49ers training camp report, Day 4: Colin Kaepernick completes 37 percent of his passes

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out to me during the fourth day of training camp.


1. DE Arik Armstead. Supremely confident. Carries himself like he’s the best player on the team. Hardly breaks a sweat unless he’s facing someone really good, like Joe Staley, whom he faced a few times today during a run-blocking drill. Staley would double-team Armstead with left guard Zane Beadles, then Beadles would peel off and leave Staley to block Armstead one on one. Then those two would try to annihilate each other. They seemed like they were fighting to the death. But neither could move the other player an inch. Each battle was a draw.

2. DE DeForest Buckner. Not as powerful as Armstead, but much more difficult to block on pass plays. Buckner uses his arms as weapons – constantly punching and clubbing the offensive lineman he’s facing. Today, no one could block Buckner on third downs – not Trent Brown, Andrew Tiller, Daniel Kilgore, Zane Beadles or Joe Staley. Buckner was equally effective rushing from the inside or the outside, from a three-point stance or a two-point stance.

3. CB Rashard Robinson. The best cornerback on the field today. Knocked down five passes and intercepted a sixth. On the interception, Robinson read Colin Kaepernick’s eyes and undercut his pass near the sideline before the coaches blew the play dead. Easily could have been a pick-six.

4. CB Jimmie Ward. The second-best cornerback on the field today. Knocked down two passes and intercepted a third. On the interception, Ward read Kaepernick’s eyes and undercut his pass near the sideline – almost an exact replica of Robinson’s interception.

5. WR Aaron Burbridge. Caught a team-high seven passes during team drills (3 on 2, 7 on 7 and 11 on 11), including a deep catch while running a back-shoulder fade route against Prince Charlos Iworah, and a deep touchdown catch while running a post route against Kenneth Acker.

6. WR DeAndrew White. Caught a touchdown pass from Blaine Gabbert during a red zone drill while running a fade route toward the back-left corner of the end zone. Also beat rookie nickel back Will Redmond for a deep catch on a corner route. White is the first receiver to beat Redmond during team drills in training camp.

7. WR Devon Cajuste. Dropped a couple passes from Gabbert early on, but caught three in a row from Kaepernick during a stretch of 7 on 7s. Cajuste clearly was Kaepernick’s favorite receiver. Kaepernick likes big targets.

8. QB Blaine Gabbert. Completed 17-of-30 throws during team drills and tossed one touchdown pass. Went through his progressions quickly and efficiently, often throwing to the third receiver in the pattern.


1. WR Torrey Smith. Caught five passes, including a deep pass from Kaepernick while running a go route. Then tweaked his left knee and sat out the rest of practice.

2. WR Bruce Ellington. Caught four passes, including a deep pass from Kaepernick while running a post route. Then jammed his right index finger trying to catch a Kaepernick fastball and sat out the rest of practice.

3. QB Colin Kaepernick. Completed just 10-of-27 passes during team drills – 37 percent. Also threw two picks and six other passes which defenders knocked down. Locked onto his first read most of the day. Frantically searched for a second read as a last resort and almost never reached his third read. Telegraphed almost every other pass. Moved his head slowly while standing in the pocket and released the ball slowly, too. His windup seems longer than ever. Kurt Warner can’t be happy.

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  1. Great to hear the D is standing out, especially the twin towers. Also good to hear the pass coverage has been very good, though with these QBs and WRs, may be fool’s gold…

  2. Thanks for the great reporting, Grant!

    I know you were high on Jack Conklin over DeForest when the draft came in April, and how you stated a few times that Conklin contained him in their matchup last year, Michigan State vs. Oregon. However, in the long run I believe DeForest will be a better (and possibly an all-pro) because his myriad of pash-rush moves that he uses. Yes, it will probably take awhile for DeForest to get better against the run, but pash-rush wise the Niners got the best d-lineman in the draft this year. Today’s practice is just the beginning – just scratching the surface.

  3. In ur critique of kaep, u failed to mention he threw a couple td’s…..I’m still wondering why we don’t have a #1 wr, sabotage from the fo.

          1. The Kap fan-boys are hilarious. You’re gonna have to make up stuff, like “Kap was Hall-of-Fame material today,” just to accommodate them.

      1. Grant, this insight of yours is my favorite of the day and describes Kaepernick in a nutshell: “Locked onto his first read most of the day.” Think about it, the man cannot go through his progressions, still stares down his #1 targeted receiver before the ball is hiked, during the length of the play, and even afterward. This is why Kap has been regressing so much over the years. He cannot see when cornerbacks follow his eyes, he can only see the receiver he wants to get open. Add in his slow pitching windup, and you are guaranteed a lot of morale-crushing interceptions. Colin’s a great athlete, sure, but I’d much prefer a merely good athlete who doesn’t turn the ball over. Gabbert fits that shoe.

  4. Who’s opinion do you trust. 2 people see the same thing and… Of the two quarterbacks competing for the starting role, Kaepernick had the better day, although both he and Gabbert (and the 49ers offense in general) struggled with defensive pressure. Up until Thursday, Gabbert had had the longest throws of camp. Kaepernick, however, connected on a 45 yarder to — who else? — Torrey Smith against Brock. Kaepernick was 6 of 13 in team drills; Gabbert was 5-11. MATT BARROWS

      1. How did I miss that the 2016 season is an election, not a competition?

        There are politicians that deny any report that doesn’t meet their agenda. ;-}

      2. Dang Grant will you please let go of Gabbert’s jock strap..from csn, both qb’s were bad. Were you at the same practice as everyone else? Dang, let it go.

        1. Gabbert threw a TD pass with anticipation during 11 on 11s in the red zone, and he threw no picks. Not bad at all.

          1. Grant, you may cling to your narrative, but the preseason games will decide the competition, not 7 on 7s.

            If Gabbert cant get the ball past the LOS and throws short of the sticks, Kaep will win by default.

  5. Kaep at his worst is on par with gabs best day to this point in their career. Alex Smith 2.0??? No thanks, I’ll take the guy with 3 road playoff wins and clearly the most potential#7

    1. Keep was 10 of 27 dude and telegraphed every pass. Same old crap. Struggles to get to 2nd and 3rd reads and takes to long to wind up. His days are limited in the NFL. Gabbert may have struggled to begin his career but he can deliver the ball and go through progressions. I will take Alex Smith any day and so would every NFL team.

    2. [Kaepernick] locked onto his first read most of the day. That is Kap in a nutshell. Sadly, the rest of the league has been learning how easy it is to prepare for this one-read pony who begins staring at his #1 option before the hike and thereafter.

            1. My pleasure. The coaching staff seems to be protecting Gabbert more than the other QBs, for what it’s worth. He isn’t keeping the ball and running often.

              1. You seemed to allude to that a couple of days ago. There’s some different ways to read that.

              2. Kap locking onto receivers is a telling problem. Hearing this harkens back to his miserable game against the Cards in which he threw two pick six’s on identical passes. At some point, either CK gets it, or he doesn’t.

                As much as I like Kap, I need to trust him as our QB. Yes, I know this is only the first week of TC and that he is still working off some rust. But Kap will never be a legitimate NFL QB is he continues to lock onto receivers.
                Sorry, CK supporters (which includes me), but this is troubling.

      1. Grant, I like that you call em as you see em, whether I agree or not. Last thing fans need is internet echo chamber camp reports.

        1. Amen

          Pre season is coming and then everyone will be able to judge for themselves.

          If you don’t like what Grant writes, just don’t read or disregard it.

          I don’t understand the need to argue with him or criticize his opinion on that.
          Just take the opinions of the other writers you trust as the truth

  6. Objective analysis…. You okay man. Every other outlet reports different then Grants. This is becoming a joke.

      1. Just want accurate Info. If Gabbert out plays him great. So far from everyone else opinion no one is separating themselves.

          1. It does seem though that Gabbert has struggled during 11-on-11s throughout camp. Having the pass rush and big bodies in front of him appears to cause him issues.

          2. Yeah I really don’t care what happens during 7 on 7 or 3 on 2. It would be nice if they completed more during these times, but it’s like flag football. 11 on 11 is where they need to excel.

            As to differences in takes on the field, different people see different things. Grant may have had a better view on the long pass to Smith and saw him pushed out at the 5. Relax.

            Are you seeing anything from Dontae Johnson or Kenneth Acker that stands out Grant? Seems like one or even both could be on the bubble the way Redmond and Robinson are playing?

            1. 11 on 11 also is like flag football. No tackling. No real pass rush. But the quarterback does get the threat of play action.

              Acker got beat by Burbridge for a TD today. I think he won’t make the team. Johnson seems to be holding his own. Robinson was fantastic today. Knocked away six passes.

              1. Yeah I think Kap really relies on play action in the pocket. It’s almost like a rhythm trigger or something. His timing tends to go sideways without it.

                Good to hear Johnson is holding up ok.

              2. Is Buckner/Armstead really bothering Gabbert, more a Gabbert thing, or a Buckner/Armstead thing?

              3. Among all the Robinson naysayers, one speaks loudest and most asinine. Of course I’m referring to Seb, the Bloviator Extraordinaire whose main attraction is himself. Never in all my years have I encountered such a self-important person who is also so commonly out of touch with reality. What a supreme donkey this guy is!!!

                As far as actual football goes, the two most overrated players on the team are Acker and Brock, and while I’d be surprised if Brock doesn’t make the team, I think by midseason he’ll be an afterthought taking up a roster spot that would’ve better been given to a younger, bigger, more talented player.

                CBs, in order, are:
                Ward, Robinson, Redmond, Reaser, Johnson, & Davis.

              4. Grant and JC, maybe you did not realize this, but these passing drills are limited, and just one component to the game.

                Robinson may do well defending passes, but in the real games, they run the ball, too. I just remember seeing Evans stiff arm Robinson, so much so that he was pushed down to the turf. Robinson has height, but needs a whole season to get stronger and bulk up. Otherwise, some TE is going to crush him like a soda can.

                Anointing Robinson as a lock may be overconfidence, but since Baalke like him, that may be the case. I just think that the veterans will be hard to supplant. Chris Davis, to me, is a better choice for the 53. Reaser, too.

            2. Redmond and Robinson, two of the worst, least explainable draft picks ever? Those guys?

              Just a little good-natured jab at those who couldn’t see any possible value to these picks. I’ll admit, I didn’t feel confident that they were the best choices at the time, but waiting to see what any draft pick can do seems to be the best course.

              I realize they have a long, long way to go, but they and many of the young players drafted this year and last, seem to be showing something.

              Maybe the defense can be good this year. You never know…

              1. Just for the record in case I’m included in the good natured jab, it wasn’t the players I was critical of. My concern was the large number of picks used on the position over the last 3 years and the fact Baalke took another player coming off of a knee injury. In the case of Redmond especially, there were some good prospects at other need positions that were not coming off of injury. That was the basis of my criticism. The fact Redmond has returned so quickly alleviates my concern in that area obviously and so far things are looking up.

              2. Rocket (Negatron),

                Nope, not specifically, at least.

                Being honest, if I had to guess, I would’ve guessed that you had something negative to say about each player, in particular.

                Apparently, I would’ve guessed incorrectly. Now that you mention it, I recall you having a problem with the 49ers using multiple picks on CB’s / DB’s. A fair comment, but if both Redmond and Robinson became good starters, it will a good use of those picks (even so, their success won’t change the fact that the 49ers have used a number of recent picks on CB’s).

                I don’t keep a very close track of who didn’t like which pick. I just remember that there were plenty of people who hated one or both of the players taken.

                If you say you liked both players, but just didn’t that the picks were used on CB’s, I believe you.

          3. I think we should ask the NFL to let us play 3 on 2 when we are on offense. Maybe 12 on 10 would be nice on defense.

              1. I know, and that’s why I didn’t understand the contention that Gabbert separated himself from Kap. Everybody who has followed Gabbert’s career knows that he always draws raves about his practice play.

                Nobody doubts his intelligence or his strong arm. His problem is that he was broken by the endless beatings he took in Jacksonville, and he sees ghosts and is among the most timid QBs in the league when it comes to standing in the pocket during live fire. So, Blaine looking good during a flag football-esque drill probably shouldn’t be seen as the basis for separating himself from his competition unless he is dominating the 11 on 11 session, and it doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

        1. Cmon Seb, let’s end this rivalry once and for all.Name the terms of what taking the league by storm is, get off your wallet and don’t be a chicken terd? You can even name the terms and the amount.
          Show the blog you really do have some stones and the faith you have in your hero to once again take the league by storm!

          1. Rivalry? Didn’t I succeed to drive you away? There is no contest. I won by default.

            However, I might humor you. Usually, when challenged, the one being challenged gets to choose the weapons. If I accept your challenge, maybe it should be a battle of wits.

            Although it might not be fair fighting with an unarmed foe. Maybe I will take it easy on you. Maybe it should just be a sporting bet, and we can bet avatars. When I win, I will choose your avatar.

              1. Hmmm, you seem to be begging for it. OK battle of wits it is. You first. Any subject. Try to say something intelligent.

              2. Seb I’m not 12 yearsold. Don’t bore me with children games.
                You don’t want to bet, that’s fine, you are a coward with no faith in your hero, it’s ok. No right minded fan could after what we witnessed the last 2 years.
                Seb, you lose again!

              1. We both know who is looking like a douche. You are like Jed, the billionaire, who took a bet for lunch and stuck TK for dinner at the FL. He added his wife, then stiffed them for the tip.

                Throwing around your money like a big shot just means you are overcompensating.

              2. So what, your parents won’t give you allowance early Seb? Is that your problem or are you really not confident in old slow wind up #7?
                Bet or not, stop dancing around the challenge?

              3. You challenged, I accepted, I get to choose which weapons to use. I choose a battle of wits. Loser gets to assign whatever avatar they like to the other.

                Prepare for a deluge. I relish challenges, and I will not be kind to you.

              4. Prime, I do not think that betting on something that I am not invested in is worth my time or money. If Kaep loses out, I hope he is humble, studies hard, helps Gabbert all he can, and prepares to replace him if he becomes injured.

                You do not seem to know what sportsmanship is all about. You cannot challenge me, back out, then call me a coward because you cannot bully me into making a specious bet. I really wish you would grow up, since you seem to not know the rules of engagement. Declaring victory after losing is just your MO.

                As a sporting bet, I offered to bet avatars, but you are too cowardly to even accept that bet. You would be a sore loser, and welsh on it.

                In this exchange, I win again, and again and again. Please quit while behind, before you lose even more.

      2. Really? Someone grabbing my screen name when I haven’t been a regular poster here for about a year??

        Thanks for the reporting Grant :)

          1. Thanks BT. Since I don’t follow college ball I don’t have much to say in the draft part of the offseason.

            With the way the defense is coming along, especially those twin tower studs, maybe the team should keep Balke as defensive GM and hire an offensive GM.

            1. Rib,

              You might be on to something, there…

              Although, the OL is looking to be a lot better than last year (extremely low bar, for sure), maybe a lot better, and Hyde looks like he can be a top ten, or better, RB if he can stay healthy (biggest two letter word, there). So, maybe, the offense isn’t completely lousy.

              1. BTW, it’s good to have both you and BT back in the fold.

                BT, dubbing Rocket “Negatron” was $$$$$. He’s one of my favorite posters, but man, it can get to be a drag reading the same takes from the extreme edge of negativity.

                He may prove to be right, but since there’s absolutely nothing any of us can do to prevent the team’s possible implosion, I’d rather look for signs of life.

              2. ‘So, maybe the offense isn’t completely lousy.’
                Whew boy, are standards have slipped, LOL

              3. BT,

                Ha! Unfortunately, based on last year “not completely lousy” would be an improvement.

                Also, it seems that for this years version to end up with a better record than last year (again with the low bars), the defense will be leading the way. QB and WR / TE just seem like such a big question mark, right now.

              4. >>Whew boy, are standards have slipped, LOL

                I’ll say. I see full blown QB wars are still a staple of the site. It takes me back to the days of Jordan, BayAreaFan, Hofer, claude balls etc fights over the QB – “smithers” vs “lamonicas”, lol. Except those arguments were over a 12 win team and not this 5 (or projected 4 in 2016) win one.

              5. Most of us are still Faithful, I am, but I’ll be channeling Cubbies Fans. They ain’t won s— but they’re loyal and I love that they throw back opponents’ home run balls. That’s priceless. Never give an inch, hahaha!

              6. ex,

                Every negative post I make is in response to what I perceive as unrealistic optimism or incorrect information. I don’t just come on here and fill up the board with negative takes on the team. I respond with a different view, and imo it’s needed or the board becomes a boring waste of time with nothing but agreement and pie in the sky expectations. If that is what you want, I can’t participate.

                I admit that there have been many more negative points in my entries than a couple of seasons ago, but that is due to the difference in the state of the team from then to now. If I see things going south then I say so. What is the point of just parroting the hopeful expectations if I don’t believe them to be true?

                I am still a fan, still interested in how the players are developing and hoping for the best. That’s about the best I can do.

              7. Rocket,

                Obviously, you can write whatever you want. Equally obviously, you don’t owe me an explanation for why you write what you write.

                The thing that is tough is the repetition. That, and the nagging concern that you could be right. I really don’t think every position group is likely to be as bad as you feel they are going to be, but it is possible. I’m aware of this potential, and don’t like to be reminded of it all time, but that’s my issue, not yours.

              1. Thanks, rocket :) I’m still taking my lumps over my full throated defense of Tomsula last year. No predictions from me this year!

  7. For someone who has been hyped up in the media, had first team reps since the spring, conducted private workouts with wideouts, Gabbert sure doesn’t seem to be in command of the competition.
    My money is and has always been on Kap!!

    1. Hey Pop:

      Fools Gold with Kaep. Yes, he does make some nice throws at times, and probably can run the zone-read options better than anyone, but don’t put your money on him. Darrel Reed above posted he’ll take Kaep with his 3 road playoff victories over Gabbert – but you know what, that was a long time ago.

      Everyone has caught up to Kaep, except Kaep. Read all the practice reports and most them will report that at some time during the drills Kaep telegraphs his passes and gets stuck on his first read and does not go through his progression – correct me if I am wrong but isn’t that the same Kaep that we have seen the last few seasons? Kaep keeps regressing because he has failed to up his game. If you want to take Kaep go right ahead, but when it comes to crunch time and get the passing game going Kaep is not going to deliver because he will fail to incorporate the basic fundamentals of being a good qb.

      1. Coto, you keep using the tired old cliche that “Everyone has caught up with Kaep” mantra.

        Guess what? Everyone has caught up with everyone else. Even the West Coast Offense has been solved. That is the nature of the game. Like what Bill Walsh did, he devised new strategies with select personnel, and 31 other teams paid 31 other coaches millions of dollars to devise ways to counter it. Everything new may work for a while, but in the end, there will be a counter solution.

        Kaep may have been countered, but I blame his regression on his coaching. JH, been some what arrogant, fell for their trap; when the pundits intoned that Kaep would never be great until he learns to deliver the ball from the pocket. JH replied- Oh yeah ? Well I will force Kaep to become only a pocket passer, even if it KILLS him, and it almost did.
        JT did not have a clue, and they were so cheap, they hired a DJ as the QB coach, who told him to throw slower.

        Go ahead, make your pronouncements over 1 practice. I will wait until he goes up against another team. Luckily, Chip believes in him, and I will take Chip’s assessment over the peanut gallery any day.

        1. You blame Kaep’s regression on coaching? The players still have to play the game. If Kaep wins the competition, that’s fine – to me it’ll mean that Gabbert is just not good enough. If Kaep wins the starting qb battle – he’ll still come up the line of scrimmage and not properly to his pre-snap read, and most likely fail to go through his progression and then get stuck on one receiver. Kaep’s failure is not the coaches fault! It is Kaep’s fault for not getting better because he has not gotten better at the basics of being a good qb.

          Blaming the coaches for Kaep’s regression is a cop-out, regardless of you what you may think.

          1. You do not give the coaching enough credit. The players, being quite similar in size and speed, are equally talented. What decides the outcome of many games is the coaching.

            Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer, then hearing from defenders that their strategy was to contain Kaep in the pocket, has the coaching having a direct bearing on the outcome.

            The GM, micromanaging the roster and directing the coaching by putting the best RT at LG, and then having the whole right side acting as turnstiles, has a direct bearing on the performance of the QB.

            Tom Brady, who is way superior to the 2015 Manning, did not win because of Vonn Miller. Cam Newton, who could run circles around Manning, was not superior because of Vonn Miller. I do not think it is a cop out to blame pertinent factors, and not only the QB.

            Hate on Kaep all you want. Just do not cry when he becomes the starting QB, because even though Grant thought that Kaep was bad, Gabbert was worse. Read the other perspectives before pronouncing doom on Kaep.

  8. Thanks again Grant, I was look forward to your breakdown the most.

    You seem to be leaning towards Gabbert as starter week 1…. if that’s the case what kind of season would you expect from Gabbert, if the line becomes a strength, #2 and #3 WRs emerge, and Hyde stays healthy? Lot of ifs but not improbable.

    Do you think Alex Smith is his ceiling?

    1. Thanks. If all that happens, yes, I think Smith is his ceiling. More likely he gets benched after a few losses though.

      1. Thanks I love reading these Grant. Really gives us a heads up what’s happening . If someone else disputes you about kaep throwing a touchdown or saying he is out playing Gabbert I’m going to explode.lol

      2. Grant,

        You mentioned 3 starts for the 3 qbs. Can you elaborate a bit on how you se the scenario playing out?

        1. Gabbert wins the competition, loses a bunch of games and gets benched. Then Kaepernick replaces him, loses a bunch of games and gets benched. Then Driskel replaces him, loses a bunch of games and the season ends.

          1. Very likely. Who will control the first pick that the 49ers have in the next draft. It might be an important selection.

  9. Not surprised to hear CK’s passes got undercut. Its been an issue with him from the start. Sticky eyes and slow releases are a killer.

    I’m expecting Gabbert to be the better practice quarterback. I still don’t have an idea which will be the better game quarterback. CK has guts and chaos production. I agree with those that it won’t be clear who the starter is until until after the 3rd preseason game.

    What’s more important to me is who the starter is by week 16, and how it might affect the 2017 draft. With a competent starter there will be some good edge rushers depending on draft spot.

  10. I like what I’m hearing about Armstead. Sometimes “raw but gifted” actually pays off.

    Think a year of Buckner working with Mark Uyeyama will have a similar payoff? If so, look out.

    1. B2W,

      That’s certainly worth hoping for, not to mention that Buckner seems to be farther ahead of where Armstead was last year, at this time. The thought of those two developing together is very appealing.

  11. Well, I have been saying this for over 3 and a half years.

    Kaep should face one direction while looking in another direction. It may only mean pivoting his head 15-20 degrees.

    In other words, he should look off the DBs. Kaep needs to use deception. He needs to deceive the DBs into thinking he is focused on one area, while looking in a different area. Staring down the WRs will allow the DBs to read his eyes and make a break for the ball.

    Kaep needs to practice the deception in their meetings, and employ that tactic during practice. Maybe it is too simple, and obvious, but so far, I have not seen it done by the Niners. If they want to win, they better get smarter, and concentrate on things that might help them win games.

    1. “Kaep should face one direction while looking in another direction.”

      That’s not deceiving to the defense.

            1. Dont worry I will give you credit for the -‘Kaep took the league by storm’ every time.

              Considering that I thought Kaep was long gone, this is all icing on the cake. Dont need to bet you, I feel like a winner already.

            2. Bookmaker.eu has Kaepernick favored over Gabbert. Put your $$ on Gabbert and you could make some real $$, Prime….

        1. It doesn’t matter what direction he looks. As a DB you are following the QB’s shoulders because the front shoulder tells you where the ball is being thrown.

            1. Why would the DBs tell you the truth. I’m in the shoulder camp. I always watched the belly button in basketball. Trouble is, I wasn’t alway fast enough to stop what I knew was coming. Go Warriors.

              1. Lots of contact in soccer and nothing to protect their brains — especially from headers. It’s a sport which generates a lot of concussions. It also contributes a lot of torn ligaments.

              2. Sir, the occurrence of CTE is rare among retired soccer players, but over 90% of retired football players showed demonstrative evidence of CTE when the craniums were carefully studied.

                In all my years of playing soccer, I never had any concussive symptoms or effects.

          1. Yep, no one actually follows a qb’s eyes. This is a common statement but in point of fact players look at where the helmet and shoulders are pointed. If a qb’s stance always points towards the same receiver it tells the d where is going to throw.
            The helmet limits your field of vision so it’s hard to look one way and face another, even if a player manages to do this he would still need to reset his body and throw… This is manning was always seen taking tiny hops as it allowed him to quickly reset and throw. For Kaep this will be harder to do because of his wider stance (wider stances require cleaner pockets) in addition to his longer delivery which gives D’s more time to adjust once he has reset.

            1. Please. You make it sound like it is impossible to turn one’s head and look out of the corner of the eyes. The helmet does not impede such a move.

              It is easy to do if one works at it, and it has been done before. Why do they say that a QB should look off the safety, if it is impossible to do that?

              The body does not need to reset. It is not like he is throwing behind his back. It is just a matter of 15 to 20 degrees. Just enough to be deceptive.

              1. You can look wherever you want, the front shoulder is the key because that always points towards your target when you actually do throw.

                Your concept of looking off the safety is fine. But it’s your description of how to do it that is off.

              2. Seb see this part
                “even if a player manages to do this he would still need to reset his body and throw”

                So when a qb “looks off” a safety this is often based upon pre-snap reads. The defensive front tells him what the D most likley will be running… if his first read post snap confirms this he should already have a good idea of where he will be going with the ball. At this point his body will point to a different receiver and he will often pump fake to encourage the safety or whatever db is in a specific zone to head towards the receiver he wants him to… if the db bites the qb quickly resets his body and verifies his intended target all along has is open and throws him the ball.

                This can also be done when a qb sees a receiver about to break open. The qb can reset face towards a different receiver to deceive the safety or help defender then come back to the primary.

                I’m not saying a qb cant look in the direction opposite of where their helmet is pointing, this is something literally every qb does… but there is no benefit if your body position is always facing the intended target.

              3. OK, how about- The QB should not stare down the intended target. He should use deception to look like he is looking one way, while actually delivering the ball to a receiver the defense does not expect to get the ball.

          1. Better yet, he should eat a burrito before each game and just fire the football outta his a$$. No DB would want to get a hand on that.

        1. Maybe Kaep should throw the ball as high as he can, and far downfield, then run to catch it.Then he can throw the ball and catch it, too.

      1. Jack,

        It would be deceiving if he was alternately reading “The Art of War” and “Kipling” while looking one way, while facing another.

            1. Seb, which QB will the offensive line be better equipped to block for?

              One who scrabmles in panic and breaks the pocket down himself, or the guy who stands in and lets the routes develop?

              I mean does this QB competiton really not come down to how well the oline is able to play well for either guy?

              You say we are all Niners fans and should support either guy. Yes, but what is best for the team?

              You have been conquered because you fail to see that its a team approach and Kaepernick has never had the support of his teammates, specifically the oline because they don’t know how to block for a guy who improvises on his own or collapses pockets himself.

              That’s why the league has figured him out, because he is not disciplined enough to adhere to an offense long enough. All legs, no brain.
              You don’t want to bet on your guy because deep down you know he is a wild card. Gunslinger. Gunslinging and running QB”s don’t last. See NFL history 101.

              1. Prime, you do not get it. Chip Kelly is the 49er Head Coach, and he does not care what you and all the other detractors say or think.

                Chip is a smart man. He thinks that Kaep is his best chance to succeed, so he threatened to walk if they got rid of Kaep. He had a heart to heart talk with Kaep, so now he is still on the team.

                Chip has kept his word. Unlike AD who had to start at the bottom, Kaep is splitting reps with Gabbert. That means he has a lot of faith in Kaep, and rightly so.

                Kaep, with Chip behind him, and running the Chip Kelly offense, will take the league by storm again, just like you said.

              2. Then put your money where your mouth is? Determine the terms of what you think taking the league by storm is: wins, passing yards, starts,QBR, holding a clipboard. Whatever you want!
                Put your faith in your guy and lets see if he can own up to your taking the league by storm.
                You have so much faith and confidence in him and what Chip will decide so why not back that up. I’m giving you the chance to prove he will take the league by storm in any statistically category you wish. Never mind your weak a$$ battle of wits or waffling over avatar junk. Be a man, show some stones and put your hero and confidence to the test? Cold hard cash like men do, not kids, or are you a kid?

              3. Prime, you crazy Canuck. Still trying to bet everyone. Last time you lost a bet that was supposed to be a week off the board you well he and posted under a different name.

              4. He doesn’t need Seb to bet. I told him he could make $$ betting on Gabbert, as he is the underdog on Bookmaker.eu….

              5. When a guy attacks me personally and threatens me to physical confrontation kinda hard to avoid Hammer. That’s another story, that guy wilted away now.
                But Seb with all his bravodo seems to not want to make himself accountable to any of the predictions and claims. Too much talk, not enough substance!

              6. Gambling is for losers. I see you are a gambling man, and must double down.

                I offered to bet avatars, but you seem afraid of losing, so until you get brave enough to subject yourself to ridicule, you will remain a loser, in so many ways.

                If I win, I will even let Razor or Jack choose the appropriate avatar. Bet they will come up with a doozy.

              7. I already on the hook for a “Clown” avatar should Kaepernick not prove to be the starter, to George. I think for 4 weeks….

              8. WHAT???? When have I EVER threatened you or anyone personally?

                It sure seems like I have been the one threatened, insulted and had expletive filled screeds spewed against me.

              9. But talking smack with not being able to back it up is not for losers? That’s fine. Seb just make sure you are around when CK loses the job and you bring your alligator tears then tell me how you are a Niners fan and will support either guy. Its called hedging your bet, something like losers like you do who talk a lot then turtle when the outcome is not in your favor.
                Lose again Seb. Sad!

              10. Like Ronnie said- There you go again.

                Talking smack? Maybe I throw a posters own words back in their face, but usually, I am calm and civil. I would much rather talk football, but some posters think I am a punching bag, but find out I am not a pushover.

                Talk about crybabies, Prime, you whine and cry ALL THE TIME.

              11. I understand you are scared to face the reality which only signifies your insecurities. You really are not sold on CK coming back and taking the league by storm. You know this competition will come down to how either QB makes the surrounding cast better, specifically the oline. And as history shows, CK fails in that one category among others.
                Losing becomes a habit Seb, time to rebuild your program and come up with something better.

              12. Prime, your machismo bluster is not endearing.

                Calling some one a coward, then being afraid of betting an avatar, is not a profile in courage.

            2. Seb if you were an NFL team you’d be the Rams. Losing is your culture. No matter how much lip stick you wear, you will always be that pig. Keep trying to be intelligent and predict #7 will once again be the storm captivating 49ers fans. At the end of the day, you will still be the Rams.

              1. Gabe, I swear I saw Prime declare that he was leaving this site, but like a moth to a flame, he is back, and getting singed.

                He is the one causing all this trouble, and once I rattle him, he devolves into hurling screeds and insults.

                I would much rather talk football, but he thinks he can attack me ad nauseum, and look macho doing it. Actually, he is infantile, and always gets the short end of the stick.

                If you notice, I rarely start to engage him, so his best strategy would be to ignore me, but he seems to be a glutton for punishment.

              2. Seb ask yourself, since coming onto this blog, how many people have told you that you are vexatious?
                You do it on purpose and that’s why you get the retort you do. Not just from me, there are many.
                So stop playing the innocent boo hoo card. You are a product of your posts which btw are clueless.
                I’d love for you to suggest to Chip Kelly to tell his players to fall to the turf after catching the ball. How do you think he would receive that?

              3. Just like I want Chip to tell his QBs to slide. Your macho bluster will just get the players injured, and we all know how that will end- more losing.

                Prime, you and so many others fall victim to your emotions. You get upset so easily, a poster on this site can get you to spew invective and expletives.

                Razor has the right attitude. He follows a sage piece of wisdom- Do not let them see you sweat.

                Me, I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who wants them to win multiple more rings. You, on the other hand, seem to hate Kaep so much, you want the Niners to fail if he is the QB.

                Talk about football knowledge? The fact that you cannot see the potential of Kaep, and denigrate his skills, just defines you as clueless. You want Hyde to struggle upright for every inch, and let the defenders gang tackle him, causing injury. Boy, that sure sounds smart…..NOT.

              4. If Vance MacDonald can catch the ball past the first down marker, secure the ball, and go down on the turf, that is a hundred times better than have him start to run before he catches it, and drop the pass.

                Your football knowledge is severely lacking if you prefer the latter.

              5. Seb what potential has CK shown in the last 2 years? You are banking on his play from 3 years ago, how is that plausible?
                Then you are asking players to avoid contact amd asking the NFL to reinvent the game. First off you don’t think people inside the league have thought of how better to protect the players?Uts a violent game, has been and always will be. And you, some landscaper from California know more than league officials? See Seb this is why you get the backlash you do, because you are clueless. The other point to that is you post these same foolish ideas unrelenting. It clouds the blog and sure you say glance over them but come on! It’s killing threads. Honestly before you got here you could come on here and read good football discussions. Now it’s who’s blasting Seb and his 100 posts a day.
                Look I give you too much credit, you are not all there mentally,this is an outlet for you because your life is small but please for the love of all 49er football, have some self awareness man! Or women, or child or DS49erv or whatever you are!

              6. Prime, quit leading with your chin. So what if I post a hundred times? Although I dispute your number, this is a blog, and there is no limit on the amount of posts. In fact, Grant likes it when there are a ton of posts.

                You may disagree, but you are the one being disagreeable. Attacking me so vehemently just means that I have gotten under your skin. If I were a troll, I would revel in being able to evoke such a response. However, being just a Die Hard Niner fan, I find it sad.

                Denigrating my profession says a lot more about you than it does about me. On my last job, the owners were thrilled at how nicely it turned out, and everyone in the neighborhood would stop by and give them compliments. I am proud to be able to reduce water usage while making something beautiful, so your screeds just fall on deaf ears.

                Calling me a coward, while being so afraid, you will not even bet an avatar, just defines you. Water boy, put up or shut up.

              7. Seb you never readdressed CK’s potential and the violence of football in my earlier post. Instead you went off a tangent that once again is irrelevant to the thread. Hence, my point that you are clueless and not all there. Too much fertilizer sniffing or what?
                Regardless I tried helping you to
                anknowledge some self awareness but there is no helping someone who can’t admit they have problems. Good luck to you and the blog sir, maam, alien or whatever it is you are! You’ve lost and so many people on here as well with your presence! Shameful!
                Onto Niner Nation where I think you are not there right? Please!

              8. Prime, you trying to help me? LOLOLOLOL. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

                I have enumerated many times why I think Kaep has the potential to become an elite QB, but when I do, you just huff about me repeating myself.

                But since you asked, I will do it again.

                Kaep set records in college for passing for 10,00 yards and rushing for 4,000 yards. He ran the Pistol, so he had to make multiple reads and quick decisions. The Boise St, game convinced me that Kaep was special, because he went up against a superior squad and almost single handedly willed his team to victory.

                Kaep, by your own admission, took the league by storm. He has the skillsets to do it again, especially with a coach who is smart enough to utilize him properly.

                What other QB in this league took his team to the Super Bowl after only 10 starts? None that I can think of. Took Joe 3 years, Steve at least 9 years.

                Kaep is skilled enough to put his foot on the half yard line, then sprint 100 yards untouched for a TD. How many other QBs could have done that? Maybe Mariota, Winston or Newton.

                Kaep set the record for QB rushing yards in a playoff game with 181 yards. Who could break that record? Maybe Kaep.

                Kaep has made jaw dropping throws that few QBs would even dream of trying to do.

                Kaep is fast enough to not only elude the pass rushers, he can out run the DBs. He also is strong enough to shrug off arm tackles.

                Kaep has played in the SB. The QB you are championing has a 5-27 record.

                Kaep, on the road, has a 4-2 playoff record, which is better than Joe and Steve combined. Kaep overcame a 17 point deficit at Atlanta. Kaep was down in the SB, but came storming back to within 5 yards of winning it.

                With a healthy squad, he will do better than 2014, and with a decent O line and competent coaching, he will do better than 2015.

                Niners right now, have a much better O line because the QB killer Devey is gone. With Hyde healthy, they might have a decent running game. With Armstead and Buckner, they might actually have a decent pass rush. With low expectations, I hope they sneak up on teams and surprise them.

                Chip Kelly recognized that Kaep was his best chance to succeed, so he threatened to walk if the FO got rid of him. By some miracle, Kaep is still with the team, and Chip will be hailed as a genius if he can resurrect Kaep. The best thing is, it will be an easy fix. Kaep, with decent support, will take the league by storm, AGAIN.

                Hmm, maybe I should start cutting and pasting this after every one of your screeds…..

    1. Wait, so you think Gabbert “separated” himself based on overall throws including those in situations that aren’t real football, yet when you exclude the 7-7 drills Gabbert was 8/18 and Kap was 9/17?

      This is the objective analysis that you are getting praised for? Sounds to me like two very mediocre QBs who aren’t separating themselves from each other at all, except that when people look at the only drill that remotely translates to real football 11-11 Kap is clearly doing better.

        1. You talking to me, Jack? I’ve got enough of a clue to know that the only training camp QB drill that reasonably approximates an NFL game is an 11 on 11 drill (and even that is of limited value considering that QBs who know that they aren’t getting hit no matter what can play with a lot more confidence than in a real game).

          And, as Grant just noted below, the two QBs were even yesterday (which is kind of exactly what my point was–in the only drill that matters, they were not so different that Gabbert separated himself). This is not an advocacy for either guy, because they both suck.

        1. Yep. Not challenging you here; just suggesting that more context might be helpful. To argue that Gabbert was “good” and Kap was “bad” and then to say that Gabbert separated himself from Kap creates the impression that Gabbert was meaningfully better. In fact, he was at best meaningfully better in drills that are of virtually no relevance to quarterback play in a real game.

  12. The best news all camp has been the performance of Buckner and Armstead. If these guys can perform like the last two interior DL that the 49ers took in Rd 1 in back-to-back drafts this defense is going to be really good.

    1. Boy I sure hope so. Having Stubblefield/Young level rookie production would instantly improve the defense and help the pass rush.

      1. It will make everything look so much better. A shorter field to work from, more points on the board, better DB play, turnovers, etc, etc.

  13. Kap should practice throwing the ball so hard it literally goes right through the defensive back.

    Oh yeah. Chip needs to tell Baalke to sign more DBs.

  14. Brandon Thomas played RG with the 3s today while Andrew Tiller continued to play RG with the 1s. Looks like Tiller will make the team and Thomas won’t.

    1. As we talked about yesterday, it would surprise me to see Baalke cut a 3rd round pick, but Thomas may give him no choice if he’s beaten out.

      Did Davis practice today, and if so how did he do?

      1. Davis continued to play well. He and Garnett are moving up the depth chart together. Today they got some time with the 2s.

      2. “it would surprise me to see Baalke cut a 3rd round pick”

        Why? This is Thomas’ 3rd year with the club. It took Baalke only 1 year to get rid of a 1st round bust a couple seasons ago.

        The signing of Beadles and drafting Garnett should have told you they didn’t believe in him.

        1. He’s had one full season on the active roster after sitting out most of his rookie year with an injury. If you spend a 3rd round pick knowing the guy isn’t going to compete until year two, then you should probably try and develop him for more than one season before cutting bait on a 3rd round pick imo.

    2. You read my mind Rocket… Really a shame, I had high hopes for him

      Guard is still looking like a strength with Zane, Tiller, JG

      Grant – how’s M&M looking? I haven’t heard much on him

      1. Could be Leo, but Beadles is coming off of a bad year in Jax and Garnett is trying to catch up after missing the offseason. It may take a little time, but if Beadles can rebound and Garnett is a quick study, it could turn out pretty well.

  15. Grant, good post. I will vigorously dispute your conclusions, but acknowledge that you seem to nail the salient points.

    Cant draw too many conclusions from one practice, but I assumed Gabbert would be better because he got a the first reps previous, and had the luxury of passing to his main receivers during the off season. Since Kaep and White seem to hook up on passes, I wonder if they practiced over the off season together. It takes a while to build chemistry between the QB and his receivers, so I thought that Kaep, with his rehabbing would automatically be behind in the competition.

    Seems like you hit on all of the talking points of his detractors, but I am going to temper that with the other’s perspectives. There is a dichotomy here, and maybe preconceived notions are influencing the objectivity. From both sides.

    Nice to hear about Armstead and Buckner. Still think Robinson is too raw, but if he makes the team, I will eat my words. Glad to hear that the DBs are contesting balls, and even picking them off. Last year, it seemed like a toss and catch routine, with the defenders one step late.

    1. yer right ..rocket .. .. I am
      disappointed … I mean ..it seemed like
      he had some decent stats with the Wolf Pack =>

      ” ..Jones (6-3, 270) originally signed with the 49ers as an undrafted free agent on May 6, 2016, after appearing in 50 games (31 starts) and recording 149 tackles, 31.5 TFLs and 19.0 sacks during his career at the University of Nevada….” ..

      … and I really thought … he’d take the NFL ..
      by storm !

  16. Grant, how’s Eli Harold looking out there? Can you remember how Aldon Smith looked during his first training camp in 2011 and if any of the 49ers young pass rushers (other than Lynch) look like they’re even close to filling that role?

      1. I wondered where those violent arms went after the New England game in 2012 when Aldon’s shoulder was injured.

        1. htwaits +1million Everyone overlooks that injury. It was the same game Justin Smith was injured, which fed the myth Aldon was 90% dependent on Justin for his sacks.

          Aldon was never the same since that NE game. When he walked off the field his arm was dangling.

  17. I will be the first to admit that I am wrong as much as I’m right but I am going to give myself a pat on the back when it comes to Eric Armstead. I believe that I was the first one here to predict the 9ers would pick him and I remember arguing with grant about the pick. Grant said it was not a good pick because Armstead was nothing more than a run stuffer and you can’t waste the 18th pick on a developmental player. I said he was going to be a stud. I also was high on Jimmy Ward while our fearless blog leader thought he was a terrible pick. Now if my camp long shot, Marcus Rush can come through maybe I can finally live down my support of the AJ Jenkins pick.

    1. Coach, you and I both had to defend Armstead, when many were excoriating the Niners over that pick. Armstead was raw, but had a huge upside, but many declared him a bust when he was not starting right away.

      The Jury is still out on Ward. I agreed with Grant, because I wanted Roby, who just helped the Broncos win a ring.

      My TC fave is Cooper, who was one of my 3 hits in my last mock.

    2. Old Coach – I remember it well. You were in favor of a trade scenario and get him like with the 27th pick. I liked Arik as well and was disappointed that they didn’t follow your plan. I felt they took him a little early. As the tale unfolds and reality sets in, if a player pans out it does not make a difference if it was a reach or not. I see this with Garnett too.

    3. OC – I thought Armstead was a “gamble pick” that would pay off or flop.

      There were lots of “gamble picks” in the 2015 draft. Most were off field behavior risk picks.

      Armstead was something different…a “developmental” gamble pick. Tons of athleticism, but needed alot of work.

      I thought the talent was pretty flat after pick 14. I was hoping Baalke would trade back to the late first round, feeling Armstead and/or Malcom Brown would still be there.

      He traded back a little (got a 4th and 5th) and grabbed Armstead. I was encouraged by knowing Baalke scouted the heck out of him, and that he only have one year of 100% football focus on his training.

      Now he looks even stronger. I’m really encouraged.

      1. Reach. I had Arik as a reach. Wrong.
        I had him as #25-38 pick. I also had the National consensus Armisted pick as cliche and wrong.
        So, …..ya’ know….. um…

        1. I was hoping for Gurley, or a trade up for a WR, or a major trade back to the end of round one.

          I think the Yorks sent a clear message to to avoid high behavioral gamble picks, so Baalke skipped behavioral question guys like Marcus Peters, Shane Ray etc.

          Shaq Thompson was also a scheme question mark, though very athletic.

          That pretty much left Armstead or Malcom Brown.

          I did alot of asking around (Maiocco, Barrows) if Baalke had any specific trade back offers other than the one for 17. They both were unaware of other trade back offers (though it doesn’t rule them out)

          All seems to have turned out well. Post draft Baalke talked about the major scouting he did with Armstead. Two years. Attended several OR games. Had Armstead spend a good part of a pre-draft day with Mark Uyeyama.

    4. Only a handful of us on here predicted Armstead would be the selection, and were totally on board with it. Then it seemed like wishful thinking for the 49ers to have any opportunity to add Unca Buck, but thanks to the Chargers choosing unwisely, the Twin Towers now call San Francisco home….

    5. Old Coach,

      I hope you’re right, but slow down on the pats on the back until we see how he improves this season. He has to do it in games on a consistent basis. It’s great to hear that he’s doing well in practice, but that’s all it is.

      I’m one of the ones who didn’t like the pick, preferring the guy who went to the Chiefs right after him. I still feel he would have been the better pick, but I digress. Hopefully Armstead becomes the dominating force you think he is and I can say I was wrong to criticize the pick, but we’re not there yet.

      1. Kinda funny though rocket that you wanted Peters, but question taking CBs this year after drafting so many in 2014. ;-)

        1. True, but the difference was taking a stud in the first round. We still need a #1 CB and I think Peters could have been that guy, vs taking more CB’s in the middle rounds like was done previously.

            1. I did not want Peters because of his red flag, I wanted Armstead, and was hoping they would trade back, accumulate more picks, and still get him. Another player who fell into the Niners lap but they passed on was La’el Collins, but the legal stuff prevented that.
              I wanted Armstead because of the loss of Cowboy, and Collins in case AD bailed. Which he did.

  18. Lets just face it. The 49ers need a couple years to rebuild through the draft and free agency. At least we all know that after this year we will either draft the best QB or get one free agency. If we do have the worst record that everyone predicts, we will have great draft picks. It seems like neither one of these QB’s are worth it…… PERIOD

  19. According to Maiacco both QBs were bad. Maiacco states that Kaep was better then Gabbert. So not only did Grant put Gabbert on the good list he puts Kaep on the bad. Can’t wait until pre season. So we can judge for ourselves.

    1. Another cry baby who can’t handle hearing a different perspective. Instead of crying for the truth why don’t you just pipe it till preseason instead of complaining every day what Grants analysis is?

        1. Everyone has a different perspective. That’s journalism. All you Kap lovers cry when you don’t hear what you want. It started 2 years ago.
          At some point the blinders have to come off. Maybe you and Seb can both get together and have a convince yourselves of that!

          1. I’m happy it’s a true competition. Love what Kelly is doing. If Gabbert is the guy I will support him 100%.. I have stated several times neither is probably the future. I just believe Kaep will get the nod.

          2. Prime, maybe you do not understand that we are Niner fans. We want them to win with either QB. You on the other hand, hate Kaep so much, you want to create a QB controversy, and probably want them to fail if Kaep is leading them.

            I thought I saw you swear that you were leaving this site. What happened? Get lonely?

        2. Might be what they happened to watch. And the video shows Grant was correct and everyone else was wrong about the so-called Kaep to TSmith TD.

          According to Barrows:
          Kaepernick was 6 of 13 in team drills; Gabbert was 5-11.

          During team drills, Kaepernick completed 6 of 14 attempts, while Gabbert connected on only 4 of his 13 throws.

          Blaine Gabbert. Completed 17-of-30 throws during team drills and tossed one touchdown pass. Colin Kaepernick. Completed just 10-of-27 passes during team drills – 37 percent. Also threw two picks…

    2. They will have very different perspectives when they are taking into account different sample sizes. Grant is including 7’s and the like while the other journalists are only taking into account full squad play.

  20. It’s way early in training camp but I am coming to a quick realization, I suspected that the weakest part of the team was the O-line and D-line. I am really thinking its just the opposite. I am seeing something with the O-line that just might turn into something special. I no longer see eight or nine men in the box with the spread. With an overpowering O-line this run game just might be real hard to stop. Only if we had a QB. The D-line will eventually have two giants as starters. Besides sacks, tackles and pressure I will be looking for batted down balls and change of trajectory of the pass.

    I actually think if somehow a QB emerges and plays good solid football this team will do better then what some fans think and certainly what the rest of the world thinks. Yea I know its early.

    1. UC,

      Build from the inside out, that is the key to success. Suddenly, we may have a much better D and a much better offense. The weak link, no surprise, will likely be in the skill positions, especially QB. Grant has banked on it. I hope he is wrong, though I fear he may be right. I certainly hope that Driskel is better than BG&CK.

      1. East, I hope you are wrong. If Driskel, who is a 6th round pick and the 14th QB chosen in the draft, is better than BG and CK, the Niners are screwed.

        1. You are unbelievably vapid. Joe Montana was taken in the 3rd round, Tom Brady in the 6th. Please take a day off the blog, just one godforsaken day. Please.

          1. JC, for those 2 exceptional players, there are tons of non exceptions that have failed miserably.

            Declaring that Driskel will be the next Joe Montana is pretty obtuse. Your football acumen is sorely lacking when you bloviate nonsense.

      2. East – Its probably premature to think that Driskel could unseat either one of them. I have hopes for Driskel in a year or two.

        1. Oh, I do not think Driskel is anywhere near ready to unseat anyone. I think he may be a better option than the other two eventually but he still has a ways to go. Seb, if rank in draft matters so much then Kap should give way to Gabbert…

            1. Seb, I’m not the one who keeps bringing up draft order as if it means something. If Driskel can play it will be seen soon enough.

              You often harp on Chip K’s capacities at making quarterbacks reach their full potential. Wouldn’t that be true for Driskel as much as it is for CK? Russell is irrelevant to this conversation and a distraction.

              As I’ve stated CK has gifts but he has and has always had great deficiencies in his game. These were/are not coaching/OL/WR/TE/RB or anything else other than the grey matter in his skull and the mechanics he has had for a long time (probably due to baseball). Can these be fixed? Dunno, but from what I hear/read Chip isn’t the likely candidate to do this. My take, I know and I will happily eat crow if CK wins a SB or even whiffs at one again.

              Do I think Gabbert is the man. No. Driskel? Not sure but want to find out.

              1. Sorry, East, did not mean to be flippant, but Kaep is a SB QB, and like Mozes said, sixth round picks rarely step in and become instant starters.

                There was a reason why Driskel was passed over by 32 teams 5 times. His days in Florida were pretty regrettable. 13 other QBs were rated better than him, so I am just stating what all the pundits, scouts and evaluators deemed.

                Chip may be the perfect coach to resurrect Kaep’s career. He did wonders with Foles and Sanchez, and Kaep has all the skillsets he covets. Driskel has similar skillsets, but it would be better for him to pull an Aaron Rodgers; sit and study for a few years. If he got the Alex (and BG) treatment, he may end up struggling.

                With a non putrid O line, and a decent defense, the Niners are poised to emerge from the cellar. If Hyde can stay healthy, they might even have a non losing season.

                I like Kaep. When he is getting viciously attacked, I try to defend him, because few others on this site do. Based on his last season, his detractors may be right, but I remember his first 10 games, and saw the potential.

                With Chip as his coach, and Baalke stopping his meddling, Kaep will do just fine.

              2. Ok, CK went to a SB. Alex Smith almost went to a SB too! If not for some muffed plays on STs that were certainly not his fault – does that make him a better QB than CK?

                I think the whole 10 games that CK had is akin to the run that Hofstetdler had and dare I say a certain ESPN analyst we all may be familiar with. The fact that CK was in the SB makes him Ok, but not impressive, especially given the rest of his body of work. You have to remember that in the SB he also made some poor decisions in the game as I remember…

              3. East, Alex does have talent, and even got deep in the playoffs. However, his game management near the end of the game was deficient. One does not huddle up trying to run the hurry up offense, and expect to win.

                While I consider Kaep superior to Alex, both are good enough QBs to win playoff games.

                You are right, it also takes the whole team around them

                Kaep did fail to win a SB, but he overcame a big deficit to come storming back, and got to within 5 yards of winning it all.

              4. And blew it at the end. Remember he played a really poor 1st half to dig himself that hole.

                I get you like CK. No problem there. Is he viciously attacked? Don’t think so. He was at one point (tattoos, attitude, press conferences, headphones, etc.). I think defending him there is fine because none of those reflect play but personality and that can be vicious. Criticism of his play on the field is fair game, period. That goes for him, Gabbert and any other sacred cow.

                No one liked when Grant said Bowman was a liability in coverage last year but he was right. He wasn’t who he was.

                Sometimes we have to face facts even when we don’t like them. It’s ok.

                CK may improve. I hope he does. I think most fans do. We all want to see our team win more than we want to be “right”. In the end, does it matter which one of our opinions prevails? You know what they say about opinions right?

              5. 4th Quarter Combacks

                Colin Kaepernick – 5
                Alex Smith – 6

                Numbers used are from 2011-2013 to keep number of games played and team talent as close to equal as possible.

              6. East, all along, I have stated that while I think Kaep will regain his starting job, if he does not, I hope he accepts his role with grace and dignity. I hope he studies hard and prepares for every contingency. I hope he supports Gabbert and helps him win.

                I think Kaep will do that, because he is still one hit from becoming the starter. He is smart, will be patient, and be a team player.

                Kaep not being viciously attacked? His detractors on this site and others call him a one read wonder, a failure who lost the locker room, alone on an island, who does not study, and who does not even want to be here. They cant wait for him to be cut and out of the league. And that is stuff that I can print. They have denigrated him in worse ways, but I will not repeat their screeds.

                Chip really must like Kaep, because I thought that Baalke wanted to remove any evidence of the JH era, and Kaep and JH were pretty tight.

                As with AD, sounds like they have worked things out, clean slate, and Kaep is ready to compete. If Kaep redeems himself and reverts to his 2012 self, watch out. Like Prime says, Kaep will take the league by storm, again.

      3. I’m rooting for Driskel too. If he ends up being better than BG and CK I think we fans would all be pretty happy.

        1. We need something from the department that handles the football every play — hitting trainers, frequent ints, poor decisions, short throws will not cut it.

  21. Hi Grant. Great work. First time following your reports in training camp. How much of the 49ers QB’s struggles today were due to injuries of their WR’s, i.e., Torrey Smith, Bruce Ellington, Jerome Simpson and Eric Rogers?

  22. Maybe Kap should have been working on his mental game this offseason. Those 2 picks down the right sideline looked like the pass to Crab v Sherman in the Championchip game a few years ago. Why would he throw the same bad pass in practice twice. No touch or head.. Being stubborn won’t work in this system.

  23. “Bloviation is a style of empty, pompous political speech particularly associated with Ohio due to the term’s popularization by United States President Warren G. Harding, who, himself a master of the technique, described it as “the art of speaking for as long as the occasion warrants, and saying nothing”.”

    Remind anyone here of any one among us?

    1. JC, I think that name calling just defines you. Sounds like the tag team approach is evident again. Do not know why you get so upset, but you really need to grow up.

      Why dont you stick to talking about football. You can bloviate as much as you want. Spewing screeds seems to be par for the course, but I think you are better than that.

    2. And BTW, I was the first poster to use that word this past year, so you are just parroting. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

            1. Sorry, East, just wanted to throw out words I have used before when I also used the bloviating comment.

              Bloviate, bombastic, bellicose and belligerent all begin with the letter B.

              1. So does becalm, bucolic and breathless ;-)

                It takes two to tango. All I’m saying – take the high road. Disengage, divorce, diffuse, and disentangle.

  24. I feel the difference in stats are that Grant is counting all reps (11 on 11, 7 on 77, etc). While Matt and the other guys are only counting 11 on 11. If he’s struggling on 7 on 7 then he’s got a big problem.
    Kaep won’t be a QB much longer
    Vince Young 2.0

    1. While Kaep is splitting first team reps, Grant disses Kaep while Gabbert was not much better. He conveniently left out the fact that the defense played better than the offense, to give a more nuanced analysis.

      Grant is just trolling us. One practice does not anoint a winner, and the competition will be decided during the preseason games.

  25. I will say.. on the Rashard Robinson INT on Kaepernick. That was just a damn good play with those long arms and leaping ability. Actually wasn’t all that bad of a throw. That’s an athletic INT. The Jimmie Ward INT, that was on Kaep.

    1. Amos,
      Thanks for the observation. My biggest concern with Kap is what it has always been: His lack of pocket skills.

      1. inability to look-off receivers.
      2. inability to read the defense.
      3. inability to feel pressure.
      4. inability to own the huddle.

      There may be more, but these stick out the most for me and gives me cause for concern.

      I’m growing tired of the “he is a superbowl QB” talk because as we have all witnessed, CK is far removed from what he was back in 2012-2013.
      Any improvements along the offensive line or skill positions on offense will not correct the issues I’ve stated above.

      As I said yesterday, either Kap get’s it (nuances of the QB position), or not. We’ll see how this shakes out in coming weeks.

  26. sebnynah

    August 4, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    Considering Gabbert went 4-14, do not anoint him yet…..

    Unlike you, Sebopythicus, The tomosapiens invent wheels–things benefitting society–we earn our way just like Gabbert did in beating out Kap once already, and he will beat him out again.

    The only one anointed anything was Kap, when originally given the job due to Smith’s injury, who, at the time was already leading the 49ers to the playoffs…Kap rode Smith’s season work (coat tails), so never one anything in competition…You are witnessing what happens when kap has to compete…He shrinks into his shell, like your clan when the tomosapiens let you put your food on our wheeled cart, while your clan tried to roll on square wheels….So, in away, you’re anointed to use this site with your irrational player crushes on rugby stars and a running back for a QB…We laugh at those player evaluations like you were a “fool on a Hill>”

    ESPN predicts Chip Kelly, San Francisco 49ers will start Blaine Gabbert at QB


    1. TrollD, your gibberish is indecipherable.
      I will leave you alone, day after day, the TrollD with the foolish grin is sitting perfectly still…

      1. “your gibberish is indecipherable.”

        This from a commenter who provides the board with gems of knowledge such as….

        “Some times,I hope the Niners line up in a set formation, and either run or pass out of it”

        1. My favorite from Seb is “the WR’s should catch the ball and RB’s like Carlos Hyde should just fall to the turf and avoid contact and injury after possessing the football”. Powder puff football!

          1. Prime, after making enough first down yardage, if a player kneels down, they still get a new set of downs.

            Hyde should go down so the defense cannot gang tackle him and possibly injure him. If Hyde gets injured, the Niners may not win very many games. Machismo bravado is what got him injured in the first place. Hyde needs to play smarter.

            1. You have obviously have never played football. Maybe you should go back to watching hips and soccer. Then when someone touches you fall to the turf like a sniper got you in the leg, and then wait for a yellow card to awarded and then get up like nothing happened.

              1. Oh joy, the -‘You have never played the game’ drivel. Guess what? 99% of the posters have never played a snap of professional football. Maybe you should diss Grant, he has never played, either.

                If only former NFL players are allowed to comment, this would be a very quiet blog.

              2. Ive done it all, water boy, player, coach, volunteer,. I just think asking football players to turtle to the ground is like asking a race car driver to drive carefully or asking a chef not to use salt or sugar. Stupid you are Seb!

              3. Now Prime we all know that all sports fake penalties. Football has twitches that create ripples of shock waves, soccer has silly dives (to its shame). But lets not quibble. A slight twitch by a lineman should not produce the type of reactions we see – it has become somewhat of a joke, the same with the grounding play of the QB and others in football. Granted, football has always been more physical than soccer, though the endurance aspect is far less so.

                Try playing for 90 minutes without a break and it can get plenty physical too, just not as apparent. You can get kicked in the head, stomped, hit by a ball traveling very fast in areas not meant to be hit, elbowed, punched, poked, scratched, tripped all at sprinting speeds. I was once knocked clean out by a goal post, not pleasant. When I think the 49ers were in London they made mention of how different the physicality of the top soccer players were. They remarked it was different.

              4. East don’t get me wrong, I love the game of soccer and a huge supporter of the Italian national team!
                My point is Seb compares the games of Amercican football and soccer like they are similar, example of defending a soccer player and a WR/DB.
                Like everything else that comes out of that kids mouth, its ignorant!

              5. Hey , Water Boy I think I will demote you from prime time to being the water boy, since you did that role. Thanks for the idea for a new name for you.

        2. Well this way you see, no matter what happens, he can point to it and say:
          “See? He does read my comments and he clearly took my advice.”

        3. Jack, maybe that will not tip off the defense so they cannot predict what the Niners are going to do. One player said they knew what the play was, just by looking at the formation. I just want the Niners to be less predictable, but you seem OK with that.

          1. Seb,

            I think jack’s point is that every play must be run out of set formation, lest the offensive be called for illegal motion.

  27. “The man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud, but nobody, seems to hear him, they can see that he’s just a fool” defines you.

    Like the thousands of screeds about player personnel.

    1. They say you’re beautiful
      And they’ll always let you in
      But the doors are never open
      To the child without a trace of sin
      Sail away

  28. I can’t get Kelly’s presser this morning, but I’m following the reporter tweets. Rogers tore his ACL on a kick off drill. Out for the season. Dang!

      1. Simpson was a strong possibility to make it over Rogers before the injury, so this helps him quite a bit. Time to see one of the young guys step up and take the job. Dres Anderson needs to show some of the things he did in OTA’s.

        1. Rocket,

          I really want to young guys (WRs – I know the defensive side will be firm) to blow the lid off and start making waves, turn heads. Unfortunately we have QBs who leave much to be desired too. Hope springs eternal….

      1. If that’s what the Rams believed, there’s no justification for spending the amount of draft capital they did….

        1. Sure there is. You are drafting a QB based on what he can become; not whether he can start his rookie year. If you see Franchise caliber ability and know the player will need time to develop in a pro offense it should never stop you from taking him.

            1. That’s the compensation you have to pay to move up. If they didn’t move up they weren’t getting him. Whether it turns out to be a bad move is a long way from being decided.

              1. If I’m a GM, I do not draft a quarterback number two overall if he can’t beat out Keenum, and I absolutely do not, under any circumstances, pay through the nose for him. But, that’s why I’m not a GM….

              2. You and me both brother. It’s lot more comfortable here on the sidelines telling others how to do their job ;)

    1. Yep, despite the rhetoric about how much more ‘advanced’ Goff was than your average spread QB, he is showing there is still a massive difference between his responsibilities for the Bears and what he needs to do in the pros.

          1. Yep. I thought so too. Time will of course tell, but early days certainly seem to suggest Wentz has come in better prepared.

  29. Blaine Gabbert: “No question” this is my offense August 5, 2016 at 2:33 PM

    Michael Robinson of NFL Network was at San Francisco 49ers practice on Friday and spoke with Blaine Gabbert

    When asked what was unique about his skill set that makes him the best choice for the starting job, Gabbert answered, “I’m sneaky athletic. I can run when I have to, but I would just say smart with the football, take care of the football, and really just distribute it to our guys.”


  30. when it comes to Kaepernick people are so caught up with narratives That they often forget the normatives. For example, quarterbacks, whoever it is, rarely ever get to the third read. They’re not required to. The object is to get the ball to the first read as much as possible. Go watch any qb. It drives me crazy when journalists that never ever played sports in their life talk about qb progression and sound like Trent differ. Dilfer started the Kaepernick progression stigma and everyone seems to just parrot his assessment not realizing most qbs are the same way. The only difference is most other qbs actually have the protection.

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