49ers vs. Browns live blog

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo warms up before an NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, Oct. 7, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 5 Monday night game against the Cleveland Browns. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:55 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  1. RB Jeff Wilson Jr.
  2. WR Jordan Matthews
  3. CB Ahkello Witherspoon
  4. OT Joe Staley
  5. OT Sam Young
  6. DT Jullian Taylor
  7. QB C.J. Beathard

This means Tevin Coleman is active for the first time since Week 1.

3:56 Here are the Browns’ inactives:

  • CB Denzel Ward
  • CB Greedy Williams
  • S Sheldrick Redwine
  • WR Rashard Higgins
  • OL Kendall Lamm
  • LB Genard Avery
  • WR Taywan Taylor

4:21 Jimmie Ward will start in place of Tarvarius Moore at free safety. Smart move by Robert Saleh. Moore has poor instincts takes poor angles to ball carrier.

5:13 The 49ers lose the toss. The Browns will receive the opening kickoff.

5:21 The Browns first offensive play is a 20-yard pass from Odell Beckham Jr. to Jarvis Landry. Cute. After that, the Browns go three and out. Apparently, Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens lets Beckham throw downfield but not run downfield. After the punt, the 49ers get the ball at their 17-yard line.

5:23 Matt Breida runs 83 yards for a touchdown on the first play of the drive. The Browns never touched him. The Browns have zero gap integrity. The 49ers definitely should win this game. They lead 7-0.

5:27 First play of the Browns second drive, Nick Bosa beats a tight end and hits Baker Mayfield as Mayfield throws an awful pass downfield which Richard Sherman intercepts. The 49ers get the ball at the Browns’ 41.

5:31 On third and nine, Deebo Samuel runs a slant route and drops an accurate pass, and the 49ers go three and out. The Browns will get the ball at their 12. Bad series for the 49ers. They got the ball with great field position and did nothing.

5:35 On third and seven, Robert Saleh brings a blitz, and Kwon Alexander sacks Mayfield, who has been awful so far. He has zero passing yards. He missed a wide-open Beckham downfield on second and seven. The Browns go three and out, and the 49ers get the ball at their 26-yard line after a 68-yard punt.

5:44 On third and goal from the 5, Jimmy Garoppolo lines up in the shotgun and throws a touchdown pass to Breida. Garoppolo is money from the shotgun. The 49ers lead 14-0.

5:58 Richard Sherman gives up a 25-yard pass to Jarvis Landry as the first quarter ends. The Browns will have the ball at the 49ers’ 34 when the second quarter starts.

6:06 Mayfield throws high and incomplete on third and goal from the 12. The Browns make a 30-yard field goal and trail 14-3.

6:13 On third and three, Mike McGlinchey gives up a sack to Myles Garrett, and the 49ers punt. The Browns take over from their 22. McGlinchey has struggled big time this season. Justin Skule might be  better than him.

6:22 On third and goal from the six, Mayfield throws what should have been a touchdown pass to Antonio Callaway. But, Callaway drops the ball and tips it to K’Waun Williams, who intercepts the pass and returns it to the Browns 49. Same ole’ Browns.

6:33 On first and 10 from the Browns 19, Tevin Coleman runs 19 yards for a touchdown. The Browns should fire Freddie Kitchens at halftime.

6:37 Dee Ford and Nick Bosa sack Mayfield on second and 10, and the 49ers go three and out. The 49ers take over from the Browns’ 38 with 44 seconds left in the first half.

6:42 Bosa chases down Mayfield and forces an intentional-grouding penalty just before the end of the first half. Excellent half for Bosa and the rest of the 49ers.

7:02 On second and 9 from the Browns 22, Garoppolo throws a touchdown pass to a wide open George Kittle. The 49ers lead 28-3.

7:32 Kyle Juszczyk injured his leg, and the 49ers carted him to the locker room. Looks serious.

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  1. Today we show the world who the 49ers are…..cant believe we get no love from the media….

    Tonight Bosa will explode……

    Omg…cant wait to beat on the browns….

    I am out with the special green from the islands…with cognac from France…

    Go niners…..

    1. Exactly – most national outlets are mostly doubtful of the 49ers. The most used argument is “they’ve played only weak teams”, blah, blah …

      After tonight, they’ll have to come up with another argument.

  2. Keys to tonight’s game:

    1. Bad Jimmy G. must not rear his ugly little head.
    2. The offense needs to take advantage of the absences of Ward and Williams.
    3. Take care of the football.
    4. Contain Garrett and the Browns’ pass rush.
    5. Make Mayfield uncomfortable.
    6. Keep Chubb from being a factor.
    7. Make the Browns hurt themselves with penalties since they are currently the most penalized team in the league.
    8. Most importantly, FINISH!!!

        1. 1- keep bad Mayfield from showing up.
          2- take advantage of Witherspoon replacement.
          3-Take care 🏈
          4- Contain Bosa…
          5- Make JG uncomfortable
          6-Keep RBs from being factors
          7-Make 49ers hurt themselves. Among leaders in penalties the last few years…

          1. Replacing one CB is not as bad as replacing two, and the Browns are going to contain Buckner, Armstead, Ford, and Bosa.

            1. You said Browns DL and I assumed the same for the 49ers. Ye two is harder than one but this is someone making first NFL start and has very little experience.

          2. 1. Keep bad Baker from showing up- He was putrid and was benched.
            2. Take advantage of E-Man.- Moseley broke up a TD pass in the end zone, and drove OBJ out of bounds.
            3. Take care of football. – 2 picks, 2 fumbles. Failure.
            4. Contain Bosa.- Bosa was a wrecking ball.
            5. Make JG uncomfortable.- Sorta happened at times.
            6. Keep RBs from being a factor.- Total failure. They ran wild for 275 yards.
            7. Make 49ers hurt themselves.- Niners were sloppy at times, but the Niner defense crushed their offense, so the mistakes did not hurt the Niners.
            8. Finish! – Niners sliced and diced them. Browns were finished after the first Niner offensive play. Kitchens got pawned.

    1. 1. Bad Jimmy G. must not rear his ugly little head

      Considering JG’s win loss record I’m not worried about that. How about the receivers hanging on to the ball if it hits them in their ugly little hands?

  3. Tonight we prove we’re for real!
    Keep the pressure on Mayfield all night!!…Waves of pressure!!
    My crystal ball says Kittle gets 1-2 TD’s tonight and we go 4-0!!
    Make the NFL world respect us!
    Classic rock is blasting over here & ice cold beers are flowin! 🏈🍺🍺🍺🍺🎶🎸🎶🍺🍺🍺🍺

  4. Good grief! How much more Browns crap are we going to have to see before the game begins? C’mon ESPN! 😵

  5. See what I meant earlier Sour? The Browns have to account for the entire front four of the 49ers DL.

    1. There was nothing Sherman could have done on that last play. It was a great diving catch by Landry.

  6. Welp…. the no red zone penalty hope is dead.
    Maybe my other wish will come true and Jimmy won’t throw a pick for once.

  7. Wild random thought. Can you imagine Christian McCaffrey in this 49er offense. I can’t think of a more perfect combination than Shanahan and C McCaffrey.

      1. Bosa is simply NEXT LEVEL!

        Where are all the naysayers now? His arms are too short, he’s on the ground too often, he’s not fast enough, blah, blah, blah!

      2. I think Bosa has a lot to be desired when attacked with his hands. He runs right into the lineman with no real answers. Just a motor that doesn’t stop. It’s time he learns some swing moves and chop moves to keep linemen’s hands off him

        1. When Bosa does figure out those chop moves and swing moves, probably the rest of the year and next offseason, including 1 year under his belt and somewhat familiar with the pro level, speed and 49ers defensive plays…he’s going to be one BAD man!!!!!..he already is.!

  8. Observations so far.
    1. The 49er running game is the best in the NFL. Passing game needs to catch up.
    2. 49ers pass rush is for real.
    3. NFL Officiating is putrid. Making Shanahan use a challenge on that pass that was obviously out of bounds was awful. On the Goodwin reverse Jimmy G got punched in the face- no call. On the K Williams Int at the goal line the 49ers DE had an obvious illegal hands to the face but no call. NFL officiating is unbelievably bad.

  9. For goodness sake Gould, I know that wasn’t all on him but his level is really starting to concern me. He needs to be better. It’s getting to the point where even shorter kicks are looking shaky this game.

    1. The passing part of the offense needs to get going. Kittle and Juice have done their jobs so far, but Garoppolo and the WRs have played poorly in the game thus far.

  10. Grant you’re hilarious.

    6:33 On first and 10 from the Browns 19, Tevin Coleman runs 19 yards for a touchdown. The Browns should fire Freddie Kitchens at halftime.

  11. Start this second half off with a screen to Breida. Guarantee it goes for a huge play.
    They are concerned about cle pass rush.
    A screen would be ideal.

    1. Ninermd, don’t you think KS is setting up for a play-action since the Browns are getting abused in the run game?

      1. For sure. But that pressure cle is getting is disrupting some of those timing plays. They’re aggressive and a couple of runs would set up the perfect screen, because they know the pass is coming after some runs.
        This is setting up to be a huge play by screen also.

  12. 1. Defense is awesome. The Browns are not very good but the defense makes them look worse.
    2. Pass offense is having issues; the biggest one is protection, but Jimmy needs to improve his game.
    3. Run offense is amazing.
    4. Field goal unit is having a tough night, hope it doesn’t come back to bite the Niners.
    4. “No buying a ticket and standing around” this second half.

  13. So not a real concern but ESPN couldn’t find a band, rapper, or anyone that is from the SF or SJ or bay area in general to perform for the halftime show…nah, we get some Australian pop rock band.



  14. Ok, passing offense looks good.
    There is no standing around.
    Players are pumped, coaches are nailing it.
    Is this a playoff team? Starting to look like it.

  15. One area the Browns are dominating the Niners: the kicking game, both place kicking and punting. The Scottish Hammer is kinda bad a$$.

    Outside of that, we own the Browns :)

  16. Boomer is so horribly biased. My first reaction seeing the reply was “wtf that’s a catch”, and this clown talks about how poor Jimmy’s mechanics are. How the team can’t be considered “for real” with throws like that. What? The defence alone makes this team legit. All night it’s been all about the Browns. Oh well. The talking heads won’t give the Niners any respect, guess they’ll just have to keep winning.

      1. She got tired of all the catfish accounts. I do not blame her for leaving.
        I just hope she is happy with this impressive win.

    1. How could he not? He is loud, annoying, and makes one want to hit him with a bug zapper. So of course he would become a face in the league.

  17. Hoping the Niners sit the starters on offense moving into the 4 th quarter. Put the second string in and spare any injury

  18. The 2 te formation is not effective as the fullback formation,sure hope juice is not hurt severely but looks like possible acl. Ouch!

  19. Not trying to be a negative nelly, but it seems with every big win comes a big loss.
    This offense is in trouble without Juice.
    LA next week and this isn’t the time to lose him. Damn.

    1. The Rams game is almost a scheduled loss with the short week road game and LA coming in with extra rest after the Thursday night game.

      Will take a HUGE effort to get the W.

          1. Can’t be afraid of Garoppolo taking off. He had enough room to run and slide for a few yards.

      1. I am sure you’ll see the constructive criticism coming after this game reflecting that observation. I’m not paid to dissect football. But even my untrained eye can see he would benefit from some better hand technique.

        1. Bosa has the hand technique of a 10 year NFL All Pro player. His hand technique is extraordinary for an NFL rookie. To criticize Bosa for his hand technique is Ignorant.

      1. You gotta also love how well Armstead is playing. Many had written him off. I wondered if he would ever be healthy.

  20. Just when you think Pettis turns a corner, here he goes again. So, so frustrating. I have wonder how much time he has left, his competition isn’t getting thinner.

    1. I feel like he’s massively overstating Juice, too. Might be a Niner hater. Juice is no doubt important, but it’s not like the run game isn’t functional without him, and Jimmy G is clearly the most important piece for this team’s offence.

    1. No penalties, no obvious sacks or pressures. It seemed like the run game neutralized the pass rush so he was helped by scheme which is ok.

  21. And to think I was nervous before the game started. It would have been perfect if not for the A-hole Booger. I love how he was praising the Packers as the best team in the NFC while we are putting on a beat down on national television. I think Grant slipped him some Anti-JimmyG talking points. I never thought I would say this but I miss Jason Whitten.

    Go Niners.

  22. YO Cassie!
    Who dat, where dat Dude who said Browns would dismantle the FortyNiners?
    No, really…?…who dat?
    Niners are NOT a PlayOff favorite. Niners are a “Wha-oooooh!”

  23. Nice game.
    Bosa more than earned his stripes tonight.
    Btw, for those who frowned on the Bosa pick, there’s room in the line of apology for you.
    Razor hit the bullseye on Bosa (constrictor) Nostra!
    On to the rams, who are already viewing this as a must win game.

  24. “According to ESPN Stats & Information research, the 49ers have advanced to at least the NFC Championship Game each time they started 4-0.”

  25. I fully admit I was wrong. After the Browns put up 40 points on the Ravens, I thought they would be competitive. Niners ran for 275 yards. The defense got 4 sacks and 4 turnovers. It was total domination.
    I sure am glad I was wrong, and the Niner defense played NINER FOOTBALL.
    Razor should be happy. He has been proven right about Bosa. Nick had a stellar game.

      1. I will say that I was right about Kwon blitzing up the middle. Baker could not step up in the pocket. They might have tried the delayed blitz, but fortunately, they got good pressure rushing only 4.
        I was also correct about Moore. Glad Woods made an adjustment, and started Ward at FS. No safety took a bad angle.
        I was surprised that the Browns were so inept. This reminded me of their first game, not the Ravens game.

        1. I was also correct about rushing up the middle with a hand in the air. Baker had 3 passes batted down. Warner, the MLB had one.

  26. Nice game by the D. The Browns D is also not a pushover, and putting 30 points on them without breaking a sweat is great going.

    Impressed with Bosa, Kittle (what a homerun pick), Breida, Skule, E-Man and Sherman. D-Line and Linebackers were good as usual.

    There are still plenty of things to improve/cleanup, but team is on the right track!

    1. Wow thought for sure it was a acl tear, sure hope you are right! Running game slowed with him out. No matter what they seem to play hard as a team!

  27. THE GOOD

    The defense showed up and then some.
    Bosa easily showed why he was the second pick of the draft.
    Moseley looks capable of holding down the starter spot until Witherspoon returns.
    Kittle did what Kittle does best, and Juice was a capable OW.
    The run game was solid throughout the game.
    Goodwin was not spectacular, but he played well.
    Aside from McGlinchey’s lazy blocking on the Garrett sack, the OL kept the Browns pass rush in check.
    Ward played well tonight and was a reason why Chubb never found the end zone.
    James had a nice punt return during the game.


    Garoppolo had another uneven performance and was bailed out on a few bad throws.
    Aside from Goodwin and a hard fought catch-and-run by Samuel in the second half, the WRs were rather underwhelming; the group needs to step up better than what they have. Especially Pettis.
    The offense and special teams left points on the field; Gould missed two field goals and had another blocked, but an argument can be made that Sanborn and then Armstead were the reason for the second missed field goal and the third field goal that ended up being blocked.


    Juice had to leave the game due to a leg injury. The injury Juice sustained could cause issues for the offense going forward.

  28. Great to see the team at 4-0. Bosa was on a mission tonight.

    MD nailed the 49ers score with 31. Nice!

    So much for Chubb. So much for needing to worry about the LT. So much for needing to trade for Ramsey.

    Been saying it for a while. This roster is really good. Time to stop thinking they’re not talented enough as constructed.

      1. Jack and ninermd were both the closest in predicting the right score. They nailed the Niner score. Jack had 30, and ninermd had 31. They both had 13 for the Brownies, so they missed that by 10.
        Kudos to both. Good call.

  29. Mid,
    I’ll gladly take the win and a 4-0 record. But I agree that JG has looked shaky on occasion and is not accurate on his passes. So far, the receivers have done a good job in catching some off target balls. There also seems to be a lack of zip on Jimmy’ passes at times.

    I don’t believe that the offense has played their best game yet. We didn’t capitalize on the turnovers as we should have. We could have put up a 40+ spot on the browns had the offense been sharper. But suddenly this team has enough talent to compensate for a few sluggish series’ from the offense.
    It’s all good.

  30. After revisiting the schedule, I think the team has a great chance of getting to at least 12 wins this season.

  31. This was a glorious win, and rocketed the Niners into playoff contention.
    That said, they still could improve. They left a lot of points on the field. The Niners very easily could have scored 49 points. JG did well, but he would be the first person to tell you that he could have performed better. Thankfully, the defense shut the Browns down, so they won the game on their first offensive play.
    I will not be critical of their time out usage. If JG’s helmet was malfunctioning, calling a time out was a smart move. They tried to draw them off side, but had to call a time out as the play clock expired. Then they went bold on 4th and short, and the play they ran just after the time out, was successful. This was a marked contrast from other times, when they threw interceptions after a time out, or fumbled the snap.
    I will not fault KS for throwing a red flag, losing the challenge, and a time out, because I thought it was a legitimate challenge, and the call should have been overturned.

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