49ers trade for WR Emmanuel Sanders

Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders (10) gets past Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Jarrod Wilson during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

The 49ers just made themselves legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

They traded a third-round pick and a fourth-round pick to the Denver Broncos for wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and a fifth-round pick, according to Mike Klis.

Here is a statement from John Lynch: “Emmanuel is a passionate football player whose toughness and competitive nature have helped him become a dynamic playmaker in this league. He possesses a number of qualities, on and off the field, that we value in our players. His familiarity in a similar offensive system will allow for a quick transition. We are excited to add Emmanuel to our roster and look forward to seeing him positively impact our team.”

When healthy, the 49ers’ biggest weakness is their passing game. Sanders is a good wide receiver who only will make the 49ers better. If their passing game continues to struggle, you can’t blame the receivers.

What do you think of this trade? I think it’s excellent.

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  1. Shanny keeps telling the team that they’ve got something “special” going on. If they weren’t convinced before, they sure as hell are now. Get on the Super Bowl bus, because we’re on our way fellas!!!!!!

  2. Interesting take. So basically giving a 3rd, which I guess I’m fine with, but now no 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Those are some crucial depth pieces we’ll be missing out on.

    On the other hand, this team is deep and young on both sides of the ball. I think Sanders will be to this young WR group what Sherman has been to that young Secondary group, except he’s healthier and probably has a little more in the tank than Sherm due to his injuries. So from that standpoint its a very prudent pick up. Lynch really is starting to prove himself and is hitting his stride much like Shanny and Salah.

      1. At the end of the year? The trade deadline is next Saturday. Unless you mean in the offseason? Maybe they try to trade Thomas, but I don’t know that he has all that much value.

          1. i wouldnt rush to trade solly! hes just getting his nfl legs under him. in a month or so…hes went from “bust” to decent role player…..his arrows pointing up! he strikes me as the type of guy that would re pay loyalty by taking whatever contract we would offer down the road if his star continues to rise.
            maybe we trade one of our back up qb’s to recoup a pick…..

    1. If the Niners keep winning and the Broncos keep losing that 5th round pick won’t be far behind the 4th they gave up.
      I’d gladly give a 3rd up for Sanders who’s an excellent route runner and has been underrated for most of his career.
      This is really good trade and gives that receiver group some much needed leadership.

      1. Yes. If the 49ers win the Super Bowl and the Broncos lose all their games our 4th may only be one or two slots from their 5th. And the third rounder we gave up will be somewhere around pick number 90. So essentially we lose the rights to the 90th best player in the draft. Not likely we’ll miss out on a future hall-of-famer there.

        And don’t forget. This team as presently constituted doesn’t need a lot of new players.

  3. I like what a Jets fan said:

    Jets going 11-5

    1 Hr ago
    Replying to @AdamSchefter
    Do the niners even pass to WRs?


    When Staley and McGlinchey get back Sanders will show the power of a ‘go-to’ WR unstacking stacked boxes the two ‘Rookie OT’s’ have been facing while Shanahan coaches his ass off for those wins against the Ram’s and Wash.

    Can’t wait for Shany game planning this game breaker into the offense!!!!!!!!!!

    NFL.com : It’s an instant boost for the Jimmy Garoppolo-led Niners offense and a sign that John Lynch and the San Francisco front office are all in and have embraced their status as division frontrunners and contenders for a postseason run.


  4. I like it… especially if they can gain a potential comp pick for him.
    It’s a gamble worth taking. Even if he ends up only being a solid above average receiver, which is what I expect they are getting.

    1. Add in the fact that Staley, Juszczyk, McGlinchey are due back soon. And then possibly Taylor and Hurd after that.
      What’s gonna happen when Shanny has all his toys?

      1. I expect this move means either Hurd or Taylor will not be returning this season.
        It will be interesting to see who gets cut to make room for Sanders on the roster.

  5. Grant Cohn
    I count four legitimate Super Bowl contenders (in no particular order):
    That’s it.

    In the jungle there’s a hierarchy, and in this case, the 49ers defense put them at the top of the food chain.

    1. Agreed! Anything that can get this D more points, and E-Man will do just that!

      “It was also the third straight game the Niners posted three or more sacks, the first time they’ve done it since Weeks 15-17 of 2011. And the shutout was the team’s first since Week 1 of 2016, meaning the 49ers have surrendered just 10 points total the past three games. That’s the fewest they’ve allowed in a three-game span since Weeks 14-16 of the 1987 season.”

      In other words, when kicker Robbie Gould nailed a 28-yar


        1. Gilmore is the best shut down cb in the league, but Sherman has that savvy/leadership.

          Our front seven is where I think by the end of the year we dominate New England. It should prove to be strength vs. strength. The Patriots have the best offensive line coach in football, but we have the best front in football. The Patriots are missing some starting talent along that line, and I feel as though they’ll be ripe for the taking against them….

            1. What goods? Shanahan destroyed the Pats D in the SB. They outplayed them and should have won. Gave game away by running the ball in second half.

      1. Pats have played even worse teams than us. The media just gives them a pass because it’s the Pats. They will be exposed at some point.

    2. i would add K.C and the vikes!
      a healthy Mahomes with those wr’s…….
      and the vikes play D and run the ball well……like the Saints……and just like the saints…..they have a better passing game than us

  6. Michael Spencer of CBS in Denver caught up with new San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders

    Emmanuel Sanders on joining 49ers: ‘I’m looking forward to get out to San Fran and showcasing my talent’

  7. I think it is a lot to give up for a WR that is above average but not a true #1 Receiver. If we don’t make it to the Super Bowl this will be a mistake as we mortgaged a bit of the future as we have hardly any draft picks next year. Guess we could look to trade back out of the first round to accumulate some picks.

  8. Warren Sharp
    Follow @SharpFootball
    The 49ers are 6-0 and soon will be receiving the services of:

    • WR Emmanuel Sanders
    • LT Joe Staley
    • RT Mike McGlinchey
    • FB Kyle Juszczyk

    12:00 PM – 22 Oct 2019

    1. I can only presume you meant Warren Sapp* or Shannon Sharpe. It’s amazing a troll such as yourself cannot look past a catfish twitter account.

  9. “If their passing game continues to struggle, you can’t blame the receivers.”

    This was exactly my first thought.

      1. Since this is likely to be the excuse should there be a lack of production how about you tell me.

        The team is 6-0 without the guy while averaging 26 points per game.

        I’m just interested to see if the guy really does give them an increase in the passing game. General theme seems to be he makes them better. We’ll see.

        1. It’s a fact that it takes time to build chemistry with a receiver. Since when do facts become excuses?

          Yet they rank 24th in passing. Points come out of the passing game.

          I’ll say this about Sanders, and the 49ers persistence to get him before the Panthers game, although Elway didn’t want to consummate the deal until the following week; he had a monster game against Carolina in the SB.

          Increase maybe so. Decrease? Most unlikely….

          1. “It’s a fact that it takes time to build chemistry with a receiver. Since when do facts become excuses?”

            Like I just wrote, how about you tell me?

            “Yet they rank 24th in passing. Points come out of the passing game.”

            Yet somehow they’re 11th in points scored.

            “he had a monster game against Carolina in the SB.”

            Sweet. That was in 2015.

            We’ll see what he provides. If the guy brings the improvement everyone seems to think, that’s cool. If the passing game stays the same, there’s only one place left to look.

            1. You’re right. They should’ve just stood pat, unless they shouldn’t have.

              Do you expect Sanders to play in this game?

              1. You think it’s a good move. Cool. I don’t see it either way, in large part because I think his recent results could be from the QB’s he’s been playing with.

                I don’t know if he’ll play on Sunday. He should have a pretty good grasp of the offense since he’s been running pretty much the same stuff all year so we’ll see.

              2. I see the positives outweigh the negatives. It remains to be seen just how quickly receiver and quarterback can see the same thing at nearly the same time….

        2. jack, for someone as bright as you when it comes to football….you just seam lost!
          first- we played at Wash. without our top 4 wr’s!!!!! This comes down to a “warm body” issue! we dont have enough warm bodies right now to play a game, let alone make a SB run! I like Goodwin,,,but hes a 3 or a 4. the guy is just too small to be a 1 or a 2…..i dont want him concussed! let him use his speed to blow the top off of defenses……dont let him catch the short stuff in traffic and get crushed! Were ( prior to this trade) all in on depending on Hurd and Taylor to come back and contribute big! but what if they dont??!! then were screwed! )0, 1 or 2 of those guys could return….regardless of how many return…..there’s no guarantee th ey contribute much! Lets just say they both did come back….DP, TT, DS and JH are either rookies or 2nd year players…basically those 4 guys have less than 10 nfl games worth of experience on average!!! not a group that screams play off success!!

          second- theres this infatuation around here with the passing game numbers…..arent you a football guy like me? if so, you should know……that when you lead the league in rushing (#2) your gonna have pedestrian passing #’s!!!! its simple math…..if a good offense averages 400 yards of offense per game total…..and gets 200 on the ground…..that only leaves 200 left for the passing game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          3rd down conversions would be a good measuring stick for JG right now! its so asinine for everyone to be caught up with stats right now!! thats what you look to for hope when your team is NOT winning games!

          for the stat geeks out there that want the truth and the proper prospective…..look up the passing #’s for past offenses that were 1 or 2 in rushing offense

          1. I think this move tells you that either Hurd or Trent Taylor is not coming back this season.
            If it is Trent who doesn’t make it back, then I would say the niners should just move on. He’s good when healthy, but that is a rare thing. Furthermore he’s not a game breaker, worth holding a roster spot for every year in hopes that he will finally be be healthy and become a pro bowl caliber player.

      1. I don’t think Sanders qualifies as a true #1 receiver, but he’s a high quality #2 which is worlds better than anything we currently have on the roster. Also I think Kittle qualifies as more as our #1 receiver which helps nullify the need for a true #1

        1. Tough to know how good he will be at this point. He is 32 years old coming off an Achilles surgery.
          He’s a gamble that could pay off big or disappoint but the risk reward should be well worth it.

      2. Tom D

        IMHO….If a team has quality at WR such as #2, # 3, and #4,… a #1 WR is no more than a glorified decoy….We gottem’ guys…now let’s play ’em

    1. I can’t help but think that last Sunday we saw Marquise Goodwin go from part time to phased out. Someone asked if the hit on him when he was injured could be considered a hit on a defenseless player and you correctly said he was not defenseless (at least according to the rules). TBH when I looked at the replay I couldn’t help think that the best way to describe Goodwin on that play is that he was a clueless receiver (no penalty for that either). Hate to say it but he sure looks like he is in his phase out period and replacing him with someone more productive should not be much of a challenge.

      1. whine- the issue with Goodwin is one of usage/role/expectations. Goodwin reminds a lot of Ted Gin, except Ginn is more muscular, similar to Tyreek Hill. Goodwin and Ginn are best suited to be a 3rd or 4th option that serves as the “speed guy/deep threat”. Every single rout they run should be a deep route. You throw it to em 3-4 times a game …..and hope they catch 1-2! The D will ALWAYS have to respect the big play and back off. in addition, if you can complete 1 or 2, or get a PI…..just an added bonus!
        When left in this role, Goodwin excels and builds up expectations that he can be more! but he cant, hes not as tough as Ginn or Hill……its no knock to Goodwin, i love the guy, but its true! he simply gets concussed to often. He may not have the instincts like Hill or Ginn to protect himself.
        Ginn came into the league with high expectations…..to be a #1……and was considered a bust…..untill he found his niche as mentioned above.
        Hill is on another level due to his ability to stop, start, cut, juke, lateral movement and accelerate…..and hes pretty tough for his size and has the leaping ability and instincts……..to bad hes associated with family abuse

  10. The WR group has clearly been an issue for the 49ers. Talented, but unreliable right now. Sanders provides a reliable veteran presence that knows how to get open.

    I like the move in terms of upgrading the group this year to help JG and the offense, and in terms of the message it sends out (going for it, will aggressively look to improve team, putting the inconsistent group of WRs on notice). Not so much a fan of what it means for future years in terms of draft capital and salary cap rollover… but that’s the price you have to pay when you roll the dice to try and win now.

    1. Something else to consider is how well the niners have drafted in the 5th round and beyond, especially considering the UDFA’s. It definitely provides some assurance.

  11. I think it is a good move. Should improve the passing game.
    Does this mean the Niners make the Super Bowl? No, but it increases the odds.
    An exciting year just got more exciting.

  12. Let’s be real here. What the Niners gave up isn’t exactly going to set the franchise back if the Sanders thing doesn’t work out. Like I said in the last thread, the team shouldn’t need many draft picks next year. If there is a player they covet, they can always trade into the third round again. Bottom line is Sanders makes this team better. I’d like them to sign him in the offseason, too.

    1. They gave up a J. Hurt and a punter (all pro by the various quick takes after we drafted him).

      Is that worth a moderately accomplished WR?

      Gotta expect Hurd (Hurt better) goes to IR now.

  13. yea that 3rd round pick is a bit much since hes 32 and in his last year. He will play hard since he wants to get paid next year. I think AJ would of been the better choice, the home run swing if going to give up that much, Im sure AJ would of not been that much more to get unless the Bengals where not trading him at all. Watch him go to the Packers or Saints AJ Green. Now the 49ers have 9 WRS on the team with 2 on injury reserve who could come back but i doubt it now. Matthews will probably get released but they do have a room exception until Monday for Kyle.

    I would think maybe they are not done yet trading, I wouldn’t stop their with Sanders. This year is really becoming something special and the WR at the moment is the weakest link. CJ is their to trade along with Thomas, or another player. Trade 2021 picks but if they dont trade anymore can’t wait to see what the offense looks like come sunday

    1. The price was set with what the Patriots gave up for Sanu. There is no way the 49ers were getting AJ Green for anything less than a 1st and more based on that, and the Bengals reportedly aren’t interested in trading him anyway. At first glance a 3rd and a 4th looks like a lot to give up for a guy going into UFA, but by getting a 5th back it really makes the compensation a late round 3rd and a swap of about 10 spots in the draft order between the 4th and 5th the way both teams are going in the standings. The Texans gave up a 3rd for a CB who has been terrible this season. It’s a sellers market and the Niners did ok under the circumstances.

      This is a clear indication that the Niners are going for it and they should. The can recoup draft picks by trading players or trading down after the season. Right now they have a SB caliber team that needed some vet leadership and play at the WR position and they got it.

  14. Imagine if Sanders has a similar effect for Jimmy that Amari had for Dak. No, Sanders isn’t Cooper-level. But if he gives Jimmy something like that, then the offence might become unstoppable.

    1. He’s not Cooper, but he’s extremely underrated.
      Not to mention the effect he should have on Deebo and Dante.
      And you’re right about the picks they gave up not being that detrimental.

  15. He doesn’t drop the ball, if anything that is a very welcomed trait. This team is going to come out on Sunday on fire. Big psychological boost to the organization.

  16. Sanders sounded mildly surprised, which likely means there’s no new contract agreement (yet). If he’s a 1-year rental a possible 2021 comp pick could ease the pain of lost 2020 picks.

    – No New Contract means possible 2021 comp pick eases the pain if lost 2020 picks.
    – New Contract is a concern if it’s expensive. That’s another older player making the big bucks. I’m hoping for a contract light on signing bonuses, heavy on year-to-year roster bonuses.

    Winning has added importance. Our traded picks 2nd to Seattle (via KC), 3rd and 4th to Denver will hopefully be in the 30s range.

    Naturally I’ve been checking the highlights. Even at 85% of his prime he’ll be deadly in Shanahan’s offense.

    If it wasn’t clear before, it’s crystal clear now. The 49ers are officially in Win Now mode.

    1. added bonus:

      Welker will be Sanders’ position coach; and Welker and Sanders have played on the same team.

      Here’s hoping opposing DBs will have a tough time allocating coverage between Kittle and Sanders.

  17. Such a fantastic receiver. Still has elite level footwork, quickness, hands and blocks. Still a wr defenses have to think about. Niners did well. I love it!

  18. I’ll say it again. From last page…
    The 49ers aren’t missing out on those picks much.
    With the youngsters stepping up the way they are with starters missing. Where are they going to need those picks?
    Secondary? Maybe 1… that would be ideal for the first pick
    O-line? That’s a resounding NO at this point.
    Receivers? Name one real star coming out that is a definite.
    And with Hurd more than likely on the Ir this season with this move you don’t need one next year either.
    So where are they going to lose out on next years draft?
    Again they are young and good already at key positions.
    Two thumbs up for this rental trade. Perfect year to do so.

    1. I agree with you about almost everything, except the insinuation that there are no good receiver’s in the upcoming draft.
      This class is pretty loaded at WR

      1. Loaded yes. But which is a definite game changer? That’s what I was talking about.
        There is no Heisman or record breaker in there.
        And if there was. They have a first still. And that is pretty much the only position I see a real need at next season so far.
        Maybe safety too.

        1. Right now, it feels like round 1 will be a receiver or pass rusher, but it’s just too early to say with any certainty.

        2. This is looking like a potentially great WR draft. There will be some stars that come out of this class but it doesn’t matter. The NIners have a number of young WR’s they need to give time to develop and are in a position to go for a Championship. This trade will help them make a run and that is what the focus should be on.

        3. Jerry Jeudy is incredible and will probably go top 5.
          Tee Higgins is also pretty special and will change an offense.
          Then there’s guys like ceecee lamb and Henry Ruggs who are potential round 1 guys.
          But Jeudy is drawing comparisons to OBJ

          1. I’d add Laviska Shenault Jr. to this list, in terms of talent, though not in terms of being a target for the Niners. The 49ers have their big, physical WR of the future, and his name is Jalen Hurd. I’m with you on Ruggs, who might very well be sitting on the board for the Niners in round 1, if the team doesn’t ending trading down, which wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

  19. The draft has been called maybe stronger than the last one particularly in the first round. We should get someone good in the first round even if we get the last pick. Is Sanders fast or is he another Pierre Garcon?

  20. Denver wanted to hold on to Emmanuel Sanders for another week and have him play Sunday against Indianapolis. But San Francisco wanted Sanders to play Sunday against Carolina – and now he will. – Adam Schefter

    Even if Sanders is in early stages of learning Shanahan’s plays, Carolina still has to account for him.

    Often games don’t come down to a team’s best WR vs another team’s best DB, rather a team’s 3rd and 4th best pass catcher vs the other teams best 3rd or 4th best defenders at stopping the pass.

    1. Some will undoubtedly be shocked to hear this, but it is still Jordan Matthews. Combination of size and lateral hip movements puts him ahead of Sanders.
      If Shanahan coaches him up properly he is truly their diamond in the rough.

  21. I like the trade…

    I am impressed with how he gets open without much effort from the line. Very good running the slant route…

    With our position on the draft board and possibility of a comp pick….good trade.

    Kshanny really wanted Sanu….

  22. I assume Sanders will play a lot out of the slot to start. I wonder what will happen once Trent Taylor is active again?

  23. Putting this trade in the correct perspective;

    Yes, the 49ers gave up next year’s 3rd and 4th round pick for Emmanuel Sanders, but importantly, they did receive the Broncos’ 5th round pick in return, and that’s a big deal, IMO!

    The 49ers are currently 6-0, and this trade obviously bolsters their chances of, not only making a deep postseason run, but it also likely means the 49ers will be slotted to make their 2020 picks late(r) in the 3rd and 4th rounds. By contrast, the Broncos are currently sitting at 2-5, and are coming off of a divisional beat down a Chiefs’ team who was playing most of the game without their MVP QB, who went down with a dislocated Patella (knee cap) early in the 2nd QTR. Couple this loss, with the loss of Bradly Chubb, along with trading away Sanders, who is currently the team’s 2nd most productive WR through 7 games, and it’s safe to say that Elway has signaled that it’s time to start looking at what is best for his football team beyond this season, even if it means sacrificing any hope they may have had at turning this current season around. What this means in terms of the trade is that the 2020 5th round pick the Niners received from the Broncos in likely to be very close to the top of the round. Conversely, the 49ers 4th round pick is more likely to be slotted near the end of round 4, essentially making part of the package a swap of a late 4th for an early 5th, which could be the difference of only a handful of spots, which is practically negligible in terms of value.

    So basically what we are looking at is the 49ers are getting a 2-time Pro-Bowl WR in Emmanuel Sanders, who brings immediate help to an offense with Super Bowl aspirations, in return for a LATE 3rd round pick, along with moving back a HANDFUL of slots between the END of round 4 and EARLY round 5, which could be as few as five or so slots of a DAY 3 selection.

    And I love it! Welcome to the top of the NFC West “Easy Money” a.k.a. Emmanuel Sanders, now let’s go get that 6TH LOMBARDI TROPHY!

      1. Hilarious!

        Bob Wiley begs for Project Manager Timothy Mansfield, AIA of Cambridge Seven Associates, to begin making room for a 6th trophy inside the world-class San Francisco Forty Niners Museum @ Levi’s Stadium!

      1. Yes, you sure did Bebsie.

        However, I thought it was worth mentioning that Denver also recently lost their young star DE – Bradly Chubb, meaning that his loss, along with this trade, it seems clear that Denver has likely moved into full tank mode. So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Drew Lock in the starting lineup shortly after he returns from IR. If this happens, I’d say there’s a very good chance that this swap of 4th and 5th round picks, would be close to an even in terms of value.

        I hate to go long-winded on you yet again Bebsie, but it’s also worth considering that the 49ers are still scheduled to have 6 picks in the upcoming draft, which now includes two 5th rounders. With Lynch’s impressive track record when it comes to 5th round picks (George Kittle, DJ Reed, and Dre Greenlaw) we could be looking at substantial added value tied to this trade, which others seem to be overlooking, besides yourself of course. And it gets even better if Sanders plays well for the remainder of the season, and signs a fairly lucrative contract elsewhere. In that case, not only are the 49ers obviously getting a huge boost from Sanders offensively, while they make a push for a deep postseason run, the 49ers could very well be awarded a 2021 mid-round compensatory pick as well, giving the 49ers yet another additional draft pick as a result of this trade.

        And to that I say, Yippee Ki-Yay, Bebsie!

  24. Actually if Sanders proves out, this is a really an excellent move and it really doesn’t cost much other then draft positions. The fifth round for the most part cancels the 4th round and if Sanders doesn’t sign should receive a comp pick – ya draft positions. If he signs with the Niners the cost really would be the third round selection. That’s not much of a gamble at all.

  25. Fantastic move……roster is stacked and has depth except for wr’s …. enter Sanders…with Hurd Deebo Taylor Goodwin all ailing and Pettis falling out of favor =yes it was time to add a vet…..now if they can get JMatthews some targets and Sanders, two vets= the passing game may open up some..great news according to me

  26. So contrary to what I anticipated, Sanders did become available, and Trader John pulled the trigger.

    Apparently, the Broncos wanted to trade Sanders after the Colts game but Niners insisted of playing him against the Panthers.

    So on Sunday, Niners will don the 94 unis and have a Sanders on the field.

    I’ve been parsing Shanalynch’s interviews on radio and TV to read between the lines. It seemed to me that they had concluded that this season is a special one and they should take full advantage of the D Line which may not be as productive and healthy next season after FA losses. With the inconsistency of the receivers, I was expecting an addition.

  27. Two years ago, trading for a 3rd and 4th rd pick would not have made sense.
    We aren’t the team we were a couple of years ago.

    When you’re confident in your current team you can make these type of moves.
    I’d say Lynch and Shanahan feel pretty good about their team.

  28. “When healthy, the 49ers’ biggest weakness is their passing game. Sanders is a good wide receiver who only will make the 49ers better. If their passing game continues to struggle, you can’t blame the receivers. ”

    The niners needed a #1 receiver. They landed a 30 something, often injured , good #2. You really cant draw any serious conclusions about the passing game, but thanks for the analysis.

    1. Agreed. Your analysis is astute and should be commended, unlike the low hanging fruit others like TrollD, the Stench of Baalke, Ribico are often picking around a dead tree.
      I won’t even mention prime because he belongs under a manhole cover.

      1. Have I attacked any poster with expletives, or spew invective?

        invective: insulting, abusive, or highly critical language

        Yes you have Seb, so own it.

        Btw, I was so astute to have recognized Sherman as a SB winner, so invect that.

            1. I have generally avoided commenting on Rollo’s posts, unless directly addressed. That is a good tip off that the catfish struck again.

    2. Yet PFF has him as the 11th ranked receiver this season (30 targets or more).
      I know PFF isn’t everything, but Sanders has always been underrated and he’s looked great coming back from that Achilles.

  29. Coming off a Torn Achilles, has knee problems, perhaps Sherman can give him rehab help. I think it’s an immediate leadership upgrade. I like the signing. When Sanu went to NE, I think this made the most sense.

      1. This is a solid depth signing

        So you think Sanders is signed for “depth”? As in depth meaning he won’t see the field except as a backup to the current starters? Seb, please pontificate at us.

        1. Hmmm, bundling picks to get a much needed player. Smart move. Maybe next season, the Niners may want to emulate the Seahawks, and trade back from the first round, to recoup a second, third and 4th round pick.
          I am glad the Niners did not panic, and give up their first round pick. A third and 4th is not too steep a price, and they recoup a pick by getting the Bronco 5th, which my be close to the Niner 4th.
          The Niners have their new WR, so there is no reason to pursue AB.
          The Niners kinda followed my line of thinking about WRs. They should not count on rookie WRs, because they tend to become injured, like Deebo and Hurd did. It is much better to obtain veteran WRs though trades or free agency, because they are battle tested, and battle hardened. They obtained Matthews through free agency, and now Sanders through a trade. Those 2 grizzled veterans should help the passing game.
          One good thing about Sanders, is that he has played under Scangarello, so he should be familiar with KS’s system.
          This catfish is fooling you. Please do not be so gullible. I just got on after not being on since 10:50 in the morning.

          1. This catfish is fooling you

            No, he’s mimicking you so well who can tell the difference? But then again, with your few well worn themes here, it really isn’t all that difficult.

              1. Sebbie the two headed hydra…..bad enough when there was one now there are two of these insulting goons….

              1. When was the last time I ever said I would refrain from writing more?

                When you exited the blog after laying the blame on your spouse for outing you. BTW, how did she take that? Did she know you told the whole blog it was all her fault?

              2. She was the one that did it, so she knew right away, when I explained what happened.
                I did stay off for an extended period of time, but she saw how much I missed it, so she gave me permission to return.

          2. Wow! you have Sebs down to a “T”!!

            Have to admit, Sebs–this guy is the Rich Little of the blog! Sebs, remember–imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  30. You always want high draft picks, however when you have a loaded roster with promising young players and a practice squad that is not just blocking dummies a full compliment of draft picks will be hard pressed to make the team. This was a good trade.

  31. An optimistic Panthers fan…

    49ers gonna get exposed
    Norv’s gonna unleash CMC as a receiver (10 catches 118 yards, 2 TDs) and give Bonnafon 12 carries for 87 yards and a TD.
    RR will suddenly blitz Jimmy G 24 times for 9 sacks, Keuchly has 19 tackles and 2 INTs, one of them a pick-6.
    Allen throws for 331 yards, 3 TDs, no picks.
    Slye makes all 3 of his FGs, all 4 extra points.
    Panthers 37-11 and we never see Germinator again.

    Posted by aaroningreensboro on Oct 21, 2019 | 7:27 PM

  32. Sanders > Sanu and got him for less = win.
    He will make an immediate impact, perhaps not in catches and yards (at least right away) but certainly as someone who will command respect by the opposing secondary and open things up for Kittle and the fledgling WRs.

    My only concern in this move is it takes away from the money that will need to go to players like Kittle, Buckner, Breida, et al. But I have Uber faith in Paraag Marathe to sort that all out.

  33. Some are shrugging off Sanders’ level of play, but considering the guys who’ve been throwing to him the last few years, he’s done pretty well. Consider also the opposing Ds have been able to focus on him. It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys 🦃

  34. Sanders is not an elite receiver and is past his prime. That said, he is better than anyone we have now. Deebo may eventually surpass him but he isn’t there yet. So sure why not? It definitely won’t hurt this year. Losing the draft capital kinda sucks but at least we have good players now, so we can finally afford to not have a stacked draft.

  35. From an ESPN article:


    “Through Week 7, San Francisco receivers have combined to average 8.17 catches and 113.2 yards per game, ranking last and second to last, respectively, in the NFL. They’ve also scored just four touchdowns, which is tied for 24th in the league.”

    I’m pretty sure that “receivers” here only refers to WRs and does not include RBs or TEs. When you look at these numbers it’s clear that this squad needs help. So far this season has been special and the team is doing what they can at a reasonable price to stack the odds further in their favor. Good pickup.

    Although the Sanders trade doesn’t affect this, I think we would have a 3rd round compensatory pick for Armstead when he leaves in FA (I’m fine with keeping Armstead, but I don’t think they’ll have the cap space). If they can’t trade S. Thomas, Thomas will stay because his dead cap hit at $9 million is large; hence, why I think it is likely that Armstead will be out.

  36. According to this article, here are the cap implications of the trade:

    “After trading Sanders, the Broncos have taken on a $6.9 million “dead money” salary cap hit, according to Michael Ginnitti of Spotrac.com. The 49ers will be on the hook for $6.03 million of Sanders’ salary in 2019.”

  37. Sanders is one of the best at running the jet sweep. He’ll pop 2-3 over the course of the rest of the season for big gains.

    He doesn’t drop many passes either.

    Great acquisition.

    Now, all that needs to happen is for Jimmy The Porn Prince to get him the ball.

  38. Niners have kept Goodwin around for too long. John Brown is a much better version of Goodwin. He’s nearly as fast, has better hands and while he’s had some health issues earlier in his career, he’s been available much more than Goodwin and they had two chances to sign him in the past three years.

  39. Seattle and NE always seem to find ways to add picks in drafts. Both seem to find difference makers in later draft rounds. Why not SF? OL and LB next draft.

    1. Both seem to find difference makers in later draft rounds. Why not SF? OL and LB next draft.

      Why not SF??? Players currently starting at tackle and that LB, Dre something or other, what round were they taken again? There’s also this TE.

      1. IKR? It’s an odd complaint – why can’t SF find difference makers like those other teams do? – when a lot of the team’s current success is based on those later round players

        1. In fact, someone could make a strong argument that the new regime has done better with the mid-to-late round picks, than they have with the team’s early picks, not to mention all of the talented undrafted gems this personnel department has been able to identify and sign throughout the course of the current rebuild. If it weren’t for the success this front office has found on day 3 of their drafts, along with the slew of talented UFA’s they’ve brought in, this rebuild would be nowhere near as far along as it currently stands midway through year 3.

  40. This is what they think in Denver

    Did the Broncos trade Emmanuel Sanders because he quit on the team?
    By James Merilatt
    October 22, 2019 at 6:56 pm
    On the surface, the Broncos trading Emmanuel Sanders to the 49ers looks like the team getting a jump on their rebuilding program. It’s seen as a sign that they’re waving the white flag on the season, the first of several moves involving veteran players that could happen between now and the NFL trade deadline on Oct. 29.

    But is that really the case? Or is there more to the story?

    John Elway talked to the media on Tuesday afternoon, answering questions about the trade. And he suggested it wasn’t about the franchise deciding to go with a youth movement at wide receiver or any other position.

    “I think the team understands the move,” Elway said. “The bottom line is we’re still trying to win football games, and we’re not throwing in the towel by any means. We’re still trying to win football games.”

    Okay, fair enough. No general manager is going to come out and publicly say that his team isn’t trying to rack up W’s. So this isn’t exactly a shocking comment from Elway. But the rest of his answer falls into that category.

    “I think with the message that it sends to the rest of the team is they know what message is being sent because they’ve been around,” Elway added. “They have a good feel of what’s going on.”

    The message that is being sent? Now that’s interesting.

    What could that message be? Well, there is evidence to suggest that Elway is letting everyone in the locker room know that they’re either all in or they’re all out. There’s no room for selfishness. In Denver, it’s about team above individual.

    Other answers from the Broncos general manager support this theory.

    “I think eventually with what happened after the Tennessee game, where we were and the opportunity with the value that we’re getting for him, we decided it was the best thing for our football team to trade Emmanuel,” Elway said during a conference call on Tuesday.

    What happened after the Tennessee game? Elway wouldn’t elaborate.

    “Nope,” the general manager said when asked if he’d like to explain. “I’m not going to get into it.”

    Connecting the dots is pretty easy, however. Well, start with what did and didn’t happen during the game.

    In the first half, Sanders recorded one reception for a grand total of zero yards. He was targeted just three times. That’s not exactly being a featured part of the offense. Then, the wideout didn’t play in the second half, which the team blamed on a knee injury.

    But was that really the case? Was Sanders really hurt or did he pull himself from the game due to unhappiness with the game plan?

    That sounds hard to believe, but it wouldn’t be the first time it happened this season. Sanders did the same thing in Green Bay during a Week 3 loss to the Packers.

    Trailing 27-16 with 5:49 to play, Denver was trying to march down the field to make it a one-score game before the two-minute warning. With a pair of timeouts in hand, a field goal or a touchdown would’ve kept them in the game.

    But midway through the drive, Sanders stormed toward the sidelines, took off his helmet and chucked it to the ground, and found a seat on the bench. After pouting for a couple of plays, he returned to drop a pass on second-and-17.

    After the game, Sanders was chirping in the locker room about his lack of production. On the day, he had two catches for 10 yards, and was only targeted five times.

    When that outburst didn’t result in a change to his role, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Sanders upped the ante. A two-play protest could easily graduate to a two-quarter pouting session.

    What happened after the Tennessee game? Elway revealed that during his conversation with the media, as well.

    “Yes, he did,” the Broncos general manager said when asked if Sanders requested a trade.

    After the press conference, the timing of that request was revealed.

    After the Titans game, before the Thursday night loss to the Chiefs, Sanders let Fangio and Elway know that he’d like to be traded. In other words, he wasn’t completely in. And to a large extent, he wanted out. That didn’t set well with Elway.

    “When we looked at it, Emmanuel had issues and we had issues,” the general manager added on Tuesday. “That is why it was a good time for us to go different directions, for Emmanuel to go in a different direction and for us to go in a different direction.”

    Will other Broncos veterans be traded? Perhaps. But a shift in direction isn’t the sole reason why Sanders was sent packing.

    Clearly, there is some bad blood between the wideout and the franchise. Elway’s comments suggested that was the case. And the team’s short press release announcing the trade, especially when compared to what they said when they sent Demaryius Thomas to the Texans during last season, reiterates the point.

    1. Well Sanders should be happy now…..he is playing on a winning team and eventually will get a lot of plays called for him…

    2. I hate to lose a 2,3 and 4 in the same draft but I believe this team is in good shape as far as depth goes.
      WR’s, with the addition of Sanders along with Hurd and Taylor getting healthy this position is set for a long time.
      OL, another position with great depth maybe next years 1st is an O tackle to eventually replace Staley.
      DL, great depth and don’t forget K. Street may still develop into a good player.
      LB’s, great starters but need depth possibly a cheap FA signing.
      DB’s right now they have 2 good safties 3 good CB’s with outstanding depth.
      RB’s, we are set for 2 or 3 years.
      TE’s, set for the foreseeable future.
      I believe this team can well survive one thin year in the draft.

    3. After winning a SB, some players do not like losing. He is 32, will be a free agent, and had injury issues.
      After seeing DT being traded away, Sanders knew he was not in Denver’s long term plans.

  41. I had stated previously, that if a player can put them over the top, into the playoffs, the Niners should be aggressive, and either move up in the draft, or use future picks to obtain him.
    Obviously, the Niners were not happy with the receiving corps. Those injuries must be worse than we thought, and receivers are not fighting for the ball, or dropping them. No wonder JG was upset.
    Maybe the best scenario next season, is for the Niners to trade back from their first round pick, and garner a second, third and 4th round pick, from a team desperate to move up to select a player they covet.

    1. Seb,
      There is no way that a very late 1st rd pick would garner a 2,3 and 4. Maybe a late 3 and 4, I would rather keep the #1.

      1. Old Coach, just look at the Seahawk recent past draft history.
        They traded out of the first for the Niner Reuben Foster pick, and got the Niner second and 4th round picks. If a team further back, may want to trade up, and they have a bunch of draft picks, getting a second, third AND 4th may be possible.
        Of course, if the Niners are picking 32nd, that may lessen the worth of that first round pick.

      2. All depends on who’s left on the board, OldCoach and if a team wants their guy with a 5th year option. Especially if there happens to be a quarterback some team or teams are enamored with….

        1. Seahawks moved back 5 spots, and got a 4th round pick.
          If a team sees a coveted player, but is picking 10 to 15 spots later, they may pull the trigger on second, third and 4th round picks in order to lock up that player with a 5th year option, while getting a player who fills a huge need.

          1. I think Pettis or Goodwin makes more sense. I don’t like Pettis game, he seems really gun shy and shows little physicality and Goodwin drops far too many passes. It gets even more difficult when Taylor and Hurd come around.

          1. Deebo practiced and should be active for the game.

            Sanders already has 90% of the playbook. Could the 49ers have foresaw this possible scenario, and factored into changing their mind about letting Scangarello go to Denver?

      1. Pettis isn’t going anywhere. Bourne is coming off of one of his best games. The 49ers have more options in the slot, and Goodwin’s speed brings more value to this offense than what Matthews brings as a slot receiver. Deebo is healthy enough to play, and he needs reps to develop his game and continue to develop chemistry with Jimmy, so he can make some big plays as the season heats up down the stretch.

        If they are cutting a WR, it’s going to be Matthews, and it’s a no-brainer, IMO.

    1. Sanders upgrades the receiver position. He has not dropped a pass all season, is a solid slot performer who will provide Jimmy G the security blanket he needs over the middle or on check downs to the slot (what Taylor would have provided if he had not gotten hurt).
    2. He shows an ability and willingness to run block from the receiver position, which is key given our emphasis on the run game.
    3. He should adapt to the 49ers offensive scheme quickly, given he was playing in something similar under Broncos offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello.

    1. He has not played a full 16 game season in 4 years, is coming off an ACL, and has had injury issues such that he cannot practice fully.
    2. If he did quit on the team during games because he wasn’t getting enough stats, that is of concern in this locker room, where it seems everyone seems to want to contribute regardless of personal glory. Then again, what receiver isn’t a diva to some extent?
    3. He is a one year rental. And giving up a 3rd round pick, and moving down several picks at the end of the 4th, start of the 5th (regardless of the fact we have a lesser need for developmental players) is a high price to pay for a 10 game rental (not including playoffs).
    4. Sanders is not a true #1 receiver; he is a #2 receiver. And if the question is does he move the needle sufficiently that the 49ers are now clearly the class of the NFC, the answer is no.
    5. The lack of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks raises some very real questions that may have some troubling answers:
    – Do we spend in free agency to replace our missing draft picks, even though we have less salary cap this coming year, and an added need to hand out extensions to Armstead, Buckner, and Kittle (we save some if we get rid of McKinnon, but not enough)?
    – Is Skule really our LT of the future (given his pass protection issues, McGlinchey is a RT long-term, which is more than fine; he may even become an All-Pro RT)?
    – Are we happy with Jimmie Ward staying our free safety (assuming we can sign him)? Or are we thinking Moore will be that answer? Without picks in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds, we are left with either Ward (who has looked much better this year, but still can’t play 16 games in a season and is a free agent) or Moore (hoping for improvement on his angles and eye skills).
    – Is there sufficient depth on the offensive line? Skule has shown better than Brunskill at tackle (Brunskill has had some ups and downs, and I think he still would work better as a Guard once he adds the necessary weight), but who is the center to replace Richburg if he goes down? Are we content with Tomlinson and Person as starters for another year?

    I like the aggressiveness given where the Niners are record-wise this year, and Sanders is probably the best receiver they could have gotten outside of AJ Green. But I don’t see this trade being anything more than B-, C+.

  43. Giving up a “what might be” for what is doesn’t seem to be much of a risk. I like the trade. It shows both a commitment to win now, and gives Jimmy a sure-handed receiver. Just imagine the last 3 seasons with a guy that catches the balls thrown his way.

    1. “Giving up a “what might be” for what is doesn’t seem to be much of a risk.”

      This would be true if Sanders wasn’t 32, and in a contract year, but don’t think the draft compensation given up was too much regardless.

  44. Don’t be surprised if Niners nab Josh Gordon in a couple weeks. He is bitter at Pats and knows Niners have shot to meet them in SB.

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