49ers training camp report: Tim Hightower — not Carlos Hyde — on field for first play of practice

Running back Tim Hightower warms up during 49ers training camp


Here’s what stood out to me during practice Monday morning.


1. DE Aaron Lynch. Lynch has lost more than 20 pounds since the beginning of OTAs when he says he weighed between 295 lbs. and 300 lbs. According to Lynch, he currently weighs 273 lbs. Good for him. I thought he would gain weight during the five weeks between minicamp and training camp when he didn’t have the team to monitor his diet, but I was wrong. I’m glad I was wrong. I hope Lynch has a long, successful career. Today, he played very well with the second-team and third-team defenses. He recorded two sacks while rushing against right tackle Garry Gilliam, and intercepted a pass which defensive tackle Chris Jones batted toward him. Lynch still hasn’t played with the starters yet, but that may change when the 49ers return to practice on Wednesday. Tuesday is an off day.

2. LB Reuben Foster. Foster clearly is the most athletic linebacker on the team. He moves like a young Patrick Willis. But as I’ve written the past few days, Foster can be overaggressive against the run and he tends to bite on play-action fakes. Today, he was much more disciplined. He correctly diagnosed play action and intercepted a pass from fourth-string quarterback Nick Mullens. “(Foster)’s had a few picks (during training camp),” head coach Kyle Shanahan said after practice. “The one he got today I was probably the most excited about, because it was the same one he had yesterday where it was a play action and he killed the fullback and went and tackled the back and the wide receiver was wide open behind him and he was still looking at the run. He had the same play today, and he didn’t fill up in the run. He dropped back and got a pick. One play he got beat on bad yesterday, and today we ran the same play at him and he got an interception off of it. That’s what you want to see.”

3. CB Dontae Johnson. Carlos Hyde hit Dontae Johnson in the jaw. Johnson didn’t see the hit coming. Hyde was jogging down the sideline after he made a short catch in the flat – the play seemed over. But as he passed Johnson, Hyde extended his forearm and blasted the cornerback in the chin. The hit seemed dirty and intentional, and it almost knocked off Johnson’s helmet. The helmet stayed on only because the chin-strap got caught around Johnson’s nose. Johnson pulled the chin-strap back down to his jawline and jogged back on the field for the next play, and a few plays later when Hyde took a handoff and ran in Johnson’s direction, Johnson lowered his shoulder and hit Hyde as hard as he could and Hyde’s feet flew into the air and he landed on his back. I love football justice. Every play provides an opportunity for revenge. Players don’t need to yell or fight or act tough like they do in baseball and basketball.

4. RB Tim Hightower. Yesterday, I wrote that Hightower has been the 49ers’ most effective running back on outside-zone run plays. Today, Hightower was the 49ers starting running back – he was on the field instead of Carlos Hyde during the first rep of 11-on-11s. This was the first day of the offseason anyone other than Hyde was in the backfield for the first play. We’ll see as training camp progresses if Hightower continues to start.

5. FB Kyle Juszczyk. None of the 49ers linebackers could cover Juszczyk during one-on-one passing drills. Not NaVorro Bowman. Not Malcolm Smith. Not Rueben Foster. Juszczyk annihilates man-to-man coverage.

6. WR Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin caught two long touchdown passes. First, he beat safety Don Jones down the middle of the field. Then, Goodwin beat cornerback Rashard Robinson down the sideline. Goodwin has dominated the Niners cornerbacks this offseason, which may say more about the cornerbacks than Goodwin.

7. WR Aldrick Robinson. Robinson also caught two long passes. On the first one, he made a diving catch next to the sideline while running a corner route. And on the second one, he beat corner Will Davis with an out-and-up double move to catch a deep pass for a touchdown. Robinson has been more productive during training camp than the Niners’ leading receiver last season, Jeremy Kerley. It seems Robinson will be the Niners’ No. 3 receiver this season and Kerley will be the No. 4 receiver.

8. OT Trent Brown. Yesterday, Brown had one of the worst practices I’ve ever seen from an NFL offensive lineman – he gave up five sacks. Today, he gave zero. He was excellent. After practice, Shanahan explained what Brown needs to do to be successful: “When Trent is on with his concentration and his technique, when he comes off the ball at the right time and he’s not late off it, he is a big man and tough to get around. I think you can ask any defensive lineman out there – he is very hard to beat in pass protection because of his size and the length of his arms and he can move his feet. But if he ever hesitates on a play, if he ever misses the snap count just a hair, we have d-linemen who will come of the ball and expose him if he’s not on his game. When Trent is on his game though, it’s a long day for those D-linemen, and they’ve had some of those days in our four practices.”

9. QB Brian Hoyer. Hoyer completed only 6-of-17 passes, but most of his incompletions were dropped by the receivers. I actually think Monday was his best practice of the offseason. He certainly threw his best pass – a 60-yard bomb that hit Aldrick Robinson perfectly in stride. The pass couldn’t have been any better – Robinson just let it slip through his hands. Hoyer has been surprisingly effective the first four days of training camp. He’s confident, aggressive, he throws a beautiful deep ball, he moves well in the pocket and he hasn’t gotten intercepted yet.

10. QB Matt Barkley. Like Hoyer, Barkley threw his best pass of the offseason. Barkley’s pass was extremely difficult. He faked a handoff to his left, rolled out to his right and threw a 30-yard pass on the run to DeAndre Smelter who caught the ball just before he slid out of bounds.

11. QB C.J. Beathard. Beathard played with the second-stringers and the third-stringers and completed 6-of-7 pass attempts. He had his best day of training camp, although he didn’t make any “wow” throws like Hoyer and Barkley did.


1. S Jaquiski Tartt. After losing starting free safety Jimmie Ward to a pulled hamstring on Thursday and losing strong safety Eric Reid to a sprained ankle on Sunday, the Niners lost their No. 3 safety, Jaquiski Tartt, to an oblique or rib injury. Tartt was in so much pain, he had trouble walking off the field. Without Tartt, Reid and Ward, the Niners have to play undrafted-free-agent rookies at safety. Not good. The Niners probably regret not picking a safety during this year’s draft. I always felt safety Jamal Adams would have been a better first-round selection for the Niners than Solomon Thomas, not because Adams is so much better than Thomas – they’re both good. But the Niners already had quality defensive linemen. They needed another safety.

2. RB Carlos Hyde. Hyde fumbled for the second time in four days. In both cases, he dropped a pitch from the quarterback because he took his eyes off the ball. Sloppy.

3. TE George Kittle. The rookie tight end apparently pulled his hamstring during Sunday’s practice. I didn’t see Kittle pull his hamstring, but the team says he did and he didn’t practice Monday. Kittle’s injury reminds me of something Shanahan said at the end of minicamp: “Guys better come to camp in shape. It’s not like it used to be. It’s not like there’s five and half weeks and you take the first two weeks just to break them down and get them into football shape. After two weeks, camp’s almost over. You’re getting into that third preseason game, which is like a game and then the fourth game is like three days later. And, a lot of those guys aren’t even on the team after that fourth game. Camp goes fast and the days of coming to camp and easing yourself into shape, usually that person pulls a hamstring, misses two weeks, tries to come back at the end of camp and is playing catchup the rest of the year and everyone wants to know why he had a bad year. So, if you don’t come to camp ready to go, you’re going to get worse not better.”

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  1. I sense a weight loss product endorsement coming Lynch’s way.

    Kyle Juszczyk is proving to be worth the money.

    Hoyer bringing the accurate deep ball back to the bay.

    The only reason safety looks better is because 3 went down. If the safety were the pick and 3 defensive lineman went down, the defensive lineman would have looked better.

    I love football justice. Every play provides an opportunity for revenge. Players don’t need to yell or fight or act tough like they do in baseball and basketball.

    I love it too, Grant. Just hope football doesn’t get outlawed in my lifetime….

  2. Foster is going to be our next P Willis. When Willis was still green he had the speed to make up for mistakes, Grant how does Foster’ speed look? I recall Willis taking about two seasons on big improvement in coverage too.
    Oh and besides Willis’ speed he had great tacking ability. I can’t remember seeing Willis let a tackle get by him when watching him.
    How does Foster’ tackling look?

        1. Slow your roll there guys. Hightower ain’t making anyone dispensable. Hyde will be the back in 2017. I expect a nice year. Players rotate it’s a good thing. Especially in training camp. Little by little CJ gaining ground on Barkley. That would be a good sign if he can take the #2 spot this season.

            1. Well if your prediction comes true that’s a good sign for a rookie QB to climb the depth chart earlier then expected.

              1. A very good sign, indeed. Barkley is no slouch and has not had good coaching since leaving USC. Remember the intense OT battles he used to have against Stanford’s Andrew Luck. Some critics went so far as to say Barkley was better than Luck. He’s not, obviously. But, he has game. If Beathard can surpass him this year, that would be amazing.

            2. No, Seb you predicted Barkley would take the job from Hoyer. :D
              Sorry I couldn’t resist.

      1. Hightower sucked for most of last season, doesn’t have much speed and not in Hyde’s class as a player at this point imo. He’s here because he knew the system and signed for barely more than the minimum. If he winds up as the starting RB, we are in big big trouble because he’s a big guy who is 3 yards and a cloud of dust on most of his runs at this point in his career.

        1. Hightower had an excellent season in a backup role and averaged over 4 yds per carry. He had 548 yds rushing for 4 TDs and caught 22 passes for 9.0 yds and 1 TD . He’s also very tough, an excellent blocker, knows the system, and is a mentor to young RBs.

          1. CoachWolf,

            He didn’t have an excellent season. 4.1 yards a carry is nothing special and he had many games where he was well under that mark. He was a backup for a reason and that is my point regarding the Niners being in big trouble if he has to start. He doesn’t have much speed at this stage of his career. He’s an ok backup and reference for the other RB’s learning the system. Not much more than that which is why he didn’t garner any interest on the FA market and signed for peanuts here.

              1. A low priced vet who knows the system.

                And a vet he’s been trying to procure for years.

              2. It’s called Coach speak. Hightower has been available the past few years with little competition for his services. If he had really wanted him badly he could have gotten him pretty easily. The plan was to add vets all over the roster who had prior experience in the system to help implement it as quickly as possible and provide sounding boards for the players who haven’t played in it. That is Hightower’s role as the only running back on the roster who has played in this system besides Bibbs.

              3. No that is my opinion. I just don’t feel the need to put “imo” after everything I say. It gets redundant and should be obvious.

              4. Perhaps another related reason is that Hightower hasn’t just played in the system, he understands how to play in the system per Grant’s short interview with him. He can teach the other guys what to look for and how to setup the outside zone run. Player and coach.

              5. My opinion is Shanny didn’t believe in Hyde, and knew Williams would take time to get it. Hightower is a back he’s coveted, and seized the opportunity to get him knowing he could depend on him until another emerged….

              6. Cool. My opinion is that they know Hyde has had some injury problems and the depth behind him was awful so they did a complete reboot on the position with both young players and vets who had played in the system previously to help with the adjustment. The one constant has been Hyde being number one in the pecking order which is why I would disagree with your claim of Shanny not believing in Hyde.

              7. Hyde hasn’t applied himself, and consequently has been an underachiever. Why would Shanny believe in someone like that? Your reading comprehension is off today, Rocket. Hightower was first in the pecking order according to Grant’s report….

              8. Hyde hasn’t applied himself, and consequently has been an underachiever. Why would Shanny believe in someone like that?

                What do you base this latest assumption on?

                Your reading comprehension is off today, Rocket. Hightower was first in the pecking order according to Grant’s report….

                I base it on the fact that through OTA’s, minicamps and the first few days of TC, Hyde has been number one in the pecking order. Hightower getting first reps on one day doesn’t change that.

              9. Yea, a lot of players start behind others and then overtake them on the depth chart. That’s what transpired according to Grant, after Hyde came down with fumblitis.

              10. It’s holding players accountable for mistakes which you have to do. If Hightower remains #1 for an extended period of time we can talk about him overtaking…and also how much trouble they are in if they have to resort to starting a journeyman caliber player at RB.

              11. We shall see who emerges victorious. Shanny must value that journeyman, and he’s showing him the love by giving him 1st team reps.

              12. Rocket- RB is a minute concern fir a team that will probably only win 4 games. The secondary is as solid as a screen door on a submarine. The LBs can’t cover the 49er rookies so just wait until they get seasoned backs.
                This defense will need the offense to operate near perfection and for that reason hightower may be the starter for ball secuirty reasons.

              13. Matt,

                I don’t disagree with much of what you said here, but let’s not overreact to a couple of fumbled pitches in practice and start referring to Hyde as a chronic fumbler. He’s been very good with protecting the football through his career so far.

            1. rocket,

              Carlos finished 2017 with a 4.6 and also had few games nobody remembers. Besides that, this regime is going to reward achievement. Breida or Williams is going to be sharing snaps with either Carlos or Hightower no matter who among the vets starts. Carlos may be giving way to Hightower due to fumbling of which he has laid out 2 since the pads came on I’ve heard.

              1. ronbo,

                Half a yard is a huge difference and it came with more carries which is even more impressive. With less carries a couple of big runs inflates a RB’s ypc and that was the case with Hightower in every game he had a good YPC. Overall he had a few sizable gains combined with the majority of his carries producing minimal gains.

                Last season Hightower had 5 games where he averaged more than 4 yards a carry and all of them were skewed by one large gain on minimal carries. Every other game he was less than 4 yards per and in 5 he averaged 3 or less per attempt. Contrast that with Hyde who had 7 games in which he averaged 4.5 or higher in yards per attempt with more carries. There were some poor games as well, but let’s also not forget the Niners were a terrible run blocking team last season and defenses were always keying on the run.

                Hightower is a part time depth player at this point in his career. If Bibbs shows anything in preseason I’d keep him over Hightower just because of age and upside.

      2. I feel like Shanahan wants to take a good look at his top 3 RB’s.
        Hyde is the incumbent followed by Williams and Hightower.
        Don’t like Hyde fumbling the pitch backs but he has time to correct it.
        He should have it down pat by the first preseason game.
        I’m definitely not as concerned about him as my fellow posters.

  3. I told you Hoyer was a good pick up. I can not wait to see Hoyer hit KJ on a wheel route. Sounds good. I hope our d becomes nasty.

  4. I’ll say it again! Reuben Foster moves like a cat.

    Thanks for bringing up my boy Jamal Adams Grant, you had to rub it in. lol. Not only was it a much bigger need, he’s the ultimate team leader to boot. This would be a better team if they had drafted Jamal, no doubt in my mind!

  5. Good
    2. DROY.
    3. It’s not Willis and Gore, but the team is showing some fight.
    5. Matchup nightmare for the rest of the West.

    1. Jamal Adams is the safest pick in… Adams would have been my choice, but Thomas will be better than Tank.

    1. Thomas better than Tank? Uhhh, really? Heck, he’s already outplaying Tank. While Tank Carradine once again barely makes the roster, Thomas’s play will be golden and get him in talk with Foster for the All-rookie Team and Defensive Player of the Year.

      1. Of course Thomas will be/is better than Tank, That’s my point in the Adams or Thomas debate. We needed a S, but we also needed a run stuffer to play Big End. Tank can’t do it, Armstead, isn’t suited for the Big End.

        “Thomas’s play will be golden and get him in talk with Foster for the All-rookie Team and Defensive Player of the Year.”

        I hope your right.

  6. Jamal Adams addressed CTE like this: I can speak for a lot of guys that play the game, we live and breathe it. This is what we’re so passionate about. Literally, if I had a perfect place to die, I would die on the field. And that’s not a lie.

    Ain’t nobody questioning his commitment to football. Jamal Adams is a football player!

    1. I love that attitude…. I liked him too as a player but not at 3 and not over Thomas. Thomas has a very good chance of being a Michael Bennett type of player. Much more valuable then let’s say an Eric Berry.

      1. Funny thing is, before Adams’ ascension and while all the pundits had Peppers as the top safety, I had Adams as my number one Safety. This was very, very early in the process, probably February.

          1. Not really, but if you’re comparing me to yourself, I could see how you would arrive at that conclusion. P. S. I told you I didn’t have any treats. Go back home to your owners….

            1. Follow you around?
              Dude, every post on this blog is followed by a reply from you or Seb.
              Get a life! Take a vacation. Play with your kids.

    2. 49R,
      I love Adams’ fierce competition spirit and commitment, but it’s exactly his style of play that increases the risk of concussions.
      I have the same concerns for Reuben Foster who plays with unbridled abandon.
      We lost a player a couple of years in Chris Borland who retired because he did not want to risk his future due to health issues brought on by concussions.
      Eric Reid has had to alter his style of play because one more concussion could force him to retire. Look at highlights of him at LSU and you can see a different player now with the 49ers.

      I’ve always wondered why the NFL cash-cow cannot come up with a better helmet to help prevent or curtail the issue of concussions. At the very least, it would be interesting to see how their safety committee is attacking the problem.

      1. Hall is available but they passed. Byrd is available but they seem to be flipping him off. Maybe they like what they see from their UFDA’s, and decide to convert Colbert to safety too.

        1. Murphy is a head scratcher. Caught with a loaded Glock, it sounds like his decision making process is deficient.
          Tim Patrick looks good, and he has the height to be a WR who can out jump the DBs.
          Maybe the Niners will carry 6 WRs, and one less RB, unlike what Grant was saying.

          1. Murphy brings much needed experience to the wide out corps, and I think that’s one of the reasons they brought him in….

  7. Grant,
    I am with you 100% regarding Adams over Thomas. Two very good players one at a position of need and one serving as added depth. With the other D linemen we have I would love to see Adams and Foster on the same field. On another subject how has Chris Jones looked so far? He is my camp sleeper of the year.

    1. Boy….. Adams and Foster feeding off of one another? Scary! Of course, there was no way they could have known they would luck out with Foster falling like he did.

      UDFA Safeties Chanceller James and Lorenzo Jerome have impressed though, so that’s something.

    2. +2 Old Coach. The first for Adams over Thomas. The need was in the secondary and QB.
      The second is for Chris Jones. I love that guys motor.

      1. You don’t NOT take a QB unless you are convinced that he is a Franchise QB. A can’t miss talent. Sorry to break it down to you Trubrisky is not that. You set a team back 5 years by investing in a QB that early on a rebuilding team. You want to take Adams over Thomas fine I get the argument although I believe Thomas will be better. The best thing that this HC and GM have done is that there showing patience for there most important position. One that they cannot miss. 2018 looks bright for the Niners to upgrade that position whether it’s Couins or one of the top QBs in a loaded class. Plus a potential sleeper in CJ emerging. Yup I said it.

        1. “You don’t NOT take a QB unless you are convinced that he is a Franchise QB”

          And there it is. Rebuild just solved the NFL’s can’t miss draft strategy on QB’s.
          You have to be convinced the guy you draft is a franchise QB.
          Gee, how easy is that!

          The 49ers need was QB and Safety/Corner. Not DL.
          Shanny could have developed Trubisky who was the best and most accurate QB in the draft into a QB that the 49ers would have for the next 10 years. No problem.

          It’s not about finding a franchise QB. It’s about developing one.
          The Niners went too conservative with that 1st round pick. Now they have to wait another year to get one.
          Trubisky was the perfect pick for the 49ers. Now in CHI he might not become one because he won’t have the environment like the 49ers have in Shanny to develop into a franchise QB.
          Case in point, Prescott in Dallas, Rogers in GB, Mahomes in KC, Brady in NE, Brees in NO.
          Every one of those organizations has a framework and or coach capable or has developed a QB.

          That’s how it’s done, creating an environment with personnel in which to develop a QB. Not “convincing” yourself through college tape and the combine.

          2018 doesn’t promise anything.

          1. A lot of what you wrote is true Prime. Although what you have to understand is that if our HC wouldn’t take a guy in Trubrisky who he could’ve had for the next 10 years, is that not alarming to you that he didn’t take him with such a need at that spot? Trubrisky had a very similar climb during the pre draft process just like Bortles, Gabbert, Alex etc.. He came out of nowhere. You need to take some time in researching the 2018 class cause it’s very very good… They have a much better chance in finding one in that draft… Not picking Trubisky who mind you is struggling badly in Chicago was the best decision they can make. Only time will tell….

              1. I certainly would have had he been a 49er.
                What are you gonna do with your Kap jersey now?

              2. I don’t buy jerseys. At least your Trubiscuit jersey will look good next to your Conner Cook jersey hanging in your closet.

              3. If you’ve got such a problem with the way I live my life, why keep following me around like a little puppy dog. I don’t have any treats for you….

            1. Yes time will tell but like I said, 2018 draft eligible QB’s are all just projections. No guarantees where the 49ers will finish and if they’ll have a chance to get one of the top rated QB’s.

              I think the 49ers went conservative with the 3rd overall pick because it was safe. It was consistent with what they are preaching. Brick by brick.
              Sure Trubisky is struggling in CHI. He’s a project and should sit and develop for at least a full year.
              None of the QB’s chosen in this last draft are capable of starting week one.

              My point is the 49ers should have drafted for need this year, not BPA. Wether that was Safety, QB or corner, it would have been a better choice.

    3. Thomas will be a really good player but I too would have taken a Safety: Malik Hooker. Depending on how fast Ward heals and his ability to play the single high, this could be a major hole in the defense this season.

      1. Yep. Hooker was my top choice as well. This defense that relies heavily on the SHS is very vulnerable if the SHS goes down. Just look what happened to Seattle last year. But, if I recall correctly, Hooker seems somewhat injury prone as well.

        1. I don’t know about injury prone, but he is tough as hell. Played last season with a sports hernia for the latter part of the season and the shoulder injury as well. Didn’t miss a game and he’s already off the PUP in Indy so things are looking up for him right now. The most amazing thing is that he’s only played football for a short time. Didn’t start playing until his Jr. year of HS and was voted all state in his second season. He was a fantastic Basketball player too and it shows in his athleticism. He’s already an elite prospect, but the scary part is he’s just scratching the surface.

      2. I think Shanny’s credibility carries more weight than the Jamal Adams/Malik Hooker Fan Club, and his choice merely vindicated my thoughts as well.

            1. Pretty sure the Stanford guy who chose the Stanford guy who played on the defensive side of the ball and is the GM, made that first pick. The others, sure were Shanny, but Thomas was all Lynch.

        1. Razor,

          You are really defensive these days. Saying opinions on this board don’t carry as much credibility as the HC of the team is obvious and unnecessary. We could end every opinion made here with that and make every statement a waste of time, but we don’t because that is what this place is for. You don’t agree then fine, but stop with the “the HC agreed with me stuff” because more often than not they don’t agree with you either.

          1. It’s fine to voice your opinion, but when the HC proved you wrong, you just need to get over it. Makes you look butt hurt, and I can’t help it I’ve been right 3 years running with our first round picks. If you call that more often than not missing on what the HC is thinking, then you’re a tougher critic than most….

            1. I’m not butt hurt at all. I clearly said Thomas is going to be a very good player before mentioning I would have taken Hooker and providing the reason why.

              Being right 3 years running with the first pick? Every one of them was the universal pick by most pundits and people in here. I knew all three would be the first pick too whether I agreed with it or not because everybody did. Again I think you need a reality check and an ego adjustment. You are getting way too full of yourself.

              1. Solomon Thomas and Buckner were not universal pundit picks, and both players were shunned by many in here because they were redundant.

                Armstead was the universal pundit pick, but that didn’t convince you or many others.

                Facts are facts. I’ve been right quite often, and I always keep it real. I’m sorry you feel I’m too full of myself, but you don’t really know me, so I’ll forgive you.

              2. They were easily the consensus picks and most in here predicted the same players you did because the info we were reading steered us in that direction. I didn’t agree with all of the picks but knew they were likely the ones that would be made.

                We’ve all been right and wrong Razor and you are not keeping it real because you aren’t acknowledging all the times you’ve been out to lunch with your suggestions. You are just taking yourself way too seriously and putting value in something you do by viewing other people’s work. Let me know when you put together your own website, your own cutups and analysis play by play and the info you’ve garnered from NFL personnel people and scouts that you’ve met. You are simply piggy backing off of other peoples work as we all do to an extent when putting together our “picks and scouting reports.”

              3. Don’t hold your breath, Rocket. I do this for fun, and I’m not looking for followers. I was the first to predict Solomon Thomas before he gained any popularity by the pundits. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings. I find it most telling that you challenge me to do the work of a seasoned scout, when I’ve never claimed to be one. You really need to get over it, and I wish you better luck next year!

              4. You say you do it for fun, and yet obviously place value on it. You fell in love with Thomas after watching him dominate in the Sun Bowl. You had never mentioned him before then and I’d guess never watched him before then either. I don’t think you ever watched Armstead or Buckner until they were talked about as an option for the Niners and didn’t get on board with Armstead until right before draft day. That is one of the reasons I’m telling you to get over yourself with all of this being right stuff because you are being influenced by small amounts of info and footage.

                I’m challenging you to do the work if you want to believe you got players correct because you believe you were actually scouting. You watch and read other peoples work and pick names sometimes right and sometimes wrong. It should be fun and not taken seriously but you clearly place a higher value on it than that from what I’ve read here today. I don’t which is why my feelings aren’t affected in any way and yours obviously are based on your responses to my criticism.

              5. Keep guessing, you’ll get it right eventually. Not sure why you believe I would take your challenges seriously, but you go right ahead….

              6. Don’t blame you, seems kinda heavy. Sometimes you just got to set it down and move on, bro!

      3. My last mock had Malik Hooker, and I would have been content to put him on IR with a mid season return designation.
        Why Hooker? because he was the most similar safety compared to Earl Thomas.
        However, getting King Solomon was a wise move. Getting stout up front will stop the run. Getting a better pass rush will help the DBs.

        1. They already spent 2 first round picks in back to back years, on the “inside” razor, and signed a darn good NT. The interior of the DL was already built, aside from adding depth. If they had gone after a true edge rusher, then maybe, but like Dumervil said, you’re only as good as your weakest link. Maybe it will work out, but I will still make the case that drafting Jamal Adams and using Reid as a primary backup at both spots, would have made this a stronger team.

          1. However, it’s also the case that they could not have predicted Foster dropping as far as he did. If they come away with ONLY Thomas in round one, then I am bummed!

          2. They already spent 2 first round picks in back to back years….

            Yea, believe me, I heard that for 4 months straight and had to block it out and stay focused on what my instincts told me. We even had guys in here changing their avatars to Adams. S O L O M O N T H O M A S !

  8. Lynch: I will never trust Lynch. His rap in college was he lacked motivation and self discipline. And I read somewhere else he’d admitted to being close to 300lbs. So he was more than 20lbs over-weight. BUt since it’s a contract year, I expect he’s going to play hard for the big FA $$$. But I don’t want the 49ers resign him because he seems like he’d become the 49ers version of Pablo Sandoval…

    Hightower: I read an interview with Hightower. He said when he first ran in the outside zone running system, it took him half a season to figure it out. That’s it’s much harder than it seems. So expect Hyde, Williams, Brieda, etc., to struggle with the system in these early stages of training camp. And, undoubtedly, Hightower is far more advanced in running this scheme than the rest of the backs.

    Goodwin: Goodwin doing well is… I don’t know… “Interesting.” Because he wasn’t much of a WR with the Bills. And, generally speaking, if you’re not doing it by Year 3, you’re almost certainly never going to break out. So is he a true late-bloomer or is it we have no DBs…?

    And from other beat writers:

    With rookie TE George Kittle out because of a hamstring injury, undrafted rookie TE Cole Hikutini got some more opportunities Monday and made the most of them, coming up with a handful of catches. Hikutini even got a rep or two with the starters and nearly made a difficult catch in traffic.

    Rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard may have had his best practice of training camp. He seemed to have more zip on his passes, perhaps a result of his growing confidence. His best may have been a thread-the-needle type throw to rookie tight end Cole Hikutini, who was utilized a little more due to fellow rookie George Kittle’s hamstring injury.

    Lynch and Armstead continue to be handful for their respective offensive line opponents, both in one-on-one protection drills and in team situations. Garry Gilliam couldn’t stop Armstead’s inside move on a couple of tries early in practice. Nose tackle Earl Mitchell also continues to win all of his battled, this time against center Jeremy Zuttah.

    Lorenzo Jerome (FS), who is looking like a genius pickup by GM John Lynch after the draft.

    (James was Mayock’s top UDFA. He was an amazing safety in college, but from a tiny, tiny, tiny program (St. Francis University) and he became the first St. Francis player ever invited to the NFL scouting combine. We don’t talk about him, but I’ve been keeping my eye on him in the hopes he can beat the odds considering his program and physical limitations (he’s footslow). He was also contacted (as a UFDA) by the Giants and Seahawks, two teams that know safeties. Don’t be terribly shocked if he makes the roster but I’m not so sure if he has the athleticism necessary to get beyond being a special teamer/back-up in the NFL.)

    Catch of the day: Hoyer threw up a jump-ball pass to WR Pierre Garcon, who was tightly covered by Robinson along the left sideline. Robinson batted the ball … and it ricocheted to Garcon

    Quotable: “It’s kind of like a gift and a curse. Sometimes it gets him in trouble, and sometimes you sit back and just kind of marvel at it.” — C Jeremy Zuttah on the athleticism of RT Trent Brown, who can sometimes get beat by relying on his natural ability instead of his technique.

  9. And, generally speaking, if you’re not doing it by Year 3, you’re almost certainly never going to break out. So is he a true late-bloomer or is it we have no DBs…?

    Ive heard ex WRs say it takes a good 4-5 seasons to perfect the position. Hopefully he’s hitting his stride and not performing well from lack of DB talent

  10. Goodwin has always had the speed to be a factor, but there were questions about how much he loved the game and he seemed preoccupied at times, even looking at the Olympics before last season. If he’s focused and they give him some real opportunities, he could be a revelation before the season is out. Has to stay healthy though which has also been a problem previously.

  11. Interesting information the last couple of days Grant. From what you’ve seen, are the WRs so much better or are the DBs subpar?

  12. I would add that the reports have a more positive trend than in the last couple of years. That has to be encouraging! How much better is this camp to previous two camps you covered Grant? Is it better or the same, what positions stand out or don’t in your estimation?

  13. I wanted Adams too, so won’t disagree with you there, but at the same time I am excited to see what Thomas can do on this DL. On paper it looks a very talented group.

    When this team signed Juice I was really happy. I loved him coming out of college. Really wanted the 49ers to draft him as he reminded me of Delanie Walker. Said at the time he would be a TE/FB hybrid and would be a very good receiver for this team. Looking good so far.

    1. There is a lot to be excited about with the 49ers. They’ve drafted well, signed quality free agents, and have a very good HC.

      But the biggest question is that they never addressed the most important position in sports: QB.

      You’ve told your fans, don’t worry we’ll get one but in the meantime we’ll go with a career back up.
      I don’t agree with that.

  14. Gotta say, hearing all these positive things about the QB and WRs this early in Shanahan’s first TC is actually causing me concern, rather than making me happy. At this point in time the offense should be behind the D, so the fact the receivers are looking so good really makes me question the secondary. They may well be the biggest weakness on this team at this rate.

    1. Think about who they were practicing against the last few years. This is the first time they’ve had a real offense to practice against in years….

    2. I agree Scooter. And apparently, the offense has only been running relatively simple plays. Shanahan said that they’ll be adding more complexity to the offense in the coming weeks.

      I know it’s water under the bridge, but I was thinking about T. Brock today, wondering if our secondary would be better if he were there.

      What do you think about giving Redmond a try as an outside corner?

      1. Brock is better than Johnson and Reaser, so I think it would be better. Basically the 49ers lost their top 2 CBs from last season (as Ward moved to FS). And the CBs weren’t great last year.

        I kind of figure if Redmond was suited to the boundary then he would be getting reps there. Both the previous GM/ HC and current GM/ HC seem to think he is best suited as a slot CB. I certainly wouldn’t have any problems with seeing him tried on the outside, but at this point I think he may be better off focusing on one spot.

      2. I hope they move Ward back to corner and Lorenzo Jerome can emerge. Maybe Chancellor has a chance to showcase his talents while the safeties heal.

    3. Precisely what I’m thinking. I would like to feel good about the success of the DL and the QB and WRs but I keep thinking, “maybe the OL has real trouble” and “I hope our DBs can shut other players down.” Otherwise we may see a long season of frustration.

  15. Have to chime in regarding Jamal Adams over Solomon Thomas. KS n JL are on record that R.Foster would have been their pick if Thomas was gone in that trade. They were never going to get Adams

    1. They don’t want to hear that, and they’re still upset they didn’t get their man. I get it, but it’s time to move on.

      1. When I first joined the blog several years back, I absolutely believed you should draft for need especially in the first few rounds. However, after learning more and participating in discussions, there is merit to drafting BPA. Still I think and probably always will that there should be a “need” component as well as BPA component in the equation.

        But yeah, I’m over it. Wishing Thomas and the team the best.

        1. Cubus I felt the same way and there is definitely a time for drafting BPA.
          But for a team in rebuild mode and specific needs at critical positions such as the secondary or QB, and WR,my opinion is you draft for those needs exclusively in the upper part of the draft.
          When you are a team whose close to competing for the playoffs, and you want to create healthy competition, you have the luxury to select the BPA cause most likely, you don’t have glaring holes.

          1. You are advocating for overdrafting at wr and qb… the two positions most likely to bust.
            Are you the GM for the Browns or the Jaguars by chance?

            1. I should be the GM of the Browns and Jags. They would be playoff bound in 3 years. If you read carefully, my point was that the 49ers should have drafted for need, not BPA.

              Shoup, you are a bright guy, you don’t need further explanation on this do you?
              DL was not a need a for the 49ers this year.

              What makes you think drafting a QB or WR is over drafting? If they are the best at that position in the entire draft and its a need, why not take them considering you are a team in complete rebuild?

              1. Obviously we disagree on this.
                If they are close in talent, ie, in the same tier then Yes by all means take the best player available.
                But, when they are NOT close at all you don’t over reach for a qb ala the Browns and Jaguars.
                Jacksonville for example has reached at QB with Byron Leftwich, Blaine Gabbert, and Blake Bortles and now they will have to draft another qb… at wide receiver you are looking at Matt Jones (a qb turned receiver), and Justin Blackmon ( a high character risk at 5).
                They have been irreverent for about 15 years.
                If it’s only a matter of development and not about getting the right player then keep Kaep or develop some 3rd rounder as you just need to know he has the right physical traits. I don’t agree with this concept. IMHO Qb’s need certain innate traits that can’t be taught, you develop the rest and if Shanahan didn’t see those traits in any of the top qb’s then you Don’t draft one early and force one on him… ala Washington and RGIII.

                With all that said I’m not sold on Solomon either, tweener’s scare the hell out of me and in my opinion it means Armstead was most likely a wasted pick unless Solomon can play the edge… which they didn’t state they expect him to and we hardly ever saw him do in college.

              2. Prime, what a a rube. Declaring that if you were GM, those teams would be in the playoffs.
                You were the guy that bet the Niners would draft Trubisky. He cannot even out compete Glennon, and still needs to learn how to take a snap under center.
                Maybe you are clueless, but the Niners did draft for need. they needed to fix their horrendous run defense, or getting the next Joe Montana would not matter. Both Joe and Steve could be playing, but if the team gives up 200 yards rushing, the Niners would still lose.

              3. Shoup, I do not consider King Solomon to be a tweener, because now he has time to focus solely on football, so he will work out and get stronger. He just needs to gain muscle, and he will be even more explosive. That will add the necessary pounds to make him a dominant force in the league.

  16. Re: RB: Relax. Even Hightower sez it takes a bit.
    Offense, due to timing and splits, takes longer than defense.
    Secondary? Whoa, I dunno; a bit worried.
    OL? Work in progress; not confident.

      1. Drops count as completions for Kaep and drops for Hoyer according to Sebanalysis.

        1. But, but, with Camp Hoyer, the receivers are supposed to be in sync with Hoyer, so drops and incompletions are impossible……

      2. There you go again. Did I mention Kaep at all?
        Hmmm, sounds like you are making excuses for Hoyer.
        Attack posters? No, I rarely lead, but I sure defend and respond, just like your attack on me.
        What a bunch of whiny crybabies. They think they can attack ad hominem, ad nauseum, but a little pushback, and they go all emo. I certainly have never devolved into hurling expletives, like some do. Like I said before. you like to dish it out, but sure cant take it.
        What I will do is question the football acumen of delusional posters who think 6 for 17 is perfect. Now we find that he may have gotten sacked, but they allow the play to continue, so his actual completion percentage is inflated. Hoyer may pull a Gabbert, and bench himself.
        Another thing I know is that Kaep has a 59.8 completion percentage, even with 18 confirmed drops last season, with a turnstile O line and the worst ranked WR corp in the league.

          1. BT, are you turning into Prime? I thought you were going to ignore my posts?
            Like a moth to a flame….

            1. You think a lot of stuff that’s wrong. Nothing new there. It’s just that your love affair with Colin is pathetically sad. But hey, go ahead and wallow in your self delusion and every once in a while I’ll laugh.

              1. Yeah, and I will laugh at your pomposity.
                Remember, I am THAT guy. The guy you want to send out on point so he will take that first bullet.

            2. Baloney, Seb……when anybody said anything negative about kaps accuracy, without exception you said it was because of “hate”-not kaps lack of NFL accuracy.

              idolatry, pure and simple. And a false idol at that.

        1. There you go again. Did I mention Kaep at all?

          Seb, on this blog you and Kaep are synonymous. You built that post by post. Own it.

            1. I like #1s. WERE NUMBER ONE!

              I’m not sure if you remember the grief I got here over having an Alex Smith #1 avatar.

              1. Nah, this was around the time AS engineered that amazing playoff win against the Saints. If someone was a Smith hater right then, well they are just haters.

              2. Yea, I never hated Smith. Just didn’t ever like him as a quarterback. Doesn’t mean I didn’t want to like him. I did. Just never happened.

              3. Even the most previously disappointing QBs can have the most productive seasons (2011, 13-3) and amazing games (playoffs vs aints). I’m looking at at you, Hoyer.

          1. Rib, I am just commenting that I do not bring up Kaep all the time, but some other posters cannot refrain, even though they moan and whine about seeing his name all the time.
            However, once they do mention him, I feel free to comment, and think the other posters keep up their shrill screeds, even though they cannot back them up with facts. They question my football knowledge because I like Kaep, but I will question their football knowledge if they think the present Niner QBs are superior.
            Yes, I cheered madly after that Saints playoff game, but came back to earth the next week, when AS clearly demonstrated his weaknesses in the Giants game.

    1. Sebs–

      Still wont tell us what you know about the QB position that KS does not. This is your chance to show up Shanahan for the piker he is………….please dont tell us your not into that kind of thing. If I had a dollar for every time………………………..

  17. I wonder if Saleh has any DB’s he is keeping tabs on from his previous stints- I thought the 49ers depth was decent at Corner and liked moving Ward to FS, but it appears that this may become a liability presuming teams may try and force them into dime coverage to avoid the pressure up front………..

    Was it determined who the largest optimist was on the betting lines? I have $250 and want to put in another $250 on the over 4.5

  18. Thomas was a need. We are coming from the worst running defense in franchise history. If you can’t stop the run, the secondary doesn’t matter. For draft time, we had Buckner and Mitchell as startera. Armstead has done nothing. Lynch had a mediocre year. Dumervil was not even here. Tank has just tanked. We want to build from the trenches. Next year we will address the secondary and OL.

  19. Why nobody mentions Whitterspoon? Wasn’t he supposed to be a candidate to start? We have problems at CB, but he is nowhere…

    1. I’ve been a little surprised he’s not showing up every day on Grant’s “Not So Good” list…since he’s evidently not showing up.

    2. I liked the Witherspoon pick. He is a very good cover guy but slipped because of his lack of interest in coming up and playing the run. Not a great tackler either, but as a pure cover CB, he’s a talented guy who can be coached up in the tackling dept if he is willing to learn.

      1. Rocket says, …but stop with the “the HC agreed with me stuff” because more often than not they don’t agree with you either.

        Hate to break it to you, but Witherspoon and Jones are two more players along with King Solomon that the HC agreed with me on.

        1. Wow you are getting way too full of yourself bud. If you bring up a high volume of names – which you do – obviously some will wind up with the team. Time to shrink that head and get back to reality Razor.

          1. I cannot help it if you choose to deny reality, Rocket. I have been correct 3 years straight picking the 49ers 1st round picks. Sure I posted many drafts for fun, but I didn’t know that was against the rules. I had Witherspoon going in the 3rd round consistently to the 49ers, and I was the first one to mock Jones in the 6th round to the 49ers. Has nothing to do with a big head, but it has everything to do with the homework I put in. I’m sorry if this irritates you. Better luck next year, bro….

            1. Good grief. There is nothing wrong with posting names, drafts or talking about players. The fact you think you are actually scouting is what is funny and hard to take seriously. I had Witherspoon, Thomas and Williams in a mock Razor. Guess what though, I still know I’m a hack who is watching about a 10th of the film and even less of the information that the guys who do this for a living do. You watch games/highlights and throw out names on a message board. We all do. Don’t mistake that for having some great insight into NFL scouting. I know we could go back into the archives and pull out an endless amount of names you’ve thrown out on here that turned out to be failures. Don’t go down that road.

              1. Yea, I’ve always admitted to being a hack. I scout players, and assemble as much information as I can. I then mull it over using my horse sense, and come up with decisions. It’s a hobby, and like hobbyists, I don’t take myself seriously. Apparently you do though, because when I’m right and have a little fun crowing about it, you get your waders wet….

              2. That was more than having a little fun crowing. You were taking yourself seriously. I’m glad you’ve pulled yourself back to reality though.

              3. I’m glad you’re glad, and when you get a chance, send me your PDF on fun, taking yourself too seriously, and mock drafts. Thanks.

              4. No need to do that. Just read over what you’ve said here and your responses to my calling you on it. You take this way too seriously.

              5. I’m pretty sure I know myself better than you do. I thought you sat that case of impudence and pomposity down?

              6. It’s not hard to make an assessment based on what someone is saying in their entries. They are saying it after all. I did rest my case above when you responded with a clear example of what I was referring to. You have many different threads going on this topic so each deserves it’s own response.

              7. Nope it was quite easy and obvious. No training required. The next stage where you start lashing out with insults was predictable as well. Disappointing but predictable.

              8. The accuracy you demonstrate without any training is quite impressive, Rocket. Boy, you sure are full of yourself today.

  20. Football justice was getting rid of Kaepernick, Kelly and that bum Baalke so that the org could finally rebuild the right way from the ground up. I don’t know how many games we’ll win this year but at least we’ll be competitive… Looking forward to seeing the front 7 in action and whether Hoyer can continue to sling it deep against an opposing team’s secondary. An accurate deep ball QB?! Say it ain’t so…..

    1. I don’t know red…D. Johnson is demonstrating that he has thump! If only he had fluid hips…

      Maybe then he could compete for DWTS

    2. The only problem, is that a slow immobile Hoyer will get sacked, and that will prevent the play from continuing, like they do in the practices. 6 for 17 is accurate?

    3. By way of comparison last year’s day 4 assessment of a QB:

      QB Colin Kaepernick. Completed just 10-of-27 passes during team drills – 37 percent. Also threw two picks and six other passes which defenders knocked down. Locked onto his first read most of the day. Frantically searched for a second read as a last resort and almost never reached his third read. Telegraphed almost every other pass. Moved his head slowly while standing in the pocket and released the ball slowly, too. His windup seems longer than ever. Kurt Warner can’t be happy.

      1. EastCoast………..

        This is all true about Kap-but it was somebody else’s fault!!!!!!!!
        Dont believe me? You know who to ask…………

      2. Nice narrative, but that was not the real reason why Gabbert won the QB competition. Baalke sat Kaep and would not let him play, so Gabbert won by default.
        Maybe another salient point is that Kaep was just recently OK’d to throw after rehabbing from 3 surgeries, so he did not have the luxury to throw to his receivers like Gabbert did all off season.
        Gabbert won, had that first good game, then amply showed why he was way inferior to Kaep. So much so, he was deactivated in the end, and Ponder was the backup.

  21. This article was the most informational, well rounded summary in the series of TC events. If possible, keep it at this level.

  22. The problem with evaluations during training camp is that when the defense shines the offense sucks and when the offense shines the defense sucks. Its a win/lost everyday. Its training camp where everyone is learning the system and getting into football shape. The true evaluations will come starting on the 11th of this month.

      1. Yup I feel like a kid in a candy store can hardly wait for the sweetness that is about to encompass the Niners. I love this time of year as optimism abounds.

  23. What kind of routes do you see Juszczyk running?

    I’ve heard that he was training with both the Fullbacks and the Tight Ends.

    In response to those that say the Niners have over paid for Juszczyk at Fullback; I’ve said that while they may have over paid Jusz based on market rate (though they’d have to over pay even market rates…because they’re the Niners) that if he Jusz is used as a FB/TE hybrid (running more than just out to the flat and wheel routes) then he’s not as colossal of an over pay as many thought.

  24. http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/08/01/how-many-sacks-49ers-lineman-deforest-buckner-aims-high/

    I like this writers style. Unca Buck played almost 1000 snaps last year, and the 49ers were hemorrhaging up the 47th most rushing yards per game out of 1,929 teams since 1933, and they were doing it in the 3rd lightest rushing year ever played. They allowed the most rushing yards per game in NFL history relative to the league average in a particular season. The arm chair GM’s in here that say we should have taken a safety at 3 are full of themselves….

    1. I beg to differ. Actually, the safety play had a lot to do with the horrendous run defense. Once past the line of scrimmage, the RB took off, and the safeties whiffed way too many times. Bellore as MLB did not help, either.
      Since the Niners are trying to emulate the Seahawk defense, it is critical to get an Earl Thomas type player, or it may not work.
      However, you can assume I am full of smoke. ;p

    2. “arm chair GM’s” wooo, isn’t that the Pot calling the Damn Kettle black. With these goofy azz nicknames that keep spewing out of your mouth, and with all the vigor, you swear is correct, that is your incorrect football knowledge, you have the gall to call another poster an arm chair GM. You really are a razor eater. Your mouth bleeds bull$$$$. #hatersgonnahate

    3. I suppose I am one of the few left that loves the run game. When you can not stop the run game then you have a season like the Niners did last year. Probably the worst defense I have ever witnessed was the Niners defense last year. I have no problem with Thomas now that he finally signed. Hopefully a ferocious pass rush will help alleviate the problems the secondary has.

      1. UC,

        I agree with you. The run game is still the key to winning and losing football games offensively and always will be because if you can run the football it opens up the entire field and if you can’t stop the run you don’t get the ball.

          1. Ok I agree with you too even though I was responding to UC’s post in this instance. Can’t agree all the time Razor. Gotta keep it real ;)

            1. I’m glad you’ve to come to realize I was right about not taking Adams, and taking Thomas.

              1. No you do it by improving the talent across the board which they did on Dline and LB, but not at S. You also hope that the first round picks you’ve invested finally pay off. Thomas is going to help this team; Hooker would have filled a bigger hole and provided more impact imo. Only time will tell.

              2. My opinion on Goff is the same as it’s always been. He’s one of the best pocket passers I’ve seen come out of College football in a long time and if they give him the support – Oline protection and running game, weapons to throw to – I think he’ll be a good starter for a long time. They don’t have all those pieces in place yet so how much he’ll improve will be based on how well he adapts to the system and whether McVay can put him in situations he can have success in. He wasn’t ready to play last year and that was obvious when he was drafted. Now it’s about building his confidence back up and putting together the talent around him to succeed. One of Goff’s best traits is his ability to remain calm and collected even when under duress. He’s going to need that more than ever going forward.

              3. If Goff was as you say, the best coming out in a long time, why didn’t we see any of those traits on display in 2016?

              4. Because he wasn’t ready to play and didn’t have the talent around him to overcome it. He was having to learn a new language and face a much higher level of competition at the same time. He didn’t have running game support or decent pass protection either. It’s hard to be successful in this league under the best of circumstances never mind what he was dealing with. It was a lot like the Alex Smith situation really. The good thing for him is unlike what Alex had to deal with as far as the revolving door of OC’s and poor HC’s, he now has a system and HC he can learn and play under for the long haul which gives him a much greater chance to succeed.

              5. Oh I agree, his chances for success are much improved by getting rid of Fischer, not to mention the addition of McVay. However, if Goff was as good as you and the pundits have claimed, don’t you find it a bit curious that Shanny wasn’t interested in working with him?

              6. The realization the premier offensive mind available was never linked to the Rams, who by your own statements, possessed the best pocket passer coming out, seems odd to me….

              7. To say you’ve made a massively unsubstantiated assumption based on that reasoning would be an understatement.

              8. So it’s your opinion Shanny would be interested in Goff, and is the type of quarterback he would target to run his system?

              9. My opinion is Shanny would have listened to a HC offer from the Rams which I don’t know ever came and they wound up getting another young offensive mind in McVay.

                I think Goff fits the system Shanny runs very well and I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to work with him.

              10. All I needed. My opinion…Shanny would not have been interested in Goff coming from that Dykes offense.

              11. McVay and Shanny run similar offenses so if McVay didn’t have a problem taking the job and working with Goff, I doubt Shanny would either considering an accurate pocket passer is the main requirement of a QB in his system.

              12. I think it was Eric Dickerson. In my opinion DVOA without pressure is the best way to predict if a quarterback can be successful in the NFL. Since 2010, no quarterback has had a worse DVOA without pressure than Goff’s -45.2%. That makes 2012 Brady Quinn(-6.7%) look like Joe Montana….

              13. Dickerson didn’t say that. He said last year’s offense looked like a High School offense and the practice he attended at the beginning of that year, Sean Mannion looked like the best QB. He said he’d start Mannion in an interview from a couple of weeks ago but that is based on that one practice he attended and the offense run under Jeff Fisher. Everything I’ve read this offseason has been pretty favorable to Goff and how quickly he’s picking up McVay’s system.

              14. You must have speed read over where Goff had -45.2% no pressure DVOA, which is 6 times that of 2012 Brady Quinn’s -6.7%. Do you believe McVay can extract a 55% increase out of Goff so hes at 10% no pressure DVOA, because that’s the bare minimum he’ll need if he’s to find any success at the NFL level….

              15. Football is situational so I don’t put a lot of stock in DVOA as a guideline just like I don’t put a lot of stock in passer rating. If a first year QB is thrown into the fray without being ready and he is taking punishment in the process, his overall game isn’t going to be very good. McVay is going to put him in a better situation than he had before as far as verbiage and options, now it’s about whether the Oline and running game can give him support and whether/how long it takes for Goff to get his confidence up.

              16. You might want to. DVOA WITHOUT PRESSURE is a very consistent predictor of NFL success at the quarterback position:

                Brady Quinn 2010/-6.7% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                Blaine Gabbert 2011/- 4.5% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                Cristy Ponder 2011/-1.6% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                John Skelton 2012/-0.7% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                Jim Clauson 2010/0.6% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                Derek Anderson 2010/0.9% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                Matt Cassell 2012/1.4% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                Curt Painter 2011/1.7% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                Peyton Manning 2015/5.5% DVOA NO PRESSURE*Retired the following year
                Blake Bortles 2014/6.5% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                Terrelle Pryor 2013/7.3% DVOA NO PRESSURE
                Mark Sanchez 2012/9.9% DVOA NO PRESSURE

                Goff a whopping -45.2%!! McVay is no miracle worker. If a quarterback can’t reach at least 10.0% DVOA WITHOUT PRESSURE, he probably has no business starting in the NFL….

              17. As I said Razor, football is situational and DVOA is greatly affected by sacks and fumbles which Goff suffered a lot of and which weren’t his fault the majority of the time. The only way to get a true read on any player in the NFL is to analyze every game on it’s own and the circumstances positive or negative. Goff needed to sit and learn for a season. Instead he got thrown in behind a terrible Oline and had no run game support. Things tend to get pretty bleak in those conditions and they were. You’ve made your feelings on Goff known for sometime now and have apparently concluded he will fail. We’ll see how it turns out.

              18. Can you post a link to where you are getting those numbers from as well please? I can’t find where FO has it broken into pressure and not under pressure. Would be interesting to see a history of how players fared in these areas over time.

              19. The evidence is right in front of you, Rocket. The Rams had four offensive linemen play at least 893 snaps last year, so there was not a massive decline in talent and continuity when Goff took over. Keenum played behind the exact same line, same receivers and same coaching staff and his DVOA WITHOUT PRESSURE was 21.2 percent, which ranked him sixth in the league. I believed Goff was a bust when the pundits and yourself were singing his praises during the draft process for a number of reasons that I pointed out ad nauseum. You believe 2016 Goff was just a bad dream, but I’m telling you it was a nightmare. Good luck!

              20. The information is readily available to anyone who seeks it out at Football Outsiders, every year.

              21. There was a reason I and the pundits were high on him Razor and after one season in which he shouldn’t have even been on the field, I am not going to overreact and decide the fate of a guys career. You’ve proclaimed him a bust after 7 games. We’ll see how it works out.

                I also understand why you brought this up after I gave you a hard time yesterday as it was a player you could focus on that you feel I’m completely wrong about, but if you are truly the NFL analyzing savant you claim to be, you really shouldn’t make such rash decisions.

              22. Wow you are sensitive. Won’t even provide a link to what you put up on here. I think I’ve hit a nerve.

              23. Goff will have a good year this year under this new coaching staff.
                Declaring him a bust after not even playing a full season with zero playmakers is ignorant.
                That’s typical of him to say that. He’s already said the same thing about Trubisky.
                Serious problems there inside that guys kitchen!

              24. Are you that lazy? Go to Football Outsiders, click on Quarterback and Pressure 2016. Boom!

              25. Not lazy at all. Just asked for a link seeing as you were just on the exact site and article I was looking to find. Found it anyway.

              26. Less salt and more sugar if you want a favor. Your pompous and insolent attitude are characteristics some of us are accustomed to on here, and I always forgive you, but your psyche diagnosis, assumptions and false accusations of me are too recent to conveniently forget at this time. Peace out, Blood Brother!

              27. Razor you really need to chill out. As I said yesterday, you take this way too seriously. What I have said on here the past couple of days is neither pompous nor arrogant. In fact it was my response to your pompous and egocentric musings about your ability to pick players that got you all riled up in the first place. I’ve seen you argue with a lot of people on here and you seem to be able to dish it out ok but have problems taking it. Get some thicker skin and stop basing so much importance on what someone things or says about your football acumen.

              28. Rocket, there’s a difference between taking yourself too seriously and taking pride in your work. You’re welcome for the article.

              29. Chill out? This guy needs a vacation or something.
                This is his Super Bowl day in day out.
                He’s nuts!

        1. No it’s not. It has weak correlation. The strongest correlation with winning are two factors:

          1. QB efficiency (having it and preventing it). Through the first eight weeks of the season a difference in QBR by a margin of just 18.2 to 28.2 lead teams to an 89-4 record (95.7%). At QB rating margin of 28.3 to 34.4 lead to a record of 75-2 (97.4%) and at 34.4 to 52.1 teams 65-1 (98.5%) and a perfect 31-0 at 52.2+

          2. Turnovers. If you play equally (yardage, etc.) in everything but turnovers and win the battle of turnovers you’ll win 70% of the time.

          Running to win is a dinosaur concept. Running to PRESERVE a win is not. But winning teams pass to win then run to eat up the clock late in the game.

          1. As usual you omit a glaring point: You need to have a run threat to achieve an efficient passing game. Even the elite QB’s in this league struggle when defenses know they have to pass. Turnovers are not offensive strategy related which is what UC was focusing on.

            1. I dont know about that, Rocket. 9ers had virtually no running game until they drafted Craig and put him in the backfield with Tyler. Could those 9er teams have won with a run-first ideology?
              I know a good running game is critical, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (lame, I know-but it fits).

              1. Saw,

                They didn’t have a big name RB for Walsh’s first couple of years, but they still ran the ball a lot, often more than they passed. They won their first SB running the ball more than they passed over the course of the season. Can’t have one without the other. The key to success on offense is balance and always has been.

          2. In the NFL, if you can’t run you can’t pass – and if you can’t pass, you cant run. Are there some games where this doesn’t hold true? Of course. But having a one dimensional team win more than very infrequently is what the NFL has become. The way to success is to vary the ratio and use other tricks, like Shanny being very good at play action to keep the defense off balance. (and keeping a defense off balance with play action depends on a team’s ability to both run and pass) Below the NFL level, is a very different story. Arguing about it is good for clicks though.

    4. I agree with razor on this one. With a poor run d like we had last year, you want that line to be as tough as nails. Did it ever occur to anyone that Thomas is so free to Rome, because his front 7 has been stout as hell. Good case, when our front 7 was loaded, Eric Ried was a pro bowler. But when Trent Balkees ego took over, our front was garbage. And Ried was exposed. Big time. Nor saying Earl is Eric Ried but i am saying if our d line is stout, i don’t care who the safety is, they will have a chance to shine.

      1. When in Rome, do as Seattle does. ;p
        While my last mock had Hooker, I mocked King Solomon many times. He was the BPA, and since the Niners had many glaring needs, I am just glad that they spent their first 3 picks on defense.

    5. 3 responses Razor:

      1) Strong safeties (Jamal Adams) do factor into run defense.

      2) Armstead was dealing with a shoulder injury which affected his ability to stack and shed blockers, and then his shoulder finally completely gave in.

      3) The 49ers biggest issue stopping the run last season, IMO, came from lack of talent at nose tackle (Mitchell is a beast), and after Bow and Ray Ray went down, they were left with the worst group of ILB’s I have ever seen on a 49ers team.

      1. I’m not going to bet my career on a SS turning the worst run defense in 40 years around, but you go right ahead.

        Factored into my decision of taking Thomas.

        Factored into my decision to target Jones in the 6th round.

        1. Did I infer that Jamal Adams would, single handedly, turn this run defense around?

          I intended to make the point that, while a tone setting SS does help in run support, and that factor cannot be discounted altogether, NT, ILB’s, and Armstead’s injury were the biggest issues last season. I’ll add scheme to the list as well.

          Our scheme has changed. Armstead is back. We signed a quality NT and drafted another, we signed and drafted 2 quality ILB’s, one of which was the top rated ILB in college football. We have already invested heavily (inside) and safety was a much bigger need than an undersized interior lineman. That’s just a fact.

          1. Sorry, must have been that Adams avatar you were sporting. The facts are Shanny disagreed with your version of them, and took the defensive lineman who was extremely effective in stopping the bleeding in college, as well as a rushing penetrator that could hunt quarterbacks. Those are the facts, my friend.

            1. Yes, I was using a Jamal Adams avatar BEFORE the draft. Took it down after round one of the draft. And……….?

              There’s really very little sense in having this argument again. We’ll see in a couple years which player has a bigger impact on their prospective defenses. What’s done is done.

              The 49ers are now overflowing with talent on the DL and hurting at Safety. Unless you think Reid is the answer at SS (he’s also on last year of contract and injury prone), the 49ers have issues on the backend, and have more defensive lineman than they know what to do with.

              1. I know, barring injury, Jamal Adams is going to be special. Thomas? Maybe, but I’m not so sure. Time will tell.

      2. The 49ers might have caught a break though and struck gold with this kid out of Boise St, SS Chancellor James. 6’2.5″, 215, 4.53 40. He has an above-average body type to play down in the box in San Francisco’s Cover 3 defense. He led Boise St. in tackles last season and made 2nd team All-Mountain West in 2016. It’s early, but James is raising a lot of eyebrows.

        We’ll get a good look at how well Lorenzo Jerome can keep up with Goodwin later this week, now that Tartt is on the shelf. The knock on Jerome is lack of speed.

      3. By the way Razor, I have to compliment your acknowledging UDFA OT Darrell Williams out of Western Kentucky. Good call! Let’s put the Adams/Thomas argument to rest for now. We both have valid arguments, and it’s going to be a couple years at least, before we know for certain. Who knows, maybe it will end up being a draw?

        I’ve been hearing the same thing about Darrell Williams. It’s always tuff for UFDA’s to make rosters, especially on the OL. But, like you, I’m not sleeping on him making this team as a swing tackle ahead of Theus. Big, Big upside in this system with his fluid movement and long arms.

        1. 49R
          We can all lament over players “not” drafted. The one that caused hours of bantering was the Alex Smith over Aaron Rogers draft for years. It makes for some good reading when all the reasons and stats have been exhausted about how players we passed on could have helped us.
          But the reality is that we can go back and forth on this topic all day and it becomes a case of futility because we can’t change or swap players.
          Our job, or the teams job is to make the players we do have better every day.
          I was disappointing in reading that Garnett was using incorrect footwork technique over the weekend.
          This is something the last coaching regime should have caught a corrected.
          My hope is that this new coaching staff can take the players we have and turn them into great players.

  25. Good writeup. Enjoy reading the updates. Too bad with Kittle. As they say, the most important ability is availability.

    Also, got a good chuckle out of these guys saying the Hoyer signing was a good signing. How in the world anyone can make that claim and we aren’t even a week into training camp is beyond me. Hoyer has a definite pattern. He is an OK qb who struggles with consistency in the regular season and then he fades into terrible play at the end of the season. If he repeats that pattern this year then maybe he did what the 49ers expected and they move on next year – so good signing. If the plan is to make the playoffs this year then lets wait until the end of the season until we determine if Hoyer was a good signing or not.

    1. If all Hoyer is able to do is throw the deep ball accurately for some big plays, I’ll be happy because win or lose, it will be exciting to watch and gratifying since we haven’t had that ability in years.

        1. Prime,
          “Hello?” Classic take by Herm Edwards. I met Edwards when he was head caoch of the Chiefs (of all places) at a In-N-Out Burger in Modesto CA after the Chiefs beat the raiders in Oakland earlier on that day.
          He and another person he was sitting with were waiting for their order when I finally mustered enough courage to walk up and greet him.
          Herm stood up and shook my hand and introduced me to the man sitting with him – Carl Peterson, President and CEO of the Chiefs.
          My wife asked me if those two guys were important people and I said, yes, kinda.

    2. I will say this, Hoyer is better then anything that we have had in the last three years. I realize that isn’t saying much about Hoyer but more like how bad its been the last few years. I know you have watched Hoyer and I have not so I value your opinion more so then others concerning his ability. All I expect from the guy is a solid journeyman performance keeping turnovers to a minimum. I do not expect a prolific QB but stranger things have happened.

      1. Although not probable, he has an opportunity to add his name to the short list of late bloomers like Gannon and Plunkett.

        1. Plunkett never really did though. He only had two of eight years with the Raiders where he was above average as a QB. Mostly he was average with, or underperformed, his QBing contemporaries. That’s why the Raiders kept trying to replace him with Pastorini and Wilson. About the kindest thing to say about his ‘late blooming’ was he was no longer required to make all those desperation heaves that caused him to have all those INTS with the Patriots and 49ers.

          Kind of like Jake Plummer when he went to the Broncos. He just din’t have to make as many desperation passes so his INTs dropped though he still managed to lead the NFL in INTs in 2004…

          Gannon did have a good run Oakland. Certainly better than what he did in Minnesota and Kansas City.

          1. Good take on Plunkett. It’s funny every year around HOF voting time when Raider nation gets up in arms about Plunkett not being in the hall. He had a pretty underwhelming and disappointing career with the exception of a couple of seasons. Problem is there are a number of undeserving players in the HOF so every marginal/popular player gets mentioned.

            1. After Plunket was cut by the 49ers, he spent many late afternoons at Borel’s Restaurant in San Mateo where he would drink beer with his rugby buddy who was the bartender (I worked across the street). Most days at Happy Hour he would be sitting in his usual corner spot drinking and chatting. We always believed that it was this period where he had time to reflect and get some input from beer and friends that turned his career around. But then, what did we know?

          2. Plunkett played with one of the worst lines in football. Would not surprise me if he leads the league in sacks/hits. Plunkett was probably a decent QB on a real bad team. The Patriots back in those days were horrible. I love Plunkett but HOF material – nope.

            1. He was a great story no doubt about it. Surprised they haven’t made a movie about him.

        2. Hoyer has familiarity with this system, and his skillset is a great fit. If he’s been throwing his deep balls as good as the reports indicate, it could be that his arm has grown a bit stronger, or he’s honed his throwing motion. It sounds like he’s throwing nice, tight spirals downfield, and that’s always a good sign. Hower will benefit from the fact that, IMO, the 49ers have their best possession WR since Boldin, and best deep threat since Antonio Bryant!

          1. I’m not sold on Hoyer, he is definitely an upgrade over what we had last year but it seems to me, he will need a lot of help. That means play calling to 9th degree, an unreal running game and playmakers able to catch and take it to the house.
            I think the play calling will be exceptional but after that, I don’t see any outstanding playmakers.

            I get the hype around familiarity but at the end of the day, we are still talking about Brian Hoyer, journeymen QB, career back up at best.

            Still cant believe we didn’t address the most important position in football. Not saying Trubisky would have started, cause he wouldn’t in SF and shouldn’t in CHI, but Hoyer, Barkley and a project in CBJ? Come on man!

      2. Not sure I agree with you. Kaepernick was not good but my opinion is he is better than Hoyer. I say that with a caveat, It is possible Hoyer is a better fit for Shanahan’s offense than Kaepernick. Time will tell.

        1. Hoyer is clearly the better fit for Shanny’s system than Kaepernick. Not even close, friend.

          1. I respectfully disagree. Pundits previously wrote that KS likes mobile QBs. All of the present Niner QBs are statues.
            Kaep is clearly superior because he can do bootlegs and controlled rollouts, things that play to his strengths. He has also shown a good aptitude to be able to throw on the run with accuracy.
            Hoyer is going to pull a Gabbert, and bench himself.

              1. Ore, I am heartened to see Kaep get consideration from the Ravens, but just like the rest of the league, their owner is a gutless wonder. This blackballing is another black eye for the league, especially since Kaep is silently and non violently standing up for social justice.
                I hope Jed would show courage, and stand tall. Maybe he could convince me that he really wants to win. Instead, he will cower in his cabana, and count his money, hoping to be rewarded with a high draft position.

              2. Seb just a reminder that you told the blog you had moved on from Kap. Keep your word.

              3. Prime, maybe you should do the same. You promised to leave this site and never come back.

              4. Well I guess then you will keep talking out both sides of your mouth. You say you’ve moved on from Kap but I guess not.

              5. Prime, you, yourself have lamented the fact that the Niners have no QB. I am just speculating on some one who has been in the news.
                I fully expect that Lynch will not be afraid of making moves to improve the team. Hoyer says that he is the starter, but that will be determined in TC and the preseason games.
                Sure am glad he left the door open.

              6. Blah, blah, blah. Its the same old song and dance with you. Just STFU already with your contradictions. You love Kap. You want him to come back to the 49ers. Just stay with that instead of telling the board you’ve moved on.

                You think it “needles me”. Dude, you are a joke to me. I play with you like a puppet. Keep it up.

  26. Grant, you mentioned Hoyer’s low completion percentage was a function of drops. I’m curious who was dropping the ball?

    Nice article btw

  27. All this speculation will be moot if the Niners have not improved the O line. Sure wish they had kept Looney and Fahn Cooper.
    If the O line cannot create holes, the RBs will struggle. If they cannot pass protect, the slow Niner QBs will be bludgeoned. Wonder if Zuttah can stay healthy, and maybe Barnes is the best option. Glad they moved Garnett to LG so he is playing in his natural position. RT is a huge question mark, and if Brown and Gilliam keep giving up sacks, I wonder if Magnuson or Theus may get a chance. Kilgore may beat out Fusco at RG.

    1. I’ve been hearing some good things about Darrell Williams Jr., OT, Western Kentucky. He might be our diamond in the rough. I pray to Walsh, Treadway is able to put on enough weight to be our center of the future….

  28. I feel like our defense will flip flop from last year…. we will be solid against the run, maybe top 17 or so….but we’ll be getting torched through the air….. its going to bite them on the butt this year not picking a CB earlier….maybe we make a trade.

    1. I disagree. With the improvement with the front 7, the pass rush will get to the QB, and that will make the DB’s job a lot easier. Sure am glad to hear Armstead batting down balls. Hope they all rush the QB with a hand in the air to make the QB throw inaccurately.

  29. Couple notes. The Ravens are a prime trading partner having lost another TE. VMac? Cam Newton has a sore shoulder. Maybe the 49ers secondary is safe if they can find a linebacker to stay with McCaffrey and Samuels in the flat and underneath….

    1. Razor, finding a linebacker to cover McCafferey or Samuels is a stretch.

      The 49ers signed the fastest linebacker in this years crop. Donavin Newsom ran a 4.50-second 40-yard dash at the event, which would have ranked him first among all linebackers at the combine (unless you’re considering Michigan hybrid linebacker/defensive back Jabril Peppers a linebacker, in which case Newsom would’ve finished second behind Peppers’ 4.46 time). He’s a sleeper.

      Regardless, the 49ers have the linebackers to cover TE’s, but covering one of these RB/Slot Receivers isn’t going to be the responsibility of a LB unless your talking about a LB/Safety hybrid like Tartt. You simply cannot expect a true ILB to handle quick little RB’s/Slot Receivers in man coverage. The 49ers will likely scheme it with zone coverage, or use a CB or Safety.


  30. Patrick is a size-speed prospect with vertical ability and above average play strength who plays with a competitive spirit. He has an incredible combination of size and speed (4.47 40 at his Pro Day)…

    Guess I’ll pull a Seb here….Shanny’s trolling me. He took my suggestion to heart by signing a Dwight Clark sized WR at 6’4″, but with more speed.

    This sized WR gives the QB confidence during games when he doesn’t have to be so perfect, throwing to midgets. If he’s off his game early this guy can go up and get it.

    Also, the 49ers will be less predictable with a guy who is a legitimate threat to run inside patterns, take a hit from LB’s and safeties on a 3rd and 5, to move the chains….

    1. TrollD,nice try. Many posters on this site have been advocating obtaining a bigger WR, since all of the Niner WRs are not tall. Both you and I speculated that Smelter may have a chance because he was 6′ 2″. Some wanted the Niners to draft a tall WR, and were disappointed they drafted 5′ 8″ Trent Taylor.

  31. The leftist Dan Wetzel wrote on Yahoo today, and I wonder how many of you would disagree with him…

    “An MVP-caliber quarterback could light up Old Glory on the 50-yard line and not miss a snap.”

    I think this assumption is emblematic of the difference between the American media and the American people. For better or worse, the majority of American citizens love this country, and we appreciate the opportunity to come together in spite of our differences and declare our solidarity as Americans. We also use this moment to honor our friends and family who have lost lives and limbs to ensure our survival, and the values we share.

    If a player wants to make himself an outcast to a vital tradition that brings Americans of all races, religions, and creeds together, he would be wise to expect the group to honor his expressed wishes.

    Two more points:
    1. The media’s notion that Kaepernick’s exercise of free speech is an act of patriotism is nonsense. He has made anti-patriotic, anti-law and order (pig socks), and pro-despot (Castro shirt) declarations that are anathema to the widely subscribed American values that give our society its cohesion. NFL games are catalysts for such cohesion, and Kaepernick’s behaviors are incompatible with this objective.
    2. The idea that free speech applies to Kaepernick in a 49er jersey on gameday is nonsense. It would be the same as saying a Wilson employee should be able to write “I detest police violence” on the footballs as they are loaded onto the trucks.

  32. When a quarterback can’t achieve at minimum 10.0% DVOA without pressure, chances are he’s not long for the NFL.

  33. Brett Treadway
    Height: 6-3
    Weight: 249 lbs.

    Probably lose two to the Rams when Aaron Donaldson meets Mr. Treadway, if he’s our starter.

  34. Redman’s competition with K’Waun Williams is one of the better ones in training camp according to Barrows. Doesn’t surprise me, because I mentioned it might be on Grant’s thread, Story Lines heading into training camp:

    Slot Corner – Williams versus Redmond is an intriguing competition to keep an eye on.

  35. Can’t miss TV.

    Blaine Gabbert to start in this Thursdays HOF game (Arizona versus Cowboys).

          1. 276 total comments on this thread and 80 are yours. I sure hope the PD has you on the payroll.
            What a loser. Get a life!

            1. Prime, the poster who needs to get a life is the one who counts how many comments are posted.
              Your life is vacuous, and I pity you.

              1. At least I can count. I also do other things than post from morning to night. Either you are the same d bag as your comments suggest and no one wants any part of you, or you are a lonely soul with nothing better to do.
                Either way, I hope you figure it out and let the blog have a break from having to scroll past multiple, mindless, elementary, rhetoric posts and stupid videos.
                Hence, the name Sebbnoying. Grow up and get a life!

  36. Armstead on his shoulder:

    I’ve been playing forever with it, it really hasn’t, it’s bothered me some but I’ve been good. I didn’t want a setback of surgery, so I was like, I’ve been doing good enough how I am, and then it started popping out and of course you can’t really play like that,” Armstead said. “My shoulder is intact and sound, and it’s not loose, and I know it’s not going to pop out on me, so that helps a lot. And it gives me confidence to use my shoulder in ways it can.”


  37. Assuming Ellington is gone (good riddance), who are the prime candidates for punt returner… assume Taylor is prime candidate? Who else is on the list?

  38. I am most heartened by the play of Mitchell. If he can clog the middle, and Buckner takes on double teams, Both Armstead and King Solomon can rack up the sacks.
    A player who seems to be under the radar, but may prove critical, is Ray Ray Armstrong. He might be that Kam Chancellor type, who makes the defense a hybrid system, where they can quickly morph from one system to the other.
    K’wan Williams may still be having those ankle issues, so I hope Redmond can shine.
    I am not too worried about the secondary. I am more worried about the O line. I wonder if they may consider having Dontae Johnson play the FS spot, and let Ward go back to CB.
    Wonder if Bibbs is out of the dog house.

  39. Lost our version of Bill Walsh here at Notre Dame. Ara Parseghian has passed away.

  40. Hey Grant just because the Niners had a day off does not mean you get one!! Come on man lets get to cranking out these articles, you had all off season to get rested for the onslaught of the new season. :)

  41. Hightower got the first team reps on Monday. That means he is doing well, and the coaches want to see him practice with players he is likely to play with.
    Sounds like KS is going for the RB by committee approach. Still think Hyde will be the starter. However, with his tendency to get injured, it sure is nice to see good depth at RB. Even if the Niners want to move on from Hyde, they should showcase his talents, and wait until another team has a desperate need for a RB. Then they might get a second round pick for him, although I hope he stays as a Niner and gains 1000 yards.
    Interesting to note that Lorenzo Jerome got the first team reps, over Sunseri and Don Jones. Hope he can take advantage of his situation.
    I wonder which RB will be the best at blitz pickup, and which receiver can make those red zone catches.

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