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  1. Lmao…The pass that Goodwin dropped was a great play by the DB…He got his hands in there at the last minute and knocked it out. I gave Goodwin a pass on that play. The defense gets paid too and they will make plays also. Can’t expect the Niners to make EVERY play. As far as the DBs goes…Mighty funny to me that they we’re terrible, yet Minnesota couldn’t score a point in the entire first half. And after you factor in that they still wasn’t going to show a ton in this game for other teams to gameplay for, I’ll give them a pass also. Especially the starters. Finally on Bow…He came out when they went to the dime defense, not passing downs all together. Very inaccurate and disingenuous to make it like on All passing downs or 3rd downs that he came off the field. I don’t blame Salah for leaving the younger, faster LBer on the field to cover the RBs when they go WR heavy. You were dead wrong and you’re trying to save face…lol..Not to mention that when the interior of the OL not being a stellar group, looking at Hyde’s rushing yards per attempt is also a dishonest and disingenuous way of trying to save face after being wrong
    Hyde and Bow, along with Lynch are ALL players that you tried to make us believe wouldn’t make the team. You were wrong and won’t just admit it…smh

      1. – I thought Goodwin made a good effort, but the DB had his arm right in the right spot and ripped down on the ball. So I dissagree on that.

        – The CB weren’t as bad as you are advertising. There were a lot of softs spots in their zones, so it was more about a breakdown in scheme, than CB’s getting beat, in fact they played better on the occasions when they were playing man coverage, which was less often than I expect too see during the regular season.

        – The front seven looks fantastic, flying around the filed, 2 or 3 guys in the offensive backfield on almost every play. The Vikings QB’s were pulling some rabbits out of their helmets, otherwise the Vikings would have been completely stymied. Dalvin Cook was nearly completely shut down. 12 total yards on 6 touches for Cooks. Wow! 50 yards rushing total for the Vikings means that the 49ers defense did what it’s designed to do, make the opponent one dimensional!

        – Hyde wasn’t bad. Williams only had a few touches and made a couple nice plays. Not sure what is up with Williams, but he’s obviously in the doghouse for some reason. That said, Raheem Mostert looks great.

        – Kyle Shanahan is still one of the best OC’s in the league, even when he’s pulling double duty as a HC. Thi offense was far more organized and in sync tonight, which is the kind of progressive improvement you want to see. Bravo! You can see these starting offensive players getting more and more comfortable by the snap.

        – I think Jerome needs to make the team ahead of Jones because Tartt may be needed as a primary backup at SS, and also a subpackage specialist as a nickel linebacker hybrid. What happens if Reid gets hurt? Gotta keep Jerome! He might not have had his best game but he’s been very solid all through camp and the first 2 preseason games, and he wasn’t horrible tonight, just not great.

        A couple last things that really jumped out at me tonight:

        Team speed. This 49ers team looks sooooo much faster than what we have seen over the last few seasons, it’s crazy. I’m shocked how ShanaLynch have infused speed at every level and every position group. There is speed everywhere you look, and it shows up in multiple ways.

        And Reuben Foster, holy canoli, the way this kid moves. He’s like a

        1. REUBEN FOSTER is a revelation! The 49ers really made out by drafting him at 31. What a steal in terms of talent. I don’t know what the future hold for Thomas, but I know what I see in Foster. He’s the NFL’s next big thing at ILB. And he can make All-Pro at MIKE or WILL, that’s the beauty of what he is. We know that he’s PFF’s all-time highest graded ILB since they’ve been in business grading players, but it still gives me goosebumps when he pounces like he does, and closes on the ball with violence and grace. I mean, this kid is a human highlight reel.

      2. Hard to do when you’re running full bore down the sidelines.
        I suggest that Hoyer do some arm strengthening exercises so he can add 10-15 more yards on his passes.

  2. Guess Theus is making the team. he did well in place of Staley.
    It was interesting to see Magnusen at center, so Barnes may be on the bubble.

    O line play was good, even the second and third string, although Flynn had a miscue.
    Other players who did not secure a spot- MacDonald, Paulsen, Hightower and Reaser.
    Players who made plays include Hoyer, Mostert, Goodwin and Foster.
    CJB did not shine. Next week will be the final test.
    Joe Williams will not be cut, although it was interesting to see Murphy (?) second string after Hyde.
    I disagree about Chip. he will get another coaching job, but he may go to the college ranks since he built that Oregon program into a national contender. I will whole heartedly agree about the rest of the coaching staff. O’Neil was a joke, but I was not laughing.
    It was very encouraging to see the coaches properly prepare the players, since there was a big reduction in penalties.
    The game plan was not vanilla, yet they executed flawlessly in the first half. KS deserve credit for drawing up a good game plan.
    I had to laugh. Sam Bradford lamented shooting themselves in the foot.

  3. I wont mention the background anymore because
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    1. I like that picture. It is way better than ceiling tiles. Interesting composition with nice color. Wonder what the title of it is, and the meaning behind it.

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