49ers trade for OT Shon Coleman; cut RB Joe Williams and 11 others

Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Shon Coleman (72) defends during the first half of an NFL football preseason game against the Detroit Lions, Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

The 49ers traded a seventh-round draft pick in 2019 to the Cleveland Browns for offensive tackle Shon Coleman Friday afternoon. Coleman was a third-round pick in 2016, and last season he started 16 games at right tackle. He probably will be the 49ers third offensive tackle Week 1 if Garry Gilliam still hasn’t cleared the concussion protocol.

The 49ers also cut the following players:

  • RB Joe Williams
  • WR Aldrick Robinson
  • OT Darrell Williams Jr.
  • G/C J.P. Flynn
  • G Chris Gonzalez
  • DL Chris Jones
  • DL Will Sutton
  • TE Wes Saxton
  • OT Pace Murphy
  • RB Ja’Quan Gardner
  • QB Jack Heneghan
  • P Jeff Locke

Do any of these cuts surprise you? Williams may seem like a surprise, but he was out the minute the 49ers signed Alfred Morris.

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  1. I think Morris was out regardless of Morris. He just flat-out didn’t look very good in game 1 of preseason. Looked just as bad or worse in game 2. I think they’d keep just 3 RBs before they kept Williams. He has no special teams value, and it would be catastrophic to our team if he was suddenly our top carrier by injury. He wasn’t even better than McNichols IMO.

    He’s just not cut out for the NFL. There’s not a ton of open space to run, and he’s not able to turn a 2 yard run into a 4 yard run. He finds ways to turn a 2 yard run into a 1 yard run.

    1. True, but all of the running backs except Mostert looked bad the first two weeks of preseason, because the blocking was bad.

      1. It came down to Morris having better immediate to hopefully long term value.

        Williams (I could be wrong) didn’t seem to have a passion for the game.
        The vibe I got from watching him at a couple of practices and preseason games was that he never asserted or pushed himself.

        Williams was the opposite of Ray Lewis’ comment of being “pissed off for greatness.”

  2. Joe Williams? The guy you said is a phenom? The guy you said was the best running back on the team? The guy you said was better than breida and that breida was just a tshirt guy? Lol

  3. Mild surprise Williams was cut. I thought he might be injury stashed again. Wonder if he’ll be on the practice squad.

    Usually practice squad players are last minute cuts, but early cuts could scare teams from claiming prospects.

  4. Not surprised by any of the cuts so far. I was rooting for Williams but he didn’t look great to me and like Grant said, when they signed Morris it was over. I mean unlike the other running backs (didn’t see enough of McKinnon or Breida), Morris actually paused and waited for his blocks to develop before taking off and running. He seemed to pick the correct lanes to run in. He always fell forward. The other running backs could learn from Morris. I never followed Morris, so I was surprised how good he looked in Shanahan’s system to be honest.

  5. I am so surprised. From this blog, I was under the impression that Joe Williams was dominating in practice and Dante Pettis was struggling. Maybe Shanahan messed up. Grant, write up some more plays for him. The offensive genius that you are can show him how to call plays for Joe Williams.
    Sarcasm aside I am going to be totally honest here. Grant, you might not like what I am about to say, but it is the truth. There is a reason Maiocco, Barrows, and Eric Branch all got promoted after 2-3 years on this site. They did their job and wrote educated articles. You just write hot takes. You remind me a lot of Skip Bayless, but seeing your periscopes show me you don’t have the charisma to be on TV. I do think you are an okay writer and can become good reporter, but you have to remove your ego from your writing. The stuff you put out like grades is total crap. You know nothing about football. You didn’t know that in the colts game the niners were running a 3 deep zone and that in reality Reuben Foster and Akhello Witherspoon played it well but Ebron and Luck just made a great play. I am tired of you picking a couple players you like and giving them positives and then just hating on players you dislike, all of this with preconceived notions btw. You have zero objectivity. I know that you will take this super personally, but I hope you consider my message. As a old man who has coached football and watched the niners for many years, I want to see you succeed and stop putting out crap for comments.

    1. Kyle Shanahan said Williams was practicing well this offseason.

      Barrows never worked here and Maiocco worked here for about 10 years.

    2. Niners I agree with your statement. I pay $10 a month for The Athletic and it’s great! Barrows and fam do a amazing job with their stories. Grant will never get it. It might be click bait for advertisers but the content is trash.

        1. -You’re not my target audience.
          No instead your target audience is guys like Sebnynah who thinks football and soccer have similarities

            1. Remember 23jordan? He was like Seb. A pest with dialogue that would only cause static to other posters. When he left the content was great. More people posted knowledgeable thoughts and links that related to football.
              When Seb left a couple months ago the blog got better. Now as you can see it’s gotten worse. Coincidence? Not.
              Heres some advice. Manage your blog better like Maiacco did and you’ll see it improve 100%!

            2. There is no obsession in this blog…that’s going under the presumption people even give a **** what you’re writing.

              We are here just to belittle your pea sized brain.

            3. Grant, the obsession is omnidirectional. There is much fresh material across this blog for someone doing post grad research on human interaction. It’s easy for some to conclude Sebnynah draws flies, therefore the flies are obsessed with Seb. Actually, there are flies everywhere, alighting where ever they may. In some instances, the source of the apparent attraction behaves like a fly as well.

              Would make a great TED Talk.

            4. You should just report and not have a target fan base. You will be stuck at the Press Democrat for a long time. Eric Bramch and Maicco have both moved up and on to better positions.

            5. This blog’s obsession with Sebnynah is the weirdest thing.

              Sort of like the nation’s obsession with Trump? Lets face it, certain personalities just open themselves to it.

          1. Chris, you are right. Soccer is wildly more popular than football, which will become a dying sport due to attrition. Football enthusiasm will start drying up when parents do not allow their boys to risk their future and health for a brutal sport. When 110 out of 111 brains studied, found brain damage, that is almost a guarantee of impairment.
            Soccer is played around the world, and I played into my forties, unlike football with their 3.3 year career average.
            However, they do have similarities. There is an offense, and a defense. Both employ strategies and tactics, with the goal of out scoring the opponent. Both sports have arcane rules, arbitrarily enforced. Both involve passing and kicking, and both have to have superbly conditioned athletes who can awe audiences with their skills.

            1. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Seb believes these 2 sports have similarities when in reality they have many more differences. But when you have someone that’s never played the game this is the content you get, ignorant.

              1. I think in Chess you can play offense and defense. Chess and football both have strategies and tactics and in chess and football you have to be mentally strong.
                Point is Seb, you are a moron!

              2. Tudor electric football runs on the same principle as Tudor electric soccer–the parallels are alarming…

              3. Not having played the game? Chris, that is a specious argument. 99% of the posters on this site have never played a down in the NFL.
                This is a blog site for football fans. This is not a coaches corner.
                I have watched football for most of my life, and I was there for the Glory Years. Were you?
                Of course, one sport has a round ball, and one sport has an oblong ball, but both sports use tactics and strategies. They both are played on a field. They both have leagues. They both have championship games. They both have stadiums. They both have fans.

              4. I’m not saying you have had to play the game to know the sport. But sometimes your comments indicate the very basics concepts that if you did play football, it would be common sense.

              5. Chris you are missing the point. Seb does not know anything. 100 percent clueless when it comes to anything pig skin!

            2. If football is a dying sport, don’t look for legions of upcoming soccer players to replace it. Not in the USA anyway.

              It is bad enough that the men’s national team failed to qualify for this summer’s World Cup, a fact the federation was reminded of daily as the tournament in Russia dazzled global audiences on its way to crowning a new champion Sunday.

              The real threat, however, to its mission to make soccer one of America’s pre-eminent sports is here at home, where youth players are abandoning the game in alarming numbers.

              Over the past three years, the percentage of 6- to 12-year-olds playing soccer regularly has dropped nearly 14 percent, to 2.3 million players, according to a study by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, which has analyzed youth athletic trends for 40 years.

              Yet in recent years, while soccer continued declining, baseball and basketball experienced upticks, buoyed by developmental programs begun by Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association.


              1. Hmmm, getting desperate to defend football by citing reduction in youth soccer leagues?
                Guess what? Participation in all sports is shrinking, especially when funding is limited. There is a mention about Pay to Play, which is turning off lots of parents. There is also Hispanic and black economic dynamics involved, according to your article.
                Basketball requires a court and baskets, and the sport is restrictive to the tallest players. Baseball requires a diamond and multiple umpires with lots of equipment costs. Soccer can be played in an empty lot with a single ref, with lots less organizational requirements. Soccer can thrive with cascaras, or pickup games.
                Yes, America dilutes the talent pool with Basketball, Baseball and Football, while other countries have devoted fans mainly for soccer. Still, the emergence of an American pro soccer league will help grow local talent.

          2. Not trying to support anyone, but there are definitely some similarities between football and soccer. As a football coach I’m surprised you don’t see them.

            1. Every sport has similarities. But football and soccer might be the most vastly different. The training, the physicality, the strategy, the clock, the roster volumes. I mean to compare playing football to soccer as a way of being knowledgeable about the game, that’s a stretch

              1. Both sports require knowledge of opponents strengths and tendencies which I believe is what was being mentioned in a prior thread that you can’t seem to let go of.

                There are also some physical similarities in terms of athleticism needed, as well as, similarities on the defensive side of the game.

                You coach high school football? It’s Friday night, no game?

            2. Thank you, Jack. While I disagree with you a lot, at least you can formulate and argument, and cite facts.
              Chris is just denigrating my posts, without presenting any substance. I am not impressed with his knowledge. He cannot make a valid argument, so he just hurls snark.

              1. Prime, I am just stating facts. You are the crybaby who cannot handle criticism, just like any bully.
                You like to dish it out, but sure cannot take it.

              2. Jack Hammer says:
                August 31, 2018 at 7:10 pm

                Both sports require knowledge of opponents strengths and tendencies

                Funny thing to say Jack because so does field hockey and cycling in the Tour de France!
                American ‘Football’ is mainly played using your hands, including tackling.
                REAL Football is mainly played using your feet…..
                “There are also some physical similarities in terms of athleticism needed” REALLY Jack, Really?
                Half of the 53 man roster would not be able to play a full half of a soccer game, out of the rest you can count them on one hand who’ll be able to finish a full game!
                NO comparision!

              3. “American ‘Football’ is mainly played using your hands, including tackling. REAL Football is mainly played using your feet…..”

                American football is mainly played with the feet as well, and in some positions the hands as well. The o-line coach from my college days had played a little pro ball with the Chargers way back in the day, he always used to yell at the linemen during drills, “it’s called football because everything about the game starts with your feet!”

                “There are also some physical similarities in terms of athleticism needed”….. NO Comparison”

                Sure there is. In both sports the most successful players have tremendous quickness, change of direction and short area burst.

              4. “American football is mainly played with the feet as well, and in some positions the hands as well.” Wholey Crap Jack! I guess a QB throws with his feet to the feet of a WR after he receives the ball from the feet of the Center.
                Nice try, Jack.
                “In both sports the most successful players have tremendous quickness, change of direction and short area burst.”

                You got me there, caus I couldn’t name ANY other sport that doesn’t need the same kind of qualities….. No wait, there’s always GOLF!

                American Football players don’t use a sustained athleticism, in fact Offense and Defense are NEVER on the field at the same time, unlike REAL football.
                “it’s called football because everything about the game starts with your feet!”

                Yes Jack, good to hear that your coach figured out we are bipeds! Did he tell you about gravity too?

                Jack, jack, I used to look up to you but now you’re getting yourself several notches down on the totem-pole, but still one notch above Sebbie!

            3. They are still very different sports Hammer, Soccer is dynamic in its strategy and execution while football relies on set plays that attack particular tendencies. Soccer is far more similar to hockey than football, which contradicts Seb’s assertion that both are played on a field and have a ball (so is golf — and the ball is round too! Lol).

              1. One has stopped time the other does not. That’s the difference. From conditioning to strategy and substitution, it’s 2 different games.

              2. The only similarity is they both wear uniforms. Soccer is for athletes who don’t want to get dirty and don’t like contact. Football is for men

        2. I enjoy you Grant! While I don’t agree with you on a lot of things, I like how you take a stand, even if it goes against conventional thinking. You aren’t afraid of being wrong and you lay it all out there so folks can see what you said – where you were right and where you were wrong (sometimes dead wrong). I like that. Keep on keeping on Grant!

        3. You’re not my target audience

          Interesting statement. Grant, can you summarize your “target audience” in a paragraph or two? I’m curious to know if I’m in the demo. Yeah, I’m making it about me.

            1. I’m not sure there are many of those on sites like this. Most are either Blind love fans or overly critical angry boys. I probably fall far more into the former but not totally blind.

      1. So Benny, you are saying we are not getting our money’s worth from the free content here? I wouldn’t go that far.

    3. You are correct : There is lots of emotion and ego attached in his writing….and ego and emotion cloud a person’s judgement to see things as they really are.

    4. While I agree there are too many obvious click baity hot takes here, I really appreciate that in all Grant calls it like he sees it and explains why he feels the way he feels.

      There are plenty of times I listen and disagree with some and agree with some of it, so I feel in all I’d much rather get the unvarnished opinions Grant gives then read yet another rehash of the same insightless vanilla tropes we get from most of the beat writers.

  6. Grant
    You coulda chilled and The Legendary Sebastotroll would have jumped in (after Early Bird at the smorgasbord) to your defense with cliches and honorific homilies.
    (And yeah, Barrows never had a single notable contribution here during any of the times he wasn’t writing for the PD!)

  7. The Jr. Cohn, an arrogant self-righteous jerk who got his job just because of his daddy. If it wasn’t for your Keebler elf looking father you would be scrubbing tables at a bar.

    As for your football analysis, it’s a joke quite frankly. You praise players like Williams as being the best RB on the roster, but subsequently fail to admit your painfully wrong assessment when he’s cut all said and done.

    To add insult upon injury you disrespect commenters by saying BS like “you’re not my target audience”. What would that be Cohn boy? Numskulls like you that never played real football so they can anoint your weak analysis as something noteworthy? Let’s be honest here; your elementary level writing skills would come across as a joke to a pop warner player in fifth grade.

  8. Reply to this comment saying “fire and boycott Cohn!” to show how much niners fans HATE this stuck up spoiled brat!

    The golden spoon has been shoved so far up his pooper he can’t even tell left from right!

    1. Fire and boycott Cohn. Ok, there…I feel better….not sure why the PD continues to employ the JR Cohn….especially to cover the Niners….his dad covered them during their greatness period…but does that somehow qualify him for this role?….based solely on his ability he should be covering middle school cross country races…but that sport may even move too fast for him.
      Matt M and Matt B are leagues ahead of JR Cohn…and have earned their place through years of hard work, dedication. Thier writing is well researched, well written, not meant to be controversial, and actually informs the reader of something they did not know beforehand…JR Cohn throws crap against the wall, plagiarizes the national writers and makes assumptions based on what someone says in a press conference..as if its fact. JR Cohn never heard some disinformation he couldn’t race to the keyboard to pass off as fact (really? Joe Williams was the best RB?!…if you believed that you are a total dolt). Time to start reaching out to PD management and insisting they do better….how could they not!

      1. Bah, both Matts lost their jobs. Now they are at the Atlantic, that threatens anyone who repeats what they say, even though it is regurgitated and dated. I am happy reading the voluminous free sites and I refuse to pay for tripe. In fact, they would have to pay me to read their pablum. Since Kawakami left the San Jose Merc, I have not read one of his articles, and have not wanted to read one.
        Talk about stating the obvious, they are homers with very little to say. Their writing style is insipid, and boring, while Grant is cutting edge and controversial. Grant led on the idea that Bowman was done. Grant said that Hyde was not a good fit, way before he left.
        Grant did tout Joe Williams, but it is not classy to denigrate a player trying to play with a broken rib. I hope they can find a way to put him on the PS.
        Grant can say 10 positive things, but if he says one negative thing, the hue and cry whines loudly. He may be knocked for being so negative, but that is the nitty gritty, and a must read.
        Boycott? Is that a promise to leave? Good riddance.

        1. Most of the crap Seb catches is because he supported Kaep as a player. It was Kaep who was very polarizing. It reminded me of the negativity that was directed at Steve Young when he supplanted Joe Montana. While both Steve and Colin were disliked because they replaced certain fan favorites, they also attracted the venom of the traditional QB promoters. Kaep, however, also became the target of those who resented the perceived ghettoization of American culture. Kaep became their poster boy.

          I also defended Kaep as a player, but ceased because of his inappropriate pregame actions . His leaving the team ended any point in defending him as a player. But Seb continued to support him. Add Sebs unconventional football opinions and he becomes a the prefect replacement for the anger that was once directed at Kaep. As I stated before sports is the perfect projected target for peoples emotions that can not be expressed in their regular lives.

          1. Interesting premise will, but I’m not buying. Not completely. For every poster who sees Seb as a proxy for their disdain for Kaep – style social activism, I can point to as many or more who have no problem with what Kaep is doing and still think Seb is a worthless contributor. On the other hand I can point out at least one who is welcoming to Sebs postings but is vociferously down on Kaep (it’s hard to find more than one in that category, as it’s hard to find many Seb boosters here at all regardless of politics).

            Myself, Seb and I are probably in lockstep politically. I have witnessed in-person both the highs (Sunday night in Foxborough) and lows (Thanksgiving night at Levis) of Kaep’s professional career. The latter got me off the Kaep QB bandwagon for good, but I wish him the best of luck as an agent of change. My major gripe is his declaration of not voting. Our voting right is the most precious thing we have going for us, won by the blood of more worthy social activism heroes than Kaep, more so than any abstract symbol like a piece of cloth or song. When you give up that right, by force or by acquiescence, you are doing the tyrant’s job for them.

            1. Rib, we do agree on that. I hope Kaep reads about the civil rights movement, and studies the history of Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner, who died promoting voting rights. If Kaep does register to vote, he may find out that social justice is best achieved through the ballot box.
              I do not mind your snark, and your football contributions have not impressed me.
              Please try harder.

              1. Please try harder

                My effort is commensurate to the worthiness of my adversary. I sometimes wonder why I bother at all.

  9. Glad that Grant isn’t cookie-cutter reporting.

    He set the tone for his personal style when he began his PD job by saying “Argue with me, agree with me, or just read the posts and follow the conversation.”
    Not sure the other reporters you named are open to that.

    1. Those other reporters have moved on to better things. Grant is stuck here when he should be writing on a bigger stage.

      1. I have to disagree Prime Time. The content written promotes controversy. That’s why you have guys like Sebnynah comment because it’s elementary basic football content. People that don’t know much about the game should come here

        1. Yes. I learned it was important to have the QB look one way and throw the other. If Sebbie hadn’t shared that, I never would have known.

          Love this blog!

          1. Yes, Cassie, I plan on writing a 10 point plan, and that will be one of my subjects.
            Also, I would like JG to do more pump fakes. I do not think anyone else on this blog site had recommended that tactic, lately.

            1. Oh goodie! Please tell us again about attacking edges and going bold. Oh, and don’t forget the flea-flickers! Tell us, how do you feel about hard counts?

              I can’t remember, why is it important for the offense to line up facing the goal? And why are the on-field offensive and defensive squads limited to 11 players each? Than seems so random. Please inform us.

              I think you need more than 10 points for your plan. Sooooooo much knowledge to impart.

    2. The blog regulars are the main reason I come here. However, Grant does provide the best training camp reporting of any of the reporters covering the 49ers. Still, Grant, it might be time to move on from the hot take reporting. I don’t have a specific recommendation, but if you could expand the work that you do during TC into the other areas of the football season and offseason, I think you really could make a name for yourself. Take it for what it’s worth, but I wish you the best in your career.

      1. I for one learn a lot about football when I come here. Much more than on most other sites. The format allows for an engaging discussion. We should just learn to accept the sh!t that is often used to fertilize and nurture the roots of the interesting conversations that this site provides. Grant has his style and often it is very irritating. But it is irritation that produces the pearl inside oysters. All we need to do is to put every comment on this site in perspective and context.

  10. Not really surprised at any of the cuts, especially Williams. While the blocking in the run game was bad , so too was the ability of the RBs to find open holes when they were there, being decisive, and aggressive.

    1. I thought the run game and blocking got better from week to week in the preseason. Maybe because the starters didn’t play much but it looked like they addressed it in practice and got better the following week since Houston.

      1. McGlinchey intrigues me. He started off very poorly, but seems to have improved dramatically. I’m not really sure that is true but am looking forward to see how he does against the Vikings.

        1. He was, however, still a rookie and it is by competing against NFL caliber players that makes some players better if they still have an expandable upside left. Competition will expose if the do or if they have already hit their ceilings.

          1. With the thin OT situation and the recent acquisition, does the trading of Trent Brown look like a gargantuan mistake? I think it does.

            1. I am not sure how you are reaching this conclusion because the team would still be thin at OT even if the team kept Brown and went another direction with their first round pick.

            2. Niners first drafted McGlinchey, then traded away Brown.
              Like Grant mentioned before, Brown was a liability in the run game.
              Pats were desperate to protect Brady, so it is a good move on their part.
              I also firmly believe the Brown trade was payback for letting JG fall into their laps for ridiculously small compensation. Belichick could have gotten 2 firsts and 2 seconds for JG from the Browns, but selected the Niners for JG’s sake.
              Niners want to protect JG, and maybe the best way to do that is establish a running game. JG cannot get hurt just handing off.

  11. To me what is odd is that if you don’t like the content, why you here? And at that point, why expend the energy to be critical….. just move on and save everyone else from having to navigate it all.

    I think Cooper should go, and to me Mostert will be an interesting decision- that said, I WISH Marsh was gone.

  12. I don’t think this RB crew is etched in stone at all.. The coaching staff overreacted to Morris’s game 3 performance. In that game he was gifted with the best run blocking of all preseason and took most of the snaps with the 1’s. The rest got a weak backup crew and the 1’s stunk in game 2. So don’t be surprised when things get real a week from Sunday and the run game falters. If a guy off the couch is your likely chains mover I don’t have a lot of confidence..

    I won’t be surprised if they scour the waiver wire for another RB and another O lineman. They made a trade today for OT Shon Coleman. They know they fall off a cliff depth wise past Garnett.. They need better depth on the Line and a better back to go along with McKinnon/Breida.. Morris is Ok but Dallas didn’t cut him and he wasn’t on the couch for no reason or bad luck.. Cleveland is loaded at RB and they are going to cut someone who could beat out most of the current Niners Backs.. ..

    1. Most of the plays they ran in the preseason were vanilla. When they start to run their real offense is when the RB’s will be used to their full potential and you will see them excel. Shanahan is not going to change his offense by adapting to the skill set of the type of player that does not fit. What you gain by running a power back you lose the versatility that the type of back that fits his offense provides. It’s a trade off. It was the same with the O-line position group and why the got rid of Brown.

      To many of you are continuing to make player evaluations based on a different criteria than Shanahan is using.

  13. I thought Darrell Williams might make the team because of Garry Gilliams prolonged concussion.
    I liked Shon Coleman in the draft.
    The Niners selected Will Redmond, who never played because of an ACL.
    The players selected directly after Will Redmond were-
    Yannick Ngakoue DE
    Bronson Kaufusi DE
    Darian Thompson S
    Jonathan Bullard DT
    Kenyan Drake RB
    Keivarae Russell CB
    Shilique Calhoun DE
    Shon Coleman OT.
    Any one of those 8 players would have been an upgrade from WR.
    Thanks BAALKE.

  14. The only thing that surprised me was the trade for Coleman, and it only surprised me due to the fact he came from the Browns. I don’t know anything about the guy.

    1. Maybe the 9ers picked him up because of his poach intel value. If the 9ers meet the Browns in the SB, we’re set. Coleman will sing like a bird!

      Time to stockpile intel! Poach away!

      1. Gosh, I forgot about the most obvious example of gaining intel.
        Jerick Mckinnon should be able give good intel on the Vikings, the Niners first opponent.

    2. Same, Undercenter. Here’s a draft profile on Coleman, courtesy of the NFL. Interesting prospect:

      Many prospects in this draft class have faced adversity, but few have looked cancer in the eye and beaten it. In the spring of 2010, Coleman was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Over the next two-plus years, the top 10 offensive tackle national recruit worked at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (located in his hometown of Memphis) to treat and defeat the disease. Coleman was finally cleared to play in the spring of 2012 and redshirted in the fall to get back into football shape. The following year he completed the comeback by playing six games as the backup to 2014 NFL Draft No. 2 overall selection Greg Robinson at left tackle. The past two seasons, Coleman has held down the blind side spot, starting every game and receiving second team All-SEC honors from league coaches. Casual college football fans and NFL scouts alike can see his frame and excellent length and agility, but should be more impressed by the mental toughness he’s shown over the past few years.

      STRENGTHS Very long and gets maximizing disruption from arm length. Above average play strength with powerful upper body. Extremely physical with backpack full of nasty with him. Drive blocker who uproots defenders and creates space. Latches onto defenders with big, strong hands. Gets chippy as run blocker and looks for aggressive finish. Pass sets are generally balanced with decent slide to the edge and ready hands. Has ability to redirect inside against stunts. Very heavy hands. Uses his punch as a measure of force and intimidation. Fires his hands from inside his frame and lands with proper placement. Able to play in space. Relatively smooth climbs to second level and mirrors oncoming traffic looking to engage. Has played on left and right side. Held his own against Myles Garrett from Texas A&M losing badly just once on inside spin move.
      WEAKNESSES Base will get too wide hindering balance. Leans into contact in pass sets and consistently plays with weight too far forward. Feet deaden when punching, opening door around the corner. Inconsistent footwork in general. Lunges at rushers trying to turn corner rather than sliding feet into position. Has habit of leading with head down and will miss run targets at times. Got away with holding in college. Doesn’t bring feet thru contact in run game and has trouble sustaining without mauling. Needs hands to control defender rather than just punish. Will turn 25 as a rookie after sitting out two years overcoming a leukemia diagnosis in 2010.
      SOURCES TELL US “I spoke with a scout who was complaining about Coleman not being able to move that well. I have no idea what he’s looking at. He is a little stiff in space, but we aren’t drafting tackles based on second-level blocking and Coleman has good movement when he’s kicking out the edge in pass protection.” — AFC offensive line coach
      NFL COMPARISON Ereck Flowers
      BOTTOM LINE Coleman’s strengths and weaknesses are strikingly similar to those of former Auburn left tackle Greg Robinson, but Coleman lacks the same level of athleticism. Coleman uses his length and redirect strength to overcome some of his lunging and waist-­bending, but those issues will be highlighted against NFL edge rushers. Coleman is a long, talented run blocker who could garner early round attention at either tackle position if NFL teams are okay with their deep dive into his medicals.

            1. George that is the reason why I was surprised by the trade partner in my original statement. I am not sold on the trade just the fact it would be cool for him to play against Donald. Donald will have him for lunch.

              1. Understand now, uc. I assume they see something in Coleman’s character and game film they might be able to build upon. Maybe the kid will respond to a staff that has more patience because the organization did not overdraft him.

  15. “Do any of these cuts surprise you?”

    None yet. The trade for Coleman was interesting.

    Also, start writing more favorable content about my favorite team. If you don’t I’ll have to start singing the praises of those who do.

  16. Troll definition- Multiple addresses, multiple names.
    Trolls just hurl insults. You are just a waste of my time.
    Go troll the Athletic

      1. Of course, Sebbie has the option of not wasting his time on this blog, but he chooses to do so.

        For me, this blog has strong entertainment value–9er football of course, and much more…a mix of Monty Python and SNL.

      2. Rib what happened to you, years ago you use to post lots of football acumen now all you post is a bunch of crap! Seb and Trump surly has changed your intellectual output. :)

        1. under, I’m just a product of my environment. And as of late, that environment is toxic on many fronts. Sports is supposed to be the great escape. So I come here and 50-75% of this blog is Seb’s inanities, or us responding to Seb’s inanities. I’m sorry, but I do find the parallels between Seb/This Blog and Trump/The Body Politic all too real. Thank goodness the season opener is close at hand. And no, I’m not surprised at the JW cut. I wonder if he gets picked up? There. football content. Happy now? :)

          1. I just love that you’re overly obsessed with the President.
            Triggered? Don’t melt on us Snowflake. We need some of your expertise this season. Take a hit and you’ll be fine for the next 6 years.
            Hey if you have a job I’m sure you’ll enjoy that tax cut, and if you’re looking well there are more jobs than people looking. Good luck, and don’t forget. You can’t Kaepernick at the workplace. That’s frowned upon.
            Jump on the Trump train or get ran over. 🤣🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸

            1. Yeah we’ll be fine just like your mates in P.R. You’ll be lucky if any are left in 6 year. But lucky for them, the only place that orange tub is going to be in 6 years is behind bars.

              So Get back to looking for Alex Jones content, QAnon.

        1. Sebbie…. You are the queen of preen–a wonderful cocktail of narcissism and delusions of grandeur; with a twist of Munchausen Syndrome–the element of “patients also have a history of recurrent hospitalization, travelling, and dramatic, extremely improbable tales of their past experiences.” You know…oil rig, boulder, beer-in-hand, tender flower provider to women, sole counsel to John Lynch, etc., etc.

    1. Hmmm, Grant would not write that.
      I wrote that, because by defending Grant, it tends to stop the ad hominem attacks.
      Guess you have not learned your lesson.

  17. Yes, Grant does like the clicks but maybe you have not noticed, Grant does not tend to engage me.
    I write because it is fun to talk about and discuss things, with other posters who love the Niners.
    I may have numerous posts, but when addressed, I just find it polite to respond. Sure, Prime et al can be tiresome, but they are dealing with a LEGEND. ;p

  18. b4, I disagree about Hammer. I find his comments sometimes provocative, but unlike Seb, the guy does know what he’s talking about. When it comes down to it, all of us are just @ssholes with opinions.

  19. Disappointed Williams couldn’t make it happen with us. I hope he’s able to find somewhere that he can reach his potential.

      1. I get the feeling that Kyle and Turner are so disappointed with Williams, especially on the latter’s commitment to improving his game, that they would rather have Wilson in the PS. Just guessing here.

  20. Shon Coleman article from Brown’s website:

    The article is written by Jeff Risdon, a guy I know nothing about, so take this for what it’s worth:

    “I watched Coleman intently in the Sunday and Monday practice sessions. No matter who was lined up across from him on defense, from Myles Garrett to Nate Orchard to Chris Smith, continually beat him with the same basic move: get low and get around. Coleman’s utter inability to bend low enough or fast enough to stop it was both obvious and scary.

    . . . He wasn’t very good at right tackle in 2017. The hope was moving him back to the left, where he played at Auburn, would unlock the potential the Browns saw in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Instead, Coleman was overmatched and unable to adjust when rushers kept racing around him with the same basic moves.

    The knee bend, the foot quickness and the ability to swiftly shift his weight in reaction to the action simply aren’t good enough to start. The Browns now must decide if it’s worth keeping Coleman as a reserve on a line where depth is already a pressing issue based on what we’ve seen in camp.”

  21. Even though he played all last game, I hope the Niners can put Cooper on the IR with a 6 week designation to return. That way, he can fully rehab his knee. Then maybe Blair can make the 53.
    Hikutini is PS eligible, and with his drops, not too valuable. Hope they waive Hikutini, so they have a spot to save Burbridge, who has ST value.
    Pita, Tarvarus McFadden, Elijah Lee, Dekoda Watson Antone Exum, Jeremy McNichols, Greg Mabin and Tyvis Powell are all bubble players, and half of those may make the team.

  22. According to La Canfora, 49ers are one of the teams exploring a trade for Mack. Don’t see it happening, but would certainly address the edge rusher position if they do get him.

    1. ScooterMcG

      If it happens, call me in 2021 when we again have a #1 draft pick…also Mack will be on IR until just about then…..That’ll also signal that Lynch and Shannahan only have two years left on their contracts….Instead, why not try stacking up some GOOD draft picks and Hire Scot McCloughan to do our draft….? At least we’ll be assured of no more AJJenkins…NO TRADE FOR MACK !!

  23. Seb is holding Grants out turned Levi pocket while wearing his hair in pig tails and apply oil gloss! After a hard day posting he and sour grapes Grant are going to celebrate Friday!

  24. Do a little dance
    Make a little love
    Williams is unemployed tonight…
    is unemployed tonight…

    49ers one of many teams looking to trade for Mack. I seriously doubt the 49ers have any chance because Gruden isn’t going to want to see all the articles and get all grief if Mack turned into another Fred Dean trade…

  25. Damn. The nfc north just got scarier.
    Looks like Mack is headed for Chicago.
    Damn I wouldn’t have liked to have cheered for him in SF.

  26. Please stop with personal attacks on Grant. One of his jobs is to express his opinion which is just as valid as anyone else ‘s.

    1. You did and I was wrong. I couldn’t see them trading him this year unless they got a ridiculous offer and 2 first round picks doesn’t qualify as a ridiculous offer.

      1. Rocket: Two first round picks plus the highest salary sounds ridiculous to me. Off the top of your head are you aware of any other non QBs who were traded for that kind of compensation plus the highest salary in the league at their position (which Mack will surely get).

        1. Cubus,

          Jared Allen was traded for a 1st and 3rd that’s about the closest example I can recall. I don’t think 2 1sts is enough for arguably the best defensive player in the league especially right before the start of a season. This is the kind of deal you make in the offseason before the draft imo.

          I understand the Raiders not wanting to pay him QB money but they gain nothing by trading him now.

          1. It might be more about what Gruden gains. With the two additional firsts, he possibly gains the ability to more quickly mold the team in the “Gruden” way. Perhaps Mack’s attitude bothered Gruden. Now whether the “Gruden” way has relevance in today’s NFL…….

          2. I would of traded 2 first for Mack. I think the Niners would of too but I believe the Raiders wouldn’t of traded him to SF. Maybe call the Jags for Fowler. Give up a 4th that could turn into a 3rd. Or use the Lynch connections and try to get Barrett or Ray from the Broncos. I think Lynch has something up his sleeves.

            1. Sorry, RAW, but I disagree. First round picks are precious, and losing 2 first round picks would have slowed down their rebuilding process.
              Glad the Bears were desperate enough to do that. Gruden said that the Raiders defense sucked with KM, now they will suck even more.

      1. I figure according to dufus Seb, we should beat the Vikes because of all the “intel” Shanny has on Cousins. I mean it should be a guaranteed win right?

  27. Grant … I think you’re doing a pretty good job. A number of your critics post here and get personsal, but it’s like just five or six people . I don’t think you have to be right all the time, doesn’t bother me when you’re not.

    Hey, guys … Sportswriters and fans aren’t the ones on the field playing the games!

  28. Wow. Raiders trade Mack to Chicago. Mack with Fangio is scary. Guess they will challenge the Vikings and Packers for the division. Poor Detroit looks like they will end up in the cellar.
    I hope Davis gets boo’d in Oakland. Guess they want to suck, so when they leave, fans will say good riddance.
    Looks like the Raiders will also be competing for the division cellar, and I could not be happier.

    1. “Looks like the Raiders will also be competing for the division cellar”

      I think the Raiders are going to be sneaky good.

      1. I do as well Hammer…. and Hurst, Key and Hall will all contribute as rookies…. if Conley can play to his potential, their secondary can finally b decent.
        * I think the key is who the player is that is included in the deal- they need to develop a RT in case Penn doesn’t pan out there.

      2. I respectfully disagree. Hurst has medical issues, and Key has attitude questions. Hurst may disappear like a puff of smoke, and Key may crumble under pressure.
        The Raider secondary is a work in progress, and the LBs are mediocre.
        Besides, I will always root for the Raiders to fail. KC and the Chargers look much stronger than the Raiders.

    1. And a offensive minded coach, Mitch Trubisky, Howard and Robinson.Dont sleep on the Bears, they could be a wild card team.

      1. This actually works out pretty well for us. The Bears face almost half of the same opponents as we do – Packers, Vikings, Lions, Giants, NFC West. If Mack and the boys (my nod to Cannery Row) can rough up some of those teams, all the better for the Niners. Plus the Raiders game looks a whole lot easier now too.

          1. My father and his brothers were raised in Pacific Grove and as youngsters used to help Ed Ricketts (Doc) in collecting specimen samples.

    2. Jack Hammer

      Yeaah…and maybe they’ll be cellmates down the road some…Which of you ‘bean-counters’ has taken the salary cap into consideration so far ? How can the Bears afford to add Mack to an already puffed up salary average ? Maybe we can get a trade for Paarag…HE’LL know how to squeeze them in…

  29. Seems that both Rams and Bears are setting themselves up for immediate wins with large “credit card purchases ” leveraging their young QBs on rookie contracts. As a bonus, Pace gets a lifeline…until the bill becomes due.

  30. I for one am glad that we did not mortgage the future for Mack. There is no guarantee that Mack is going to make the Bears competitive let alone a playoff team.

    1. UC/rocket,
      Cooper never showed up. It’s unfortunate that he was injured but when you are competing for a job (especially pro sports) you have to show up unless you are an established star with some leverage.

      The team had nothing to lose in cutting Cooper. There will be Olinemen being cut from other teams that we could sign in the next few days.

      1. Cooper was signed to a one-year deal in March, and the 49ers gave him a $2 million signing bonus.

        They lost $2mil……..another dumb lynch/ks decision ………

        I am concerned this kind of dumb decisions are starting to pile up….in only 2yrs on the job…….

  31. OT, but needs to be said.
    Just watched the funeral of John McCain. What a fitting memorial for a true American hero.
    Both Presidents gave moving eulogies, but Meghan McCain made me cry. I could feel her pain.
    RIP, John McCain, you deserve this fitting send off. America is better, because of your life long sacrifice and service for the nation you loved.

    1. He was a crook. He helped ruin the lives of seniors with the S&L scandal that landed Charles Keating in prison. There were pensioners that killed themselves because they were wiped out.

      He was responsible for a number of deaths when he did a stupid, full blast take off on an aircraft carrier.

      He was the only POW to have gained weight while he was imprisoned.

      He helped create ISIL.

      I’m just scratching the surface here.

      Put one hand over your heart, the other pinching your nose.

      1. I can only be comforted with the fact that Don the Con will NEVER be honored with such a bipartisan, fitting tribute. It just shows your class to diss such a true American hero.
        Even when brought into the cathedral, the sudden downpour was like the heavens were weeping, too.

  32. Cassie Baalke says:
    August 31, 2018 at 6:42 pm
    Yes. I learned it was important to have the QB look one way and throw the other. If Sebbie hadn’t shared that, I never would have known.

    Love this blog!

    sebnynah says:
    August 31, 2018 at 7:02 pm
    Yes, Cassie, I plan on writing a 10 point plan, and that will be one of my subjects.
    Also, I would like JG to do more pump fakes. I do not think anyone else on this blog site had recommended that tactic, lately.

    Reply: Cassie Baalke, careful encouraging the fool:

    1. “People do not wish to appear foolish; to avoid the appearance of foolishness, they are willing to remain actually fools. ” –Alice Walker, Pulitzer prize-winning novelist

    2. “With too much pride a man cannot learn a thing. In and of itself, learning teaches you how foolish you are.” –Criss Jami, poet and author

    3. “Who’s the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?” –Alec Guiness (as Obi Wan Kenobi)

    4. “I am a great and sublime fool. But then I am God’s fool, and all His works must be contemplated with respect.” –Mark Twain

    5. “Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness.” –Sacha Guitry, French actor and director

    6. “It’s a race between your foolishness and your allotted days. Good luck.” –Mark Slouka, American novelist

    7. “If to some my tale seems foolishness I am content that such could count me fool.” –Sophocles, Ancient Greek playwright

    8. “Humanity is a parade of fools, and I am at the front of it, twirling a baton.” –Sebnynah, poster, Press Democrat.

    9. Song: Fool on the Hill, Performed by the Sergio Mendes band via the Beatles:


  33. Gruden is doing an excellent job of ensuring the Raiders will continue to be mediocre at best for a very long time.

    The irony is that most if not all Raider fans likely expected the Gruden hiring to be the piece to get them over the top and instead he’s sinking that team straight to the bottom of the sea.

    1. I’m wildly guessing that Mark Davis drove this decision, not Gruden or McK. Davis is rumored to have cash flow problems associated with the Vegas move. He may have worried about paying Carr’s and KM’s combined guanteed money along with other expenses. Don’t recall the source, but read that speculation during Spring workouts.

      1. Agree.

        Will be interesting to see what the Raiders do with the picks. With a bit of luck (the draft can be a crap shoot), the Raiders could be well off talent wise in the near future.

      2. I doubt we’ll ever know for sure but I think this is simply Gruden not wanting to pay that much to a defensive player. I don’t buy the rumour about Davis not being able to afford it. He’s not a Billionaire but he has a lot of equity now and in the future to handle an NFL contract.

        I think Gruden is following the Belichick playbook here, preferring to build quality depth as opposed to handcuffing yourself with too many top of the market contracts.

      3. I read that it was Gruden who wanted to get rid of Mack, and that Davis and McKenzie wanted to find a wanted a way to keep him..

    2. In our usual “coaches on the hot seat” discussion, Gruden still is my dark horse candidate. I say he’s back in the booth within 2 years (his decision of course. wink wink)

  34. Mark Davis is a panty waist wimp. If Gruden had insisted I have a hard time imagining Davis insisting and overruling him.

    If it’s about $$ then I guess the team is hoping nobody turns out to be anything good because then they’ll have to pay them too.

  35. Why bother even owning a team? What a disgrace reminds me of the previous warrior owner , Chris Cohan , either be in it to win it or get out!

  36. cubus says:
    September 1, 2018 at 10:19 am
    PFT is reporting that “49ers released OG Jonathan Cooper.”

    What, you mean Seb’s prediction that Cooper wins the guard spot was spot off ? FU^%^&*(!!!!) ? Folks are going to lose that Vegas bet on the final rosters because of that moron !

    1. TrollD, wrong again. I recently stated that the Niners should have put him on IR with a 6 week designation to return. Niners short circuited that by just cutting him. I knew Cooper would have a hard time recovering from knee surgery, so I did not declare he would have won the starting job.
      I did state that since Cooper was getting reps at LG, Tomlinson better step up his game.

  37. Cam Inman @CamInman 10m
    #49ers roster due in 49 minutes. Then it likely changes tomorrow, and the next week, and the next week, etc.

  38. Eric Branch @Eric_Branch 1h
    Trent Baalke’s final ACL pick (3rd round, No. 68 overall, 2016). #49ers
    Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL
    Chiefs cut Will Redmond, per a source

    Cassie Baalke, any comments besides: B-U-R-P ? Your dad used to burp in the war room during the NFL draft—could be hereditary….At least he didn’t fart like Tomsula, but Seb’s said he was an underrated coach.

  39. Schefter –

    Bears get: Khalil Mack, a 2020 second-round round pick and a conditional 2020 fifth-round pick.

    Raiders get: 2019 first-round pick, 2020 first-round pick, 2020 third-round pick, 2019 sixth-round pick.

    Will know the total cost of Mack when contract terms come out. I would have never traded two firsts for Mack because of the added cap hit. But the Bears QB is on a cheap rookie deal, which might ease the cap hit pain.

    Fangio has two shiny new toys in R. Smith and Mack.

    1. Really not a bad deal…..they get the 2020 2nd rd pick makes it ok…..

      The guy is top 5 best player in the league……..

      We should have made this trade……no guarantee we get a stud pass rusher in the draft next yr…….

  40. Hearing from multiple sources that #49ers running back Jerick McKinnon was injured during a team workout today.

    – Matt Barrows

    1. Joe Williams? This is your pal John Lynch. Cut you say? Oh no, that was a free haircut. Your still on the team. Must have been a Mix-up by Joan in payroll….

    2. Maiocco – Source: RB Jerick McKinnon sustained an injury during a practice today. Details likely to come when John Lynch and/or Kyle Shanahan addresses media a little later.

  41. Dang, Vikings kept 6 RBs, including Michael Boone and Roc Thomas. I was hoping one of those may have been cut, so the Niners could have poached one of them.

    1. Would the Niners consider trading for Le’Veon Bell now? McKinnon could have torn his ACL. Could be cut after the year. Stay aggressive SF…

  42. I guess that Wick had already won the Cole War after Hikutini replaced Wick after the first series of Thursday’s game.
    Both Jeremiah and Pita T didn’t last long enough for me to learn how to spell their last names….

  43. Surprised they cut Cooper. Magnusson will likely go on IR tomorrow, will be interesting to see who they replace him with.

    Attaochu was also a bit of a surprise. Thought they would keep him, even though he’s been less than spectacular this preseason.

    If McKinnon has as serious knee injury that will be a huge blow. They don’t have any RB on the roster that can take over his production in the passing game.

  44. Guess Marsh made Attaochu expendable, and Nzeocha made Pita expendable.
    I remember Attaochu being on the ground a lot in the Texans game. He needed to shed blocks better.

  45. If McKinnon knee injury is serious it might be worth taking a look at Mike Gillislee. He was cut from the Patriots. We need an accomplished RB that can also catch. Tough blow for he 9ers.

  46. Rotoworld:

    The 49ers fear Jerick McKinnon suffered a year-ending injury in Saturday’s practice.

    “We hope we’re wrong,” said coach Kyle Shanahan after practice. “He just made a cut on air and no one was around him and just went down. It looked awkward. We’re concerned about it, but we don’t have an MRI done, so we don’t know for sure.” Ace beat writer Matt Maiocco suggests Alfred Morris is the favorite to open the season as the 49ers’ starter with Matt Breida “likely to be the backup.”

      1. Yep, esp. with the team letting both Pita and Jeremiah go. I’ll bet the retirement of Elvis threw a monkey wrench into their original contingency plans as well.

  47. Jennifer Lee Chan @jenniferleechan
    #49ers Jerick McKinnon made a cut on air and went down – non contact – he will have an MRI very soon. “We’re nervo… https://t.co/DhrVbTKAM5

    Reply: 1. Remember Jed and Paraag got sued by the city of Santa Clara for 49ers watering records after the Niners refused to pay for watering their own field.

    2. Harbaugh pulling his team off Levi’s field during the stadiums initial practice before Silicon Valley’s Champagne sipping Execs, claiming the “chunks of turf coming up” were to dangerous for the players, so I cancelled the practice.”….Harb’s eventually lost his job for emanbarassing the billionaires.

  48. Season – Coach – General Manager – Starters Losing Snaps Due To Injuries

    2014 – Harbaugh – Baalke – Much higher than NFL average
    2015 – Tomsula – Baalke – Much higher than NFL average
    2016 – Kelly – Baalke – Much higher than NFL average
    2017 – Shanahan – Lynch – Much higher than NFL average
    2018 – Shanahan – Lynch – Higher than NFL average (so far)

    Before preseason I predicted 8 wins because of the injury curse and lack of depth. Sounding about right.

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