49ers training camp report, Day 12: Kaepernick misses third practice in a row

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me during the 49ers’ 12th training-camp practice, which lasted a little longer than an hour.


1. QB Colin Kaepernick. Didn’t throw a pass for the third practice in a row, yet somehow still seemed better than Blaine Gabbert.

2. QB Blaine Gabbert. Completed just 5-of-12 passes during team drills. Threw a ground ball to Dres Anderson on the first play of 11-on-11s. Underthrew a deep pass to DeAndrew White on third-and-8. Threw a short pass over Aaron Burbridge’s head on second-and-3. Threw a long pass over White’s head on third-and-10 in the red zone, and threw an interception to Gerald Hodges in the end zone two plays later. Also struggled throwing accurate swing passes to running backs during warmups. Seemed to alter his mechanics every time he passed the ball. Sometimes he’d transfer his weight; other times he’d use all arm. Sometimes he’d plant his back foot on the ground; other times he’d lift his back foot and do a little hop before releasing the ball. Sometimes he’d throw over the top; other times he’d throw side arm. Pick a motion and stick to it, Blaine.

3. CB Rashard Robinson. Sat out team drills with an unknown injury.

4. WR Quinton Patton. Sat out team drills with an unknown injury.

5. WR Bruce Ellington. Sat out the entire practice with an ankle injury

6. DE Arik Armstead. An injured shoulder forced him to miss his fourth practice of the past two weeks. That’s one third of training camp.


1. QB Jeff Driskel. Completed 8-of-11 passed during team drills, including a deep pass down the seam to tight end Blake Bell. Driskel often looks terrific during practice, but during Sunday’s preseason game he seemed overwhelmed by the speed of the NFL. He will need to time adjust.

2. DE Ronald Blair. Unblockable during 1-on-1 pass-rushing drills. Blew by Ian Silberman and Norman Price, neither of whom laid a finger on Blair.

3. ILB Ray Ray Armstrong. Chased down Dres Anderson on a crossing route and broke up the pass intended for the young wide receiver. Armstrong seems like the favorite to start next to NaVorro Bowman at inside linebacker Week 1.





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  1. I agree regarding C-Ray C-Ray. Grant, what are you hearing on the injuries to Kaepernick and Armstrong, and does it have your Insider sense tingling?

      1. I think it would be smart if the 49ers held out Kaepernick until the end of the preseason in order to avoid any further arm fatigue which could lead to a season – ending injury.

          1. Grant – your comment is interesting given that you predicted that Kap won’t win the competition and will end up starting game 5. The two statements taken together imply that you believe the competition is for real and that Gabbert is clearly going to be the winner, fair and square. Hmm.

          1. Since repetitive accuracy is what Kelly is looking for, I’ve all along wondered why folks thought CK or BG were such great fits for Kelly. Then Sunday Driskell didn’t impress with accuracy; as in couldn’t hit an elephant in the ass with a tennis racquet.
            (No Seb, I didn’t get that expression from you)

            1. “Thursdays practice, not one ball hit the ground. That doesn’t happen very often. I’m talking about from when you start off with warmups. Your pat-and-go, the ball never hit the ground, to seven-on-seven and team-drill. That doesn’t happen very often when you’re practicing a full practice for a couple hours.”

              Best of Rivals: Joe Montana, Steve Young, and the Inside Story Behind the NFL’s Greatest Quarterback Controversy

              Adam Lazarus

  2. We need a QB or 2. Driskel is not at all ready to take the helm. He should get lots of reps against the Broncos.

  3. Our starting QB may be Ponder the way things are going. QB and WR are the only areas really holding things up right now.

  4. Before training camp I felt that Ray-Ray had little chance. In fact, I wasn’t even terribly sure he’d make (or deserved to make) the team. The was nothing but an bad-characther hot-dog on-and-off the field. His pre-draft report looks like the football equivalent of a rap sheet:

    -Unwillingness to stay with his assignment
    -Lack of discipline
    -Minuscule football IQ
    -Tight hips
    -Takes horrific angles to the football
    -Selfish player

    Kudos to him for stepping it up and making a strong case. And he’s obviously (hopefully) over come the raft of issues he had at Miami. ANd he did it after he changed positions which made it twice as tough.

    And now he has a chance to make in the NFL. Go figure.

  5. I guess you’ll get the day off from the pro Gabbert accusations today Grant ; )

    I really don’t like reading that Ellington is injured again. This kid needs to stay healthy and get a whole TC in. He’s got the talent, he just has to stay on the field.

    Driskel may just be one of those guys who does well when the pressure is off. Lot of pressure at Florida and he struggled. Goes to a small program where expectations are low and excels. It’s early yet and decisions on his future are premature, but he looked robotic and unsure on Sunday, and I saw a lot of that during his time at Florida.

    Not many standouts today. Was it a light practice in preparation for Denver?

    1. Rocket, my Thursday morning just opened up so I am going to try and get to the Denver practice. I don’t know that I will be able to see much from the spectator stands nor will I take any notes. It will be fun to watch though.

      1. wilsonm73,

        Nice. I’m envious that you get to possibly go to the practices, and live in beautiful Colorado where I’m guessing the heat isn’t 100 in the shade as it’s been in Southern Cal lately.

          1. Many places to go to cool off but still have to do things outside that don’t have water or AC unfortunately.

            1. What beach are you closest to? I remember La Jolla was mostly a rocky beach. I usually hung out on Newport beach….

            2. Huh! You guys don’t know what hot is ’til you spend a summer in the Sacramento Valley. And believe me, I’m not bragging about it!

              I suppose Arizona and a few other places have us beat………………

        1. I was in SoCal in June and it was 108. We mostly get to mid to low 90’s in summer. Though is week is in the 80’s with thunderstorms.

          Only Thursday’s practice is open to the public. Its the last open practice too. I don’t know if there are limited spots or not. We’ll see. Colorado is really nice, we get some of that white stuff in the winter which some folks aren’t too pleased with.

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              Mike Klis ‏@MikeKlis · 5m5 minutes ago  Dove Valley, CO

              Siemian just hit Sanders on long TD pass #9sports

              1. Mike Klis Verified account 

                Again James Ferentz started fight — got nasty between Virgil Green and Eli Harold #9sports

              2. ‏@MileHighReport
                Broncos QBs putting on a red zone clinic 5 attempts for 4 touchdowns between Siemian and Sanchez. Henry Krieger-Coble featured on 1st & 2nd.

                Dalton Renan Cardoso ‏@DrDoomkaiser · 40m40 minutes ago

                @MileHighReport this is against the 49ers defense right?

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                Dalton Renan Cardoso ‏@DrDoomkaiser · 40m40 minutes ago

                @MileHighReport this is against the 49ers defense right?

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                The #Broncos defense in practice today against the #49ers.

                Three interceptions in six passes at one point:

              4. Raj Sharan
                If today’s practice had a score, I’d give it #Broncos 55, #49ers 0. I’m serious, it was dominant.

              5. The Orange Page
                The Orange Page Retweeted Jason B

                The @Broncos defense this season will embarrass teams. The playoffs and Super Bowl were nothing, they’re so good.

              6. What exactly are you looking to accomplish with your posting trends? What types of responses are you trying to incite?

              7. What exactly are you looking to accomplish with your posting trends? What types of responses are you trying to incite?

              8. Ya know Pete we’ve asked his this before. He never answers. It’s almost like he doesn’t know we all read the stuff he posts other places. His points: hates CK, hates Kelly even more, loves BG, hates the FO.

        2. Come to the Carolinas where the humidity is through the roof and you feel like you’re in a sweat lodge…

          1. Yea, that’s what I loved about California. Dry air. Didn’t really matter how hot it got to me, coming from Northern Indiana where the humidity can be 96%. That kind of heat absolutely drains you of your strength, especially when you’re working in a factory with no air conditioning and vats of high temperature anodizing chemicals….

            1. I took my wife and daughter to New England in October when my daughter was about 12 to see the foliage. It was Indian Summer,
              86 degrees and 95% humidity. We’d brought sweaters and stuff. My wife asked me “Did you bring us to Cuba?” We ended up having to drive from New Haven up to Vermont to see any color.

              1. You wanna drink some beauty with your eyes in Autumn, you need to come up here, Brotha. Outstanding colors and the temperature is usually near perfect….

              2. Hey Bro T – I can’t prove it but when I was in ‘Nam they told us the weather was 100 and 100 (humidity). I ate and drank every thing I could get my hands and LOST WEIGHT. Thinking about going back to lose some pounds these days!

          2. Hey East – I just got back from Charlotte where I used to live and it was 90 and 90 (%humidity). Glad to be back in Arizona where it is only 110. Like Roosevelt T Roosevelt said in Good Morning Vietnam, it was hot and wet and that’s good if you’re with a lady but….I’m way too old for that hummididity. Please don’t tell me about hot at Levi’s – Charlotte was like you said, a sweat lodge. Charlotte is very beautiful though, as long as you are looking from air conditioned space.

            1. I’ll take a dry heat any day. I’m in Raleigh so I understand the high humidity. I go out for my bike ride early and come back soaking, and I mean soaking. Today I had to walk a considerable distance (about 1 mile) in the humidity and one would have thought you turned the hose on me. I was not alone either.

      2. Binoculars and voice recorder, so you can easily relate what you were seeing later on, with total recall….

        1. Razor maybe you should go in my place? I took the kids a few years ago to see Manning play. That was enjoyable.

  6. Grant,

    Matt Barrows called today’s 49ers’ practice a glorified practice. Is this correct?

    If so, it’s probably smart that the injured players were held out of practice.

      1. Correction: Barrows called it a glorified walk through, not a glorified practice.

        Sounds like he has a point, if they were in shells and it lasted only an hour.

  7. ! Maybe Gabbert has a tired arm too?

    2. How long did Baalke Ponder this move and can he make the roster?

    3. Kelly has red zone issues via Philly.com., the Texans game & today’s practice indicative of that?

  8. It looks like there’s no reason to rush Kaepernick back because he can win the job by simply letting Gabbert play.

    Grant, it seems like Gabbert started out pretty well in camp, but as time has gone on he seems to be getting worse. Would you agree?

  9. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    York/Baalke out-smarted themselves in DEN negotiations–didn’t want to pay $5M but now on hook for $12M… or $14M if CK is on game roster.


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    Dave Shannon ‏@DavidWShannon · 10m10 minutes ago  Foster City, CA

    @timkawakami Only York/Baalke could be out-smarted by York/Baalke

    1. Was Kaepernick going to redo the future years of his current contract too? If not than Kawakami’s point is somewhat moot.

      1. Denver wanted the current contract at about #5M a year with a cost free out every year. We don’t know if Kaepernick would have negotiated for a better deal than that because, as far as I know, Denver wasn’t willing to negotiate something better.

        Take $12-$14M for one year with a team holding all the future cards, or take $5M for one year with a team holding all the future cards. What to do? ;-}

        1. That’s just it. It’s easy to say the 49er management are all fools, but in this deal they needed Kaepernick to agree to a restructuring and I think that was the sticking point. It wasn’t about just this year, it was about the fire years too.

          1. Because the entire league and world know he’s not worth starter money.
            Now the 49ers are on the hook for an $11 million dollar fatigued arm! Get out of here!

            1. This is a big season for Baalke, he’s on the hot seat, as he should be, but there are a number of players that appear primed for a breakout.

              A Davis

              There are other players who could easily be contributors this year.

              The 49ers have a ways to go, as a team, but I just don’t think the cupboard is as bare as many believe.

              I’ve read posts that blast Baalke for not coming up with stars, and it would be better if there was an uninterrupted flow of stars, but, unfortunately, the draft isn’t linear.

              The 49ers have the third youngest roster in the NFL, if a good number of the players on the above list turn out to be good, Baalke will be on his way to redeeming his reputation.

              If not, then adios muchacho!

      2. In addition to Tim being about as unbiased as Rush Limbaugh or Al Franklin, he obviously isn’t a math major. The contract is through 2020, so 5 years at 5 mil a pop is 25 mil in the worst case scenario.

  10. Gabbert good day or bad day. Still is Gabbert. Kaepernick good day or bad day or No Day. Still is Kaepernick. Therein is the entire scouting report on 9ers at QB position. Kevin Hogan would be a monster upgrade to this situation ….. for perspective.

  11. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    I’m no math major, but seems like paying $5M to send away a guy you don’t want is better than paying $12M to a guy you don’t want.


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    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 24m24 minutes ago

    If the 49ers had only been willing to pay $5M of Kaepernick’s salary this season, he’d be a Bronco now and they’d be done with this.

    Syed · 3m3 minutes ago
    @timkawakami Does it say more about the Broncos or 49ers that they’d rather go with Marc Sanchez+Lynch/Simien over Kaepernick?

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 33m33 minutes ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Adam Carrillo

    Christian Ponder. That’s where you draw the line for 49ers criticism. OK, enjoy those PSLs!

  12. Jeffrey Mark Brown
    @timkawakami thank God!!! Worked out good for Broncos. Saved the cash and a draft pick. Don’t have “Dead Arm” and ended up with Lynch

    @timkawakami They didn’t seem to have enough confidence that they weren’t getting hoodwinked by Elway.

    Jason Mayeroff ‏@JasonMayeroff · 16m16 minutes ago  Reno, NV

    @timkawakami But Jed is brilliant…he raised concession stand prices by 10% to make up for it. Pure brillance, I tell ya!!

    Zane ‏@ZANETWENTYONE · 20m20 minutes ago

    @timkawakami Was Baalke a math major?

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  13. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    If the 49ers had done that, Baalke also would’ve had another 4th-round pick to use on a guy coming off of ACL surgery.

  14. I don’t think there shouldn’t be any concern about Kaep’s arm. Myself, I look at it as he been lifting weights and when you lift after not lifting, you will eventually get sore and stiff.

    1. It was all that dart throwing prescribed by Seb early last year. Too much much dart throwing = dead arm.

      1. Cassie, he should have stayed with the dart method of throwing. For those short passes, Kaep should just flick his wrist instead of winding up like a pitcher. It would be a quicker delivery and could be used to fake throws also. It would be less stressful on the shoulder, and Gabbert proved to me how he cannot throw those short passes under duress.

          1. Kaep used to be a pitcher, but I do not think he has done that in a while. However, looks like the Giants need some reliever help………

            1. Kaep only pitched 23 games in high school making my theory a reach at best. But I checked his football stats at Nevada and he rushed for 20 tds in his senior year. He had a coach that let Kaep be Kaep.

              1. He also was playing COLLEGE FOOTBALL in the then WAC, which is not the SEC or Big 10, so when you are the top fish in a school (no pun) of weaker fish, you tend to dominate. Lets not forget how good guys like Tommy Frazier, Eric Crouch, Pat White, Tim Tebow and soon to be Keenan Reynolds.

                If you don’t know Keenan Reynolds, he was the qb at Navy the last 4 years…he has 4000 career passing yards and 4000 career rushing yards, 31 passing tds (and only 8 ints) but a MIND BLOWING 88 rushing TDS. The guy was drafted this year as a receiver for Baltimore. He easily dominated and has a win loss of 36 – 16, but that doesn’t mean he should have been a starter in the NFL. Kaep is no different, college success only means so little.

              2. Em, Kaep also went to a SB after 10 games and came within 5 yards of winning it. He also came within one pass of returning to a SB.

                To me, that means a lot, not a little.

              3. Until he gets on the field and competes and earns the job, you should just pipe it!
                Who cares what he did 3 years ago? How does that help the 49ers now.

              4. “Kaep also went to a SB”

                Yay!!! So did Rex Grossman, Trent Dilfer, and Brad Johnson. Guess what they all had in common, tremendous defenses.

                Next you’ll bring up his 4-2 playoff record.

                Yippee!!! That ties him with your favorite Butt Fumbler, Mark Sanchez.

                Yes, he did some tremendous things back in 2012. But so did Pablo Sandoval while helping the Giants win the World Series and being named MVP. But guess what, the Giants were smart enough to realize they’d maximized everything they could from the guy and let him go even though he was a fan favorite and they knew they’d hear about it. Guy has been a flop in Beantown.

                The Kaep you saw in 2012 is gone. He’s declined every year since, and is now just a guy. Even Denver saw this, that’s why they when he wouldn’t redo his deal to reduce the salary they went and signed Sanchez.

                No need to agree with me. The league is telling you what they think of him.

              5. Prime, Kaep has been a 49er all his professional career. He signed a team friendly deal, and had shown loyalty until he was stabbed in the back.

                I know you are a -what has he done lately- type of guy, but Kaep is still on the team and is just sore from working hard competing.

                Kaep will come storming back, just like you said.

              6. Yeah yeah Seb, you keep telling me that and everything that happened past tense. Telling me again only makes you look incompetent because you never add anything new because you can’t. You don’t have the intellect. You form arguements based on past performances. In football you are only as good as your last game and in this situation last practice.
                Kapernick hasn’t done anything yet. Until he does, shhhhhhh! Your noise is all just static.
                When he gets on the field and does something let’s talk. Right now all he is, is unproven!

              7. Jack, I will concede that those QBs did have a good Defense that propelled them into the SB, but the Pablo Sandoval analogy is way off.

                PS left for more money. Kaep signed a team friendly deal for less because he wanted to help the team keep under the salary cap so they could resign veteran leadership. PS is gone, and Kaep is still a Niner.

              8. It’s not about the money. The point is that Sandoval, like Kaepernick peaked in 2012. They both had a tremendous run and then declined steadily.

              9. Prime, when you bloviate that I do not have an intellect, maybe you should learn to spell first. That, to me, is a big tip off about ones intellect.

              10. Seb I can always learn to spell or use autocorrect appropriately but you will always be the blog idiot!

              11. Jack, Pablo won a ring and was named MVP. He was on top of his game. Once he left, he declined sharply.

                Kaep declined because his O line declined. In fact, last year it was putrid.

                Tom Brady was a superior QB to Manning, but his O line could not protect him. Cam, the same thing.

              12. Kaepernick’s decline did not start last season. He’s delined every year since 2012.

              13. Prime, reading is fundamental. So is spelling. Name calling is another tip off about ones intellect.

                Seems you lack all 3.

              14. Jack, 2014 had a team decimated with injuries. 2015 was a dumpster fire. Maybe you need to bring a little perspective to your arguments.

                Kaep was sacked 52 times in 2014. He was sacked 28 times in half a season. ANY quarterback would struggle when he gets sacked at least 4 times per game.

              15. You keep focusing on 2014 and 2015. He declined from 2012 to 2013 as well and that was a good team.

              16. Gosh, he came within 5 yards of winning a SB, and in 2013, was again in the NFCC Game, and was 1 pass from returning to a SB. Diss those accomplishments all you want and say that he declined, but I will take those any day over the last 2 years.

                Maybe you yearn for those 2-14 seasons, but I try to forget them.

              17. “Maybe you yearn for those 2-14 seasons”

                Haha! Yep you figured me out. You’re a genus.

        1. “Gabbert proved to me how he cannot throw those short passes under duress.”

          Hasn’t Kaep proven the same?

          1. Kaep has not thrown a pass in live action this season. Gabbert did.

            Those first 2 passes did not fill me with glowing optimism.

              1. Such hyperbole.

                What I saw was someone who made 2 bad throws, who made 2 throws that should have been caught but were low, made a few good runs, and made a great throw to capitalize when the LB fell down which shows vision and ability to pull the trigger (as opposed to a certain someone completely blind to his 4.3 40 yard wr jumping up and down in St Louis).

                Thats what I saw.

              2. Those two passss should of been caught! LMAO…….. Ya okay.. You see what you want.. Gabbert is atrocious… You will have no choice but to see that consistently. This team is F****ed…

              3. Yup, and 3 ints in 6 passes today. Gabbert Ponder and Driskel are not exactly shining.

                Kaep is winning by default.

              4. Yes, the two passes that were on the thighs to the WRs should have been caught…not the two swing passes to hyde. Context!

              5. Em, you were the one who needed more clarity, and those 2 passes you were thinking of were poor throws, no matter how you want to sugar coat it.

                Guess all Gabbert has to do is wait for a defender to fall down before he passes…….

            1. Seb—
              You are irrational when it comes to Kap, absolutely irrational. Implying he went bad because his O-line went bad……………specifically, what is Kap responsible for? Isnt he responsible for his putrid mechanics? His, at best, inconsistent accuracy? His stare downs at his desired receiver?
              What is an NFL QB responsible for?

              I think your messing with everyone………………..

              1. Well said Saw. I think SeB is Mary or a former poster on here to troll.
                My friend whos also a 49ers fan and Kap supporter has even admitted to regression in his play without poor excuses.
                If real 49er fans can’t see that then they are just ignorant trolls!

  15. 8theist ‏@StraightG408 · 35m35 minutes ago  Livermore, CA

    @timkawakami Or they could’ve used that pick on Dak Prescott, who went in the 4th. But that makes too much sense.

  16. We could have had Paxton Lynch with the pick we spent on Garnett. Then we could have moved Davis to guard and look how much better off we’d be. Yeah, Lynch would be developing, but this team isn’t going anywhere this year. He’d probably be better even in the first few weeks than either Gabbert or Kaepernick.

    By next year, we’d be a Superbowl contender, needing to fill just a few holes in the draft and free agency. I’m constantly pissed at this team and even the fans who say we have more important needs than QB. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MORE IMPORTANT NEED IN THE NFL!

      1. Interesting Grant in regards to Lynch, Alfred Williams former 49er and Bronco said on the radio today he wants to see Buckner play because a lot of people had Lynch going to the 49ers and wondered if this selection would be talked about for a while if the 49ers will have wished they chose Lynch instead of Buckner?

        They also used the phrase “the cupboard is bare” in regards to the 49ers talent on both sides of the ball. It’s always interesting to see how other media views the team. They said “we had no one on defense or in the secondary.” They keep mentioning how many yards we ran for last week on a positive note.

    1. Once uponder a midnite dreary
      While i pondered, weak and weary
      O’er an many Quaint and curious
      Volume of forgotten lore….

  17. “Bickel boring WR’s to tears”, that’s a classic one, Grant! Reminds me of the x-rated version I learned in the Marines….

  18. Kaep has never truly had to compete for the number one starting job. In prior preseasons he only had to play a couple of series in the year he took over his QB was the year Alex got hurt during the regular season. It does concern me that Kaep now has an opportunity to clearly compete and win a camp competition and he seems like a no-show. I hope he’s just not trying to get that insurance money and go play baseball or something!
    Also -what the heck is with this fifth-round punter kicking 25 yard punts! Another Baalke classic. Let’s cut an all pro punter so we can sign this guy – unbelievable!

  19. Baalke should take heed to what the Eagles did and inquire about a WR. The Vikings have two of which one I am sure they will be willing to deal

  20. Sunday, I noticed that they had Ray Ray Armstrong listed at 220 lbs? He is about the same size as Tartt and he also was a former safety. So why not try Tartt at LB along side Bowman?

    1. Because Tartt would be a terrible run defender from that spot. If they use him, they’ll use him on passing downs, line him up in the box and make him cover a tight end man to man.

      1. Armstrong looks ready to take over the way he was able to take on the guard and still make the tackle….

      2. Not all big hitting safeties transition to linebacker.

        What a like about Tartt (and McCray) is his closing speed from the secondary. Its not the same as short area explosion of ILBs. Its the ability to quickly cover ground once its clear its a run. Often down “the alley”, seemingly coming out of nowhere.

        Tartt will some some LB duties very well. He’s really his own hybrid position that matches up well with TEs, and brings another hitter into the run support.

            1. “yea, big difference!” I hope you are not being sarcastic with that one, because there really is a big difference between LB and DB roles in run support.

              DBs that are very strong at confronting a play when there is space may not be strong at all closer to the line of scrimmage before blocking is committed.

              Ronnie Lott had about 100 whoo hits; and almost all were due to a head start, like the Icky Woods smack down. He’d have been a frustrated, puny, linebacker.

  21. What’s with all these ground balls from the QBs? CK last year, Gabbert Sunday and then again. Driskel Sunday. Is there too much gravity? Are they filling the balls with Dark Matter? Does Santa Clara suck (them down)? Are there constant Micro Bursts over the stadium and facility?
    Add some more powder to the howitzers. No more short rounds!

    1. Look at it this way.

      When they were re-installing the turf last year, black helicopters were seen in the vicinity of Levi’s Stadium on more than one occasion.

      Now look at the the NFL’s fascination with under inflated balls.

      There is only one possible conclusion, and that’s that NFL balls now contain a magnet with reversible polarity. The key is the remote controlled field wide magnet that was installed with the first turf at Levi’s. The NFL has the ability to suck any pass directly into the ground or bounce it over the heads of the receivers.

      All that magnetic activity is what’s killing the turf and causing it to fail to take root.

      1. HT
        “Black” helicopters….? Are you making this a racial issue?
        Clearly it’s cultural. These young QBs are into Hip Hop, that’s probably why they’re throwing the one-hoppers, cuz they’re hip. No reason to give them a bad Rap.
        (Just for those who are about to get puffed up, that’s just 100% kidding around)

        1. Black helicopters are known to be under the Control of China and the NFL is known to covet the Chinese memorabilia market. Manufacture and sell all in the same place.

          1. No, no, those are CAMP copters beholden to the drug, tobacco and alcohol cartel. wasting more money on a sysyphythian endeavor.

      2. Also contributes to dead arm disease. All those iron supplements forced on the QBs by evil trainers. Switch on the magnetic field and bingo…dead arms.

  22. Kap has issues , lots of them , but with him at QB they have a punchers chance in just about every game . With Gabbert at QB they’re 3-13… No brainer to me

        1. Well since Kaep played in 10 games last year and Gabbert played in 8, that would mean that there is now 18 games in the regular season.. Crazy….

          1. Typo smartazz, 2-6…better?? He still only won 2 games last year. There is ZERO reason to believe he can return to any sort of resemblence of the average player he was in 2013/2012…he was never great, he was never good, he was above average, a top 20 qb, and 2012 and Pat Willis, Aldon Smith, Justin Smith, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Alex Boone, Mike Iupati, Mario Manningham, Randy Moss, Dashon Goldson, Delaine Walker, Kendall Hunter, Donte Whitner, Tarrell Brown, Chris Culliver, Carlos Rodgers, Ray McDonald and Issac Sopoaga are not in that locker room anymore, not on the sidelines anymore…and neither is his security blanket coach.

            He done.

              1. Wrong…Plunkett was drafted into and played with 2 horribly run franchises before finding a team and organization that he could grow with. Kaep was drafted into and played with an top franchise and was average at best, its not like he was a great qb hampered by the team.

              2. I remember what they said about Plunkett- He was a bust, his career is over, put a fork in him, he is done.

                Then he went to another team and won a SB. That is a fact, no matter how you want to compare the teams.

              3. Seb – Plunkett was fired by the 49ers when Eddie D brought in his new GM who promptly fired the current head coach and GM then proceeded to completely destroy the 49ers future until, of course, Eddie hired Bill Walsh. Monte Clark, the hc and gm had actually brought the 49ers back to respectability, but Thomas did pretty much the same thing to the team that occurred when Jim Harbaugh was fired. So history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes. Clark is fired, team is trashed, existing QB goes to another team and wins Super Bowl. Now, Harbaugh is fired, team is trashed and … well – just saying.

  23. I see in some quarters the 49ers are being criticised for ‘rushing’ Kaep back to full rep count too soon. I think there is a pretty strong argument/ case to say that is correct, given the injury. Just wondering Grant, with Kaep and Gabbert splitting first team reps, are they getting the same amount of total reps a first string QB typically gets during TC?

    1. “…with Kaep and Gabbert splitting first team reps, are they getting the same amount of total reps a first string QB typically gets during TC?” I think you’ve nailed it Scooter. No way to predict how this is going to play out but for anyone to think that the 9ers are going to do well other than by blind pig luck is a fantasy. For those who like to say I’m just looking at the facts, you’ve highlighted a FACT that clearly demonstrates that we are proceeding on a wing and a prayer. FWIW, I like Grant’s analysis. We let this play out and around game 5 when Kaep get’s his chance and….God knows where we go from there.

    2. I don’t know if it is the injury as much as it is the time off he had from throwing the ball in a repetitive fashion. It is quite possible that the intensity of his throwing further weakened an area that needed to be built back up.

      1. “I don’t know if it is the injury as much as it is the time off he had from throwing the ball in a repetitive fashion.”

        Sorry, I’m not really following your point, Mid? I’m just saying that given he has now injured himself, the argument he was rushed back too quickly (following his lengthy time off) has some merit.

        “It is quite possible that the intensity of his throwing further weakened an area that needed to be built back up.”

        This is the point I was making re the 49ers are being criticised for rushing him back too quickly. Too much high intensity throwing too soon for a guy who’s body wasn’t conditioned for it.

        1. Scooter, Kaep may have been rushed back, but he has been an eager participant. He wanted those first string reps, and the competition was too much for a recently rehabbing athlete.

          Even though I am an unabashed Kaep fan, maybe his eagerness to redeem himself was a factor in his tightness in his shoulder. From being markedly less robust, his stressful workout sessions, to his over working his shoulder, it is no wonder that he may have done too much too soon.

          Hope the Niner doctors can stay ahead of this injury, and provide the proper care so he can compete again. I did not say soon, because I hope Gabbert can start, and let Kaep heal fully. It may take several weeks.

          1. Sure, most athletes/ competitors try and rush back from injury. Its human nature. Its up to the team to use cooler heads.

            I’m not 100% convinced the team has really done Kaep a disservice here though. My posts may be misconstruing my thoughts. It is being said in some circles the 49ers have rushed him back, and given his injury there is certainly some merit to the argument. But I asked whether he was doing a normal first strong QB load for a reason. Is the 80 to 100 passes a day it is said he is making a large amount? To me that doesn’t sound like an exorbitant amount, but I honestly don’t have much a handle on that.

            1. Maybe I should clarify my remarks and say that the Niners did not force Kaep to practice until he had tightness in his shoulder. Kaep wanted to compete.

              It just was unfortunate that he cannot practice. Kaep, when fully healthy and given a chance, will still make jaw dropping throws. Patience is a sign of maturity. Do not let him rush back too soon.

              I agree, the Niners are not totally at fault. Maybe his trainers can accept some scrutiny.

          2. Both of these QB’s are mediocre, can’t seem to lock it in on the most basic of QB skills, or mechanics………….
            Having said that, if Kaps “stressful workout sessions” and overworked arm–i.e. life in the NFL–are to much for him………..well, he’ll soon be joining Tomsula, who also found life in the big leagues rather difficult.

      2. Kap described his injury as just tightness, and said he experienced the same thing while playing baseball. All those innings pitched could contribute to his dead arm.

    3. Its impossible for them to be getting the same about of first team reps as an Rodgers, Brees, Newton, Smith, etc, would be getting just from the fact that its 2 people splitting the 1st team reps. I highly doubt the top 15 qbs in this league run with the 2nd or 3rd team often, if at all, so if they get all the 1st team reps and here we have 2 guys splitting that, it can’t be good.

      Thankfully the bicep kisser has been out of practice for 3 (4?) practices so those reps aren’t being split. At some point the coach has to say for the betterment of the team, this is our guy and he’s going to get all the work legally possible so he’s as best prepared for the job.

  24. Whine Country
    100% relative humidity is either a “0/0” Pea Soup fog or a hard rainfall.
    But I learned that in the fall of ’66 and again in fall of ’67 I Corps RVN experienced a number of days at 115+F degrees and 97% relative humidity. That’s mind bogglingly suffocating. Visibility down to a mile due just to water vapor.
    I got there early Feb 68. 68-69 was plenty hot& steamy. I didn’t wear undershorts ’til about ’71, LOL.

    1. Grew up in Sonoma County. Lived in Phnom Penh 7 years ago tagging along with my American girlfriend (OD consultant). I measured heat/humidity by the number of times I had to take a shower in a day. Man, that was humid! Siem Reap and Battambang were even worse.

      One bright spot… I didn’t have to take a leak nearly as often. Great when your riding on some contraption for three hours over rutty “roads.”

    2. Ha Bro – I landed in the middle of Tet in ’68. We were down south in the Michelin rubber plantation area near the Saigon River. I remember a 100% day in Santa Rosa. Just like you said, pea soup fog and it was actually pretty cold.

  25. I think Kawakami is right about the FO outsmarting itself. But if goes even beyond that. If BG is a free agent in 2017, then why would he want to risk getting injured in an offense that exposes a QB to more injury than other offenses might: More plays per game and more running assignments than time in the pocket.


    Perhaps the reason for Gabbert’s recent performance its that he might not want to expose himself to too much risk for injury and then not have a contract if he would get injured this season in recovering.

    Maybe will see some QB off the street playing this season.

  26. Maybe will see some QB off the street playing this season.

    I ment to say maybe will see more QB play from off the street this season than originally expected..

  27. WR’s coach Bicknell on Smelter:

    “I think if he can get his consistent time of practicing, playing, seeing everything, he has all the tools that you’d want, he just, honestly is not yet ready to know how to use them. He just doesn’t.”

    Well that lowers my expectations for a guy I was really looking forward to see making contested catches over the middle.


  28. Cubus .. yeah .. some
    high expectations seem shattered at times .. but ..
    we sometimes forget .. how long
    it took for .. even Peyton Manning .. before
    the light clicked on for him ..

          1. I’m disappointed so far with regards to how frequently the tweets are updated. Last year following the 49ers-Broncos practice was so much better.

  29. August 16, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Why the York’s hate Tim Kawakami. Because he constantly tweets their inept front office transactions and they feel it threatens scaring off PSL holders. TK said they stiffed him on a $1,200 dinner bill; tried to sue him for publishing 49er annual profits, and now tweeting how the York/Baalke front office botched the Kap/Den trade….I would lay odds TK will be slapped with another 49er lawsuit over this:

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    I’m no math major, but seems like paying $5M to send away a guy you don’t want is better than paying $12M to a guy you don’t want.
    If the 49ers had only been willing to pay $5M of Kaepernick’s salary this season, he’d be a Bronco now and they’d be done with this.

    1. Tim Kawakami is the biggest fool around. I take that back, second biggest fool. #1 fool is the person who keeps cutting and pasting Kawakami’s dumb tweets here.

      Kawakami has never given any proof that the 49ers “don’t” want Kaepernick. It is just his opinion. As the saying goes: “Opinions are like rear ends. Everybody has one”.

      My best advise to people who read Kawakami’s garbage: “consider the source”.

  30. It’s starting to look like the PR team is as inept as the rest of the FO. Here’s the tweet from Lange:

    “Bob Lange ‏@49ersPR 13m13 minutes ago

    @49ers practice in Denver is live now for the next 30 minutes on http://49ers.com and the 49ers app. #checkitoutnow

    Didn’t even show 15 minutes.

  31. Brian
    @timkawakami If Kaep isn’t starter, do 49ers protect him like Washington did with RGIII so they don’t have to pay him $14.5 mil next April?

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Brian

    Yes, I’ve repeatedly suggested this is a possibility. Though chances of it lessened with Thad Lewis’ injury.

  32. Brad Foster
    @timkawakami anyway balke has secretly told kap that they will release him if he doesn’t play in preseason?

    7:03 AM – 17 Aug 2016

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Brad Foster

    No. Baalke and Kaepernick barely speak at all these days. There are no secret conversations when there’s no talking.

    ‏@Six4ThreeDP · 1h1 hour ago

    @timkawakami that’s as telling as anything. How can GM expect success if he can’t communicate anything or with anyone?

    1. Troy Renck ‏@TroyRenck · 9m9 minutes ago

      #49ers Kaepernick been handing off in 11 on 11. Hasn’t thrown. Barrett and Williams have had strong pressure early on

  33. Troy Renck ‏@TroyRenck · 4m4 minutes ago

    #Broncos Siemian opened with No. 1 offense. Sanchez had best throw of early period on long TD to Latimer #Denver7

  34. Troy Renck Verified account 
    #Broncos ILB Davis picks off Gabbert. Davis only played 2 plays vs Bears bc Chicago was in three wide #Denver7

  35. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 25s26 seconds ago

    Colin Kaepernick is being held out of throwing drills at practice but is doing some throwing (about 10 yds) on side field during ST work.

  36. Damon Bruce said the signing of Ponder means the 49ers have the 1st 3 of 6 QB’s drafted in 2011 and that the 2016 49ers season is DOA (Dead on Arrival).

    1. “Damon Bruce said the signing of Ponder means the 49ers have the 1st 3 of 6 QB’s drafted in 2011”

      The 49ers signed Cam Newton (first QB taken in 2011) and Jake Locker (second QB taken in 2011) and ditched Kap (sixth QB takne in 2011) and Ponder (fourth QB taken in 2011)? Seems like that would be a big story!

      Oh wait — did Damon Bruce perhaps say that the Niners have three out of the first six QBs taken in 2011, not that they have the first three of six QBs drafted in 2011? That makes much more sense.

  37. Mike Klis ‏@MikeKlis · 3m3 minutes ago  Dove Valley, CO

    Devontae Booker just whiffed in blitz pick up of LB Alex Balducci #9sports

  38. Sounds like we’re getting dominated.

    Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    The teams are in special teams right now. The Broncos have provided their fans with a lot to cheer about in the early part of practice.


    1. Didn’t make it to the practice, then?

      Joe Fann ‏@Joe_Fann 2m2 minutes ago Dove Valley, CO

      #49ers defense got plenty of pressure during the most recent team period.

      45, 43, 55, 47, 78, 20 and 56 all had pressures/would-be sacks.

      1. No I had some appointments added to my calendar and couldn’t get out there.

        I saw Fann’s tweet after I posted that.

        1. If I remember correctly, last year there was a twitter feed (I guess you call it) that had tweets from both the 49er beat writers and Broncos beat writers together. That was much better. There’s probably a “feed” for the Broncos beat writers. Any idea what the link might be?

          1. TomD found the Broncos twitter feed on the the Broncos SB Nation site.

            Here’s one:

            Broncos QBs putting on a red zone clinic 5 attempts for 4 touchdowns between Siemian and Sanchez. Henry Krieger-Coble featured on 1st & 2nd.

              1. Its kinda depressing to watch the Bronco’s feed. Pick 6, TD’s, Okung dominating pass rush, more INT’s, Denver Defense dominating.

              2. Sam Cowhick ‏@SamCowhick 6m6 minutes ago

                After #broncos intercept another pass, players could be heard yelling to #49ers “hit the ****ing showers. This is over.”

              3. Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch 4m4 minutes ago

                Unofficial from 11-on-11 vs. Broncos: Gabbert 4 of 7, INT; Ponder 1 of 6, INT. #49ers

              4. CUBUS,

                Scroll down slightly on the Renck twitter site, on the right margin he lists Mike klis whose informal, just click.

                Mike Klis ‏@MikeKlis · 4m4 minutes ago  Dove Valley, CO

                Siemian drills seam route to Kalif Raymond– dropped it #9sports

  39. Troy Renck ‏@TroyRenck · 10m10 minutes ago

    Fight! fight! Couldn’t resist sophomoric reaction. #Broncos Backup Dillon Day exchanged punches Aaron Lynch #Denver7

    Troy Renck ‏@TroyRenck · 8m8 minutes ago

    #Broncos Ferentz in middle of first tussle. Ferentz nicknamed Brick bc once missed weight in prep wrestling and was told looked like Brick

  40. Andrew Mason ‏@MaseDenver 38m38 minutes ago

    NaVorro Bowman was a beast out here last year for joint practices and he is again today. Mercy.

  41. Your comments on Gabbert’s sloppy practice are astounding. I’m not doubting your observations, and we saw some of the same last weekend. My astonishment is how can a multi-year NFL starter be this sloppy?! Why haven’t the 49ers rushed Tom House or some other proven QB guru up to training camp, paid him a king’s ransom and have him work with their QB’s – daily for an hour, or one day a week for a longer session – whatever?!? I am incredulous that with the money and stakes involved any NFL coach/team/FO would start training camp without something as basic as mechanics being solidified. Cryogenic hot tubs abound, but not simple preparation?!?

    1. Why haven’t they rushed Tom House out there to help the QB’s?

      Because it will cost the York family some money. Cynical, I know. But it’s consistent with the York fiscal behavior, from way back when old man York was front and center. You think his son would dare go against his fathers wishes?

          1. But thats not the worst of it. People still pay for tickets and go to the park and watch this York product!

            If Chip pisses off Prag or little York—–he’s gone! Bulky MAY be in some heat right now, tho……………….maybe……….

  42. If I’m reading it right the Denver game isn’t on nfl network. Will kpix cover it ? Will it be available to everyone online?

  43. But they all know that Baalke and York want Gabbert to win this job and as I reported yesterday it is well-known in the building that Baalke is openly pushing for Gabbert and against Kaepernick.

    A shutdown would avoid the possibility of Kaepernick getting into a game and maybe getting injured again and possibly triggering his $14.5M guarantee for NEXT SEASON.


  44. Great, Mark (The Sanchize by derisive Jets fans) went off on the Niners in the 2 min. drill:

    MileHighReport ‏@MileHighReport · 35m35 minutes ago

    Mark Sanchez capped off his 5-for-5 2:00 Drill with a deep touchdown pass to @ESanders_10.

    1. When I moved down from Lake Tahoe to sea level, I felt I was in superior shape aerobically to others my age….

  45. Looks like this practice was a reality check for the team and probably for us fans as well. Preliminarily, at least, it looks like our secondary got torched; maybe that was partially due to a poor pass rush and the fact that our DBs don’t get to work against top-notch receivers day in and day out in practice.

        1. I am wondering if the second game will be any different or if the practice will be any different tomorrow? Its crazy to say but they could really use CK back. Ponder’s so far behind. Driskell seems like a practice stud and BG’s struggling since last Sunday. The Bronco’s are clearly one of the best rosters in the NFL and as Grant says, our is not. I don’t know that scheme can make up for the lack of talent.

  46. I figured we would struggle. I’m really interesting in how our lines held up (DL & OL). I wonder how we held up against Miller.

    1. Here’s what Cam Inman had to say about the OL:

      “Gabbert completed 4-of-7 passes in full-team drills, but his last one got intercepted and his offensive line repeatedly couldn’t keep Broncos pass rushers from penetrating for would-be sacks. Gabbert also had a pass bounce off DiAndre Campbell’s hands and into linebacker Todd Davis’ for an interception in seven-on-seven rills.”

  47. Bronco QB stats vs 49ers:

    Sanchez: 3/4 1st team vs. 1st team; Sieman: 1/2, 2nd team vs. 2nd team; Lynch 2/2 3rd team.

    Sieman 3/3, 2TDs, 1st team vs 1st team; Sanchez: 1/2, 2nd team vs 2nd team; Lynch 3/3, 3rd team.


    Sanchez: 5/6/4 TD, 1st team; TD’s #’s 11,88,84,10

    Sieman: 5/6/4, TD

  48. I am completely shocked that the defense of the defending Super Bowl champs would do so well against a team 14 practices into installing a new offense.

      1. “That’s got to be the reason why Gabbert is so bad.”

        I don’t know. 4-7 with a pick in team drills is actually about what he’s been doing in practices here.

        Main point though is that everyone is sweating so much right now. This adversity is great for the team. If they use the experience properly they could really grow and be better prepared come week 1.

        1. I’d like to agree with you, Hammer, and what you say makes sense for a team that is even remotely competitive. The concern is that we’re expecting a pop warner team to play at the HS level (alright an exaggeration, but you get what I mean).

            1. We did start somewhere back in 2011. But, I know, that’s water under/over the bridge/dam. I’ll try to cheer up (what choice do I have :))

          1. Cubus,

            I hear you. I’d compare it to a high school team taking on the best teams in the state during their non conference schedule. Then when they get into their conference they are used to playing against tougher competition.

            Nothing is going to be easy for the 49ers this season no matter what, but they’re playing 3 playoff teams their first 3 preseason games.

            It’s just way too early for the hand wringing in my opinion.

            1. BTW: Have you taken on a new internet presence? I keep getting e-mails i from a Jack Hammer XL. I’m afraid to open them :)

            2. Jack Hammer

              Good point Jack….you’ve got to play the ‘tuff’ one’s to become a ‘tuff’one…I believe that the most enjoyment I’ve had in at least 5 years was watching the first half of the Houston game….Our guys were having FUN

        2. No, no, the Niners are merely feigning weakness. Its a deception to lull the other team into complacency and they will take the Niners lightly. Then the Niners need to come out with fire in their eyes and compete with all they got.

  49. Damon Bruce Verified account 
    Damon Bruce Retweeted Tom Pelissero

    “We don’t hang banners for getting sacked or scrambling” – Jed

    Tom Pelissero Verified account 
    This will shock people, but the #49ers are struggling to get open vs. #Broncos starting D. Gabbert sacked or scrambling nearly every snap.

    Family First ‏@ethan_taj · 3h3 hours ago

    @TomPelissero what gabbert still sucks? And in other news water still wet

    1. C. Gummer ‏@cgummer · 3h3 hours ago

      .@DamonBruce @TomPelissero Um, what banner (s) has the village idiot @JedYork ever hung?

      1. Javier Navarrete ‏@JavierDylanspop · 1h1 hour ago

        @DamonBruce @TomPelissero but Gabbert is getting sacked with class.

      1. It makes sense throwing all the sudden after a long lay-off could tire or “deaden” the arm. Rest and PT can fix it, but how quickly? Arm issues can also be shoulder or even complex neck issues.

        In general I think the 49ers are extremely secretive and deceptive re injuries. O’Neil even trotted out the the “working through” phrase. I remember Haralson was “working through” a little something… possibly able to play in a week or two. Turned out to be a torn triceps.

        If Baalke was a press agent for the French royalty, he say “Marie Antoinette was working through a little neck fatigue, and should be ready for the coronation ball next Saturday.”

  50. FWIW Mile High Report suggest the Bronco’s kicked the Niners all over the field on both sides of the ball this morning, with Talib yelling “hit the f***in showers, this is over.”


    No doubt heavy doses of typical homer-ism by the Bronco blog.

    If true, its no surprise with shaky quarterbacks going against perhaps the best defense in football. But I thought the Niner D would fare better.

    But its a preseason practice. I won’t lose any sleep. The 49ers could be experimenting with players at new positions… or working on weaknesses. The whole point of a joint practice.

    1. I don’t understand why these preseason whippings would surprise anyone. We have a new coaching staff/system, shuffling Oline, poor wr’s, all combined with some of the least accurate qb’s in the league.
      When that unite is going against the best D in the NFL it will create some rough practices.
      Hopefully though our D will have some better showings as they have a higher talent level.

  51. So, Aaron Schatz and Football Outsiders don’t think much of the 49ers chances to make the playoffs this year.

    8. San Francisco 49ers

    Playoff odds: 6.7 percent (32nd)

    Cleveland is actually forecast to be the worst team in the league by our DVOA projections, but it is San Francisco that has the lowest odds of making the postseason. This is what happens when a bad team plays in what is otherwise the best division in football. The 49ers have the hardest projected schedule in the league. We have Seattle and Arizona projected as the top two teams, and if both of those teams somehow stumble, the Rams have a defense good enough to sneak themselves into the postseason. Meanwhile, the 49ers will go three-and-out over and over, and they will do it really, really fast. At least there’s still some talent on this defense: NaVorro Bowman will lead the league in tackles because he is still a very good player and will always be on the field.

    1. ” the Rams have a defense good enough to sneak themselves into the postseason. ”

      Stopped reading after that line.

  52. Am I too late for Ponder puns?!?!

    If Tim Tebow has a deep thought, is it a Christian Ponder?

    ……. I’ll see myself out…..

  53. The narratives around the 2 Bay Area teams are funny. One QB completes 40% of his passes and he stinks. The other completes 43% yet he’s poised for a playoff run.

  54. There are times when i am a gabbert fan and times when I am a ck apologist. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that if ck doesn’t get the starting gig it is going to be a horrible year. Kap had a horrible year last year, a lot of niners did. But he has a resume in the nfl and has shown flashes of greatness and has won really big games. Gabbert had never shown anything.

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