49ers to sign RB Jerick McKinnon and lose RB Carlos Hyde

Minnesota Vikings’ Jerick McKinnon runs past Philadelphia Eagles’ Ronald Darby during the first half of the NFL football NFC championship game Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Wednesday morning, the 49ers and former Minnesota Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon agreed to a four-year, $30-million contract, according to Adam Schefter.

McKinnon will replace Carlos Hyde, who agreed to sign a three-year, 15-million contract with the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday.

McKinnon, 26, is much faster than Hyde, and a better fit for Kyle Shanahan’s offense. McKinnon has 4.4 speed, and is a dangerous receiver out of the backfield. Last season, he caught 51 passes for 421 yards and two touchdowns, and he ran the ball 150 times for 570 yards and three touchdowns.

I expect McKinnon will be the 49ers third-down back, while he and Matt Breida will split carries on first down and second down.

One final thought: If the 49ers had no intention re-signing Carlos Hyde, and they clearly didn’t, then they should have traded him last year, as I suggested at the time.

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  1. 30 milions in 4 years to be a third round back? I imagine a freeman /coleman scenario with Mckinnon in freeman’s role.

  2. That’s a huge surprise but I like McKinnon’s speed and ability to catch and run.

    Loved you Carlos but happy you will be away from the division. What do the Browns do now with Barkley?

        1. He will likely get drafted by the Giants or Colts before the Browns are on the clock. And even if he did make it to the fourth pick, I highly doubt the Browns would draft him given that they now have Hyde and Duke Johnson on board. My feeling is the Browns will try to trade one of their picks or go with Mayfield with the first pick and James with the fourth pick.

          1. Browns will take Darnold first, and Chubb fourth because the Bills will trade up with the colts for Rosen or Allen.

            1. I know I am going to regret asking this, but how in the heck can one have a pipe dream about a draft prospect going to another team?

      1. Pre-FA mock drafts are of limited use. Things are beginning to come into focus now as agreements and trades shake out.
        I think there will be interest in further trades as a few teams hope to move up.

      2. I am sorry, Carlos Hyde is not even near to the ability that Barkley possesses. Hyde does not run a 4.4, or catch the ball as good as Barkley. You do not pass on a once in a generational talent as Barkley for Carlos Hyde – unless you are the Browns and you have no intentions of winning.

  3. I believe McKinnon was signed to be the feature back (and I have heard others projecting that too). He has the perfect skill set for Shanahan. He is fast and can get to the outside, a great receiver, and a very good pass blocker. Shanahan doesn’t rely on just one back (Coleman and Freeman in Atlanta) so Breida will be mixed in for sure. But I think McKinnon will be top dawg.

  4. I’m not so sure Lynch didn’t try to trade Carlos on the low key. Why else would he show case him like he did before the trade deadline?

    Good signing. A lot of money for mid-tier RB, but he’s young and fast, I guess that’s what they go for now.

  5. From 4for4:

    49ers to sign RB Jerick McKinnon (3/14)

    Adam Schefter is reporting that the deal is worth $30 million over four years, so clearly Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers preferred McKinnon to Carlos Hyde, who signed with the Browns for much less. McKinnon is a ridiculous athlete whose best comparable at Player Profiler is LaDainian Tomlinson. In his first two seasons he averaged 4.90 yards per carry, but that average has dipped to 3.59 yards per carry over the last two seasons. The good news: he graded well at Pro Football Focus in 2017 and as Shanahan’s hand-picked running back, he’ll get every chance to succeed as the 49ers primary runner. This signing is in the vein of Michael Turner (to the Falcons), LaMont Jordan (to the Raiders), Chester Taylor (to the Vikings), or Darren Sproles (to the Saints) — quality backups who finally got their chance for a big role with a new team. McKinnon suddenly looks like a low-end RB1, especially in PPR formats.

  6. With McKinnon, brieda and if joe Williams comes back there will be absolute speed all over the backfield. My biggest concern is forth and short or when we get to the goalline. Do we ha e someone we can smash it in or have to rely on some gimmick play??

    1. Raz

      Now you’re onto something….”surgery free” is extremely important in backs heading into their second contract…
      I really like the signing even though McKinnon never occurred to me….Doh

  7. Maybe they wanted to see what they had in Hyde. All off season it sounded like the Niners were open to continuing to talk to Hyde about resigning. Hyde just found a better deal or situation in Cleveland (okay maybe not better situation) or the off season the Niners figured that they could get a better player in McKinnon and moved on.

    1. I don’t think the Niners were ever really serious about Hyde. He was just a possible fall back guy at best. If they wanted him they could have gotten him for less than McKinnen. McKinnen is just far better suited to the system than Hyde. McKinnen will put up far better numbers than he did in Minnie.

  8. Charvarius Ward, CB, Middle Tennessee, Pro Day:
    6′ & change
    10 1/8 Hand
    32 1/4 Arm
    77 1/4 wingspan
    37.5 Vert
    132 Broad
    4.43-4.46 40
    12 Bench Reps

    1. Raz,
      Kid looks good. Could make a splash on STs.
      With super fast WRs, I can’t help but wonder if we are getting a Bob Hayes or Renaldo Nehemiah.

  9. I don’t believe brieda will be the main back. His blocking and drops will be a problem. I expect a draft pick or Joe Williams to emerge. Honestly in this offense jet could be the main back. he has the size and speed to be the main back in this offense, not just a 3rd down back.

    1. Unless his contract figure is loaded with funny money performance incentives, $30m says he’s the main running back.

      1. He’s going to catch a lot of passes and return kickoffs. How many touches per game do you think he can handle? He never has averaged more than 14.5 touches per game.

        1. He has never been the featured back before. Niners didn’t get him to sit behind Breida or run kicks back. Once again you are wrong.

        2. Not sure about McKinnon returning kickoffs, probably Mostert. But he’ll catch passes and pass block. I think about 15 touches per game with about 4 passes. Breida and Thomas will be in the mix but they may still draft a RB in the 3rd like Rashaad Penny at 220lbs and runs a 4.45-40. Then they may cut a RB or PS. McKinnon is 210 lb and ran a 4.38-40, 32 reps at the combine. Breida is 190 lb.

          1. Marc

            Just a reminder not to overlook “Rolls” Royce Freeman from Oregon…also over 220 lbs. with good hands, and good moves…will hurt people…

    2. If the contract is for 7.5 per, then he is not going to be a 3rd down back. He’s going to be the feature back and the 3rd down back. Breida will likely remain as the second guy unless Williams breaks out in TC. With this signing and the guys already on the roster, they appear to be full on the depth chart unless they move on from Williams. His receiving ability is why they likely chose him over Hyde, but that’s a lot of money for what he’s done so far. Hopefully he puts up big numbers with more touches.

        1. I’m guessing 18-20. He’s going to have the Davante Freeman role in the offense. Pretty much a carbon copy size wise. Even the contract has similar money to Freeman’s.

            1. Breida will get his touches, but the receiving option with McKinnon is going to keep him on the field. Could be they go with a hot hand from week to week too. The Wild card is Williams. What if he blows up in TC? Do they look to trade Breida or go with a 3 man rotation? Mostart is going to be active on game day and you usually don’t have more than 3 RB’s active in a given week. This signing is really interesting on many levels.

              1. Good points. I think McKinnon will catch about four passes per game. But I’m not sure he’ll carry the ball more than 12 times per game. He and Breida could split carries evenly.

                And Williams is the Wild Card. He could turn out to be the best runner on the team. We’ll see.

              2. Could be. I just don’t see them investing this kind of money if they aren’t thinking of using him in the same vein as Freeman. If Breida and/or Williams is playing well enough to take carries away from him, all the better. Good problem to have.

              3. As it stands, he’s the fourth-highest-paid running back in the NFL in terms of average yearly salary after Bell, Freeman and McCoy. Hard to believe.

              4. Does this mean that Mostert or Williams is on the chopping block? Only 3 and there are 4.

                Who do you think will be the casualty of war? Barring injury of course which may make the decision moot.

                Wonder if Williams is still in the doghouse?

  10. Lynch and Shanahan must not be counting on Joe Williams. Sounds like Breida/McKinnon show. The draft should be to focus on CB, pass rusher, ILB, swing tackle. This team has great potential to challenge the Rams for division.

    1. No, they’re not counting on Williams. But I doubt they’re counting him out, either. He’ll get his shot eventually.

      1. I guess McKinnon/Breida will battle it out to figure out their roles. I’m just not sure ShanaLynch are paying that kind of money for a 3rd down RB. We’ll see.

          1. Well then, considering how deep this RB class is, it’s not a great signing, IMO. Money better spent elsewhere.

            If McKinnon isn’t the featured RB, I’m giving this signing a C-/D+. Too many other needs, and a RB draft class loaded with depth.

            For instance, MARK WALTON, Miami – 3rd round: 205 lbs, good receiver, 3rd down specialist on a rookie contract.

            1. There aren’t many running backs in this class who have 4.4 speed and are skilled receivers out of the backfield. There’s Saquon Barkley, Ronald Jones and that’s about it.

              1. i suspect that many of those not happy with the signing are Hyde fan boys who wished the team brought him back. Implying that for that price they could have had Hyde. Like the team really wanted Hyde back. They are still trying to rationalize why the chose McKinnen over Hyde ( he is a better receiver) when the reality is that McKinnen will actually be a better runner in this system than Hyde. He is obviously a better blocker. Which makes him a better back in all respects for this system. He also runs hard and breaks tackles as well.

            2. RB NYHEIM HINES, NC State. 4.3 speed, 933 yards receiving in college. “Hines has dual-threat talent but doesn’t have the size for full-time work at running back”

              1. Doesn’t have the agility Shanahan likes. Doesn’t meet the baseline requirement on the 20-yard shuttle.

              2. RB AKRUM WADLEY, Iowa: 4.5 speed. “The highlight reel runs are full of jukes, cuts and missed tackles for this explosive runner, rotational back with some pass-catching ability”

                RB ROC THOMAS, JSt: 4.5 speed. “Thomas is a change of pace back with plus athletic ability and agility”

                Just saying, a lot of 3rd down RB options in this draft, IMO.

              3. Fine.

                I’ll take a 5th-6th round 3rd down specialist over a $7 million/YR 3rd down specialist any day in this salary cap era, if those are indeed the numbers in McKinnon’s contract. 1/10th of a second in the 40, isn’t worth an extra 6+ million/YR, IMO, as long as they can catch. But, that’s just my humble opinion. That’s just too much money for a part-time, 3rd down RB these days, IMO.

              4. Fair enough. The guy I think would have interested Shanahan is Phillip Lindsay from Colorado. But, McKinnon is a better player than him.

          2. “I can’t believe the plan is to give McKinnon 20-plus touches per game.”

            Even Hyde wasn’t a 20-plus touch per game guy last year.

            I’d expect to see McKinnon around 18 and Breida around 12.

      2. Grant

        I do very much agree…Williams tore up almost every team in the PAC-12 in college, I expect that he will pass Brieda on the depth chart before pre-season…

          1. And if Williams reaches the potential we think he has, then McKinnon was a total waste of money, IMO.

            Look, I like McKinnon. I’m just saying, in this day and age, you can’t compete paying $7+ million/YR for a rotational RB.

              1. Sounds like we aren’t in complete disagreement here. My only issue is the money. And if they did indeed panic, that’s never good, lol.

              2. Both of you are not on cue. Niners are not paying McKinnon 7.5 million to be a 3rd down back – the man can handle being the featured back (by the way – I think Matt Breida is stud, and will only continue to get better). No, they did not panic because Dion Lewis went somewhere else. McKinnon is a very talented back who can do everything – and very strong for his size – didn’t he bench press 225 lbs. at the combine like 29 times?

                Grant, sometimes you over analyze players. Why don’t we all wait for OTA’s, mini-camp and then training camp to come up with better analysis – yes?

              3. Let’s take a look at saying the 49ers “panicked”:

                Did the signing of McKinnon get them into cap trouble this year, preventing them from doing something they need to get done? No, not likely.

                Do we know the real value / cap implications of the deal? No.

                Do we know if the 49ers had two RBs circled (Lewis and McKinnon) and when one signed elsewhere, they moved aggressively to get the other? Not for certain, but it sure looks that way.

                Does anyone think that McKinnon’s deal is structured in a way that will a problem for the 49ers cap after this year? Nope, not if they’ve been paying attention.

                Panic isn’t what comes to mind, when considering the McKinnon signing.

              4. McK was Shanny’s top priority going in to FA per Sheftner, and seemingly verified by Lynch, with Richburg a close #2.

              5. Really Grant….panic? “A sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior.”

                Does having and executing a layered backup plan qualify as panic?

              6. I understand Lynch had a sealed envelope with McKinnens containing a piece of paper with McKinnens name written on it. Lewis was not their first choice.

              7. Oh what a shocker, Cohn head says niners panicked. Pure speculation and pure horse rhymes with newer.

  11. Grant, just because madden lists him as a 3RB it doesn’t mean he can’t play first and second down in real life.

    Breida is a 3rd down back mold but just worse than McKinnon. They will split roughly 70-30 in favour of McKinnon.

    1. Breida is an above-average ball carrier. He averaged 4.5 yards per carry last season. He seems like he can handle a bigger load.

      1. Wouldn’t it make more sense then to splurge on another position of need in FA (OG, CB, ILB, etc) and spend a mid-round pick on a 3rd down RB specialist? It’s a deep RB class.

          1. Not nearly as much as it sounds like the Niners may have paid for McKinnon. And Lewis/Henry are 2 entirely different RB’s. Breida and McKinnon are much more similar, heck, they came out of the same, triple-option program.

            I guess we need to see the contract before I give my final grade.

            1. They are similar because their type of back is what suites this offensive system. A different type of back would not suit the system as well. Speed and qujckness trumps strength.

  12. OU WR Jeff Badet showing off his wheels today at Pro Day: a 4.27 40; a 39 1/2 vertical and a 10-11 broad jump.

  13. “As I suggested “. Lol Really? LOL!!!!! They did need to field some kind of talent last year. I guess they could have ran with Hightower, Mostert and Brieda. That would have been not awesome. Glad you suggested it Cohn and let us all know again. Do you feel like you’re not being heard? Why don’t you take Jed out to eat? Don’t forget your wallet.

  14. “But, if the 49ers had no intention re-signing Carlos Hyde, and they clearly didn’t, then they should have traded him last year, as I suggested at the time.”

    They needed him last year.

      1. They needed him at the start of the season when he was the only proven tallent at the HB position. Grant suggested getting rid of Hyde before last season.

        If Shanny felt comfortable with Breida and or Williams, he would have tried to trade Hyde. If nobody wanted him in that hypothetical situation, Hyde would have got released like Kerley.

        1. You don’t need “proven talent” at running back to have a productive running game in an outside-zone scheme.

          1. And yet they kept him. Why is that? It wouldn’t have been much of a cap hit to cut him since he was on his rookie deal. He was also the only HB that could somewhat receive and somewhat block. They didn’t know if Breida or Williams could carry the load.

              1. I disagree. Cutting or trading Hyde would have meant keeping Hightower. As Breida, Williams, and Bibbs were question marks.

              2. They could have promoted McNichols to the active roster and made him the No. 3 running back, or signed someone else to be the No. 3 running back. Not hard to find a No. 3 running back.

              3. So you think they should have started Breida all year last season? He wasn’t ready then, and may not be ready now. Breida never had more than 12 carries in a game last year.

              4. The Niners could have split carries between three running backs, and it didn’t matter who those running backs were.

              5. “The Niners could have split carries between three running backs, and it didn’t matter who those running backs were.”

                It mattered. Opposing defenses had some respect for Hyde. With no threat of a running game, our QBs would have got killed and there would have been even less balance in play calling.

              6. You’re assuming they could have traded an RB who has been injured and has no remaining years left on his contract. Do you know for certain they did not explore trade options? What would they get? Which team is making this trade?

            1. Grant– You are being a monday morning QB. In retrospect they probably could have traded him. But at the time it seemed prudent to keep him. If they got some amazing offer they probably would have. They probably figured what they could get for him was not worth the trade off of keeping him for security. He also probably increased his value by going the entire season without injury. I think they operated last season with less concern about getting value for players not in there future as they were fielding a team that allowed them to evaluate their available talent. Which is why they carried a vet QB that knew the system.

        2. Unlikely there would be much interest in him. He would have been on the last year of a deal and few teams will franchise a running back… so they likely would have been offered only a 6th or 7th. In which case the niners might as well have s look at how he fits in their system.

          1. Exactly! And that would have even been more applicable in mid season. The same reason Jimmy was acquired for only a second.

  15. McKinnon is going to be Lil Shanny’s version of Devonta Freeman and Breida will be Tevin Coleman.

    This is a good signing, explosive and provides the “Rickey Watters” type back that the offense was missing last year and it’s at about 1/2 the price of Bell who I said would fit the scheme. Low mileage too.

    1. Jack Hammer

      It’s still too early to be thinking about all of this so I thank you for suggesting the “Rickey Watters”type RB…I couldn’t put my finger on it, but Rickey was one of my favorite 9er RBs, and I can see McKinnon being the same type ‘slasher’ that Watters was…and that we have been missing….

        1. Knew someone would bring up the size difference. The comparison is based off their ability, Waters was explosive in the passing game and so is McKinnon.

          1. Hopefully he will fumble less than Watters (15 in three seasons) and drop less passes. IMO, Watters looks better in retrospect because he was part of the one of the best offenses in NFL history,

  16. A snapshot of the running back position. As others have noted the team didn’t sign McKinnon with that kind of money to be a third down back. He’ll be the featured back, with Breida getting more carries than last year. I foresee a lot of first down passes to McKinnon. I’m betting they also draft a back in the middle rounds. Williams enters camp as a make-or-break option competing with whomever they draft for a roster spot. We’re still missing that short-yardage bruiser as they never really favored their FB in that role last year, but then they had Hyde and now don’t so we’ll probably see the FB getting those carries. Here’s hoping he’s capable in that role.

  17. Last year everyone was complaining that we overpayed for Juice. At the beginning of the season, it did seem that way. But once Jimmy G was plugged in, Juice suddenly became that offensive weapon we expected and the team paid for. Let’s see what happens.

  18. The team seems to be making moves at needed positions except edge rusher. Given the need for and dearth of good players, releasing Dumervil is a head scratcher to me. He was productive last year and I believe he would have only cost $3.5 million in 2018. To me that is very good value unless there’s some health issue that isn’t public knowledge or perhaps he wanted to be released.

        1. Methinks Mattheiu will need to sign for a lot less, maybe on a “show me” contract — some think he’s irretrievably broken physically

        1. Yep, only way he’s not on the team now is a trade and at 8.5 million, the injury history, I just don’t see that happening….

  19. I think they feel they can bring him back at a cheaper amount if needed Cubus. If they had picked up the option they were tied to him and they likely expect/hope they can add somebody younger and cheaper.

    1. Rocket: A veteran like Elvis might feel disrespected that the team wouldn’t even pay him at least $3.5 million per year. It might be the reality of business, but that doesn’t mean that ill feelings still don’t linger. I would pay him that amount and not try to beat him down another 500K to 1 million.

      Younger and cheaper: Other than a draft pick, do you have anyone in mind?

      1. That’s the reality of the NFL when you are an older player. You are on speed dial and don’t get a guaranteed contract most of the time. They have Pita on the roster already and have mentioned trying Harold out in that role as well. They will definitely draft somebody to add to the mix, so there will be options including bringing Dumervil back if he is still out there come TC.

  20. McKinnon-Hyde exchange is another step in which Harbaugh’s F-150 Power Run offense changes to the re-designed Tesla Roadster version of WCO under Shanalynch.

    McKinnon’s SPARQiness is almost identical to Barkley — so he is Niners’ Barkley for fans yearning for this supposed “once-in-a-generation” RB pick in this draft.

    With regard to Brieda-vs-McKinnn in # of carries , I’d think it would depend on the game plan which, in turn, would be dictated by match-ups. In other words, I’d not be surprised to see significant change from week-to-week. Joe Williams is the wild-card, and there will likely be another third-day draft pick or UDFA.

    1. Mood, the difference being that McKinnon is “almost” as athletic as Barkley, at nearly 30 lbs lighter. That extra 30 lbs is everything when it comes to a bell cow RB.

      No comparison there. One thing that makes Barkley so special is that, at 205 lbs, he’d be an athletic freak. At his true 233 lb weight, he’s an absolute freak of nature! He’s built like a brick house, and his legs are as powerful as a RB’s legs could possibly be, and they are powerful without sacrificing any agility whatsoever.

      Barkley is seriously one of a kind! No comparison here, unfortunately.

  21. I was pulling for the 49ers to draft McKinnon coming out of college. Glad to have him on board, but having said that, we found a diamond in Matt Breida and believe he will have an impact year.

    I now see the 49ers focusing on OL and LB in the draft. Cleveland holds the cards in this draft. If they draft one of the top 3 QBs then perhaps they shake up the draft by going with Q.Nelson. The retirement of Joe Thomas could precipitate this kind of move by Cleveland.

  22. @Rob_Lowder
    New #49ers RB Jerick McKinnon averaged 6.05 yards every time he touched the ball in 2017.
    Carlos Hyde: 4.9
    Dion Lewis: 5.8
    Isaiah Crowell: 5.3
    LeSean McCoy: 5.8
    Le’Veon Bell: 5.85

    12:53 PM – Mar 14, 2018

  23. The Niners have the honor of being awarded the first F in Bill Barnwell’s FA grades:

    Grade: F
    McKinnon hit free agency in pursuit of a deal where he could serve as a primary running back, but his case for a larger role isn’t quite clear. The Georgia Southern product was hyperefficient over his first two seasons, averaging 4.9 yards per carry over 165 rushing attempts, but as the larger half of a rotation over the two ensuing seasons, his 309 rush attempts have produced just 3.6 yards per attempt. 14.2 percent of his runs have turned into first downs, which ranks 50th among 51 qualifying backs over that time frame.
    Some of that could be chalked up to a dismal offensive line in 2016, but McKinnon wasn’t much better behind a much better line in 2017. He also fumbled three times after going his entire career without one. At this point, he profiles as a third-down back with big-play ability, but asking him to run the ball more than five or six times per game is probably too much.

    Jerick McKinnon had 12 total touchdowns in four seasons with the Vikings. It was shocking, then, to see the 49ers give McKinnon a four-year deal for $30 million. The only running back on a multiyear deal with a larger annual salary than McKinnon is LeSean McCoy. San Francisco did this last year when it fell in love with Kyle Juszczyk, didn’t trust its ability to mold a fullback, and gave him a deal more than 200 percent larger than any other fullback’s contract. (Juszczyk subsequently made the Pro Bowl, but that’s because he’s the most famous fullback; he was mostly an anonymous receiver, didn’t contribute as a runner, and the 49ers averaged both more yards per carry, expected points per run, and a higher first down rate when Juszczyk wasn’t on the field.)

    Kyle Shanahan watched his dad Mike’s offenses produce 1,000-yard backs seemingly out of thin air. His most successful backs in the pros have been exclusively midround picks on rookie deals in Steve Slaton, Alfred Morris, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, none of whom was drafted before the third round. McKinnon should do better under Shanahan’s tutelage. He might even be very good, given what the 49ers have around him, but is he going to suddenly become the second-best running back in football? Even if he does, why aren’t the 49ers confident they can develop a young back into a worthwhile contributor in a scheme which has been doing that for nearly three decades now? General manager John Lynch and company have certainly made some positive moves, and they have money to burn, but the players they’ve gotten stuck on — Juszczyk, Malcolm Smith and now McKinnon — have produced incomprehensible contracts.

    We’ll revisit this grade if the terms of the contract don’t match the initial numbers, but if not, this is one of the most stunning deals of the offseason.

    1. Rocket,
      Hopefully the 49ers are looking beyond JMs stats and see a player that fits their system.
      In any case, this move will shake out in TC. For now I’m taking anyone’s grade with a grain of salt.

    2. This worries me. This could now be the third grossly overpaid player Lynch has picked up in free agency. Malcom Smith and Juszczyk would not have gotten anything close to what the 49ers paid them had they gone elsewhere.

      If we’re outbidding the competition, it should be by a hair, not by a mile.

      1. Juice turned down more money to play with the 49ers so we didnt overpay him.

        We were also in a bidding war for McKinnon with the Jets so atleast one other team valued him as much as the 49ers.

    3. Aloha from Kauai. I agree with Bill Barnwell. We could have gotten the same talent for far less money in the draft and develop.

  24. You could get a cheaper complementary pass catching receiver, but McKinnon is a dual threat and keeps defenses guessing. Hopefully Breida and Williams can improve as pass catchers too.

    If McKinnon does get used up and goes down, would Juice take his catches?

    1. KJ was a heralded TE in college. The guy can catch.
      I said last year that he was under used as a WR, hope he gets more opportunities this season.

    2. The guy hasn’t even put on a 49ers uniform yet you already speculating who’s going to replace him when he goes down. No wonder the 49ers didn’t go anywhere the last 5 years because the fans wants to be the coach..lol

      I’m glad that they’re moving on without Clyde RB who’s the last piece of the Kaepernick ERA. Glad too that 49ers finally got the right GM, Head coaches and especially the QB they deserve to lead them to another championships.

      1. Why not? They are all players that fit the scheme to a T. That’s what you want. It’s what the Patriots have done for years.
        Pick and plug. And now they can do that in the draft. It’s a great philosophy.
        I want the Honey Badger now!

  25. I like the addition, but that is way more $$ than I expected. But hey, 49ers can afford it.

    With that sort of money there is no doubt he will be the #1 RB. But Shanny likes to use a platoon of backs so he won’t be overworked. Not sure I agree with everyone’s take that Breida will be the Coleman to McKinnon’s Freeman though. I expect the 49ers will still draft a RB and have hopes Williams can unseat Breida. Breida is a very similar athlete to McKinnon, but doesn’t catch the ball as well.

    1. I’ve been thinking of it as we got Sherman, Richburg and McKinnon essentially for what it cost to get Trumaine Johnson. Kinda takes some shock from the sticker price, for me….

        1. If Johnson is getting 15 million a year, we’re paying McKinnon 7.5 million, Sherman 6 million, Richburg 5 million. Difference of 3.5 million, so it’s close….

      1. Just saw a break down..

        Aaron Wilson

        Jerrick McKinnon 49ers deal: $36.9M, $14.3M gtd, $2M bonus,
        Salaries- $4.2M, $3.7M, $6.5M, $6.9M; $5.5M roster bonus
        2018 has a $6.9M option bonus for 2021 league year to be exercised prior to end of 2020 league year

        1. New Niners RB Jerick McKinnon gets $12 million in 2018, and $22.9 million over the first two years of his 4-year, $36.9 million deal. Caveat: Only first year is fully guaranteed. But the money is really good … $12 million worth of good for 2018.

          In other words, the 49ers front loaded this contract heavily, once again. I do like this strategy, even though, all things considered, it’s still a bit steep. But with more money than they can probably spend this offseason, front loading his deal is definitely the way to go, IMO. After this season, it’s a more manageable number.

          I fell better about this contract now.

      2. Razor,
        Jed greatly appreciates your empathy regarding the sticker price shock to which Lynch is subjecting him :)

  26. Even though the team can opt out after one year, McKinnon is getting at least about $12 million and at most almost $37 million for 4 years. Seems high to me. I hope he is worth it. Apparently the 49ers were in a bidding war with the Jets.

  27. From Albert Breer:

    New Niners RB Jerick McKinnon gets $12 million in 2018, and $22.9 million over the first two years of his 4-year, $36.9 million deal. Caveat: Only first year is fully guaranteed. But the money is really good.

    Shanny must be a believer.

    1. He looked to my layman’s eye like he’d be a player of interest to Shanny. Clean injury history with no known surgeries, young, relatively low mileage, explosive, fast, runs routes well and catches it. I wouldn’t rule out another running back in the draft either….

      1. Isn’t Mathieu more a NCB than a FS? Good player, but don’t really see him taking the SHS role and 49ers don’t need a NCB.

    2. Holy smokes the deal is even bigger than first reported. That is a lot for a guy with his level of production so far. Looks like a major overpay right now. Hope he is what they think he is.

      1. Yep. That’s a lot of money for a guy with his resume. I appreciate Shanny will have a plan on how to use him and take advantage of his skillset, but paying him that sort of money is a big reach.

        1. Meh.

          Yah, it’s a lot for this season, but why do we care? It’s Jed’s money, and they have more than enough this offseason to front load the deal. Only $12 million is guaranteed.

          Remember, $6.9 of this years $12 million is optioned at the end of 2020. If he stays healthy and productive, it’s still a little steep, but not too bad. The biggest number on the books will be this year, and they are flush with cash this year.

          1. If you read my earlier post you will see I said pretty much the same thing. I don’t care how much he is making as the 49ers can afford it. Doesn’t stop this from being a big reach on a guy with limited production.

      2. While I too am surprised by the contract, let’s not forget that most if not all felt that we overpayed for Juice last year. Once Jimmy G was plugged in, Juice did become that offensive weapon. I’ll give ShanaLynch the benefit of the doubt (like I have any choice) for now.

        Also, while it does look like they might have overpayed, at least the contract is structured in such a way that they can get out of it after one year. If they decide it was a mistake at some point in the future, they can move on from it fairly quickly. It’s unrealistic to expect that they’ll never make mistakes, so this at least shows that they don’t want to burdened down by mistakes that are made.

        1. I don’t understand the objections to the contract size. The price one pays for a service is based on the payer’s valuation of the service in meeting a specific need. It’s clear that McKinnon was in a power run scheme as a backup where his overall skill-set was underutilized. In Shanny’s system, he may be as much a receiver out of the backfield as a ball carrier. His valuation has to be based on how many points he will score and third-downs he will convert. I have little doubt that he will have 15-20 touches a game combined.as rusher, receiver, and perhaps punt returner. I can see him racking up 7 yds a touch in Shanny’s system and over 2000 years combined in a season. If he has those numbers, he would have earned his $9M. Else he would be cut after 2 years with no lingering effect on cap.

          1. The problem I have with it is it continues a propensity of this regime to overpay for what the position/history dictates. As Grant pointed out, he’s now the 4th highest paid RB in the league and he’s been a part time player with a YPA under 4. Sure it’s not our money, but the extra money spent on McKinnon could have been used somewhere else. There is also the fact that RB is the easiest position to find in the draft which is why there is normally not much of a FA market for them.

            As I said, I hope he is what they are paying him to be, but he certainly hasn’t put up the numbers to state that case.

            1. I agree Rocket…this tells me Shanny wanted him bad enough to get in a bidding war with NYJ and win. He must have big plans for him. Shanny is obviously willing to overpay for what he sees as pivotal pieces he see as the perfect fit. Only time will tell if that strategy pays off.

              KS really seems like a guy who know exactly what he wants and fully intends on getting it. It would be interesting to get a peak behind the curtain (so to speak) and to see how that dynamic works with Lynch. My guess is pretty well, for now at least.

              1. No argument here Leo. Shanny does seem to be focused on players he wants and doesn’t worry about the cost. That’s why Lynch and Marathe have to be the voices of reason on the financial ramifications. Even if McKinnon does well, they are paying him near the top of the pay scale already. That’s why I’m not a fan of the contract.

              2. That would be like questioning Kyle’s coaching ability..
                “Oh you don’t need this guy…or that guy..”
                I’m a firm believer in Parcells theory.
                .Let him shop the groceries…if you want him to cook
                That way if it works…You can never question his personnel decisions again..
                If it don’t..Then you can question it..and be apprehensive……..But.
                Kyle is an offensive mastermind and knows what he wants..and needs…
                And we got the resources at his disposal..I don’t see a problem.

            2. Rocket.. Grant also says, they should pay for the future, not what he’s done in the past. And I believe in this offense he will be worth every penny. Just like juice.

            3. Well, I’ll just repeat the same points in response.
              “he certainly hasn’t put up the numbers to state that case.”
              He hasn’t put up numbers to “state that case” because he has been used less (and less effectively) in a system that is not optimal for him.
              “this regime to overpay for what the position dictates”
              The position dictates very different things in different systems. If this guy catches a lot of passes and his seasonal total is comparable to a slot receiver, then his worth is different from that of a RB who catches passes only occasionally.

              Also see Nick’s post later in this comment section.

              IMO, there is no hard and fast rules for valuation of skill positions in modern NFL offense. It all depends on the perceived effectiveness of each offensive weapon in a specific scheme.

              Bottom line, in the NFL business, FO chooses the player based on their ranking among the available players in the market, and will increase their valuation based on their need for that position in case there’s bidding. Hence, Niners may have paid 20% more for Juice and McKinnon. But who cares if they have the money, and the deal is structured well? This approach is same in FA and draft. In the latter, the FO creates their own draft board and takes the available player ranked highest on their board irrespective of position.

              1. Mood,

                He hasn’t put up numbers to “state that case” because he has been used less (and less effectively) in a system that is not optimal for him.

                So couldn’t the reason for him being used less be because he wasn’t that great at running the football? The Vikings signed Latavius Murray and drafted Dalvin Cook relegating McKinnon to the 3rd down back role. I’m not sure why the Vikings system wouldn’t be optimal for him but that is speculation. The fact is he is a good receiver and an average to below average RB based on the numbers.

                The position dictates very different things in different systems. If this guy catches a lot of passes and his seasonal total is comparable to a slot receiver, then his worth is different from that of a RB who catches passes only occasionally.

                The position always dictates having to run the football. He is going to catch a lot of passes for sure, but he’s also going to have to line up and run it too. You don’t pay the guy this kind of money to be a 3rd down back.

                Bottom line, in the NFL business, FO chooses the player based on their ranking among the available players in the market, and will increase their valuation based on their need for that position in case there’s bidding. Hence, Niners may have paid 20% more for Juice and McKinnon. But who cares if they have the money, and the deal is structured well? This approach is same in FA and draft. In the latter, the FO creates their own draft board and takes the available player ranked highest on their board irrespective of position.

                Thanks for educating me on how the NFL works. I wasn’t aware that teams tend to go after players they want.

                They overpaid based on what they hope McKinnon can be instead of what he’s done. I hope it works out, but it’s not a good business strategy in a league where every dollar has ramifications against the salary cap. They’ve done this multiple times now with Jus, Smith and now McKinnon. Overpaying catches up with you eventually.

              2. Guys u have to look around the league. Everyone is overpaying, not just the niners. You overpaying for who you want. They could have signed any of the “named guys” and it would have been overpayment. So tell me again, who’s out there getting”steals” right now? The biggest one, Richard Sherman. And that’s because of an injury.

  28. Here are available free agents that are worth a look:

    Tyrann Mathieu, S
    Justin Pugh, OG
    Zach Brown, LB
    Eric Ebron, TE
    Adrian Clayborn, DE
    Demario Davis, LB

  29. Niners re-signed Coyle, but the big news is that Fusco’s, the BART station turnstile in pass protection, is gone!

    Here is what Pro Football Talk had to say, “He can play center or guard, and has 80 career starts. The Falcons bring back last year’s starting line, but Fusco’s a solid depth signing for a team that has improved as they put better blocking in front of Ryan.”

    PFT must not have done much film study on Fusco before posting those comments. Good luck, Matty Ice!!!

  30. Grant Cohn
    ‏ @grantcohn
    6m6 minutes ago

    Grant Cohn Retweeted Adam Schefter

    Somewhere, Jimmy Garoppolo probably is cheering quietly.

    Grant Cohn added,
    Adam Schefter
    Verified account @AdamSchefter
    Falcons are signing former 49ers’ G Brandon Fusco to a 3-year contract, per source.
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

    Nice Grant!

  31. Adam Schefter
    Verified account
    Falcons are signing former 49ers’ G Brandon Fusco to a 3-year contract, per source.

    Grant Cohn
    7m7 minutes ago
    Somewhere, Jimmy Garoppolo probably is cheering quietly.

  32. “Jerick and Weston were both at the top of our priority list heading into free agency, and being able to lock them in quickly was important to us,” said Lynch. “Both men embody the 49ers spirit and check almost all the boxes on the list of characteristics we look for in a player.

    We see Weston as one of the top young interior offensive linemen in the NFL. His athleticism, intelligence and attitude are a perfect fit for our scheme. Jerick has proven to be an extremely versatile football player whose speed, elusiveness and tackle-breaking ability make him a very difficult matchup for defenses.

    While only the first year is guaranteed, McKinnon’s deal is potentially worth more than the $30 million total it was initially believed to be


  33. 49ersch ch ch Cheetah and the JET
    Georgia Southern teammates reunited in the Bay! #FootballIsFamily

    Georgia Southern’s Breida & McKinnon

  34. Good that Coyle is re-signed. I was surprised that it didn’t happen before FA started. Guess Coyle wanted to evaluate his market price.

  35. Media reaction to McKinnon signing:

    Oscar Aparicio

    Jerick McKinnon is an elite athlete that’s an ideal fit for Shanahan’s scheme.

    His pSPARQ score of 147.5 is right up there with Saquon Barkley (148.4).

    His PFF receiving grade (82.4) is t-7th in the NFL. His pass blocking grade puts him 8th in the NFL.

    Peter Schrager
    The reported Jerrick McKinnon contract numbers show there were multiple suitors. This one had more than just two. You pay what the market demands and SF will get the all-purpose RB they targeted for Kyle Shanahan’s offense. @nflnetwork @GMFB @NFL
    7:10 AM – Mar 14, 2018

    Jerod Brown USA Today:
    The #49ers signing Jerick McKinnon vs a big-name WR is, to me, Kyle Shanahan saying “I can scheme a slightly less-talented rookie WR open. I can’t scheme a player to be explosive & versatile”

    7:46 AM – Mar 14, 2018

        1. Yes, it’s looking more and more like the team is locked into selecting a pass rusher with the first pick. Maybe they’ll try to trade up for Chubb.

              1. If they want Landry, I don’t think they can trade down anymore. I am hearing Landry is now Top 10.

  36. Looks like edge in the 1st. Esp with rumors swirling about 49ers interest in Terrelle Pryor (among other teams, Rams, etc.)

    1. It will either be edge or OG. And the draft has much better depth at OG this year, so edge makes more sense in the first.

      1. 1. Darnold/Browns
        2. Nelson/Giants
        3. Rosen/Bills trade up
        4. Chubb/Browns
        5. Mayfield/Broncos
        6. Allen/Jets
        7. Barkley/Tampa
        8. Ward/Bears
        9. Landry should be there if they want him.

      2. Yep. Landry looks like a good bet to be the pick unless they trade down which is looking less likely with the trades that have been made already.

        1. It’s either Landry, Smith, Edmunds or a trade down where word on the street has Lynch targeting Guice. With Sherman in the fold, I think they pass on Fitzpatrick and take the pass rusher.

          1. If the Niners were to select Guice in the first, I would be irate.
            It’s not that I don’t like him, but their are plenty of similarly graded prospects, in other, more pressing areas of need for San Francisco. OLine, Corner, Linebacker and Edge just to name a few.

  37. Jerick McKinnon played QB in college, so it took him a while to transition to RB in the NFL. Minnesota Vikings color commentator Pete Bercich was on the radio this morning. He said that McKinnon struggled as a RB in his first couple of years for that reason. Since then, he’s gotten stronger, gained experience, and has shown steady improvement in 2016 and 2017. He may be poised for a breakout year with the 49ers this year.

    1. You’re right Nick, he’s poised to break out. But it’s hard to break out if you’re not the featured back. MY guess is he has to be the 49ers featured back at this price. Breida will still get his share of touches. I think they are comparable in terms of running the football, but McKinnon is the superior receiver, and Shanny will certainly take advantage of that.

      Love the fit. Couldn’t be better in terms of skill set/fit.

  38. Why are so many of you bitchin about “overpayment”. All of these guys are being overpaid. Every guy the bears signed was an overpayment, because they needed them. Just because we didn’t overpay for who you wanted doesn’t make it a bad overpayment. If we would have overpayed for Allen Robinson it would have been yipppeee!!! But you would have been excited over a guy that just came back from ACL surgery. There is a reason Kyle and John paid for this guy, it’s their guy. Their system guy. They didn’t bring him in here to be a 3rd down back. I believe he’s going to be given every chance to shine in this system. But I’m also the only one that doesnt think brieda is the other guy. I think it’s Joe Williams. I also believe they both will be on the field together to generate mismatches. Overpayment my azz. They got who they wanted.

    1. Why are so many of you bitchin about “overpayment”.

      Let me guess: they did not overpay the guy they wanted? :)

      They didn’t bring him in here to be a 3rd down back.

      But since he’s a RB who catches passes, he must be a “third-down back”, no?

      Grant, as often is the case, started off his critical volley on zero information (“they panicked because they could not sign Dion Lewis”). Turns out McKinnon and Richburg were the two FA’s they targeted in the first place. Why would they not overpay to some extent when bidding for their targeted guys if they have cap space? Sure, McKinnon could be a bust but that’s a chance one has to take after making informed personnel choices.

      1. I know right. It’s like, if they overpay for their guy, it’s good job, but since they overpayed for the guy that Kyle wanted, it’s I would not have overpayed for him or they don’t know what they are doing. It’s weird..

    2. I’ve already explained why above. They paid him the most of any RB in FA and he’s now the 4th highest paid in the league. His resume does not command anywhere near that. I get that the Niners wanted him and that he fits the system. I simply have said that they overpaid based on what he’s been able to do so far. They did the same thing with Jus and Malcom Smith. That is not a good way to do business in a cap environment. Does anyone seriously think they couldn’t have found a similar back in the draft for a fraction of the cost? Every dollar is a factor and RB is the easiest position to find. Shanahan’s entire history shows that.

          1. Yeah Nick you can’t explain that to me. I’m just complaining blindly with no understanding.

            Let’s see if I can make Steelematic understand this:

            They are paying Mckinnon a lot of money this year. More than he’s earned. That could keep them from signing other players who may be able help the team this year.

            1. Let’s see if I can make you understand. The only thing stopping them from signing other players, is themselves. If they wanted someone they would have got them. This contract is only guaranteed for year one. If he doesn’t produce, then they can get rid of him… Nothing is keeping them from signing other players but 1 thing, Kyle and John don’t want them.

              1. Feel free to believe that Steele, it’s your prerogative, but the absolute worst thing you can do in a cap system is overpay a player. Even if they don’t need it this year they can roll it over to next year. That money is always useful. I understand the point that he’s only going to be expensive for this season and I would guess that Shanahan will get the most out of him. That wasn’t and never has been the point argued. It is simply and observation that the Niners overpaid a player and it’s bad business to do so. It’s also becoming a regular occurrence with this FO which is unsettling.

      1. How many resumes said overpay in free agency? And when they got overpayed, how many lived up to it? Again, stop paying for what you did, pay for what’s to come. And if they shine, the deal they get will look like chump change when the rest of the league has to pay double that. They know what they are doing. Especially since only year 1 is guaranteed.

    3. The reason is simple. And its not because people didn’t want McKinnon as has been suggested. If they got McKinnon on the same sort of deal as Dion Lewis got people still would have said he was overpaid, but probably would have been fine with it.

      The reason some people are complaining is that he is being grossly overpaid based on his play to date and compared to other RBs. He has been a backup and part time starter, and while decent he has not excelled. Yet now he is being paid like a top 4 RB. That is ridiculous. Its so ridiculous that pretty much every non-49er affiliated media person covering FA has seen fit to comment on how shocking the deal is.

      Now that’s not to say he won’t go on to earn every penny. Nor that I don’t like getting the player. Heck, I don’t even really give two sh!ts what they are paying him as they can afford it. But that doesn’t change the fact that the 49ers have given McKinnon a contract that is significantly above what his production to date indicates he is worth, and therefore is quite a head scratcher.

      1. It’s an interesting way of looking at the situation. Consider another potential viewpoint from Niners’s FO:

        Niners’ personnel brass have meticulously studied game film and have decided that McKinnon is their #1 target in FA. They decide that in order to give Jimmy G a weapon who they think is far better than one they will have from drafting, they need to get him even it means spending more than their valuation by say, 25% — without getting into a bidding war, of course. They have the money to spend. I suspect this was the situation with both Juice and Goodwin. In one case there was a counter offer and they had to raise their bid. In the other case, there was none and they got a good deal. Both players have been valuable cogs in Shanny’s offensive wheel.

        Perhaps Lewis was their #2 target among RBs and now he’s gone. Niners may have valued a McKinnon at a lower amount than they actually paid, say 20%, or about $7M. They also have determined an upper limit to how far they will go. When they make the offer at 4 years, $29M, another team makes a higher bid. Niners can either make a second higher bid or pull out.

        So what do ‘these people’ (like Barnwell) would do in the position of the Niners FO? I suppose they would say: “Gee. We could really put us in a position to win more games by getting this guy who we think is one of the build bricks. But wait — that $7M we will pay him over 4 years would put him in top 5 among RBs. That would be ridiculous. We’d rather go with chance of winning fewer games and save the money ….”

        I think Baalke would approve of this line of thinking.

        1. I am sure that is all true Mood. They clearly value McKinnon very highly. That’s not my point.

          To put it in perspective, Goodwin was a part time player the 49ers liked last year and were willing to pay above market value for him. But it didn’t even get close to being top 10 for his position type money. Even his new deal isn’t close to top 10. Heck, Pierre Garcon is a great fit for Shanahan’s offense, and has been very productive throughout his career, but even he isn’t being paid top 10 money. Yet people wanted to upgrade from those two this offseason.

          Now the 49ers have signed another part time player but this time to top 4 money for his position. And I am being told this is a good thing because Shanny wants him? Sorry, but sounds to me like 49er fan bias. The contract is well beyond the value his play has earned.

          But on the flip side I will give those defending the contract this – one of the reasons his contract is top 4 in value is because most of the top RBs in the NFL are still on their rookie deals. I doubt he will be top 4 for long.

      2. Scooter, but weren’t you one if the ones who agreed with Grant that try should not pay for past stats, but pay for what they will do?

        1. I didn’t say anything on that one way or the other. But yes, you should be paying for future production. No point paying a has been for his glory days of yester year. However, past production is very much a predictor of future success when looking at players entering their prime. What has McKinnon done to suggest he is a top 4 RB in the NFL?

          1. The argument over not paying for past stats is in regards to players who were once very productive but aren’t anymore. That isn’t the case here at all. It’s paying a player top of the market money even though he’s shown no signs of producing to that level. Very different scenario.

      3. He was overpaid. But on the upside it’s basicly a 1 year deal with options to extend him. After this season, if the feel they made a mistake they can cut him and move on without much of a loss.

    4. Steelmatic

      In the years that we’ve been on this blog…I have never agreed with you as much as I agree with your last Post…Let Jed worry about the paychecks…Shannahan and Lynch are building for the future of the niners…THEIR GUYS..! Don’t know about you, but personally, I’m tired of eating scraps…let’s get some steaks up there… and FA is where the steaks are. Show up with Justin Pugh under your arm, and Zach Brown under the other and I will proclaim Free Agency to be a roaring success….

      1. Oregon.. I understand. What alot of us still aren’t seeing, is the niners want their guys, not who everyone to thinks they should get. And if they overspent, so be it. Who says they could have gotten a better back in the draft? They don’t think so. They thought this man was their ace in the hole. So I’ll leave it at that

    5. The most boring … by FAR … subject of these posts is player compensation. Certainly fine to mention it, but over and over and over …. ad infinitum … Jeez, how about the freakin’ past rush next season (and you’re not gonna get an impact pass rusher in free agency … If he’s that good, his team ain’t getting rid of him).

      Mathieu ? … hmmm …. Very interesting … He could make an impact …

  39. Weston Richburg contract numbers

    Ian Rapoport
    ‏Verified account
    18m18 minutes ago

    The #49ers signed former #Giants C Weston Richburg to a 5-year, $47.5M deal with $28.5M in guarantees, source said. He gets $16.5M fully guaranteed.

    1. He’s definitely the starting Center with those numbers. Looks like it will be Kilgore, a draft pick and Garnett, Tomlinson, and the rest fighting for starting guard spots….

      1. Agree. Also, it looks like it’s not a bad contract.

        Kevin Jones
        ‏Verified account
        25m25 minutes ago
        More Kevin Jones Retweeted Ian Rapoport

        Close to 30 offensive linemen around the league have higher guaranteed money. Paraag Marathe really is a wizard. It also shows how much trust free agents are putting into this SF coaching staff

      2. They had better be putting him at centre!

        Agree, OG will be a battle between Kilgore, Garnett, Tomlinson and a rookie. But I still hold out hope they will add a FA also.

      1. I suspect he will and is one of the reason the team was willing to pay top dollar. It was first reported that the deal was four years for $36+ million. Now it’s actually 4 years for $30 million. That’s an average of $7.5 million per year and not that bad, IF he performs as Shanny expects. You also have to factor in the year-over-year inflation for free agents, which applies to any position.

        In my opinion, Kyle is a very good judge of talent, but we are talking about people and things can happen beyond his control – still, that could happen as well with the high-priced free agents that have had much more playing time at a high level.

  40. Surprised at the McKinnon signing, if he produces the money doesn’t matter. Not a big loss with Hyde.

    Gregg, I am about 30 miles east of Las Vegas, had to take a Nam friend of mine to see his son in Las Vegas before he departs for the Middle East. Going into Utah tomorrow and then who knows where. He will call me when he needs to get back home. Keep track of all these deal the Niners are doing I don’t know from day to day if I have net access.

    1. Wish your friends son “God Speed” for me and thank you to all three of you for your sacrifices for us and our country. You guys are the true heroes and first stringers!

    2. I LOVED Zion……… Bryce was fine and the Grand Canyon was “eh”……. and there is a lot of good golf out there in Mesquite and St George.
      Happy travels out there- I imagine it is pretty cold at the elevation…………

      1. Yes Zion! Loved Antelope Canyon and Monumemt Valley over by Page, Az in NavajoLand too Bryce is good day visit. The Fairyland Trail is the best; just a few miles. Rangers have tips for less crowded trails.

    1. Now consider the bigger cap space they could have had by not signing McKinnon to this ridiculous deal. It’s a shame !!

      1. Bobby !cFarrin sez:
        Don’t worry
        Be happy
        When you walk around
        With a frown
        You bring everybody down
        Don’t worry. Be happy!
        It ain’t yo’ money
        Don’t worry
        Shanny got his guy
        Be happy
        🎼 🎵

    2. That seems about right Razor. Spotrac has $54.4 million which includes Sherman (without the probowl incentives) and McKinnon, but not Richburg. Cap hit for Richburg is $9.3 million according to Niners Nation salary cap guy. Add in another $10 million for the rookie class….

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