49ers vs. Cardinals live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 9 game against the Cardinals. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:02 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • DE Solomon Thomas
  • OT Joe Staley
  • CB K’Waun Williams
  • DE Aaron Lynch
  • DE Pita Taumoepenu
  • OT Garry Gilliams
  • NT D.J. Jones

1:03 Reuben Foster is active.

1:04 The 49ers elected to defer. The Cardinals will receive the opening kickoff.

1:09 Phil Dawson misses a 38-yard field goal. The 49ers get the ball at their 28-yard line.

1:11 The 49ers starting right tackle is Erik Magnuson.

1:13 On the third play of the drive, Kyle Juszczyk catches a pass in the flat, fights for extra yards and gets stripped by Patrick Peterson. Cardinals ball at the Niners 6-yard line.

1:17 On third-and-goal from the three, Drew Stanton rolls to his right and takes a hit from DeForest Buckner while throwing a touchdown pass to Jaron Brown. Cardinals lead 7-0.

1:18 George Kittle has a leg injury and his return is questionable.

1:23 On third-and-8, C.J. Beathard has time in the pocket, he throws a five-yard pass over the middle to Trent Taylor and misses. The pass was over Taylor’s head. Awful pass. Makes you wonder if Beathard is good enough to even be a backup in the NFL.

1:28 On third-and-13, John Brown drops a 15-yard pass, and the Cardinals go three-and-out.

1:29 Cole Hikutini is out with a knee injury.

1:34 On third-and-8 from the Cardinals 47, Olsen Pierre beats Laken Tomlinson and sacks C.J. Beathard.

1:36 On third-and-6, Jaquiski Tartt knocks Andre Ellington out of bounds one yard short of the first-down marker, and the Cardinals go three-and-out.

1:40 On third-and-10, Corey Peters beats Daniel Kilgore and sacks C.J. Beathard. The Niners go three-and-out again.

1:42 The Niners defense forces another punt after just three plays. The Cardinals didn’t give the ball to Adrian Peterson once during that series. The Niners have shut him down so far. He has no holes to run through.

1:47 On the first play of the drive, Beathard completes a 55-yard deep pass to Marquise Goodwin. The pass traveled 63 yards in the air. Next play, Brandon Fusco commits a holding penalty, which kills the drive. Robbie Gould will attempt a 42-yard field goal when the second quarter begins.

1:50 Gould makes the 42-yard field goal, and the Niners trail 7-3.

2:00 On first-and-10 from the 49ers 11, Ahkello Witherspoon gives up a touchdown catch to tight end Jermaine Gresham. Cardinals lead 14-3.

2:05 On third-and-6, Patrick Peterson breaks up a pass intended for Goodwin, and the Niners go three-and-out.

2:10 On third-and-2 from the Cardinals 23, Leon Hall breaks up a short pass intended for Fitzgerald, and the Cardinals go three-and-out.

2:13 Hyde runs for six yards on first down, then Beathard gets sacked on second down, throws an incomplete pass on third down and the Niners punt.

2:22 Eric Reid intercepts a pass intended for Jermaine Gresham in the end zone.

2:32 On third-and-10 from the Cardinals 38, George Kittle drops a six-yard pass over the middle. The Niners punt, and pin the Cardinals at their six-yard line with 26 seconds left.

2:33 The Cardinals take a knee. Halftime.

2:34 Beathard’s first-half QB rating: 66.9.

Stanton’s first-half QB rating: 88.7.

2:35 The 49ers shut down Adrian Peterson early in the game, but the Cardinals adjusted by running primarily to their left, and Peterson finished the half with 79 rushing yards on 17 attempts.

3:02 On third-and-goal from the one-yard line, Beathard keeps the ball on a zone-read play and scores. Niners trail 14-10.

3:11 Reuben Foster leaves the game with what appears to be a right-ankle injury.

3:16 Foster returns to the game three plays later.

3:17 Elvis Dumervil hits Stanton and forces an incomplete throw on third-and-13 from the Cardinals 46. Niners get the ball at their 15 after the punt.

3:22 On third-and-5, Beathard has all day in the pocket and an open Garrett Celek over the middle, but Beathard’s pass gets knocked down at the line of scrimmage and the Niners punt.

3:29 First-and-10 from the 49ers 15-yard line for the Cardinals when the fourth quarter starts.

3:33 Dawson makes a 33-yard field goal, and the Cardinals lead 17-10 with 13:31 left.

3:55 Dawson makes a 32-yard field goal, and the Cardinals lead 20-10 with 5:33 left.

4:02 On fourth-and-3 from the Cardinals 49-yard line, Beathard throws to Hyde and the ball hits him in the face mask. Incomplete.

4:04. Next play, Peterson fumbles and the 49ers recover.

4:09 Beathard scrambles for 10 yards and gets hit late by Antoine Bethea. Big fight breaks out, and Carlos Hyde gets ejected, as do two Cardinals.

4:14 On first-and-goal from the 9, Beathard rolls left, throws a dart off the back of Trent Brown’s head, the ball pops into the air and gets intercepted by Karlos Dansby. One of the worst throws you ever will see. Wow.

4:27 Game over. Stay tuned for my postgame Periscope and grades.

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    1. 0-9 baby, I’m loving it too.
      When you kneel during the anthem, you deserve to lose. You reap what you sow! Keep kneeling and spreading your hatred of Trump, 0 and 9 and you deserve it!

      Man, if the NYG can win, 0 and 16 gets closer. If Houston MIGHT get Kaepernick as QB, Houston has a better chance of beating 49ers after losing Watson.

      0 and 16, I know it’s impossible, but love to see Y ork utterly humilated, maybe he’ll sell the team!

    1. Hopefully NFL brings back the blackout rule. Sick of getting 2 games in this crap region, no 1:25 CBS game for US as usual! All because the 49ers SUCK so much, they get the 1:05 Fox matchups.

      1. Never should’ve hired Saleh, hire a DC that has some hair and brains at least and have him NOT celebrate every time the defense makes good play, WIN THE FREAKING GAME FIRST MORON!

    1. The beat goes on as my song goes. Remember, you take a knee for the anthem, bad things will happen to you> you’ll drop like a fly and lose the game. You’re turning into the San Rafael Bulldogs that haven’t won since 2010!

  1. Incredible how little talent this team has across all skill positions. Baalke continues to haunt this team with his idiotic drafts. Is there 1 guy that would start on another NFL team? Maybe the long-snapper…

  2. hold on a sec – did i just see a 49er celebrating a fair catch?

    i wasnt watching super closely…but..please tell me no, that didnt just happen

  3. What exactly did Shan see in CJ besides toughness? He’s inaccurate, he holds the ball too long and he has a weak arm.

    haha, just when I say that he actually completes a pass!

    1. At this point players just aren’t willing to play through anything.
      To be fair though most of the injuries are not conditioning related. Broken hand, broken arm, broken orbital bone, neck discs slipped.

      1. This team is soft and many players are overpowered one on one frequently… Some of that is rooks against vets but I won’t be surprised if Shanahan makes a change there.

      2. Except they are. You’re just repeating Grant’s BS. Fusco was out there with arm and knee injuries last week and still has a bad arm. Other guys are out there playing with injuries right now. Kittle got hurt and got back out there. Tartt has a hurt wrist but may return. Foster is there despite his bad ribs. And there are more.

  4. If these fools learned to TACKLE and not launch for the showboat hit, they wouldn’t get hurt as often as these morons are……

    1. He played that as well as anyone could. He’s far smaller than the TE who, basically, power-forwarded him on an inside jump-ball and, simply put, he was in match-up hell to a TE taking an inside release.

  5. What happened to penalties for hitting a QB around the head and neck area. I guess if it’s with the face mask it’s all good but an arm is a penalty.

    1. Hyde’s averaging 4.4 ypc… Shanahan should stick with it since this OL can’t defend Bethard if their lives depended on it.

  6. The defense is playing ok. They’ve been on the field the entire game. They’ll be gassed by the third quarter if not sooner. No QB can succeed behind this abomination so Beathard gets a pass, though I don’t think he’s a starter in the NFL. Nice Int by Reid.

  7. Another Kyle Shanahan Special today.

    Called 8 run plays the entire first half despite averaging over 4 yards per carry. This guy has no freaking clue.

    In 6 quarters and an overtime period against Arizona his offense has managed 6 field goals.

    But he’s an offensive genius.

    1. Offensive line banged up. Rookie QB. Best WR on IR.

      Call 28 passes and 8 runs in the first half. Seriously what is this guy thinking?

    2. Jack,
      I think KS will be okay in the long run. I think he needs to stay involved heavily with the O but needs to hire an o coordinator this offseason.

      1. “I think KS will be okay in the long run.”

        His history shows otherwise. Perhaps he can stick with what he started in the 2nd half, not get too cute and pull one out here.

  8. Tough to keep the eyes open. Jeesh this is tough to watch! Jimmy almost has a smirk on his face. What do you think he’s thinking? Yes, I can come into this like a knight riding in on a white horse and save the day, or, crap, what the hell did I get myself into? LOL!

  9. Watching Buckner and the entire DL getting blown off the ball (even by a banged up and below-average Cards line) is disheartening. In addition to upgrading the strength and conditioning staff this offseason they should replace the DL coach. Still not sold on Saleh either…

  10. I bet Jimmy G is impressed lol-
    And praying Bethard does not get hurt.
    He’s not signing long term here no way.
    Coming from NE witnessing this rookie coaching staff and line….no way in hell.

  11. My experience with pro athletes is they have tremendously large egos. He’ll sign a large deal. No question about it. He can fix this in his mind. If he doesn’t think that way, we wouldn’t want him anyway.

  12. I really like Beathard. I believe he is going to be a good NFL QB. He is either going to give us a great long term backup or really good future trade bait. Go CJ.

  13. My 24-20 is still in play! Come on guys! Golf money for two weeks on the line!! If this was a bowl game, it would be titled the “Toilet Bowl”! Baby steps!!

  14. So much BS in here about how unmotivated and incompetent the 49ers are. Half the team is injured. Don’t give me this crap about Shanahan’s bad decisions. There are no good decisions when you’re playing scrubs.

    1. @ AudicK: “There are no good decisions when you’re playing scrubs”

      There are no good decisions when you are playing AGAINST scrubs. Here, I fixed that for you.

      It is not as if they are playing a mid level team. The only thing that keeps the Cards from slidding into mediocre Niner territory is their quality coach. They are also a depleted team.

        1. But of course I wouldn’t expect you to “put” the awful coaching on Shanahan. We’ll just go ahead and “put” the credit on him when the team wins a game, eh?

          This is a poorly coached team despite your excuse of “player depletion”.

  15. Reuben Foster went out of the game for THAT? a twisted ankle?

    I’ve never questioned the toughness of an NFL football player on this forum, but right now Foster is making Todd “Crystal” Shell look like Bronco Nagurski

  16. Nothing makes a fan more excited than a D celebrating a third down stop after giving up a drive to put the game away. Lol

  17. A tip of the cap to Kyle Shanahan today. In 9 games his offense has scored 10 points or fewer 5 times this season.

    It took Jim Tomsula and Geep Chryst 13 games to reach that mark.

    Bravo Lil Shanny!

  18. No wonder Breida’s not playing more… Drops passes, can’t block and could have had a TD had he stayed in bounds before the INT. His lone run went for a whopping yard. Woot.

  19. Cut bait with this joke of a coach. Jed is the absolute crummiest owner in professional sports and it’s not close. At least, the browns never had a chance to f up a good thing

    1. I would. At this point the Giants have nothing to play for and they will be in full rebuild mode like the 49ers are this year.
      It’s awful for the fans but when you miss on consecutive drafts, you have to build it back up from scratch.

  20. I witnessed a lot of teams quit today. A lot of veteran teams with way better talent than the 49ers.

    Say what you want about this head coach, but one thing that has not happened that has in past years with Tomsula and Kelly, they have not quit!

    0-9 is awful but at this point I believe in the rebuild. I hope we lose every game from here on out and play hard like we did as it will all be worth it next year!

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