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Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey waits to run onto the field for an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

SANTA CLARA — Not the same old Rams.

These Rams play differently than the bunch the 49ers pounded 20-7 back in October. That bunch had lost three games in a row and seemed lifeless. This bunch has won three of their past five games and seem reinvigorated, although they lost last week to the Dallas Cowboys by 23 points.

“Over this last month, they’ve been playing as good of football as anyone in the league,” 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said about the Rams. “The Sunday game got a little out of hand, but they had a top-10 offense and a top-10 defense before that.”

The Rams’ roster looks decidedly different than it did just two months ago, because they’ve both added and lost quality players since then. The Rams will present a brand-new challenge to the 49ers.

Here are the five new faces the Niners must watch out for in Saturday night’s game.

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  1. Cooper Kupp vs K’Waun Williams should be a matchup to watch. Kupp is a big part of their offense when they do well and K’waun is just coming back from missing time with concussion issues. He’s had an excellent season and DJ Reed was a big drop off as his replacement.

  2. Good breakdown for the most part, but double-cover Higbee? If Harris can’t cover him, find someone that can like Exum or Moore….

  3. Kyle needs to call a much better game….no more monkeying around….if they start Coleman I am going to throw a beer at my big screen I swear….

    The Niners defense scares me right now, they are not the dominant team we saw earlier….this is why Kyle needs to get it done on the offensive side of the ball..

    Thanks Grant good job as always

  4. Offensive line looked offensive last game. Losing the center is a big blow for the offense. The journey lineman Garland can’t hold his own against the defensive tackles . Joe Staley has gotten beat often lately. When the opposing team shut down the run, Jimmy G. has no time to throw .

    1. You’re sticking with 24-23 eh….
      My question for you is which game will KS use a fake FG?
      Gould is not what he used to be and if this is a tight game we might need the extra points.
      This week or next week?

  5. Yet another away game for the Niners today. Just haven’t created a HFA yet in that mausoleum. At least it looks like the rain is gonna come late after the game. That’s good news. Tough game to bet on. The Rams are desperate. The Niners should be desperate. Divisional game. Both teams want to run the ball. I agree with Jack. I don’t see a high scoring game. I think it will be similar to the first matchup in LA. The book has it right I believe. Probably not going to touch it but if I did I’d take the Rams +6 1/2 and the under (44 1/2). The Niner defense will rebound from last week. I agree with you Monty, if Coleman starts, look out TV! I do have a foam 49er “rage brick” that a friend bought me after the 1983 CG loss to the Redskins where the Niners got hosed in Washington. I’ll throw that for sure! Mostert should be the starter in my HO. Have fun tonight folks. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays.

    SF 23 LA 17

  6. The Rams have everything to play for. If they win out they can possibly make the playoffs at 10-6. This game will be a grinder I think. Neither team will give up.

  7. No BS Lynch just came through on a golf cart with a bunch of security with him. I got to meet him…my kid took a pic. 👍
    Got lucky, I told him here comes the 5 game win streak.. He smiled.
    Also some dude was throwing out free bobbleheads, hats, beanies and mini footballs. I got a Jimmy G bobblehead & my kid got a hat. 👌

    1. The franchise traditionally sends out high ranking emissaries to visit with tailgater’s during the season home finale. Enjoy!

  8. Razor –
    Beat LA! I hope I didn’t jinx anything with that five-game winning streak comment. Going into the stadium now enjoy the game everybody

  9. 10 ways to guarantee a victory:

    -Go bold. TD’s, not field goals
    -Use timeouts wisely. No drunk sailors allowed
    -Utilize screens, reverses, flea flickers
    -No unforced errors
    -Don’t shoot yourself in the foot
    -Don’t try for extra yards with the ball. Fall down
    -Run out of bounds when being chased
    -Try a fake punt or field goal
    -Roll Jimmy out every passing play
    -Use the proper technique when holding the ball

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