49ers-Vikings divisional playoff film review

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, center, is greeted by with cornerback Richard Sherman, left, and defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, right, in the final minutes of the second half of an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Minnesota Vikings, Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020, in Santa Clara, Calif. The 49ers won 27-10. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Check out my YouTube breakdown of the coaches film from the 49ers’ 27-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC divisional playoff.

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  1. The Pro Football Writers of America have named Nick Bosa as their pick for 2019 Rookie of the Year. Not just Defensive Rookie either, but overall Rookie of the Year. Of course, that meant Bosa was also voted PFWA’s Defensive Rookie of the Year. Bosa is the first defensive player to win the Pro Football Writers of America award since 2013.

    “Bosa was a terror to start the season with seven sacks in his first seven games. The sack numbers dropped, but his play never did. We saw what Bosa is capable of when the Niners defense was healthy last weekend. When you can’t double him, he ruins your gameplan.”

    The other 49ERS rookie to make their 2019 All-Rookie team was Dre Greenlaw.

    “Since Week 10, no linebacker had more solo tackles than Greenlaw, who finished with 59 tackles during that stretch. Twenty-three of those were stops, which was 12th among linebackers. His speed has always been there, but Greenlaw is starting to learn the game, and that’s allowed him to make so many plays.”

    1. It was Kyle Williams’ muffed punt returns, along with Alex Smith’s inability to hit the broadside of a fricken barn, that ultimately cost the Niners the 2011 NFC Championship.

      1. in between the KWs muffs…..the Giants rb fumbled ( either Jacobs or Bradshaw)!!!!!! But the refs blew the whistle and said the play was dead…..forward progressed stopped! It as the worse use of that rule i ever saw! that rule was invented to keep players from getting hurt/stood up and ran backward…..like on the old veterans stadium turf. On every tackle ones forward progress is stopped…..but you dont blow the whistle early! This was the first of 3 straight years we should have won the SB but were screwed by the refs…….
        FYI, the giants fumble ( or not) took place around the 20 yard line…..we would have kicked a FG, won the game……and KW wouldn’t have had a chance to muff the 2nd punt

        1. Kyle Williams had a bad game in that he not only had those two bad plays, but in addition I believe he essentially dove for a punt rather than letting it fall- another near catastrophe.

          I am glad Harbaugh is gone- shame that that team didn’t get a ring with the talent there……

          1. I was at that game. Was jumping up and down in despair after Brad Seeley continued to let Williams field punts after his first muff. Hurts as bad as Craig’s fumble 2 decades earlier….

            1. BREAKING NEWS: John Lynch has been named the Pro Football Writers 2019 Executive of the Year!

              Wowza, what a season!

        2. Yah, I hear you j. No doubt, there were some bad calls in the Giants game, but the poor officiating in that game paled in comparison to the highway robbery committed against the Niners up in Seattle the following season. The blatant roughing the kicker penalty which was inexplicably called running into the kicker, should go down as one of the most egregious officiating blunders in NFC Championship history, IMO. I’m not saying that game was fixed, but ……….. something sure smelled fishy, and it wasn’t the Seattle waterfront, if you catch my drift!

          1. Damn straight! That’s why Seahags complaining about officiating is particularly funny to me. There are three things I can watch forever:

            Fire burning
            Water flowing
            Seahag fan complaining about refs not going in their favor

      2. I was at that game also. ?I recall Boobie Dixon being tripped up by a blade of Candlestick grass on a key 3rd and short carry in the late goings that gave the ball back to the Giants.

        The offensive talent (and creativity) on those Harbaugh teams are a fraction of what we have now. Thank god.

        1. And we actually have a QB that can scan the field and make throws instinctually realtime instead of a robot that needs to be programmed before the game.

      3. Smith did NOT cost the 49ers the 2011 NFC Championship.

        He sure seemed to have no issue getting the ball to Vernon, 112 of his 196 passing yards (and TWO TDS!) went to Vernon.

        Now who were the other WRs’…the aforementioned Kyle Williams, Crabtree who was targeted 5 times but made 1 catch for 3 yards, and Brett Swain who did NOTHING.

        Eli, for comparison, threw it 58 times, completeing 32 of them ( 55%) for 316 yards (less than 10 YPA) and 2 tds.

        And what was the final score…oh yeah 20-17. We all know that if Williams holds onto the ball once the game is over and the 49ers have their 6th title (they matched up so much better against NE).

        The hate for Smith is ridiculous. Let it go, the team was TRASH for the first 5 years of his career (he missed 1.5 seasons for injury and they did WORSE), but once they actually had competent coaching and some talent the guy was a legit QB.

        1. I remember the game like it was yesterday. Sure, it was rainy, but Alex Smith was spraying the ball all over the place while completed less than 47% of his passes in that game (including a number of groan-inducing worm-burners), while Eli Manning managed to complete over 55% of his passes despite playing in the same weather conditions, and being sacked twice as many times.

          Smith certainly didn’t deserve all of the blame for that loss, but he wasn’t sharp, and he even admitted as much. His Total QBR of 35.6, says all you need to know (Eli Manning finished with a 51.5 Total QBR, playing on the road in a hostile environment). Those are the facts.

          1. I was at The Stick that game…sigh…I was a bitter b!+ch riding the escalator down to the parking lot after it was all said and done :(

            I still remember the NY (and there were a lot) fans on our way in. They had a confidence about them. Like they knew.

          2. BTW, I have a lot of respect for Alex Smith. By all accounts, he’s a fine person, and a fine teammate. And yah, he certainly did play on some poor Niner teams early in his career. That being said, Alex had accuracy issues, regardless of the lack of talent around him, and his arm talent was always a bit below average for an NFL QB, IMO. He’s a smart enough guy, and certainly got better from a mental standpoint as his career progressed, but in terms of arm talent ….. let’s just call it underwhelming, which is likely why he’s always struggled in poor weather.

            1. Alex had obvious short comings and strengths. The next year he actually played well. Looking back maybe it was G Roman who wanted Kaep in, so he can mess around with the read option.
              We often forget he was pretty good in the Divisional round against the Saints.
              I like Jimmy G over Alex, even though I respect all that he did. If we had Alex now, we won’t even worry about whether he throws any picks because he’s just going to check it down! It would be Alex vs Aaron all over again!
              But Jimmy G is fearless man. He’s earned the right to fling it all over the yard. He’s going to make some throws too to help win the game.

              1. +1, Fansince77

                I’d much rather have a QB with a gunslinger’s mentality, rather than a conservative QB who is prone to checking the ball down, even if the tradeoff means an occasional forced pass resulting in few more INT’s. Garoppolo may be a bit reckless from time to time, but like you said, more often than not his fearless nature more than makes up for those occasional poor decisions. Sure, RPO is all the rage right now, but the NFL is still a passing league. How many times have we seen Jimmy deliver as a clutch passer, even while facing down pressure on obvious passing situations? I also think its pretty clear that this kind of mentality from the 49ers QB also inspires his receivers to make those tightly contested receptions in pressure situations as well, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why his surrounding cast always seems to feel like they will find a way to win, whether that means coming from behind, or winning a tightly contested game.

              2. Did EVERYONE miss the stat that this years 49ers team (re: Jimmy G) had the shortest pass travel (re:”checkdown”) yet had the longest run after the catch.

                You all complain that smith only threw short passes and checked down (watch the tape, thats not even close to accurate) yet Jimmy G does exactly that and not a peep.


              3. Dude with Alex Smith a 3rd and 10 meant Captain Checkdown was either going to hand it off or dump it off for a 5 yard gain and a punt, securing 3 precious yards before handing it over to the defense. Yeah and his pass might travel 2 yards downfield in the air to get that 5 total.

                Watch the last Rams game and you’ll see Jimmy completing consecutive 3rd and 16s to win it.

                That’s the difference.

      1. On a year the team is winning and back in the championship game after 6 years, Why not take that energy and put it towards adding something productive to the conversation?
        How do you see SF matching up against GB 2.0

      2. VERY poor choices…………yet, some PFF rating gave this the 2nd most productive draft in the NFL…………
        Some folks may never learn~different ways of getting positive results.

    2. Breaking News: John Lynch has been named the Pro Football Writers 2019 Executive of the Year!

      Wowza, what a season!

    3. There are many comments below pointing out how uninformed and incorrect Grant has been all year regarding this team. It is hard to dispute that but I see Grant as an entertainment figure. If he stirs things up occasionally it is because that is what he has to do to get anyone to read or listen to him. It is all entertainment and I enjoy the show from time to time. Let us all enjoy it. Best of luck to our Niners!

    1. they need to resign him asap …3-5 yrs deal……..unlike most on here whining about his injuries and lack of availability, I never doubted the guy……..

  2. Field was not wet and sloppy. And I’m sure KS will take the warnings of a journalist seriously next game plan.
    Maybe show some play calling that shows what he wanted to do, whether it worked or not, and leave the advice in your back pocket.

    Nobody is going to take that seriously. Not a good look for someone who never coached, Or played.
    Feeling yourself a little to much IMO Grant.

    And this team is way different than that 11 team. Don’t give your young players a shot at anything will certainly show no trust in them.

    And I’d bet the house if K Williams was on this team and fumbled like he did then, you wouldn’t see him at the end of the game returning punts with KS. Ask AW

    1. Red… as soon as I was done with this I went right over there.
      He breaks down like no other out there.
      Smooth delivery, gets to the point and doesn’t give his advice as to what an NFL coach should do.
      Grants got a ways to go to be n his level.
      But in grants defense this guys been doing it for awhile, I’m sure the beginning wasn’t as smooth as it is now.

            1. Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Eazy E, etc. were often bumpin’ through my 1000w Rockford Fosgate amp pushing 2 12″ subs back in the day… no introduction needed.

  3. I think the Matt Breida fumbling issue is being overblown. He’s had 3 this season, 2 against Atlanta and 1 against Vikings and that’s it. Deebo, had the same amount in the regular season and nearly another against the Vikings…. and no ones calling him out for his fumbling issues.

    Secondly, it’s hard for me to argue that Bourne is the best receiver on the team. He’s the number 3 guy and always sees the opposing teams 2nd or 3rd best corner. And while facing the opponents lesser corners he didn’t even put up half the receiving yards of Sanders or Deebo for the season.

    1. How many fumbles between Coleman and Mostert? Breida doesn’t look like the same back to me. In fact, I’d be curious to know if he’s been getting his water from the same supplier as Witherspoon, because he looks like he’s lost his confidence too….

      1. During the regular season Breida had 2, Mostart 1, and Coleman 0.

        As to his confidence I dont think so… whats really fallen off his rushing attempts since his return from injury (only 14). He was still averaging 5.9 yards per carry since his return. This is might be due to his 2 fumbles in the ATL game…. but maybe not as Coleman averaged 5.2 yards per carry in the same stretch and only had 17 carries.

      2. I agree with Razor, I think Breida is lacking in confidence right now. If its not confidence, what is it? He’s played better in the past, even when dealing with chronic ankle issues. Right now he looks tight, and a bit hesitant to me. He’s not hitting the holes like he usually does, and why in the world wouldn’t he wrap both hands around the ball on his last 4th down rushing attempt? He had to know the Vikings would be desperately trying to strip the football, that’s basic situational football -101.

    1. I hope not… he has to be largely credited for how well the db’s have played this year and he might be a bigger loss than Saleh.

      1. No, I am happy for Joe Woods. He is earning a promotion, and has DC experience.
        He may be going to a dysfunctional team, but maybe he will fix that defense.

      2. I heard Steve Wilks actually has the inside track. I guess we’ll see, but if Joe does get the gig, I guess that’s the price a team pays for leading the league in fewest passing yards allowed, by a substantial margin. If Woods does leave, having Sherman back their will help soften the blow, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Uncle Sherm taking over as the Niners DB Coach once he retires?

  4. It’s always entertaining looking back at Grant’s grades and “analysis”, and noticing how WILDLY WRONG they all are. Grant predicted 6 wins, and the team is at 14, and 133.3% increase. Not even close lmao.

    1. I predicted 9-10 wins I think. The highest prediction I recall was Jack Hammer at 11 games. No one predicted 13 wins. This season has been well beyond anything anyone could have expected. Holding someone to preseason predictions is pretty ridiculous.

      1. I predicted 10 too. The difference between you, Jack, myself etc is that we’re fans, and don’t have the insight Grant has with the team. The fact that we’re all closer than he is says a lot – notably that 6 wins was NEVER a reasonable prediction. I really don’t understand why you think predictions as bad as Grant’s shouldn’t get held up to scrutiny.

        1. “The difference between you, Jack, myself etc is that we’re fans, and don’t have the insight Grant has with the team”

          Its a guess dummy. No one has the insight to predict anything when it comes to sports. Otherwise we would all be billionaires and Las Vegas would be a ghost town!

          1. I mean, yeah to an extent. But when you have direct access to the locker room, training etc that faans do not, you expect your insiders, especially ones that make a point to “grade” and “analyse” the team, to at least get a feel for the spirit of the team. Grant predicted a losing team, taking the numbers out of it. Is it really too much to ask for people like Grant to have some clue?

            Like, I know you have some mental illness that compels you to disagree with anything I say (and when there is no disagreement, you just invent something lol), but this is not exactly a great hill to die on. I suspect even Grant is embarrassed by it.

            1. Matt Maiocco picked the 49ers to go 8-8 and miss the playoffs.
              Matt Barrow predicted the 49ers would go 7-9 and miss the playoffs.
              Cam Inman predicted 9-7 and miss the playoffs.
              Chris Biderman predicted 8-8 and miss the playoffs.
              Nick Wagoner predicted 8-8 and miss the playoffs.

              Proximity to the team means nothing in preseason predictions. Too many unpredictable factors impact an NFL teams season. Cohn had the lowest win total but the others weren’t much better.

              1. Yet I remember Grant railing against the media (the ones not named Cohn) for hyping the Niners. And something about robot moron fans.

              2. That they try to be more objective than a passionate fan? Yeah, it probably does say that about the media.

              3. Maybe this excess focus on “objectivity” (read: pessimism, and a clear consensus to stick with the tried and true rather than adapt) isn’t working out so well. Given how wrong they have been.

              4. im im sacramento, b4 i found grant…..i was a big fan of Barrows when he was with the sac bee, In fact, i only made the switch ‘cuz the Bee is far from user friendly!!!
                The differences were night and day!!!!! All reporters try to be subjective…..their livelihood depends on it…..they cant be fans or they will come across as homers. But Grant was a pessimistic as one could possibly be! It was sad ! Barrows was more of an optimist…..and he did much better with player predictions when it came to the draft! He used to do a “draft crush” and he nailed almost every year. He didnt just cherry pick the best players…..he based it off of 49er needs and draft position…..someone we should have an eye on who should be around when we pick. One year, we needed an OG, hes crush was Carl Nicks….dude went to the Saints and was a stud!
                During the first 2 years of ShanaLynch…..grant calling them both garbage along with every move they made…..period! that was it! No facts just opinion….no light at the end of the tunnel….just doom and gloom.
                I wasnt following Barrows….but he would have pointed out things like-
                after back to back 2 win seasons….Shanny won 6! then dropped to 4 after losing JG, but 10 wins over 2 years is a huge improvement over 4!
                How the offense is much better than anything we’ve seen since Garcia to Owens…
                How Lynch commands far more respect than Baalke! Free agents finally want to come here and front offices will accept our calls.
                A better pass rush will improve the secondary….and the DBs deserve a chance to stay healthy with a real NFL pass rush…..b4 we move on from ALL OF EM!

                Grant is lazy and or hates the 49ers……all he ever did was spew hate….he thinks hes a legendary reporter that is never wrong and can get guys fired with the stroke of his keyboard! The media is a bunch of pencil pushing clowns! Harbaugh was right about that!!!! You guys smile in players faces then talk crap about em…..then show up the next day , like it never happened……hoping to do it all over again!!! In the real wold…ppl get punched in the face for that! SMDH

            2. Give me a break Rookie Rena. There is no amount of “inside information” that can predict a teams record. Especially with the history of the NFL and not knowing what other teams have done, injuries, travel and everything that goes into an NFL season which is virtually impossible to predict.

              Also not a good idea to joke about mental illness you dumb sh$t! You would never say that to anyone to their face cause I know you are a just a blow hard over the internet! F’ing jerk!

              1. Give me a break Rookie Rena. There is no amount of “inside information” that can predict a teams record. Especially with the history of the NFL and not knowing what other teams have done, injuries, travel and everything that goes into an NFL season which is virtually impossible to predict.

                Hence why I talked about “spirit”. I. E is the team a winning team, what’s the feeling like, are the close knit, do they buy in etc etc. I’m saying Grant failed to correctly assess this from the off.

                Also not a good idea to joke about mental illness you dumb sh$t! You would never say that to anyone to their face cause I know you are a just a blow hard over the internet! F’ing jerk!

                Who’s joking? I think you paint quite an accurate picture of one I would consider “mentally unwell”. You obsess about standing in a relatively anonymous blog, you compulsively lie, when you decide you don’t like someone you will disagree with them on anything and everything, sometimes even pretending the said the opposite of what they actually said just to argue with them… make no mistake, I genuinely believe you have a lot of issues man.

                And of course, get over it. Nowhere there was I mocking mental illness. Get out of your feelings Prime Cuck, you have no moral highground here.

              2. Exactly the response I would expect from a blow hard Brit! Big talkers is all you are.

                A team doesn’t become close knit at the start of preseason. Its not a winning team until it starts playing so how would anyone know if they were close knit or winning at the start of August?

                “I’m saying Grant failed to correctly assess this from the off”
                Its an impossible assessment to make. You sound like he should have gotten it right because what, he covers the team? Clearly the only one that’s off, is you!
                Its a prediction, you know a guess, hypothesis? It either lucks out or not, in this case it didn’t. Get over it!

                “I genuinely believe you have a lot of issues man.
                Stop pretending to be Dr.Phil and go back into your pub and drink your face off. Its what you do well!

              3. Some here will remember I predicted a 6 to 12 win season so I was the closest to the actual win total; but I understand completely that it is a crapshoot.
                Of course some here will now deny me any credit for my prediction but such is life on this blog. TYVM. ;p
                I am just happy and privileged to be able to chronicle the Niners in this wonderful season and the march to a sixth trophy.
                GO NINERS!!!!!

              4. You seem to have some issues when it comes to Brits, Prime Cuck. Did one bully you when you were at school or something?

                The rest is you disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing, and failing to grasp the spirit of my point, so I’m not going to bother addressing it. You’re awfully droll.

              5. “You seem to have some issues when it comes to Brits, Prime Cuck. Did one bully you when you were at school or something?
                No just ones that pop off and have no clue what they are trying to say. You know the type right?

                The “spirit” of what you are trying to say? What is this? Guess how many fingers behind my back?

              6. No just ones that pop off and have no clue what they are trying to say. You know the type right?

                Not sure exactly what that has to do with being British. I think you’re projecting a little. Or a lot.

                The “spirit” of what you are trying to say? What is this? Guess how many fingers behind my back?

                PFAHAHAHAHAHA. This is perfect. The very fact you just compared trying to discern the spirit of a point to a complete guessing game you have no way to inform yourself on just really makes my point for me – better than I could ever put into words. If I ever needed an example to back up why I say you have no ability to comprehend what you read, this is the perfect one. Bravo, Prime Cuck.

              7. You predicted 8-8, SEB!!!!!!!!!!!

                Haha! Yet once again, as constant as the sun, trying to shine glory on yourself!

                Topper! Freakin Seb-skov the topper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            3. For the record, I initially predicted an 8 win season, because that was an improvement from last season. That would double their win total.
              During training camp, after seeing JG come back and Bosa not have his core issues flare up, I upped my prediction to a 9-7 season. After the preseason, I was so encouraged by the improvement of the defense, I thought that a 10 win season was possible, and a possibility to gain a wild card spot.
              Nowhere did I predict a 12 win season. Nowhere did I predict a 6 win season. I let Grant have that. ;p
              However, I did throw in a 19-0 prediction, since it seemed so far fetched, it was almost considered a joke. Now, I would take a 16-3 season.

            4. Renas,

              Maybe you meant to say that Grant SHOULD have more insight into the team than fans who don’t have the access to the team that he has. Instead you said Grant has insight into the team. I, for one, have seen zero evidence of this. Sure, he occasionally says things about the team that are correct, but he’s wrong far, far more often than he’s right. This is the opposite of “insight”, it’s a lack of insight, especially in light of the access he’s been gifted with.

        2. I’m with you Renas. You have to wonder what’s the value of “inside” the 49ers, if that “insider” view is skewed. It’s almost as if our “insider” came in with hard preconceptions, and ignored everything he saw “inside”.

          1. Come on Rib. You know Grants takes are always to create controversy amongst 49er fans. Especially on this blog.

            1. Prime, if the only upside Grant brings is to rile up the regulars, any shmoe is capable of that. This he needs a press pass for?

              1. No not at all. I’m just saying predicting wins and loses is impossible in this game so getting on him about it is not fair. Its his job, he has to come up with something.

              2. Prime… when you’re notoriously wrong and perceived as negative.
                You’re going to get flack for your “picks”
                You can’t have a YouTube channel breaking down a team and be so wrong so often about that team.
                I said it earlier in the year I’d be reminding him all season about how wrong he will be.
                And he still continues to be horribly wrong most of the time.
                What can I say???
                It’s too easy. Lol

              3. MD, if you or anyone thinks Grants takes are not calculated to create a buzz, you have not been paying attention.

          2. Like the captain of the Titanic. Knew there were icebergs in area but keep steaming at full speed to break the record until the iceberg broke them. Inside information is only good as person who has it. Grant does not pretend to be a homer like me for the niners. I though 9 wins and a WC berth was the best we could do this year with how preseason and last year went. I WAS DEAD WRONG and I live and breath niners football. I read a niners article everyday of the year and have one piece of niners gear on me all the time unless sleeping. Also I love that this place is no holds bar in the comments, please dont change anything about this site Grant. It the last frontier for Real Talk

      2. I predicted 11-12 this season with an emphasis on HEALTH!
        This season doesn’t surprise me at all.
        Saw it coming “if healthy”

      3. Yeah, that 11 win prediction was based solely on the talent level of the team. I also went on to say that while I thought that’s what they were capable of I wouldn’t bet on it because of their inability the past couple seasons to not handle the little things.

        Glad I was wrong. Completely underestimated Garoppolo’s influence.

            1. To be pedantic, it’s really not. Your analogy, Jack, is closer to the bricks themselves being high quality, but the foundation was untested. The bricks might make it look nice initially, but if the foundation doesn’t hold then it’s a useless piece of brickwork. Of course, the end result was you both predicting 11 wins, so it doesn’t really matter either way.

          1. Razor, bricks were definitely being laid! Im not a predictor…..i believe in jinxes! And so predictions become the foundation of said jinx (IMO)…..
            But im not shocked by the success as many have been. I use the term ( hit every light green) when a best case scenario unfolds!!! you ever been running late for work….only to hit every single light green….find a parking spot with ease….and end up being a few min. early?!
            Thats what happened this year! The biggest single factor was health! yes, a lot of key players missed time….but not JG…. and GK only missed a couple games…..these guys were the 2 most important players on offense.
            On D, id say Bosa and FW! they didnt miss any time! And the safety’s avoided season ending injuries …..also huge!
            add in the fact that we went form a poor pass rush to the best in the league….. and thats how we ended up here! health and a much improved pass rush!!!
            ShanaLynch have been devastated by injuries…..they also got burned when young players didnt eet expectations……so they hedged their bets this year…..not settling on just Bosa to fix the pass rush! it was too important…..it was the key to everything on D…….so they acquired D.Ford!!!! it was brilliant!!!
            they used the same strategy on offense with the Wr position…..spending 2nd and 3rd round picks to bolster the group after sniffing around OBJ….. when Hurd and Taylor were officially lost for the season….they traded for ES!!! not resting on their laurels!!!! this aggressiveness gave me the utmost confidence that we’d be fine in the secondary…..i knew it would sort itself out…..and become more clear who was part of our future and who was not!! Personally i though Verrett and Moore would be part of the answer…..and they are not! JV couldn’t stay healthy and Moore has been an after thought due to the surprise of Ward at FS and E-man at cb……
            I figured either S or CB would be the priority THIS off-season…..maybe both…..but instead….the off-season isnt here yet…..and keeping this team in tact will instead be the priority!

  5. In the Vikings game, Jimmy Gs accuracy seemed to be off to me. Not horrible. Just poor placement on a lot of his throws. The ball Kittle dropped was not a great pass. If JG hits him in stride, he runs for a while. Bourne had 2 drops that should have been catches. Deebo had a slant that he probably should have caught but it was well behind him. Jimmy just looked off. Maybe it was bye week rust. I hope he comes out slinging against the Packers. After the success of the 49ers run game, I’d expect the Packers to bring an extra man in the box so Jimmy G will need to bust that up through the pass game. I’d love to see the 49ers first play be a screen to Mostert to negate that pass rush. If the Packers stay with 2 high safeties, the 49ers are going to absolutely destroy them in this game in both the run and pass. Need Jimmy G to be sharp from the opening whistle though. Demoralize the Packers from the beginning and they will quit before halftime.

    1. I thought the same thing. I’m thinking it was rust also. He seemed shaken up after that pick and the bad drive right after that. He also took a big hit, so I wonder if that had anything to do with it. I think had he been given the opportunity he would have cleaned up his game in the 2nd half.

      One thing we know about Jimmy is that he almost always bounces back in a big way. When he doesn’t perform as well as he knows he can, he comes back extremely motivated. Pretty good characteristic to have in a QB. I expect a big game from him. I think the Pack is going to go all out trying to stop the run and we’re going to dice them up through the air, much like we did against Seattle week 17.

    2. Agreed Houston. He was definitely off the mark a bit to start the game.
      I kept thinking is it a little rust or a little bit of the playoff jitters or excitement.

    3. I’m not sure its rust… he might not be a good wet ball thrower. That might come from the fact that his throwing mechanics are a little off, so if the ball slips out a bit the ball placement will be further off than it would be for some others.

    4. ESPN has mentioned him getting that ankle twisted mid-game. I’ve not seen much of that talked about locally. Non-issue?

      1. I think it was a non-issue. He had his ankle stepped on but he looked fine in his drops after that. Probably some discomfort but I don’t think it really effected his accuracy.

        1. Yes HOuston9er…Jimmy could have easily had 3 picks….he needs to clean it up= I know I will take flak for this but throwing into quadruple coverage when Sanders is wide open is well dumb sorry folks…the good news is Jimmy hasn’t layed an egg this year so far anyway

          1. Well if he throws 3 picks next game like Montana did in his first NFCCG, who will be the one to bail him out with a prayer catch? I’m taking bets on Kittle. Though Bourne is a possibility too.

            Houston’s parallels are uncanny, but this is one I’d prefer not to relive.

            1. Let’s not even think that way Rib…
              I’d like to see a finally like the 89 team. Blowouts from here on out.
              It would save my heart health too. ?

            2. The 49ers were -3 in turnovers in that game. Only reason that it was close.

              If the 49ers play a clean game on offense this Sunday they’re going to the Super Bowl.

  6. The parallels from the 2019/2020 team to the 1980/1981 teams are amazing. 49er coaches in their 3rd season going 13-3 in the regular season after 2 dismal seasons of roster building. Rookies making significant contributions on defense. A big mid season trade effecting the overall performance of the team. All the parallels are absolutely crazy.

    Now this. The Redskins are going to win the Superbowl next year. Pretty much a guarantee. Redskins won the Superbowl the year after Walsh won his first. Now the Redskins are going to win the year after Shanahan has a good chance to win his first Superbowl. How do I know? The Redskins hired Jim Hostler as a WR coach. Yes that Jim Hostler. According to Trent Dilfer, Jim Hostler is the best offensive mind in football. An incredible football genius. Buy your futures now. Redskins win the 2020/2021 Superbowl.

    1. Houston, don’t forget the Irish-American coach and Italian-American QB parallels ?

      Regarding the Redskins, the 2020 version has a much longer road to hoe than the 1982 version (3 vs 8 wins previous season). I think I’ll look into other investment opportunities ?

      1. Are you the same “oneniner” who had the deep and disturbing crush on Alex Smith in the 2005-2010 timeframe?

        1. YES…….Alex Smith should be in the 49ers ring of honor…..

          I guess it could be disturbing to you – since you live in texas and really are not a true fan…..

          1. Hey man, I’m just glad you got the “L” on your keyboard fixed. Reading all your incoherent ramblings about the greatness of A ex Smith was annoying.

            1. 100% agree with Houston. Your obsession with a robot QB that had to be reprogrammed on a game by game basis was an insurmountable task for the team’s coaching staff that would rather focus on an actual game plan. Of course it was highlighted by us passing over Rodgers who has that instinct.

            2. Yes it’s the .. …….. … same oneniner….. .. .. the …. same one that… ……. hasn’t .. yet learned… … …. what those … little dots are for at… ….. … end of the sentence……….

            3. Again I mentioned you from Texas because you guys are a little slow to catch up to reality……and are consumed by fake news

              …Nobody ever said Alex was great – What we didn’t like were the fans like you who gave up on him early in his career…….and he proved all of you wrong by showing how good he was during the JH years….

              1. I was a “Smither” in the Harbaugh years. Hey, the team was winning. And who doesn’t like a renewal story? NOBODY!

              2. lol….a “smither” ……….those were the fighting days……

                I still think the Alex Smith side won…….none of those screaming for Kap then would support him now…..

                the fact that Alex got 2 contracts after his rookie proves he really was not that bad…..

                Guess who has a better chance of being the 49er ring of honor Alex or Kap?

              3. Yeah, Texas is full of dimwits. You should prolly stay in the spare room of your Mom’s 1200 sq ft shack that costs $2.5M with no yard and the highest tax rate of any place in the country. Maybe you can get a tax break if you volunteer at SnapCrap to help map out the issues in the city. Totally brilliant move on your part.

                You know I was really happy for Alex Smith who undoubtedly resurrected his career under Jim Harbaugh. All the way up to the point, Harbaugh benched him in favor of a social justice warrior who was better at Tweeting than throwing passes. I guess I should have waited to give up on Alex Smith until Jim Harbaugh gave up on Alex Smith.

              4. Odd. Houston’s a fan of a team that represents a city he hates. Can’t figure that one out for the life of me.

              5. I wouldn’t frame it that way Ribs. I’m a native of Santa Rosa but I have great love for San Francisco. I moved into the 2nd house built on the 2nd street in Rohnert Park when it was way out in the country. My home was on Lords Manor Way. I still have family that lives in the same neighborhood I grew up in. I will always consider that area home. It’s more like you grow up with a mother you absolutely love and then move off to make your own way in life and some stranger comes in and abuses your mother and turns her against everyone in the family and makes her life a living hell. Bay Area people always will be great. The people they select to run the government are abusive.

              6. Wow small world Houston. I lived on Lamont rd in Rohnert Park while in college.
                Grew up on fairway in Rohnert Park. Love the town.

  7. What will the Packers do to try and win this next game? First of all, they will learn from their mistakes. They will continue to try and run, instead of abandoning the run. They will have Rodgers act like Brees, and pass quickly, so the pass rush cannot get to him. The Packers have Sean McVay helping LaFleur, so expect some roll outs like Goff did against the Niners.
    However, the Niners are on a quest for 6, so they just need to play smart, fast, disciplined and in control, and let the Packers make the mistakes. The Packers have studied the Niner-Viking game, and are probably quaking in their cleats. The Niners need to apply max pressure, and the Packers should crumble.
    If the Niners can shut down Adams and Jones, and start Moseley, they may shut out the Packers. Rodgers cannot win by himself, and he has shown that he can be frustrated and rattled.

    1. I’d guess he stays put given the coaching hire. At least short term, unless the Luke K retirement provokes rebuild mode a la Jon Gruden.

    2. At first I wondered if the Bengals would give up #1 for him but the Bengals are famously cheap and would never pay a player what Cam is due this year.

  8. Anybody else notice ESanders was open a lot??? it shows on the game film even CCollingsworth said Sanders was running great routes ….. Jimmy needs to show up for Green Bay no more throwing into quadruple coverage yikes. Sounds like Mosely will start over Spoon thank goodness another weak spot.

    Thanks Grant good review as always….

  9. Don’t like our new Ford? Still under the impression we got fleeced by the Chiefs?

    : When #49ers DE Dee Ford was on the field Saturday, #Vikings QB Kirk Cousins was 9 of 14 for 48 yards and one interception. When Ford was off the field, Cousins was 12 of 15 for 124 yards and one TD.

      1. He’s a Ferrari. He’ll be there briefly but will make the difference. To paraphrase the poet Lord Byron: “100 snaps of glorious pass rush is worth a season’s plays without a name”.

          1. Excatly, I dont need a Ferrari to get groceries but I do when I want to win a race and we are in a race with two laps to go to get the checkered flag. He will have surgery this off season and bounce back like ward did when he got healthy.

            1. Guys,

              He’s making the second highest salary on the team, somewhere near $18M/year (I think)? This year the number is higher above $20M.

              For that price he absolutely needs to play the entire season. Otherwise we’re left with holes in other areas due to the salary commitment.

              He’s getting paid $100k per defensive snap!!!

              And then factor in that you have to pay another full time defensive end $4-$8M yearly to cover for the majority of the playing time that Ford misses.

              No bueno.. he may get canned at some point or have to restructure his deal.

              1. He also only had one game in which he played more than 50% of the defensive snaps for the 49ers. That would be the first game of the season.

              2. Ford was signed for one reason: To get after the QB as per his first press conference. Sure we want him playing 16 games but playoffs are when we really need him. Ford also said he will get surgery this offseason to get his knee right for next year. Ford is not goning anywhere next year and he damn sure not going to get cut. The stats about him when on vs off the field are way to dramatic to cut him. He frees up a lot attention for the rest of the DL. Stats can be fools gold as kittle shows every week with his non stat generating blocking

              3. you have no freaking clue what your talking about dude! just shut up already! is it your money??? i didnt know you were paying players salarys!!!
                Hes a pass rush SPECIALIST!!! even if %10000 healthy….were better off with a run defender playing 1st downs…..
                The infatuation with how much a player makes blows my mind! Its why many hated on JG this year…..all he did was win….but ppl would rather have Jamis Winstons stats!!!! LMAO…..losers have better stats cuz there always playing from behind and having to throw the ball…
                Ppl hate on JG ‘cuz the $ he makes…..but its actually a bargain for a good starting qb……

                Were about to get #6……….and if ANYONE has one bad thing to say about anyone or anything having to do with this team…….you either have NO FREAKING CLUE what you are talking about………or you have serious personal/mental issues……..OR BOTH!!!!!
                PLEASE JUST STFU!!!!!! stop embarrassing yourselves!!!!

              4. No one can read your drivel anyway because you write so horribly. I want to scratch my eyes out every time you post, ‘j.’

                I’m afraid most of the blog seems to feel the same way given how everyone responds to your constant nonsense.

              5. rascal, ppl dont respond to me “cuz im calling them out !! my writing style is brash, rushed and to the point! i use the ……….to give you goobers time to digest my point! i dont bother to punctuate ‘cuz im in a hurry…..no need to prove i passed English class…..were talking football here bud! Ill put as little effort in as possible while constantly having to educate morons like you!

                You didnt mention anything to do with football……didnt agree or disagree……just insults! its so funny…..in real life i crap on guys like you…..im basically ric flair in real life……and your an overweight cousin humping dork who lives in a trailer and drives ……never mind, you dont even own a car!
                You wanna skip football and just exchange insults still????? go read a book if you want to admire something thats well written!!!

                i bashed that other guy for being an uneducated “whiner” fan!!!! im sic of it! ive been celebrating all season……im not putting up with the whining and the negativity!!!! its unwarranted! its BS to have so called 49er fans bi&%ing and complaining right now!!!!! it disgusts me to be honest!

          1. And that was the teams approach as well. Funny story. I think it was Ronnie Lott or Dwight Hicks told this story about the team had just traded for Dean. First game Dean plays, he is an absolute terror in the first half. Has several QB hurries and a few sacks. Go to the locker room at halftime and Dean lights up a cigarette. Hicks or Lott tell Dean, “I don’t think Coach would like seeing you smoking in the locker room.” Dean tells him, “I think it will be ok as long as I keep putting that QB on his back.” No coach said a word to Dean about it.

  10. One of the few 49er autographed items I have bears Roger Craigs signature. With that said, I am not surprised that he still isn’t in the HoF. He’s a darling of the team and yes he’s the first player in the 1000/1000 club but his stats really don’t put him above many other really good running backs in the history of the league.

    8200 yard in 10 years is not terribly impressive. Frank Gore nearly doubled that number in the same number of seasons. Craig only exceeded 1000 yards rushing 3 times in his career.

    As fans it’s understandable to want him in but the truth of it is, he really doesn’t deserve a spot in the HoF.

    1. There’s also his fumble late in the playoff game against the Giants (who went on to win the SB) that cost the Niners a likely SB 3-peat

    2. but the truth of it is, he really doesn’t deserve a spot in the HoF.

      Disagree. Half the HoF voters are uniformed knuckleheads relying on records like fans rating players by reading box scores of games. Craig also played FB that reduced his ball touches (guess how many times Juice touched the ball last Saturday) but not his influence on the play on the field. The only player to be voted to the Pro Bowl as FB and HB. Only 3 players have every achieved the 1000-1000 yards and he did it two times. The guy definitely belongs to Canton.
      All that said, I can never forgive him for that fumble.

      1. “Only 3 players have every achieved the 1000-1000 yards and he did it two times”

        No. Just once.

        Other than that one thing there’s really not much to hang his hat on for the HOF. Being the first should be recognized, but he just wasn’t up to the mark.

        1. Sorry, Yeah, he broke the combined 2000 yards twice.
          It’s not just that he was the first to be the dual threat back, he changed the position. Had he played a couple of decades later, he would have put up gaudier numbers, IMO.
          And Craig was an important part of 3 Super Bowl wins.
          He rushed for 58 yards, caught seven passes for 77 yards, and became the first player ever to score three touchdowns in his first Super Bowl during the 49ers’ 38–16 blowout of the Miami Dolphins.
          In the 49ers’ 20-16 win over Cincinnati in his second Super Bowl, he rushed for 71 yards and caught eight passes for 101 yards.
          In his final Super Bowl of the rout of the Broncos, he rushed for 69 yards, caught five passes for 34 yards, and scored a touchdown.
          His achievements get underappreciated because he happened to play with Montana, Lott and Rice.

          1. Unfortunately, Craig will forever represent the heartache I felt when he coughed up the ball on our way to a 3 Peat. It’s not fair, but that critical error blocks out everything he ever did for me….

      2. I agree. Roger Craig deserves to be in the HOF. First guy to achieve 1000-1000. He would have had better numbers, but he had to share the ball with so many other Niner greats like Wendell Tyler and Jerry Rice.
        In 1988, he was the NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and has 3 Super Bowl rings.
        While that fumble to thwart the Threepeat was a heart breaker, I do not think that should stop him from going into the HOF.

    1. It was a great read for sure and great look inside this team culture and how it is instilled in every player. Never heard about this stuff under Harbaugh regime. We are a top 5 all time franchise and should embrace that glorious history and keep that standard despite who 0laying or coaching for us. I’ve lurked on this site for years but only recently decided to pitch in my worthless thoughts. GO Niners.


      Seb blows me away with how much crap he takes and stays committed to this site.

      1. Boats, I just consider the source. They may assail me, but I hold them in contempt. Their football knowledge is rudimentary, at best. One even wanted to make it twice as hard to win, as if it was a good thing.
        I like this site because Grant writes insightful articles. I learn a lot from his breakdowns, and his periscopes are entertaining. I liked his question at the presser today, with Emmanuel Sanders. I am sick and tired of the same old, same old. Grant points out the salient issues, and I like his edgy style.
        I like many other posters who are just as articulate as Grant, and can calmly and respectfully discuss tactics and strategies.
        I am jumping for joy. The Niners are relevant again. They need just one more game to get to the SB. The Quest for 6 is alive and well.
        Guess I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, and am thoroughly enjoying this magical season.
        GO NINERS !!!!!!!

  11. ……Shannon Sharpe said the 49ers turned Cousins from 1st Cousin to 3rd Cousin….

    Dee Ford, Kwon Alexander, Kyle Juszcyzk and Robbie Gould did not play in the last game….

    Bang Bang 9iner Gang!!!!! Let’s Go!!!!!!!

    1. Same Shannon Sharp that picked Minnesota. Chump trying to save face.
      All good I hope they keep doubting this team.

      1. Md, get ready. All we are going to hear the two weeks going into the SB is nothing but Mahomes ( or possibly D. Henry). If it’s anything about the Niners it’ll be, “can they really win with Garoppolo? “

        1. Just think of how great it will be after we contain Mahomes and win the SB. All we will here is how LEGENDARY this D was this season.

        2. Rib….. already set for that one. It seems the only people that gave respect to SF and has been calling them by what they are all season
          And Max L.
          That chimp Robinson on NFL network is slowly trying to jump on the bandwagon.
          But it’s all good. I was never really the fan that cared about these blowhards and their outlooks.
          It’s more of a East vs west coast thing.
          These networks never give the west coast their due.

  12. Rodgers went 0-3 in the 3 games he’s been a 7 point or more underdog, however he did cover the spread in each of those matchups….

    1. Razor… so he’s due to buck that trend then.
      Money on the spread. And then some!
      They gonna embarrass these boys from Wisconsin.

      1. I’d rather fancy another relaxing game. Good for the blood pressure. I can get quite animated and loud with profane laced sentences directed at the telly….

        1. Must go over well with the Chicago bear fans around! Hope Ca does not let you down! Hope you and the family are well.

          1. Thanks, Rebel. I hope all is well for you and your loved ones too. I watch all the games at home, but I did venture out into the Bears den for Jimmy’s debut game. Temps were in the 50’s, sunny and after the game, I was waiting on the train burning a doobie when across from me about 60 feet away I saw a cloud of dust shoot up in the air from a pallets contents amid what looked to be a makeshift construction camp left by workers. Before I knew it, a swat team came rushing by me with one of the officers yelling, “it smells good” in passing on his way to the construction area. Come to find out, some Bears fan fell off the bridge and onto that pallet. You could tell he was still alive as they eventually got him into the ambulance that had to make their way down into the area….

            1. Wow, I would love to go to the bears stadium some day, diffently do not want to fall, glad the pallets saved him, even if he was a bears fan, you have given me the idea once I retire or maybe I can start visiting other cities stadiums even if the Niners aren’t playing that day. I have a friend who does that with baseball stadiums. I have been thinking we fans are like the media too critical and unrealistic expectations maybe ruben foster busted but they signed Kwon Alexander and drafted green law and Fred Warner same with Pettis and then they grabbed Debo and traded for Emanuel , who knows but the defensive tackle you showed the most faith in could still make a key tackle or in the super bowl. This team is so more enjoyable then the last few years or even harbaugh years great leadership at top in spite of the York’s and I will enjoy every minute,

  13. Anybody notice a trend every time Kshanny goes up against someone running his playbook he usually wins big.

    1. Sean Mcvay 20-7, 34-31
    2. Gary Kubiak 27-10
    3. Matt LaFluer 35-8

  14. The 49ers (see: Sherman, Richard) held Adams to 43 yards on seven receptions in the first meeting.

    Next Gen Stats
    Richard Sherman lined-up against Davante Adams on 16 of his 35 routes (46%), limiting Adams to 1 reception for 7 yards (2 targets).

    If you’re now picturing Kirk Cousins completing passes at the Vikings line of scrimmage last Saturday, you’re not alone.

    San Francisco’s secondary ranks first in pass yards allowed per game at 166.6 and the pass rush has a lot to do with that trend. Rodgers was hit six times and sacked three times by the 49ers in the first meeting. The Seahawks got to him twice last Sunday. The rush is coming and a shaky Rodgers in the pocket does the Packers offense no favors.
    Adams gained most of his yards (29 of 43) against non-DBs in coverage.#GBvsSF | #GoNiners

    Running back Aaron Jones is averaging 100.2 rush yards per game with seven touchdowns over his past five games. He’ll be tested against a 49ers front that held Dalvin Cook to 18 yards on nine carries and eliminated the threat of play-action pass calls.


    1. Albert Breer
      Verified account

      Just to update this, Vikings offense today …

      Stefon Diggs’ touchdown: 41 yards.
      Other 29 plays: 44 yards.

      Just an amazing performance from the NFL’s second-ranked defense. And a nice statement from 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.

      3:50 PM – 11 Jan 2020



      Jan 11
      Replying to @AlbertBreer
      Browns should interview Dee Ford, not Robert Saleh ??

      TomD: Always a hater out there—Go Robert!

  15. Jimmy Garoppolo on injury leading to 49ers getting Nick Bosa: ‘Things have a way of working out’
    By David Bonilla
    9 mins ago •

    When Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a torn ACL during Week 3 of the 2018 season, the last thing on the quarterback’s mind was the good that might come from the injury.

    The San Francisco 49ers went on to win just four games that season. As the weeks passed, Garoppolo turned the injury into an opportunity. He used the time to study hard, become more familiar with Kyle Shanahan’s offense, go through plays in his head while on the sideline, and improve “from the neck up,” as general manager John Lynch once put it.

    Another good thing that came out of last season’s mounting losses was that it allowed the 49ers to earn a high draft pick, which they used on defensive end Nick Bosa.

    Now, San Francisco is in the NFC Championship Game, knocking on the door of the Super Bowl, thanks to players like Garoppolo and Bosa.

    “Things have a way of working out,” Garoppolo told reporters on Wednesday. “I always told myself it was a blessing in disguise, you know, the ACL and everything. We got Bosa out of it, so that’s a pretty good trade-off, I guess.


  16. In the feature, the 49ers beat writer examines the relationship between old and new. When head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch took over the team in 2017, there seemed to be a gap between the current team and the legendary ones that came before it.

    While Shanahan and Lynch wanted to rebuild the 49ers in their own way, they also desired to bridge that gap.

    Since then, former players like Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and Steve Young have been welcomed back with open arms. The players and the organization have embraced their presence.

    History has accompanied the 49ers on this journey. As Wagoner points out, current players have ties to past ones. Third-year receiver Kendrick Bourne keeps in touch with the Hall of Famer receiver, Rice. Defensive tackle DeForest Buckner has bonded with legendary offensive lineman Jesse Sapolu. Second-year linebacker Warner has access to NaVorro Bowman.


  17. Not ready to make a prediction yet. Just looked back at the past 10 NFCCG. Seven of those games have been decided by an average of 4.5 points. There were 3 years of blowouts with an avg point differential of 29 points. Green Bay has played in 3 NFCCG in the past 10 years. They are 1-2 in those games. The one they won was in 2010 and they won the Superbowl that year. 49ers have also been in 3 NFCCG in the past 10 years going 1-2 and losing 1 Superbowl. 3 years ago was the most recent Green Bay appearance in the NFCCG and they got blown out by 23 points by Kyle Shanahan and the Falcons. Green Bay has played all of those NFCCG on the road. The 49ers have played 1 NFCCG at home and 2 on the road. The one NFCCG they won was on the road in Atlanta. More than likely this game will be less than a TD difference. Hopefully the home team advantage works for the 49ers but home field hasn’t been a major factor in all the previous games for NFCCG between these 2 teams.

    1. I don’t see the 49ers taking the Packers lightly in this game. The earlier blowout win against the Packers is a thing of the past.

      The Packers are a better team than the one that the 49ers played in week 12. Plus, the Packers might be coming in feeling that Rogers may not have many hurrah’s left in his career for more SB runs. If that’s the case, they’ll come here with an extra incentive.
      That said, it would NOT be enough to beat the 49ers.

    1. Actually, it looks like it was “ankle soreness”. The coaches are probably just being cautious. I’m sure he’ll be ready to go come Sunday.

    1. mood, personally ive always thought td;int ratio was a good measuring stick for qb’s! a 2:1 ratio is a real good qb……a 3:1 ratio is a GREAT qb!
      Thees guys with seasons far superior to 3:1……..are just unbelievable!!!

  18. grant, your lazy and blew another opportunity to break a great story! Just had to read how JG’s acl tear was a blessing in disguise, how it lead to Nic Bosa!!!! Following this team for a living…..you should know that NB is the single greatest addition to this team and almost single handedly responsible for this great season! C’mon bud! stuff like this is the reason your not half as good as you think you are!!!
    It seems as if im just being a jerk……but im dead serious! i actually like you! I dont nit pick every little thing like seb, pointing out what your doing with your hands on the podcast……i mean…..that guy really is special!!! you listen to podcast!!!! you dont watch them!!!!!

    1. shout out to Tom D, i just saw that he pointed out this exact article already. He also linked another good one about ties between past and present.
      Grant, the writers writing these type of articles are so far ahead of you! You actually think your ahead of them…..but the truth is…..they’re about to lap you bud!

  19. The Niners will win the next two games if they win the sack total differential.
    This team was built the least 3 years to get sacks.
    2019:48 sacks
    2018=37.0 sacks
    2017=30 sacks

    Let’s give John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan a “yeah buddy” the plan is working.
    I think we will win it this year but if not, in one of two years for sure.

  20. Not liking this at all…Seems like to good of story for NFL to have Rodgers come back to the team that passed on him get his revenge blah blah blah
    .National media all over the Packers jocks..Just seems like a set up..No way pack has the talent or coaches to beat this team but I’m going to buy a tin foil hat cause I believe this is being rigged…I’ll repost this after the game

    1. Not worried… If the Niners come out hungry, focused and execute like they have all year then they’ll beat the Packers and the refs…. More hype over the Packers the better.

    2. Okay then. The fix is in. That would explain how the Pack–at home–got past the Seahawks. So, how will it go down–a few key 9er players being extorted, or offered $$ to under-execute or fake injury? Shanahan being extorted? Refs threatened/extorted? Other?

      And what’s the origin of the string pulling? Allstate Insurance (Rogers…)? Organized crime? Other?

  21. This game evokes old memories. The Niners would defeat teams like the Cowboys, Bears or Rams and many would consider the NFCC Game as the real Super Bowl. The game 2 weeks later were just afterthoughts. The Packers, Giants and Washington defeated the Niners in the NFCC Game, and thwarted the Niners in their quest for a ring, too many times.
    The Niners need to beat the Packers to exact revenge, because the Packers have beat the Niners in the 1997 NFCC Game. If the Niners can manage to defeat the Packers, the SB game may be relatively easy.

      1. Sorry, I just remember 1998 NFCC Game with the Packers. Like KS said. The Packers will be a formidable opponent. History dictates that.
        I beg to differ about the AFC opponents. The Chiefs defense is suspect, and the Chiefs offense has a good passing game, but the Niners are number one against the pass.
        The Titans gave up over 500 yards to Lamar Jackson. If JG can have good ball security, the Niners match up well. Also, I would take JG over Tannehill, every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  22. I will like to give thumbs up to Luke Kuechly…..really sad watching him retire……He was one player I feared playing against us……dude was smart and a class act….


    If they are calling to put him in the HOF……..Patrict Willis should also be in there

    Both 1st rd pick
    Both AP defensive ROY
    Both played 8 seasons
    Both had 7 pro bowl selections
    Both had 5 all pro selections

    In other news …am I so glad we didn’t trade for Odell B…..dude is seriously a dummy…..I was wondering who could be dumber than Odell then I recalled A. Brown latest Instagram post……

    1. I wouldn’t put Craig in but I certainly would put in Patrick Willis.
      Craig was one of the best running backs in the league for maybe 3 or 4 years… Willis was one of, if not the best Linebackers in the league for 7 years. In order for him to make it after only playing 8 seasons, the above would have to be true… and it is. That is why I would vote for Willis while I wouldn’t for Craig.

      1. I disagree. Roger Craig did not have gaudy stats, but he played in the shadow of Joe, Wendell Tyler and Jerry Rice.
        His accomplishment of 1000/1000 showed how balanced he was. He was a complete player, and he helped win 3 rings.
        Roger Craig is a Hall of Famer, both on and off the field. Those 10 may have deserved the nods, but Roger Craig deserves to get in, and will get in some day.
        I would also like to see Keena Turner get in. Then Patrick Willis.

      2. Craig is 2nd team all decade for the 1980s. Every other member but him, Joe Jacoby (Tackle/Redskins) and Lester Hayes (DB/Raiders) are in the Hall.

        New rule, if you are on an ALL DECADE team, you should be in the hall.

        The same applies to LC Greenwood, Drew Pearson, Tony Boselli, Bryant Young (and those from the 60s and before).

    2. what a world we live in……after i wrote about dumb odell beckham – I then hear… there is an arrest warrant for him slapping a policeman butt….lol……

      guess Beckham is much dumber……..then I read Antonio Brown starts training with Olympic boxer for potential match vs. Logan Paul…..lmao……..lol…..:)

    3. Kuechly wouldn’t even had started for the 49ers when they had Willis and Bowman. No way should he be in the HOF before either. Willis needs to be inducted next year. Voters passed him over this year because of him only playing 8 years, but next year, he should be in.

  23. Picked the Niners to finish 10-6, win the wild card game and lose in the divisional. Glad to be way wrong but happy to beat Seb again. All this winning! The D would be proud! It’s gonna be a great Tourney! I think any of the four can win it. I’d rank the final four SF, KC, TENN, GB, but they are all pretty close though I think SF is the most complete team. I think the dark house is TENN, even though I rank them ahead of GB. My early prediction is still SF vs TENN SB. Defense and running game. Can’t wait!

    1. Juan,
      I agree with you regarding Tenn. Derrick Henry alone makes them dangerous. I think he is the most impactful RB i’ve seen in the lat 40 years. I was watching the NFL network this weekend and one of the commentators called him the modern day Jim Brown and I believe he may be right.

    2. I think Titans defense may feel the effect of the Ravens game. Baltimore ran 92 plays. That’s a lot of defense that the Titans played. And now they have to chase Mahomes all over the field extending plays. Titans may wear out early.

    3. Tenn has a great running game but when they are down 21,28 the running game will have to be abandoned.
      Bal was a running team that threw for a ceiling of 200 yards. KC is a quick strike throwing team that can hang 28 points on a team in 8 minutes.
      That will be a better defense than stopping Henry. Sure Tenn can eat up 8 minutes of clock running Henry. But Patrick Mahomes will score in a minute. The quick scoring and big lead KC generates makes Tenn ineffective.
      It will not be close in the 4th quarter in my opinion.

  24. its 198 comments….time for a new page ….but before that…I will like to bring back Grant thank you message from 2016….

    Happy Championship game

    to Hacksaw 46, Old Coach, Abe Froman, Brodie2Washington, htwaits, Razoreater, #80, Cubus, Dust Mite, Sebnynah, TomD, Prime Time, Brotha Tuna, Jack Hammer, CFC, Scooter_McG, JedYorkTheDork A.K.A. MidWestDynasty A.K.A. MidWestNiner, Rocket, MWNiner, Rebuild A Winner, undercenter, mike, Leo Nomellini, Shoup, ShoupBJ, Rick, The Truth, Cassie Baalke, the k, ribico, OREGONINER, Speed kills, Sweetsinger, GFY Baalke A.K.A. Mr. Everything A.K.A. E A.K.A. Neanderthal Offense A.K.A. Johnny Cristo, 55 Niner, Rusty_In_SoCal, sawbrodie, ChocolateChipKellyDough, Jsand3030, AES, red, allforfunnplay, Allan, KezarMike A.K.A KexarMke, 49er42, Touchdown Niners, robert ethan, Whine Country, Questforthe#1DraftPick, JuanHunglo, Houston9er, 49reasons, Jerry, Runman49, Ed, Luis I, exgolfer A.K.A. Hit ’em with the Hyde, ninermd, Folkwolf101, tkamb, Leo, Grimey A.K.A. GrimeTime A.K.A. Grimey9er, EastCoast9er, Nick, NaVorro Willis, Mood_Indigo, Italian Niner, eMJay A.K.A. MJ, Rollotomasi, Matt, Ralph Bedwell, MosesZD, BILAL19, Wilson 73, Shemp, Fahad Munshi, Brian in Oakland, Steelematic, Larry, BigP, JPN001, oneniner, Goldmine49, fesnyc, tahoelocal, Sanfranbob, Mariposa9er, Michael, seriously, Fansince77, Adam707, ghost, Redwood, Josph A.K.A Joseph, jay, Cameron, BigskyMT, yepyep, Andrew, David, Txtree49er, Ben, Shish, Daniners, Max Banners, hightop, Alex Smith for President, FDM, Dan, NorCalMafia, BigSuede, oldschool9erfan, Chicago49er, Scott, pete4mtx, BruceZ, KY49er, ricardo, as you were, hova, La-La Land, rjpbobp, Sean in Canada, Real Neal, NinerGangBangBang, George, Dano, ChessGM, 7x7ers, CK=Elite, MontanaMan16, Big niner, Crab15, dc9er, V’s Epiphone, Spaceborn, Nomaldedo, Jaican49ers, 49ergirl, 3rdNKing, claude balls, steve c, Adusoron, bayareafantatic, people who read but don’t comment, people who comment but don’t read, people who used to read and comment, people who read and comment on Twitter and people I forgot.

    Good Luck Niner fans ……

    1. My voice will be screaming and yelling for all the faithful at home watching!
      This fan base is due!
      And a parade is what we’ve earned!
      Poppin bottles! Poppin illegals (fireworks)
      Poppin collas! Poppin middle fingers for that 6th ring to the haters!
      GO NINERS!

    2. Wow, I was shocked to see my name on the list until I saw that it was 2016! I guess maybe I was still in good standing with Coach Iggy back then. LOL. Sorry, I’m not an a$$ kisser like the very small handful of people he has dialogue with on this blog. Oh Iggy, I just can’t wait to see your 5 step plan to beating the Packers! And the grades, oh my God the grades. Anticipation, anticipation, it’s making me late, it’s keeping me waiting, cause these are the good old days!

  25. Juan, I, too am glad I was wrong. Imagine- last year, we were speculating about draft positions and candidates.
    I do not mind if you beat me, because I respect your betting acumen.
    I agree. Titans may defeat the Chiefs because Derrick Henry may control the game, and keep Mahomes on the side line. The Titans throttled the Pats and stymied the Ravens, so the Titan defense may be able to stop the Chiefs.

    1. Yeah, thats some good stuff. The play highlighted in that clip is a variation on the 83 yard TD for Breida first play against the Browns. 49ers run a little misdirection and then Juice kicks out the backside DE for a cutback. That’s a very effective play to keep the backside pressure from crashing down and forcing them to keep backside contain. This is also the play that frustrates me with Tevin Coleman. Both Breida and Mostert run this play pretty well. They both cut underneath the kickout blocks and then read the downfield blocks extremely well. When Coleman runs this play, he usually tries to go on the outside of the kickout blocks which basically ruins the entire blocking scheme on the play. That’s why Coleman sometimes averages 2 yards per carry in a game where Mostert averages 6 yards per carry. Poor vision and poor reads on blocks are Colemans downfall.

  26. Juanhunglo says:
    January 16, 2020 at 9:08 am
    Picked the Niners to finish 10-6, win the wild card game and lose in the divisional. Glad to be way wrong but happy to beat Seb again. All this winning!

    Reply: Always good to hear from you Juanhunglo. I too predicted a 49er 10-6 season, but left no playoff predictions.

    However, we both shattered Seb’s predictions (the self-proclaimed ‘Karnak the Magnificent’) so I am beaming about that….Happy New Year, Juanhunglo. Go Niners!

  27. I remember the buzz with the 2011-12-13 Niners
    Our tailgate parties were alive and well.
    This year there it feels like a different Buzz.
    That’s easy to say now, but this deep in the playoffs and the season of injuries this team endured makes it feel like destiny.

    I think this team is to stupid (young) to overlook any opponent.
    The remaining teams left couldn’t possibly beat this team.
    They lose and it will be them beating themselves.
    I think they’re hungry and I don’t see them beating themselves, haven’t seen it all season.
    3 losses by a total of 8 points!
    Won on the road in tough places, laid an egg once, won games by every way you can win a game.
    Again. I don’t see this game being close in the end. It will feel like last weekend.
    Domination! By both lines.

    All I keep hearing is how will the Packers not let the earlier game happen again.
    The answer is simple..
    There is nothing they can do about it.
    If they thought our D line was a handful then, they haven’t seen nothing yet. The packers only chance is to get out to a big lead early.
    Because at halftime it’s only going to get worse with adjustments.
    Final prediction

      1. We are going to see the demise of Aaron Rogers Sunday. First it was Brady, then Brees and now A Rod.
        Old QB’s getting exposed this playoff.

        1. Kris Sims on his podcast says Jimmy G will pee down his leg, crap the bed, and poop down his leg this week against Green Bay. Even with that, he is calling for a Niner win based of coaching and overall team talent.

          1. I love listening to Sims, but I know this is a bit of a lose-lose situation for him. He’s made his man-crush public for Aaron Rogers, but he’s also made known his friendship with Kyle and his beliefs in the team. But he’s been tough on Jimmy all year, although he started coming around the latter half of the season, so I’m a little surprised this comment. But he puts his foot in his mouth on a minute by minute basis, usually unintentionally.

            I think Jimmy takes all the negativity and doubt and goes toe-to-toe with Rogers this weekend, much like Alex did against Brees in 2011, and they still won’t give him the credit he deserves. I think Jimmy feeds off of the negativity, so keep it coming.

            1. I don’t this game comes down to Jimmy G vs. A rod. More like which defense gets to the others QB an puts him on his back.
              I was nervous last week but this week, I am predicting a convincing win.

              Niners 30
              Packers 13

            2. I agree. I enjoy Simms analysis. He has great insight and his friendship with Shanahan makes his commentary more interesting.
              I do agree though that Jimmy had some major jitters last week. Shanahan did appear to take the game out of his hands by running it.
              However, seeing the game film, the throw I thought was behind Deebo and criticized was actually the best place to put the ball. Deebo made an amazing one handed catch prior to contact which was amazing to watch.
              I hope Shanahan has some confidence building plays scripted in so that Jimmy can get comfortable for the inevitable shootout.

  28. McGlinchey showed the playoff jitters, but he got over it quickly.
    Glad they just ran the ball, so McGlinchey did not have to worry about the pass rush. Hope they run right at the Smiths.
    Devante Adams said that the pressure was on the Niners. Maybe he should have talked to Aaron Rodgers, who wanted to win that earlier contest, so the Packers would not have to travel to Levis. Those Seahawks had to travel to Lambeau, and they might have lost because they had to play in that hostile environment. Rodgers worst fears will be realized. I think 7 Niners who did not play in that first game, are healthy, and will play.
    I fully expect the Niner defense will be too fast for the Packer offense. Hopefully, the defense will get another turnover that leads to a TD.

  29. You had a few Niners having Jitters. JG. Glinchey. Brieda. I’d say spoon but I think it’s been too often to be blamed on playoffs.

    I think a double move on Sherman by Adams will expose RS. I expect GB to move the pocket roll Aaron out and use screens. In Grant’s video breakdown there were times Rogers just missed an open receiver. I don’t think that happens Sunday.

    27 – 23. At the end of the day the coaching deficiencies will be what gives SF the win.

  30. I would like to make a prediction but a little voice keeps telling me that if I do I will jinx the 9ers so I will be staying away from any predictions. I will just be rooting my ass off Sun. afternoon. Thank God Mon. is MLK day because if/when we win I might not be in any shape to go to work Mon (hell the same goes if we don’t win). GO NINERS!!!!!!!!

  31. I am jumping for joy, now that the Niners are relevant again, and this team is clearly dominant, so there is hope for glory. The Niner defense is playing NINER FOOTBALL, and defense wins championships.
    I may have only wished for a non losing season, but now, I am getting greedy and hope for the SB. Who knows? If the planets and moon align, they may be competing for a ring. The Niners should not be resting on their laurels, and be not only hungry, but starved for more wins.
    I hope the Niners become more balanced, and continue their running game. The less throws JG has to make, the less chance for a turnover, because the defense has to take into consideration the running game.
    The Niner coaches need to be bold and not settle for field goals. 4th and short inside the red zone should be opportunity to score a TD.
    JG must play fast by throwing quick slants like Rodgers did at times. The should negate the pass rush by doing screens. They should put a player in motion so he is at full speed at the snap of the ball. JG should do fly sweeps and bubble screens. They should counter the Packer’s defensive speed by doing counters, reverses and misdirections.
    The important thing is to not let the opponent shape you. Pass when they expect run, and run when they expect pass. Niners did so well last game because they were unpredictable.
    24-23 is as good as any winning score.
    GO NINERS!!!!!

    1. Even though this is my catfish, he has repeated what I have said.
      However, I am changing my prediction, and now say Niners 28-27. The Niners will hopefully score 4 TDs, and will prevail by one point.
      GO NINERS !!!!!!

      1. Even though this is my catfish, he has repeated what I have said.

        So now you have a copycat AND a catfish ???
        Since you are the original stool pigeon I suggest you don’t get to close!

        1. ive been on here for 8 years…..taken years off, been banned, forgot my user name and changed it many times!!!!!!! One thing has remained constant……MY AVATAR HAS NEVER CHANGED!!!!!!! Anyone who buys this “catfish” crap is a damn fool!!!! this is just the proof to what anyone paying attention has known for a long time……..seb’s a whack job!!!!!! Plain and simple! to the point that its scary…..VERY SCARY!!!! SHAME ON GRANT FOR NOT BANNING THIS GUY LONG AGO!!!
          Have some integrity grant! You know damn well its all coming from the same email address!!!! I know, youd lose half your hits…..but o well.

          1. FYI, I have been sebnynah for years. I only changed my avatar because some posters said it would be a good way to thwart these catfish burner accounts. It did not help.
            They said I should make another avatar, so it would be unique to me. I went with George Seiffert, the only Niner coach with 5 rings. It did not help. They said that my avatar was too easy to copy, so I changed it to Roger Craig, as a homage to him, hoping that he would finally make it to the HOF. I even shortened my name to Seb, because that is who I am addressed as. It did not help.
            I did not willy nilly change my avatar. Even you must admit that several catfish burner accounts exist, because the snark is a dead give-away.
            I have generally avoided engaging with you. I generally allow you to rave away. Your screeds are basically incoherent, and your use of caps and exclamation points is more annoying than anything I write. Shouting does not make you win arguments. It just shows how emo you are.

            1. If you just would have listened to me in the first place when I told you as a newbie coming on here, bravado and arrogance would be your demise.
              Now look at you? Made a mockery of and people are posing to be you.

  32. The Packers are feigning weakness. On their blog site, some are saying they should not even fly here, because the Niners will crush them.
    ‘The Packers don’t stand a chance.’
    ‘They really whupped us week 12.’
    Do not believe any of that. The Packers will be a stern test.
    However, if the Niners can play up to their potential, they can prevail.
    Rodgers just said it was a matter of execution, and a lack of it, week 12. I just hope the Niners executes him.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

    1. I just hope the Niners executes him.

      If you’re the real Sebbie, your ‘anti-violence’ rhetoric is rather hollow… Shame.

      1. Execute can also mean carrying out or putting into effect- a plan, order or course of action.
        Since AR is not guilty of a capital crime. he is not condemned to be put to death.
        I just hope the Niners executes their plans to make AR look like the week 12 AR.

  33. Two factors that do not bode well for the Packers:

    Joe Staley will neutralize whoever lines up against him.

    The 49ers pass rush will not allow Rodgers time to throw downfield, which is gonna frustrate him. Frustration has been known to cause mental lapses in judgement….

    1. I am thinking Lafleur is going to implement a dink and dunk offense this weekend with a lot of bubble screens, dump offs and mis-directions to set up the deep play action passes.
      This is gonna force Ward and Tartt, Warner and Kwon closer to the LOS. This is the only way to keep Rodgers upright.

        1. I would expect more quick throws on the line to receivers. I would also expect Adams to capitalize of Sherman’s aggressive coverage. Please, as Simms said, double cover Adams on 3rd down.

      1. They cannot be encouraged by the manner in which the D sniffed out the screen attempts by the Vikings.
        If Niners play more man coverage, I can see them going with trips on the long side of the field (probably Graham lined up on the short side) and try quick slant passes. Ward will probably join Williams close to LoS considering his slot experience.

        1. I was thinking the same thing.

          I think Tartt or Alexander can erase Graham. Ward’s main responsibility will probably be to erase anything deep, should Rodgers purchase time.

          I doubt Shanny has cotton mouth when looking at the opportunity to go against these Packer linebackers….

            1. Unless Witherspoon looked like Superman during practice, I’d have to go with the E-Man. I just look at the Vikings game as his last real shot to be the man until next year….

              1. Like I mentioned several weeks back, practices at this time of the year are probably pretty low contact. Spoon does not have contact courage like EMan even though he might practice better. I think by now they’ve figured that out.

              2. Moseley was a great find by the front office. Sherm had warned us during TC that the Niners were about let loose E-man into the football world. Dang, was he right! I recall that Eric Crocker has also raved about E-man after watching the latter in TC.
                Disappointed in Spoon, the grandson of one my favorite blues singers of all time. Thought he was going to be the next Sherm, but he turned out to be the next Dontae Johnson :(

          1. This is where having Kwon back really helps. Excellent in coverage – reads PA well, gets great depth and has the speed to track anyone. Warner is also good at this, though not on the same level. And having Tartt back means Saleh can throw out more varied coverages – its an underrated aspect of why Tartt is better than Harris; he is more versatile and understands his responsibilities better which provides more flexibility in the D to disguise looks.

            Does anyone know what the Packers splits have been this year by personnel group? Are they a team that will look to get the 49ers in base a lot, or more often go with 3 WRs? If the 49ers are in nickel often I wonder what the rotation will be between Kwon and Greenlaw?

              1. Thanks Matt. Wonder if they will go with Kwon mostly in nickel to help with the pass D or mostly Greenlaw?

              2. Lefleur wants to run the ball and play action to help reduce the hits to Rodgers. The defensive game plan for the Niners should be very similar to the one against the Vikings. Stop Jones on your way to Rodgers….

              3. Scooter, that’s the question I’m most curious to know. Maybe Saleh rotates them in different looks as part of a situation football strategy….

  34. For those of you doubting Jimmy Garoppolo can be deadly in a playoff; your arguement is with this guy—the guy who shut down Davante Adams in November:

    “One of the reasons Richard Sherman decided to come to the 49ers was the acquisition of Jimmy Garoppolo. On October 31st 2017, Bill Belichik made a call to the 49ers front-office and offered up Jimmy Garoppolo for a second round pick.”

    And all 49er fans know we wouldn’t be where we are today w/o a shutdown CB.

    Next Gen Stats
    Richard Sherman lined-up against Davante Adams on 16 of his 35 routes (46%), limiting Adams to 1 reception for 7 yards (2 targets).


  35. I know we are all excited and enthusiastic but there is such a thing as too many 49ers stickers and paraphernalia on ones car.

  36. Heard on the grapevine that NFL wants the ‘Hot Mike’rs to go to New York to talk to them about their live broadcasts. Wonder if Grant also got the memo…

  37. Just finished watching a good twenty minute breakdown by Chris Simms on what he expects and what each side needs to do in the upcoming game. He notes that the 49ers pass primarily and most successfully in the middle of the field (between the numbers). Here are stats to back that up:

    Passing Between the Numbers (Regular Season):

    Number of attempts: 280 (7th highest in the NFL)
    Number of completions: 212 (4th highest in the NFL)
    Number of passing yards: 2621 (third highest in the NFL)
    Number of touchdowns: 15 (tied for second)

    An interesting thing that he said was that Rex Ryan figured out how to stop/slow down Brady when New England was doing something similar; Mike Pettine was on Rex’s staff at that time. Rex’s strategy was to just drop defenders into the middle of the field and not get sidetracked by all of the pre-snap motions. Assume the pass will be in the middle and defend accordingly and don’t react to pre-snap motion and fakes. For the game between the 49ers and the Packers, the Pack needs to take away the middle of the field and make Jimmy G. beat them outside of the numbers.

    Simm’s breakdown is an embedded video in the following PFT link:


      1. What about that deep pass down the sidelines that we’ve seen completed to Juice a number of times since Jimmy came on board?

    1. It’s a good strategy but it misses some of the passes like the one Kittle caught at the end of the game with the Saints. Kyle will beat you on the outside of you take away the inside. Or the sweep like Razor points out. Also the play action makes the LB’s stay home which also creates space. I don’t think the Packers will show up as flat as they did last time. It should be a good game.

  38. Via ESPN Nick Wagoner:

    “The 49ers injury report for Sunday is non-existent. Nobody listed as questionable, doubtful or out. All 53 players will be available to be on the active game day roster. About as healthy as you can be this late in the season, at least in terms of the 53 players who are still on the roster and not including those on injured reserve.”

  39. Niners’ D line plan for Sunday is simple:
    First down: stop a a ron on the way to sacking a a ron.
    Second down: stop a a ron on the way to sacking a a ron.
    Third down: blow by a a ron and sack a a ron.

  40. Mike Pettine is going to out coach KS? I remember the look KS gave him, after he recommended a play. KS called his own play, and they scored a TD.
    The Niners can only lose if they beat themselves.

  41. RS- ‘It’s almost like you are dumb for doin it this way’ (Even tho they are number one in defense.)
    GC- lol, ‘Almost’.
    GC- ‘So you don’t just go rogue. Hey guys, I gotta feelin’…..
    RS- ‘Right, right, I just don’t go rogue and say- Hey hey this is their guy, I am going to do it this way…..’
    Grant and Sherman had a real rapport going….

  42. Looking forward to the game on Sunday.
    Grant, where I can shoot an email to you at? I have a question that I need to ask you.

  43. NFC Championship Game week and no blog post in 4 days. Man, the Press Democrat must have their priorities out of whack.

  44. Yeah been exceptionaly quiet…NFC championship you’d think maybe a couple articles a couple extra periscopes or something…

  45. Grant had something taken down due to copywrite?
    I thought Pop Warner passed away in 1954. He was the one who invented the play action bootleg pass.

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