49ers-Texans post-game report

San Francisco 49ers tight end Garrett Celek (88) is pursued by Houston Texans defensive back Eddie Pleasant (35) and cornerback Johnathan Joseph (24) after a catch during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017, in Houston. (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)

Check out my 49ers-Texans post-game report below.

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  1. I just finished reading Grant’s game blog and it sounds like he is going to remain the only member of the earth is flat society by giving Jimmy G another C+. It might take a 400yard 4 touchdown SB performance for Grant to give him a B. My apologies ahead of time if Grant breaks down and gives him a fair grade. My grade for Jimmy G is a B to a borderline B+. Would have been an A- after the 1st quarter.

    1. Do not stress about it Old Coach. His opinion and ours about JG’s performance do not really matter as long as keeps performing to that level. We have a QB moving forward! And that is all that is important.

    2. Old Coach

      Grant DOES have a valid point though…Jacksonville will destroy our new QB unless Kyle comes up with some protection schemes …we can’t just hide him…..

      1. Oregon,
        I was commenting on Jimmy G’s performance today, not KS or next week. I would just like to see Grant give Jimmy G a fair grade for todays performance.

      2. Oregon
        Starting to think with a capable qb that can make the throws and plays needed in the scheme it might make calls easier for Shanahan too. I look for call being better with Grop.

      1. You should write up your post-game report, Grant. You’re a sportswriter, not a TV personality. I could read your written post-game reports quickly and digest the information, but I (and I’m sure many others) don’t have the time to sit through an hour or whatever it is to hear your musings.

        1. G. Milton– Grant actually comes across better on video. He goes into more detail and print does not allow for vocal intonation which puts the information into better context.

  2. Play calling was exceptionally today by Shanny. Good balance and mixed it up pretty good.

    Defense needs a lock down corner and a pass rusher.

    Overall a good road win.

  3. Hey Crabs … ya think the new Niner song should be ….
    “… Jimmy Gee .. yer fer me….. !! ” …?

    Ya kno… Coach … this season … imho ..
    any win the Niners manage to pull outta the hat ..
    the entire team should get an A+ !!

    (Well .. except for Johnson … and Killgore)

  4. JG gets style points as well for working those blazers. Good riddance to the overgrown 14 year old boy look with headphones and sideways cap. We got a grown man in there, folks. Go Niners!!!

  5. You got a cobbled o line with Zane Beadles at rt and you win on the road with a opponent with a better record and grant craps on the effort,this team is scrappy and battles, o line lots of holding but JimmyS got a gun!

      1. No! There were times when JG had plenty of time to throw. The worst line was two seasons ago. Remember Pears, Martin and Devey.

        1. And THEY were Bulky judgements!! And Bulky was a JED judgement! And these people are running pro sports business~or any business for that matter………….there really are no words……….

  6. And Grant, if you’re not going to improve the background you got to do something about your wardrobe. You look like you’re from Oakland!
    My grades for periscope.
    Back ground F
    Wardrobe D
    Content C-
    Hair C-
    Stubble B+
    Objectivity C-
    Continuity D

        1. Eastcoast, considering that he had a WHOLE week to train and perfect his stubble, I feel a B+ is even a stretch. The plus is mainly for effort and the combo of the messy hair and 50’s shirt to make the “I just got out of bed, stayed up late” look!

          1. I guess you’re right Dee. He did have a week to prepare and his aspect was wholly inadequate for the broadcast! The shirt itself was more deserving of an F but I thought you were being kind.

            One thing is for certain, Grant dropped the ball on this broadcast business and is behind others who do this for a living!

  7. Jimmy G is a substantial upgrade at QB. I just hope he doesn’t get too beat up with the horrible O line he is playing behind.
    The team is playing better, but the penalties have got to stop! I wonder how many of the players committing most of the penalties will be here next year.
    Need upgrades in talent at all positions except QB and kicker. Still,
    It is much are enjoyable to watch winning.

    1. Some of those penalties can be attributed to the teams adjusting to a new system. Remember everyone is agreed that it takes at least a season to install and become comfortable with this offense.

    1. Grant if you’re right about how the league handles concussions there’s going to be a day of reckoning when the press finally breaks that story. I don’t think we’ll miss Goodell.

  8. I think if Garoppolo hits 1 or 2 of those deep passes thats what bumps him up to an A-.

    I think those deep passes will be better when he gets an offseason to practice with the receivers a bit more. The further the pass the more chemistry required imo.

  9. The most important position in the WCO is the QB. We got a good one.
    The most important position in our D is single high Safety. We got a good one.

      1. “Jimmy Garoppolo threw a touchdown pass in Texas today. It was like something the state of Texas has never seen before ever in the history of football in Texas if you asked a 49er fan”



    Signed, 49er fans

    *Yet Brett Huntley threw 3 touchdown passes and no interceptions today too*

  11. I like the way Grant tries to keep it real after the third 49er win of the season against a 4 win team without Deshaun Watson.

  12. We better beat Tenn next week I believe it will be our last chance at a win this year. Next year could be fun, with all our injured players back, 2 or 3 substantial free agent signings and a good draft things could get very interesting very quickly.

  13. Who’s waiting for next year! HELL NO NOT ME!!!! We should be in! Give us a spot! We will run the table! 6-10! Hottest team in period!!

  14. Sign Watkins. Weaken the Rams.
    Sign Graham. Red zone monster. Weaken the Seahawks.



    1. This is not 4 years ago. The Seahawks are not the team to worry about in this league anymore. Besides Graham is not that effective there like he was in NO.

  15. I also have been hard on Hyde and I also agree he ran hard today. He had a couple of hard runs last game as well. I think I finally figured Hyde out. He got some nice holes to run through early in the game and took advantage of those opportunity. I totally agree with Shanahan in that I don’t evaluate players based on stats but rather how well they took advantage of their opportunities. I think Hyde gets discouraged when he doesn’t get enough opportunities and then he just doesn’t try. He doesn’t seem to fight for yardage when there is no hole. In the second half he was fighting for yardage sometimes when there was no hole. This is the first game he has done that all year.

    Keep talking fast. Most video’s are boring. I personally like a lot of information in a short amount of time.

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