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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens (4) warms up before an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 16 game against the Chicago Bears. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:31 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  1. SS Jaquiski Tartt.
  2. DL Sheldon Day.
  3. NT Earl Mitchell.
  4. RB Alfred Morris.
  5. S Tyree Robinson.
  6. OL Erik Magnuson.
  7. OT Shon Coleman.

12:32 Here are the Bears inactives:

  1. FS Eddie Jackson.
  2. LB Aaron Lynch.
  3. WR Kevin White.
  4. QB Tyler Bray.
  5. OL Rashaad Coward.
  6. DT Nick Williams.
  7. WR Javon Wims.

1:04 The 49ers win the toss and defer. The Bears will receive the opening kickoff.

1:09 On third and 2 from the 49ers 49-yard line, Allen Robinson drops a pass from Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears punt on the next play, and the ball bounces into the end zone. The 49ers will start from their 20.

1:13 On third and four from 49ers 26, Bears defensive tackle Akiem Hicks pushes center Weston Richburg into the backfield and knocks down Nick Mullens’ pass. The 49ers go three and out. The Bears take over at their 25 after the punt.

1:22 On first and 10 from the Bears 38, Robinson runs an out-and-up — a double move — and beats free safety Antone Exum Jr. for a 43-yard catch.

1:23 Five plays later, Bears kicker Cody Parkey misses a 37-yard field goal wide right. Parkey has missed seven of 29 field goal attempts this season. He’s awful. The 49ers can win this game if it becomes a field-goal competition.

1:27 On third and nine, Hicks pushes Richburg into the backfield again and knocks down Mullens’ pass. The 49ers go three-and-out again. The Bears have one hell of a defense.

1:33 On first and 15 from the Bears 17, Cassius Marsh sacks Trubisky four an eight-yard loss. The Bears eventually go three and out. The 49ers defense has played well so far, with the exception of one long pass play. The 49ers offense takes over at their 37.

1:56 Robbie Gould makes a 33-yard field goal after a 48-yard drive, and the 49ers lead 3-0. Nick Mullens completed four of five passes — he finally seems to have found his rhythm. But, Matt Breida left the game with an ankle injury, and the Dante Pettis left with a left-knee injury. Neither injury seems serious.

2:00 On second and 1 from the Bears 34, Trubisky throws a backward pass to Tarik Cohen, who drops the ball. It’s a fumble, and DeForest Buckner recovers it at the Bears 26. Huge play.

2:09 On first and 10 from the Bears 15, Nick Mullens spins away from Khalil Mack, rolls left and throws a perfect pass into the end zone for George Kittle, who drops the ball. Goulld makes a 30-yard field goal three plays later, and the 49ers lead 6-0.

2:21 On third and goal from the four, the Bears run Sprint Left Option, Trubisky rolls out to his left and throws to rookie wide receiver Anthony Miller, who beats rookie cornerback Tarvarius Moore for the touchdown catch. The Bears lead 7-6.

2:22 Earlier during that drive, Fred Warner committed a holding penalty that negated an interception in the end zone by K’Waun Williams.

2:30 Gould makes a 23-yard field goal after an eight-play, 63-yard drive by the 49ers offense. The 49ers lead 9-7 at halftime.

2:31 Mullens has completed 10 of his past 14 passes. He’s pretty good when he can step up in the pocket, which he couldn’t do early in the game, because Weston Richburg was in his lap.

2:32 Trubisky’s quarterback rating is 139.9. He’s pretty good, too.

2:41 The 49ers offense came into the game ranked dead last in the red zone. Today, the 49ers have reached the red zone three times and scored zero touchdowns.

2:49 On third and 10, Mullens completes a nine-yard pass to Jeff Wilson while taking a vicious shot from Khalil Mack, whom the 49ers didn’t block. Mullens took three big hits during that drive. Too bad. The 49ers protected him so well during the first half.

2:53 On the first play of the Bears drive, Trubisky completes a nine-yard pass to Robinson, and strong safety Marcell Harris strips him. The 49ers recover. But, the play is under review, because Robinson’s knee may have been down.

2:55 The refs overturn their ruling. Robinson’s knee was down. Nine-yard gain.

3:06 On second and goal from the two, Bears running back Jordan Howard jogs into the end zone, and the Bears lead 14-9. Trubisky was seven-for-seven during that 90-yard drive. He has missed just three passes in this game.

3:13 On second and 8 from the 49ers 34, Bears inside linebacker Roquan Smith blitzes off the left side of the Bears defense, and no one on the 49ers blocks him. He sacks Mullens for a nine-yard loss. The 49ers punt two plays later?

3:14 How many hits will Mullens have to take before Kyle Shanahan gives him some protection? That sack came on a seven-step-drop play-action pass. That play takes too long against this terrific pass rush.

3:24 On second and 7 from the 49ers 40, Buckner sacks Trubisky for a three-yard loss. The Bears punt two plays later. Huge stand by the 49ers defense.

3:41 On first and 10 from the Bears 20, Mullens throws an accurate pass to Marquise Goodwin running a crossing route, and Goodwin tips the ball to Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan, who makes the interception. Shanahan has called 15 passes and just three runs during the second half. It was just a matter of time before the interception happened. The Bears have 27 interceptions this season — almost two per game.

3:54 Marcell Harris hit Trubisky late, drew a 15-yard penalty and started a fight on the Bears sideline. Officials ejected Richard Sherman, Josh Bellamy and Anthony Miller.

4:01 The Bears go for it on fourth and 1 from their 35. Trubisky sneaks up the middle for an easy two yards, because Robert Saleh didn’t have the DL in a solid, heavy front. Inexplicable.

4:02 Three plays later, Saleh lets the Bears match up Robinson on Moore, and Moore beats him for a six-yard gain on third-and-four.

4:08 On fourth and four from the 49, Mullens throws deep and incomplete for Goodwin instead of running for the first down. He could have walked to the first-down marker. That was his worst play of the game, and the 49ers will lose. Stay tuned for my postgame Periscope, grades and game story.

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  1. I am going to be interested in the comparison between Dante Pettis and Anthony Miller. Niners moved up from 59 to take Pettis at 45, and the Bears chose miller at 51.

  2. Jets are holding on so far. The refs aren’t helping. Calling the game like the Packers have a chance at a playoff birth or something.

  3. PFF’s Zack Robinson, their QB guru and grader, mentioned the other day that Trubisky does not have an arm to throw deep. Guess he needs to watch some more tape.

  4. In some ways this is a bigger game for Saleh.
    If he can keep them in this that would be really a great vote of confidence in him for the fan base.

  5. Watching from home instead of the stadium today for the holiday season. Well-played defense by K’Waun Williams on that fumble.

  6. Good play by Mullens avoiding sack. If we were a better team we would get the PI call.

    This is what kills us: 3rd down efficiency and red zone efficiency! (And no pass rush which means a measly 6 TO for year!)

  7. I saw a hands to the face that was not called on the Bears, but Warner gets a ticky tacky call away from the ball that negated a pick.

  8. You think these refs are bad. Should have seen the ones in NY earlier. Rodgers getting his timely calls again. Pathetic
    Is it bad that I’m asking for a close loss with a controversial call to end it for the Bears? 😛

      1. No, no, they look starved for a turnover. Harris punched out the ball, but Mullens did not use his legs for a 4th down conversion.
        Oh well, the Niners snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    1. And the talent they do have doesn’t stay on the field very long. Not sure if its bad luck, Jed’s Karma or a trainer issue.

    1. They are paying the guy a whole lot of money. He starts next year and there will have to Beathard like performance by boy wonder!

    1. What else can Mullens do? try run for a first down with nothing but green pasture in front of him, instead of throwing a lollipop out of bounds on 4th and game.

      I like the kid, but come on, that’s LOOSER football right there!

    1. Absolutely true……Mullens is a keeper, but he did just barely enough to keep us from winning this game. Hopefully, he’ll be pushing Jimmy Rockford next yr.

  9. Mullins shoulda ran for the 1st down ….
    a big rookie mistake … but we still have 4th overall pick…
    so.. it aint all bad …

    Cue the immature 12 year old child … in .. 3 … 2…. 1…

    1. FO Whodaey. This is no place for posters calling for players injuries. Go to your saints blog and start rooting for Kamara to blow out his knees, see how long you last there.

  10. Poor awareness by a BACKUP quarterback! You think Garoppolo throws the ball 5 yards out of bounds on 4th and 5 with the game on the line, and nothing but green field ahead to run for the first down and then some?

    Mullens looks like a pretty decent backup, but Garoppolo can’t get healthy soon enough!

    And for all of you on this blog, please don’t be fooled by Grant’s NONSENSE in mentioning Mullens in the same breath as Garoppolo! Garoppolo is going to be a championship caliber QB, and Mullens is a guy who can win a game here and there.

    1. I am glad they lost as well, but i was happy after they won last week. They played well against a good team and were in it all the way. Just the type of loss that is needed for draft position.

  11. Mullens made a big mistake, but I’m very sure he’ll learn from it and it won’t happen again. I still feel very comfortable with him as our BACKUP QB. He has far exceeded expectations.

  12. Fun game.

    Alligator arms by Goodwin.

    Brain fart by Mullens.

    McGlinchey looked like a rookie.

    Settling for FG’s in the redzone again.

    Nice play by Moore to not give up on the play and give them one more chance.

    Next week should be another fun one with a chance to knock the Rams into a Wilcard spot.

    1. Actually, McGlinchey shut down Mack for the most part and they ended up moving him across Staley instead… He gave up one sack to Roquan Smith but aside from that played good like he has all year.

    2. Not gonna happen. Rams are a TICKED off team right now. They can’t wait to pound out 35 points on your D, and Sherman going to be suspended. Gooooo Rams!

    3. Goodwin reached out for that pass and it was of the topof his fingers. The only alternative he had was to leap for it and he couldn’t know that was necessary until it was off his finger tips.

  13. This is a case where I wish I would’ve been wrong. At least we finally got a couple olives from the turnover jar. That ‘s a sign that the defense is becoming more comfortable with what they’re doing, and able to focus on the finer details. Good sign….

  14. “Alligator arms by Goodwin”

    Nope. I agree with color analyst, Chris Spielman. On the replay you could see that Goodwin’s arms were extended. It’s a game of inches.

    1. Bubba Paris agrees that the interception is on Mullens and not Goodwin. Again, Mullens will learn from it. I’m still excited that we have a capable backup QB.

  15. Well, whodey………….we have the worst ownership in all of professional sports-and Darren is a trogledyte.

    Those two things can be equally true.

    1. So then why don’t you petition for your owner to sell the team? Didn’t your baseball team and basketball team get new ownership? How come the 49ers choose to be this pathetic year in and year out? If you were really a 49er fan as I’m a Bengal fan, I don’t go to games, I don’t watch the game, I buy nothing from the team, and I do it over and over to save money, aggravation. I knew the Browns were going to win because they’re motivated to beat their former coach Hue Jackson that coaches the offensive side. Could be wrong as I don’t like reading about the NFL happenings, all boring, wrong teams win, lose, go to the playoff to die.

    2. Haha!! Whodey is a Bunghole fan? Still smarts after all these years, what Joe did to you-and Paul Brown-twice?
      Dont blame ya-i’ve always felt bad for Bunghole fans. And that hit Ronnie put on Ickie in the Superbowl????
      He was Ickie after that! Didn’t know what Universe he was in!
      Thats cool, whodey-we can feel your pain.

      1. Ribs-
        If that is so, I would hate to live off the difference. From old man York trying to tell Walsh about football, to his silver spoon son unable to eventually determine a good decision from a bad one………

        In fact, a family that takes a lot and gives virtually nothing in return. Those are not kind words, but they are truthful.

  16. Note to EastCoast9er, I got the name of that show with Bubba because I’m watching it again. It’s called, Point After on Fox 2.

        1. Nope, talking about Mullens. Bubba is impressed and says his 2 minute drill exuded confidence and feels as though he’s a starter in this league. My best guess is he’s worth at least (2) 2nd round picks, maybe a 1st because Alex Smith never exhibited that trait. Bubba equated it to the same effect by Joe Montana….

          1. Bubba attributes his success to the 17 year old bully, David Snidely who used to bully him when he was 6 years old. He paid back every defensive lineman like he was David Snidely. When asked the whereabouts of David Snidely, Bubba replied, “Who knows, probably in jail or dead, he was a bad bully”….

            Bubba says Trubisky is a game manager, with skills. In other words, Alex Smith. Says Mullens can be better than Trubisky but may not get his chance because no one has yet to invest in him….

      1. Hey y’all, don’t be raiding Los Angeles next week. Rams going to kick your butt. Tell Grant Cohn to keep his sorry behind home, he runs such a garbage site as I used to be on Bayinsider and I know Darren well. I drove him into his Dr. House mood. My Rams are going to kick your butt easy, Jared Goff rules over your pathetic Qb. Even your garbage QB Garopolo will lost badly. Goooo Rams!

    1. Little fake boy with all the fake names. GF lock you out again? You don’t want to see what she’s doing in the bedroom and who she’s doing it with… lol

      Darren the cuck. Lol.

  17. Real bright guy hiding behind a bunch of fake names. Did your girlfriend throw you to the curb again like she did last year? Or does she have a real 49ers fan fulfilling her now? Darren the cuck… lol

  18. This was a rough outing, no lie.
    Mullens made a rookie mistake but that happens.
    One comment, can the niners find a recievers that isn’t soft? I have no faith in Petis’ staying on the field, same with Goodwin. Sadly the FA market is not good… Any 3rd round picks that look like they could add toughness to that squad?

  19. GF kick you out of bed and now you show up here? You’re not nearly as annoying to us as you are disappointing to her.

    Darren the cuck. Lol. Be better, little boy.

    1. Go to her and do what? Make her vomit uncontrollably?

      Don’t you have a TV to pick up from the gutter?

      You’re a Bengals fan? Really? That model franchise over the years? Not that we believe a word that pores from that addled deplorable brain of yours.

      1. Opposing fan? You are just a garden variety troll who comes into place with the sole purpose of fing up a discussion. The internet is crawling with your ilk. How many fake email accounts did you use to evade the bans you’ve gotten here?

        1. I am glad they lost. The played well enough to win and that bodes well for next season. They seem to be getting better every week. Plus the lost which helps them in the draft order. This is the best scenario for the Niners at this time. Play well and lose.

    1. I said that Mullens should roll out to avoid the pass rush. Then he should have realized that it was 4th down, so they needed to convert the 4th down to extend the drive. He had an easy first down, and could have run out of bounds to stop the clock.
      Then he threw towards a covered player, and threw it out of bounds, to boot.
      I agree, Robinson should have slid down. Instead, he gave the Niners another chance.

  20. Quit yer whining, take your Presidental tax cut and get NFL Sunday Ticket. Even an idiot like you should be able to figure that one out.

    1. If you know how to use a PC (unlikely) the answer to that is a google away. I live in NYC, do you think I want to watch the local Giants and Jets broadcasts? I’d rather be forced to watch Bengals games.

  21. And now we know why Shanahan gives Mullens “tepid” praise.

    Just a reminder to the over-the-top enthusiasts: Great QB’ are made over time, not in a few games.

    Btw, the defense did a good job today.

      1. Jack… that tells me when he’s meh… he’s praides him for confidence and when he’s playing great he keeps him in check a bit
        So he doesn’t blow up his head. That’s my take at least and I like it better than Grants “he doesn’t like him” conspiracy.

            1. And Goodwin did not have alligator arms on that play either.

              Btw, who are you going to blame for Mullens’ bonehead play for throwing up the ball rather than run for a wide open first down?
              Mullens the magnificent was anything but on this day.

              The day belongs to the defense for their turn-overs and gritty play.

  22. Hey Darren. How did your Bengals do today?

    Who dey! Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?!

    The Browns, that’s who. A season sweep.

  23. Ha! Darren, your cracking me up! Mullens is a legit back-up QB in the NFL-maybe more. If they let him go, who’s their backup?
    Your killin me!

  24. I think I’m starting to warm towards the anti-Shanahan crowd. This was a pathetic effort. At a minimum, Salah needs to go. He is terrible. I’m tired of hearing excuses – this defence is 4 turnovers below the WORST in NFL history. That means it is one of the worst defences the NFL has ever seen. This is inexcusable, and someone needs to be held accountable for it. If not Shanahan, then Salah at a minimum.

    Mullens is a backup. He should stay, but we can finally put to rest the silly QB controversy claims. Jimmy’s job is safer than it has ever been after this game. Mullens shouldn’t even come into the conversation unless Jimmy is stinking it up at midseason next year. Until then I don’t want to hear anything about Mullens starting for this team.

    1. In addition, neither Garcon or Goodwin deserve a spot on this roster next year. They’re washed up and terrible. Both kinda earned a roster spot last year, but it’s a what have you done for me lately league. And neither of those two have been anything but a net negative for the Niners this season. Time to move on and get some better players in. I like Goodwin, but he’s gotta go.

      1. For the type of receiver he is he is cheap. Those sort of receivers are hard to come b y. He deserves a pass this season due to his heath issues. Last year he was great and he is not over the hill like Garcon. Only when a player is past his prime do you count a bad season after an injury against them. Younger players will usually bounce back.

    1. I”ll never understand for the life of me how any 49er fan can put up with York, the team’s performance, and not listen to advice in how to improve the team. Let me know when you want to put the koolaid down and listen to real sound advice: get a QB, get WRs, get Rb, REAL DEFENSE, and fire Saleh. I’ll give Kyle one more year, see how generous I am? Go Rams.

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