49ers training camp report, Day 8: Kaepernick tweaks throwing shoulder

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me during the 49ers’ eighth day of training camp.


1. WR Jerome Simpson. The best backup receiver today. Caught a deep, leaping touchdown pass over cornerback Dontae Johnson during 1-on-1 drills, then caught three touchdown passes during teams drills – one against Prince Charles Iworah, one against Keith Reaser and one against Will Redmond. More on Redmond below.

2. RB Carlos Hyde. Caught seven passes during team drills while running flat routes, swing routes, Texas routes and option routes. Beat NaVorro Bowman three times, and once for a touchdown. More on Bowman below.

3. OG Joshua Garnett. Beat fellow first-round pick DeForest Buckner in a one-on-one pass-rush drill. Buckner tried to move Garnett with a swim move. Garnett didn’t budge.

4. DE Quinton Dial. Stripped Hyde during the first play of 11 on 11s.

5. Special teams coach Derius Swinton II. The only coach on the team who yells. Makes himself the center of attention during the five minutes he’s in charge. Chewed out veteran running back DuJuan Harris today for talking during a drill.

6. QB Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick’s best practice of training camp. Completed 7-of-11 passes during 11-on-11s, and 17-of-25 passes overall during team drills (11-on-11s, 7-on-7s and 4-on-3s). Threw four touchdown passes during a 7-on-7 drill in the red zone and two touchdown passes during 4-on-3s.

7. QB Blaine Gabbert. More accurate than Kaepernick. Completed 10-of-12 passes during 11-on-11s, and 20-of-28 passes overall. His best pass should have been a touchdown to Devon Cajuste, but Cajuste tried to catch the ball with his face and not his hands. Questionable strategy.


1. DE Arik Armstead. Did not participate in team drills. Ran sprints on a side field while wearing a wrap on his shoulder.

2. WR Torrey Smith. The only player on the team who dropped more than one pass today. Had to fight for the ball because he couldn’t create separation from cornerbacks.

3. ILB NaVorro Bowman. Struggled changing directions, just like last season. Gave up six catches and one touchdown while in man-to-man coverage. The offense seemed to target him specifically.

4. CB Will Redmond. Gave up a long touchdown pass to Bruce Ellington during 1-on-1s, and gave up two touchdown catches during team drills – one to Simpson and one to DeAndrew White. Redmond does not seem ready to contribute Week 1. He seems like someone opposing offenses would try to exploit.

5. Wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell. The only coach on the team who doesn’t lead a drill during the teaching periods. Stands and talks to the receivers while they listen and look bored. Occasionally spoke to one receiver while the rest talked amongst themselves. Seemed like a complete waste of time.

6. Anthony Davis’ lower back. Spent the first teaching period lying on the ground while a trainer massaged his lower back. Returned to practice and participated in the team drills, but seemed limited in what he could do. Couldn’t even block Corey Lemonier, who repeatedly pushed Davis into the quarterback’s lap. Bad sign.

7. Colin Kaepernick’s throwing shoulder. Spent the second teaching period lying on the ground while a trainer stretched his throwing shoulder. This lasted at least four minutes. At one point Chip Kelly walked over to see what was happening, and Kaepernick eventually jumped to his feet to show he was OK. But as practice went on, he kept shaking his right arm – it clearly bothered him. He threw mostly short passes the rest of the day.

Here are my practice notes (censored to exclude down and distance plus the names of running plays at the 49ers’ request):










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    1. Yeah, the notes are awesome. Gives us great insight to how much you have to sift through as well. Great job Grant!

      1. He’s a reporter. It’s what reporters have done since the pad and pencil. Now we praise for doing their job. please.

        1. Never seen it done on any Niner blog site before. Those notes are gold nuggets of insights, and really outlines the process.

          Grant is just cutting edge. Good job.

  1. This QB comp is going to be decided starting Sunday. Gabbert the favorite going in. Kaep gaining some traction. I have been reading that Gabbert is loving his check downs a little too much. That could hurt him when the games kick off. May the best man win..

  2. Common sentiment seems to be that Garnett will eventually replace Tiller at right guard. Any chance Tiller is better than Beadles and Garnett ends up at first string left guard?

    1. Could be. Probably just as much seeing how he versatile he is, which he should be since he played LG in college. I’m starting to wonder if Brandon Thomas will make the team. I really can’t recall reading anything significant (or actually at all) about him in any of the beat writer reports.

      1. I read he was getting snaps with the 3rd stringers recently. Can’t remember what article.

    2. That’s what I was thinking. At 29 years old, Zane Beadles is likely past his prime and I think it would be great if he was unseated by one of our young guards, even if it means eating his $3M guaranteed this year. I think they started Garnett on the right because they assumed Zane was a shoe-in to start at LG and Tiller would be surplanted at RG. But no so fast…..

      1. I recall Tiller came in and played pretty well towards the end of last season, shoring up the right side of the line with Brown after the Martin/Devey/Pears disaster. Would be good to see him continue that with Brown or Davis next to him, that would give us a pretty solid line and a huge overall upgrade from last year:


      2. I wouldn’t say past his prime, in the middle of it definitely. Usually prime for an Olineman is like 27 to 32, these guys have careers that are only exceeded in length by QBs, Punters and Kickers. Bruce Matthews, while a tackle, played for 18 seasons, extreme example, but he was top of the game for 14 of those years.

        I dont see him being unseated, you want the 2 best guards at the guard spot, no matter the age, and its unlikely that outside the 1st rounder anyone will be on his level.

    3. Grant did not mention it, but I have seen other reports saying Garnett played on the left side today.

  3. Cool. Thanks Grant for all the work you put in man. Notes were very cool to see.

    PS – Work on penmanship man.

    1. He should work on being an unemotional journalist (blogger). His penmanship is fine.

      1. Your kidding, right? You have to be………

        These are notes, not a finished refined report. You guys are something else…………….

    2. Yeah, Leo .. I was gonna say about the
      same thing, as well, too …

      Grant’s penmanship reminds me..
      of the chicken-scratch .. doctors used to display
      when they wrote up prescriptions !! .. lol

      (just kidding, Grant.. I realize how fast you
      musta had to be going when you wrote all that ..
      good job, man !)

      1. I was just messing with him. I have pretty nice writing but when I’m in a rush it looks pretty chicken-scratchy

  4. I hope Kap’s shoulder is not a serious issue now or even going foward. Just when he has his best day, stupid stinger shows up.

  5. Kaep is dud. He should get back to posting BLM videos and making absurd statements to the public.

    1. Hey .. bling ..

      I’d like to help you out … just tell me ..

      which way did you come in ?

    2. I’m with Bling concerning the BLM videos and stupid Twitter statements from Kap. He should concentrate on improving his QB skills, reading defenses, progressing through his reads, etc., and NOT making ignorant tweets.

  6. Grant, have you considered a Samsung tab or Note 5 . It is the digital age my friend. You and this website are operating on Commodore 64 technology. Time for an upgrade.

  7. If Jim Harbaugh saw you posting such detailed practice notes online I think he’d probably body slam you and then ban you from practice. Since he’s not here I guess that job will fall to Bob Bicknell.

      1. Do you think Tiller is quick enough to play in this system from what you’ve seen thus far?

  8. i am not suprised about A Davis a C Kap

    both are just getting back into “football playing shape”. And both are now feeling the side effects of being gone awhile now. Neither of these reports suprise me.

    I bet Davis has never been so sore LOL. Getting blown up by NFL players (even lower tier players are insanely strong)

    Have any of you ever gotten back into working out after taking a year or longer off? The soreness is excruciating. I love Grant Cohns practice write ups. But i bet he has never lifted a day in his life and knows what being sore is.

    1. also I loved the practice notes. i always figured you took solid in depth notes, which is impressive cause its real time for you. You are IMO the best beat reporter when it comes to Camp Reports.

    2. I’ve been lifting all year after taking three years off. You’re absolutely right. I feel 15 years older than I did three years ago.

      1. Ah, you’re still a young buck Grant. Stop until you’re in your early 40’s and then you’ll know what pain is. LOL

        1. Yeah, definitely, don’t stop, lol! Whew. There comes a time when you can’t build it back, only tone what’s left.
          Cardio is different, I know octogenarian bicyclists and tennis players I can’t keep up with, and a 77’year old rock climber/surfer/windsurfer.

  9. Grant, I like your system, and you seem to glean golden nuggets from it. I also like your overview perspective. Bet you do not miss much.

    Thanks again for providing a fresh perspective.

    1. Thanks. I try to get everything, which can be hard when two or three drills happen at once.

      1. Speaking of that Grant, I want to apologize for being overly critical of your 1st day TC report. I see now that it is not easy to gather all the information. After comparing reports now for eight days, your TC report is one of the best and offers different perspectives. I’m surprised how similar many of the other reports are.

  10. I see some reports that Tank looked good today. Was that your impression, Grant?

    1. I missed him during 1-on-1s. That drill was happening during 7-on-7s. What did you read?

      1. Here’s what MM had to say:

        “Outside linebacker Tank Carradine had a strong day, as he worked in mostly nickel packages on the right edge. Carradine got into the backfield on a couple of run plays and beat reserve left tackle Colin Kelly for a would-be sack. . .”

        1. beating reserve tackles is not what i had in mind for tank carradine. if he couldnt do that than what can he do?

          1. Seems like Tank has been given a number of chances since he’s been with the team. They tried putting a lot of weight on him with less than hoped for results. Now he’s back down to probably a more normal weight for him and again we’ve seen no reports to inspire hope (making some plays against the 2nd team is not what I had in mind either).

            1. yeah man obviously he is a niner and i want him to succeed. but if there was one report out there that said he beat staley 1 on 1 i would have a lot more confidence. i dont blame cohn for wasting practice time watching him.

              1. I am wondering at how much the poor coaching had to do with his lack of production last year.

                If he markedly improves, we will have the answer. Same with Lemonier.

            2. Its hard to be beating Staley if he isn’t getting 1st team reps. Take the positives as they come. If he continues to impress he’ll get his chances against better players.

              1. Maybe, Scooter. But against the 3rd team according to Grant! I think the problem is that Tank just is not a quick study. He’s had 3 different DCs and with the different schemes that were/are being installed along with moving him around (at different weights), I suspect this may be substantially contributing to the unimpressive results.

        2. I have that sack in my notes. He was playing with the third-stringers at the time.

            1. 3rd string. Thad Lewis was the QB on that play. Lewis and Driskel split the third-team reps.

              1. Thanks.

                I see the preliminary depth chart is out. Interesting to see Tank listed as 2nd team yet he’s getting 3rd team reps.

              2. I don’t know about that, Grant. I don’t remember them utilizing slashes(/) indicating co-starters last year. I think the coaches, specifically Kelly and O’Neil had a hand in it….

              3. Hmm, Cromartie over McCray, Bellore over Skov, Robinson and Redmond over Acker, Silberman over Cooper. Very interesting.

    2. haven’t heard much of an of our pass rusher aside from our twin towers…a bit concerning.

  11. Garnett switched to the left side of the line. Big, smart, good feet, nasty all the makings for a great one.

    1. From Biderman’s report regarding Garnett’s move:

      “The 49ers want all their interior linemen to know both guard positions, which downplays the significance of Garnett’s move.

      However, if there’s been a weak point on the starting offensive line, it’s been left guard Zane Beadles, who’s regularly been victimized by Armstead and Buckner during the first week of camp.”

      1. Cubus – Last year Beadles would of been the 2nd best lineman. This year he probably would be the worst even tho ‘his’ talent level would be the same. Marked improvement on the line and that does nothing but bode well for the Niners offense.

        1. Plus it may say quite a bit about Armstead and Buckner’s capabilities at disrupting the line.

  12. Grant I seem to recall you had three tiers last year. Good, not so good and really bad. Glad to see the bottom tier gone and the not so good thin and somewhat manageable.

  13. If it’s clear Redmond won’t be ready week one, they should stop goofing around and put Ward back in slot.

    1. Yeah, sounds like they are. Ward has been getting reps in the slot the past few practices from what I read. Still playing outside in base, then moving into the slot in nickel with Reaser on the outside.

      1. Reaser? I was really hoping for some big things from D Johnson, but aside from a few highlights here and there sounds like he’s having a mediocre camp and is fighting for that last spot after Ward, Brock, Redmond, Robinson, Reaser.

        1. Same. Reaser getting 1st team nickel snaps on the perimeter is a surprise for me. Thought it would be Johnson when they move Ward inside.

    2. The coaches are evaluating. That’s what these practices are for Brodie. These guys don’t come out polished jems. They see what they have and evaluate strength/weakness and combinations to see what will work with players and plays. They will then put them in similar game situations to test in the real world. Pre-season games, that is. Soon enough we will see the cream rise to the top.

      1. Yup. Things will shake out in preseason, especially this year. There’s only so much one can gleam from practices. The practice with the Texans might reveal some things. Wish JJ Watt was able to play.

  14. So the deadline to trade Bosa has passed. I know this is a 9er blog, but there was a statement in the PFT report that I don’t understand. I’m hoping someone can explain it to me. Here’s the quote:

    “The Chargers had shown no inclination to trade Bosa, in large part because no other team had the rookie pool space to absorb his contract. Without that, a trade couldn’t have happened.”

    What is “the rookie pool space”? I thought just regular cap space would suffice for trying to make a trade.


  15. I must say, so far this has been one of the most interesting training camps I have seen in quite some time.

  16. Grant thanks for the notes. That’s pretty special. Never seen any writer do this.

  17. Texans are coming to town. I wonder how the Niners will do against Vrabel, since he turned down the DC position.

    Looks like Brock needs more gym training.

    Wonder if there will be any fights. Hope not, but there will be a lot of chipiness.

    1. Hey Razor,

      Joined your guys’ league if that is cool. I have been reading this site for the last few years, and read all your guys comments just never reply. Let me know if you need me to drop for some of the usual’s.



          1. Great league name by the way, very clever. My leagues name last year was Show Me Those TD’s.

  18. Grant thx for going for the extra yard (notes). Appreciated the special teams detail no one else reports, although it’s been said that it accounts for 1/3 of any team.

    1. 49er/Raider,

      Welcome aboard 49er/Raider. I too am a Raider fan–my AFC team– and appreciated Grant’s notes. Really helps paint a an overall team picture as we project our final team roster.

  19. Also 49er/Raider,

    Beware of Dog! There’s one on this site who considers himself “King 49er fan”–superior to all others, probably due to his daily telephone sized posts who despises anything Raider and will not hesitate to disparage your Niner fandom.

      1. Thx for the red flag. I’ve dealt with those types before.

        But I think most posters eventually are level headed enough to understand a fan is a fan.

        Incidentally, why spell his name by code?

        1. Because posters tire of his repeated game plans straight out of his 1060’s playbook where he offers up such stragtegic gems as, we need to pass or run the ball more, never changing, ad nauseum. The code is so he won’t recognize we talk about him to prevent his novel sized responses.

          Incidentally, we label him with this song: Fool on the Hill, because he’s the man with foolish grin, standing alone on a hill, drawing up outdated pass plays.


              1. Grant: Please do something about this. The blog is becoming very difficult to navigate and many long-time posters are staying away or posting far less than they used to. I know I am not the only one that has this concern. Please consider this request. Thanks.

              2. Undercenter, my grandmother and I used to play Parcheesi, along with crazy eights. When dad wasn’t around, I’d fill in to play partners Pinochle. My favorite card game….

          1. Tom, next time check which account you are responding to yourself with. Your ruse was over before it started.

            1. Damnit! I was going to do the same thing. That bastard stole my idea, then ruined it with poor execution.

    1. Rebuild, in fairness to Seb, his postings have decreased. These days when I read the blog, I observe he’s pretty evenly distributed, for which I thank him. I see bunching of his posts when he’s attacked, for which I don’t blame him. The guy who’s creating the litter is TomD. And the guy’s posts border on hateful, and his negativity over-the-top. Plus he can’t stop going after Seb, like an attack dog. I think it’s time to give Seb a break. He has some good, original ideas (I’m not talking about unrealistic trade proposals), he’s well informed, and he obviously loves the team. I think it’s time to say that.

      1. George – I will acknowledge that he has somewhat improved. I still won’t respond to him till he completely stops responding to Tom. Its simply childish on both their parts.

      2. Well informed, good insights? Like asking players to fall down to the turf after a catch or run? Trading away picks for Frank Gore, using a 2 QB system? Roll the QB exclusively left of the pocket? George, c’mon man!

        1. Prime, so you want Hyde struggling in the grasp so 4 defenders can gang tackle him to get injured?

          You want VM to start running before the catch so he drops it?

          FYI, Frank Gore used to be a 49er, and a leader of the team. He still has worth, and could help the Niners win.

          Chip Kelly should think outside the box. If Kaep and Gabbert are both equally talented, maybe Chip will not waste one of them by sitting him.

          TM said that they forced Kaep to stay in the pocket, and took away the roll to the right. I say that they should take what the defense gives them, but also do not be shaped by the opponent.

          Prime, you really need to up your game.

        2. Yes, PT, he certainly throws out a lot of ideas, probably more than anyone here. But I remember at least three comments I once made that I’m still embarrassed about. Leading up to the draft one year, I raved on this blog about Margus Hunt. Once, maybe prior to the draft two years ago, I said we should trade Joe Staley. I also remember saying during the pre-season before Kaep replaced Alex Smith, that Kaep was a bust.

          1. Players analysis and predictions are one thing, making changes to the game by asking players to be timid or trading for players on to the down side of their careers is another.
            George I’ve read your commentary it’s absolutely fine. Seb on the other needs a lobotomy just to scratch the surface with people on here!

        3. George…..

          You havent lived ’til Seb calls you a hatemonger, baby seal killer, or some such nonsense. Does not offend me at all. I get a hell of a kick out of it.

          1. Saw, I’ve been through something like that with him. He once accused me of not offering a mock draft because I didn’t have any original ideas, or words to that effect. But that’s water under the bridge. He’s mellowed and I hope his detractors will leave him alone.

  20. San Francisco 49ers: Predicting 5 Long Shots Who Make the 2016 53-Man Roster

    The 49ers aren’t going to ask Balducci to be an everyday starter in 2016. But where Balducci does fit is as a backup center to likely starter Daniel Kilgore.

    Why does this make sense?

    Well, current backup center, Marcus Martin, posted a minus-45.6 grade last season, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required) and, if Martin doesn’t show any desired improvement during camp and the preseason, he could be on his way out and Balducci wins the backup role by default.


  21. No. 2: LB Marcus Rush

    Rush won’t beat out Carradine, and it’s hard to see him passing over second-year pro, and third-round pick, Harold. But there is a battle to watch between Rush and Lemonier, who has largely been a disappointment

    Is it a long shot? Sure. But, by this point, the Niners probably know what they have in Lemonier.

  22. No. 1: WR Devon Cajuste

    Let’s all hope former Stanford wideout Devon Cajuste is seen more than just a dark-horse candidate to make the 53-man roster this season.

    At 6-foot-4 and 227 pounds, Cajuste offers up something few other Niners receivers have — red-zone prowess. Traditionally a wide receiver, Cajuste may fit the mold of an H-back within head coach Chip Kelly’s offense,

    Cajuste was relatively quiet during the first phases of training camp, which isn’t necessarily good.

    But recent efforts have been a little more promising and, when factoring in what Kelly will want to do on offense, keeping Cajuste on the roster makes a lot of sense.

    Chip Kelly is a big proponent of fitting the system to the players, rather than trying to force players into a role that does not fit them…David Fucillo


  23. Gosh, all I want is to talk about 49er football, but when I am attacked ad nauseum and ad infinitum, other posters seem not to care, so when I try to defend myself, they get on my case. So be it.

    I will still talk about Niner football, but if Grant wants peace, he should do something about this troll, who absurdly says he is a 49er/Raider fan, when in actuality, he hates the Niners, predicts 0-52 Niner losses and crows when they lose. He epitomizes Wormtongue, or maybe even the Mouth of Sauron.

    At least I want the Niners to succeed. I thought this site was for Niner fans, not Niner haters, trolling the Niner fans.

    1. Sebnoying says “Gosh, all I want is to talk about 49er football, but when I am attacked ad nauseum and ad infinitum, other posters seem not to care, so when I try to defend myself, they get on my case. So be it.

      How many people now have said you are ruining the blog? Wake up dip stick, take a hint!

        1. Yeah the accuracy, decision making, leadership and precision storm. Take a hint Seb, the blog wants you to fly away!

          1. I will try hard to be more succinct, and if TrollD is retired, I will not advocate another multi player trade.

    2. Seb—

      Two things: you know your football, and…..your an honest guy.

      Having said that, you know you’ve gone off on people with long, emotional diatribes in the past. I love ’em, actually get a hell of a kick out of them. But you HAVE done them…………..

  24. Grant

    Is there anything that can be done to bring Seb and TomD into the blog community instead of the crap that they are throwing just to pi$$ everyone off ? I do realize that it would be difficult, but for the sake of the blog…something must be done…they both boast that they have been kicked off numerous blogs previously….would one more hurt…?

    1. Oregon, I was just kicked off NN just because I wrote- Real fans do not want the Niners to lose.

      I have not been kicked off any others, because usually I am civil and respectful, and almost never swear.

      1. Oh so now there is history of being a d-bag and annoying other Niner fans. What kind of a moron admits to that and how ironic. Beat it Seb!

        1. Prime, your personal attacks and foul language are 2 reasons why the ban hammer should drop on your head, but personally, I do not want you banned.

          I just find you amusing and pathetic.

          Remember, by your own admission, Kaep will take the league by storm…..

          1. Awaiting the precision, leadership, accuracy and decision making storm Seb. Take a hint and vacate the blog. How many people have told you? Been banned from other sites, your time is almost, see ya!

            1. Prime, we will see soon. Still offer to bet avatars, but if you have no confidence in Gabbert, I will let you off.

              1. Be a man and bet cash? What are we 12 years old? Do you want to bet a candy bar?
                Nothing would make me more happy than to take your money. I said you could decide the amount. You could also dictate the terms of the bet/”taking the league by storm again”-Wins, passing yards, running yards, QBR rating. I’m gifting you this bet but you are a chicken terd, afraid because you like every other Kap lover, has no idea what he is.

              2. Prime, I do not need your money or want it, and fer sure, you will never get a penny of mine.

                I do however, want to subject you to ridicule, and am willing to swallow a month on my part to do it.

                Seems like you are backing away. Dont you know, in football, you should charge ahead?
                You challenged me, I named the terms, and you are running away. Not a profile in courage, Water Boy.

    2. Kudos Oregon-
      You posed an adult question with a solution-based, respectful premise:
      “…bring Seb and TomD into the blog…?”
      Alas, I’m not sure either one can meet the challenge of reasonable citizenship in this room or any other. But I admire your positive approach.

  25. Grant,

    I’ve seen some clips from Hard Knocks and all the Rams coaches do is cuss up a storm. I was wondering if during all the time your dad spent with Coach Walsh if he ever saw that kind of repeated vulgarity.

    I get that football is intense, but these guys seemed a bit over the top.

      1. Did you catch “All or Nothing” on Amazon Prime? Bruce Arians gives Rex a run for his f-bomb money.

        1. yeah I did rib, and you’re right. Arians takes a backseat to no one in the colorful language dept.

          I also echo the sentiment from another post. Good to have you back for however long you decide to stay.

    1. I got my PH.D. in vulgarity through the Marine Corps. Before I knew it, the “f” bomb became a vital piece of my vocabulary in general conversation. Nothing like dropping a few “f” bombs when visiting mom, yikes! Football is probably the last vestige where you can cuss up a #7torm at work and not get in trouble for it. I’m reminded of an old tune:

      The pc police
      They live inside of my head
      The pc police
      They come to me in my bed
      The pc police
      They’re coming to arrest me
      Oh no

      1. In the Corps the F-word could work its way into the middle of polysyllabic words and could occur 6 times in a 10 word sentence. I’m not advocating, just remembering.

      2. Swearing doesn’t make what you are saying any more effective. It actually shows the opposite. If you can’t get your point out and emphasized without swearing it shows a weakness in your ability to communicate effectively.

        Yes, I get the use of it occasionally here or there, but when about every 3rd or 4th word is one it loses its effectiveness.

        I’m sure I’ll get ripped about this, but I coached girls high school basketball for one season. I learned more about how to communicate with players in that season than all of the football seasons I had coached prior.

        1. Agreed Jack, it loses its impact over time, but there are some contexts where it doesn’t bother me, it’s part of the cultural landscape. You’re right about communication though, and many of my favorite coaches didn’t employ it much or at all; Wooden, Walsh, Coryell. Even Lombardi managed to communicate message content and intensity w/o it.
          As to learning from coaching girls, I had a similar learning experience. In college I took a co-ed soccer gym class because it fit my class schedule. I learned to adjust my game to more finesse and eliminate all bumping, and the girls learned how to play more aggressively and not be intimidated by tight marking. We all got something positive out of that class.

          1. “it’s part of the cultural landscape. ”

            As a youngster I always noticed when people swore and figured they’d get in trouble. Nowadays, it’s the people that don’t swear that I notice.

            Something I’ve wondered about this blog. Does Grant enforce a no swearing rule or do posters here just abide by one on their own.

          2. “my favorite coaches didn’t employ it much or at all; Wooden, Walsh, Coryell”

            Yeah, that was kind of the reason for the question. Those guys were the best of the best and known to be leaders of men.

            I get that not everyone is the same, last night just seemed a bit much. And that comes from a guy who really needs to work at times to not use that language.

    2. Personally I think it’s just a culture that develops when you have a bunch of guys in a team atmosphere, whether it be sports, military or other. Every team I’ve ever played on or Coached has had that kind of communication player to player and Coach to player. Not sure why that is, but it’s always been part of the deal and I didn’t even notice it after awhile as it became the norm. Maybe it’s a simple case of male camaraderie, where it’s a place you feel comfortable enough to use words you wouldn’t normally use around family and friends.

      1. I rarely heard it while playing high school or at the JC level. And if it was used it was never even close to the rant that one coach went on last night.

        It was more of a, “7h!t what was that?” followed by coaching up.

        When I coached it was similar. I always told my coaches and myself that it was an extension of the classroom and that type of language doesn’t really teach anything.

        Like I said, I understand that to some it’s common place, but it just seemed over the top and the look on the players faces didn’t show that it was helping. But I guess it’s just me.

        1. I haven’t seen the example you are talking about yet, so it could have been over the top I don’t know.

      1. I don’t know. But I always wonder, what’s in it for the horse? Do they get to wear their medals around and get laid in the olympic village?

  26. Aaron Erickson – ‏@EricksonAaron44

    Eli Harold and Tank Carradine are disruptive in 11 on 11

    Thank goodness, music to my ears…. or eyes

  27. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN · 23m23 minutes ago

    Rough 11-on-11 session for Gabbert: two incompletions, one under pressure, and a couple of scrambles.

    Matt Maiocco Verified account 
    Rough 11-on-11 session for Kaepernick: Telegraphed near pick; he and Jerome Simpson not on the same page on next play.

  28. Grant,

    Apologize for some of the inanity. Just responding to posters wishes for the removal of Seb”s blogging priveleges.

    If a penalty is enforced, the sporting way to proceed is the removal of both culprits–both Seb and myself.

    Removal of TomD only would penalize only one infractor, when two exist.

  29. Grant, can I respectfully suggest/request a new poll? The current one has been around longer than I’ve been away.

      1. Thanks MW! I’ve been lurking, amused at the sebnynah-TomD hissy-fitting. Those two are pikers compared to what we had going back in the Jordan-bayareafan-hofer-claude balls days.

        1. I dont want either on of those guys gone. Who’s next? And then, next? Where does that end?

          Just speaking for myself, but those guys kill me………

  30. Looks like things did not go well for the offense to include both Kaep and Gabbert. That does not surprise me at all.

        1. You take the guy who you think gives you the best chance of winning. The longer you wait the more you stunt the growth of the team.

            1. Again, you take the guy you are most confident with. Not every decision is going to end up being correct.

              I’d say they need to make the decision no later than after the 2nd preseason game. That would be my timeline if in that position.

              1. What is the rush? Is it not better to see them in as a many situations as possible? Growth in preseason for a young team learning a new scheme seems less important than knowing what each guy can do when presented with adversity.
                Coach Modkins said himself they are not even thinking about scheme till after next week.
                I’d rather see each guy play in all four pre-season games and find out who best moves the chains playing with the 1’s and 4’s.

              2. What if he’s not confident in either one? I agree a decision should be made before game 3, but if no one is making a case for the job it makes for a difficult decision.

              3. If he can’t make a decision after nearly 3 weeks of practice they should fire him.

              4. We all know CK is not the best practice player. But in games he can be different. I think Chip owes it to the team to see both guys perform in 4 games and 20 odd practices combined.

              5. They’re both going to be playing in every preseason game and by the time of the week 3 preseason game they will have had close to 20 practices.

      1. Yep. If you have a QB competition in pre-season, it just means you don’t have a starting QB.

        1. I disagree in this situation only because neither guy has had an opportunity to learn and play in this new scheme.
          Also because seeing a guy compete in practice versus a game is also night and day.
          This competition is not about either guys skill set to an extent. It’s about which guy makes the oline, WR’s, RB’s, TE’s better equipped to make plays. It’s also about which surrounding units will rally around the QB and which guy has the leadership skills to lead and unify the entire 11.
          This isn’t about arm strength, versatility, experience. It’s about which guy has the ability to make others around him better.

          1. ” It’s about which guy has the ability to make others around him better.”

            That’s too bad. The 49ers don’t have that guy.

            1. Maybe not the corner stone guy but one guy will come out of this competition igniting the guys around him. It might not lead to 10 wins but in year 1 of a 3 year rebuild wins don’t matter. Culture manifestation does!

              1. Guys you still have to evaluate, train and develop. It’s pretty arrogant to say neither guy has a hope when just 5 years ago everyone thought Alex Smith was gonna be done in SF and out of the league before JH got a hold of him.

              2. Prime,

                Let’s be honest, you’ve never thought Kap had a hope. I did have hope for him, but it’s becoming glarlingly apparent that he’s gone as far as he can go. Gabbert has never been a real option if you’ve watched him play from College on.

                I”m with you on drafting and developing, but both of these guys have been around a long ttme now. At some point you have to accept the reality of the situation. Alex Smith showed improvement in his second year and then went through a few years of injury before getting another chance and succeeding. Both of these guys have been playing since early in their careers and are now on the precipice of falling onto the island of misfit backups.

                They are going to get this year to try and change that outcome, but it’s not looking promising.

              3. Rocket, Gabbert deserves the benefit of the doubt being in a horrible situation in JKV. Maybe he isn’t the future but at least this is a platform to show he just might be able to lead a rebuild.
                My point about CK is that he deserves a chance to compete for the job and not like Hammer suggested, only for 3 weeks.
                After all, its America, everyone should get a 2nd chance

              4. “After all, its America”

                That’s true, and it’s time to make America and the 49ers great again.

              5. They are going to get a chance Prime. Kelly has no other choice unless he wants to start a 6th round rookie. I just have little expectation of success from either.

                The reason you want a decision by the 3rd game is because you need to start working your starters together and getting everybody on the same page. There has to be a couple of weeks devoted to getting 1 QB the majority of the reps. If they go through the entire preseason splitting snaps, there is a good chance neither guy is going to be ready for the opening game.

              6. “Alex Smith showed improvement in his second year”

                The funny part about this statement is that Gabbert showed similar improvement and was actually playing better until his season was cut short by injury.

              7. Hammer beat me to the comment. Rocket, it seems like you refuse to acknowledge that Gabbert has made a step forward last year from his JAX days. Not sure why you can’t seem to acknowledge some improvement. Usually you are pretty even handed (despite many saying you tend towards negativity), but when it comes to Gabbert you seem pretty much stuck in a rut regarding your opinion.

                Also, I’m not so sure I would assume that any QB will be that great with the inexperienced receivers we have on this team. I am glad that O’Neill is testing them with a lot of press coverage, because that is what they are going to face.

              8. No not really. Alex won some games at least. Gabbert went 1-9 and his team got blown out in most of them. The game he went out injured in, Chad Henne came in and played way better than Gabbert had at any point during the season.

              9. The 49ers were a much better team as well. From what I keep reading wins/losses isn’t really a QB stat anyway.

              10. I agree in that continuity between starters is essential but you can still distribute reps sparingly between the two. All I’m saying is both guys should get the full training camp to prove themselves and with that,different situations will arise which will let them lead. Again, new scheme, new staff, rebuild, no urgency.
                My other disagreement is that why would Kelly take the SF job if he didn’t think he could make either guy functional. He had Foles and won 10 games and Foles is awful?

              11. Cubus,

                Hammer beat me to the comment. Rocket, it seems like you refuse to acknowledge that Gabbert has made a step forward last year from his JAX days. Not sure why you can’t seem to acknowledge some improvement.

                Not true. I did acknowledge he was playing better than he did in Jax. I also said he was playing a lot better than Kap. The problem is he was a terrible QB in Jax and last year, while he did improve on that, he still wasn’t very good.

                Usually you are pretty even handed (despite many saying you tend towards negativity), but when it comes to Gabbert you seem pretty much stuck in a rut regarding your opinion.

                I appreciate that and I try to be even handed. The negativity is prevalent now, but it wasn’t when Harbaugh was here. That is to say, I call things as I see them and right now things aren’t very good.

                Also, I’m not so sure I would assume that any QB will be that great with the inexperienced receivers we have on this team. I am glad that O’Neill is testing them with a lot of press coverage, because that is what they are going to face.

                I agree that the receivers are a problem as well. There are many holes on this team. With a good QB you can often cover some things up. Without one, you have QB competitions with neither guy impressing enough to take the job.

              12. “while he did improve on that, he still wasn’t very good.”

                Since you brought up records earlier, last season Gabbert posted a win % of 37.5, which was almost 20% higher than his win % in Jacksonville, and he did this while playing with a coaching staff that was a complete 7h!t show.

                I don’t believe that anyone is saying that Gabbert is the second coming of Brett Favre, but there is reason to believe that he could continue to show improvement under this new and much improved staff.

              13. The 49ers were a much better team as well. From what I keep reading wins/losses isn’t really a QB stat anyway.

                Again, no not really. Jax was 29th in offense and 30th in defense in Gabbert’s second season. SF was 26th in both in Smith’s second season. Neither roster was great but a case could be made that Jax had more talent on that team then the Niners did on theirs.

              14. Rocket, Gabbert and Alex Smith have actually had very similar career arcs to date. Both struggled mightily as rookies. Both were improved in their second season (say what you want about Henne looking better than him etc, he was improved and statistically better Alex, just in an injury shortened season. Smith’s 2nd season really wasn’t that good, just markedly better than his 1st). Both suffered shoulder injuries which ultimately lost them their starting job early in their career. Both went through new OCs year after year.

                There is definitely some reason to think Gabbert could still develop into an ok starting QB in a similar mold as Smith.

              15. “There is definitely some reason to think Gabbert could still develop into an ok starting QB in a similar mold as Smith.”

                Again I ask. Can we aim higher than this?

              16. I agree in that continuity between starters is essential but you can still distribute reps sparingly between the two. All I’m saying is both guys should get the full training camp to prove themselves and with that,different situations will arise which will let them lead. Again, new scheme, new staff, rebuild, no urgency.

                There is always urgency. Chip Kelly is not looking at this as a rebuilding year and neither is the FO. Coaches get paid to win Prime. That’s just the way it is. He may have no choice but to let things play out all preseason, but if that’s the case, it will likely be because neither QB does enough to win the job outright.

                My other disagreement is that why would Kelly take the SF job if he didn’t think he could make either guy functional. He had Foles and won 10 games and Foles is awful?

                I have no doubt Chip believed and likely still does believe, that he can turn one or both of these guys into functional QB’s. He has to have that mindset. The difference between believing it and accomplishing it are two very different things. Foles had a great season, but that was as much due to the uniqueness of the system as it was the play of Foles. Chip never had a QB perform even close to that level in the following two seasons as the opposition became more familiar with his offense.

              17. To my grave I will take that Baalke never wanted to trade Alex Smith. He fits what Baalke wants. A safe and functional QB that doesnt turn the ball over, and with a good defense and running game, can win games.
                Baalke traded for Gabbert and Gabbert now has a chance to resuurect his career with a potentially good defense, oline and running game.

              18. Scooter,

                I never said Smith was good his second season, just that he improved. Gabbert improved a little statistically from his rookie year, but he was 1-9 by the time he was injured. That’s more of the same window dressing we saw last year. Sure the numbers were better but did it result in a good offense? Scoring? Wins?

                Smith on the other hand was an excellent College QB, won a ton of games and a bowl game as well. He had a track record that Gabbert never had. He was awful his rookie season with a terrible team and then improved dramatically in year two and won 7 games on a team that still wasn’t very good.

                Gabbert has never been a difference maker. Never won big games. He was a severe downgrade from Chase Daniels at Missouri, was traded away with less than two seasons worth of starts in Jax. He’s the type of guy who looks good coming off the bus, but he’s not going to win for you. I’ve seen enough of Blaine Gabbert to know he’s not the answer for us at QB.

                If I’m wrong and he plays well, I’ll be happy to eat a boatload of crow, but I’ve seen enough to get an idea of what this guy is, and more importantly, isn’t.

                I also agree with Grimey that we should probably be setting the bar a little higher than it is right now.

              19. Rocket sure its about winning but Chip will be here for the next 3 years even if he doesnt wins 12 games total. Total exaggeration and I dont think that happens but there is zero pressure or expectation on Chip to win this year. He just has to show he can develop talent this year. Winning becomes important next year.

                I was never a Chip Kelly fan but to stay in the NFL Chip is gonna have to change his approach from the one he used stubbornly in Philly. I think he will, be more NFL conventional. Run the ball play good defense. Just how the 49ers are built to play!

            2. Hammer if someone could rid the blog of certain individuals and the uselessness, we’d have some great discussions!

        2. Chip wants to see them under fire a couple of times to finalize his decision. He may make up his mind in time for P3, but who knows when he announces Week#1 starter?

    1. While it’s not all that encouraging to read about another lackluster day of QB play, the game will give us a better indication of where things stand. It’s not surprising that neither guy is stepping up, but it is disappointing.

  31. Well, I will go out on a limb, and predict Kaep will win the job because overall, Gabbert does not throw past the sticks.

    However, Gabbert will be good, too, in his throws, and with a decent O line and Hyde back, he will do well and move the ball.

    I think both QBs will be adequate, and both are smart enough to run a Chip Kelly offense. Kaep ran the pistol in college, so this is old hat to him. Gabbert does get rid of the ball quickly, and is also mobile, so Chip will finally have 2 QBs who can threaten to run.

    It is a win-win situation if both are even matched, and excell at running the offense. I still think Chip should unleash a 2 headed monster, but Baalke will go apoplectic at the thought of losing 2 QBs on one play.

    I wish them both well. I expect Kaep to win, but not by much. I hope Chip keeps both QBs involved, and focused on scoring.

        1. “…Gabbert does not throw past the sticks…”

          Not true ..

          If memory serves .. I think .. I remember
          him tossing a twenty-something-yarder .. to
          the Bell-Dozer .. late last season ..

          1. Maybe you were watching different games. The ones I saw had Gabbert releasing the ball so quickly to avoid a sack, he threw before the receiver could get past the sticks. One game they went 1-13, IIRC.

            1. I must concede that Gabbert did throw some long passes. The one to Torrey that won the Bears game was one. Your BellDozer one was another, but generally the offense sputtered with few third down conversions.

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