49ers take vow of silence while Reuben Foster questions remain

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch arrives before an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins in Landover, Md., Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally)

Where did John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan go all of a sudden?

That’s my first question for them.

Those two were everywhere until about a week and a half ago. They were on a junket. They were marketing the 49ers as a free-agent destination. Celebrating five meaningless wins to end the season. Congratulating themselves for signing Jimmy Garoppolo, a quarterback with seven career starts, to the biggest contract in NFL history.

They held formal press conferences in their auditorium. They held informal press conferences in their media room. They held weekly press conferences on local radio stations.

Then, Reuben Foster got arrested for the second time in five weeks. Arrested for domestic violence, criminal threats and possession of an illegal assault rifle.

Now, total silence from Lynch and Shanahan.

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  1. Hello Shanny, my old friend
    I’ve come with questions yet again
    Because of Foster’s misbehaving
    Left his girlfriend by dragging
    And the vision that was left in our brains
    Still remains
    Within the sound of violence

    Since you can’t make it, Grant, I would like to volunteer my services to attend in your stead. I will take your 10 best questions out of the 30 or so you have, and relentlessly drill Lynch or whoever shows up. All I ask is to be provided with a press pass, hotel accommodations, 2 meals a day, and a rental car. Oh, and can I have a Press Democrat T-Shirt too? Thanks, regards…Razoreater;>)

      1. Hey Lowell,

        Have you heard Disturbed interpretation of the Sound of Silence ? if not google it, it’s off the charts awesome. Nice Jewish boy singing it. David Draiman’s who is the singer has maternal grandparents are both Holocaust survivors,

    1. Are there even 10 good questions to chose from Razor? Seems like the same list of questions ad-nauseum.

      I’ll sum it up for ShanLynch:

      Reuben screwed up ….. again. If he wasn’t a first round pick with nearly unlimited potential, he’d be gone almost as quickly as Brock. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to compete in the NFL if you are throwing away first round draft picks. Due to his talent, and the amount of capitol the 49ers have invested in him, he’s going to be afforded more chances and opportunity to get his act together, than a player whom the 49ers have invested less.

      Are the 49ers handling Foster’s situation correctly? Well, if correctly means the way every other one of the 31 teams would handle this situation if it was one of their ultra-talented first round picks, the answer for me is Yes. And that’s the way I am going to judge them.

      1. I’m certainly not trying to defend Reuben. But geeze louise, you act like the 49ers drafted a Lawrence Philips type of person. Should the 49ers have been a little more selective when it comes to drafting a player who likely smoked weed? Yes, of course. That’s easy to say, especially after the fact. But again, I haven’t seen a history of violence in Foster’s past, or anything indication this kid would assault a female, unlike Gareon Conley or Joe Mixon. If there had been, and ShanaLynch looked past a violent past in order to draft a talented player, it would be a different story. The way I see it, we’ve seen examples from every other team in the NFL in the way they take draft risks. And you have to take risks if you want to compete with your peers. We’ve seen examples from every team in the NFL, not only in taking these calculated risks, but also in the way they will act on these matter differently, depending on the talent level, draft capitol invested, and whether or not it’s a player whom they have personally been involved in acquiring. I’m not going to put ShanaLynch on a pedestal, or single them out and hold them to a different standard than the rest of the NFL, when what they did, and how they are dealing with Reuben is in lockstep with the way every other NFL team has handled these kinds of issues in the past. I’m just not going to do it. The 49ers drafted a kid who obviously smokes weed, not a kid with a history of violence. They spent a first round draft pick on him, and he’s looked every bit like a first round pick on the field. Naturally, he’s being treated like a first round pick by the 49ers front office in the same way every other damn team would be treating a first round pick. That’s reality, not some sort of wishful fantasy wishing we lived in a different world.

  2. grant, why do you use an old pic. that looks nothing like you do presently?
    are you ashamed of how you look now?
    are you trying do deceive people?
    why are you the worst reporter currently covering the 49ers?
    why don’ you report facts or actual news?
    why only click bait garbage?
    how did you even get this job?
    did your daddy get it for you?
    why do you always criticize this organization?
    do you hate your job?
    do you think your better than everyone associated with the 49ers?
    do you think your smarter?
    does it bother you that your more hated than jed York now?
    are you mad that your overweight and balding while still I your early 30’s?
    did the jocks pick on you in high school?
    is that why you have an ax to grind?
    whats it like being under six feet tall?

    1. And he works for a cheap employer that can’t or will not send him out of town. Shanny and Lynch are not going to answer any questions from Grant. Both Dad and Son are alike in they are the worst to report on the Niners. Grump two.

    1. Yeah, its a pretty low cost deal that gives them plenty of flexibility. Even if Kilgore gets supplanted as a starter, he’s not on so much you wouldn’t feel comfortable keeping him for depth. But if they do choose to let him go it won’t cost them much in dead money.

      I fully expect them to draft one interior OL to play OG, but may draft two with one of them a backup centre option. Or could just cross train Garnett.

      1. the possibility of Garnett playing center has always intrigued me! as a Stanford guy…..you know he has the intelligence to read defenses and make o-line calls/audibles

        1. Except Garnett is every bit of 6’5″, which isn’t ideal at Center. He seems like a smart kid, but Garoppolo isn’t the tallest of QB’s at 6’2″, and I don’t like the idea of a towering, 6’5″ Center playing directly in front of him. And then there is also the issue of leverage. I like my Centers’ with a low center of gravity on the nose, to get his pads underneath those behemoth Nose Guards and Tackles.

          1. We’re talking 2 inches of difference in height between Kilgore and Garnett. I would also point out that Unger is 6’5″ and Brees is shorter, at 6’….

            1. Oh, 2″ inches makes a huge difference. The sweet spot is 6’2″ to 6’3.5. 49ers perennial All-Pro LG Bruce Bosley – 6’2″, all the top ranked guys currently, Rodney Hudson – 6’2″, the great Cowboys Center Travis Fredrick – 6’3″, David Andrews – 6’3″, Jason Kelce – 6’3″, Matt Paradis – 6’3″, However Billy Price is 6’3.5″, and boy if the 49ers can find the next Alex Mack, the ultimate second level blocker, he’s 6’4″, Ali Marpet – 6’4″, Ryan Jensen – 6’4″, or 49ers great Jesse Sapolu – 6’4″.

              But 6’5″ …. rare? They’re out there, but rare. Of course it’s less of a problem for tall QB’s who are 6’4″ or 6’5″. Jimmy isn’t.

              Physics says the line of sight for a QB get’s worse the further out you go on an angular plain. So for guys like Jimmy, at 6’2″, it matters. And of course there is the matter of leverage. There are a lot of squatty, powerfully built players over the Center who know how to play low at the Nose. How many times did Marcus Martin, at 6’5″, get himself trucked all the way to the locker room? lol. Big strong guys getting up, underneath his pads and taking him for a ride. Sure some of it is strength and technique, but the lower the better in the middle of the line.

              1. *Above are all the current top ranked Centers, 6’2″-6’3″, a few 6’4″, very, very, very few over 6’4″.

              2. so Garnett is too tall……..i’ll buy it. I was thinking that he was too big and slow any way……..
                I still hope he develops into a good guard…..but even if he does, we don’t have a long term answer at the other G spot……..so I still view it as a priority

              3. jrs, yes, the Joshua Garnett who the 49ers drafted is too big (fat) and slow. I couldn’t agree more.

                He came into the league soft, and overweight. Garnett has reportedly been working hard to remake his body since he went on IR. He’s supposedly lost a lot of weight and turned his flab into muscle, and has improved his cardio. We’ll see if he really does look like a different guy during OTSA’s. I’m cautiously optimistic.


              4. thanks for the link 49! good read. Its explains a lot. I thought maybe by putting him in IR last year……the team was indicating that yes, hes to big/fat/slow and not a good fit and therefore not in their pans going forward……..but it seems the opposite is true…..they like him and want him to go back to the drawing board……..get his body re-shaped. and hopefully this will give him some agility. they seem to be high on him still

              5. You betcha jrs, good to have you on this blog. Here’s another link for you.


                Joshua told David Lombardi of The Athletic that he’s worked to cut his body fat while increasing his flexibility. He says: “The Zack Martin’s, David DeCastro’s, all the guys who are great NFL guards right now, none of those guys are 325. All of those guys are 300-310 and really athletic and really fast. That’s what I’m trying to model myself after.” He told Barrows: “I feel stronger than I’ve ever been, more lean than I’ve ever been … I already feel like I’m in the best football shape I’ve been in in years. So I’m like, ‘Jeeze, if I can continue to do this, then I’m going to be a MONSTER by the time OTAs come.’ ”

                Lol, let’s hope so. Kyle’s scheme favors smaller, more athletic offensive linemen. Especially at the Guards and Center positions. A slimmer, stronger, faster, quicker Joshua Garnett with some actual endurance, would be a pleasant surprise and real bonus for the Niners this season. They still need to add at least one, probably two Guards or a Guard and versatile OG/OC like Price or Wynn, this offseason. I think they could stand to add depth at Tackle as well. I have zero confidence in OT Gary Gilliam (6’5″ 315 lbs), however I do see potential in OT Darrell Williams Jr. (6’6″ 310 lbs), whom they have been developing on the practice squad. I can’t wait to see next season’s OL come into focus.

                Exciting times jrs, exciting times!

    1. Exactly Tuna.

      I’m not against hard hitting journalism. In fact, I am all for it. And I’ve seen some hard-hitting-but-fair journalism from Grant. But I am not really interested in hit pieces. Especially when they seem unfair and single people out unnecessarily. Honestly, if the 49ERS new regime struck me as enablers, or somehow more lenient than some of, or a large percentage of the other 31 NFL teams, I’d be the first guy raging against the machine. I haven’t seen a shred of evidence that suggests the 49ERS new regime is more careless, or more lenient when it comes to acquiring players, or disciplining players, than ANY other team in the league. NOT ONE TEAM! Why Grant chooses to exploit the situation and attack the new regime, is beyond me. I just don’t get it! Grant seems like a smart guy, certainly smarter than this! Don’t you think?

      1. At least the 49ers aren’t out there acquiring troubled free agents like a lot of other teams are. Off the top of my head ….. the Aldon Smith’s the Greg Hardy’s, the Ahmad Brooks’, the Ray McDonald’s, Michael Floyd’s, the Sheldon Richardson’s, the Chris Cullever’s, the Josh Brown’s, the Jimmy Smith’s, the Adam “Pac Man” Jones’, etc.

        If you’ve ever looked at an NFL blotter sheet Grant, you would simply be amazed at how many players are breaking the law and doing serious stuff, DUI’s, fleeing the scene, weapons, assaults, drunk and disorderly, weed (although it’s dumb and I shouldn’t have to care about it), prostitutes (not that I care about that) the list goes on and on. Why you chose to single out the 49ERS is beyond me! It’s a long list of players and it’s a long list of teams that slap those players on the wrists and offer them big dollars.

        Can you tell I’m pis_ed Grant? lol.

        1. The great Ray Rice cover-up, the drafting a guy in round 2 who was just recently videotaped sucker punching a knocking cold a young, innocent women, or how about an accused rapist who’s story didn’t appear to add up, or a guy who can’t help but get into fist fights with anyone who looks at him squarely, or the player (Adam Jones) who’s rap sheet fills up a binder’s worth of charges, from physically fighting with cops, to punching women in the face …. Jones has been arrested at least nine times since being drafted in 2005. NINE!!!!!

          Come on Grant!

          1. And you can’t honestly think finishing the season as the hottest team, and going undefeated over the final 5 weeks, beating 3 playoff bound teams, was meaningless going into this off season? I know you have to have enough knowledge about confidence and positive energy, and how it effects the team, having spent time around the locker room and facilities. Confidence is a huge factor. Having the positive buzz surrounding the team this off season, finding their franchise QB and signing him long term, YES …… attracting free agents! SMH, seems like you are going out of your way to denigrate the team. It really does.

  3. So many questions. So many insults.

    “They were marketing the 49ers as a free-agent destination. Celebrating five meaningless wins to end the season. Congratulating themselves for signing Jimmy Garoppolo, a quarterback with seven career starts, to the biggest contract in NFL history.”

    Those 5 wins weren’t meaningless. The 49ers are a destination because of Jimmy getting those wins. Of course coach Cohn would have made JG sit all year.

    “Why was your information about Brock incorrect?”

    It wasn’t incorrect. The woman had visible injuries but didn’t cooperate, so the charges were dropped. This was the better question. “Is it true Foster injured his girlfriend while attempting to physically drag her out of his house, as the San Jose Mercury News reported?”

    “How do you like these questions?”

    Would you really ask them that, or is that a question for the readers?

  4. “Of course, the 49ers released their usual written statement, assuring us they’re aware of the report regarding Foster, they take the matter seriously and are gathering information — this information gathering is taking a very long time.”

    This one statement put out by the team should answer about 75% of your questions. The FO cannot put out news on the Foster case until the DA office has completed their investigation. I don’t believe that Lynch and Shanahan are purposely avoiding the situation by design as much as at the moment there is nothing to report.
    Looks like all the talking-heads and barking dog reporters will just have to wait on this one.

    1. Jeez Grant, why all the hostility? The fact that Lynch and Shannahan are not available to you does not mean that they’re in hiding. I’m guessing they’ve got more important things to do than to respond to a “gotcha” style interview that won’t help anything or anyone, other than a blogger with an agenda.

  5. And this is exhibit A, as to why Kiper and his merry evaluators over at ESPN are dead to me:

    Mel Kiper Jr. said he thinks Washington State QB Luke Falk moved himself into the second or third round at the Senior Bowl. Said his throwing delivery is like Tom Brady.


        1. He had a bumpy season at times but his overall resume is pretty good and his practices at the Senior Bowl were impressive from most of the pieces I’ve read and heard on Sirius. He’s going to be at worst a very good backup and could turn out to be a good starter in the right situation.

    1. Lmao Razor. Kiper has Denzel Ward mocked to the 49ers. Nuff said.

      He may be a nice prospect, but he’s nothing like the kind of CB’s the 49ers prefer on the outside. I think he’s strictly a nickle back in this scheme, and the 49ers already have a very good one, IMO, in K’Wuan, and a second one if you count Jimmie Ward, who has played exceptionally well in the slot when healthy. The 49ers prefer size on the outside. Kiper is a lost puppy!

  6. Grant,
    Why you would rather be an adversary to the 49ers…instead of a columnist.?.
    What do you get out of discrediting and defaming people?

  7. Half your questions are reasonable . The rest are to much grant .

    Prepare to not have him yes ,
    Asking if they sorry they picked him is just you showing your arse , and looking for a bite.
    Grant is he guilty ? Did he do everything the news reported, we all know how good some of you guys could be , was it over blown ? Are there any facts to any of the questions ?

    Do you. Know he’s guilty ?

    Than throw the first stone .
    But until all the facts are in ,or you have inside information. He is innocent , do I believe her ,do I believe him , or the news .

    Thought reporters did just the facts .

    Let me know when we have facts to talk about , prepare ,

    Nothing else there grant .
    Come on Grant
    Your better than that .

  8. At least try and figure out which fa we sign first , outside of the team ,what targets are we watching , a real thought ,how would you prepare for his suspension ? Real debates . Not why ,or I told you so questions .

    Here Grant my one question to you , what if your Jon Lynch, how do you fix it ?

    What do you guys think . Don’t say this much but maybe , seeing what options are brought up . How to handle this positively for the team.

  9. Total silence is absolutely the right way to go . Why keep answering questions about a spoiled , idiotic baby . He’s one guy ,they have a TEAM to run

  10. Exactly right NY. I’d be extremely disappointed in them if they did answer any of these questions. They have a team to run. If they thought that the questioner had even an ounce of REAL concern about the welfare of one of their players, or the team in general for that matter, instead of just trying to put them on the spot with obvious, silly “gotcha” questions, they might consider putting forth some information. Keep it in house where it belongs. Well done JL. Stick to your guns. Hiding? I think not. Smart? Absolutely.

  11. Did you cut Brock because he was expendable and you wanted to appear tough on domestic violence? Were you putting on a show?

    Are you keeping Foster because he’s not expendable and he’s more talented than Brock? Do you even care about doing the morally correct thing?

    Easy to be antagonistic in a column. I’d love to see the response if you asked these questions in person exactly like this.

    1. I actually think Grant would have the nerve to ask those questions. How bout this beauty? “Do you really think Foster won’t get arrested again?” I can just hear Grant squeaking out a rude, extra long reallllllly.

      How bout Grant’s “They won’t have to face me” line? As if JL/KS are afraid to face some little dude dressed in thrift store clothing.

  12. Grant, you bring great dishonor to Lowell and your family when you submit this stuff. Your column is awful, really bad. If you have no pride — real pride — in yourself, then please think of your father. This is probably the worst, most puerile and amateurish piece of drivel you have ever put up on a blog I’ve participated in for along time before you showed up.

  13. What came to my mind reading that, as you rightly put it John, drivel, is the line Jack uses in “A Few Good Men” while on the stand. “You snotty little bastard”. But I try to keep things in perspective. Where talking about the Santa Rosa Press Democrat! LOL! Yesterday’s News Today!!

  14. Grant is incapable of sustaining mature logical thoughts for more than a few days. He follows up 2 interesting articles with this embarrassment. I suspect Lynch/Shanahan would respond thusly :

    A large chunk of your questions can only be answered by the DA/Police investigators and we will not attempt to read their minds. We may have acted in haste with Brock and want to gather all facts in this current situation. Foster was a rare top 5 talent who fell to 30. We made a calculated risk late in the first round and are comfortable with that pick.

  15. All the vitriol being spat at Grant has ZERO credibility if you don’t know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE.
    Let me help you illiterate clowns that still can’t figure it out:
    1. YOU’RE an idiot (contraction of YOU and ARE).
    2. YOUR point gets lost in YOUR stupidity (possessive).
    Get an education. Maybe go back to 5th grade English.

    Carry on.

    1. Just because some people are good at expressing their ideas does not mean their idea’s are worth expressing. Grammar jockys like you confuse grammatical ability with the ability to reason. So nouw late me give yous some jusaficatons to diss count mie content caus of grammer. I would rather be able to reason than be grammatically correct.

    2. ahh, fear not, the grammar police have arrived, you’re the guy we’ve been waiting for? your recognition of missing apostrophes and ur high minded ideas about everyone els’es grammar proves 1 thing. your a tool.

      This is a sports blog. Not 7th grade English. Lighten up Francis.

      1. You guys can all decide for yourselves whether using correct grammar and spelling is important. For my money, someone without the discipline (and pride?) to learn and correctly use their own language…well, that alone doesn’t prove that their thought processes might be a bit weak, but it doesn’t suggest that they sit at the head of the class, either. And remember:
        Let’s eat grandma.
        Let’s eat, grandma.
        Correct punctuation and grammar saves lives!

      1. Could be our old friend Seble manifesting one of his many personalities. The quick response to protect Grant and the need to be the blogs spelling police has Seb written all over it.
        Oh, and the Alpha title? Hmmm, dead give away.
        C’mon seb, just come clean, bud (lol).

    3. A missing apostrophe or two, equals a loss of credibility? Give me a break.

      It’s about the substance of Grant’s reasoning, or lack thereof. Grant is entirely off base with this list of obnoxious questions, most of which aren’t even open to discussion. You can bet your top dollar that the 49ers are doing their due diligence when it comes to Foster’s actions in this case, and gathering all of the pertinent facts. The DA has a job to do, and there are legal reasons for which guidelines and protocols are in place, preventing the 49ers from discussing this case publicly. If and when the day comes, where the 49ers actions appear to be clearly out of line and out of sync with the way in which the rest of the league deals with players of Foster’s caliber, who have violated the league’s rules, broken the law, and violated the team and public’s trust, I’ll be the first to call them out on it. We are still relatively early in the process, and so far, from what I’ve seen, the 49ers are handling this situation exactly the way every one of the 31 other teams would be handling it, or have handled similar issues in the past.

      Why Grant insists on singling out the 49ers coaches and front office, while holding them to a different standard than the rest of the league, is perplexing to me, and quite annoying. Suggesting that ShanaLynch have a different standard, and are handling Foster’s situation inconsistent with the rest of the league, is simply false, and not supported by the facts. Sometimes I feel like Grant is living in a fantasy world, propping himself up at the expense of others, without consideration for all of the factors that may be in play. When he goes off on this kind of tangent, he’s often unfair, and rather infuriating to say the least!

      I don’t get you sometimes Grant. For all of your excellent knowledge, and football prowess, there are times when you look at things with tunnel vision, unable to see the forest through the trees.

    4. Oooooh. Must be another English major. Which makes him well qualified to write a sports column. Or, without an in, settling for drilling grammatically correct structures into bored 5th grader’s skulls.

  16. Grant you keep everyone of balance. They never know which Grant will appear week to week. But you are not that difficult to understand. Even inconsistency reveals patterns eventually. It is just a means to avoid acknowledging something we are attempting to hide from ourselves. Don’t be afraid of what you might find. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  17. Grant the fact is that Reuben doesn’t have a violet pass and he is a first round pick and yes he is human and f’ed up, but you don’t throw a whole life or in this case career away just because it got alittle f’ed up starting out!! If it does happen there is always ROQUAN SMITH!!

  18. Jilted journalist as victim.

    Not a good look for you. Congratulations on recognizing what has been going on for 50 years. Season ends, teams don’t have press conferences unless they sign someone. You’re an absolute genius. Way to go.

  19. “But, please, please, pretty please, forget I EVER said trade Jimmy G”

    “I’ll write ANYTHING you want”

    “Any old crap, just like what my dadda wrote”

    “PS Hoyer WAS an A (stamps foot)”

  20. Meanwhile, back to the Combine:
    * Players I want to evaluate and be a fly on the wall during their interviews.
    Hercules Mata’afa
    Dorance Armstrong
    Marcus Davenport
    Derwin James
    Marcell Ateman
    Carlton Davis
    Tremaine Edmunds
    Christian Sam
    Minkah Fitzpatrick
    Sony Michael
    Billy Price
    Isaiah Wynn
    Equanimeous St. Brown

    1. GEEP

      I love all of those players that you listed also….What I would like is a list of the next 15 interviews…. These are automatics…’next group is where the REAL money is to be found….

      1. Cassie

        Good call…I watched Carrington through his college ‘career’…a bit loose around the ears, but find a crowd and throw in a football…I know who’ll catch it….

    1. Razor
      If those 4 QB’s are drafted ahead of the 9ers, there’s a good chance Nelson will be there. So the question is…….. what will the 9ers do if they get a trade offer they can’t refuse?
      Medical Evaluations:
      * Rutgers OLB Kemoko Turay: Sleeper with physical skills, shined at Senior Bowl. 2 surgeries on right shoulder.
      * Florida St. Josh Sweat, DE/OLB: Should test off the charts, but medical evaluation is more important. Suffered a dislocated kneecap and torn ACL in his left knee in high school, requiring immediate surgery and near amputation. He also suffered a torn meniscus in that same knee as a sophomore.

      1. Wasn’t drafting players with previous major injuries one the darts we constantly threw at Baalke?
        These two players would not be high end draft picks so the risk is not great, but I am not crazy about taking these kind of risk based on what the team went through in the to distant past.

        Shoulder and leg injuries are especially a concern in a sport venue that involves forceful impact. Instead of taking a chance on these type of players in the late rounds, I would draft players like Adrian Colbert.

  21. Grant Cohn!!!! Oh Shuuttt Uuuppp!!!I swear u act like these guys slept with your girl. Grow up and get a life. These guys don’t have to come out here and talk everyday. Just like the colts don’t have to come out n talk everyday after getting shunned. There is a down period in football. And this is that time. Who says they have to give an everyday update when there is nothing to update yet. I’m sure when there is you won’t be the 1st to know ( because u suck) but you will eventually Know. Suck on a thumb and curl up. Because your acting like a baby.

  22. Lynch’s answer. We may have rushed things last year with Brock and made a mistake, so this year we are going to take our time. Pretty easy if you ask me.

    1. There really is nothing enlightening the team can say while the DA office is deciding whether to charge him and to what extent. No point in holding a PC to tell everybody the same thing they said in the press release.

  23. Been studying Austin Corbett’s tape, and came away impressed. If we miss out on Nelson, this Corbett dude could be another monster for us at LG. I’m thinking 3rd round but wouldn’t surprise me if he went mid 2nd.

    1. Yeah, now you’re talking razor! I just finished reading/ watching Kyle Crabbs report on him. He looks good.

      Seems like there are quite a few good interior OL options available in the draft. That can provide some nice flexibility for the 49ers draft strategy.

      1. Joel Bitonio was an OT at Nevada as well. So there is recent history of Nevada producing good NFL OGs.

        From what I have seen I was impressed with his athleticism, hand usage and physicality. Could be a good pick for the 49ers.

              1. Yea, he had a nice game against Notre Dame. I like his feet and nasty demeanor. He comes off a double team in that game, and finishes his opponent, knocking their helmet off and then leaving him with some unkind words and a shove. He’s got a nice punch n grab. I think Guard/Center will for sure be his best position at the next level….

  24. Razor,
    If you are referring to Foster – I say exactly!
    Foster did not participate in TC and was spending so much time in the field tent that he should have called an interior decorator.

    My thing with Foster is that we drafted him based on the premise that his surgically repaired shoulder would hold up. I’m not sure if all the stingers he experienced are related to the shoulder but I firmly believe that because of Foster ‘ playing style it makes him more susceptible to the possibility of re-injuring his shoulder.

    The one player we drafted that never had health issues after undergoing major surgery is the great Frank Gore. But there have been very few FG success stories in recent years in 49ers country.

    1. Would the 49ers be interested in Watkins I wonder? I think he would be a better compliment to Garcon and Goodwin than Allen Robinson (not that I think he is a better player, just a better fit – Robinson is too similar to Garcon). I think he would be a good pick up, even if I don’t think he is necessary.

      1. “Would the 49ers be interested in Watkins I wonder?”

        Not sure, to be honest. Watkins played in a similar offense under McVay. I think after watching last year’s tape, Shanny will have a good idea of whether to sign him or not. I’ll trust KS’ judgement on this one.

          1. Has Watkins ever played a season healthy? Bit of a worry that a 24 year old has spent all four of his NFL seasons carrying an injury.

          2. Did not know that. Sounds like chronic wheel issues, which is bad news when that’s your money maker. Think I’d steer clear….

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