49ers training camp report: Joshua Garnett upsets Charles Haley

49ers guard Joshua Garnett waits for the snap


Here’s what stood out to me during practice Sunday morning.


1. DT DeForest Buckner. Today was the first day the 49ers wore pads, so I focused mainly on the players who hit each other, particularly the linemen – both on offense and defense. And the best lineman on the team clearly is second-year defensive tackle DeForest Buckner. None of the interior offensive linemen could block him during the one-on-one pass-rushing drills, and they consistently had to double-team him during 11-on-11s. With Buckner drawing double teams, the rest of the defensive linemen could take advantage of one-on-one matchups.

2. DE Arik Armstead. Armstead recorded three sacks during team drills – two while playing defensive end and rushing against Trent Brown (more on him below), and one while playing defensive tackle and rushing against Brandon Fusco. Armstead always has been a powerful player, but he seems more flexible and explosive this offseason than in the past. He says he currently weighs 275 pounds – down 15 pounds from last year.

3. DE Elvis Dumervil. Every time Dumervil and Trent Brown faced each other, Dumervil dominated. He drew one holding penalty, recorded one sack and came close to recording a second. Dumervil has the advantage in this matchup because he’s nine inches shorter than Brown and Brown struggles to get his hands on him.

4. DE Aaron Lynch. Lynch couldn’t beat Brown during one-on-one pass-rushing drills, but Lynch beat him twice for sacks during team drills. Brown had a tough day.

5. LB Reuben Foster. Foster struggled during the play-action portion of practice. Twice he fell for run fakes and sprinted toward the line of scrimmage while the quarterback threw the ball over his head and completed long passes over the middle of the field. But Foster redeemed himself later, when he intercepted fourth-string quarterback Nick Mullens and returned the interception for a touchdown.

6. QB Brian Hoyer. Hoyer completed 14-of-17 pass attempts (82 percent), and at one point completed nine in a row. He has gotten better every day of training camp and he hasn’t thrown an interception yet, as opposed to Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles who reportedly threw five interceptions during practice on Saturday. I’m guessing the Jaguars would take Hoyer over Bortles at this point.

7. RB Tim Hightower. So far during training camp, all of the Niners running backs except Hightower have struggled running the outside zone plays, which are the basis of Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Hightower is extremely confident running these plays – he runs them hard and never hesitates. After practice, I asked him what are the keys to running the outside zone plays successfully? Here’s what he said: “First of all, understanding the big picture. A lot of people think you can just put anybody in this system. I remember my first experience with it in Washington, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was just going on instinct. But the more you understand his system and what other guys are doing, you start to understand how to set things up. You can be a lot more confident because you know what’s going on. You’re more in control of what’s going on as opposed to just reacting. So, I think it’s understanding what you’re doing and not just running. And then secondly, it sounds cliché, but being tough. It’s not a finesse system. You’ve got to be able to take a couple zero, zero, one-yard gains to set up some other things, and not be bouncing runs back, not cutting outside. You’ve got to be true to the scheme. The first half (of games) may be messy, but if I stay true to it, eventually we’ll wear them down and eventually some things will pop in the fourth quarter.”

8. RB Joe Williams. Williams had a nice run between the tackles when he ran through Rueben Foster and knocked the rookie linebacker on his back. Williams also performed well in pass protection. He spotted Ray Ray Armstrong blitzing up the middle and then slid over to block him.

9. WR Kendrick Bourne. The rookie undrafted free agent made a leaping catch over the middle after beating Keith Reaser’s man-to-man coverage. Every day, Bourne beats at least one defensive back who probably will make the final roster. He has outperformed former 49ers draft picks such as DeAndre Smelter and Aaron Burbridge.


1. OG Joshua Garnett. Garnett morally offended Charles Haley during one-on-ones. I was standing next to Haley. We both watched Garnett face Buckner. When the ball was snapped, Garnett immediately started back pedaling. He never set his feet, never braced for impact. This disturbed Haley. When Buckner and Garnett collided, Garnett offered no resistance and Buckner easily pushed him backward into the quarterback. After the play, Haley yelled to a scout and pulled him aside to discuss Garnett in private.

2. OT Trent Brown. The starting right tackle played well during one-on-ones, but gave up at least five sacks and committed one holding penalty during 11-on-11s. I’ve never seen him, or any offensive lineman, give up five sacks in one practice. Brown usually plays much better. Maybe he just had a bad day.

3. TE Logan Paulsen. Paulsen is an excellent blocker, but he’s not much of a receiver, and today he made one of the least athletic plays I’ve seen from an NFL tight end. Here’s what happened: Hoyer floated a short pass to Paulsen that was a little high, but catchable. Paulsen simply had to raise both arms and he would have made the catch. Instead, he raised one arm, jumped a couple inches in the air and watched the ball fly by his head. He seemed like he wanted to appear as if he was trying hard to catch a pass he already had given up on.

4. RB Matt Breida. The undrafted rookie running back was impressive earlier during the offseason when the team practiced without pads, running for a long gains almost every day. Not today, though. During his first padded practice in the NFL, he struggled getting past the line of scrimmage. The Niners roughed him up. Breida seems like what Elvis Dumervil calls a “T-shirt player,” which is someone who plays well in shorts and a t-shirt when other players can’t hit him.

5. CB Keith Reaser. The starting cornerback gave up a long catch to undrafted wide receiver Kendrick Bourne, who probably will be practice-squad player. After this catch, I thought, “Gee, Reaser is terrible. He probably shouldn’t be starting.” Until a few minutes later, when I saw…

6. CB Dontae Johnson. The cornerback who would replace Reaser gave up back-back-to-back catches to Marquise Goodwin. Both times, Goodwin beat Johnson easily. After the second time Johnson got beat, I thought, “Gee, Johnson might be even worse than Reaser.” Which is rough, because one of those two will have to start this season.

7. SS Eric Reid. Reid twisted his right ankle on the second play of practice. Shanahan said he doesn’t know the severity of the injury or whether it’s a regular ankle sprain or a high ankle sprain. We’ll find out more tomorrow.

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  1. I am still waiting to hear something (anything ) about TE Blake Bell…any news ?

  2. Reid again? Does this guy malinger or is he in a state of total ligament breakdown?

    1. Meh, he turned his ankle, it happens, no big thing. Hopefully it’s not one of those nagging high ankle deals.

      1. Actually might be a blessing in disguise. Our depth at safety is one of the glaring weaknesses of this team with two oft injured starters. Valuable practice reps to be had.

        1. Are you really Trent Baalke’s daughter? I’m just curious. If so, are you still a big Niners fan?

    2. Hey sucks… cut his kneeling anthem ass now… didnt like the pick when he was first drafted by harbaugh.. take the other scrub tarat card or whatever his kneeling anthem ass is also and bring ward with u…

  3. Grant, were you as mystified as I was during your interview on KNBR when Krueg said Joe Williams wasn’t a guy who breaks arm tackles? He even questioned his leg strength. I am convinced he hasn’t done the homework on Joe Williams. Not only does Joe have a knack for running through arm tackles, he has an uncanny ability to do it, and even bounce of would be tacklers without losing a step. I love Larry Krueger, but boy is he off base on this one.

    Someone on this thread argued with me about Hightower being over the hill earlier in the offseason, despite how well he finished the season last year. Would you agree Grant? Remember, he took 3 seasons off and, while he battled a knee infection, the rest of his body got a nice long rest.

    I’m hearing from sources that Reuben Foster moves like a cat on the football field Grant. Does he look more like a panther, jaguar, tiger or King of the jungle – the mighty lion?

    Any revisions on Aaron Lynch? Is he looking more like a lock at this point, or is he still on the bubble?

    Any impressions of Solomon Thomas yet, or has he gone unnoticed?

    Buckner for DPOY?

  4. Like I said yesterday Redmond should get a chance at the #2 corner. Right now its Robinson, and I think Williams is our 2nd best corner. Redmond might be 3rd best, so better give him a shot to unseat Reaser and Johnson.

    Also, I can’t see how foster is in the good if he keeps biting on run fakes. I think he’ll be great in the long run, but at best from the sounds of things this was an ok practice. Getting an INT off Nick Muellens isn’t world shattering.

  5. Good
    1 through 4 about the D line. Love it!
    6. Hoyer is settling in.
    8. “Williams had a nice run between the tackles when he ran through Rueben Foster and knocked the rookie linebacker on his back.” Impressive.

    Not so good.
    1. I’m glad Haley is around.
    5 and 6. Yikes.

        1. CFC, unless Shanny finds a stud Center in Free Agency, he’s gonna need one in the draft. Billy Price might be another guy to keep an eye on this year….

          1. Two of the 49ers first 3 picks next Spring will be on the offensive line.

            1. I sure like Harold Landry, and I’d love to have him but he’d be a luxury pick that high. The OL has to be addressed, no question about it.

              1. Signing Cousins would allow them to use their first pick on a guy like Mike McGlinchey or Quenton Nelson.

              2. Williams needs to put on weight for the NFL, how that effects his speed and mobility will remain to be seen. McGlinchey has franchise left tackle written all over him. If he stays healthy he’s a top 5 pick.

              3. I see it as opposite. Williams size and athleticism mark him for the right side. Where he’s drafted will come down to whether teams think he can still be athletic at 305 pounds.

              4. We just moved McGlinchey to LT from the right. He’s struggles with speed rushers, and until he shows me he’s improved, I think he’s near his ceiling.

                Williams took the job as a freshman. I don’t anticipate a precipitous degradation in athleticism from Williams while he packs on more muscle. Two guys I planned on keeping close tabs on this year for sure, though CFC….

              5. What are your thoughts on Orlando Brown?

                McGlinchey counter scouting report:

                Moved to left tackle this year, but has looked far more natural as a right tackle. Huge frame, excellent as a run blocker and can hold the edge, but has some trouble against speed. Will have an interesting combine and personal workouts to determine how scouts see him in terms of left or right side.

              6. I’d really like to see Williams play closer to 300 before feeling comfortable with him. Based on salary the top 10 left tackles have an average weight of 310 pounds. It’s fair to say that most NFL left tackles are at least 305 pounds or more. If he can add 15 or so pounds to his frame and maintain his athleticism then great, he’s a top NFL tackle prospect for sure.

              7. Brown will be interesting to see where teams want to play him. He has the experience of the left side of the line but comes from a run heavy offense and he doesn’t have a lot of experience pass protecting for a QB that takes a lot of long straight drop backs. Seems like a right tackle prospect for his first season or two in the NFL until he gets more time under his belt in pass protection. I think fast edge rushers will be able to take advantage of Browns height and slow feet if he’s on the left side by himself.

    1. “OG Joshua Garnett. Garnett morally offended Charles Haley during one-on-ones. I was standing next to Haley. We both watched Garnett face Buckner. When the ball was snapped, Garnett immediately started back pedaling. He never set his feet, never braced for impact. This disturbed Haley. When Buckner and Garnett collided, Garnett offered no resistance and Buckner easily pushed him backward into the quarterback.”

    Careful, Seb may use Garnett’ technique flaws as one of the reasons CK7 is no longer here (lol).
    Buckner is beastly strong and it could be that Garnett’ only hope of slowing him down is to step back and then dig in for better leverage. But if there is a flaw in his footwork it should have been caught and corrected in his rookie year.

    1. Kinda creepy. Check the Garnett photo used by Grant (above). Good ‘ol number 7 is standing to Garnett’s left rear.

      1. Cassie,
        Yup, and Garnett, a guy with poor technique seems to be giving out orders – no bueno.

    2. Glad Garnett will be getting teaching from a HOFer. Maybe he will learn from this and not repeat his mistakes.
      SMH, they not only played Garnett in the wrong position, last season, they were incompetent to be able to have coached him up.

    3. AES

      I’ll grant you, that Buckner is strong…but Garnett is also strong…and he outweighs Buckner by over 20 pounds….Rachal 2.0 ?

      Get on him Haley !

  7. This was your best report to date. How fortuitous you happened to be next to Haley. Was Garnett aware of Haley’s disturbance?

    1. I’m glad Haley took him to task. But I find it difficult for a guy who once pissed on a coaches car to take moral offense at anything.

      1. People change, and in Haley’s case, get the diagnosis and medication he needed to help facilitate that change. I’m sure that’s not the first time he’s heard that kind of joke, and I’m just as sure it won’t be the last time he hears one like it either….

  8. Its way early to form any rock solid opinions on performance but just from reading from various sources that the O-line and secondary are the weakest link on the team. Also sounds like Hoyer is having a nice early camp. Lots of training camp left to work on getting better.

    1. Undercenter

      Wasn’t it propitious that we released Cooper and Balducci right before OTAs ? two 300 + lb. Olinemen….huh ?

      1. Bro Tuna

        You made me shiver just saying his name (Rachal)…The difference to me is that Cooper and Balducci were both signed to other teams before leaving the property

    1. Malcolm,
      I was thinking the same thing.
      These guys made a little noise at the OTA’s but haven’t any mention of them the past 3 days.
      They might be playing for a chance to make the PS.

  9. Barrows taped some of the pass-rush drills. He had more up, but now it’s just this one. Guys who did well, but not mentioned by Grant, include Carradine & Mitchell.

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    Some other notes of interest from other beat reporters:

    Rookie C.J. Beathard, rather than Barkley, initially lined up with the second-string offense. Both quarterbacks were 7 of 10 in team drills. Their flaws: Beathard holds onto the ball longer, while Barkley had an interception after a nice completion to Kendrick Bourne.

    At other points in practice, defensive end Solomon Thomas shoved tackle Andrew Lauderdale into the quarterback, defensive end Aaron Lynch had a couple of would-be sacks and rookie defensive tackle D.J. Jones pushed blockers back in stuffing the run.

    Rookie linebacker Reuben Foster was beaten badly in one-on-one pass coverage drills against Matt Breida, Carlos Hyde, Logan Paulsen and Tim Hightower. But once 11-on-11 began, Foster had an interception return for a TD on Nick Mullens pass intended for Bruce Ellington. It was Foster’s second pick-six in three days of practices.

    Hyde had a good showing during one-on-one drills, beating Foster and NaVorro Bowman in single coverage.

    The 49ers’ first-team offensive line consisted of left tackle Joe Staley, left guard Joshua Garnett, center Daniel Kilgore, right guard Brandon Fusco and right tackle Trent Brown.

      1. Thanks Moses. I think this D line is going to be a many headed monster this year.

    1. Good question. Maybe conspicuous by his absence. I think it was yesterday that Grant indicated he wasn’t making plays.

  10. Hey Grant if you had to give practice a letter grade like “A, B, C, D, F” how would you rate the overall feel of the first padded practice?

  11. Great to hear Buckner and Armstead dominating in the team portion of drills. A lot of the other writers seemed to focus on one-on-ones, but its the team drills that are of more interest to me. If Buckner can continue to draw double teams and still be a presence then this DL could be very good.

  12. I find it interesting that the DL is supposedly doing so well, the OL supposedly looks terrible, yet Hoyer looks great. Seems like there is an inconsistency there unless I’m missing something.

    1. Offensive lines and offenses generally struggle early in camp.
      Timing is the biggest reason.

      1. Yeah they do, but in reading other reports Hoyer was under significant pressure all day; yet he still managed to complete 82% of his passes.

        1. I could be wrong, but I think they play on even after the “sack” (which is just a touch as no hitting of the QB is allowed). Is that correct?

          1. They do, but I don’t think they count it as a completion. Still, it’s one reason Kyle’s a fan of Hoyer, he keeps his eyes downfield at all times. He’s not bailing out at the first sign of pressure, throwing a wrench into the timing of the plays called.

            The offense seems significantly further ahead than at this point the last couple seasons, and they clearly have a better fit at QB, surrounded by more weapons. I think Goodwin is due for a breakout season.

            And I’ll say it again …… Reuben Foster moves like a cat! Remarkable agility for a thumper!

          2. Another reporter (don’t remember who) said they still counted it as a completion, even after the “sack”.

  13. From Barrows report:

    “The best battle of the day was the heavyweight bout between the offensive and defensive line. Nose tackle Earl Mitchell was perhaps the most impressive as he manhandled center Daniel Kilgore on successive snaps. Before you conclude that Kilgore isn’t the answer at center, know that Mitchell also handily beat Jeremy Zuttah twice in a row, too.”

    1. That’s our weakest position and has been for years on the offensive line. We need a Jeremy Newberry 2.0.

      1. That Conner Williams may be a wise choice next draft.
        Beadles did well at Center last season…

        1. Conner Williams is my number one OT, and King Solomon is part of the reason why. I wouldn’t be mad if they got Williams/Price with their first two picks….

          1. Yeah, if they can get their QB in FA then using the draft to upgrade the OL would make sense. Unless the OL surprises this year.

            1. I think Cousins is the logical choice.
              If the O line gives up 8 sacks per game, it does not matter who the QB is.

            2. It doesn’t sound like there’s gonna be a surprise at Center, unless Mitchell is better than I thought he was. I had hoped Zuttah might be another version of Goodwin….

  14. Jarius Byrd signing should be coming soon. Team will release b.j. Johnson with injury designation

    1. Apparently, I missed it…what injury occurred with B.J. Johnson.?…’Had to be serious….

  15. The Niners are going to follow in the steps of GS Warriors. We won’t need to sign Cousins because Hoyer will turn out to be the guy thus saving us money and picks ….and helping build a Championship run that lasts for a decade !!!

        1. So are you predicting a championship season, too? With a dynasty attached?
          Guess you are predicting Hoyer will do all that, too.

          1. Hoyer is our guy until he shows he cant get it done.

            Get on board Sebnnoying if you are indeed a 49ers fan!

            1. Prime is right, Sebs………..quit taking shots at our 9ers. We all know they are veiled shots at components of the team that COULD screw it up for the QB-implying thats the reason-the only reason-kap had his legion of problems.

              Aint workin…………

  16. If one “follows in the footsteps of GS” they first need a defined team culture and style of play. Then they need acknowledged very good and some great players. Then they need to somehow attract the even greater than great player. Getting Cousins would be an incredible big move for the 9ers, but even that does not register on the Richter in the way the KD signing did.

    You can’t really put GS in the same conversation with 9ers. Unless you use GS Cohan version. There are comparables there, unfortunately.

    9ers now on good track. But even Jed realized its a 4-6 year process. Lacob didn’t get it done in a year either. But Lacob paved a solid road through good hires and gutsy personnel/coaching moves. I hope 9ers can show trends like this. Time will tell. And it will not be Hoyer that fixes Jeds’ sad reputation.

    1. Hoyer may end up like Monta Ellis. Lacob did get boo’d so he has something in common with Jed.
      Niners and GS are light year’s apart. GS are World Champions, 49ers are 2-14.

  17. Grant,
    That little nugget of your conversation with Hightower was quite illuminating. Thanks!

  18. Generally, trend lines on accelerating performance are not static arithmetic progressions:2 wins, 4 wins, 6 wins. They are geometric belly curves: 6wins, 12 wins etc. Conversely decline is also dynamic. Not saying it will happen, but if you get the ingredients right playoffs in 2 years is realistic.One impediment is a viable OL which does not seem likely this year.

  19. Good to know Goodwin is showing well so far, but Grant what I want to know is if he was a training camp hero in Buffalo too. That will help fans determine if there’s something different/special about him this year.

    Also I’ve seen no reports on Lynch’s weight.

  20. So….we’ve seen both Dontae Johnson and Keith Reaser both play in REGULAR season games and give a good account of themselves, and both have played well at times on terrible teams. But now, on the first day of padded PRACTICE while learning a new system they get beat and now they can’t play at all. Goofy reporting from this guy as usual. I have to be more careful with the links i click.

  21. Very impressing analysis by Hightower that is serious critical thinking and well spoken. All running backs should read what Hightower said and take it to heart-the Zen of the stretch. I am conditioned to expect something more in line with “we just have to execute” or “I have to look at the film” there have been so many randomly spewed clichés Hightower’s comment was refreshingly informative.

    1. That’s all fine and dandy, but I’ll take Big Shanny’s word for it over Chris Wilson.

      1. The only way we are going to know is if it actually happens. Like I say its the price tag not the talent the raises the eyebrow.

        1. I think the thing a lot of people forget is Cousins has been successful despite operating under a dysfunctional regime. I’d really hate to see the Rams get him….

    2. Sorry, but he lost me when he stated that he had one of the best TEs in the league. Vernon Davis is a shell of what he once was.
      Cousins is not a franchise QB because Snyder and Bruce Allen are a couple clueless twits, who have incompetently mismanaged the whole situation. They gave him an offer and said, take it or leave it, then whined in the press, soiling their dirty laundry by calling him Kurt. They really needed to lock him up as the franchise QB, but refused to talk to him for months. They must have read that book- How to lose arguments and win enemies.
      Cousins, by his record of 9,000 yards over 2 years and 68% completion rate confirms he is a franchise QB.
      Even I, who is Kaep’s biggest fan on this site must concede that Cousins is a superior passer. Comparing Hoyer to Cousins is a joke. Yes, Hoyer did well at Texas because they had a top 5 defense, but Cousins was one pass away from making the playoffs last season, even with the 28th ranked defense. So Cousins did make a defensively weak team better, while Hoyer stunk up the joint even with a top 5 ranked defense.
      All I want the Niners to do is win games, and Cousins could be that guy to do it, because he is an accurate passer.
      It is a good scenario to be confronted with, because after this season, Cousins will be free and clear to sign with another team. KS and Cousins have a good relationship, and you can bet the Niners will not leave him twisting in the wind, quibbling over money.
      The writer states that he does not want to pay top dollar for a QB. That is obtuse, especially considering the Niners have 70 mil in cap space, and next season, are anticipating to have 100 mil.
      Lynch said that his biggest priority is to find that franchise QB. Guess they are willing to be patient, and let Cousins fall into their lap. I like how they are thinking ahead, by signing Garcon, Cousin’s favorite target.

    3. I too have watched a lot of Kirk Cousins and much of what this guy is saying isn’t what I’m seeing. He routinely goes through his reads, delivers the ball accurately and has often made plays out of nothing. The other problem is this writer focused on Cousins as the issue for Redzone problems and yet the Skins were one of the best Redzone teams the year before with Cousins at QB. You can’t look at things in a vacuum. There are a lot of factors that go into overall performance from year to year and a big problem for the Skins last year was an inconsistent running game that really affected Redzone performance. Cousins is not perfect and the price tag is hard to stomach, but that is what you pay for QB’s in the modern day NFL and as I’ve already stated multiple times, the contract is not a big issue with all of the cap room this team has. They will be done with most of the guaranteed money within 2-3 years at which point the cap ramifications are gone.

      I’m not going to argue that Cousins is a Franchise QB because he’s only started for two years, but I have no idea why anyone is resistant to bringing him in when we haven’t had a QB of his caliber on the team in nearly 20 years. I understand the excitement about the 2018 QB class and the desire to draft and develop our own but that is a low percentage option that rarely works out and usually takes multiple tries before landing a starter. With Cousins you get somebody who already knows the offense, has played at a high level and is still in his prime. I don’t see a negative side to this.

      1. Yarp. He looked good in that two minute drill TD drive he had. Laughed when I read in the report that Smith had a good drive too but didn’t score. I thought, yep, that’s our Smithy.

          1. From what I’ve read that only happens if Smith gets hurt. Cant go by him standing there with no pass rusher and having the ball tossed to him as a hike. He is still learning how to take snaps from center and call plays in the huddle from what I’ve read. Love seeing him have success with the easy stuff cause otherwise that would be troubling. He’s still thinking about how to huddle up and call plays. He’ll need this first full season of reps to get to the point that he’s no longer in his head on the basic stuff. One funny story was that during one of his first huddles he was so amped that he was calling the play loud enough for the defense to hear it. :) Oh, rookies.

          2. I think the plan will be to sit Mahomes for the full season. Anything can happen, but my guess is Reid really wants to take things slowly with him and it’s the right call. Mahomes is a special talent, but you can ruin a young QB if you put him in there before he’s ready and Smith even with his limitations is good enough for them to compete with this year.

            1. That’s just it. Smith is good enough to get you to the dance, but he’s no Capoeira dancer. Andy recognizes this, and that’s why he traded up for Mahomes. Most teams with the mindset to go slow with their top 10 quarterback have good intentions, but most times succumb to the pressure of inserting him before they’re ready. Bortles comes to mind….

    1. No surprise there, CFC. CBS rankings are catawampus all year, and consistently dormant until about 2-3 weeks before the draft.

    2. Wow, Mason Rudolph is way too high and Josh Allen is way too low. I would switch Falk and Rosen.

      1. 1a. Josh Allen
        1b. Sam Darnold
        Nick Fitzgerald
        Josh Rosen*
        Luke Falk

        These are the only QB that’s I really like as players that could develop into starters.

        *Heavily contingent on whether or not he matures as a leader.

        1. I like your order Coffee. Rosen as you mentioned has some maturity issues but he kind of checks all the boxes that Kyle would want in a QB. IF his personality with Kyle checks out well. He is the best pure pocket QB coming out. I see 3 QBs going in the top 5… I also see the Niners moving up for one of them pending the Cousins situation. I would not rule out CJ getting a chance to start in 2018… He is a guy that Kyle likes a lot but needs proper development. He reminds me of Cousins ALOT….

      2. Walter football has Darnold, Allen, Jackson and Rosen top 4.
        Rudolf and Falk were 9 and 10.

    3. I don’t know what they base rankings on at this point of the year but for pro prospects I’d rank them:


      Allen has all the physical talent in the world, but has only played one full season and was inconsistent with his accuracy and threw too many picks. This is a big year for him and if he improves to the level his athleticism says he can, he’ll be in the mix for the top pick. Darnold is similar in the experience dept, but played at an extremely high level and did a lot of things you usually don’t see from first year starters. The sky is the limit for him with his poise and unflappable nature under pressure. Rosen is somebody I’ve been high on since he was in High School and I think he’s going to have a great year as long as the Oline is solid. He’s the most pro ready QB in this class imo and has huge upside. Some keep referring to maturity issues but that was put to bed last season when he reported and was a very different person from the 18 year old kid who arrived as a freshman. Falk is a guy I’ve been high on for a long time and with the influx of spread QB’s now being drafted in the first round, he’s going to get a shot to be somebody’s QBOTF maybe even as a first round pick. Rudolph I’m not as high on as the others, but his talent is worthy of the ranking. He really needs to improve his understanding of the defenses he faces and make better decisions but there is a lot to work with. Deondre Francois may move himself into the top 5 if he progresses as rapidly as he did in his first season. Tough kid who got better and better as the season went along.

  22. Way too early to project QB ranking in the draft, but I assume Darnold, Rosen and Allen will go top 3.
    I like Lamar Jackson despite his size, and if the Niners go QB with their first pick, he might be available in the middle of the round. I do not expect the Niners to draft top 3, so Jackson, Falk or Deondre Francois in the middle of the first should be available.
    However, with Staley going on at 34, LT may be a big priority, so I like Jake Browning in the second round.

    1. It may be the 49ers believe Staley has a couple years left in him. He is signed through 2019, I think.

    1. Ya I don’t think he abused him there Razor. Beadles actually held his own.

        1. The D lineman has the advantage and Beadles held him off enough that in a game the ball is out of the QBs hand. I expect more from Thomas.

          1. I expect more from Thomas.

            He’s just getting started. He looks strong and quick.

        2. Looks to me like you are going to be a cheerleader all year with this guy which is fine. I get you like him but be objective. The video clearly shows 2 guys battling hard and its an even matchup.
          Don’t let your estrogen hot flashes get the best of you Razina.

      1. I want you to imagine what Thomas will look like physically after a year in the NFL strength and conditioning program. Remember how much Armstead transformed? This guy is gonna be a monster.

  23. Jaquiski Tartt seems to have injured his left oblique. He’s in a lot of pain.

    Attrition. It’s a bitch.

  24. TomD says:
    July 29, 2017 at 4:42 pm
    Ojays: Seb’s Backstabbers

    Runman49 says:
    July 29, 2017 at 5:05 pm
    Always find it ironic that that song is on the same album ( of the same name) as Love Train…lol


    Seb has a love/hate relationship with all on this site….Just cross him one time on his viewpoints at your own risk ! Hence, the Ojay album with love/hate duality.

    1. Runman,

      A little background….

      Seb has accused wormtongue (his name for Paraag Marathe) of backstabbing Kap, one ingredient in his encylipedic sized list of reasons (snivelings) why Kap is no longer a Niner.

      If you noticed yesterday I predicted Seb would snivel at Grant’s assertion that Hoyer had a perfect day, and sure enough, one-half way down the blog, there’s Seb contracdicting Grant’s perfect day scenario with his scary, Robert DeNiro like fan(nautical) worship of Kap.

      Seb, as DeNiro, in: The Fan


        1. Incidentally, the scene where DeNiro (a knife salesman) is sharpening his knives in a demonstration is eerily similar to Seb, sharpening his chainsaw in his driveway, frightening all the neigbors.

          He’s already had one mishap with his chainsaw, with it sparking a pile of weeds in his backyard causing a neighborhood near conflagration.

  25. 49ers practice recap: Brian Hoyer, pass rush shine in pads’ debut

    The 49ers put the shoulder pads on Sunday for the first time in training camp…

    The practice was open to fans for the first time this summer, who had a chance to watch new quarterback Brian Hoyer play well within Shanahan’s offense.

    Hoyer, unofficially, completed 14 of 17 during full-team drills with one throwaway. He connected on nine consecutive passes at one point, hitting receivers at all levels of the field.

    Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman

  26. Joe Fann‏Verified account

     Follow

     More

    #49ers DL Arik Armstead says he’s at 275 pounds – first time he’s been that low since high school. Huge transformation to become a LEO.

    12:59 PM – 30 Jul 2017

  27. beastwriterDaniel Kilgore had this to say about new teammate DT Earl Mitchell…calls him “powerful.” Learn what else he had to say, as he admits Mitchell is tough to block-#BEASTwriter #49ers #NinerEmpire #NinerFans #ForeverFaithful

    Ryan Sakamoto

    1. The new regime is very fan friendly

      There were around 150 family members and fans invited to watch practice. There were food trucks at the entrance and covered bleachers to stay out of the sun if desired. Later, however, the team decided to practice on the field furthest from the stands. Shanahan felt like the action was too far away from the fans so he instrumented a move, allowing the fans to watch the remainder of practice from between the two fields for a much better view.
      The gestures of good will continued on Saturday where $5 will gain you entry to Levi’s Stadium for an open practice, and food and beverages will be complimentary.

  28. Baalke was not fan friendly.

    He’d never allow fans on the sidelines for fear they’d discover how really freaking F’d up his team was, then somebody might have spilled the beans earlier how F’d up he was.

  29. The Observer view on Donald Trump’s unfitness for office

    Observer editorial

    Like some kind of Shakespearean villain-clown, Trump plays not to the gallery but to the pit. He is a Falstaff without the humour or the self-awareness, a cowardly, bullying Richard III without a clue. Late-night US satirists find in this an unending source of high comedy. If they did not laugh, they would cry. The world is witnessing the dramatic unfolding of a tragedy whose main victims are a seemingly helpless American audience, America’s system of balanced governance and its global reputation as a leading democratic light.


  30. Shanahan quote (on the topic of mobile QBs)…

    “I’ll say that we run a lot of bootlegs and things like that,” Shanahan said on Saturday. “Usually, the most success I’ve had with quarterbacks who can do that are the ones who aren’t mobile, because I only want to run bootlegs and stuff if people aren’t playing them and when you have a mobile guy, they’re playing them. When you don’t, they play the run and then you get slow quarterbacks out on the edge and they can throw all day. Not because they’re just super athletes with their legs, but they’re good enough to throw on the move and you can use them.”

  31. Grant,I see Kittle on the injury list who’s been taking most of the reps

    1. http://www.knbr.com/2017/07/31/49ers-camp-observations-two-undrafted-players-making-waves-in-santa-clara/

      Cole Hikutini (Louisville) jumped in George Kittle’s (hamstring) spot at tight end and he opened eyes with his athleticism. Hikutini hauled in at least four receptions including a big one over the middle from Brian Hoyer in first-team reps. Nicknamed “Dirty Tini” by his 49ers teammates, Hikituni has really impressive size (6-foot-4, 247 pounds) for a move tight end. Shanahan lined him up everywhere, and he’s been mostly producing. Four days into training camp, tight end appears to be a wide-open competition, and Hikutini turned in the best individual performance of them all on Monday.

      1. More from the above link. It seems that Foster is learning.

        The one he got today I was probably the most excited about,” Shanahan said. “It was the same one he had yesterday where it was a play-action. He killed the fullback, went and tackled the back. The wide receiver was wide open behind him and he was still looking for the run. He had the same play today and he didn’t fill up on the run. He dropped back and got a pick. One play he did bad on yesterday, and today we ran the same play at him, and he got an interception off of it. That’s what you want to see.

        1. I can feel it! This one is for you.

          Solomon Thomas owned a one-on-one blocking drill. Going up against Zane Beadles twice, Thomas used an array of techniques to knock the guard back on his heels.

          1. I expected more from Beadlesjuice. Rookie’s only had 3 days of camp against a seasoned 7 year vet…;>)

        2. From dusk till dawn, you live here 24/7.
          There really must be nothing to do in Elkfart is there?

          And you want me to come visit?
          Ma please!

  32. Joe Fann ✔ @Joe_Fann
    Solomon Thomas also had his best practice thus far. Showed well in 1-on-1 drills and had a would-be sack in 11-on-11.
    3:24 PM – Jul 31, 2017

    Barrows believes that Witherspoon will make his way into the starting lineup at some point this season, “He’s the most physically gifted cornerback on this team and it’s not even close,” Barrows said.

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