49ers training camp report: Joe Williams has a big day


Running back Joe Williams catches a ball during 49ers training camp


Here’s what stood out to me during practice Thursday morning.


1. Violent payback for the defense. Carlos Hyde made the defense seem soft on Wednesday when he ran as hard as he could through rookie cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon, who seemed to think Hyde would go easy on a teammate and run around him. On Thursday, the defense got revenge, both against Hyde and the rest of the offense. Arik Armstead, Dekoda Watson and Eric Reid each blasted Hyde in the backfield once. Reid also laid out Aldrick Robinson after Robinson caught a short pass over the middle. On the final play of practice, safety Vinnie Sunseri hit wide receiver DeAndre Carter in the head after Carter dove to try to catch a pass a few yards in front of him. This hit seemed dirty, and made quarterback Brian Hoyer furious. He walked on the field from the sideline and yelled at Sunseri three times. One of the defenders yelled back at Hoyer and told him to be quiet.

2. RB Joe Williams. It’s impossible to know exactly how many yards a running back gains on long runs during practice, but Williams definitely had three long runs. Overall, he gained roughly 32 yards on four carries – eight yards per carry. Here’s a breakdown of his carries: He gained about 15 yards on a counter run off left tackle, he gained about seven yards on an outside zone run around the left end, he gained about 10 yards on a draw play up the middle and he gained no yards on an outside zone play on 3rd-and-1. Today was by far Williams’ best practice of training camp.

3. QB Brian Hoyer. Hoyer completed 20-of-26 pass attempts – 77 percent – and threw zero interceptions. His best past was a 50-yard completion down the middle of the field to Marquise Goodwin. It seems Hoyer completes at least one deep pass per practice, which I’m not used to seeing. Colin Kaepernick rarely completed deep passes and Alex Smith rarely even threw any.

4. WR Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin beat Rashard Robinson on a shallow crossing route, then outran the entire defense down the sideline for a long touchdown. Goodwin also caught the 50-yard pass I mentioned above. The pass was slightly underthrown, so Goodwin slowed down, jumped and caught the ball over Dontae Johnson, who is 6’2”. Goodwin is only 5’10”. He seems on the verge of a breakout season if he can stay healthy.

5. WR DeAndre Smelter. Pierre Garcon had a veteran’s day off, so Smelter got a chance to play with the starters and he played well. During team drills, Smelter beat Ahkello Witherspoon for a 15-yard catch on a deep crossing pattern, and later beat Will Redmond for a four-yard touchdown catch during a red-zone drill. Smelter isn’t fast, but he’s big and he runs good routes. He probably will make the team if the Niners keep six receivers.

6. TE Vance McDonald. McDonald had his best day of training camp. He caught a screen pass, a touchdown pass in the red zone, a 10-yard pass over the middle and a 20-yard pass when he beat Eric Reid with a post route. McDonald is competing with Garrett Celek for a roster spot, and so far it seems McDonald is winning the competition.

7. LB Reuben Foster. NaVorro Bowman got the day off and Brock Coyle suffered an injury, so Foster spent most of practice playing middle linebacker with the starters. He seems like a natural at middle linebacker – he played that position at Alabama. Today, he recorded two sacks by blitzing up the middle.

8. CB K’Waun Williams. Williams jumped in front of a short pass intended for Vance McDonald in the end zone and almost intercepted it. Williams has been the best cornerback on the team during training camp.


1. RB Tim Hightower. Hightower removed himself from practice after injuring his leg. A trainer took Hightower under the giant ramp on the side of the field to work on his leg privately. After a few minutes, Shanahan jogged over to check on Hightower and advised him not to push himself if he was in pain. Hightower decided not to return to practice. His injury seems minor.

2. RB Carlos Hyde. Hyde played well in the pass game – he made six catches out of the backfield and caught a touchdown pass in the red zone. But he did not play well in the run game, which is his primary job. He carried the ball seven times and gained only two yards. To his credit, he didn’t dance behind the line of scrimmage like he did yesterday. But he did fumble for the third time in the past six practices.

3. LB Malcolm Smith. Smith gave up two long catches down the seam – one to Carlos Hyde and one to Kyle Juszczyk. Both times, Smith got beaten badly. He is not so good in coverage. I can see why the Raiders let him go.

4. CB Rashard Robinson. Robinson couldn’t defend the slant route at all. Marquise Goodwin beat Robinson with this route once, and Aldrick Robinson and Kendrick Bourne each beat Robinson with it twice. Robinson will continue to struggle against the quick slant until he does a better job of jamming wide receivers at the line of scrimmage.

5. CB Ahkello Witherspoon. While the rest of the defense got payback for the hit against Witherspoon on Wednesday, Witherspoon was a victim once again. This time, Vance McDonald ran him over. McDonald wasn’t being malicious. After he caught a short pass near the goal line, he turned and saw Witherspoon standing flatfooted right in front of him. So, McDonald he lowered his shoulder and knocked Witherspoon on his back and scored a touchdown. Witherspoon is having a tough time.

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      1. No you didn’t but you put him under not so good which undersold his work in the passing game and is going to be a huge part of the offense this year. You also made a huge deal over Williams based on 3 carries and even guessed the yardage when you haven’t done that for anybody else. As I said you are predictable, but I still appreciate the breakdowns.

        1. I gave Hyde credit for his work in the pass game, but his negatives outweighed the positives. Williams made the most of his opportunities.

          1. It’s all good Grant, just giving you a hard time. I like Williams a lot and I’m happy he looked better today. I’m reading a lot of love for this Chancellor James kid. What are your thoughts on him?

            1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

              James looks promising. Made a nice hit today. Bigger and more athletic than Lorenzo Jerome.

              1. James is more of an in the box safety, Jerome roaming the backend. This means James may not make the final roster, but hopefully they can stash him on PS. However, they could keep 5 Safeties and 4 SAM/LEO’s, we’ll see.

      2. Barrows:

        First Hyde. When we last left the bruising 49ers running back he was flattening an unsuspecting Ahkello Witherspoon in the end zone, perhaps a cheap shot but one that coaches said would serve as a valuable lesson for the rookie cornerback. On Thursday Hyde did the same to another defensive back, who not only was more prepared than Witherspoon but who was initiating the contact. During pass-protection drills, undrafted strong safety Chanceller James, who at 215 pounds is no featherweight, was rushing from the quarterback’s left side. Hyde stepped up, blasted James in the chest and put the rookie on his back.


        Hyde had a particularly effective day as a pass-catcher though he didn’t find much running room.

        The problem is there seems to be an obvious effort at selective reporting that, frankly, looks so cheesily biased it’s laughable. Hyde has no running room, therefore Hyde sucks. It wasn’t the fact that the defensive line blew up the offensive line and he couldn’t run. No, he’s supposed to be magic or something…

        Meanwhile Hyde blows up a much bigger (than Witherspoon) DB in blocking drills, cricket’s chirping but when WItherspoon gets hit by a TE who is SUPPOSED TO WIN THAT BATTLE (fan fantasies to the contrary), Witherspoon sucks.

        If a 265lb TE who runs as fast as half the NFL safeties in the league can’t blow up a a 190lb (and a skinny 190 since he’s 6′ 3″) DB while running flat-out, he should have been cut on the spot. That is a situation that he should win 10/10,

        1. I’m the first to call Grant out for unfair statements but you have your panties in a wad over nothing. Cohn made a basic statement about a guy not having a great day in the most important aspect of his game. I didn’t find anything selective or bias in his statement. He gave Hyde credit where credit was due and noted he did not do well in the run game. Seems fair to me.

          1. yeah, I’m in agreement. Grant sounds like he’s he supports his own view point/bias against Hyde (that supports his opinion that Hyde doesn’t fit the offensive scheme). But he has listed Hyde in the good column when he’s seen him do good things. He may have been a little hard on him today but not egregiously so IMO.

      3. Grant,
        Was Williams doing this against the 1st string defense?
        My thoughts are that if Joe Williams is better than Hyde he deserves to start.
        And while I’m happy to see one of our young players do good, I can’t get too overly excited if William’ is racking up yards against players that will be looking for jobs in the few weeks.

  1. 1. Good to read that Reid is playing with physicality.
    3. Hoyer has been consistently good in camp. I expect more of the same in the regular season.
    4. Continues to impress.
    7. I remember when I first started saying we should draft Foster. People said he would play MIKE and only MIKE. I said he would start out as WILL, but would get plenty of reps at MIKE to get ready to eventually replace Bow in a year or two, or three.
    8. One of our best off season acquisitions.

    Not so good.
    3. Smith will be depth. Foster and Ray Ray did well in coverage. I’ll say it again. Foster and Ray Ray are the future at ILB. Hopefully sooner than later.
    4. What happened? He looked really good the first few days of camp.
    5. Not surprised, but how has he looked in coverage?

    1. Witherspoon hasn’t been close in coverage. Today he gave up a deep catch to Kendrick Bourne.

      1. Whitherspoon will need to look good in preseason games to justify his being drafted.
        Word of AW’ faulty tackling was his knock coming out of college and the 49ers picked him anyway.
        My point; if AW does not make the team he represents the new regimes first failure.
        When the dust settles at the end of the month it’s going to be very interesting to see how many of Lynch’ draft picks make the team. After what the team has gone through with the last regime, even if half the 2017 draft class is cut it will still be better than Baalke’s.

        1. Yeah, it’s not looking good for Witherspoon at this point. In every report I’ve read he’s been awful. To pick a guy who stands flat footed and can’t tackle with the 2nd pick of the 3rd round seems like a huge miss that should have been avoided by a GM who is a straight up football tough guy. From the beginning, I thought this pick seemed like a stats/metrics guy convinced Lynch to pick Witherspoon because of his size/speed measurables instead of based on what they saw on film. If AW is cut, then it may turn into a valuable learning experience for Lynch to perhaps not put as much weight toward the metrics guys and more to what his football sense tells him about a player.

        2. They drafted Witherspoon because he is a good cover CB. They knew going in he wasn’t overly physical or a very good tackler. He’s not going to get cut based on things they already knew about him.

          1. How do you cut a 3rd round pick? Makes no sense. He has all the skills to be a good corner and as a rookie, it looks like he needs more time to develop the physical component of being a NFL corner.

          2. Not sure I agree he is a good cover CB. Every report I’ve read says he is struggling mightily in coverage and is routinely getting beaten by every receiver on the team. Everyone loved his speed, fluidity, and length coming out of college but many scouts thought he needed quite a bit of development to turn into a good cover corner. He may have that potential but he aint there yet. Will be interesting to see how Lynch/Shanny handle this one. Will they keep someone who is more refined but may not have as much of an upside or will Lynch’s pride play a role into keeping a player who looks like he isn’t ready to contribute for quite a while.

            1. He’s a rookie in his first pro TC Houston. The expectations have to be measured and Lynch talked specifically about what Witherspoon needed to improve on right after he was drafted. They already knew the kid wasn’t overly physical and needed to develop his tackling, but they took him anyway because he’s already a good cover man who has a high upside.

              I’ve watched a lot on this kid since the draft and he is an excellent cover prospect imo. I saw him in a few games while at Colorado, but when you actually focus on him in the draft breakdowns he has a lot going for him and was excellent in coverage last year. Take a look at PFF’s analysis if you don’t want to take my word for it:


              1. I believe you about his skill set from college. Every report I’ve read from Grant and others has been that he is getting killed in every aspect of the game. When I read the scouting reports on him after the draft it said he has the tools but he needs to develop his coverage skills because he’s very raw. Right now it sounds like he isn’t a good cover corner. I’m not advocating for the 49ers to cut a 3rd round pick. What I’m saying is it will be interesting to see how Lynch/Shanny handle the situation. Do they give the kid time to develop? Do they cut him and hope he clears waivers for the PS? Do they send a message to the rest of the team that draft position doesn’t matter – it’s all about how you prove yourself on the field. Whichever way Lynch/Shanny go I’ll trust they know what they’re doing until they prove they dont. My personal opinion is that if the kid doesn’t have some kind of flash then he very well could get cut, no matter where he was drafted.

              2. I can’t see them cutting a 3rd round pick who has the upside he does. If you are concerned about his physicality and tackling then you don’t take him. They did, so they obviously feel they can develop that aspect of his game. I haven’t read a ton of reports saying he’s been awful in coverage personally. Grant didn’t even mention him until the practice where he got lit up by Hyde in which he had a bad day in all aspects. Looks like he had a good one today according to Barrows. Regardless, he has the physical skills and resume playing at a high level in the Pac 12 to warrant being selected where he was, and I would be shocked if he isn’t on the final 53.

            2. I just think you don’t cut 3rd round picks after training camp. He might need more time to develop.
              I hope he is not a wasted pick as there was concerns with the pick and how high he went.

          3. Rocket,
            Agree in principle, but he can get cut if he is detriment to the defense. Even if he was drafted because of his cover skills he still needs to make tackles in the big show because O-cords will throw in from of causing him to tackle the WR.
            I personally think that the hit he took from Hyde on Weds was very close to a cheap shot.
            But his tackling issue may be catching up to him.

            1. AES,

              My point was that they already knew Witherspoon wasn’t a great tackler or very physical and took him anyway. They are going to give him time to develop that aspect of his game. As fans we tend to make things a lot bigger than they really are in terms of where a player stands in the eyes of the Coaches. He’s gotten beat in the 1 on 1’s – newsflash all the DB’s get beat in 1 on 1’s because it’s heavily slanted to the offense – and taken the hits you mentioned, but the reason they drafted him was because he was very good in coverage at Colorado and has the size and speed you can’t teach. He will be here after the final cutdown imo.

  2. My inside source tells me that Carlos Hyde swatted Grant’s ice cream cone out of his hand a few weeks ago.

      1. How is the quality of Carradine’s play. I was surprised that they didn’t try him out at LEO in the base defense. With Carradine’s experience playing a wide 9 position in college as well as his experience playing OLB for the last year and half or so, he seems like he’d be a good candidate for the LEO position. But am I correct in that he’s been playing the Big/Closed End position? In Nickel, I’m guessing he’s the Left DE?

    1. Thanks for link rocket. My favorite cardio and overall workout indoors is a thing called Jacob’s Ladder. As a ladder on a conveyor it works upper body as well as lower. Sounds (from article) specific exercises Coach Wright has designed for this manufactured hill accomplish something of the same.

      1. No prob. I’m really impressed by the effect he’s had on the players in such a short time.

    1. TE is looking a lot better. Going to be tough to decide who ultimately makes the 53 besides Kittle and Paulsen.

      1. I’m not up on Paulsen. Why all the love? From the little I’ve heard, it seems like he’s mostly a blocking TE. What am I missing?

        1. He has a history with Shanahan and is a good blocker. Doesn’t do a lot in the passing game but is good for 15-20 catches. I agree he’s nothing special but he was brought in specifically because he knows the system so I think he is a lock.

  3. I have read nothing but good things about Goodwin from many different writers, could it be that he might be the best pickup since Justin Smith. We shall see.

    1. I found it difficult to watch 49ers games the last couple of years. With Hoyer/Goodwin it should be much more enjoyable for the viewer….

    1. Well, injuries haven’t helped him, along with the fact that when a team drafts a 1st round QB, chances are you are not going to be given a fair shake. Not to mention, the Browns are a QB graveyard/curse. The Bears had Cutler and the Texans he did lead to the playoffs once, with no real great surrounding cast and OC.

  4. It’s that time again.

    Opening sign ups for the blog Pick’em League. As always it’s open to everyone and as always the only thing I ask is that you use your avatar name here from the blog so I know who you are.


    group id: 6133
    password: cohnblog

    Rocket cheated his way back into the championship last year. Wont be happening this season though. I’ve got a secret weapon.

  5. Every other beat writer in the Bay Area disagreed with you today about how good Joe Williams played or how bad Carlos Hyde played. There’s something off about your observations. I don’t know what causes this but is pretty consistent.

      1. Other reports said same thing on Hydes numbers.
        Clearly he had a bad day in the run game but a good day receiving which Grant said here.
        Clearly Williams had a better day running.
        Numbers don’t lie.

      2. Well, I am about as sure as anything that Joe Williams will be a fantastic RB in this system, once he gets his legs under him, and past the rookie growing pains. But Hyde is, at the moment, the best RB on the team heading into 2017. Book it!

  6. I’d like to get excited about Smelter but I’ll wait to see if it was just a good day or if he can string together some consistently good practices.

    1. They seem to be giving him a real shot. They also brought in bigger receivers over the past week so they are looking for more size. Scooter mentioned this was the case in Shanny’s previous stops and it looks like he’s trying to do it here. If they keep a bigger receiver they likely are going with 6 WR’s on the 53.

      1. He was one of the rare guys that I liked in the Spring that actually was drafted by the team. I’ve always had a penchant for 6’2″ and taller receivers and Smelter’s back story and work ethic in College made him seem like a risk worth taking. So far he hasn’t lived up to expectations but maybe he needed the right coaches and system. Fingers crossed.

        1. I didn’t think he had much of a chance at making the final roster but so far it seems he’s been impressive so good on him.

  7. Thanks for the breakdowns Grant.
    My main take away this camp seem to be way more consistency on the O-Side of the ball. Alex was good under Harbaugh but was ultra conservative for the most part. Kap we all know lit up the league but then progressively got worse each year. I don’t see Hoyer making any crazy plays with his legs but if he can get his team in a rhythm with sustained drives then I’m going to be extremely happy. Especially throwing the ball downfield.

    Grant… who is starting at Center?

  8. “Smelter isn’t fast, but he’s big and he runs good routes. He probably will make the team if the Niners keep six receivers.”

    He’s the guys I have been saying they would keep as the 6th WR. Basically he would be Garcon’s backup – which is exactly what he has been in TC so far. Great to hear he was getting 1st team reps today.

    1. Tim Patrick may be the 6th receiver, if they carry 6 WRs. They may go with 4 TEs, or 5 RBs.

      1. Patrick has the speed and the height/size the Niners need. He had a very nice catch on a long ball yesterday.
        My main concern is he has always been a one-trick receiver. He goes long and thats about it. Time in camp and preseason games will hopefully have him developing a more diverse route tree. If he doesn’t make the 53 I hope they can keep him on the PS.

    2. Burbridge has the edge over Smelter thanks to his status on special teams. That’s going to be a key factor for the final WR spot.

      1. We have no idea what either player’s status is on STs right now. No reason to think Smelter won’t be on STs units. The fact Smelter got 1st team reps today with Garcon out indicates he is the one with the advantage.

  9. Ha 3rd and 5, Gabbert will throw a 3 yard pass to a player who is blanketed and tackled immediately.

  10. Gabbert playing well enough for Jack to predict he’ll get the starting job over from an injured Palmer and take the Cards to the playoffs.

  11. Cardinals and Gabbert looked excellent. The running back Williams has got some vision. Their TE with the *ucked up name is big. Gonna be a matchup nightmare….

    1. Perhaps it wasn’t as much that the 49er QB’s who were so bad but the supporting cast, coach’s and system they were playing in. It seemed that a lot of 49er QB’s who struggled did much better when they went to another team. The only one who didn’t was Alex but the teams he played on 2011 and 2012 were much better teams. The wheels didn’t start coming off until the 2013 season. Of course everyone puts the majority of the blame on the QB’s. It occurred to me that perhaps Gabbart wasn’t as bad as he seemed playing for the 49ers. This teams O-line and receivers were horrid along with the system and coach’s.

    2. Gabby can make the throws, but he doesn’t make the throws when he has a pass rusher in his face. He wilts like a flower out of water when he’s being pressured and he starts throwing short of the receiver or too early.
      He looked good last night, but thst was against players that will be backups or won’t make the team.

      1. Arians is great. I can’t believe it took so long for him to get a HC job. That is just mind boggling.

        1. Ore, it hit him in the worst possible place- in both his hands. That is why he is a DB and not a WR.

  12. Cards drafted 2 players I mocked many times. Haason Reddick and Budda Baker. Both seem to be doing well.

    1. Congratulations! So smart at guessing draft picks. Well done Seb. You’re amazing

    2. Hey Blaine Gabbert

      Nice syhowing tonight…Isn’t it too bad that you didn’t learn to play football until this off-season just like the wonderful ‘experts’ said you couldn’t ? No matter, most of them are still trying to make excuses how they could have been so wrong without saying “I was wrong…” Well you went to U of Missouri, so I guess you were bulletproof to all of the Jackass braying on the blog….Good on ya’….

      1. I must admit Gabbert started out well, but just wonder if it was more on the Dallas DBs. They seemed out of sync with wide open receivers. It was nice to see how well a QB can play if he has a decent O line, and decent receivers to throw to, something lacking the last few years with the Niners.
        However, it ended true to form. Gabbert started to throw bad passes to wide open players, and ended by almost throwing a pick six. Luckily, it hit the DB in the worst possible place- in both his hands.
        Braying jackass? Those are the posters who think Gabbert is a starting QB when his contract is smaller than 105 other QBs.

        1. Seb

          “ALMOST throwing a pick-six…” tell me, is that kinda’ like ALMOST being pregnant ? Bad passes… ? 11-14 is better than we’ve seen in a while…’only goes to show how our judgement on personnel issues is flawed…Let’s throw our hat in the ring again next draft year and get another D lineman in the first…. That’s why no one takes YOU seriously Those jackasses know who they are….

            1. Seb

              Nice retort…where’d you come up with that ?

              “Those jackasses know who they are…”

              1. Ore, I identified who the braying Jackasses are. You just inferred you know who they are.
                I certainly hope Palmer cant play, so the Niner defense can welcome Gabbert when the Niners play the Cards.
                Then Gabbert will pull another Gabbert.

      2. Oregon,

        He was playing in an exhibition against a bunch of backups and 3rd stringers with little to no pressure all night. We’ve seen Gabbert when the games matter and the competition is higher and he stinks. He is a borderline NFL player which is why he’s 3rd string in AZ.

          1. Wrong about what? He is a 3rd string QB Oregon. Playing well in the HOF game is not a precursor to success in the regular season and he’s never been remotely good enough to be a starting QB in the league. If you want to overreact to him playing well in a meaningless game against low level competition be my guest, but his career is what it is. He is a borderline NFL caliber player.

              1. Seb

                Who’re you kidding…? you two bray in harmony….”Those jackasses know who they are….”

            1. Agree that it wasn’t a high level of competitions But it was the accuracy of Gabbert’s passes last night that impressed me. We seldom saw that accuracy when he played here. Also, he seemed to stand in the pocket under pressure better last night than I remember when he played for the 49ers.

              I have nothing against the guy. If he can resurrect his career under a HC like Arians, good for him. But yeah, it’s way too early to jump on the Blaine train.

              1. The passes were on target for the most part although some were behind the receivers and they made good catches, but it really doesn’t matter. He was playing in a nothing game against low level competition for the most part. His history in the NFL, and College for that matter, tells us he does not fare well when faced with a pass rush and having to throw an accurate ball consistently. We have 6 years of lousy play to look at to back that up and one half in the HOF game doesn’t change anything in that regard, at least to me. Arians is a great Coach and maybe he gets Gabbert to a decent backup level, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to go with 2 QB’s and a young guy on the PS either, in which case Gabbert is likely back on the street after cutdowns.

              2. cubus

                Excellent assessment….that means you were watching the game instead of blathering on about nothing but your opinions like some others on here….kudos

              1. A couple things Ive learnt on this blog since being on here.
                1.Seb’s a bioch
                2.Razor has no life
                3.Rocket is never wrong

    1. Seb

      As to your concern about how much Gabbert and Hoyer are paid…I’m old enough to remember when a players paycheck was based on his production…NOT the reverse….How’s Osweiler doing these days…? How much does he get paid ?…

  13. Malcolm Smith had better get it together. Carlos Hyde did not fumble that much last year! Marquis is GOODwin. He could be the speedy deep threat we have been needing for years. I like what ShanaLynch is doing.

  14. Kevin Jones of KNBR called Thursday’s practice the most physical of training camp, noting good showings by a couple of undrafted safeties, Lorenzo Jerome and Chanceller James.

    Jones also pointed out that RB Carlos Hyde had five or six receptions, several of which were for big gains. “Talk of cutting him seems laughable,” Jones said.

    WR Marquise Goodwin, who has come away with a number of long touchdown passes during practices, came away with another one on Thursday. Goodwin’s stock has soared during training camp.

    Remember, 49ers Webzone writer and co-host of our “No Huddle” podcast, Zain Naqvi (@zain49ers), will be covering the 49ers’ open practice at Levi’s Stadium from the field on Saturday, giving fans updates and observations from the session.

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  15. Not that it is that important, but I have not heard much about Ray Ray Armstrong? I’m assuming he probably is the odd man out of the line backing core because of Coyle?

    1. With Tartt injured, Ray Ray may make the team. They are similarly sized, and Armstrong may be that hybrid player that can cover TEs.
      Brock Coyle and Dekoda Watson are battling for a spot.

      1. From day 2.


        “Reuben Foster was actually with the third-string for most of the day, which shows you how the coaching staff feels about Ray-Ray Armstrong. Signed to an extension by former GM Trent Baalke, Armstrong’s flexibility in coverage is a reliable trait. The 49ers like Armstrong so much, they were using him in a starting nickel package with Foster. The 26-year-old can race down the field with running backs and tight ends. His roster spot appears to be rock solid early in camp.”

  16. I am certainly glad to read reports with much “good” in them versus the lSt couple of years where the good was a splattering and the bad had long lists. I’m still unsure how all this will play out on game day given some real concerns (OL, DBs, depth) but I am glad to see this general trend.

  17. Chris Beiderman (Niner’s Wire) has his first-week of training camp updated 53 man roster:

    Running back (4)

    Carlos Hyde
    Tim Hightower
    Joe Williams
    Matt Breida

    Cut: Kapri Bibbs, Raheem Mostert

    –Hyde’s in shape and looks like a stronger fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense than anticipated. Hightower’s been an under-the-radar addition while Breida has the speed to be a possible return specialist.

    He’s not naming Grant, but I think the dig is there since I know he reads Grant and has included links, excerpts and tweets from Grant in the past and Grant, more so than anyone, beat the drum that Hyde can’t run outside.


  18. All this talk of Hyde trucking Witherspoon… If the 9ers had been teaching RBs to fall down to avoid a hit–as advocated ad nauseam by Seb–Hyde would have hit the ground in front of Ahkello, or ducked out of bounds.

    1. Instead, Hyde with his bullying behavior, managed to tick off the entire defense so he was pounded and targeted for big hits. Maybe he should have saved his energy for the opposing defense.
      Sounds like he will get injured quickly, instead of playing it smart.
      Maybe you do not remember, but the player who I was mainly advocating to fall down while securing the ball was Vance Macdonald. Instead of trying to run before catching the ball, and having the ball clank off his hands, I wanted him to concentrate on making the catch, first. If that meant falling down after the catch, that was much superior to dropping the ball. As long as the receiver is past the first down marker, he will convert a third down whether he is upright or on the ground. The offense will get a new set of downs, so the most important thing is catching the ball and securing it, not trying to run before catching it and dropping the ball.
      I also will advocate receivers to protect themselves, especially while catching the ball over the middle. It is much preferable to catch the ball and get a new set of downs, while avoiding a major hit, than allow themselves to be bludgeoned by the LB or safety, and possibly lose the ball while becoming injured.
      This macho bravado and taking a big hit for the team sounds studly, but with CTE and the attrition rate in the NFL, it makes little sense. Avoiding the big hit will allow the player to continue playing, and like some one said, the best ability is availability. Last season, there were 18 players who could not play for the Niners by the end of the season. Playing smart and staying healthy should be a major goal for the team.

      1. Yup, just fall down.
        Catch the ball, then fall down.
        Run with the ball until someone gets close, then just fall down.
        Interception? Stop! Drop! Roll!
        Punt? Fair Catch 100% of the time.
        Kickoff return? Only until they get close!
        Block? No! Negotiate!
        Tackle? Nope. Just grab the receiver and Do-Si-Do him out of bounds.
        Shanny! You keeping up with this?

        1. I think there is a women’s league up here in Canada where when the offensive player possesses the ball, all the defense has to do is touch the player with a hand and that would constitute a would be tackle. A lesser form of flag football saving the ladies from injuring a finger nail or hand.

          Maybe this is the type of football for Seb.

          Seb, I can send you a registration form if you’d like.

          1. Prime, I have been to Canada, and liked the scenery, but unlike you, I think Canadian football is in no way comparable to the NFL.
            Sounds like you are an expert on that type of football.

            1. Different league Seb. Comprehension is a challenge for you. I think you should a write a letter to the NFLPA and Roger Goodell about your idea for players to fall to the turf.

              Or you could become a league spokesperson for the women’s league up here. It probably pays better than trimming hedges.

              1. That’s a little offside but I’m not surprised by it at all. You always did get a little too dramatic and over the top when insulted by female references.

        2. Yup, fall down after the initial hit instead of struggling upright, letting the defense gang tackle, strip the ball away and getting injured. Receivers who catch the ball over the middle should play smart by not allowing defenders to bludgeon them.
          Catch the ball instead of trying to run before catching the ball and dropping it. Catch the ball and secure it, even if it means falling down. Dropping the ball will hurt the team.
          Run with the ball, but stay low instead of running high. Listen to Emmitt Smith. Defenses will hold up a player, while trying to strip the ball away from the RB. Stay low and secure the ball, instead of struggling for every inch.
          Interceptions would sure be nice, and DBs are not known for their ball handling skills, so catching the ball and falling to the ground is much preferable to trying to run with the ball and getting it stripped away.
          Fair catches are much preferable to trying to catch a punt in traffic, and losing the ball.
          Kickoff returns should have a player run a reverse, so the defense will hesitate. Even if the KO returner does not hand off the ball, the defense must cover that option, so the KO returner may get an advantage.
          Blocking is fundamental, and severely lacking the last 2 seasons.
          Tackling is also fundamental, and last season, was non existent many times. 200 yard runners seemed to happen every game.
          Instead of trying to out jump the taller player, the DB should use the side line to his advantage. If the ball is delivered near the side line, the DB should allow the receiver to catch the ball, but pick up a leg and drive the receiver out of bounds which will make the pass an incompletion.
          BT, thanks for letting me clarify my positions. Still thought you swore you would start ignoring me, but like a moth to a flame….
          Remember, I am THAT guy. The guy you would send out on point so he could take that first bullet, so you could survive.

          1. Seb’s strategy (disambiguation in brackets) for new era of 9ers: (copied from Buckner Injury thread)

            “Instead of players avoiding the Niners like the plague with Baalke in charge, Lynch has managed to sign 28 FAs. That was smart because they filled every need, then they hit a grand slam in the draft, obtaining strong talent, getting the BPA and thinking towards the future.”

            {inform CDC Baalke is possible plague carrier–}
            {28 FA’s fill every need–}
            {Grand slam in draft–}
            {Obtain strong talent–}
            {Get BPA–}
            {Think towards future–}

            “if anything, even without the coaching, the team became demonstrably better, obtaining battle hardened and battle tested FAs, along with good young defensive and offensive players. The UDFAs also seem good, and they were attracted to the Niners with the chance to make the 53 and play.”
            {Team demonstrably better without coaching–}
            {Obtain battle hardened FA’s–}
            {Obtain battle tested FA’s–}
            {Seemingly good UDFA’s to make 53 and play–}

            “The coaching may be the most marked improvement to the team. Instead of DJs and failed Browns DCs, they attracted competent coaches. Grant said that the practices are better organized, and the effort and excitement level is way better than last season. Do not know how Saleh will do, and still wish they would hire an OC, but the culture is changing, and optimism reigns.”

            {Hire OC–}
            {Change culture–}
            {Reign of optimism–} (you bet!)

            “If they are courageous and go bold to improve the QB situation, they might win 9 games with a chance at the playoffs.”

            {Be courageous–} (uh…yea)
            {Go Bold–} (uh huh)
            {Improve QB situation–} (yea….uh huh…)

            “Sure, they have a tough row to hoe, with the whole NFC West improving, but hope springs eternal. The team seems to all be on the same page, and all are pulling in the same direction.”

            {Hoe tough row–}
            {Springing of Eternal hope—} (see “Reign of optimism” above)
            {Occupation of same page by team, seemingly–}
            {Pull in same direction–}

            1. I think you have a structure for a great song…perhaps with the title ‘Row To Hoe’. Cliche’s liberally sprinkled throughout.

          1. Its a violent game, emotions take over and things happen. Take your head out of the sand or go watch tennis.

            1. Maybe he should play smart, and be a team player, but those types of things cannot fit into your tiny cranium.

              1. He is trying to earn a job and sometimes its the motto, whatever it takes.

                Have you played football? If you have, you’d understand that things get physical and borderline too physical. I doubt his intention was to injure.

                You see it as someone who has never put the pads on and that’s why you come up with this feminine ideas.

                Go water your grass Seb.

              2. Considering Hyde has never stayed healthy all season, maybe he should stop with the macho bravado and start playing smart.
                Oh great, playing the -Never played the game card. Guess what, I did not know this was a forum reserved for only former players.
                Sounds like you have taken too many blows to the head.

              3. I think if you played the game you would understand what happens when emotions get the best of you. This happens on every single play sometimes between players.
                My point is, its a very physically demanding game and when you’ve experienced that, you can better understand why these things happen.

              4. Prime, you know all about going emo.
                Maybe it would be better if all the Niner players play disciplined, controlled, energized and focused. Playing all emo leads to making the unforced errors.

              5. Its training camp? Why not let it fly?

                Seb, you should join a football league. Play the game. You could gain some fitness and some intel cause right now you sound foolish.

              6. Sure, delivering a forearm to the face is what a bully does, but like most bullies, he is regretting his actions, because the defense is laying the wood on him.
                Hope he learns from this teachable moment, and saves his forearms to the face for games against his opponents, not his team mates.
                Even then, it might not be wise, because he will anger them so much, he may get injured.

  19. The 49ers official site has a lot of highlights. This is one of Taylor’s two toe-tap receptions that I’ve seen in the highlights. I’d post more links but there seems to be some filter that moderates the post if you have too many links.

    It’s amazing catch. And the things is, most low round players are fundamentally flawed or athletically limited in some way. Taylor’s no exception in being so small. But he’s really reminding me of Mark Duper/Mark Clayton from those great Miami offenses in the 80s. Only shorter. But it’s just an inch.

    If he keeps this up, he may end up a ‘found money’ kind of guy. And it’s getting lucky on those guys, not solely hitting on the obvious top-talents, that pump your roster up to being a championship caliber team. Where would the 49ers have been without all those mid-round (or later) picks Walsh hit on… Because, frankly, too many of his Round 1 players were mediocre to out-right failures.


  20. Gabberts off to a good start? One thing I know all of us will be watching is 3rd down pass attempts. Does Hoyer throw to the sticks? past the sticks? Please do not go under the sticks consistently like Gabbert and Kaep. Just that change alone will give some hope.

  21. ESPN talks about some things I’ve been wondering about:

    WR Jeremy Kerley: It’s not so much that Kerley has been bad as it is that he hasn’t done much to stand out while other receivers make plays consistently. Kerley simply hasn’t shown up much in team drills while other wideouts such as Pierre Garcon, Goodwin, Aldrick Robinson and Trent Taylor are regularly involved in the passing game. Kerley is a dependable, reliable veteran, but it’s fair to wonder if others are passing him in the receiver pecking order.

    And the RB competition:

    Carlos Hyde and Tim Hightower have been the clear-cut top two running backs in this camp with Hyde getting most of the work with the starters, though Hightower also has worked his way in the mix. But there’s a lot to figure out behind that duo. Rookie Joe Williams has yet to make a big impact, but still flashes the speed that drew the Niners to him in the draft on occasion. Undrafted rookie Matt Breida remains an intriguing prospect, though he has yet to prove it against a top defense. Kapri Bibbs hasn’t made much of an impact but probably will get some opportunities moving forward.

    Who’d have thunk it? Two NFL vets who’ve been through the meat grinder vs a three rookies… It’s the NFL version of seal-clubbing.

    1. Seal-clubbing. Interesting visual. Might be a cliche Seb could begin using…

          1. Was that him taking out seals after his meal at Aliotos.

            Apparently some seals got into his to go bag and ate was left of his $300 captains plate and went beserk.

            Aliotos can be quite expensive.

          2. TrollD, I hope you are not thinking about breaking into gun safes and creating more nightmares.

            1. Seb… It’s about that time of year to toss around quotes from Sun Tzu. Any words of wisdom for 9er coaches and players? Mindful of CTE issues and the need to fall down…

              1. He’s waiting to enlighten Shanahan about Sun Tzu’s encounter with the vegetable wagon merchant who was a Taoist Munk.

              2. Apparently, the Taoists abhor violence in any way, so a RB diving to the ground before breaking the line of scrimmage for a 5 yard loss would be the subject broached with Shanahan.

              3. Thanks, Cassie, you just opened the floodgates.
                Yes, I hope the Niner coaches and the Niner FO reads -The Art of War, by Sun Tsu. I hope every player does, too.
                Bill Walsh himself gleaned nuggets of wisdom from that book, which was written 2500 years ago, and is relevant to this day.

            2. Looks like some could learn from Sun Tzu:
              “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

              Fighting battles that only make him look foolish…

              1. With enough of the proper planning, the battle is won without a blow struck, and victory is assured.

      1. It’s an expression from on-line gaming. I played World of Warships and my WTR is 1,388 (blue – well above average but not Unicum or Super Unicum, the lower of which starts at 1,400) and my top-tier is VIII with an average of Tier 6.1 played over my career.

        So when you drop down and play in Tier III because you’re bringing up a new line of ships, like the French Cruisers, and you’re beating up all the new players who lack important skills you had to learn the hard way, you’re called a Seal Clubber because, basically, they’re helpless against you.

        Which makes sense. We were all bad at Tier III, it’s where the noobs are. By Tier VIII you’ve fought thousands of battles and have tried to learn from them. Well, at least some of us. There are people who are more than happy to fail their way to the top or buy gold.

    2. Kerley seems to me to be more of a game day player than practice player.

      Also, Grant has been a trifle quiet about the need to trade away Hyde….

  22. And this:

    WR Marquise Goodwin: No 49er has stood out more than Goodwin through the first week. Part of that is because his big plays are generally the flashiest (long touchdown passes always raise eyebrows), but Goodwin has done more than just run by defenders for deep balls. He has shown a better-than-expected ability to run intermediate routes and that has added a needed element of versatility to his game. It’s worth noting that Niners cornerbacks haven’t offered much resistance, but Goodwin’s emergence has been a bright spot regardless.

    That was his problem in Buffalo. He just ran the 9-route. Everything else he did was pretty mediocre to out-right pathetic, like his catch rate of 42.6% for his career. He never graded out better than ‘mediocre #3 WR’ in his career.

    We’re talking 4.9 yards/target. 1.2 yards after the catch/target. Under 30 yards a game in receiving. That’s despite 5 targets a game which may not be a lot, but he was barely justifying that…

    Hopefully he won’t be a waste of time and he’s finally dedicating himself to being a great NFL WR instead of worrying about his Olympic chances.

  23. Grant, I’ve posted your quote: “It seems Hoyer completes at least one deep pass per practice, which I’m not used to seeing. Colin Kaepernick rarely completed deep passes and Alex Smith rarely even threw any.”

    Welcome to a real WCO offense, Grant. Now you see why we loved Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Freddie Solomon, Terrell Owens, etc., all those years.

  24. Grant,according to your reports Hoyer is already twice the QB of Kap. I just hope it transfer to a live game.

    1. Just watch Hoyer’s only playoff game. That was when it really mattered, not when some player is a practice warrior.

      1. Sebbie’s not taking all the Hoyer hype. He never will ’cause his hearthrob is gone….

        Yet Sebbie claims he will root for the 9ers no matter what. Keep rooting Sebbie!

      2. Colin Kaepernick sets NFL record for quarterback futility in loss to Bears

        By Des Bieler

        December 4, 2016 

        The 49ers quarterback, who had been playing well since taking over from Blaine Gabbert in Week 6, found himself back on the bench Sunday after setting an NFL record for quarterbacking futility.

        In a 26-6 loss to the Bears, Kaepernick became the first QB in league history to be sacked five times and throw for fewer than five yards in a game.


      3. Seb, (The Hater)….Hasn’t played a reg. season game yet and Seb’s wishing for 49er destruction.

        Talk about your typical Raider fan haunting our posts.

      4. He’s a Niner now though. Let’s hope he gets back to the playoffs in the first place and can redeem his last performance.

  25. John Lynch on Solomon Thomas: ‘We think he can be a game wrecker’

    Solomon Thomas, a week into training camp, is behind his teammates transitioning to the 49ers’ new 4-3 defense. NFL rules prohibited Thomas from participating in the offseason program .

    But the defensive lineman in learning quickly. He earned reps with the first team this week, indicating he’s picking things up to help strengthen 2016’s last-ranked defense


    1. Grant,

      I notice McDonald is picking his game up….I once was a receiver out of the backfield, so I know a receivers confidence skyrockets when he doesn’t have QB who throws rockets from 5 yard away, either breaking your fingers (as Kap did to Randy Moss), or forcing you to stretch backwards for an inaccurate throw while running full speed, so, not being able to dodge the safety, you’re blown up !

      Randy Moss: “Man, he dislocated my finger,” Moss said, via CSNBayArea.com. “[H]e had to put one them Randy Johnson fastballs on me. When it hit my finger, I felt my finger pop — dislocated it.


      1. “It felt like every ball he threw was a 100-mile-an-hour hour fastball,” Miller said last week. “My gloves were literally ripping and tearing. My fingers were jammed and calluses were torn up – through the gloves.”
        “Kaep has a very strong arm,” tight end Vernon Davis said.
        “When he first got here, I had to tell him to slow down a little bit. It would be like a 5-yard route and he’d just drill it in there. And I’d have to say, ‘Whoa, whoa, slow down.’ He still has to work on it…?


  26. Here’s the deal. Hyde explodes through contact at a premier level. That fits any scheme. I want Williams to be what he is on tape, but he seems less prepared than other rookies, especially Breida. Maybe that Utah issue of commitment bears close scrutiny. Hightower is value. Bibbs is a journeyman at best

  27. Kevin Jones‏Verified account @Mr_KevinJones · 19m19 minutes ago
    New 6-foot-4 WR Tim Patrick beats Dontae Johnson deep in 1-on-1s. Rookie C.J. Beathard with the dime

  28. Joe Fann‏Verified account


     More

    Joe Fann Retweeted San Francisco 49ers

    Another day, another highlight-reel catch from Trent Taylor.

  29. Gamewrecker/King Solomon

    Your rush is like a tidal wave, crashing down on rocks
    Drownin’ them with your swim moves now, underneath their blocks
    You’re the right kind player, to create a big catastrophe
    The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to be

    You’re a gamewrecker
    Sack maker, a lunch taker
    Don’t you mess around with him
    You’re a gamewrecker
    Sack maker, a lunch taker
    Don’t you mess around, no no no

    Your sacks have lit my team on fire, burning out of control
    Building up like funeral pyres, on quarterbacks souls
    You’re the right kind of player, to cause one more calamity
    The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to be

      1. What the hey is this…? …Now we’re writing love poems to untested rookie linemen before they’ve even been tested by fire ? I can only imagine what Leo ‘the Lion’ or Bob Toneff would say….

  30. Grant,
    Kruger and Kawakami on KNBR this morn both commented that Williams has looked “terrible” so far this camp. They agreed that it might not mean much but they were not high on him. I read (I think it was Barrows, I read so much this time of year) that he thought Williams looked over weight and questioned his commitment Do you have any response to these comments?

    1. Can I comment?

      My take is that Joe came into the offseason program in not nearly as good of shape as he thought he was. He got off to a slow start, lost a little bit of confidence, and it showed. The guy I saw on tape (and I watched extensive game film of Joe Williams pre-draft) wasn’t a guy who couldn’t finish runs. In fact, he’s quite the opposite. But he clearly didn’t have his legs under him early, and with all of the other things a rookie has to deal with (an extensive playbook) as a RB, that leaves you in a tough spot.

      Look, we all know that confidence is important when it comes to professional athletes. And I’ve seen many RB’s have a very slow start to their rookie season, only to flip the switch once they got comfortable. Heck, even Zeke Elliot looked a little shaky in last years offseason program.

      The Joe Williams I expect to see by the 3rd preseason game will be an electric RB who can make decisive cuts, accel through tackles, bounce off would be tacklers, and break long runs on a regular basis. Because Joe has 3 elite traits.

      A) Speed/The ability to make decisive cuts without losing speed
      B) Balance, and I mean freakish balance
      c) He always finds a way to fall forward for those crucial extra inches

      And that’s why he’s here. I’m not sure he unseats Hyde as a rookie, but he’s on my radar as the 49ers next starting RB if the 49ers let Hyde walk at the end of the season.

        1. Kyle knows what he wants in a RB. Remember, Shanahan told Peter King of the MMQB shortly after the conclusion of Day of the draft, “I’m telling you right now: If we don’t get him, I’ll be sick. I will be contemplating Joe Williams all night.”

          1. Uh huh… I take those kinds of comments with a grain of salt.

            For example, Harbaugh knew what he wanted in a WR and lobbied Baalke to draft AJ Jenkins (just like he did with Kaepernick and a few others, all of whom were failures though, magically, St. Harbaugh never gets taken to task for it and it’s only Baalke’s fault despite them being cooperative/consensus decisions…). Then he vehemently supported AJ Jenkins after Grant (and a few others) were calling him a bust/looking lost early on:

            “I just want to update you on the status of A.J. Jenkins, that topic,” Harbaugh said. “A.J. Jenkins was an outstanding football player when he got here. His progress has been very, very good and exceeded expectations. For those scribes, pundits, so-called experts, who have gone as far to say that he is going to be a bust, should just stop.

            The only way AJ Jenkins exceeded expectations was if you were expecting him to shoot someone during training camp then rob a bank…

            “I recommend that because they are making themselves look more clueless than they’ve already did. To go on record, A.J.’s going to be an outstanding football player. So far in camp, what he’s done in the offseason has led us to believe nothing but that he will be an outstanding football player in the National Football League.”

            SRSLY? I’m still waiting for it… Any day now…


            1. lol. He didn’t lobby for Jenkins and was protecting the kid from all the crap he was taking in the media. That’s what a good Coach does. That pick was all Baalke to the point he sealed it in an envelope and didn’t tell anybody.

              1. Exactly. They were throwing darts at a wall with AJ Jenkins. They couldn’t make up their minds with that pick because they needed help at WR, they needed a speedy WR, and neither Harbaugh or Baalke ever seem to identify or develop WR’s. I did a lot of study pre-draft and had hardly heard of the kid. They called his name on draft day and I spit out my soda pop.

              2. Yes, I remember that moment well. Baalke claimed he wrote down the name and pulled the envelope out of his jacket pocket.
                I thought he pulled it out of his rear end.

  31. How new #49ers strength coach Ray Wright enticed more than 80 players to come in on their day off this week …

    The 49ers players had a day off Tuesday, but Ray Wright didn’t want them sitting around in their hotel rooms playing video games and otherwise doing nothing.

    So Wright, the team’s new strength and conditioning coach, crafted an enticing menu.

    If they came into work they could have a session with one of the 20 massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors he’d have available. There would be a yoga session at 11 a.m. And perhaps most alluring of all: There would be a free breakfast.

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article165322562.html#storylink=cpy

    1. Glad to see Charlie wasn’t anyone’s Lucy today.

      Solomon Thomas also seems to be more prominent the deeper we get into training camp. He’s played an array of positions so far, and on Friday had a quarterback sack against Joe Staley, which is no small feat. That’s my boy!

      1. Thomas, Foster, Witherspoon, Williams, and Taylor all looked good today. And Kittle was looking good pre injury.

  32. http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article165505952.html

    “Foster had another busy session. The day included yet another interception during one-on-one drills when he stepped in front of Carlos Hyde to grab a throw from rookie quarterback Nick Mullens.”

    “There were some nice defensive plays by the team’s cornerbacks. Rookie Ahkello Witherspoon, who has been the Charlie Brown of the last two practices, got a chance to flex his own muscles during a move-the-ball session when he knocked the ball away from Pierre Garcon on a pass from Brian Hoyer. (The first-team offense was taking on the second-team defense at the time). On the next play, Hoyer was looking for Marquise Goodwin over the middle, but couldn’t pull the trigger due to close coverage from Witherspoon. Safety Chanceller James ended up “sacking” Hoyer on the play.”

  33. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman · 2h2 hours ago

     More

    Pita Taumoepenu got his 1st reps @ SAM linebacker 2day. Dekoda Watson was only SAM up w/ A. Brooks (day off) and E. Harold (concussion) out.

    Go UTES, Props to Pita !

    1. Holmgren + Young = 49ers SuperBowls

      Joe Williams + Pita Tauoepenu = 9-7 in 2017 !!!

      Go UTES !

      1. Alex Smith (Former Ute) = One dropped punt return vs. NYG from 49ers getting to two straight SuperBowls

        1. Alex Smith + Brian Hoyer = Way better than Kap. Kap would be 3rd string in Shanny’s offense.

          1. I question whether Kaep would even make the 53. He fixates on one aspect of the play/one receiver too much, far too inaccurate on the deep throws, and under pressure either bolts or wilts. No, no need to reprise any more of that dubious and habitual under-performance. And Miami, even the Dolphins, have reached out to Cutler . . .

            1. 49er in the Andes,

              Seb begs to differ above. Don’t know why everytime posts Hoyer’s successes Seb posts negatives……Conclusion. Seb is not a true 49er fan because he only wants bad players.

              sebnynah says:
              ugust 4, 2017 at 10:19 am

              Just watch Hoyer’s only playoff game. That was when it really mattered, not when some player is a practice warrior.

              1. TrollD, only a Raider troll would question the fandom of a die hard faithful 49er fan. I remember you rooting for the Raiders, so go to the Raider’s blogs and dazzle them with your wit.
                Bad player?, No I just want the last Niner QB who lead the Niners to the Super Bowl.

    1. Thx # 80.

      We’ve all been watching him, hoping the 49ers got a Welker. So far so good.

      Here are my longshot hopefuls I hope make the team at WR:

      Kendrick Bourne, Tim Patrick.

    2. Dang Nabbit! I was going to post that.

      As for Taylor, yeah, he’s really surprising me. Longshots are generally pipe-dreams, but he’s pulling me into his corner.

  34. Can Brian Hoyer be the Rich Gannon of the 49ers? A journeyman QB who bounces around the league to finally find his way and become a quality starter and lead the team to the playoffs?

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