49ers-Titans post-game report

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, left, hugs teammate Daniel Kilgore after a 25-23 win over the Tennessee Titans during an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my 49ers-Titans post-game report below.

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  1. KS was far more than a glorified OC today. He was a very good HC, he did a great job of clock management today. He is really growing into his role. Things are looking up, I can’t wait till next year.

  2. Jesus Christ. They’ve been specific that they’re going to wait until the offseason to negotiate. Can’t you get it through your head? Most everyone else has…

    Anyway, your silly attempt at sarcasm is lame. You’ve been consistently wrong about Garoppolo’s play and trying to hide it with poor sarcasm just doesn’t cut the mustard.

  3. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/112676-recap-garoppolos-49ers-beat-titans-25-23-last-second-comeback/

    The San Francisco 49ers have their franchise quarterback.

    After the subsequent kickoff, Garoppolo jogged onto the field with one timeout and 66 seconds left on the clock. And then Garoppolo did what a franchise quarterback does.

    Three passes later, Garoppolo spiked the ball to stop the clock at the Titans’ 30-yard line. A few seconds later, the 49ers swarmed kicker Robbie Gould after his game-winning field goal split the uprights as time expired.

    Garoppolo responded with 381 passing yards on 43 pass attempts, many of which were thrown moments before he was slammed to the ground by Tennessee defenders.

  4. Actually wanted them to lose today. They played well enough to win so a loss would not have been a crushing downer. They are much much better than their record, but that is the perfect opportunity to use the low draft position to take advantage to increase the teams personal beyond what the strength of the team actually calls for. Losing more games increases that positive draft dynamic. Thats what tanking is all about and the 49’ers have the perfect justification for those losses. They are losing through bad breaks and injuries not on purpose. A top three pick would be very valuable this coming draft.

    1. That’s just a terrible post. This was a huge win against a good team. The team now believes that they hang around with any team. And with Jimmy, they know they can finish games.

      People who want us to lose are losers.

      1. Agree. I really like what I’m seeing from the team right now. Ending the season strong will go a long way towards this teams mind set going into next season.

        Plus I want the Patriots new 2nd round pick they got for gifting us Jimmy G to be as late as possible. Makes The trade look even more lopsided with each victory.

        Suck it Belicheat.

    2. Jesus.. another tank fan. What kind of grown man suits up every Sunday to put his health and career on the line, but says to his teammates and fans, “hey let’s lose for better position in the draft”? Get over it. These guys fight for who’s here, not who might be here next year. Since Jimmy has been in town it’s been amazing. These guys have a fire under their azz. Bit let’s tank says the fan, not the man on the field

    3. Yeah, as #80 said, that’s not a good way to think.

      Only fans think losing is a good thing to improve draft position. I assure you the team does not want to lose these games just so they can have a higher draft pick. And the impact of winning games leading into next season should not be underappreciated – these games go a long way to improving the players and changing the attitude they have. For too long this team has been a bunch of young guys that don’t know what it takes to win games.

      The fact this team now has addressed the QB position and they are now winning games means they will be picking higher than they probably should anyway, if JG had been the QB all year. It will still be a top 10 pick, and there will still be plenty of high end talent to choose from. Lets not sweat small things like a few draft spots at the expense of changing the attitude of this team.

      1. A question to ask now is would we have made the playoffs this year if we made the trade with the Pats at last years draft?
        Hindsight but we might have won some of those early,close games with Jimmy G at the controls!

        1. No question we would have won some of those early on, close games. However, we also would have given up more and higher draft picks.

    4. Your tank post sickens me. We are beyond the point where tanking will stunt the growth people who are being developed for next year. Showing that you are on the right track will bring in free agents some at a discount. You play the game to win!

    5. Ugh, take your tank mentality over to Niners Nation blog. You’ll fit right in with all the low-information beta football enthusiasts.

  5. Hey Grant, get over yourself. You aren’t that smart, so stop acting like you have a clue. Last I checked, you haven’t coached anything. You are a hack just luck us, you just happen to have platform to perform. Facts are facts, Niners have a franchise QB. Dumb luck. He’s already better than Carr, and 25 other QB’s. They went from 3 year rebuild, to playoffs next year, no doubt about it. No downside, no sarcasm, no negativity. Niners are back, so pretend you’re a fan before you’re kicked off the bus.

  6. I cant knock Garoppolo for Red Zone stuff this year tooooo hard. Red Zone is its own package. He obviously is focusing on how to move the balls between the 20s and he is doing a very good job of that.

    Next year if struggles in the RZ thats when I think you start knocking on him a bit.

  7. Haven’t watched the video yet. But nothing a blogger or a sportswriter SAYS is of any real importance. Not sure why people get so jacked up about it.

    Only thing that matters is what you see on the field.

    I have followed the 49ers since 1967 (I’m 66). Sure looks like the team now has a fine/franchise QB.


  8. In his free time Grant should create and manage a blog for the North Korean national soccer team–direct from Pyonyang. I’d think he’d last a couple days before being sent to a education camp…

  9. Can’t wait to see if Jimmy and the rest of the media laugh at your questions again this week at his press conference. Man, that must have hurt lol

  10. Next year is going to be ruff for haters like Grant. If you’re a writer then stop being lazy posting videos and write….

      1. Some:
        Snake, Fouts, Warner, Marino, Brady, Ken Anderson, PM, Rogers, Brees
        Joe was cool and had escape dimension and touch
        Jimmy has escape-ability, elusive in the pocket, accurate with touch.
        C’mon, if he can move this moribund walking wounded offense, he’s got him some stuff!
        PS: I’ve been whining and moaning about Beadles, but he’s finding a way to get enough done.

        1. One more thing Joe had in abundance~~Magic.
          He had it at Notre Damne (did I spell that right?), Had it with the 9ers of course, and had it at KC–that, along with great accuracy and stats. He pulled more rabbits out of a hat and put them in the end-zone as well-than anybody. Not just field goals.
          BroTuna, believe me, I know you knew all of this–I just wanted all the rest of it said.

          1. yeah, Prime, your right-he does look a lot like Stabler. Not sure if he has quite the arm strength of Marino….certainly has his release………..has instincts in the pocket…………..he really does remind me of a relatively young Stabler…………….also a lot like that Ram QB during the greatest show on turf, but moves better…………
            Get this guy some serious weapons, shore up that D, looks like a SB contender.

          2. Sawbrodie
            All good, I was trying to laser focus on the super-quick release over history.
            Joe is still my hero.
            Folks always talking about Elway as Mr.2:00, but mine was Montana, Unitas/Stabler tie for 2nd.
            If Landry had allowed Staubach to improvise more, he might’ve been an even better gamer. Ticks me off, but Favre was a gamer.
            Steve Young reminded me of the kind of officers I like in the USMC.
            They had enough humility to listen and learn; sketchy 2nd Looies could become solid 1st Looies and outstanding Company Commanders

  11. http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article190275029.html

    “My favorite part of a kick like that is watching the other sideline go completely silent,” said the veteran kicker, who also struck from 48 yards and 50 yards in the fourth quarter.”

    “On Sunday he was dealing with another loss, the death of his father, who passed away just days earlier. Goodwin did not speak after the game, one in which he finished with 10 catches for 114 yards.”

  12. 49ers likely locked out of a top 3 pick even before today’s game. Might was well show promise, build a winning culture and make the team more attractive to free agents. This is especially true for third contract free agents that want to go out winners.

    The next two games will be tough. Plenty of opportunity to lose a few more. Still draft 4-7 ish.

    1. They have so many holes to fill, having a top three pick is of no importance. Go get as many good OL players as you can and hope for the best…

      1. Two of OG, OT, CB, Edge, WR with first few picks. Hoping we can pick up a guard in free agency. If Garnett develops, all the better?

        1. Here is my Christmas wishlist….I know we have only 9 picks, so would like to add the following via Free Agency or Draft or Undrafted Rookies:


          2 Corners (1 FA like Kyle Fuller from bears + high Draft pick). Mabin has shown promise and Akhelo is a keeper.
          1 Edge Rusher (I really like Chubb. But they would get a lot of heat if they go for another DL with the 1st pick though)
          2 Linebackers (MLB + OLB…..Foster is awesome, but we need insurance. Coyle is a nice surprise and Pita T should be ready next year). I think this is the position which gets hurt most as we have 3 LBs currently on IR (Malcolm smith, Jimmy Gilbert, Donavin Newsom).


          OL is pretty obvious and top of the list. However, I think Fusco, Kilgore and Zane Beadles will be retained as backups at least.
          1 FA WR (like Allen Robinson from Jags or John Brown from Cardinals). I think this offense has been capable with Jimmy G, so WR is not as pressing a need as some of the above.
          1 Tight End (Celek, Kittle and Hikutine + another pick for Development)
          1 RB – Late 3rd round or early 4th round pick

          Just my wishful thinking :)

      1. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I’m rooting for the 49ets to win, as usual. Just being realistic about final two games when guessing draft slot.

  13. It’s Soo embarrassing to be a fan of guys who root for losses. But I’m proud as hell to be a fan of the San Francisco 49ers. I love John and Kyle. I love the fact that they gave up the unknown (2nd round pick), to get a known, yet unproven commodity. I’m also glad that Grant eats crow week after week with his judgements and ruthless Barb towards Kyle and Jimmy. Grant never wanted or expected Kyle to come here. Especially with pieces like, will author blank let Kyle leave, or his why would Kyle come here if he’s paid more to be an assistant, or could have Julio in a year. Oh and contrary to popular opinion, ATL misses Kyle, not the other way around. Bottom line, these guys are fighting and believing that they aren’t anyone’s whipping boy. I’m proud of them and proud to be a fan of, as Jack says, a team that beats other bad teams. I love my San Francisco 49ers.

    1. Not sure if you saw my above response, but I was rooting for 49ers to win, spelling one reason why. Being pessimistic about winning vs final two opponents made it seem like I was rooting for loss.

      Note: My wireless internet is faltering tonight (ISP’s relay has failing battery), so I might drop out of the thread all the sudden.

  14. Watching Da Jimmy G 3.0 was more impressive for me in person than when watching him on TV because you could see how early he was getting the ball out.

    1. No kidding, on TV it’s difficult to track some of his throws as it’s that quick.
      He’s made that oline look competent.

  15. Nice win.
    Jimmy is a keeper and Gould is an unsung hero who just gets it done.

    I was against getting Jimmy G in the lineup so soon, but have no problem with being wrong now that I’ve seen what he brings to the table. He has all the tools to carry the team for many years to come.

    With Polo in at QB, Lynch and Shanahan can now remove their attention from the QB position and focus on the pieces needed to build and solidify for the 2018 season and beyond.
    Next season can’t come soon enough!

  16. Still too many mistakes, going to have to play stellar ball next week, where a win is very possible. Niners D played tough held the Titans running game to less then 100 yards. If this team ever starts running the ball there would be no limits on how far this offense would evolve.

    1. Carlos Hyde just doesn’t seem fast enough in this scheme and Breida seems to small.
      So we don’t need a QB now, but I think we need a RB. If Barkley is there now, I think we look long and hard at him.
      Otherwise I’d go Fitzpatrick or Nelson.

      1. Saw a stat that showed Hyde ran for 29 yards after contact. But only had a total of 25 yards. On average, he was hit behind the LOS. No RB will succeed without sorting out the OL first.

        1. I agree the oline needs an upgrade. But how much are the 49ers willing to anti up for Hyde?
          I don’t think he has overwhelmed them enough to give him a long term deal.

          With so many other needs, and the potential to draft a special player like Barkley, it all might make Hyde expendable.

          1. Oh I don’t think Hyde will be back. But I also think fixing the OL is of greater importance than adding a guy like Barkley.

            Barkley would be my fall back option if I missed out on Connor Williams or Quenton Nelson. Not the other way around.

              1. Yes. I don’t give a rats about the perceived value of OGs by other people. Wasn’t that long ago that people thought drafting a RB in the first round was a bad pick. The 49ers need to fix the interior of their OL, and imo interior OL are vastly underrated in today’s NFL come draft day. Atm I would take Williams or Nelson ahead of Barkley.

  17. Yea Prime I have always been lukewarm with Hyde even in the past years. Maybe an edge rusher, also I am a big fan of Fitzpatrick. We still have needs elsewhere, WR, center guard/tackle. Going to be a very interesting off season too boot.

    1. I wasn’t a big fan of Hyde before this year but the guy has impressed me this year.
      He changed his body, stayed healthy and really battled this year for this team.

      I just don’t know if he is a good fit. To me this offense needs his size and Breidas speed in one player.Maybe that’s Joe Williams. But if we are in the top 5,Id take Barkley.

      For sure there are plenty of holes but I’m hoping the 49ers address their offense this draft on the first 4 rounds. RB, WR, LG, Center and RT.

      1. I agree Hyde has impressed more this year. Joe Williams scares me – fumbles, but who knows. I doubt the Niners go after Barkley, but I would be okay with it if they did.

        1. This next draft is huge. Gotta hit on at least the first 4 picks being game changers. I’m no particular order
          1. Edge rusher
          2. Corner
          3. WR
          5. RB

            1. WR in FA, Brodie. What FA WR wouldn’t want to play with Jimmy G. and K.S. It will do wonders for their stats and of course the 49ers are an ascending team.

              1. Good call. I can see WRs wanting to play here… especially ones wanting a one year “prove it” contract.

                I was mainly thinking about price. We have a possession (Garcon), Speed (Goodwin) and slot (Taylor). Missing is what many call a “number one receiver.” A top generalist that can kill a defense long, short, redzone. Those cost massive $ in free agency.

                I was thinking the blue collar positions work best in free agency. Draft the expensive positions like Edge, OT, Shut down CB, and #1 WR.

                Any good centers out there? Shanahan’s run offense keys on center alot. Kilgore could back up G and C. If Garnett’s new body pays off, and Kilgore can play guard, a center would complete the inside OL.

              2. I agree with you on center and I’d like a guy with experience as well. I mentioned Baltimore’s center, Ryan Jensen, about a month ago. Young and nasty. Razor just posted (I think yesterday) a great video on Jensen with a review by Geoff Schwartz. I like Schwartz’s OL training videos for fans and Geoff really likes Jensen. Baltimore is up against the cap and they could afford Jensen, but I’m hoping that the Ravens allow him to test FA.

                If not Jensen, then I think Richburg from the Giants might be available.

    1. Yup. Better to be attractive to free agents than worry about a draft slot or two. Especially since we’re out of the top three anyway.

  18. 49ers 2018 schedule is set:



    – Eric Branch

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