49ers sticking with rookie C.J. Beathard to start rest of 2017 season

SANTA CLARA — Rookie C.J. Beathard will be the 49ers’ starting quarterback for the remainder of the season, head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed Monday at his press conference.

Beathard replaced Brian Hoyer as the starter with 6:39 left in the second quarter during the 49ers’ 26-24 loss to the Redskins on Sunday. At that point in the game, the 49ers were trailing 17-0.

“I could see the way the game was going,” Shanahan said. “I know we needed a spark and C.J. had put together a couple good weeks of practice. I knew he had been getting better, I knew he was about ready and at the time gave us the best chance to win. I think that going forward, also.”

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  1. Arm strength and velocity can improved to a degree.


    “Dedeaux said that on average the NFL quarterbacks who come through 3DQB add about seven to 10 more yards on their deep throws, with the highest increase being 13 yards.”

    “An example of the exercises Ryan went through included measuring velocity and distance based on body positioning, such as being able to throw 80 percent of his max distance while on his knees. There was a rapid-fire swinging bat exercise which focuses on velocity and rotational strength. The shoulder work included light dumbbells and weighted balls.”

    “The dissection of the diet entailed at least a week-long change in meals and supplements to get a better feel for body chemistry and muscle growth.”

    1. It’s not just Ryan. I think there’s about a score of pro QBs that go to 3DQB or the equivalent at this point. Including other top names like Brees and Brady.

    2. 80,
      At the moment we need a QB who can be accurate, not shrink under pressure and have a quick throwing release – CJ showed a little of this last Sunday.

      I’m looking beyond lack of arm strength and measuring Beathard on the fact that he brought the team back from a 17 point deficit.
      And I liked that the stage did not look too big for him.
      I’m definitely not crowning him as our future QB – but he was much better than Hoyer.

      1. I totally agree. I was pushing back against the weak arm narrative that was prevalent yesterday. I also posted Shanny saying he can make all the throws. But I did see the floaters. Yesterday I was promoting both that the problem is somewhat overblown and can be improved some during the off-season.

  2. They will stick with Beathard for the rest of 2017… until they won’t. Nothing is set in stone. If he starts to really struggle then they will put Hoyer back in.

        1. “Hoyer had no chance.”

          I agree but that goes back to the day he signed his contract with the team.

          1. CFC, Titans looked good last might and a fun team to watch! Looked like Mariota gutted one out.

            1. Indianapolis Colts.

              Titans are still a mess on defense, giving up the 2nd most points per game. The entrenched fans are given the GM a pass because he’s new but he hasn’t done much to help out the side that needs it the most. I’m still not sold on Mariota either. He’s still pretty inconsistent and I question his ability to stay healthy in the NFL.

              We’ll see, I was expecting to see bigger steps forward from them this year and they almost look like they’ve taken one in the opposite direction.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he really struggles in his next game. It is definitely worth it to keep playing him as so they can see if he has the potential to be a starter in the future. I’m pretty sure that Shanahan will draft another QB either way in the 2018 draft. If not one of the top ones then maybe another prospect in a later round.

  3. At least he throws past the down marker. Let’s see how he does once teams get some tape on him.

      1. When Bleacher report scouted Bethard for their website they actually comped him with Kirk Cousins. Coming out of college they possessed pretty much the same strengths and same weaknesses.

    1. I like his mobility. He maneuvered in the pocket, bought time, and delivered a strike to Robinson for a TD. He also had a 14 yard run to convert a third down.

  4. This happens over and over again. A new QB comes in the opposing team didn’t prepare for and he has a decent day. After that he turns to mush when defenses plan for them. It’s happened with Troy Smith, TJ O’Shaunessy ( or whatever his name was), and of course Kaepernick. And it’ll happen with BJ. We need great players at key positions like QB, WR, RB, CB and the Leo position and that won’t begin to happen till next season. Then these games we can’t get over the hump on will be wins.

    1. SMH. Do not know why they let Brissett try for the 4th down play when they should have just handed the ball off to Frank Gore.

  5. Hey Grant,

    Weren’t you the idiot who said that C.J. Beathard would never, ever, ever, start a game in the NFL after the the first practice when training camp started this past July?

    That was very low of you, by the way, to say yesterday that Solomon Thomas’ education at Stanford was a waste because he was exploited at being a rookie and overrunning the play.

    Isn’t your education wasted on writing for a 2nd tier outfit like you employer, or is that because you have hit your ceiling?

    1. I am retracting the last paragraph of my last comment. In light of what is going on in the north bay, my comments in the last paragraph may be deemed offensive and I certainly don’t want to offend anyone. My sincere apologies.

      1. You start your comment calling Grant an idiot but you don’t want to offend anyone?

        Wait, what?

  6. Couple things.
    Armstead was a waste of a pick.
    I didn’t like it at the time but wanted to give him a chance, but now I’m down with him.

    I thought when we drafted Thomas it was either a bad pick or an admission that Armstead is not who we thought he was. He was an ok interior pass rusher but has been shown to freelance to much and isn’t that stout against the run. He is good against the run now that he is on the edge but when he is out there he is worthless in providing pass rush.
    Biggest needs now are
    1. QB (only because its the most important position)
    2. DE (because until we have one, our interior rush will be mostly useless and they will help the DB’s)
    3. CB (because they are most likely the worst CB group in the league)
    4. LB (because without Foster, this might be the worst LB group in the NFL.
    5. OL ( I would look draft a Guard who can potentially kick out to Tackle or vise versa)
    6. WR/TE (because apparently we hired Vance McDonald as our wr coach)

    Ugh, this is depressing.

    1. Now Shoup, compare your list to last year’s needs and see how they differ? I don’t think it differs that greatly. We had needs in all those areas last year.

      Then, how did the team address those needs? Well, everyone keeps talking about how the team lacks talent and this is after 60% turnover of the roster. My question has been for some time, how has this the team been upgraded?

      I think we are actually weaker at pass rushing this year. The interior D line is better, but we are now weaker on the outside (and I would argue that the reason the line is better is because the NT is healthy…otherwise). Our LBs now look earily similar to last year’s corps without Bowman. Our CBs are worse than last year in my opinion.

      Offensively you have to wonder whether the QBs improved much. CJB will have a better feel next week, but then so will the Dallas defense and we will see how well the kid can do. Reality is Hoyer wasn’t nearly as bad as the fans make him out, though his leadership and capacity to carry the team on his back and elevate everyone’s play is very suspect.

      Are the WR group any better? How about the TEs? The running game hasn’t vastly improved either and I think that Breida with more carries would fare no better than Hyde. Teams are trying to stop the run and forcing he Niners to beat them with the pass. So far, the team has been incapable of doing that. Our OL is about as bad as it was last year, to the point people are asking for Beadles in place of Fusco! Wasn’t he so bad that the team had to find another lineman pronto? I still wonder how did this team improve talent wise?

      I don’t dispute that we have better coaching and are therefore more competitive, but moral victories are shallow and won’t last.

      The team will likely lose again come Sunday and this will put the team on the road to an 0-8 start. Not good.

      We are always close but find a way to lose, whether it’s via penalties or drops or poor management of the game. We constantly have to play the if game. If Gould makes the FG, Kittle holds on to the ball, etc. That’s a hallmark of a team that loses and not one that wins.

    2. > was a waste of a pick. I didn’t like it at the time but wanted to
      > give him a chance, but now I’m down with him. I thought when
      > we drafted Thomas it was either a bad pick …

      Here’s another way to look at it if that makes you feel better.
      If you are consistently down on every pick the Niners make over several drafts, you will be proven right 50%-60% of the time.

      1. You can say that about every team. Fans seem to have some bizarre belief that if their GM isn’t a 100% drafter (and none of them are) that he’s a failure. Fact is that even Round 1 is full of busts and under-performers and gets worse every round.

  7. The scouting on Beathard suggests his accuracy degrades through his checkdown sequence, and he tends to stare down his primary read. That’s natural for a rookie QB. But most rookie QB’s don’t start in the NFL. Our C.J. is going to get a very full look at a lot of defenses this week. Sunday may not go all that well, just part of the process. A painful process.

    When does the lockerroom unrave? Look for Hyde as your leading indicator of disharmony.

  8. Zak Prescott last season. Deshaun Watson this year. Some rookie QBs do well when given the chance. Both of those QBs have a stout O line, hope CJB survives behind the Niner O line.

  9. Hope Aaron Lynch learns to stop lining up off side, and develops more discipline so he does not jump offsides so much.

  10. Kap is the answer. Niners need to be bold and catch Dallas off guard.
    Just like an Abrams tank in a pit

    Go Niner…….

  11. Grant, were you not also the bombastic, egotistical idiot who said Thomas had a terrible game, and his Stanford education was wasted? Only thing is PFF and just about everyone else said it was his best game, graded highest ever and stood out. Once more, you are the delusional moron who thinks he is the smartest kid in class.

      1. Rookies on average will cost you one game. How many rookies are playing an de have been instrumental in costing games: Taylor, Kittle, Thomas. I guess Breida is next…

    1. yukio – On the first stretch run to the left by the Redskins early in the 1st Q, Thomas was playing LDE, and he came flat down the LOS, never eyeballing or “visual stripping” the QB for boot or naked or checking for counter or reverse. I immediately thought the Redskins will have somebody upstairs in the coaches booth who will take notice of that blind pursuit, and they will come back later in the game when they “need a play.”

      Sure enough, late in the game, the Skins took advantage of that mental miscue by Thomas, and the “need a play” resulted in 7 points.

      By the way, how come the 49ers did not have a coach up in the coaches booth notice the blind pursuit of Thomas from the backside on that initial stretch run to the Redskins offensive left, and alert the coaches on the defensive staff on the sidelines to ” re-educate” Thomas about contain rules and eyeballing the QB?

      It only was ONE of the key plays which cost the Niners the game.

      By the way, that’s called COACHING!!!!!

    2. Yukio, this site is sick of all the name calling and insults. Please be more civil an respectful.
      I come to this site just because of Grant, and his Stanford jab was not mean or vicious. Being a graduate from the UC system whose father graduated from Cal, and son recently graduated from Cal, that is just the standard repartee’ we have between Cal and Stanford folk. They seem to delight in bringing up some axe, but since I know a Stanford grad in the family, have worked with Stanford grads and have Stanford grads as friends and acquaintances, it was not meant as an unforgivable insult.
      Grant has just been spot on in his prognostication about Bowman. He does have intelligence and insight. Just because King Solomon graded out high, he did make mistakes. I even conceded that while he did play well, there were some plays when he could have played much better.
      Some posters were declaring that the Read Option was dead, and would never be used. However, that was the play that had Thomas crash down on the ball carrier while Cousins waltzed into the end zone. I do not call them delusional or morons. I just respectfully disagree, and move on. While I think that King Solomon will live up to his number 3 draft status, he is a raw rookie who missed the OTAs, and has a lot to learn. Solomon Thomas is big, fast and quick with a high motor. I predicted he would get 11 sacks this season, because I thought that Buckner would get the Cowboy treatment, occupying double teams, so King Solomon would be able to run stunts and get sacks.
      King Solomon has 2 sacks. With 10 games to go, he would only have to get less than one per game to achieve that goal.
      Grant does not need me to defend himself. However I see some professional jealousy creeping into the screeds and snark. Under the cloak of anonymity, posters who consider Grant as some one important enough to attack, push back on his writing because they want to take him down a notch. They do that because they are incapable of writing like he does. To me, Grant is refreshing and entertaining, unlike the dull dreary pablum some others spew forth. Unrelentingly positive, and retiring to old trite tripe. With the team now at 0-6, they have run out of things to say.
      Go ahead and attack him, just expect some blowback. Name calling defines you.

      1. Thanks! you got me choking on my coffee with laughter with this

        this site is sick of all the name calling and insults. Please be more civil an respectful.

        To see the Queen of trolls and namecalling call for civility is very trumpian!

        1. Dee, if you have not noticed, I have been refraining from engaging my detractors, and this site is much more calm and civil. Certainly, I have rarely started it, and just use their own words against them. However, I like to get in the last word. Maybe you had not noticed that since they do not start with the ad hominem ad nauseum attacks, we can all post our opinions in a more peaceful and respectful manner. You should be praising me for refraining from engaging TrollD.
          Trump would have gone on another twitfest of insults.

          1. his site is sick of all the name calling and insults. Please be more civil an respectful.

            followed by

            You should be praising me for refraining from engaging TrollD.

            Only YOU can contradict yourself while trying to redeem yourself!

          2. Everybody here has a moniker that tells something about themselves, but what the heck does ‘sebnynah’ stand for??? Does it mean you were kicked off too many sites and you had to obscure yourself?
            I remember when you first started posting here and called almost everybody a troll (just like Dotard who doesn’t like people who disagree with him) and I vaguely remember you mentioning that you were banned from MM, I believe.

            1. Dee, I was kicked off the NN site because I wrote this- ‘True fans should not want the Niners to lose.’
              I did not use profanity or threaten violence like many others have done to me.
              I used to be Nynah on another site. I live in Sebastopol.
              I do not bother with the MM site because he really does not say much.

              1. OK, so I was close NN instead of MM

                ‘True fans should not want the Niners to lose.’

                I’m sure there is more to the story and I find it perplexing that you hold on to such a simpleton POV. It’s pennywise but poundfoolish, win a battle but lose the war kind of thinking. I for one think this year should be used to experiment and rebuild the team. I don’t think CJ is our answer, but hey the more games he loses, the higher we can pick his replacement!!!
                I love how Shanny dares to fire former stars.
                Just like Walsh, he’s cleaning house!
                Nynah as in NY Noway?

              2. No, Nynah as in a derivative of Niner.
                Some posters objected to my way of arguing, and the clique that ran that blog decided to use that statement as an excuse to ban me, when others have gone way overboard, yet still were allowed to stay.
                I did not mind, because I thought they were mental lightweights, anyways, with little to say.
                I found this site, and it tended to have 30 comments per post. Now we have sometimes 400 comments each post. There were the Anti Grant screeds with the obligatory nepotism snark. After continually defending Grant, they have sorta given up.
                Intentionally tanking is the simpleton POV. There is no guarantee that a high draft position would allow for a team to make the playoffs. During the Glory Years, the Niners were always picking near the last. They still made the playoffs. How many times have the Jets, Browns and Jags been picking in the top 10, and how many playoff games have they won. Many times and none.
                With CJB as QB, the Niners can concentrate on improving the roster, instead of bundling picks to get a QB. They need O line help, better LBs and CBs. A stud WR would be helpful, too. Sure, they should get a QB, but may still be able to get a good one in the second round. I like Jake Browning and Lamar Jackson, but there are several other QBs who could be the next Dak Prescott.
                Personally, I hope the Niners pick last every year.

              3. I never said intentionally tanking, I said experimenting!
                Practice and preseason does not really tell you what a player can do, but regular season does!
                This is where KS can be creative, move some players around, try some new schemes and most of all shop around!!! We still have money in the kitty let’s use to find some good players of OTHER team’s practice squads!
                CJ is not the answer, he throws too high or too low and the receivers have to concentrate or stretch to catch the ball, as a result no YAC.
                I’m surprised that an erudite stickler like you would use Nynah instead of Ninah. Especially since it has NY instead of SF in it….

              4. Dee, I tried Niner, but that was taken.
                Sure, catfishing is strong on this site, and it is child’s play to make a duplicate troll account.
                Personally, I think Nynah has cachet and panache. I am growing to like being called Seb.
                Now that hoyer is benched, Lynch should just keep his word and try to improve the QB position. In the NFL, there is competition for every position. They handed the job to Hoyer with little competition, and look how that turned out. Do not know why they are afraid of a little competition. Heck, they may find their franchise QB.
                Until they benched Hoyer, I was accusing them of intentionally tanking. Now that they are at least trying, I cannot say that. However, if CJB also struggles, and they go back to Hoyer, I will declare once again that they are content to lose.

              5. Actually nynah has pretense and TRYING to be one of the brothers written all over it as if it is spoken by one of those phony cocktail sippers.
                You better change it to seb only

      2. his Stanford jab was not mean or vicious

        What was it then? Just your average millennial snark? Well har-de-har-har.

        Grant’s no longer a college bro, he needs to start acting like it.

        1. Rib, if you have not noticed, many Stanford Grads have a big opinion of themselves. Sure, they are over achievers and well accomplished, and most have the grades to get into a prestigious private college. Many are very smart, so that jab was in their wheelhouse.
          Grant, being a UCLA grad, probably has a poor opinion of USC grads. It is just good natured rivalry.

          1. Mr. Sebninny

            I am new to this site. I have been checking it out for a few weeks, now. Many of these guys seem to know a lot–Moses, TomD…there’s some others, too. That lawyer guy who knows the law brings a very much needed insight.
            But your COMPLETE lack of humility along with the the obvious slobbering of the host of this blog is really a gross thing~my latest meal starts to come up with your constant slurping~slurping, I might add, with a means to an end; u don’t want to get kicked off this site. Why? One, because you clearly love to bloviate, And two, there is no where else on the planet you could say this sewage AND get away with it.
            How is it that those you choose to defend always end up thinking like you? Without exception?

            1. Blackjack, this is not my first rodeo, and those other posters have such huge egos, they probably could not fit their heads through a doorway.
              Yes, I will defend Grant against the lame, ignorant and jealous unwashed masses, but have also given him much constructive criticism. Glad he puts up with me, I tend to get verbose. So far, I have yet to see a poster get thrown off this site, even with personal attacks filled with vile expletive filled rants. I take that back. Some posters were threatening violence, and I saw they disappeared quickly.
              Get over it. This is a blog site, and posters can say basically anything they want to. Personally, I find my posts pretty tame compared to other sites. Maybe you lead a too sheltered life.
              Get over yourself. You have no bona fides to tell me that you are any expert on anything. Just looking at your post, you probably lied about only being on this site for a few weeks. I just consider you another duplicate troll and my next gadfly. They tend to come in droves, so you are not something that is totally unexpected, however unwelcome. Next, you will be advocating a Kaep for Tebow trade.
              If you want to engage me, go ahead. Many have tried, and many have bitterly rued the day they started. Please feel free to scroll past my posts. Many others have learned their lesson, and we get along swimmingly.
              Does Grant want to kick me off this site? No, he calls me a LEGEND. ;p

              1. Sebninny~

                You would not dare talk like this anywhere else on this rock. Not at home~your wife would cut your unmentionables off and put them in the spaghetti sauce. Not at the local tavern~if u were lucky, you’d get a punch in the nose. And not at work~u have to work and play well with others. You don’t.
                More made-up history? And then more again? I never said I was an expert on anything in the first place! But I know the difference between chicken s–t and chicken salad, and I’m not spreading u on any piece of bread………..your a divider, not a uniter. Bad for the digestion……………A legend, in your own mind. Pass me the bi-carb…………..

          2. Grant, being a UCLA grad, probably has a poor opinion of USC grads. It is just good natured rivalry.

            Grant’s no longer a college bro, he needs to start acting like it.

            Grant, btw that backwards lid you sometimes sport on your videos. What, dude… didn’t it come with instructions? How old are you now?

  12. Obviously the Niners should trade Hoyer.

    Grant says he’s a grade A QB so they’ll get at least a first or second round pick for him.

    PS QB ratings are for losers who don’t understand football.

  13. So Glad C.J. Beathard is Finally Getting some Snaps, Nothing to lose, We are in Rebuilding mode, Smart thing to do at this point. Good time to begin evaluating our Roster, it is going to take a few more Drafts to get the talent we need to be a Playoff team again, I am just so happy to see a Competitive team Playing their butts off every week, What a difference from the last few Years, Seeing progress!

  14. The way I view the move to start Beathard is that this is quality training for him to be a really good backup next year. Beathard doesn’t have the arm strength to be an elite NFL QB. That’s just fact regardless of what Shanahan said at the podium. Beathard can not make all the throws. I also think Shanahan has a subconscious leaning toward players who have family that were involved in the NFL so he places a premium on their family ties. The only remaining question for this season is will the 49ers get the #1 pick in the draft. If so, do they sign Cousins AND take one of the elite QBs at the top of the draft to groom behind Cousins. Teams can not have sustained success in the NFL without an elite QB. I say sign Cousins and draft Darnold to teach and develop for a couple of years before starting him.

  15. I don’t understand how everyone has come to the conclusion that Beathard does not have the arm strength to be a NFL starter after 2.5 quarters.
    I watched his combine, he had plenty of enough arm. In that game Sunday, the throws were not spirals, but it got there. Now I’m not saying he is or isn’t, just that a lot of people have already made up their mind as to what he is.

    1. It’s funny reading a lot of theses comments on Bethards arm strength. Our coach says he can make all the throws. People who followed him at Iowa say that he has a soild arm. That throw on the run for a TD was impressive. People bragging about Watson don’t realize he has a below average arm. Let’s see what this kid can do. Arm strength can improve over time.

    2. I didn’t pre judge Beathard. I think Cohn nailed it. The throws that require distance AND pace are where arm strength is revealed. Every NFL QB can throw a 50 yard Go route with some arch on the pass. Not every QB can throw a 25 yard Deep Out at 50 MPH. I watched Beathard & quickly determined he has a below average NFL arm.

      1. Same here, and arm strength is what it is. Won’t get much stronger if any at all. You either have it or you don’t.

        1. That’s entirely wrong Razor. Brady improved his arm dramatically. Cousins improved his arm as well. Neither were known for there arm strength. I think we have a lot more to see before we characterize his arm as weak.

          1. Dude, Cousins threw 59 mph at the combine. Brady improved his arm dramatically? Based on what?

            1. Okay and Bethard threw harder then Watson and was close to Kizer who has a very strong arm. I trust in our coach saying that CJ can make all the throws… You should too since you like to verse what Kyle says daily.

        2. Kaep could throw the 80 yards but obviously it didn’t help him much.
          I agree with all comments here regarding CJ, but I totally stand with RAW that we wait to see what the kid can do.

          Beathard is not our savior at QB but he is better than Hoyer based on his performance last Sunday. Personally, I’ll take it one game at a time with him.

      2. “I watched Beathard & quickly determined he has a below average NFL arm”

        That’s a mighty fine eye you got there Houston for 2 quarters of work.

  16. Well,

    With Brandon Fusco getting stuffed and pushed into the QB’s face every play Hoyer’s shell shocked. Just a matter of time before the same ailment afflicts Beathard….

    Remember, Zane Beadles was replaced by Tomlinson for getting pushed the opposite direction the offense is supposed to go, after Hoyer was sacked 6 times and hit 12 times that game.

    When 5 games pass and Beathard is replaced by a recovered Hoyer we can go another 5 games, then he’ll be replaced again by Beathard. In this way the 49ers hope to place a percentage on QB need for the 2018 draft.

    Meantime, maybe the Niners can sign a promising right guard off another practice squad to replace Fusco before Beathard is hammered. I really would like one thing stabilized before I judge Beathard’s ability.

    Baalke’s gifts just keep giving…Thank you, Trent.

  17. This is sad. Eric Branch tweeted this out…

    2015: Kaepernick (benched after Week 8)
    2016: Gabbert (benched after Week 5)
    2017: Hoyer (benched during Week 6)

    Guess it does not bode well for the next year’s QB. Plus we are in running with the Browns for #1 pick. Bad company!

    1. 2015- Kaepernick benched, then went on IR with 3 surgeries.
      2016- Once healthy enough and recovered from injuries, Kaep regained his starting job he lost due to injury, while Gabbert benched himself.
      2017- Hoyer pulled a Gabbert.

      1. When are you going to launch your own “All Kapernick All The Time” 24 Hour blog? You are so boring.

      2. Let it go….
        You try way too hard. Maybe you should re-read your own press clippings!

        Dee, if you have not noticed, I have been refraining from engaging my detractors, and this site is much more calm and civil. Certainly, I have rarely started it, …. You should be praising me for refraining from engaging

        I win again, and you brought up Kap, again. This wasn’t about Kap but the QBs (plural). But you can’t help your obsession, can you? Seek help dude!

        1. No, East, you brought up Kaep first. Your second line had- ‘2015: Kaepernick. ‘
          You only win a twinkie.

          1. I was talking about QBs. Not your love toy. You exclusively made it about Kap. See the difference?

            What am I saying, you’re blinded by your obsession….

            1. Then stop bringing him up. Kaep is a QB, and was directly related to 2 of those years.
              Quit trying so hard.

  18. NBCSAuthentic‏Verified account @NBCSAuthentic 27m27 minutes ago

    Montana, Clark scheduled to address crowd at Levi’s Stadium (@MaioccoNBCS)

    TomD’s Take: This move by Jed might backfire like the Thanksgiving Dinner for the Seahawks on our 50 yardline idea.

    Montana and Clark addressing the public just makes the fans take out their tape measures to guage the distance we have to go from badness to their greatness and could result in booing the current regime.

    1. sebnynah says:
      October 17, 2017 at 9:45 am

      2016–Once healthy enough and recovered from injuries, Kaep regained his starting job he lost due to injury, while Gabbert benched himself.

      TomD’s Take: 2016–Impossible for Kap to be injured then because the season hadn’t started yet. Gabb’s beat out Kap fair and square to become the 49ers legitimate starter.

      2016–After Kap takes the helm for Gabby, the 49ers go on a franchise record 10 game losing streak.

      You can run but you can’t hide in your reshapping of history, Seb.

  19. I’ll be on Periscope at 10:05 to give my final thoughts on the pass interference penalty against Pierre Garcon.

  20. I hope CJB works out hard, and builds muscle so he can better withstand the hits. Secondarily, the velocity on his ball will increase with increased strength.
    CJB should work hard on throwing a ball with a tighter spiral. Those wobbling ducks are harder to catch.
    One bit of advice. – CJB should not stick out his tongue when throwing a pass. he might get hit from behind and bite it off.

  21. I got this off this website, not sure how valid. Beathard seems to be right up there with everyone else as far as ball speed:

    Year: 2017

    CJ Beathard, Iowa, 55 (Left), 52 (Right)

    Joshua Dobbs, Tennessee 51 (Left), 50 (Right)

    Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech 50 (Left), 51 (Right)

    Brad Kaaya, Miami, 48 (Left), 47 (Right)

    DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame, 52 (Left), 52 (Right)

    Trevor Knight, Texas A&M, 55 (Left), 53 (Right)

    Mitch Leidner, Minnesota, 53 (Left), 52 (Right)

    Sefo Liufau, Colorado, 46 (Left), 44 (Right)

    Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech, 55 (Left), 55 (Right)

    Nathan Peterman, Pittsburgh, 49 (Left), 49 (Right)

    Cooper Rush, Central Michigan, 45 (Left), 46 (Right)

    Seth Russell, Baylor, 52 (Left), 49 (Right)

    Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina, 51 (Left), 50 (Right)

    Deshaun Watson, Clemson, 45 (Left), 45 (Right)

    Davis Webb, California, 56 (Left), 54 (Right)


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