49ers still have cash to spend after free-agency signings

FILE – In this Sept. 9, 2018, file photo, Tampa Bay Buccaneers outside linebacker Kwon Alexander (58) tackles New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara (41) in the first half of an NFL football game, in New Orleans. The San Francisco 49ers have agreed to sign linebacker Kwon Alexander to a four-year contract worth $54 million. A person familiar with the contract said the sides came to an agreement Monday, March 11, 2019, soon after teams were allowed to contact pending unrestricted free agents. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal can’t be finalized until the new league year starts Wednesday. (AP Photo/Bill Feig, File)

After all of those free-agency moves, the 49ers still have tons of cash to spend.

They entered free agency with roughly $65 million in cap space. Then, they cut seven players, re-signed nine and added eight new ones, including the most expensive weak-side linebacker on the market, Kwon Alexander, and the market’s second-most expensive edge rusher, Dee Ford.

And yet, the 49ers still have more than $37 million in cap space remaining — third most in the NFL. They have more than enough money to give Pro Bowl defensive tackle DeForest Buckner a lucrative, long-term contract extension this offseason, if they choose to. Or, they simply can save their cap space for next year. They’ve given themselves options, a good thing.

Here are five more takeaways about the 49ers after the recent free agency signings.

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    1. The Dee Ford signing increases the chance it could be Williams. I wouldn’t be surprised if was.

      I’ve also heard Lynch and Shanahan say they take need and position importance defining BPA. And it’s lying season.

      If it is Williams, I’d be OK with it. Especially if they got trade loot by moving a defensive lineman not named Buckner for more picks.

      1. Apologies. Lynch did state “…best player available, particularly with that top spot, regardless of the position.”. My comment should have reflected that.

    2. Good. JL is learning how to be a GM. It is smart to keep the cards dealt, and not tip off your hand.
      This is a good strategy to say that all options are on the table, and the Niners are not forced to take Bosa, Allen or Williams. It signals to other teams that the Niners can afford to trade back,so the player they covet is possible to obtain, for the right price.
      Now, both Oakland and the Giants are in play for the number 2 pick because they have multiple first round picks.

  1. I’d be ok with Williams if they traded down and got more picks to draft help in the secondary and help at wide receiver.

  2. Grant, you left out that the Rams ran their franchise RB into the ground. He’s got an arthritic knee, and will no longer be the threat that he once was….

  3. I may be beating this to death but under the right circumstances they could trade down with the right team and still get one of Williams, Allen or Bosa.

    I also know that if the got Williams that leaves them open to trade one of their D-lineman. if they got a good enough deal why wouldn’t they consider trading Buckner for a slew of picks. That would allow Thomas to move to his best position next to Williams and save them serious cash in resigning Buckner. If Williams is as good as advertised the center of the line would still be very very good and the picks and cap space could be used for picks on rookie contracts and the cap space for more free agents or resigning other players. Do they really need to allocate that much talent in the middle of their line? kind of over kill.

    Not actually saying they should do that, but it is a thought and an option they might be considering if they end up with Williams. It’s always better to go with rookie salaries when you can instead of resigning players that will demand top dollar. Anyway that is an option if Buckner wants a top dollar contract- you never know. They could trade Thomas but I am sure his trade value is not that high. Plus the center of their line is over loaded with talent.

    1. Will, I had advocating trading back, and still getting the player they coveted, for the past 2 years, so we agree on that point.
      However, I do not want Lynch to pull a Gruden, and trade away their best defensive player. JL should not pull a Mack, he should retain veteran talent and leadership. JL should extend Buckner, not trade him away.

    2. We will not trade Buckner.•_!!! This is the most proposterous notion I’ve seen floating around. Not blasting you Will, I’ve seen this mentioned a few times and it makes me crazy! Buckner is the heart and soul of our defense and team. He’s the best player we have period, and to trade him at this stage for any reason or Capital just will not happen. That said, I definitely think QW has a solid chance of being the pick and then maybe we have a decision with Thomas, which I think it would be disappointing to see us part with a player that we drafted at #3, but won’t be the end of the world if we can get something back for him. If we could somehow fleece the raiders and get crazy Gruden to come up for Bosa, get their #4 & 27, still get QW and possibly a Top tier DB (Corner or Safety), BD would be a happy, happy boy!

  4. Yes, I also mentioned extending Buckner, in order to help spend all of the cap space. Another player they should reward is their Pro Bowl player. George Kittle deserves a reward for being the best player on offense. He should be paid, commensurate to the amount of contributions to the team.

  5. Maybe during their conversations involving OBJr. with the Giants, they discussed compensation in the event Gettleman wants Haskins. 6+17 would net Lynch a nice one, two punch at edge and secondary….

    1. I would love that scenario Razor. I think the Giants are going to be stingy with their picks though, so I’m just hoping Gruden and Mayock get a draft Crush on someone that they think they can’t live without and sell the farm, which seems more likely than Gettleman parting with their “2 First Round picks” they got in the ObJ trade.

      1. Giants also have an extra fourth, and 2 extra fifth round picks. They could offer their first, second, fourth and fifth round picks, along with a 2020 second round pick to help balance out the trade value. That way, they could keep their first round pick from Cleveland, while the Niners get 5 picks to move back 4 spots.

        1. I could definitely dig that scenario Seb! I’d take that trade and then use some of the extra picks to jump back in the bottom of the first round and take an impact player at DB. Just heard Lynch in an interview saying he likes our safety’s, so maybe top Corner still available in the 20 – 30 range!

  6. Regarding edge rushers for the 49ers, Dee Ford had 13.5 sacks for KC last year on 1022 snaps. Based on Ronald Blair’s production last year if he’d played the same 1022 snaps he would have finished with 10.5 sacks.

    The bigger value is to strengthen the interior rush.

      1. Doesn’t change that the biggest area for improvement is the interior, not outside after the addition of Ford.

        1. The team has good backups for the starting DTs. However, who is the “good” backup for Ford if he goes down?

              1. The middle is the strength, and when you make both edges equal strength, the levee breaks.?

              2. Other than Buckner the interior pass rush for the 49ers last year was awful compared to the edge.

              3. The A-gap rusher is a controlled rusher. Even on third and long, he has to play the run and take away the draws, screens and traps. Armstead does this well.

              4. Other than Buckner? Buckner is a double digit sack artist from inside, am I right? We added a double digit sack artist to one side, now we need to add one on the other side. Hence my representation, ‘3 prong attack’….

              5. You are already getting close to double digit sack production from the guys playing end opposite Ford.

              6. I wouldn’t want to pass on the best DL/edge-rusher class ever just because I have Ronald Blair.

              7. Who’s that? If Marsh was part of your Blair calculus, he’s gone.

                *Grant hit the nail just as I posted Hammer.

              8. It’s not just Blair, they are loaded with guys who can man the big end/Edge spot already. I see the point you are making. My feeling is they get the most value and additional production by building the interior.

                The 49ers won a SB with BY/Stubblefield, then Stubblefield left and the team stunk. It wasn’t until they brought Stubblefield back that they got the defense going again and into the playoffs.

            1. Speaking of which — and maybe a question for Grant — what’s the word on Kentavius Street’s knee?

          1. Bingo Cubus.
            They must go edge in case Ford goes down. The middle isn’t bad at all.

      2. Grant I disagree with this statement, Williams can play anywhere on the interior and would be a great fit with DBuck and not redundant. However, he would make Thomas redundant which is why position/need wise Allen may be the best choice, but I would be happy with the upgrade of Williams, cutting our losses with Solly and signing Houston as the SAM for two years and addressing that next year.

      3. In the Nickel pass rush situations it doesn’t really matter.

        In the base? You could rotate him in with Buckner and Armstead. Or replace Armstead.

      4. « Williams plays the same position as Buckner »

        In base yes. When talking about Allen you mentioned how using him as a situational player early on could make the most sense. Same thing with Williams. His role is as the interior rusher in Nickel/Dime next to Buckner while also being a rotational guy to spell Buckner in base when needed.

        1. Fair enough, but Williams eventually will need a starting position, and he won’t have one as long as Buckner is on the team. Allen can become the starting SAM when he’s ready.

    1. So you think that Blair’s skills are undervalued? That he has shown more potential pass rush productivity? I’m not disagreeing with you…numbers are numbers. But numbers need context. Sacks can be the result of poor O-line, Coverage, poor QB decisions….. Is there anything about Blair’s play that indicates that his potential productivity really is about 10.5 sacks?

      1. Blair’s sack rate per snap has been consistent in each of his first 3 years.

        For his career he has 985 snaps and 10.5 sacks, so yeah I think he’d be more than capable if given the opportunity.

    2. The problem I have with Williams is that he’d likely be replacing Armstead. Armstead isn’t bad as an interior pass rusher. I’m not talking about sacks, I’m also talking about pressures and just pure descriptiveness. Williams projects to be better than Armstead but you’re not really improving the greatest area of weakness on the defensive line.

    3. What would be nice would be a really good Nose Tackle and a pass rushing SAM and maybe a true MIKE backer.

  7. I’m good with Williams as the pick but here is another way they may be looking at this. Just as we salivate over the improvement in numbers we will see for Buckner if they have a solid edge rush, the FO may be looking at Blair in the same regard. This guy looked pretty solid and still has room to grow. In fact, a trade of AA or Solomon would probably be for his benefit as much as anything else.

    1. Yep.

      Bosa-Hand in the dirt DE that can get to the quarterback and stop the run. Injury concerns. Perceived “me” personality.

      Williams-Versatile and athletic. Perceived humility and has inspiration driving him.

      1. Hmmm. I thought he would play either 3T or nose tackle (including 1T). Did he play DE at Alabama?

        1. Dunno, but I believe if you wanted or needed him to play the 5t sparingly, he’d be perfectly fine to do so.

    2. Yes! He can play anywhere on the Interior, Inside, Nose or DE. He’s what Solly was supposed to be, but hasn’t been successful at so far. That’s why I think drafting QW will ultimately be admitting we made a mistake with ST and moving on from him.

        1. I like DJ Jones, but at 303 lbs, I think QW is stout enough to anchor the NT position.

            1. Yep, Jones is the perfect NT in our base defense and barring bad luck, should be able to handle 25% of the snaps that we’ll be in it….

          1. Physically, the knock on Williams is his weight and can he keep it up, along with his length.

  8. Great article Grant. I’m a little surprised at your take given folks here always knock you for being a negative Nelly, :-). I think your assessment of what we accomplished in FA and where we stand in the NFC West post FA is spot on! I disagree that the Cards are a push, as I think they definitely got worse this FA, and if they do what many think they’re going to in the draft and blow up their offense to draft a QB it’ll be tough sledding for them over the next 2-3 years.

    I can safely say that the Niners will not be in the basement of the NFC W, and feel that we’ll definitely be in the thick of it with the Rams and SeaChickens, my heart wants to believe that Seattle will fall off, but I’ve been predicting that for about 6 years now, so my head says it’ll be close with the Rams still being the team to beat.

    Excited for the draft, and even more excited to get the season started, Go Niners!!!

    1. Grant is getting married soon and I suspect his fiancee is prodding him to have a somewhat more optimistic outlook :). Next up for Grant is putting on 20 lbs of weight (and I don’t mean muscle) after he gets married.

      1. Grant is getting married soon and I suspect his fiancee is prodding him…

        Using a device intended for cattle? Ouch!

    2. Just a hunch, but unless there’s a deal in place already to send Rosen to the Giants for the #17 pick, Keim will do the smart thing and draft Williams, who will address one of their most pressing needs. And the Niners will find few, if any teams willing to fork over much draft capital for Kyler Murray. So they could find themselves in the position of choosing between Bosa and Allen, making all of the “should we take Williams?” talk here totally moot. Of course, Lynch could always do another Lynch, which is always possible, leading to much hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth two years hence.

  9. Here’s my first mock. No trades.

    #2 Quinnen Williams. DT. Think Ndamukong Suh without the a**hole personality.

    #36 Chris Lindstrom. OG. The 49ers are investing heavily in their run game. Rumor today says they were one of the final two teams in the hunt for Bell and had offered him a 3 year $40million contract. Yet they still have back up quality players starting at the guard positions. Lindstrom is a week 1 starter and will be a huge upgrade at the spot.

    #67 Juan Thornhill. FS. It’s incredibly likely that the Colts will snatch Thornhill up at #58 if the Texans don’t grab him with one of their two second rounders. However if he somehow manages to make it to us he’s the best FS prospect and will be a nice upgrade when Ward gets hurt again. If Thornhill is gone my backup picks would be Taylor Rapp or Darnell Savage.

    #104 Iman Marshall. CB. 49ers still need to upgrade their CB position. Witherspoon isn’t anything special, Sherman is old and Verrett is a NB who can’t stay healthy. Marshall is best suited for the zone coverage the 49ers like to play and he’s not afraid to get physical. Needs to work on his tackling but that’s coachable.

    #176 Jaylen Smith. WR. Tall speedy receiver. Will need to get a little stronger to get off the line against NFL corners but he’s a great value pick in the 6th round.

    #212 Jonathan Ledbetter. DE. Ledbetter was a late bloomer in his collegiate career mostly due to immaturity issues in his first couple of years. Looks like he’s finally starting to grow up and become the player he was recruited to be. He was totally unimpressive at the Combine yet had a solid week at the Senior bowl where actual skill and talent vs pure athleticism is on display. He could turn into a really solid back up DE in the league if he continues on his current arc.

    This mock almost mirrors the one I made with TDN.

        1. Yea, but if he’s the best FS why not just trade back in round 2 and take him? If not, just take him anyways. Who cares if it seems a little high. All that matters is you got your man….

    1. Good mock. Seems like the OG spot is getting overlooked. I know the secondary is a big need for us, but if we improve the pass-rushing, the secondary will be much better. But that O-line needs talent and depth. We need to improve on the interior, and potentially find Staley’s replacement.

      1. I’ve been saying as much Leo since the beginning of Free Agency, in fact I’m shocked that seemingly nobody is giving the G position any love in the draft. It’s by far the weakest link in the offensive line and they are clearly gearing up to have a strong run game.

        My vote for surprise draft pick would be the 49ers to trade back and take Cody Ford with their first round pick.

  10. Good discussions today. I wouldn’t trade with the Giants because they didn’t help us when we tried to trade for OBJ. Call it petty but why should we help them if they weren’t willing to help us out. It was reported that the Giants wanted the number 2 pick for OBJ but nothing mentioned about swapping picks but if there was mentioned and John didn’t want to do that then that’s John being a bad GM.

    The 49ers better not think they can win with their current offense, I know the defense needs more help but the offense needs WR, G and RB help. It appears they know this too because they tried to get Bell and OBJ. It looks like Jordan and Coleman was their plan B options and they feel ok with that. They should sign another WR/trade for one and get a big body RB for the goal line. All they have is fast, short RB’s. They also should sign a better G than Person; Garnett is a bust so far but they probably feel Person can fill in and operate their zone running game and save money. Of course they can draft rookies but I would rather have a veteran WR.

    But why not sign a DT like Suh or the next best one available and just draft more pass rush help. The more pass rush their is, that should help the secondary if they don’t plan on upgrading the CB, Safety positions.

    1. My double trade back mock over looked the Giants. Gruden took Haskins, and Denver took Lock, who they just wined and dined. Giants missed out on the 3 best QBs, and were left with Jones.
      Maybe with the Raiders trade back deal, the Niners could sweeten the deal by trading Armstead and Trent Taylor, while Gruden gives up Tyrell Williams. Both teams benefit.

        1. Why? I wanted the Niners to obtain Tyrell Williams. He is going to a team that has AB, so he would be second fiddle. Both Armstead and Trent Taylor are non essential, because they are deep in those positions, while Taylor would replace Williams and the Raider defense needs better linemen on defense.
          Gruden is not sold on Carr. He looked askance at Carr during the games last season, and really likes Murray, but Murray will go to the Cards. Mayock probably wants Haskins so they have a strong armed QB to throw to AB.
          If the Raiders wait, the Giants may trade up with the Jets, who pick ahead of the Raiders, and have expressed a willingness to trade back. Last season, the Jets traded up with the Colts, who used their picks to get back to the playoffs, after going 4-12 in 2017. If the Raiders wait, they may miss out on Haskins. Luckily, this draft is deep in pass rushers, so they could draft a good one with one of their later first round picks.
          I was not greedy. I was willing for the Niners to trade back 2 spots with the Raiders for the Raiders first, second and 4th round picks (4,35,104). The Raiders throwing in Tyrell Williams would help balance out the deal, but maybe they would be willing to give up a 2020 third round pick to help balance out the deal on the TVC. Raiders would have kept 3 first round picks, and the Niners would still be guaranteed to get either Bosa, Allen, Q Williams or Sweat.

  11. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap3000001023444/McGinest-explains-why-Bosa-shouldn-t-be-No-1-pick

    Oh no, Razor. I have a mini crisis on my hands. After seeing how admirably you opted to defer to the expert for your opinion on Bozo, instead of coming to your own conclusion, I decided “he must be right!”

    Then, I saw you bring up Bourne. Bourne isn’t exactly known for his Football IQ, but it was another glaring blow to my flimy anti-Bozo wall. And yet, just a little while ago, I see this – an expert who doesn’t think Bozo is that great. Which leaves me with one question:

    Which expert do I choose to make my opinion for me????

    1. Actually, he does preface what he said by saying Bosa is very very very good. He just thinks there may be a few better defenders in the draft.
      You and Razor need to chill.

      1. Sebbie, I’m perfectly chill. I’m sure Razor is too. It’s just a bit of fun, before the draft. I expect neither of us is taking it too seriously. It’s all daijoubu.

        1. Shouldn’t be. It’s the easiest pick in years. Williams, Bosa or trade down. Lynch should be sleeping easy.

          1. How does Williams make the team considerably better? I think I’d rather have Bozo over Williams, though I believe the former to be overall a better player.

            I would be satisfied with Allen or a trade back. Not to mention, some GMs like making easy picks difficult.

            1. Bosa is the perfect fit for this defense as a DE period.

              Williams is versatile enough to play anywhere along the DL, but he’ll thrive at 3t.

              Both players are the only two elite prospects in the draft. If forced to pick at 2, you take one of them. If you get your choice, you go with Bosa due to position value/need.

              Not rocket science.

              1. My main concern with Bosa is his injuries. While I’m sure he can come in and be productive, I don’t think he can withstand 16 games plus a post season run.

                While Williams can play along the D-Line, I am having Solly flashbacks. I think Williams is a better player, but Solly was sinilarly hyped, and has done pretty much nothing in two years.

                While Allen has a lower floor than both, I think he can be the best of the lot, and he would be in a good position with Ford and Buckner. Though my concern there is I don’t believe the Niners always use two DE’s in passing defence, so then we end up with rotation issues. I think D Line is solid anyway. I’m concerned about the secondary.

              2. The injuries are a valid concern. No two ways around that, but at this juncture I do not believe it’s evidential of not being able to physically hold up through a 16+ game season. Right now, I’d attribute it to more of bad luck and the fact that it’s football. You’re going to get hurt, but some bodies just aren’t meant to take the abuse. Is Bosa one of those? I don’t think he is….

              3. Razor….
                What about putting Williams at DE…something like Reggie White of old? This guy can scoot and weighs more than Bosa. Different, but effective-yes?

                What do you think?

              4. It could work, but right now his strength is 3t and just let him wreak havoc inside. I’d do it sparingly, because you want him at his best position. That’s the problem I had with Z and Solomon Thomas….

              5. Bosa and Thomas have two different skill sets. Thomas was drafted to stuff the run off the edge, and move inside to terrorize guards on obvious passing downs. Bosa is a pure hand in the dirt DE quarterback hunter….

  12. the first comment says it all. That John Lynch said they will take the best player available. So far he’s track record in drafting has not been to good, so who will have the final say on who’s the best player? Almost every sports outlet has Bosa as being the best player, so does Lynch draft him second overall if he’s their. Allen and Williams are either 2nd or 3rd overall, most likely all 3 will be their at the 2nd overall pick.

    Does Lynch want another Justin Smith type player, the next Mack or like somebody said Williams a Suh type player even though we have Thomas, Arik and Dfrost in the middle already. So really it should be between Allen and Bosa. Unless he gets a great draft trade, its a good problem to be in. Hope hes ready to live with his choice.

            1. And that statement isn’t hindsight I said it before he was drafted. Kind of like now when you swear Bosa is head and hills above Allen which is completely false.

              1. Is it your contention you are more qualified to be the GM, because I’ve never alluded to myself in that fashion. I’m just a hack who has an opinion, and if you’re not a believer in Thomas; doesn’t bother me any. I’m excited to see what he can do under Kocurek.

                As for Allen, he’s an olb or sam and therefore not a high priority for this defense. He reminds me of Floyd from the Bears.

              2. You are wrong Razor cuz in the D we run it is an important position.
                Our DC is a disciple of Bradley and Carroll ,per example just look at there nickel version of the Bear front.
                Josh Allen would be a excellent Off LB.

              3. Razor never once did I say I was more qualified than the GM but my opinons seem to be more in line with a sane person as yours seem completely insane sometimes

              4. Lynch chose Thomas, I didn’t. If that’s an example of insanity in your world, more power to you!

                I’ve never claimed to be nothing more than a fan and a draft nerd. If you believe me to be insane, perhaps its best to ignore my opinions. Did you ever think of that one genius?

              5. Lynch chose Thomas, but you made up that king crap. Just like you “Book it” with your other quibbles. Draft nerd? Ha. Razor genius is the biggest insult you came up with, no wonder you’re a nerd.

              6. You think me facetiously calling you a genius is worse than you calling me insane? ?‍♂️

    1. Would love to learn what 9er scouts and player personnel staff feel about Bosa–and others. If ‘sports outlets’ are truly the best source of prospect information and projected performance, then the 9ers should let their scouting department go. Save some $$ and make the safe picks.

    2. That John Lynch said they will take the best player available. So far he’s track record in drafting has not been to good…

      Ha, to say the least. Or really the most. Wonder what Stormin’ Norman would say about Lynch. Maybe he’d paraphrase a famous earlier observation about the General Manager of Iraq:

      As far as Saddam Hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist, nor is he schooled in the operational arts, nor is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier. Other than that, he’s a great military man, I want you to know that.

      But Lynch does give good interview, to his credit.

  13. Hey Grant…. Would be great fun to evaluate (Trent) Brown vs Bosa and Brown vs Allen matchups.

  14. Good write-up Grant. In regards to the team missing out on Roby and Bell, my thinking is Roby was guaranteed to be a starter with the Texas but not with the 49ers, and Bell went where he believed he would get more touches. Would you agree with these two assessments?

      1. In other words, Roby was going to be in a competition with Witherspoon and Moore.

    1. Makes sense because I see Roby as no better than a 3rd corner, let alone a number 1.

      1. The reason I think Roby took a deal where he was guaranteed to be a starter is because the Texans had cut Kevin Johnson and lost Kareem Jackson in free agency.

          1. Chief among them was his best shot would have been to beat out Williams for the NC.

            1. I’m sure money is the number one reason as always but Roby is hardly a player to be concern losing

          2. Players always take the most money so that bs about turning another team down is bologna.

            Also I heard from nfl Total Access that the 49ers afferred Bell a 3 year deal with way less guarantees then the Jets 4 year over 30 million guarantee and everybody knows Bell is all about rapping and money

      1. Read my response to Grant in regards to Roby Seb. As for Bell, we cannot know if the Jets offered more money until we know how much of money offered by the 49ers was guaranteed.

        1. Yes Roby was probably persuaded with a better deal, including a starting role on a playoff team.
          With Bell, I am sure the Niners structured the same kind of deal they gave Kwon and Ford.Lots of up front money with an escape clause. Sounded like the Jets offered more money, which was more important to Bell. Niners offered 40, Jets gave him a 4 year, 61 mil deal.

        2. 49ers offered a 3 year deal and the jets offered a 4 year deal was discussed on nfl total access a week ago. The Jets gave Bell over 30 million guarantee and as we all know the 49ers don’t usually give out that much guarantee(see Ford Alexander)

  15. Excellent breakdown of the 49ers offseason. Good job on this write up. Given the injury issues over the past 2 years it still shocks me the 49ers have adopted a strategy of signing high risk/high reward players with injury history. Seems like wishful thinking to put all your eggs in the Hope Basket just praying injuries don’t derail an entire season. Either brilliant or crazy but I don’t feel good about it.

        1. Adam Schefter

          Colts inquired about trading for former Chiefs’ LB Dee Ford; ultimately held on to draft-pick compensation and instead opted to sign former Chiefs’ LB Justin Houston.

          1. Makes sense the Chiefs would want him out of the conference, not only that, the Chiefs have established a trade partnership with us over the years….

  16. The bone of contention appears less about understanding position importance and team needs…. More about player assessment. I’d like a Joey Bosa, but I’d rather have an Aaron Donald. He’s that special.

    How special is Q. Williams? There would have to be a pretty big talent gap between Williams and Bosa/Allen to justify the pick. What would Armstead or Thomas or Blair fetch in a trade?

    Part of me wonders if Lynch secretly hopes the Cardinals take Bosa. It gives him permission to draft Williams. Warren Sapp 2.0.

    1. It’s been my contention that the talent gap is not significant enough to justify picking Williams over Bosa when given the choice.

    1. Oh, good. The league just violated the terms of the settlement, while continuing the blackballing.

        1. The terms of the settlement was leaked by the NFL, and Kaep has yet to get a tryout, so the blackballing is continuing. Kaep certainly did not want those figures to be leaked out.

          1. 1. How do you know it was the NFL?
            2. Why does a team need to give him a tryout? Is it stated in the settlement that a team has to?

            1. The NFL were the ones settling the grievance. It is not in Kaep’s best interest to leak those figures.
              Kaep wants to play, and the blackballing prevented him from a fair chance at playing. Kaep mentioned his interest in trying out for the Dolphins. Why would he settle, if they would have been able to continue blackballing him?

              1. Why would he settle“…

                Ask Nessa. She controls Kaep, no?

                Interesting how the info contained in the link shared by CfC launched you into an emotional hissy fit. So many assertions you make, with no credible information about the settlement’s content. So many assumptions. So Sebbie.

                Go back to mocking the draft. Please.

              2. That does not prove that the NFL leaked the info; it is only speculation on your part.
                And you did not answer why a team has to sign Kaepernick. Stating their interest in joining a team does not guarantee a player that the team is interested in having him. Look no further than the Antonio Brown saga during this off-season.

              3. You obviously think the NFL is guiltless, and would never leak. I think otherwise. Just look how they handled the CTE issue. First, they denied there was a problem, then suppressed any studies. Only once the medical science was so overwhelming, were they grudgingly forced to deal with the problem.
                I just think Kaep would never have settled, if he thought the blackballing would continue. You think he settled, and now does not want to play anymore. Geragos brought up Kraft and the Patriots, I did not, but Kraft obviously said something.

              4. As usual, you are creating your own conclusions based on no evidence. Accusing me of believing the league is guiltless because I am challenging how you reached a conclusion is just more of the same nonsense that you love to spit out.

              5. If these numbers are true, it shows that Kaepernick and his team didn’t feel strong about winning their case, and the NFL was paying for it to go away.

              6. You got that right. But I have to say if the payoff was only $10Mil Geragos needs a couple of more years to be ready for big leagues. After expenses and legal fees, they might be able to afford one game at Levis if they don’t go overboard on the eating and drinking app.

              7. Yeah I remember it being claimed that Kaep won. If this $10 million figure is true, I believe Kaep and Reid combined would take maybe $7 million from that. I think that would be pretty clearly a loss in this regard (especially if Kaep doesn’t play again).

              8. On this side of the pond it’s the other way around – Geragos gets $7 Mil and Kaep and Reid get the shaft.

              9. Naw, Reid got a 3 year deal, so he is happy. Kaep, on the other hand, must stay patient, and wait for attrition in the league.

              10. Report just out…Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, the NFL stars who alleged the league’s teams colluded to keep them off the field after they led protests during the national anthem, will receive less than $10 million to settle grievances with the league, according to people briefed on the deal.”

      1. C’mon Sebbie… Evidently you have before you the full details of the settlement; therefore, you have perfect knowledge. Please detail your conclusions point-by-point. Thanks.

        1. All I know is that the terms were supposed to be kept secret. Guess the haters could not help themselves.

          1. The source materials behind the ‘Pentagon Papers‘ were to be kept secret too….

              1. Ellsberg was a hero for exposing the ugly truths about how the US became involved in an illegal war (Gulf of Tonkin), the insane justification for continuing, and the specter of being bogged down indefinitely in an unwinnable war, with nuclear consequences.
                He was charged and prosecuted, but acquitted due to government misconduct.
                This is totally different. These leaks were done to attack Kaep, who is a hero fighting against police brutality, and abuse of authority.

              2. Leak or liberation Sebbie…

                You lost your credibility as a beacon of justice when you kicked Kaep’s plight aside for Hoyer’s hot game in August of ’17. Shall I post the quote?

                Please, give us another mock.

              3. Cassie, I did not bring up the subject, but your snark is continuing it. Maybe you should follow your own advice, and stick to football.

        1. A storm is a’ comin’. Muller is finished, and I expect something will hit the fan.

          1. Isn’t it a bit late? His term will be up soon, and unless he gets re-elected I doubt they’ll go after him once he’s out of office.

              1. That sounds like Hate, Sebs!!!!!!! You are supposed to be overflowing with LooOOoovve and tolerance for everybody?
                How can you bellyache all year long about the “hate” you say is directed at your false god–then go on hating someone else?? Is that not hypocritical???

                LooOOove for everybody, Sebs! Not just who YOU think is worthy………..

            1. Hate to break the news to you two. He’s going to be around for another 6 years. Dig in guys. He’s not tired of winning yet. ?

              1. Oh, I don’t mind either way. Britain has too many issues for me to care about Trump.

      2. He’s not being blackballed. Reid is still very vocal in his feelings on this topic, and he’s got a contract. Kaepernick is being “blackballed” for the same reason I’m being “blackballed” by the league. It’s a lack of talent.

        1. No, your problem is lack of football knowledge. You think QBs like the Butt Fumbler, Siemian, Barkley Fitzpatrick, McCoy have superior talent over Kaep, while Kaep is a SB QB who has set playoff rushing records, has a 90. 7 QBR and 16-4 TD to interception ratio, while being the first college QB to pass for 10,000 yards while also running for 4,000 yards.

          1. Hey Sebbie….. I bet you have Kaep’s stats tattooed on you body–somewhere. Easy to regurgitate when you can see ’em, yeah?

            Shall I post your ‘do not care about blackballing’ screed?

            1. Cassie……………….

              You aint EVER going to see Kaps stats for his last 3 yrs in the NFL from Sebs………….there is as much chance of that as there is of you following Sebs down the Rabbit Hole to meet Alice.

              1. I do not care if Kaep is being blackballed, as long as the Niners have a good enough QB like JG. I mainly just wanted the Niners to play the best QB that gave them the best chance to win. Until JG came around, Kaep was superior. Hoyer did have a decent outing, but in the end, he pulled a Gabbert and benched himself.
                However, I do think he is good enough to play, and will wish him well, wherever he lands.
                Guess Kaep himself did not mind being blackballed, if he settled, but he has to live with his decisions.
                Saw, you cannot force me to post poor stats without the caveat that he had very little support, and was actively being stabbed in the back by Baalke. I cannot prevent you from posting whatever stats you want, but Joe Montana could not have won with that Niner defense letting third string RBs gallop for 200 yards.

            2. LOL..good laugh!!..Kaep a SB QB is funny, just b/c the D got them there and the league never saw him before. Playoff rushing record, 90 qbr, college qb records from Nev. very funny!!

              1. You seem easily amused.
                In that SB, he passed for over 300 yards and ran for over 50 yards. That was something only Joe Montana had done before, so they share that SB record.
                What other QB has run for 181 yards in a playoff game?

  17. Cardinals beat out the Patriots and Chargers to sign DT Darius Philon, 2 years @ $5 million per. This may take Williams off the table for the Cardinals, and put Bosa firmly in play. Our chances for a U Haul of draft picks has possibly increased….

    1. They signed Suggs for a lot more money and have Jones… how does Philon make Bosa firmly in play? I would be very surprised if the Cards took Bosa. Just doesn’t seem a good fit for a 3-4. Unless they plan to beef him up a bit to play DE, but if that’s the plan just take Williams.

      Would laugh if after all the debate that the 49ers should take Allen over Bosa, the Cards did just that at #1.

      1. Not sure where your concern is coming from regarding Bosa, because Chubb made the switch to Joseph’s defense just fine. In fact Joseph said, “4-3 college ends, they grow to be outside ‘backers,” Joseph said. “It’s a learned ability, Chubb was a career 4-3 end,” Joseph said. “He never played in a two point, never dropped. He played SAM backer for us at 6-4½, 270. He had 12½ sacks and he missed five. You have to figure out what guys do best.”

        1. Fair enough. D’s are so blurred these days anyway. But with Jones and Suggs already there, still don’t see how Bosa makes more sense than Williams. Adding Philon doesn’t move the needle.

          1. Suggs only signed a one year deal. I don’t the signing of Philon or Suggs has any effect on whether the Cardinals will take Bosa or Williams.

            1. Suggs is the sort of guy you add when you want to groom a young player. Bosa is the sort of prospect you don’t need to groom.

              1. True, but I don’t think his signing eliminates the possibility that the Cardinals take Bosa.

              2. In fact MWD, what if that’s the reason the 49ers are going to take Allen is they know the Cardinals are taking Bosa. Perhaps they consider Bosa a win win, given they can keep him from facing off against Rosen twice a year….

  18. Day two of the draft often begins with a flurry of trades–teams wanting to position themselves for getting great talent still available after the first round. Wondering what offers the 9ers might get for their 2nd (if they still have it on day two)?

    1. I’d like to see them get a 5th to move down a couple spots and take Thornhill if they stay pat at #2.

        1. I think there’s a 51% chance we have a trade agreement in place with another team in the first round for a qb.

  19. Giants impressed with Haskins; What it means for the 49ers
    A trade down could be a real possibility
    By Kyle Posey@KP_Show Mar 21, 2019, 7:32am PDT

    Rumors are flying all over the place. At first, the Giants weren’t interested at all in Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins. A week later, and it’s “don’t believe the smoke screens. No team has done more homework on Haskins than the Giants.” That would be very good news for the San Francisco 49ers. The Giants own the sixth overall pick. After trading Odell Beckham Jr., they now own the 17th overall pick.

    I don’t know what the additional compensation would be, but for this let’s just say the 49ers now are sitting at six and 17 after making the trade. This could be exactly what John Lynch was talking about when he mentioned free agency set the team up for the draft. This opens a whole new can of worms that we weren’t expecting to talk about.


    1. I’m leaning towards a good possibility that Gettleman ascertained Lynch’s degree of interest in moving down, and what it would take during the OBJr. trade talk. I think that might be the plan if the Giants want Haskins or Lock….

    2. -Murray goes to Ariz, 49ers take Bosa/QW/Allen or trade down #2 to maybe Oak/Giants for Hawkins?
      -Bosa goes 1, SF trades 2 to Oak/Giants. SF gets Allen at 4 or 6 and gets 17 or 24, and 106 or 108.
      -49ers #2 = 2, 600 pts..Oak #4,24,106= 2,622/Giants #6,17,108 = 2,628…basically 1% over #2 value pts.
      -Don’t think Lynch trades down to these teams w/o ‘including’ that early 4th rd pick.1% dif is nothing.
      -SF has #36,67,104, a 6th and 7th, If this happens they have 2- 1st rd/2- 4th rd picks total 8 picks.

      -At #6 SF gets Sweat, he may slide to 17. At 17 to 24 there’s Ferrel, Burns, AJ Brown, Metcalf, G. Williams,
      D. Bush, Dilliard, C. Ford, J. Williams ect. I think they jump at getting 8 picks and trading down with Oak/Giants

  20. CFC:
    * Grant Cohn 03/19/2019: The 49ers still have more than $37 million in cap space remaining-3rd most in the NFL
    * “#67 FS Juan Thornhill: It’s incredibly likely that the Colts will snatch Thornhill up at #58.”
    * How about the 9ers using some of their $37 Mil cap space to sign FS Tre Boston? Then use #67 to draft BPA?

    1. “* How about the 9ers using some of their $37 Mil cap space to sign FS Tre Boston? Then use #67 to draft BPA”

      That was my suggestion in my free agency list. I said they should sign Boston to play F/S and then eventually move to SS when their draft pick is ready to start. If they miss out on Thornhill either Rapp or Savage will be solid picks as well.

  21. Heres my quick take on Nick Bosa. If you could project his peak ceiling in the NFL I think the name that comes to my mind is Justin Smith. Bosa is similar to Smith in terms of size, physical talent and ability coming out of college. Smith went at number 4 to the Bengals in the 2001 draft and Bosa will go top 5 also. Smith was never a truly great pass rusher in the NFL, the most QB takedowns he ever had was 8.5, and I don’t think Bosa will be a great pass rusher either. I think that Bosa can be a good pass rusher but like Smith probably not great. What made Smith a great all round NFL player was his incredible durability, he missed three total games in fourteen NFL seasons, his great technique, strength and most importantly his incredible competitive spirit. Smith didn’t win in the NFL with great explosion and flexibility and I don’t think Bosa will either. The question with Bosa is can he match Smiths durability and competivness?

    1. Totally agree. That’s a good comparison. But, as you said, Smith was blue-collar and durable. That’s not Bosa. Plus, Bosa falls down a lot. Smith didn’t do that.

  22. Total confidence in Lynch, Grant. The bricks are in place, and it’s time for the mortar!

  23. So when we compare the Seahawks defense to the one we’re trying to emulate how come nobody ever speaks on how good Michael Bennett was on the other side of the line ? Did it ever occur to anyone that the Leo was so good because they couldn’t double the Leo because of how good Michael Bennett was ? So when you look at the other teams in the NFL trying to run the same scheme, how many of them aren’t that dominant because they don’t have two good ends

      1. Nope. Justin Smith. In fact, Lynch called him to ask his permission for King Solomon to wear his number.

        1. I distinctly remember Thomas saying he could play anywhere on the line. You made several arguments to his pass rushing capacity too.

  24. Geez, 49ers went full court press on QW and Bosa at their pro days, but won’t attend Allen’s. Telling? Probably not…

      1. Agreed. I stated as much in my most recent mock draft. My preference would be Bosa or Williams, but Allen checks off the boxes that Thomas and McGlinchey did.

        ✅ Four years in college
        ✅ Senior
        ✅ Has had little to no contact with anyone associated with the 49ers
        ✅ Solid Character

        1. You got it, MWD! I never thought they’d seriously consider Allen. Now we’ve got our Sam LB! All we need now is FS, WR, CB, OT, TE.

          1. Why we take him is cuz Saleh needs a SAM comparable to Bruce Irvin who when he played for the Seachikens was know for his hustle, Josh Allen also doesn’t quit on plays.
            Irvin was faster at the combine but Allen stronger.

    1. You think they might be disguising their interest in Allen in order to get him at #6, because they have a trade agreement surreptitiously in place with the Giants?

        1. Yep. We’ve figured it out! It’s gotta be Allen…but why would they feel the need to feign uninterest? It can only mean one thing if Allen will not last until 6. We have a trade agreement surreptitiously arranged with the Ray-duhs at 4!

          1. Yep. The only other prospect that checks off the same boxes is Sweat, but I would be shocked if he was their choice for the second pick.

              1. It isn’t necessarily due to his heart condition because that was deemed low risk, but the trading for Ford eliminated the possibility of drafting Sweat.

              2. Naw, like Grant said, they need 2 pass rushers. Sweat, with his long arms, quickness and elite speed, would be a good choice.

          1. Of course they want to trade down, whatever team is trading up isn’t going to care who we want when we trade back.

        1. Because of the possibility of trade backs.
          If they manage a trade, it wouldn’t be good if other teams knew who they liked.

          1. Visits don’t tell anyone that you’re going to draft that player. They’ve already visited with Bosa and Williams they know teams are watching, excluding Allen garners more attention then visiting with him at this point. Also as I say above, whatever teams is trading up isn’t jumping to #2 to take Allen so it really wouldn’t matter if they actually know we wanted him or not.

            1. Coffee I was answering this question.
              “What reason would they have to try and hide their interest in Allen? ”

              “Also as I say above, whatever teams is trading up isn’t jumping to #2 to take Allen so it really wouldn’t matter if they actually know we wanted him or not.”

              It’s not even a 1 player issue, the more data other teams have of what players said team values the better they can plan how they will draft.
              It matters because “IF” they trade back, (say they end up at say pick 6) Somehow Allen is still on the board at pick 5 but everyone know SF loves him and he wont get past them at 6, they can trade up in front of SF to take the player they like the most, which could be a big deal if he was a tier above everyone else at that point on their board.

              It matters to them because, if a team thinks they might take someone they like, they might be willing to trade up to get said player. If a team is say 2 picks behind them, they really want 1 of 2 players, if they know SF doesn’t like one of those guys, they have no reason to trade up. For Example if the Bears knew SF wanted Thomas over everyone else, they would have had no reason to give up what they did to move up 1 spot for Mitch.

              1. Matt Maiocco

                Kentucky OLB Josh Allen just told me he has pre-draft visits scheduled to meet with #49ers, #Raiders, #NYGiants, #NYJets and #Lions.

                11:26 AM – Mar 22, 2019 · Kentucky, USA

                Lynch must have heard we were on to him!

    2. In this day and age team visits or lack there of mean little anymore. Every team knows that they are being watched by everybody else, they aren’t going to ignore Allen with two fingers crossed thinking they’re fooling the other 31 teams.

    1. ACL and ankle injuries, but it’s encouraging they realize the need to spring forward on Celek Time.

    2. Appears not to have been on the field much (lately)…

      “On August 26, 2016, Gragg suffered a torn ACL in a preseason game against the Washington Redskins that ended up sidelining him for the entire 2016 season. He became a free agent in March 2017. On July 28, 2017, Gragg signed with the New York Jets. He was placed on injured reserve on September 1, 2017, after suffering an ankle injury.” No activity in 2018.

  25. Help me out, guys. Why would the Raiders want to move to pick #2 from pick #4? To make sure they get their pick of Bosa, Williams or Allen? Or is there some thought that they want Haskins or Murray if he is somehow available.

    1. Gruden supposedly loves Murray, and I’m pretty sure he really loves Bosa and Williams.

      1. He’s trying to get other teams to trade up for QBs so it can push Bosa and Williams down to 4

      2. But if the Cards don’t take Murray, then pick #4 is fine because neither the 49ers or Jets are taking Murray. But as I write this I guess Gruden/Mayock might be concerned that another team would tradeup with either the 49ers or Jets to get Murray.

    2. If a team needing a QB trades up to where the Jets currently, it would put said team ahead of the Raiders, which would only be an issue for the Raiders if they planning on taking Murray or Haskins.

      1. Yes, I see. Gruden really has to want Murray. I guess they will also need to put together probably a draft day trade for Carr. They wouldn’t want to trade Carr before the draft because that would expose their plans unless they actually trade their way up to the 1st pick.

  26. Apologies, if this link has already been posted. Delmark from 49erswebzone does some film review on how KS might use Tevin Coleman. The first clip shows how KS schemed Coleman wide open in the end zone (from the redzone) against the Seahawks in the 2016 playoffs. The second clip shows how good of a “WR” RB Coleman is. What was interesting about the 3rd clip is that Delmark makes a point about why this particular play needs a RT like McGlinchey (as opposed to Trent Brown).


        1. “Brown got the biggest contract for a tackle in NFL history, but our metrics suggest he’s not even a top-10 tackle in the league right now. He allowed 35 pressures last season, even with Tom Brady’s quick release, ranking him 18th among the 26 tackles who played more than 1,000 snaps. Brown is an upgrade for Oakland, where rookie Kolton Miller’s 65 pressures allowed were second worst in the league, but the cost for the 6-foot-8 tackle was far too much.”

    1. Razor and George:

      It was good. Check out the one on Verrett. If we get the 2015 Verrett for most of the season (which will require quite a bit of luck), it should make a big difference. Sherman will have to up his game since there won’t be Witherspoon to pick on.

      1. If Verrett plays lights out healthy all year, that could push us into the playoffs. Then Verrett will leave to be paid $15 million a year, and hopefully Witherspoon is ready to go….

    1. I remember being in love with Mahomes in the draft as well. But I kept hoping Mahomes would fall to the 2nd round for the Niners to take (didn’t think it was worth the 2nd pick).

    1. “If Verrett can just stay healthy”

      He can’t though. One of the reasons I’m not a fan of oompa loompa players in the NFL. They’re talented but can’t take the big boy hits.

      1. “His best position is NC.”

        I thought Harris played slot for them though? Roby played outside in nickel? Kind og like Culliver used to.

        1. Then why would the 49ers want him we already have 2 NC in Williams and Reed we need a CB opposite of Sherman

          1. If healthy, Verrett can play outside. In the video review by Delmark, posted earlier, Verrett was assigned the task of shadowing Antonio Brown. He played outside cordner and slot corner to do that.

            1. Yeup I saw that when healthy Verrett is by far a better CB then Roby for sure I also saw that clip of Verrett blanketing Antonio Brown and almost intercepting the ball.

  27. Q Williams is the best player in the draft. IDE draft Murray at 2 if he doesn’t go at number 1 and hold him until someone offers a crazy good offer

  28. At 2 the Niners take D.J. Metcalf because he is the BPA.
    Niners fans lose their minds storm 49ers headquarters and chase Lynch out of town.
    Jed hires Grant Cohn as GM and he begins the rebirth of the Niners by forcing KS to hire Seb as his Offensive coordinator.
    Razor gives up football forever and takes up flower arranging to calm his nerves after this debacle. CFC becomes a Raiders fan and Jack Hammer leaves the country.
    Niners break an NFL record and have the #1 draft choice the next 5 years in a row and still are the worst team in sports.
    Fortunately Cassie wakes up from this nightmare to discover Lynch picked Allen in the first round and the Niners actually make it to the playoffs in 2019.

    1. False premise from the start. JL signed Dee Ford, so the pass rush woes are solved.
      JL selects DK Metcalf. Do not know who DJ Metcalf is.
      Niner fans lose their minds, cheering wildly for getting the next Megatron. JG uses DK Metcalf properly, and solves all the Red Zone woes. Jed applauds JL, who puts on his Trade Bill Hat and has a repeat of the ’86 draft. JL later drafts Jalen Jelks, so Oregon is ecstatic, because he goes on to have 20 sacks. Jed fires Paraag, and replaces him with Joan in accounting. He forces KS to hire Grant as the OC, and Seb’s legendary status grows. ;p. Niners go bold, never settle for a field goal, and trade Gould to the Bears for a third round pick so he can be closer to his family.
      Razor switches to growing Mango Haze. TomD stops being a Raiders fan. Jack Hammer takes over Grant’s blog.
      Niners start a new dynasty, and Cassie changes her name, which reduces her stench. Niners pick last every year. Former All Pro players come to the Niners and play for peanuts so they can get a ring. JL stays as GM, and gets into the Hall of Fame. KS coaches the Niners for the next 20 years. We all witness the rebirth, a return to relevance, and our kids call these the new Glory Years.
      I wake up every morning, smell the coffee, inhale deeply, then blog away.

    2. I’d become a Packers and Cowgirls fan before I’d root for the Raiders.

      The Titans were my back up team but they’re just as miserable to follow as the 49ers. Terrible GM and a back up as their starting QB.

      In your scenario i’d become a Chiefs fan. I’m going to follow my boy.

  29. Grant your poll needs at least one other option:

    C. He’s as worthless as I thought he’d be.

  30. My favorite player in this draft is Devin White. Barring a serious injury he’s going to have a HoF career.

  31. So, who is the BPA? It all depends. Is it on defense or offense? Is it a player with All Pro possibilities, or one who will start for 12 years? Is it one who will score TDs, or one who will get sacks? Is it the fastest player, the strongest player, the quickest player the most talented player or the smartest player?
    Is the BPA determined by JL, KS, Saleh, Paraag, Jed, the scouts or Grant?

    1. Niners are rebuilding, and they can get starters even in the second or third rounds.
      There is no guarantee that Bosa, Allen or Q Williams will be All Pros. Sweat and Metcalf, with their elite speed, may be the best bets to become Pro Bowlers. Jawaan Taylor is touted by many pundits to be a 10 year starter. Devin White may be special, and Greedy Williams may be the best CB in the draft.

      1. Yup, every team likely has their own interpretation of who the BPA is based on their specific need.
        For a team that needs a DB, Greedy Williams could be viewed as the best.
        A team in need of a WR might look at DK.
        The Cards feel that Murray is the best QB, so to them, he’s the BPA.

        So yeah, the best BPA is open to interpretation.

        1. Steele, I like Deandre Baker. Consistency and competitiveness are his hallmarks, and did not allow a TD since 2017, while getting 5 picks. He is also a willing and able open field tackler.
          Greedy is a below average tackler.

          1. Sebber, I like Byron Murphy. Zone corner with an aggressive attitude, and not afraid to lay the wood.

            1. I agree. Any one of those three would help the team, especially if Verrett cannot stay healthy.

  32. Niners are sitting in a position of strength. The best scenario is- the Raiders and Giants get into a bidding war over the number 2 pick.
    Cards may be trying to act coy by not attending Murray’s Pro day, but Kingsbury tipped his hand Oct 28th, and Rosen amply showed why he will not be retained. Rosen was consistently late in his throws, was sacked way too many times, made poor decisions, and had little mobility. Murray’s throws are a thing of beauty, he is deadly accurate, and his mobility allows him to escape sacks while presenting a run threat. The Cards will use their second round pick for a pass rusher, because if they let Murray escape to the Raiders, they will become the laughingstock of the league.
    Haskins may be the second player chosen. The only question is what kind of compensation will the Niners get for him.The Niners may trade back, get more picks, and still get the player they covet.

    1. I believe the raiders will wait until the Cardinals make their pick before attempting to make a trade deal.

      If the Cards are committed to Murray, then the NYG’s may become our biggest suiters. But if Kingsbury is using the Murray interest as a bargaining chip to field calls they may be in the running for trade talks with the raider.
      If the Cards reverse their field and grab either QW, Bosa or Allen, the 49ers will be in great position to make a windfall deal.

      Either way, the 49ers are going to be in (as you say) a strong position to draft the players they want.

    1. While that makes for a nice joke, I think it also is some cause for mild concern. Doesn’t Williams already have concerns about weight issues? Hopefully, he’ll be able to transition to an NFL meal regime, without cheating on it. IHOP cravings can be overwhelming.

    1. What round do you think? Also, why isn’t he playing WR with that height and speed? Hands of stone, perhaps.

    2. Saw this response on Maiocco’s twitter:

      R.K. Cox

      25m25 minutes ago
      Replying to @MaioccoNBCS
      Huge UK fan here. Huge niner fan. Chris never clicked, freak of an athlete, could have been a 4 year starter but couldn’t get better. Never understood his coverages it seemed. Lonnie Johnson took over his role and is a better option

  33. ok enough with the injured players…….why are we even signing a FA TE…….would be cheaper if we can draft a blocking TE or find one among the undrafted……

    According to Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area, the 49ers worked out veteran free agent tight end Chris Gragg.

    The 28-year-old Gragg spent his first four seasons with the Bills, but his time there ended with a training camp ACL tear. He went to camp with the Jets last season, but was placed on injured reserve with an ankle injury.

  34. ” but the idea of Quinnen Williams next to DeForest Buckner, with Dee Ford coming off the edge, is hard not to be excited about.”

    Yeah, and if Dee Ford misses games, then are we much better off than we were last year? We need more good edge rushers. IMO, it’s too unbalanced at the moment between the quantity of good inside lineman and edge rushers.

    1. Even without Ford the addition of Williams and an upgrade to the secondary will be enough to see the pass rush improve.

  35. “Bell said his decision came down to signing with the New York Jets and San Francisco. The Niners offered Bell a three-year, $40 million contract, per the runner.”


    I just don’t get this. It really seemed like there was enough talent in the RB/FB room, assuming McKinnon is healthy. It kind of has the feeling that they are concerned about McKinnon being able to play. Coleman already has a lot of experience in KS’ offense and they knew he was available but apparently still preferred Bell. Kyle and his father have always produced top RBs so why even consider paying top dollar for Bell as the first option, esp. when Coleman was available for much less.

    1. Cass,
      Interesting that the 49ers are drafting in the middle of the 1st Rd.
      Is draftblaster anticipating a 49er 6-8 win season?

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