49ers training camp report: George Kittle is Brian Hoyer’s favorite target



Here’s what stood out to me during practice Friday morning.


1. TE George Kittle. Starting quarterback Brian Hoyer threw more passes (five) to Kittle than to any other player. Kittle seems to be Hoyer’s favorite target, probably because none of the Niners linebackers can cover the rookie tight end. During seven-on-seven drills, Kittle easily beat starting middle linebacker NaVorro Bowman with an out route. Kittle even beat a safety (Jaquiski Tartt) during the same drill. After practice, a reporter asked starting outside linebacker Malcolm Smith which tight end has stood out. Smith said, “Kittle has done a good job. He has shown a little bit of elusiveness.” Expect Kittle to be one of the Niners’ leading receivers this season.

2. FB Kyle Juszczyk. Juszczyk is the starting fullback, but he spends most of his time warming up with the tight ends. That’s because he runs a wide variety of routes, as opposed to the other running backs who typically run shallow routes near the line of scrimmage. Today, Juszczyk ran a deep post route during 11-on-11s and nearly caught a poorly-thrown pass he had to dive for.

3. RB Joe Williams. Williams had the best run of the day. He found a small hole between the tackles, burst through the middle of the defense and high-stepped past free safety Lorenzo Jerome on the way to the end zone. It’s only a matter of time before Williams becomes the starting running back.

4. QB Brian Hoyer. Hoyer made two beautiful throws toward the sideline. Both times, he lofted long touch passes over the head of one defender and in front of another. These are the kind of small-window touch passes Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert could not make.

5. WR Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin made the most difficult catch of the day. He ran a deep curl route and dove back toward the ball to catch it between two defenders. He clearly is the second-best wide receiver on the team after Pierre Garcon.

6. WR DeAndre Smelter. Smelter made the second-most difficult catch of the day. He ran a deep fade route along the right sideline, then slowed down to catch a long pass that was slightly underthrown while the cornerback ran past him.

7. C Jeremy Zuttah. Zuttah split time at center with the incumbent starter, Daniel Kilgore, and completely outshined him. Expect Zuttah to become the starting center by Week 1. He is much more athletic and better suited for Kyle Shanahan’s offense than Kilgore.

8. OG Joshua Garnett. Garnett was the starting right guard as a rookie last season. Today, he became the starting left guard, where I think he’ll stay this season. It makes sense to have the team’s best guard play on the left side of the offensive line because Shanahan likes to call runs that go that direction. Brandon Fusco will play right guard and Zane Beadles will be a backup.

9. OT Trent Brown. Brown seems to have lost weight since the end of minicamp, and he is taking all of the first-team reps at right tackle. He is not competing with anyone for playing time.

10. DE Elvis Dumervil. Dumervil participated in his first practice since signing with the 49ers and played exclusively with the starters. It seems the Niners intend to use him and Ahmad Brooks as the defensive ends on third down.

11. DE Solomon Thomas. The Niners’ first-round pick signed his contract just as practice began. But before he could join the team, he needed to complete his conditioning test, so he spent all morning jogging back and forth across a side field. He’s in excellent shape.

12. OLB Eli Harold. The Niners don’t want to overwork veteran outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks during training camp, so they had him split time with Eli Harold. And Harold made a great play. He read the quarterback’s eyes and swatted his pass into the hands of defensive end Ronald Blair, who intercepted the ball and returned it for a touchdown. Harold seems to have a good chance to make the final roster, considering how much he has played with the starters.

13. SS Eric Reid. Reid is the only player on the defense who can cover Kittle, the rookie tight end. On one play, Kittle lined up at wide receiver while Reid lined up directly across from him. Kittle ran a quick out route but couldn’t shake Reid, who jumped in front of the tight end and knocked the ball away.


1. RB Carlos Hyde. Hyde is the slimmest he’s been since the Niners drafted him – he seems to be in terrific shape. Maybe that’s because he has to fight for his starting job for the first time since the Niners made him a starter in 2015. But he didn’t fight so well today, because he fumbled once. The quarterback pitched him the ball and he dropped it.

2. DE Aaron Lynch. Lynch played exclusively with the backups, just as he did during minicamp and OTAs. He seems to have lost a little weight – he looks lighter than 280 pounds. But he also looks heavier than Solomon Thomas, who says he weighs 276 pounds. I’m guessing Lynch will not make the team.

3. ILB NaVorro Bowman. Bowman is hesitant to plant and drive when he’s playing man-to-man coverage, so he gives up big-time separation. Today, he got burned by George Kittle, who ran a simple out route. Bowman looked as if he was stuck in mud. If Bowman wins a starting job during the preseason – no guarantee – I imagine the Niners would not use him during passing downs. They probably would platoon him with someone who’s better in coverage.

4. ILB Reuben Foster. The rookie first-round pick played with the backups and made a nice play when he intercepted a pass that was tipped right to him. But he also made a mistake when he fell for a run fake and had to scramble back across the field to chase wide receiver DeAndre Carter, who was wide open.

5. FS Jaquiski Tartt. Tartt played free safety in place of Jimmie Ward, who pulled his hamstring Thursday afternoon during his conditioning test. Tartt seemed lost in the deep middle of the field – free safety is not his natural position. He frequently broke a second too late on passes in his direction.

6. CB Dontae Johnson. Johnson was one of the two starting cornerbacks when practices began, but he injured his leg during team drills. The Niners can’t afford to lose any corners – that’s one of their weakest positions.

7. WR B.J. Johnson. The undrafted free agent injured his left knee during a non-contact drill.

8. QB C.J. Beathard. The Niners third-round pick completed only three passes all morning. A couple of his passes bounced in front of receivers, and he struggled throwing spirals. Beathard does not have the arm strength to ever become a starting quarterback.

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  1. Thanks for this Grant. Good to see the “Good” list filled up, didn’t know it went all the way to 12.

      1. Other reports say that Hyde had a solid day of practice with a couple of really nice runs. Yet you focus on the fumble. Could this be your Joe Williams bias?

      2. Grant,

        You’ve covered the niners for quite some time. You’ve written several articles similar to this one. Have you ever gone back and verified if you were right on your predictions? It would be neat to see article where you compared day 1 training camp of, say, 2014 or 13..


        1. I think Grant predicted 5 wins last season, and many were thinking 10 wins and a shot at the playoffs. Sounds like Grant was more correct that most of the posters on this site, because many were so happy Tomsula was gone, and thought Chip could replicate what he did in Philly by taking a 4 win team and getting the Eagles in the playoffs.

  2. ‘Beathard does not have the arm strength to ever become a starting quarterback.’


      1. Like never ever after one practice?

        A question for anyone but Sebrazor, is 276 light for Solomon Thomas, a defensive tackle?

    1. Interesting Grant would say something like that because Bethard actually has an average arm and throws at 55MPH. That velocity happens to be within the NFL sweet spot. Dak Prescott came in at 54. Cam Newton at 56. Joe Flacco is a 55MPH guy. Same with Jameis Winston and Russell Wilson. Garoppolo is 56. It’s almost like Grant’s just pulling things out of the nether-sphere…

      Personally, I expect nerves. Today was the first ‘for real’ day. But if you, or anyone else, has any doubts to his athleticism or arm strength:


      That easily proves Grant wrong. Especially right around the 1:20 mark where he launches from the 10 and hits the WR, in stride, on the opponents 37. That’s 53 yards and dropped on a dime. And he has more than that big bomb in those highlights. He has another that was about 57 air yards en route to an 80-yard bomb for a TD.

      The kid’s arm is fine. Whether he makes in the NFL will be decided on other factors.

        1. It’s a little premature to label CJB the way you did Grant.

          It’s a little early to say he will never be a starter. I’d think nerves played a huge part in his play today.

        2. Of course. But the problem is you ‘experts’ are routinely wrong. For example, some noteables (ESPN) record predictions from last year:

          Cowboys – 13-3, not 9-7. +4 wins
          Giants – 11-5, not 8-8 +3 wins
          Packers – 10-6, not 13-3 -3 wins
          Bears – 3-13, not 9-7 -6 wins
          Falcons – 11-5, not 7-9 +4 wins
          Panthers – 6-10, not 12-4 -6 wins
          Cardinals – 7-8-1, not 13-3 -5.5 wins
          Rams – 4-12, not 8-8 -4 wins

          And so it goes. Which is why I never take pre-season predictions seriously. They’re a joke, no matter how may ‘experts’ get together to come up with them.

          Nor do I take ‘training camp observations’ with more than a grain of salt. Some of the press are pure pollyannas (Maiocco). Others are negative Nancys (Kawakami, Ratto). Others, as Bill Walsh pointed out years ago, have agendas and seek to push them (you).

          But, in the end, I’ll take the radar gun over you 100% of the time. It’s not even personal. You, like all humans, are incapable of telling the difference between someone throwing a 55MPH or 57MPH. And what you see, as with all humans, is filtered through your cognitive biases and incredibly limited senses.

            1. Point being…?

              If we’re playing the good old compare game, Joe Montana had a weaker arm than Dan Marino and John Elway. But guess who won those Super Bowl games.

              Beyond a certain minimum point, arm strength is a helluva lot less important metric for a QB than intangibles. While nobody is quite ready to crown Kyle Shanahan the greatest head coach or quarterback guru of all time, it’s pretty clear he saw many things he liked in Beathard, and at this juncture at least, his judgment carries more weight than that of “beat writers.”

              But face it, nobody knows squat after one friendly practice session in shorts and jerseys. Prognosticating on the arc of Beathard’s career at this stage is just fanboidom, sour grapes, or journalistic narcissism. Things will be a lot clearer in three or four years, and much less so before then.

  3. Not to be a dick but you do seem to have an agenda , while everyone praises Hyde you continue to bring him down. Can’t wait for him to shove it right back at you when he balls out this year

          1. I would also like to point out grant cohn’s brilliant bias. Has anyone else noticed that the players grant has liked aka kittle and Joe Williams are always on the good and the players he has been against such as hyde and bowman are on the bad. This is why I read grant cohn for humor rather than for news on my favorite team. I thoroughly enjoy how the 49ers are brilliant only when they do what grant cohn says.

            1. I noticed that too more and more. Grant has his favorites and his dogs so to speak and every article the guys he thinks fit the scheme are terrific and the guys that don’t are garbage. Everyone else thinks Hyde looked good and played hard but because Grant doesn’t think he fits the system he will always find something to rip on. Yes a fumble is bad but I bet if Joe Williams fumbled the narrative would be “besides the fumble Williams looked great”
              I respect the fact that he takes a stance on guys and sticks with it and if he is wrong he is wrong. At least he took a stance, but you can’t read his articles now for unbiased assessments.

              1. I respect grants views & opinions as a writer based on the fact that he’s being true to himself. Not everyone can praise my miners all the time. You have to take the good with the bad, & if you can’t handle his oppinion , you shouldn’t read his articles. I too have often felt as though he is too negative at times when reporting on my niners but again not everyone can be positive Polly all the time. Give the guy a break, at least he has the guts to speak his mind & offer his true opinions without being a kiss ass. Good for you grant, haven’t always been a fan, but enjoy your articles just the same. Keep voicing your opinions, & please don’t give up your day job. I unlike others can take the good with the bad.

      1. How can you praise a fumble?

        The same way you can praise jogging back and forth on a side field?

              1. Yes, but that’s a very Tee Ball “good”. Pretty much everyone else on the team should be on the Good List for showing up and being in shape.

              2. Where is Vance? Do you still expect Vance McDonald to be waived before the season starts? Seems you’ve been saying that for several seasons now. I notice he didn’t show up on “The Not So Good List.” Did Vance just have a merely average day?

            1. Yeah, I thought so too. That must have been one hell of a charismatic jog to make it into the normally difficult “Good” section.

              1. It is good because he did not hold out like Bosa.
                Since he worked out with Michael Bennet, he should be in fantastic shape.

      2. Grant,
        I have no problem with not “praising” Hyde’ fumble, but are you going to be just as quick to point out mistakes made by Joe Williams?
        I don’t care about training camp crushes (we all have them), but I do expect reporters to be balanced and fair.

        1. Grant has always enjoyed trying to predict story lines and this is no different. He got it in his head at some point that Hyde could only play in a certain system and wasn’t a fit for this one. Until he is proven wrong, which I believe he will be pretty quickly, he will continue on with it because that is who he is. I don’t mind it because at least he’s not sitting on a fence trying to give himself a chance to be right no matter how things turn out, but it does lead to him being wrong an awful lot. Good thing he has thick skin.

        2. Case in point:
          “ILB Rueben Foster. The rookie first-round pick played with the backups and made a nice play when he intercepted a pass that was tipped right to him. But he also made a mistake when he fell for a run fake and had to scramble back across the field to chase wide receiver DeAndre Carter, who was wide open.”

          A more balanced report in describing Foster’ practice yesterday, should have added that he turned the INT into a touchdown. Seems like a “miss” in detail.

      3. Grant,
        Was Williams’ TD against the 1st team defense?
        Also, stepping away from UDFA Lorenzo Jerome for a TD just doesn’t carry much luster for me.
        Now if Williams is better than Hyde we all benefit as 49er fans, but trying to crown him after one (the first) practice seems a little on the over exuberant side.

  4. Instincts was my main concern with Foster. I didn’t expect Tartt to be able to handle FS. Harold and Smelter are pleasant surprises. Any Redmond news, Grant?

      1. Grant, Does Smelter have a good shot at making the 53? This is his final year and he is our only big bodied Wr.

      2. Matt barrow of the sac bee said Redmond looked good today, we may have more cab depth than we thought!

      1. Maybe you should enlighten us about what you think about how the play action would work on this team.

        1. QB yells “play action!” just prior to the snap. RB yells back “roger!”


      He’s listed at under 230 pounds, but he sure doesn’t look like it on tape. Foster is a punishing tackler with a well-built frame that he puts to good use on a regular basis. He can deliver the big hit when necessary, but rarely sacrifices proper technique, making missed tackles extremely rare. Foster’s physicality is nicely balanced with his instincts and athleticism. He has the range to make plays from sideline to sideline, running down ball-carriers on the edge and hanging with tight ends and running backs in coverage. His awareness and ability to sniff out plays before they develop make him a frequent visitor to opposing backfields.

      1. Instincts are just average. Overly reliant on speed and athleticism over instincts and feel. Can be a tick slow to respond to play-action. Inconsistent defeating blocks. Too eager to take on everyone at the point of attack. Gets shoulder covered up firing into incoming blockers. Needs to improve stack and shed technique to keep himself clean. Will drop his head at times as tackler. Poor tackling technique led to “stinger” issues early in his career.

        Lance Zierlein

        1. Wow, what a dud. They sure don’t make Butkus Award recipients like they used to.

              1. Actually, I think it was the same one who told you Solly was contemplating retirement.

            1. edit: This was supposed to end up at the bottom of the posts

              11. DE Solomon Thomas. The Niners’ first-round pick signed his contract just as practice began. But before he could join the team, he needed to complete his conditioning test, so he spent all morning jogging back and forth across a side field. He’s in excellent shape.

              Ok, I’m glad he’s in the fold now, but “jogging back and forth across a side field” rates a “good” mention in Grant world?

        2. There are many scouting reports on Foster. Strength and weakness summaries vary, although he was rated rather highly across the board. It will be fun to check in on Foster’s production five years from now–as boring and tedious as that would be. I believe the 9ers LB coach is rather competent, so Foster has quality coaching available to improve.

          I’m happy Reuben a 9er, along with Thomas. Looking ahead to an entertaining preseason and beyond.

        3. Razor,
          This reporter did not add one positive in Foster’ game. Maybe he should have gone undrafted (lol).

          1. Lance Zierlein

            Alpha mentality with ferocious hitting style that puts offensive skill positions on alert. Outstanding athlete with springy, reactive feet. Lost 15 pounds in off-season, which gave him more speed and explosiveness. Loose hips and long stride allows him to open and chase immediately. Has elite sideline-to-sideline range. Tough as nails. Brings swagger to a linebacking corps. Never passive and always means it. Willing to take his shots downhill and into gaps. Lands strong warning blows on climbing guards early in the game. Coverage ability is an asset. Logged 10 passes defensed in 2015. Can carry long speed against running backs on wheel routes and nine routes. Has worked to improve tackling technique, which has yielded higher success rate of finishes.

            Has Pro Bowl potential as a 3-4 inside linebacker or a 4-3 weak-side linebacker, but concerns over his medical history could be a consideration, according to some teams.

            1. Razor,
              Nice “full” report by Lance – looks like Foster deserved to be drafted after all (lol).

    2. Smelter is living up to his potential as a physical receiver although he I read in another report he dropped a pass or two. He could make the team. He’s got an uphill battle though to beat out Robinson and possibly Kerley. Maybe they go with six WRs and he’s WR #6.

      1. Smelter probably only dropped passes that weak-armed Beathard threw, which supports Grant’s verdicts about both players. Of course weak-armed Beathard flipped the ball that Hyde “fumbled” because it was at his ankles, so they both suck and should be let go.

      2. CLS,
        I wouldn’t count out Burbridge either. The guy reminds me of former NYGiants and 49ers WR Mario Manningham. He is a sideline catching wizard.
        If Hoyer can make the nice sideline touch pass Burbridge has a chance to make the team.

        1. I think Ellington would out compete both Smelter and Burbridge.
          Granted, he has to stay healthy, first.

          1. Seb,
            This is a make or break year (training camp) for Ellington. Elli may beat out Smelter and Burbridge, but I think he gets beat out by Trent Taylor.
            Taylor is a small terror on the field.
            He plays with an active motor on every snap and is a fierce competitor.
            My guess (and only a guess) is that Elli doesn’t make the 53 man squad.

    3. When I have watched fosters highlights I see he can snuff the run but his passing defense isn’t close at all.

  5. How the hell is corner our weakest position when we’ve drafted more corners than any other team in the last three years?

    1. 1. They lost one starter due to a domestic violence complaint.
      2. Another CB is on the All-ACL team.
      3. A third has never lived up to his hype and may not have the instincts or fluidity to start in the NFL.
      4. All indications are that Weatherspoon will be regarded as Lynch’s first bust.
      5. They do appear to have one pretty good CB, but…
      6. …the overall weakness of the defensive backfield will force the Niners to play in nickel and dime against any teams with a decent passing attack, negating the defensive scheme Saleh and Shanahan would prefer to play.

      1. There are zero indications that Witherspoon will be a bust or a successful player. Calling it now, after ONE DAY of practice (not even in pads!!!!) is laughable.

        Also, you’re missing K’Waun Williams. He was an outstanding NB for the Browns before he got hurt and the Browns cut him because they thought he malingering.

        1. I know, coming to any conclusions after one day of practice is ludicrous, and in fact I pointed that out to Mr. Cohn up above. And perhaps it’s just a consequence of the somewhat unfortunate image Witherspoon projected on YouTube, but I fear he has no heart for football, and he’ll just use his college dossier and physical potential to make the team, but avoid playing/contact so as to not get hurt, collect his year or two of salary as a nest egg, and then quit to go to med school or wherever his dreams take him after a truncated Niners career.

          I’ll tell you one thing, though, after seeing lots of his highlight tape: he’d make a HELLUVA flag football player!

          Thanks for the reminder on Williams. I sure hope he steps up, because the Niners need SOMEONE to in the worst way.

  6. So Hyde stinks, Lynch is too fat and Bowman too slow! Nice that you haven’t abandoned your narrative yet Grant. Oh, almost forgot, Foster is too dumb and CJB is too weak!

    I don’t know why Solomon is included except as contrast for Lynch!

    1. We could take Foster’s miscue on the play action as a brilliantly executed play action–a kudo for the offense (who was the responsible QB?).

  7. Grant how did Armstead look? Very curious if he will be as dominant as he was last year in TC.

  8. I think Grant’s reports are colored by his obvious hard-one for Hyde and Bowman. Recall that if he is correct, Bowman will be cut and Hyde either cut or traded for no better than a mid-round draft pick. We all read more than one blog and this is the only one I read that disses Hyde for his day-one action. It will be interesting when the final 53 man roster is final to see how accurate his projections for those two and others pan out. Thus far he seems to be emulating the Lone Ranger.

    1. Peter, true that! But, let’s not forget his annual disdain and disgust over Vance McDonald, who didn’t show up on either list today. Wonder what that’s about! In any case, it’s all but guaranteed that Vance makes the team again. He’s fast than the others, stronger, does everything his coaches ask of him, and he can catches from QBs not named Colin Kaepernick. Everybody dropped Kap’s touchless passes.

    2. Right. Mr. Cohn was the Lone Ranger with regard to A. Lynch’s overweight at OTAs. But, later, everybody agreed he was overweight. Somehow, I trust Mr. Cohn the most.

  9. Nice work Grant. I’ll start with the good.

    1 Is Kittle that good (he had some drops) or is our defense in the middle of the field lacking again?
    2 Juice is the man and maybe the best “TE” on the team.
    3 Good for Joe. Did he have any catches? Hyde looked good too.
    4 Looks like camp Hoyer paid off.
    5 Good to hear that Goodwin could be more than just a speedster.
    6 Good, but he won’t make the team.
    7, 8, and 9 Let’s get the starting 5 together for chemistry.
    10 Elvis lives!
    11 All is forgiven, get to work.
    12 Depth is good.
    13 So Reid can do something, nice.

          1. I seem to recall Delany was your whipping boy until he left. He caught passes from Alex Smith okay, once for a last second TD to win against Detroit. But, then, Kaepernick took over at QB.

      1. Delanie Walker when he was a perennial disappointment with the Niners? Or later, when he turned into a pretty good player for the Titans?

    1. Smelter makes the team. Book it. It’s starting to click for him, but most importantly he can block like the Hulk. Shanahan’s scheme requires good run blocking on the perimeter. Most physical WR on the team. He’s a lock.

  10. The not so good.

    1 Was Hyde a factor in the passing game?
    2 Not expecting much from Lynch.
    3 Bow has struggled in coverage for a while, nothing new.
    4 Eager beaver bit on a play on his first day. I doubt this becomes a trend.
    5 No surprise here. Tartt is no good.
    6 What about Witherspoon?
    7 Who? Just kidding, but he won’t make the team.
    8 Harsh, but probably true.

      1. Never makes, or didn’t make? A rather big difference between those two statements, and in some ways a difference that seems to represent the way your articles read at times: Things that are opinion and/or based on very small sample sizes are presented as facts. See “…Beetles will be a backup”. Opinion, not fact.

  11. Other reports say that Kittle dropped multiple balls ….. I’m starting to believe what everyone says about Grant ….

      1. Other reports also said Foster looked good but Grant doesn’t like him so…

      1. Thank God training camp is starting so we can talk about what is happening on the field.

    1. ESPN:

      49ers rookie report from first day of camp: LB Reuben Foster worked mostly at WIL linebacker and came up with an interception off a deflection during seven-on-seven drills. Coach Kyle Shanahan called it a “good first day” for Foster, who just returned from shoulder rehab. Also, TE George Kittle continues to get work with the first-team offense and bounced back after an early drop with a pair of contested catches in short order.

  12. Had to sneak in a jab at Kaep, Hoyers making throws #7 could never make……..reminds me when Grant was pimpn Gabs last year. Then we saw with our own eyes what our brains already knew, Blaine was a joke…..just like the Hoyer story will unfold. Beyond frustrated that we enter this new season with no qb, while Kaep can’t even get a try out. Get real.

    1. Reed, I expect it will unfold just like Gabbert last season. Hoyer will bench himself, or maybe even be out competed by Barkley.

      1. At least Gabbert is still in the league. Where is the storm?

        Hoyer is the starter. I support him 100%. If Barks get his chance, same thing.

        The difference is those guy are good teammates. They study and work at being good QB’s.
        Kaepernick is a one system, and one system only QB.
        The one coordinator who had success with him, (Greg Roman)doesn’t want him. Cause he’s a cancer.
        The Ravens lose their starter and still didn’t consider old wind up.
        That says it all. But Seb, I love hearing the excuses. So, let’s see who is to blame today….

        1. Yup, the Len Eshmont winner is a cancer. That is why I think you have so little football knowledge.
          Like the Seahawks, the Ravens have cap considerations, so Kaep was not selected over an Arena league player at the minimum.
          Prime, you thought the Niners were going to draft Trubisky, even though they had huge needs on defense. You even stated that the Niners have no QB, and wondered who they should get to improve the team. Too bad you let your emotions and prejudices cloud your judgement, and willfully reject the superior QB. Meanwhile, you hated the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers and rejoiced when the Niners lost because you hated him so much.
          IF Hoyer is the starter, I will root for him to lead the team to victory, just like I did with Gabbert last year. However, he may pull a Gabbert, and bench himself.
          All I want is for the Niners to select the QB who gives them the BEST chance to win.

          1. This thing started with you and I over our opinions on Kaepernick.
            I think I was right all along about the guy based on his play, his attitude and now his unemployment.
            I guess you could use multiple excuses and innuendos Seb, but in the end, I was right about Kap and you are still making excuses.
            You want keep doing this, sounds good.
            Remember a storm is coming

          2. Sebbie — “All I want is for the Niners to select the QB who gives them the BEST chance to win.” I suspect Shanahan will do just that, don’t you? Not necessarily who you would select, but who he would select.

          3. Sebs—-

            I have also heard that the planet Venus has it in for kap………….a planet that is a known hater…….

          4. You would have us believe that these teams are incapable of moving things around to pick up an Aaron Rodgers?

      2. Kap…..can not………..consistently………hit………the open……….man.

  13. How you have a job I will never know. You are as predictable as Trump is at one of his rallies.

    Even before I opened your article I knew you would setuo Bowman for the Not Good in your opening paragraph.

    You routinely pick one play out of practice and throw guys on your not good list.

    Go ahead right now and put togther your 53. Watch how far off you are come actual cut down day.

  14. In other reports, Kittle dropped some easy passes. They also said that Hyde looked very elusive and still ran hard. They said he broke off a few long runs. I’d bet he’s also the best pass protector than the rest of the RBs on the roster.

  15. Ward’s fragility is why my win predictions are lower then almost everyone else’s. Tartt is starting to sound like Taylor Mays.

  16. Hey grant excellent write up!

    Just curious. Have they put pads on yet? If not when do they put the pads on?

  17. You guys crack me up. Going after GC cause Bowman will never be the same player and you hate being told that.

    GTFO it. He’s done.

    1. Ya okay man pads are not even on yet. But nice try. Thank god the NFL is played in T Shirts and shorts.

    2. We’ve heard this song and dance before from Grant before. *cough*Frank Gore*cough*

    3. He’s not the same player but he’s not done. The disparity in the “quality” of defense last year before and after his achilles injury, i.e. with and without Bow, was apparent. It’s definitely one thing to say he is not the same player, it’s entirely something else (bogus) to say that his presence on the field does not improve the team

    1. I beg to differ. Grant is just reporting what he sees.
      It really is hard to anoint a 3rd string player as all pro with an interception that bounced off the receiver’s hand.
      I like hearing about the good and the bad, MM may be too Pollyanish for me.

      1. Seb – I don’t think anyone is anointing Foster as an all pro. But, he is showing signs. Some have it, some don’t.

        1. Lets see how he does with the first string, and if his shoulder can hold up when they put on the pads.
          But yes, I am encouraged so far.

      2. Seb,
        Yes and no. He is reporting what he sees, but leaving out details when he finds it convenient.
        1. Did Williams score his TD against the 1st team defense?
        2. Did Hyde do anything well in practice or are we led to believe that his fumble accounted for the his entire practice?
        3. Grant saw Foster’ INT, but he left out that Foster ran it in for a TD.
        Yup, Grant is reporting what sees with a smattering of an agenda.

        1. On item 3, Grant acknowledged later in the day (after a little prodding) that Foster’s bite on play action was due to a well executed fake–otherwise, we were left to believe Foster just wildly bit on any old fake and lost track of a receiver (who ended up dropping the ball). Initially, all we had was that Foster bit and was out of position.

          Good news was the fake was well executed. We need that.

    2. So ur saying what Grant writes is accurate? But what other best writers write is biased? Now who is being biased? Just open your mouth and say u love being on your knees for Grant. It will be much easier. You and all these other jock holders. If u like the man’s writing, it’s fine, but don’t discredit others as to having agendas when they say they like guys that grant doesn’t. Speaking of agendas,read Grant’s articles, they are full of them. #hatersgonnahate

      1. While I have defended Grant against the mindless screeds, I also have given him constructive criticism. I am glad to hear him stop uttering ‘uh’ in his last few interviews.
        Agenda? Like you are having by dissing Grant on his own blog site? I see the hate and screeds oozing from some of the other sites, NN especially.
        Yup, haters gonna hate.

        1. Sebs gonna Seb…

          I’m confident Grant looks forward to your constructive criticism. He want’s so badly to improve and you’re the one who can get him there. Go Seb!

          1. Grant certainly does not need me as the only one to help him improve. He has his father to help him.
            Just like you, you have your daddy to help you impro….. umm, never mind.

  18. 8. QB C.J. Beathard. The Niners third-round pick completed only three passes all morning. A couple of his passes bounced in front of receivers, and he struggled throwing spirals. Beathard does not have the arm strength to ever become a starting quarterback.
    Wonder if Lynch’s arm is still sore from that reach. Who’s call was it on Beathard btw?

          1. Seriously, we’re talking full dislocation with multiple tears.

          2. My biggest fear is that Beathard is the litmus indicator for the overall quality of the draft in general.

              1. I like Williams too. I also think Trent Taylor could end up being a good pick but we’ll need a better QB to take advantage of him.

                Doesn’t surprise me one bit that the TE is Hoyer’s favorite target.

              2. Did Williams catch a single pass today? Did they even bother throwing anything his way? And for that matter, did Breida catch any passes that you saw?

            1. No, the defensive talent was stellar in this last draft. Only the RBs and TEs were deep on the offensive side last draft.

      1. CJ Beathard, Iowa, 55 (Left), 52 (Right) velocity mph. Minimum but within target area if he can strengthen his arm even slightly.

  19. 3. RB Joe Williams. Williams had the best run of the day. He found a small hole between the tackles, burst through the middle of the defense and high-stepped past free safety Lorenzo Jerome on the way to the end zone. It’s only a matter of time before Williams becomes the starting running back.
    Yea, weeks.

  20. 6. CB Dontae Johnson. Johnson was one of the two starting cornerbacks when practices began, but he injured his leg during team drills. The Niners can’t afford to lose any corners – that’s one of their weakest positions.
    Dang. Really have high hopes for him but he’s got to be on the field.

      1. You just can’t let that go can you? Learn to love Thomas already, he’s not going anywhere. ;)

      2. I agree. In hindsight, Adams would have solved a lot of what will clearly be problems for the Niners this year.

          1. I only disagree with the “diva” facetiousness. Wisdom pervaded the rest of your comment. :)

            Don’t get me wrong: I think Solomon is a good player, and I really like his attitude and intelligence. But I also think that Adams’s tangibles and intangibles as a safety come along only once every four or five years, and the back 4 on defense are a lot weaker than the front 7. But I can understand why the Niners chose Solomon when they couldn’t trade down again, and of course they didn’t know they’d be getting Foster later in the round.

            Speaking of which, would appreciate your guess: in 5 years — and if the Niners extend Buckner and maybe Armstead — do you think Solomon or Foster will be considered the more valuable defensive player on the team?

            1. … the back 4 on defense are a lot weaker than the front 7.

              The 49ers defense set franchise records in rushing yards allowed in a season, yards allowed in a season, and points allowed in a season. The front 7 is mostly responsible, not the back 4. Adams would have done little to stop that kind of bleeding, and Reid/Tartt are serviceable. Armstead is returning from injury, and is weak against the run. Lynch chose wisely. I believe King Solomon will achieve All Pro status. I believe Foster can too if he keeps his nose clean when he’s not on the field….

              1. “. I believe King Solomon will achieve All Pro status”

                Wow this kid is something special already.
                These infatuations you have are that of a teen aged girl. So cute!

              2. You’ve used that insult before. Try again or humour me better.
                You are lacking originality

      3. That is what Patrick “Pecan” Conor of knbr kept saying yesterday. He thought Adams would help more and be a better pro. I half expected you to call in and say he was full of crap and the “king” will have a great year and lynch knows what he is doing, I then rembered you live out of state but you’ll be listening or steaming on I heart radio. Hope you are right razor about the king as he had no bigger fan than you during draft time!

          1. They do have an edit feature. Just click on the recent posts section and it will pop up.

  21. 4. ILB Rueben Foster. The rookie first-round pick played with the backups and made a nice play when he intercepted a pass that was tipped right to him. But he also made a mistake when he fell for a run fake and had to scramble back across the field to chase wide receiver DeAndre Carter, who was wide open.
    Was the pass completed to Carter?

          1. Grant. The quality of the play action on the Foster matter–was the fake well executed or not?

              1. Good to know. If Foster bit on a poorly run fake I’d be a bit more concerned. But then, it’s only day one.


          2. Foster moves so quick that Carter literally felt the heat of him coming and it affected his concentration.

            1. Foster is so ferocious, players don’t want to make him angry so they drop passes on purpose.

              1. Foster = John Shaft (the Samuel L. Jackson incarnation). Check the youtube clips.

    1. And a related question…was the run fake executed well?

      Grant gave us some info, but not enough to get a better picture for the play. Since Shanahan gets credit for fine tuning play action and running it well, would be interesting to know if the fake was well executed–which changes the evaluation of Foster. If the fake was shoddy and Foster fell for it, that’s one thing. If the fake was brilliantly executed, hmm…

  22. Thanks Grant. That’s a pretty nice and long list of goods. Lets hope that continues.

    How did Buckner look? I keep reading that he has worked a lot on his technique and hand usage – was that evident? And who are the two DTs in nickel? I assume Buckner is one, but who is next to him atm?

    1. Good question. I’m super curious to see where they end up using ST. All this conjecture and suggestions but when rubber meets the road where does he end up?

    2. Buckner looks very good. I’ll keep a closer eye on his hand usage.

      Do you watch Wentworth?

      1. Haven’t watched it but really should. Not just because it is Australian – have heard it is good.

        Another Aussie production I have watched and can recommend is the Jack Irish series. Three movies + a six episode mini-series. Very good.

  23. Good article, keep them coming! Can’t wait to see the difference with pads on though.

  24. Interesting. RBs make big runs, but that means the defense is not stopping the run. Players get interceptions, but that means the QBs are throwing picks.
    Armstead makes a sack, but that means the O line is porous. Hoyer throws into a tight window, but that means the DBs are struggling.
    For every good thing, the bad comes along, too. Hard to derive too much from one practice. Wonder how they will look in pads.

    1. Agree … “Hard to derive too much from one practice.”

      Day One. Extremely small sample size under conditions evolving by the hour.

  25. Steelers fan here checking on CJ Beathard because I’m a Hawkeyes fan. He’ll never be a starter huh? We’ll see about that. This has got to be one of the worst articles I’ve read from a so called sports writer. These guys are just starting camp, many of them have never played together and are still adjusting to the pro game vs college and you’re writing an article about who did well, and who didn’t do well? It’s a little early in camp for that. You should head over to Steelers Depot and read their Training Camp Diaries, they break down these practices but constantly point out that it’s early in camp, guys aren’t wearing pads yet, and the rookies in particular are still learning the game.

    Also it’s pretty apparent that you haven’t watched film on Beathard. He’s a gunslinger, he’s actually got an underrated arm. Cite your so called scouts all you like. What did the scouts say about Tom Brady when he was being drafted out of Michigan? Probably said he didn’t have much of an arm, wasn’t going to be anything but a backup at best…

    I think Beathard is going to open some eyes, give the kid a chance. He’s out there trying to learn the playbook, adjusting to NFL speed, and developing chemistry with his teammates. Not everyone comes in and is successful in their first season, for QBs in particular their first season is usually a struggle.

    1. Hey Iowa… Like most sports blogs, we have our share of trigger finger experts here–we have our agendas, our fears, our hate, our insecurities, our tunnel vision, and very short memories. A few among us would be the first on a lifeboat dressed as children if given the chance. Having said all that, we also have some rational folks with perspective, knowledge, humility, and a hint of decorum.

      Grant, our host, can be all over the board–uncommonly insightful and succinct at times, and arrogant and sharply judgmental on occasion. As others point out, blending Grant’s material with that of other media sources gives a rich picture of the 9er universe. Grant does deserve thanks for making this blog happen.

      Thanks for contributing!

    2. Iowa, if CJB was such a lock, why was he rated 215 before the draft?
      I would advise you not to compare CJB to Tom Brady. That is really unfair to CJB, because he will never accomplish as much as TB.
      Maybe CJB will do well someday, but Grant reported that he did not shine in the OTAs and mini camp. Throwing picks and completing only 3 passes is not admirable. Maybe the rook should be content to sit, study hard, and work hard to get stronger.
      BTW, Kaep took only 10 games starting to get the Niners to the SB.

      1. Hey Seb… Don’t forget to add that Kaep sat hist first year and a ways into the second. I’d expect Beathard to sit awhile too, should he make the cut.

        As you’ve noted Seb, we’re very early into training camp and there’s much to learn. Happy to know you’re objective and supportive.

      2. Anyone………………ANYONE could see where you were going with that comment from the first sentence, Sebs……………..

        Idolatry…..akin to worshiping beads and ornaments………and Jim Jones. From San Francisco………………..

          1. Seb. You’re a sensitive soul. Please don’t use the term ‘drinking the Koolaide’. There are many in the Bay Area and beyond who lost friends and family members to the Jim Jones horror. That term is offensive.

      3. The only reason I drew the comparison to Brady was because they were kind of similar coming out of college. Brady probably had the slightly better college career, but wasn’t a huge name coming out of Michigan. Same for Beathard coming out of Iowa. That’s where I was making the comparision, and speaking towards their similarities. Brady has won five championships at the highest level, I’m not putting Beathard anywhere near that, I know better.

        I would like to say to Mr. Grant though, what’s your opinion on CJ now? Last I checked he’s been shredding secondaries throughout the preseason, beat out Matt Barkley (an experienced veteran backup) for the 2nd String job, and just last night he torched the Chargers defense for a long TD scamper.

        I concur, Beathard probably isn’t ready to start just yet, but if Brian Hoyer falters, the calls for Beathard to play are going to be heard, and honestly I think maybe he’s earned that shot if given the chance. Beathard is cool headed under fire, tough, gritty, and extremely competitive. You guys got yourselves a pretty good young QB. Best of luck this season.

  26. I don’t understand why so many of you are bashing Grant. He’s the one going to the practices, in the heat, to get US reports on the team WE like. I don’t see you fools going out there to gather the scoop? We’re not out there like Grant is. We’re not trying to watch multiple players and take notes on the fly. Cut him some slack, his job can’t be that easy; go to work knowing jack asses will over simplify your words, laugh at you, and have no regard for your efforts? That’s bad man. Learn to respect yourself so you can respect another man’s work in kind. Those who come here to bash Grant also bash themselves… how sad.

    1. I don’t see you fools going out there to gather the scoop?

      There’s this little technicality called a press pass.

      We’re not out there like Grant is. We’re not trying to watch multiple players and take notes on the fly.

      But other beat writers are. And when you triangulate their reports against Grant’s and Grant is the odd man out, you gotta wonder. Report? Or agenda?

      1. Dont worry, Grant is a big boy. When I first came on this blog, posters were ripping him right and left for nepotism, but recently, that has died down, because there are posters on this site who likes the information forthcoming and insights derived. I like his style of writing, and am tired of the pablum others write. Those others state the obvious, are saccharine sweet, only report the facts and say little. I refuse to be rosily scenarioed, because that leads to 2-14 seasons. I want to hear about the Niners with no Pollyannish gushing.
        I do peruse the other sites to gain different perspectives, but here I will remain.
        It is amazing that some haters will rip Grant, trolling him with obvious duplicate troll names, but he does not seem to mind. I guess he likes the clicks. Most other site bloggers would jump with the ban hammer, but maybe Grant knows it says more about them, than it does about him.
        This is like Lowell. I remember during the Glory Years, I would become furious with Lowell, because he would challenge Bill Walsh and point out deficiencies. However, in hindsight, I saw that he was being a master motivator, and I am sure that Bill tried very hard to prove him wrong.
        I may have vehemently disagreed with Lowell, but I also read every word.
        Grant is a chip off the old block.

        1. Seb… You left out the shill part…you know, pablum spewing shills. Remember?

          1. Baalke lovers are the shills and toadies.
            Thank goodness they fired Baalke. The stench is dissipating, but lingers on this site.

        2. Well said. I also have read reports from other reporters and most are not well thought out.

    2. Heat is tough. What was it Santa Clara yesterday, low 80s? No one should have to work in those conditions.

    3. The same can be said for Grant’s written judgements. He’s not out there like the players are and lacks enough knowledge of the playbook to make them. I’m not being anti Cohn, this comment just lacks objectivity. If everything were to have gone right in practice, then why practice… if they only practice the things they do well, then how will they grow. All of it is a perpetual process that will never be complete. Grant, I appreciate the objective info but it’s the follow up knee jerk reactions that most readers find issue with. It gets clicks and comments from readers like me. Brilliant almost… Grant knows what he’s doing and he can take the negative response, he doesn’t need your defense. It’s his mo, imo, and exactly what puts food on his plate.

      1. I hope he does too.

        I’m happy he pointed out how difficult it is to work in the heat. I’m really disappointed in the Press Democrat…expecting Grant to work in such oppressive conditions.

  27. Grant, remember when the zutah trade happened and at first you did not like the move? I know that was before you thought the niners could when this year. Ravens may be a mess this year with flaco hurt Dixon out for the year and zuta and juice on the niners. I hope I am wrong but I still see the niners only winning six games at most but lots of improvement. Still no love for Hyde huh? Lynch was pretty supportive of him on knbr yesterday . May not agree with all of your takes but love your hard work and dedication to your craft! Thank you you Grant or your efforts .

    1. Lynch may be fluffing up Hyde because maybe he will showcase him, for a high draft pick. I like Hyde, but he tends to get injured. They certainly will not cut or trade him unless they think they have his replacement on the team. Maybe they do with Joe Williams, but Hightower may also earn snaps.

    2. I don’t know how many games the Niners will win, but if I were forced to divulge a guess, I’d say fewer than yours. They still have significant gaps to fill after Joe Thomas…er, Terry Donahue…er, Trent Baalke stripped the cupboard clean of talent, and they’re trying to learn new offensive and defensive philosophies and schemes on the job.

      But I will say one thing: they’ll ENJOY playing a lot more than they have over at least the past three years. And god bless ’em, they deserve to after all the stupidity and dysfunction.

    1. Not aware the rules changed beyond the single cutdown, so Cleveland should have first crack on waived players. Don’t know if the Niners will want any castoffs, but if they do, the people most affected will be those who were initially on the practice squad, since rookies will likely be pushed down off the 53 onto the PS.

      1. On occasion decent players are let go at the last minute. Single cutdown day will be entertaining.

    2. Yup. That is why I advocated trading away players before TC. Now, teams will roll with the players they have, so trades are unlikely, unless there are injuries.
      I wanted the Niners to create space on the roster so they could poach cut players from playoff teams.

      1. Poaching can still happen..space or not. They pick up players they like and create space by letting others go. Lynch will perform very well in this regard.

        1. Yep, there might be painful cuts, but that is a logical way to improve the team.
          Too bad last season, Baalke sat on his hands, and the only FAs he signed were Beadles and DEVEY. Then during the season, he refused to poach players, and just waited to snatch up 4th string waived players, trying to end that losing streak.

          1. How about you focus your lack of intelligence on 2017/18?
            Your reminiscing is boring.

            1. Is it lack of intelligence to advocate before the draft that the Niners should trade back, and garner 2018 second and third round picks?
              Prime, posters like you with your lack of intelligence are clueless, and could never think up of something like that. You bet Trubisky would be their first pick.

              1. Lack of intelligence is repeating the same ideas over and over again.
                Lack of intellect is stating obvious, already known, common sense ideas.
                That is you,day in and day out.

              2. Lack of intelligence is not being able to think of such things.
                Lack of intelligence will prevent someone from repeating stuff so it is imprinted into other’s psyche.
                Lack of intelligence defines posters like you, who wants to make things too complicated. I want them to keep things simple, and avoid the unforced errors. That takes common sense, but a 2-14 team did not embrace that concept.

              3. What you suggest has been said or is so far fetched it’s redundant jibber jabber.
                The problem with a person like you is you think you’re smart and say smart things, but the reality is, it’s not.
                A minor insecurity you have there Sebnynah.

              4. You lack so much intelligence that you devolve into hurling insults.
                Try harder.

              5. Seb you can deny your intellect all you want. That’s what people with insecurities do.
                It’s not an insult. It’s a huge slap to the cranium so that you can wise up!

              1. I’m just trying to save the blog from your crop dusting of stupidity.
                Your ideas are elementary type thinking. A person who has never watched football is able to clue into things better than you.
                Trying to be smart and being smart Seb is a concept you can’t figure out.

              2. I’m just trying to save the blog from your crop dusting of stupidity.

                Try leading by example.

  28. One practice with no pads on is not even worth analyzing much like OTA’s. It’s fun to read about players on the field again, but it means little until the pads come on and we get an idea of who is playing where and with what team. Certain players on the 2nd and 3rd teams will overtake the first teamers at some point and patterns will emerge as to how the Coaching staff is using individuals during practice and in preseason games. Best thing to do is read Grant’s reports along with all the other beat writers and then see what begins to standout within all of them.

  29. What have I learned so far?
    King Solomon is wise, and signed his contract.
    Kittle is getting first string reps.
    Hyde fumbled.
    Garnett is LG.
    Foster is good to go.
    Lynch, while not svelte, at least is not over weight.
    KS runs a tight ship.
    John Lynch must be happy.

  30. What’s clear from Grant’s description are 3 things:

    1. Barkley looks better than Beathard
    2. Hoyer looks better than either.

    Most the Beathard profiles I read reported his was backup QB material.

    And this makes sense. Shanahan/Lynch have a 6 year K. Hoyer gives them 2-3 years as a bridge QB. The winner of the Beathard/Barkley (only 26) matchup who by then should be well schooled in the WCO, an opportunity to teach Shanny’s franchise QB, picked next year on the basis of record……If the 49ers winning record prevents them from drafting a top tier QB (Allen, or Darnold ) then it’s FA, Kirk Cousins time.

  31. Sounds like Trent Taylor was having his way with the second and third team secondary today…Great to here

  32. * # 3, via, Grant’s # 4 (above, Sebby) QB Brian Hoyer. Hoyer made two beautiful throws toward the sideline. Both times, he lofted long touch passes over the head of one defender and in front of another. These are the kind of small-window touch passes Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert could not make.

  33. Sebby, like I’ve said Hoyer tosses a nice deep ball. Let me quote him for you: B. Hoyer: “Chicks dig the longball.”

    and this via the SJM:

    Can 49ers Brian Hoyer throw the deep ball?

    His coaches and teammates swear he can – and he must.

    “Yeah, to play in this offense, you’re going to have to be able to push the ball down the field,” quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello said.

    “Brian can throw the deep ball,” Garçon insisted. “That definitely opens everything else for our offense, especially with Marquise (Goodwin) and Aldrick (Robinson) and those guys going deep.


    1. And it sounds like my Ute’s player , Joe Williams is off to a nice start. If Carlos can pick it up it can only add to the mix—or a draft pick.

  34. beastwriterVeteran Elvis Dumervil pulling rookie DE Solomon Thomas aside, teaching a new technique from a 3-point stance- #BEASTwriter #49ers #NinerEmpire #NinerFans

    1. Nice! Dumervil helping Thomas and Bow helping Foster. Veteran leadership is underrated. Some commenters were opposed to bringing in vets. They said they will hurt our draft position and they will take reps from the younger guys.

      Only relying on drafted players is a huge risk, just ask a Browns fan. And a rookie can learn a lot from vets. The vet can spend time with the rookie 1 on 1. The vets lead by example with their training, work ethic, and competitiveness.

      If the team was devoid of vets, you could get what we had last year, a losing culture with little accountability and teaching.

  35. Cassie Baalke:

    If you don’t learn from History your doomed to repeat the past….Was there something that prevented your father from signing an aging vet like Dummerville to teach the youngsters ?

    1. He would tell young players to read Grant’s blog…specifically material from a poster going by the name of Sebnynah

      1. Funny you should mention that……Seb and Kap are the only one’s out of a contract…Hmmm ?

  36. Joe Fann‏Verified account @Joe_Fann · 1h1 hour ago

    #49ers play of the day: Brian Hoyer 70-yard TD to Marquise Goodwin deep down the right sideline on play action.

  37. Joe Fann‏Verified account @Joe_Fann · 9m9 minutes ago

    Elvis Dumervil said the #49ers have a premier set of tackles in Joe Staley & Trent Brown.
    On Brown: “He’s born w/ things you can’t teach.”

    1:17 PM – 29 Jul 2017

  38. Chris Biderman‏Verified account

     Follow

     More

    Day 2 of #49ers camp in the books. Standouts: Rashard Robinson, Marquise Goodwin and Trent Taylor. Solomon Thomas was active, worked w/ 2s.

    12:12 PM – 29 Jul 2017

    1. I must admit, I didn’t think much of Goodwin until Grant’s column about him.

      Trent Taylor continues to impress. The only knock on him is his height and length. He is explosive and can get separation. He and Hoyer getting their timing down will make Taylor’s catch radius less of a problem.

      We have upgraded the WR position. Goodwin is better than Torrey. Garcon is legit. Taylor could end up being better than Kerley. Since Taylor has been lining up on the outside, Taylor and Kerley could be on the field together.

      And most importantly, We no longer have Kap/Gab passing.

  39. # 80, Great insight….BW always brought in the aging vets to teach the rooks. Now the BW tree extends to K. Shanahan whose stated: “He was my idol.”

    1. Matt Barrows‏Verified account

      49ers Day 2 wrap: strong day for Baalke CBs Rashard Robinson and Will Redmond. S Lorenzo Jerome with anorther — ho him — INT.

      Todd Burkett‏ @quakes1 · 2h2 hours ago
      Replying to @mattbarrows

      Jerome might just be the CF this defensive backfield needs

  40. Kevin Jones‏Verified account @Mr_KevinJones · 2h2 hours ago

     More

    Big, big day from WR Trent Taylor. He was consistently beating second and third stringers down the field

  41. http://www.knbr.com/2017/07/29/49ers-camp-observations-trent-taylor-takes-over-day-2/

    In his first-ever 49ers training camp practice, Solomon Thomas mixed in right away with the second-team. He batted down a pass at the line and met a ball carrier in the backfield for a loss. It’s become clear Tank Carradine is just keeping Thomas’ spot warm in the starting lineup. For most reps, the No. 3 overall pick found himself mostly lined over the right guard, focusing more on interior then edge rushing.

    Reuben Foster was actually with the third-string for most of the day, which shows you how the coaching staff feels about Ray-Ray Armstrong. Signed to an extension by former GM Trent Baalke, Armstrong’s flexibility in coverage is a reliable trait. The 49ers like Armstrong so much, they were using him in a starting nickel package with Foster. The 26-year-old can race down the field with running backs and tight ends. His roster spot appears to be rock solid early in camp.

    1. Elvis Dumveril could seriously end up being one of the most productive players on the team. A day after not many reps, the 49ers unveiled him as a nickel pass rushing specialist on Saturday, where he was disrupting the quarterback with regularity.

      With Ward out, undrafted free agent Lorenzo Jerome continues to impress. The deep safety picked off a Matt Barkley pass at the end of practice Saturday. Beat writers have counted four Jerome interceptions since the offseason program started in late April. Jerome is backing up Jaquiski Tartt.

  42. http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article164371817.html

    “The best catch of the day — of the spring and summer, in fact — came courtesy of rookie tight end George Kittle. He was covered well by Reuben Foster in the flat and the quarterback had to loft the pass high to put it over the linebacker. The throw was nearly out of Kittle’s reach, too, but he put one hand up, twisted in the air and while falling he was able to secure the one-handed grab against his body. An official was a few feet away and correctly ruled it a catch.”

    It took a great throw and catch to beat Foster. Don’t sleep on Foster’s ability to cover.

        1. Grant on Hyde = detail “missed” news.
          Or as I like to call it; Agenda driven news!

      1. 80,
        Thanks for the http.
        Initial reports from knbr on this mornings practice also pointed out Trent Taylor catching 6 passes. He will be on the 53 man roster.
        Burbridge made a sideline “contested” catch at the end of practice confirms my opinion that he is a Mario Manningham sideline pass catching wizard. But that said, he will need to really show-up in TC to earn a spot on the 53.

  43. # 80, thanks.

    Looks like we could have another slot receiver. And now this:

    Joe Fann‏Verified account @Joe_Fann · 41m41 minutes ago

    What has surprised Pierre Garçon about Brian Hoyer?

    “I didn’t know he could throw the ball that far. He loves to throw the deep ball.”

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