49ers tender WLB Carl Bradford and NT Mike Purcell

The 49ers just announced they have given one-year contract tenders to OLB Carl Bradford and NT Mike Purcell, both of whom finished last season with the 49ers.

Bradford (6-1, 248 lbs.) most likely will complete for a spot at weakside linebacker — the position Myles Jack and Dan Skuta played last season for the Jacksonville Jaguars under Robert Saleh, the 49ers’ current defensive coordinator. In Saleh’s defense, the weakside linebacker stands near the line of scrimmage — almost like a defensive end — on the opposite side of the formation as the opponent’s tight end.

Purcell (6-3, 303 lbs.) will compete to back up starting nose tackle Earl Mitchell.

Neither Purcell nor Bradford is guaranteed to make the final 53-man roster.

What do you think of these signings? Which do you prefer?

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  1. Some positives about Bradford:
    — Was drafted by Green Bay in the 4th round.
    — What nfl.com said about his strengths: Plays with urgency and beelines to the ball. Explosive — can power-clean 400 pounds and hits on the rise with power. Is effective stunting and looping. Flashes playmaking ability (see UCLA). Explosive tackler. Can play on his feet off the ball and times up the blitz well. Good hands. Athletic enough to fold back into coverage. Solid instincts and diagnose — sniffs out screens and has a feel for locating the ball quickly. Excellent leaping ability — posted a 37 1/2-inch vertical.

    I know GB gave up on him but maybe he’ll stick in some capacity.

    1. 4th rounder. Seriously, they write all kinds of nice stuff. But they’re mostly lies and politeness. What they should write is:

      He’s a 4th rounder! Chances of him playing at a high level in the NFL are about as good as finding an anorexic in a Fat Farm. But, hey, in some wild and highly improbable chance this scrub and likely future Insurance Salesman actually makes a team and plays well… Don’t think you’re the next Ron Wolf as got lucky with your Internet-fu…

      That’d be honest.

    1. Good grief. Mayock wants to hand the Pats another SB. The Pats win the SB and gets handed the number 12 pick? I thought they were supposed to be handicapped by picking 32. Guess the rich get richer.

      Hope every other team is screaming at the Browns to stop helping the Pats. Garoppolo may turn into another Cassel. Or Hoyer.

      Browns best option is to trade up with the Niners to get Garrett and Fournette. Ezekiel Elliot showed how important a good RB is to help the QB succeed, like he did for Dak. With Fournette, Hue may roll with RGIII, but still draft a QB in the later rounds. Mahomes, Davis Webb, Peterman, Jerod Evans and Dobbs could be chosen by the Browns.

      He also mentioned something I said previously. Usually, the draft has several O linemen and D linemen picked early. This draft is light on O linemen, and the QB crop is weaker than other years. This draft will see a bunch of DBs selected early. 3 RBs may be taken in the first round, something that is not too common.

        1. Dude, you asked what overflow testing was, and I was nice enough to find it for you. This is how you repay me?

    1. I give you a hard time Razor, but you certainly seem to know a good metal electric guitarist when you hear one. Fender Stratocaster baby …… what a sound!

      For what it’s worth, Scorpions great Uli Roth, who was lead guitarist for one of the best live metal albums of the 70’s, Tokyo Tapes, performs at the Arcadia on Saturday.

  2. Rotoworld:

    “Steelers signed WR Antonio Brown to a four-year, $68 million extension through 2021.
    The extension will pay Brown $17 million annually and makes him the NFL’s highest-paid wide receiver, passing A.J. Green’s $15 million average. The top wideout of his generation — and arguably the best we’ve seen since Randy Moss — Brown has 100-plus catches in four straight years and double-digit TDs in three straight. Brown turns 29 in July. Because his game relies on route running and not elite athleticism, Brown should age well into his 30s.

    1. lol. Considering the press is worse than even the bad GMs… And the things they say…

      I mean, Colin Kaepernick as ‘leader?’ The voted Blaine Gabbert the Captain. Kaepernick got the travesty of the Len Eshmont Award, but I think it was more of a big “F” “U” to all the people hating on him for taking a knee. It certainly wasn’t because of excellent play.

      And I see he blames the WRs. Never mind that he’s always been inaccurate and the receivers made him last year, not the other way around. Not with that 3.35 Yards/Attempt depth of throw and Bottom-Three NFL completion performances in virtually every passing split except INTs where he finished 7th in the NFL. But that was, basically, a product of taking zero chances while inefficiently drinking-and-dunking down the field.

      1. Maybe you did not know this, but the Len Eshmont Award is given to the most inspirational and courageous player.

        Considering Kaep still protested in the face of death threats, he showed the world that he does have courage, something that is lacking in his detractors.

    2. Not a single draft pundit that I can remember felt that Prescott was a franchise QB. Who knows, maybe year two will show something different but so far I think they were wrong. Could be wrong about this year too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. TomD listed Prescott as a player Baalke should evaluate, but that was like asking the road runner to fly.

  3. Nothing to think of these signings, just bodies. In Jacksonville both the Leo and Sam linebackers were in their 240’s. Myles Jack lines up on the strong side of the line when in a 4-3 under front, which Jacksonville used regularly on 1st & 10 and 3rd & short.

    1. Exactly! That will mean the team had better prospects.

      The team should cut a bunch more of these mhe players but fill them with far better prospects. A better column would be who might replace these on the fringe players that seem to hang around but ought to be replaced. The Ballores, Brocks et al who seem to be just enough but not enough to get the job done.

    2. Oh yeah. Unless there is some serious improvement from these guys I don’t like the idea of them being on the 53 this season.

    1. I like mahomes. From what I saw he does a good job of going through his progressionsize and can make every throw in the book. His footwork is terrible and its shocking that he could be so accurate in spite of this. Given some good coaching I think he has the highest upside.
      If there is a run on qb’s I wouldn’t mind taking him in the second or (shocker) trading up to the very end of the first to get him.
      The only reason for the trade up being that you could lock him up for an extra year at a lower rate should he be developed properly.
      As to everyone saying the team must wait til next year everyone was saying that last year as well. They spoke glowingly of Kizer, Watson, and Kaya.
      The problem was none of them developed. Next year the only player I like Darnold. Lamar is a a more athletic less developed Watson. Rosen is coming off an injury. Browning looked bad in games where he faced a D and I question his arm strength. Hurt is just another running back playing qb.
      There really isn’t depth at qb next year either.

  4. Rotoworld:

    “ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Chiefs are making a “strong push” to re-sign impending free agent SS Eric Berry before Wednesday’s franchise tag deadline.
    NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the two sides are working to make Berry the highest-paid safety in the league, an honor currently held by Tyrann Mathieu at just over $12.5 million a year. The Chiefs are expected to tag Berry if they cannot reach a long-term agreement, but they would certainly like to avoid that outcome considering the All-Pro has on multiple occasions said he will not play another season under the tag. Locking up Berry would also allow Kansas City to use the tag on one of their other free agents, likely NT Dontari Poe.”

  5. Coffee,

    Thx for the CBS article on Mahomes. Totally in agreement with this analysis.

    NFL execs looking every where for talent, don’t want to say to much, except I’ve analyzed him and given my opinion, just not my full analysis, which, if stated, may light up the draft day trade up scenarios I’m trying to avoid with this player.

    Best to keep what I noticed, and no exists, under the radar, so I won’t mention his NFL comparison.

      1. If Jeff Garcia listened to guys like you, or the 32 other NFL clubs, instead of Bill Walsh, he wouldn’t be a 4 X Probowler.

        If John Lynch didn’t switch from QB to safety, he wouldn’t be our GM.

        And good luck with your future opinions. I’ll stick with Dak Prescott evaluation I forwarded to Mr. Baalke (Mr. Run), who probably threw it in the garbage.

        1. Tom he looks Iike he’s playing in slow motion and the defense is even slower. The step up to the NFL is monumental for a kid like this. Maybe he can follow Garcia’s example and try to catch on in the CFL.

          1. Rocket,

            At least you took the time to analyze the video. Thx.

            We’re all looking for answers now–so used to the Niners blowing their high draft picks on a Lawson or Cory Lemonier.

            I’m just adding depth here. Bring him in to compete in training camp. He has the instincts

            Benching him for a year to learn the offense, then go from there.

            Walsh always had competition at the position, not Baalke.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong,

    But isn’t that a 5-step drop Ziemba uses, just like when Montana had Ed, Too-Tall Jones in his face in the ’81 NFC Championship game, who Joe sidestepped, before throwing a 49 yd completion to Clark. Well Ziemba has the DE right in his face, sidesteps him on a 5-stepper, and throws a ball 70 yards in the air, little arc, quicly released, for a completion !

    Somebody at the 49ers needs to see this !

  7. 49ers are only other team Kirk Cousins will sign with right now, per report

    Washington has basically no leverage at this point.

    The most interesting part of Keim’s report? The fact that he is hearing the 49ers are the only team with whom Cousins would sign if he had the chance:

    [Washington’s] problem is that there’s only one team Cousins will sign with right now, according to one source: San Francisco. So Washington doesn’t have much bargaining power with other teams. This isn’t just about Cousins maximizing his financial value; it’s about putting himself in the best position. Reuniting with a coach (Kyle Shanahan) who loves you in an offense you love? That’s a win-win for Cousins. But it’s a tough way for the [Washington] to maximize his trade value on the market.


  8. 49ers can forget about Melvin Ingram. Understandable move by the Chargers, though I did think they might let him walk after drafting Bosa last year.

    I think the 49ers could do worse than inquire about Jerry Attaochu.

  9. As the draft process began, the popular opinion was that the San Francisco 49ers would take a quarterback with the second overall pick. The last version of “Mock Draft Monday” had 9-of-11 experts pick the 49ers to go QB in Round 1. That percentage has dropped to below 50 percent this time around with only 7-of-15 analysts forecasting a signal-caller to San Francisco.


  10. Rob Rang, CBS Sports: Allen

    “The 6-foot-3, 292 pound Allen sandwiched between massive defensive ends DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead could give the 49ers the dominant defensive line to compete in the NFC West immediately.”

    1. My first (and only, so far) mock that I posted a couple weeks ago has the Niners taking Adams with the second pick.

      I rewatched a handful of last season’s games to see exactly where our biggest position of need is on defense (Hint: there’s a few (: ) and considering our 2-14 record, we were pretty competitive on that side of the ball for more drives than I remember–obviously not saying we were great, though.

      I’ll admit that going into it I tried to focus on watching our pass rush, so I watched almost all of Aaron Lynch’s snaps to see how he managed (I took into consideration that he was extremely over weight and somewhat hobbled by an ankle injury during his return in week 13) and after watching Lynch sub in for both Brooks and Harold (Lynch played on both sides after week 7), it was obvious that even with his limitations he was a serviceable edge rusher and was in pretty good position to make a few sacks that he would have made if he didn’t eat massive amounts of pickles and peanut butter while his wife was pregnant. If we upgrade the other EDGE in FA or wait till a later round I think we can avoid going #2 for this position and still cause pressure on the QB.

      Armstead was pretty solid at collapsing the pocket with his bullrush and occasional spin move (even with a bum arm) and Buckner got better and better at rushing the QB as the season went on. With the addition of a new NT, as well as the DL depth, having a healthy D-line will allow us to avoid spending the second pick in that department, as well.

      Before Bowman and Ray Ray went down with injuries our front 7 didn’t look like they’d be candidates to amass one of the worst seasonal performances SF has ever seen. Our defense was ACTUALLY fun to watch before the injuries piled up, albeit we still gave up way too many yards on the ground.

      But the one position that we stayed fairly healthy at happens to be the position that I found to be the most in need of an upgrade; the safety position. Too often did our last line of defense miss on touchdown saving tackles. Too often did they fail to cover the opposing TEs and WRs well enough to make a play on the ball.

      I think that moving Ward to the single-high safety position and drafting Adams to cover the SS position will give the whole defense more room to play at a higher speed knowing that the back end of the defense can contain the offense and prevent the big play. The speed and instincts of Ward (FS is his natural position) and Adams will allow more exotic blitzes to be called with the CBs and LBs and we can bring either one of them into the box to stop the run, as they are both adept at open field tackling.

      Let me know what you think!

      1. Good observations Chris.

        I have advocated taking Foster because Bowman’s latest injury. He has had two serious injuries. But if anyone can come back, it is Bow.

        Armstrong would be playing a new position, so that is a risk. However, I think Ray Ray is perfectly suited to play the WILL.The WILL calls for athleticism and Armstrong has plenty of it. And he is good in coverage being a converted safety.

        So both Armstrong and Bowman could play at a high level, meaning as you said, safety is most in need of an upgrade.

        Which brings me to Adams. Like Foster, Adams is an enforcer. In addition to allowing for more blitzes, having Ward and Adams would allow our CBs to take more chances in press coverage.

        More blitzes and more opportunities to ball hawk would mask some of our deficiencies.

        So, while I would still take Foster, I would have no problem getting Adams. And I have no problem saying that Adams could be the better choice.

      2. Armstead never shined, and it seemed like they ran right at him because they knew he was playing with one healthy arm.

        Once Armstead got shut down by the coaches to have surgery, They ran right at Buckner, who played too high and was easily leveraged. Granted, Buckner did play better as the season progressed, but he was in the thick of it when the other teams amassed those 200 rushing yard games.

        I totally agree that the safety spot was another weakness, and hope the Niners trade Bethea back to the Colts. Maybe if they play the proper players in the proper positions, the defense will improve. Right now, the Niners should play Ward at FS and Reid at SS, but on passing downs, bring in Tartt for a LB.

        Still, they should draft a DB to supplant the existing starters, especially if they go to the Seahawk style of defense. Niners need to find an Earl Thomas type of player.

      3. I agree with you Chris about our safeties. If we had a salary cap issue, I would gladly release both Bethea and Reid. Adams is a great player, but I thought there was a need elsewhere given what we can get in free agency and later in the draft. For example, how about signing Tony Jefferson as a Strong Safety in the box (provided the Cardinals let him walk), and hoping Obi Melifonwu slides to the top of the 3rd round? I think Melifonwu as the single-high safety, or even Ward, with an elite in the box safety like Jefferson would be the start.

        1. Armstead only had one good arm… That’s pretty important to know when grading him last year… He should have been pulled after he re-injured it in week 3.

          Going into week 3 80% of the opposing teams rushing yards in the first half came from outside the tackle. That can’t be put on the DL. The same trend continued through week 5. The second half of games is a different story as our running games seem to fall apart. To me, that kind of play suggests two things:

          1. Outside run containment needs work.
          2. Coaching fails to make adjustments

          I’m not saying our run defense was fantastic, but there were many factors that played into the bad stats other than the DL.


          Tony Jefferson would be a solid addition, but I had my hopes up for several FAs (Ingram, Cousins, etc.) only to miss out on all of them so far due to franchise tags, so I’m trying to temper the expectations for FA. ;)

          1. +1 Chris.

            How about the worst group of Linebackers in the NFL?

            After Ray Ray & Bow were placed on IR, the old saying …. “a 3-4 base defense is only as good as it’s linebackers”, rang like a church bell last season. Without question, after those two injuries occurred, the 49ers fielded the worst linebacking corp in memory.

  11. Eh, both these guys are camp fodder… If either gets extended playing time (assuming they make the 53 anyway) we’re most likely in trouble. Acquiring Kirk Cousins on the other hand has my interest perked.

  12. I said that the Niners should not target the highly rated FAs, and now that several are being franchised, they are really not attainable.

    Interesting that Alshon Jeffrey was not tagged, but he will be very expensive, and several other FA WRs may be big upgrades, but also affordable.

    Kenny Britt, Kenny Stills, Cordarelle Patterson and Kendall Wright should be scrutinized and targeted by the Niners.

    I like Purcell, and am glad the Niners are trying to retain players for continuity. I hope Purcell makes the 53, but the other guy is probably camp fodder.

    Lynch, by being proactive, is already light years better than Baalke. Baalke was loathe to re sign players, and when he did, he chose Devey.

  13. Just read an article by Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith, who both implore Elliot to stop hurdling.

    Dorsett said ‘ When you get airborne, you are at the mercy of the hit, and sometimes, you cant protect yourself.

    Smith counselled- ‘ get on the ground as quickly as possible.’

    Hmmm, maybe by falling down?

    Glad they and I agree about this. Hyde should also learn that getting to the ground will prevent the defense from holding him up and stripping him of the ball.

      1. Yes, a great relief! Legendary running backs are in accord with Seb. Good for Seb’s credibility. It’s like Tony and Emmitt were channeling Seb.

        1. Yup, and when Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith talk about RBs should fall to the ground quickly so they do not get injured like Hyde does, it is relevant to the Niners.

          Sure am glad they confirmed my statements, and since i mentioned the same thing months, previous, I get to point out that sometimes, I have good ideas even though you all are bunch of clueless posters who oppose me just to oppose me.

          When Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith back up my statements, it just makes your scornful derision look silly and pathetic.

          1. Every sports forum has its slap-stick clown who never seems to realize how hilarious he is. Nor can he be insulted because he craves attention so badly — papering the wall with deranged serial posts — that rebuffs are the same as compliments to him. Say hello to yourself.

            1. Yet you, who spews drivel, does not seem to have other posters engage you, because they do not want to get the same treatment I get from you.

              GnomoD, obviously, I upset you so much, you have to talk smack, but that just means I have struck a nerve.

              Sure am glad that you fall into the gutter all the time, because it just defines you as a troll. Notice I use the D on the end of your name? You are probably another one of his multiple accounts.

            1. Seb whiffs, as usual. The advice is not to fall to the ground like some loser sack of manure. It’s to get on the ground where your feet have contact with the ground and give you drive leverage against the defenders. When a runner is up in the air, they’re just a bean bag waiting to be redirected. A runner who is pushing off, driving off his traction with the ground is bringing torque to the inevitable collision, and balancing the tackler’s velocity and momentum with his own torque and momentum. Emmitt and Sweetness were guys who espoused those ideas; take the hit to the tackler; attack the tackler.
              But a theorist and fantasy boy who has never played the game would have no idea of the practical physics involved.

    1. If Hyde went to the ground at first contact he would have averaged less than 2 yards per carry.
      Our run blocking was terrible last year.

      1. Emmitt Smith is not saying Zeke should go to the ground. He’s saying he should stop trying to leap over tacklers as it could lead to a major injury and he’s right. A RB should try to avoid unnecessary hits, but there are also times you need to fight for yardage. Hyde was tied with David Johnson and Zeke Elliott with 5 fumbles. None of them are going to start dropping to the ground on contact. It’s asinine and not what Smith was referring to.

        1. It was a response to me, but maybe if you read the entire article, you would understand that Smith wanted Elliot to play smart.

          Running high and struggling for every inch just lets the defense gang tackle. More risk of being stripped of the ball and more chance for a safety to lay the wood, thus risking injury.

    2. “get on the ground as quickly as possible” as opposed to hurdling. I think he meant get your feet on the ground not go down to the ground. I watched Smith run for a decade and the last word you would use to describe him was soft. He fought for every extra inch he could but he did not hurdle he stayed on the ground. imho

      1. I had watched Emmitt Smith for years, too, and he did not stay upright, struggling for every inch. He was smart enough to get to the ground, because he knew that defenders would try to hold him up so safeties like Ronnie Lott would build up a head of steam and try to deliver a devastating hit.

        I have never ever implied that Emmitt Smith is soft, but he played tough and smart. Getting to the ground is not soft, it is smart, because it lessens the amounts of hits he took, and he secured the ball so he did not fumble. Those 2 things Hyde should learn, because he fumble too many times and became injured.

        Smith played low, like Frank Gore. Of course, I did not mean for them to fall down to the ground without being touched, but once he is initially contacted, he should fall to the ground to avoid getting the ball stripped.

        I also mentioned that Hyde should run out of bounds, but he blustered that he wanted to stay in bounds and struggle for every inch. Last season, I did see him run out of bounds, especially after gaining a first down.

        I mentioned Vance Macdonald should just secure the ball and fall down to the ground after getting past the sticks. He should not try to run after the catch, especially if he drops the ball before securing the catch, but some interpreted that as falling to the ground for no reason at all. I wanted him to fall down so the defense did not strip the ball away from him, but especially to get him to stop dropping the ball.

        1. Seb,
          You are correct in one aspect Smith did not run upright and Hyde does. If Hyde ran like you would like him to his teammates would ostracize him. There have been only 2 players that I have ever seen give less than 100% on a regular basis that were accepted by their teammates and they are Barry Bonds and Deion Sanders. The difference between those 2 and Hyde is they were 2 of the greatest players to ever play their games and needless to say Hyde isn’t. I’m curious is there anyone on here who played the game who disagrees with me?

          1. Old Coach, trying hard and going 100% are good attributes to have, but having hubris to declare that struggling upright for every inch and staying in bounds just resulted in too many fumbles and injury.

            One can give 100% and still secure the football while preserving the body. Hyde needs to learn to not only play with effort, but also play smart. Hyde, by playing smart, would never be ostracized by his team mates.

            Many players are dismayed at Hyde because he kept turning over the ball and became injured again. He cannot help the team if he is injured, and fumbles and fumblers are an anathema

            1. Seb,
              I agree with you regarding Hyde running too upright and I will take your word that his fumble rate is high. Many players who fought for every sixteenth of an inch also had good ball security see Paul Hofer.

              1. Paul Hofer was one of the only bright spots during those dark ages before the Glory Years. Sure am glad he got a ring.

                Another player I liked was Bill Ring.

                Guess we are wanting the same thing, but just look at it differently.

          2. No OldCoach. You are exactly right!

            I played in high school, and the idea of going to the ground prematurely is absurd. My coach would have cut anyone with that attitude, which tends to be contagious.

            Sure, it’s not beyond question that there are times when, say a RB, is wrapped up by 3 defenders, fighting to stay on your feet for a couple of extra inches might not be the smartest thing. Also, there might be occasions where avoiding a big hit by a linebacker by angling out of bounds could be considered smart football as well.

            What Sebnynah was advocating last year was the idea that it makes sense for offensive playmakers to simply go to the ground, or heading out of bounds, after picking up a first down, in order to avoid being hit and tackled to the ground, in order to avoid injury, was a smart way to play the game.

            What Sebnynah doesn’t realize is that, you’re not going to handle the football if that’s your style of play. There is no coach that would permit it, and there are no teammates that would accept a player being more concerned about avoiding injury, than gaining valuable yards, as a general rule of thumb.

            Again, there are occasions where it makes sense, but as a general rule you play as hard as you possibly can to gain every extra blade of grass possible, because football is often a game of inches, and playing soft is just as likely, if not more so, to get you injured anyways.

        2. And–don’t forget Seb–those DBs need to grab WR legs, lift the WRs up, and carry them out of bounds before they get their feet down after a catch.

          1. I remember a play when Josh Norman picked up OBJ, but he was nowhere near the side line.

            Still, if OBJ had caught the ball, I bet JN would have carried him out of bounds.

            Last season there were several plays when the Receiver caught the ball, but the defender was playing the ball, and allowed a completion.

            If he had employed the leg out of bounds strategy, he would have made the play an incompletion.

            Guess you do not see the logic in that tactic.

    3. Give me a break Seb, are you still towing that line?

      Nobody is advocating that Zeke simply go to the ground after passing the line of gain, in order to avoid injury, which is what you were suggesting last year. There is a big difference between a RB hurdling players, which can make it harder to protect yourself, and going to the ground before being tackled, which is exactly what you were suggesting.

      Nice try though!

  14. Joe Banner spent 12 seasons as the Eagles’ president and two chief executive of the Browns.

    He estimates the guaranteed money Cousins will get on a contract extension is about $65 million guaranteed.

    He also says the smart and responsible thing for his agent to do is urge Cousins not to sign an extension with ANY team if he gets franchise tagged tomorrow.

    Below are the franchise tag costs fully guaranteed.

    2016 – $20 million (paid)
    2017 – $24 million (if tagged by tomorrow)
    2018 – $34.47 million

    Total guaranteed money to Cousins since 2016 if…

    Cousins franchise tagged tomorrow, but he does not agree to reworked contract with any team – $109 Million ($44 Franchise Tagged + $65 2018 contract)

    Cousins allowed to become a free agent 2017 – $85 Million ($20 Franchise Tagged + $65 2018 contract)

    Cousins franchise tagged with a 2017 deal in place with the 49ers – ???

    From Cousins standpoint, the only way he should agree to a sign-n-trade (if he’s franchise tagged) is if the 49ers offer well above market value in guaranteed money.

    Banner’s contract estimates might be off, but the principle is the same.
    – It makes sense for Cousins to nix any trade if he gets franchise tagged.
    – It save the 49ers around $20 million (plus draft picks) to bid for him in 2018 if he gets tagged.

    A sign-n-trade takes money out of the pockets of both the 49ers and Cousins. I wouldn’t be surprised if Washington lets him go to free agency tomorrow.


      1. Contract price (not draft picks compensation to Washington) will determine where Cousins lands.

        I think the 49ers value Cousins the most and would offer the biggest contract. I don’t see the Browns offering more money.

        If Cousins goes to the Browns, that weakens the market for Garoppolo or rookie in 17 or 18.

        Wherever he goes, he’s going to cash in.

      2. The Franchise tag deadline has a bit more drama because of the Cousins delima. Making this part of the off season more fun. We will know by 1pm tomorrow.

    1. GnomoD, Kaep’s contract is looking even better when compared to Cousins.

      Sure am glad that Lynch is smart, and will not overpay with 2 first round picks for Cousins, who is counting on his decent numbers due to the fact that he was throwing to an elite receiver, to make himself the highest paid QB in the league, even though he was not good enough to get them to the playoffs.

      1. Dropping from 2 to 17 is two picks at around 21 per chart.

        So rumor has it the Redskins would graciously drop the customary demand for 2 first round picks, for a trade that’s equal to 2 first round picks.

        I hope Lynch-ahan isn’t crazy enough to involve pick 2.

        1. Hmmm, when have you ever heard of Washington being gracious towards the Niners, especially after Jed calling their GM a drunk?

          1. Was being sarcastic about “gracious” because Move The Sticks pundit made it sound like the Redskins were doing the Niners a favor asking to swap 2 for 17.

    1. Hmmm, Barrows mentions that the Niners should sign a FA WR. Does not say why, but a veteran WR is battle tested and has shown that he can endure the hits. He also will have film on him so the coaches can make better evaluations to see if he will fit in the new Niner system.

      1. Barrows mentions that the Niners should sign a FA WR. Does not say why…

        I’d venture to guess it’s because it’s the second hardest position after quarterback….

        1. Or maybe because drafted WRs tend to get injured, because they will go to teams that will play them right away.

          Ideally, they should sit for a year, study hard, and bulk up to get stronger so they can take the hits. Niners do not have that luxury.

      2. “Barrows mentions that the Niners should sign a FA WR. Does not say why”

        Have you seen the 49ers WR depth chart? That’s why.

        1. He could have just stayed with the draft, like he did with the other positions he mentioned.

          His emphasis to also sign a FA WR just meant that he tacitly agreed with me. FA WRs are battle tested and battle hardened, and have proven to be durable.

              1. Jack, maybe you should try to say something, anything, so I can deride it, like you do to me.

                However, you seem content to just throw snark because original thoughts are absent from your mind, or you are too afraid to voice your opinion.

                No wonder you blog site died. It was bereft of content.

              2. Seb,

                My blog didn’t die. I moved on to cover32.com and 49erswebzone. I stopped writing for them when my work responsibilities changed and I nonger had the time necessary to put into it.

                I thank you for your concern.

              3. Jack when you get 2 hits per day, it is kinda pathetic.

                Grant gets over 800 on some of his blog posts. Granted, some will accuse me of having half of them, but Grant lets me post in peace.

              4. Are you going movie theatre or kettle corn?

                Kettle corn, it’s better. Besides, too much movie theater popcorn makes me sick to my tummy…;>)

              5. Good choice Razor. I like both, but movie theatre popcorn gets to me too. I’ll spare you the details. LOL

              6. I have never compared you to Grant. I like Grant, and thinks he writes good material.

                Unlike you, who seem to delight in spewing drivel.

                Guess I will have to haunt your posts like I will with BT until you both go crying into a corner sucking your thumbs.

                Remember, my bite is worse than my bark.

              7. Seb,

                You’re nothing but a little puppy dog wondering around the blog hoping that someone will pay attention to you.

              8. “Remember, my bite is worse than my bark.”

                This actually made me laugh, given the inverse relationship of the above statement to reality. It also led me to think of the last two and one half lines of MacBeth’s speech in Act V Scene V when he learns of the death of Lady MacBeth:

                “… it is a tale
                Told by an [edited for politeness], full of sound and fury,
                Signifying nothing.”

              9. It also led me to think of the last two and one half lines of MacBeth’s speech in Act V Scene V when he learns of the death of Lady MacBeth:
                “… it is a tale
                Told by an [edited for politeness], full of sound and fury,
                Signifying nothing.”

                And in turn, I am reminded of MacAerosmith’s Opus in Done With Mirrors, “The reason a dog has so many friends, is because he wags his tail instead of his tongue…;>)

              10. Poor Seb. He gets the Krap kicked out of him here on a daily basis and continues to think that he is somehow winning.

              11. MacAerosmith

                Now that made me laugh as well. :)

                Should we call Steven Tyler the bard of Beantown?

              12. Yes, I can take on a whole blog and not raise a sweat.

                Try harder.

                It is perplexing to see such rigid thinking on this blog, but others have been way worse.

                Whining and attacking just does not seem to have the desired effect, and the sooner you learn that, you may save yourselves a lot of time and grief.

                I plan to discuss these new Combine results, conjecture about free agency, and engender many mock drafts. Get over it.

                Sure is interesting to see so many dither about Cousins, just wasting their time, yet then feeling so impelled to counter my posts, with the same results.

                So many feel threatened by my posts, I really must have struck a nerve. Lots of the old FO toadies are having a conniption fit, especially when Kaep is even mentioned.

                JPN, I am glad I made you laugh. That was my whole point, because my bark is really all we have here. There are no bites.

                Many times, I feel like the yapping dogs surround me, but I do not let them get to me, like I seem to get to them.

                It was just a word game with BT.

                So now, I will get back to responding to all my fan mail…..

  15. Adidas offering insane reward to record-breaking NFL combine runner: an actual island!
    That player must break Chris Johnson’s vaunted 4.24-second 40 from a decade ago that no one has touched since.

  16. Rumor has Kirk Cousins wanting to play for the Niners.
    1. Would you want Cousins?
    2. Should the Niners trade for him or wait a year and get him without draft picks?
    3. If they do trade for him what should they be willing to give up?

    My answers:
    1. Yes, a huge upgrade at QB.
    2. Try to get him this year, if the price is right
    3. Offer Washington a 2 and 5 this year and a 2 and 4 next year. I wouldn’t go higher and would just wait until next year and Washington gets nothing. I would not trade either No 1 choices.

  17. Combine is coming up, and all the mocks will change. Expect to see some players leap up in the rankings, but the injured players will lose stock.

    Both the DBs and WRs have a chance to make a lot of money in the next week, and I hope the Niners make shrewd assessments. luckily, with 53 juniors declaring and a deep senior class, the Niners could get starters even in the 3rd round.

  18. Seb,
    I wonder how many of those that move up because of their combine workouts become draft busts? Workout warrior does not equal good NFL player.

    1. All the scouts will work off all the film, but speed kills, and is at a premium in the league.

      I do acknowledge that some workout warriors will shine at the combine, but may be busts in the league. Sometimes the fastest guys do not have the bulk to do well. Need big, strong AND fast.

        1. BT, like clockwork, you just have to stick your nose in where it is not wanted.

          Yes, the scouts have made all their assessments ahead of time. The Combine is a glorified dog and pony show.

          However, for all the players on the bubble, this will be the time to convince teams that they could help their team.

          I expect the interview process will be just as important as the 40 times, just not as sexy.

          1. Like clockwork, you post dumbaxe stuff AROUND THE CLOCK!
            You keep the comedy coming, I’ll keep commenting any way I want. I don’t need your permission. Bite me.
            This blog was a better place before you got here
            This blog is a worse place since you’ve been here due to a direct correlation
            Ergo, this would be a better room without your tedium.
            ‘Scouts are going to look at film’ Geez

            1. I see you are are going to be difficult. We went around and around before, until you learned your lesson.

              Go ahead, engage me. Game on.

              Whining about how good this site used to be is nostalgic, but that is ancient history. You are going to have to deal with me, so bite away, big boy.

              Remember, I am THAT guy. Just like you are ‘that’ guy to me.

              1. “This blog was a better place before you got here
                This blog is a worse place since you’ve been here due to a direct correlation”

                Nothing more true than death and taxes!

              2. Prime, why did you swear that you were leaving and never coming back?

                Yet here you are. You must be a glutton for punishment.

                Remember, Kaep took the league by storm, and another window of opportunity just closed with Cousins getting the EFT.

        2. BT, since you insist, I will start with lengthy diatribes against Baalke, warnings about Paraag, and will fill this site with teachings from the Art of War.

          Since you object so much about those topics. expect a blizzard of posts since you want them so badly.

    1. Interesting take. Other than an NFL vet who has worked in his system before, Shanny is going to have a significant learning curve with his QB. Even Ryan came more into his own in year 2. So for a college kid he likes at whatever he wants to pick him, might as well get started.

      1. Naw, they should roll with Kaep and wait til next season to draft their future QB. However, if he is thrown to the wolves too early, he may get the Alex treatment, when the smart thing to do is draft and let him sit like Aaron Rodgers did.

        So, master of the trite, who do you think the Niners should draft as the QB, and in what round?

        I know I am putting you on the spot, but just want to see if you can make a cogent argument, because the snark is boring.

    1. Mike McCartneyVerified account @MikeMcCartney7
      The @Redskins have placed the Exclusive Franchise Tag on @KirkCousins8

      With the exclusive tag, the Redskins will be the only team negotiating with him. They can now sign him to a long term deal or trade him.

      1. The EFT is the one most used. After the EFT is the non-exclusive, this is the tag that allows the player to negotiate but gives the team two draft picks if the player signs elsewhere. The transition tag is similar to the non-exclusive in that it allows the player to go find another deal but the team signing him doesn’t have to give up any draft picks.

        1. Niners have to be careful not to stumble into a tampering charge. No talking to his agents or public comments praising Cousins play.

      2. If the regular franchise tag, the Niners would have had to give up 2 firsts.

        Now the ball is in Washington’s court, and they will still want a king’s ransom.

    2. This is what Cousins said he wants. He’s now one of the higher paid QBs in terms of guaranteed money.

      This puts him at $44 million for 2016-17. All fully guaranteed cash-a-roonie. He has to be ecstatic.

      1. It’ll be about $24 million for this season should he stay in DC. The tag that Washington used was actually the best one for the 49ers if they are truly interested.

        1. No, the transition tag would have been best for the Niners.

          Remember, Jed called their GM a drunk. Washington aint doing the Niners any favors.

        2. Would be funny if Shanahan tricked DC into tagging Cousins thinking there would be a sign-n-trade so his freind could cash in.

          When the Skins call Shanny says “trade? Don’t know nuthin bout no stinkin trade…”

      2. Yes he wanted the franchise tag because now he’s guaranteed 24 mill at worst for one season. That’s a nice two year haul and ironically, the Skins likely could have gotten him signed long term for that amount in guaranteed money.

        I’m a little surprised they went with the exclusive tag unless it’s the same amount as the non exclusive. I doubt anyone was going to give up two first round picks to pay Cousins 60 mill guaranteed. They really didn’t want him negotiating with anyone else apparently.

  19. Now that he’s tagged, what is Cousins motivation to sign-n-trade? If I were his agent I’d advise he sign no extensions with any team and test 2018 free agency to get the most money.

    1. The motivation is that he would get more guaranteed money now and not risk a career ending injury preventing that from happening.

      1. That’s often the case. But Cousins recently said he’d be happy to play this season under the tag. As speculated in the Washington Post column, it’s rarer for quarterbacks to get career ending injuries and he’s happy to take the risk.

        Sound thinking or not from a health standpoint, it seems like Cousins intends to play 2017 tagged.

      2. There’s no doubt he’ll play under the tag. The post was in response to why he would still possibly sign an extension. While it all sounds good on paper, few players like to play on a year to year basis, and prefer the security of a long term deal.

  20. Titan’s fans are crying in their whiskey with the announcement of Berry’s contract extension. They were hoping hard to somehow get him out of K.C.

  21. I wonder how many exclusively tagged players in the past were actually traded. It seems that there are some logistics that have to be negotiated. The trade with Washington is contingent upon Cousins signing a long-term deal with the new team. Yet each part of this process stands on its own and does not directly involve the other part. In other words, Cousins will not get directly involved with the trade negotiation and Washington will not be involved with the long-term player contract that the new team will surely want. Yet due to the strong interdependence, each side could easily squash any potential trade.

  22. Rotoworld:

    “According to the Washington Post’s Mark Maske, a trade sending Redskins franchise player Kirk Cousins to San Francisco “remains in play” despite Cousins’ exclusive-rights tag.
    While the exclusive tag prevents teams from approaching Cousins and his agents personally, teams can still approach the Redskins’ front office about Cousins’ trade availability. It would be surprising if the quarterback-desperate, Kyle Shanahan-coached 49ers did not do so. Washington’s asking price should still be enormous, likely involving the Niners’ No. 2 overall pick. San Francisco is presently armed with ten picks, including seven in the first five rounds.”

    1. I’m assuming it would be like a sign-n-trade for a player under a regular contract. The Redskins would need to grant 49ers permission to contact Cousins agent to work out a new contract in order for a trade to happen.

      A contract Cousins would be wise to reject because he’d make way more money playing in DC this year, hitting the open market in 2018.

      1. If I were DC I wouldn’t have tagged Cousins unless a deal was already in place between all parties (Cousins, Skins, Niners).

        In fact, there may be a deal in place already. If not it’s an extremely risky move by the Skins. It actually made their ability to retain Cousins long term harder because they will have $24m less cash to bid for Cousins in 2018.

        1. Sorry, but there will be no deal with the Niners. If they had wanted that, they would have put the transition tag on him.

          Kaep’s salary is now looking very affordable right now.

      2. Brodie:

        I agree with Rocket’s post above regarding Cousins wanting to get more guaranteed money now in case of a career ending injury. If Cousins gets traded to the 49ers, he will get more guaranteed money than the $24 million he’ll make under the franchise tag with Washington. Based on all of your posts on this topic, I’m not sure why you think differently or maybe I’m just not following you.

        1. The 12 year football exec in the Post column I linked above thinks Cousins will take the risk. He speculated a free agency guaranteed contract to be $60-$65m.

          To get him to extend this year, it would cost $65m+$24m.

          Extend in 2017 – $65m guaranteed
          Extend in 2018 – $94m guaranteed

          Niners could split the difference, offering something like $80m guaranteed. That might entice him to sign.

          If that were the case, Niners could insist on lower pick compensation to the Redskins to make up for the above market cap hit.

          1. Redskins have till June to figure it out (unless a deal has already been struck for a trade).

          2. B2W,

            Banner was speculating based on negotiations now between Cousins and the Skins. Who knows if he would hold the 9ers to the same standard. The guarantee if the Niners acquired him this year would be no more than 60 mill imo. That would be the equivalent of the franchise number for this year and next, without taking into account the fact he would have to agree to a lower number for getting that security.

        2. $24 million is greater than the cash difference in a 2017 extension compared to a 2018 extension. Its considerably more money to Cousins not to extend until 2018.

          Cousins agent is nuts to allow the Redskins or Niners to include the $24 million as part of a 2017 extension amount. That $24 million is money in the hand. He will insist the $24m is in addition to the extension amount.

          Addition is more than inclusion. Simple as that.

    2. C4C

      All right !

      I was afraid we were going to give up the farm for Cousins…NOW I have reignited my love for my niners that has taken a beating during the Baalke years. Let’s do like Montana and develop our own QBs. We now have a Walsh-like HC who can see what he wants in his QB and can develop him….Save the time and money of having to ‘unteach’ something before you teach them the proper way….

      Thanks Scot…you may have saved the niners a second time….

    1. AJ will want to go to a playoff contender, because he is sick of losing.

      Niners would be one of his last choices, especially since he would have to face the Seahawks, Cards and Rams defenses 6 times per season.

      I expect him landing in Carolina.

  23. Am I the only one around here who is not in love with Cousins? For what they are going to have to pay him and for what I assume they will have give up to get him, I want to be head over heels in love with the player. I believe with the 2nd pick in the draft we can get a defensive game changer not a game manager. When I watch Cousins I see Alex Smith 2.0. I would rather have Smith because at least i’m sure about his character. imho

    1. I’m not in love with Cousins, but it is a situation where he is the “best available.” The desire to trade for him depends upon what Washington is asking for; if they want the Niners’ first rounder, the Niners should walk away and say, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Once you start talking second, third, or fourth round (though I would say the latter is unlikely), then it’s worth discussing.

    2. I would hate it if any deal for Cousins involved the 2 pick. Insane. But I do like the Shanahan+Cousins match. Cuts years off the rebuild.

    3. Old Coach,

      Actually I’d say the majority on here share your view.

      I don’t agree with that view and definitely don’t agree with the Alex Smith comparison. Smith is a dink and dunk, no risk QB. Cousins is the opposite, in fact he had one of the highest rates of throwing deep in the league. His character is immaculate and has never had any off the field issues.

      The main reason I’m interested in seeing Cousins come here is because this team hasn’t had anything resembling a franchise QB since Steve Young retired. We’ve had some good players in Garcia, Smith and Kap for short periods of time, but no viable long term option to build around. We can sit here and talk about taking somebody in 2018, signing some marginal vet hoping he will play well here and so on, but the undeniable truth is there is no guarantee with any draft pick in any class. We are better off trying to acquire an established QB who is in his prime, who knows and excels in the system we will run, than holding off for another year in the hopes next years QB class will be better than this one. Not only should they be exploring trades for Cousins or Garoppolo, but they should be drafting a QB this year in the hopes they can find a solution that way as well. What’s the worst that could happen? That we have to draft another one in a couple of years? Best case scenario, we wind up with Cousins and a great trade asset like the Pats in 3 years. That should be the goal, especially with the revolving door at the position we’ve had for nearly two decades now.

      We have to find a QB period. The more resources we put into finding one, the greater the odds it actually happens. I’m not saying we should trade the #2 pick for Cousins either. I’m saying they should try and find a deal that makes sense whether that is two second round picks or a swap of firsts and a pick, whatever. If they can’t get the Skins to take their offer then look at signing him next year, but don’t give up on finding one this season. It’s been proven you can’t win consistently in this league or contend for the playoffs without a QB. Until we get one we are going to be in the same position we are now.

      1. Rocket,
        “whats the worst that could happen?” If Cousins fails we could end up with multiple years of Enormous dead money on the cap. If we could get him for a 3rd this year and a 2nd next I might go along with the trade but to pay him more than A. Luck is a deal breaker for me. I guess I don’t see him being any better than good and he would have to be very good to be worth the money. Take a look at J. Garcia’s stats when he was with the 9ers I believe were very good.

        1. Old Coach,

          I’ve said this repeatedly and will again now: The cap is not an issue. Put it out of your mind because it’s not going to be a problem. The guaranteed money they would have to pay Cousins would come early in the contract. By the time they hopefully have to pay some of their own players in 3-4 years, the guaranteed money would be off the books and they would not be at risk for cap ramifications if they chose to cut him before the deal was complete.

          As far as paying him more than Luck, that’s going to happen simply because of league inflation. Luck’s contract was signed last year and Cousins will sign his two years later most likely and get more. That’s the way the league economics work with an escalating cap. There also isn’t as big a gap between Luck and Cousins as you think. I know it’s hard for some to grasp because of Cousins history as a 4th round pick and having to wait to get a starting shot, but he’s as good as anybody right now. To say otherwise is ignoring what he’s done on the field. That’s not to say he’s at the level of a Tom Brady, because he hasn’t started long enough to warrant those types of comparisons, but he’s been a solid top 10 QB the past two years and proven he can put up numbers comparable to anybody.

    4. OldCoach

      Sorry, I missed your post the first time around….and YES I’m with you in not being in the Cousins ‘lovefest’. I just haven’t seen anything that impresses me all that much about him….and I don’t want to go through another episode of ‘Kaep 2.0’ for the next 5 years. I won’t belabor the fact that I am a strong Alex Smith fan…I have been since he was at University of Utah…what a damned shame we didn’t keep him….

    1. Razor,
      I guess you are impressed i’m just not impressed. Do you think he is worth a long term contract worth over 23 mill a year. Do you think he is worth the 2nd pick of the draft and likely more picks?

      1. OC: Don’t the odds strongly favor the idea that you need to use a first round pick to ultimately have a franchise QB; especially given the lack of quality QBs coming out of college. So, if you agree, we would most likely have to use a first round pick to get our QB in the draft. That’s what we would be doing with Cousins and he’s a proven commodity. I would jump at a trade to get Cousins if all the team has to do is trade 1st round picks and maybe throw in a relatively inconsequential pick.

      2. OC, I agree. Even though AS has not made it to a SB, he does have a winning percentage over 70%.

        Cousins did well against the NFC east, but their secondaries were not impressive.

        Cousins did well because he had DJ, but here he would have to start all over with no number one WRs.

      3. OC,

        I know you directed this at Razor, but I have to ask what it is you aren’t impressed with? Cousins has had two of the best statistical years in the league, doesn’t turn the ball over a lot considering how much he throws it, is a high character guy and comes ready made for Shanahan’s system. The lazy reasoning now seems to be that he had all this talent around him making him look better than he is, but it’s just as likely he’s making the talent around him look better than they really are. You don’t put up the kind of seasons he has back to back if you can’t play.

        All this resistance I see to acquiring Cousins is really puzzling. I get the reluctance to give up high draft picks considering he’s likely to be an UFA next year, but questioning the ability of the player with what he’s accomplished doesn’t add up.

        1. Yea, if you can’t tell the difference when you watch both play, I can’t help you. Suffice it to say, I’m spent on this topic…;>)

        2. Rocket,
          I’m not criticizing Cousins I believe he is a good QB not a very good or great one. Its all a matter of degrees.

          1. What I’m asking is why you believe he is not a very good or great QB Coach? What have you seen in his game that leads you to believe he is an Alex Smith level QB?

            1. Rocket,
              I just don’t see him as a QB who can carry a team. Idon’t see him as a guy who can put a team on his back in the 4th quarter. Its just my observation. Its more the money he will get and the picks we may have to get him. If you could choose who would you rather sign, Luck or Cousins because we will have to give up Luck like money and use a Luck like pick. I would’nt love the trade but i would be ok with it if we were paying him 17 to 18 mill and giving up a 2nd this year and a 3rd next.

              1. Coach, Cousins career rating in the 4th quarter is 93.4. His rating when his team is within 7 points in the 4th quarter is 94.4. He has a mid 90 rating or better in every situation in which his team is playing from behind. He’s carried that offense for two years and led them to the playoffs in his first full year as a starter. He’s earned a big contract.

                In answer to your question, I would take Luck, but that is irrelevant because Luck is not an option. No matter who your QB is, you are going to have to pay for performance. That is just how things in the NFL are set up to work. Jay Cutler was making 17-18 million 3 years ago and isn’t half the player Cousins is. It’s unrealistic to think a top ten QB is going to take less money simply because franchise QB’s are on older contracts.

              2. If the Skins can’t afford to keep Garcon and Jackson we will have a much better idea of just how good he is this year. Assuming the Skins don’t trade him.

              3. Cousins value – Multiple first round picks
                Cousins market value – Multiple 4th round picks

                They did this to themselves when they failed to extend him after 2015.

              4. If the Skins can’t afford to keep Garcon and Jackson we will have a much better idea of just how good he is this year. Assuming the Skins don’t trade him.

                I don’t think losing his top two WR’s will give us a better idea of how good he is. You still need good people to throw the ball to. Aaron Rodgers had the worst stat line of his starting career in 2015 because he lost Jordy Nelson.

                The Skins can probably afford to lose both of those guys but they will have to replace them with at least one other proven vet. If they go with all young players, it is going to be a long year for them.

              5. Lol! Rodgers worst stat line in 2015 still ended with 31 TDs and only 8 INTs. That’s what a great QB does – performs regardless of who he has to throw to, because he makes the players around him better.

                Cousins has had two excellent statistical years, but he’s played with an excellent receiving group and in an offense that everyone raves about in terms of how smart and QB friendly it is.

              6. As for i>Lol! Rodgers worst stat line in 2015 still ended with 31 TDs and only 8 INTs. That’s what a great QB does – performs regardless of who he has to throw to, because he makes the players around him better.

                What you are overlooking is that his numbers in every statistical category dropped dramatically:


                Completion percentage – 65.6%
                Yardage – 4381
                YPA – 8.43
                TD’s – 38
                Ints – 5
                Rating – 112.2 (2nd overall in the league)


                Completion percentage – 60.7%
                Yardage – 3821
                YPA – 6.68
                TD’s – 31
                Ints – 8
                Rating – 92.7 (15th in the league)

                We are talking about one of the all time greats here and his stats dropped significantly across the board without his top WR. Nelson was back this season and so were Rodgers numbers from 2014. A QB needs good players around him Scooter.

                Cousins has had two excellent statistical years, but he’s played with an excellent receiving group and in an offense that everyone raves about in terms of how smart and QB friendly it is.

                He’s played with a pretty good receiving group and has played without some of them a number of times the past two seasons. Garcon was coming off two below average seasons and had one of his best last year. Jackson missed 6 games in 2015 and Cousins almost completed 70% of his passes anyway. Jordan Reed missed 4 games last season. There are no names at RB. The only constant the last two years has been Cousins and he’s performed like a top ten QB.

                As far as the offense being QB friendly, there are a lot of QB friendly offenses out there. What there isn’t a lot of is QB’s that can run them at a high level. That is why Washington is going to pay Cousins 24 mill for one season and why Kyle Shanahan wants him in SF. The guy is a lot better than you are giving him credit for.

              7. His stats dropped, as you would expect. They went from superb to merely very good.

                Cousins as a starter has yet to throw as many TDs in a season or as few INTs as Rodgers worst year without his top WR.

              8. I’m not comparing him to Rodgers. I’m saying you can’t judge a QB by how little he has to work with. Most QB’s will underperform under those conditions.

                He actually performed pretty well in two of the first 3 games without Jackson. Then they lost Reed too for a couple of games. Tough to play without your two best weapons but he did. What you also notice about that first season he started is that he had a monster second half. The improvement from start to finish was tremendous.

              9. Yes, which coincided with getting his deep threat back to open up the underneath stuff. Jackson is very important to that offense.

              10. As is Cousins himself of course. I am not trying to suggest just any old QB could step into that offense and do what he has done.

              11. You are correct which is why I don’t agree with your statement that we’ll get a better idea of how good he is if they don’t resign Garcon and Jackson. You need players around you to succeed and that is the case with any QB.

              12. Yeah, but Cousins has an excellent supporting cast of receivers. Lets see what he can do if he only has a decent one.

              13. Lets see what he can do if he only has a decent one.

                You mind if he gets Reed back, ‘cuz I really like Weed, er, I mean Reed;>)

  24. Jamaal Charles has been released. Should the 49ers pick him up and see if there’s anything left in the tank.


    Chiefs released RB Jamaal Charles.
    The expected move saves Kansas City $6.2 million in cap space. 30-year-old Charles struggled to get on the field in 2016 while battling injuries to both knees following a 2015 ACL tear. He has just 83 carries since the end of the 2014 season. One of the NFL’s most dynamic all-purpose backs in his prime, Charles incredibly hit or topped 5.0 yards per carry in each of his first eight seasons. Some team may bring Charles to camp, but his NFL future is in serious doubt.

    1. cubus

      I would love to sign Jamal Charles…He would be a great change of pace back with Hyde. The only reason he’s on the marker is Ware, West, and Knile Davis. KC knows RBs.

      1. The only reason he’s on the marker

        F/A running backs are devalued this year due to the enormous depth at the position that I haven’t seen in a decade or more, especially injured ones….

    1. Good player, but don’t think he fits this D very well. For the money he’ll cost, I say pass.

  25. I was watching Walman’s breakdown of Mitch Trubisky. It seems obvious that he doesn’t like him very much.
    However, one thing I noticed is that Trubisky was routinely under pressure from the plays he highlighted.
    I also noted his wide receivers for being touted as very good, dropped a lot of balls.
    In the Stanford game he threw 4 touchdowns just to get one.

    1. Shoup,

      I’m no Waldman, but in watching all the highest rated QB prospects available in this draft, Trubisky was the most impressive to me. Mahomes was right there too as far as long term prospects go, but as far as being fundamentally sound and closest to starting at the NFL level, Trubisky was the best I saw this past season. The concern is obvious in that he hasn’t started enough games to get a true understanding of what he’s capable of going pro, but he definitely has a lot to work with.

      The biggest problem for Trubisky is that someone is going to take him high in the first and likely throw him into the fire before he’s ready. Same thing that happened to Goff last season. Hopefully he has the mental makeup to handle it.

      1. rocket – I like the way Turbisky can buy time to throw by taking a few steps away from the rush. His eyes always down field when evading. Very good traits.

        1. Yep, I only saw a few games of his but his movement in the pocket while looking downfield seemed to be one of his best traits – a trait that, imo, is very hard to teach.

        2. He has some natural ability for sure. I just wish he had gone back to school instead of declaring after one year. Lack of starts in College rarely leads to success in the NFL.

      2. I watched Browning, Falk, Kizer and Trubisky play against the same defense and came away with the impression that Trubisky had the highest ceiling (a little ahead of Kizer) but was probably the least NFL-ready of the four (none actually were above 60 on a scale of NFL-readiness where Johnny Football is zero and Luck a 100). Trubisky can be a decent NFL starter if he gets 2 years to ride the pine on a QB-friendly team.

    2. It seems obvious that he doesn’t like him very much.

      Me either.

      In the Stanford game he threw 4 touchdowns just to get one.

      Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit threw 1 touchdown to Stanford.

      1. Did you see Cosell’s review of Trubinsky?


        His Summary:

        Here’s what the 49ers (or any other team that looks at Trubisky in the draft) will have to evaluate: Trubisky will have a big learning curve, because 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense is a very technical and precise offense that starts with the quarterback under center. Right now, Trubisky wouldn’t be ready to run a precise NFL offense from the pocket. What I see on film from Trubisky is a quarterback who could make plays outside of the structure of the offense both throwing and running, but with limited efficiency within the pocket right away. The question will be whether he can develop as a pocket quarterback within the structure of the passing game. That can be tough to evaluate. And it will be a challenging transition in an offense that requires precision.

        I don’t see Trubisky as a high-level NFL prospect, but I think he could become a quality starting quarterback in the right system.

        1. No I didn’t, but thanks for the link. After watching him struggle against an inferior Stanford team, I fail to see the hype that a few of his groupies in here see…;>)

          1. Its not terrible but its not glowing either. All the QB’s in this draft seem to be a reach. I think it show’s desperation on our part to reach too far. There are always the Montana’s and Brady’s that people miss. So its possible that Mitch is something special.

            1. Mayock Quarterbacks

              1. DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame
              2. Deshaun Watson, Clemson
              3. Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina
              4. Patrick Mahomes II, Texas Tech
              5. Davis Webb, California

              1. I could see that Razor as long as we pick up some great talent in the first third of the draft as well.

          1. Redskins should have just rid themselves of Captain Kirk and retrieved their golden boy RGMe….

              1. Dumb and dumber. If it wasn’t for Full Shanny targeting Cousins late, just think where this team would be. Yikes!

              2. Or consider how good things would have been for them had they drafted a Kalil or a Kuechly or a Poe in Round 1 instead of Golden Boy and then picked up Cousins later.

          2. Mood, I don’t think the article is that far off. Lots of guys blew up in the NFL with great arm talent. RGIII may be a superior athlete but he’s not the better QB or has a better football IQ.

            Luck comes with a lot of hype and people tend to overlook his flaws. His football IQ is great but he’s not lived up to his hype to this point in the NFL. His completion percentage is the same as CK’s. RGII bombed worse than Luck for sure.

            Where do you think Cosell is off on Trubinsky? It seems people like to quote Cosell when they agree when he dislikes a QB and don’t like him when he doesn’t like the QB they like.

      2. Razor I’m not arguing we should take him at 2.
        I was just stating he shows a lot of good traits. As far as Stanford goes he had a bad game but in the end… in spite of playing poorly in the beginning and being absolutely abused throughout the game, he played well at the end.
        The truth is we have to draft a qb just becausent we don’t have enough… and I would love him, as a second rounder. He shows a lot of good traits. Strong arm, touch, accuracy when he sets up, escapability, and the ability slide in the pocket. But he needs a LOT of seasoning. He is too easily fooled and makes some dumb decisions at times.

        1. Razor I’m not arguing we should take him at 2.

          If that’s what I inferred, apologies. I’m not sure he has the fire down below either, not to mention he was unable to usurp the starting role from nobodies….

        2. That’s the thing that gets lost in the Stanford game. Trubisky was under siege for most of it. Thomas in particular was in the backfield all afternoon.

          1. From what I saw his offensive line was terrible. Almost every play I saw showed him trying to avoid rusher that beathe his man.
            Even duke routinely got men in his face.

  26. Ian Rapoport – “They decided that they’re not going to trade him to the San Francisco 49ers, they decided they’re not going to trade him anywhere. He’s going to be their quarterback next year. And that is that.”

    It could be the Redskins bluffing funneled through Ian Rapoport. If its true the Redskins are planning to keep Cousins in 2017, I’m happy for Cousins. I’m happy for the 49ers too.

    Now hopefully we can concentrate on our draft crushes at pick 2 and forget all this Cousins stuff.

      1. The Redskins saved the 49ers from themselves. Maybe Scot McCloughan felt sorry for the 49ers after hearing they were about to throw away the best draft pick they’ve had since 2005.

          1. Biderman – “49ers calculus on this Cousins thing is simple. Wait on Wash extension talks, if they go awry, make modest offer. If not, wait until 2018”

        1. Unless the Redskins are totally bluffing, Cousins is scheduled to hit free agency in 2018.

          $20m 2016 + $24m 2017 + $65m 2018 estimated free agency contract (49ers?) = $109m fully guaranteed if he refuses a contract extension. Agent deserves a raise.

          For Redskins to extend Cousins between now and June they will likely have to offer him a contract with around $85-90m guaranteed.

          But if they can’t do that now, what makes you think they can do it in June?

      1. Garoppolo may have been their target. The 49ers seem alot better at staying quiet after they passed Lynch’s silence test. .

        “Never pass an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.” Silence and patience will keep paying off.

        1. Yes, we have no idea what the 49ers plans actually are for the position. I didn’t mean to suggest he wasn’t their #1 target all along, just that I believe he should have been regardless of whether the Redskins will or won’t trade Cousins.

          1. Last year you seemed high on the procurement of RGMe. What do you think about bringing him in if released?

      2. I disagree. The #1 target likely was and should have been Cousins. There is the hope of Garoppolo, but proven performance with Cousins. Big big difference.

        1. If you believe in playing it safe, sure. Cousins is the known commodity. But while you believe he is amazing there are plenty of people that believe he is just a good not great QB. Garoppolo offers the potential of being more than that.

          1. No need to go hyperbole Scooter. Never said he was amazing. All I’ve said is that he has played like a top ten QB which he has. The people that believe differently are doing so in spite of clear evidence to the contrary. It’s confirmation bias really.

            Garoppolo by comparison is an unknown commodity who has started two games. Saying he offers the potential of being more than a top ten performer is pretty much like saying Kap has the potential to regain the form he showed in 2012. There’s a chance but it’s not backed up by anything tangible. There is also the chance Garoppolo completely bombs once out of the NE cocoon. That’s the reality of taking a chance on some one who has no history as a starter.

            I would be fine trading for Garoppolo if we could get him for the second round pick, but the idea he is a better option than Cousins is not supported in any way shape or form.

            1. Garoppolo isn’t an unknown performer. He’s performed well every opportunity he has had. He has limited experience, which is very different to unknown.

              He is a risk, no doubt. But you don’t win championships without taking some risks. I think Garoppolo is worth that risk, because everything I have seen of him suggests a player with greater upside than Cousins. Put him with a good offensive coach that is known to run a good, QB friendly system and I think he can out perform Cousins.

              1. We don’t know how he will perform as a full time starter Scooter. Call it limited experience if you want, but his ability to handle being the starting QB of an NFL football team is unknown.

                Your views on Garoppolo are well known now, and I don’t necessarily disagree with you, as I think he could turn out to be a good QB. What I don’t agree with is the suggestion a player with two starts is somehow a better option than a pro bowl QB who has thrown for nearly 5000 yards in a season and ranked top ten both years he’s been the starter. Your opinion is based completely on what you think/hope Garoppolo can do, while diminishing what Cousins has already achieved. What also doesn’t seem to get mentioned is the fact Cousins has only started two years. He’s going to get even better as time goes on.

              2. Cousins will be 29 this year. Hard to imagine thete is significant improvement left in him, but could happen I guess.

                I’m basing my opinion on what I see, not just stats. Cousins is good, not great. Garoppolo showed top tier qualities in his opportunity last year. Highly impressive in every way.

                Razor, I like Garoppolo’s deep ball. He’s beyter in the short and intermediate areas, but his deep ball is also good.

              3. Cousins will be 29 this year. Hard to imagine thete is significant improvement left in him, but could happen I guess.

                Improvement is not related to age. It’s based on playing time and experience. Cousins has only been a full time starter for 2 seasons and played at a high level in both. He will be 29 this year; he’ll also be in only his 3rd year as a starter and 4th in the offense. As long as he stays healthy and has people to throw to, he’ll keep improving.

                I’m basing my opinion on what I see, not just stats. Cousins is good, not great. Garoppolo showed top tier qualities in his opportunity last year. Highly impressive in every way.

                This is where you lose me. You are sure you’ve seen enough in 1 and 1/2 games as a starter from Garoppolo to make you believe he’ll be better than somebody who has started the past two years and put up huge numbers. Confirmation bias.

              4. Cousins had the benefit of many years of tutelage + sporadic gameplay before being a full time starter. One would hope he was developing some over this period too. He doesn’t just have two years of development under his belt.

              5. I have seen enough every time I watched Garoppolo that as a collective I believe he can be better than Cousins. Dismiss it if you like, its obviously something of a projection, but that’s how I feel. If you only based these things on proven experience then you’d never bother with young players.

              6. I have seen enough every time I watched Garoppolo that as a collective I believe he can be better than Cousins.

                If this bold prediction comes to fruition, can I call you Big Scooty?

              7. You can call me Susan if it makes you happy. :-P

                It’s not as if I am saying anything others haven’t already said about Garoppolo. Plenty of people have talked about how impressive he has been, and how he could be a potential franchise calibre QB. Even in the 2014 draft.

                And same with Cousins. The debate about how good he is has raged for two years. Plenty of people on both sides of the fence, and plenty in the middle. I like to think I fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to Cousins, in that I think he is good, but not great. Washington are being silly not paying him, because it is hard to find a good QB, let alone a great one.

              8. Cousins had the benefit of many years of tutelage + sporadic gameplay before being a full time starter. One would hope he was developing some over this period too. He doesn’t just have two years of development under his belt.

                You get better the more you play, especially if it’s in the same system. He is still in his infancy as a full time starter. His age has nothing to do with it.

              9. You obviously improve more from playing, but he got a nice grounding before being put into the starting role. Which is why he was able to play well from year 1 as a starter.

              10. I have seen enough every time I watched Garoppolo that as a collective I believe he can be better than Cousins.

                You watched him play a game and a half of regular season football. If you’ve determined he’s better than somebody who has put up the kind of numbers Cousins has, with that little to analyze, you are in the wrong profession.

                Dismiss it if you like, its obviously something of a projection, but that’s how I feel. If you only based these things on proven experience then you’d never bother with young players.

                You are making the projection on what you think he can be based on extremely limited information, and with indifference to the player you are comparing him to. That is bias Scooter.

              11. I have readily admitted a number of times I am biased with regards to Garoppolo. You aren’t telling me something I am not aware of. Doesn’t mean I am wrong about him though. And if I end up being right, quite frankly I know it will be a fluke. I’m no expert. Just know what I like to see in certain positions.

                And please stop saying I am basing this on just one and a half games. I am not. I am baing this on pre-draft 2014, pre-season performance and those games. You can dismiss the pre-draft and pre-season if you like, but I am not. Because it is important to projecting the player he can be.

              12. I have readily admitted a number of times I am biased with regards to Garoppolo. You aren’t telling me something I am not aware of. Doesn’t mean I am wrong about him though. And if I end up being right, quite frankly I know it will be a fluke. I’m no expert. Just know what I like to see in certain positions.

                That’s fine, but stating Garoppolo is the better option because of bias doesn’t make much of an argument Scooter.

                And please stop saying I am basing this on just one and a half games. I am not. I am baing this on pre-draft 2014, pre-season performance and those games. You can dismiss the pre-draft and pre-season if you like, but I am not. Because it is important to projecting the player he can be.

                Pre-draft performance is relevant when putting together scouting reports on players you may take in the draft. Once they are in the NFL, those performances have little bearing on future success. Preseason is also not a good way to determine a players viability. If it was we’d have kept all the preseason superstars that have passed through here.

                It is about how the player adapts to the speed and nuances of the pro game and you only get a true read on that by seeing the player play a meaningful NFL game. Garoppolo looked really good in his limited action but so have a long list of others that didn’t have much of a career.

              13. You are biased towards Cousins, rocket. You really like the numbers he has produced. We all have our biases. I like Garoppolo over Cousins because my bias tells me he has better traits and more upside. Maybe I am way off base. Who knows?

                Garoppolo is a projection. Has to be. In making that projection you can’t just look at his one and a half games starting. But those games can go along way to cementing ideas from what you had seen pre-draft and in preseason.

              14. Scooter,

                The difference is one of the two has shown he can play at a high level over two full seasons while the other has not yet. If I’m showing bias towards Cousins it’s simply because he’s a proven commodity and Garoppolo is not. A good reason to favor one over the other I would think.

              15. A good reason, yes. Still a biased one. Your bias is towards past performance. Taking the safe guy. I get it, but in this instance I would bet on potential.

            2. And you have consistently argued Cousins is a top 10 QB, which puts him up there at least near the pretty amazing category of QB.

              Personally I believe he is a top 10 QB in stats only. Courtesy of the players and system around him.

              1. I don’t see it that way. Amazing means a lot more than top ten QB to me. There have been very few amazing QB’s in the history of this league. What I see in Cousins is a QB who has proven he can thrive as a starter. The questions about who he plays with are irrelevant considering you can say that about most QB’s in this league. What has Phillip Rivers won lately? Drew Brees? Matt Ryan before this past season? It’s a team sport and no one has success without talent around them in some capacity. What we do know is that he has performed like a top ten QB statistically on an average team and taken them to the playoffs.

                I asked Old Coach what it is he saw or didn’t see that gave him the impression Cousins wasn’t a top ten QB. I’ll ask you the same question: what is it you see or don’t see that leads you to believe Cousins is not a top ten QB?

              2. Ok, that’s semantics but I understand.

                Cousins’ arm is only ok, he can get it deep no probs but can struggle fitting it in tight windows (something the offense he has played in has helped mask – I’d love to see stats on separation of receiver per target for the Redskins), and he makes some real head scratching decisions at bad times.

              3. Personally I believe he is a top 10 QB in stats only. Courtesy of the players and system around him.

                Big Shanny on Captain Kirk:“He’s a guy that has the potential to be a Pro Bowl quarterback, year-in-year out.”

                “I think he’s a guy that can take your team and win a Super Bowl. And that’s the biggest compliment I can give somebody.”

                “Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback, he will be a top 10 quarterback in this league no doubt about it.”

              4. Cousins’ arm is only ok, he can get it deep no probs but can struggle fitting it in tight windows (something the offense he has played in has helped mask – I’d love to see stats on separation of receiver per target for the Redskins), and he makes some real head scratching decisions at bad times.

                He can make every throw accurately and the only players who don’t make mistakes are the ones who aren’t on the field. There isn’t a QB in the history of the game who didn’t make head scratching decisions at times.

              5. Yep, in the right system with the right players, he definitely can be a pro bowler. Can’t get to the playoffs, but he’s definitely a pro bowler.

              6. Top 10 doesn’t mean amazing.
                He was never arguing he was as good as Tom, Aaron, Ben, Ryan, or Brees… but outside of them you could argue he’s as good as or better.
                Cam, Eli, luck, Flacco, Carr, Dak. Etc.
                He is not even saying he would choose him over them he’s saying the argument can be made he’s as good as them right now.
                As to the talent argument… Carr has a stacked offense, as does Dak, and Ben. Eli has obj and cam has some good players at wide out as well. If you get a guy that performs at high level regardless of talent around him you are not looking at a top ten qb you’re looking at a top 3 qb.

              7. Rocket,
                Got busy at work yesterday so I never got around to answering your question. I do believe that Cousins is arguably a top 10 QB. I would put him between #13 and #10 a number that I believe is not worthy of the money they will have to pay him or the picks they may have to give up for him. I don’t think we are that far apart on our opinions of Cousins play, I just don’t see him as a SB winning QB unless he is on a team that wins more with D than O. My opinion is based on my eye test not stats because you can make stats say anything you want.

              8. Thanks for the response Coach. Yeah I don’t think we are that far apart on him either, although I do think he could lead a team to SB without a dominant defense.

                We are opining over something that is not likely to happen anyway, but it’s fun to throw ideas around.

    1. Thanks for the post. Unfortunately Gordon is an addict. He can’t stay away. I fear that one day we’ll read about him being found dead in a room somewhere. What a waste of a life. Really too bad.

      1. Nope. I just posted an article I saw on 49erswebzone. I am definitely not a fan of trying to get Josh Gordon.

  27. A Nawlins beat Two Step Process:
    FIRST- Get a Designated Driver or Uber App
    THEN – Laissez les Bon temps roulez!
    I’ve got some Preservation Hall, Doctor John, and Lil’ Feat in the mix, some Andouille and Prawns ready for the grill and the Red beans and rice been ready for an hour. Corks pulled, salty friends due 5-5:30.
    Let ’em roll baby!

    1. How you make your red beans, Brotha? I mash mine with garlic powder and white pepper, and then add butter and simmer….

      1. I like the bigger texture, so I only mash about 40% of the beans, cook with crushed garlic, butter and some salt. Plenty of onions, garlic, a few diced carrots, cayenne and my cheat, some pancetta in the rice and some El Pato red chile sauce to replace a bit of the rice cooking water. Not too much!

          1. Razor
            Breaking bread’s the best.
            It’s an international language. Stuck in an airport once I watched this family snacking. They were sharing something on crackers; maybe Tahini or cashew butter, but it was clear, first the kids and then the parents that it sucked all the moisture out of their mouths and they didn’t have anything to drink. I gave them my big water bottle and a smile and walked away. When I came back with a replacement bottle for me and another for them they’d laid out a bunch of these crackers for me, this time each with a slice of cucumber and the whatever-it-was. A quiet though memorable meal.

              1. I have two to take you to.
                Bistro Don Giovanni in Yountville and
                Risibisi in Petaluma.
                We’ll have a drink at Volpi’s. It was a market during Prohibition, but everybody was drinking in the back room. In fact the Sheriff and the Chief of Police took their calls in that back room, and there were tunnels out of the basement that went three blocks to the river bank. Feds never did make too many busts in my town.
                These days the DEA keeps coming up dry too.
                : -)

    1. Now that Bellichick did not franchise Hightower, Lynch should throw money at him. He is the one player Lynch should overpay to get.

      No on Alshon Jeffrey, pass on Poe, but poach Hightower from the Pats to get that winning Mojo. He basically won the SB with that strip sack.

      It would accomplish 2 goals. It would fill a huge need, and it would weaken the Pats. Addition through subtraction.

      If Lynch can pull off a miracle and sign Hightower, the Niners could actually be competitive.

      1. I agree that we should sign Hightower. We can add depth with cheap FAs, and we should. But we have a ton of cap space and should feel comfortable signing one high priced FA on defense.

  28. Oh yeah, Coffee, but to me it’s gen-u-wine Eyetalian, and so, on the list. Tre Vigna is really good, but kinda foo-foo. In The City I like Cesar’s for upscale, Rose Pistola’s for casual.

    1. I’ve only been to TV once and it was a 100 years ago so I can’t rightly offer any opinion on it. For Italian my wife and I both enjoyed Bottega in Yountville. Michael Chiarello’s place. Genuwine paisan for ya.

      1. Do you ever get down to Sonoma? A quarter mile north of the plaza on 1st St West is the Depot Restaurant. Italian trained 2nd generation chef. Outstanding Salumi, and….No Lie: the consistently best French fries in California. I ain’t lying. We love that joint for lunch. Oddly, they’ve become a wedding factory, averaging 65 per year around their pool. Rich girls from San Fran and Atherton giving their vows while I’m having corned beef sand and fries and a Scrimshaw Ale on the other end of the pool. Whatever. Saw that at the Princeville Hotel on Kauai as well.

    2. I miss 1960’s Italian American family dinner. Joe Special, Gravenstein fritters of every shape and size sprinkled with powered sugar. No Italian from Italy, but the kind of every day food west of Redwood Highway.

      1. Olden style. Villa Roma in Santa Rosa. Villa Romano in south Napa. I’m quite sure you remember Traverso’s!
        I took my wife and daughter a number of years ago to Tre Scalini in Manhatten. They sat us close to the door, cuz, you know, we were Anglos and they didn’t want any important people to go down if there was a hit. Not kidding, the guy in the coat check room near us was packing a .44 Magnum in a shoulder holster (I want born yesterday.)
        So the waiter looks us over, hands me a wine list saying, “Daze some good Clay-phonya wines in dere, but weed take care of youse wid da food.”
        Never brought us a menu. Just kept bringing us courses until we begged for mercy. One of the best meals I ever had. The Duchess and our Princess impressed them, because when we left they sent a “thick” to follow us back to our hotel safely.

        1. So cool. When I was a kid there was Fioris, Lenas, Negris, Union Hotel and so on. And the home cooking too. I’m Irish but lost of my playmates at St. Rose were Italian.

          I only spent a few weeks in Manhattan. Took a cheap plane ticket, got a subway passes and trekked all over. Whats nice about leaving the bay area is the bigger portions. I don’t mess around with dinner.

          1. Brodie,
            I went to St Rose for a couple of years also when did you grad high school?

            1. Was scheduled to graduate in 1979. Got GED instead.

              I have five siblings (small Irish family). Mom got married at 29 or would have had normal number of children instead of the measly six. You might know some of my siblings who also went to St, Rose. 4 older, 1 younger.

              1. Brodie,
                I attended St Rose from 1958 until 1961 K thru 3rd grade. We are a irish\italian family of 3, I think we were so small because my Dad came from a family with 15 children

    1. Like him Brodie. He’s a starter, solid pro. I’d like to see Beardsley as a sixth man type, first off the bench.

  29. OMG! I just nailed the shrimp! The andouille is good, but I got my shrimp scampi- quality on a night dark grill. :90; meltsville.

  30. 49ers trade FS Eric Reid to Titans for 164th pick
    49ers trade RB Carlos Hyde to Panthers for the 72nd and 2018 conditional 4th round picks


    49ERS trade 2nd and 143rd picks to Jets for the 6th, 39th, 70th, and 2018 second round pick

    PICK 6: SS Jamal Adams


    PICK 34: RB Christian McCaffrey
    PICK 39: WR JuJu Smith-Schuster


    PICK 66: DT Elijah Qualls
    PICK 70: CB Fabian Moreau
    PICK 72: WR Chris Godwin


    PICK 109: QB Nathan Peterman


    PICK 146: OT Will Holden
    PICK 161: OG Avery Gennesy
    PICK 164: TE Cole Hikutini


    PICK 186: WR Ryan Switzer
    PICK 202: RB Joe Mixon


    PICK 219: OLB Jalen Reeves-Maybin


    QB Brian Hoyer
    OLB Dont’a Hightower
    ILB Zach Brown
    FB Kyle Juszczky
    CB Logan Ryan
    C Brian Schwenke

  31. Please, not Mixon. He is radioactive. Lynch would be labeled as a hypocrite if he drafted Mixon.

    1. It would be a risk, but I think the right type of leadership to mentor him is on the 49ers now.

      1. Sorry, but I would have been more forgiving if he slapped her foul mouth, but he swung his fist and knocked her out.

  32. Kyle Shanahan/Josh Gordon reunion?

    Shanahan will know from experience if we should take a chance with Gordon. So it would be a calculated risk if we brought him in.

    Now imagine our offense with Gordon! A true #1WR. KS knows how to put his #1WR in a position to suceed even when they are drawing the most attention.


    Check out the three plays Shanny called for Gordon in the link.

    If Kyle thinks Gordon can get his life and career back on track, then I do too. We’ll see if it happens. Getting a #1WR at a low cost would be great.

  33. Here’s a good piece on the Shanny’s play calling (mostly Kyle).


    “He has to relate to the quarterback. That’s most important. And Matt and Kyle were like that.”

    “It got to the point in Houston that Kyle Shanahan could call a play, see Schaub get to the line of scrimmage, recognize that the opponent was in the coverage they expected and close his eyes, knowing the pass would be completed. By 2009, the Texans ranked first in passing yards and fourth in total offense.”

    1. Also from the link above.

      “Each offensive assistant is responsible for a certain section of what will end up on Shanahan’s game-day chart.”

      “Running backs coach Bobby Turner is responsible for short-yardage and goal-line situations, as well as first- and second-down plays in the Redskins’ “base” personnel group — two wide receivers, one tight end and two backs.”

      “Quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur focuses on third-down plays and those in the “U” personnel group — two tight ends, one wide receiver and two backs.”

      “On Saturday nights, Shanahan meets with his two quarterbacks, Beck and Rex Grossman, and goes over everything on that sheet.”

      “He’s not going to do something that we don’t feel comfortable with,” Beck said.”

  34. 15 go to plays for for the 2016 Falcons.


    The outside zone.

    “With the offensive line taking a “zone step” (step to play side) and chipping to the second-level linebackers, the running backs have options after getting the handoff deep in the backfield. Freeman or Coleman (H) can “bounce” the ball outside of the tight end (Y), hit the “bang” or cut the ball back on the “bend.” It’s up to the RB to make the correct read based on the blocking up front and the pursuit of the linebackers. This is another reason the vision of the Falcons’ running backs is so critical. See the field. Make one cut. And go.”

    Man, that play has Hyde written all over it! Perfect fit.

  35. “Kyle Shanahan will meet with the media at 11:30 a.m. PT on Wednesday, while John Lynch will meet with the media at 8:15 a.m. PT on Thursday. 49ers.com/live will be broadcasting the two 49ers press conferences,”

  36. My first mock. With no trades, for picks or a QB.

    Rd1 2 LB Reuben Foster, assuming our medical staff gives him a thumbs up this week.
    Rd2 34 HB Christian McCaffrey, I would rather get him in the third, but he won’t be there. he fits perfectly in Kyle’s offense and would keep Hyde fresh and healthy.
    Rd3 66 QB Brad Kaaya, he wouldn’t start the first year or two or maybe ever. If he were to start, the OL would be built up after 1 to 3 years. He could be a good fit in our offense.


    Rd4 109 C/G Deyshawn Bond, versatile and ran a zone blocking O.
    Rd4 143 WR Josh Reynolds, big target and a deep threat.
    Rd5 146 OLB/DE Joe Mathis, all around player.
    Rd5 161 CB Ahkello Witherspoon, good height and speed, solid press CB
    Rd6 186 WR Stacy Coley, STer if nothing else.
    Rd6 202 G Jessamen Dunker, zone blocker.
    Rd7 219 SS Rayshawn Jenkins, STer if nothing else.

  37. Kaepernick and his new agents have elected to opt out of his 49ers contract.

    That must of been a great meeting with Lynchy.

    1. A commenter on PFT on the report CK will opt out:
      You may have just Doug Marrone’d yourself

    1. Thanks for the thrill ride and your contributions, sacrifices in the service of the 49ers. Good luck to you in your future endeavors….

  38. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock says Norte Dame’s DeShone Kizer is “the prototype quarterback in the NFL.”

  39. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Patriots are not expected to trade Garoppolo. Schefter’s colleague Ed Werder issued a similar report in mid-February.

  40. Sigh, well I guess I was wrong. I was hoping for the best, but now see that Kaep was stabbed in the back too many times. Jed and Paraag were still there, so I wish Kaep well and hope he has success elsewhere.

    I knew that Mike Shanahan wanted to move on from Kaep, so it is not too surprising that KS did, too. Maybe it is for the best for all concerned.

    Still think that Kaep is a prodigious talent, and still hope that some team will finally utilize him properly.

    But now, the Niners have no QB, and will have to spend a high draft pick on a QB that should have gone to bolster the defense. Guess this will be a total rebuild, and I wish the new QB a lot of luck, he will need it.

    I wonder what really happened in that meeting with Lynch and KS. Why did Lynch say all those positive things, when they knew what was going to happen? I wonder if they told him to take a pay cut, or they would cut him, so Kaep moved first. Or maybe his new agents have lined up a possible landing spot already.

    No matter what, it is time to move on, and next man up. I will still root for the Niners, but will temper my expectations. Hope they can win 4 games next season.

    1. >>Why did Lynch say all those positive things

      Because both sides agreed it was a positive development. It’s not rocket science.

      Seb, don’t go throwing yourself off any bridges. There’s always a possibility, slight as it is, the Niners resign him.

      1. Naw, I am moving on. Kaep will still play, and the Niners will still be here. I had been resigned to Kaep moving on since before last season, so this is just an inevitability.

        Still love the Niners and want them to win multiple rings, but now it will be with another QB. Wonder if Shaub or Hoyer will be picked up.

          1. Players will eventually move on or retire, but the team will continue on, so I will not dwell on the past, but look forward to the future.

  41. If this isn’t just marketing (might be) then BB’s calculation is that 2017 security and a 2018 3rdRd Comp is enough. That gives BBQ Brisset another year to develop.

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