49ers training camp report, Day 9: Return to Kezar Stadium

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me during the 49ers’ ninth day of training camp.


1. Kezar Stadium. Better than Levi’s Stadium.

2. San Francisco. Better than Santa Clara.

3. HC Chip Kelly. Made his offense practice huddling for the first time this offseason. Perhaps he has evolved.

4. RB Shaun Draughn. Caught a team-high seven passes. Ran swing routes, Texas routes, crossing routes and even bubble screens. A central figure in the Niners’ passing game.

5. RB Mike Davis. Caught a deep pass down the sideline while running a wheel route during 7-on-7s, and caught a short pass in traffic while running an option route in the red zone. Good receiver. Similar to Draughn. Could make the team as the backup third-down back.

6. WR DiAndre Campbell. Beat cornerback Tramaine Brock with a square-in route to convert a fourth-and-10 (Blaine Gabbert threw the pass). This was the only catch Brock allowed today.

6. WR Devon Cajuste. Beat cornerback Dontae Johnson for a touchdown catch with a crossing route along the back boundary of the end zone. Thad Lewis threw the pass.

7. QB Jeff Driskel. Reached the second read in his progression three times and the third read once. Completed 8-of-14 passes. Would have completed 12 but his receivers dropped four.

8. QB Blaine Gabbert. Reached the second read five times and the third read two times. Threw a touchdown pass to his second read (DeAndrew White) down the left sideline after initially looking for a receiver on the right side of the field.


1. DE Arik Armstead. Did not participate in team drills for the second day in a row.

2. Colin Kaepernick. Completed only 3-of-8 passes during 11-on-11s and just 12-of-23 passes overall. Stared at the first read of the progression much longer than the other quarterbacks. Never reached his third read. Never scanned from one side of the field to the other. Cut the field in half with his eyes. Telegraphed a pass to Quinton Patton deep down the middle of the field and Antione Bethea nearly picked it off. Also fumbled the snap twice.

Here are my notes from practice:








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  1. Good to hear on Driskel, but I assume it’s still with 3rd-team reps. Hopefully he has a chance with the 2nd team soon.

    1. Other teams might glean info. See what they are running at certain downs and distances. Sure bet the Niners do not want him divulging practice notes, but its a free country, and there is freedom of the press.

      Grant is not photocopying the playbook, it is just his personal observations, impressions, and take on the practice. It sure is informative to me, so I bet other teams will pore over them, too.

      1. Freedom of the press… This is true, the GOVERNMENT, without a compelling reason, can’t shut down the press. However, the 49ers can revoke his press credentials which would effectively put him out of a job.

        So Grant, instead of being some nit-wit ‘Constitutional Warrior’ (where it doesn’t apply) does the smart thing and takes out the down & distance stuff and everyone is happy.

        1. Considering there were 9,000 people watching, the Niners did not exactly have a closed practice. Grant may be bold an irreverent, but he does have the right to post his notes.

          It would be hard to glean too much out of his notes, but being the NFL, every team is looking for that edge.

          While I am happy he does it, I am sure that the Niners are not jumping for joy. However, they will not revoke his press pass, because that would be akin to cutting someone on the team bus, especially after he redacted the down and distances.

    2. Saw on the Twitter machine that the 49ers asked Grant to remove the down and distance.

  2. Based on Twitter reports the best juke of the day was by Grant on Johnny Cristo at the end of practice.

    1. That’s absolutely not true. I migrated toward the donut sandwiches late in the last session and only saw the Cohns departing from a distance.

  3. Bad – empty seats. I could have sworn I filled out an online request to attend. I figured there were more requests than seats, or I made a mistake.

    Good – The fans that did show. I hope they have one next season. I have a cousin in the outer Sunset. I sometimes walk from his place to the inner Sunset, usually swinging by Kezar. Lots of good eats around Irving-Judah. It’s a fun time before heading back to Healdsburg.

  4. Nice to hear Mike Davis having a good day.

    Not much video of Driskel throwing in camp, but one I saw today showed a very quick release. His college footage shows quick release one play, a slow one the next. If he can get more consistent it will be big.

  5. Another day Grant giving Gabbert a positive review. Barrows, Maiacco, Inman all giving poor reviews to the QBs. The TD to white went through the hands of Robinson which everyone was saying should of been an easy pick.. Our QBs are clearly the weak links to this team. The way Grant grades Driskel he should be the starter. Gabbert and Kaep should be put on notice. Let Driskel compete as well.

      1. Grant in your honest opinion should Driskel be given chance to compete with these two other clowns?

          1. If this kid is going through his progressions in his first training camp that seems very impressive to me.

            1. It is impressive, but throwing him into the mix right now would only further dilute the opportunities for the two guys they see as potentially starting week 1.

              1. I’m at a point where I can’t support #7 much longer. The guy continues to make no strides in the areas he lacks. Which right now is a lot.. I’m going to give him this pre season. But I have a feeling I’m going to apologize to those who have supported Gabbert for this team. Wake up Kaep! Driskel could be something to keep an eye on. I remember Bucky Brooks say on draft night that he thought Driskel can thrive under Chip.. Looking promising so far. Someone rise for this once proud franchise…

    1. Definitely too soon to be putting Driskel into the mix. But so far colour me impressed. He sounds like he’s performing much better than I anticipated. Though it could be a case of he’s an excellent practice performer, not so good in the real thing.

        1. Yeah, but it was at Louisiana Tech, after performing poorly at Florida. The step back in grade definitely helped him.

          Hopefully it was issues other than his ability to handle tough competition that led him to fail at Florida.

          1. Scooter that whole program at Florida when he was there was a disaster.. I don’t think you can put that on him even a little. The guy thought he would have Meyer as his coach. Got Muschamp who was a disaster.

          2. Dude, something like 7 QBs left Florida including three ‘4-star’ recruits which included Cam Newton and that guy the Patriots drafted from NC State in the 3rd round this year. It was a disaster.

        2. I could of swore someone was very high on Driskel before the draft… Yes that was Grant if my memory serves me correctly!

      1. Have to see how he performs in the preseason games. I wouldn’t play him this year unless they are forced to due to injury. If he does have talent and there is a possibility of him developing, then don’t rush him.

            1. Oh Geez Grimey

              Give it a rest…Alex Smith and Blaine Gabbert are the best QB’s we’ve had in this franchise since Jeff Garcia…c’mon you’re reading the same stats that all of the rest of us are….Gabbert has clearly out pointed Kaep by a load. That Jeff Driskel could/should be able to learn from Gabbert would only assure that we’d have a continuation at QB for 10+ years….You WERE joking weren’t you….?

              1. Oregon, I hope you know that the last QB to get the Niners to the SB and was one pass from returning was not named Smith or Gabbert.

              2. Seb

                I do believe that you are referring to the QB who got the niners HALFWAY to the Super Bowl…yeah the only 49er QB to lose a SB

              3. Still, he was in a SB. Poor Smith, still has not achieved a SB, even with a good team. Someday, he may learn to run the hurry up offense without huddling up.

                Gabbert? He has a 5-27 record and never sniffed the playoffs.

              4. Yeah Seb…49ers dont go to SB’s to lose…yet your best buddy Kaep lost. He’s the only 49ers QB to do so. He’s also the only 49ers QB to throw an interception in a Super Bowl. And we ALL know he was in the SB not because of him, but because he was riding backseat (theres a term for this that isn’t appropriate for a family friendly discussion board) to the rest of the team. Every game he started that season he did not exceed 300 yards passing, every game but one did he surpass 250 yards, 4 of his 8 starts he didn’t surpass 225 yards passing. The guy was handed a SB ready team and just came along for the ride.

                You saying that he got them there is both A) false, he did no such thing and B) shows how little you truly care since THEY LOST WITH HIM!

                Fact is that Smith got them to the NFC Championship in 2011, should have been a sb run had it not been for 2 special team fumbles and a giants fumble that was called back, Smith was 6-2 when he went out with the concussion (a game that the great Colin ended up tying with the rams) and Smith would have gotten SF to the SB that season as well, and Smith has, in his new home, not had a losing season (Colin has had 2) and Smith has made the playoffs twice and is still starting, Colin was up to be traded and is battling for a chance to start. One’s career continued upward…the others has flamed out completely.

              5. Em, the fact that he had less than 300 yards passing was because the Niners were grinding out wins on the ground. He did not need to pass.

                Please, I remember AS, he went 1-13 on third down conversions and completed one pass to his WRs in the 2011 NFCC Game.

                AS would rather take a sack than throw the ball away, got concussed, and lost his job. It was controversial, but no way in hell would AS have run for 181 yards or staged a comeback after being down 17 points in the playoffs.

                Kaep did fail in the SB, but he did stage a furious comeback to get withing 5 yards of winning it all. You must also take into consideration the refs handed the Ravens the game. They negated a 20 yard pass on Kaep’s first throw over a ticky tacky lining up incorrectly call, Bruce Miller was bear hugged that allowed a KO TD, and MC got ear holed with a leading with the crown of the helmet non call on that last series, and was held in the end zone. JH also blew it big time by calling a TO just before Kaep strolled into the end zone.

                It may not have been all Kaep’s doings to get in the SB, but it was not all Kaep’s doings that solely lost it, either.

                AS is starting, but they drafted Hogan, so AS may be hearing footsteps. AS should learn to throw the ball downfield; it took him 15 games before he threw a TD to his receivers one year. Last season, he huddled up while trying to run the hurry up, so he failed again to reach the SB.

                Kaep should have fled this dysfunctional dumpster fire, but Chip promised him a fair shot at winning the starting job back.

                Chip is a smart man, and realizes that Kaep is his best chance to succeed. He will be hailed as a genius if he can get Kaep to play like he did in the playoffs; making rushing records and staging comebacks on the road.

                Chip has put out the fires, got AD back when everyone and his cousin said he was toast, and has assembled a non putrid coaching staff.

                Kaep will resurrect his career under Chip, because Kaep is the perfect QB to run Chip’s system. I expect good things to happen when Kaep is on the field, so diss him all you want, Kaep will do just fine now that he is healthy.

                GO NINERS!!!!!!

              6. By that sort of logic then Seb, Dilfer is a quality qb because not only did he get his team to the Super Bowl, he won it… Your logic would make Dilfer better than Marino, better than Kelly, Warren Moon, Dan Fouts, etc.
                No one on this blog doubts Kaepernick has talent. I just doubt his ability to grow and progress through adversity.

              7. Matt, I admit that Doofus Dilfer did win a SB, but everyone and his cousin knew that he was sternly told to hand off the ball, not even try to throw, and let the defense win the game.

                The same could not be said about Kaep, since he was way way behind and used his legs and arm to come storming back.

              8. emjay,

                Every game he started that season he did not exceed 300 yards passing, every game but one did he surpass 250 yards, 4 of his 8 starts he didn’t surpass 225 yards passing. The guy was handed a SB ready team and just came along for the ride.

                You couldn’t be more wrong here. He didn’t put up more than 300 yards regularly because they didn’t throw enough for him to do it. His yards per attempt was 8.32 which put him at #1 in the league.

                You are also wrong on the SB ready team he went along for the ride with. The defense was terrible near the end of the season and through the SB run. Kap won the GB game pretty much by himself, and got them back into the SB after the defense was carved up for most of the first half.

                This is the kind of stuff that really bothers me the most. People who come on here and start spouting BS without any kind of research. You don’t have to like the player and yes he’s fallen off a cliff in the last couple of years, but you can’t rewrite history.

              9. Brilliant point Matt. All CK’s highlights that playoff run was like Billy Ray Cyrus, a flash in the pan, a storm that quickly subsided.
                His inability to grow and progress as a NFL QB is very disheartening as a 49er fan but it is what is. A lot of QB’s drafted high never pan out.

              10. Prime, I hope you know that the weather is cyclical. There will be another storm coming, and it will be a humdinger.

                Now that Kaep has decent support, and competent coaching, he will storm the opposition again.

                BTW, Kaep was drafted in the second round, unlike AS who was drafted number one. It is true that NFL QBs have a high failure rate no matter where they were drafted, so dithering about where he was drafted is specious.

              11. Seb dont address me anymore till you grow some stones and put your MONEY where your mouth is, Ok? Got it?

              12. Prime, maybe you should follow your own words, and leave this site like you declared you would.

                Funny, now you have gone from bloviating about how you did not care what I said to cowering and crying that I am being too hard on you.

                Prime, you are the infantile coward, too afraid to even bet an avatar. Maybe you should take your own advice and grow a pair.

              13. Seb you are sweating, look nervous and agitated. You remind me of another guy I use to rag doll, you know him? Bayareafanatic?

              14. Prime, did you know that someone said that Kaep took the league by storm?

                Bet you think he is a clueless moron.

          1. Seb, seb, seb…………mis-guided idolatry for Kap, while calling people names–


              1. Saw,Seb can’t get past 2012. Old folks have difficulty with change!
                The storm is nicked up right now. Stand by!

            1. Saw, I do think that Kaep gives the Niners their best chance to win. I just want the Niners to become relevant again. I have also said that if Gabbert out competes Kaep, I will support him, because otherwise, One could just hope they tank so they will be rewarded with the first pick. Jed likes that strategy, but personally, I detest it.

              Doubt and diss Kaep all you want, it will just make his redemption all the more sweeter.

              1. And if he doesn’t win the job, will you cry and dismantle your Kap doll? Will you leave the blog and shun the 49ers and Jed and Baalke and Kelly forever?
                Go to bed Seb, rest will ease the pain!

              2. Prime, whining and crying is your ken. Huffing and puffing about leaving this site is your specialty. Do not know why you have returned, you bring so little insight, just rude brash pompinstance.

        1. Totally agree here. Let him develop, grow and mature. Then when the time is right let him slip in.

  6. Driskel throws the best ball, by far. Gabbert’s ball has good zip on it, too, but he’s not very consistent with placement. Driskel’s looked to be right on target, on time, every time.

  7. Grants going to get a visit from some guys dressed in black suits , dark sunglasses and a blue tooth spy earpiece if he’s not more careful with those notes. I’m betting the originals are already in the hands of the Seahawks as we speak….

  8. Grant,

    Did it look like Kaepernick was a little off cause of his throwing shoulder injury yesterday?

        1. there i read it. throwing shoulder is sans fine. which im interpreting as not fine. so his shoulder still seems messed up. am i interpreting that correctly?

          1. nevermind. i went back and looked at it and it says seems fine. makes a lot more sense.

        2. Tough isn’t the word. I thought they were in ‘shorthand.’ And since most of you are way too young:

          “a method of rapid writing by means of abbreviations and symbols, used especially for taking dictation. The major systems of shorthand are those devised in 1837 by Sir Isaac Pitman and in 1888 by John R. Gregg(1867–1948).”

          It’s really old-fashioned. And that’s what it looks like to me.

          1. LOL thanks old timer. but its not the abrevs that get me its the style of writing. As a youning of almost 27 im used to reading things in print. not in semi cursive. I have literally had to read peopels personal hand writing less than 20 times in my life. All of those instances were when i corrected someones 1st draft of an essay in school. and by the time i got to college even 1st drafts were typed out.

  9. I want Kap but I’m not willing to “hope for the best” for a 3rd straight year. He is in his 1st real competition in this camp and pre season he will not be anointed the starter after playing 1 or 2 series. I believe Harbaugh did stunt his growth by babying him when he could have been developing Kap.
    If the stats below and so far this camp show anything-Gabbert may be the starter:

    2015 stats Kap vs Gabbert

    Colin Kaepernick
    Team record: 2-6
    Attempts: 244
    Completions: 144
    Yards: 1,615
    Comp. pct.: 59.0
    Yds/Att.: 6.6
    Touchdowns: 6
    Interceptions: 5
    Sacked: 28-166
    Rating: 78.5
    Rushing att.: 45
    Rushing yards: 256
    Rushing avg.: 5.7

    Blaine Gabbert
    Team record:3-5
    Attempts: 282
    Completions: 178
    Yards: 2,031
    Comp. pct.: 63.1
    Yds/Att.: 7.2
    Touchdowns: 10
    Interceptions: 7
    Sacked: 25-164
    Rating: 86.2
    Rushing att.: 32
    Rushing yards: 185
    Rushing avg.: 5.8

  10. Fun day, seemed like less than 9,000 in attendance. First time I’ve been to Kezar Stadium since they renovated the facility. Scorpio would be proud (Dirty Harry reference)!


    – Colin has a very, very bad case of tunnel vision, and it’s ruining his career. I had hoped VR might help solve his problem. Apparently it hasn’t helped one bit.

    – Surprised Tank isn’t getting more positive press coverage. He looks disruptive, and far better cast in his new role, though Harold looks more fluid dropping in coverage.

    – I thought Driskel threw a sweet ball today. He’s got a very nice, consistent release. Very intriguing prospect. However, I though Blaine looked pretty sharp today as well. Seems like he was the victim of poor WR play today more than anything.

    – Marcus Martin has got to be labeled a bust at this point.

    – The defensive backfield really impressed me today, and lived up to the hype. From my angle I thought Robinson made the pick. That’s a deep, talented group that only needs seasoning.

    – Bradley Pinion can BOOM the football! Wowza. Wasn’t thrilled with the draft pick until today! He reminds me of slightly lankier version of Ray Guy!

    – Buckner, somehow, looked considerably taller than Armstead today. Maybe it was my vantage point? Those 2 seem destined to do great things together!

    – I like our stable of running backs. Both Hyde and Draughn excel as receivers. Harris is quick, and very athletic. Even Davis impressed today.

    Biggest disappointment today?

    Colin Kaepernick, by far! Breaks my heart because I can tell he’s really trying, and his attitude is markedly improved. His throwing motion looks “off”. He simply can’t help but stare down his primary receiver, and he clearly isn’t seeing most of the field.

    Biggest surprise today? Shaun Draughn looks like a heck of a weapon, and our CB’s look fast, fluid, and physical.

      1. I remember that game like it was yesterday. Colin played uninhibited football and he was very impressive. He was the complete package of a quarterback that night. He was patient, accurate, and threw the ball with excellent touch. Looked like a budding superstar!

        And now he is a shell of the quarterback he was that night. Inhibited by lack of confidence, and rattled by too many games worth of poor protection, and below average wide receiver play. Add in the fact that the league is better at defending the zone/read, and the tunnel vision Colin has developed, and I’m not sure he get back to being an effective NFL quarterback again.

  11. Ill draft Draughn late and stash him on my bench. Then I’ll wait for the inevitable Hyde injury.

    1. The best part about 49er offensive players in Fantasy Football is that you rarely have to use a draft pick on them. Most are available as free agents after the draft.

  12. 1. Kezar Stadium. Better than Levi’s Stadium.

    2. San Francisco. Better than Santa Clara.

    Build Kezar to handle 50,000+ people instead of just ya know 9000 and then try driving there and back on a Sunday game against the Raiders and then tell me which is better. Just a slight apples to oranges comparison but since you felt a need to go there might as well point it out.

    SF is better then Santa Clara, that’s funny cause Candlestick really wasn’t in SF either but never heard that comment from ya about it.

    1. just take the N Judah to Kezar Coffee! you can BART into the city and then take MUNI it’ll drop you off at Stanyan and Carl Street about 2 blocks from Kezar.

        1. they probably could have if they seriously upgrade the N line’s capacity. But I’m glad they didn’t

  13. It was very cool being at Kezar today, the last time I was there before today was the NFCCG against the Cowboys, damn that Duane Thomas.

  14. If both Davis and Draughn play so well, it will be hard to see Taylor making the 53.

    Good to see Driskel doing well, but anointing him the starter is just silly.

    Interesting to read the others about the practice. Sounds like the defense is ahead of the offense.

      1. Wonder if Harris can take the KO return job, so Taylor will be cut and stashed. Hope White (18) becomes the PR like you deem, so Ellington can concentrate on being only a WR. Less chance of injury.

        I think they cut Driskel because they think Miller will be snatched up, and JD is PS eligible.
        Chip will want blocking TEs for his system.

  15. Coffee,
    Parking was nonexistent but I remember getting home to Santa Rosa earlier after games from Kezar than Candlestick.

    1. That would make sense given their locations. Appreciate the perspective though.

  16. I used to live about a block from Kezar up until a few years ago. it’s one of my favorite places in the city. it’s usually very peaceful. i used to run their early in the morning or in the evening. funny I was just at Kezar on Saturday morning visiting the neighborhood while back in town for a music festival.

    1. Kezar certainly has been dolled up over the years,it was a beautiful old school mess when I was a boy.I miss the good old bad days but the leaves that are green turn to brown.Much to recommend in the Haight ALLFOR ,the best music store in town just a couple of blocks from Kezar and a decent slice of pizza or a burriito/taco all right there I lived in the Haight for years miss it sometimes.

      1. Yeah, one thing about Grant’s SF>S.Clara is the food & drink after the game; no comparison. Also, Santa Clara kind of reminds me of LA; meh.
        It was encouraging to read that Kelly and his OC and OL Coach are praising AD’s work ethic and progress. They need him.
        Starting to seem like Beadles,isn’t much of a ‘patch’ for the OL; still problems there. Garnett has promise, Tiller is a journeyman at best, Martin and Thomas have not yet produced, and the late rounders are big question marks. If Kilgore gets injured the whole offense is jeopardized. It’s pretty hard to turn last year’s hot mess around in less than two seasons.

      2. @hightop

        yeah, i lived in the area (Cole Valley/Parnassus Heights/Inner Sunset/Haight) for close to 10 years. I could walk a block down Willard and be at the front gates of Kezar in a couple mintues.

        you’re talking about Amoeba Records. Awesome record store. They even get live musical acts there sometimes. Once saw Jack White and the Raconteurs play there. oddly enough sometime in the last few years (since I left) a Rasputin Records opened up on Haight street. Though I preferred some of the taquerias in the Mission, my go to place for burritos because of convenience was Zona Rosa in the Haight. L’Avenida in the Inner Sunset was good too. Bangkok 900 was a pretty reliable good Thai place…it was like 2 blocks from where I lived so I ate take out from there probably every other week. not sure what pizza you’re referring to…I usually ordered from Cybelle’s pizza (9th and Judah)..fresh garlic in their pizza sauce.

        I definitely miss the area.

          1. maybe or North Beach Pizza.

            North Beach Pizza had a great reputation for a number of years. But the pizza served at the location on Stanyan was never that great IMO. but it was convenient for getting a quick bite to eat when heading home on the N Judah after the bars closed.

    1. My question- Would you want me? I know nothing about Fantasy Football. Just concentrate on the Niners. Probably would be cannon fodder for the others. Sounds like to do well, one must study the whole league. I would probably punch up some top 10 lists and peruse some mock drafts. Maybe go homer and select a Niner team.

      If you want serious players, pass on me, But if this is just fun, I am willing to try.

    2. Seb, it’s just for fun or bragging rights. Last year, Allan defeated me for the championship. I expect he will attempt to defend his title….

      1. On second thought, I think I will pass unless you really need a warm body. Fantasy requires too much study of all the teams, and all I want to do is concentrate on the Niners.

        Good luck, though. Hope you regain your crown.

    3. Just joined up. I have come to the site for years, but don’t post very often. Looking forward to getting into the mix a little more!

  17. Grant,

    Yo i know you have to split your time up in practice. But is there anyway you can focus on Joshua Garnett one practice? would love to hear about how he is doing before the first preseason game and what YOUR opinion is of him. I know you are focused on the QB battle (as you should be) But he is a huge wild card in our O-Line and can either stabilize it or be a bust. I know he has been moving around. But would love to get a solid opinion from you about him.

    1. McNasty

      Here you go:

      Garnett will start 16 games if he’s healthy and will be better than Mike Iupati. Got it? OL is the least of the 49ers worries this season, miraculously. Tiller, Brown, Davis, Garnett, Cooper, Theus, and Beadles are all better than Pears, Devey, Thomas, Martin, and Silberman. Further, Tiller, Garnett, Staley, and Davis all have a chance to go to the Pro Bowl.

      Two, far more interesting questions Grant might answer are what traits does Chip favor in his (1) WR group and (2) defensive backfield, with explanations of how the revised 53 reflects those favored traits.

      1. JC,

        If you’re listing OL that might be named to the pro bowl, you should probably include Kilgore. Before he broke his leg, he was playing at, or at least near, a pro blowl level.

      2. The first thought that went through my head when I saw the offensive depth chart was, “Dang the 49ers O line should dominate with the 2nd team.”

        Three of the five guys on the second unit were starters either last year or the year before. The additions of Garnett, and Davis really solidified that group.

        Really wish we were getting more reports on the run blocking. That’s definitely something I’m looking forward to watching on Sunday.

      3. Heading into this draft it looked like so many holes needed to be filled. I was especially worried a out O line and D line. The team addressed these to a great degree and perhaps even then there had to be at least some inkling that AD may return to the team. The OL definitely went from a real big question mark to a possible strength. This will help the 49ers game planning tremendously as this where everything is won or lost (don’t believe me, see last year’s tapes).

        The D line may also be a source of strength and I’d the DBs are better than expected the team may surprise a few people. Will it translate into more wins? I hope so, but they are still a very young team. A lot has to go well. WRs have to step up. TEs need to be consistent and reliable targets. RBs need to stay healthy and STs need to put the team in favorable field positions. Oh, and there is that little fulcrum known as Qb play which is still a huge wildcard.

        1. I am not too worried about the QB situation. Like you said, with the O line improving, it will be decent, or at least better than last year.

          The most important factor this year is the coaching. Last season, Baalke micromanaged the roster and dictated who should play where. This season, Chip will not let Baalke push him around, and will put players in the best position to succeed.

          I am glad Chip had the team huddle up, because that means he is using every tool in his toolbox. Hope he uses Miller as a FB at times. With speedy WRs, he can threaten to send 4 deep or attack the edges, so the defense cannot stack the box and dare the Niners to pass. With a healthy Hyde, it will give the Niner running game a boost, and make the Niner offense multi dimensional.

        2. EC9
          You and J.Cristo are more optimistic than I on the young guys on the OL. Better than last year? Gee, I hope so! It’s hard for me to just have faith in Theus and Cooper since previous choices Silberman, Martin, and Thomas have so far whiffed. Garnett will probably be good but missed the spring work.

          1. Understand your reticence and caution BT, but just call me cautiously optimistic! Given the reports coming out of camp, I see no reason not to be at this point. Of course, once the games begin things can change rapidly. Last year the los of everyone was a blow but the loss of AD and AS really killed any chance at competitiveness for the team.

            1. EC9

              “cautiously optimistic” – I refer to it as being an experienced optimist.

              One can find difficulty in every opportunity or one can find opportunity in every difficulty.

    1. I don’t have eyes on him, but I’ve read that Beadles can’t move big guys or protect the A Gap. That seems Chilo-ish. Snyder was a bit better than that in my memory.

      1. BT

        Agreed…Chilo was poop…Snyder played every position in the Oline..not well, but he always answered the bell…in a long career…

    2. Hammer, what it sounds like is that Beadles is getting worked by our whole D line. Garnett being moved to the left shows his versatility but don’t be mistaken they do not want to take Tiller out of the line up. He has continued his strong play. Which is great news…

  18. Grant – I’m seeing a lot made of Tank and Eli looking disruptive in 11 on 11. Do you know who they were facing in those instances? Did they not stand out to you?

  19. Can a defense first team succeed with a hurry up offense?

    Generally, teams that want to lead and dominate with their defense like to slow the pace and limit offensive possessions. Chip Kelly’s offense does the opposite of that.

    1. With the current level of talent on the 49ers you think Chip will run the same offensive scheme as he did in Philly and Oregeon?
      I think hes a smarter coach than that.

        1. I dont think he wants to score quick, rather dominate time of possession with a more methodical approach with Hyde, Draughn in the run game and short intermdiate passes.
          I think he will take his shots with T.Smith but how they are built at the skilled positions I see more dinks and dunks and emphasis of YAC yards.

      1. He may sink, dunk, and run Hyde but it will be high tempo. It’s what got him where he is, he’s not changing that. Hyde becomes more effective when LB’s have to run all over the field. Their hits carry less punch. He doesn’t care to dominate time of possession, he is more worried about the number of possession his offense gets.

  20. Grant Cohn – Colin Kaepernick is not practicing today. May have an injured throwing shoulder.

    Looking like Gabbter will get more practice reps today… and maybe in the joint Texans practice Friday. An advantage in the starter competition.

    1. Did he slip on a Five Guy’s wrapper? How did he injure the shoulder I thought the QB’s didn’t get touched in practice?

      1. No official word on an injury. Just speculative tweets like this from Biderman – “Colin Kaepernick not participating in team drills at start of practice. Training staff worked on right arm/shoulder this week.”

        Could be simply resting the arm.

  21. Razor, Whine Country, & any other exGyrenes out there-
    There’s an interesting piece on CNN today with the Commandant’s remarks about cell phones on deployment as well as,some comments about mobility. In the headlines column on the left of the homepage scroll down to the third tier and look for the headline ‘Marine General’. It’s so far off topic to football that I don’t want to link it here.

    1. BT …

      can ex-swabbies read it, too ? .. after all ..
      you guys hafta depend on us… to
      bring you to the party !

      1. yeah .. Razor’s right .. good article.. but..
        most jar-heads woulda asked if there are
        any swabbies who can read ! ..


        1. I knew a hell of a swabbie by the name of Windy. He lived in my neighborhood and was a plumber. He’s no longer with us, but he was one hell of a good guy….

        2. Actually the jokes often ran the other way. Some Mariners would remark that we ‘Juggies’ probably signed our enlistment contracts with crayons. Sometimes there would be some snappy comebacks, other times the room would just erupt. I never lost any teeth or spent more than one night in jail, so it’s all good.
          Those All-Service MP patrols of headbusters in Okinawa were nothing to mess with!

          1. When we would pull into a fleet port .. and
            the drinks were flowing freely … there was always
            someone from another ship .. (usually a Marine)
            who would approach a swabbie to inform him on
            just how much that swabbie’s ship sucks .. but ..

            leave it to the juggies from our ship ..
            to be the first ones to be cracking
            beer bottles !! ….

            Ahhh — great memories !

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