid him like he was one of the best running backs in the NFL.
              While the comeback story is nice, and he remains a great receiver for a running back, he is still a bad runner and now he is no longer explosive. At this point he is a smaller Terry Kirby.

  5. You can bet BB will have a defensive plan to counteract the short passing game. Great opportunity for KS to outwit the best HC of this era. Added pressure for JG to perform in front of his first HC. Can bet Brady has some tips for JG.

  6. The Patriots come at the perfect time. They have zero threat at WR and our secondary isn’t very good. Might be a good test.

  7. Long time guys. Back for a visit. Nothing’s changed… same as 2012- coming up just short in the Super Bowl.

    Well I see Old Coach is still hanging around. Cheers!

  8. With all this injuries and the games ahead, if we make the playoff, that would automatically give Shannahan the title of coach of the year.
    The upside, the rapid development for the rookies. I really like Hasty

  9. Well I liked a few things in this game but this wasn’t some kind of major turnaround.

    Rams aren’t as good as their record. 49ers have a better roster from top to bottom and should have won that game.
    I loved the game plan against Aaron Donald. The offensive scheme was outstanding.
    Jimmy G looked better but he still missed some throws. JG must complete those passes to Juszczyk out of the backfield. That was actually a big play that needed to be executed to put the game out of reach. No way in Hell the Rams should have ever been within 1 score late in the game. Missing that throw was big.
    What a difference having competent CBs makes. Very happy for Verrett. The man has been through the ringer so I’m praying for his continued success. He deserves it.
    Still not much of a pass rush. Going from Ford/Bosa to what the 49ers have now is going to really be tough for the secondary.
    Lastly, the officiating. OMFG, the officiating. NFL officiating is broken. How in the actual F do you call that McKinnon play a fumble. Why in the world did the league office have to intervene. A QB can go take a knee and if you breath on him you get a flag. A RB is laying flat on his back and sets the ball down and you call that a fumble. Amazing. Between all the ignorant political theatre and the horrible officiating the NFL is becoming unwatchable.

    1. How in the actual F do you call that McKinnon play a fumble.

      That is pretty anecdotal, don’t you think? Officiating has always been bad. By bad I mean human.

      1. No Ribs. I think the NFL has made the game impossible to referee. There have always been bad calls. I can live with human. The NFL has turned every play into a complicated mess that needs a constitutional lawyer to interpret and opine on the rule book. There is no common sense in refereeing any more. McKinnon was down. Flat on his back. He set the ball down. It was plain as the nose on your face but the refs can’t differentiate between down, not down, giving yourself up. It’s absolutely absurd. And there’s a different set of rules depending on the position you play. No human can possibly referee effectively with the current set of rules. And don’t get me started on spotting the ball. It’s atrocious. Anyway, I’m just annoyed af watching games where common sense is absent with officials.

        1. McKinnon was down. Flat on his back. He set the ball down…

          …is nothing to do with the complexity of the rules of today. That play, like you said was cut and dry, the refs just missed it.

          1. It’s the most difficult game to officiate and for years the NFL has had issues with officiating.
            They’ve done wonders since the 80’s so I think it’s just one of those things fans need to not worry about.
            At the end of the day, the players decide the end result.

            1. Sorry Houston,
              While I think you are right in terms of the rules in general, I agree with Rib on this. There is nothing to interpret on the fumble, they just missed it.
              In all likelyhood they didn’t see it and therefore couldn’t rule him as down. There is no rule that would make that confusing. The runner was touched while falling = down, even if the runner wasn’t touched, when he tossed the ball, after going down, its seen as giving yourself up = down. There is no interpretation that makes him being down as unclear.
              *Note* I hate the qb strike zone, and the late slide penalties on defensive players, the weird catch rules, the defenseless receiver rules etc.

            2. IMO, it is a rules interpretation question. How can you have a rule where an untouched player can sit on his butt and be considered down and another rule where a player lying flat on his back is not down? Different rules for different positions makes zero sense. It’s absolutely 100% clear if McKinnon were playing QB that would have never been ruled a fumble on the field. How can that not be confusing to a referee.

              1. “How can you have a rule where an untouched player can sit on his butt and be considered down and another rule where a player lying flat on his back is not down?”

                That’s the point Houston, there is no rule that says that. If a player falls down without being touched and tries to get up and keep going forward, that player is not down as he was not downed by contact nor did he give himself up.
                As to the sliding/giving yourself up it’s not a qb rule, any player can do that, it’s just that only qb’s typically do this. We have all seen it at the end of a game when a running back slides/sits down rather than going out of bounds. Even if he is not touched he would be down at that point as he gave himself up. So if a running back slides down rather than going out of bounds, isn’t touched, stands up and tosses the ball to the ref. It is not a fumble.

              2. Shoup, That’s exactly my point. Do you honestly believe that if Jimmy Garoppolo scrambled up the middle, was lying flat on his back, and set the ball down – exact same scenario as McKinnon that the refs would have called that a fumble?

  10. 2 weeks. The writing is on the walls. Those same walls are caving in. The noises are getting louder. A desperate and corrupt man has nowhere to run. His family is in jeopardy for aggressive criminal behavior. His associates are all crooks.

    The end is near.

  11. Troompy: “Could you imagine if I lose? I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country. ”

    Ominous foreshadowing. He knows. Judgement day cometh. Note that the FBI works internationally and his sorry sad fat @ss will be dragged back for prosecution.

    1. For him, Interpol will have to change their notice from red to orange 😝

      (yes, I know there is already such a thing as an Interpol Orange Notice).

    2. Please stop bringing up that monster on this site. I don’t want to hear about other despots either, nor about the climate catastrophe (unless it’s directly relevant to a game, or to some posters’ towns etc). Sports is escapism for many of us.

  12. Sh!t just got real . Troompy throws a tantrum and storms out of 60 min interview. The walls are closing in. The voices are getting louder. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

    1. So says the guy who post Trump hate bombs in the middle of a 49er game.
      Your obsession with Trump has no end. But don’t blow all your wads, you should really save some for the next 4 more years.
      If you are a staunch supporter of bowing down to street violence and lawlessness, then Biden and president Harris is your ticket (lol).

      1. That’s the irony, AES. I like to blow my wad- into another man’s butthole. The current despot does not appreciate this. He must go!

        1. Brucy,
          Maybe you missed it, but I might be the only person on this blog that actually responds to you.
          Do you really believe that any of your public Trump hate announcements have changed any minds around here?
          Dude, I would venture that everyone on this blog has their mind made up on who they will vote for. But keep up your
          hate filled public announcements, I could always use a good laugh!

              1. Did you just make a gay joke?

                Sure he was cool. He worked for President Kennedy, but he wouldn’t be proud of your homophobia….

              2. Razor, if you have fascination with homoerotic imagery, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just surprising, as it goes against the grain of the image you try to project here.

              3. Why do I have to have a fascination with homoerotic imagery when joking about Putin riding a horse with his shirt off as a sign of virility? After All, you’re the one who’s twisted a simple joke into a homophobic attack, and now you’re contrasting it to my imagery? What the Euck is wrong with you?

              4. An attraction to obviously homoerotic “virility” imagery. And of a murderous despot at that? And your unshakable support of the American President who cowtows to that despot at every turn? And there’s something wrong with me? Got it.

      2. Aes, I dont post during 49er games. It is probably the A-hole above who is using my name. Notice the different avatar. BTW, had you not noticed troompee is the one who encourages and entices violence. Recall the mailbomber in Fl -cesar. Recall the neonazi who drove from dallas to elpaso and killed 20 at walmart. recall the recent plot to kidnap and kill MI/VA governors. he has been giving aid and comfort to the enemy, both foreign and domestic, since day one

        1. Well, to be fair you don’t post about the niners hardly at all.

          In fact the only good thing coming from a trump victory would be the amount of S**t you will have to eat. That would be the only thing that would make me smile if he won.

  13. Panacy has an intriguing trade idea. Pettis for Ross. I like it. It’d give us back the top end speed we lost with Mostert.

    1. I like it too. They both attended UW. A fresh start may do them both some good. Anyway, back to other matters which are more important. LOL.

          1. Not me but I’m honored you think it’s me. 🤔

            Sounds like you’re creating your own burner accounts for your authenticated screen name.

            That gentleman “grant clown” is probably you also, I bet.

            My offer to compare tax returns stands. If you don’t believe me that’s fine but I can prove it.

            Don’t forget that this whole mess of posters was entirely started by you and “Bruce Lee.”

            This Lee fellow started posting daily musings about Trump, which had nothing to do with football, and you went and enabled him at EVERY turn by supporting his b.s. on a football site.

            Now here we are. You reap what you sow.

            As far as this Lee fellow, seems like he’s probably OneNiner. Same style of writing and someone else mentioned this as well prior.

            Notice for the most part whenever Bruce Lee goes on a political rampage, One Niner stops posting, and vice versa. Also, both remove the white space in their names.

            Finally, the style of political rambling Bruce Lee exhibits is the SAME style of rampage One Niner exhibited against the 49ers organization when Alex Smith was benched in favor of Alex Smith, and later when he was traded.

            Hmmmmmm 🤔

              1. Ribicock, as in you’re a cock! As in, you’re an a-hole, a dick. Get it?

                If I say F- You it doesn’t mean I want to jump into bed with you, idiot. Work on your reading comprehension. Might help you fill out the next PPP application accurately.

                Agree to stop your stupid political b.s. and enabling of this Bruce Lee/One Niner/ Idiot and I will agree to go away and only read (not post) from here on out just like I did before you turned this site into a mess. Deal?

              2. There’s plenty of posters on both sides of the aisle posting their side, flea-bag king. As AES said, are any votes going to be changed? Absolutely not. So what’s the point? It’s just people getting stuff off their chests.

                It’s no different from any of us posting opinions on this or that about the team. Will it change anything? Absolutely not. Ah, but this is a sports site you say, that’s what we are supposed to be posting about here. In case you haven’t noticed sports and politics have never been more entwined than they have this year.

                Short story long, I’ll comment on any of the comments posted here. You keep bringing your genitalia fixation into it if that’s all you have to offer.

              3. Listen to this guy who has an idea about dealing with our over-politicization. He’s on to something.

                vote for Sleepy Joe. And boredom. Nobody’s going to be interested in politics anymore.

                -Donald J. Trump.

    1. Jack,
      I kinda feel bad that you got caught up in Grant’ “good Jimmy, bad Jimmy” segment. But I guess this is what sports journalism has come to.

      Aside from Grant’s obsession with “good and bad,” it was a nice piece.

      Btw, Brady, Rodgers and Brees also turn the opposite direction after throwing the ball when the D is about to hit them. There’s no need to stand in the face of a pass rusher after releasing the pass. That’s not smart football or good for your health.

      1. Thanks AES. No need to feel bad for me, I am the one who put it all together, and feel like it was pretty representative of what we saw from Garoppolo on Sunday night. The only play I wish we showed, but I forgot to write it down, was the Bourne drop.

        Hope you enjoyed it. We will be doing them every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00.

    2. I wish to disagree about your criticism about the overthrow to Juice.
      That pass rush pressure was definitely adversely affecting the throw. If he had time to set his feet and throw, he probably would have hit Juice in stride. Goff was also harried. The Niner pass rush did not get to him for any sacks, but Goff was uncomfortable throwing, and was a big reason why Goff was so inaccurate. The pass towards Hasty was also incomplete due to pressure.
      Grant scoffed at JG’s performance, and attributed KS’s scheme for the success. I wish to differ with that assertion. JG was throwing darts, and could have had 5 more completions, but the receivers dropped the pass. Yes, the scheme put JG in positions to succeed, but JG also delivered. His quick release on that 4th down play avoided the sack and gave the Niners a surge of optimism.

      1. Naw, he took to long to throw that.
        I guessing he was waiting for confirmation, either checking for a safety or waiting for Juice to turn his head when he should have just tossed a catchable ball. He could have tossed a lolipop pass that was off the mark but as long as it was in the area Juice should have been able to adjust to it and make the catch. Even then you are looking at 20+ yard gain.

        1. Easier said than done when you have a pass rusher with no blocker in front of him, bearing down quickly.
          Look, I am not expecting perfection, but I think it is unfair to excoriate JG for not waiting, when if he did, he might have been sacked. On the Aiyuk possible pass, the defender was standing in front of Aiyuk. JG saw that and moved on to his next read, like he was coached to do. His job was to get the pass off quickly, before the pass rush had time to get to him. He was not tasked to wait until the pass route unfolds.
          Um, tossing lollipops is a good way to get balls intercepted. I want nice tight spirals, over the LBs and in front of the safeties. I want crisp darts that stitch the seams. That 4th down TD pass to Kittle, threaded the needle.

          1. You are mixing too many plays in this argument.
            On the play to Juice he waited to long when even the lollipop pass would have been fine… no defender could intercept such a pass when none were even within 10 yards. Waiting too long here was what the problem was and it allowed the defender to bear Down on him and effect a throw when he shouldn’t have been able to.
            As a general rule they are not good but in certain scenarios they can be.

            The play to Play to where He didn’t wait long enough, was one where by reading the defender and knowing the route he should have known his man would be open. By moving on to quickly he actually caused himself to stay in the pocket too long this exposing himself to the incoming rush even more so.

            1. We will just have to agree to disagree.
              I think that JG did just fine, and in many cases, there will be a player open that the QB does not see. Does not make him a bad QB, because he made the plays that mattered.
              Just like me second guessing KS about lacking 2 time outs at the end of the first half. I could have done that, but did not, because it did not cost him the game. I did mention Sean McVay squandering his time outs, and the dejected look on his face because he lacked those 2 time outs to stop the clock, and give his team the chance to tie, then win.

  14. Hoping to see Hasty get more opportunities on Sunday. By next season, this kid could be our #2 RB behind Mostert.

    I like how he uses his quick stop and go movements to squeeze through small openings. But Hasty also shows power when he runs as well. His only weakness is blocking, but this is where Shanahan needs to put him in the best scenario that does not require Hasty to be a great blocker.

    1. I like Hasty shiftiness but I don’t think Jet has been given enough touches.
      Let him get some outside touches and not run him so much between the tackles.

      Wilson Jr. I find is a great compliment to both Hasty and Jet because he gives the thunder while those others guys are the lightning.
      Would also like to see Coleman get back in the mix. Another good inside runner.

      1. Prime,
        You’re right about about Wilson and Coleman. They provide the muscle between the tackles and are good blockers when needed. I would also like to see Juze get some carries and get passes thrown his way. But, perhaps Shanahan is waiting for the right time to use him.

        Except for a couple of nice runs, McKinnon has not been a difference maker. With Mostert out, he has the opportunity to make some positive noise. Sunday would be a good time for McKinnon to shine.

        1. I liked McKinnon’s game against the Jets and Giants. He was running hard.

          I think they went away from the run game against the Dolphins and Eagles way too early and he didn’t get many touches against the Rams.
          Maybe Shanny is trying to keep him fresh.
          Overall, the RB unit is our strength.

      2. If you are talking in the Passing game fine, but not in the run game.
        Jet is a bad runner and always has been, and now he is no longer fast.
        He is the slowest running back to the LOS in the NFL and since the Jets game has averaged only 3.14 ypa.
        In the two games where he got the most carries, against the Giants and Philly (14 carries in both) he averaged 3.28 ypc.

        That is not good in a KS offense.

    2. I like Hasty, he has quick hips.
      I also want Jeff Wilson to be able to get some snaps. He is the biggest healthy RB they have, I think, so he could be used to attack up the middle, while McKinnon and Hasty can attack the edges.

  15. Bill Bellichick is usually reticent and taciturn during his press conferences. Some may feel a one whole sentence answer was expansive.
    However, when asked about Kittle, Bellichick was talkative and loquacious, praising Kittle to the high heavens. Reading between the lines, Bellichick will do everything in his power to thwart Kittle. He obviously thinks that Kittle is the biggest threat, so he hopes Kittle will hear the praise and be complacent. I would not be surprised if they double team Kittle all game.

  16. How can the Niners beat the Patriots? They should stack the box and dare Cam to beat them with his arm, then get to him early to rattle him. Delayed blitzes up the middle from Warner, and judiciously timed safety blitzes may be unexpected, and effective. Above all, the defense must play disciplined and in control, in order to contain Cam, so he cannot run.
    I hope KS studies how Fangio defeated the Patriots. Bellichick got so desperate, he had Edelman throwing passes, so KS should beat Bellichick at his own game. I hope he dials up some halfback options. Maybe pitch it back to the right to McKinnon, who then throws it down the left side line to JG, who should be uncovered.
    I also hope they stop shooting themselves in the foot. Lining up offsides, jumping offsides and untimely pass interference calls, need to be eliminated, because if they continue to do them, they could easily lose.

    1. Maybe pitch it back to the right to McKinnon, who then throws it down the left side line to JG, who should be uncovered.

      Dear God, NO.
      Jimmy isn’t very agile to begin with and is still dealing with a high ankle sprain… and you want to expose him to unnecessary hits? I don’t have a problem with using McKinnon in some razzle dazzle play but not to Jimmy, and certainly not right now.

      1. SMH. JG would be uncovered since the QB is rarely targeted as a pass receiver. He would also be along the left side line, so he could either go feet first, or step out of bounds.
        All I am saying, is that razzle dazzle may be a critical possible way to out fox Bellichick. Sean McVay decided he did not need to change things up, and got slaughtered in the SB.
        JG showed me on his head first dive to make it a 49 yard field goal, as a sign that JG is fully healthy, and does not need to be only a pocket passer. Adding unpredictability, and a mobile pocket, achieves that. JG seems to be playing aggressively, yet in control. I counted 5 drops last game.
        If I were counseling to avoid injury, I would tell him and any other sane person, the risk of injury on the field is almost certain. The injury rate in this league is atrocious, and the winner may be the only who manages field a full squad.

        1. “JG showed me on his head first dive to make it a 49 yard field goal, as a sign that JG is fully healthy, and does not need to be only a pocket passer.”

          Do you have any idea how stupid that statement is? It is very obvious you have never played this type of physical game. Doing something once in an effort to win the game doesn’t mean he was fine… it means he was willing to sell out to win the game hurt or not.
          This is like saying, Klay Thompson is “fine” when he made his free throws and jogged off the court immediately after tearing his acl.

          1. Better put all the players in bubble wrap, then. Players go into the game, and have no illusions about the dangers involved.
            If a player plays not to get injured, that is usually when he gets injured.
            I have played soccer for years, and you may not believe this, but it is a rough sport and entails blows delivered, with injuries. I have seen skulls cracked, broken bones, bruises, cuts and sprains. Fortunately, I had only had various ankle sprains and sprained my MCl, but still can walk without limping, unlike many of my former team mates.
            Did JG become injured? His fellow players cheered him and slapped his head, but his coaches all cringed, and told him not to expose himself to dangerous situations.
            You really are trying too hard. This is not at all like Klay walking off the court with an ACL tear.

            1. Soccer? The sport of faking an injury to draw a penalty? Where players roll around in agony pretending to be shot by a sniper?
              Yeah that sounds about your level of toughness.

              Nov.4th. Get your sides ready for some crow.

              1. If you were a more inclusive person, you would agree that soccer as well as American sports ought to move in alignment with the Black Lives Matter Movement and institute a system to understand if certain actions on the pitch/court/field are causing mental harm to a player at any given point in the game. A player can impede another player through mental forms, as well.
                Should such harm occur, a foul should be called; I would agree the infraction does not merit the level of punishment of a physical act. But still, some form of penalty should be applied in such occurrences.
                But it seems you are unable to progress forward and recognize there are other forms of infractions on the playing field. Shame on you for holding us back.

              2. Here in the Czech Republic the joke is
                Q)”What’s the difference Soccer and Hockey?
                A)”Soccer is 22 boys pretending to be injured to score, In hockey its 12 men pretending not to be injured just to play”
                I remember a soccer player joined our football team, he was skilled, fast and agile… then the pads went on. I’ll never forget when he went to the coach saying he couldn’t practice because he had a cold sore and couldn’t put in his mouth piece. Life got real miserable for that kid after that got around.

              3. This catfish sure tries hard.
                However, speaking of injuries. Mike McGlinchey got all bent out of shape with all of the criticism he received. He really should not let them see him sweat, and ignore the criticisms. He should not respond to them at all, so it does not look like it negatively affects him.
                MM did have a good game, but he also head butted his team mate Grasu multiple times. I know football is an emotional game, but it is counter productive to give a fellow team mate a concussion. I hope the coaches can calmly tell all of the players to slap a player’s shoulder pad, and refrain from delivering blows to the head.
                Like wearing masks during this Covid 19 Pandemic, the Niner coaches should take concussions seriously. They should forbid players from delivering blows to any player’s head, but especially against their own team mates. Giving a fellow team mate a concussion is not a smart move. In fact, it could be self defeating.

            2. I have played soccer for years, and you may not believe this, but it is a rough sport and entails blows delivered, with injuries. I have seen skulls cracked, broken bones, bruises, cuts and sprains. Fortunately, I had only had various ankle sprains and sprained my MCl, but still can walk without limping, unlike many of my former team mates.

              HA HA HA that explains enough for me. Yup Soccer is just like American Football. :D :D :D

              1. It is also a contact sport, and last year, 88,000 children went to the emergency room for injuries incurred while playing soccer.
                Go ahead, believe that Football is the only sport with injuries, I will not try to change your mind.

              2. Football is a collision sport similar to hockey or rugby. Soccer is a collision sport in a similar vein as basketball.

                But go ahead keep believing they are very close just like bull riding and trail riding.

              3. You questioned whether I ever played a game similar to Football. I played soccer, and it was not devoid of injuries, or pain. Some injuries were even worse, because there was no protective gear like they have in football.
                Yes, football is a violent brutal sport, and the human cost is terrible. Just because I prefer to be able to walk with no pain, does not mean I do not understand the concept of pain and injury.
                JG was tested last game. He showed his guts and moxie. It showed he could take a hit, and bounce back up. However, they do have a rule for a QB sliding. One can appreciate the brute force, stout blocks and jarring tackles, yet still want players to play smart, and in control.

              4. Seb you are a women! In that you will never understand what it’s like to be tackled and have a 280 lbs human fall on top of your face, back, arms and legs.
                Having never played football you will have zero inclination about pain and your head colliding with another helmet and you see stars and taste your own blood.
                The fact you compare soccer to this experience makes me think you are a women. And women have never played football in likes of what I just explained.

              5. I didn’t question if you have ever played a similar sport I stated it’s patently obviously you’ve never played this sport.
                Telling me you played soccer is like telling me you played basketball or baseball. They all carry the risk of injury like football but they are not the same in the least. And yes, I’ve played them all even soccer.

  17. Tomlinson restructures creating just over a million in cap space, giving the 49ers just over $5 million. Given the fact that Shanny isn’t in the mood to give up draft capital, I’m very curious as to who they might be targeting….

        1. What about improving the O-line through a trade. Garland on IR? I mean the 49ers o-line is in desperate need of help. IMO it’s a total failure in roster building to go into the year with Ben Garland as a starter and perhaps hoping Richburg would come back. I’m hoping the 49ers draft Creed Humphrey as the long term starter but until then this team must have help at Center. Even on successful plays, JG has had pressure right in his face. If not Center then move Brunskill to Center and trade for a RG. It’s not like Brunskill has been lighting it up at RG. The play where Mostert had that incredible stiff arm only happened because Brunskill missed his block. Maybe it was a tough block but you need RGs that can get across to make that block. If the 49ers are gearing up for a trade Im hopeful its for O-line help. #2 would be help at Edge.

          1. Alex Mack but I heard Shanny admit to Hroniss playing well, plus they have Shipley on their ps. I think it’s edge that’s the bigger priority….

            1. I guess Mack would make sense since he has played in Shanny’s system but that certainly is not an exciting move. +Hroniss is not a good player. If he’s starting, the blocking scheme will need to tilt inside out so that scares me in the C gap. I don’t really follow the Pats so I’m not sure how they are at pressuring the QB. Right now, they are near the bottom of the NFL with only 8 Sacks but they’ve only played 5 games. 49ers have 10 Sacks but they’ve played 6 games. Should be interesting. If I’m Belichick I’m sending rushers straight up the middle to force communication issues between Hroniss and the Guards. Then when the 49ers fix the middle blocking I’m sending delayed blitzers through the C gaps. I really do think the 49ers win this game but this O-line scares the crap out of me.

  18. This game has an interesting angle. Bellichick traded JG to the Niners for a second round pick. Then last season, JG led the Niners to the SB.
    Bellichick said it was like water under the bridge, and moved on. JG was loquacious in his praise for his early year mentorship from Bellichick, and acknowledged his greatness. Both had huge respect for each other.
    Now, we have a burning question- Will the Pupil defeat his Master?

      1. On November 4th I will be celebrating while sipping some of my own specialty home brewed beer.
        I make it in the bath moonshine style.
        I call it: Golden Shower Ale 🍺
        It’s sterile, very organic, and I like the taste!

    1. The interesting angles are these:
      -The Patriots under BB haven’t lost 3 in a row since 2002.
      -Kyle Shanahan has faced BB 3 times, and his offense has averaged 27ppg. The bad news on this is that the totals have gone down with each meeting, 34, 27, 21

        1. They increased the cap from $2.5M to about $4M. I guess they want to keep some emergency reserves to field a competitive team in the case of future dire injuries. Else these maneuverings will probably serve off- season roster signings.

        1. It shows how they’ve matched up, and that’s one of the main storylines heading into Sunday, How will Shanahan’s offense stack up against Belichick’s defense.

        2. They have not played each other in years.

          But both teams are exactly the same personnel as when the last time they met, right?

            1. Miami? I thought this thread was about the two coaches of this upcoming game. Hammer, put the goalposts back in the stadium.

              1. Where did the head coach in Miami come from? Watch that game and you’ll get an idea of what to expect on Sunday.

              2. It doesn’t take a coach from the belichek tree to know to hit single coverage from a practice squad CB again and again and again. You could put together that game plan. That was DC malpractice right there, Saleh better have learned his lesson. If not, it’s going to be a long walk across the continent for him after the game.

              3. Good point Rib. Add the fact Jimmy G was still ailing. Probably should not have started.
                But that’s a game that might come back and haunt their playoff chances. The Eagles game as well.

                What the Niners need is a couple guys to emerge. More situations like Jason Verrett or now Crypien or Aiuyk that can create a huge boost.
                I’d also like to see a trade along the oline. Possibly Alex Mack or Billy Price.

              4. Where did the head coach in Miami come from? Watch that game and you’ll get an idea of what to expect on Sunday

                Hey Hammer, I’m not seeing anything remotely like Miami’s game from the NEP. I think I’ll leave the prognostications to Grant.

      1. Yeah, I don’t find that stuff interesting at all. It does tell a story about the coaches but to me it always comes down to players. Which team is more talented and what weapons are available for the coach to exploit. For this year, for these 2 teams, I think the 49ers are a better team. Just a matter of who shows up in Foxboro. If both teams are playing their best then I think the 49ers win. I know the 49ers have a weakness against mobile QB’s but my theory is that the 49ers have a weakness against quickness at QB. Cam isn’t quick but he can run well in straight lines for a big man. 49ers defenders are frequently around the ball but quick guys like Wilson and Murray are what hurt the 49ers. I expect Cam will gain some yards but he definitely won’t pick up first downs running on 3rd & 15 like Kyler Murray did in week 1. I really like the 49ers in this spot.

      2. These matchup records have little relevance.

        Kyle once mentioned in an interview two years ago that he watches all the offensive plays of the Pats every week during the season. That suggests to me he keeps up with Bellichick’s evolving thought process on offense — probably also on defense.

        This game will be a chess match between the two. Bellichick will probably double Kittle on 3rd downs and the receivers will have to step up. I am very curious to see how Bellichick will try to disrupt the Niners’ run game, and also try bait Jimmy G into throwing interceptions. Are the Pats still playing mostly man defense this season?

  19. Jordan Willis, come on down! Liked him as a draft prospect, but to say he has been underwhelming in the pros would be an understatement. Maybe Kocurek can get the best out of his excellent athletic traits.

      1. We give up a 6th this year and they give us a 7th in 2022?

        That’s the best they could get?

        Bad news: Seahawks are getting Antonio Brown.

    1. Sometimes an inadequately-coached under-performer propelled with Kocurek jet fuel can be adequate in a rotational role…

            1. Sure, call me out but not the doughy boy who started this exchange. Do I have to point out the hypocrisy yet again? “No politics here unless it’s politics I agree with.”

              So kindly F right off, flea-bag king.

      1. If Borat can compromise Rudy, surely a trained KGB Red Sparrow would have no problem. Why is it that everyone that surrounds trumpeee is either a crook or a conman … or indicted … or plead guilty … or a weirdo creep …

        1. If Borat can compromise Rudy, surely a trained KGB Red Sparrow had no problem.

          Fixed that for you BL.

          The intelligence agencies warned the White House late last year that Russian intelligence officers were using President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani as a conduit for disinformation aimed at undermining Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s presidential run, according to four current and former American officials.

          The agencies imparted the warning months before disclosing publicly in August that Moscow was trying to interfere in the election by taking aim at Mr. Biden’s campaign, the officials said. Mr. Trump and Mr. Giuliani have promoted unsubstantiated claims about Mr. Biden that have aligned with Russian disinformation efforts, and Mr. Giuliani has met with a Ukrainian lawmaker whom American officials believe is a Russian agent.


  20. Jack, I hope you can take some constructive criticism. I watched your podcast with Grant, and you still seem to talk too softly, so I miss what you say. please turn up your mike, talk louder and enunciate more precisely.
    You may have some good points to make, but if they cannot be presented so one can understand you, they lose some of their force.
    When I do understand what you say, I think you can make a cogent analysis. Please do not take this the wrong way, I hope to see more of your podcasts.
    Public speaking is one of the hardest things to do, but it may take only a few simple improvements to make your podcasts more insightful and entertaining.

    1. Who the F do you think you are to give any advice on public speaking? You are pot smoking tree trimmer!

      Know your role and shut your mouth!

      Nov.4th. Be ready!

      1. Who the heck are you to try and shout some one down, as if you are the judge of what others do?
        Some simple minded expletive hurling insult imbecile wants to give me advice? That is a good one.
        If Jack wants to continue his media career, sotto voce, it will probably work out as well as his other media endeavors. If I turn up the volume loud enough for Jack to be understood, Grant is yelling at me.
        Maybe SI should invest in a sound technician.

        1. Maybe you should stop pretending you know everything when all you know is compost!

          Nov.4th. Your proclamation comes to an end!

          1. Stop pretending I know everything? At least I watched what he has to say, and cared enough to comment on it.
            It does not take a rocket scientist to know that Jack does not talk loud enough and enunciate clearly enough to be understood some times. I am trying to give him feedback, so he can improve.
            You, on the other hand, should be the last person in the world to pretend you are knowledgeable enough to judge what another poster writes. You are a bag of hot air and contribute nothing to this site. I, on the other hand, mentioned that the RB should not stay in to block, but swing out to be a quick safety valve. Last game, that was a very effective strategy, and one that never occurred to your pointy little mind.
            You deride others for being wrong, but worry about the Rams putting a 40 burger on the Niners, then wonder if Saleh will be fired. You really are a clueless wonder. You declare you hate second guessers, then second guess ALL THE TIME.
            You really must hate yourself.

              1. I’m guessing Seb is a Democrat? Meaning he is full of sh$t and can never own up to anything?


              2. MT- There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.
                Facts can be twisted to fit many scenarios, and delusions.
                Truths are self evident.

      1. You are probably right, but that will be a lot of dead money on Ford and Richburg. Almost $23M. In a year where the cap will be shrinking quite a bit.

          1. Are you sure about that? Pretty sure even if they retire the team is lumped with that dead cap space. Maybe some of the guaranteed money that was due to be paid in future years doesn’t count (if there is any), but the majority of the dead cap hits for both guys will be on monies already paid in bonuses that were pro-rated to future years for cap purposes, and that won’t just disappear – the team has to have that count against their cap at some point.

            1. Yep, it’s the Barry Sander rule. When a player retires, the team has the option to pursue the return of a portion of the signing bonus equal to the unpaid portions of the contract, and that money is no longer counted against the salary cap. Has to go through arbitration though….

              1. In the case of Richburg his injury is known to be a career ender.

                In the case of Ford it goes without saying a back injury can be a career ender, especially one that’s already had a dangerous surgery performed on it.

              2. I think that holds where a player retires for personal reasons other than injury, but where a player is forced to retire due to injury I don’t know how successful teams are in getting that signing bonus back.

              3. As an example to my point re: the impact on dead cap space, after Luke Keuchly retired, his dead cap hit was almost $12M for the Panthers in 2020.

                I suppose they could have tried to get some of that back, but they didn’t, and I don’t know that it is something that is often done. The Barry Sanders example was quite different in that it came out of the blue, was not due to any injury issues, and occurred just two years into his 6-year deal. And even then, what the Lions got back was a pretty small portion of the signing bonus anyway.

                In the end how much of a hit they take would come in part down to the team’s decision as to whether to chase a portion of the signing bonus being paid back, which I doubt they would in either of these cases if the players retired due to injuries. It would set a bad precedent which players might think twice about before joining the 49ers – get injured and they will seek to get part of your guaranteed money back.

              4. Thanks Scooter,
                That is is very concerning, we have made some very questionable signings/restructuring contract wise. From overpaying McKinon to Restructuring 3 injured players contracts Ford, Kwon and Richburg… locking up more cap space. Their player investment choices have not been good.
                Keeping in mind all offseason the question was, would you rather have Buckner or Armstead, Ward and the 13th overall choice. A second option which was not discussed might have been to cut ties with Richburg, Ford and possibly Alexander and possibly keeping Buckner or making a run at another pass rusher.

                *Note* Cutting ties with Pettis and Beathard could give SF about 2 mil to play with if my math is right. I wish sigh.

              5. Scooter, you make good points with good information but don’t you think it’s a bit different in Keuchly’s case? A player the Panthers drafted and spent his entire career there performing at a high level. Due to Ford and Richburg not being able to play up to their respective contracts, they really can’t in good conscious forward a case that they deserve every penny coming to them. In fact, it would seem to me that both players would want to help the team’s fiscal health in the spirit of fairness and good faith….

              6. Razor, if I was a player I would believe whole-heartedly that one of the key reasons for asking for so much money guaranteed is because of the risk I put my body in by playing the game. So no, I think both players, if forced to retire, will consider the team knew injury was a risk, as the players themselves did, and that was the guaranteed money that was agreed. It was all done in good faith and it is neither party’s fault it didn’t work out. Injuries happen.

                It would work out the same as if the players underperformed and was cut, and I would argue a team has more justification to feel like they should get money back where players don’t perform to their contract.

              7. Shoup, those 3 restructures were really strange to me. I know why they did them, but honestly, all 3 were done at times with big question marks as to whether they should keep the player long term due to injury concerns.

                All 3 now look like horrible decisions that will leave the team in a big salary cap hole next year – in a year where the salary cap will be significantly reduced.

                I have a very bad feeling that 2021 will end up being a dreaded “reload”. Shed the bad contracts, replace with draft picks, let the season play out and then look to compete again in 2022.

    1. The more I think about it the less convinced I am that 9-7 will be enough to get in. The NFC East is really skewing things – they will likely have a sub-500 team win the division which increases the odds of there being 3 teams with 10 wins that don’t win their division in the other 3 divisions. Heck, if the 49ers get to 10 wins the NFC West could have 3 such teams alone. This is why it is going to be really important for the 49ers to win their divisional games the rest of the way.

      1. I agree. 9-7 will only be the basement in the NFCW. That means two WC teams from the west, likely the south and north will produce a WC team each. Will we end up with better records or tiebreaker vs Seahawks, cards, Rams, packers, bears, Saints, bucs, possibly lions, panthers? That’s 8 to 10 teams chasing down 6 spots. A tough road when we lost those 3 stupid games, there is zero margin for error the rest of the way.

            1. My chain of cheap motor lodges’ in-room dining menu needs some spoiled onions with grubs.

              When can I expect them, George?

              Customers are lining up and the street workers are hangry!

              As always, you’re most welcome to bring one of your street girls over, by the hour of course.

              1. What does that word salad even mean? Are you being catfished now too? The catfish being catfished… this is all getting too meta.

      2. 9-6 going into the final game of the season against the Seahawks with a playoff spot on the line is the most likely scenario….

  21. Rapoport is reporting numerous team executives have their eyes on pass rusher Whitney Mercilus, linebacker Zach Cunningham, corner Bradley Roby, tight end Darren Fells and receivers Brandin Cooks and Will Fuller.

    1. The 49ers will need to restructure more deals before trading for anybody else. David Lombardi reported that prior to the Tomlinson restructure they had less than $100K in salary cap space. And Willis will now be taking up some of the space.

      1. Actually, Niners had only $32K of 2020 salary-cap space on Wednesday morning, To make room for the Willis trade, they used the money from the restructured Tomlinson’s contract which was official later on Wednesday, per ESPN. (The team converted Tomlinson’s 2020 bonus money into an immediate payout to create an additional $1.3 million of cap room.) However, 49ers are now on the hook for a new cap hit of about $541,000 — the prorated remainder of Willis’ base salary this season. So they have just over $750K in cap space now.

  22. PFF College
    Most QB pressures among rookies

    💥 Chase Young, Football Team – 10
    💥 Patrick Queen, Ravens – 10
    💥 Javon Kinlaw, 49ers – 10

  23. Bosa out and Ford not returning until after the bye and ShannaLynch just let the Ravens steal Yannick from the Vikings.

    …things are not improving.

    1. Actually, they are. The Niners just beat a long time rival in a convincing manner.
      JG looks fully healthy, the WRs are at full strength, Kittle is a beast, the O line shut down Donald, and the defense allowed only 2 scores last game.
      More importantly, Ford and Sherman will be fresh and ready to help finish out the season on a winning note. Kinlaw is proving to be a Bryant Young type of player, and the D line has generally played well, even with the loss of 3 starters.
      O ye of little faith, take heart. The Niners dug themselves a hole, but can still achieve their Quest for Six, even though the injuries have made it twice as hard to win.
      I will concede that they sure needed to work harder to acquire Yannick Ngakoue., since I have been touting him even before he was a holdout. However, Baalke is in charge of the Jags personnel, and he would not want to do the Niners any favors.
      If Ngakoue is so valuable, why is Minnesota trading him away? The Vikings sure need defensive help.

            1. can you send me the link/info to the league as I swapped search engines and cannot recall where the host site is…….. thx

  24. Today’s article by Matt Barrows on The Athletic is about Armstead’s extensive game film watching habits, and his mentorship of Kinlaw.
    Hopefully, they have watched enough game film on the Patriot’s offense so as to not open up running lanes for Cam Newton.
    And, as the D Line veteran leader, he will hopefully make sure that none of the linemen line up in the neutral zone.

    1. We match up well against Newton’s running style. It’s the agile speed that presents problems for us, just like it does for most defenses….

  25. The Niners will win this one, then proceed to Seattle where they also will win. The Niners are a road team, difficulties seem to arise at home, they lose to the Packers and then win at the Saints. 6-4 at the break, things begin to look good as players are starting to return for the final 6. 11-5 wild card team beating some good teams to get there.

  26. Borat: “Rudy, Tr#mp will be very disappointed, you leaving hotel without golden shower!”

    Who lays down on a bed to “tuck in their shirt ” . LOL. Also his actual shirt was already tucked in . LOL

    1. Bruce,
      Another public announcement?
      Sheesh, you’re starting to sound like a CNN producer.
      Btw, Biden should be more concerned about Hunter’ hard drive than Rudy’ hard on (lol).

      1. Trump’s going to win, and Nancy, Chuckie, Brucie, Ribby and the national media are all going to melt down like the wicked witch of the west. We’re melting!

        1. Rib,
          Biden’ law enforcement policy sure is (in a negative way). With Biden’ and president Kamala’ passive position on law enforcement, Americans don’t feel safe.
          Last I looked, public safety is still important to the people. And the people will show you that fact on Nov. 3.

          1. Thank you for that report from the far-right fever swamp, AES.

            If there is anything Americans don’t feel safe about, it is COVID and the economic uncertainty due to this administration, from the beginning to current day, treating the pandemic as a pure political rather than public health issue.

            Last I looked, public safety is still important to the people

            Ironical truth in that statement.

  27. Belicheat will stifle Jimmy G and the 9ers O. The only way they win is keep the Pats under 17 points and I don’t see much of a chance of that.

    1. New England ranks 25th in points per game. 16th in rushing yards given up per game. 26th in offensive passing yards per game. 25th in scoring points per game. We rank 5th in passing yards given up defensively. We rank 10h in rushing yards given up. Let’s face it, the 49ers are a bad matchup for the Patriots. We’ll win the game….

    1. his need to be right rivals a whore’s need for cum….while his mates are being productive citizens razordoll instead collects handouts and is always gunning for likes on the blog…..

      Razor suffers from Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) which is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive attention-seeking behaviors, usually beginning in early childhood, including inappropriate seduction and an excessive desire for approval.

  28. JL should trade Pettis for one the CB’s below.

    They were all drafted in the 2nd Rd of 2018 draft

    M. J. Stewart – TB
    Donte Jackson – NE
    Isaiah Oliver – ATL
    Carlton Davis – TB

    He should even include a future 6th or 7th……There is no way Pettis is going to be a starter on this team – He will never beat out Aiyuk, Deebo, Bourne, RJJames

  29. Both Tartt and Ward out for this one. Time to see what Moore and Harris can do. Maybe Cyprien gets some time at SS too. Tbh, I would probably rather Cyprien than Harris at SS – Harris plays too out of control.

    1. Really like to see Crypien as well get an opportunity. Maybe become the eventual replacement to Tartt.

      A lot of the media in NE saying this game will be an audition for Jimmy G to get back to the Patriots. I’m hoping he lights them up and we keep him.

      Niners 21
      Pats 16

    1. If we got anything back it would be a steal.
      I just don’t think the kid has the passion for football because in Shanny’s offense, there is always room and opportunity for guys to catch and run and stretch the field.
      2 things Pettis did extremely well in college.

      Between him and Ahkello, two huge disappointments.

  30. https://www.si.com/nfl/49ers/news/5-burning-49ers-questions-for-week-7

    1. Yes. Hasty has the explosion through the hole that McKinnon lacks. He’ll loosen it up which should allow McKinnon room in the passing game. Patriots rank 31st against rb’s in the passing game.
    2. Yes. The Patriots rank 30th, giving up 20 or more yards through the air. Jimmy will have his opportunities downfield.
    3. Yes. The offensive line found it’s mojo against the best player in the NFL.
    4. Yes. Newton’s style of running matches up with the physicality of the 49ers defense. He’s gonna have a lousy day.
    5. Yes. Shanny will buck your trend.
    Bonus question: Yes. Tradition kills originality, and Shanny is an innovator. Let him create!

    1. I think with Mostert out Shanahan will keep using Samuel as well as Aiyuk in the running game and short passing game/ screens. I am expecting to see Samuel and Aiyuk actually line up/ motion into the backfield a few times over the next few weeks. Keep getting the ball into your playmakers hands while taking the pressure off JG and the OL to consistently win on downfield throws.

          1. That’ll change when the ankle heals and the O line play continues to improve. But it’s true now:

            Jeff Deeney
            Among the top 32 QBs in dropbacks this season, when holding the ball for less than 2.5 seconds Jimmy Garoppolo has a passer rating of 134.6 (1st). When he holds it for 2.5 seconds or more it falls to 53.0 (last). #49ers

  31. 1. Jeff Wilson should line up deep in the I , so he can build up a head of steam, before attacking the weakness in the D line. Use McKinnon as that swing pass safety valve, and give BB a taste of his own medicine by having Jet pass the ball. Hasty should get at least 10 snaps, and let him make those quick counters and misdirections.
    2. I am so hopeful that JG will show BB that he taught him too well, I have JG in at QB in my fantasy league. BB will stack the box and force JG to beat him with his arm. JG should light it up with Kittle, and continue the quick reads and execution. I hope he invites the blitz, then burns them by passing towards the position the Blitzer vacated. JG should use pump fakes to deceive the defense, because they will be expecting the quick pass. Then, I hope he hits Aiyuk with a long bomb.
    3. I was pleasantly surprised by the O line play. I hope they can open big holes for the RBs to run through, then help down field. Kittle is critical for the run game to work. Maybe assign him to block Gilmore.
    4. Like JG, they will do the same thing to Cam. They will stack the box, and dare Newton to beat them with his arm. Unlike JG, Cam is not very accurate, so I hope the DBs can get a pick. It will be very important for the pass rushers to keep containment, so Cam does not beat them with his legs. If they get to him early, they may be able to rattle him.
    5. KS will do well, because he has shown he can handle adversity and make adjustments. That 4th and 2 was a bold, gutsy call, executed to perfection. We all know that BB will try his hardest to take away Kittle, since he uncharacteristically became loquacious, praising Kittle. Maybe even double teaming Kittle. However, that might work to the Niners advantage, because Deebo and Aiyuk will be in single coverage. Maybe he should let JG become the field general, because he knows best how to defeat BB. He knows he will have to be on top of his game, and will give unrelenting effort in order to win. Only if he plays aggressively, and minimizes mistakes, will he have his best chance to win. This may be another case of the pupil being taught too well by the Master. KS should focus on game management, and add trickeration to set up his team for success.
    5b. Yes, I think KS knows what it takes to win against a good opponent. This season, the Pats are not a juggernaut, and the loss of Brady is pronounced. I hope KS takes the BW strategy- Pass to create a lead, then run the ball in the second half to run out the clock.

  32. Kerr likes to say that the Dubs must have 30 assists to win the game. Kyle thinks they need to run 30 times.
    Niners since 2019:
    Record when the run 30+ times: 10-0
    Record when they run < 30 times: 6-6

  33. Hate to say it but I’m picking the Pats.
    A Cross country trip against a coach that was able to lock down the Bill Walsh led 49ers and knows every detail about our starting QB, that is already a bad combo.Throw in the fact that SF will have a new (really bad) center making the line calls, our most explosive runner out and both safeties missing. I think 1st team to 17 wins and I just hope Jimmy survives and doesn’t see ghosts.
    The only thing giving me hope is that I think Cam is a joke and is about the same level as Carson Wenz as a qb.

    1. Shoup, that coach couldn’t lock down the Kaepernick led 49ers, now could he? There’s hope there. Shannie knows a thing or too about Cam as well. Also, it’s a late start game, so that mitigates the cross country location somewhat.

      With all the injuries the Niners have any wins these next few weeks will be minor miracles in themselves. I was expecting the Niners to fall flat last week, and they came through with a brilliant effort. This game will also be less about the QB the opposition know so much of and all about the game plan. Niners take this one too.

      1. True, but he has always done better against less mobile qb’s. And has even done well against Mahomes recently.

        I just hope our offense isn’t completely shut down.

  34. Some will say that BB knows every detail of JG, but he has not coached him for over 3 years. Even BB is playing down that angle, and knows that JG will have a burning desire to defeat his former coach, to prove that his trading away of JG was a big mistake.
    Fortunately, the home field advantage is muted this season with no or few fans in the stadiums.
    Yes, traveling to the East coast may be problematic for the Niners, but hopefully they will be like the Niners of old, and become road warriors.
    It is interesting to note that the Pats have utilized lots if dime packages, so I truly believe that the Niners will be able to gash them with the run. Then, that will set up some play action passes down field. This may be the game that will show why KS likes Aiyuk so much, if he can stretch the field and catch some long bombs. Force BB to defend the entire field, and JG just needs to take what they give him.
    Many assume the Niners will be playing a former SB team, but it is hardly that. Many Patriot players opted out, no TB, some have Covid 19, and Cam may still have lingering issues from his Covid case. In a game of matchups, JG is superior to Cam, so the Niners have a good chance to defeat the Patriots. Saleh just needs to have the pass rushers contain Cam in the pocket, and maybe have Warner nail him on a delayed blitz up the middle.
    The Bills and Dolphins are both ahead of the Patriots in the standings, so this game may seal BB’s fate and it may be one of the few years the Pats do not make the playoffs under BB. Bellichick may want this win, but he just does not have the horses to do it.
    Niners 24-23.

      1. You are so desperate, and clueless.
        You still think other teams will lay a 40 burger on the Niners and Saleh may be fired? I sure don’t.

  35. So to sum up, former VP Biden did not meet with any Chinese nationals in 2017 and did not receive any income or compensation from any business deals. We can confirm this because his tax returns for the last 20 years have been made available. BTW, if he did enter into such a business venture it would have been 100% legal. Meanwhile trumpee and his crime family are carrying on business activities with every dictator and despot from Istanbul to Azerbaijan to Moscow to Beijing to Pyongyang. This is occurring while trumpee is acting president. No American bank will work with the trumpee mafia because of their decades of fraud , corruption , bankruptcies and failures so they must seek foreign financial support.

    1. Oh yeah, and when this debacle come to a crashing halt in 10 days, ivankee and her poodle jaaaaRAD probably wont be receiving a warm welcome back in Manhattan. Project Lincoln strikes again. PL has been one of the best investments I have made this year.

      1. Wow! Gee Brucie, you sure changed my vote (lol).

        Btw, Hussain Obama is now hitting the campaign trail for Biden.
        Can you please tell me why the Biden brain-trust doesn’t have Hillary speak at any of his rallies or commercial ads.
        Doesn’t it seem strange that the person you likely voted for 4 years ago is not being invited to speak on behalf of Biden?
        I must say this about your Dems, phonies recognize phonies (ha ha).

        1. AES, you raise an interesting point. Clinton has been an outspoken supporter of Biden but team Biden felt that she is not best suited for the campaign . Obama and the rest of the D leadership past and present completely support Biden and have been involved with campaigning. What about on the other side?

          The last republican nominee Romney voted to impeach trumpee and called him a fraud and conartist.
          The previous nominee McCain hated trumpee. Coward trumpee repeatedly denigrated McCain’s heroic service. His widow has appeared in ads for Biden.
          The last R president Bush has remained silent but members of his whitehouse have formed Project Lincoln and are viciously attacking trumppee and his crime family .

          Phonies indeed. LMAO

        2. Wow! Gee Brucie, you sure changed my vote (lol).

          Gee, just as much as doughboy changed mine!

          Can you please tell me why the Biden brain-trust doesn’t have Hillary speak at any of his rallies or commercial ads.

          Conversely, why hasn’t the Trump camp had Mitt Romney out on the stump for him? Oh, wait.

          1. It’s obvious why Trump hasn’t used Romney. Romney has no backbone and is confused on whether he’s a Rep or Dem. Why would the Trump camp need him?
            This guy is a foxhole Rino.

            Biden not utilizing Hillary is pretty telling : there’s no honor among crooks.
            It is, what it is.

            1. You are just as confused as Trump is. Hillary is not in the race this year. And the flop sweat is showing in lame attempts to resurrect her. Talk about someone living rent-free in your collective heads.

            2. Romney has no backbone and is confused on whether he’s a Rep or Dem. Why would the Trump camp need him?

              Looks like the Trump camp has no use for a lot of other (supposedly non-RINO) R senators either.

              There are a couple senators I can’t really get involved in. I just can’t do it. You lose your soul if you do. I can’t help some of them. I don’t want to help some of them.”


              With Trump stooge Lou Dobbs throwing him under the bus, you can put Lindsey Graham firmly in that category.

              Burn it all down on the way out. He’s reached “Downfall” territory.

  36. Seb says:
    October 19, 2020 at 7:18 pm
    My apologies for this catfish.

    “… I like JG so much, I have not advocated for Kaep to return to this team…”

    Any Hope of Seb moving on from Kaep was lost during electric shock therapy at the sanitarium.
    Delusionals often cling to hero worship to maintain sanity.

    Although 2016 seems ancient to us (Kaep’s last season in SF), the delusional insists it’s the present.

    While curative strategies such as Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and psychotropic pharmaceuticals are in order, the subject can take years to restore normality.

    Consequently, family members become impatient, opting for quicker results present in the science of ELT–Electric Shock Therapy.

    1. TrollD, reading is fundamental. While I think Kaep is better than half the starters in this league, I have moved on.
      I am happy with JG as the starting franchise QB for the San Francisco 49ers.
      However, right now, after seeing Mullens and CJB play, Kaep would be a superior backup to those 2.
      Yet, I still believe that Kaep is better than QBs who have started like Darnold, Jones, Haskins, Trubisky, Minshew, Flacco, Hoyer, Stidham, Driskel, Fitzpatrick, Dalton, Taylor, Keenum, Rypien, Mullens and CJB. You, obviously, think they are superior to Kaep, but their records show how inferior they are.
      I do not want Kaep to be a backup on the Niners, because I think he deserves to find a starting job in the NFL.
      You, on the other hand, think that blackballing Kaep is fine, even though he was proven right. Goodell even had to apologize for the unfair persecution, and said he wanted Kaep to have a chance to at least try out.
      Such gutless wonders, Afraid to let Kaep even try out. Cowards who are afraid Kaep could play, and take the league by storm, again. If you are so certain he could not play, you should be clamoring for a team to give Kaep a tryout, and hope he fails.
      I did make a guess that Kaep could return to the league depending on who wins in November, but it seems like a logical call to say he would return if his biggest impediment loses soon. On November 4th, some one may have more worries than continuing the unfair blackballing of a black QB. He might be thinking about fleeing the country, so he does not land in jail.
      Sounds like you have intimate knowledge about EST, but it seems like it did not work.

        1. It was a guess, and it does not matter if I am right or wrong.if you fixate on one time when I am wrong, then ignore 10 times when I am right, you are delusional.
          I was certainly right about this game. The Niners stacked the box and dared Cam to beat them with his arm. unlike JG, Cam is not very accurate, so I hoped the DBs would get a pick, but was wrong, because they got 4, or maybe I was right 4 times.
          I also hoped JG would throw a long bomb to Aiyuk. Mission accomplished.
          Looking at the league, both the Broncos and Cowboys may want to look at Kaep. H e would certainly be an upgrade over Lock or Dalton.

  37. Anyone watching the Ohio St. game? I think I like Fields just a little bit more than Lawrence. Either way this draft could be the best QB draft we have seen in a while.,

  38. It’s amazing that ShanaLynch have drafted an All Pro calibre player in 3 straight drafts and they still get heat for a few bad picks. Great play there by Warner.

  39. I think I get it now….kshan truly believes he can win with a qb paid less than franchise money..

    I won’t be shocked if they decide to reallocate resources away from qb to other positions in the future

    1. I’m leaning towards agreeing with you on that oneniner. They can find a QB to run these dump off’s and shovel passes, at a quarter of Jimmy’s price.

      If Jimmy cannot fix his downfield passing by the end of this season, I’m ready to move on! And I would imagine Kyle feels the same way!

  40. Run left outside, run right outside, run up the middle! I love the fight in TD Wilson, Jr.!
    Unleash this Kraken on Seahawks next week.

  41. Id like to see Aiyuk fight for that a bit more. It was unlikely to matter but its more of the aggressive mentality you want to see.

    1. Agreed Shoup, but my goodness, another lousy looking deep throw, or as I would call it, “a dying duck”, from Jimmy. Is a QB worth the money they are paying him if he can’t throw the ball deep … at all? I am not so sure. Jimmy has command of this style offense, except on the deep throws, and it’s either poor mechanics, or a below average arm … your pick.

      They can find a QB who can handle this short passing scheme, at half of Jimmy’s price, so why pay him this much money moving forward, if he can’t throw a deep pass?

      He simply cannot throw a half decent deep ball, without overthrowing his target, or throwing a dying duck. If he cannot fix that, it’s time for ShanaLynch to draft his replacement and move on, IMO.

      1. They can find a QB who can handle this short passing scheme, at half of Jimmy’s price, so why pay him this much money moving forward, if he can’t throw a deep pass?

        Seriously? You mean find a QB to handle the offense like CJB or Mullens? How has the team done with those two mooks compared to Jimmy?

        1. No, I mean draft a smart, athletic QB in the 2nd round, and start developing him ASAP. He doesn’t need a great arm to handle this style offense. He needs to be smart, and accurate on short passes. Preferably a QB who can add a little bit of running ability to this offense.

          In this day an age, you can be a very good team, but you aren’t going to get past Seattle and Wilson, or win Super Bowl with a QB who can’t throw a decent 25-40 yard pass downfield!

          I like Jimmy a lot, and I think if he can get that fixed, he’s the guy. But he hasn’t fixed it since he’s been here, so I am really starting to doubt he can.

          1. And until he does, he’s never going to be considered a top tier QB, no matter how good his coach, or the team around him is. Kyle Shanahan has had to reduce this offense in order to protect his QB, ever since the ACL injury, and quite frankly, it’s getting old … fast.

    2. Yeah, and not the first time he hasn’t come back and fought for a ball downfield. I really like his game, and it isn’t an issue with being tough, he just seems to give up on plays downfield that don’t fall where he is running to. Either that or he is struggling to track the ball downfield, but he didn’t have an issue with that in college. Needs to come back on plays like that and either attempt to catch it or play DB.

      1. Yeah, the strange thing is I’m not sure that is really coachable or not.
        It’s more of a mentality… that said, I do agree he has the toughness and has more shake than anyone else in the receiving group so there is a lot to work with.

  42. Well, it certainly looks like the pupil was taught too well by the Master.
    I am happy. Wilson lining up deep in the I, then doing the unexpected with Juice, was KS out coaching BB.
    Now I hope the Niners use Hasty, but in a deliberate manner, and not too hasty.
    Hopefully, KS can finish this game, with no injuries. Bill Walsh would build up a first half lead, then run the ball to run out the clock.

    1. And now Samuel is hurt. Why the F is Kyle running Deebo when the game is out of reach. And that’s the problem with having to over use your WR’s as RB’s. They are going to inevitably get hurt.

    1. Aint a curse 49er42. You can’t expect your WR’s to take this much punishment on a game by game basis. They aren’t RB’s for a reason. But, because Jimmy is so incredibly insufficient with all of his downfield passes, Kyle really has no choice but to expose his receivers to this kind of physical play.

      Pretty sad when I have to turn off such a great game out of so much frustration with these injuries, and it can’t all be bad luck!! It’s this ultra physical brand of football that is taking it’s toll!

  43. This chapter of kshan playbook is totally different….we haven’t seen mullens or cjb run this kind of game plan.

    I do believe kshan wants the consistent long ball which is the reward from running the ball so much..

    Same formations with WR running in motion different delivery….more swing passes today.. last game were tosses to wr…..

    If we had done the same tosses as last game NE was ready with blitzes straight in the middle to disrupt oline
    movement …by swinging the passes to the sidelines, oline stays put …NE had less time to recover to the sidelines…..genius Kshan..

    1. I don’t know about Mullens, but the Cam era in NE is on shaky ground. Maybe NE can find one of those successful QBs that 49Reasons says are all over the 2nd round.

      1. Rib, has Shanahan been forced to change this offense this season to, at least in part, protect his QB?

        Yes or No?

        The answer is yes. Look at a passing chart. It’s obvious that Jimmy struggles mightily as a downfield passer. Does that mean this 49ers team can’t win a lot of games? No. But can they beat a team like KC, or Seattle, or Tampa Bay, who have QB’s that can win downfield?

        Again, I like Jimmy and I desperately want him to be the guy. But he hasn’t been able to pass downfield since the injury. It’s hard to beat good teams in the year 2020 (and maybe even more so in 2021) paying a premium for a QB who can’t hit a receiver 25 yards downfield, and airmails one easy INT per game. The 49ers only chance to compete is playing this ultra physical style that exposes all of their skill positions to injury, and we are currently seeing the results: Mostert (injured), Coleman (injured), Wilson (injured), Deebo (injured), Kittle (was injured) …. how many times do you really want to have to turn your WR’s into RB’s and how many plays do you have to run (and all these snaps means more chances for injury) in order to win games when you have a very limited ability to strike downfield? Even on Jimmy’s one decent deep ball todasy he couldn’t hit a wide open Aiyuk in stride. Instead, Aiyuk had to show off elite ball tracking skills in order to catch what should have been an easy deep TD pass, but instead forced him OB at the 10.

        Talk to me again at the end of the year, when the 49ers have no skill position players left.

        1. So we should become a passing team? Good idea when we have a poor pass blocking line and major depth at RB and none at WR.
          Great idea…..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. It’s a sick joke pulled by someone or something that I can’t enjoy a win without a lnjury this season. So over this crap.
    Bet Deebo will be our next week in the biggest game of the season. When he didn’t need to even be out there.

  45. Another very impressive win. Honestly, it’s hard to forecast this season as there is so much to overcome injury-wise. Nevertheless, 10 wins is still very much in play. From there we’ll just have to see.

  46. Great game. As Romo said JG played well other than the one throw. Biggest concern is Wilson and Samuel. We really need those guys to play against the ‘Hags. I think the only way we can win next week is by scoring on virtually every drive.

    1. I think tonight we will see Seattle’s defense get exposed. I’ll be looking for their pass rush and how good is their secondary.

  47. I feel good going to seattle with Hasty as the RB…and defense …..

    I just hope kshan does not over think this game….just do what u have been doing…

    1. And if Hasty get’s hurt? A few more games of this style (very few effective downfield throws) and we won’t have any more skill position players left.


      1. Dude, despite your attempts to place these injuries directly at JGs feet, it’s not just the offensive skill players. Have you noticed the Niners defense as of late?

  48. Very impressive win. Offense played physically and dominated the Patriots front all day, while the D was excellent once again in coverage and did enough in terms of getting pressure to put the QB off.

    Very strange to see some posters focusing on the negatives today as there really weren’t any aside from nit picky things. The injuries sucked, but injuries happen. Hopefully Deebo’s hamstring injury is minor. And the RB room will just need to be next man up, just like it was today.

    Great to see Aiyuk geeting more involved downfield today. The OL gave JG a decent pocket most of the game, which is what happens when the running game is effective. Allowed JG to hang in there for some longer developing plays to Aiyuk.

    Seems like McKinnon has now been surpassed on the depth chart. But have to say, Shanahan was very smart with his running game and to go with the guy that is better on inside runs today. Belichick has the formula for stopping outside zone, so Shanahan played more through the middle with Wilson and then schemed ways to get the ball out wide on screens with the occasional outside run to a WR. Again, just a smart way to get the ball in your playmakers hands in space.

    On to next weeks vs the Seahawks. The schedule is challenging ahead, but the 49ers are now playing some good football so have a chance to snatch some wins over this stretch.

    1. Scooter,

      If you can’t see a correlation of all these injuries, and this brand of football, I don’t know what to tell you. This brand of football is simply unsustainable long term, without “explosive” downfield plays.

      Think about this: The 49ers created 4 TO’s, and ran 63 offensive plays today and still only scored 33 points, while managing to get 2 more important skill-position players injured in the process.

      I like the idea of running Deebo and Aiyuk every now and then, but as a staple, because you can’t throw downfield? No way! It’s simply unsustainable long term, and injuries will ultimately be the result, as we are seeing.

      I’ve been one of Jimmy’s strongest supporters now ever since we landed him. Unfortunately, I am losing faith by the game. Decent QB (certainly not a scrub), but not worth elite money! And you will come to the same conclusion soon enough.

      1. Based on your belief it is amazing the Harbaugh teams were able to field a 53.

        Samuel will have injuries here and there whether he gets the ball on effectively a handoff or down the field because of the way he plays. Blaming the injury on Shanahan using him as a pseudo RB is asinine. It is who Samuel is.

        You are looking to find fault.

        1. Even Harbaugh threw downfield more often than this, and he had a running QB for a lot of his tenure! But then again, he wasn’t asking his best WR’s to act like RB’s all game long.

          Good luck with that! You will see Scooter, soon enough. When Deebo, Aiyuk, & Kittle, join Mostert and Coleman on IR, because Jimmy is wildly ineffective downfield, then come talk to me!

        2. Yah, you occassionaly run Deebo and Aiyuk to keep the defense off balance and set up other stuff. You don’t do it 6 or 7 times a game because you can’t complete any explosive plays downfield! That’s crazy. Deebo IS NOT A RB! And neither is Aiyuk! 5 or 6 times a game is TOO MUCH, and injuries will result!

          It’s a g_d d_mn passing league for crying out loud!, and if your $30+ million a year QB can’t do it consistently, you find one that can! Even Tannahill has developed into a superior downfield passer than Jimmy, and Wilson … oh geesh, he makes Jimmy look like an amateur downfield passer.

          If you guys really think this is sustainable, you are in for an eye opener.

          1. And you’re really going to see the reality next year when your paying Jimmy as an elite QB when he isn’t, and can’t afford any other players around him because the salary cap is so low. You think the attrition is bad this year? OMG, just wait until the salary cap goes down!

            Mark your calendars ….. I’ve officially jumped off the Jimmy G. hype train!

      2. 49,
        If Deebo and Aiyuk can get positive yrds on runs, I’m going to run the same play until the defense can stop them. It comes down to a game of contrition and using a game plan that is successful.

        Shanahan used a perfect game plan against arguably the greatest head coach of all time. Belichick was out coached and completely over matched by Shanahan and the ascending 49ers.

        Hate that Deebo pulled up, but it’s football. One thing that has been a constant this season is the theme “next man up.”
        Shanahan will adjust to player losses and simply find a way.
        That’s what good coaches do!

      1. I agree Razor, and that comes a week after another incredible game plan. But let’s get real. Because of Jimmy’s ineffective downfield passing, Kyle has been forced to turn this offense into mostly very short passes, most of which are behind the LOS, and he’s asking his best WRs to take punishment like his RB’s. Not only that, it’s an ultra-physical brand of football on every single play.

        It’s simply unsustainable. You will see, this is an UNSUSTAINABLE brand of football, in the year 2020! They will have no skill players left before we even get to December.

          1. Hah, I’m all for physical football, believe me. But a joke of a playing surface in New York cost our defense dearly.

            What has changed on offense? Kyle has decided the best way to “protect” his “franchise QB” (how’s that for a oxymoron?) is by utilizing his best WR’s as RB’s and asking his elite TE to block downfield 40 times a game, all because he clearly doesn’t trust his QB, nor should he. Every single week Jimmy air balls a 20 yard pass, at least once, usually multiple times. Those are the throws that usually get picked, just like we saw again today. And then Aiyuk is running free down the sideline and rather than throwing it up and letting him run under it for an easy TD, Jimmy throws the ball towards the sideline, forcing Aiyuk OB after he luckily did a beautiful job at tracking the ball.

            Good luck with that guys.

            Hold that thought, and talk to me again in early December. We’ll see who got it right.

            1. By the way guys, I don’t know about you, but I grew up watching every game Joe Montana and Steve Young played …. every single one. I think I know a good QB when I see one.

              Joe had a beautiful deep ball and Steve, well, he eventually developed a beautiful one as well. When will Jimmy? I am starting to think NEVER! Before the injury I thought yah, Jimmy is THE GUY! These days (post injury), Jimmy is an $10-$15 Million a year QB TOPS! And if Jimmy can’t get this fixed soon, then Kyle is better off drafting a replacement at this point, IMO.

            2. I think your expectations are a little exaggerated.
              When the game plan and the execution of it results in a win, it’s only fitting you tip your hat to the coach and the players and say good job.
              Now let’s see what happens next game.

              1. Prime …. it’s unsustainable. Geesh! I like winning like the rest of us. In fact, I love it. But not at this kind of cost of all of our best skill players. Do you really think Kittle is going to hold up having to block downfield 40+ times a game? And let’s face it, the Patriots are a shell of their former selves.

                If you haven’t noticed Jimmy’s downfield passing has actually regressed, I don’t know what to tell you. And if you think we can go deep into the postseason again this season by playing this brand of “protect the franchise QB” style football, in 2020, well …… that’s on you!

              2. All of the advanced analytics, and I mean ALL of it, tells us one thing!

                The NFL these days, is a passing league!

                That’s how you win games. Not by turning your best WR’s into RB’s because you have to protect your QB! Not in the NFC West! Not if you want to beat Seattle (and even Arizona).

                Sorry, but the data is very clear on this!

              3. “I like winning like the rest of us. In fact, I love it.”

                Clearly. Just not when they do it in a fashion that you find unappealing.

              4. I like winning championships Scooter, not beating a shell of a team, even if that team is NE.

                I thought the 49ers were about championships? That used to be the bar! Apparently, nowadays it’s all about making excuses for having to protect the “franchise” QB, and the toll that’s taking on the 4-3 49ERS?

                Like I said, I’ll get back to you in December, and we’ll find out then if you are still making excuses for Jimmy. I’m guessing you will see the light at some point. At least I would hope.

              5. According to my calculations the 49ers won today. Played complimentary football and stayed in the playoff race.

                49, weren’t you calling me “unfaithful” 3 weeks ago?

                Oh my have you changed your tune in such a short 3 weeks.

              6. Meh, I’m not deluding myself about what JG is. He has limitations.

                But I’m also not deluding myself about what Shanahan’s vision for the offense is like you are. He wants to run. He wants to get the ball in his playmakers hands in space and let them create.

              7. Yah, but I don’t think this is a sustainable winning strategy, Prime. What am I supposed to do, ignore that?

                Jimmy has regressed as a downfield passer. Everyone knows that, especially Kyle. The Niners aren’t going to win a championship with this style, and it starts, and stops, with Jimmy G. IT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE!

                So yah, I am calling him out! It’s time! It’s a passing league. I like ball control, but you have to be consistent as a downfield passer if you want to win a championship.

                So, until he fixes this lethal problem, I am calling Jimmy out. And I’m telling Kyle …. get the downfield passing game fixed, or find someone else who will!

              8. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this style?

                You want more passes thrown per game? More than 20 yards in length? Can you be more specific with this “style” ?

              9. What I mean by style?

                Relying on using your best WR’s as RB’s, mostly to protect your QB, because you don’t trust his downfield passing. That’s what I mean. And using your elite TE more as a blocker, than receiver, because again, you don’t trust your QB as a downfield passer.

                Against some of the league’s better passing QB’s (not Goff or a washed up Newton).

                Analytics says it definitely won’t, and it didn’t work in the Super Bowl, despite having an elite defense.

                How long are Deebo, Aiyuk, and Kittle going to last taking this kind of punishment?

                Can you even win a world championship as a run first offense that doesn’t trust their QB as a downfield passer? Again, if you believe in analytics, the answer is NO! This isn’t the 2000’s anymore.

              10. I agree with you to a degree. You have to be able to stretch the field and have a more dynamic down field passing game to win it all.
                I don’t think that Jimmy G is incapable of this. I think he is more than capable to take his shots if allowed to.
                I do believe that Shanny doesn’t trust his personnel to be and at some point, it better evolve with maybe Aiuyuk.
                I see your point now but I think it will come in time as this offense finds its identity more throughout this year.

            3. But a joke of a playing surface in New York cost our defense dearly.

              Blair, Ansah, Bosa, Ford, Nzeocha, Sherman, Thomas, Jones, K’Waun Williams, Tartt, Ward, Harris all got their injuries through natural attrition or meadowlands turf. While Moseley, Deebo and Wilson Jr. got theirs due to KS “protect the QB” game plans. Got it.

              Dude, stop it, you are embarrassing yourself.

          2. Are you guys really telling me you like the idea of Deebo, at 208 lbs, and Aiyuk, at 205 lbs, making a living taking on 250 lbs LB’s and 295 lbs DL’s at full speed, and having your Superstar TE blocking downfield 40 times a game? All to protect your $30M QB? You really think that’s sustainable in a primarily passing league? When all the advanced analytical data says the opposite?

            Get outa here! DREAM ON!

            1. How often are the WRs actually taking on LBs and DL? Very rarely. They are being schemed to get the ball in space and are usually taking on DBs.

              This is Shanahan’s offense. He drafted athletes that are great with ball in hand for a reason. He wants to run an offense that looks a lot like this, regardless of who the QB is. Yes, he wants to also hit some deep plays, usually off play action, and JG has not been good in that regard. But you also need an OL that can hold up for those longer developing plays and so far this year they have also struggled in that regard. It also helps if your QB doesn’t have a bad ankle.

              I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they move on from JG in the next year or two, but if you genuinely think this style of offense is being played because of JG you haven’t been paying attention to what Shanahan has been building.

              1. Seriously Scooter?? 300 lbs DL’s not as much, but I’ve seen Deebo take LB’s on at full speed, at least 6 times since he returned from a broken foot. At least! He’s giving up 40-45 lbs., same with Aiyuk.

                You do understand how physics works, right? Two bodies of mass in motion, one larger than the other?

                Like I said, have those plays in your arsenal and use them occasionally, that’s what they are there for, but you can’t afford to lean on it heavily simply to protect your QB. That aint gonna work. Those guys are too valuable and they are going to get hurt, it’s basic physics. And Kittle is killing himself for this run game (all to protect the QB) when he should be one of the league’s leading receivers. That’s taking a toll as well!

                I’ll say it one more time …. It’s UNSUSTAINABLE! And analytics says it’s also probably not going to win you a championship in 2020 or beyond.

                You simply have to be efficient passing downfield!

              2. And, BTW, was pass protection bad today when Jimmy, once again, air-balled a fairly routine pass (for another easy INT), and also lead a wide open Aiyuk out of bounds on what should have been a sure TD?? Come on Scooter, his mechanics are relatively sloppy, even a blind man can can see that! Maybe the knee brace is a problem, I don’t exactly know, but something is not right with Jimmy’s downfield passing attack, which is why Kyle is having to protect him. He protected him in the postseason last year, and now he’s having to do it again. You have to know that Kyle’s knows this,and you are right, he’s going to be replaced if he doesn’t get it figured out. Why? Because this is simply unsustainable. You can’t afford to pay your QB $30+, if he can’t throw the ball consistently downfield.

              3. Let me ask you this one question Scooter …… Is Jimmy the same guy post ACL tear?

                Be honest.

                Is this the same Jimmy G. who was absolutely balling out in 2017 and quickly earned a big contract?

                I say NO, he’s clearly not. For whatever reason, whether it’s confidence, whether it’s the knee or the brace (I happen to think the brace might be affecting his mechanics, and certainly his mobility), or a combination of things. Whatever it is that is holding him back, it needs to change. The 2017 version of Jimmy G. was elite. He was easily mobile enough. He was extremely accurate with short and especially MID-RANGE passes. And he was confident.

                But you have to admit, Scooter, that’s not the guy we’ve been watching since he returned from his injury.

              4. Urgh. Again, this is Shanahan’s vision for the offense. His vision for what Deebo will do in this offense. He used Deebo a lot the same way in the second half of last season. If you don’t like it, blame Shanahan, not JG. And most of those plays are not having him run into the teeth of the D – they are mostly getting him on the perimeter against DBs.

                Maybe they are using it a little more often atm than Shanahan would like, but there are many reasons for it. The RB room is injured. The OL is struggling in pass pro. JG has a bum ankle. Even so, these aren’t gadget plays, they are a staple of Shanahan’s offense that he would be using regardless. He wants to be running the ball as much or more than passing it, he has said so himself, and part of that rushing attack is about getting the ball to his playmakers.

                Now, with that all said, one thing I do agree with you about is that JG is struggling throwing the ball downfield. The OL and his ankle are probably part of that problem, but regardless he does need to improve or he won’t be the QB here long term.

              5. Sorry Scooter, but I totally disagree. Yes, he drafted both Deebo and Aiyuk, in part, because they have this ability. Having these plays in your arsenal changes the way teams have to prepare for you.

                That’s not the same as having to lean heavily on these plays because you don’t trust your QB. In 2020, you pass to set up the runs, not vice versa. Even Kyle would do this if he thought he could trust his QB to do so. That’s what he did in his record setting year in Atlanta. That’s clearly not what is happening now. George Kittle should be getting 100 yards a game as a receiver. Instead, he’s beating his body up in the run game (overused as a blocker), because again, Kyle is afraid to open up the mid-range passing attack, because he is having to protect his $30M QB.

                These plays are great as a compliment to the mid-range passing game, not as an substitute.

                It’s a passing league. The analytics are very clear on this. You stand a much better chance at winning if you can pass the ball efficiently. Running heavily does not equate to winning against good teams, and using smallish WR’s as RB’s more than a couple-few times a game, is not sustainable. And using perhaps the best receiving TE in the league primarily as a blocker, just to protect your QB, is not a sustainable winning formula.

              6. You must think Shanahan has been a bald-faced liar throughout his time with the 49ers then, because he repeatedly stresses the importance and desire to run the ball and that his entire passing game is built off the run. But hey, good for you for knowing better.

                JG was hitting those mid range passes last season and in the first half against the Jets. Since then he has been playing with a bad ankle, and the OL has repeatedly shown they struggle to hold up consistently on longer developing plays after disastrous pass blocking efforts in back to back weeks against the Eagles and Dolphins. If Shanahan is protecting JG it is as much to do with those circumstances as anything else, imo.

              7. Jimmy has had one really good half as a passer this year, against the lowly Jets.

                As for Kyle, yes, he wants to run the ball as much as any team. No doubt. He also knows that turnovers are a killer. He knows that if he can establish a running game, he is also likely to limit turnovers, and stand a chance to be competitive in most games. But no, I don’t think what we’ve seen the last couple weeks is his vision. I don’t think he feels like he can beat the better teams without a confident mid range passing attack. And the analytics are clear on this (although Kyle is clearly not big on analytics). He needs to be able to open this offense up without having Jimmy turn the ball over with poor passes like we saw again today. He cannot continue to protect Jimmy G. and win a Super Bowl. Not against the good teams.

                Not against Seattle this year.
                Not against Tampa.
                Not against New Orleans.

              8. And now we have to lean on a rookie RB, and will be without our #1 WR … to go along with all of the other injuries … with a QB who has no confidence as a downfield passer …. against the Seahawks, in the biggest game of the season.

                Great plan!

                Sounds like a real winner, Scooter.


              9. As I said earlier, you need a hobby. The most unhappy person after a 33-6 win I have ever seen. Go have a snickers.

                Yes, next week will be tough with yet again more guys out injured. Injuries suck. But the idea the injuries are happening because of JG is asinine.

                The good news? The Seahawks pass rush has been awful this year. That means the OL might have a chance to hold up in pass pro and give JG some time for some of those downfield passes to develop.

              10. We’ll just have to disagree then. Obviously most of these injuries have nothing to do with the QB. But, you can’t risk your best WR’s health by consistently sending them full speed at LB’s, because they will eventually get hurt, banged up. I don’t know why that’s a hard concept to understand. WR’s aren’t RB’s. You use those plays occasionally, to set other stuff up, and break off the occasional big plays, but you don’t do it more than a few times a game, not with your best downfield receivers, because they will get hurt, like Deebo did today. It’s excessive, and it’s excessive because he doesn’t trust Jimmy.

                I want Jimmy to be the 49ers QB for now, and into the future. I love his personality and leadership. I love his toughness and grit. In some ways, as funny as this sounds, I’d like to be him. I want to believe Jimmy is still the guy. I had high hopes. I’m simply losing faith on a weekly basis, because Kyle did have to protect him at times last season, and I can clearly see some regression this season. Not just because of the OL, because it’s happening from clean pockets. Not just his ankle either.

                The thing is …. as an athlete, if you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse. Russell Wilson is getting better. Heck, Kyler Murray is getting better. Ryan Tannahill is getting better. Patrick Mahomes is getting better. Justin Herbert is getting better. Our QB sadly seems to be getting worse.

              11. Well Scooter, were going to find out over the next few weeks, because Wilson is joining Mostert on IR, and Deebo may be right behind him, just as our schedule gets tough. Kyle isn’t going to be able to continue to protect Jimmy as a game manager any longer. It’s sink or swim time for Jimmy starting now. So, we’ll know soon enough if I am right about him.

                For the record … I hope I am wrong.

              12. Actually, I think Jimmy looked a lot better today.
                He was 7 of 9 for passes that traveled over 10 yards in the air and he was willing to throw that ball down the field. I only fault him for the 1 int , my only quibble on the hail mary was, that I think he needs to try and put that ball in the end zone.
                As to the swing passes to the wr’s on the edge which they ran about 9 or 10 times, they don’t really expose your wide receivers to linebackers, the forward touch pitches, and handoffs to the wr’s will, but they ran about those 3 to 4 times today.
                That said, if you aren’t using Deebo as a wr/rb then he was over drafted. As a wr only, he’s ok, a mid to low end number 2. He will eat up zones, and get yac yards, but he struggles to separate in press man or make contested caches. Using him in this manner makes it nearly impossible to eliminate him with press man and makes him a low end 1.
                As to the amount invested in Jimmy that’s the going rate. There are only a handful of starting qb’s in that sub 15 mil range that are not on rookie deals; Bridgewater, Taylor, Foles, Dalton, Fitzpatrick, do you really want to be that ball park?

              13. Hey Shoup, thanks for weighing in.

                Yah, he was 7-9 on those passes, but still not particularly accurate. Juice had to make a diving catch on what should have been a relatively easy pass & catch, and the deep completion to Aiyuk would have been an easy TD with a decent pass. Jimmy may as well have hended the ball to the Patriots FS on his first INT, which he threw completely flatt footed, and both of Jimmy’s “deep” balls were innacurate, ultimately leading Aiyuk OB instead of towards the endzone on one, and woefully underthrowing his intended target on the other.

                I re-watched the game last after I finished posting on here, just to make sure I am not being to tough on Jimmy.

                A few obvervations:

                The bad:

                – Jimmy makes flat footed throws for absolutely no reason far too often. His first INT was a result of poor mechanics, plain and simple.

                – The same goes for his hips. Far too often I see Jimmy failing to rotate his hips properly, which makes it difficult to accurately drive the ball downfield.

                – Prior to his injury, Jimmy consistently threw gorgeous spirals. Nowadays, he’s far less consistent, which leads his passes to flutter, sail, dip and nosedive. It’s glaringly obvious that something has changed in terms of his mechanics, and as a result, his accuracy has suffered because he no longer throws a beautiful football on a regular basis.

                The good:

                – Jimmy clearly has full command of this offense. He was very decisive yesterday, and generally made good decisions with the ball.

                – He’s tough as nails. He’s clearly a baller, and his teammates definitely have great respect for him.

                – He’s humble, and never deflects blame or ponts fingers. He’s been a model teammate from day 1.

                Let me sum up my frustrations. Jimmy has a lot of the outstanding qualities you look for in a franchise QB. That said, he still hasn’t returned to Pre-knee reconstruction form and Kyle is clearly trying to take as much of the pressure off of his QB because Kyle knows that Jimmy is inconsistent on passes 15 or more yards down the field. Kyle understands the correlation between turnovers, and winning or losing, do because of Jimmy’s inconsistency as a downfield passer, he’s compensated with a scheme that, IMO, is not explosive enough to win a championship. I use last season’s Super Bowl as an example – if your defense is solid, and you can run the ball and control the clock, you can win a lot of games. But …. and the analytics are clear on this point: in today’s NFL, there will always come a time when you have to be efficient as a downfield passer. All of the rule changes over the years have The rules have favored the passing game and in the big games, the team that can pass the ball with consistency and effieceny will ultimately have the advantage, and stand a much better chance at winning football game. Until Jimmy corrects this one and only glaring weakness, the 49ers will always be fighting an uphill battle VS the top passing teams in the league. And if Jimmy can’t get this corrected, the 49ers would be better off with a game-managing QB on a rookie contract, in order to utilize their salary cap in the most advantageous way.

                I hope Jimmy can figure this thing out because other than the injuries, it’s the only thing holding this team back from greatness.

              14. That’s a good, honest, accurate post 49. I will add, maybe Jimmy is still a work in progress and with Aiuyuk, the down field passing game will evolve later in the season. At least we are taking more shots downfield.

              15. And if Jimmy can’t get this corrected, the 49ers would be better off with a game-managing QB on a rookie contract, in order to utilize their salary cap in the most advantageous way.

                FFS, we’ve already seen that outcome with CJB and Mullens. .333 ball. That is what you are calling for? You can’t be serious.

  49. Great game. KS was playing chess, and BB only had checkers.
    Good win, but the Patriots were very depleted, more so than the Niners.
    I bet BB rues the day he traded away JG.
    It was nice to see them play NINER DEFENSE.
    Bring on the Seahawks. Many have wondered if the Niners were worrying about having to play so many winning teams the next 5 games, but the other teams should become apprehensive , worrying about the Niners.

      1. Gee, they lost Brady, and you think they are a SB team? They also lost 8 players due to opting out, including Hightower and Chung. Cam has played poorly, possibly due to the after effects of Covid 19, and Sony Michel does have Covid 19.
        looking at the Pats Pulpit, they have been lamenting all of their injuries. Other than Edelman, the Pats do not have a deep talented receiver roster. They were grasping at straws, elevating 2 PS players, so they do not have a deep talented SB squad anymore.
        Sure, the Niners have taken some punches in the gut, with injuries to Bosa, Ford and Sherman. However, JL has assembled a team with lots of depth. Their replacements have aided in putting a humiliating loss on a storied championship franchise. This is 2 games in a row where the Pats have not scored a TD.
        This game was like the Giants game. Both teams just did not match up well to the Niners’ SB talent. Then we have games like the Dolphins and Eagles, that have better rosters. KS now must beat formidable opponents, with good rosters and successful coaching. BB is a genius coach, but he just does not have the horses to win.

    1. More depleted than the Niners? What a moron!
      The Niners have the most players on IR than any other team in the NFL idiot!

      1. NE is depleted, and they had a couple of their best players opt out. But no, they aren’t as depleted as SF. The 2020 Niners are, BY FAR, the most depleted roster in the NFL.

        Man, it kills me watching Wilson and Murray dropping dimes! Imagine Kyle with a proficient downfield passer. Oh that’s right, Matt Ryan set records!

      2. Only a moron would think that a totally depleted team could deliver a humiliating defeat to a recent SB winner.
        Next man up. I would consider the Niners to be a dominant team, not a depleted team, especially after today’s contest. Look at the disparity in the time of possession.
        Of course, you were surmising about other teams dropping a 40 burger on the Niners, so you are a fair weather fan.

          1. I truly believed before the game that the Niners could gash the Patriots with the run. They responded with 197 yards.
            However, when I am wrong, I will admit it. I thought that they should give Hasty at least 10 snaps. They only let him run 9 times. I was wrong,

  50. Feels great.

    1. Injuries continue to pile up. High ankle sprain seems to be our achilles (wilson).
    2. Good game for Jimmy. 1 dumb pick.
    3. Strong game from the O line. Grasu might be here to stay.
    4. Deebo is the ultimate swiss army knife. Hopefully his injury is minor. If we are dominating into the 4th perhaps we should sit some of our star players.
    5. Warner and Greenlaw top 5 LB tandem. Great contain on Cam. 5 rushes 19 yards.
    6. Moore should start at S.
    7. I was hoping Kevin White would see a few targets. He is an athletic freak.
    8. Cyprien was flying all over the field on Special Teams. I dont have the data at my fingertips but I’ll bet our special teams is ranked top 10 in return yards allowed.
    9. At Seattle next Sunday followed by the Packers at home on Thursday.

    1. By the way Rollo, Jimmy’s second INT wasn’t exactly a good pass either. He threw the pass so short, it never had a chance to get over the defender. Hail Mary time or not, that was still a lousy looking deep pass, like the majority of Jimmy’s are these days!

  51. I wish to commend Saleh. He had a good game plan. They did not over rush and allow Cam to break containment. They played disciplined and in control. They also delivered some jarring tackles. Timing is everything. Greenlaw timed his blitz so he came in untouched.
    They rattled Cam so he made mistakes. I hope Saleh will have a good game plan against Russell Wilson, because he is way better than Cam.
    Yes, JG did have 2 picks, and I am sure Grant will focus on and dissect them. I think on the first one, the ball slipped out of his hand, and on the second one, I almost think it was a safety, since he caught it on the 2 yard line, and was tackled in the end zone. I am just glad they went bold and tried a Hail Mary pass, with no time left.

  52. 49, JG is just fine. He does not have to be superman, so he played within his capabilities, to help put a beat down on his former team.
    Blaming JG for injuries is specious. I am glad he finally looks fully recovered from his ACL, but still want him to wear that protective brace.
    You really need to chill about Jimmy. He is accurate, and made not only throws in to tight windows, he threaded the needle a couple times.
    He was accurate in his bomb to Aiyuk, and he leads the receiver so he can run after the catch.
    JG just took what the defense gave him, so I am happy as a clam over his play last game. He is a leader, who makes other players better.
    I wish I did not have to remind you, but you are the guy who touted Connor Cook, so maybe your QB assessment skills are not scintillating.
    Personally, I think JG is way better than Connor Cook.;p

    1. Once again bringing up things that people have said in the past and holding it to them.
      Well big mouth, get ready for yours Nov.4th.

    2. Hey Seb, for the last time, I never said he was going to be great. I said he was likely worth a 3rd round pick. At least I wasn’t touting your guy – Kevin “wild arm” Hogan. :)


      1. Well, I remember those long tomes written extolling Connor Cook, but I never wrote any treatises a tenth as long about Hogan. ;p

    1. We might not have a choice.

      McKinnon just doesn’t look right.
      When a cart comes out to take you to the locker room, that can’t be good for Wilson JR.
      Coleman is expected back but not sure when so that leaves Hasty as the only healthy back.

  53. What the hell is going on with all the lower leg soft tissue injuries? Not sure how this compares to other teams but that sure is a ton of injuries in the same area. I ask again: What is the job of Ben Peterson?

    Richie James Ankle
    Kwon Alexander Ankle
    Jeff Wilson Ankle
    Raheem Mostert Ankle
    Richard Sherman Calf
    Ben Garland Calf
    Jaquiski Tartt Groin
    Deebo Samuel Hamstring
    Mark Nzeocha Quadriceps
    Jimmie Ward Quadriceps
    Ezekiel Ansah Biceps
    Tavon Austin Knee
    Tevin Coleman Knee
    Jordan Reed Knee
    K’Waun Williams Knee – ACL
    Solomon Thomas Knee – ACL
    Nick Bosa Knee – ACL
    Jullian Taylor Knee – ACL
    Jalen Hurd Knee – ACL
    Ronald Blair Knee – ACL
    Dee Ford Neck

  54. Hi Guys. I just wanted to point out that the 49ers rushed for 198 yards. That is 2 yards short of what I had predicted. I am pleased that I am able to offer all of you my expertise regarding the 49ers, sports and other world matters. No thanks necessary.
    Shoup says: October 24, 2020 at 1:46 am
    Hate to say it but I’m picking the Pats.
    A Cross country trip against a coach that was able to lock down the Bill Walsh led 49ers and knows every detail about our starting QB, that is already a bad combo.Throw in the fact that SF will have a new (really bad) center making the line calls, our most explosive runner out and both safeties missing. I think 1st team to 17 wins and I just hope Jimmy survives and doesn’t see ghosts.

    BruceLee says: October 24, 2020 at 10:35 am
    I’m proud to say that I am picking the 49ers. Their front 7 is undersized. We should rush for a combined 200 yards.

  55. One of the plays that Jimmy took a lot of heat on was the sideline pass to Aiyuk so I wanted to take a closer look at it. Originally I thought it was just a really bad pass… but upon further review it really wasn’t that bad.
    I changed my mind on this because when you look at the film Jimmy is already in his throwing motion before the receiver is uncovered in the switch screwup by New England. And while it is obvious that Aiyuk will break open based on the way the deeper corner plays it, what would not be obvious to Jimmy is where the deep safety was at this point. So the safer deep throw is to lead him along the sideline. Additionally, while it looks like Jimmy gave BA no room to work with, that ball was a good 2 to 2.5 yards in bound when Aiyuk caught it, it was his momentum carried him sharply out of bounds… It makes me wonder if he wasn’t a little bit late in tracking that ball.
    So while I originally thought it was a bad throw I would now just call it a decent, safe throw.

  56. 49, I can see your concerns, but they are not worrisome. Looking at the stats, JG threw 25 times for 277 yards. Most fans would be happy with that.
    The Niners had 26 first downs. 13 on the ground, and 13 through the air. That is a nice balance.
    So no, the Niners are not a run only team. JG did throw down field in order to make first downs.
    Sure, if a team is only a running team, defenses can stack the box and game plan to stop that. Just like if a team is only a passing team, and the defense uses 6 DBs. Fortunately, the Niners have balance, so a defense must game plan to have to stop both the pass or the run. The key may be to pass when they expect run, or run when they expect the pass.
    JG and the Niners are just fine, and you should not nit pick after a dominant blow out win. If George Kittle is happy blocking, and delivers pancake blocks, that is a good thing. He does not whine about not getting passes, so if he is happy, I am happy.
    Also, most coaches would drool over an offense that gains almost 200 yards on the ground. You really need to chill, dude.

  57. Running the ball has not lost its beauty on this fan. There is nothing like a running game that takes the heart out of the opposing team. That was another masterful game plan by Shanny and I hope he continues to pound the rock.

    Ball control will be the name of the game against the Hawks. A win here puts the Niners right back in the chase for the division crown.

    1. Winning at Seattle with the depleted roster we’re currently playing with would be huge. Not sure it can be done. I think Verrett can handle Lockett but without Sherman, I don’t know who’s gonna cover Metcalf. Moseley can’t do it….

      1. The key to beating the Hawks with a depleted roster is keeping the ball out of Wilson’s hand. If they can run the ball the Niners have a real good chance to pull this off. Hawks are over rated and would be a nothing team without Wilson. Keep the faith Razor we got this one in the bag, the Niners travel well, its the home games that have me worried.

      2. I am not too worried. Seahawks do not have a ferocious pass rush, and their run defense is not stout.
        Russell Wilson got hammered last game, so he may be leery of getting sacked, and may make more bad throws.
        The Seahawks were lucky for many of their previous wins, but it sure looked like their luck has run out.
        If the Niners can shut down RW’s passing offense, game over.

        1. Who’s gonna cover Metcalf? Both Verrett and Moseley are too small. Witherspoon doesn’t have the mindset. If Sherman can’t go, I’d consider matching up Moore on him….

          1. Bracket him with Greenlaw and Moore/Harris. Take your chances with Lockett one on one.

            My concern is the running game. We are left with a wonky Mickinnon and Hasty. Deebo also probably out.

            Is Sherm eligible to return?

            1. As long as we have Bobby Turner I don’t worry about the running game.

              I come out with Verrett on Lockett at all times. I like that matchup. Moseley gets Moore over the top at all times on Metcalf.

              Sherm was scheduled to be back for this game but he had a “setback”. Doubt he plays.

              1. I agree. I think Hasty is good enough, with McKinnon.
                Maybe they should use Juice more, like they did with Roger Craig and Tom Rathman.

          2. Wilson’s deep ball is shockingly accurate. Do you think that the Niners will play some version of Cover 2 keeping everything in front of the DBs? Metcalfe is a handful and can’t rely on a safety always available to bracket him with the CB. I can see the Seahawks passing on first downs out a run look. The key, IMO., is whether the front 7 can play with discipline and not break down when Wilson runs around. Wonder if Chris Carson’s foot sprain will keep him out next week which will make it slightly easier for Niners to control the run game without a box safety.

            1. Its another great NFC WEST matchup. That offense is so predicated on making broken plays into explosive plays. It will be up to Saleh to get his guys to stay disciplined and keep everything in front of them.
              Also, how will Saleh play a scrambling mobile QB?

              On offense, we need that speed/gasher type of runner. Hasty is shifty but he lacks the power in between the tackles.

              1. Looks like he wants dance and finesse his way to yardage.
                I think Jeff Wilson Jr. might be the best multi-purpose back we have.
                Any word on his availability Sunday?

        2. The first game against SEA last year, they killed us time and again with little flare passes to the outside that Saleh never adjusted for. With all the work no doubt going into preventing RW’s moon shots, I hope that detail is not overlooked.

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  59. This win goes to Shanahan and the entire coaching staff.
    Yesterday’s game was reminiscent of the dominant brand of football we saw during last year’s SB run. All facets of the team were in sync.

    The Patriots are a shell of what they once were, but dominating a Belichick led team the way they did, speaks volumes.
    The aftermath of yesterday’s win puts us in the playoffs picture and sends a harsh reality to opposing teams : The 49ers are back! Not only that, by the end of the season we will get better with many of our injured players coming back.

    1. After every 49ers loss, the blame is focused on Saleh.

      The Miami loss absolutely was due to Saleh’s bone headed decision to leave an overwhelmed PS CB out on an island. Saleh’s a rah-rah guy no doubt, but care to do some deep dives into his in-game adjustments?

      Is he (Garoppolo) worth $27 million dollars right now? No way

      What does someone like, say, George Kittle have to say about that?

      It’s incredible how he can motivate a team and also light a fire under your ass. He gets that done, and he’s really good at it, and it’s natural for him. Everybody on this team respects it.

      He’s just such a natural leader. He doesn’t shy away from that too. He embraces it. He knows he’s a leader on this team. He’s our quarterback. He’s our guy. He has done such a great job of leading us, whether that is on the field or off the field. He always has the right message for guys to get guys locked in and focused. He knows how to challenge people. A lot of my offseason has been learning how to become a better leader so I can help Jimmy so he can be our guy. It’s fun to have him on the team because I’ve never really been around a leader like that that has that voice.

      Can’t put a price on an intangible like that. You’ve seen the difference in the entire team when Jimmy’s played and when he hasn’t, just by going on the W-L records.

      1. On Saleh, go look at his adjustments in the second Rams game last year. In 5 games the defense has given up more than 18 points twice.

        Meh. Garoppolo was mediocre week 1, stunk against Miami, and Shanahan’s asking him to do next to nothing. But yes, he’s the best they’ve got for now.

        1. It’s funny we said the same thing about Alex Smith. Then we switched to a more “dynamic” QB and still couldn’t win.

          It’s never going to be good enough in SF. Thanks a lot Joe Montana and Steve Young.

            1. I think Shanny will come up with one of his many genius plans.
              I’m thinking to beat Seattle we are gonna see a lot of Kittle, Dwelley, and Juice in the pass game.
              Seattle LB’s can’t cover.

              1. Be a huge bonus to get Kwaun back this week as he has been exceptional against Lockett. Then you can double up Metcalfe and now their running game has been decimated with injuries.

                This is a game where Kittle, Juice, Dwelley can get off.

                This game is going to be a huge!

        2. “On Saleh, go look at his adjustments in the second Rams game last year. In 5 games the defense has given up more than 18 points twice.”

          Yeah, go look at the adjustments he made in the Super Bowl. Zilch, nada, niente, keine, etc.

          If the defensive game plan is okay from the get go, then fine. But if an adjustment is required during the game, don’t hold your breath.

          1. What adjustment was necessary in the Super Bowl? The defense held KC to 10 points through the first 52;30 of the game. Then they had a blown coverage by Moseley and Sherman got burned.

            Shoot, the defense got a pick early in the 4th, but the offense could only muster 1 first down, and then after the Chiefs score to make it 20-17 the offense only runs 4 plays on the next possession.

            1. You cannot be serious, Hammer. Saleh was in cover 3 every time Mahomie was Undercenter, and quarters coverage every time he was in shotgun. He might as well have sent his defensive game plan via text to Mahomie’s cell phone….

              1. Regardless of the coverage that was called, Mosley blew his responsibility, and Sherman got beat in man. Doesn’t change any of what I just wrote.

              2. Regardless of what coverage your in? Are you serious?

                The predictability of his calls last year was the reason teams exploited him late in the year and especially in the SB!

              3. Yea, you gotta mix $hit up because if a dumbass like myself can figure it out, you can bet your statistician’s ass Mahomie will…and he did!

              4. And this comment is just wrong anyway. There are a number of times that they have 2 safeties deep but aren’t in quarters, and there’s times when Mahomes is in the gun and they don’t even have 2 safeties deep.

                The PI on Moore 3 plays after Moseley blows coverage is Cover 1 with Mahomes in the gun.

                The deep ball that Sherman gets burned deep in is Cover 1 with a blitz by Williams and Mahomes is in the gun.

                At least try to be accurate with your comments.

              5. “They were playing this kind of robber coverage all game long where the safety was coming down and kind of robbing all our deep cross routes, and we had a good play call on it where we had (Travis) Kelce do a little stutter deep cross. We had Tyreek getting one-on-one with that safety, but the biggest thing was we needed really good protection.”

                They were in cover 3 100% of the time Mahomie was Undercenter.

                As for your proud proclamation that Saleh’s defense held them to only 10 points, those 2 int’s are the reason because the Chiefs were moving the ball like they had all season long.

                Your bitchin about my quarters comment? Ha! So what if Saleh changed depending on the receiver distribution. He called solo when there were 3 wr’s on one side and one wr on the other. Whoopitydoo! Still quarters.

              6. On the deep ball to Hill, Moseley blew it by following the in route instead of staying deep, had he done his responsibility correctly he would have been in position to make a play on the ball. What makes that play worse is that Warner has that in route covered up.

                Regarding the “robber” part of that quote, that’s not what they are doing. Anytime you have 2 safties deep against 3×1 sets that safety opposite the 3 receiver side is keying on the #3 receiver, in this case it’s Kelce. Ward does his job of staying over the top of Hill, but Moseley gets caught cheating.

                If you want to talk ball I’m here for it. Except for 3-4 today. Have a film breakdown show to do.

              7. Reid ran 9 1st down plays from a 3 by 1 gun and Saleh called solo on every Eucking one of ’em. Are you kidding me??????? C’mon man! Don’t patronize me with your, “if you wanna talk ball” crap if you’re not gonna keep it real….

              8. Cool. The play that you just quoted was on 3rd down and the pass to Watkins was on second down.

                This back and forth started with you writing “Saleh was in cover 3 every time Mahomie was Undercenter, and quarters coverage every time he was in shotgun” and I’ve already proven you wrong on at least 2 instances in the 4th quarter alone.

              9. You answered it with a statement that was incorrect and have tried to back that incorrect statement up with more stuff that’s incorrect.

              10. Saleh’s proclivities were so obvious that even Joe Biden could’ve diagnosed them, and that’s exactly what got the 49ers beat….

              11. Everything that you’ve said in this conversation is as accurate as Garoppolo’s throw to Sanders on the deep post in the 4th quarter.

                Save your political garbage for someone else.

              12. If the Niners struggle down the stretch, I could easily see the Niners parting ways with Saleh and hiring Dan Quinn.

                On the other side of the ball, specifically the QB position, there isn’t anyone in free agency or the draft that will come in, learn and execute this offense better than Jimmy G.

              13. Hammer, that 44 yard completion on 3rd and 15 to Hill was thanks to Saleh’s predictable stratagem. Reid knew the play call was cover 3 buzz, and he simply called 3 jet wasp y-funnel. All Mahomie had to do was purchase time because he knew Hill would come open. He didn’t have to read or go through any progressions. Weak defensive sauce lost the 49ers that game! Dude had two weeks to prepare with all that talent and that was the best he could come up with? As your friend Joe Biden says, c’mon man!

              14. Wait. Didn’t you write that every time Mahomes was in shotgun they played quarters coverage? Now you have them in Cover 3? Which is it?

                Even if it was cover 3, Moseley blew his responsibility which I’ve stated all along.

              15. Mosely didn’t lose the game. Saleh’s tendencies lost that game. It’s as obvious as the stat lapel pin on your shirt….

              16. Never said that Moseley’s mistake cost the 49ers the game.

                The defense blew some coverages, the offense couldn’t get first downs or hit the shot on the deep ball.

                It was a collective effort. My only complaint was they went away from the run which was what they did best.

              17. “ The only way Saleh is replaced for next year is if he gets a head coach job”

                I doubt that but good riddance!

      2. Saleh has been good so far.
        He’s had one terrible game (Miami) and one ok game (AZ, with a healthy D). The rest of the games were solid games by the defense but it must be noted we haven’t seen any good QBs with this defense yet.
        If he’s able to keep Russ and Rodgers under 28 pts I’ll be impressed. *Note* If 21 or more of those come in the 1st half I won’t be as it would likely wreck the game plan.
        And while Jimmy hasn’t been really good, he has gotten better as he has regained his health. I wouldn’t trust any other QB on this roster or rookie available to SF to do as well over the next 2 seasons.

  60. Jimmy has the rest of the year to change minds. He’s the best they’ve got right now. Shanny needs to identify a qb he likes in this upcoming draft to begin grooming. Having a qb on a rookie deal that’s as good as Jimmy is right now is just what this team needs….

    1. Bingo. Unless JG completely stinks the rest of the year he will likely be the QB next year, but I would be shocked if the team doesn’t draft a QB sometime on the 2nd day of the draft to groom and replace JG if he continues to show the same limitations moving forward.

          1. If you’re looking to take one in the 2nd round, he’d be worth consideration. He’s improved from last year and he takes snaps from under center. Rocket arm with good mobility. Check him out when you get the chance….

        1. I’ve watched him a fair amount.
          He reminds me a lot of Jeff Garcia, the questions with him will be is he big enough and does he have the arm to throw the outs and sideline comeback routes. I think he is big enough but do wonder if he can make those plays along the sideline. I love his decision making and intangibles though.

          1. Reminds me of Garoppolo. Similar compact, quick release and he likes to get the ball out quickly to take advantage of a favorable matchups.

            1. I can see that in terms of decision making and getting the ball out quickly, but his release has more of a windup. He tends to hold the ball lower, closer to belt level where as Jimmy holds the ball nearer to chest level so he has to bring it around rather than just cock and throw. This isn’t really a knock as he seems to still get the ball out quickly enough, but Jimmy has one of the fastest releases I’ve ever seen.
              I likened him to Jeff more in terms of his willingness to scramble, or be creative to get the job done, his film has quite a few forward flip passes to his receivers as he scrambles.

              1. The two BYU games that I’ve watched left me thinking he’s healthier than last year, and they’ve opened up the offense. He looks like he’s improved over last year which is what you want to see….

            1. Perhaps a third-day flier for a backup.
              I don’t see a quality QB in this draft in the pick range 20-100 who is a pocket passer in the mold of Jimmy G. Kyle is probably not going to spend a top half draft pick on a mediocre mobile QB.

  61. A salient factor in determining who will win on Sunday may be- The Seahawks are exhausted, from playing in that Overtime game. It also was a huge letdown, to see Wilson throw a pick, that allowed the Cards to win.

  62. Interesting factoid: If one disregards the Brian Allen game, the Niners are the best scoring defense in the league at 15.8 ppg.

    1. I can’t forgive Saleh for the B.Allen game. I should point out B. Allen was better playing close to the line…maybe they should make him a NCB…

      I still think Saleh is average….I saw AZ defensive plan against Wilson…

      In the first half they played mostly zone….in the second half their most effective plays against Wilson were zone blitzes….

      That int in the overtime was pure genius…….the Steelers of old used to run that play well..

      Vance had a solid plan….Saleh is average compare to Vance……

          1. So you think the idea of giving K Murray 91 rushing yards, 180 overall, pretty funny, eh? Yeah, har de har har.

            Saleh better figure out mobile QBs or the Niners are going to be O-for against the cards and hawks and any playoff hopes torpedoed.

            1. A blocked punt set Az up inside the 20, and the QB missed a throw that would have given the 49ers the lead with less than 1:20 to go, but sure, blame it only on the defense.

              1. Those odds go up exponentially when your special teams doesn’t give up a blocked punt, your offense doesn’t pass up a field goal to get stuffed at the goal line on 4th down, and your QB hits a wide open receiver in the waning moments of the final quarter.

              2. your special teams doesn’t give up a blocked punt

                That one of AZ scoring drives was a measly 15 yards makes that 180 yards rushing even more outrageous.

                Saleh had better have an answer for RW’s legs this upcoming game. He ‘s not come close yet when it’s counted.

              3. “Saleh had better have an answer for RW’s legs this upcoming game. He ‘s not come close yet when it’s counted.“

                Other than in the season finale last year with the division and home field advantage on the line.

                And even in the first game last season the defense set the offense up with a pick in OT and the kicker shanked it.

                This will be a big test for the defense. Wilson is among the league MVP candidates and won’t make the same mistakes we’ve seen Goff and Newton make the past 2 weeks.

            2. As Kyle pointed out in one of his pressers, all teams have problems with the Murrays and Jacksons. IMO, more of the big plays made by running QBs against the Niners have been due to lack of discipline in the front 7. This coaching staff is one of the best in the league, but there is a limit to what they can do in getting the players to execute every play with sufficient discipline.

              The way the Niners ‘ D has adapted to the loss of the 7 starters has made me a Saleh fan — keeping Allen on the field a couple of extra series notwithstanding. Most importantly, he must be learning from his mistakes since he’s getting better. Saleh occasionally makes a few head-scratching play calls, but overall I’d definitely put him in the top half of the DCs in the league.

  63. Looks like the Cowboys are making Everson Griffen available. He’d cost $1.76 million in salary and $187,500 for each game he is on the active roster. Not sure if the Cowboys would want a late round pick.

    He has 2.5 sacks in seven games with the Cowboys.

      1. A late round pick and Witherspoon should get the deal done. Witherspoon is owed 2.1 mil. Dallas would get a young corner with upside for getting rid of a guy they obviously have no interest in keeping.

    1. That was a real beet-down-hoven by the Niners running bachs. And no penalties for chopin blocks. Only thing missing were some Mike S(c)humann highlights (were there ever any Mike Shumann highlights? :)

  64. When watching the game sunday and watchin Cam Newton, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Kaepernick.
    We saw what opponents faced when going against CK… he runs the ball well, has a big arm and can make all the throws but is inconsistent and struggles going through his progressions. Qb’s like this you don’t want to sack… you want to force them to throw, it doesn’t matter if they have 7 seconds or more in the pocket.

    1. It also goes to show what a depleted squad will do. No QB will do well when he does not have enough talent to support him.
      When Cam had good support, he went 15-1, and got to the SB. Kaep went to the SB after starting 10 games, and was one pass from returning, while setting the QB playoff rushing record. Too bad Baalke then proceeded to dismantle that SB team.
      However, Cam has been given a chance to play, so Kaep should also be given a chance to play, too. Given the drek QBs presently playing, it is specious to deride Kaep, while ignoring the poor QB play in the league.
      I guess you will next be declaring that Andy Dalton is superior to Kaep, but we all saw how well he played.
      This blackballing is giving the NFL a black eye, and reminds me of why the NFL took so long to allow black QBs to play. Given that even his haters have conceded that Kaep is a dynamic QB who took the league by storm, Kaep should be given at least a tryout with a team.
      However, some teams seem to be content to lose without Kaep, rather than doing everything in their power to win, because they are Tanking for Trevor.

        1. I was right when I said I truly believed that the Niners would gash the Patriots with the run game. I have consistently touted Jeff Wilson, and during TC, I said that Hasty has quick hips, and I hope the Niners do not sheathe a potent weapon. Guess I was also right about both of those players.
          You, on the other hand, speculated about teams laying a 40 burger on the Niners, and questioned if Saleh would be fired. Maybe you should stop being so wrong all the time, before crowing if I am wrong about Kaep.

          1. Will you be wrong about Kap and this saga comes to end? Or will he sign and I will be wrong?

            Who will take the tittle?


            1. Actually, I still think Kaep will be able to play, if this National Nightmare finally is over, and honor is restored.
              The NFL owners were cowed by the blustering bloviator in Chief, and his threats against the league.
              Maybe not November 4th, but with all of the pathetic QB play, some team should be desperate enough to take a chance on a SB QB with a 90.7 QBR.
              I have moved on, but Kaep, that dynamic QB who took the league by storm, seems to be dwelling in your head. I will not whine and cry if he is not signed, because I am content with JG as the 49er franchise QB.
              You may say I am wrong all the time, but when Tom Tolbert described the Niner win as a Pyrrhic victory, Matt Maiocco said the Niners gashed them, and one pundit described accentuating their strengths and avoiding weaknesses, all I can say is that my prose is being parroted.

  65. It is interesting to note that the Niners really need interior O line depth, and that most of the present DBs will be free agents next season, and some want the Niners to draft a QB high with their second round pick.
    With the ACL plague afflicting the Niners, Razor wants the Niners to draft a pass rusher with their first pick.
    Maybe if the Niners trade back and get multiple second round picks, should drafting a QB be a high priority. I will believe what George Kittle says about JG over the peanut gallery. He certainly has not given up on JG.

  66. It was never going to last. Reuters reports that Putinsky has begun the break up process by throwing Trumpee’s conspiracy theory under the bus (below). Putinsky doesn’t want to be the last rat off the sinking ship . Expect similar actions from Little Kim . LOL

    “regarding the money Hunter Biden made working for a Ukrainian company, he added, “I don’t see anything criminal about this, at least we don’t know anything about this (being criminal).” “

    1. Not being Trump, I’m not taking Putin’s word on anything.

      The question is, why is Pootie-Poot throwing DJT under the bus? Probably because he, the ultimate practitioner of realpolitik, knows he will no longer be dealing with him in a few months.

      1. It was always a transactional relationship and Putinsky had all of the leverage – financial (massive trumpee debt) , mob entanglements , creepy sex stuff probably with minors … trumpee, the buffoon , thought we was really getting a key to the dictators club when all along the actual dictators were using him like the little b!tch . The actual dictators are a pretty ruthless crowd and they will eventually spill the beans on what they have on trumee to humiliate him and embarrass the US. The Steele Dossier will become a handy checklist in 2021.

      2. Haha guys I once remember being a little naughty in church and placing my hand under my wife’s skirt; and wound up shaking another man’s hand.

  67. Gotta love those huge crowds that Hiden Biden and even Hussain Obama turned out in Orlando today. Ha! What a joke.
    What’s up with Hussain saying that America was built by protesting.
    I always gave Hussain credit for his intellect, but if he can’t distinguish between a protest and a riot, he would do better sitting on the sidelines.

    But then again, Hussain fancies himself on rioting, he had three under his administration. And right on cue, failed to mention anything about ongoing protest that have injured people, murdered officers and destroyed businesses.

    Hussain proved one thing in his stumping for Hiden Biden today : Law enforcement is not a priority for the Dems. Not sure if the Dems knows this, but law and order still matter to Americans.

    1. Not sure if the Dems knows this, but law and order still matter to Americans.

      Not sure if you know this, but Police Depts are not going away.

      Also not sure if you know this, but Americans know the pandemic has not gone away. And the the regimes white flag in the face of nearly 1,000 deaths every day is shameful and despicable. America has paying the price, Trump will pay the price Nov 3.

      Ha! What a joke.

      I’d love to see the smile on your face come Nov 4 :)

      1. Hidden Biden said today, to his huge 40+ crowd in Georgia that he will end covid on his first day in office.
        Really? Does he and president Kamala have a magic potion or a mystical wand to wave to put an end to the pandemic?

        I could see it already (if Biden wins), if the pandemic lingers through next summer, I’m sure that the Dems will still blame Trump.
        Blaming and covering up, is what they do best.

        Btw, speaking of law and order, I’m still waiting for the cancel culture lib news media to report the attack on the Jews for Trump car rally on Sunday in New York. Would also like to hear what president Kamala and Hidden Biden have to say.
        Let’s put it this way, I won’t hold my breath (lol).
        I’ll also have a smile from ear to ear on Nov. 4th , my friend.

              1. What freedom am I missing that you are enjoying? The freedom to infect your fellow citizens? Are stoplights voluntary there in Hoosier land? Cops pull over drunk drivers to give them a atta-boy?

              2. It’s a virus dumbass and we’ve nearly reached attenuation. Keep pedaling your fear and live your life how Cuomo tells you to!

              3. It’s a virus dumbass and we’ve nearly reached attenuation.

                Attenuation? When cases are highest they’ve ever been? The idiocy…it burns.

        1. I’m still waiting for the cancel culture lib news media to report the attack on the Jews for Trump car rally on Sunday in New York.

          You mean like this:
          Or this:
          Or…I’d post sh!tloads more, but as I recall the forum software frowns on excessive linkage.

          (you really need to poke your head up from the OANN and Epoch Times.)

          Meh, just a usual NYC dust up. You’ve seen West Side Story, right? Don’t go worrying your pretty little head over it.

          I’ll also have a smile from ear to ear on Nov. 4th , my friend.

          Won’t we all. Still basking in the Niners win over the hated Hawks

        2. Really? Does he and president Kamala have a magic potion or a mystical wand to wave to put an end to the pandemic?

          For starters, they…

          won’t ignore intelligence warnings
          won’t call the crisis a hoax
          won’t downplay the threat
          won’t lie about virus testing
          won’t lie about the rate of infection, blaming cases on testing
          won’t mislead the country about quack cures
          won’t blame governors
          won’t accuse hospital workers of stealing PPE
          won’t accuse hospital workers and first responders of falsifying cases for $
          won’t falsely claim the pandemic is”dying out” or “turning the corner”
          won’t fill marathon pandemic briefings with ceaseless contradictions and lies
          wont silence scientists and epidemiologists
          won’t slime the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
          won’t throw up their hands by saying “We are not going to control the pandemic”

          if the pandemic lingers through next summer, I’m sure that the Dems will still blame Trump.

          LOL AES, you are such a laughably hypocritical tool. ‘I don’t take responsibility at all’ ring a bell? Or do you mean this kind of Dem blaming:

          “We inherited a lot of garbage,” Trump said. “We took, ah, they had tests that were no good, they had, all the stuff was no good. It came from somewhere, so whoever came up with it.”

          “Our stockpiles were empty,” he added. “We had horrible stockpiles, we had horrible ventilators, we had very few of them too … CDC had obsolete tests, old tests, broken tests, and a mess.”

          1. Rib,
            That’s a mouthful my friend, but how does this eliminate the Covid? If Biden wants to secede power to the scientist why even run for office.
            But I have to give Biden a little credit, if his Dem scientist fail just like Nadler’ linguistic professors did during the impeachment trials, he could blame them and keep himself and Hunter in hiding (lol). Btw, I don’t subscribe to the news outlets you mentioned.

            And yes, I believe that a 49er win over the seahags will put a smile on both our face.

              1. No, Rib is an East Coast person, and is much older, from what I glean from all his postings.
                Interesting. A troll burner account is warning posters about trolls.

  68. David Lombardi
    “Daily salary-cap report with the trade deadline a week away:

    The 49ers have only $117,911 of cap room today. As it stands, they literally cannot afford to sign or trade for anyone. Any potential move would have to come with a potential cut or restructure to open up 2020 space.”

    I don’t expect to see any moves for the team unless something big like releasing a high contract player takes place.
    My guess would be McKinnon if he doesn’t play well in the next two games.
    If Hasty plays well, McKinnon might be an ex-49er by Friday.

    1. Releasing McKinnon would cost them money under the cap by accelerating $2M in pro-rated signing bonus. So he’ll be sticking around no matter what.

      1. You’re right Scooter.
        McKinnon signed a player friendly contract.
        Hopefully, McKinnon can get his mojo back in the next two games (and beyond) because the team can use it.

        Shanahan said that he didn’t play McKinnon against the Patriots because he wanted him to rest.
        Imho, that’s simply coach speak. Jet, has not been able to recapture his explosiveness and at times looks like he’s running on sand.

        Wilson and Hasty gave us the explosion this offensive scheme needed against the Patriots.
        The next two games will define McKinnon’ future with the 49ers.
        We’ll see what happens.

        1. He no longer has his burst and without a full training camp, I can see how his legs could need a 2nd wind. Whether he gets it or not is another question. Guess we’ll find out because I expect him to be much more involved in the game plan, especially as a receiving threat out of the backfield….

    1. morro,
      Yup. CW, said that we would receive 49ers analysis and post game information from the PD. It’s now Tuesday, and no word yet from the PD.
      I’ve been reading the game breakdowns from Jack Hammer lately. At least he’s on the job!

    1. When Deebo was out, Aiyuk was already being used to mimic the same plays. If White can help during Deebo’ absence it will be a plus, but I honestly don’t believe that Shanahan is depending on KW to turn any heads.

        1. For some reason I think Shanny will try to play a real heavy game. Slow it down. Get Seattle’s LB’s and secondary to play short coverages in the 5-7 yard range. Somewhat like they did against NE but using more 2 TE sets and a lot of Juice.
          Then Aiyuk might be used to take shots down field periodically.
          Use Bourne underneath as well and maybe we will finally see White.

          This game might be the one that starts the conversation for Shanny being coach of the year.

          1. I don’t know that I like that strategy vs the Seahawks.
            Their secondary is not good and their pass rush makes SF’s look great. They have allowed the second-most passing yards in the NFL to this point and they are in the top 10 against the run. I’m not saying SF should abandon the run game, but they should stick with their personnel groupings and throw a bit more out of them.

            1. Shoup you trust Mckinnon and Hasty? I just don’t see the explosiveness and power in either guy the way Mostert and Wilson Jr. execute the running game.

              Thats why I say using a heavy set 2 TE’s and Juice in the short passing game exposes Seattles’s LB’s who cant cover.
              The last thing we want to get into is a shoot out with Russell Wilson. Keep him off the field and control the line of scrimmage, field position and the clock.

              1. Prime,
                I dont trust McKinnon at all and that is why I dont really like heavy personnel packages. With the standard 21 personnel package, I like the matchups… Kittle, Aiyuk, Bourne, Juice and McKinnon all can catch the ball well and are good at running routes. Whilte at the same time Juice and Kittle force teams to stay honest in terms of the run game… 2TE’s I don’t like as much as I prefer Juice or Bourne on the Field to Dewelly.

        2. I have a tough time imagining Kyle use Aiyuk as the battering ram receiver like he uses Deebo.
          But I have an easier time imagining starting the game with a series of short passes, including screens, to open up the middle for runs. Also, I wonder if the plan is to involve McKinnion more as a pass catcher out of the backfield in this game. Whatever it is, it has to help try to open up a bigger lead than one score going into the fourth quarter.

    2. I would like to see White in the lineup… and I think he could provide some of what Deebo does (a poor man’s version) with the added bonus of deep speed.

  69. Random question…
    Who has the best defense in the division? Do you think it is SF? Rankings wise they are.
    Surprisingly, I think it might be AZ with SF a close second.
    The reason for this is they have some pretty good cover corners but can also rush the passer a bit. SF’s corner play has been a very nice surprise, SF has yet to play a top 10 qb and they have not been able to get much in the way of a pass rush, so I am withholding judgment a bit there.
    Oddly enough… I almost think not getting to the qb against the likes of Kyler and Russ might help a bit.