49ers trade OT Trent Brown to Patriots

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Trent Brown (77) against the Arizona Cardinals during an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The 49ers traded OT Trent Brown the morning after drafting his replacement.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, traded Brown and their fifth-round pick (No.143) to the Patriots in exchange for their third-round pick (No.95).

This trade means Brown’s value roughly was a fourth-round pick. Do you think the 49ers sold low?

I like the trade. They should be able to draft a starter with the 95th pick — Lynch said there are 100 starters in this draft. The 49ers have four picks on Day 2 — Nos. 59, 70, 74 and 95.

What do you think of the trade?

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    1. how about edge and edge… ;) ……….maybe a starting guard. I think that tall Stanford CB Meeks will be there for the third pick.

  1. Your right Grant, the trade makes sense. In my HO, you don’t use your #9 pick for a backup. The plan is for McGlinchey to start. Brown will be perfect for NE’s pass just about every play offense. He wasn’t ideal for KS’s more balanced, run to set up the pass offense. Good luck to Trent.

    1. It just came to me why Baalke ended up making a good pick with Brown in the seventh round. It wasn’t because he spotted a late round gem, but purely because they both had the same first name. lol.

    1. Worried about his competitive nature, which is imperative for the position. I’d love to see them get Anthony Miller, but Shanny has yet to draft a wide receiver before the 3rd round….

      1. Razor:
        * Several talented WR’s in later rounds…..Equanimeous St. Brown, Christian Kirk, Dante Pettis, Daurice Fountain, D.J. Chark….even a possible undrafted F/A, Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

  2. Grant,
    Can you explain to me how the condition of the trade works. So the 9ers use the the Pats pick tonight and then Brown fails his physical. Do the pats get the 9ers #3 next year and the 9ers keep Brown and the pick from this year?

    1. all those news about Brown physical was Fake News

      We should have received more for Brown but makes sense paying back NE for the Jimmy trade

  3. After Trent Brown trade we now have 4 picks in the top 100!

    Round 2: 59th (from New Orleans)
    Round 3: 70th (from Chicago)
    Round 3: 74th Overall
    Round 3: 95th (from New England)

    I’ve heard some so-called experts say the top 100 players in this year’s draft are all capable of being starters in the NFL.

    I like the trade!

  4. Perfect spot for a corner like Meeks, because he wasn’t gonna last until 128. Or they could use it to get back up near the top of the draft for Landry. Excellent trade for mine….

        * Don’t think the 9ers will take OG in 2nd, but would love 9ers to take Will Hernandez.
        * “Josh Sweat Edge in 3rd:” Medical concern with his knee. A severe knee injury his senior year of high school and a meniscus injury in 2016. He’s slow off the snap and always the last one out of his stance, Late start creates challenges beating tackles upfield.
        * Lorenzo Carter: 4.5s x 40, 34″ arms. Sideline-to-sideline range and the tools to become a productive edge rusher in sub-packages. He needs to add more bulk, but he is a future NFL starter.

        1. GEEP

          Thanks for the uptake on Sweat (injured knee) and also for the second look at Lorenzo Carter…I’ve always liked Georgia players ever since Guy McIntyre…agreed that we’d both like to sign Will Hernandez..He’s a mad dog with good size and CAN Move….I’m trying to control myself to leave room for some tall WRs (Alex Lazard, Jaleel Scott) and CBs like Brandon Facyson…perhaps Kyzer White….it’s getting noisey…

  5. Excellent trade for the Pats. They won the trade. Trent Brown is an elite Right Tackle. He wasn’t a fit for Kyle. Getting a Third is valuable though. I expect a trade up for Landry. If he is gone look for Geiuce as a sleeper pick too.

    1. Brown’s elite at pass pro, and that’s why the Patriots wanted him. The old man needs to be kept clean, but he’s not a complete RT. I think he could be if he gets his priorities in order, along with Scarnecchia’s tutelage….

  6. Good trade. You would think they are not done dealing. Armstead, Garnett, both?

    You have to like how the Patriots work. Not flashy. Take care of the basics.

  7. Hmm, I mocked a trade with NE, but this one was not the one I had in mind. Still, the Niners obtained the 95th pick.
    I also mocked a trade up with Detroit, bundling that 95th, along with the Niner’s 184th and 223rd pick to move up in the draft to 82nd. With that pick, I mocked the Niners picking Dalton Schulz, TE.
    I did that because I thought the top 85 had the best chance to become starters.

  8. I like the trade because he was going to want big bucks his off-season.

    I would have preferred to send him off to Denver for Shaq Barrett and maybe a 4th rounder. Let Barrett and Attochau battle for LEO spot.

    Hoping we get a SAM backer today Darian O’Daniel or Darius Leonard

  9. Yikes. Looking back at my final first round mock, I got 3 out of 32 right; and that’s based on placing player with team regardless of where in the draft they got him (i.e. some trade backs, and still getting the player I mocked).

    What a pointless exercise…but still fun.

        1. Will,
          I personally banned myself from doing a mock this year because the two players I mocked to the 49ers were Kaep and Foster (lol).

  10. So Grant was calling during the season to revamp the entire OL and we are 60% there.

    Do we now try to trade Joshua Garnett who probably still has some trade value?

    1. I don’t think Garnett has any trade value at all man. TB at least excelled in something while he played. Garnett for the most part was super average and missed his entire 2nd year. Its also common knowledge that he could have came back but the CS basically told him he is to fat and needs to focus on body recomposition rather than playing.

      Getting a 3rd for Brown was decent considering we gave up a 5th as well. I don’t see a team giving up more than a 5th for Garnett. Id rather roll the dice on Garnett for this next year than trade him.

    1. There will be more gnashing of teeth this evening as the Niners’ Board continues to disagree with those of the pundits here led by our inimitable Grant…..

  11. So collectively with NE….we traded a 2nd round pick, 5th round pick and Trent Brown (damaged goods) for Jimmy G and a late 3rd round pick (in a deep draft)…..I like that kinda party!!! And we replaced Brown with a better player (Mike McGlinchey). TGIF!!!! All arrows up! ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

    1. I think the Niners probably gave a good deal to the Pats on this trade which is a good way of saying thanks to BB. The important thing is that Niners are now establishing channels of trust on trades with good FOs like the Pats and Broncos.

      1. I guess maybe that’s true. BUT I imagine the world of NFL GM’s is very similar to Merger & Acquisition work. You’ll do a deal with anyone if, in your evaluation, it’s a good deal for your organization. Establishing good working relationships is important but at the end of the day it’s all about the details of the transaction. No one gives anything away for free or even at much of a discount. You have a duty to your shareholders to maximize the value of a deal or you shouldn’t be doing the deal.

  12. Didn’t like the McGlinchey trade. Thought we got him too high. We could’ve traded down with AZ and maybe someone else got more picks and possibly got him. He’s too tall and too stiff. He got abused by Chubb. And that was in the rain and mud. Trading Trent brown for that late third wasn’t that great either. Weren’t the broncos going to trade for him for their high third? Makes nonsense. Seems like baalke is back at the controls this draft. Idk we’ll see.

  13. I like the trade because it happed.

    Would have preferred a trade that got us into the high 2nd. The trade vales Brown at 86 chart points. Something like 59+128+Brown for the Pats 43. 116 chart points.

    But this is still good because it fetches a top 100 pick. Lynch said last night he likes the top 100.

      1. Mostly good news. Infection reports good so far. Achilles tissue good. But it will be a long slog to heal the rupture. 6 more weeks in a convelescent hospital. Start PT I was going to do last January some time in June.

        But I shouldn’t miss any preseason games.

        1. B2W,
          I know from personal experience that Achilles injuries take a while to heal, but when they do you’ll be ready to run a 4.5 40 (lol).
          Good luck with your recovery bud!

  14. Love the trade and the 9ers are still following that philosophy of getting lighter at every position. Apparently Brown was 400 lbs when he showed up to camp. Net loss of 92lbs at the tackle position.

    This offense is gonna be one of the fastest offenses most 49ers fans have had the chance to see. Pretty exciting time to be a 49er fan.

  15. Now if we can just get the Press Democrat IT Division to update or get rid of the board’s ‘Popular Tags’ panel….

  16. Why trade Garnett? The man has lost about 25 lbs. and from everything I have read is working his tail off – like we have a bunch of stud guards better than Garnett. Trent Brown, as much as I liked him, needed to go as he has shown up out of shape every year.

  17. Niners are accommodating BB because he did a solid for the Niners when he traded JG for a second round pick.
    Like when Kilgore was traded once the Nners signed Richberg, the Niners helped Trent Brown find a new home where he can still be a starter. Pats like the trade because Brown is a good pass blocker, and they really want to protect Brady.
    Hope he can pass his physical…..

  18. They might get a higher trade value for Trent Brown, but t’s a professional courtesy between Lynch and Belichick – by returning a favor to the Patriots. Of course, both Brown and Garoppolo haven’t completed a full season with their new team yet.

    1. In pass protection, McGlinchey looks like a natural at left tackle, showing excellent feet to get depth in his kick slide and cut off speed rushers.

      Grant: Right tackle only. Feet in cement.

      Who to believe, who to believe?

            1. Good as in not the wrong one.

              It happens every year. Half the fan base/pundits loves the pick, the other half declare bust. Based on what? Their ego being bruised because the team passed on their crush.

  19. Good trade. Baalke originally got Brown in the 7th and a few years later the player is worth a 3rd. Nice increase in value.

    1. Yep, and I’m surprised this hasn’t been pointed out more already. Baalke was a hack but have to give credit where it’s due. This was one of his good picks even though his greatest asset ended up being in trade value.

      1. “…give credit where it’s due. ”
        perhaps some credit is due to the scouts, many of whom have been retained by the new regime…?

    2. It was a good trade because they obviously had decided he wasn’t a fit for them. Moving from a 5th round pick to a 3rd is decent value and puts them in position to land a pretty good player or use it to move up.

  20. AD 2.0 always “ potential” , work ethic , condition drive non existent … MM will be a rock at T for next 10 years both in field , in locker room. Gotta love those Pats 2 gifts in 2 years don’t like 5 thrown thou

  21. Lynch and Shanny made right move on trading Brown. Coming off an injury, you have to be dedicated enough to come back in shape. Think he was getting ready to coast, relying on just size, until he could get payday. Wasn’t going to risk getting hurt again before becoming a f/a. Hopefully tough love from BB will light a fire under him. Pats don’t have be much invested in TB so if he doesn’t produce he is gone and good luck getting paid in 2019. Now back to 49ers finding 3 starters in 2nd or 3rd round and filling more holes! Can’t wait to see SF in PHX (Glendale) this fall.

  22. Interesting that Brown happened to be in NE today to pass his physical already. This trade must have been done before the draft began yesterday.

    1. Nah, McGlinchey is only giving a personal opinion on the burger joint. Btw, it looks like MnM was raised on pure USDA Grade A Beef anyway.

  23. This was a great deal for the Niners because Trent Brown is on his last year of his rookie contract.
    I wonder if the Pat’s team doctors ran him through tests last night. Since he is still recovering, and may not be ready til training camp, it seems like a risky move.
    Wonder what they think about Brown being over weight.

  24. I like the trade. He’s consistently overweight, coming off an injury, and doesn’t fit our current system. Lynch did some good work, I would bet he’s gearing up to trade back up in the 2nd.

    I do worry about that “pending physical” part. I’ll be holding my breath a bit until its finalized.

      1. It depends on whether the report about back problems has any real merit.
        The fact that his best pass-rush technique relies on him bending, can prove to be where the back issue emanates from.

        I’m far from being a doctor so its only opinion.
        But getting as low as he does during his bend could put unwanted pressure on his back because it’s an awkward position and he seems to lose upper body support by relying on his legs for speed. A quick O-lineman who can hit Landry at the peak of his bend will not only nullify Landry’ best move but also cause more back issues.
        I know it’s not a popular thing to say, but the kids speed and bend could become his worse enemy.

    1. Nah, while I’m a Landry fan I also understand I have no idea how the team regards him if they do at all. He’s dropping due to a medical concern so I can see why there would be some trepidation. Key would be a gamble though. Another guy with questionable effort and love for the game.

    2. Yea, no explosion over here and especially now that we know he has a medical red flag(s). Sweat, Turay, Hubbard. Grab one!

  25. Two players I would like to see the 9ers pick up on day 2 are (in no particular order) CB Greg Stroman V. Tech and DE/OLB Duke Ejiofor Wake Forrest.

  26. This trade is horrible, we gave up one of best potential OT in the game per multiple players/sources for a lousy pick. Ok, so maybe his conditioning was bad and coming off of surgery. What if our First Round Pick does not “pan out”? What about having a solid backup that could turn into a Pro Bowl caliber player? Hate this pick, horrible, just horrible

  27. If we round out day 2 with Arden Key and trade up for one of the RBs who are still out there, I will have a good feeling heading into the weekend. If that running back is Guice or Ronald Jones I would have a great feeling heading into the weekend.

  28. Their is no need to draft a G. They have 3 first round G already. They can get an undrafted rookie. The niners will over draft for a player. So far they have over spent and over drafted players in the draft and FA. So a guy who suppose to go in round 6-7 will get drafted by niners in 2-3 round. I hope not though.

    They need to start drafting talent and players who can play not just because they fit their scheme. Draft best pass rusher, best CB or LB even maybe WR. Who ever is their draft the best.

    As for the trade why send a 5 round pick. Just send Trent n get back a 3rd and 6-7. Its like an even trade just to move up few spots. At least they did a trade right. But with their first round pick they are really trusting Ward/Tartt and thats a mistake. Ward is Mr.Glass and they passed up on Minkah and Derwin just like lastyear with Latimore.

  29. And please don’t say they owe the Pats anything just because they traded JG to the niners. They decided to trade him to the niners for what they got a 2 round pick. That was their choice for whatever reason probably because Bill did like JG and didn’t want him to go to a bad place IDK. They could of got a lot more in return from what was reported from the Browns. But the question I ask is why trade a guy who is suppose to be good and the future and the coach says he really likes him to any team and not just keep him even at a high cost. Brady can’t play forever. That tells me he plans on retiring when Brady does and let the next coach pick their QB or their next coach Josh does not like JG unless their is something wrong with JG which I doubt.

    1. I do not respectfully disagree, I vehemently deny your assertion.
      JG was manna from heaven. Browns were perfectly willing to give up one of their first round draft picks for JG, maybe even multiple picks. However, BB did not want to do Cleveland any favors, since they fired him. Karma.
      To answer your question, the Pats could not afford to pay JG. Brady takes a lot less because he can afford to, since his wife makes more than he does. Taking less allows the team to pay for other talent. 23 mill to JG would have upset the salary cap.
      Also, do not count on BB retiring. He only has to look at Bill Walsh, who had serious regrets about retiring too soon. BB lives for football. He eats, drinks and breathes football. BB is only 66, so he could coach for many more years.

      1. Their was other teams who would of gave up lots of picks for JG, I just picked the Browns because they can’t do anything right. Their was 5 QBS taken last night. They could of afforded JG for the year and either Brady retires or gets traded the following year. Why would you trade a QB like JG that everybody loves if he is the future and that good.

        BB he has been caught cheating twice now and should be suspended from the NFL and he doe snot even come close to Bill Walsh but he could coach longer but I don’t see him continuing coaching unless he has Brady or another great QB (example Phil Jackson).

  30. Great trade. Anytime you have 5 of the first 95 picks in the Draft you are leveraging your chance for success exponentially.. 5 of the first 95 is way more quality than 5 of the first 160..

    1. At least it wasn’t Ward unless it was for like a 5 year 6 million deal. Tartt is good better than Ward but has injury problems as well.

  31. Lot of good players left. If the Niners keep all 4 picks they have today my guess is they come out with an Edge, CB, WR and OG when it’s all said and done.

    1. I hope they draft well like you mentioned but I would rather see them try at least and get Harold if hes not that injured or does not cost to much. Then get Key and Texas LB in the third round. They need pass rush help. why not get 2 of them.

  32. Jaquiski Tartt is the first Baalke era draftee to get an extension from the new regime. We are down to only 9 Baalke draftees left, with a few more almost surely not making it to this year’s final cuts.

  33. Good call niner. I wouldn’t be opposed to taking two edge rushers although I’m not a fan of Key. Malik Jackson would be a solid pick for sure.

  34. Basically, this trade justifies passing on a lot of higher graded talent. If they had not traded him, and McGlinchey sat, that would have been viewed as a luxury pick by a team that cannot afford luxuries.

  35. “49ers have given safety Jaquiski Tartt a two-year extension worth $13 million (and “up to” which may or may not mean anything, $15 million)”

    “The 2015 second-rounder had a year left on his rookie deal, and is now under contract through the 2020 season.”


  36. Brown gone and Tartt extended, good deal. Brown is a real good tackle just doesn’t fit what the Niners now do. Key, Landry, Sweat, good chance of getting one of them.

    1. would be nice to get 2 of them like I mentioned above. They should trade their lower draft picks rounds 6-7 to move up few spots if they need to too get 2 pass rushers and a good LB like Malik.

  37. Great trade for the Patriots and good for the 49ers to get an extra day 2 pick. After the 49ers had made their intent clear bt taking McGlinchey they were never going to get full value for Brown.

    Pats are having an excellent draft.

  38. Notice the team now has four starting inside LB; Foster, Smith, Toomer, Coyle, and five Safeties; Colbert, Tartt, Ward, James and Jones. Ward is the swing S/CB, now they can re-sign Eric Reid as the swing S/LB, or stick with James, and go after Isaiah Oliver or Quentin Meeks today. Don’t forget Stribling too, all the measurables, and some more coaching could produce something there.

    D Line is stacked, and they are obviously satisfied with in house pass rush improvement, but OLB/DE is what else could provide possible improvement and the D is looking very good. Thomas as a 2 down LEO is interesting.

    They can rotate players at every position now…

    Like to see them grab Mike Gesicki but of course they haven’t made a bad move yet so it will be fun to watch it play out today. Great job of landing McGlinchey, the coin toss was critical.

    Lot of talk about a WR but don’t forget Bourne, Burbridge and Bolden Jr.

    They could actually land more 2019 Draft capital with a trade or two during camp.

    SB bound.

    Go Niners!

    1. They still need to bring in more talent. We need more pass rush help, CB and LB. WR is a toss up. I don’t mine trading back or getting extra picks but as long as we get at least few starters who can help right away at pass rush, CB, and LB. They could also trade more players and gets more picks.

  39. I’m giving the 49ERS a solid B+ for their round 1 selection. I had an initial B- grade on it before Trent was dealt. MM will give Kyle’s running game a big boost, and MM is the kind of leader you need on your OL.

    Speaking of OT’s, a little off topic but ….. Let the fact that round one came and went without OT Orlando Brown’s name being called, put to rest the notion that the NFL combine has no baring on the draft!

    1. 49,

      Also off topic, but did you see Barkley was the 2nd overall pick? And Guice is still on the board? What the hell were we thinking when we said Barkley was the best HB in the draft?

      1. You think Guice would be a good fit with the niners? I wouldn’t mine it. Need all the talent we can get. The Colts/Browns/Bucs are set up nicely for the second round/third round.

    2. Barkley was a bad pick. You don’t get the value by taking a RB there and there are going to be others in this draft that produce as much or more as Barkley does.

    3. Speaking of OT’s, a little off topic but ….. Let the fact that round one came and went without OT Orlando Brown’s name being called, put to rest the notion that the NFL combine has no baring on the draft!

      Tape always speaks loudest and Brown will be the latest to show how ridiculous it is to let testing in shorts affect a draft grade.

  40. Love the trade!

    I can’t understand athletes who struggle with their weight. That’s one of your primary jobs. Lay off the donuts!!! Later T Brown. Our run blocking just got substantially better.

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