49ers training camp 2015: Unofficial receiving stats

Want to know who Colin Kaepernick’s favorite targets were during 11-on-11 team drills in training camp? Here’s my unofficial list of every player who caught Kaepernick’s passes, as well as how many catches each player made on throws from No. 7.

1. TE Vernon Davis: 23 catches on throws from Kaepernick
2. RB Carlos Hyde: 19
3. WR Anquan Boldin: 18
4. WR Quinton Patton/FB Bruce Miller: 12
6. WR Torrey Smith/RB Reggie Bush/TE Vance McDonald: 11
9. TE Garrett Celek: 9
10. TE Blake Bell: 6
11. WR Jerome Simpson/TE Derek Carrier: 4
13. RB Mike Davis: 3
14. WR Bruce Ellington/WR DeAndrew White/RB Jarryd Hayne: 2
17: RB Kendall Hunter/RB Kendall Gaskins/FB Trey Millard: 1

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    1. Grant….

      If the ‘Top-5’ were targetted 84 times, and the next 12 were targetted only 68 times, it spells out to me that Kaep still is not seeing all of his progressions, and is still making up his mind who to throw it to before the play develops…IMHO

      1. You assume the worst without taking into consideration scheme, and the trust factor that the quarterback has in certain players. I would say it’s a combination rather than one topping only….

  1. I’m surprised Hyde had so many catches. I don’t hear his name very often in TC reports.

    One thing is clear… they are not neglecting TEs, RBs and FBs in the passing game this season.

    1. I didn’t see Andersen or Campbell or Jacobs or Blakeney mentioned. I guess they only got work in 1-1s.

      1. Or haven’t made enough of an impression in order to practice with the first string offense.

        1. Yeah, I was forgetting that this was catches from Colin only. That makes more sense.

  2. Who was targeted the most is a better indicator than who caught the passes. It would also help if there was a breakdown of who was playing with the first stringers.

      1. True, but it would be a better and more thorough list than what Grant has up, which shows who his best target rather than his favorite.

  3. Mr. Hyde had good hands coming out of college, and he’s got to be real comfortable in this offense. This list could be an indicator of the trust level Kaepernick has with his receivers. By chance did you double check this count with another Grant?

  4. Ball control, time of possession, move the chains, keep the defense off the field offense. This all seems very familiar…

  5. OK, now we need The Rest Of The Story. Please collate targets, passes defended, drops and ints, to get a better picture of the passing efficiency.

  6. I love that VD is getting attention in TC. He is a proven weapon that can beat most LB’s in this league – he was sorely missed in last years offensive scheme.

    Also missing was the pass to the RB’s and the 49ers made a bold statement in signing Reggie to ensure that this is incorporated this season.
    With Hyde, Bush and Miller getting their share of passes in TC, it’s beginning to look like we could be the surprise team of 2015. If we can beat the c-hawks in one of our meetings this year it could be the impetus to get this team thinking for big things this year.

    1. Any statistics that do not come from a recognized or official source. That would be those that come from you, me or Grant as he pointed out.

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