49ers trade CB Rashard Robinson to Jets


SANTA CLARA — The 49ers just announced they have traded cornerback Rashard Robinson to the Jets for a fifth-round pick in 2018.

Robinson, 22, was a fourth-round draft pick in 2016. He appeared in 22 games with the 49ers, intercepted two passes and committed 23 penalties. The 49ers benched him Sunday against the Eagles and replaced him with rookie Ahkello Witherspoon.

Do you like this trade?

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  1. LOVE this move! Dude was a penalty machine. Even when he was demoted to just special teams last week, he still managed to draw two flags. Not to mention his sideline outburst only proving how much of a headcase he is. Glad we got at least something in return. And it shows Lynch/Shanny are indeed proactive in getting rid of bad personnel and retaining good personnel as they completely rebuild this team from the ground up.

  2. Good trade if the team had already decided they were going to move on from him (clearly they had). But it seems a strange move to me. Possibly their most talented CB. I assume this decision is based on more than just his play. I wouldn’t be shocked if there was some concern regarding his attitude as well that played into the decision.

    1. lol please dude, did you watch any of the games this season? … the guy never looks for the ball. He get penalized because he never turns his head around.

      1. I hate corners like him. Culliver used to do the same thing. If you cannot run, turn and locate the ball, you’re pretty much useless to me as a cornerback….

  3. Good riddance . He might have had some measurables but you could see he didn’t work at it , and his attitude and hands sucked

  4. Neither Robinson nor Redmond are significant to the development/rebuild of this team. The 5th rounder they acquired in exchange is a valuable trading chip in the 2018 draft. The Jimmy G trade for one of our 2nd rounders was pure genius, for the reasons already abundantly stated. The curmudgeons always darkly mutter but that was a flat-out brilliant move. Now, I wonder if they also moved Hyde and yet to be reported? If not, he will be gone before next years draft if not sooner. We’ve got 8 more games to shake out the rest of the deadwood and determine the keepers.

  5. I thought he should have been benched on principle awhile ago.

    The fact that we got a 5th rounder out of him blows my mind.

  6. Wow! How inept are the Browns?


    “NFL rejected Browns request to overturn AJ McCarron trade. Even though Browns’ notification of trade arrived moments too late, NFL said no.— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)”

    “Benjamin Allbright reported that the Cleveland coaching staff was upset with its front office for failing to acquire Garoppolo.”

    1. Garoppolo has to be thanking his maker he didn’t get traded to Cleveland . And even though the Niners have the same record that’s a graveyard over there

  7. His penalties are well documented, but I would like to point out he was generally in good position but too hands on……honestly his style of play was taught back in the day but the league is geared towards off so that stuff doesn’t fly anymore. By measurables he’s similar to Sherm, but faster…..no he wasn’t ready to start but maybe as nickle or dime bk. It’s not like we have some stud young corners that need a look.
    Lukewarm on both of these deals, esp JG because at this point he’s nothing more than a rental. Yes the price tag went down, based on the fact we only get him for half a season. If anyone thinks there’s a person in our organization capable of getting over on NE and BB, you are sadly mistaken.

    1. It’s not about ‘getting one over.’ Belichick will trade good players in the last year of their contracts because of potential future salary cap issues.

      However, Belichick doesn’t always win his trades. He’s not omniscient, just very good. For example, Last year they traded Chandler Jones to the Cardinals.

      JOnes was a pro-bowler in 2015 and was traded for a guard (the Patriots waived him during that season) and a 2nd rounder that they traded to the Saints for a 3rd & 4th.

      Jones had 11 sacks for the Cardinals last year. He has 8 for the Cardinals this year. Last time a 49er sniffed double-digit sacks was in 2013. Neither player got it (each topping out at 8.5). The last time we had a player get double-digit sacks was 2012.

      Cooper not only failed with the Patriots, but the Browns as well. He’s currently a starting back-up (injury starter) on the Cowboys line. The 3rd rounder (Thuney) has been adequate as a guard. The 4th rounder (Mitchell) is a nothing special with 32 career receptions for 401 yards and 4 TDs and blew his knee out this year and may never be the same.

      Looks to me that the Cards won that trade. They got an outstanding pass-rusher which is a premier position.. The Patriots got a ‘just a guy’ WR who now has a blown knee and a decent OG.

  8. Thing I’ll remember most about Robinson was every time he got beat , and that was often , he acted like he was injured

  9. I guess he did his best, but with a terrible back end defense I could not be sure how bad Robinson actually was. Anyway good luck and happy trails. Another mid-season adjustment.

  10. With the injuries at Rb it would be difficult to move Hyde even if they wanted to do so earlier. They will just have to keep him for the rest of the season. He will not be back next year though.

    1. I was impressed. Both JL and KS looked giddy with joy, and were pinching themselves to make sure this was not a dream.
      Obviously, Christmas came early to JL and KS.

  11. No doubt he’s talented, question will be will he adjust after league gets a book on him…..and will it be in a Niner uni. Neither is a sure bet…..

  12. Another great move. With Robinson off the field this week, maybe that will help to stop the bleeding at 8 in a row, and allow the great Kaep to keep his lovely record 9 loses in a row disaster from last year. You know, the great QB folks want back that steered the team to 10 loses in 11 games. Man I miss that guy. ;>) No wonder why Kyle said “Thanks, but no thanks” when entertaining the thought of keeping him! I think the purge will continue full force as John and Kyle assess the team. It will take time though. Patience is key. It’s sure fun to watch!

  13. Hyde himself is the major ongoing injury at RB. They have two rookies on the roster and another one on the PS. They need to find out what they actually have there prior to next year’s draft. They already know what they have in Hyde and it’s no great shakes. Evidently he was overrated coming out of college

    1. Hyde is just wrong for this offense. And he is definitely not Gore who even though he was elusive and could squeeze through a hole too small for a snake, he could also push the pile because he ran low. This is something Hyde could not do. He can break tackles once he gets past the line of scrimmage because then his high center of gravity is less of a factor. The thing is that with his loss of weight he also lost strength. Interesting they made La Michal James gain weight so that he could run between the tackles and he only lost speed. They make Hyde lose weight so he could run outside and he got weaker but still remained slower than his competition at RB. James was not suited for the offense then and Hyde isn’t now.

  14. Agree on Gore. One of the great Niners and players of all time and when the supposedly great JH had four tries from inside the 10 to win the Super Bowl, he dismissed the best player on the team and instead put the game in the hands of Kaep. Tragic mistake. Gore would have scored. No question about it. His unparalleled determination would have put him there. Too bad. Not only did his talent leave the team when he left, but his leadership on the field and more importantly in the locker room. Great, great player. He is missed.

    1. They were stacking the box and Gore wasn’t doing that well on short yardage during that game. Saying Gore would have scored is nothing but Monday morning Quarterbacking. No one knows what would have happened.

      1. unless mistaken on memory, B.Lloyd and Arnaz Battle were on Donahue’s watch, tho’ having film of you ducking a pass targeted to you is incredulous, but he did make some circus catches…
        although some credit Donahue for TE Eric Johnson, that pick was on BW…his parting shot…

  15. It’ll be much harder to get the “book” on JG because he isn’t a one dimensional QB. He can read defenses, go through his progressions, make all the throws accurately, move in the pocket and keep his eyes down field, and run effectively when necessary. When your only talent is to run, it’s a forgone conclusion that the league will quickly get the “book” on you and you then become insignificant, and unemployed. See Kaep.

    1. Still have to keep needling about Kaep? Kaep had a 90.7 QBR even with the 28th ranked O line and 32nd ranked WRs. Hoyer failed behind this line, and CJB was beaten like a pinata. While I want Garoppolo to succeed, many have pumped the brakes on the notion that he will do better behind that line.
      Kaep was a dual threat QB who helped the Niners become 4th ranked in rushing last year, while also converting many third downs with his legs. When given the proper support, Kaep led his team to the SB and was one pass from returning. Without Kaep, they went 0-8, so your argument against him is specious.
      Garoppolo has only 94 passes in the league, so maybe teams will solve him and negate his strengths. Like Kaep, who you seem to think can never change and evolve, Garoppolo will have to make drastic changes to learn a whole new playbook and all the terminology. It is done all the time. It constantly evolves.
      Kaep may be closer to getting a job than you think. At least one team does not like their present QB to throw 3 picks. Kaep, with his 16-4 TD to Int ratio, may seem like an upgrade.

      1. What did I tell? Not even 12 hours removed from signing our future QB, you are still crying over a guy who hasn’t played football, let alone for the Niners is almost a year!
        Yeah sure blame Juan, like you always do, but the reality is you have a sick obsession Seb.
        You are losing it!

            1. If you are implying that Kaep ever blamed any of his teammates that is certainly not true. Perhaps you are referring to Seb playing the blame game.

              1. Yes, I am blaming a putrid defense that could not stop a cold. The defense was historically bad, but others solely blame Kaep.
                I just want to put things in perspective. Posters are hating on Kaep so much, they will soon blame him for the Russia investigation.

          1. we’d all prefer restraints that restrict any and all answers…
            and to paraphrase one of his chestnuts: he’s a moth tending the eternal flame of Kap’s reputation…

        1. Oh, and JG specifically did not say that he wanted to be the franchise QB, so he may not be the long term answer, so the Niners may still need a QB.

            1. If Garoppolo does not want to be the franchise QB because as a free agent, he will get to choose his team, the Niners cannot do anything, and will have to let him walk.
              I was ecstatic that JG was traded,but he seemed luke warm to the Idea of being a long term solution for the Niners. Those were his words, not mine.
              That leaves the fact that the Niners may still need a QB. Not specifying who, but there may be a need.

              1. you need an online course in NFL contract tea leaf reading…he can’t sound too committed to the idea of a long term marriage lest it restrain the potential $$ in a later contract…both sides will say things in a chess match for contract sparring…

              2. Like a little minion you follow Grants bread crumbs.
                Why would either side declare anything long term?
                Have you ever played poker Seb? It’s called not showing your hand.

                But you keep pretending this isn’t about Kap.
                You have a sick obsession there weasel. Seek help.

              3. JG could easily have said that he hopes the Niners are his long term choice. He did not.
                It would have been the smart thing to do, and he could have provided a caveat that it depends on the rest of the season.
                But he did not, and I am sure he has his preferred landing spots since the Niners are no way near a playoff consideration.
                I thought JG would be gung ho on playing, but have changed my mind. Maybe he will want to wait until after the bye, when Staley will come back. Then he will have better protection and a better chance to succeed. Let CJB get chewed up by that Cards defense. By that time, he will have studied hard, and figured out the playbook and terminology, better. He could also have more practice reps with his receivers.
                Sure hope he can become the franchise QB. Then the Niners do not have to draft a QB with their first pick and they might have a chance of drafting Saquon Barkley, a once in a generation RB, who is a game changer.

              4. Well Lynch stated Jimmy seemed really happy to be coming to the 49ers. Give Shanahan half a season with him and he will want to stay.

          1. Such a downer, Sebninny—

            He’s not gonna say nothing about long term………..until he gets his long term Contract.

          1. Damn! Y’all arehard on this seb guy!
            Why hasn’t Grant banned him yet?
            I’m sure everybody is tired of him running conversations what his boring annoying know it all attitude.
            BAN HIM GRANT!!!

  16. So long double R, the opposite of a shut down corner, a shut up corner. As in shut up any talk of being a shut down corner.

  17. Rashard Robinson was almost a classic Baalke pick. If only he had incurred an ACL tear…..
    He was available because of red flags, so Baalke launched his metrics and decided RR was perfect for the Niners.
    Of course, Dak Prescott was chosen 2 picks later, so this pick ranks up there with the AJ Jenkins pick.
    I called him- Toast, because he was burned so many times. RR was undisciplined, and a flag magnet.
    He even hurt the team on STs. One play, he pushed a player in the back while the ball was lying on the ground. He committed another ST penalty, and that must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.
    RR was hurting the team. This is a case of addition through subtraction.
    Lynch bamboozled the Jets. Niners should have paid to make the Jets take him. A fifth round pick is a steal.
    I have not felt this good about the Niners in a while. First, they finally made the proper assessment, and made a quick adjustment. Trading for Garoppolo is a major Coup for Lynch. I finally thinks he is really trying to win.
    Second, they excised the weak link, that was killing the team. I will not miss his loud mouth in the slightest, especially since he could not back up his talk with his play.
    I will not wish him luck, I will just say good riddance. The Niners are better because he is gone.

  18. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Maybe he has the talent to be great. But so far he’s been terrible. I mean, a penalty machine.

  19. As the Yahoo NFL storyline reads :”Browns gonna brown”
    and I think it was Cassie- or perhaps Razor, quote: “what can brown do for you”

  20. With all due respect Seb, signing Kaep would be like someone asking for a cancerous tumor to be inserted into their body. Needling is easy when the facts are on my side. He’s 3-16 in his last 19 starts, including losing a pathetic 9 in a row last year. He’s 11-24 in his last 35 starts. He hasn’t played even decent football in over three years. Closer to four. Those are facts. You can’t hide from them and you can’t blame everyone else for that lousy record. You have no problem criticizing and blaming the current QB’s, including Hoyer, for the string of loses. Why do you always give Kaep a pass and make excuses for him? His passer rating is inflated by junk time passing when the game’s were over and lost. Come on. He’s a singular threat quarterback. Always has been. It’s more than well documented and supported by anyone who can analyze the position. He can run. Period. When the league figured that out, his career was over. Then came the ill advised activism, first amendment or not. He is now a pariah who will never suit up and play another down in the NFL. Guaranteed. No owner is going to sign him, even if they have to have the long snapper quarterback their team. The best thing you can do is to just accept that and get over it. When his little children’s section style book comes out, you can buy it on Amazon at a reduced price I’m sure and ad it to your sacred Kaep shrine. Nighty night!

    1. followed soon by his bestseller: “The ultimate People’s destruction of the running dog fascist NFL ownership cabal” sold in junior college bookstores from coast to coast!

    2. Juan, you seem to want to continue this discussion. Sounds like you cant let go.
      I certainly can say that Kaep was not the person who allowed other teams to gallop for 200 yards last season. Very few QBs will win games when the defense is gashed. This season, other than the Cowboys game, the run defense has generally been stout. The Niners had a good chance to win, but came up short.
      I really must counter your claim that most of his rating came at the junk time. Many times, he started off well. Against Dallas and TB, he led the Niners to 2 quick TDs. Against the Jets, he was almost perfect in his passing, with only a dropped ball in the first half. It was in the second half when the defense made adjustments, and Chip was incapable of countering that. Then you say they were constant blowouts. Against the Dolphins, Kaep led a furious comeback, and was 2 yards from winning the game. They kept the Patriots close until the last quarter.
      Still, in the NFL, I do not think a team has ever given up 200 yards rushing, and won the game. That was the season I saw last year, not some QB padding his rating in blowouts. I blame Baalke, because he sat on his hands and did nothing. At least this year, the benched Hoyer and traded for JG.
      Kaep is being blackballed, and the hate against him knows no bounds. You may try to justify why he is not playing, but I will take the opinion of Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Cam, Brady and Rodgers over your opinion. Why are you so afraid the he will get to play? Maybe because if he leads his team to the playoffs and does well, all your screeds will look specious and your reasoning obtuse.

      1. And we will take the opinion of another QB of some reknown over your cherry-picked ones……..”Kaep can’t play”.

    3. Juan—– I for one always stated that none of the QB’s who started for the NIners the last few years had a real chance to shine. They might not have been franchise QB’s but no QB can look good with no protection or receivers who drop passes. None of them were as bad as this team made them look.

      My whole issue was that everyone be given the same standard for comparison. Cousins did not look very good against the Niners and he also struggled against Dallas. Yet people were still lauding him as a franchise QB. Every QB has games when they are off, miss receivers and are inaccurate. I remember games where Montana totally sucked. Remember the playoff game against Min? The thing is that fans , especially 49er fans had unrealistic expectations of every QB that ever followed Montana. Every missed pass or mistake is put under a microscope. The good is always forgotten and the bad constantly talked about.

      I think this site would be better of if Seb would quite bringing up the idea that the team should sign Kaep. He seems to be at that point. Yet people like you will not let it rest and feel a need to criticize a player who isn’t even here anymore. A player who never will be here as long as Shanahan is coach. Just like Hyde does not fit the scheme neither does Kaep. They tried to adjust Hyde to the scheme but it would never even be attempted with Kaep for multiple reasons. If Hyde was on his second contract he would have been gone as well. You will see he will be let go next season.

      Shanahan likes players to fit his scheme. They need to be plug and play so that they can be easily replaced with other players. That is the strength of a scheme.

  21. I will state that Kaep was the franchise QB. They gave him a 114 mil contact. Too bad they then stabbed him in the back. Cousins has not been given a long term contract, but they put the franchise designation on him. He, too has been backstabbed.
    Why did I keep bringing up Kaep? Because I want the Niners to win, and I felt he gave the Niners the best chance to win. Others touted Hoyer, but they were so filled with hate against Kaep, they preferred losing with Hoyer rather than possibly winning with Kaep. CJB was a desperation move, but he has a weak arm and was rushing his throws because he was getting bludgeoned.
    Now that JG fell into their laps, I am happy. He has a strong arm like Kaep. He is mobile like Kaep, and he can use his legs to convert third downs like Kaep. Some say he is more accurate than Kaep, but maybe he should play behind that Niner O line and throw to their receivers before declaring that he is more accurate.
    I sure hope JG becomes the franchise QB, but he did not fill me with confidence. He is keeping all options open, so at least he is being truthful.

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